It wasn’t a surprise when Charles Barkley agreed with the George Zimmerman verdict but it was a surprise when Bill Cosby said the following: “The trial isn’t a race issue and George Zimmerman shouldn’t go to jail!”


Another African American celebrity male is much more sinister in his thoughts and actions.  This is the same man who trashed his hotel room after Barack Obama was elected U.S. President (first term).

This man continues to have deep seeded hate issues.  His rhetoric resembles a redneck racist.  He’s allegedly referred to blacks as jigga boo’s, lazy and shiftless.

Not only is he a danger to himself (because of self-hate) but he can also be a danger to other blacks because his racist viewpoints are beyond radical in regards to fellow African Americans.

He’s a extreme right wing conservative behind closed doors and he’s reached out to Ted Nugent.  According to sources, Nugent never responded.

George Zimmerman is a hero to this man, and according to my source, he would like to make a donation but he’s afraid it might get traced back to him, ruining his career and standing in Hollywood.

He reminds me of the alleged African American authority figure who was in conjunction with the KKK regarding the Atlanta Child Murders.  Allegedly, this man helped the KKK avoid capture and the crimes were pinned on Wayne Williams.

Who is this man?




It’s rumored that this black male celebrity is going through a divorce.

He had something in common with the late Teddy Pendergrass.  He enjoys having affairs with married women or women in committed relationships.

He was allegedly involved with a white pop singer in the past and he allegedly tried to get at Angelina Jolie despite her relationship with Brad Pitt.

She wasn’t interested.

Despite being unattractive, this man pulls women due to his massive-deformed manhood which would make a adult star blush.  He relies on that.  And women become sexually addicted to him.

His extreme wealth allows him to have numerous affairs all over the world; on different continents.

He was the first or one of the first African American celebrities to have a fixer on payroll 24/7 due to his constant (below the radar) scandals: Affairs, outside pregnancies, etc.

Onstage, he’s likable, offstage, he has a dangerous edge to him and women have thought twice about blackmailing him or releasing sex tapes.

Who is he?




Few people know that this white actress (once the highest paid) was a high-priced Las Vegas call girl before she pursued an acting career.  She’s one of the richest women in Hollywood.

She achieved her unusual voice by deliberately damaging her vocal chords.

This woman is also a rumored bisexual with a monumental ego.

She’s also “secretly” attracted to black men and according to rumor, she allegedly seduced 50 Cent while her (Israeli security detail) stood watch outside a Presidential Suite.

She’s also seduced women on an private jet (complete with bedroom) that she leases on occasion.

She used to be married to a white man but her true desires are black men and women.

Who is she?




After Mike Tyson was released from prison, numerous women tried to set him up for rape-to garner a big pay day.

It got so bad that Tyson installed video cameras in his bedroom in case he had to prove that the sex had been consensual.

Now, women are trying to benefit off a celebrity with a violent past.

Groupies are (intentionally) trying to provoke him to commit an act of physical violence/aggression towards them so they can sue.

Before his violence became public, we were receiving allegations from a former (hometown) girlfriend that having sex with him was like being raped.

Allegedly, he likes to control and dominate, little room for love.  And he likes his boys to join in on the action.  He’s into sharing.

These groupies are so thirsty that they’re willing to injure themselves and blame him.

He needs to hire a friend to film his public encounters with female fans and he needs to install video cameras to record his sexual encounters with females (outside of his girlfriend).

Until then, he’s a mark with a target on his back.


This song and dance man has had every sexually transmitted so far disclosed with the exception of AIDS.  He also has a personal hygiene problem and an unpleasant personality.  Hints: It’s not Ginuwine, Omarion, Usher or Chris Brown and we once reported that he infected his then wife so often that she was unable to reproduce after one child.




This dancing white woman has a wicked sense of humor and seems like a lot of fun.  She’s quick witted with a nice personality (on-camera).

This is an act, but you would never know it because her image is so carefully manufactured.

In reality, she is a mean spirited (functional alcoholic) behind closed doors.

She’s known to toss furniture in her dressing room for no apparent reason.

She treats her staff (including African Americans) like modern day slaves.  She also loves to belittle them with insults.  You are constantly reminded that she is the boss and she can have you terminated with the snap of a finger.  Unlike Paula Deen, she has yet to use racial slurs.

This is the reason she has all of her employees sign confidentiality agreements.

She’s the same way with her household staff.

Her favorite words are dumb, incompetent, stupid, pathetic, etc.

She shows up to work reeking of alcohol.  Her personal assistant hands her a strong cup of coffee each morning (hours before taping her show).

Although she appears happy and giddy before the camera, she’s not a happy person despite her fame and wealth.

Who is she?




This white film actor (icon) is conflicted.  When he was a starving actor, Sammy Davis, Jr. used to invite him over for dinner.  Sammy’s grandmother would cook up pots of soul food.  Our actor would devour his plate.

Allegedly, during this time, he was a male prostitute who catered to a gay clientele.  This is how he made money for rent and groceries according to unsubstantiated rumors.

When his career took off, this pretty boy actor was known for casting blacks in his films yet at home, his then girlfriend said he talked about blacks like a dog and often used racial slurs.

But he was often praised in the press for making his movies diverse.

Oddly, one of his significant others allegedly has (black blood) in her.

This actor would become a staunch Republican.

Hints: Incoherent & Rambling.




He’s considered an A-list white actor and he’s one of the highest paid actors in the world!

He’s been married, he’s fathered children and he’s has a slew of girlfriends.

He’s known for his quirky portrayals BUT he may be playing his biggest role offscreen.

Allegedly, this once actor loves to top black male escorts.

According to him, he can’t control “the itch.”

Allegedly, he prefers the attractive male model types and shuns the homo-thugs.

He’s very discreet, quiet and tips well (between $1,000-$5,000 per encounter) according to our gay source.

Who is he?




There’s a gay-homo-thug, transgender and sissy network exclusively for pro athletes and referee’s/officials. 

A HIV-positive baseball player was first turned on to homosexuality when he was raped by two men.  He would later have sissy’s ‘top’ him.  Despite his hidden lifestyle, he dated and married women.  He was allegedly outed by a powerful sports agent to get the negative spotlight off the agent’s superstar client-steroids.

Black athletes are not the only ones who belong to this network, hockey players, golfers and gay officials-referee’s also belong to this network.

A scandal ridden NFL player belongs to this network.  Although he comes off masculine and butch, he’s always been gay (high school and college).

His goal was to assemble a ‘sissy stable.’

He loves to be surrounded with effeminate men. It turns him on!

He’s been spotted in gay parks, bookstores and membership only bathhouses. 

He’s not well liked by other players because he’s too caught up in the Hollywood lifestyle and he puts on airs.

Several of his former teammates are glad he got outed and its rumored that a pay-off may have taken place to guarantee his outing. 

Despite this, he continues to deny that he’s gay.

It’s rumored that more men may come forward.

Who is he? 




This black female celebrity has a black heart and is an sociopath in terms of relationships. She has always preferred married men.  Her first affair was with a chocolate chip actor (who may have appeared in an John Singleton film).

He and his wife separated, they reunited but later divorced.

After the divorce, oddly, our black female celebrity was no longer interested.

The only single man she’s been linked to is an black actor, allegedly, she grinded on him on the dance floor, took him upstairs and seduced him.  It was a Rush Hour.

She tried to get cozy with a black married actor (hunk) who resides in Atlanta, his black wife put a stop to it.

She moved on to another married man who would later divorce his wife.

Who is she?




This non-black female “celebrity”  travels in black entertainment circles while guarding a notorious family secret.

She pretends to come from family money, but allegations persist: (She actually comes from dirty money).

Although her father was well respected and well known in his field, he allegedly supplemented his income with drug trafficking; he also dealt with notorious mob families, dangerous gangsters and cartel hit men.

Allegedly, he supplied all the celebrities and celebrity parties with drugs (when he was alive).

This extra money allowed the family to live a lavish lifestyle that included ski vacations, European shopping sprees, a profitable wine collection, exotic cars, etc.

His scandalous wife (at the time) hosted celebrity orgies and drug parties.

Numerous black athletes attended as well as Ike Turner.

Drug trafficking used to be attached to the dad’s name in (search engines).

This information has been scrubbed from the internet to preserve his legacy.