When she arrived in Hollywood, she had very little and had to room with another struggling actress.

Unfortunately, she had to go through the lesbian casting couch to get put on.

She appeared on an popular TV series and was riding high.

She was seen at the Hollywood hotspots and she even dated a bisexual comic.  According to rumors, she was participating in three-ways behind closed doors at industry parties.

When her star began to fade, she married a drug dealer who she tried to pass off as a respectable businessman.

She was his fantasy and a trophy on his arm, but the fantasy wore off when her work dried up.

He started stepping out on her and even had a string of strawberries (sex for drugs) on speed dial.

He eventually kept a low profile after drug rivals got busted.

This cramped their finances.

They got divorced.

Meanwhile, she has aged out of Hollywood and her once prominent looks are faded and she’s too old to snag a sugar daddy.  She didn’t age well.

Allegedly, she’s really struggling.

Who is she?

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