This black female singer has had a bad year and social media is not her friend.  Not only does she continue to buy her ‘so called boyfriend,’ but she’s also on the verge of another meltdown.

She can’t deal with criticism and her self-esteem is so low, according to a source, she’s tried bleaching her skin once, she didn’t get the desired results so she’s considering doing it again until she gets the results she’s looking for.

Sadly, she’s never been comfortable with her complexion. She’s confided to friends, ‘I would be bigger star if I wasn’t so dark.’

She resents (light skinned) singers like Beyonce, Rihanna and Alicia Keys. She’s extremely jealous of their success. She considers them less talented yet they are considerably richer than her.

Once again, her stacks her low and she’s in crisis mode.

Who is she?

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