The following story is similar to a black female celebrity who lived with a black male celebrity for six months; he never told her that he was HIV positive (when she found out) she had a meltdown and hasn’t been seen in the public eye for the last 3-4 years. It’s unknown whether she tested positive or not.


She is one of the wealthiest white women in the entertainment industry. The reason for her erratic behavior is allegedly because of her (alleged) HIV+ diagnosis (five years ago).  She basically had a meltdown.

She prefers black male lovers (discreetly) because her parents would object.

She always keeps a black man on standby (for lovemaking) and if anything goes wrong, he can be a useful scapegoat according to her manager.

She was once involved with a black man who’s currently on an TV show. She turned him out so bad, despite his marriage, he’s constantly hiring female hookers to penetrate him (with a strap-on); something she introduced him to.

Her life is a trail of broken friendships, broken relationships, broken engagements and questionable parenting.

She numbs the hurt with drugs and alcohol.

She also enjoys random sex.

She’s a shell of herself.

Who is she?

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