This black female celebrity relishes in her bad attitude and arrogance.

She’s so rude and obnoxious, people consider her vile.

Her relatives (by marriage) simply tolerate her.

People are trying to talk her husband into leaving her and gaining custody like D. Wade and Usher.

This woman has always had an intense hatred and envy for Mary J. Blige. She can’t hide her jealousy. When she sees Mary at industry events, she glares at her from a distance.¬† Mary ignores her.

Despite Paris Hilton making alleged racist remarks, this didn’t stop our female celebrity from contacting her and begging for an invite to her party.¬† Unbeknownst to her, allegedly, Paris made fun of her ghetto demeanor behind her back.

Despite her hard edge, as each year passes, our black female celebrity increases her anti-black issues.

Hint? According to a Hollywood fixer, when several transgendered prostitutes alleged they had sex with Eddie Murphy, allegedly, his damage control team considered hiring Donald Tripp (a dead ringer for Murphy) to take the fall and admit it was him and not Murphy who had intimate relations with the transgendered prostitutes.

Who is our Black Female Celebrity?

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