In recent years, darkness has swept over a number of women, in and out of the entertainment field.  Sadly, according to authoritative sources, several women now belong to NAMBLA and bestiality rings.  You even have female (predatory) teachers.


Now, we have a black female celebrity who is so out there, she’ll never return to normalcy.

She not only has a fascination with violence, she also has a fascination with darkness.

She’s into erotic asphyxiation, fisting, rimming, gangbangs, sodomy, golden showers and S&M.

People are shocked that she has only one (non-fatal) STD.

After sex, the majority of her suitors become addicted.

She loves ecstasy, cocaine and alcohol.

She’s constantly pursued (discreetly) by warlords, dictators and millionaires.

She’s been gifted with cut and uncut diamonds in velvet pouch’s.  Men have also offered her Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s

She enjoys orgies on private yachts and she loves to sip Cristal and Dom on private jets.

And she has Secret Society protection.

Her fascination with darkness has taken a disturbing turn.

Allegedly, she’s secretly inquiring about purchasing a “Snuff Film,” (where women are really raped and murdered).  She wants to share the tape with her equally as twisted industry friends.

According to underground (vice) brokers, she’s willing to pay upwards to $25,000 for this film.

Who is she?

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