She’s a stunner from New Orleans and she considers herself Creole.

According to our source, in high school, she hooked up with the star football player (on campus).

After graduation, they continued seeing each other.  He attended a local college on a football scholarship, although he didn’t get drafted, that didn’t stop him from shooting steroids with teammates.  He was a walk-on for a few teams around the NFL but didn’t get signed.

He became angry and the steroids didn’t help.

He began beating his girlfriend.

She would cringe when she heard his car door.

She threatened to leave, boyfriend cleaned up his act and began working on the fringes of the music industry.

A few months later, she tested positive for HIV.

She was enraged and confronted him.  He admitted shooting steroids.

Later, he would test positive.  She left him. All he ever did was beat her ass and give her HIV.

Since his behind the scenes career was taking off, he paid her a little something something to keep quiet.

Her life would spiral out of control as she harbored a secret hatred for men.  It’s surprising that she didn’t become a female serial killer.

She attended fetish clubs, pheromone parties and “body sushi” parties.

Later, she became a stripper and escort ($500 per hour).

She was also a “gay-for-pay” trophy for rich gay women. Later, she would consider herself a lesbian although technically, she was bisexual. From now on, men would be considered a business-only.

She hit the stripper circuit of Las Vegas, Miami, Los Angeles and Atlanta.

Around this time, she began living with a woman.

Outside of the home, she dated male celebrities and athletes; never informing them about her status; although our source says, “She told me, the majority of them used condoms but if they didn’t, oh well!”  She had no remorse because she secretly despised men.

One of the men who practiced safely is a R&B pretty boy, another famous man who practiced safely lives in the strip clubs, pays rent in the strip clubs and is known as an easy mark among strippers when he doesn’t run out of money.

Meanwhile, our source says he made an anonymous call to the Health Dept. to report her.

Who is the R&B pretty boy?

Who is the black male celebrity who lives at the strip clubs?

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