*What happens in Las Vegas usually stays in Las Vegas.  This blind item is the exception.

This black male celebrity starred in a TV series, the series aired for five seasons.

He’s often mistaken for a NBA baller and he’s always been associated with gay rumors.

He’s turned it up a notch!

Allegedly, he’s gone from sissy’s, to homo-thugs, to shemales.

It’s a compulsion that he can’t control.  He the number one customer of a transsexual/transvestite escort agency in Las Vegas.

He puts in work with his transgendered escorts, it’s rumored that he broke a bed while sexing a transsexual.

The gambling and the shows don’t interest him in Sin City, he’s there to hook up with his favorite tranny’s (away from the L.A. media).  He’s also known to hook up with random tranny’s from the internet.

Each year, he sends his trusted personal assistant to an annual Tranny pageant in Las Vegas, to recruit girls.

His (discreet) main squeeze (away from the spotlight) is a Tranny who won pageants in Manila and Thailand.  He refers to her as his “beauty queen.  They often argue about his philandering.

Who is he?

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