Celebrity parties given by male celebrities now include “reserved sex rooms,” as an added perk.  Numerous male celebrities and professional athletes have taken advantage of this perk.

Last week, we told you about a Hollywood star hosting a star studded party, this is what happened in one of the sex rooms.

Allegedly, an African-American Oscar winner instructed security to bring the prettiest girls in the party-to him.  He awaited them in the sex room.  The guards stood watch outside the room.

Two party girls were brought to him.  They were star struck and gushing and they didn’t have a problem shedding their clothes.

Inside the room, party favors included ecstasy, viagra, lubrication, morning after pills and condoms.

Needless to say, after popping viagra, our Hollywood star got busy, so busy, that he never made an appearance at the party.

The sex party lasted all night but our actor refused to indulge in the ecstasy and condoms.

A L.A. Laker (not Kobe) who comes off as a well spoken family man occupied the other sex room-with one female partygoer.  This Laker has a baby (outside his marriage) in Las Vegas.  Hint: Best physical feature (below his eyebrows and above his nose).

Who is the actor?

Who is the Laker?

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