This white actor comes across as an nice family man. 

If the following is true, he’s very deceptive, depraved, secretly racist and manufactured.


He is one of the dirtiest and deviant Hollywood actors in town.

On top of this, he’s allegedly bi-sexual and admitted his love of male-male oral sex (stronger jaws).

Allegedly, he has sex with underage boys in foreign countries and he’s secretly racist although he appears black friendly in public.

Away from the cameras, he visited The Congo, a country that has numerous mass graves of black kids; allegedly, he was very nonchalant and uncaring in regards to this.

Hints: He’s a double threat and his close male friend (may or may not be) in the same profession.




Earlier this year, it was revealed that a singer had an alleged sex tape of his underage girlfriend (who may or may not be deceased).

Now, its being reported, he’s “thinking” about selling it.

He’s somewhat cash strapped and the money would come in handy.

If he does sell it, the tape would be for sale on the black market and made available to rich and powerful perverts; located overseas.


According to a source, he allegedly made a library of sex tapes featuring minors, aged 12-17.

Some of the alleged tapes in existence are of female minors having sex with with him and each other (bisexual).

He’s always bragged about his alleged (underage-sex tape library) in industry circles, while showing them off to fellow perverts.

Who is he?




The real reason for the divorce?

She refused to do degrading things in bed.

He may have a straight laced appearance but he’s a sex freak and kink behind closed doors.

He has a thing for tall women with Amazon proportions.

And he’s known to do his dirt in the Dominican Republic; away from prying eyes.

Although he’s not gay or bi, when sex toys are involved with women, he prefers to be the bottom.

Who is he?




She doesn’t care what her husband does although she completely controls him in other areas.

In an old blind item we reported her alleged fling with a female rapper; they worked on a project together and became smitten with each other.

Husband and wife along with the female rapper were in the VIP section of a club, the wife was tonguing the rapper down in front of her husband.  He didn’t flinch.

The last time her husband was in San Francisco, he was trying to get cozy with a drop dead gorgeous (Megan Fox) type who completely ignored him despite his fame.

The wife could be bigger but her documented drug abuse derails her.  Depending on what drug, she can be overly friendly or in zombie mode.

Several producers and directors are reluctant to work with her because of her habit.

She doesn’t seem to care because hubby is raking in the dough.

Hint: Female rapper (new venture)

Who is the wife?

Who is the husband?

Who is the female rapper?




She prefers women.

The only reason she has relationships with men is because they won’t leave her alone due to her good looks.

When she isn’t involved with men, she’s usually a kept woman for rich women.

She’s also been active on the European lesbian ‘sponsor’ circuit.

She’s been rewarded with cash, bling, cars, a black card and her bills are paid.

Men and women consider her a trophy.

When she has down time, she parties with her lipstick lesbian crew at an assortment of upscale/private lesbian clubs that cater to a rich clientele.

She and her pretty girl crew like to take over the dance floor and dance sexy among each other.

Despite limited work and minimum exposure, she’s never been broke.

Allegedly, her recent boyfriend has no problem with her stepping out with women (they’re not a threat). In his opinion, the women pick up the tab and he’s benefiting off it.

Hint: Big announcement.

Who is she?




This singer has a lot of problems.  He’s in need of urgent therapy!

That’s not his only problem.

It’s getting harder and harder to maintain his luxury lifestyle through record company advances when his records aren’t selling like they used to and he’s not touring.

His label is reluctant to issue him additional advances since the money (allegedly) goes on drugs, whips, women and rented penthouses or mansions.

He’s in debt to his label.  Insiders say the debt is approaching seven figures.

He’s stressed out about it.

As usual, he never takes responsibility for his problems, it’s always someone else’s fault, (even his fans).

He’s on the verge of an meltdown.

Who is he?




As a child, she grew up spoiled and saw too much.  She’s also stubborn.

Her life was crazy before her famous relative died, now it’s insane!

According to our source: Her boyfriend talks behind her back, allegedly telling his boys, ‘she’s ugly, I’m just with her for the money.  I’m trying to get her pregnant, if she leaves me, I can get child support like all these other celebrity boyfriends who don’t have custody.’

If that doesn’t work out, I’ll try to convince her to invest money in a drug trafficking business. She might be reluctant because she would sniff up all the merchandise.

This boyfriend is such a bad influence that he’s suggested having three-way sex with another female.  He also tried to talk her in to having sex with him and his homeboy at the same time.

If she doesn’t straighten up, she’s on the road to complete ruin.

Who is she?




Like Suge Knight, allegedly, he’s had three contracts taken out on his life.

According to a source, that’s not his only problem, his meth intake has increased.

Unfortunately, meth is the new drug of choice for young Black Hollywood.

When your favorite entertainers look gaunt, arrive late for shows and exhibit erratic behavior, it’s not sizzurp, it’s meth.

Drug dealers are known to congregate backstage, giving out free samples and their cell numbers.

After the celebrity comes down from the high, they have their personal assistant contact the dealer for more.

These Hollywood dealers are really benefiting off these young black celebrities.

They attend their industry parties, trade drugs for platinum records or meet and greets, sky boxes and front row seats.

Another young black celebrity is living beyond his means because his meth dealer gets the majority of his money.  This explains his eruptions, constant drama and unhealthy look.

Who is the celebrity who had three contracts out on his life?

Who is the celebrity who’s living beyond his means?




When she arrived in Hollywood, she had very little and had to room with another struggling actress.

Unfortunately, she had to go through the lesbian casting couch to get put on.

She appeared on an popular TV series and was riding high.

She was seen at the Hollywood hotspots and she even dated a bisexual comic.  According to rumors, she was participating in three-ways behind closed doors at industry parties.

When her star began to fade, she married a drug dealer who she tried to pass off as a respectable businessman.

She was his fantasy and a trophy on his arm, but the fantasy wore off when her work dried up.

He started stepping out on her and even had a string of strawberries (sex for drugs) on speed dial.

He eventually kept a low profile after drug rivals got busted.

This cramped their finances.

They got divorced.

Meanwhile, she has aged out of Hollywood and her once prominent looks are faded and she’s too old to snag a sugar daddy.  She didn’t age well.

Allegedly, she’s really struggling.

Who is she?




Each week, someone in L.A. is discreetly leaking celebrity names who allegedly supported George Zimmerman with donations.

This week, this “non-black” actor is no surprise.  He hates everything that isn’t White.

Allegedly, he’s referred to Latino’s as wetba*ks, he’s referred to blacks as n*ggers, he despises gays, and he hates women.

At an industry event, he was introduced to a young Jewish actress, he allegedly told her, “How did your parents escape the oven, that’s the only reason you’re here!”  She was left speechless.

This actor is one of the richest men in Hollywood, he’s worth more than $400 million dollars and he owns an additional $100 million in prime (Hollywood) real estate.

Despite his racist views, a black actress continues to defend him, she even refers to him as one of her close friends.

This black actress is about white acceptance by any means necessary.

She has always married white men who use her, file for divorce and attempt to get alimony.

Who is the racist actor?

Who is the black actress?





It wasn’t a surprise when Charles Barkley agreed with the George Zimmerman verdict but it was a surprise when Bill Cosby said the following: “The trial isn’t a race issue and George Zimmerman shouldn’t go to jail!”


Another African American celebrity male is much more sinister in his thoughts and actions.  This is the same man who trashed his hotel room after Barack Obama was elected U.S. President (first term).

This man continues to have deep seeded hate issues.  His rhetoric resembles a redneck racist.  He’s allegedly referred to blacks as jigga boo’s, lazy and shiftless.

Not only is he a danger to himself (because of self-hate) but he can also be a danger to other blacks because his racist viewpoints are beyond radical in regards to fellow African Americans.

He’s a extreme right wing conservative behind closed doors and he’s reached out to Ted Nugent.  According to sources, Nugent never responded.

George Zimmerman is a hero to this man, and according to my source, he would like to make a donation but he’s afraid it might get traced back to him, ruining his career and standing in Hollywood.

He reminds me of the alleged African American authority figure who was in conjunction with the KKK regarding the Atlanta Child Murders.  Allegedly, this man helped the KKK avoid capture and the crimes were pinned on Wayne Williams.

Who is this man?




It’s rumored that this black male celebrity is going through a divorce.

He had something in common with the late Teddy Pendergrass.  He enjoys having affairs with married women or women in committed relationships.

He was allegedly involved with a white pop singer in the past and he allegedly tried to get at Angelina Jolie despite her relationship with Brad Pitt.

She wasn’t interested.

Despite being unattractive, this man pulls women due to his massive-deformed manhood which would make a adult star blush.  He relies on that.  And women become sexually addicted to him.

His extreme wealth allows him to have numerous affairs all over the world; on different continents.

He was the first or one of the first African American celebrities to have a fixer on payroll 24/7 due to his constant (below the radar) scandals: Affairs, outside pregnancies, etc.

Onstage, he’s likable, offstage, he has a dangerous edge to him and women have thought twice about blackmailing him or releasing sex tapes.

Who is he?




Few people know that this white actress (once the highest paid) was a high-priced Las Vegas call girl before she pursued an acting career.  She’s one of the richest women in Hollywood.

She achieved her unusual voice by deliberately damaging her vocal chords.

This woman is also a rumored bisexual with a monumental ego.

She’s also “secretly” attracted to black men and according to rumor, she allegedly seduced 50 Cent while her (Israeli security detail) stood watch outside a Presidential Suite.

She’s also seduced women on an private jet (complete with bedroom) that she leases on occasion.

She used to be married to a white man but her true desires are black men and women.

Who is she?




After Mike Tyson was released from prison, numerous women tried to set him up for rape-to garner a big pay day.

It got so bad that Tyson installed video cameras in his bedroom in case he had to prove that the sex had been consensual.

Now, women are trying to benefit off a celebrity with a violent past.

Groupies are (intentionally) trying to provoke him to commit an act of physical violence/aggression towards them so they can sue.

Before his violence became public, we were receiving allegations from a former (hometown) girlfriend that having sex with him was like being raped.

Allegedly, he likes to control and dominate, little room for love.  And he likes his boys to join in on the action.  He’s into sharing.

These groupies are so thirsty that they’re willing to injure themselves and blame him.

He needs to hire a friend to film his public encounters with female fans and he needs to install video cameras to record his sexual encounters with females (outside of his girlfriend).

Until then, he’s a mark with a target on his back.


This song and dance man has had every sexually transmitted so far disclosed with the exception of AIDS.  He also has a personal hygiene problem and an unpleasant personality.  Hints: It’s not Ginuwine, Omarion, Usher or Chris Brown and we once reported that he infected his then wife so often that she was unable to reproduce after one child.




This dancing white woman has a wicked sense of humor and seems like a lot of fun.  She’s quick witted with a nice personality (on-camera).

This is an act, but you would never know it because her image is so carefully manufactured.

In reality, she is a mean spirited (functional alcoholic) behind closed doors.

She’s known to toss furniture in her dressing room for no apparent reason.

She treats her staff (including African Americans) like modern day slaves.  She also loves to belittle them with insults.  You are constantly reminded that she is the boss and she can have you terminated with the snap of a finger.  Unlike Paula Deen, she has yet to use racial slurs.

This is the reason she has all of her employees sign confidentiality agreements.

She’s the same way with her household staff.

Her favorite words are dumb, incompetent, stupid, pathetic, etc.

She shows up to work reeking of alcohol.  Her personal assistant hands her a strong cup of coffee each morning (hours before taping her show).

Although she appears happy and giddy before the camera, she’s not a happy person despite her fame and wealth.

Who is she?




This white film actor (icon) is conflicted.  When he was a starving actor, Sammy Davis, Jr. used to invite him over for dinner.  Sammy’s grandmother would cook up pots of soul food.  Our actor would devour his plate.

Allegedly, during this time, he was a male prostitute who catered to a gay clientele.  This is how he made money for rent and groceries according to unsubstantiated rumors.

When his career took off, this pretty boy actor was known for casting blacks in his films yet at home, his then girlfriend said he talked about blacks like a dog and often used racial slurs.

But he was often praised in the press for making his movies diverse.

Oddly, one of his significant others allegedly has (black blood) in her.

This actor would become a staunch Republican.

Hints: Incoherent & Rambling.




He’s considered an A-list white actor and he’s one of the highest paid actors in the world!

He’s been married, he’s fathered children and he’s has a slew of girlfriends.

He’s known for his quirky portrayals BUT he may be playing his biggest role offscreen.

Allegedly, this once actor loves to top black male escorts.

According to him, he can’t control “the itch.”

Allegedly, he prefers the attractive male model types and shuns the homo-thugs.

He’s very discreet, quiet and tips well (between $1,000-$5,000 per encounter) according to our gay source.

Who is he?




There’s a gay-homo-thug, transgender and sissy network exclusively for pro athletes and referee’s/officials. 

A HIV-positive baseball player was first turned on to homosexuality when he was raped by two men.  He would later have sissy’s ‘top’ him.  Despite his hidden lifestyle, he dated and married women.  He was allegedly outed by a powerful sports agent to get the negative spotlight off the agent’s superstar client-steroids.

Black athletes are not the only ones who belong to this network, hockey players, golfers and gay officials-referee’s also belong to this network.

A scandal ridden NFL player belongs to this network.  Although he comes off masculine and butch, he’s always been gay (high school and college).

His goal was to assemble a ‘sissy stable.’

He loves to be surrounded with effeminate men. It turns him on!

He’s been spotted in gay parks, bookstores and membership only bathhouses. 

He’s not well liked by other players because he’s too caught up in the Hollywood lifestyle and he puts on airs.

Several of his former teammates are glad he got outed and its rumored that a pay-off may have taken place to guarantee his outing. 

Despite this, he continues to deny that he’s gay.

It’s rumored that more men may come forward.

Who is he? 




This black female celebrity has a black heart and is an sociopath in terms of relationships. She has always preferred married men.  Her first affair was with a chocolate chip actor (who may have appeared in an John Singleton film).

He and his wife separated, they reunited but later divorced.

After the divorce, oddly, our black female celebrity was no longer interested.

The only single man she’s been linked to is an black actor, allegedly, she grinded on him on the dance floor, took him upstairs and seduced him.  It was a Rush Hour.

She tried to get cozy with a black married actor (hunk) who resides in Atlanta, his black wife put a stop to it.

She moved on to another married man who would later divorce his wife.

Who is she?




This non-black female “celebrity”  travels in black entertainment circles while guarding a notorious family secret.

She pretends to come from family money, but allegations persist: (She actually comes from dirty money).

Although her father was well respected and well known in his field, he allegedly supplemented his income with drug trafficking; he also dealt with notorious mob families, dangerous gangsters and cartel hit men.

Allegedly, he supplied all the celebrities and celebrity parties with drugs (when he was alive).

This extra money allowed the family to live a lavish lifestyle that included ski vacations, European shopping sprees, a profitable wine collection, exotic cars, etc.

His scandalous wife (at the time) hosted celebrity orgies and drug parties.

Numerous black athletes attended as well as Ike Turner.

Drug trafficking used to be attached to the dad’s name in (search engines).

This information has been scrubbed from the internet to preserve his legacy.




He hates being attracting to tranny’s yet he can’t control his addiction.  Although he’s linked to a famous woman in the public eye, sometimes, he prefers t-girls.

When the t-girls arrive for sex, he doesn’t even make eye contact with them.

He barely says anything, he just motions them into the bedroom.

After the rough sex is over, they’re not allowed to touch him or look at him.

He then throws a bundle of money in their direction and tells them to get the fuck out!

He’s known to write all night after these (discreet) sexual encounters.

He’s very rich and very well known domestically and overseas.

Who is he?





Parents, think twice about getting your kids in the entertainment industry.  Look at the molestation allegations that still surround B2K, the Backstreet Boys, N-Sync, Todd Bridges, Menudo, the two Corey’s and it’s always been rumored that the greatest entertainer to ever set foot on an stage was passed around to music executives when he was a young kid (just to name a few).  Some of these celebrities develop drug addictions and others are suspected of suicide. Sadly, some parents look the other way so they can share in the wealth and other parents pimp their children out to the highest bidder. It’s like a sick initiation for Hollywood kids to get molested or raped when they enter the industry.

*Disclaimer: The following is not to tarnish anyone’s legacy; this is for informational and cautionary purposes.


Although he was a kid when he started in the industry, he had an engaging personality and people thought highly of him. He was a good kid.

At first, the industry was fun.  He met his idols, went to award shows and partied at non-alcoholic parties.  Life was a blast until…..

Overnight, things changed, a darkness crept in.

Before long, unconfirmed rumors were circulating that he “may” have been molested; from people outside of his inner circle.

And then the allegations disappeared as quickly as they appeared.

When his career fell off, according to sources, despite his nice demeanor, you could tell he wasn’t the same.

Did demons creep in?

Did he take drugs to numb the pain?

Poor kid.

Hint: He “may” or “may not” have been a solo artist.





Is it harder for people in general to move on; including celebrity spouses? In this day and age, according to the headlines, people try to force you to stay in a friendship, relationship or marriage. Rejection is out of the question and then they become stalkers.  Why can’t they move on?


Friends are worried that this ex-celebrity spouse is on the verge of a mental breakdown.  Others fear that she may be dangerous.  Allegedly, it’s in her DNA.

People complain that she talks about her ex (negatively) non-stop.  You can change the subject, but the conversation always goes back to her ex.

She’s forever rambling about him. She obsesses over him 24/7.

She’s also vindictive, petty and manipulative and capable of bad things.

Since her master plan collapsed, she’s telling friends, ‘I will not let him destroy me!  He’s trying to push me over the edge!’

Lately, she’s come across as disorientated and dazed.

Her entire life centers around destroying her ex.

She can’t move on.

She shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Who is she?




This black male celebrity is a known blabbermouth who considers himself the smartest guy in the room.  He loves to hear himself talk and he’s a self-proclaimed guru on all subjects.

What he’s not telling you:

Although he’s fashionably attired (the majority of the time), when he undresses, his penile hygiene is unbearable; according to sources.

Groupies and strippers are complaining.

One groupie said: ’The second time I hooked up with him, I had nose plugs in my nostrils to avoid the odor.’

They’re wondering if he has a physical ailment.

He’s similar to a black female celebrity who had an offensive hygiene problem, she later found out she had a used condom (inside of her). After it was removed, the odor disappeared.

People are wondering why our male subject doesn’t seek medical attention.

Who is he?




She was a born gold digger, as a child, that’s all she aspired to be. Her first minor celebrity was a baseball player who played in the farm system, they broke up after she had a pregnancy scare.

She landed in New York and was on the hunt!

She was color struck and would only consider sleeping with brown skinned/dark skinned black men if they had multi-millions in their bank account.

She eventually hooked up with Devante (when Jodeci was hot) while she was dating a “solo singer.”  She juggled both men, when she became pregnant, she got scared, she didn’t know if the father was Devante or the solo singer.

She was relieved when the baby came out looking like the solo singer.

She would later break up with both men for much greener pastures.

Who is she?

Who is the solo singer?




According to a stripper source. She recently attended a “secret party” where she and the other strippers had to sign a confidentiality agreement.

She’s not honoring that agreement with the following story.

A dozen strippers arrived at a location.

They were whisked in.  They had to check in their cell phones.

Stripper poles were erected throughout the location along with pool tables.

Our stripper was shocked to see a big name celebrity come through the door (he’s known for having all the right moves onstage and in bed).

He was accompanied by a music mogul.

Later, other male celebrities arrived.

They all wore black.

And they spoke in whispers.

After the caterers left, she went over to the food table and then she saw it.

A cake with Satan’s face drawn onto it.

She thought, is this some type of secret society (devil worship shit?)

She felt very uncomfortable but she needed the money, so she stayed.

Our big name celebrity took three women into a back room.

One B list black celebrity walked around naked clutching a stuffed animal who he would later stimulate sex with.

Another celebrity was trying to convince a stripper to let him gently penetrate her with a screw driver, she refused and he moved on.

When this fantasy party was winding down. Our stripper noticed that the famous men (in attendance) had cleaned up and were wearing the same piece of clothing. Long black jackets with hoods attached.

“It was really weird, what in the hell did I just witness?”

Security ushered everyone out of the house, with the exception of the male celebrities.

Who is our big name celebrity (with the right moves)?

Who is the entertainment mogul he arrived with?




This black female reality star likes the finer things in life despite a fixed income that goes for designer bags, pricey clothing, bling and luxury sedans.

She’s always broke due to her shopping addiction.

She’s embarked on an secret double life to supplement her income; turning tricks in the sex rooms of adult establishments.

She charges a lot due to her name status.

She tried to discriminate against black men which backfired when white men refused to pay her “name status” fee; they didn’t know who she was.

Now, the majority of her customers are black men.

Who is she?




When Loves Goes Bad:

Last week, Dwayne Wade’s ex wife reported that he spent $20,000 per month on an publicist to trash her in the media (online and offline-night and day).

These type of publicists are called “specialized publicists.”  Some of them are sinister, others aren’t.

Certain (white hat-specialized) publicists who fall in this category can charge $500 per minute to get you mentioned in top gossip columns and A-list magazines.

Others can set up “dirty DUI’s” that will benefit your divorce outcome. A dirty DUI (involving celebrities) is set up by your lawyer in conjunction with a publicist.  The soon to be ex-husband is entrapped by a pretty decoy. After the decoy gets him drunk at a bar, he’s promised sex if he follows her home. She alerts the police who pull him over for a DUI. Normally, the ex-husband loses custody (and child support) and his character comes into question during the court proceedings.  Meanwhile, the publicist makes sure the store hits the news.

If a judge is favoring the (non-celebrity spouse) in a court hearing, I’ve heard of dirt being dug up on the judge (extramarital affairs, gambling debts, DL lover).  The publicist and fixer threaten to leak this info to the public unless he rules in the celebrity’s favor.  Before you know it, the celebrity gets full custody and the alimony payments the celebrity is ordered to pay is very low despite his/her income.

A pop diva’s powerful ex (allegedly) used a specialized publicist to try and bribe a NY on-air personality to speak negatively about her on-air and to take her records out of rotation. The on-air personality was offered $10,000 dollars but declined.

Allegedly, Chris Brown has a specialized publicist on staff who defends him against his rants and scandals on various message boards.

Specialized publicists are so well paid, many of them drive Masareti’s and Ferrari’s.


This particular black couple are either divorced or are going through a bitter divorce (depending on who you talk to).

She came into the relationship with baggage.  This master manipulator let down her guard and fell in love.

This allowed her ex-husband to stomp on her heart and humiliate her.

It’s rumored that he boasted, “I’m willing to spend a million dollars to trash her and get custody of my kids!”

He hired a specialized publicist who works overtime on message boards and social media (under several handles) trashing this woman night and day.

They wanted to get the word out that she was an unfit mother.

It worked and swayed the outcome of their case.

She didn’t get the big payday she bargained for.

Money and fame rule in Hollywood!

Who is the couple?




Unlike many streetwalkers, this one is known.

She hooked up with an abusive pimp, he had a stable of 20 women.

She started working the stroll, turning tricks in backseats, hotel rooms, outdoors in the bushes (if necessary) and she satisfied men in private (nightclub) rooms.  Nothing was below her.

Her motto: “I got to feed them babies!”

She became associated with a rich trick and indirectly got a windfall of money (7 figures). Her pimp beat her ass and took the money.

Around this time, she started dating a respectable rapper (on the low) who was well liked and admired in the industry for being a nice guy. His friends warned him to stay away from her because of her (nasty) reputation but he didn’t listen and became one of her top customers.

He started hitting it raw dog.

They eventually broke up.

Sadly, he would die.  He wasn’t even that old.

Cause of death is listed as one thing but according to sources, he “may” or “may not” have contracted AIDS from the happy hooker because unconfirmed rumors are circulating that she may be a carrier.

Is this the reason a murder attempt (by an angry john) was made on her life and she’s in seclusion?

Allegedly, the Health Department has been contacted.

Who’s the deceased rapper?




This black male celebrity is so full of himself.  Online and offline, he considers himself an intellect and well versed on a variety of subjects. He’s always dishing out relationship advice despite having a trail of broken relationships in his past.

He’s his own biggest fan and will tell you, ‘I’m often the smartest guy in the room!’

People are laughing behind his back as he struts around like Dr. Phil.

He loves to hear himself talk.

On social networks, he considers himself an unlicensed shrink. His online demeanor: It’s your benefit that I’m paying attention to you.

Allegedly, this individual is not comfortable in his dark skin and is constantly seeking out white women or heavily biracial women for romance.

According to a source, he allegedly despises women with the same complexion.

Who is he?





At one point, drug dealers had taken over for pimps in urban neighborhoods.  They were the new mayor’s.

Pimping had become irrelevant as prostitutes began to manage themselves (online) without the hassle of being beat and turning their money over.

Now, pimps have turned to sex trafficking, translation=forced prostitution.

A few years ago, an attractive young black mother was lured to a small town outside of Louisiana.  She vanished without a trace. Rumors circulated that the man she met up with was known to drug girls for sex trafficking.

The man who drove the black Range Rover in the Las Vegas tragedy is an alleged (notorious) sex trafficker. He’s currently on the run from authorities.

After Tupac got murdered on the strip, allegedly, several white casino owners had a secret meeting and wanted to invest in a casino that catered to blacks. Their goal was to keep urban violence out of their casino’s because it would affect tourism and high rollers.  Nothing came of the meeting but discussions were brought up again after the All-Star fiasco with Pacman Jones and don’t be surprised if conversations are brought up again due to the Maserati tragedy.


He’s an ATL rapper.  He had a hit but was allegedly ripped off by the record company but he’s well known in the ATL.

He got a taste of the good life and can’t let go.

He likes to impress with fine cars and beautiful women.

He started slinging.

Around this time, he started dating an attractive woman.  With his encouragement, she launched a brothel that catered to rappers.

After he got another girl pregnant, she left him and closed the brothel.

Money went through his hands like water.  He couldn’t get enough.

Allegedly, he not only trafficked in drugs, he also trafficked in weapons and launched two x-rated internet sites. He was on the verge of building a vice empire.

Soon, rappers sought him out to purchase guns and drugs.  Basically, he became a black market concierge.

He used his name status to his advantage and started trafficking in impressionable girls from his groupie pool.

His boy breaks them in.

He’s never had respect for women, he loves to beat them, so this occupation was a match made in heaven.

He’s so brutal, allegedly, some of the women were bound and he woke them up with buckets of water to the face or stun guns.

These women are treated like cattle but they’re brainwashed and they’re star struck although they were forced into this lifestyle.

Due to his drug use, he’s become paranoid and recently had a panic room installed.

He’s currently rolling in dough but his lifestyle will eventually catch up with him.

Who is he?




*Warning: The following is graphic, I decided to run it at the last minute!

This on call escort/groupie had a tough life.  Sadly, her parents were crack addicts.  Due to their inattention, she was molested and raped by various relatives and addicts.

She was pretty much a human mattress.

She developed psychological problems but sex gave her power over men!  And she liked the turnaround of events. In her mind, men held power over her during her pre-teen years, now she was the one in control.

Over time, regular sex with rappers began to lose appeal.

She became extremely depraved and began to specialize in “period sex” (during menstruation).

An escort agency parcels her out to famous men who request this fetish.

The majority of her bookings come from a well known rap crew (featuring 3 hip-hop stars).

The leader of the rap crew has instructed her to call him during (her time of the month).

He flies her to his destination to engage in this fetish.  He also instructed his female star to “vampire” her (oral) while he watched.  She allegedly obliged despite the STD risk.

Who is the rap crew?




In the late 80′s, Jermaine Stewart attended an infamous sex party.

A very famous comic hosted the party at his mansion.

A boxer, another comic and a crooner were in attendance.

Several transgender prostitutes were also in attendance (to service the men).

It’s speculated that Jermaine and another famous guest (pro athlete?) got infected that night by one of the transgendered prostitutes-Patient Zero (who has yet to be identified).

The boxer, crooner and both comics didn’t get infected.

Figure out the guest list below:

Who is the boxer?

Who is the comic (host)?

Who is the crooner?

Who is the second comic?




This (very famous) black female celebrity is not only addicted to backdoor sex, she’s also addicted and obsessed with gay porn.

The majority of famous women collect designer shoes and bags, this woman collects gay porn DVD’s.

She allegedly has one of the largest gay porn DVD collections in the world and she’s a member (under an alias) of several membership sites so she can get her daily fix via video clips.

Her compulsion is so great, she allegedly hired two gay adult stars (signed to confidentiality agreements) to have sex while she watched.

Who is she?




It’s hard for the majority of women in the music industry.  A lot of them exchange sex for hot tracks, others go broke and a few are pimped out by moguls, managers, svengali’s and handlers.

A few years ago, we reported on a rap powerbroker who was pimping out his younger girlfriend to random guys because he has pimp fantasies despite being one of the richest black men in the world.

We’ve just learned that a world renowned female singer was pimped out by the man who discovered her.

Sadly, she spent a lot of time on her knees servicing a variety of men in the hip hop arena (rap crews) and R&B industry.  And we heard rumors of double penetration.

She was passed around a number of times before her career took off.

That’s why she numbs the pain with drugs and alcohol.

She’s also addicted to sex and fame.

When her career slows down, she will have a meltdown.




According to our source, a very rich rap mogul who likes to (flaunt and stunt) has crossed over to the dark side of fame.

He’s completely bored with conventional sex; he can’t even get aroused unless the sex is deviant, violent and kinky.

Allegedly, he recently hosted a very secretive (sick and twisted) “Black Sheep Party.”  Translation: An orgy for people into S&M and bondage.

He’s so materialistic that he ordered the hired escorts to wear S&M designer wear (Herve Leger S&M styled harnesses). Others wore additional BDSM gear (including leather, boots and masks).

These parties have taken over for freak parties and this event got out of control very early.

Women were hoisted up in full view of guests and brutalized with diamond studded whips  and genitorture (torture of the genitals) was going on in various rooms.

While the host strutted around with a cigar in his mouth-taking in the action.

According to our source, things got under control when a team  of ‘Dungeon Monitors’ arrived.

Dungeon monitors are charged with supervising a play space.  Our source says the Dungeon Monitors wore special uniforms and armbands.

These Dungeon Monitor’s also ensured the physical safety of all participants engaging in S&M play (since several celebrities were participating).

The party lasted until the next morning and the host was physically exhausted and couldn’t wait to schedule another party.

Hint: It’s “NOT” Diddy.

Who is he?





This black male celebrity is known for juggling women in the U.S. but overseas, his reputation is even more scandalous.

Back in the day, Janet, Mariah and Beyonce were often pursued by European captains of industry and royal playboys.

After their performance, couriers would arrive backstage with expensive jewels and yacht party invitations.

Flip The Script:

The “rough” reputation of this male singer has enhanced his appeal to rich women.  They also like the way he moves onstage.

If he wasn’t a singer, he could be a highly-paid gigolo for the jet set.

He has a fleet of high-end cars (Lambo’s, Ferrari’s, Corvettes, etc.). Rich women were the benefactors for at least two of these vehicles.

He loves to tour overseas because he’s pursued by blue blooded socialites, royal daughters and millionaire/billionaire heiresses.

It also helps that he’s the part-time lover of  a woman (some consider the most beautiful woman in the world); this drove his stock up!

These women like his rough neck appeal. They consider him dangerous and exciting and are willing to offer him top dollar for his time (which he has declined thus far).

Unbeknownst to his U.S. fans, he has a string of women throughout Europe with big bank accounts.

Who is he?




This black female singer has had a bad year and social media is not her friend.  Not only does she continue to buy her ‘so called boyfriend,’ but she’s also on the verge of another meltdown.

She can’t deal with criticism and her self-esteem is so low, according to a source, she’s tried bleaching her skin once, she didn’t get the desired results so she’s considering doing it again until she gets the results she’s looking for.

Sadly, she’s never been comfortable with her complexion. She’s confided to friends, ‘I would be bigger star if I wasn’t so dark.’

She resents (light skinned) singers like Beyonce, Rihanna and Alicia Keys. She’s extremely jealous of their success. She considers them less talented yet they are considerably richer than her.

Once again, her stacks her low and she’s in crisis mode.

Who is she?






The following story is similar to a black female celebrity who lived with a black male celebrity for six months; he never told her that he was HIV positive (when she found out) she had a meltdown and hasn’t been seen in the public eye for the last 3-4 years. It’s unknown whether she tested positive or not.


She is one of the wealthiest white women in the entertainment industry. The reason for her erratic behavior is allegedly because of her (alleged) HIV+ diagnosis (five years ago).  She basically had a meltdown.

She prefers black male lovers (discreetly) because her parents would object.

She always keeps a black man on standby (for lovemaking) and if anything goes wrong, he can be a useful scapegoat according to her manager.

She was once involved with a black man who’s currently on an TV show. She turned him out so bad, despite his marriage, he’s constantly hiring female hookers to penetrate him (with a strap-on); something she introduced him to.

Her life is a trail of broken friendships, broken relationships, broken engagements and questionable parenting.

She numbs the hurt with drugs and alcohol.

She also enjoys random sex.

She’s a shell of herself.

Who is she?




He was a member of a hot group. The group was hot in the early 2000′s and may have lasted 3 or 4 years. Each member had name status.

Gay rumors surrounded this group (because of their atmosphere) but female fans loved them.

This former group member continues to shake off gay rumors.  His remedy: Beat the hell out of women to prove his masculinity. It’s a compulsion he can’t control.

He never derived power from fame, money and sex.  Instead, his ultimate power surge comes from physically abusing women in and out of bed.  He’s addicted to abuse like a drug and he’s left a trail of battered and bloody women in his wake.  His favorite method of violence is stomping.

He’s so brutal during sex, he allegedly gets off on vaginal bleeding.

Black women are his preferred victims, why?  Less fuss.

During sex, he calls women bitches, ho’s and sluts.  Women are garbage to him.

According to an escort, he’s frightening, she happen to wake up in the middle of the night and he was standing over her in the dark.

Another time, she fell asleep after sex and he urinated in her face to wake her up.

A groupie said he woke her up by putting lit matches underneath her feet and laughed when she jumped out of bed.

He’s so twisted, these women are scared to press charges.  He also told them-he has gang connections and would make them disappear.

Who is this sadist?




He was on top of the world when he bagged her!

Some considered her the baddest chick in the game! His boys envied him and he strutted around with a God Complex.

He thought he had something that every man wanted, not anymore!

Funny how things change.

Her star is fading, she no longer makes the ”sexiest woman,” or “most beautiful women” lists.  And her club appearances have decreased dramatically.

Men no longer desire her because younger and prettier women have entered the game.

To make matters worse, the sex has worn off.

While she’s busy planning a wedding in her head, he’s discreetly looking for a replacement.




This white actress is simply following a trend by adopting a black baby.  This baby is nothing more than an accessory that she could care less about.

She really doesn’t like blacks.

Although there are no visible signs of abuse, in the past, she got irritated when the baby cried and allegedly spiked the baby’s mouth with hot sauce.  According to our source, she allegedly gave the baby small doses of cough syrup.

Allegedly, a nanny made an anonymous call to CPS.  Since no bruises were visible and the baby appeared in excellent health, nothing was done.  Thankfully, this nanny played interference and kept the baby at a safe distance.  The actress has such a large household staff, she was unable to pinpoint the tipster for termination. Allegedly, the hot sauce and syrup abuse has ended due to the protectiveness of the nanny.

The CPS visit was covered up (similar to the cover up on ”To Catch A Predator,” which allegedly involved a famous actor); footage disappeared and never aired.

Who is the actress?




This black female celebrity relishes in her bad attitude and arrogance.

She’s so rude and obnoxious, people consider her vile.

Her relatives (by marriage) simply tolerate her.

People are trying to talk her husband into leaving her and gaining custody like D. Wade and Usher.

This woman has always had an intense hatred and envy for Mary J. Blige. She can’t hide her jealousy. When she sees Mary at industry events, she glares at her from a distance.  Mary ignores her.

Despite Paris Hilton making alleged racist remarks, this didn’t stop our female celebrity from contacting her and begging for an invite to her party.  Unbeknownst to her, allegedly, Paris made fun of her ghetto demeanor behind her back.

Despite her hard edge, as each year passes, our black female celebrity increases her anti-black issues.

Hint? According to a Hollywood fixer, when several transgendered prostitutes alleged they had sex with Eddie Murphy, allegedly, his damage control team considered hiring Donald Tripp (a dead ringer for Murphy) to take the fall and admit it was him and not Murphy who had intimate relations with the transgendered prostitutes.

Who is our Black Female Celebrity?





In recent years, darkness has swept over a number of women, in and out of the entertainment field.  Sadly, according to authoritative sources, several women now belong to NAMBLA and bestiality rings.  You even have female (predatory) teachers.


Now, we have a black female celebrity who is so out there, she’ll never return to normalcy.

She not only has a fascination with violence, she also has a fascination with darkness.

She’s into erotic asphyxiation, fisting, rimming, gangbangs, sodomy, golden showers and S&M.

People are shocked that she has only one (non-fatal) STD.

After sex, the majority of her suitors become addicted.

She loves ecstasy, cocaine and alcohol.

She’s constantly pursued (discreetly) by warlords, dictators and millionaires.

She’s been gifted with cut and uncut diamonds in velvet pouch’s.  Men have also offered her Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s

She enjoys orgies on private yachts and she loves to sip Cristal and Dom on private jets.

And she has Secret Society protection.

Her fascination with darkness has taken a disturbing turn.

Allegedly, she’s secretly inquiring about purchasing a “Snuff Film,” (where women are really raped and murdered).  She wants to share the tape with her equally as twisted industry friends.

According to underground (vice) brokers, she’s willing to pay upwards to $25,000 for this film.

Who is she?




This black female celebrity currently co-stars on a Reality TV show.

Few people know that she used to be ‘highly paid’ beard for a black actor/comic (not Eddie Murphy).

Since then, the comic has been seen with blonde beards in the public eye and hot men behind closed doors.

Secretly, he hates women with a passion and is a former batterer.

When he pretended to be straight, he used to beat the hell out of white women; he would talk them out of pressing charges by dangling money in their face.

Back in the day, he made fun of Tina Turner getting beat by Ike in “What’s Love Got To Do With It?”

Meanwhile, our black female celebrity rejected the European sponsor circuit which is odd because that’s been her motive of operation in the U.S. for the last 15-20 years.

She’s still attractive but she’s no longer a spring chicken and she can’t get a man to marry her despite her looks.

This has made her arrogant and bitter.

Who is the Reality TV star?

Who is the actor/comic?




She’s a stunner from New Orleans and she considers herself Creole.

According to our source, in high school, she hooked up with the star football player (on campus).

After graduation, they continued seeing each other.  He attended a local college on a football scholarship, although he didn’t get drafted, that didn’t stop him from shooting steroids with teammates.  He was a walk-on for a few teams around the NFL but didn’t get signed.

He became angry and the steroids didn’t help.

He began beating his girlfriend.

She would cringe when she heard his car door.

She threatened to leave, boyfriend cleaned up his act and began working on the fringes of the music industry.

A few months later, she tested positive for HIV.

She was enraged and confronted him.  He admitted shooting steroids.

Later, he would test positive.  She left him. All he ever did was beat her ass and give her HIV.

Since his behind the scenes career was taking off, he paid her a little something something to keep quiet.

Her life would spiral out of control as she harbored a secret hatred for men.  It’s surprising that she didn’t become a female serial killer.

She attended fetish clubs, pheromone parties and “body sushi” parties.

Later, she became a stripper and escort ($500 per hour).

She was also a “gay-for-pay” trophy for rich gay women. Later, she would consider herself a lesbian although technically, she was bisexual. From now on, men would be considered a business-only.

She hit the stripper circuit of Las Vegas, Miami, Los Angeles and Atlanta.

Around this time, she began living with a woman.

Outside of the home, she dated male celebrities and athletes; never informing them about her status; although our source says, “She told me, the majority of them used condoms but if they didn’t, oh well!”  She had no remorse because she secretly despised men.

One of the men who practiced safely is a R&B pretty boy, another famous man who practiced safely lives in the strip clubs, pays rent in the strip clubs and is known as an easy mark among strippers when he doesn’t run out of money.

Meanwhile, our source says he made an anonymous call to the Health Dept. to report her.

Who is the R&B pretty boy?

Who is the black male celebrity who lives at the strip clubs?




The black “unattractive” male celebrity has dark issues.

During his teen years, he was a bully, despite being short and overweight.

He could never attract pretty girls.  That all changed when he became famous.

He’s so insecure, he’s comfortable with being a Sugar Daddy to 3-5 women at one time.

According to ex-girlfriends, he’s a lazy and selfish lover.  He also falls asleep after the sex and snores like a pig.  Not a sight for sore eyes.

To make matters worse, these women (allegedly) went to the clinic because they were burning from a non-fatal STD.

When he was confronted, he denied it.

This didn’t stop him from joining underground sex clubs from coast to coast.

He struts around with a God complex.

He’s such a deviant, he enjoys receiving and inflicting pain (S&M).

Allegedly, one of his boys can’t get aroused unless he slaps and punches women prior to sex.  Our male celebrity (has paid off hospital bills and threatened lawsuits). To avoid this issue in the future, our male celebrity turned him on to an escort agency that has a division for prostitutes who endure physical and emotional abuse.  His boy is like a kid in a candy store.

Despite our celebrity having his pick of women, if a woman rejects him, it’s a challenge, and he will go to any lengths to bag her.

Who is he?




Over the years, self-hatred has become worse for this black male celebrity.  He hates black men as much as he hates black women.

He’s also physically and emotionally abusive.

He also encourages his children to marry white and he told his children, when you become parents, have your children marry white so the pigmentation can be diluted for future generations.  His ex-white wife was okay with it.

When the kids were younger, he wouldn’t let them watch black TV shows. He completely alienated them from black culture.

According to our source, he went into a rage when he saw his son playing football with an African American boy from their neighborhood. He belittled the boy and put him on punishment.

Who is he?





In the lesbian community, a boi or stud is considered a gay female who has the physical/masculine appearance of a boy.  Similar to the Brandon Teena character in the film “Boys Don’t Cry.”


This very famous black female celebrity has taken over the crown for the most arrogant, belligerent, obnoxious and rudest celebrity in the industry.

She’s so full of herself that she recently told her manager to inform stagehands not to look at her.

Her success and fame has gone to her head.

Not only is she rude to fans, she’s also rude to peers. Rockers, Pop stars and R&B stars can’t stand her. She expects everyone to bow down to her.

When she got put on in the industry, she was parceled out to different rappers and moguls. Similar to a sex slave.  Numerous “trains” were ran on her.  This was her initiation into the industry and she passed with flying colors.

According to our source, she has become so depraved and deviate (fisting, objects, BDSM) in the bedroom, she’s considered filth behind her back. She also enjoys gay porn (featuring men).

She’s also patronizes a secret boi/stud brothel when she’s not chasing well endowed men despite having a boyfriend.

She sits back popping bottles of Dom while lesbian escorts are paraded in front of her.

One of these such brothels recently banned her because she was too rough with an escort.  Allegedly, her strap-on caused the girl to bleed due to brutal (front & back) penetration.

She laughed about it as she was escorted off the premises.

Who is she?




According to our hip-hop source:

He started off as a neighborhood bully.  He was poverty stricken. Never met his dad and his mother was a crack addict who turned tricks. He may have been a trick baby.

Since he was the oldest child, he looked out for his younger siblings. When he attended school, his stomach ached from lack of food and he could barely stay coherent; when he qualified for the free lunch program, he never got enough. His stomach always growled.

He hated being broke.  On Thanksgiving, they ate frozen turkey dinners.  On Christmas, there was never a tree and they always went without.

He admired the neighborhood ballers and the trappings that came along with it (women, cars, designer clothes, expensive bling).

“One day, I’m going to have all that and more! I’ll never go hungry again, when I make it, I’m going to eat big juicy steaks, drink pricey champagne and dip my lobster in butter.”

He started off as a dope boy while his homeboy dealt drugs on consignment.

His trademark: He always wore black.

He quit the dope game to become an enforcer.  Allegedly, he may have committed a few murders along the way.  This hasn’t been confirmed but he made a name for himself.

On the side, he sold AIDS medications and operated a black market “pill mill” (including ecstasy and vicadin) on the Internet.  After he generated enough money to buy a fancy whip (instead of the luxury relic he drove) and an expensive condo, he quickly shut the site down.

Later, he became part of the security detail for a low-level rapper.

On the side, he procured former adult (female)stars to accompany him to the local penitentiary. The guards were paid to look the other way as his incarcerated home boys had oral sex (and on rare occasions) with the women in secluded areas near the visiting room. He was shocked when one of his homeboys asked him to bring a (male) adult star.  Apparently, he got turned out in prison.  After the sex sessions, allegedly, these former male and female adult stars were parceled out to the “hooker circuit.”

Later, he worked with a popular rapper. He had to sign a confidentiality agreement because the rapper was bisexual.

He was in charge of soliciting sissy’s or gay porn stars for the rapper; he also made sure that this rapper had his favorite gay adult tapes when he went on tour.  When the rapper had a “menage-a-trois” moment, our go-to guy made sure the morning after pill was in stock as well as-at home HIV test kits. This rich rapper was also into S&M and has a vast collection of leather studded masks and whips. He loves to dominate women but is passive with men (in the sack).

From this gig, he went to work for a (respected rapper).  This rapper is considered one of the best lyricists in the game; along with several others.

It came as a shock to learn that this particular rapper was slinging major weight on the side to keep up with his outrageous bills and lifestyle.  This is the opposite of his manufactured image.

Allegedly, this rapper also has a drinking problem.

Who is this respected rapper who allegedly slings drugs and has a drinking problem?




According to our gay source:

We’ve heard about rap crews doing gang bangs on HIV groupies.

Now, we’re hearing that a particular rap crew decided to have some “sick fun” and book a trangender escort to degrade.

Allegedly, they rented a residence on the outskirts of town.

The particular transgender they booked has a history of reckless and scandalous behavior.

Allegedly, she uploads videos to gay/shemale porn sites featuring her in sex acts with suspected and unsuspected clients.  In her mind, these videos prove she gets just as much action as biological women.

One of the videos features her getting her back blown out by a known drug/thug lord.  He’s allegedly furious.

Despite her behavior, it doesn’t justify the following:

When she arrived at the house, the rap crew pounced on her.

While taking turns raping her, they (and the ringleader-a popular rapper) shouted out anti-gay slurs.

Others urinated on her and made her crawl.

She was worked over and humiliated.

She was also punched and slapped and one crew member threatened to pull out a gun unless she complied to “forced” fellatio with the entire crew.

After it was over, they gave each other high fives as the escort laid on the floor, battered, bruised, bleeding, spit on and whimpering.

Before they left, the popular rapper leaned down and told her: ‘if you go to the po po, we will hunt you down and erase you, nobody would believe you anyway, look at you, you’re nothing but a freak!’

She’s still in fear of her life, having nightmares and living in seclusion.

Hint: One of the richest!




Bisexual rumors have always swirled around this raspy voiced rapper.

According To Our Gay Source: He’s crossed over to the other side, he’s completely gay and on the DL.

Allegedly, for his past birthday, one of his crew members arranged an discreet sexual encounter with his favorite (gay) porn star at a price of $5,000 dollars.

The encounter took place.

Afterwards, the rapper complained about being sore (he’s a bottom) but other than that, he was in a good mood and reportedly said, ‘it was one of the best birthdays I ever had!’

Since then, he’s gotten his back blown out by several male porn stars.

His only request: They have to wear ‘daddy gear’ and slap him around. He’s only attracted to “rough trade.”

When he’s not masturbating to gay porn, he’s discreetly purchasing it from a supplier, a company called“Chocolate Cream Factory.”

He even sends his boy out to scout Gay Erotic Conventions for hot men.

One year, he attended the Gay AVN/Porn Convention-after parties. He indulged in non-stop anonymous sex, free drinks and drugs.

Who is he?



Although she’s still an attractive woman, during her younger years, she was absolutely stunning.

Even in high school, she was pursued by rich men; including Fortune 500 executives. Men would arrive in Merc’s, BMW’s and limo’s.

Wisely, these men were kept at bay.

After she graduated, men continued to pursue her. Jealous women referred to her as an fortune hunter although she never had to pursue a men.

Her career took her to Europe and Monaco.

She married a super famous black celebrity and retired. They would divorce and she would hook up with another celebrity male (not in film, TV, or music).  She’s still with this man.

Allegedly, he’s madly in love with her, she doesn’t feel the same way. She’s known to party surrounded by bodyguards and she’s been spotted in skyboxes at sporting events.

According to unconfirmed rumors, she cheated on her boyfriend with Lisa Ray’s ex-husband (while he was married to Lisa).  She denies the rumors but that doesn’t stop her boyfriend from continuing to be insecure and insanely jealous over her.

Hint: It’s not Rocsi.

Who is she?





One of our sources pulled this off a “downlow” message board:

1. I have been in a long term relationship with a brotha who is a VERY FAMOUS celeb here in Atlanta. I will  not rat him out…I’m just tired of being on the low with it! He and I don’t see each other everyday, due to his crazy schedule, but I need someone who I can chill with on the regular! He takes care of me somewhat…he just got me a Mint Green Range Rover…I just feel bad for his girl, cause she is so in LOVE with him!



E. Lynn Harris’s novels featured a closeted R&B singer who was leaving his group to launch a solo career.  The general consensus is that the character was based on Kenny Greene (Intro-first photo).  If Greene would have lived, he would have been one of the top producers/songwriters of all time.  He was immensely talented and could sing.


2. Before his death from AIDS in 2001, Kenny Greene was so closeted that his group members had no idea that he was bisexual.

Gene Anthony Ray (another NY resident) let it be known (through the gay grapevine) that he thought Greene was cute, due to scheduling, the two never hooked up.

Ray would die of AIDS, two years later.

Greene worked with a variety of artists and sung background on numerous records.

Greene had various “discreet” hookups with (so called heterosexual and gay men) within the industry yet he got infected by a blue collar guy outside of the industry.

One of  the famous men he hooked up with is a well known artist (today).

Allegedly, he had sex with Greene and continues to worry about his health although it’s been 11 years since Greene’s death.

This well known artist continues to test negative but he assumes, the virus may (still) be dormant and could come out at any time.

He was so shook up after Greene’s death that he never slept with another man again.

Hint: The well known artist (may be-or may not be) an artist that Greene worked with.

Who is he?




She’s lost and turned out!

Not only does she participate in rooftop orgies (inside of Cabana’s) but she’s also (secretly) traveling to the Dominican Republic for sexcapades with men and women.

She was briefly involved (discreetly) with a man who heads a smut cartel.

Her new hobby: S&M.

Allegedly, she can crack a whip (she prefers female victims) because she’s submissive in her relationships with men.

She’s being passed around Black Hollywood & White Hollywood.

Her appetite for drugs and alcohol is growing and an intervention is needed.

She’s out of control!

She loves danger and she continues  to disregard the (paid) heterosexual beard put in place to run interference.

Who is she?




1. It’s true!  A black female singer left her long time male lover (and father of her children) because she caught him getting his “homo-thug” on!  He thought he had her sexually whipped and she would tolerate anything.  He was wrong.  She dumped him and married another man (who’s currently cheating on her).  Meanwhile, homo-thug tried to play it off but he was devastated by her marriage and turned to cocaine.

2. This very famous black male singer needs to have a sit down with his younger brother.  He’s out of control!  He uses his brother’s celebrity to snag women and he’s known as the “sloppy seconds man” because his famous brother begs groupies to sleep with him after he’s finished.  Younger brother is allegedly abusing a string of ladies.  He also likes playing mind games.

3.  She’s known for her nasty attitude.  People are happy that her husband is cheating on her, saying: ‘karma, serves her right!’  Allegedly, she’s aware of the other women but she’ll never break up her family unit.

Hint: All of the subjects mentioned in the above tidbits reside in the same city.




Like Whitney Houston, she disregarded her instrument (her voice), in favor of drug abuse.

In her heyday, she was the ultimate party girl who got paid in drugs (cocaine and heroin) instead of cash.

She partied with David Ruffin, Rick James and Ike Turner.

She participated in orgies and same-sex liaisons.

Despite the anonymous sex, she still had feelings for a former NBA superstar (the best sex of her life) but he wasn’t interested in rekindling the romance.

She was known for sending her personal assistant on drug runs until she quit.

She was also involved with a Bay Area kingpin (Oakland Hills). Although she could afford drugs, she enjoyed being a “strawberry,” defined as: Trading sex for drugs.  This good time girl enjoyed being illicit.

When she hit rock bottom, she was spotted at an crack house in South Central.

She had snorted so much cocaine that she developed nasal damage (a burning sensation).  She turned to heroin (injection).

One evening, in the midst of a cocaine fueled party, she was chasing the dragon and got sloppy, she did the unthinkable and shared a needle.

According to rumors, she allegedly has “the monster.”

That’s why her appearance is so shocking.

Who is she?




A rock solid source provided us with the answer to a question we asked last week.

Allegedly, this powerhouse female vocalist was involved with a younger man who cleaned her out financially.

She even made this man her manager (with no prior experience).  He siphoned additional funds.

She finally left him.

Sadly, she has to work nonstop, at her age to survive (food, mortgage, electricity).

She has become very bitter and doesn’t put much effort into her career.

She’s lost weight and she’s severely depressed with undisclosed health issues.

Who is she?




This world renowned-rich rapper is struggling with his sexuality.  He’s grown tired of female groupies.

He currently patronizes a “milk boy” escort agency.

Milk Boys are defined as: Oral escorts (only). Other escorts specialize in backdoor, torture and humiliation.

Thus far, our rapper hasn’t graduated to backdoor sex but he’s currently engaging in fellatio on a regular basis; he doesn’t consider himself gay or bisexual since he’s participating in oral sex-only.

His reasoning: He considers gay men less a hassle and he doesn’t have to worry about pregnancies.

His favorite milk boy is nicknamed “Deep Throat.” He’s popular for his jaws of steel.

“Deep Throat,” is a regular at the New York (DL) parties and gay industry parties.  He’s considered a foreplay escort until his clients graduate to anal sex.

It’s only a matter of time before our rapper graduates.

Who is he?




1. She’s known as the Satanic high priestess of the most prominent secret society in Hollywood. She’s rich and famous and desires black men despite marrying white men.

She has a harem of Mandingo (escorts) on call 24/7; throughout the world.

One of her husband’s allegedly broke her limb when he discovered her affair with a black comic/actor.

She’s had sex with black men in the back of limo’s, she’s had three-ways with two black men in the bedroom; aboard a private jet.

She’s also an deviant who enjoys fisting and rimming.

Who is she?

2. This white actress is miserable because her famous mother and boyfriend will disown her if continues to desire black men.  Thus far, she has followed their wishes, she even married a white man, they later divorced.

She was once linked to a black “rock” star (considered sexy).  Despite his fame and fortune, her mother and boyfriend hit the roof and told her to break up with him.

Later, she was photographed with a black NBA star, again, they spazzed out!  She’s very unhappy but she doesn’t want to upset them.

Who is she?





It’s rumored that Swizz Beatz is the “shadow CEO,” of an online piracy blog.  According to allegations, a famous white actor (70′s era) uses another name to produce pornography and a West Coast (black) publicist allegedly runs a brothel to supplement her income. And we did a blind item on an rapper who allegedly did contract hits to supplement his income.


Now, we’re hearing allegations about a very famous rapper, who is allegedly running a gay sex site.

Allegedly, this rapper is signed to a horrible contract, and he needs to supplement his income to be on par with his peers.  His goal is to ball like Diddy and Jay-Z although he’s out of their income bracket.

According to our gay source: “His gay hookup site is notorious, you need a password and it’s not in google search.

“It’s all-access and offers: Pay-Per-View, escort ads, live cams, chat, classifieds, members can also submit sex tapes they made with anonymous online members for review.  Members also have the option to select a traditional date or an offline gangbang, gay models submit nude pics and his premium feature is: Pay to hookup with a gay porn star!” He also sells erection enhancement drugs on the site.

Famous customers (including rappers) are guaranteed discretion.

The money generated from membership fees and ad revenue allows this rapper to roll in expensive whips, attend yacht parties, wear the finest bling, wear designer clothes, travel internationally-via private jet and live in the biggest cribs.

Who is he?





This family is so scandalous, they keep our blind items in circulation.  You can consider this a part II of an earlier blind item.


Despite the domineering mother being black, she prefers her (famous) son to date non-black women.  Her sick reasoning: ‘She doesn’t want dark skinned grandchildren. She wants light skinned grandchildren with ‘good hair.’

Her annoying son and his team (allegedly) move drugs through A-list Hollywood.  And he always plants himself at premiere events (championship boxing, industry parties, movie openings) to supply the celebrities in attendance.

Could this explain his (unexplained) wealth and car collection? (Lambo, Ferrari, Bentley, Maserati, Aston Martin), valued over $1 million despite not having a hit record in fifteen years?

When he’s in Las Vegas, he hooks up with a string of high priced escorts. He struts around like Hugh Hefner is silk pajama’s, (allegedly) indulging in drugs and sex.

The female relative is no better.  The matriarch never forgave her for getting impregnated by a brown skinned man. The mother was actually happy when she had a brief affair with a white man; the affair ended badly.

Who is this notorious family?




You’re at an disadvantage when both your parents are addicts and alcoholics despite being famous.

Unbeknownst to many, this young lady wasn’t born with a silver spoon in her mouth, instead, she had an abortion at 13.

Until now, this was a shameful family secret.

To this day, no one is revealing who the father is.  Was he an older man who hung around her parents for drugs, was he a boy her age or an stranger?

Her parents often lost track of her because they were either passed out or to high to care.  Parenthood was never a big priority in the household and this child was exposed to a lot.

She rebelled and started attending “no underwear” parties where she would be groped and get high and drunk.

Allegedly, there are racy videotapes but due to her age, (at the time), they will never be released.

Who is she?




1. This scandalous reality TV star is a personality with a notorious past; she’s also gay-for-pay. She will do anything for money and African American women amuse her; she doesn’t consider them competition.

Before fame, this new star was hiding out.  Why?

One night, after finishing her shift, she hooked up with a Miami Dolphin.  He agreed to pay her extra if she used a strap-on.

She eagerly agreed.

She smashed him all night.

The next day, she told her female coworkers: ‘He screamed like a b**ch!’

Word got back to him, he was furious!

He couldn’t risk his endorsements or any type of scandal, so he hired three girls to jump her.

They ambushed her and beat her down.

Later, she would relocate to the dirty south.

Who is this person?

2.  Is This Reality TV star married to a gay man?

Rumors continue to persist in the ATL that your man is gay.  He’s been spotted in the company of effeminate men and at gay establishments.

Stories are circulating about his “away” time.  Allegedly, he has quite a reputation for his alleged skills.

Who are they?




This female/male tag team (may-or may not be related) but one thing’s for sure, they’re scandalous!  Let me take you behind the velvet rope!

A few black celebrities are whispering, ‘I’m afraid to hang out with them because death seems to surround them in a direct or indirect way!’

This opinion hasn’t slowed down their hustle.

The last time they were in Miami.

Despite her sweet girl image: Unbeknownst to friends and fans, she was tricking with a rich white man; trying to build her stacks back up.  She brought the trick to a celebrity function, she was so wasted, if she hadn’t been holding on to him, she would have collapsed.

Her male tag team member was partying in South Beach, ingesting molly’s (pure ecstasy).  He also tried his hand at erotic photography with random club girls.  This male slut will drop his pants at the drop of a dime.  He loudly proclaims: “I’m always ready for sex!”  He’s also an attention whore, rolling the windows down in Limo’s, waving to people who recognize him, motioning them over for an autograph.  He has to be the center of attention and he has a court jester personality.

This tag team has a former close friend.  This former friend was 17 when she first started hanging out with them.  She snagged a former NBA star (who has done commentator work).  She told him she was of legal age.  He took her word for it.

She had been warned not to mess with him because he was married, she was underage and petite.  People also warned her about his “male member,” which would make John Holmes blush.  She stated: “I’m not worried, he’s rich, got me a baller, I’ll take it like a porn star!”

Constant (backdoor) sex with his “deformed,” member did a number on her.  It eventually put her on an dialysis machine.

After this happened, our tag team cut ties with her.

Who is our tag team?




This man has spent years trying to hide his gay past.  He may be-or may not be, a man of the cloth.

His famous relative once said, ‘I got the dominant qualities, whereas he got the feminine qualities.” If I’m not mistaken, this same relative use to refer to him as my gay_______.

During the Studio 54 era, he had a galaxy of boyfriends.  He was known on the East Coast and Left Coast as a gay party boy and tried to compete with Sterling St. Jacques on the gay sugar daddy circuit but he didn’t have the looks.

He would reinvent himself (and butch up).

He now lives his life as a straight man and has the nerve to frown on homosexuality in private.


Before Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson died, allegedly, they confided to close friends ‘that someone was watching them.’  They also stated: They got hang-up’s on their cell phones despite their numbers being ultra-private.

Now, we have another black artist (who many consider a superstar) stating the same thing (behind the scenes).

Like Terrell Owens, he has a habit of rubbing people the wrong way, insulting powerful people (connected to secret societies) and being obnoxious and arrogant at the drop of a dime. He’s disliked by numerous influential people. Sidenote: Terrell Owens career was intentionally destroyed, all the NFL teams closed ranks on him and now he’s broke; the same can be done in the music industry-when you stop making money or when you continue to step on powerful toes.

The subject of this blind item may appear confident on stage and in the media, but offstage, he’s a nervous-paranoid wreck.

His authoritative friend (similar to Sammy & Dean) can only do so much and has intervened on his behalf in the past due to his reckless (verbal) behavior.

This is the reason he’s in a high profile relationship that thrust him into the spotlight-24/7.

If his paranoia proves true, and something shady goes down (in the daylight), it will be hard to pull off due to the constant cameras (paparazzi) surrounding his relationship.

Who is he?




This (well known) female rapper was always materialistic and lived beyond her mean’s.  Instead of paying bills, she would drop $5,000 on a pair of boots.  She also threw away money on expensive bling and designer wear.

She will do anything for money!

She’s turned tricks and she has no problem being ‘gay for pay.’

When money got tight, she sold items on ebay; under an anonymous handle.  She’s also stolen from friends.

Before she hooked up with her recent (money) man, she was turning tricks for $300 per encounter.  Men have always commented behind her back, “she’s too stretched out!”

When she’s high, she’s reckless and has been known to have unprotected sex with numerous men.  One of these men got her pregnant.

She was horrified, a trick baby would cramp her style and she didn’t know who the father was.

She was glad when she miscarried.

Although she’s a low rent has been, she’s now has a man with money.  Although he’s not a major baller, he can pay her bills and buy her nice things.

Since she’s older and the groupie competition is stiff, she’s completely submissive to him.  If he asks her to jump, she’ll ask, how high?  If he asks her to crawl, she’ll ask, how far?

She never invested the little money she generated from her rap career, she has no money socked away for the future, she relies solely on men and women to support her lifestyle.

She can’t keep a man.  When her recent relationship ends, she will go back to hooking.

Who is this female rapper?



He hasn’t been in the industry that long but he’s already considered a male slut!  That’s why his cougar (black actress) broke up with him; she got tired of him sleeping with strippers in Atlanta, Miami and L.A.

Others are complaining, he’s verbally detached around women but when he’s around his boys, he gives a play by play of each sexual encounter.

Only one (famous) woman has him wrapped around her finger, why?  Because she disappears after they have sex.  He tries to call her, she ignores him.  When she’s horny and they’re in the same area, she contacts him.  She treats him like an escort.  She considers him a friend with benefits.

He’s also frustrated because he’s signed to a 360 deal.

Who is he?




She was determined to get into her inner circle; even if it meant having an affair that would lead to marriage.

Her motive:  Money!

She’s deceitful, cunning and manipulative.  She’s only famous by celebrity association.

When she accomplished her goal, her next step was to become a self appointed “drug enabler.”

Her plan was to keep her high, this way she could control her money and decisions.

Money was stolen and gifts were intercepted and resold.

She even got jobs for friends and relatives; everyone benefited.

Our manipulator and her family lived high off the hog until tragedy struck.

Since then, she launched another plan (to keep the money flowing).

She convinced a young man to seduce a female; she promised to break him off when she got her hands on the female’s money.

She’s become accustomed to her lifestyle and she ‘s not giving it up!

Who is she?






We know that several black celebrities belong to secret societies but only two belong to an Oligarychy.

Oligarychy is defined as: Power effectively resting with a small number of people. These people could be distinguished by royalty, wealth, family ties, education, corporate, or military control.

The following two men are distinguished by wealth in Black Hollywood.  They’re two of the richest men in the industry, they share a God Complex and an enormous ego.

Hollywood is different from the rest of the world!  Celebrities have their own set of rules.

Factor in money, fame, invincibility and arrogance; a recipe for deviance.


These two men hatched a disturbing plot.

They carefully selected an attractive video girl who was willing to have unprotected sex (with them at the same time-double penetration).

They wanted to ejaculate simultaneously.

Motive:  To impregnate her with their “superior DNA.”  Twisted logic: They would ‘share’ in making a“designer baby” with great genetics (gene mapping).

The plan didn’t go as planned, one of the rich men backed out at the last minute. He was replaced by a (behind the scenes) male.

Mission accomplished!

The video girl became pregnant and gave birth.  She focused on one man being the father (the richest).  She ignored the other man.

This is why (two male names) come up when people speak on the paternity of her child.

Who are the two men?

Who was the replacement?





The physical appearance of celebrities can change over the years.  Not only did this young lady’s appearance change, but she’s allegedly bi-polar as well.  According to sources, she’s in the same category as Maia Campbell and Lisa Nicole Carson-when she doesn’t take her medications.

In her prime, a famous NFL player asked her out, he was taken aback when she started talking to herself and going off on him for no reason, the date ended quickly.


This middle age actor appeared on a popular black sitcom (80′s).  He loved rehearsals, it gave him a chance to leer at the young black actors.  He was a predator on the hunt for young prey.

He focused in on one young actor because he liked the bulge in his pants.  He was a notorious size queen.

He turned him out and took advantage of his innocence and naivete.

They began having sex (away from the set).  The older actor (was a bottom) and lavished him with gifts and drugs and introduced him to a gay porn star (that he had a discreet association with).

After the show was cancelled, everyone went their separate ways; the young actor was now bisexual.  He became attracted to sissy’s and tranny’s. He was discreetly humping around in the gay community (discreetly) until he received devastating news.  He now has a bad cocaine habit.

Meanwhile, the older actor was soliciting male hustlers.  One of the hustlers recently stated that he ran into the actor, he wonders if he has the bug because the actor wouldn’t make eye contact with him and kept walking.

Another hustler said, ‘it’s rumored that the actor does have the bug and only informs his sex partners after he has sex with them; never before.’ 

The older actor can’t control himself around younger attractive men and directors/producers are reluctant to hire him.





The rate of HIV infection in major metro areas Baltimore, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Newark, NJ., and Raleigh-Durham, N.C., and New York City is five times higher than previously thought. Also, it’s been a rumor floating around Capitol Hill for years. Allegedly, a dirty trickster/fixer was hired (by a rival candidate) to remove a politician by any means necessary. The fixer found out his alleged target was scheduled for a annual medical checkup. Allegedly, big money was exchanged and a fake diagnosis was given to the target, stating that he was HIV positive (when he wasn’t). The target committed suicide because he knew the diagnosis would ruin his career, if it leaked and he was an anti-gay advocate.

Numerous black and white celebrities have HIV in Hollywood. Due to the cocktail, they look healthy but a bit swollen and some of them continue to travel to Germany for a controversial blood cleansing procedure.  When or if they die, their death certificate will list a secondary illness affiliated with AIDS.


Rewind: It was rumored that a late male singer (icon) was passed around (sexually) among powerful men at the beginning of his career, this sick practice didn’t stop with him.

Fast Forward: This black male celebrity has emotional outbursts on a regular basis, and he also has a chip on his shoulder.

Allegedly, he’s still bitter about being passed around to several high ranking executives that belong to the downlow sect.  He was allegedly violated in every way when he was underage.  Sadly, this is the price of fame.  This is the real reason for his anger. He isn’t HIV positive (as far as we know) but due to his past, he’s paranoid; because HIV can lay dormant for a decade.

We also have a worried black actress.  She was part of an ensemble cast on an cable TV show.  Like others, she ignored the warnings when several women tried to inform her that a black actor she was dating, is HIV positive.  She contributed the concern to jealousy until the actor admitted that he was HIV positive.  I don’t know if they had unsafe sex but they stopped dating. Hint: She’s not a good actress and it’s “not” Lisa Ray.

Who is the black male celebrity?

Who is the black actress?




Ever since he could remember, this black male celebrity has always hated his dark skin.  His self hatred is so strong, early on, he vowed to date only light skinned black women and white women.

Early in his career, he dated one famous black woman, after they broke up, he made it known: “I want an Aryan woman with keen features.”

He would eventually find his (self-proclaimed) Aryan goddess.

He was very emotional after she agreed to go on their first date, so much so, he had tears in his eyes.

Later, when he proposed marriage and she accepted, he cried like a baby.

He finally felt complete, he had snagged his trophy.

He called his male relatives to brag, he was on top of the world!

At first, he catered to her every need and then he began to take her for granted.  She became infuriated and left.

He was crushed. His world was falling apart, this couldn’t be!  He assumed he had her sexually addicted! How could his goddess leave him?  In his mind, these women were easier to date, easier to control, with less drama, why was this happening?

He’s putting up a front but he’s devastated and bitter!

Who is he?





Imagine my shock, when it was first reported that Phyllis Hyman committed suicide (years ago).  Rewind: Before her alleged suicide, Hyman spoke negatively about very powerful people in the music industry.  She was somewhat blackballed which led to her financial problems. Her complaints grew louder and she was found dead.  Conspiracy theorists wonder, was she “suicided?”

Also, It was so much pressure on Lauryn Hill to follow-up the success of “The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill.”  She caved under the pressure and according to sources, was thinking about leaving the industry.  That was prevented and she had a meltdown-which she has yet to recover from (according to sources).


This particular female artist (if you can call her that) has become disillusioned with the entertainment industry (like several other artists) within the music arena.

Before she burst on the scene, she was trying to hook up with women on Myspace.  She also gave fellatio to security to gain access into VIP lounges and Champagne rooms at strip clubs.

Her record contract came with a price, she had to be pimped out to the CEO’s friends and perform sexual favors on demand.  She accomplished her part of the deal and was signed.

She tries to come off as an strong and independent woman.  The Truth: She is nothing more than a puppet while others pull the strings.

She sold her soul for fame and money.

She can be disillusioned all she wants, the fact of the matter is, she will never be allowed to leave the“Blood Oath Society.”

There is only one way out!

Who is she?




This hip-hop wife is always gushing and saying: “I’m happily married, my husband spoils me, he gives me anything I want!”

Real Story:

Her husband has so little regard for her, that he invites his mistresses over for Christmas and Thanksgiving to have family dinner.

The mistresses also accompany him and his wife, along with their kids, on family vacations.

He’s such a control freak, not only does he have a problem with his wife having a career, but his mistresses are also prohibited from having a career.  They have to be on call 24/7.

He has a slew of outside women, and they all agree on one thing, ‘he’s well endowed and can put it down in the bedroom!’

Who is this very famous rapper?




Sadly, racism is alive and well in Hollywood.  This black female celebrity is a problem drinker and if she doesn’t get help, she will become a full fledged alcoholic.  Allegedly, she’s also a recreational drug user.  She’s headed for a meltdown.  And she’s known for being kinky behind closed doors.  Sex is her main addiction.

She thought she had found love with a popular white male celebrity.  He liked her but one of his friends (allegedly) gave him a hard time about the interracial relationship.

The friend referred to our female celebrity as the “black freak,” among other things and tried to convince the actor, you’re ruining your career with her. Yes, she’s pretty and sexy BUT she’s black!

The white actor didn’t listen but he became disenchanted with our female celebrity because of her substance abuse.

Yes, he dabbles but he couldn’t keep up with her.  He got tired of her calling his house drunk and stoned. He also grew tired of her emotional outbursts and jealousy.

They’re still friends but he’s lost interest.




This rapper, who is considered the most unattractive rapper in the game wants to be down with the Illuminati so bad that he’s willing to do anything to get tapped.

His illicit lifestyle includes a “kept transvestite,” who is currently juggling several black male celebrities from her Southern headquarters (not ATL).

This rapper also hosts gay voodoo orgies in his Southern hometown.  He’s heavily into black magic sex rituals and rumor has it (that he recently purchased two caskets) as party props.

Money goes through his hands like water and he’s a thug for life.  His persona, swagger and drug intake allegedly turns off the Illuminati and other secret societies.

Rihanna, Jay-Z and Beyonce are considered more presentable and less reckless.

The rapper was allegedly sexually exploited from a young age.  His label quickly elevated him to star status.

Since he’s down with the occult, he just knew that secret societies would line up for his membership, it didn’t happen and he remains disappointed.

Who is he?




Part II:


Rumors have always circulated about the death of a white actor.  Allegedly, he was fed toxic pills obtained from a counterfeit narcotics operation.  Two call girls were hired to give him the pills.

These type of women are known as “shadowy” Valentine operatives.  They moonlight for secret societies.


Allegedly, the Hollywood sect of a major secret society loves black gay or bisexual celebrities which include two married rap powerbrokers (who may-or may not) appear on the Forbes list every year.

Secret Society overseers decide who will become famous.  They allegedly tapped a black male celebrity who moonlights as a talent judge. This would explain his bizarre attire at a recent performance.

This particular secret society has allegedly hosted orgies in Malibu.

Secret society dialogue is seeping into all walks of life.  Allegedly, in South Central, there are entire seminars, at any given time on satanism and famous black athletes.

Who are the rap powerbrokers?

Who is the talent judge?




You just got into the industry and you’re already turned out, thanks to your homeboy!

He kept telling you how good transgendered sex is, and how he connects with tranny’s via online personals.  His escapades were so steamy, that you just had to try it for yourself.

Your boy contacted a transsexual party promoter and a tranny escort agency, they supplied all the T-girls at your “All-Star Weekend” party.  Apparently, the T-girls outnumbered the biological women in attendance.  Your boy made sure enough condoms were on hand when the party turned into a freak fest.

You didn’t have to tranny chase, instead, you focused on a biracial tranny. You just couldn’t go all the way (just yet) but you let her go down on you.

Will you back away or take the next step?

Hint: Rapper

Who is it?




*From our Black Data Files:

At first, I had sympathy for you but you’re nothing but a vulture, like all the others!

Are you going to tell the world how you (allegedly) infected your late love with so many (non-fatal) STD’s that she was unable to have additional children?

Are you going to admit that you are allegedly cheating on your new lady love?

Are you going to admit how you pitched your late wife to drug dealers?  “Hey, if you give me a kickback or additional drugs, I will make sure she becomes your regular customer!”

You also dreamed up a (non-drug) scheme (allowing) a drug crew to extort money from her.  The scheme went off without a hitch because she loved you.  At the end of the day, you were paid by the drug crew.

Are you going to reveal how you sexually harassed a Michael Jackson video girl by telling her that you wanted to poke holes in her with your p*nis.

Are you going to reveal how you hung out with celebrity drug dealer Race (pronounced RA-SAY) and how you used to speed down PCH with the top down and a crack pipe in your mouth?

You and Race had a falling out.  When you returned from your honeymoon, you tried to make his girlfriend your mistress.

Race said (from prison) that you are the biggest male slut he ever encountered and he doesn’t know what your then wife saw in you.  He thought she was too classy and too trusting of you.

Are you going to reveal your alcoholism?  It was rumored that you could finish off a case of beer in a matter of days.

Are you going to reveal how the male member of a famous gospel group made a gay pass at you and you had to be restrained from knocking him out?

Who is he?




If an individual has a substance abuse problem, a real friend wouldn’t feed their addiction, instead, that friend would do everything in their power to prevent additional drug and alcohol abuse.

We are all responsible for our own behavior but when you are constantly feeding drugs to a substance abuser (who thinks of you as a friend) you are really their enemy.

This opportunist leech told his buddies and road dawgs, “I keep her doped up and dicked down!”  I’m even thinking about filming us having sex (without her knowledge), so I can share it with you.”

This same leech convinced her to make a cosmetic surgery appointment so she could undergo a procedure that would make her look younger even though she didn’t need cosmetic surgery.

He also fed negative stories (about her) to the tabloids and he was considering writing a tell-all but he knows the backlash will destroy-what he has left of a career.

He used her up and she considered him a friend. 

This pathetic creature is so thirsty for attention that he will manufacture and do anything to get noticed.

His biggest goal? To be a member of the Illuminati.

Who is this leech?


Allegedly, Whitney Houston’s death has become a wake-up call for a certain black actress who was drowning in drugs.

No one can figure out why.  She has a happy marriage and a family yet that isn’t enough, she loves being high but Houston’s death is giving her second thoughts about her out of control substance abuse.  In essence, it’s a wake up call.

She doesn’t want to become another Hollywood Tragedy.




This rap superstar is an self absorbed egotistical man.  He only loves himself.  He’s his own biggest cheerleader and he often compares himself to icons.  Shrug.

Now he has something else to brag about.  A wealthy white European socialite (in her twenties) is so impressed with his bedroom skills and his length that she’s commissioned an artist to have a plaster made of the rapper’s “private member.”

This is common in certain (black celebrity) circles in Europe. Years ago, rich European women and royal relatives paid to have Jimi Hendrix, Miles Davis and Sammy Davis, Jr’s private parts plastered as well.

These erotic art pieces are kept in secured safes.  They will never go on the open market because these women don’t need the money.

Who is the rapper?




This black female celebrity is terrified of aging.  She’s stocked up on anti-aging and anti-wrinkle creams and her friends are worried that she’s become addicted to plastic surgery.  Her next procedure: Lipo of the face.  Within a few years, she’ll have the cat woman look.

She also dresses young and she tries to keep up with women half her age on the dance floor.

She’s known around Black Hollywood as putting on airs as if she’s an Academy Award winning actress, in truth, she’s never been nominated and she’s not known outside the black community but you couldn’t tell her that.

She’s very thirsty when it comes to younger pretty boys.  She’s also bold, she doesn’t have a problem (openly) sizing them up via their package.  She’s a size queen.  A lot of studs have complained that she talks too much during sex (ghetto slang) and she’s too loud.

This woman is very messy.  She’s never evolved from her high school years and she loves to get it popping and keep it popping.  She also loves to instigate drama yet she considers herself the grand dame of Black Hollywood.

Who is she?




Despite having money to burn, this black female star is headed for disaster and financial ruin.

She’s out of control!

She’s a full fledged alcoholic, she’s addicted to drugs, she has random sex with good looking male fans; and she likes it rough.

Reportedly, she’s asked these anonymous men to smack her around.

She also has girlfriends, and she enjoys sex parties and her goal is to sleep with every major black male celebrity in Hollywood.

She’s so out of it, she’s considered an easy mark; will her money go missing?

She’s desperately in need of a intervention and an chaperone.

People fear, if no one intervenes, she will overdose.

Who is she?




When she got married, people were shocked, how could she love anyone more than herself?

She was leaving behind a scandalous past.

To calm her nerves before shows, she would have sex with numerous men, she put her “former” hooker moves to good use.

She’s sexually aggressive after a few drinks; very nasty and deviant.

Now, rumors are circulating that she’s happy but bored and is beginning to miss her random sexual encounters.

The cravings her overtaking her.

Who is she?




He loves being the center of attraction.  He’s a regular at the strip clubs from coast to coast and he loves to cause a rainstorm; over the years, he’s made it rain with nearly $2 million dollars.

He’s now making it rain with “borrowed” money.

Yet, he’s still leasing Maybach’s and Bentley’s and renting yachts, private jets and mansions.

The strippers used to love him but not anymore!

Allegedly, three strippers are complaining that he gave them (a non-fatal) STD and refuses to take responsibility for it.

Allegedly, one stripper confronted him, in her words, he told her: “If you have it, it’s your fault, you should make men wear condoms!  Get the hell out of my face!”

Who is he?




This rich black male celebrity has been she subject of several blind items.  He recently changed his motive of operation (to insure more secrecy) regarding his downlow activities. He tries to deflect attention away from his discreet lifestyle by dating an assortment of women.  He has an aide contact the paparazzi in advance so they can photograph him with different women.

Dubai is considered a Disneyland of the rich.  Numerous celebrities trek over to Dubai on an annual basis.

Unbeknownst to the public, several of them are not going to this affluent playground to engage in performances, parties or the ambience.

Instead, some of them are traveling abroad to engage in same sex encounters with pretty boys.

Unconfirmed reports indicate that (of age) pretty boys are being trafficked as sex slaves for wealthy men.

This black market operation guarantees privacy and secrecy without media coverage. The operator and escort also agree to sign confidentiality agreements prior to the sexual encounter with the client.

If the subject of this blind item grows fond of an particular pretty boy, he will lavish him with gifts and take him on private helicopter rides.

This has become a downlow paradise for rich celebrity moguls and stars.

Who is our rich (downlow) mogul?




He lives the life!  If he wrote his biography, would it include his years as an contract killer, gun runner and his alleged friendships with South American kingpins?

He’s rich beyond his wildest dreams!  He’s a hip-hop jet-setter!

He likes pretty girls and pretty guys.  He’s slept with porn queens and porn kings. He’s participated in every conceivable sexual act known to mankind. Prior to sex, porn stars have to submit to a HIV test.

He likes to soak up the sun on private yachts and likes to travel the world in private jets to private islands and exotic locations.  He has a fleet of luxury cars.  He shops all  over the world with Harrods being his favorite store.  He owns over $5 million dollars worth of bling.  He keeps his treasure in a private safe.

He also likes to pass out “illegal” Cuban cigars to his home boys.

He loves to boast and impress and he’s been known to exaggerate.

Recently, he had a private viewing (with several of his home boys) at one of his many homes.  The movie featured him smashing a model type groupie.  After sex, he got into an argument with the girl, without warning he slapped her and began choking her out.  The film suddenly fades to black.  The homeboys recognized the girl, she’s often seen performing in strip club skyboxes and she’s been known to mingle in NFL skyboxes.

Our hip hop jet-setter tried to pass this off as a snuff film (where a person dies on screen) but his homeboys didn’t buy it.  They claim: ‘He was just trying to boost his street cred.’

He was busted when he arrived at a club (a few weeks later) and his homeboys recognized the same girl (alive and well) entertaining various rappers in VIP.

Who is our Hip Hop Jet-Setter?





She’s a former hoodrat who hung out with a (low class) gold digging crew back in the day.  They targeted drug dealers, they would trade sex for drugs.  When she was high, our hoodrat loved to sing, everybody would stop and listen.

She loved to run the streets with her broke down crew.  She was considered the prettiest and this caused resentment among the other girls.  They would eventually drift apart.  Today, a few of the girls are going through baby daddy drama, others are in prison and a few are turning tricks.

Her Career:

After one of her relatives became a crack addict and was jailed for life. Our hoodrat started concentrating on a singing career, this would be her way out!

Within a few years, she would reinvent herself and enter the industry with a ‘one of a kind image.’

Her debut flew off the shelves.

Locals were shocked at her transformation but her low morals would eventually catch up with her.

She’s all image.  After shows, she throws off her manufactured attire and lights a blunt, she also cusses like a sailor and background singers don’t bring their boyfriends around her.

A R&B legend from Chicago never liked her, in her words, ‘she copied a well respected singer to gain entry into the industry.’

Who is she?


She’s mad about the other women but  it’s been nearly a year since he last slept with his wife, his reasoning: She won’t submit to his deviant sexual demands.

Therefore, he slept with porn stars (who specialize in backdoor sex) and an assortment of escorts, jump-offs and mistresses throughout the country. He referred to them as his “personal harem.”

According to sources, his sex drive is unmatched, he’s insatiable and has no problem having sex with 2-3 women per night.

It’s rumored he has a son hidden in Los Angeles and a second child in Europe.

His preference is Latino’s and blondes although he has one black mistress.

It’s rumored that money may be hidden in foreign countries and in an African company that deals in gold and diamonds.

The Last Straw: Since she wasn’t getting sex inside the marriage, his wife got tired of (allegedly) seeking sex outside the marriage.




This black male singer is currently involved with a biological woman but he’s cheating on her with a tranny.

He’s always had a chip on his shoulder and he doesn’t have a problem taking his frustrations out on women, including his new tranny.

He’s aloof and known for his arrogance and God Complex.

He hates being attracted to transgendered women and is known to get violent after sexual acts. He recently gave his tranny a black eye.

The tranny is so caught up in being a woman, she thinks his abuse equals love and proudly showed off her shiner to tranny friends.  ’Girl, my man whipped my ass like I was a ‘real’ b**ch!’

This is the same tranny who used to ask biological women, ‘please tell me how it feels to have monthly cramps? If only I could have cramps just once, I would be satisfied.’

Who is the black singer?




This black female celebrity is trying her best to stay relevant but her time has come and gone, she’s also trying to hang on to her youth.

She’s allegedly had sexual flings with Omarion and Cam’Ron.  Like other men, they moved on.

She’s desperate and lonely.

According to the Black Hollywood Grapevine: Men find her attractive, especially in her younger days but they were always turned off by her loudness, drama and head jerking.

This ghetto DNA is common among her friends.

Several years ago, she snagged a rich black celebrity man.  Unbeknownst to most, he caught feelings for her and was thinking about proposing until he overheard two of her ghetto relatives tell her: “Girl, you better drop a baby on his ass ASAP! Get that money!”

He broke it off.

Rumors are circulating that she seduces her male co-stars for sex and she’s also patronizing a male escort agency.

If that’s not enough, she’s considered the ‘go to’ sugar mama when an aspiring rapper, actor or singer is down on his luck and needs a hot meal and a roof over his head.

According to allegations: Men have stole money and bling from her.

Who is she?




This pretty boy has erased his gay past…..

The majority of the men he partied with (in the 80′s) have died of AIDS.

In his late teens a “connected” family member introduced him to Raymond and Sterling St. Jacques.  He and Sterling hit it off and became friends. They traveled from coast to coast as bisexual road dawgs.

They partied at Studio 54 and were often the most desired men in the club.

Our pretty boy would broaden his horizons and become a sought after “circuit boy,”  for the next several years.

He was a fixture at the Fire Island parties.  According to legend, Gaeton Dugas (Patient Zero-AIDS) above, made a pass at him but they never hooked up.

From there, he hit the White Parties in Palm Springs, the Black & Blue parties in Montreal and the Winter Parties in Miami.  He had a network of men he slept with throughout the country but he always practiced safe sex.

When he was in New York, he partied at “The Saint,” in East Village.  He had a membership card.  He was often in attendance when the “Black Party Performers,” engaged in sex with male patrons.

Theme parties attracted celebrities from around the world, including Freddie Mercury and Rock Hudson.  Performers included: Tina Turner, Sylvester, Cheryl Lynn, Jennifer Holiday, Natalie Cole, Grace Jones, etc.

He was also a regular at St. Marks baths.

Before long, he snagged a rich sugar daddy and became a kept man.

Our pretty boy would eventually leave his sugar daddy and the jet set party scene to become an actor.

He has worked in the front of the camera and behind the scenes.

He no longer engages in homosexual activity.

He is now married with kids.

He is well known in the black community.

Who is he?




They were a traveling trio (2 famous men and one celebrity woman) behind closed doors.  They made sure they were never photographed together, why?  Because of their illicit and criminal sexual practices behind closed doors.

Their combined wealth is in the $200-$250 million dollar range.

They often traveled via private jet, destinations included: Brazil, the Dominican Republic and Thailand for sex tours.

One of the men is a black hip hop powerbroker who has a taste for exotic transsexuals.  He’s a bottom because of his small endowment.

The woman is a hip hop lesbian who contracted herpes from a beautiful woman in Rio (on one of their excursions).  She kept a harem of women in Rio. She’s also known for her diamond studded strap on. Allegedly, when one of the girls complained about (irritation caused by the diamonds) our hip hop lesbian allegedly responded: “Take it like a woman, I can always replace you with another girl!”

The other man is a superstar who enjoys underage girls.  He’s so rough, that many of the girls can’t walk for 1-2 days.  Allegedly, he has a lot of inner rage and demons.

The trio doesn’t hang out anymore but they continue to keep each others secrets.

Their illicit behavior is catching up with them.  Since contracting herpes, the woman tries to numb her pain with alcohol and drugs.  Her career has fallen off and she doesn’t seem to care.

The superstar (allegedly) has herpes as well.  His career has also fallen off and he’s alienated from certain family members. Behind closed doors, his life continues to fall apart.

Our hip-hop powerbroker is a nervous wreck because he has so many damaging secrets regarding the downlow network, sex tours and transsexuals.

Who is the hip hop powerbroker?

Who is the hip hop lesbian?

Who is the superstar?




This group hit the scene with a bang!  Like others, they became Hollywood casualties. They lived the (party lifestyle) and were well known in the drug game.

Two members (biological brothers) were a constant fixture in drug dens, in and around Los Angeles.  They loved getting high on crack and having random sex.

When their money ran low, they used their looks-and started turing tricks for white socialites in Malibu and Beverly Hills.

Sometimes, they did a double, where both brothers smashed one woman. Other times, one would watch the other having sex with a rich client; usually under the influence.

They became so desperate for drug money, they started sleeping with men.  They loved hanging out in adult bookstores, having anonymous sex in the back rooms for money.

The drugs took a toll on them, they were barely recognizable with bad teeth.

They graduated to injecting meth and have been fighting this addiction ever since.

Sadly, due to their high risk lifestyles, they are allegedly HIV positive, women have heard the rumors (in their hometown) but this hasn’t stopped females from wanting to sleep with them- because they were once celebrities.

What group did they sing in?




Get a handle on your wife!  She’s licking her way through the city and your teammates are laughing at you-behind your back.

She helped assemble a “pretty girl” crew. She loves to surround herself with beauty, her challenge, turning them out, one by one.

This bisexual (baller wife) is notorious!

She loves her downlow lifestyle and she’s known as a dominant top.

She’s also hosted “girl” parties (when her husband is away-on the road).

According to rumors, she recently turned out “the overshadowed one.” Allegedly, she has the overshadowed one-tongue whipped.

This was a big notch on her belt.

Who is the baller wife?

Who is the overshadowed one?




This black female celebrity often complained to female friends: “My man pushes me away when I attempt to give him fellatio.”

Although he enjoys sex with women, it’s rumored that your ex-man enjoys fellatio “from men-only, because they have stronger jaws, which gives him more sensation.”

Did you know your ex man hides his closest female relative because she has 13 kids?  Did you know his closest male relative is serving a long bid upstate?

Did you know that he considered you a lotto ticket?  He planned to “Federline,” you and share it with his white girlfriend.

Did you know he prefers white women-but he was down with you because you’re famous with money.

Who is the black female celebrity?




*What happens in Las Vegas usually stays in Las Vegas.  This blind item is the exception.

This black male celebrity starred in a TV series, the series aired for five seasons.

He’s often mistaken for a NBA baller and he’s always been associated with gay rumors.

He’s turned it up a notch!

Allegedly, he’s gone from sissy’s, to homo-thugs, to shemales.

It’s a compulsion that he can’t control.  He the number one customer of a transsexual/transvestite escort agency in Las Vegas.

He puts in work with his transgendered escorts, it’s rumored that he broke a bed while sexing a transsexual.

The gambling and the shows don’t interest him in Sin City, he’s there to hook up with his favorite tranny’s (away from the L.A. media).  He’s also known to hook up with random tranny’s from the internet.

Each year, he sends his trusted personal assistant to an annual Tranny pageant in Las Vegas, to recruit girls.

His (discreet) main squeeze (away from the spotlight) is a Tranny who won pageants in Manila and Thailand.  He refers to her as his “beauty queen.  They often argue about his philandering.

Who is he?




She came to Hollywood with looks and talent, she was also a double threat!  She struggled at the beginning of her career until she landed one of the leads in a black sitcom (the series lasted 6 years).

She got caught up and lost her way.  She was at the clubs and parties indulging in cocaine.

The man of her dreams (who she married) was allegedly a drug dealer, she passed him off as a successful black businessman.  At first, she was his (television) fantasy, when the fantasy wore off, he hit the road.

Her divorce was devastating and her behavior became erratic and unpredictable.  She started trading sex for crack-with dope boys.

She has hit rock bottom.

She’s so damaged, she avoids family, friends and fans.

She needs an intervention.

Who is she?




When this black female celebrity first got into the industry, she was nicknamed ‘Los Tres Platos,’ which means: Three dishes (oral, vaginal, and anal). Now, she’s exclusively anal.

She not only enhanced her derriere for career purposes, she also enhanced it for sexual reasons.

She considers it her alternative method to conventional birth control measures since you can’t get pregnant through anal sex.

She has become so addicted to anal sex that she packs a tube of lubrication beside her tube of lipstick.

It’s rumored that she’s already experienced tearing of the rectal walls and leakage (she has worn diapers periodically). This doesn’t bother her, she still engages in anal sex (only).

She also likes the danger associated with anal sex, reminds her of Russian Roulette: Since anal sex subjects a heterosexual woman to between 20-50 times of (likely) contracting HIV compared to “unprotected” regular sex.

When she’s not in the public eye, she’s usually traveling discreetly and incognito to the Anal Sex Capital Of The World: Brazil.

She loves anonymous (unprotected) sex encounters with well endowed men.

Who is she?




Celebrity parties given by male celebrities now include “reserved sex rooms,” as an added perk.  Numerous male celebrities and professional athletes have taken advantage of this perk.

Last week, we told you about a Hollywood star hosting a star studded party, this is what happened in one of the sex rooms.

Allegedly, an African-American Oscar winner instructed security to bring the prettiest girls in the party-to him.  He awaited them in the sex room.  The guards stood watch outside the room.

Two party girls were brought to him.  They were star struck and gushing and they didn’t have a problem shedding their clothes.

Inside the room, party favors included ecstasy, viagra, lubrication, morning after pills and condoms.

Needless to say, after popping viagra, our Hollywood star got busy, so busy, that he never made an appearance at the party.

The sex party lasted all night but our actor refused to indulge in the ecstasy and condoms.

A L.A. Laker (not Kobe) who comes off as a well spoken family man occupied the other sex room-with one female partygoer.  This Laker has a baby (outside his marriage) in Las Vegas.  Hint: Best physical feature (below his eyebrows and above his nose).

Who is the actor?

Who is the Laker?




This black actor used to appear on a popular sitcom. Around this time, he had a brief marriage. The bride’s mother is a black trailblazer in her former profession.  Her “beauty” is timeless. When the actor starting beating her daughter, she went into action. She reached out to a tycoon who put her in touch with a personal bodyguard. The bodyguard approached the actor and told him, either you end this marriage or I’ll beat you down right here!  The coward backed down and agreed to end the marriage.

After the series ended, his career suffered a long drought.  If it wasn’t for a female relative paying his bills, he would be homeless.

He started partying, doing drugs and participating in Hollywood orgies, allegedly, it’s widely rumored-he contracted the package at a orgy.

He would eventually settle down long enough to become part of a love triangle.

This woman, who had just divorced her famous husband got involved with a (once feared) rap mogul. She started creeping with the actor but she refused to sleep with him.

The rap mogul found out and her business was shot up.

She left the rap mogul, on her first day of freedom, she had sex with the actor (don’t know if it was protected or not).

They would eventually break up when the actor’s career jump started. He now appears on a show.

Despite “the package rumors and alleged calls to the health department,” desperate women still date this actor.  Reason: He was once approached by an adult director because of his endowment, aka: The Black John Holmes.

This shouldn’t be a reason to put your health at risk.

Who is the actor?




As a child, he was dirt poor.  There was never enough food and he hustled on the streets to survive.

To make ends meet, he became a club DJ and cut hair on the side. Around this time, he hooked up with a ‘around the way’ girl from the hood.

To make extra money, he would get her VIP access. He instructed her to wear something sexy and leave the club with rich ballers.

He would later assist her in robbing the ballers.

Back in the day, he hooked up with a troubled-well known rapper (who’s been in and out of jail-he was stealing for drug money). They still reminisce about jacking two men.

Over time, he perfected his mack skills and despite being thin, his sexual prowess is well known among groupies.

People are surprised at his lack of appetite and wonder if he’s anorexic. A source tells us: “I was in his presence at a Waffle House and he could only eat half a waffle.’

This man is known for living above his means because he never had anything growing up. Factor in child support and past debts.

He loves fancy whips and he has various mistresses on allowance (domestically and overseas).

Who is he?

Who is the well known rapper he did two jacking’s with?




She’s a woman with a past in Black Hollywood and she has a reputation in the NBA and NFL.

Before (this black female celebrity) got involved in her recent relationship (which we will talk about later) she often tagged team with her famous BFF to perform threesomes with famous men; mainly athletes.  They used to freak the G.O.A.T. until her recent relationship started. She and her BFF no longer speak (for unknown reasons).

It took her long time to snag a famous man and she’s not letting go, no matter what!

She has even agreed to do threesomes with him (involving white women only-at his request).

Now, she finds herself attracted to white women. Her boyfriend encourages her to pursue her attractions. His logic: He’s not threatened if she’s with other women and she can’t say anything about his infidelity.

This is the sick glue that holds their relationship together.

Who is the black female celebrity?

Who is her former BFF?

Who is the G.O.A.T.?

Who is her boyfriend?




This Boston Celtic hires escorts at $3,000 per night. His request: Rimming. Allegedly, he enjoys rimming more than sex.  Hint: It’s not Paul Pierce.


She’s beyond scandalous. How many groupies, jump-offs and gold digger’s have had a STD in their throat?

Allegedly, she also has chlamydia and herpes, and she transmitted herpes to two ballers (a player on the Dallas Mavericks & a player on the Denver Nuggets). Both men battered her after they were diagnosed.

Her first priority is dating famous men, she’s been star struck her entire life.

According to her inner circle: ‘Sometimes, she has a bad feminine odor.’

She also had a lesbian relationship with a woman-who appeared on an white reality show.

Yet, this didn’t stop her from being hired to star in a Reality TV show alongside five women.

Who is she?




This black male celebrity has a nice wife and kids.  He’s very well known within the black community but has yet to garner mainstream success.

Rumors have circulated for years that his passion is strippers and “raw” sex.  Despite his celebrity, allegations persist, ‘he doesn’t have a problem having sex with prostitutes in the back seat of cars or in the back alleys of strip clubs.’

With great preparation and research, he’ll use his computer to do ‘virtual tours’ of strip clubs in Las Vegas, Miami, Atlanta and New York.

Magic City and Club Onyx welcome him with open arms, he also has a reserved table in these establishments.

He enjoys watching the strippers squirt each other with baby oil and body paint.

He grew attached to one stripper after a steamy lap dance, within weeks, she was pregnant.  She had the baby 18 months ago.

Unbeknownst to him, the boyfriend of a female relative has friends in the ATL, the boyfriend found out about the outside kid and is (allegedly) blackmailing the celebrity for $200,000 dollars (or I’ll tell your wife!).

The female relative refuses to leave her boyfriend, despite the fact, he’s trying to blackmail a family member.

The celebrity doesn’t want to part with the money but at the same time, he doesn’t want to lose his wife, not to mention alimony and child support.

Who is he?

Hint #1: Not Martin Lawrence.  Hint #2: Franchise?




She’s attractive, considered sexy and she’s known throughout Hollywood for being sexually advanced (2-3 times a day) yet she can’t keep a man.

She’s never had self worth, instead, she spreads herself around, her nickname is “Pump & Dump.”

Despite her looks and celebrity status, men won’t take her out in public. During sex, she allegedly ‘begs men to love her!’

She allegedly joined a “sponsor-benefactor” site but she drove her perspective suitors away, how?

She is known to call a man between 25-30 times a day, she’s needy and clingy, even obsessive and industry men consider her a “stalker.”

Between well off boyfriends, she’s agreed to perform in hood nightclubs for pennies, despite the ambience of stabbing’s and gunfire.  To supplement this meager income, she allegedly turns tricks (with thugs) in the back rooms-of these clubs. I wouldn’t be surprised if a sex tape exists.

Back in the day, she even had sex with a bisexual man, known for having boyfriends and baby mama drama.

Her longest relationship lasted 6 months, only because she bought him (a dope boy) a new car.

She was on cloud nine when she caught the eye of a public official.  She was intoxicated by his power and agreed to be his mistress.

Problems emerged when she kept calling his office and blowing up his cell phone. It got so bad that he sent his security detail to break off the relationship.

Despite this drama, she’s still on the hunt!

Who is she?




Tidbit: This black soap opera actor loves exposing himself to female adult stars when he’s under the influence of cocaine; which is often.

Due to his abnormal size, they often tell him ‘you need to be in the adult industry!’

This party boy is also try-sexual and will try anything once.

Allegedly, his soap opera bosses are not happy with his offscreen behavior.



According to our stripper source:

This freak couple have always been notorious and scandalous regarding their sexual appetite and drug use.

When he’s spent for the evening and can no longer fulfill her sexually, he uses a sex toy on her.

When his crew members get locked up, he pays (big name) female porn stars to have conjugal visits with them.

Allegedly, he has two kids outside the marriage. His wife loves him more than she loves herself and was overheard saying, “I would take a bullet for him!”  She considers herself ride or die!

When he’s on tour “or away,” he allows her to get her freak on with other women, because to him, it really isn’t cheating. When she travels, she passes these women off as stylists or masseuses. In private, the women become private dancers (lap dancers).  The wife has also been spotted at blackjack tables in Las Vegas trying to grope the models (who dance on the tables) during the card games.

The problem is, she falls in love with these women and she doesn’t hesitate to go into their joint account and buy the women cars and bling.  When he returns, he always has to deprogram her.

The word is out: It is no longer safe for the husband (on the streets), he has to pay top dollar for security, regardless of circumstances.

The wrong people are under the impression that he’s directly responsible for the imprisonment of their home boys.

Who is the couple?



Blind Item Tidbit:

Isn’t he engaged to a cougar?  Why was he allegedly in VIP at the Compound trying to pick up pretty girls?



Nicki Minaj and Rihanna are in a long line of famous women who were battered by their boyfriends. Oddly, Nicki’s boyfriend (Sarafee Samuel) is not being scrutinized the way Chris Brown was.  Also, Nicki pays his salary yet she tolerated the abuse and they are still together.  Despite Whitney Houston being the breadwinner in her marriage, rumors continue to circulate, that she was abused.

A black actress who stars on an successful cable series tolerated years of physical and emotional abuse from her alcoholic husband. He would demean her in front of their kid. He was mad because she made more money than him.

Abuse rumors didn’t stop Ola Ray from hooking up with Jim Brown.  Sadly, some women seem to seek out abuse, rationalizing, they can change a man. Other women will leave a man over infidelity but will stay with him if he’s abusive.

Women who tolerate violence and psychological abuse have very low self esteem despite their “female empowerment” lyrics.


People are whispering about this famous couple.

He likes to belittle her in front of others. This is his way of controlling her.

He’s called her dumb and stupid. If she gains a pound, she’s a fat cow.

He’s allegedly slapped her numerous times behind closed doors.

She doesn’t seem to have a problem with his behavior because she’s submissive.

He’s trying to break her spirit because he has to be the bigger star.

Will the abuse escalate?

Who are they?



Blind Item Bonus: (Underage Love Nest!)

1. This (smooth) musical icon has a disturbing secret!  He once had a long-term affair with an underage girl.  She was only 15 when they started their illicit union.  Sadly, her family looked the other way as he lavished them with cash and expensive gifts.

He moved the girl into a love nest.  He became so brazen, the girl accompanied him to music industry events, again, people looked the other way because he’s considered a legend.

Over the years, this girl had several abortions by him.  The affair ended when she turned 29.  He cut off her credit cards and money supply.

She became angry and threatened to write a tell all, accusing him (among other things) of stealing her childhood.  She also planned to refer to him as a pedophile throughout the book.

When word got back to the icon, the girl began receiving death threats.

Stay tuned….


This married black baller is living a double life that includes female and male mistresses.  His annoying wife doesn’t have a clue. He prefers Latin men.

Recently, he was entertaining a blonde stripper in his hook up pad when a text came through. He ignored it and excused himself to go to the bathroom. The stripper grabbed the phone and read the text.

According to her, the text read: “I filmed our night of passion last week, man, did you put in work!” Love, *Hector. Call me back for details.

The baller came out of the bathroom and saw the stripper with his phone, he grabbed the phone from her, and read the text, he became frantic and told the stripper to leave!

The stripper gossiped about the situation among other strippers and warned them to wear a condom when they booked him.

Meanwhile, the baller called Hector. He agreed to pay Hector six figures (for “all” copies of the tape).

He would lose his marriage and endorsements if this taped leaked out-via gay sex sites. He had to make it disappear.

Another tape bites the dust.

You don’t have to be a sports fan to know the identity of the baller.

Who is he?




Magic City is no longer the top black strip club in Atlanta, that distinction belongs to “Club Onyx.”

The club employs 80 strippers and the stage is in the middle of the floor with the strippers dancing- completely nude. The top strippers earn $15,000-$25,000 per week.

The atmosphere is similar to a “Black Playboy Mansion,” and the food is good (including steak dinners).

On a recent Saturday night, the strippers were backstage gossiping about a black groupie/gold digger who will allegedly appear on an highly rated-upcoming reality show.

A stripper is quoted as saying: “How in the hell did she get that show?  Don’t those shows test for STD’s, everyone knows she has herpes?  She used to date my boyfriend’s brother, she has him burning, he said her house is filthy, bloody panties on the floor, trash in the living room and she can’t consider herself a mother.”

Meanwhile, out front, the girls were buzzing about the arrival of Nelly.

He arrived, 17 deep, leading the convoy in a black Rolls Royce.

Allegedly, Nelly was in the company of another black celebrity (who was carrying a briefcase).

They were ushered to VIP seating, which resembles a skybox.

Before long, the hottest strippers in the club were making their way up to VIP. Waiters also delivered several bottles of Dom.

NBA and NFL ballers also joined the party.

The party was on and poppin!  So much so, a line had formed outside the VIP room. Numerous thirsty women were trying to get in!  A few tried to bribe the bouncers, to no avail.

Allegedly, Nelly and his black celebrity friend popped bottles as a few ballers received lap dances. Across the room, strippers were on their knees and others were spread eagled trying to get the attention of the rich celebrities in attendance (including famous women-female rappers).

Not too long ago, Nelly’s celebrity friend was ignored by strippers, many of the girls said, he hadn’t earned enough money to garner their attention, sadly, other girls said he was too dark.

Times have changed, the majority of the strippers surrounded him, he didn’t disappoint. He opened the briefcase and created a rainstorm (non-stop) with $100,000 dollars.

A mere drop in the bucket since he now earns (millions) a month in revenue. He also owns seven Lamborghini’s. One for every day of the week.

Who is the upcoming reality star?

Who is Nelly’s celebrity friend?




She lived her raunchy lyrics to the fullest!  When she first started out, she had no positive goals, her only goal: Losing her backdoor virginity!

One night, before her show, she informed her aide to recruit three rough neck thugs (out of the audience).

When they arrived at her hotel room, the orgy got into full swing within minutes. Her only request: Backdoor penetration.

They obliged, allegedly, she experienced a combination of agony and ecstasy.  Her screams were filled with passion and pain.

The next morning, she checked out.

Later, when the maid arrived, she was horrified to find bloody sheets and bloody towels, she refused to clean the room and was terminated.

Now, this raunchy entertainer is down on her luck and was recently spotted at a party attended by Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

She followed him around the party all night, (allegedly) begging him for money (out in the open). He ignored her and would abruptly leave.

Who is she?




This black celebrity is a superstar and world renowned but when it comes to her personal life and hygiene, she falls short.

Throughout the years, she has been beat and hospitalized several times-by numerous men, in and outside the industry.

When she was married, she had affairs. She’s even been referred to as a homewrecker in her hometown.

She’s also a sugar mama and will spoil men with cash and cars. Unconfirmed reports suggest that she offered to split the royalties from a song-with a younger boyfriend, all he had to do was accompany her to the studio.  She’s scared of being along.

She’s also a cougar and is always on the hunt for ‘pretty boy’ black men, regardless of age.

Non-drama scares her off. She instigates and provokes drama, she feeds off it.

She has a checkered past and when former employees threaten tell-all’s, she pays up without question.

Recently, according to our source, a concierge doctor was overheard telling a colleague, she has the worst hygiene he’s ever come across.

According to him, allegedly, there was some type of fungus growing under both breasts and her feminine odor was offensive and strong.

Her attitude was also nasty and dismissive and she had a habit of throwing towels or soiled underwear towards the doctor whenever he entered her room.

Who is she?




This black female celebrity gives subtle hints that she is non-black.  Actually, I don’t think she’s ever dated a black man or even slept with one.

Rumors are circulating that she allegedly likes her white boyfriends to get “racially rough” with her.

During sex, she allegedly requires them to call her a “worthless black b**ch!” “n-bi**h,” “coon,” and “stupid c**t!” according to one of her ex’s.

These racial slurs turn her on!  The most offensive epithets get her off.

At red carpet events, she’s often photographed with well groomed white men, behind closed doors, she’s allegedly had random sex encounters with red neck bikers.

Over the years, reluctantly, she has signed on to do all-black projects (only for the money). She’s allegedly not very comfortable around African Americans but she plays it off well-to get paid.

Her self hate is extreme.  She would probably be right at home on an plantation.

Hint: It’s not Whoopi or Traci Bingham.

Who is she?




*A source supplied the information for this disturbing story:

Whispers are circulating around Hollywood regarding an alleged ‘Boy Network,’  that no longer exists.

Allegedly, a shady character operated a pedophilia network that catered to male celebrities. They put in an order (hair color, eye color, race, age, etc.) and this man scanned his database to fill their orders-attached with a staggering price tag.

Backstory: This shady character was a former travel agent who booked sex tourism vacations to the Dominican Republic and Thailand.  He allegedly offered package deals to overseas pedophile resorts and brothels.  Before he left the sex tourism business, he allegedly dabbled in universal passwords where pedophiles would pay $50 each, to gain access into an array of sick sites.

Regarding his boy network: He only recruited boys from low income neighborhoods, targeting single mothers with money or drug issues.  Sadly, some of these women offered up their sons for a quick buck.

The boy was then photographed and added to a database along with his statistics. The man would split the money with the mothers, his logic: Keep them in cash and drugs so his boy network could continue to function without interruption.

On a biweekly basis, celebrities received an encrypted link that led them to an underground site that featured “new boys!” Existing members also got the opportunity to trade up (for younger boys).

According to our source, one of the customers was a black icon who’s filthy rich.  It was always rumored that he turned out a young black celebrity.  This young black celebrity would eventually turn gay and develop a drug problem.

Thankfully, this operation was shut down, no word on the arrest or identity of the man who headed up this operation. Was it a media blackout because celebrities were involved? Did fixers cover this up?

Who is the black icon?

Who is the young black celebrity?



Bonus-Part II (Blind Item): Last week, we reported on a rich hip hop man (top echelon) who is an alleged pedophile. We’ve received additional information indicating that he targets black or Latino single mothers-with sons. The mothers are paid to look the other way while he grooms and seduces his young victims-often lavishing them with gifts, money and trips on private jets.


He’s known as a big trick and he’s not above using his daughter’s celebrity status to get a discount or non-payment with hookers.

He was recently in Florida making a spectacle of himself in the red light district. He was on foot, (walking the stroll). Whenever he saw a hooker who garnered his attention, he would immediately take out his wallet and show the hooker a photo of his celebrity daughter with her recently sired child-by a rapper.

“This is my daughter and grandchild!  I’m her dad!  Do I have to pay full price or can I get free service?” If the hooker was reluctant, he allegedly told them, ‘If you like, I can call my daughter on my cell phone, or I can have her do a three-way call with her famous baby daddy and you can say hi to both of them!’

He was the talk of the town!

A few days later, he was spotted at a strip club pulling the same stunt as he tried to solicit a stripper.

Due to him, his daughter is well known in the Florida sex industry.

Who is his daughter?




This rapper (at the advice of his manager) resorts to anti-homosexual lyrics on a regular basis-to throw suspicion off his hidden homosexuality.

He’s a patron of the underground gay bars and DL functions.


It’s amazing he became a celebrity because he was a hardcore hustler from the streets. Former (brutal) pimp, bank robber, gun runner, drug dealer, managing strippers.  He loved the vice life!

He was so musically gifted, he decided to go legit-but he still had bad habits.

He enjoyed beating and humiliating women.  It’s what he did best, outside of music.

It took women a long time to leave him because of his sexual prowess.  He was a wild cat in bed and numerous women were sexually addicted to him.

At his peak, despite his marriage, rich white women (overseas) would often pay him to expose his well endowed member at private parties-among their female friends.  Later, he would have group sex with some of these women.

He didn’t have the looks to be a full time gigolo but that didn’t stop him from being money motivated, in and out of the industry.

Cocaine made him feel alive and speeded up his work process. What normally took him 3 days to do in the studio, under the influence-took 24 hours.

After his wife left him and his career collapsed, he allegedly started pimping girls in NYC and got other girls into porn.

When he came out of his fog, he remarried and fathered two sons, due to the beatings and infidelity, his wife divorced him and started dating another man.

This man gave her HIV, she would later die of AIDS complications.

Ironically, both of the sons are now rumored to have HIV.

One of the sons hooked up with a Las Vegas escort via an escort site.  He fell in love with her despite her sleeping with other johns. He was so in love, he stopped using condoms and allegedly contracted AIDS.  When he confronted her, she blew him off and disappeared because she feared-he would eventually kill her.

The second son allegedly got AIDS from intravenous drug use. No one was surprised, prior to his diagnosis, he was at a family dinner and started coughing up blood and having convulsions at the dinner table. An ambulance was called.

Hint: Their father (the divorced celebrity) is no longer alive.

Who was the divorced celebrity?



Blind Item Bonus: This rap mogul grew sexually tired of women, he then turned to toy boys, he’s now tired of them. Someone put him in touch with the notorious Asja (an Italian hermaphrodite escort) based in Rome, Italy and Sidney Australia.

She identifies as an woman but was born with male and female genitalia. Her male organ is reportedly functional.

Asja is a self proclaimed International VIP escort/courtesan and she’s been with numerous male celebrities of all races.  She charges $5,000 per encounter and she’s a versatile “top or bottom.”

This mogul is pleased, according to him, he has ‘the best of both worlds.’


This NBA superstar was issued the following warning prior to joining the league: ”WATCH OUT FOR GROUPIES!”

Unfortunately, he didn’t take the advice to heart. Instead, he often participated in wild parties on party boats with his teammates and he also accompanied them to strip clubs where he sat in a private skybox popping bottles, viewing the erotic action from above.

One white stripper caught his eye, he had to have her and he did!

So much so, that she became pregnant. Her planned worked!

Around this time, he was rumored to be creeping with Kim Kardashian.  This relationship hasn’t been revealed until now!

He caught feelings for Kim and lavished luxurious gifts on her yet none of this could save their secret relationship-allegedly, because he didn’t want to take the relationship public.  They would eventually break up and  his stripper would give birth to a son.

Meanwhile, a female singer aka (the overshadowed one) tried to holla at him. He showed no interest.  Instead, he got back with an old girlfriend.

Hint: He has more than 2 kids-altogether.

Who is the baller?

Who is the overshadowed one?


This world renowned black female singer is a woman with a past!

What few people know, she allegedly started off as an underage prostitute on the stroll.

She became an underage mother and till this day, she has no idea who the father is, people assumed she gave birth to a ‘trick baby!”

She’s attracted to abuse and drama and she’s always been needy. Men have been known to beat her down and she’s been known to offer famous men money-to sleep with her. She’s never been a stranger to buying love.

Despite knowing Tina, She had an affair with Ike Turner, he allegedly turned her on to cocaine.  From there, she allegedly participated in Ike’s notorious orgies (which included other black celebrities).

Her cocaine abuse escalated and she started telling people ‘I’m using it to lose weight.”

When she finally broke up with Ike (after a year), she got off cocaine.

Who is she?





Whitney Houston isn’t the only black female singer who had a relapse.  Thankfully, Whitney got into rehab but the subject of this blind item refuses to go!


Was this particular black female singer on a TVONE show claiming she was clean after years of substance abuse? Not so!

This washed up but talented singer is still doing drugs and drinking heavy.

Crack is her drug of choice and she was recently spotted at an music festival (staggering) and soliciting backstage and out front.

She allegedly charges $100 dollars for fellatio and $200 for sex due to her former name status.

Her crack habit is so bad, she’s now tricking for rocks.

She left the music festival with two older white men in tow.

Who is she?




Last week, I was informed by a peer that this particular rapper is part of the downlow secret society.  I asked a source to look into it and he came back with the following.

It’s true but well hidden.

Allegedly, this man hates women with a passion!

He was beating on his then girlfriend, she managed to get away and run out of the door, she got to her car and locked herself in while she attempted to start it.  This didn’t stop him from jumping on the hood and trying to smash the windshield glass with his fist.

She drove off with him on the hood, he finally fell to the ground.

He’s also been known to beat women with shoes, boots, hangers and belts. It’s been rumored that he’s burned women with lit cigarettes.

One woman said he tied her up and tortured her for hours. When she was finally let go, he threatened to have his boys beat her down if she called the cops.

This rapper allegedly has herpes and told his boys: “I care so little about b**ches, I will infect as many as I can.”  Allegedly, one of his boys told his girlfriend, and she called the health department (anonymously), we don’t know the outcome.

He’s spit in women’s faces, he’s dragged them around by their hair (tarzan style) and he rarely refers to them by their name, instead, he calls them b*tches and h*’s.

Allegedly, he likes to hang out at the dog park with his homeboy. He’s very loving and attentive to his homeboy’s dogs yet he’s unable to show this type of affection towards women.

Ike Turner is his idol and in his opinion, Ike showed the world how women should be treated.

He’s known to attack girlfriends unprovoked.

He has an uncontrollable rage that he can’t contain yet he’s been involved (discreetly) in a long term relationship with a man.

Allegedly, this relationship is not violence free, they got into a fist fight at a grocery store and were asked to leave by the manager.

It’s amazing that this man is not a pimp or serial killer.

This rapper is a violence addict.

Hint: He may have-or may not have been-in the news recently or in the past.

Who is he?




1. This non-black (well known) singer loves gay men, particularly gay bears.  A gay bear is a husky-large gay man.  This singer considers himself the “little woman” in his gay encounters and he loves being the bottom.  He goes to great lengths to hide his sexuality.  1 Hint: Not Jupiter but…….

2. What female reality TV show star is moonlighting as an online escort? Clients need an encrypted password to access the site.   Hint: Non-black (possibly on a black reality TV show)?

3. Is real life imitating art?  Unfounded rumors are circulating in Black Hollywood that a well known (but not A-list) black actor is HIV positive.


This black actress (if you can call her that) will do anything for money!

She has delusions of grandeur and you have to call her Miss________.  She’s arrogant and she loves embarrassing people and talking down to them.

Her limit used to be married men, especially ballers. She’s been passed around the NBA and the NFL. This non-talent has the morals of an alley cat.

She’s in her 40′s and she’s still trying to bag a baller.  She can’t face reality and realize that these men have moved on to 20 year olds.

She’s always borrowing money between gigs (because she spends money like water on material items: Expensive bling, cars, travel, clothes, shoes, bags, recreational drugs) and she’s disliked by other black celebrities.

Although she’s been with a few famous women before, she’s taken it a step further, she put the word out “I’m gay for pay!”

She’s participated in all girl orgies (with white and black female celebrities) while under the influence of ecstasy and she charges by the hour.

She’s so down with the gay-for-pay lifestyle-she had a close friend shoot a X-rated video of her engaging in sex with a woman so potential customers can view her sex moves before booking her.

The tape is titled: “The Best Of!” aka a sexual mixtape!

1 word Hint: Reality




This sexy (married) rapper used to creep on the downlow with thuggish types, now, he’s addicted to transgendered escorts. While he was in Las Vegas for the fight (Manny Pacquiao and Sugar Shane Mosley) he put in an order for biracial/white trannys (only)!  This is the same rapper who was linked to Octavia St. Laurent-the trangendered actress who starred in “Paris Is Burning.”


This singer was considered a pretty boy. To keep his hair gleaming, he used to apply baby oil on his curls.

He struggled when he first came to Hollywood.  So much so, that he started prostituting himself out to men and women.

When business got slow, he could be found in the backseat of cars or on his knees outside gay clubs (in the parking lots) giving fellatio.

When his group released a hit record.  He expected a big royalty check, didn’t happen, instead, he continued tricking.

He was a giver and receiver.

Around this time, he was often seen around Muscle Beach aka Venice Beach. He enjoyed checking out the sculptured well oiled bodies of the weight lifters.

He developed a severe drug habit, all of his money would soon go for drugs. He started stealing from rich customers and got blackballed as an male escort.

He also became arrogant and fell out with group members, although they recorded a few more hit singles.

He would slip off the radar (over four years).

When he returned to the scene, he was a functional addict who went back to prostituting. He got new customers and started turning tricks frequently.  He also got married, his wife didn’t know he was leading a double life.

He would later die of AIDS.  It sent shockwave’s through Black Hollywood.

It’s been overlooked on how many men and women he infected with the AIDS virus.

Allegedly, according to our source, three black celebrities (men and women) have died (from his strain) but their deaths were reported as secondary illnesses related to AIDS and a few more celebrities are thought to be infected-their strain laid dormat for years, due to this, they are now on the cocktail.

One particular black female singer has been sick over the last few years. Unbeknownst to the public, she was allegedly sexually involved with him but she’s covering up her illness-by saying she has another ailment. She loved his pretty boy looks and enjoyed spoiling him. He was her exclusive gigolo.

Who is this singer?

Who is the female singer covering up her illness?




This particular individual was mentioned in an Facebook entry-on Friday due to his “celebrity association.”  Now, our source claims a tabloid contacted her, asking: Does he have AIDS? She declined to comment but she told us: He used to shoot drugs and was once linked to a streetwalker.


He’s ruthless and feared yet he’s generous to women.  He’s the hip-hop kingmaker!

Few people know that-this hip hop mogul was involved with the sibling of a singing star.  The sibling “may” appear on an reality show and she “may” be the youngest in the bunch.

The mogul spoiled her by lavishing expensive gifts on her. He even gave her money on occasion, this discreet relationship went on for several months.  Near the end, he was getting sick of her sense of entitlement attitude.

After they broke up, she married another man.

This didn’t phase our hip hop mogul, instead, he concentrated on his company.

An unpolished female rapper was brought to his attention.  It was known that she would do anything to get put on.

She allegedly sexed her way onto the roster by allegedly performing sexual acts with every man affiliated with the label. She was allegedly, passed around twice.

She always referred to herself as an “real b**ch and an ride or die chick!”  In her mind, she did what she had to do.

After achieving stardom, she would flip the script and have an assortment of toy boys on call (stud service) to satisfy her every need.

She confides all of her business to her “main gay” (homosexual friend).

She always had dreams of appealing to the masses and information was brought to her attention that could be beneficial. She put a plan in motion and got herself invited to the orgy of a white star up in the Hollywood Hills. She focused on an famous white female (with a bisexual reputation) the entire evening.

After consuming alcohol and drugs, the party got into full swing.  She made her move and allegedly led the zonked out star into an vacant bedroom.  Our female rapper showcased her skills and the white female was impressed and satisfied.  She allegedly told the female rapper, I needed that and it relieved my stress in a big way.

They stayed in touch (off the radar).

The white female would return the favor in a big (lucrative) way!

Who is the mogul?

Who is the mogul’s ex girlfriend?

Who is the female rapper?

Who is the white female star?




1. What hip hop CEO was contemplating taking out a hit (murder contract) on his top artist to boost record sales and badly needed revenue?  At  the last minute, the CEO backed out of the plan.

2. The road crew (connected to one of the top rappers in the world) recently booked a Tranny escort for tour bus sex.  The encounter turned into a gang bang (a train was run on her).


In 2003, when I was visiting friends in New Orleans, I was introduced to a public official. After he consumed a few drinks, he told us an interesting story, allegedly, a well respected and internationally known black man affiliated with politics-although he’s never been a politician-MADE A SEXUAL ADVANCE TOWARDS HIM!”

I brushed the story off because (the man in question) has always been known as an notorious womanizer who has always cheated on his wife with legions of women.

Imagine my shock when I was recently informed by a credible source: Mr. Pro Black is indeed downlow and is always on the hunt for attractive men of any race.

This man has always been a walking contradiction because the majority of his mistresses have always been white yet in the past, he always hinted at the evils of white people.

One jumpoff received a large settlement (for another matter) because she hinted at-exposing his bisexuality via a book unless he agreed to her financial terms.

He has a male and female stable despite getting up in age.

He’s not the only one who belongs to this middle age downlow club.  Allegedly, the husband of an Latino singer has paid off six sexual harassment complaints from men (using her money).  His wife is in denial about his sexuality and refuses to leave him.

Who is he?

Hint: The Latino wife is “NOT” Jennifer Lopez.




In her hometown, this pretty young woman is known for her gold digging ways.  When she was younger, while reading the Source and Vibe, she fantasized about being a rap wifey or jumpoff.

A few years later, she began latching herself on to local All-American athletes, dope boys and drug kingpins.

She never had the ambition of making it on her own, her financial benefits came from well to do men.

She was bored in her small town, on a whim, she decided to make a splash in Hollywood.

When she arrived, she was disappointed, although she stood out in her small town, she didn’t stand a chance of getting noticed in Hollywood.

To solve this dilemma, she made an appointment for butt injections.

She garnered more attention.

Until she could land a rich sugar daddy, she decided to strip at a local club. She was gay-for-pay to earn money from rich sugar mamas and she was eye candy for rich men who wanted to flaunt her at industry events.  She enjoyed this but longed for a more permanent relationship.

Her dreams came true, one night, she was summoned by a famous rapper to a private VIP room.

Inside, the rapper and another girl sipped champagne. The rapper instructed both women to enjoy each other while he watched.

Afterwards, our gold digger decided, she wasn’t going to let this opportunity slip away. While groping the rapper, she told him she could blow his mind sexually.

He took her up on the offer.

Back at the place, she freaked him until dawn. He moved her in the next day.

He would later confide to her that he had herpes and they would never have sex during an outbreak.  She appreciated his consideration and was too star struck to leave him.

She often accompanied him on trips via private jets.  She also drove a SLK 350 and used his black card on a regular basis. She couldn’t be happier, until…..

She started hearing rumors that he was creeping with other women.

When she confronted him about it, he denied it.

Meanwhile, he lost interest in her and stopped sleeping with her.

One day, bored out of her mind, she started cleaning up and came across a stash of medications.  When she googled the medications, she was stunned to find out-they belonged to the AIDS cocktail.

She mumbled under her breath, that Motherfucker! He can tell me he has herpes but he kept quiet about AIDS? What kind of shit is that? Unknown to her, he’s allegedly a patient of an underground STD clinic (that doesn’t advertise). The same type of clinic that caters to celebrities with confidentiality.

Although they had protected sex most of the time, a few times they didn’t and she was petrified.

He was due back in two weeks, she made an appointment at a clinic to have a AIDS test.

Thankfully, she came back negative.

She tried to contact her boyfriend, he wouldn’t even take her calls.  She told friends, I’m going to fix this motherfucker.

She came up with a devious plan.

When he returned home, she said nothing, instead, she slipped him a sedative.

While he was sleeping, she pulled down his underwear and was delighted he was having a herpes outbreak. She photographed the sores on his pen**s. And, she took a full length photo of him so people could identify him.

Next, she pulled out the AIDS medications and photographed them, his (government name) appeared on the label.

Later, she packed her bags and left.

A few hours later, she left a voicemail: “I know about your AIDS medications.”

After he awoke, he immediately called back, he was scared, according to her.

Her terms: Financially support me my entire life or expect photos of your AIDS meds (with your name on the label) and photos of your herpes infested pen** hitting the net. And if you think about having one of your boys intimidating me, you can forget that!  Both pics will be kept in a safety deposit box and I’ve told family and friends, if anything happens to me, leak the photos to bloggers.

He asked for proof, she happily sent it.

After viewing the evidence, he agreed to her terms without hesitation.

She continues to receive a monthly allowance.

Who is the famous rapper?




*A high end transgendered video girl is the source for the following information

Edited Version:

You heard of the Velvet Mafia?  The Black Velvet Mafia has just as much power in Black Hollywood and New York.  In a lot of cases, rising stars have to go through them to get put on! This set is run by a man known as “The Fairy Godfather.”

All these rappers, athletes and black singers acting all homophobic and shit, what a joke!  In one week, I got down with a NBA superstar, a neo-soul singer, a West Coast kingpin and a gospel star who my crew nicknamed: “Church Girl!”  The gospel star is married.

In the trade, they call us “Ladyboys,” but I don’t care, as long as your money is long and you pay to play.”

They love us around, with some of us, you can’t really tell. We’re the ones they come home to after they shoot videos, we are everywhere-even backstage and we give erotic massages.

Some of us are “ladyboy” mistresses. Our tricks come to town with their family, they book us a hotel room in the same town and when their wives are relaxing or shopping, they creep on over to us. One trick told me, his wife couldn’t match my oral skills because my jaws are stronger and he gets more sensation.  He stopped letting his wife perform oral sex on him because of me, he wants me on call 24/7 so he can smash me anywhere/anytime.

You think I’m lying?  Let me give you an example: This black singer I call Mr. Smooth-at the beginning, he loved the boys, then he reupped to the T-girls.  He went overseas, got a tranny who has a flawless sex change, (his only request, she had to be pre-op), and now he’s passing her off as his girlfriend at industry events.  The black singer is the “bottom” in their arrangement. He has her signed to a secrecy agreement in case they break up.

My t-girl best friend just had a has been rapper, he was so sweaty and smelly that it was disgusting.

You asked me about the Mr. Cee situation, all I will say is this, he ain’t the only one baby! A very popular white (morning show) DJ in Los Angeles loves the tranny streetwalkers, low rent. He gets them from underground smut papers or smut blogs.  He’s on his second marriage with his much younger wife.

It makes me laugh when people deny rappers are on downlow, you have to remember, a lot of them have served time and got turned out in prison.  A “fine ass” rapper recently told me “Women are for babies but men are for pleasure!”

I remember rumors about this one nice guy, he wasn’t down with us but had to play along due to his career. RIP.

We got our own version of Katt Stacks on the circuit. This one T-girl sleeps unprotected with everybody. Bad for business, because if she contracts AIDS, everyone in the industry is going to generalize all T-girls (as having it).

Then you got this black actor, just because his career got revived (day) he think he the shit. His money ain’t long but he got the nerve to have t-girls sign AIDS confidentiality agreements (only if they bring up his status-cause he won’t tell you) in case it’s contracted through protected sex, they can’t reveal he gave it to him and he’ll help out with their medical bills although his punk ass money ain’t always been weak. All his money go for drugs.

Who is the Fairy Godfather?

Who is the Neo-Soul Singer?

Who is the NBA superstar?

Who is Mr. Smooth?

Who is the sweaty/smelly rapper?

Who is the white L.A. DJ?

Who is the fine ass rapper?

Who is the nice guy (RIP)?

Who is the black actor (AIDS confidentiality agreement)?




1. This black female celebrity has put on weight since she got older but she prefers the thin look.  So much so, that she’s allegedly taking laxatives to get the extra pounds off.  Her weight gain isn’t really that noticeable to the public but she’s freaking out about it behind the scenes.

Due to her laxative use, she has to wear adult diapers in case she has an unexpected accident.

One day, she was fidgety, she missed her drugs (crack or powdered cocaine).  She contacted her former dealer, he told her to come over.

It was then that she realized, she had no cash on her, only credit/debit cards.  But she needed a fix-bad.  Against her better judgment, she made a spare of the moment decision to trade sex for drugs aka (strawberry). She also reasoned, she hadn’t had sex with a man in months, she craved a man’s touch.

She must have forgotten that she had an accident earlier and smelled like a spoiled diaper. I guess she didn’t care, as long as she got her drugs.

After the sex, she left with the drugs.

The drug dealer got on the phone (telling people) that he had to use an entire can of air freshener in his bedroom because she left it smelling like an out house.

This dealer is known for making sex tapes, she better hope he didn’t make a tape of them together. He could fetch top dollar for it.

Unbeknownst to her, her much younger relative is now copping drugs from the same dealer.

Who is she?

2.  Fast Forward-Flip The Script: This sick fantasy has exploded inside the manicured mansions of Hollywood.  We have received word that racist white celebrities are going this route.

On an irregular basis, a white female Oscar winner allegedly plays a slave mistress to “young looking-of age” black women-from an BDSM agency. They are paid well as she whips them and screams out racial slurs in the process.  Prior to this sick twisted fantasy, they have to sign confidentiality agreements and the actress pays their medical bills.

We also hear that an action hero loves to beat black women before he commands them to crawl towards him.

Who are they?




This black male celebrity used to have exhaustive sex sessions with a non-black heir-head when he was involved with another woman.  The heir head liked it rough and he never disappointed especially when she taunted him by using the N-word during sex.  These secret lovers broke up after he started burning.

This same celebrity was also down with a notorious groupie. He currently avoids her because an African drug gang is out to get her. At first, they showered her with European shopping sprees to the tune of $50,000. In return, she got involved in money laundering, wire fraud, ID theft and extortion.  She currently keeps a low profile but our singer doesn’t want to get caught in the crossfire.

Next up, he asked an aide to hook him up with a different type of escort agency.

You’ve heard about escort agencies having ‘call girl beard divisions,’ and ‘transgendered divisions,’ but this particular underground agency that caters to celebrities offers an “abuse” division.

Celebrities pay more for (abuse sex), reportedly $10,000 per encounter and a few famous men can’t get aroused unless violence is involved.  These girls allow men to pummel them, use whips on them, hoist them up and urinate on them-among other things.  Our celebrity was right at home with this division but due to his fairly new cocaine habit (which makes him even more out of control) he’s been banned from this agency.

When he’s not doing coke, you can find him in the VIP areas of strip clubs taking ecstasy and drinking heavy.

This star also has a problem paying staffers.

He also creeps with an old girlfriend.  The girlfriend doesn’t necessarily like the sex because he’s so emotionally and physically abusive (shouting out obscenities and plowing himself into her with super human force and choking her) but she continues to sleep with him because he’s famous and she can brag to family and friends.

But the sex is brutal, she’s sore and can’t walk for a few days-afterwards.  She describes the sex as“rape.”

He has a key to her apartment, he never calls, he just shows up.  When she hears his footsteps, she tenses up but she’s so caught up in his celebrity she can’t stop this vicious cycle (of him unleashing his rage).

Who is he?




*Warning, the following blind item is explicit and sexually graphic!

This singer is considered a sex symbol.  Women love him, they throw themselves at his feet!

At first, he loved the attention and he was flattered by the compliments.

He doesn’t feel that way anymore.

He’s grown tired of female hysteria and he’s decided to act on an sexual fantasy-that he’s been avoiding.

The fantasy: He desires penetration.

He confided in an gay employee (and held him to secrecy). He allegedly said, I can’t shake this feeling and I hate having these desires.

The friend told him to be himself.

He took those words to heart.

He had the former gay friend (secretly) purchase a dildo.

He put lubrication on it and started practicing on himself (when he lost his gay virginity) he didn’t want the first time to hurt.

When he was ready, he had his gay friend arrange a hookup.

He was shocked when the gay friend arrived with a pre-op Tranny.

At first, he said hell naw but he was convinced to try it.

Later, the Tranny put in work (rimming). When he started sexing him, the singer kept screaming “Breed Me!”

Now, this singer is completely addicted to pre-op Trannys (only).

Different Tranny’s (all over the country) have him wide open!

He’s an active bottom from coast to coast-requesting horse hung Tranny’s.

It’s gotten out of control!

Example: He’s having sex several times a day with various Trannys and it allegedly causes a lot of “blowback-overflow,” therefore he’s now wearing a tampon to catch it.

And, his gay friend no longer associates with him.

Who is the singer?




This hip hop star is in a very dark place!  His sexual deviance is escalating due to bondage and forced sex films-depicting women being raped and tortured.

Flash videos depicting violence and sex are also in his library. He can sit for hours, with the drapes closed, in the dark, watching these films. Rumor has it, he was even in the market (overseas) for a snuff film, but the deal fell through because a film couldn’t be found.

Within the last year, this sullen star has become physically violent towards women.  He pays them off or takes them shopping and they’re signed to secrecy agreements.

When he’s not recording or touring, all he thinks about: How to inflict pain for ultimate pleasure.

Allegedly, during sex, you have to tell him he’s the best as he watches himself from above (via mirrors on the ceiling). If you don’t obey, expect a beat down after the sex act.

Unproven allegations are circulating that he was approached by a gigolo threatening to write an embarrassing tell-all on an female relative unless he coughs up the cash.

Who is he?





Over the years, the landscape of rap has changed dramatically.  Today, you have an assortment of different races in the rap game, which includes: White rappers, Latino rappers and Biracial rappers.  All of these hip-hop stars are cool, with the exception of one (below).


This particular “non-black” rapper will go to any lengths to keep up with his black counterparts in terms of materialistic toys and women.

In reality, he doesn’t really like blacks, especially black men.  He has a sense of entitlement despite his mediocre rap career, he still thinks he should get all the women and have all the money simply because-he’s not black!

According to former (non-black) friends, he uses racial epithets (monkey, coon) and the N-word frequently to describe blacks in general but when he’s around his rap peers, he’s always smiling in their faces and patting them on the back.

In his mind, blacks are preventing him from achieving superstardom, although rap derived from black culture.

Although his money isn’t long, according to him, he lives like a mogul.

Rumors have always circulated-that he slings, rides dirty and pimps women to supplement his income.

Allegedly, this man is now contemplating sex trafficking (on the low)-to earn additional illicit funds.

Who is this well known rapper?




The three trangendered ladies (above) are considered A-list in Black Hollywood circles.  They are flown in via private jet to entertain famous black men.  They keep their celebrity associations private as not to jeopardize their affiliations.

The following blind item subject (below) is unlike the women above.  She talks too much (when under the influence) and she has revealed famous names via her client list.


It’s gotten so out of hand, biological escorts are now competing with trangendered women for rich men during celebrity parties and events.

One working girl stated, “I’m sick of competing with them!  Reassignment surgery is so advanced, you can no longer tell the difference and these celebrities don’t seem to care.”

This same working girl ditched the celebrity circles and now plies her trade in luxury hotel lobbies.  When she catches the eye of an affluent hotel patron, she goes up to his room.

This particular escort (not pictured) is part of the shemale craze.  The only difference, she doesn’t play by the rules and doesn’t know when to shut up!

Despite signing confidentiality agreements, this doesn’t stop her from revealing her client list.  The same list she bought from a retired TS escort.

Allegedly, she has three famous black male clients that she’s servicing.

1. One of the most popular rappers in the world (this even surprised me).

2. A black actor who is the relative of a funnyman. Hint: NOT CHARLIE MURPHY!

3. An unattractive rapper with a stalled career. He pretends like he’s homophobic but behind closed doors, he can’t get enough of these transgendered escorts. What little money he has left-goes to them. This rapper is also known for his bad attitude and delusions of grandeur.

Who are the three famous clients?





According to All-Star sources: The All-Star parties were full of thirsty women and men trying to hookup with NBA Stars.

Lipstick lesbians (like the women above) were advertising menage a trois with NBA ballers aka lesbian call girls (with male clients). Other women advertised their services via lap dances.

The dance floors featured (a cess pool of thirst) doing “sexual audition” dance moves.  The parties were populated by women with bad plastic surgery; cheaply done by unlicensed medical providers.  Silicone butt enhancements, bad weaves and breast enlargements were the rage.

Meanwhile, naturally beautiful women chilled in VIP.

At another party, Gold diggers, strippers and escorts had their physical assets on display (derriere and chest). DL escorts and gay adult stars wore extra tight pants to highlight their crotches (similar to above photo).  A few were seen co-mingling with ballers and one gay adult star left with a (West Coast) baller.

After midnight , the majority of the private parties turned into a debauchery love fest!


It was evident that this particular black female celebrity was not in a good mood during All-Star weekend.  Earlier, she participated in an stare down with her “backdoor man’s” wifey and later, from a distance, she spotted the girlfriend of another baller she had been secretly fooling around with (unbeknownst to the public).  Her ego was bruised, why were these men always keeping her a secret while they flaunted other women on their arms who she considered less attractive.

On top of that, her money was funny, she wouldn’t be able to keep up affluent appearances much longer.  She was desperate and (on the hunt) to snag her a new sugar daddy but nobody seemed to be checking for her.  Instead, the men focused on the-younger naturally beautiful  girls between 18-21.

Allegedly, She told her non-black famous friend (last week) that things were getting so bad that she was considering selling stuff on ebay (anonymously) for a quick profit.  Instead of her friend offering to help her, she asked her, have you ever thought of doing “incall” overseas (discreetly) until you get back on your feet?  A popular female rapper did it several years ago. You can make a lot of money.

Our black female celebrity was shocked at the suggestion, so much so, she couldn’t even respond to the question.

Who is the black female celebrity?

Who is her alleged “backdoor” man?

Who is her non-black  friend?





On a few occasions, when celebrities undergo drastic lifestyle changes, they’re dealing with a fatal medical diagnosis.  If they appear sickly in public, they sometimes mention a secondary illness as the cause when they actually have HIV. Some of them find God, others volunteer.

A few years ago, a stunning black thoroughbred call girl ($2,500 per hour) was the ebony queen of the U.S. and European sex trade circuit.  She only dated millionaires and billionaires and she was juggling two sponsors (one domestically and the other internationally).  She was rumored to be a “six-figure-seven figure” girl and an playgirl with a passport.

She also dated wealthy rappers, singers, politicians, championship boxers, and pro ballers.  She referred to her worldwide liaisons as “tours,” because she was often flown all over the world via private jet.  When the plane landed, a limo was waiting on an private runway accompanied by a driver/bodyguard.

Her circuit included the Super Bowl (sky boxes), America’s Cup, World Cup, Kentucky Derby, Dubai golf tournaments, Monte Carlo power summits, Indy 500, the Olympics (every four years), yacht parties, casino openings, etc.

Without warning, she quit the sex trade and found religion.

It would come out later that she tested positive for HIV.

Despite celebrities patronizing (unlisted-underground) clinics that cater to the rich and famous (with sexually transmitted diseases), this doesn’t prevent their medical status from getting out via sources.


1. We told you about a pop singer who had a meltdown, allegedly, the meltdown was triggered by her HIV+ diagnosis.  Her drug use increased after her alleged diagnosis.

2. A White actor who played a teenager on a long running FOX series allegedly tested positive for AIDS. This is the reason for his erratic and unpredictable behavior.

3. Several years ago, it was rumored that a black female (former singer/actress) contracted AIDS from intravenous drug use.  She dropped out of the limelight and changed her lifestyle.

4. Another black female singer with numerous hits is rumored to have AIDS.  She loved drugs back in the day (and now) she’s paying for her destructive “former” lifestyle-which also included prostitution.

5. Two former girlfriends of this (Southern) rapper are saying they left him after they found out he had HIV. One of the women also contacted the Health Dept. His current girlfriend was overheard saying, “I got to figure out a way to get my man his AIDS meds, I wonder if he’s being taken care of, I really miss him.”




In numerous situations, when a celebrity is accused of a crime, they vow to fight the charges. A few months later, they settle.

The public often wonders, why?  What was the deciding factor?

In this particular case, it was guilt by association.

The lawyer for the accusers got a tip (trump card).

A close friend of the accused celebrity was caught up in a web of suspicion.

The friend is a very well known retired athlete.  His wife wanted a divorce and he hadn’t signed her to a prenup.

In the wee hours of the morning, she was brutally injured.

When her soon to be ex husband visited her in the hospital, she told him that she planned to sue the man who inflicted the injuries.

He responded, leave him and his family alone!  He then stormed out of the room.

No charges were filed and this story never made the papers. Unbeknownst to her, her husband had thrown away a lot of money on women, gambling, and bad investments. He was stingy, and wanted to protect what he had, regardless of the amount.  She received very little.

Currently, the immediate family doesn’t speak to the husband.


The lawyer got word to the accused, she allegedly said, she would leak the above story to the media and people would assume that he conspired with his close friend on how to harm or possibly eliminate his soon to be ex-wife.  Even if he was innocent, even if the assault was a coincidence, even if he knew nothing about it, the allegations would be extremely damaging.

The accused quickly settled.

Who is the accused?




Is his house of cards really tumbling down?

This black male celebrity is vile, arrogant, belligerent, obnoxious and phony! He’s disliked by so many people and these same people are happy about his situation.  Nobody will be coming to his defense and no one will be vouching for his “manufactured” character.

He and his wife give the impression of being an upstanding couple, what a joke!

3 of her ex’s are drug kingpins, before that, she only dealt with corner dope boys and hood sugar daddies. These kingpins and dope boys were also into pimping women, I.D. theft, boosting and chop shops.  She was allegedly, a Black Underworld vamp.

She tries to come off as so sophisticated and worldly, in reality, she’s an around the way girl, a woman with a past.

As soon as her last kingpin got arrested, she allegedly had an affair and later landed this big fish.

Her famous husband loves to preach fidelity and family values, despite the fact he’s known as the biggest trick among escorts.  When he’s not tricking, you can find him cruising the strolls and he’s known to have an aide pick out pretty girls in the audience-to come backstage, and then to his hotel suite.

He also loves to hit it raw and he will tell you, “It’s your benefit to sleep with me!” He has a harem of chicken heads and ghetto babes.

He better pray that he bought up all the copies of his (lackluster) sex tape.

Who is he?




*The following blind item is for informational purposes only!  These allegations & documents remain unproven, we’re just the messenger, taking you behind the scenes!



Before the term concierge nurse was created, this African-American woman fit in that category.  She was a nurse for the rich and famous.  If celebrities were out of town, they sent private jets to retrieve a doctor and this nurse.

She was present when celebrities had secretive abortions, she was present when they received treatment for a variety of STD’s and she was present when celebrity girlfriends were battered beyond recognition and needed reconstructive surgery.

Throughout the years, she was signed to a number of confidentiality agreements.

She knows where all the skeletons are buried!

She knows all the secrets regarding Black & White Hollywood yet one celebrity case continues to stand out!


Fast Forward:

This woman has been retired for years and she’s currently in ill health. Due to medical bills, she needs money. In her mind, she has nothing to lose.

Recently, she heard on the radio that a former celebrity aide was going to write a tell-all about a world renowned superstar.

This piece of news startled her.  Because, this particular aide was privy to the same information she had (on the superstar).  This bombshell information would devalue in price-if he includes it in his book-unless she released it first.

Despite medical privacy laws, this woman was able to smuggle out (copies) of damaging paperwork on this patient.

In her words (to our source):  The paperwork I have, (along with signatures) proves that a black superstar was (preparing) to undergo a sex change and I was going to assist the doctor in this reassignment surgery.

His family and friends were unaware of this and his aide (mentioned above) tried to talk him out of it, allegedly-telling him: You will lose your entire fan base if you go through with this, your family, friends, peers and fans will distance themselves from you; you will be a pariah. Your career will be over! Do you want to ruin and sabotage everything you worked for?

There were always rumors to this affect-surrounding this superstar, but I have the paperwork to prove, it was the truth!

He backed down (at the last minute) from the sex change after an older male relative was secretly informed.  He was told, ‘You are not going to embarrass this family and he was called a freak!’

I’ve kept those papers all these years and I don’t care about the confidentiality agreements and privacy laws, I’m an old woman in ill health.

Update: This woman (with the assistance of a gossip broker) has tried to peddle these papers (that she claims are authentic)-to mainstream media outlets for six-seven figures.  They’ve had five figure offers (which they’ve declined).  A lot of media outlets may back away from this story (out of respect for the superstar).

The superstar ‘may be-or may not be’ alive.




This church girl was somewhat timid when she first arrived on the music scene.  She was real polite and quiet but the industry turned her out and she became another casualty.

Not only did she sex her two mentors, she also slept with their male relatives and session players.  She was basically passed around.

She also went through the NBA.

Despite this “straight tricking” behavior, she is allegedly ashamed of her gay relative. The public doesn’t know he exists, he’s never mentioned and he’s not included on her bio.

She was humiliated when a much older relative divorced after 30+ years and married her childhood friend (a woman her age).

Despite this, the older relative asked her for money, he wanted to have his business renovated.  She gave him her last dime and he in turn-gave it to his younger wife so she could open up a business.

Our church girl felt betrayed.

Around this time, her husband stopped coming home, she couldn’t find him because he didn’t want to be found.  The last of her money was gone and so was he.

Who is she?




I’m a huge fan of this blind item subject.  He’s a well known superstar who’s loved throughout the world by every nationality.

Back in the day, I saw him perform at the former Circle Star Theater in San Carlos. He put on a show! I was a bit shocked but not surprised when a security guard (I know) told me: Before the show, a backstage groupie gave him fellatio.

Later, I learned, this is a common practice for him on the road and he lost his virginity at a very young age to a prostitute.

Present Day:

Our icon got his start with a legendary company.

Allegedly, he’s been carrying on an affair with a scandalous (career kept woman-aspiring singer). She’s arrogant and self centered with delusions of grandeur.

He pays her rent, he paid for her cosmetic surgery, he pays for her steady stream of demo’s, he pays her car note, credit card bills she’s on an allowance.  He’s even had friends in the industry hire her as an opening act, despite his help and connections, she has yet to sign a record deal.

She freaks him so bad and he’s so sexually whipped, he refuses to realize, she’s a non-talent.

The mistress alleges: “He refuses to wear condoms and he keeps me at the clinic!”

When a friend got on her case about cheating on her married man, she said: “It’s not like he can beat my ass!”

Not too long ago, our icon shut-down a juicy tell-all (centered around him).  It was going to reveal scandalous information on his sex life.  The book was never released.

Who is the icon?




Despite “not” being a celebrity, this woman has name status.  Her claim to fame, dating black male celebrities and athletes.  She may-or may not be-African American.

She’ll be whatever you want her to be and she knows a lot of celebrity secrets.  Some consider her dangerous, others consider her a freak!

Not only is she a playgirl but she’s also a “beard” for closeted celebrities.

Men have leased Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s for her and they’ve also let her use their black cards.

She enjoys chilled Moet and boat parties.

She also likes to relax in the VIP sections of popular nightclubs when she’s not freak dancing with her nasty girl crew.  She also likes to survey the room, targeting her next famous mark (male or female).  If a mark is reluctant, she can be persuasive via lap dances.

Unbeknownst to the public, she turned a trick for a white female singer who’s considered an icon.  Our gold digger was paid after this downlow encounter.

She’s also had sexual encounters with a “it girl.”

And, she’s gotten down and dirty with a rapper who loves drama and an R&B singer who made a successful comeback.

Sadly, after men and women have her, they gossip about her body odor.

Rumors are circulating (have air freshener) on hand after she leaves.

Who is the gold digger?

Who is the celebrity she was a beard for?

Who is the white singer (icon)?

Who is the “it” girl?

Who is the rapper who loves drama?

Who is the R&B singer who made a comeback?




1. This pro baller doesn’t give any indication of being downlow but allegedly, he paid big money (six figures) to buy up all the copies of a gay sex tape-starring him.  He also rushed into marriage to cover his tracks and now it’s rumored-he may be having a DL relationship with his wife’s male relative-right under her nose.  Who is he?

2. This female singer (may have-or may not have) performed in a group. Allegedly, during her tumultuous marriage, she met a charismatic playboy-hood star, he was so charming that he almost pimped her out (stroll). Her (now) ex-husband got wind of it, and shut it down. He also beat her down! Who is she?

3. What rapper is thinking about investing in a mobile meth lab (disguised as a tour bus) complete with meth cooks? Who is he?


This former black music powerbroker had it all!  Money, celebrity parties, private jets, women in every city and front row seats to NBA games and championship fights.  Now, he’s simply a shell of his former success but he found an illicit way to build his stacks back up.  He’s now a feared pimp.

He herds women between Las Vegas and Los Angeles. He has 20 girls working for him.  Many of them are young and impressionable and impressed with his name status. They consider it an honor to work for a former music powerbroker despite the fact he tunes them up with beat downs every so often.

These girls reside in trick pads for incall-outcall services advertised on a number of websites all over the internet.

Our former powerbroker is raking in $75,000 per month and he’s using his entertainment contacts to supply his girls to rap stars, R&B stars, NBA/NFL/MLB ballers, celebrity parties, VIP sections and sex parties.

His bottom woman helps recruit women through the internet, casinos and beaches.  She just had his child, she didn’t take time off after the pregnancy because “Daddy,” wanted her to make him his money via booking clients and having sex with clients.

You don’t have to follow ‘behind the scenes’ to know who this man is, he’s known by Urban America and Mainstream America.

Who is he?




It’s common in the industry for two celebrities to have a discreet relationship and this story is no different.  They were discreet when they hooked up and they were secretive when they broke up.

In the beginning, she hit the lotto!

He flew her in via Gulfstream. From there, they went to Belize, St. Tropez, Spain or Rio. In Monte Carlo, they were active in boating and yachting.

He told her to bank her money, he would pick up the tab.

It wasn’t unusual for him to give her $10,000 to spend in a day (on shopping). On her birthday, he handed her his black card and told her: “Your limit is $100,000!”

Allegedly, she’s had at least one abortion by him.

He even contacted overseas promoters on her behalf and asked them to book her (doubling her rate).

Life became a whirlwind of private jets, Maybach’s, Rolls Royce’s, mansions, penthouse suites and exotic travel.  She could barely catch her breath.

He even turned her on to luxury sports cars. Again, he picked up the tab.

They even flew to Paris so she could buy expensive handbags (from fashion houses) before they hit the market!

She was even present when he loaned a male celebrity friend $2 million dollars in cash. The friend repaid him when his finances rebounded.

Suddenly, things began to unravel.

She arrived at his mansion but security wouldn’t admit her. She was insulted and humiliated and became devastated when she learned, he was having a sex party with several Miami models.

She retaliated by (allegedly) hooking up with (industry playboy)Trey Songz for a one night stand.

She had no idea, that her rich man was having her followed. The hookup got back to him and all hell broke loose!

He summoned her to the mansion and cursed her out. When she asked him, why is okay for you to be with numerous women but it’s not okay for me to be with one man?  He exploded and told her. That’s the way it is, you should have accepted it.

Before she left, he allegedly told her (in a sinister tone): “If you ever discuss me or our relationship (negatively) in the media or if you decide to write a tell-all book, YOU WILL BE ERASED!”

Who is she?

Who is he?

Who is the male (celebrity) friend he loaned two million dollars?




Numerous women consider this artist-gorgeous!  So much so, rumors are flying that famous women (including cougars) are discreetly offering money and gifts in exchange for sex.

They are caught up in the fake hoopla!

Media outlets would have you believe this male celebrity is the hottest thing since sliced bread but in reality, his fame is manufactured.

He has moderate talent but the powers that be are determined to make him a superstar by buying up the majority of his albums to exaggerate sales figures and purchasing hundreds of his concert tickets (to sell out venue’s).

He’s the new ‘it boy’ on the block.

He’s living it up with models, female celebrities, groupies, strippers and top rappers but deep down inside, he knows his stardom is nothing more than an illusion.

If his money ever gets low, he can always supplement his income as an gigolo for rich and famous women.

Who is he?





Rock Hudson’s agent was the first rep to solicit men for his client. This happened, after Hudson was spotted numerous times cruising gay men for sex in parks and on a male hustler stroll. The trade papers caught wind of Hudson’s solicitation efforts, and the agent had to make sure, no more sightings occurred.

This agent strategy is coming back into vogue whereas more and more agents and managers are making reservations for their clients at discreet sex clubs not available to the public. The club staff is signed to confidentiality agreements. A confidentiality agreement has never stopped us from obtaining information from sources, as witnessed below.


1. Some people consider him a superstar but behind closed doors this black entertainer is moody and sexually experimental.  He has trust issues, so he doesn’t hire escorts to come to his home, instead, he patronizes a nondescript S&M, Domination & Torture agency that caters to celebrities.  This establishment has various dens for BDSM, Domination and torture.

Our entertainer is dominant but becomes passive regarding backdoor finger-penetration. This has become a regular request. Is he bi-curious?

Who is he?

2. This rapper is considered a superstar in his field as well. Like many rappers, he has a God complex. His fantasy: During sex, women have to tell him he’s great, the best  and biggest they ever had and they have to remind him, he’s the baddest in the rap game.  He’s also into foursomes.

Who is he?

3. Administering abuse is like a fix for this troubled young soul. Girls are paid double to receive punishment from this black singer.  He likes to slap, punch, spit, pull hair, use whips with a leather mask, choke, urinate on and he likes to play out his rape fantasies.  His reps don’t want this info to become public knowledge, so they arranged for him to deal with his violent compulsions behind closed doors, at this agency. He’s a violence addict.

Who is he?




It’s always been rumored that E. Lynn Harris based his Basil Henderson character on this former Hall Of Fame football player (running back). It’s also been alleged that Harris may have had a playful crush on him from afar.

This football player has pretty eyes, similar to the fictional character-Basil Henderson but he’s “not” gay or bisexual like Basil.

He recently put two women in the hospital. He didn’t batter them, they were admitted because of his super sized manhood.

Both women claim, they couldn’t walk for a week after having sex with him.


Some women can be smart in the business arena and clueless when it comes to men. This black female celebrity fits into this category.

Her promiscuous behavior is no joke! When she first got in the industry, she broke up a good situation because she was having sex with every man involved in the project (behind the scenes).

Later, she got a better paying gig, guess what? This gig came to a semi-halt because she was sleeping with her male business partner.

Now, it’s rumored, she’s paying men, (semi-famous and non-industry) to sleep with her.  She a member of a blog (under an alias) where sugar mamas are set up with gigolo’s (incall/outcall).

She also prowls male escort sites on her blackberry aka “sex phone.”

She’s even been reduced to flying male groupies (from facebook/twitter) to her hometown where she has anonymous sex with them.

She also took a secret trip to Jamaica for sensual massages and random sex.

Hint: Her career may have been revitalized in recent years.

Who is she?




For years, a black male celebrity held the crown for ‘male superhead,’ in Hollywood!  Not anymore, now, the infamous title belongs to another black male celebrity (actor).

This celebrity is the newest member of the DL club.  He was once involved in a relationship with a popular black female celebrity (who’s not an actress, singer or rapper). He was also involved in a publicity stunt involving another black woman-who is famous by association to another black male celebrity.

He’s gotten down on his knees and performed so he can hang around with popular crews in the industry.

He’s a constant fixture on his knees, so much so, he should invest in ‘baseball catcher knee pads.’

His nickname in the industry is “slurpy.”

Despite him giving constant fellatio and having gay sex, his career seems to have stalled.

HIs biggest accomplishment was a project done in 2006.

He’s not known outside the Black community.

Who is he?

Who is the popular black female celebrity he was involved with?

Who is the black female involved with him in the publicity stunt?


Some directors and powerbrokers have favorite actors and actresses they always work with. Alfred Hitchcock had Grace Kelly. This particular black actress has worked in projects with a famous black powerbroker but she was noticeably absent from one of his endeavors.

Allegedly, she was asked to be a part of this endeavor, she graciously bowed out but she confided to friends, although the project is powerful and riveting, I couldn’t get past page 5 of the script.  It was horrible.

Few people know, she bounces ideas off a popular rapper (who she’s creeping with on the low). They have been going at it for several months, people are aware of their discreet “friends with benefits” association but a lot of people remain unaware.

This rapper is down with a popular crew, whenever he’s L.A., he hooks up with her.  He would never put their intimate association on blast because he’s not only her lover, he’s also an big fan and has a lot of respect for her.

Since he’s new to the game, she’s mentoring him on the ins and outs of the industry and he appreciates her wisdom.

Who is the black actress?

Who is the rapper?




Before 50 & Game had beef, they were known as “tag team playboys.” One night they hooked up with a black female celebrity, they allegedly had a menage a trois with her (taking turns).

A known bisexual (celebrity) male helped her, early on in her career. He loved to hang out at gay nightclubs all over town. He was unusual because he had baby mama drama and boyfriends.

This woman has had every man (twice) in Black Hollywood. She has no shame. Sadly, despite her looks, men still refuse to be seen (out) with her.

Allegedly, this behavior started in high school, it’s rumored she slept with numerous teenage boys and she once purchased a boyfriend a car.

She’s been linked with the biggest names in the black entertainment industry. Unbeknownst to many, one of the men is a well known hip-hop heavyweight.  He used to smash her before his marriage.

During pillow talk, he allegedly confided in her that he attempted to stagnate (slow down) the momentum of 50 & Nas’s careers due to competition, his massive ego and his God complex.

Despite his power, he was unsuccessful, their talent trumped his attempts.  Despite this deceit, he was known to smile in their faces when he saw them at industry events.

This woman would move on, she became the mistress to a politician on the East Coast and she just ended a long fling with a “controversial” Washington Wizard who happens to be involved with a woman he considers his wifey.

Allegedly, she’s recently been seen in the presence of former pro baller (not NBA) who is known to put the smack down on women, this baller also has hip hop affiliations. He’s so violent, in the midst of beating a woman, her roommate (sister) walked in and hit him over the head with a frying pan. After he hit the floor, she went to the kitchen and got a butcher knife, he got up and ran, she chased him out the front door, screaming: “If you ever hit my sister again, I will kill you!”  Allegedly, the sister not only went to the hospital, but a few days later, according to her, she had to go to the clinic (non-fatal).

Back to our celebrity female.

Despite sleeping with numerous rich men, this woman has little to show for it.

Who is this scandalous female celebrity?

Who is the bisexual male celebrity who helped her out in her career?

Who is the well known hip hop heavyweight?

Who is the controversial Washington Wizard?

Who is the (violent) former pro baller with hip hop affiliations?





This attractive black female is simply scandalous & notorious on both coasts as well as the Dirty South.


Like the late stripper Crushed Linenaka Queen of Clubs, this thirtysomething woman was also down with the Bad Boy Crew and the Death Row crew. If that’s not enough, she was down with theBlack Mafia Family in the ATL and Zo-Pound in Florida. Her notorious nature has no geographical boundaries. She’s always been mixed up with very important and very dangerous people.

She’s known for putting legions of pretty black women on!  She sets them up with rappers and actors.

It’s rumored that her crew went after a former NBA baller who played for the Philadelphia 76ers but they were unable to snag him. Allegations also persist that members of this pretty girl crew have become known for setting ballers up to be jacked.

Nearly every celebrity jump-off and baby mama (in the industry) can be traced back to this woman. They got their game from her.

A couple of her girls worked at the now defunct Gold Club, they were known for boasting-”We have the most attractive strippers in the world!” Celebrities, sports stars and royals passed through their doors. These same girls now work at the Magic City strip club.

She’s also the member of VIP clubs across the country, patronized by celebrities, millionaire kingpins and pro ballers–places where every fantasy becomes a reality, if you have the credentials to get in. She’s a full fledged member of the protected, decadent and powerful in Miami, Hollywood, Dubai, New York and Atlanta.

When she’s not setting her girls up to tour with hip hop stars, she loves to relax by the pool in her luxurious mansion.  Her garage has housed a Maybach, Maserati, Rover and a Benz. She’s now in the market for a Ferrari.

She’s known to drop $15,000 per day on shopping sprees via her black card (she shops every day), and she loves diamonds, oysters on the half shell, cracked crab, Dom Perignon and Beluga caviar.

Despite all this luxury, she keeps a low profile, although I did catch a glimpse of her shopping near Rodeo Drive recently. She was rocking a $25,000 Hermes Crocodile Birkin bag.

Unlike other gold diggers, this woman invests her money very well. Through annuities, she has a generous monthly residual that will continue throughout her life span.

Remember, we once told you, everything that glitters isn’t gold!

This woman was/is involved with a celebrity, hint: His crew is scandalous.

Rumor has it, that one of the rapper’s East Coast women is so incensed about this ongoing indiscretion that she’s contemplating taking out a contract on this woman’s life, that way, the relationship will end permanently.

Who is the rapper?




Celebrities have public spats all the time. These two black male celebrities are currently having a public spat (can’t say what its about).  But, despite being linked to women, they met at an industry downlow event. The richest of the two men is a DL veteran, the other man is the newest member of this discreet sect.


He’s an a super rich black singer.  People know little about his scandalous excursions that involved two female relatives.

Despite being married at the time, this singer had sexual relations with two barely legal female relatives.

They accompanied him in a private jet, where they performed 1-on-1 and threesomes with the singer. They also had a plentiful supply of cocaine and ecstasy on board.

Their trips took them to Brazil, where they relaxed and hung out on Copacabana Beach, sipping exotic drinks.  Afterwards, the singer would contact a travel agent who specialized in discreet sexual tours for celebrities for a steep price.  The travel agent told the singer about a freak party going on in a Brazilian mansion.

The singer arrived with both women, they were swept up in a scene of debauchery and drugs.  The partygoers didn’t speak English but it didn’t matter, everyone had one thing on their mind, sex!

The singer also liked to take his girls on the sex circuit in the Dominican Republic, Acapulco and Miami.

After exhausting every sexual fantasy in his arsenal and making numerous sex tapes (that remain in a vault), the singer grew tired of the women but he was the first to admit, he had grown fond of them. So fond of them, that he pimped them out to two older industry icons.

One of the icons was on the verge divorce due to numerous problems which included women calling the house, telling his then wife that her husband gave them a non-fatal STD. Luckily, the wife left before she contracted a STD.

This particular icon was freaked out of his mind (sexually) by one of the female relatives, he would eventually marry her.

The other icon, married the remaining female relative.

Who is the super rich black singer?

Who is icon #1:

Who is icon #2:



She desperately needs money to keep up with her people!  Her sponsor cut her off and she needs a cash infusion!

She’s grown accustomed to a rich lifestyle (designer wear, whips, bling, bags, etc.) and she’s not giving it up!

She’s currently working with a man who could possibly put her career back on track.  Sadly, according to him, she’s allegedly sleeping with him-in return for his best work.

When his boys recently asked him about her, he allegedly responded “we’re not an item but I’m having sex with her.”  He considers her ‘a friend with benefits.’


During his reign, he was one of the top music producers in the game!  He continues to make a fortune off his publishing royalties (millions per year). Over the years, he’s written several standards and he’s worked with the biggest artists on the planet.

He’s also gay.

He was always attracted to college football player types and male models.  Allegedly, through his connections, he went to numerous college football games and ended up in the locker room afterwards where he discreetly propositioned football players.  His line was, “I’m rich, you’re gorgeous, I can take care of you until you’re drafted and you can take care of me now!”

A few players took him up on his proposal.  Allegedly, his most enjoyable sex game involved the men dressing up in their football uniforms or spandex biker shorts. He would put on music and instruct them to gyrate.  It’s always been rumored that he liked being “topped” by these football players.

He also had flings with male singers.

One of these black male artists (1980′s-early 90′s)has always been an undercover gay crooner. Some people have speculated that he’s gay but he’s never come out.

They had a fling.

Now, after digesting crack and alcohol, our music producer gets depressed and tells all all his business to anyone within earshot. He blames the crooner for allegedly giving him AIDS.

The producer doesn’t look the same due to crack, alcohol and the disease.

Who is the producer?

Who is the male crooner?



1. She’s non-black but she’s married to a black athlete. Very recently, she was given the impression (due to her husband’s actions) that he was completely whipped.   She was even bragging to family and friends, he has really proven his love for me and we will all benefit. Little does she know, he’s cheating on her with a Latina mistress he met last year. Not only does he spoil his mistress, he also gives her family money.
2. This very popular male gospel singer has a checkered past but that doesn’t stop him from verbally attacking gays. Interestingly, he’s known via the male trade sex market. Behind closed doors, he orders up homo-thugs.  His nickname among gay escorts: ‘The bottom.’ You don’t have to be a gospel fan to know who he is.
3. This reality star is part of an ensemble cast. Off set, her husband is making a fool of her.  She pays for everything, he steals money from her and he lavishes other women with gifts (on her dime). She’s always been attracted to low lifes. Before she got married, she was like a groupie to low down male rappers. Her colleagues couldn’t understand her attraction due to her profession.
4. When Tracey Edmonds dated Eddie Murphy, she chose to ignore the rumors. This overshadowed singer is doing the same thing. Unconfirmed rumors indicate-the man she’s dating is allegedly on the DL.
Parents, watch your children! Especially if they plan to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.
A particular mentor of a former R&B group (who has always been suspected of pedophilia) allegedly wanted parents to sign over their “parenting rights,” to him.  When a member of the group snuck off and got a girl pregnant, he exploded and ceased all contact with the girl and he ordered the group member not to pay child support!
Another man who also mentored a successful group is currently involved with with a number of men all over the country.
This goes back as far as the 1960′s where a black man (who is now one of the most powerful and wealthiest men in the industry) got a 16-year-old white female singer pregnant-three times, she had three abortions.  It was swept under the rug and her family was paid off to look the other way.
A hip hop star tries to give the illusion of being a womanizer, often photographed with numerous women. He has swagger and presence but in reality, he likes barely legal males.
He’s part of this sinister network-that protects their own.
A well known famous pedophile has resorted to going to minimum wage burger joints to lure underage girls (under 18), he also attends junior high and high school graduations looking for prey.
If that’s not enough, this famous pedophile along with closeted gospel singers patronize an overseas pedophile resort that offers confidentiality because they cater to the Rich & Famous.
All of these people,( including the pedophile resort) is a part of this sinister network. Protected by powerful people.
A large majority of the parents are paid off in cash.
Who is the 1st R&B group mentor mentioned?
Who is the 2nd R&B group mentor mentioned?
Who is the black man from the 60′s who got the white girl pregnant?
Who is the hip hop star?
Who is the famous pedophile?



Black Beauty:
From kindergarten to adulthood, she’s was always the prettiest girl in the room.
At a very young age, she realized the power of beauty and she worked on perfecting her head game.
She couldn’t wait to reach the legal age of 18 to show off her skills.
Sadly, at 15, she hooked up with a NFL baller. He impregnated her. She had a daughter. The daughter in now 23 and lives in Miami.  Mommy looks good for her age, so she hides her daughter away from the public eye. This has become a big secret.
Childbirth never slowed her down. This black beauty took Hollywood by storm in her heyday.
She appeared in a “Bad Boy,” video and dated the star of the video. She also dated a hip hop mogul.
She then, she moved on to a married rapper whom she met on a video set, she damn near got him to leave his wife but at the last minute he got cold feet and went back to his family.  This rapper is old school but he remains the sexiest in the game.
From there, she hooked up with a pretty boy who is allegedly related to the Sylvers family. While she was upstairs banging him, she had a professional baseball player waiting for her downstairs.
After the pretty boy went to sleep, she went downstairs and had sex with the baseball player.  Hint: His wife might have been involved in a scandal.
She was a kept woman for three separate sponsors: The bad boy rapper, the rap mogul and the baseball player.
She traded up for a Ferrari, she had an account at Cartier’s, a credit line at Neiman’s and a rented house in the Hollywood Hills.
This arrangement lasted a few years until the men got bored and moved on.
She bounced around Hollywood as an high priced mistress to a variety of black and white men, mainly producers and directors.
One day, she decided to set her sights on a very famous man who was rich beyond his dreams.  She did her homework on his likes, dislikes and favorite foods. She attended a culinary class to learn the art of cooking.
She became a great cook in the kitchen and a wild cat in the bedroom and a dime piece on his arm.
Within months, he proposed marriage.
She now lives a life of financial security and she had kids to sweeten the deal.
This woman in the ultimate manipulator!
We can’t reveal her husband’s field (giveaway).
Who was the Bad Boy rapper she dated?
Who is the hip-hop mogul she dated?
Who is the rapper who didn’t leave his wife for her?
Who is the baseball player?
Who is her husband?
Who is she?



She had him real young, this may explain his lack of values and horrific character.
This NFL player hates women with a passion and has no qualms about beating them in public or spitting in their faces.
He has a chip on his shoulder and is always in a bad mood. The leader of a NFL team (who met a tragic end) once hosted a bbq (for his teammates) at his mansion. Our bad boy arrived with a barely legal woman in tow who was attired in “hooker clothes.”  The NFL wives and girlfriends were appalled by her dress and were disgusted when he punched her in the face because she didn’t serve him his plate quick enough.
He was asked to leave.
Few people know that his mother dated a popular rapper.  This rapper made headlines regarding a family tragedy, his headlines were negative to say the least.
Our bad boy and his thug crew confronted the rapper at a mall.  He told the rapper, “I don’t like you smashing my momma motherf**ker, you hurt her, you die!”
The rapper continued seeing the mother until he had a fling with a woman, tragedy would strike the woman, the story made headlines.
Meanwhile, our bad boy continued to humiliate and degrade women; he also indulged in drugs. If he wasn’t a football player, he would be a serial killer targeting women.
Allegedly, he gets off on urinating on women, dragging them around by their weaves and making them get on all fours before using a belt on them.
He often tells his homeboys, “I hate bit**es!”
You don’t have to follow sports to know the subjects of this blind item. They all made headlines!
Who is the NFL abuser?
Who was the NFL team leader who met a tragic end?
Who is the rapper?



Over the years, several high profile black men have gone on record openly criticizing black women.
This particular black male celebrity (if you can call him that) is no exception.
I guess his black women criticisms don’t apply to his female cousins.
According to sources, he’s been carrying on with them for a minute, under the radar.
His fame impresses them despite the relation. He uses this to his advantage by introducing them to celebrities and giving them free concert tickets.
Before you throw rocks, you may want to clean out your own closet.
We can’t reveal what entertainment field he’s in, it would be a dead giveaway but this blind item shouldn’t be difficult to figure out.
Who is he?



*This blind item is a continuation of a prior blind item, follow the clues!
We’ve all heard the term, living a “double life.”  This man was living a triple life!
He’s married, and he’s also dating another stripper-on the side. He has her rolling in a silver Range Rover, he gave her $30,000 to put down on a residence in Buckhead and he keeps her on a weekly allowance of $4,000.  He also paid for her to attend cosmetology school in the daytime.  I wonder does he know about her cop boyfriend?
If that’s not enough, our famous man also likes young men, if they’re reluctant, he sets up a gay-for-pay situation for them. He’s known to get down with the rough neck thug types on occasion as well.
He’s also been spotted patronizing the male hustler stroll in the dirty south as well as the hustler stroll in Los Angeles.
His fantasy: To have a harem of young men at his beck and call.
Last year, he took a trip to Jamaica with two young men in tow.  They hit a sex club and a popular nude beach.  Later, another man joined the party, this man has been suspected of being a money launderer. From there, the party of four flew back to the dirty south to attend a workshop. The two older men acted like predators as they swooned over the young handsome men in attendance.
He’s also known in the Caribbean and the Dominican Republic, he’s always on the prowl for good looking young men.  He also has a reputation among gay adult stars.
Are two members of this secret society-men of the cloth? If so, who are they?



This once famous thug met the love of his life (she’s also in the entertainment industry).  Although she had broke up with her last boyfriend, our famous thug was still insecure.  He didn’t even want the slightest distraction, he wanted her all to himself.
Our famous thug allegedly visited the ex-boyfriend, the ex tried to convince him that-he was no longer interested in her.  For some reason, our famous thug wasn’t convinced.
He just couldn’t shake the feeling that his lady love would eventually get back with her ex, despite her denials and despite the fact that her ex had moved on with a new woman.
He couldn’t let it go, he allegedly became obsessed by it.
The ex was found dead, although his death was ruled one way, unproven allegations continue to circulate that our famous thug was behind his death.




Speaking of former NFL players.  This former black player is well dressed on TV, but after dark, his nickname is “Mr. Nasty.”  He’s considered disgusting and vulgar and he’s also anti-black woman.

He recently rented a suite in Las Vegas with another former NFL player.  His friend brought along two black women.  Mr. Nasty ignored them the entire evening and ordered up two blondes from a escort agency.

As soon as the blondes entered the suite, they automatically had an attitude with the black women.

After a few drinks, one of the blondes demanded that the black women leave.  An argument ensued and the blonde threw a drink in the black girl’s face.  At that point, Mr. Nasty shot up from his seat and told the black girls, “You heard the woman, get the fuck out!”

His male friend remained silent as the black girls left.

After they left town. The blondes started gossiping about them.

They were telling anyone that listened, Mr. Nasty and his friend were stone freaks, especially the friend, he paid them $8,000 to do a rear finger pentr***on. Meanwhile, Mr. Nasty smacked both of them around, that’s how he got off which isn’t surprising since it’s always been rumored-he’s a batterer.  Sex was an after thought for both men.



After being violated in the worst possible way, both men still continued to lay face down long after the perpetrators had left.  One weeped and the other plotted revenge. The stronger of the two told his bandmate, come on man, we got to be strong. When they both stood up, they both had trouble standing-they were still sore and could barely walk. It didn’t help that one of them had been pistol whipped and had a slight concussion.

They took turns taking hot baths. Instead of going to the hospital, they went over a group member’s house. After telling him what happened, he was speechless but told them, nobody, especially our fans can ever know about this, or they will start questioning our sexuality.  He then drove them to the hospital, both men had to be stitched up. Later, one of the men reported the robbery (for insurance purposes) but he left the rape out.

They may have recovered physically but they never recovered mentally. They chopped down as many groupies as they could to prove their masculinity. Before the rape, they smoked a little weed and sipped a little wine. After the rape, they became full fledged drug addicts and alcoholics, trying to dull the pain and the songs they submitted for inclusion on their albums were dark.

Both members still suffer from nightmares but over the years they have declined therapy. The double rape was covered up for a long time but this would explain a lot.

Oddly, the group member they confided in-after the rape-is allegedly gay-now.

The perpetrators were never caught.

Who are the group members?

Also, what old school legendary  group is featured in our second front page blind item: “The Tragic Downfall Of An R&B group”


Who is the black male celebrity featured in our blind item tidbit: Rich Famous Man Living Out Pimp Fantasies and who is the girl he’s pimping!

Who is the actor/comic chasing Trannys?

Who is the male artist that Marvin Gaye helped out?


Also, use this thread to comment on the “True Blood” finale.



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