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Vixen Amber Rose and reality television star Ray J reportedly have a romance bubbling despite her recent plea to reunite with estranged husband Wiz Khalifa. According to reports, Ray recently applauded Amber’s body and hinted at love being in the air.  In Related News: The second pic (above) shows Amber Rose with hair.


Music mogul Jay Z can finally breathe easy after winning big in a battle against a former Roc-A-Fella Records employee who held his music hostage. Details of Jay-Z retaining the masters for "The Life and Times of S. Carter," and "The Dynasty," albums surfaced this weekend.


What's going on with A$AP Rocky? The woman he allegedly b*tch slapped during one of his shows has dropped her lawsuit. Lisa Wade claimed the rapper smacked her in the face at a Philly concert in 2013, and filed filed a civil suit against him. According to the new court docs though, they've settled the suit. This usually means some money's changed hands but details of the settlement are being kept under wraps.  Now, it's being alleged that A$AP, became physical with another woman onboard a ship and threw her overboard.





Maybach Music Group’s Rick Ross recently talked about his status in the hip-hop game amongst music moguls Jay Z, Birdman and Diddy.

In Ricky Rozay’s opinion, he is a bigger “boss” than rap’s elite.

“I’m even a bigger threat than them. Because all the genius moves they’ve been able to pull off I’ve been able to watch and study from the sideline. I got to see some of these dudes make the biggest electronics deals, the biggest lifestyle deals, the clothing brands, whatever it may be, I got to see that before it was actually my time and I got to prepare and do what bosses do. Plot, big time. Remain war ready. And I think right now we in a position where in two or three years there won’t even be a doubt who the powerhouse is in this game.” (XXL Mag)

Jaden Smith is now wearing red flowers pinned to his hair? Is he channeling Billie Holiday who wore gardenias as her trademark?



TV Pick!


"The Following," TV series is riveting!  Michael Ealy has joined the cast and plays a brilliant, psychotic mastermind who happens to be a computer genius.  Don't miss! Catch up on episodes on demand or on Hulu.






Black Billionaire Excerpt/Affluent Report:




The luxurious Sky Lofts at the MGM Grand will be booked to capacity by celebrities and VIPS for fight weekend.  These lofts aren't advertised to the public. They're reserved for millionaires and billionaires.




Welcome to the height of decadence. Forbes 5-Star and AAA 5-Diamond-rated SKYLOFTS at MGM Grand is a boutique hotel experience like no other. Below is just a sampling of the amazing perks you'll receive as a guest at SKYLOFTS.




Airport transfers in a Rolls-Royce Ghost limousine.

Priority reservations at the Grand Spa and Cristophe salon.
Priority access to any MGM Resorts pools, cabanas, and bungalows.
One annual complimentary cruise on Royal Caribbean.
Special access to our day and nightclubs for you and a guest.


Your Spa Butler is at your service 24 hours a day during your visit. Select your pillow from a menu offering 15 different types of fill and firmness. Enjoy a hand-drawn bath with relaxing lighting, calming music, and your choice of tea. Your Spa Butler is here to transform your room into a personal spa retreat.


Huge duplex lofts with downstairs living rooms start at 1,400 square feet.
Big, gorgeous bathrooms with fancy showers and jetted soaking tubs.

In-room check-ins; no waiting in line.
Private Skylofts entrance and reception area.
29th floor lounge for cocktails and appetizers.
Small private cardio room, plus free access to fitness center and spa facilities at MGM.
Free water and soft drinks in the minibars.
Butler service to help with unpacking and drawing baths.
Celebrity guests.


As a SKYLOFTS guest, you have access to MGM Grand's gourmet restaurants.


Price: $1,200 per night.



In Related News:


An authentic Louis Vuitton face mask goes for a couple of thousand and are hard to find.  A limited edition (of the mask) was released last year and sold out quickly.







1. Taraji P. Henson is writing a tell all book. The book will also detail her life before she got into the acting field.


2. According to Patty Jackson: Tasha Smith's marriage to Keith Douglas fell apart amid psychological and financial abuse. When she couldn’t get pregnant, she was harassed. What happened?!! These two seemed so happy. Smith is trying to get the marriage dismissed with an annulment. Friends are talking about Douglas’ cruelty.


The jewelry he took from her, and how he went through her money. Even though Smith spent thousands of dollars on Douglas' kids, with cars and clothes, when the marriage ended his kids turned their back on Smith. Smith was left devastated last year. She'd just given him $50,000 only to have the court order later that she now needs to give Douglas $7,000 a month. Now published reports are talking about a cheating scandal with an “assistant.” Sources say Smith's heavy production load of three to four scripts at a time left plenty of time for Douglas to get into mischief. Smith had no idea she married a con artist who would take her money and break her heart.









Can you hate part of yourself so much that you want to kill people like you? And is that a hate crime?

Those are the questions being whispered at gay bars, asked behind tears in family living rooms, and maybe even being answered by the police force here – on the other side of Missouri from Ferguson – after the shocking and complicated death of 22-year-old Dionte Greene, who was shot and killed on the morning of Halloween in his still-running car, possibly by a “straight” man who may have agreed to meet him for sex.



On 30 October, Dionte Greene finished work before midnight to attend a “turn-about” party, where people show up dressed as a different gender. But before the party, Greene had plans with some “trade” he had been talking to online, several of his friends told me. “Trade” is a version of “on the down-low” – terms used within black LGBT communities to describe a man who doesn’t “appear gay” but who engages in sex with men unbeknownst to his family and most of his friends. Trade is a man you don’t necessarily trust – more of a risk than many are willing to take.

According to friends who saw his private messages, Greene had been in correspondence online with this “trade” for some time prior to their meeting, as the man apparently tried to decide whether or not they should meet up. The “trade” was very much on the fence about having sex with men, according to accounts of these messages, and he very much did not want his sexual secret to be found out. But something changed, and the “trade” agreed to meet up that night, Greene’s friends said.

When Greene arrived at the pre-arranged meeting spot in a quiet residential area just miles north of his home, he was on the phone with a friend who could sense that Greene was a little nervous about the meeting. As they spoke, according to other friends with knowledge of this conversation, the man started walking towards Greene’s car. “He looks just like his Facebook picture,” Greene allegedly said.

Moments later, Dionte Greene’s friend heard yelling. The phone line went dead. And Dionte Greene ended up with a gunshot to the face in the driver’s seat of his car.

In the minds of Greene’s family and friends, there is no doubt that he was murdered because he was gay – probably, they say, by the man he decided to meet. But in the eyes of the law – or at least law enforcement – that man’s alleged sexual interest in Greene means this killing and others like it cannot be considered hate crimes. One human’s self-doubt can be the end of another’s life.

Greene’s mother and many of the other people in Kansas City fear that since Greene’s body was discovered in a low-income, high-crime area that is predominantly black, his case will merely be classified as another crime against a black person by a black person – rather than a modern kind of true crime against a gay man who was also black, by a man who may have been afraid of the truth.


Five years ago, Henry Scott IV, was stabbed and burned alive. Birmingham White pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter in the case in 2011 and was sentenced to 15 years, plus an additional seven on a weapons charge. Multiple people in Kansas City’s LGBT community alleged that White was Scott’s lover but that White never came out as gay and that he killed Scott to keep him from outing him.


The morning Dionte Green was shot and killed, Coshelle Greene (his mother) had been “fussing at” him through the walls of their ranch-style home, from a room away, about cleaning up around the house. When he didn’t respond, she checked the living room where Dionte had been sleeping since moving back home. But Dionte never came home. So she called his phone, which went to voicemail.

And then came a knock on the door. “[I]t was the police and they asked me, ‘Does Dionte Greene live here?’” They didn’t tell her why – they just asked questions about the last time she’d seen her son, what kind of car he drove, if she had any photos of Dionte, like that. Questions about his sexuality never came up; they were never answered because they were never asked.

As the questions continued, Coshelle got flustered and finally refused to answer any more of them until the two officers told her that they had found her “baby."

They had.

Source: The Guardian







The darknet/deep web accepts at least 8 different cyber currencies including bitcoin and darkcoin. 


Allegedly, Olympic hopefuls are trolling the darknet for steroids.  One vial is priced at $115.00


There are now over a dozen boutiques (single vendor sites for illicit goods).  Some of these speciality shops sell pure or high grade cocaine, meth and molly to invited guests only.


A  central repository carries reviews of all darknet drug dealers (similar to Yelp on Google).


The most popular purchases outside of drugs and escorts are: Forged documents, secret foreign bank accounts, anonymous mail drops, money laundering and weapons.


The annual "Black Hat," convention in Las Vegas is the world's premiere hacking showcase and last year, one of the most anticipated talks would come from a pair of research scientists named Alexander Volynkin and Michael McCord.  They claimed they'd figured out a way to hack the Darknet.


Without warning, the speech was cancelled and details about the speech were scrubbed from the organizer's site.










We've always had black people among us that worked against us; blacks even assisted whites in capturing other blacks for slavery. And blacks have been known to work with outside groups and races to destroy us (still prevelant today). In most cases they did it for money, or some type of personal gain.

Whether it was the house slave that gave away the escape plan when the other slaves were trying to run away, or whether it was the black FBI agents and informants that worked to destroy black leaders and black organizations. Even today we have blacks among us that are destructive to our race.

Let's take a look at some blacks who worked to destroy black organizations.



Gene Roberts (pictured directory above) was the first black man to work in the NYPD intelligence unit.  He's known for infiltrating two black organizations (Malcolm X and the Black Panters) and he's considered responsible for the demise of Malcolm and the Black Panther Party.


Roberts would become Malcolm's head of security.


He would later infiltrate the NY chapter of the Black Panther Party of which Tupac's stepfather and mother (Afeni) were also members.


Despite being African American, this man took down two organizations that were aimed at uplifting the race and helping the race.


He was a traitor among his people.


Powerful elements within the government (according to Dick Gregory) set Malcolm X up to die out of fear that he and Martin Luther King, Jr. were forming an alliance.


A wire tap revealed that days before his death, Malcolm and Martin were trying to set up a meeting with each other. The purpose of that meeting was for the two of them to put together a human rights declaration, that they could take to the United Nation.


In Related News:


The rap industry is over run with black government informants posing as rappers, aspiring rappers or thugs hanging out with rap crews. 



John Ali was an undercover FBI informant. When the New York police shot up Malcolm X office he's the one that gave them the floor plan to Malcolm's office. Ali was once a close friend and aid to Malcolm.

John Ali was a member of the nation of Islam, and he was feeding information back to the FBI about the Nation of Islam. It was through him that the FBI knew a great deal about what was going on in the Nation of Islam. He rose to a high position in the Nation.

This is a picture of John Ali announcing Malcolm X suspension from the Nation of Islam.


William O'Neal was the black FBI informant (above-in front) that gave the police the layout to Fred Hampton apartment. O'Neal was Fred Hampton's bodyguard, and he used to live in the home with Fred Hampton. He's the one that drew the diagram of Hampton's apartment for the police, and he showed them which room was Fred Hampton bedroom. Hampton was one of the founders of the Black Panthers and he was staying in the home with another Black Panthers member -Mark Clark.

The police fired 100 shots into the house killing Hampton and Clark.

O'Neal said that the FBI normally paid between $300-$500 dollars when he gave them Information.


James Wormley Jones was the first black person hired to be an FBI agent and informant. He was hired to infiltrate Marcus Garvey organization. His job was to spy on Garvey and try to find evidence that could build a legal case against Garvey to destroy his movement.

FBI director J Edgar Hoover feared the success that Marcus Garvey was having in organizing large numbers of blacks. The FBI placed other blacks spies in Garvey Organization, in order to try and sabotage it. Hoover placed black informants close to Garvey, one of them was named Herbert Boulin (agent p-138) he got closer to Garvey than any other agent.

Hoover started out using white FBI informants to spy on Garvey, but that didn't work so he resorted to hiring blacks to spy on Garvey.

This is FBI informant James Wormley Jones, he was known as code # 800.

Lowell Arthur and Earl F. Titus are two other FBI agents and informants that were sent to spy on and investigate Marcus Garvey.



Melvin Cotton Smith was an FBI informant that infiltrated the Black Panthers and spied on them.



Louis Tackwood was also an FBI informant that spied on the Black Panthers.



Ernest Withers was an undercover FBI informant that traveled with Martin Luther King Jr, he pretended to be a cameraman for the Civil Rights Movement. He passed on pictures to the FBI along with names and background information about activities and details of schedules.  Withers is participating in a Civil Rights march with Martin Luther King, Jr. (Withers pictured above-far right)









Former NFL player Lawrence Phillips (pictured above) is the worst batterer in NFL history. He was recruited by the University of Nebraska. When the team returned from East Lansing, Michigan, he went looking for his ex-girlfriend, Kate McEwan, he found her talking to another football player and proceeded to drag her down a stairwell by her long blonde hair, he stopped abusing her when the player intervened. When Phillips was playing for the SF 49ers, he got into an altercation with a woman in nightclub. When he asked her to dance, she politely declined, Phillips responded by punching her in the face.


When he moved to Canada to play in the Canadian Football League, within months, he was wanted on another domestic abuse charge. Later that year, he was wanted for two domestic disputes in San Diego, one incident involved Phillips choking a woman into unconsciousness and Los Angeles police were seeking Phillips in connection with yet another domestic incident in Los Angeles. On August 21, 2005, Phillips was arrested for assault following a dispute with teens during a pick-up football game. Afterwards, he tried to run them over with his car. Fast Forward: In October, Phillips was found guilty of seven counts of assault with a deadly weapon (his car) and faces up to 20 years in prison. The sentencing date is on October 19th.




April 2015: Lawrence Phillips, the troubled running back who is remembered as one of the great busts in the history of the NFL draft, is accused of murdering his prison cellmate.

Phillips, who is currently serving a 31-year sentence in a California state prison for convictions on charges including auto theft and spousal abuse, has now been named as the suspect in the death of his cellmate, a convicted murderer named Damion Soward.

NBC San Diego reports that prison officials confirmed today that they believe Phillips killed Soward, who was found unresponsive in his cell early Saturday morning and died on Sunday. Soward was one of two inmates murdered in the Kern Valley State Prison over the weekend. The other victim, a 41-year-old man, is also believed to have been killed by his cellmate.

Phillips was a superstar running back at Nebraska who was controversially allowed to keep playing for the Cornhuskers even after multiple run-ins with the law. His NFL career was a disaster: The Rams drafted Phillips with the sixth overall pick in 1996, but he was a constant troublemaker off the field and a bad player on the field, and the team cut him after two disappointing seasons. He briefly played for the Dolphins and 49ers after that; his most notable play was a missed block that led to Hall of Famer Steve Young taking a blindside hit and suffering a career-ending concussion.

Phillips has been incarcerated at Kern Valley State Prison since 2008.






Teen Ruler King Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV, sits on his throne over leopard & lion pelts during his crowning ceremony in Fort Portal, Uganda on April 17, 2010. The young king had officially succeeded to the throne at the age of 3 when his father died of a heart attack in 1995, but coronation takes place only upon reaching adulthood.



In the late 60's and early 70's, Sam Napier was the distribution manager for the "Black Panther," newspaper. With Napier under the helm, he increased circulation to a mind boggling 400,000 per week.


In 1971,  Napier was found bound, with his eyes and mouth taped, and three shots in the back of the head (execution style).  He was pronounced dead at the scene.







Johnny Mathis was a great singer and a pretty black man, somewhat similar to Luther. There are many similarities in their styles, incredible abilities, theatrics and pretty man ways. Luther was much funkier and deeper in the pocket and a bigger talent (being a writer and producer) at a very creative time for black artists and superstars.



One of Nat King Cole's daughter had a serious crush on Johnny Mathis and badgered her father to help her get Mathis's attention.


Cole told his daughter that her affections were misplaced because Mathis was not interested in girls.


Luther Vandross fans want a "Behind The Candelbra," type of movie on him. This movie was a big hit among Liberace fans and Michael Douglas won an award portraying Liberace.



Back in the day, DeBarge opened for the legendary Luther Vandross.  Is it true that they almost got dropped from the tour (by Luther) due to substances and constant partying?




Ava Cherry is my real name,`` said Cherry, who in person is more down to earth than her stylized promotional shots might suggest. ``If you call my house, my mom will answer, `Mr. and Mrs. Cherry.`

``My image is my own,`` Cherry said. ``Of course, when you`re doing a photo session or you`re doing a video, you have stylists and people who are helping you out, but I never let those people take control of the situation. We work together.``

Cherry has taken control of her image and career ever since she graduated from Academy of Our Lady High School, on West 95th Street, in 1973. ``I decided I wanted to make modeling a career,`` Cherry said, and after putting together a book of photographs of herself, she went around to local agencies, soon discovering that her name was an asset rather than a liability.

``I had problems with my name as a kid,`` Cherry said. ``I told my mother and father, `When I grow up, do you mind if I change my name?` But when I started modeling, all the agencies said, `Keep your name. It`s the perfect name for an entertainer.` `` She landed work with the Geddes Agency in Chicago, among others, before deciding to move to New York to find bigger opportunities. There, she got a job as a cocktail waitress to support her modeling.

In New York, she met rock star David Bowie at a party in the Genesis discotheque, and her career took another turn.

Bowie, a standout at the party and resplendent in his ``Ziggy Stardust`` big red hair, asked Cherry to go on tour with him in Europe as a backup singer. He had overheard Cherry singing to herself at the party, and he liked her stylish looks. Cherry was attracted by Bowie and by the offer: ``I didn`t work as much in New York as I wanted to--I was with agencies such as Eileen Ford, Black Beauty--and I got minimal work. I was still highly visible, and I had lots of great friends, but I got sick of that scene after a while and decided I would go to Europe.``

Cherry, acting on impulse, quit her job as a waitress, gave up her apartment and moved back to her parents` home in Chicago to wait for Bowie`s 1973 tour to begin. But when she got home, she learned Bowie had left a message that the tour had been canceled.

``That was my first lesson that you shouldn`t count on things unless you`re absolutely sure they are going to happen,`` Cherry said. ``I took all the money I had and decided to go to Europe anyway and find (Bowie) and tell him what he did was low and tacky.``

She immediately left Chicago for Europe to find Bowie. While searching for fashion work there, Cherry dyed her hair platinum blond and started wearing ``the most outrageous clothes I had.`` Her strange style worked, Cherry said, and designers, intrigued by her outlandishness, treated her

``like a goddess,`` albeit, ``a goddess from outer space.`` Cherry began to obtain the upscale fashion work she wanted: French Vogue, trend-making Elle magazine, and fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent.

Cherry never developed the popularly conceived model mentality--continuous dieting, obsessive skin care. ``I was never one of those people,`` Cherry said. ``I`ve always had good skin; I got it from my mom. I also just make sure I dress well.``

Compliments and assignments came easy for Cherry as she made the rounds in the fashion circles of Paris, Milan and London. ``I would walk down the street, and fashion designers would stop me and say, `We need this girl, she is fabulous, magnifique,` `` Cherry said. ``But the whole time I was there, in the back of my mind, I kept thinking, `I`ve got to find this guy David Bowie.` ``

When she finally tracked Bowie down outside of Paris in 1974, he was so impressed by her persistence that he hired her to do backup vocal work. Cherry appeared on Bowie`s critically well-received records ``Diamond Dogs`` and Young Americans`` and went on tours with him to promote the albums.

Under the guidance of Bowie band mate Carlos Alomar, Cherry became a Buddhist, and she now says her unlikely relationship with Bowie, as well as her breaks in show business, ``had to be karma.``

Since working with Bowie, Cherry has toured as a backup singer for Luther Vandross, Chaka Khan and as the lead singer of GO, a band that featured Steve Winwood on keyboards. She has also modeled for magazines such as French Glamour and Italian Vogue.

When asked about the difficulty of looking good clad only in a snake skin, Cherry said, ``It`s not a whole heck of a lot of clothes, but it`s not revealing anything. From out of my modeling background, I`ve learned you can show a lot by not showing anything. You can give the illusion.``

Besides, Cherry said, ``This is the only city where somebody would mention that to me. In New York or Los Angeles or Paris they`d say, `You`re wearing too many clothes.` ``






Allegedly, an Italian (B) actor has always had a thing for black women. This actor isn't a superstar but he's well known.  Although he's known as (full) Italian, he's actually half Italian.


Rumor has it that he sexually assaulted a pretty black woman at the beginning of his career and another better known (superstar) Italian actor helped him cover it up.


Allegedly, the woman was paid off (six figures) and signed a document saying that she would never discuss the incident.


This B actor would go on to date an array of women; including black women.  Although he married a non-black woman; they later divorced.


He's now a senior citizen and he "may" have had a part in a film with an Oscar winning black actor in 2007.


This alleged secret was buried until now.


Hint: "NOT" Robert D.







Vail: (Black supermodel turned-intelligence broker/assassin-in-training)....

Ryder: (CIA agent who went rogue/current enforcer and assassin for an illegal spider network).

Andreas Xavier: (The General of an illicit invisible empire named "Shadow Syndicate." This criminal conglomerate is involved in every illegal endeavor known to mankind.

Dominique Desiree: (Superstar attorney who unwittingly gets entangled in a web of deceit & deception).

Also starring: Jacks (CIA), G-Mac (Weapons Specialist), Dayna (HIV Assassin), Lear (CIA/Hollywood Fixer), Nikki (Freelance Assassin), Phelps (3-Charley/Sweeper), Lauryn (heads a cocaine banking cartel) and Cartier, (Former Black Hollywood drug kingpin/International Fugitive)......

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