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Kerry Washington has admitted that her parents were terrified by her decision to become an actress and tried to encourage her to become a lawyer instead.

Snoop Dogg risked arrest by smoking weed in an bathroom at the White House.  Snoop claims he defied the security team and lit up a joint during a bathroom break.

"The Roots," Questlove has called Iggy Azalea's song "Fancy," the song of the summer and a game changer.  He goes on to defend her use of the n-word and says the people who complain are trolls.  He adds: "Iggy is proof that hip-hop has grown from it's comfort zone."

Robin Thicke and Paula Patton are selling their marital home.  Robin's dad Alan Thicke purchased the home in 1990 for $910,000. The home is currently listed for $3 million and includes a recording studio.

Zoe Saldana is three months pregnant.



*We apologize for the harsh language below but we wanted to publish this unedited.

by: Lena C.

It wasn’t that long ago when whores were looked down on and viewed as someone with no principles and very little (if any) self respect. Now, this type of behavior has become popular, acceptable and almost a norm in society. The whore is being celebrated and she has a large fan base. The most promiscuous women in television tend to become the most popular and whorish women are in relations with millionaire men.

You know the world has gone mad when a man will spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars at a strip club and brag about it. TMZ reported about two Atlanta strippers that made $4,000 in 15 minutes. Of course it was a rapper (Two Chainz) that paid them. He even put them on tour with him. That fact that a popular and national entertainment news show reported about this speaks volumes.

Rich men including, athletes, entertainers and executives are known to love whorish women and will pay large amounts of money to receive sexual favors from them. Some of these women purposely get pregnant so they can get eighteen years of monthly child support payments that many times reach five and six figures. These type of situations are noted by several high paid prostitutes who have written books about their lifestyle. Karrine “Super Head” Steffans became the most infamous of these women in recent years.

I thought I was the only one that noticed how whorish lifestyles have become “trendy” until I did a little research and found two intelligent black men who think what’s happening is happening on purpose. Their names are Black Dot and Professor Griff. Both of them are well known lecturers who lecture on a variety of topics including culture and history.

During an interview in Harlem, Dot and Griff were asked what they thought about the promotion of promiscuity and the stripper culture. Here’s what they said:

Black Dot: “There’s a game they’re playing with energy. So they’re going to counter the true positive feminine energy with the lowest essence of this particular energy. Sexual energy, we know, is dealing with all of these chakras on the lower end so they can keep that vibratory energy very very low and pay them Fiat money. Chuck D said attention is the new currency. That fact that people are paying attention to [whores] causes our true sisters to feel inadequate and they’re not being recognized by brothers. Brothers are paying attention to these strippers and proposing to them. I’m from the old school. We don’t do that. You don’t bring a whore home to mom.”

Griff: “I think they do this on purpose because it’s that time. The energy has to come back around…
You may call them whores, but a lot of them feel like they’re just playing a [role]. When they go back to their normal lives, they say, “That’s not me, that’s just what I have to do.” Well listen, it is you…if we loved ourselves, we wouldn’t have room for that. If the family was intact, we wouldn’t have room for that. The family consists of mother, father, child and the ancestors. Nothing in that says whore or stripper.”

The “they” Dot and Griff are referring to is the media. There are several television shows that promote promiscuous sexual behavior. "Scandal," which is one the most popular prime time series in the United States, is about a successful black woman who is sleeping with the president of the United States, who of course is married. The show is so popular that people, mostly women, are in disbelief when I tell them I don’t watch it. "The Haves and The Haves Nots," however, is a good prime time soap opera that I enjoy due to it’s variety of characters. But of course, the most popular character with viewers is the prostitute, Candice. That is, according to Tyler Perry (who wrote the TV series).

Reality TV is the perfect example of promiscuity gone wild. These women are nonchalantly exposing their promiscuous ways for the world to see. Why? Because it is now acceptable. The most whorish of the cast often becomes the most popular. A few examples are, Joselyn Hernandez from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, Draya Michelle from "Basketball Wives LA," and Kenya Moore from "The Real Housewives of Atlanta."

Men can be whores, too. In fact, they tend to be the worse. But there is a double standard associated when they do it, but that’s another subject.

Who someone decides to sleep with is their business, but when stripper culture and whorish behavior is promoted to the masses, it affects all of society in one way or another. Whores may appear to be winning, but in reality they’re losing.

Comments In Regards To The Above Article:

They have come off the side streets with stilettos blazing. Prostitutes are now on Facebook giving accolades to their pimps, showcasing their trick money and speaking about the greatness of the lifestyle. It's sad, oh so sad. Between whoredom being glamorized and the gay agenda, our society is going to hell in a hand basket doused in gasoline.

I know women who knowingly sleep with married men and are completely out in the open with it. It's really a shame. I also have seen women be very open with their promiscuity and pass it off as "fun" and "living life". I remember when stripping was exotic and sexy, but now it's trashy and slutty because the majority of women (and men) who strip also prostitute themselves.



by: Tom Slemen

In the eighteenth century, the English city of Liverpool became prosperous through the so-called "ships of shame" which transported millions of black African slaves to America and the West Indies. The rapidly-growing colonies of the New World were in need of a massive labour force, and the vile businessmen of England thought that the black men, women and children of Africa could fulfil the demand for workers. Around 10 million African slaves were shipped across the Atlantic in appalling conditions.

Each slave was confined to a space in the ship's hold which had less room than a coffin. They were shackled to one another, and therefore had to wallow in each other's dirt for months on end. Not surprisingly, fever, dysentery and a high mortality rate were commonplace on the slave ships during the hazardous voyage from Africa to the western side of the Atlantic. Sick and dying slaves were regarded as a dead loss to the slave-sellers, so many of the kidnapped Africans suspected of being ill were thrown overboard to be eaten by the sharks. In November 1781, a Captain Collingwood of the slave ship called the Zong ordered his men to take turns in throwing 133 slaves into the ocean. Just a few of the poor souls jettisoned into the shark-infested waters were ill, but Captain Collingwood thought the cruel measure would be an effective way to conserve the ship's fresh water reservoir.

Against this evil backdrop of cruelty and disregard for human life, the following strange tale unfolded. It began in the year 1783, when a Liverpool slave ship called the Amelia took its captured human cargo from the port of Old Calabar in Nigeria. Among the men, women and children who had been abducted and taken by force from their country, there was a young boy of 13 named Abu, and his uncle, Obah, a partially blind, grey-haired old man who curiously knew a little English. During the Amelia's voyage to the West Indies, the boy Abu suffered a fit, and his uncle Obah called out to the crew to give his nephew water. The old man's frantic request fell on deaf ears, and so he and a number of other slaves down in the hold started to rattle their chains in protest.

The master of the Amelia, Captain Mallard, was enraged, and he had the protesting slaves brought up on deck, where they were subjected to lengthy flogging sessions. The 13-year old boy Abu was also flogged, and fainted. His Uncle Obah threw himself over the boy and begged the captain to give the child water. Obah struggled to explain who the boy was, and through an interpreter, he stated that young Abu was prone to strange fits which gave him visions. The child was the only son of his tribe's witch-doctor, and that if he was not taken back to Nigeria, a terrible curse would fall upon the captain of the Amelia. When Captain mallard heard this, he grabbed the boy by his ankles and started to swing him around. The boy screamed, and his elderly uncle cried out and tried to attack the captain.

Suddenly, Mallard let go of the child and he went headfirst over the ship's rail and plunged into the waves. There was an uproar of protest from the slaves below deck who had witnessed the captain's cowardly and callous act. The murmuring below continued for a while, and angry eyes full of hatred stared up through the slits in the deck's barricado. The old man Obah sobbed, and was promptly taken down into the hold and chained up again. As the shackles were put on him, the old man pointed an accusing finger at Captain Mallard and said, "Curse you! Curse you captain and family!"

Ten months later, all the slaves from the Amelia had been sold; all except the half-blind slave Obah. Old slaves were almost impossible to sell, and old slaves who could hardly see could not be given away. Obah, therefore, was taken to Liverpool and offered to anyone who would have him. He was put on exhibition on the steps of the Liverpool Custom House. Obah was adopted by a well-to-do couple from the Calderstones district of Liverpool, named George and Catherine Hughes. The couple looked after Obah until he died ten years later from a fever.

Not long after Captain Mallard's return to the port of Liverpool, bad luck and weird occurrences seemed to haunt him and his family. His eldest son Matthew, who had a cottage overlooking the shore at Formby, went insane after telling his wife that an enormous black dog with glowing red eyes had stalked him during his evening walk through the sand dunes. The hound was jet black and left no tracks in the sand as it chased after him. Matthew's wife watched him turn into a shambling nervous wreck over the next few days, and ended up deserting him. Matthew Mallard was later committed to a lunatic asylum.

Weeks later, Captain Mallard was awakened in the middle of the night at his Duke Street home when he heard a strange drum beating in the distance. Even his neighbours heard the strange thumping sound, but no one could tell where the noise was coming from. Three nights later, the infuriating rhythm of the drum ceased abruptly at precisely 4.15 a.m., and Captain Mallard later learned that his elderly mother in Frederick Street had died at that exact time after screaming out once in her sleep.

A month later, the same eerie drumbeat disturbed the sleep of Captain Mallard once more. This time he awoke in his four-poster bed to find his wife lying in a pool of blood beside him. She had suffered a life-threatening miscarriage and almost died as a result.

Then something chilling took place one Sunday after Mallard had been entertaining a Captain Slater at his Duke Street home. Mrs Mallard found a strange object on the mantelpiece of the drawing room. She thought it was a doll's head, but when she picked it up and inspected it, she saw that it was too lifelike and had a hideous quality about it. She screamed and threw it in the fire. Captain Mallard retrieved the object from the glowing coals with a pair of tongs, and saw to his horror that it was the shrivelled head of a real human. It was one of the so-called shrunken heads, which are allegedly used by shamen and witch-doctors as a black magic talisman. Mallard thought Captain Slater had planted the head in his drawing room, but Slater swore that he had never set eyes on the shrunken head before.

Mrs Vaughan, the maid-of-all-work in the Mallard household, later reported hearing the sound of the strange drum again, and said that she had been having vivid nightmares about a black man's grinning face painted with white stripes.

Captain Mallard decided to go back to sea in an attempt to get away from the ghostly goings-on at his Duke Street home.

Mallard captained a vessel called the Moonrise which was bound for Littleton, New Zealand. Mallard was to bring back a consignment of wool and frozen mutton from New Zealand, but his ship later vanished without a trace. Twenty-six years later, a British ship called the Horizon caught sight of a large sailing vessel drifting off the coast of Chile. As the ship drew nearer, the crew of the Horizon could see that the vessel was apparently unmanned, but stranger still, the masts and ragged sails of the ship were covered with thick deposits of a green mold. On the prow, faded with the weather and the passage of time, the crew of the Horizon could see the name Moonrise.

A boarding party from the Horizon investigated the apparently abandoned ship, and when one man jumped onto the deck, the timbers had decayed to such an extent, they crumbled beneath him. The other men hauled their colleague out of the hole and walked carefully around the deck. In the captain's cabin, a skeleton in ragged clothes was found, and the atmosphere had an intense putrid smell. Thirteen more skeletons were found elsewhere on the Moonrise; they had all presumably died from some sickness long ago. The captain of the Horizon inspected the damp, mouldy pages of the ship's log-book to examine the last entries but the ink had become too blurred by the moisture to be legible.

Suddenly, a loud groaning noise echoed down the length of the Moonrise, followed by a loud crack. The captain and his men hastened onto the deck and watched in horror as the main mast crashed down into the waters. In a state of panic, the men rushed back to the lifeboat and rowed like mad. As the boat moved away, the ship with the 'skeleton crew' started to break up. The remaining two masts toppled onto the Moonrise and within seconds, the rotting ship started to sink at the stern. The men of the Horizon rowed away just in time to avoid being sucked down with the rapidly sinking vessel.

When news of the strange discovery of the long-lost ship reached the ears of Captain Mallard's wife, who was now in her 60s, she took a turn and fainted. She told the doctor treating her that her husband had been cursed to death for killing a witchdoctor's son, then became incoherent. The doctor administered laudanum, but Mrs Mallard broke out in a sweat and her eyes rolled about. At the minute of her death, which came at 3 o'clock in the morning, seven people attending her sickbed heard the howl of a dog out in the street.

The strange tale was reported in the local newspaper, and when Mr and Mrs Hughes - the couple who had looked after the old slave Obah - read about the discovery of Captain Mallard's old ship and the ensuing sudden death of his wife, they knew that the witchdoctor's curse had done its work.



At the peak of his career, Teddy Pendergrass dated Pam Grier, LaToya Jackson and Dionne Warwick but nothing serious developed.  According to Pendergrass, they were all wonderful ladies, but there were times when he honestly wondered if being famous meant that you dated other famous people just because you could.

Pendergrass first meant Marvin Gaye in Lexington, Kentucky, at one of the few dates that Pendergrass opened for him.  Marvin was his idol.  Backstage at the coliseum one evening, Pendergrass knocked on the door.

"Hello," he said. "I'm Teddy Pendergrass and I just wanted to meet you."

Marvin was a soft-spoken gentleman.  "Come on in and sit down. Let me introduce you to my wife, Jan."

Like many people who knew Jan, Pendergrass thought she was beautiful.

Marvin and Teddy talked for a while and clicked.  Marvin was open and kind. Pendergrass admired his stage presence and how he commanded a audience.

Marvin and Teddy were both viewed as sex symbols and the promoter chose Teddy to open in a conscious attempt to make the date more appealing to women and it worked.

Pendergrass says he respected Marvin immensely and was honored to be on the same bill.

Offstage, Pendergrass got to know Marvin and Jan fairly well. Accompanied by whomever Pendergrass was dating, he visited them several times in their California home and Marvin was always friendly.  Pendergrass never got the impression that he was a threat but that would later change when Pendergrass would start dating Marvin's estranged wife Jan.

Betrayal at its finest.

Later that summer, Pendergrass opened for the Isley Brothers.

They didn't hang out but got along well enough.

Pendergrass was backstage when he got word that his latest album was certified platinum.

A few people congratulated him but he got a different vibe from the Isley Brothers.

One of them came into Pendergrass's dressing room and said in a icy nonchalant tone: "Oh, your album's platinum, huh?"  Like it was no big deal.

One night, the Isley's threw a lavish party in a penthouse of the NY Hilton.

Later that night, out of the blue, the Isley's informed Teddy that they were canceling the next date and his services wouldn't be needed.



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