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Ray Donovan and Olivia Pope are fictional fixers on TV where they do damage control for Hollywood stars and politicians.

In real life, fixers can find and obtain (hard to find) pharmaceuticals, miracle drugs and non-FDA approved drugs.

Click the above image to read about: Little known treatments and drugs used by celebrities and politicians to maintain their health.







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by: Myra Panache



Ryder and Vail are an assassination team. Vail started off as a black supermodel in Europe with a rich sponsor. She fell into intrigue via a friend who was connected to a shadowy think tank and before long she became an espionage broker.

She met Ryder through friends, and they became a couple. Ryder would eventually become a rogue assassin and take Vail on as a pupil, teaching her everything about weaponry.

Their recent assignment was to eliminate three targets: Kit, Hunter, and Dominique who were all gathered at a restaurant but Lear’s spy crew got wind of the plot and were trying to prevent it from happening.

Nikki and Phelps were fast approaching as Ryder and Vail were preparing for the kill.

Minutes Earlier:

Although Ryder heard faint footsteps approaching in the distant, instead of looking around (a second time) and informing Vail, he decided to concentrate on the intended targets in front of him: Kit, Hunter, Dominique, and Cartier.

Ryder and Vail had been parceled out to cancel three of the targets; the fourth target (Cartier) was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Ryder told Vail he would take out Kit, Hunter, and Dominique; Vail’s assignment was to take out Cartier.

In perfect unison, Ryder and Vail gently squeezed their trigger fingers on their Heckler & Koch PSG-1 Sniper rifles.

Ryder counted down, 3….2….1


As promised, Ryder shot his three targets, all in the head. They fell to the ground as restaurant patrons screamed and ran towards the exits. The restaurant was in total chaos. Despite this, Cartier scrambled around on the floor. When he got to Dominique, he held her in her arms, saying, “I’m so sorry!” He touched her neck and feeling a faint pulse he whispered in her ear, “Hang on baby, please hang on!”

Lear was outside calling for backup when she heard the gunshots. She rushed back in the restaurant, but the carnage stopped her in her tracks. Dominique, Kit, and Hunter appeared to be dead on the floor from head wounds. She rushed to them. She couldn’t find a pulse for Kit and Hunter, but she found a weak pulse for Dominique. She used her radio to call an ambulance.

She looked around. Cartier was nowhere in sight, but he couldn’t have gotten far. She ran to the back exit, out to an alley. She looked both ways but didn’t see him. She heard sirens in the distance as she returned to the restaurant.

Cartier had survived because Phelps had shot Vail’s sniper rifle out of her hands.

At this moment, Vail looked around and saw Nikki and Phelps approaching on foot, guns blazing.

Ryder turned around and returned fire. Over gunfire, he shouted, “Vail, do you have on your Kevlar?” She nodded. He said, “Good. This is what we’re going to do. I want you to cover me while I run for the SUV, light their asses up, unload on them! We’ll be safe when we get in the SUV, the windows and tires are bulletproof. From here, we’ll go to the safe house. I need to take side roads because they’ve probably already called in the make and model. I removed the license plates earlier.” Vail said, “I got your back!”

With Vail returning fire non-stop, she managed to keep Nikki and Phelps at bay. They couldn’t get an angle on Ryder; the bullets were flying everywhere. As they ducked behind big boulders and shrub, Ryder was able to scramble to the SUV. He got in, roared up the engine. As the SUV approached Vail, Nikki and Phelps resumed fire. Ryder rolled down the window and yelled, “Get in now!” Vail kept shooting as she backed her way into the SUV and they sped off.

They were never seen again.



Cartier and Lauryn Allen are African American siblings who resembled younger versions of Vanessa Williams and Phillip Michael Thomas. At one time, Cartier was the drug supplier for black Hollywood. He used drug money to put his sister through college where she excelled in international finance. Lauryn became a money laundering wizard for practically every drug cartel in the world, including her brother's. 

Lauryn came on the scene at the right time, a decade after the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) had shut down. Up until then, BCCI had the monopoly on money laundering. BCCI had over 400 branches in 78 countries, and assets in excess of US $20 billion, making it the 7th largest private bank in the world.

BCCI was also accused of opening accounts or laundering money for figures such as Saddam Hussein and the Medellin Cartel as well as two intelligence agencies. BCCI became the focus of a massive regulatory battle in 1991, and, on 5 July of that year, customs and bank regulators in seven countries raided and locked down records of its branch offices.

Lauren's boyfriend and protecter Miguel Lopez, was an global arms dealer with worldwide connections. He helped expand Lauryn’s Cocaine Banking Cartel on an international scale.


Lauryn and Miquel were entertaining business associates at the waterfront estate in Florida. In the distance, a trained Patagonian ferret was rolling Cuban cigars containing the world’s rarest types of tobacco.

Normally, Lauryn didn’t come face to face with potential clients, but these men were offering her huge sums of money.

One of the business associates, Taylor Lloyd, headed a phantom death squad. He employed ghost unit jackals (assassins) on different continents. Lloyd also dealt in gold bullion. One heist netted him three tons of bullion valued at $50 million. The heist was successful because Lloyd’s crew used infrared LAD’s pinned on their lapels which created a blur that blocked their faces from surveillance video; these LAD’s weren’t even on the open market. Lloyd also dealt in counterfeit coins and he collected bitcoin. And Lloyd was connected to an ex-contractor who stole jet fuel to sell on the black market. Lloyd was interested in hiring Lauryn to launder his money.

The other business associate, Shay Michaels, used his specialty race car business as a front for a lucrative drug trafficking scheme. He wanted to hire Lauryn to launder his illicit funds. Michaels was greedy. His business charged clients $100,000 to build custom race cars, yet he always needed cash. His addictions: Lamborghini motorcycles, yachts, private jet rentals, exotic locations, rare luxury cars priced at: $5-10 million dollars, etc. Michaels also collected expensive art.

Lauryn had read both men’s dossiers before she had agreed to meet them. Both men had a genuine love for fine wine (which she provided) and expensive cuisine. She had the chef serve a giant bluefin tuna – a fish so rare and prized that a whole bluefin can reach $396,000 at auction.

Lauryn also knew that both men were jazz enthusiasts and connoisseurs. She contacted her concierge and arranged for the delivery of four front-row tickets and backstage passes. She would dress incognito as she accompanied Miquel and the two clients to a concert featuring Dave Koz and Boney James.

Later, she arranged for the men to take a midnight cruise. The men sipped brandy and smoked Cuban cigars – handcrafted by the ferret.

When they returned to the mansion, the smooth sounds of Miles Davis played in the background as they got down to business. The deal was brief. They agreed to Lauryn’s terms before they retired to their separate suites.

Lauryn continues to diversify her black market empire. She’s currently involved in illegal oil trafficking with the help of Miquel’s shadow syndicate, which includes his nephew, Desi. Lauryn is also dealing in counterfeit medication, including black market pills for alcoholism and male birth control pills. But Counterfeit Oxycondin is her biggest seller. One pill is manufactured for $6.00 with a street value of $80-$100 dollars per pill. Lauryn also joined the Black Peso Exchange Network, which launders $5 billion dollars of drug money for Colombian cartels on an annual basis. And she still has money laundering associates in Cyprus as well. Cyprus is an eastern Mediterranean island. The island used to be a hotbed of Cold War intrigue, as spies converged at the crossroads of three continents, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Cyprus was also once known as a money laundry, gun-running, cigarette smuggling, arms trading, sex slavery "fantasy island."

Cartier is laying low and is devastated about Dominique Desiree’s condition. He checks her diagnosis on a regular basis.


The Spy Crew Of Lear: (CIA/Hollywood Fixer), G-Mac (Weapons Specialist), Jacks (CIA), Nikki (Freelance Assassin), Dayna (HIV Assassin), Phelps: (Sweeper) sat around a conference table for a daily briefing.

Lear got up and spoke; she said, Lauryn and Cartier are on the back burner for now. And the hunt for Ryder and Vail has become a low priority.

Our new and only priority is to bring down the elusive and mysterious Maestro.

Interpol is also looking for him.

Maestro (real name Donny Freeman) is an African American man who has never been photographed. He’s currently involved in adult films, sex trafficking, drug trafficking and he’s pushing more weight than BMF (Black Mafia Family) in their prime. He also has a diamond chop shop where he recuts the gems and put them in a different mounting so they can't be identified. He then resells the diamonds.

Regarding membership to one of his darknet sites, you have to be referred or invited. There is an extensive registration process which includes questioning and an 1-on-1 online meeting with a harsh site director/administrator. This person lays out the punishment for breaking the rules. The monthly membership is $500 dollars in bitcoin. This site auctions off sex trafficking victims to the highest bidder.

And he’s involved in illicit/fantasy websites, arms trafficking and a hip-hop label that he uses to launder money; after he closed the label, he hired Lauryn to launder his money. He’s gotten more sophisticated over the years; he’s currently into illegal stem-cell harvesting and trafficking in rare blue diamonds and rumor has it, that he’s invested in something that could shake up the world and we’ve been hired to shut it down.

He communicates with his lieutenants through closed-channel phones, impossible to intercept. He’s a ghost, and his current whereabouts are unknown. The only address we had on him was located in Monterey Bay, to be more specific, the Monterey Dunes Beach Resort. He occupied a cottage on a secluded private beach. When we moved in, he was gone! We later tracked him to a Sun Valley ski lodge where he liked to jet ski. Again, he was gone when we arrived.

His second in command is an African American female mercenary/assassin named Honey West. She’s been parceled out all over the world and has never been arrested.

Our job is to bring this organization down by any means necessary.



Dayna Silva was a dark Brazilian beauty with a perfect figure, 38-24-36. Actors, moguls athletes, and rock stars pursued her from coast to coast.  She was currently dating a rapper, named Chase.  She was also college educated.

Dayna lived and breathed hip-hop, she demanded and received $25,000 per video, and she attended all the hip-hop functions. It was not unusual for her to attend a party on Friday, shoot a video that evening, fly to Vegas on Saturday, shoot a layout, fly back to New York and dine on a yacht.

Dayna was named one of the “50 Most Beautiful People” in the world. An overseas publication named her the “Sexiest Woman In The World” and a men’s magazine asked, “Is this the most beautiful black woman in the world?” She was alluring, and she oozed sex appeal, her dance skills were extraordinary. Her career was on fire!

Dayna’s rapper boyfriend (Chase) became a fitness nut and started shooting steroids.

Dayna’s mother became ill. She wanted to donate an organ to save her mother but the doctor told her: Miss Silva, you are incompatible with your mother for an organ transplant. Dayna said, but she is my biological mother.  The doctor said, I spoke to your mother, she informed me that two heartbeats were detected before your birth, but she only gave birth to one child, you. Ms. Silva, I believe you are a surviving twin, and that you are a ‘Chimera.’ Dayna’s voice quivered as she said, Oh my God. She regained her composure and asked, what is a Chimera? The doctor replied, a Chimera is-twins who fused at an early stage of the pregnancy to form a single embryo, you develop two DNA strands (which makes your DNA untraceable), that’s why you’re incompatible with your mother.  Now the bad news, Ms. Silva, I’m sorry to inform you, that you are HIV positive.

Dayna would later learn that her boyfriend gave her HIV.

Lear (whom she had met at a baby shower a year earlier) would later recruit her as a HIV assassin since her DNA was untraceable.

Her job was to seduce enemies of the country and purposely infect them with AIDS.

In the last few years, she had intentionally infected a dictator and a diplomat with HIV, both men were deemed a threat to national security, they were no longer a threat after their medical status was leaked, both had dropped out of the public eye.


Before the briefing had ended, Jacks took a long look at Dayna; and noticed that she appeared distracted throughout the entire meeting. Jacks, with G-Mac in tow, decided to confront Dayna in the hallway. “Are you okay?” she asked. “You seemed to be preoccupied in the meeting.” Dayna replied, “Yes, I’m okay. Thanks for your concern, but I may have to go off the grid for a day or two.”

After she walked away, Jacks turned to G-Mac. “I don’t feel good about this. Let’s follow her.”

Dayna had walked to her car and checked her phone. She’d missed a text from a contact named “Dimitrije.” Dimitrije left three words: “MEET ME NOW!” Driving across town to East Los Angeles, she pulled up to a nondescript motel, walked up the stairs and knocked on the door.

Dimitrije opened the door and looked nervously around before ushering her inside. Dayna sat down.

Dimitrije handed her several files on Anonije Bronislav, a former war criminal hiding out in Los Angeles. This man and his army had raped and killed Dayna’s favorite Aunt. Bronislav had also slaughtered Dimitrije’s entire family.

Dimitrije told Dayna, “You will have only one chance to kill this animal. It’s his birthday tonight. My contact told me he will be hosting a private party. Here is the address and here is additional information on this monster.”

Dayna took the files and went to her car. As she quickly scanned the intelligence, one thing stood out; it was all she needed. She had only two hours to put her plan in place. She couldn’t rely on infecting him with HIV. That would be too slow of a death. She wanted this bastard to die quick.

She went into a natural food store and came out with a small bag. Next, she went home and got out one of her sexiest outfits. She took time to do her makeup. When she left, she looked like a million bucks.

She made it a point to get Bronislav’s attention. Before long, one of his enforcers invited her to his private table. It was all so easy. Bronislav told her she was beautiful; she thanked him. They danced, went back to the table and drank champagne.

After everyone had gathered around to sing Happy Birthday, she made her move. When Dayna planted a big wet kiss on his lips, his big smile instantly turned into a mask of horror as he fell into a seizure. Everyone panicked and she slipped away, but not before one of his lieutenants followed her out to the street. He screamed, “Hey, you, stop right now!”

Dayna picked up her pace. Out of nowhere, a car came speeding towards her – it was Jacks and G-Mac. “Jump in!” Jacks yelled. Dayna slammed the car door as gunfire erupted and Jacks sped off.

G-Mac turned around and asked, “What the hell was that about?” Dayna panted, “Long story short? I just killed a war criminal. He murdered my Croatian aunt. My contacts alerted me that he was in the area; his dossier said he had a severe peanut allergy. I went to a health food store and bought a tube of lipstick made with shea nuts and butter. After I kissed him, it was lights out!” I assassinated a mark without using HIV, a gun or a knife.

The next day’s headline: “War criminal dies in L.A. club. A man identified through fingerprints as war criminal Antonije Bronislav died of an allergic peanut reaction last night.”



Tiffany (Jacks) Jackson moved to North Compton with her mother. Her father had died of heart disease. Jacks was close to her neighbor, Garrett (G-Mac) McDonald. G-Mac had major gang affiliations, Jacks found herself attracted to him, he looked like a cross between LL Cool J and Tank. 

As a teenager, Jacks lost her best friend Lay-Lay to murder. A rapper named Key-Low murdered her after she clowned him in front of his boys for disrespecting her.

Just before graduation, Jacks was approached by a representative from the CIA. The agency was interested in recruiting her in the capacity of a mathematician, one of the most sought after positions in intelligence. Jacks passed all of her background checks, and she was granted low-level security clearance. She adjusted quite well to her new position. She gained experience in code breaking and logistics. She was a rising star in the intelligence community, and she made important contacts throughout the world. Over the next year, she moved her mother out of Compton and into a condo, and she purchased a BMW. On the weekends, Jacks visited her mother, and she would visit G-Mac in prison (on weapons violations). She always put money on his commissary account, and she gifted him with necessities. G-Mac always looked after her; now it was time to look after him.

One afternoon, the past came back to haunt her. She was listening to her favorite hip-hop station; an on-air personality was interviewing Key-Low, the hottest rapper in the country. Jacks was preparing to turn the dial until she heard the lyrics of his new song, where he was bragging about killing her friend Lay-Lay. She now had the connections to take him down.

She hired a freelance assassin named Nikki Campbell to kill Key-Low.

From that moment on, the women became good friends and Nikki would eventually join the spy crew.

Jacks would be instrumental in getting G-Mac out of prison, and she would have his prison record expunged. Jacks also got him a job as a weapons specialist with a government agency. 

They would later marry and have three kids.

One of their daughters would be killed by a R&B singer (Kendall) who moonlighted as a pedophile serial killer. The crew punished him by taking out his voice box; ending his singing career. He was sentenced to a long prison term but escaped. He planned to hunt each team member down and kill them until Nikki murdered him.


G-Mac and Jacks’ kids gave them an anniversary party. All of their friends were invited, including the crew: Lear, Nikki, Phelps and Dayna.

They had a blast, dancing to the live music of a band that covered Motown classics, eating BBQ and playing volleyball in the backyard.

After the party ended, G-Mac asked the crew to stay; he wanted to talk to them privately.

Off the books, G-Mac was able to gather more intel on Maestro. Allegedly, Maestro has invested in an animal brothel in Germany where twisted people can live out their sexual fantasies with animals. And his sex party division hosts Mandingo parties in major cities. This same network just launched in Washington D.C., after gay party promoter Dean Johnson was murdered. Johnson had a monopoly on sex parties until his death.

Nikki asked, who’s Dean Johnson?

Jacks replied I retrieved this online article written by Ken Layne, Jacks proceeded to pass out the article:

“Dean Johnson was a six-foot-six bald-headed HIV-positive meth-using porn star and glam-rock frontman known for his New York parties.

He was found dead in D.C., and his unidentified corpse sat in a local morgue for days before being identified.

According to the New York Post, Johnson was routinely visiting Washington to run “weird sex parties” for an unidentified Saudi millionaire.

E-mails from Johnson’s computer reveal he’d been going to D.C. regularly “to set up weird sex parties for a wealthy Middle Eastern man who remains unidentifiable. It’s all very suspicious.”

Johnson’s friends in New York suspect he was murdered. He was reportedly watching “Cruising” on DVD — the movie about murdering gay prostitutes for kicks — just before his death. He was the second person to die in the same apartment within a week.

Allegedly, rich and powerful men attended these parties.”

Phelps replied: Wow, I guess Maestro gets in where he fits in.

G-Mac said I’ve never seen anything like Maestro before and I still can’t figure out how he’s been able to operate under the radar for so long? I also heard that he attended a “staged hunt” in Europe on a billionaire’s estate. They released prisoners into the woods and 24 hours later, the invited guests take rifles and hunt them down like animals.

Dayna said, I’m shocked this country let a black man get this powerful and untouchable.

Lear said, since Honey West came aboard, Maestro has been diversifying and expanding like crazy. This chick has a reputation for being lethal; she has the capability of killing you without leaving a mark on your body, and she can murder you in a variety of ways. We have a few photos of her, but nothing recent. She’s known to change her appearance. She has an address in Philly and hides in plain sight; she’s even on our membership board (Panache Report). She uses (one of the pics we have on file) in her siggy. I only saw her comment once.

G-Mac added, Maestro also has a FV (Forensics Virtuso) on payroll.

Dayna asked, what’s a FV?

G-Mac took a deep breath and said, good question and I’m surprised the government allowed the TV show “The Blacklist,” to do an episode on FV’s because this particular occupation is above top secret. Only one FV exists on this planet. Here’s the transcript.


Their rate is $5-$10 million per case, depending on the case.

A FV relies on science to transform one person into another.

If a celebrity, mobster, criminal or fugitive wants to disappear without a trace or be assumed dead, they hire a FV. FV's also plant cloned DNA at crime scenes.

Scenario: You are a mobster, and you want to fake your death. The FV collects your medical records, DNA, dental records, tissue samples, and salvia. The FV then selects a random person who is similar in appearance via height, hair color and eye color. The FV abducts the look-a-like, drugs them and transforms into the client physically via hair color, colored contact lenses (if needed), etc.

The FV then injects the synthetic DNA of the client into the look-a-like, and he removes white blood cells, replacing them with red blood cells. He also implants teeth or scales down the teeth to match the client's dental records. Matching tattoos can also be applied.

And then the look-a-like is murdered. In the course of the murder, the hands are removed, torched or applied in acid to prevent accurate fingerprints. Since a FV averages 1 case every 10-12 years, and a different MO is used regarding fingerprint removal-the cases are never linked.

The DNA and dental records lead authorities to believe the victim is the mobster. And the mobster is declared dead when he is really alive after undergoing plastic surgery to alter his looks and if he doesn't undergo plastic surgery, people will just consider him a mere look-a-like since the mobster was officially declared dead via the media and he never has to go on the run as a fugitive and can live in peace throughout his life span.

A FV protects the guilty.

The only way this scenario can be detected is through a bone marrow which reveals that the DNA is not a natural match, but a synthetic match but autopsies don't include bone marrows.

The crew was speechless after reading the transcript.

G-Mac closed the meeting by saying. The only way we’re going to bring Maestro down is to focus on Honey West. Hopefully, she can lead us to Maestro.



Philadelphia has a rich musical history:

Tammi Terrell, Teddy Pendergrass, Boyz II Men, Lola Falana, Patti LaBelle, the Delfonics, Blue Magic, the Stylistics, Sister Sledge, Phyllis Hyman and Jill Scott just to name a few.

And Honey West loved researching and reading about Philly’s past and present superstars.

Honey was the daughter of Charles and Doris West.

She was their only child, and was spoiled rotten; like a Princess.

Her mother was a stay at home mom, and her dad was rumored to be in Philadelphia’s black mafia. He was a big time racketeer who dealt in drugs, contract murders, money laundering and loan sharking. He was a feared man in Philadelphia.

Charles was in attendance at the “Harlem Club,” in 1972 when a mob hit took place. According to Philly, Tyrone “Fat Ty” Palmer was one of the most consequential heroin dealers on the Eastern seaboard in the early 1970s. For reasons that remain debated, on April 2, 1972, Palmer was visited by five Black Mafia members as he enjoyed the music of Billy Paul from a stage-side table at Atlantic City’s iconic Club Harlem. The shootout that followed resulted in the deaths of Palmer, his bodyguard, and three women in their company. Charles escaped injury, but he remained cautious and hired additional security.

Honey’s mother was a socialite and was always busy with charity events.

The family lived quite well, in a gated community surrounded by exotic cars and luxurious toys.

A week before Honey’s 13th birthday, Charles had booked Biggie for a private party. Clowns, trampolines, acrobats and exotic animals were also hired for the festivities. But before that, he arranged a tour of “The Philadelphia International,” record company for Honey. Honey was awed by all the gold and platinum albums that lined the walls.

A few days later, Honey and her best friends Porsche Ransom and Ava Miller were counting down the days until her birthday party and were devastated when they got word that Biggie had died in California.

The party went on but a sadness lingered in the air.

Throughout her teen years, Honey began to resemble Whitney Houston and like Whitney; she also stood 5’9.

She was also athletic yet feminine.

During her senior year in high school, she joined the ROTC, a martial arts school, and a kickboxing class; she loved to work out while listening to the Patty Jackson show on the radio. Afterward, she would be famished and go to Dalessando’s for a cheesesteak or Warm Daddy’s for soul food. Honey was currently in a relationship with Bryson, who belonged to the boxing club. This relationship was serious until she caught him cheating and ended it.

Around this time, Porsche (a Pilar Sanders type) was recruited by a major modeling agency. Unlike other modeling agencies, this agency didn’t have a secret division where rich and famous men could come in and go through various model portfolio’s looking for the perfect date for a movie premiere, industry party or celebrity gathering; these secret divisions also supplied pretty models to decorate parties for a fee. Closeted gay celebrities also used this division to book “fake” girlfriends.

One day, Honey, Porsche, and Ava were at the Franklin Institute (Science Museum) when Honey’s uncle Kyle came running in, he told Honey that there had been a family emergency, and she needed to come with him. Porsche and Ava told her, call us when you get home; hope everything is okay.

Honey learned that her father had been murdered; it was a mob hit by a rival crew. She was inconsolable. She had always been closer to her dad than her mom. Her father had left them financially secure, and she was able to stay in private school and after class activities.

Nearly 1,000 people attended the funeral of Charles West, and Ava performed a solo.

At school, they all joined a Black Ski Club. Honey and Ava excelled whereas Porsche lost interest.

Around this time, Ava became the homecoming queen.

Honey would later join a gun range and became an excellent marksman.

Just before graduation, she was secretly recruited by the Navy Seals. The public had no idea that the Navy had a secret program to train and dispatch female Seals.

Honey passed her training and went on secret missions.

She also learned how to assemble and disassemble a gun and rifle blindfolded. And she was taught to hold her breath 2-3 minutes underwater. She was also an ace at hand-to-hand combat.

Honey was captured on one mission. She was able to withstand torture because as a child she was diagnosed with “congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis,” or CIPA — a rare genetic disorder that makes her unable to feel pain. “

She was rescued within 24 hours.

After she left the Seals, she joined an elite espionage school where she sharpened her skills on weaponry, poisons, and languages. She also learned how to parachute out of a plane and land with both feet on the ground.

From there, she became a contract killer/mercenary for hire.


After graduation, Porsche’s modeling bookings increased.

Meanwhile, Ava went to work for a global management consulting firm headquartered in Philadelphia. This firm also had an intelligence division. The firm had a reputation on Wall Street for secrecy. Partners did not carry business cards, and clients were referred to by code names to enforce client confidentiality. The company won clients by boardroom referrals rather than marketing. And the firm provides advisory services to Fortune 500 businesses, and governments. The firm has 60 offices in 37 countries and 6, 500 employees. The firm grosses 3 billion per year.

Ava worked in the intelligence division and became a top information broker for a variety of clients seeking information on classified matters.

Ava would make contacts across the globe. Over time, many of her close associates and friends were employed the espionage and security fields.

She became untouchable and never had to worry about ‘reapers.’ A reaper is an espionage cleaner who undertakes kill orders to murder romantic interests or friends whose operatives may have confided in. Ava fits this category. But she was so well liked, she became immune to reapers.

She was also a well-respected singer who performed at Philly’s top nightclubs in the evenings.

All three ladies were doing well in their careers.


One evening, the ladies decided to attend a Philadelphia 76ers game. Porsche had secured a skybox.

The ladies garnered a lot of male attention. They had always been known as the ‘pretty girl crew.’ And their looks hadn’t diminished over the years.

Porsche was also known to charter a plane to San Francisco to eat at one of her favorite restaurants (Forbes Island-an underwater restaurant on Fisherman’s Wharf ; the restaurant dispatches a water taxi to retrieve you at Gate I).

Honey’s favorite pastime was shopping, she was always decked out in designer wear, handbags and shoes.

Ava was naturally pretty with a Chante Moore flair.

Her favorite color was purple and she preferred silver jewelry over gold jewelry, she stood 5’7 and ate Hawaiian rolls with each meal. She was a woman of few words and had a mysterious allure and aura. On her off days, she loved to curl up with a good book alongside her Maltese poodle (Mr. James) while Heatwave and Alexander O’Neal played in the background.

Meanwhile, the three women were enjoying the ambience of the skybox which included their very own wait staff.

They nibbled on sushi, steak, crab nachos, roasted chicken, caviar and sea bass.

After the game, they loaded up in Porsche’s Mercedes and headed to the piano bar where Ava had a late show.

Ava performed the standards in front of a captive audience; they gave her a standing ovation after the show.

After Porsche dropped the women off, she told them, don’t forget our trip tomorrow, we fly to Malibu at the crack of dawn, so get a good night’s sleep.

As Porsche drove home, she came to the conclusion that this trip would be good for all of them and the timing was perfect. Ava had just broken up with a White House staffer, and Honey and Teddy were off again, and Porsche had just broken up with an actor.

The next morning, all three women boarded a plane at the airport.

They arrived in Malibu to attend an industry party. Since Porsche knew the gay producer who was giving the party, he agreed to let the ladies stay at his mansion located on the Malibu Colony which is a one mile stretch of beachfront property which sits 100 homes, side by side, adjacent to PCH (Pacific Coast Highway). These homes are populated by celebrities, billionaires, sports superstars, Saudi’s and politicians.

The ladies arrived by limo and were blown away by the opulence and luxury. A butler escorted them to their rooms.

Later, they joined (Guy) for lunch. This flamboyantly gay producer made a fortune with a string of box office smashes, and he loved to surround himself with beautiful women of all races, they were like the sisters he never had.

While he entertained the ladies with his lively conversation, a gay pool party was going on outside while his personal chef cooked ribs, links, steaks, chicken and brisket on the grill.

The night of the party, the women met some of the most famous people on the planet. They had a blast, dancing, socializing and flirting and trading numbers with an array of gorgeous straight men.

They managed to stay away from the drugs on the premises.

Guy encouraged Ava to sing; she took the opportunity to sing a few Mary J. Blige and Anita Baker covers. Everyone enjoyed the performance.

The next morning, over breakfast, they watched a film that hadn’t even been released to the public on Guy’s Prima System.

Prima Cinema created an elite club that turns your home theater room into a personal AMC, with a sleek black box that allows you to rent movies that are only available in theaters.

Members pay a $35,000 fee for the hardware and then $500 for each rental -- $600 if you want 3-D.

Members have two categories to choose from 'Coming Soon' that shows the upcoming films with its release date, synopsis, and trailer.

The system is assigned to one client before it even leaves the factory and their fingerprint is registered to it, which means they are the only one who can rent a movie. 

Clients simply browse to the on-screen 'Now Showing' carousel, to decide which film to watch, and swipe a fingerprint to securely purchase.

Films are purchased on a pay-per-view basis but remain available for purchase for as long as the film remains available in public theaters.

Later that evening, Guy, his boyfriend and the girls dined at Giorgio Baldi (Rihanna’s favorite Italian restaurant) in Malibu.

After dinner, they hopped in Guy’s Bentley and traveled down PCH towards his yacht. As they were cruising down the highway, Guy pointed out the infamous Marijuana Mansion. The mansion was owned by a millionaire who made a fortune selling fertilizer. He loved throwing parties with beautiful female guests. The parties always featured a buffet of anything you desired. He even had people in the kitchen making homemade ice cream. There were several bars on the premises, including a marijuana bar where girls in bikinis rolled blunts and reupped your bong load.

Guy and the girls arrived a hour later at the Alamitos Bay Yacht Club. This is where his yacht was docked. Everyone exited the car. They relaxed and had drinks aboard the yacht. The ladies were discussing, what would be their next trip as a trio. Honey said we should go to the UAE Derby in Dubai where sheiks race their colts, or the Cannes Film Festival or possibly the Sundance Film Festival next year, or maybe we should go see Serena and Venus play at Wimbledon. Ava and Porsche pondered Honey’s suggestions.

Guy was originally going to lease a private jet to return the girls back to Philly but at the last minute, he decided to book them on the luxury rail usually reserved for the super rich.

These private rail cars are unconventional, lavish and classy and caught on fast with the elite.

The luxury rail includes five star chefs, luxuriously furnished suites, showers, first run movies, solid gold fixtures in the lavatories, etc. Other patrons included royal families, a soccer superstar, and a corporate raider.

The women returned to Philly exhausted.



When Honey returned from Malibu, she wanted to stay on vacation, and at the last minute, booked a trip to her favorite vacation spot, Mallorca, Spain.

She arrived and rented a $1,000 per week villa.

The next day, she attended a wine and steak tasting at Forn de Sant Joan, which included food sharing across tables.

Later, she went Scuba diving on Cala Torta Beach.

The remainder of the week included a crab lunch while sailing and attending the annual jazz festival at Cala d’or resort.

Vendors sold delicious French oysters and sobrasada sausages at the jazz festival.

Later, she stopped by the Farmers market and marveled at the fresh fruit and vegetables.

When she returned home, she logged onto her favorite site: Ava and Porsche had referred Honey to Panache Report.

After reading the front page, she lurked on the Facebook (comment) page. She would later subscribe to the Panache Report YouTube channel which housed short films on (Black Hollywood Conspiracy Theories, Scandals, Intrigue, and Mysteries) courtesy of their digital studio.

She was also a member of Panache Report’s (Pay-Per-View) video library which is unavailable to the public; this was where the most scandalous and notorious entertainment videos were housed.

On occasion, she ordered high-end food from their gourmet (5 star) butcher. She was also a chosen subscriber to their secretive “Ghost Network Newsletter.”

And she ordered custom leather jackets from the Panache clothing line. She received numerous compliments when she rocked the red/black leather jacket.

Suddenly, the doorbell rung, she logged off, went to the door to find a delivery man affiliated with the elite air cargo plane she used to deliver her favorite food from the U.S. He had one cooler and a small package, she signed for the delivery and took the cooler and package inside.

She opened the cooler first, inside was (1) dry aged trimmed filet mignon, (1) 36 ounce dry aged rib steak priced at $70, 1 lb. of wagyu hamburger meat, and a slab of smokehouse apple bacon. She then opened the small package to find Ugandan coffee beans.

She prepared her steak and grazed it with black truffle butter. She also prepared a side salad.

The steak melted in her mouth.

The next morning, she baked bacon slices, grinded coffee beans and ate a boiled egg.

After breakfast, Honey put on her backpack, got on her rented bicycle and rode into town to rent a car (convertible Alfa Romero).

She drove the Alfa Romero towards Serra de Tramontana to explore the beautiful mountains and scenery. She had a chance to explore the mountains by vintage train or a boat ride, but she preferred the car. This way she could listen to her favorite music by Drake and Nikki Minaj with the top down.

After Honey returned the rental car and biked home, her satellite phone started ringing as soon as she put her backpack down.

It was Grayson, her handler.

He informed her that she had a New Year’s Eve job offer of $250,000 to assassinate a prominent figure in Rio de Janeiro Brazil, but she would have to leave Spain in 2 days. After Grayson supplied more information, Honey agreed to take the job and hung up.

She then called her friend with benefits (David) who lived in Mallorca.

He arrived with flowers and wine.

Honey lit the fireplace.

David had a taste for hamburger, so Honey prepared wagyu cheeseburgers topped with crispy onions.

After dinner, they retired to the bedroom.

In the morning, they shared a 36 ounce dry aged steak (seasoned with a homemade steak rub) with scrambled eggs, mixed with cheese, green onion, and bell pepper. Honey also made circular home potatoes with diced onion and sprinkled them with cajun seasoning.

David prepared mimosas with orange juice and champagne ice cubes.

They enjoyed the breakfast and kissed each other goodbye at the door.

As soon as David left, Honey started packing and left Spain a day early.

As soon as Honey touched down in Brazil, she retrieved her luggage and found a black SUV with tinted windows waiting curbside courtesy of Grayson.

The SUV took her to a 5 star hotel on Copacabana Beach.

She went to her room and unpacked.

Later, she agreed to meet a friend who resided in Brazil (Sinclair). Honey made sure to take her translation earpieces in her purse because Portuguese was not one of the languages she had learned in espionage training.

Honey and Sinclair embraced warmly in the lobby before they headed out to dinner.

Honey wanted to show off her earpieces, so she inserted them in her ear when the waiter approached to take their order.

Without a hitch, the earpieces translated the waiter’s Portuguese to English in real time, and she was able to hold a conversation with him after they ordered.

Sinclair was impressed.

The women caught up on old times. Sinclair was currently running safe houses for US agents in Brazil and she was undergoing extensive training for upcoming missions.

They had met at the elite espionage school.

When Honey returned to the hotel, she studied the dossier and photos of her target.

Her eyes grew tired, so she decided to go work out in the hotel gym.

While lifting weights, she strained her right lower arm; this was the arm that held her trigger finger, not good.

Honey returned to her room and tried to ice it down, it relieved the pain but not for long and she refused to take pain medications because her mind had to be clear when she eliminated her target. There was only one option.

She called Sinclair and had her track down a weapons supplier named Skorpios who operated in South America. Skorpios was a global arms dealer who traveled the world selling assassin kits to snipers, hit men, mobsters, and drug enforcers. Skorpios also sold tanks, rocket launchers, SCUD missiles, helicopters and anti-aircraft missile launchers. A customer could also order a fighter plane or a 300-bed hospital from his darknet site.


When Honey got Skorpios on the phone, she told him she had an urgent matter and was willing to give him a $5,000 bonus if he could obtain and deliver a $22,000 Paradigm SRP Talon sniper rifle to her hotel room via an underworld courier. $27,000 awaited him.

Skorpios got on it, and within 8 hours, an underworld courier delivered a sniper weapon in a large gift box wrapped in ribbon.

Honey quickly assembled the ‘remote control-sniper rifle.’

The next night, she stuffed it in a huge duffel back and left the hotel.

She hid in the shadows, did recon and discreetly picked the lock of a vacant building and climbed to the roof.

She found a perfect angle and gingerly took out the rifle.

Since she couldn’t hold the rifle in her sore right arm, she angled it where it was pointing across the street.

A theater across the street was showing the last show of “Phantom of The Opera,” suddenly, Honey’s thoughts were interrupted when a black limousine pulled up. Two beefy bodyguards got out and looked around.

When the back limo door opened, Honey grabbed her remote panel. She recognized her target as he stepped out.

The gun has a built-in laser range finder, compass, environmental sensors to gauge wind speeds, inertial measurement unit, ballistics computer, and a networked tracking engine.

Honey locked a laser on the target and then pushed a button on the remote panel, and the target’s head exploded upon impact.

The bodyguards pulled out their guns and were looking around nervously and upward but by that time, Honey had put the remote control rifle in her duffel bag and was gone.

In the cab, Honey thought, that was an easy as playing a video game, she then instructed the driver to take her to the nearest shanty town.

Honey had tears in her eyes as the driver approached the Shanty Town.

She saw people who looked like her living in a squatter area of improvised housing, called shanties or shacks, made of plywood, corrugated metal, sheets of plastic and cardboard boxes. Such settlements are usually found on the periphery of cities, in public parks, or near railroad tracks, rivers, lagoons or city trash dump sites. Sometimes called a squatter, informal or spontaneous settlement, a typical shanty town often lacks proper sanitation, safe water supply, electricity, hygienic streets, or other basic human necessities.

Shanty towns are mostly found in developing nations, but also in some parts of developed nations.

The people gathered around as Honey exited the cab.

She then went into her duffel bag and gave out stacks of cash to everyone who approached her, until she ran out.

The elders smiled; while others cried and a few screamed out bless you in their native language.

She got in the cab and directed the driver to her hotel.

Before she took a nap, she called Sinclair; they agreed to meet later to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

It was a warm night as Honey and Sinclair walked across the street to Copacabana Beach for the New Year’s Eve celebration.

New Year’s Eve festivities in Brazil includes more than 30,000 fireworks launched from 11 barges anchored off its tropical coastline.

Each year, 2 million revelers usher in New Years on Copacabana Beach.

After the countdown, celebrations and festivities ended, Honey and Sinclair said their goodbyes and walked in opposite directions.

Six months later, Grayson called with a job in Switzerland.

This time, Honey made sure to pack her cell phone with two lines (two separate numbers). These phones are popular with covert types and field agents.

Thanks to Honey’s ‘Global Entry’ status, she didn’t have to wait in lines at the airport. Politicians, professional athletes and other notables also use this process.

Global Entry is a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) program that allows expedited clearance for pre-approved, low-risk travelers upon arrival in the United States. Members enter the United States through automatic kiosks at selected airports.

Honey never carried firearms through customs. Instead, she purchased guns from various international weapons dealers when she arrived in the country she was traveling to and then she disposed of the weapon after the job was done.

After Honey checked into her hotel and got settled, she studied the dossier of a female who sat on the Swiss Federal Council.

Later, she disarmed the alarm at the targets home.

She waited patiently until the target arrived.

Honey pounced, and came up behind her in the kitchen and clasped a wire around her neck.

The woman squirmed and tried to take the wire off, but she was no match for Honey’s upper body strength.

The woman finally went limp.

Honey staged the crime scene to match the MO of a serial killer operating in the area who strangled his victims without sexual contact.

That evening on the news, as she expected, the killing was blamed on the serial killer.

Honey decided to stay in Switzerland a few extra days. She wanted to hit the slopes.

Honey arrived in St. Moritz the next day.

St. Moritz is an alpine resort town in Engadin Valley.

This town has hosted the Winter Olympics twice.

Surroundings include: Luxury hotels, favored by aristocrats and the wealthy and the streets are lined with high end fashion and jewelry boutiques, ski clubs, restaurants, and bars.

Sailing and windsurfing are also popular on Lake St. Moritz.

Honey purchased a sky lift ticket to the aerial tramway suspended on two track cables with and additional haulage rope in Engadin.

She finally hit the slopes (Swiss Alps).

The training she received at the Black Ski Club really came in handy as she maneuvered on the fresh powder racing downhill; similar to a scene from a James Bond movie.

The next day, she decided to attend the Montreux Jazz Festival on the Swiss Riviera; the most prestigious jazz festival on the planet, located on the Lake Geneva shoreline.

This year’s line-up included: Anthony Hamilton, Kem, LaLah Hathaway, Maxwell and Sade closed the show.

A few days later, she returned to Philly, and got a call from a blocked number. She picked up the phone and didn’t recognize the voice.

A man, who introduced himself as Clem, told her, his shadow network was willing to pay her $1 million per year with a signing bonus and company car if she would stop working for Grayson and come work for the company he represented.

Honey became uneasy.

She was on the verge of hanging up when the man said, your employer will be “MAESTRO.”

Honey’s heart skipped a beat, everyone in the underworld had heard of Maestro.

He was considered the black Keyser Soze and was never photographed; basically he was a phantom who headed a shadow network of illicit activity that netted millions around the globe.

Clem told her, she would be in an administrative capacity if she accepted his offer and train new recruits (contract killers) and on rare occasions, she would be parceled out to execute contracts. She would also overlook logistics and do recon on specific assignments. And she could work from her residence in Philly. And she would be taking his place since he was retiring.

He added, maul over the offer, I will get back to you in 7 days.

Honey hung up and called Ava and said, let’s do lunch tomorrow.

Honey arrived at Ava’s.

Honey greeted her dog and said, Hi James! The dog didn't respond or look at her until Ava told her; you have to refer to him as (Mr.) James. Honey tried again, hi Mr. James; the dog started wagging his tail and approached her. She patted his head.

They then proceeded to catch up on episodes of “Power,” on Ava’s DVR although Honey preferred “Empire.”

After watching the shows, they went to the dog park; she noticed that Mr. James only played with well-groomed dogs, and when he wasn't playing, he sat on the sidelines with a regal posture. They left the dog park to go to a gourmet (dog food) store because Mr. James refused to eat store bought dog food. Honey asked Ava, did a royal give birth to this high-class dog? Was he born in Dubai? Ava started laughing.

Honey took this opportunity to ask Ava about Maestro.

Ava, you’ve always been a secret-keeper/confidant for espionage and security types, your instagram page is populated with fixers, politicians, perception managers and celebrities.

So I’m guessing you will know the answer to my next question.

I received a strange call yesterday from a man named Clem saying he represents Maestro. He says they want to offer me a job within the organization.

Do you know anything about this or is this a sting?

Ava replied, Honey, you’ve been in their crosshairs for awhile, they finally reached out. This isn’t a sting. You can proceed.

Later, the two women had dinner at Barclay Prime.

Six days later, Clem called again, and Honey accepted his offer.


A few months later, Porsche informed both Honey and Ava that she would be relocating to Los Angeles.

After Porsche relocated, Honey and Ava still heard from her, but rarely saw her.


Earlier, Honey West had assembled several drivers to take different routes to various cities to deliver drugs and weapons. Honey communicated with the drivers through play station which was untraceable, and she didn’t have to worry about an electronic ambush.

One driver (Tavares) loaded up a car trunk with cocaine and weapons. Honey had instructed him to make a delivery to Los Angeles. On the way, Tavares made an unscheduled stop and picked up a second man named Pope. Tavares was paying Pope to help with the drive.

Maestro and Honey were unaware of this and would have frowned upon it.

Pope got into the car, and they headed to Los Angeles.



Up until now, Pope had only committed two crimes in his life. He used to host a site on the darknet selling illicit bundles of fake Cuban cigars. He got unbranded cigars from the Dominican for $20; he then applied a facsimile of Cuban cigar bands to each cigar in a copy of a Cuban cigar box and sold the box for $250. He transferred the proceeds to an overseas bank account; this bank also accepted bitcoin payments. But after Silk Road got shut down, he disabled his account. And he once wore a latex spy mask (of a white man) to commit a liquor store robbery with a relative.

He was saving money to move his family out of the hood and provide for them on a grand scale. He once considered going straight and becoming a flight attendant for travel benefits but the lure of the streets was too strong.

Pope’s family lived near 3rd street in San Francisco; the neighborhood where he had grown up was getting rougher by the minute.

Whenever he was in San Francisco, he always got food from his favorite three spots: Frisco Fried, JJ’s Fish & Chicken and Queen’s Louisiana Po Boys on San Bruno Ave. Pope loved fried seafood.


On the road, Tavares and Pope were bumping to Lil Wayne, Kendrick, Desiigner, T.I. and smoking blunts until they arrived in Bakersfield at an all-night diner.

Tavares gets out of the car to stretch, his happy mood changes when he sees the black waitress (Renee) talking and laughing with a white guy at the counter.

Tavares tells Pope, will you look at that, she ain’t nothing but a sell-out!

Pope told him, man, why does that bother you? You only date white women.

Tavares said, it ain’t the same!

They went into the diner and ordered burgers, fries and sodas to go.

Tavares had an attitude with the waitress but she ignored him which infuriated him more.

They took their food to the car. After they finished eating, Tavares told Pope, look over there, our sell-out waitress is taking a cigarette break.

Without warning, he jumps out of the car, goes over to her and gets into a heated argument. Pope is shocked. He jumps out of the car, but not in time. Tavares suddenly strikes the waitress with a fury of punches and then drags her behind the building near a dumpster. He rips her clothes off. Pope tries to pull him off; Tavares starts shouting, get your hands off me! I’m handling my business.

He became too strong for Pope to contain, Pope was tossed aside, and Tavares started raping her, she started screaming (the jukebox inside drowned out her screams) he then started hitting and choking her.

After he finished, he pulled a gun on Pope and said, join in on the fun. Pope was terrified but complied after going in his back pocket and pulling out a pack of condoms.

After Pope finished, they left her for dead, jumped in the car and sped off.

After they pulled out of the lot, the waitress managed to get her cell phone out of her apron and call 911. She gave a description of Tavares and the car but passed out before she could tell them about (Pope). An ambulance arrived a few minutes later and rushed her to the nearest hospital.

Meanwhile, Tavares continued smoking blunts and listening to rap. Pope was quiet and somewhat disturbed by what had just happened, but Tavares interrupted his thoughts and said, you participated, you ain’t no better than me. Pope became outraged and said, you pulled a gun on me, what was I suppose to do?

A few minutes had passed when Pope asked him to pull to the side of the road so he could take a leak.

Pope got out on the passenger side and found some bushes behind a tree.

Just then, he heard sirens, kneeled down, and peeped over the shrubbery to see the cops pointing their guns at Tavares through the driver’s window and asking him to step out of the car.

Tavares was reluctant, but he raised his hands and got out of the car.

They asked him about the scent of weed on him and about a rape, he played dumb. When they asked him to pop the trunk he got nervous.

Without warning, he reached for a gun; they opened fire, killing him.

Pope was speechless.

The area was roped off as a crime scene, and when the trunk was popped, they found Maestro’s drugs and weapons.

Pope continued to lie still in the bushes, until the last police car left.

He walked the back roads (by following the compass on his cell phone) until he reached a bus station.

He took the first bus back to San Francisco.

Around the same time, the waitress (Renee) positively identified Tavares as her rapist and was relieved that he was dead but she told authorities there was a second man. They looked at each other in surprise and told her, when we caught Tavares, he was the only one in the car, maybe the medication is playing tricks on your mind and your rape kit revealed one DNA sample, we did a rush and it matched Tavares. She insisted that it was a second man who wore a condom, but they disregarded her information and closed the case.

Back in the bay area, Pope kept a very low profile; he even cut off his locs and became more clean cut. And he registered at a community college and excelled in political science.

Neither Maestro nor Honey could ever find out that Pope was in that car or he would be held responsible for the lost drugs valued at $500,000. He would be expected to pay the full amount. And he was from the same area as Maestro; he was all too familiar with his deadly reputation. And if Maestro knew he accompanied Tavares on that trip, it’s also a chance that he would dispatch his top killers Lang and Bishop to murder him.


Maestro (the quintessential man of mystery) awoke angry on his 120-acre private island in the Virgin Islands, a fortress nestled on a hilltop. You could only access this island by plane or boat and you were greeted by armed guards at the gate. The windows in the main house were fitted with ordnance-proof material.

Ordnance proof material is laced into thickened window glass for political limousines and for political mansions, where a membrane distorts your image portrayed to the outside world (to throw off potential assassins, law enforcement or stalkers).

You can be standing in the middle of your living room but the image projected through the glass has you seven inches to the right. Later, at another spot in the room, your image would be nearly a foot to the left.

It constantly changed so no one can draw a perfect bead on you.


It was also rumored that Maestro had a personal submarine on the premises, and he whisked around town in a single-seater Lamborghini Egoista (pictured above-both pics).

The Lamborghini Egoista has a unique one-seat cockpit, which is similar to that of a modern fighter jet. Maestro had quite a collection of single-seater sports cars.


He also cherished his Bac Mono (above). Only 29 were made and this car is marketed to the super rich. Like the Egoista, it’s ideal to take on vacation if you’re traveling by private jet or private yacht. Both cars are priced at $150,000 dollars.

Maestro lived with three women (Black, Latina, and Asian). He was a collector of beauty (like Prince Rogers Nelson). Whenever he took them to dinner, shopping or out of town, he always had a limo on standby.

He also collected Chopard watches and made personal calls from a “millionaire” cell phone which is activated by your fingerprint. This phone is on par with satellite phones.

Maestro was the recent member of an elite private aviation company where members have to be worth $2 million or more. With seating for 8 and onboard wi-fi, a full-service luxury concierge program is also available to members. Featuring: Access to sought after restaurants, sports events, concerts, clubs, and so much more. He used this aviation company to fly him to the “King of Diamonds,” in Miami and “Magic City,” in Atlanta. He didn’t make it rain, instead, he created a downpour of $100 dollar bills, so much so, that rappers and ballers couldn’t keep up.

At one time, Maestro was an international model chaser who traveled to Europe to wine and dine an array of beautiful models. He also attended modeling agency parties.

In Vegas, he was a known whale among the casino’s. Everything was comped, from the food, to the limo service to hotel accommodations. He also sat front row at Floyd Mayweather fights.

One evening, after a game of baccarat in a private casino parlor, his VIP hostess invited him and several other rich men to a private pool party featuring showgirls and lipstick lesbians.

The party was festive and Maestro got into an intense poker game. A hostess oversaw the poker game which was played on a poker table in the pool.

Back on the island, his mood hadn’t changed and he was still furious that his shipment was seized in Bakersfield.

On this particular morning, he went into his custom made kitchen and retrieved the Makaibari silver tip tea. Makaibari is the most expensive tea in the world once purchased by the Shah of Iran for $1,441.00 (kg) wholesale. This tea can only be purchased from a selling agent, and Maestro’s favorite brand wasn’t available to the public.

He sipped gingerly on the hot tea and thought about the legitimate business he wanted to launch. Maestro wanted to be the invisible owner of an sophisticated dinner club/sports bar that provided live entertainment of top artists. Concert footage would be streamed over the internet for a profit. Prior to Super Bowl Sunday, he would have an aide send out invitations to the 1%. They could reserve a steak or swordfish dinner, watch the Super Bowl on big screens and each table would be assigned a hostess (model). During halftime, an A-list artist would perform and mingle with the guests after the performance. When the men entered the establishment, they would be given a complimentary bottle of champagne and an expensive cigar.

The doorbell interrupted his thoughts, the butler, answered the door and returned to tell Maestro that the delivery man from the lobster farm had just delivered a shipment.

Maestro could not digest store bought lobster. Instead, he ate authentic lobster from Maine. Two years earlier, he had bought shares in a lobster farm. For $2,995.00, he leased his own lobster trap per season and whatever the lobster fisherman caught in the trap was shipped to Maestro. The first year, 40 lbs. of lobster was delivered to the island.

He decided to eat the lobster later in the week, right now, Maestro was in the mood for a good steak. He called and made a reservation at his favorite steakhouse. He liked Ruth’s Chris steakhouse, and he enjoyed Morton’s steakhouse, but he loved the Penthouse Club Steakhouse affiliated with Penthouse magazine. This gentleman club housed a five star steakhouse. When Maestro arrived at Penthouse, at the front desk, three attractive women greeted him. He then took an elevator to the second floor dining room, overlooking the main stage and club below. He sat in a booth, complete with curtains. The waiter was familiar with his order. Maestro would dine alone for the next hour.

After he returned home, he called and complained to Honey about his lost shipment, she tried to calm him down. When she got off work, he had her so stressed out that she called the triplets to purchase two Bruno Mars tickets.

Clayton, Brayton, and Drayton were identical triplets who owned a concierge firm. Clayton handled sports, Brayton handled R&B; Drayton handled Rock, and their sister Hayton handled Pop. The triplets also had side hustles like selling HIV negative papers to HIV positive adult stars, selling fake ultrasounds and they referred video girls, escorts and strippers to a doctor who could tighten up their genitalia; similar to a virgin. The doctor gave the triplets a nice kickback for the referrals.

The triplets offered a platinum package to NFL and NBA sporting events where you could purchase authentic Super Bowl and championship rings with your court side or Skybox tickets.

They were also contemplating opening an elite payday loan company for former NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL stars with financial problems. The loans would carry interest rates between 18-24%. Legal loansharking.

The triplets also had ‘model type’ women act as courier's and deliver hardcopy tickets to business offices.

Per Maestro’s instructions, Honey contacted the triplets again; she wanted to discuss meet and greets with top celebrities. This would allow her street soldiers to get backstage (in a variety of cities) to sling a variety of drugs to celebrities. Essentially, making the organization, drug dealers to the stars.

The triplets told her since she was a good customer, they would assign her Hayton to become her personal (meet and greet) concierge.

Before she left to run an errand, her cell rang, it was her friend (Sinclair) in Brazil, and she was ecstatic. She got her first big field mission and wanted to share the good news with Honey. Sinclair had completed her training in a wing suit (for human flight) and would fly into enemy countries and battlegrounds. Sinclair told Honey, when you get a chance, pull up the “Birdmen on 60 Minutes,” youtube video, it will explain more. Honey congratulated her and wished her good luck! When Honey returned home, she pulled up the video and was blown away. All she could say was, ‘wow!” Honey thought to herself, Spycraft has gone high-tech, just last week, she heard of a mission where the government had agreed to a prisoner trade with a foreign country. But unbeknownst to the foreign country, the government had holograms created of their two prisoners. The foreign government only became aware of this, after the US prisoners were exchanged safely.

Later, Honey had an uneasy feeling in her gut. She felt like she was being watched but when she looked out the windows she saw nothing but she decided to play it safe; because she never ignored her instincts.

A courier was due to pick up classified information within two hours. She cancelled the pickup and called a darknet company instead. After she supplied them with information, she took a glass of lemonade and decided to sit out in her backyard.

At the appointed time, a pigeon appeared on her picnic table. Honey opened the pouch around his neck and put the folded paper in the pouch and tied it shut.

The courier pigeon flew off to the intended destination to deliver the information.

30 minutes later, she got a confirmation that the job was complete.

Honey smiled, she knew that a courier pigeon would deliver, because you can’t stop and frisk a bird.

Nikki and Phelps were watching (from the van out back) through the binoculars as Honey went back into the house and closed the sliding door.

They wondered, what was that about?

Meanwhile, Honey didn’t worry about the authorities raiding her place and confiscating her computers because she had military grade encryption on all of her computers and this encryption couldn’t be broken, and the computers and thumb drives with the most damaging information were located in a secret safe room that could only be accessed by her.

The next day when she returned home from ‘Bristol Farms’ market with a loaf of French bread, cheese, wine and grapes, her suspicions were confirmed when she spotted a dark colored sedan parked a block away from her house.

Inside the car, Nikki and Phelps were still doing surveillance, Phelps said, look at her, strolling like a law abiding citizen. This woman has murdered damn near everyone in the world. When you see her coming, I guarantee, someone will end up dead before the first 24. Nikki laughed and said, don’t be too hard on her babe, I’m in the same profession, but I work on the right side of the law.

Suddenly, Phelps got an incoming call from G-Mac, he told Phelps, you and Nikki, drop the surveillance; I have a better way to nab Maestro. Fly back to Los Angeles and we’ll all meet up at Santa Monica Pier.

A few days later, Nikki and Phelps met G-Mac, Jacks, Lear and Dayna on Santa Monica Pier.

Over lunch, G-Mac said, I have a contact in South America who emailed me security footage of a high end hotel in Rio. On the footage is Honey West signing for a package at the front desk. Minutes earlier, the package was delivered by a known underworld courier.

Honey and Maestro use this courier service exclusively, which operates in every corner of the world. And they use the same courier. We will pinpoint his future deliveries. I already have my overseas contacts tracking his movements.

Maybe he can lead us to Maestro. Let’s just fall back and be patient.

They all nodded their heads in agreement.


Meanwhile, Maestro had calmed down and was relaxing and reminiscing about his childhood and how easy hustling was back then.

Maestro grew up in El Cerrito, CA. on the east bay side of San Francisco.

His biological name was Donny Freeman (he was named after Donny Hathaway) but since he resembled a slim downed version of Barry White, his nickname became Maestro and it stuck.

Even as a small boy, Maestro was different. He was quiet and liked to remain in the background. If family members were sitting near him on a couch, he would move to the other end of the couch. He never took photos, not even with his family and if a photo was taken with him in the background, it would go missing.

His first job was in a neighborhood market; he diligently saved his money.

As he got older, he liked to take the bus into San Francisco and explore the city.

One day, he visited “Playland,” near Ocean Beach where he rode the rides. He later arrived at Pier 39 where he purchased an entire crab off a street vendor, to consume later.

He was a loner by choice and was adept at minding his own business.

He also liked to go to Malibu Grand Prix Speedway and ride the go carts; he liked to whisk around the track at full speed. Later, he would go swimming at Hayward Plunge. Afterward, he would take the bus to Telegraph where he purchased music at Leopold’s Records not far from UC Berkeley.

In high school, he blended in and made sure not to stand out; he didn’t want to be memorable or be the big man on campus and he refused to take a photo for the high school year book.

He loved Martial Arts and would go to the Roxy and Lux Theaters in downtown Oakland and watch karate marathons. Several years earlier, he remembered patronizing the Roxy to see the premiere of “Superfly,” with his parents. All the hustlers were in attendance.

After watching Bruce Lee films, he would take a bus to Quik Way on Telegraph, for as little as $7, he could order half a fried chicken topped with homemade fries, a box of three shrimp and a triple cheeseburger.

Other weekends would be spent hanging out at Lake Merritt or Alameda Beach.

One weekend, Maestro took public transportation all the way to San Jose; he wanted to explore the San Jose flea market. He also liked to visit Big Sur, Santa Cruz, Great America and the Pleasanton Fair on July 4th.

And sometimes he chaperoned his younger sister to neighborhood house parties. These parties were usually given in the basement lit by a red or blue light. One of the most memorable parties was a waist line party, where the hostess would take a tape measure, put it around your waist, and whatever number it landed on, that’s how much you paid to enter. Good music, slow dancing, kool-aid, potato chips and spiked punch were always present at these parties. Everybody copied the latest dance moves from Soul Train and they also formed a Soul Train line. Sometimes you smelled marijuana in the air as the adults played dominoes and bid wiz upstairs.

The following weekend, he dropped his mother off at Eloise Style in downtown Oakland, normally his mom went to the Beauty College on Telegraph but she wanted to look extra good for his dad’s birthday dinner, she had booked an appointment with her favorite stylist Diamond. He sat down and read a magazine while the ladies gossiped and laughed. They were interrupted by a man who came in selling catfish and red snapper dinners. Later that night, Maestro’s mom had a birthday party for his dad at Sweet Jimmy’s in Oakland, later they caught a Brian McKnight show at Club Echelon in Alameda.

One night, he snuck into the Lucky Lion club near the Oakland Airport on Helgenberger Road. He caught a glimpse of black godfather Frank Ward (The Mack was based on him) and Huey Newton. On another visit, he saw kingpins Felix Mitchell and Micky Moore along with every black pimp in Oakland surrounded by stables of women. The Lucky Lion was adjacent to the notorious and infamous Edgewater Hotel which was considered a sex hotel where anonymous strangers hooked up. This hotel also had its fair share of voyeurs.

A few weeks later, while Maestro was mowing the lawn, he caught a glimpse of Frank Ward in his customized Caddy that would later be used in the film “The Mack.” He waved, Frank said, ‘hey youngblood.’ Three beautiful women sat in the back seat. Maestro figured that Frank was headed to the stroll on MacArthur Blvd. to drop them off.

Frank had his women lined up for blocks, near Evergreen Baptist Church. Some of the women were made up to look like Tina Turner and Diana Ross.

After Frank dropped them off, he would go check on his men’s clothing boutique in downtown Oakland. And another crew of women were sent out to boost from high end department stores.

During this time, Frank was the King of the Black Underworld in Oakland until he and his bottom woman were ambushed and killed in his Rolls Royce right up the street from Maestro’s childhood home.

Maestro was shaken by his death and decided to concentrate on his studies.

He was only interested in one girl during high school (Tasha). The rest of the girls were too immature for him and their conversation wasn’t stimulating.

Tasha was a big Michael Jackson fan. So Maestro devised a scheme. He got in contact with a Michael Jackson impersonator who looked exactly like Michael. When Michael was booked to play the bay area, he had the impersonator fly out the same weekend; he then bought two tickets and rented a limo. He and the impersonator went to Tasha’s house. She almost fainted, thinking she was in the presence of the real Michael. The impersonator handed her two tickets to the show and she became speechless. And she took photos to show friends.

Later, the impersonator flew home, and Maestro and Tasha attended the show featuring the real Michael Jackson. She never became the wiser, and everyone wanted to be Maestro’s friend when he returned to school Monday.

He just kept to himself and continued to make good grades, and he eventually became bored with Tasha.

He would later graduate from El Cerrito High with a 4.0 GPA.

He celebrated by himself at Uppy’s nightclub on Jack London square, owned by former Oakland Raider Gene Upshaw. He later hit up Wine & Roses. This was the same club where former lead singer of the Spinners (Phillipe Wynne) died onstage of a massive heart attack. On this particular night, heavyweight boxer Ken Norton was in the company of two gorgeous African American female twins.

After graduation, Maestro surprised his cousin Ronnie, who had just moved to Berkeley from Vallejo; he wanted to take him to lunch at KC BBQ on San Pablo Ave. in Berkeley, made famous by Janet Jackson and the Weather Girls.

Ronnie met him, during the course of their meals; they spotted the singer Sylvester going into Fantasy Records across the street. Later, they recognized the group the Dramatics entering the building.

After they finished eating, Maestro got down to business. Ronnie, I heard you got a new car for graduation. Ronnie started smiling, yeah man, it’s my dream car, I’m thinking about joining a Mustang car club.

Maestro said I will pay you $10-$20 dollars to chauffeur me around. Ronnie said: Man, I could use the extra money, but I know you probably got enough to buy a good used car.

Maestro said that’s not what I want. I need a driver. I don’t want a pictured driver’s license following me throughout my life.

Ronnie looked at him long and hard; he knew he was different, even a bit strange, strangeness ran rampant on Maestro’s side of the family. An uncle got a stiff sentence the year before after he was convicted of putting a non-poisonous snake up a woman’s female genitalia as a form of torture. And one of Maestro’s female cousin’s (Toy) was a scandalous stripper who loved to set up men to be robbed. Her father Dan aka The Admiral did a stint in the military until he was paralyzed in combat. Despite being a paraplegic, he could still drive a car with the right riggings. Admiral was bitter and taught his daughter how to manipulate and rob men accompanied by her brother Flukey.

One night, while she danced on the pole, Toy caught the eye of an Channing Tatum look-a-like named Brian. He wined and dined her for a few weeks but when his wife became pregnant, he wanted to end things. Toy couldn't take rejection and arranged for a sex tape of her and Brian to be delivered to the wife’s baby shower.

All hell broke loose and Toy went missing.

Regardless, Maestro was still family, and Ronnie couldn’t fault him for his Uncle our cousin’s behavior, so he decided to wrap up the conversation by saying, alright man, if my schedule permits, I’ll drive you around.

Maestro smiled, and Ronnie realized, this was the first time he ever saw Maestro smile.

Maestro changed the subject and asked Ronnie, you know this place didn’t only sell BBQ at one time, they used to sell southern style breakfasts. Homemade pork breakfast sausage, homemade biscuits, grits, and fresh squeezed juice. A lot of church groups used to come in here for breakfast, but they no longer sell breakfast. Ronnie said, too bad because I love breakfast food, sometimes I get out of the clubs at 6 a.m., instead of going to the 24 hour spots like Denny’s and Nations, a number of us convoy to Ole’s Waffle House in Alameda, they open at 7:00 a.m. but the lines start forming at 6:30 a.m. But none of these spots sell sweet potato grits. The first time I tried them was in North Carolina, and they were off the chain.

When they left KC BBQ, Ronnie remembered to pick up Johnnie Taylor tickets for his mother. Johnny was appearing at Ruthie’s Inn the following week. Both men went down the block, crossed the street, and arrived at the box office. After Ronnie purchased the tickets, Maestro told him, my mom’s spot is Esther’s Orbit Room in West Oakland. She still talks about Al Green winking at her during his performance.

A week later, Ronnie became Maestro’s personal driver, and they became close friends. So close, that Ronnie confided to Maestro that he was gay.

Maestro said, whatever man, we all human, doesn’t matter to me. Maestro even agreed to accompany him to his first gay club since Ronnie was his little cousin; he had developed a protective bond over him.

Whenever Ronnie drove Maestro into San Francisco, since Maestro’s mother worked at the Coast Guard on Treasure Island, she was given free toll books that contained removable tickets that you would give the toll taker on the bay bridge and you wouldn’t have to pay toll. Maestro and Ronnie used these tickets often.

That night, the men arrived at Studio West (The Studio 54 of the West Coast). Since they were younger than 21, they slipped the doorman Terry money, and he let them in.

They stepped into a wild circus.

The energy was turned up, professional dancers were on the ground floor, whereas street dancers were dancing upstairs on the balcony.

You had models, athletes, fashion designers, stockbrokers and celebrities gathered in one place.

It was a madhouse, but the patrons made it work.

The bathrooms were coed (men and women), and your bartender offered to provide any drug with your drink order.

Beautiful call girls worked the bar. But the alpha call girl received the majority of attention when she made her grand entrance. Her name was Scarlett; she was black, beautiful and wore tuxedo tails over fishnet stockings.

Maestro and Ronnie had never seen any club like this, they became weekend regulars and eventually purchased gold membership cards.

Maestro would become culturally gay but DIDN’T practice, and he never danced with men, he was always attracted to beautiful women and set his sights on Scarlett, while Ronnie was off trying to get the attention of a hot dancer with dyed eyebrows.

One weekend, Maestro stuck up a conversation with Scarlett, she was open about her profession and said she was simply on an annual weekend tour for club appearances at Studio West. She was paid in advance by the club to fly from Southern California to make an appearance each Saturday and fly back on Sunday. Monday through Friday she serviced rich clients in Marina del Rey.

Maestro booked her services the next day before she left to return to Southern California.

Maestro met her at a friend’s house near the Cliff House restaurant.

Scarlett satisfied Maestro in ways he never encountered.

After small talk, he paid her $1,000 and left.

When he saw her at the club the following weekend, he smiled and waved. He would have approached her but saw a potential client chatting her up at the bar. Although the club was basically gay, while others considered it mixed (gay and straight), the few heterosexual men in attendance gravitated towards Scarlett. And if the money was right, she was gay-for-pay with female customers.

On this particular night, Maestro yearned for a heterosexual atmosphere.

He left Ronnie at the club and took a cab to the Palladium down the street, a few hours later, he had another cab take him across the bridge to a black club named Silks in Emeryville.

This was a popular straight club, and Maestro was shocked to see gay men who patronized Studio West trying to pick up women.

He left there and went to “Dock of The Bay,” on the Berkeley Marina. The next weekend, Ronnie and Maestro changed it up and went to a black gay club named Different Strokes. The music was hot, and the dance floor was fiyah. They left before 1 a.m. and hit I-Beam where they caught a live performance. The following week, they decided to party at Trocadero Transfer. From there, they went to a black hole in the wall in the Eastbay called Bella Napoli. During the day, it operated as a pizza joint but by night, it turned into a black gay club. When singer Jermaine Stewart came to the bay area, this was his spot whereas actors Raymond St. Jacques and Howard Rollins preferred D.J.’s in San Francisco.

For Ronnie’s birthday, Maestro agreed to accompany him to the Russian River where some of his gay friends were renting a cabin for the weekend.

They went sailing and snorkeling and took a ride in a hot air balloon.

One of Ronnie’s friends tried to hit on Maestro; he backed off after Maestro stared him down. During the entire trip, Maestro refused to be photographed. And others noticed he was only social with Ronnie.

A month later, Ronnie and Maestro attended the Pride parade in San Francisco. Men flew in from all over the country, including married closeted men.

The clubs were packed, and Castro street was too crowded to walk on. Later, they ended up at “Hungry Hunter,” Where they devoured prime rib.

Maestro decided to take another break from the gay community. He flew to a strip club in Las Vegas where he had a club room on the premises.

Club rooms used to be reserved for headliners (strippers) as an added perk. These rooms are on the premises of (gentlemen clubs), and are very discreet-with a bouncer standing guard. The top headliners relax between shows in these rooms. They also get three (complimentary) meals a day and maid service.

Now Celebrities (and others who can afford it) are paying club owners to use these rooms for their illicit activities away from the prying eyes of the paparazzi.

They can do drugs discreetly, engage in sex with hookers or men and they can gamble with friends and no one would be the wiser.

The celebrity also has a wide range of strippers to select from.

A few celebrities have camped out in club rooms for weeks at a time indulging in their guilty pleasures.

After Maestro watched the shower stage show, he hooked up with a beautiful stripper and escorted her to his club room.

When Maestro returned home, he went to Ricky Sports bar in San Leandro and cheered on his favorite team.


The internet was in its infancy and Maestro, and Ronnie decided it was time to be rich, they were going to launch an X-rated site.

But before the launch, he and Ronnie went to a gay street party in West Hollywood (Boys Town). Afterward, they went to shop at “International Male.” Next, they hit Venice Beach and later went clubbing at “Rage,” and “Peanuts.”

Patrons at Peanuts were still talking about Tupac’s visit, a year before his death. According to his bodyguard Frank Alexander, Pac was restless one night and wanted to hit a club. He liked going to “Peanuts,” on Tuesdays, when “Michelle Triple X,” was performing. Primarily, it was a lesbian club that night. Pac arrived with a wad of cash. He cruised around the club, then went upstairs for a lap dance where he chatted with a few girls. At one point, despite being lesbians-women were flocking around him. Security had to intervene. Pac eventually closed the club down.

The next day, they went to the building that housed “Maverick’s Flat,” which was the hottest club on the planet a few years earlier and later that night, they ended up at “Club Paradise,” where Soul Train dancers shut down the dance floor

Ronnie made friends with one of the dancers and he and Maestro were invited to a taping of Soul Train the next day.

They arrived at the studio and a security guard checked their names off the guest list.

From there, they walked to where Soul Train was taped. They enjoyed the performances, ate a (KFC) lunch with the dancers and appeared on camera with two females dancers.

After taping, they tagged along to a party hosted by a Soul Train dancer.

When they returned to the bay area, they had breakfast at “Soul Brothers Kitchen,” in Oakland and later dined at “Carlos Murphy,” for dinner.

The next day, it was time to get down to business; the site was launched, and it generated enough money which allowed them to launch several other adult themed sites. Ronnie also launched an illegal gambling den in Oakland that housed a third rate recording studio and several small rooms reserved for gambling. He also installed illegal slot machines and an roulette wheel.

Before long, they were rolling in dough.

Then Maestro had an idea.

He went to Aquatic Park and the Steam Works bathhouse to recruit impressionable young gays for amateur gay adult films.

With the help of Ronnie, over a month, they were able to produce 3 amateur films.

Ronnie took care of the online marketing and within 4 weeks, they were generating even more money.

Without Ronnie’s knowledge, Maestro invested in a kilo of cocaine and later sold it on consignment for a 40% profit. Ronnie was also unaware of Maestro collection of black cinema memorabilia. He housed it in a safety deposit box. He had scripts that bore Lena Horne and Dorothy Dandridge’s authentic signatures as well as cancelled checks from Bill Bojangles Robinson and Cab Calloway.

Within two years, both men were millionaires and moved their parents into gated communities.

But Ronnie was also keeping a secret from Maestro. He had joined a sleeper cell for gay men.


When the famous guests arrive at the location, an attractive gay host in an tuxedo, presents them with a lavish gift basket.

Their last function was titled: "Rubber Down-Rubber On," and was held in a rented estate that had a steam room on the premises, to give a gay bathhouse effect as men walk around seductively, with white towels wrapped around their waist.

The invited patrons were worth a combined total of $1 billion dollars.

Each bedroom had a tube of lubrication on the dresser as well as condoms.

Not only were highly paid male escorts and adult stars flown in via private jet but this party also included VIP (pre-op) Transsexual mistresses.

Some of the superstar men requested prior to sex, that the male or TV escort be blindfolded, to maintain discretion.

Trusted drug suppliers (usually Colombian) supply an assortment of drugs prior to the party.

Everyone involved, including celebrities and escort agency bookers have to sign a confidentiality contract.

Membership requirements: Annual membership fee is $100,000 dollars and you have to be worth $1 million dollars or more to join.


Maestro and Ronnie diversified to include an escort agency, and Maestro hired Scarlett to head it up.

Maestro even hooked up with a Russian on the darknet and invested in rare blue diamonds that were turning a profit. Through this same connection, Maestro got into illegal stem cell harvesting.

Meanwhile, Ronnie launched a hip-hop label to launder money. One afternoon, he got into a heated argument with an artist and was shot to death.

Maestro was devastated. Up until then, nobody had ever seen Maestro show emotion or cry. He broke down at Ronnie’s funeral.

Later, he put out a contract on Ronnie’s murderer. He was killed behind bars a week later.

In memory of Ronnie, he decided to close the rap label and get deeper into drug trafficking. Before long, he had an army of street soldiers and dope boys from city to city. He had a middle-man (Clem) to deal with the day to day. He liked to stay insulated and in the shadows. He was moving major weight and had direct contact with the largest cartel in Colombia.

When he communicated with his overseas contacts, he usually conducted business on his Ferrari or Lamborghini laptops which had phantom hard drives. A "Phantom Hard drive," is a secret hidden compartment kept on your hard drive that is not visible to the naked eye. Phantom hard drives are normally used by criminal organizations and mob accountants and you have to be tech savvy to create a hard drive of this magnitude. The sensitive data on these hard drives are encrypted and have to be deciphered by mathematicians.

He later hired Lauryn to launder his proceeds and she also used phantom hard drives.

Lauryn used a variety of methods to launder his money, including laundering it through fake crowd funding accounts on different sites. She also laundered a portion through underground banks that specialized in illicit activity. Unlike normal banks, no banking sign is out front, and you have to be buzzed in from the street (by appointment only). Once inside, you immediately notice, the bank has no pamphlets or deposit slips in sight. And no banking staff is present, only a receptionist who directs you to a row of glass-walled offices on the mezzanine. These illicit banks also have a wide array of safe deposit boxes in different sizes that house diamonds, art, currency, gold coins, discs and expensive jewels.

Lauryn also laundered money through numerous brokerage accounts. These banks are favored by cartels, sex trafficking organizations, Dubai prostitution rings, and smugglers, she was also connected to the Black Peso Exchange. Her records indicated that Maestro was on his way to becoming a billionaire.

If Maestro needed his money laundered quick, Lauryn offered a VIP (Invisible Broker) service for a higher fee: Lauryn would instruct him to buy expensive jewelry, art, watches, and collectibles. He would then contact a fence recommended by her, and the items are liquidated for quick cash within 24-48 hours.

Lauryn’s Invisible broker division also supplies transportation (private jet), passports and fake diplomatic credentials to get through customs; you can also smuggle money and drugs through customs without being searched. Diplomatic passports are typically issued only to diplomats and consuls on official state business. These passports are sold on the black market “for huge amounts of money,” and Lauryn had a bundle to sell. With one of these, it’s the ultimate disappearing tool.”

Lauryn also had a bi-lingual friend who worked in Room 39 in Korea, the most secret organization on earth. Very little is known about Room 39 due to the secretive nature surrounding the organization. But it is widely speculated that the organization uses 10 to 20 bank accounts in China and Switzerland for the purpose of counterfeiting, money laundering and other illicit transactions. It is also alleged that Room 39 is involved in drug smuggling and illicit weapon sales. The organization also has 120 foreign trade companies under its jurisdiction in Korea. Korea continues to deny taking part in any illegal activities.

Lauryn’s friend from Room 39 kept her abreast on new ways to launder large sums of money. She recently told Lauryn to consider offshore accounts in Seychelles.


Pope had nightmares for a few years after Tavares was murdered. They finally stopped, and he reverted back to his bad habits.

He excelled in political subjects at Laney College, and one of his teachers told him he should think about a career in politics.

At first, he was intimidated by the thought, but he eventually got used to it and liked the idea.

He was surprised when he won a seat on Oakland’s City Council.

Prior to his election, he made a lot of promises to get elected, but he never carried out any of those promises for the poor in the community. He told people what they wanted to hear to get their vote. He had no intention of being an honest politician. Instead, he came into office corrupt and was already known to take bribes. He enjoyed the power affiliated with politics.

Pope went to Emeryville during his lunch break for old times’ sake. Man, he missed Kimball’s East where he used to take girlfriends to listen to live old school concerts, and he missed his favorite rib joint Flints BBQ and Emma’s Chicken & Fish, which used to be located on the street behind Flint’s. He also missed Doug’s BBQ down the block. All these places were now closed.

But this was his old stomping ground, and he loved this stretch of Emeryville.

He and Tavares used to love to play double hand poker at the Oaks Card Club. Afterward, they would walk up to 1/3 Giant burgers to eat.

He also enjoyed Oakland and used to hang out at Marcus Bookstore when he wasn’t attending classes at Laney College, and he used to party at Geoffrey’s Inner Circle and loved their Sunday dinners and brunches.

Pope was jolted back to the present as he entered Scends soul food restaurant and ordered a fried oyster platter.

As he ate, he thought, after my term is up, I’m going to run for Congress and relocate to Washington, D.C.

While he waited on his seafood platter with red beans and rice, greens, yams, and cornbread, he decided to call his girlfriend Ashley; they agreed to spend the evening together. But first, he was going to pick her up so they could catch a late show at the Warfield featuring Rick Ross, Fetty Wrap, and J. Cole.

It was dark when Pope left the restaurant.

He was on top of the world and walked with a bounce in his step. His career was on point, and so was his love life.

The streets were pretty deserted because the Warriors were playing in the NBA Finals.

He had reached his car when someone came up behind him and stabbed him in the jugular with an ice pick, despite his shock, he immediately put his right hand over the wound to try and stop the blood flow; he then heard a woman’s voice scream, “Turn around!”

He slowly turned around and blood dripped from his neck to see an average looking black woman who had gained a little bit of weight since he last saw her, she was also unkempt.

It was Renee, the woman he had raped so long ago with Tavares.

He sunk to his knees with pleading eyes as he felt life leaving his body, all he could think of, he was so close to achieving greatness.

Renee stood over him and said you and your friend destroyed my life and my dreams. You ruined me! I still can’t bare for a man to touch me and I can no longer hold a job Mr. City Councilman. I barely get by.

I recognized your face and your voice from your campaign commercial when I was up here visiting my cousin last year. And I saved every penny I had to get back. I’ve been tracking you for the last few days.

Pope tried to speak but nothing came out.

Renee screamed, rot in hell!

With that, she turned around and walked away.

Pope took his last breath 1 minute later.

His murder garnered headlines, but the case still remains unsolved.

The businesses in the area didn’t have security cameras and no witnesses ever came forward.



Lear decided she wanted to be a fixer after reading Clark Clifford’s book: “Counsel To The President.” Clifford was an ultra-connected lawyer/presidential fixer kingpin who worked for the following Presidential administrations: Harry S. Truman, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan, Clifford also served as the United States Secretary of Defense under Lyndon B. Johnson. Clifford's fixer work made him wealthy, and he was considered one of Washington's "super-lawyers" due to his influential reach and his limitless connections. Clifford was renowned for his effortless charm, style, and discretion and his office overlooked the White House.

Lear’s fixer duties also included off market medications for celebrities and black market organs.

She also rented a residence in an isolated area which was ideal for illegal satellite perception. At this location, she could trace cell phones, triangulate locations and pull information out of the air via this illegal command center which featured an array of sophisticated computer equipment and illegal satellite equipment.

Lear also had the capability to enhance the credit of celebrities who were having financial problems. She wouldn’t erase the bad credit, instead, she would apply fraudulent purchases of million dollar mansions, property, and exotic cars to increase credit scores.

You needed a high tech key (priced at $500 each) to enter the property.

Once, a client came to her, who needed his business associate dead.

Lear called him in the office a week later and gave him a hunting jacket. Earlier, she had applied an odorless gel to the jacket that would attract bears.

The business associate loved to hunt, so she told the client to take the man on a hunting trip.

A week later, the target was killed when a bear came out of nowhere and attacked him.

The death was ruled an accident.

Jacks had met Lear a few years earlier; they became fast friends, they were two black women with high-ranking positions in the intelligence community.

Over time, Lear would become the quarterback of the spy crew that consisted of G-Mac, Nikki, Jacks, Dayna, and Phelps.


Lear was snuggled up with her boyfriend Perry Lawson; she had met him a year earlier at a leadership conference. She was impressed when he purchased a dinner/flight package on their first date. The package included a 3 course steak dinner and a after dinner scenic flight with their own pilot.

Perry came from a poor family in San Jose but he wanted more out of life. He planned to make straight A’s in high school so he could qualify for an academic scholarship since his parents couldn’t afford to send him to college.

He only applied to one school, Menlo College in Atherton, CA. He was ecstatic when he was accepted. He would be the first member of his family to attend and graduate from college.

This college is a rich enclave and the student body consists of Saudi Royals. The alumni include government ministers, bankers, and millionaires.

Perry studied hard and made important connections. When he graduated, due to his connections, he was offered a job at a leading investment firm making a seven figure annual salary.

Lear got out of bed and started monitoring a cyber case she was moonlighting on.

Lear and her team were trying to gather enough evidence to take down a ‘Damage Group,’ on the darknet.

Damage groups kidnap and torture kids who won’t be missed.

They set up cameras in soundproof torture rooms and upload video streams of tortured children to members, and they also take torture requests from subscribers. They then torture the children within an inch of their lives.

The majority of damage groups charge a large fee to watch their feeds.

Sadly, the demand is so great, servers have been known to crash.

After the feed ends, the site is immediately taken down.

This was making it hard for Lear and her team to capture these groups.

Lear shut off her computer in frustration, and started breakfast.

Before long, Perry had come up behind her and gave her a loving hug.

A few minutes later, she received an emergency call from her superior Mr. Bowden; his voice was filled with urgency.

It was essential that they apprehend Maestro right away because according to intelligence he was trying to purchase a weapon of mass destruction on the black market.

After Lear hung up, she thought, that’s weird, because a weapon of mass destruction didn’t fit Maestro’s MO.

Within that week, G-Mac got a tip from one of his sources telling him that the underworld courier was scheduled to make a large delivery to Maestro in the Virgin Islands; the source gave him the address. G-Mac contacted Lear, and she contacted her boss, Mr. Bowden.

Bowden instructed her to assemble. They would be on the next plane to the Virgin Islands, wheels up!

While they were in the air, Bowden would coordinate with local authorities and a special ops team.

When the team arrived in the Virgin Islands, they were immediately whisked to Maestro’s island.

A gunfight was in progress when they arrived. The authorities had killed nearly all of Maestro’s men, and they had just stormed the gate.

Lear and the team were taken aback when the commander told his men to torch the house.

When Lear asked him, but what if they’re people inside? He said not my problem lady, this is my jurisdiction, and I’ve been given orders.

And just like that, the home was torched.

A few days later, authorities were unable to find any bodies in the rubble.

But Lear’s boss didn’t seem to care that Maestro was on the run, he was content that the house was burned down.

Lear and her crew were confused and puzzled, even more so, when they were informed that the Maestro case was closed. All of their questions went unanswered.

Until Ava Miller contacted Lear, at the request of Honey.

Lear was familiar with Ava through various intelligence channels. She was considered an unofficial liaison between different agencies and her friends included a rolodex of domestic and overseas operatives. Everyone spoke highly of Ava. Ava informed Lear that she would be performing in her neck of the woods in a few days, and would like to request a meeting with the spy team when she was in town. Lear agreed to the meeting.



Nikki Campbell trained for two years in hand-to-hand combat and weapons. She worked for a variety of alphabet agencies, and she acted as a valentine operative on occasion until she met her husband Phelps, who was a former sweeper. A "Sweeper," is considered the most dangerous, mysterious and secretive covert position in the world.  As silent as a Ninja, more deadly than a top assassin with reflexes that match a martial arts blackbelt.  A Sweeper has three primary functions:  To kill silently and efficiently, to eliminate rogue assassins and to operate as a clean up specialist when covert operations go awry. 

Phelps was a security director for a black millionaire in Las Vegas when he crossed paths with Nikki and the team.

Lear didn’t stop until she recruited him, later, he and Nikki fell in love and later married.


Lear assigned Nikki and Phelps to keep an eye on a mysterious darknet ad. They were asked to track the movement of the ad on a daily basis.

Nikki logged on, entered the darknet and did a search on the ad; it was currently appearing on 10 darknet sites.

Phelps came and sat beside her and noticed awhile back that someone in the US had been repeatedly posting the same mysterious job ad in publications for more than a decade, and no one could figure out why.

The ad claims to be seeking a “research associate/personal assistant” to work for one of Wall Street’s “most successful entrepreneurs," for a starting salary of $US90-$110,000.

Unsurprisingly, the ad has attracted a fair share of attention and countless hopeful applicants over the years. The listing has appeared regularly in high-profile publications including the New York Review of Books and The New Republic magazine, as well as on websites such as Craigslist and, since at least 2004 and possibly earlier, undergoing only minor changes over the years.

People have submitted their resumes over the last ten years yet they never received a reply back.

Is this ad linked to terror, coded spy messages or a black market resume cartel?

No one has been able to trace the person who is posting this ad.

Nikki thought: Is this a ruse to gain certifiable data and personal information to use for identity theft and to obtain fake passports?

Are terror cells using the resume info for building false identities?

Is this ad being used to update sleeper agents with new contact details? In the UK, there was a story about a former M15 spy agent who used the classifieds to search for people. Spies have always posted messages in newspapers for drop box contact info.

Or is somebody fulfilling their snuff fantasies with this ad? Unbeknownst to the public, maybe the recipient contacted a person who submitted a resume, and a meeting was agreed upon. And the person was never seen or heard from again after being forced to appear in a snuff film where they were murdered on camera.

Or is a serial killer using this ploy to meet potential victims by gaining their personal information including their address on the resume?

The meaning of this ad may only be known to the recipient and sender. This may be one of several long running ads in multiple and unrelated publications for (long term deep cover operatives that Nikki and Phelps didn’t know about). Basically, it’s like a combination lock and all the ads together make up the combination. But without the other relevant ads, you'll never be able to uncover their mystery.

Nikki nor Phelps were no closer to solving this mystery. Nikki decided to log off.


Ava was booked to perform at a jazz cafe in Newport Beach. She called and invited Lear and the crew to the performance. They would have the meeting a day after her show.

The day of the show, Ava hung out with an old friend named Mignon Gomez. Mignon used to be linked to a Mexican cartel before he became an asset. His information led to the arrest of numerous cartel soldiers, after the trial, he and his family moved to the US and Ava helped with their relocation. While in Mexico, Mignon was a sicario. A sicario is a professional hitman with knowledge and skills in assassination, kidnapping, bombing and theft. The word mainly refers to drug cartel killers who have specific targets.

After relocating to the U.S., a newspaper article changed his life. He read that a growing number of special force veterans were veering off the traditional path of working for private security firms and law enforcement agencies, and instead heading into the tech industry.

Mignon applied this himself, the only difference; he launched a business in the intelligence industry instead of the tech industry.

He headed his own perception management firm.

Author, David Baldacci described the role of a perception manager best:

“Perception Management firms aka PM firms are very secretive and rarely advertise. There are only a few "pure" PM players.

They can bury any secret, despite the attempts of the press to ferret it out. They can allegedly enhance wars based on "certain" truths. And when people start poking around, their work is hidden and insulated under layers of facts, figures, and falsehoods that no one could ever reach them. Their work is basically untraceable, protected by electronic tunnels.

These firms are paid enormous amounts of money by celebrities, politicians, tech billionaires and corporate raiders.

PM operatives operate out of digitized war rooms with hundreds of computers, enormous databases and an Internet pipeline that rivals anything in Google.”

Ava and Mignon were platonic friends, and when Mignon was going through a rough patch in his marriage, he asked Ava’s opinion from a woman’s point of view.

Currently, Mignon was separated from his wife (Elizabeth), and Ava was trying to reunite them. Elizabeth was much younger than Mignon, they met when she worked as an money changer for a drug cartel.

Money changers work in Mexican neighborhoods where people exchange U.S. dollars for Mexican pesos. They charge 12-percent to convert the money and avoid money laundering laws.

Syndicates have found a way to get those dollars they make from drug users in the US back into Mexico and convert them into pesos.

In the past, whenever Ava needed information, related to her job, Mignon always came through via his perception management agency. Over the years, they had developed a close friendship, and he was always a gentleman.

Mignon took Ava sightseeing. They ate hot pretzels covered with crab and cheese as they strolled on Newport Beach. Ava treated herself to the spa while Mignon played a round of golf nearby and they charted a yacht and enjoyed a champagne brunch. Later, Ava watched Mignon surf, afterward, they went whale watching, and they finished the day hang gliding. Ava returned to the hotel exhausted.

That evening, Lear, G-Macs, Jacks, Phelps and Nikki sat in the front row of her show, afterward they met her backstage and congratulated her on a good show.

Ava asked them to go to the 5-star restaurant down the long where she had rented the private dining room in Lear’s name; she would arrive shortly.

When they arrived, they were escorted to a dining room where their food was already laid out.

They feasted on smoked duck breast salad, dry chili rubbed salmon and bleu mac and cheese.

Ava arrived in a purple metallic Lamborghini (courtesy of one of Mignon’s exotic car dealerships). She exited the car in a custom tailored dark chocolate Chanel suit, red bottoms, and a Hermes purse.

A few people recognized her from a billboard promoting her local show and approached her for autographs. She smiled and was gracious as she signed.

She entered the restaurant, went to the dining room and sat down.

After everyone finished eating, she said:

This is off the books; this meeting never happened, but it’s something you need to know.

‘All of you have been played!’ And you were used to track down Maestro.

You were fed wrong intel regarding Maestro. He never had a weapon of mass destruction.

For the past few years, Maestro has been working with a rogue scientist who developed a pill that would change the world.

Michael Crichton mentioned this same pill in “The Andromeda Strain.”

A top-secret U. S. government-funded medical research project discovered a single drug which would not only inhibit the reproduction of bacteria in the human body but actively kill all biological and viral pathogens known to science, without any serious repercussions to the human body.

Crichton was stating facts but was afraid to admit to it, which is why he hid his facts in a work of fiction.

This pill causes no more discomfort to the person than diarrhea, because it also kills the good bacteria in the intestines. It kills cancer within days, and it kills AIDS, diabetes, syphilis, hypertension, Herpes Simplexes I and II, Rabies Encephalitis, and every single disease of any kind ever known.

But the motive of greed wanted to stop this pill from hitting the open market at any cause; because it would cause every drug maker to be put out of business completely and forever.

Maestro housed boxes of these pills in the basement of his home on that private island.

That’s why his home was torched and destroyed.

The pills were burned to a pulp, but Maestro escaped and is alive and well, and he’s still operational in a country with no extradition.

Lear and her team were speechless as Ava continued.

Maestro is aware that he’s done a lot of bad in this world but the one time that he wanted to do good, everything went up in flames. Did your handler (Bowden) tell you that Maestro had got out of the drug game six months ago? He suddenly grew a conscious and wanted to stop blanketing neighborhoods with his poison. He also got out of the escort business. I’m guessing Bowden kept that from you to make him appear less human. I’m not saying he’s a saint because he’s not but he’s not as bad as he once was.

Did you know that Maestro and Honey were going to assign their street soldiers to go to urban and poor areas to give these pills out for free since African Americans suffer more from hypertension and diabetes, more than any other race?

Maestro had to be stopped! And the scientist who created these pills was murdered this morning, and his lab; including his notes were destroyed.

But guess what? Honey took a sample when the pills first arrived on the island, one sample contains two pills.

Ava went into her bag and produced the pills; she then separated them from the one package.

She looked up and told Jacks, as a good faith gesture, Honey asked me to give one of the pills to you Jacks, and the other pill to Dayna.

She then told Dayna, I know you’re referred to as the HIV assassin, if you want to be HIV negative, take this pill.

She then looked at Jacks.

Jacks, I know your mother is suffering from Cancer. She then pushed the second pill towards Jacks.

Jacks said I see you did your homework on my family and I vetted you as well, would you care to talk about your connection to Honey West who is directly connected to Maestro?

Ava said, with all due respect, no! I grew up with Honey; she’s my friend, and I’m loyal. I’m not here to discuss her.

With that, she stood up and said, I know both of you ladies will be reluctant in regards to these pills, and I don’t blame you, but remember, the pills are better than the alternative which can possibly lead to death.

Ava stood up and said, you know the Democratic Convention just started in Philly, my presence has been requested so I’ll be flying out tomorrow.

And I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your time.

After Ava departed, it took them a few minutes to digest all the information.

When they left the restaurant, it was drizzling.

G-Mac turned around and told the others, we were deceived; I can’t work with an organization that is deceitful. Those pills could have helped our people.

Jacks said, G-Mac, let’s quit, we’re still young, the kids are nearly grown. Let’s explore the world.

Lear chimed in, why don’t we open our own security firm instead? We have worldwide contacts. Nikki and Phelps glanced at each other.

Dayna asked: So what are we going to do? Retire or open up our own security firm?


Dayna instructed her doctor to do a new AIDS/blood test on her.

A few days later, she was called back into his office. He had a look of bewilderment on his face as he told her, it’s an absolute miracle, you no longer have AIDS. No traces were found in your body.

Meanwhile, a week later, Jacks accompanied her mother into the doctor’s office. The doctor turned to her mother and said your lab work and various tests show no trace of Cancer. Mrs. Jackson, the Cancer has left your body and I’m not speaking from a remission standpoint, this is something totally different. It’s completely gone. I’ve never seen anything like this before. Essentially, you are cured.











You've probably heard of Napoleon Hill's legendary book "Think and Grow Rich," (2nd pic) which has sold over 15 million copies worldwide.

The bestselling book was the end result of interviewing and researching over 500 successful men and women in an effort to discover the exact method they used in order to achieve their respective goals.

Included among these 500 men and women were Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Theodore Roosevelt, Charles Schwab, Woodrow Wilson, Alexander Graham Bell, John D. Rockefeller, along with many others.
In the introduction of his book, Napoleon Hill gives mention of a Hidden Secret, which was in essence, the exact how-to methodology of thinking and achieving the goals you desire, not just that of financial success.


The secret is revealed in the book: "The Hidden Secret in Think And Grow Rich," (first pic). 


Examples: "If you are ready for the secret, you already possess one half of it."

"If you are ready to put it to use, you will recognize it at least once in every chapter."
"Somewhere as you read, the secret to which I refer will jump from the page and stand boldly before you, if you are ready for it! When it appears, you will recognize it."



Book Review:


I read the book and agree with it whole heartedly. I believe this was the much needed follow up to Napoleon Hill's classic.

When I first read "Think and Grow Rich," I missed the secret, so my results were great, but they were not consistent.

You will certainly enlighten a lot of souls."

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Vail: (Black supermodel turned-intelligence broker/assassin-in-training)....

Ryder: (CIA agent who went rogue/current enforcer and assassin for an illegal spider network).

Andreas Xavier: (The General of an illicit invisible empire named "Shadow Syndicate." This criminal conglomerate is involved in every illegal endeavor known to mankind.

Dominique Desiree: (Superstar attorney who unwittingly gets entangled in a web of deceit & deception).

Also starring: Jacks (CIA), G-Mac (Weapons Specialist), Dayna (HIV Assassin), Lear (CIA/Hollywood Fixer), Nikki (Freelance Assassin), Phelps (3-Charley/Sweeper), Lauryn (heads a cocaine banking cartel) and Cartier, (Former Black Hollywood drug kingpin/International Fugitive)......

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