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Kimberly Williams, the June 2007 Penthouse Pet told Page Six: She has never met football legend Marcus Allen and she wants to keep it that way. She quickly found out that he is not a guy she wants to know. It creeped her out that Allen is a regular at the Playboy Mansion and his Myspace page is filled with girlfriends thanking him for "lunch." Williams claims Allen calls her over 15 times a day and he sends her terrible text messages. "Where the hell are you!" Williams' adds, "He's scaring me." Things got really bad after Williams did the Howard Stern show. Allegedly, Allen got upset she got nude on the show.

Allen denies the allegations.

Sidenote: In the late 80's or early 90's, a bunch of call girls/party girls wrote a book about famous men. In the back of the book, they had a list of the most endowed men in Hollywood. Each woman named Allen as their number one choice.

Jenna Jameson and a bi-sexual girlfriend (Nikki) were in Las Vegas when they decided to attend a hip-hop club. "We were the only white people in the place and we were so fucked up we didn't care and because we didn't care, no one else seemed to mind either.

Not long after we arrived, I spotted actor/comedian Damon Wayans sitting on a couch looking fine as hell. Nikki and I walked over to him and sat down on each side of him. We started blathering nonsensical drunk talk. When we started dancing for him, he was remarkably laid-back considering how out of control we were. "Damn, he said to me. "Look at that body." "But I don't have a butt," I protested. "You've got enough ass for me, he said.

We ended up jumping in his limo and going to his suite at the Bellagio. Nikki and I flopped down on his bed and started making out while he sat there coolly and watched. I'm rarely forward but I had been mixing alcohol with pills so I was feeling frisky. I looked up and him and demanded, "Kiss me." "I can't," he said. "That's just not me. "You know you want to," I persisted. "You have no idea how much I want to." "Then kiss me." I crawled to the edge of the bed and his face met mine halfway. All we did was kiss. Immediately afterward, Nikki and I got up, left the room and stumbled out of the hotel.

Jenna Jameson said: "Rocker Marilyn Manson and I made an odd/bizarre couple. I looked like a cartoonish exaggeration of the all-American California blonde and he was an exaggeration of the anti-American bogeyman. We decided to attend an industry event. When we got out of the limo, paparazzi were everywhere, blinding us with flashbulbs."

"The first person we saw when we made it through the door was Prince. Somehow Manson knew him, and he introduced us. Prince said "hi" and reached to shake my hand. I'd never been so tongue-tied in the presence of anyone else before. He was hot and beautiful like a girl."

"Five minutes later we bumped into Lenny Kravitz then we met the girls from TLC."

"When I was introduced to Quincy Jones, he squeezed my hand so hard that I thought he was going to break it. It was all too much."

The night of the Bangkok Planet Hollywood opening, I walked past a table full of beautiful girls, with Wesley Snipes sitting smack in the middle of them all. He waved me over. "Why don't you join us?"

Hesitantly, I sat down next to him and all the other girls at the table shot me dagger looks. He was trying to get in their pants and they were trying to get in his pants.

"So," he leaned over and whispered in my ear, "do you take it up the ass?"

Being a porn star, I was used to such questions but Wesley at that moment, did not know I was a porn star. Either way, I was offended. I looked at him blankly, stood up, and walked away. That was the first and last time I ever saw him.

When I was walking away from Wesley's table I bumped into Bruce Willis, he pushed me up against the wall and kissed me. After thirty seconds of passionate tongue kissing, he just walked away without a word.

Jenna Jameson makes the following allegations in her autobiography:

Based on True Events:

"She was young, beautiful and damned. Her name was Vanessa and she was dead. Vanessa was thin, tan and graceful with perfect boobs, a broad muscular back and wire-straight blonde hair cut in bangs that grazed her eyebrows."

"When she walked into the "Crazy Horse Two," for her first day of work, she instantly attracted customers and strippers alike. Some people are beautiful, others are sexy but Vanessa was both. Add to this intelligence and a wicked sense of humor and she was a goddess. No man could resist emptying his wallet for her."

"A born hustler with a love of the game, she taught me everything I needed to know about working guys but beneath the surface was a deep reservoir of sadness. Cracks began to appear in her perfect facade. She started to drink more heavily and would burst into fits of sobbing or curse out customers for no reason."

"We agreed to go out one night. Me and my friend Sharon went to go pick up Vanessa in Sharon's Corvette.Vanessa's dog was outside barking loudly. When we entered her home, Sharon went into the bathroom, suddenly, she started screaming and dashed out."

"Vanessa was hoisted up, made up like a goddess with a rope around her neck." The police deemed her death a suicide but in my mind I knew this was the work of a man and I knew just who that man was. He was probably the most vile human being I had ever encountered." "They called him Preacher."

"I was only 18 when Preacher raped me on a party boat. Afterwards, he pointed a finger in my face and said, "Don't you say a fucking word or you're dead," he scowled. "Nobody believes a whore anyway."

"He spat and left me crying on the floor."


A friend recently emailed me a link. A very private and exclusive escort agency exists that features top named models supplementing their income (advertising their zed cards) and the most beautiful escorts in the world.

This agency is so elite and exclusive, that the women charge $10,000-$31,000 per sexual encounter. If the rich clients wants to date a girl exclusively, he has to negotiate a sizable buyout fee with the agency to do so.

This agency also has a concierge on staff. He can guarantee tickets (for escort dates) to the Oscars, the Super Bowl, Emmys, Grand Prix, etc. He can also arrange "non-sexual" celebrity dates for an astronomical fee.

This agency operates all over the world, mainly in: Europe, Miami, Vegas, New York and Hollywood.

We contacted the agency for an interview but they declined, when we informed them that we would be doing a feature on them, they asked us not to provide their URL.

Scores is a strip club which started out in Manhattan, New York City, and is one of several gentlemen's clubs which changed the face of adult entertainment in that city during the early 1990s and gained wider notoriety and popularity mostly due to frequent mention by Howard Stern. Scores redefined strip clubs the way Studio 54 redefined night clubs. Numerous celebrities in film, TV and sports patronized Scores on a regular basis. Demi Moore did research at Scores for her film, "Strip Tease." Prime Minister Kevin Rudd even visited Scores in September 2003. Scores would soon branch out to Florida and Las Vegas.

High rollers visiting Scores' super elite Presidents' Club (can only be rented out by the half hour or the hour) spend thousands of dollars on single bottles of champagne and tip strippers as much as $10,000 for lap dances and for spending time with them.

Scores also has hundreds of the most beautiful exotic dancers in the world performing.

At "Scores, Las Vegas," you can watch the big game on one of the 24 big screen plasma TV's. The club also has fireplaces, skyboxes and a steak house.

It's rumored that Scores (or another company using the name) may be diversifying by launching an adult web cam (online) featuring their beautiful entertainers. If true, the men will allegedly pay a fee of $5.00-$10 dollars per minute to interact with the girls.

Jenna Jameson makes the following allegations in her book:

"While I was in a New York club, someone spiked my drink with Ecstasy, which was a terrible experience. I don't like the drug, and would never take it intentionally."

That night at the "China Club," NY Yankee superstar Derek Jeter was hitting on me and my friend. He bored me, so I went to talk to another sports superstar, Joe Montana."

Montana looked like he was 100 years old. He could hardly move from all the beatings he had taken in his heyday. When he put his hand on my leg, I realized two things: the first is that I should never be in public on Ecstasy and the other was that I should have stayed with Derek Jeter."

"The next day the tabloids reported that Joe Montana and I were having an affair but what actually happened was that I went back to my suite to have sex with a Penthouse Pet Of The Year (Paige Summers), fourth photo."

"Later that year, Paige Summers' heart would mysteriously stop in the middle of the night following a routine surgical procedure."


Agent Henry Willson, the man who invented Rock Hudson once said in the 1970's, porn star John Holmes was the playboy of Hollywood and much in demand. Among actresses, it became the thing to same John and his huge endowment (13 inches). Many big stars wanted him. Willson set Holmes up with Lana Turner who passed him on to Ava Gardner.

According to Willson, Rock Hudson also wanted to sample Holmes, Willson set it up. Willson even hooked Holmes up Holmes with Liberace who passed him on to his best pal, Merv Griffin.

After Holmes died of AIDS, one private collector living in England, offered $100,000 dollars for Holmes' severed penis and testicles from his body to put on display in his home in a jar. His request was denied but before cremation, some unknown person severed both John's penis and testicles from his body. That person has yet to be found.

In Related News: John Holmes' was not the only sex industry star booked by male and female celebrities for sex in Hollywood over the years. We reported a few years ago that a hermaphrodite adult star (both sex organs) was booked solid on the Hollywood circuit for several years ago. This person was popular because both sex organs were functional and he was able to satisfy men and women, mainly husband's and wife's.

Source: "Hollywood Babylon: It's Back!"


I recently had the opportunity to interview a celebrity call girl who specializes in being a “public girlfriend,” for closeted gay celebrities.

She works through a discreet “beard,” agency that supplies all types of girls to gay actors, gay rappers and gay athletes.

Closeted sports stars (NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL) are the largest category to frequent this agency.

These women are basically paid to make public appearances with these men and to walk the red carpet.
The escort we interviewed revealed that she has “fronted,” for a black politician and an actor. The actor’s rep called her agency and made a date.

When she arrived, the actor and rep negotiated a deal with her, stating: No sex will ever be required, only appearances for a set fee and you will be given jewelry and other presents if you agree to this agreement.

This entire story with additional details will be featured on the site in the near future.


MP: Please define the term "Call Girl Beard," for our readers?

CGB: Call girl beards like myself work for a discreet agency that specializes in supplying "professional fronts," for closeted gay celebrities and politicians.

MP: How did you get started in this line of work?

CGB: I ran into a former high school friend of mine, from several years ago, at that time, she was dressed nicely and had a lot of money and she was clothed in designer gear. I later found out she was a street hooker who worked for a violent pimp. She actually shared her corner with the sister of a famous porn star who often shot up heroin (openly) on the corner between tricks. I didn't want to go this route but at the same time I was impressed with the type of money prostitution brought in.

MP: Since you didn't go the street corner route, how did you become affiliated with a "call girl beard," agency?

CGB: I was involved with modeling and the money was good but I wanted to make more money because I like the finer things in life. One day, I had lunch with a fashion photographer, we got into a discussion about supplementing income after I complained about my bills and he gave me a business card, told me to call the name on the card and say he referred me.

MP: What happened next?

CGB: I passed the physical and intellectual inspection and a few weeks later I was paired for red carpet events in Hollywood with a closeted R&B singer. No sex was involved but I was on call 24/7. Everything was arranged by his rep. Few people in Hollywood and outside of Hollywood still don't know he's gay, he's even fathered kids and he's been married. He spends a lot of money to cover his tracks.

MP: How much money do you make?

CGB: I average $3,000-$5,000 per non-sexual encounter. I average more when I go on overseas junkets with my celebrity clients.

*Part II to will appear in the near future.


Lawrence E. King (first photo) was a black Republican activist and “rising star” in the party, who sang the National Anthem at both the 1984 and 1988 Republican national conventions. King was allegedly involved in procuring, or rather, allegedly kidnapping underage teens and turning them into prostitutes.

The Washington Times reportedly got hold of “hundreds of credit-card vouchers” allegedly, showing the purchase of “homosexual prostitute services” by a number of influential political aides and advisors.

According to sources: Allegedly, a Washington socialite and international trade consultant… spent upwards of $20,000 a month for male prostitutes who provided sex to him and his friends, said to include military personnel who also acted as his “bodyguards.”

Craig J. Spence (2nd photo) was a former ABC news correspondent who, after becoming a Republican lobbyist, was implicated in the White House ‘Call Boy’ scandal. On June 29th 1989, The Washington Times published an article with the heading, "Homosexual prostitution inquiry ensnares political VIP's. The article showed three credit card payment receipts made out to Professional Services, Inc. The amount shown were ninety five, one hundred-fifty and six hundred dollars. (The Times obtained Hundreds more of such receipts.)

The Washington Times article said, "The Professional Services, Inc. was reported to be one of the several umbrella companies used by operators supplying male prostitutes as escorts, as is advertised in Washington tabloid newspaper and the telephone Yellow Pages." The article also named many high profile clients as well as several low-level government employees, including Craig J. Spence. He was said to be a Washington lobbyist and party-giver who, took friends and prostitutes on late-night tours of the White House. In the midst of the scandal however, Spence was found dead in a Boston Hotel room, authorities ruled his death a suicide. To date, investigators have not disclosed evidence linking any high-level government official to the escort service.

Many of the young prostitutes were said to have been minors from foster homes (Boys Town) in the controversial book "The Franklin Coverup," a book written by former senator John DeCamp. His investigationinto Omaha Franklin Credit-Union (headed by Lawrence King) led him to the discovery of an organized pedophile ring in the government that was allegedly run by Lawrence King and Craig J. Spence.

King was indicted in May, 1989; rather than stand trial, he and his wife, Alice (also implicated in the case) entered a plea bargain. Both went to prison; Alice served two years and was released in 1993; King was sentenced to 15 years but served less than 10, and was released in early 2001.


*Here is an excerpt from Ahke'e Anthony's book, "Exposed."

"Fuck you, you ugly motha-fucker," were the last words I yelled at my millionaire ex-
lover, after he kicked me out of his pretty white Bentley Continental in the middle of West Hollywood. After I slammed his door, I swore to never speak another word to him again.
The moment I moved to Hollywood, I swear God tried to get my attention but I
overlooked every one of His warning signs until I found myself in a world of trouble.

After realizing what I had done and the depths that I had traveled, it was too late.

Later, on that same day, my former best friend, Dominic, called to invite me to a mansion party in the Hollywood Hills.

Earlier that day, in Beverly Hills, my ex-lover bought me a Gucci outfit, which would be perfect for the night. Still, I knew if I wanted to be stress-free, then I needed him off my mind. I made a six o’clock appointment at the Peninsula Spa in Beverly Hills. The only thing I could think about while being pampered was my failed affairs. Steve was the second millionaire I let slip through my fingers in six months.

I became accustomed to the privileged life. I was in debt up to my eyeballs, but you would have never known. I shopped at upscale boutiques, attended world premieres and ate at four-star restaurants just about every night of the week and I never ever had to worry about velvet ropes or VIP access. My friends were on television, and occasionally, I jet- setted to attend private parties and business meetings.

This was all charged to my millionaire lover’s American Express Black Card.

I got in from the spa around 9 p.m. feeling better then I felt hours before. I took a quick nap until 12 a.m. and then I took a shower and got dressed. Minutes later, I was zooming up to Hollywood Hills in my black CLK-430, blasting Tierra Marie’s song "New Shit."

When I arrived at the address, I called Dominic to let him know I was out front. While I was checking my face in the mirror one last time, Dominic and his homie walked up to the side of my car. Dominic was smiling hard, with a drink in one hand.


Dominic said, “Ahke’e this is Derek. Derek is the one hosting the affair, and that house right there... is his,” he said, while turning to point at the curbside mansion behind them. I got out of the car and extended my hand.

“Nice to meet you,” I said, while revealing a slight smile to mask what I was feeling. During the handshake, Derek held on my hand slightly longer than he should have. He must have been intrigued by the way he stared strongly into my eyes without blinking. After he led us to the front door, he disappeared inside leaving, Dominic and me standing on the front steps alone. “You mind standing here while I smoke,” Dominic asked. “Nah, go ahead” I replied, while looking around at the luxury cars parked out front. “You good,” Dominic asked, while flicking the ashes off the tip of his cigarette. “I’m good. I just needed to clear my head, but I‘m straight.” I lied. “You sure,”

“Yeah, man! I‘m good…really,” I said trying to reassure him as much as myself. “So what do you think of him?” Dominic asked, while blowing a stream of smoke my way. “Who?,” I asked, not sure if the topic switched from Steve to Derek. “Derek” “He’s a good look. Why?” “Earlier today he was going through my phone and ran across that picture of us at the W. He said you were a cutie, and then started asking a bunch of questions,” said Dominic.

“Like...” I asked out of curiosity. “Like are you single, dating, you know, the usual” replied Dominic. “What did you say?” I inquired, without sounding interested. “I said you're single, and then he suggested I'd invite you.”

Our conversation came to a quick finish when Dominic flicked his cigarette into the street. As we walked inside to join the other partygoers, my eyes bounced around at all the pictures of an old Hollywood actress that covered the walls.

“Aiyo, please tell me he ain't a celebrity impersonator,” I asked Dominic on the sly. “Naw that’s his grandma,” Dominic said. “She’s the reason he can afford this shit. When that bitch died, she left everything in his name. I’m talking shit loads of money, diamonds, vacation homes, cars and most of all her royalties. That bitch is worth millions! She’s what you call Hollywood royalty. Shit… I’m waitin’ for my man to blow up like that, and then roll the hell over and die. I invested four long years in that bastard, I better get something for my investment” he added with a laugh.

For the first hour or so, I mingled with guests while being handed drink after drink. Once the alcohol set in, I loosened up and started enjoying myself. I did my two-step alone on the dance floor, while cocaine, weed, pills and liquor were being passed around. Each time I happened to look up, I noticed Derek staring at me, but whenever we made eye contact, he either looked away or dropped his head. We didn't actually speak until I forced my way through the crowd to the balcony overlooking Sunset Blvd. for some fresh air. When I turned to go back inside, Derek was standing behind me holding two cocktails. “You alright,” he asked. “I’m good. I needed some air …So are you enjoying your party?”

“It’s good… I'm glad you came. I’m sure Dominic’s told you what we talked about,” he said. “Yeah, he mentioned something about it,”“Oh, here I brought you another drink.” he said, while handing me one of the cocktails.

“Thanks,” “You wanna dance?” He asked shyly. I wasn't feeling well, but I needed him and his grandmother’s money more then he knew. “Come on,” I said before swallowing down the drink. Derek took me by the hand and led the way to the makeshift dance floor in the middle of his spacious living room. The entire house was completely dark except for the DJ’s strobe light that flashed every five seconds. Half way through the song the room went black.

"A wake up call that I did not request... Sunset Strip"

“Sir, Sir are you okay? Should I get help?” A Hispanic maid asked, as she leaned over my wretched body.

As tired and weak as I felt, I managed to jerk myself up into sitting position. “Nah, I’m fine…can I have some water?” I mumbled.

My body was drenched and my head did a slow throb that made me cringe as the sound boomed throughout my body. I sat in Indian style and tried to make sense of what's happening. The hotel room looked familiar, but I had no idea where I was.

My last memory was me at party in the Hollywood Hills. “Where am I?” I asked the maid. “Chateau Marmont.” I started panicking as reality set in.


Tim Barnett (born Bradford Thomas Wagner in Bismarck, North Dakota) was a porn actor who appeared in forty-three gay and bisexual pornographic movies between 1993 and 2000. "An Officer and His Gentlemen," was his most popular.

Following his exit from pornographic films, Wagner worked as a part-time snow board instructor, and then as a real estate agent in Aspen, Colorado.

He was arrested in June 2004 as a suspect in the rapes of five women between 1993 and 1998 at the Tantra Lake and Bridgewalk apartment complexes in Boulder, Colorado, an unsolved 1994 rape case in Lakewood, Colorado, and another in 1995 in Austin, Texas. According to law enforcement officials, DNA evidence linked him to the crimes.

Wagner hanged himself with a bed sheet in his jail cell in Boulder, and died July 13, 2005.

According to Bossip:  (MURDER OF A ONE LEGGED HOOKER)

A one-legged hooker was killed in Brooklyn after a john hit her over the head, causing her to fall backwards out of her wheelchair and slam her skull against the wall, cops said yesterday.

Elizabeth Acevedo, 38, was found lying unconscious on the floor of a hallway on the 13th floor of a building in the Wyckoff Gardens houses in Boerum Hill on Thursday morning. The handicapped hooker, who lived in the building, was taken to Long Island College Hospital, where she died yesterday morning after being removed from life support, police said. Acevedo - who lost her leg in a train accident - had a rap sheet with 67 arrests for prostitution and drug charges. She wore a prosthetic leg, but also used a wheelchair. Investigators believe she had been servicing a client in the hallway who then hit her on the head with a heavy object. Police were still looking for a suspect.


A 30-YEAR-old sex offender who posed as a 12-year-old boy to enroll at schools in the US for two years has pleaded guilty to child porn and other charges.

Sex offender Neil Havens Rodreick, aged 30, managed to pose as a 12-year-old boy and attend schools for two years.

Neil Havens Rodreick II attended schools in Arizona, and although authorities found no evidence he committed any offense while in school, a large collection of pornography was found at his home, the Associated Press reported.

Rodreick had faced 28 counts but pleaded guilty to seven of them last week in Yavapai County Superior Court in northern Arizona, according to a plea agreement document obtained by the AP.

Rodreick pleaded guilty to four counts of sexual exploitation of a minor stemming from the pornography, as well as one count each of failure to register as a sex offender, fraud and simple assault.

Rodreick attended schools in Surprise, Payson and Prescott Valley starting in 2005, authorities said.

He shaved and wore pancake makeup to help him appear younger, convincing teachers, students and administrators that he was a young boy named Casey.

He was caught in January 2007 after spending a day in the seventh grade at a school after school officials became suspicious about his paperwork.

Rodreick was arrested with three other men, who were posing as his cousin, uncle and grandfather.

Yavapai County Attorney Sheila Polk said that according to the terms of the plea deal, Rodreick must serve no less than 70 years and six months in prison.

The trial for the other men was due to begin on November 19, the AP said.


Rumors have always run rapid in the adult industry that porn star John Holmes (above) contracted AIDS while filming his first gay porn film. A film he was very reluctant to do.

Late in 1980, adult star John Holmes was becoming increasingly impotent on screen, and spending all his money on drugs, he was breaking into houses and robbing families when they were away. Over the years he'd turned down offers from producers to do gay porn.

Desperately in need of cash, he reluctantly agreed to star in his first full-length porn feature, "The Private Pleasures Of John C. Holmes," in which he played a gay sultan. The film was released in 1983. For his work, Holmes received the largest check of his life, $500,000.

This film became one of the highest grossing gay sex films of all time. On opening night at a movie theater in Times Square, the film played to a packed audience which included Truman Capote.

The bottom in the film was Joey Yale who had no trouble taking Holmes' 13 inch private member. Offscreen, Yale was the lover of Fred Halsted, a famous underground filmmaker who'd met Yale at a leather bar in West Hollywood. Halsted had many years to break Yale in for anal sex.

Was John Holmes made aware that his onscreen lover Joey Yale (who he had unprotected sex with) had already contracted AIDS? Yale would die three years later and his lover (Halsted) would commit suicide.

Actress Tallulah Bankhead (1st photo) came from a powerful and wealthy political family which included Senators. Bankhead discreetly had an attraction towards black women and black men. She was rumored to be attracted to plus sized black women and allegedly had lesbian encounters with Billie Holiday and Hattie McDaniel. Bankhead was also linked to notorious black gigolo Dickie Wells. When she was informed of his death, she fainted.

Bankhead's only husband was John Emery (2nd photo). She often said, "I only married John because he had the biggest c**k in Hollywood outside of Rubirosa." One morning in New York, actor Vincent Price came over to Bankhead's apartment for breakfast. Afterwards, she invited him into her bedroom where her husband was sleeping in the nude.

Bankhead said she could tell that Vincent wanted a taste of her husband. She invited him to help himself. Still half asleep from all the booze Emery had consumed the night before. He woke up thinking his wife was givinghim fellatio. He was startled to see it was Vincent.

Tallulah reportedly told him, "Let Vincent finish. You almost broke my jaw last night."

When Emery climaxed in Vincent's mouth. Tallulah said to Vincent, "The weapon is formidable but I find the shot terribly weak."


"A Child Called It," is by far one of the most disturbing books I've ever read. The book is the first in a triology based on the abuse suffered by author David Pelzer at the hands of his biological mother. A network has purchased the rights to this book. This book is so devastating, I had to back away from it a few times.


A Child Called "It": One Child's Courage to Survive is Dave Pelzer's 1995 autobiographical account of his maltreatment as a child by his alcoholic mother, Catherine Roerva, who singled him out much more so from among her other children as an object of abuse.

Dave Pelzer was the second born of five children. His father was a fireman and, according to Dave, his mother was originally a loving, kind and wonderful person that would do anything for her family. After the abuse started, Dave could tell what kind of day he could expect to have by the way his mother was dressed. If she was all made up then he could expect a good day, but if she wasn't he knew he would be beaten and starved.

Among the many incidents discussed is that his mother attempted to burn Dave on a stove when he was 8 years old. It was at this point his mother began to make him go without food for extended periods of time. The abuse gets worse and David is forced to sleep in the cellar and perform hard labor. He got an average of half a meal a day on a good day. When David was 10, she also stabbed him in the stomach—accidentally, as Pelzer notes in the book—and did not take him to the hospital (though she did take care of the wound herself).

Over time the depth of the abuse worsened. Dave claimed he was forced to sit in the "prisoner of war" position (head bent backwards facing sky, sitting on hands). His mother stopped using his name and began referring to him first as "The Boy" and finally "It". The punishments are reported to have evolved into "sick games" in which she made her son suffer.

Incidents cited in the book include forcing ammonia down his throat, cleaning a sealed bathroom while inhaling the fumes from a bucket of ammonia mixed with bleach (Gas Chamber), inducing vomiting followed by forced ingestion, smashing his face against a mirror while forcing him to say "I'm a bad boy", beating him with a rubber hose, lying in the bathtub naked with freezing water for hours, rubbing his face in his baby brother's soiled diaper.

Dave's mother also had a habit of taking him and his brothers to McDonalds, she would make Dave stay in the car and watch them eat.

Supporting Pelzer's story is schoolteacher Athena Konstan of Salt Lake City, who wrote, "In my 31 years of teaching, David Pelzer was the most severely abused child I have ever known."


The Dinah Shore Weekend (golf tournament) is considered the largest lesbian vacation in the world. Thousands of lesbians from around the world descend upon the Palm Springs desert for five days of wild, celebrity-filled, parties.

This golf tournament is referred to as "Lesbian Disneyland." Lesbian pool parties, strip nights, wet t-shirt contests and lap dances kick off the event each year.

Allegedly, different categories of lesbians attend: Lipstick lesbians, power lesbians and boi's.

Reportedly, numerous friendships and hookups occur at this tournament, the actual golf tournament has become an after thought.


The late Alex Adams was a Hollywood madam with a rich and famous clientele. She was also the mentor of Heidi Fleiss.

In her book, "Madam 90201," Alex claims that another Madam wanted to put a competing Madam out of business.

She hired a man who was known to bring on emotional distress.

He initiated a romance with the madam and then seduced her. He always requested having sex in the dark to hide the blisters that covered his private area.

A month into their relationship, she began experiencing a burning sensation when she urinated and she broke out in welts.

When she went to the doctor, she was diagnosed with three non-fatal sexual diseases. Due to this health scare, she closed her brothel. Mission Accomplished.

Before he disappeared and left town, the man was paid $10,000 dollars for a "job well done," by the other madam.

This man is known in the sex industry as an "STD for hire."

Similar to a hired assassin with different consequences.


There is a secretive subculture in the sex trade that "Details," magazine did an article on a few years ago that we will elaborate on.

A few escort agencies offer up a specialized division that features well built black men, this division is referred to as: The "Mandingo," division. The escorts in this division cater to rich white women who have sexual fantasies regarding black men with bodybuilder physiques and they pay top dollar for this service.

A "Mandingo," escort told us that he wasn't offended by the name or implications because "it's all about themoney." He added that he has serviced white female celebrities (actresses and singers). He also says white socialites have him on speed dial and a few females (a CEO and a Hollywood wife) have asked him to have sex while their husband's watch.

The going rate for this type of escort is: $500 per encounter.


Stacy Leigh Arthur (above) was chosen as Playboy's Playmate of the Month for January, 1991. Stacy was also Mrs. Ohio for the 1990 Mrs. America contest.

Arthur's husband, Jim, was the victim of a murder-suicide by a fan named James Lindberg shortly after Stacy's appearance in Playboy. According to news reports, Lindberg had been a regular caller to a 900 number sponsored by Playboy that allowed fans to chat with their favorite Playmates, with both Playboy and the Playmate receiving a portion of the proceeds.

Lindberg was a regular caller to Stacy, racking up bills in the thousands of dollars. Although witnesses who heard Stacy speak on the phone with Lindberg stated that she never said anything out of the ordinary, during these calls Lindberg developed an obsession that Stacy's husband was abusing her.

Lindberg thereafter tracked Jim down, murdered him, and then turned his gun on himself in a parking lot behind a building she owned in Bellefontaine, Ohio.


Barry Thomas Rogers, who was known to friends as "J.T." was born in Milledgeville and raised in a conservative Baptist home. He even attended the fundamentalist Bob Jones University (BJU) in Greenville, South Carolina. Rogers was expelled from the University midway through his senior year when he chose to come out. He had a Celtic cross tattooed above his right bicep, clearly visible in all his adult films.

Rogers had minor roles in films outside of the gay porn industry. He was an extra in the made-for-tv movie "Unconquered", appeared twice on "The Dating Game" (winning once), and appeared on the Jerry Lewis Telethon as a Jerry Lewis impersonator.

He moved to Atlanta, Georgia, in 1999 and tried stand-up comedy, but he struggled financially. After being diagnosed as HIV-positive, he still continued to make adult films, working with Atlanta-based producer Dick Wadd to make hardcore and bareback sex films despite having HIV.

Rogers shared a house with a friend in midtown Atlanta and sought financial assistance to find a home of his own. Rogers suffered from chronic depression, and lived with both HIV and hepatitis. He committed suicide on November 7, 2004 by hanging himself with wire on the fence of the Atlanta Botanical Garden.


An embarrassing sex experience that almost cost Playboy boss Hugh Hefner his life is to be exposed in a new book.

Hefner sat for a series of lengthy interviews with author Steven Watts for what will become Mr. Playboy: Hugh Hefner and the American Dream.

The book details the Playboy boss' history of shocking sexual escapades.

And Watts reveals not all the aging publishing mogul's romps were as steamy as admirers might imagine - Hefner once almost choked on a sex toy.

"Hefner divulges he almost died doing what he loves best while he was dating Playboy Playmate Sondra Theodore."

The incident is said to have occurred in 1977 when the pair were using a small sex toy that fell into Hefner's mouth.

The insider adds, "Hef began choking and was about to pass out. Sondra quickly started pumping his chest until the toy was dislodged."

The book is scheduled for release in October (08).


Porifiro Rubirosa is pictured above with a young Zsa Zsa Gabor. The following are quotes from women who slept with the legendary 13 inch endowed playboy.

Flor de Oro (An European rich socialite who married Rubi) said: "During our honeymoon, when the sex was over, my insides hurt because he was so endowed."

A rich woman known as Manouche, who ran with gangsters and operated her own nightclub said: "It was long and pointed, he was grotesquely proportioned. He could have been a carnival attraction." The man was well hung with a superhuman endowment, a calling card that which got him into circles into which he might otherwise never have gained admittance.

Women heard about it, wondered about it, whispered about it, had to see it, hold it and have it and if you were rich or famous, he didn't deny you."

Rubi's butler recalled, "One afternoon when I thought Rubi was out of the house, I went into his bedroom to put away some shirts. He was there, having sex with a famous woman. He jumped out of bed and rushed towards me cursing. What a sight, I was stunned at the size of his manhood. It was so enormous, I heard he had to wear a jockstrap at all times."

Rubi was also known for his class and Hedda Hopper said, "He has the most perfect manners that I have ever encountered. He wraps his charm around your shoulders like a Russian sable coat. He also had the ability to hang on the words of every woman he romanced. When he spoke to you, it seemed as if the rest of the world had lost all interest for him." "This is why he became an international legend."

Source: "The Last Playboy," by Shawn Levy

We reported last year that international jet-set playboy/gigolo/assassin-Porifiro Rubirosa went out of his way to be extremely lavish and generous to black female celebrities. He took Eartha Kitt out to dinner where she was serenaded by a violinist, and later that evening, he presented her with a diamond necklace worth $100,000, he then accompanied her home via limo and kissed her hand before walking her to the door. He was a perfect gentleman and did not expect sex.

He was also very generous to black dancer/actress Katherine Dunham, 3rd photo, treating her similar to Kitt. He went out of his way "not" to charge black women for anything and he never pressured them for sex although he desired them sexually.

Yet, he charged white female celebrities $66,000 per day for his gigolo services, he also received million dollar settlements, coffee plantations, yachts, polo ponies, etc.

According to the book, "The Last Playboy," Rubirosa was Dominican, Creole in heritage, partly African. He was naturally dark and was known to straighten his hair with the same product African-Americans used for konking their hair (with a skull cap).

Could this have been the reason for the disparity among white and black women?

Rubi also counted Sammy Davis, Jr. as one of his best friends and gave Davis lessons on how to kiss a woman's hand properly. They also frequented the French Rivera frequently, chasing beautiful women.

Some of Rubi's playboy rivals were gangsters, and raw thugs with deep ties to the most vicious sorts of power: Johnny Roselli, Bugsy Siegel and Johnny Stompanato, all mobsters, who chased and sometimes caught actresses, models and heiresses. Satisfying themselves with the thrill of the hunt, sometimes with sex, sometimes with money. Through their hands passed the likes of: Allegedly, Gloria Vanderbilt, Marilyn Monroe, Lana Turner, and Thelma Todd. Rubi was also very close to Kennedy sister, Patricia Kennedy and Zsa Zsa Gabor, second photo.

One night in the 1950's, Rubi, Aly Khan, Baby Pignatari and Juan Capuro found themselves stag at a Paris nightclub, drinking together. The maitre d' was delighted with the assembly. "Tonight, he crowed, "in my place are gathered the four most famous playboys in the world!" Everybody had a good laugh but Rubi had the last laugh. "Yes, that's true," he responded. "but there is a big difference between me and these other gentlemen: They all pay their women and all my women pay me!"

Source: "The Last Playboy," by Shawn Levy


Eighties child stars Corey Haim (1st photo) and Corey Feldman (2nd photo) were both molested by different men when they were just 14. The pair, both 36, made the revelations during an angry confrontation with each other on their reality TV show "Two Coreys."

Haim berates Feldman for standing by while an unnamed man interfered with him.

In the fiery episode, he says, "You let me get f**cked around in my life. Raped, so to speak, when I was 14 and a half, by a guy you still hang out with.

"What did you think when you saw that s**t going on with me?"

Feldman replies, "I was being molested at the same time by someone else. What did you do?"

The second season of their reality show kicked off this month on the A&E network.


Former Radio 1 disc jockey Kevin Greening (above) died of a drug overdose after a gay bondage session, an inquest revealed. "He was found dead having indulged in unorthodox sexual behavior involving restraint equipment and illegal drugs," according to the inquest.

Greening's boyfriend Sean Griffin, the occupier of the Wandsworth flat in which Greening was found, said: "Kevin and I had a very happy and very vigorous sex life.

It is believed the former breakfast show presenter had taken large quantities of cocaine, ecstasy and GHB on the night of his death.

Greening also worked at Radio 5 Live, as well as London stations Jazz FM, Heart 106.2 and XFM.


This is the most lucrative weekend for thoroughbred call girls and downlow escorts. Top flight call girls are flown in by private jets, arriving on a private air strip, whisked away to a rented mansion to entertain a rich powerbroker. She will accompany him to the Super Bowl and sit in a private sky box. After the game, they will attend all the invitation only, VIP bashes. Mingling with celebrities and sports superstars. When the weekend ends, she will be paid $10,000-$15,000 for her time. She will then be flown back, via private jet to her destination.

Downlow escorts will also descend on Super Bowl weekend looking to hookup with a celebrity or an athlete on the downlow. They are not paid as much as call girls and they won't be flaunted around town on the arm of a male celebrity or athlete. They have to get in where they fit in.


By Jon Frank
The Virginian-Pilot

VIRGINIA BEACH - A Virginia Beach male escort and his partner were arrested Tuesday in connection with the slaying of a gay porn film producer who was stabbed to death earlier this year in Pennsylvania.

Harlow Raymond Cuadra, 25, (1st photo) and Joseph Manuel Kerekes, 33, (2nd photo) both of 1028 Stratem Court, were arrested by Beach police about 10 a.m. on Virginia Beach Boulevard as they drove in their black BMW, according to Barry Taylor, a Beach attorney who represents Cuadra.

The two men, who operate Norfolk Gay Escorts and Norfolk Companions Inc., as well as at least two Web sites, have been suspects in the case since Beach police executed a search warrant at their home in February.

On Tuesday, they were taken to Virginia Beach police headquarters while investigators with the Pennsylvania State Police considered a host of charges against them relating to the slaying of Bryan C. Kocis of Dallas, Pa., on Jan. 24.

Someone killed Kocis, a producer of gay films and owner of Cobra Video, by cutting his throat. He was then stabbed 28 times and burned. His body was discovered by firefighters who were called to a structural fire.

Pennsylvania authorities on Tuesday unveiled a 54-page document that spells out the charges and evidence against the two men. Besides criminal homicide, Cuadra and Kerekes may be charged with robbery, burglary, arson, theft, tampering with evidence and conspiracy, Taylor said.

After the arrest Tuesday, Beach police executed another search warrant at the Stratem Court residence.

Police are investigating whether to charge the men with violating Virginia's Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, conspiracy to launder money, and conspiracy to receive money from the earnings of male or female prostitutes, according to the search warrant.

Taylor said Tuesday afternoon that the detailed document and affidavit will take some time to digest.

"We are trying to sort through it and see how strong the evidence really is," Taylor said.

Kerekes is being represented by a Pennsylvania attorney, Taylor said.

The Pennsylvania document details a complicated case against the two men, tied together by a maze of e-mails.

Most of the e-mails are between the victim and a person named "Danny Moilin. "

In an affidavit, Pennsylvania authorities claim that Moilin is an alias of Cuadra's that was used to set up the victim.

The affidavit claims that the motive for the crime was money.

Cuadra and Kerekes, the affidavit says, believed Kocis to be their main rival in the lucrative gay pornography business, and they wanted Kocis out of the way so they could form a relationship with Kocis' main pornography star, Sean Lockhart, who is known in the gay film industry as Brent Corrigan.

The affidavit says that extensive electronic communication took place between Moilin and Kocis just prior to Kocis' death. The communication was filtered through multiple addresses in an attempt to disguise its origination point.

It also says that a vehicle matching the description of the vehicle seen leaving the scene was rented by Cuadra in Virginia in the days leading up to the killing.

The affidavit says that Cuadra and Kerekes bought a knife at a Beach gun shop prior to the slaying.


Paul Barresi (above) is an adult actor, film director, and media personality. He is best known for his work in adult films, and for having had a part in several lurid tabloid sex scandals during the 1980's. He is also a married man who has made a great deal of gay pornography, and he has criticized the adult industry for its lack of ethics but has also admitted in interviews to questionable behavior himself.


He called himself Big Red. When not traveling around the world, offering up his sex for hire services to wealthy Johns and lonely rich widows (who splurge on stud services when not blowing their money on botox, mini-face lifts, full body massages and chemical peels), Red acted in porn films. A tall, lanky, light complected, average looking twenty-five year old really had only one thing going for himself. He often boasted, “Hey, they don’t call me Big Red just because of my freckled face and carrot top.”

In the early summer of 2001, Big Red had just finished his pool side sex scene in a porn film I produced.. While seated at the patio table, writing checks for the cast and crew, he came over to the table and sat down in the chair next to me, but did not speak a word. I thought he either didn’t want to break my concentration or, more than likely - as most of these porn actors do after they finish a scene - he probably wanted more money. The way they do it is by complaining that they had to fuck for hours under the hot sun in awkward positions, or the scene took much longer than they anticipated, causing them to miss an appointment with a paying john. I’ve heard it all before.

Red made five times more than the measly five hundred I paid him, when turning a trick. However, it is not always about the money with these young men and women in porn. Exposure in a porn film is the best free publicity a prostitute can get. Make no mistake, the unspoken truth is, prostituion and porn go hand in hand. Porn stars use the videos they appear in as infomercials to help peddle their ass, literally. I kept thinking, what’s on this kid’s mind? He’s too quiet. Nobody is that courteous. Especially a self-centered, self-consumed hustler. Maybe he’s just waiting for the appropriate time to start a conversation.

I paused a moment and took a sip of my iced-tea just to give him an in. Producing gay porn, for me, is a living - not a life style. I make over a quarter million a year making porn. I don’t have to be sold on the idea that sex sells. So when Red proceeded to cue me in on a book he was writing, about his paid romances with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, I refilled my glass and gave him my undivided attention.

Paul: “Who are some of these big named stars you’ve been intimate with?”

Red rattled off a laundry list of celebrities he supposedly had sex with. “My book is going to rip the town apart.”

Eventually, he got down to the real reason for confiding in me about his proposed book which, up to that time, had been kept tightly under wraps. He asked if I would introduce him to the right people who could help him land a movie deal for his life story. I explained some of the realities of trying to sell a non-fiction story, about personal relationships with celebrities, intimate or otherwise. “Corroborating your sexcapades with the average Joe will be tough enough, let alone proving all these sex trysts with major Hollywood movie stars.”

I told him that making those kinds of claims could potentially bring on extortion charges and most assuredly lead to law suits.

That didn’t matter to Red. He adamantly stood his guns, claiming that he could enumerate the dates, times and details of various sordid sex acts that he engaged in with his celebrity partners. “I’ve kept a detailed diary and I have receipts from restaurants, hotels, night clubs, plus other documentation as well as eye witnesses who are willing to go on the record to support my claims.”

You can’t get much better than that. Now, I’m thinking if this guy is on the level, I can make a bundle of money in any number of ways. In my mind’s eye, I first saw a story with The National Enquirer.

“Can I interview you on tape?” More often than not, people are willing to let you get them on tape when they think they’ve got a shot at selling a story for an enormous amount of money. “Sure,” he said, without hesitation.

We made arrangements to sit down together in a taped session at my home. The following is excerpted from our first interview on August 21, 2001:

PAUL: What is your current occupation?

RED: I am self-employed. I work as an actor, a porn star and escort, a massage therapist and I do bartending and sometimes dancing and stripping in shows. I travel quite a bit, as an escort, around the world, and I do floral arrangements.

PAUL: You advertise your escort services in various gay newspapers and escort web sites. Describe the photo you use to attract potential customers.

RED: I’m wearing Calvin Klein briefs and my private parts are visible. The shape of it is visible through the briefs and I have a leather jacket that I’m removing, and showing my bare chest and my red hair.



HBO recently did a documentary on married gay adult stars who do gay porn for money. The majority of these men claim to be straight. Many of the men said they do gay porn because it pays more money than straight porn. These men said they get paid $150-$2,000 to have sex with women on screen but receive $2,500-$10,000 to engage in homosexual sex.

One of the men even had his wife on the set tutoring him in fellatio.

Despite the fact that Jason Adonis (above) has sex (sometimes as a bottom) in gay adult films, he continues to insist that he's not gay. Adonis has become the gay-for-pay poster boy in the industry.

Most of the women who do girl-girl scenes are not considered actual lesbians by the industry or themselves, and certainly not by "real" lesbians. It's clear that these women are working and are lesbian for pay.

Crystal Knight (second photo, to the left) started off as an lesbian-for-pay adult star because she was involved with a man offscreen and he didn't want her to do adult scenes with men. Over the next few years, Crystal began to identify with being bi-sexual and has admitted then she is attracted to women onscreen and offscreen.

It's surprising that Crystal pursued a career in the adult industry because she speaks three languages and is a self-taught chef. She also negotiates her own contracts.

After adult actress Tera Patrick (second photo, right) married her rocker husband, she too, stopped doing scenes with men at her husband's request and she was once considering doing girl-to-girl scenes-although Tera's not a lesbian.


As we reported earlier this year: Tim Boham aka Marcus Allen (above) was a married gay-for-pay adult star despite being homophobic.

Sources say, offscreen, Boham hated gays and often made derogatory remarks regarding homosexuals and he once "sanitized" his apartment because a gay man once lived there and he often picked fights with gay men.

Boham was also a former escort, former Playgirl centerfold and an exotic dancer.

Boham was arrested earlier this year for allegedly killing a Denver businessman (John P. Kelso) he was spending time with.

Allegedly, a struggle ensued when Boham tried to break into Kelso's safe which contained $100,000-$400,000 in cash.

According to Boham, the gun accidentally went off during a struggle.

Industry Parties:

According to author Terrance Dean, the music industry world was more alluring that TV and film. They had hustlers, ballers, pimps, players and gangsters. Partying with them was a rite of passage.

"The perfect place to find men like this was at industry parties or a Diddy party. Without a doubt, everyone and their momma tried to get into Sean's parties. His parties were like roller coaster rides with grandiose, over-the-top theatrics. When you walked through the door your body started moving. Girls danced with girls. Half-nakedgirls were in cages. It was nothing but pure fun filled with exhilaration throughout the night.

Downlow Parties:

"Brandon," a high level record executive had an annual function with bodyguards checking the list of names, making sure the party remained exclusive in its "all-male atmosphere."

"His parties were in a different location each year. I looked forward to seeing many of the downlow brothers I didn't get to see often. We were all there. Even some new brothers who had just come into the industry. This was their introduction to the crew."

"It was nothing to see brothers dancing with brothers, grooving to the hip-hop sounds. This was our party, our time to be free and uninhibited. We could openly check each other out, make conversation and exchange numbers.""Some downlow men have girlfriends and wives but still sleep with men. Some downlow men consider themselves monogamous if they only sleep with one man, even though they may be sleeping with several women. We are okay with our partners having sex with women but not with another man. Now, that's cheating and disrespectful. I should be the only man that you are with."

Source: "Hiding In Hip-Hop," by Terrance Dean

According to author Savannah Javhall, "One evening I arrived at a hotel suite to visit a R&B singer. "Come sit next to me," he requested. He put his hand on my thigh and had his other hand under the covers trying to get aroused."

"I did not want to sleep with him at all because I was turned off by the presence of crack and he kept trying to get aroused but nothing he did worked."

"He gave up and reached toward the nightstand and picked up a crack pipe and placed the rock in it. He put the pipe between his lips and he flicked the lighter and put the flame directly on the crack. Then, he inhaled. He looked at me, and offered me some, I declined."

"He took a few more hits and he put the pipe and the lighter back on the nightstand. All of a sudden, he grabbed his private parts and said, the spirits, the spirits. What are you talking about?" I said., "The spirits in the room. He pointed straight ahead, screaming, put it down! put it down!

"When I got up to leave, he was still tripping and looking around the room, as if he was watching something move in the room."

Source: "Between The Sheets," by Savannah Jahvall


Last year, Ralph Fiennes was urged to take an AIDS test after the stewardess (above) who seduced him on a Qantas jet admitted she had previously worked as a prostitute.

Lisa Robertson, 38, said she earned up to £800 a night in an upmarket Syndey brothel while working for the Australian airline.

She told a Sydney newspaper she first sold herself to pay the rent "because I was too proud to ask anyone for money".

Roberston was suspended - then sacked - by Qantas after her tryst with the British actor on a flight from Australia to Mumbai in January.

During the nine-hour flight from Darwin, Robertson allowed Fiennes, who was seated in business class, to break aircraft rules by sitting beside her on the crew jump seat, which is used during their break.

After chatting together, there was, she admitted, a lot of "body language" between them and even the odd kiss or two.

Finally she decided to take matters into her own hands.

"I just stood up, reached down for his hand and told him to follow me," she told friends.

"We went into the toilet and locked the door and off came much of our clothes."

She said they then had passionate and apparently unprotected sex ,

Source: The Daily Mail


LYNN, Mass. - Adrian Exley (above) was wrapped tightly in heavy plastic, then bound with duct tape. A leather hood was put over his head with a thin plastic straw inserted so that he could breathe, and he was shut up in a closet.

That, apparently, was the way Exley liked it. But the way it ended — with Exley suffocating — was not what he had in mind when he traveled from Britain for a bondage session with a man he had met through a sadomasochism Web site.

Exley’s body was discovered in the woods last year, two months after he was bound up in the bondage “playroom” Gary LeBlanc had built in the basement of his suburban Boston home. LeBlanc, a 48-year-old Gulf Oil sales executive, detailed his responsibility in the fatal bondage session in a five-page suicide note, just before he put a gun to his head and killed himself.

Now the question is: Since Exley consented to the sex play, can LeBlanc be held responsible for his death?

Exley’s family is suing LeBlanc’s estate for unspecified damages, claiming wrongful death. Many bondage enthusiasts are watching the case closely, seeing it as a lesson in where to draw the line of responsibility on consensual but dangerous sex.

“There’s definitely the whole spectrum of thought on what really happened — whether it was a consent issue, or negligence or misunderstanding,” said Vivienne Kramer, a board member of the New England Leather Alliance. “Everybody has their own ideas on what should have happened.”

Exley and LeBlanc met through an online forum for gay men into rubber, leather and bondage. Exley, a 32-year-old stripper, used the screen name “Studpup,” while LeBlanc called himself “Rubrman” and built a chamber with rubber mats on the floors and walls, chains, leather restraints, rubber suits and a hospital gurney.

Exley arrived at LeBlanc’s house in Lynn in April 2006 after the pair had exchanged e-mails in which they discussed plans for LeBlanc to play the “master” and Exley his“slave,” according to the lawsuit.

John Andrews, a lawyer for LeBlanc’s estate, said Exley knew the risks going in. “What occurred was an act or actions between two consenting adults, both of whom knew what they were doing, and it had a tragic end,” he said.

The lawsuit describes a three-day bondage and discipline session that ended when a third man, Scott Vincent, discovered Exley was not breathing. Exley had been put in a closet while bound in plastic up to his neck and left alone for several hours, according to the lawsuit.

In his suicide note, LeBlanc admitted that Exley at one point had trouble breathing. But he said that after “cooling him down,” Exley improved. LeBlanc said that he went to sleep about 3 a.m. but was woken up a few hours later by Vincent, who told him Exley was not breathing and was turning blue and cold.

LeBlanc said he panicked, and he and Vincent drove to Rhode Island, where they buried the body and threw away Exley’s clothing and identification.

The Rhode Island medical examiner determined that Exley suffocated. Vincent said in a sworn statement that the straw had fallen out of his mouth in the closet.

Vincent, a flight attendant who is also being sued, is charged with failure to report a death in Rhode Island. But he has not been charged in Massachusetts.

Source: AP


A royal scandal is brewing. Ian Strachan (pictured above) is allegedly demanding $100,000 to keep quiet about a sex and drugs video of a royal aide boasting about a gay romp with a top royal. Other allegations that have surfaced: Palace parties that allegedly turn into drunken gay orgies and male hookers allegedly calling the palace asking for senior servants. Stay tuned. Source: Hugo Ross

Angelina Jolie has given up girls and S&M after falling for Hollywood hunk Brad Pitt. The 32-year-old actress admits bedding women in the past, including a 10-year relationship with model Jenny Shimizu, and has also confessed to experimenting with knives during sex. But she insists her relationship with Pitt, which began in 2005, has tamed her. She says, "I've never hidden my bisexuality. But since I've been with Brad, there's no longer a place for that or S&M in my life."

Several years ago when the scandal broke regarding Heidi Fleiss, famous married men were nervous that their names would be revealed in her black book.  Unbeknownst to many, nestled among all those men names, was one name that belonged to a woman.   The woman is a Hollywood legend.  It's rumored: She procured women from Heidi to entertain her less successful, much younger, ex-husband who she was married to at the time.  She wasn't up to having sex with him on a regular basis so she patronized Heidi's services.

In this column, we have reported on an annual "Celebrity Black Swinging" event called, "shhhh." This bash features some of the most well known celebrities and athletes in the world getting their freak on.

Each room has a different theme in a rented mansion: Role Play, S&M, Swingers, Girl/Girl, etc., with adult movies playing in the background on Plasma screens. This annual event is "top secret" and is funded by a former NBA superstar and a popular rapper.

Fast Forward: With the exception of the event mentioned above, African-Americans were never really into this alternative lifestyle but now, things have changed despite numerous sexually transmitted diseases and "rough trade" encounters.

We are receiving reports that Black Swinger clubs are flourishing across the country and gigolo's & escorts attend to try and attract wealthy clients or sugar daddy's/ sugar mama's. A lot of these clubs have a governing body screening the applications of potential clients. The majority of clients are very rich and prominent. Membership lists are very secretive because this information could ruin careers and lives.

Colorado, San Francisco, Hollywood, New York, Chicago and Washington, DC. have the majority of underground swinger clubs catering to blacks.


Once again, your eyes are deceiving you, the above photo is of a man who appears to be a "woman."

The six straight men who sued to prevent the broadcast of an UK reality show in which, unbeknownst to them, they competed for the affection of a preoperative Mexican transsexual (above) quickly got over their claims of injury and public humiliation in return for a cash payment, clearing the way for the program (Something About Miriam) to debut on UK television in 2004.

The undisclosed settlement -- which various reports pegged at anywhere between $150,000 and $250,000 a man -- followed November 2003's lawsuit over the previously scheduled broadcast of the series which had been filmed earlier in the year in Ibiza.

During the beginning of the show, the six men were presented with a lineup of beautiful women and asked to pick the one that they found most attractive. All of them selected a South American beauty named Miriam. Then, in typical reality dating show fashion, they competed to win her affections.

However, unknown to the men, Miriam wasn't a woman.  Instead, she was a preoperative transsexual -- similar to Jaye Davidson in the 1994 movie The Crying Game.

At the end of the show, when the program had its "grand reveal" and the men found out that the "gorgeous creature" Miriam wasn't a gorgeous female, they went bonkers. One of the men, a Royal Marine, supposedly broke down crying from the "humiliation" when the deception was revealed.

Born in Mexico, Miriam Rivera (above as a boy) told Sun reporter Emily Smith that she knew she wanted to be a girl by age four, noting that her three brothers liked baseball, but she preferred Barbie dolls. She said strangers assumed she was a girl:

They used to come to my mother and say, "Oh you have a beautiful daughter," and my mother used to say "That's my son," and I used to get angry.  And I have always been attracted to men.  When I was 11, I met someone who's gay and he started talking to me about hormones, which I got very interested in.

She soon started taking hormones, and when she came out after being suspended from school at age 12, her family was supportive.  After not fitting in at a new school, Miriam ran away at age 14 and spent six months working at a strip club.  She has stated she does not plan to have sex reassignment surgery, citing concerns about complications or loss of sensation:"My mother always says to me, 'Why would you want to be half-and-half? Why don't you want to be a complete woman?' But I just love myself and I'm really enjoying my life."

Rumors are circulating that Miriam Riviera was recently flung off a 4-story balcony (in her New York City apartment building).

The details are murky surrounding the crime but Rivera is currently in the hospital with critical injuries.


Earlier this week, it was revealed that Republican Senator Larry Craig pled guilty regarding a restroom encounter with an undercover male cop.

Surprisingly, the story of an alleged gay escort (above) posing as a fake journalist to gain entry into the White House didn't grab these type of headlines.

Jeff Gannon was a conservative "reporter" covering the White House for the last two years. Jeff Gannon is not whom he says he is. His real name is James Guckert and he has no legitimate press background whatsoever. Gannon was "employed" by a bogus news agency called Talon News that apparently was created specifically for the purpose of getting Gannon into the White House.

And as if things couldn't get any juicer, bloggers also discovered that Gannon, under his real name of Guckert, owned and operated a number of gay escort web sites catering to people with military tastes. Domain names that he owned include,,, and Gannon tried to claim that he was really a web master and had really registered these sites for someone else, but this too proved to be a lie when evidence surfaced that Gannon himself was a featured escort on one of the sites.

One of Gannon's web sites, and the one in which his own personal services were advertised, catered specifically to politically connected clients in the Washington, DC area.




In 1987, Jerry Butler married former child star Lisa Loring who was best known for playing Wednesday Addams in The Addams Family (1964). They both met on the set of the adult film Traci's Big Trick (1987), where Lisa was working as a make-up artist. After marriage, Butler agreed to stop making adult films. When Lisa discovered he was still making films behind her back, she filed for divorce.

Jerry Butler started out during walk-ons on the long running soap "One Life to Live," (1978).

He was generally unhappy with the constant pressure to sleep with men in exchange for parts and began to slowly grow tired of the wasted effort. According to Butler, he was offered the part of Brad in "One Life to Live," (1978) if he would allegedly agree to sleep with the male casting director.

He decided to use the name Jerry Butler when he was on the way to pick up his first pay check and the Jerry Butler (singer) song "Only the Strong Survive" was playing on the radio. The lyrics meant a lot to him and he decided that stage name was for him.

He first got into hardcore in 1981 after answering an ad in "Backstage Magazine" looking for hardcore actors. He went in to audition for a non-sex role and after a little persuading, ended up leaving with a hardcore sex role in the film "Young, Wild and Wonderful," (1981).

He was one of the most popular male performers in the 1980's. He would go on to star in over 500 adult films.

Butler dropped out of the porn industry in 1992 and disappeared for many years. Reports were that after leaving the porn industry, Butler was working as a bus driver.


Remember Darren James? Rewind: The porn actor who infected three female co-stars with the HIV-virus which caused the adult industry to shut down. Update: James claims an adult actress infected him while he was filming a sex scene in Brazil. Rumors persist that a transvestite - and not an actress- was in fact responsible for passing the virus to James sometime during his stay in Brazil. This has been strenuously denied by by James but the transvestite in question has said repeatedly-that it is true.


"Man gets 50 years to life in shooting of dominatrix/call girl"

An Oakland man convicted of killing a high-priced Lafayette dominatrix/call girl two years ago was sentenced to 50 years to life in prison Wednesday.

Jimmy Blunt, 23, sat quietly in Alameda County Superior Court in Oakland as Judge Kenneth Burr read the sentence. Blunt declined to make a statement.

The body of 31-year-old Marisa Zuras (no photo available) was found by a resident on the morning of Jan. 13, 2003, stuffed head first into a recycling bin and set out with the trash on the 10000 block of Empire Road in Oakland, said prosecutor Darryl Stallworth. Authorities suspect she had been killed the previous day.

Zuras was also involved with rich and powerful men. She was allegedly blackmailing several married men and she hired a private investigator to look into client's personal finances.

Blunt did not testify during the trial, which ended July 13. But he had offered several stories to police, including a tale of masked men forcing him to kill Zuras.

Zuras, who made between $10,000 and $12,000 a week as a sex worker specializing in domination, was shot three times in the head and once in the heart while in her car, Stallworth said. Police found her car on the 1200 block of 82nd Avenue in Oakland hours before discovering her body.

Zuras worked from a rented home in Lafayette where she lived with her son, who is now 12, Stallworth said. Blunt would look after the boy while Zuras turned tricks, Stallworth said.

The most wrenching aspect of the case, Stallworth said, was listening to the boy's voice mail message left on Zuras' cell phone. In it, he pleaded for her to come home, saying he was scared and worried about her.

He now lives with one of Zuras' sisters.

Stallworth said Blunt's motive remains unclear, but he told jurors that Blunt probably wanted a closer relationship with Zuras -- either romantic or professional, as a bodyguard. There is no evidence that the two ever had a sexual relationship, he said.

Apparently, Zuras did not reciprocate Blunt's desire.

"It was just a sad, tragic case of trusting the wrong person and not knowing that this man she had welcomed into her circle would take her away from her family," Stallworth said.

Blunt must serve at least 85 percent of his sentence before being eligible for parole, Stallworth said.

Half the sentence accompanies the first-degree murder conviction, while the rest stems from the use of a gun.

Source: Suzanne Herel at the SF Chronicle


Wendy Williams reported on Heather Hunter's birthday bash yesterday, held in her $1.5 million dollar condo with a spiral staircase, marble floors, sunken tubs and chandeliers. Heather is also having two additonal birthday parties, one will be held in Los Angeles, the other in Miami.

The following is an excerpt from Heather's explosive book, "Insatiable."

"As we approached the location of the "Adult Convention" after party, the limo stopped abruptly. When the driver finally opened the door, we all got out, ready to make an entrance into a world of narcotic-tainted lust."

The party was in full swing. To my surprise, I noticed a number of mainstream celebrities in attendance. In fact, it seemed like the later it got, the more the Hollywood players showed up. I had no idea that so many famous folks were big fans of porn.

I was drinking it up with top comedians, actors, star athletes and musicians. While I made my way through the party, I spotted several celebrities getting their grooves on over in quiet corners with award winning porn stars. There was a lot of sucking and f**king going on in the main room, the bathrooms and even some of the closets. The celebrities seemed to know that their secrets and habits were safe in this private environment with these people.

I slid open the patio door to a wet and wild party scene. PG and R-rated actors were doing it up with XXX-rated stars and everyone in the pool seemed to be having the kinkiest time of their lives. On one side of the pool, female porn stars popped out of the water topless, riding the shoulders of different hunks as they engaged in a sexual game of lust-filled beach ball. It was like a tropical zoo filled with the types of beautiful girls that any man would love to cage up.

I ran into my friend Lucy, a fellow blonde adult star. She told me, "I'm dating a Black NBA superstar. He has a mansion out here in Vegas and he wants me to come over and he told me to bring a friend."

Without hesitation, I left the poolside with Lucy and we made our exit from the party. Our private limo pulled up to a wall of giant steel gates. When we walked in, it was a scene right out of "Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous."

In Related News:

Heather Hunter reveals the following: "My first time in a recording studio, I could barely believe what I was seeing. I had no idea they got down like that. There were three thug-looking guys sitting around the studio. Each of them had a stripper grinding on his lap as they foamed at the mouth. Needless to say, there was very little recording going on in the recording booth."

"When the women got up and began taking off their g-strings, the producer started mixing beats."

"Then, the producer asked his artist, a rapper, "You ready dawg?" The artist went in the recording booth, then he said, "Yo, man. I think I need some inspiration up in this motherfucka!"

On cue, two of the girls jumped up and walked into the recording booth and started tongue kissing him and rubbing on his body. An exotic Asian chick got down on her knees and unzipped his pants.

Everyone heard him reach his climax loudly over the speakers.

Afterwards, he said, "Yo, thanks dawg. I'm ready to record now."


According to website:, an ex Playmate has self-published a book with bombshell allegations-about what goes on at the bizarre sex sessions at the Playboy mansion. She says that if you’re a hot nobody and want to get into Playboy without riding the then 78 year-old Hugh Hefner’s six inch Viagra erection, you can forget about it.

From her description, Hefner’s evening sex romps sound more like a freaky ritual than a fun-filled free for all. Here are the highlights:

Women who live in the house must show up for Wednesday and Friday sex night. They are given rare exemptions in the case of major surgery (like a nose job), but if it’s that time of the month or they’re sick, they’re still expected to come. Even Hefner’s secretary has to participate.

Hefner invites women into his lair. The night the source was there, 12 women were in the room. Each must bathe and wear identical pink pajamas. If they don’t want to have sex with the 78 year-old perv, they can leave their pajama bottoms on.

Gay porn plays on two big screen TVs in the room.

On the night the source was there, Hef got a hummer from his current girlfriend to start the action. 10 of the 12 girls then took turns having sex with him, taking about two minutes each while the other participants cheered him on. He took Viagra to perform and did not wear a condom.

Women paired up for simulated lesbian sex for Hef’s benefit, but according to the source most of them weren’t into it and didn’t even like each other.

In terms of what sex with Hef actually entails, it sounds like it’s strictly women on top:
How is a man who’s 78 years old able to have sex with that many women?

He doesn’t really do anything. He just lies there with his Viagra erection. It’s just a fake erection, and each girl gets on top of him for two minutes while the girls in the background try to keep him excited. They’ll yell things like, “F-k her daddy, f-k her daddy!” There’s a lot of cheerleader going on!

Playmates are discouraged from talking about Hefner’s orgies through ongoing business deals with Playboy enterprises, including invitations to parties and ex-playmate get togethers, where they are paid for their appearance. There’s a code of silence around it because to reveal details would jeopardize their future earnings.

Strippers and lesser known porn stars get in Playboy by sleeping with Hef in these prearranged orgies, and the source claims that no woman has ever made playmate of the year without playing along at the sex sessions.



Tiger Tyson (above) is currently the biggest name in black-gay erotic porn.

Tiger Tyson once served 14 months in prison for grand theft auto. Rumors persist that he was once a big time "dope boy," but those rumors aren't substantiated.

What is known, when Tyson was released from prison, a friend recruited him to star in gay adult films.

He supplemented his income as a male escort and go-go dancer at private parties for rich gay/downlow men.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, Tiger launched "Pitbull Productions," where he has control over films released (with or without him) through this company. With the popularity of Pitbull Productions and his adult themed websites, Tiger is now a millionaire.

Last week at the Gay Erotic Expo, a gay source informed us, Tiger's booth had a line snaked around the corner with male fans, eager to meet him. He had the longest line of any of the adult stars in attendance. Fans were willing to pay for his autograph and were willing to fork over money if he posed for a photo with them. Men were also slipping him notes, asking him to meet them at their hotel rooms for a large fee.

Now, we are hearing rumors that Tiger is working on an explosive "Gay Tell-All." If these rumors are true, famous men may be shaking in their boots because Tiger Tyson has been with some of the most famous men on the planet and he's also been booked for private parties by superstar celebrities.

A lot of these men are married and others have girlfriends. Stay tuned.


Chanelle Pickett, above, a young (23) black “pre-operative” transsexual woman, was found dead in the apartment of William Palmer, 35, a computer programmer, on November 20, 1995. According to the report of the police-appointed medical examiner, Chanelle had died of strangulation. She also suffered bruises about the face consistent with having received a severe beating. Palmer denied having murdered her, claiming that she died while he slept.

Chanelle & sister Gabrielle (above) were twin transsexuals

Chanelle met Palmer at Playland, Boston’s oldest gay bar and a downtown Boston hangout popular with trans girls. According to Chanelle’s twin sister Gabrielle, Chanelle thought Palmer was genuinely interested in having a relationship with her. On Sunday evening, November 19, the three of them indulged in some crack cocaine together. When Palmer was unable to convince Gabrielle to join them in a threesome, he took Chanelle to his apartment. Later that night Palmer’s roommates heard loud noises coming from his room and knocked on the door to ask if everything was OK, but he said he had the situation under control. The next day, at the advice of his lawyer, Palmer reported Chanelle’s death to the police, and was eventually charged with first-degree murder.

On December 10, about 250 people attended a memorial service followed by a candlelight vigil in memory of Chanelle. Many of those in attendance did not know Chanelle, but appreciated the ongoing struggle of all transgender people represented by her murder.

In the ensuing murder trial, judge William Barton did not allow the jury to see photographs of Chanelle’s bruised and bloodied face. The medical examiner testified to death by strangulation, but the jury believed the medical witnesses for the defense. Palmer’s lawyer incited the prejudices of the jury, repeatedly referred to Chanelle’s “bizarre” transformation that took place as she struggled for her life, her voice and manner becoming more masculine. The jury found Palmer guilty only of assault and battery. At the sentencing, judge Barton admonished Palmer, telling his attorney “quite frankly, the defendant should kiss the ground you walk on,” before sentencing Palmer to two years in prison. Such a sentence for assault and battery with no priors sent a clear message that the judge believed Palmer to be guilty of at least manslaughter.

*Warning: The following story contains sick and disgusting content involving bestiality.

Rewind: The documentary (Zoo) closely examines the story of a man (Kenneth Pinyan, second photo) from Seattle who died from a ruptured colon after having sex with a horse in a barn in 2005. Director Robinson Devor transcends the shocking headlines to explore the circle of people who secretly possess an interest in bestiality.

Fast Forward: The film focuses on this secret society. Members also included: Women, two Iraq soldiers (on leave), married couples, African-Americans and Latino's.

Bestiality members refer to themselves as "Being Zoo," to describe their sexual encounters with animals.

Members come from all over the world (Poland, Germany, Japan) to visit a Seattle horse farm which was a gathering point to have sex with livestock and domestic animals; many of the sexual encounters were videotaped and a few clips were uploaded to porn sites. Others enjoyed groping the animals.

Everyone stayed in touch via the internet and often joined each other for holiday gatherings and summer BBQ's.

Kenneth Pinyan (the man who died), was allegedly a top-level government employee who did top secret work. After his death, allegedly, Federal officials descended on his place of employment and informed the employees not to release his name to the media.

Eventually, his name was leaked to the press; a year after his death. It was later discovered that Pinyan had an ex-wife and a son.

One member said, "He knew as a little boy that he would never have a traditional family life and no high level emotional interaction because he had such a strong affinity towards non-humans."

After Pinyon's death, a law was passed in Seattle making it an illegal felony for a human to have sex with an animal. One man has already been prosecuted and convicted under this new law when it was discovered that his wife took a cell phone photo of him engaging in sex with the family dog.


Director Bill Duke has assembled an all-star black cast for his suspenseful thriller (Cover). This film is a murder mystery that centers around infidelity and the downlow lifestyle.

Actress Aunjanue Ellis (Ray) plays the wife (Val) who discovers her husband's DL infidelity. Her life is thrown into another tailspin when the male lover informs her husband in front of her that he's HIV-positive.

The film also stars Vivica Fox, Paula Jai Parker, Leon, Louis Gossett, Jr., Mya, Obba Babatunde, Patti LaBelle and Clifton Davis.

The story is spellbinding and will keep you on the edge of your seat.

It will be released on DVD from Fox Home Entertainment on May 13th.

Reserve it today from netflix or blockbuster. Four star rating: ****

Another celebrity tell-all (Exposed) has been released and is being billed as : "The Most Controversial Tell-All Since Video Vixen." This book reveals the rich celebrity encounters of the author, Ahke'e Anthony, above. This book will leave you drenched in hate, pain, deception and the truth.


On Halloween Eve, Louisville Metro Police cited Dr. Paul Schum, 50, above, the principal of a local Catholic high school, with loitering for the purpose of prostitution. The case has stirred a lot of controversy in Bardstown, known as the first center of Catholicism west of the Appalachian Mountains.

On the night of October 30, a police officer patrolling a neighborhood known for narcotics trafficking and prostitution spotted Schum in an alley at 23rd and Stone Streets. However, instead of wearing a suit and tie, his daily attire at Bethlehem High School, police say Schum was dressed to the nines in drag.

"[The patrol officer] observed the individual dressed in a black leather woman's outfit with fishnet stockings, fake breasts, a blonde wig and he had on lipstick," Louisville Metro Police Department Detective Phil Russell said in an interview with Crime Library yesterday. "The officer talked to the individual in the car and asked the individual what he was doing in the alley. He provided a couple of answers, but none seemed to be legitimate to the officer, so he reasoned that the only purpose that he had to be in the alley that night, dressed that way, at that particular hour, was for the purpose of prostitution.. It was not until the end of the stop that a sergeant recognized this individual, and knew him to be the principal of a Catholic high school in Bardstown, which is the county adjacent to metro Louisville."

Schum is married with a daughter. His students have vowed to stand behind him.

Schum is currently on leave.

Source: Paul Lohr @ Crime Library


A striking top flight Moroccan call girl who serviced the Hollywood elite confided in a good friend (the son of an R&B legend who supplied her with drugs) that she was thinking about writing a tell-all book detailing her life and high powered sexual encounters. Her friend broke her confidence and informed a few of her clients.

A few nights later, she was mysteriously awaken by an intruder and tossed over the balcony of her luxury condo.

She barely survived the attack and has since relocated.


Former pro wrestler Harrison ``Hardbody'' Norris, Jr., is on trial on federal charges that he kept nine women as sex slaves in his two north Georgia homes. Prosecutors contend that the 41-year-old lured homeless women with offers to train them as wrestlers, then forced them, sometimes by violence, into prostitution. He is charged with violating an anti-human trafficking law. The trial began last week. Prosecution witnesses have testified about bloody head butts, mind games and forced orgies in which women had to have sex with up to eight men at a single gathering. Norris has contended the women willingly entered his two Cartersville homes living with his wife and one of his three children because they wanted to train as pro wrestlers. He says many of them arrived on drugs and left in the best shape of their lives. Acting as his own attorney, Norris has cross-examined his alleged victims and successfully lodged objections. Harris was indicted in 2005 after federal agents raided his homes. Harris was eventually convicted and can face up to 20 years in prison.

"A porn star's early retirement has industry insiders talking STD's"

An enormous rash on porn star Belladonna's derriere may have forced her into early retirement.

Belladonna, above, shocked fans last week when she blogged that she would no longer be performing.

Her announcement came after she allegedly returned home from the set of a movie and discovered an enormous rash on her derriere. Her doctor told her it was probably a herpes outbreak, but he'd test it to be sure.

The woman (Lana Clarkson) that music producer Phil Spector is accused of murdering is often referred to as a actress or nightclub hostess in her obituary and news articles regarding the trial but according to former Hollywood Madam, Babydol Gibson-Clarkson worked for her as a upscale escort. Hopefully, the defense won't use a 'blame the victim,' defense. In Related News: In LaToya Jackson's book, she mentions that she was once a guest at Phil Spector's house and he wouldn't let her leave the house. She had to call one of her brother's to rescue her.

Also, a gay adult star/escort (Big Red) is currently writing a book on his sexual encounters with Hollywood men. Some of these famous men are married. According to Big Red, clients got in contact with him via the internet and advertisements in gay magazines. Clients include two country superstars (both married) a blind opera singer and a A-list actor, also married. In a typical month, Big Red services 300-500 men, according to his estimates.


Former NFL player Bob Buczkowski pleads guilty in prostitution ring:

PITTSBURGH (AP) - Former NFL player Bob Buczkowski pleaded guilty to helping run a million-dollar prostitution ring with his girlfriend out of his parents' suburban home.

The 43-year-old Buczkowski pleaded guilty Tuesday in Allegheny County court to two counts of promoting prostitution, six counts of possessing and dealing cocaine and other charges. He agreed to turn state's witness against others charged in the case, if their cases go to trial. Buczkowski is scheduled to be sentenced Sept. 5.

State prosecutors said Buczkowski and girlfriend Amy Schifano ran the escort service Buckwild Entertainment, which did business as B.A.G. Enterprises Inc. Buczkowski provided the muscle and Schifano allegedly was the madam, prosecutors said. A hearing for Schifano is scheduled for next week, her lawyer Patrick Thomassey said Tuesday.

A former defensive lineman at Pittsburgh, Buczkowski was drafted in the first round by the then-Los Angeles Raiders in 1986. He made appearances for the Raiders and Cardinals before playing 15 games for the Cleveland Browns in 1990. He was hampered by back problems and cut by Seattle in 1991.

Former Pittsburgh Steeler linebacker Richard Seigler, above, was recently arrested for pimping. He allegedly supplemented his NFL salary with money he earned from a prostitution ring he ran. He was jailed in Pittsburgh on a fugitive warrant issued in Nevada. Seigler is facing three prostitution-related felonies, including pandering and living from the earnings of a prostitute. Authorities accuse Seigler of persuading a woman to become a prostitute, paying for her plane ticket from Spokane, WA., to Las Vegas, where she engaged in prostitution, and taking some or all of the earnings. Authorities in Las Vegas were led to Seigler after an undercover sting operation at a hotel-casino resulted in the prostitution arrests of two women with ties to Seigler, according to the fugitive warrant. Seigler has since been released on $25,000 bail.

Oddly, when cable series "Queer As Folk," was on the air, the majority of viewers were not gay or bi-sexual men, women were their highest rated demographic. Flip the script: The majority of "Playgirl," magazine readers are gay men, not women.

"Brokeback Mountain," will be the only Academy Award nominated film for Best Picture to never appear on network television because of the content.  It's even doubtful that cable television will ever broadcast it.


*Despite 50 men being busted (mostly married men) last December for having sex in the Atlanta Airport bathroom. This bathroom continues to be advertised on Craigslist for gay sex hookups and men are continuing to patronize this bathroom.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

The man who runs the world's busiest airport has some advice for men contemplating extra-curricular activities at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

"People who want to have sex ought to get a room," airport General Manager Ben DeCosta said Wednesday after he learned police are continuing to arrest men seeking out other men for sexual favors at the Hartsfield-Jackson's many public restrooms.

Police officers have busted 50 men for bathroom sex at the airport since December, including the former chief of MARTA, a North Carolina professor and, recently, a South Carolina pediatrician, who has professed his innocence.

DeCosta said police are not targeting unlawful public sex acts, but plainclothes officers do patrol the bathrooms looking for luggage thieves. The thieves steal luggage and then rifle through it in bathroom stalls to sift out valuables. Police searching for thieves occasionally discover men having — or soliciting sex — in the bathrooms, he said.

"It's a regular police operation," he said. "There's nothing special about it."

The airport chief said he assumed that numerous news reports about the arrest would have deterred sex acts at Hartsfield-Jackson. Gay men seeking other men for sexual contact still mention the airport as a meeting place on several Internet sites.

"You think they'd have gotten the message, but it turns out that human beings are strange," DeCosta said.

Tina Chow (1951–January 24, 1992) was an internationally renowned model and a fashion icon in the 1980s. Chow was born Bettina Louise Lutz; her father was of German descent, while her mother was Japanese. Her sister is actress Adelle "Bonnie" Lutz.

In 1972, Tina married Michael Chow, who owns the Mr. Chow restaurant chain.

They have two children, a daughter named China and son Maxmillian. China, born in 1974, is also a model and an actress. Maxmillian was born in 1977.

Michael and Tina Chow were among the most famous New York celebrities, making many friends among the Big Apple's art world, including Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Julian Schnabel, Mary Boone, and Henry Geldzahler.

Tina died of AIDS on 24 January 1992 at the age of 41; she spent her last days at her home in Pacific Palisades, California.

In 2002, ex-gay adult star, Bobby Blake was immersed in a scandal involving government funding that paid for his appearance at an AIDS awareness meeting in St.Louis. It was reported that Blake "stripped and engaged in sexual contact with guests during a 'safer sex' event sponsored by a local AIDS agency, which paid for his appearance with federal money." Blake himself did not face any charges over this event, but two members of the group that set up the meeting were subsequently fired.


By Marilyn Robinson, Special To The Rocky

A 27-year-old man who was posing as a woman when he was arrested by Denver police during a prostitution sting has been charged with prostitution with knowledge of being infected with HIV or AIDS.

Darren Garcia is being held in lieu of $50,000 bond on the felony charge.

If convicted, he could face up to three years in prison.

According to a police probable-cause statement, officers were running a sting Thursday night because of community complaints when an undercover officer stopped at East Colfax Avenue and Josephine Street. Garcia climbed into the officer's car and offered to perform a sex act for $30, police said.

Garcia had long hair and makeup and was wearing an Avalanche jersey, according to authorities.

He allegedly told detectives he was infected with AIDS after he was taken into custody, said Lynn Kimbrough of the Denver district attorney's office.

Authorities said they couldn't discuss Garcia's medical history or verify his statement.
Garcia has had five previous prostitution cases in Denver County Court.

Records show he was sentenced to 45 days in jail and fined $999 in 2005 after he pleaded guilty to prostitution.

In 2004, one prostitution case was dismissed but in another he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 50 days in jail.

In 2003, he pleaded guilty to prostitution and received 90 days in jail. In 2002, he pleaded guilty to prostitution and got 10 days in jail and a $500 fine, records show.


Camilla de Castro (born April 20, 1979 - July 26, 2005) was a Brazilian transsexual adult film actress and model.

On July 26, 2005 she committed suicide when she leapt from her 8th-story apartment in São Paulo, Brazil while on an out of control drug binge.

She had announced her engagement to her boyfriend one month before. At the time of her death she was in negotiations to become the host of a new reality TV show in Brazil.


The Player's Ball is an annual event of pimps, held in Chicago, Illinois. This party has been a November tradition since 1974, when pimps from across the country gathered to celebrate the birthday of Don Juan, now known as Bishop Don Magic Juan. Each year, the award for "Pimp of the Year" is given out. Don Magic Juan won the award thirteen years in a row.

The idea stemmed from a scene in the 1973 blaxploitation film, "The Mack," in which the lead character, a pimp named Goldie, attends The Player's Ball in Oakland, California.

The Player's Ball was also shown in the HBO documentary "Pimps Up, H*es Down," and the Hughes Brothers' documentary, "American Pimp." Other Player's Balls, also take place across the country, most notably in Miami and Atlanta.

Now, Player's Balls are being held in major cities across the U.S. and glorify men who use violence to "keep women in line," and often pimp girls under the age of 18.

The Player's Ball's in Illinois and Atlanta have been shut down because of the presence of underage girls who were being pimped out by the men in attendance.

A well-known non-pimp Players Ball started some years ago in Las Vegas, as a private party for businesses attending the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo. The event is organized by a popular rapper. Past events have featured performers including Snoop Dogg, Digital Underground, Ice-T, LL Cool J, Fishbone and porn star Ron Jeremy (the richest man in the adult industry) as the MC.

We were recently informed that a very rich, very famous and very powerful white male celebrity was willing to pay $10,000 as an "introduction fee" to be introduced to bi-sexual adult star Crystal Knight (pictured above). Unless you know Crystal's "priority phone number," you're not getting in touch with her. And, she's happily married to a very successful man in the entertainment industry.


Not long ago, we did a piece on rich sugar daddies hanging out at gyms trying to lure bodybuilders. These wealthy guys cruise for muscled men to become their "kept boyfriends/gigolos." This is more common than you think. This is how a lot of bodybuilders pay for training.

Martin Reid was a popular bodybuilder in the 1960's-1970's, before the steroid era. Reid also moonlighted as an male escort.

According to his book, "Martin Reid: The Life And Times," Reid serviced celebrities, politicians, bishops and financiers.

An interview with Martin Reid will appear in our September edition.


Shannon Michelle Wilsey Longoria (October 9, 1970 – July 11, 1994), was commonly known by her stage name of Savannah, was an adult actress, starring in more than 100 pornographic films during her career. One of the most high-profile porn stars of her time, she achieved notoriety within her short (1990 - 1994) career due to her on-screen presence as well as her off-screen life. Savannah committed suicide in 1994 after an auto accident.

When Savannah's parents divorced in 1972, she moved to Texas to live with her mother. When she grew older, she lived briefly with her father in Oxnard, California and then with her grandparents in her hometown of Mission Viejo, California. At the age of thirteen, she learned that Joe Longoria, the man who had raised her, was not her biological father. Soon afterward, Savannah began to transform into a "wild child" and became a groupie.

She lived with musician Gregg Allman for nearly two years (before the age of seventeen), became pregnant and miscarried. After breaking up with Allman, she moved in with Billy Sheehan, bassist for rock group Mr. Big. When she began working as a nude model and porn actress around 1990, she and Sheehan parted ways.

Savannah signed an exclusive contract with Vivid Entertainment in 1991 and gained fame rapidly. Savannah fell into the porn industry's stereotypical traps of drug use and excessive spending, and reportedly had severe financial troubles despite her substantial income. She also garnered a reputation for being difficult to work with and egotistical, leading Vivid to sever its ties with the actress in 1992.

Savannah's fondness for rock stars led her to become involved with several other well-known musicians including Vince Neil, Billy Idol, Slash and Axl Rose. However, on more than one occasion she tended to desire a serious relationship, while her partners wanted only a "fling." This led her to heartbreak on more than one occasion.

Savannah became involved in a long term lesbian relationship with fellow porn actress

Jeanna Fine, and she later claimed to have fallen deeply in love with Fine. This relationship reportedly ended badly, and afterward she had a long relationship with comedian Pauly Shore. Although she frequently came in contact with mainstream Hollywood, only Pauly Shore from that circle would be in attendance at her funeral.

Savannah had a few roles in mainstream movies in the late 1980s, but never managed to break into a starring role in the non-adult entertainment industry.

Around 2 a.m. on July 11, 1994, Savannah drove herself and a male friend, Jason Swing, home from a night of partying. According to reports, both were intoxicated. One block from Savannah's home, she drove her Corvette into a fence, suffering lacerations to her face and breaking her nose. When she and Swing got to her house, she sent him out to walk her Rottweiler, Daisy.

Savannah called her friend and manager Nancy Pera and hysterically begged her to come help her. When Pera arrived, she found Savannah lying in a pool of blood but still breathing. She had apparently shot herself with a 9mm handgun she kept in her home. After almost 11 hours in a coma, she died at 11:20 a.m. on July 11, 1994, at St. Joseph's Medical Center in Burbank, California.

After her death, Savannah's family swapped angry public statements of blame with her friends in the porn industry. Police investigators concluded that she was deeply depressed due to several factors, including her drug use, financial difficulties, and failed relationships. The accident in which she sustained injuries that might have seriously hurt her career, police theorized, was the final factor that led her to take her own life.


In this country and overseas, a very sick and wealthy subculture exists. This subculture willingly participates in the sexual exploitation of children.

We have been informed that "underground" gentlemen clubs that specialize in underage children (11-13) have become very popular among the "pedophile" set.

A "peep show" in these clubs consist of children being brutally raped while the clientele watches with enthusiasm. Children are also auctioned off and pedophiles trade children, similar to baseball enthusiasts who trade baseball cards. These "extended" and sick peep shows are also filmed and made available for purchase to customers online and offline. Some of these videos are shown in their entirety on the Internet.

The buildings that house these type of establishments appear like vacant warehouses from the outside. Clients are by referral only and they require a password to gain entry.

The clientele who patronize these type of clubs, include: Judges, doctors, attorneys, cops, ministers, stockbrokers, etc.

In Related News:

Pedophile "boy" brothels are on the rise on the underground circuit. A parade of men arrive at these brothels and pay top dollar to have sex with underage boys who have been abducted or sold into white slavery.



The Oxygen resort specializes in sex/erotic vacations for wealthy and open-minded men. Oxygen members have to pay an annual membership fee to join this organization. The Penthouse and villa vacation packages include an erotic companion/tour guide. The vacation destination is the Dominican Republic.

According to the NY Post: Jason Kidd was partying inside the club Tenjune on Oct. 10 when he allegedly walked up to the 23-year-old woman and grabbed her crotch. They got into an argument and she said Kidd grabbed her again. Two bouncers broke up the spat, but Kidd was allowed to stay in the club. The woman filed a police report the following day, accusing the NBA All-Star of inappropriately touching her. Jason Kidd is from our area, if this allegation is true, I am not surprised.

Retired porn star Jenna Jameson and fashion designer Richie Rich are planning to open a bar together in a former whorehouse. The General Store will open in New York City's Chinatown in 2008.


*One of our readers brought this story to our attention.

Charles Knipp (above) is a white man who performs racially offensive material in drag and blackface. He describes his character Shirley Q. Liquor as an “inarticulate black welfare mother with 19 children.” While in blackface as Liquor, Knipp speaks in Ebonics and makes comments like “axe your mamma how she durrin” and misuses words like “ignunt.”

Knipp mocks the Black American holiday Kwanzaa and makes fun of stereotypical Black names in a music video entitled, “Who Is My Baby’s Daddy.”

Civil rights groups targeted Knipp recently and with the help of the Black Press, they successfully got shows cancelled in Los Angeles, California New Orleans, Louisianna, and Hartford, Connecticut among other places sparking a national campaign. Much to the chagrin of Knipp and his faithful followers, who include Black drag performer RuPaul, they quickly launched their own counter protest that included death threats and crank calls.

But it gets worse, Knipp is also gay. His largest fan base is that of white gays who for the most part saw nothing wrong with his act. After much pressure from Blacks, the gay media group GLAAD finally came out and took a position against Knipp and his racist act after it was pointed out that they could not in good faith call for Black actor Isaiah Washington to be fired for allegedly calling a colleague a "faggot" and say nothing about one of their own mocking African-Americans.

Throughout the entire campaign, Charles Knipp maintained that his performance was used as a way to deal with sensitive race issues that needed healing through laughter.


Not only did Leidra Lawson author a bestselling book, "Sugar Daddy 101," (where she gives advice on how to land a rich sugar daddy), Leidra also heads an lucrative online dating service for wealthy men and women. Criteria, you have to be a millionaire to join. Leidra is a much in demand relationship consultant and she charges a five figure fee for a consultation. Leidra also provides an observation service, where she observes from a short distance on how you interact with your rich date. Leidra is also a very shrewd businesswoman with financial savvy. She also appeared on the Bill O'Reilly show to plug her book. She loves to travel to Dubai and Monte Carlo via private jet and she's also a constant fixture at the Kentucky Derby each year. Leidra recently released two "youtube video clips on Sugar Daddy 101 Lessons."

"Suspected prostitution operation brought in millions of dollars"

Ken Rodriguez

Hookers are talking. Johns are confessing. Details from an alleged prostitution ring — perhaps the largest in city history — are emerging in interviews with police. Law enforcement sources tell me:

A San Antonio-based escort service called Executive Playmates generated up to $150,000 a month in business over the past two years.

More than 300 call girls worked for Executive Playmates, and charged up to $200 for one-hour "sessions."

Index cards seized from an October raid yielded the names, phone numbers and credit card information of 2,000 customers — most from San Antonio, a few hundred from Austin.

Clients included doctors and business professionals.

"We've got men who spent over $15,000 on escorts in a six-month period," one law enforcement source says.

Adds another, "It was a multimillion-dollar business."

Police have been quietly building a case against Executive Playmates since the raid.

Publicly, authorities have said nothing since an SAPD vice unit seized computers, ledgers, receipts and index cards from two North Side residences in late October.

Privately, though, law enforcement sources say hookers and johns have confirmed that Executive Playmates was a sex operation.

"It was a family-run business," one informant says. "After johns had sex, they'd get on a Web site and rate the girls to other johns. The johns referred to themselves as hobbyists."

One person familiar with the investigation e-mailed me four Web reviews. Critiques included the first names of escorts, fees charged, and descriptions of bodies, attitudes and sexual acts performed.

No arrests have been made. No one will identify the escort service operators.

Some information won't be leaked, I'm told, because detectives are still collecting statements and gathering evidence.

Sources say police expect to complete their investigation within a month. Findings will be sent to the U.S. attorney's office.

Last year's raid stirred memories of another prostitution case. Police in 1980 confiscated a trick list from the home of Theresa Brown, who ran a North Side brothel.

Brown's clientele included law enforcement officials and politicians. A now-defunct West Side newspaper published 19 names, but the complete list was destroyed in 1985 under a court order.

San Antonio Express-News archives indicate Brown had 3,000 customers — 1,000 more than Executive Playmates. But I'm told Executive Playmates ran a larger, more organized operation — one that extended north to Austin, and, briefly, south to the Rio Grande Valley.

I asked if the names of public officials or politicians turned up on Executive Playmates cards.

"We're still looking," one informant said.

Many cards contain incomplete information, such as a first name and a phone number. Detectives, however, can determine last names by calling phone numbers or by tracing credit card information. The process, though, is time-consuming. And johns aren't the targets.

Soliciting a hooker is a misdemeanor. But those who run a prostitution ring can be prosecuted in state or federal court.

The Internal Revenue Service is working with SAPD to determine if Executive Playmates evaded taxes or laundered money.

The escort service attracted customers mostly from ads in the Yellow Pages. But one source says up to one quarter of business came from Internet advertising — and that represents the next big trend.

Johns with money no longer rely on streets to find sex. More and more are turning to escorts in cyberspace.

Former porn star Jenna Jameson makes the following allegations in her autobiography, "How To Make Love Like A Porn Star."

"When I was a featured dancer in strip clubs, celebrities came into the club often, though I never seemed to recognize them."

"The other dancers would say, "Did you know you were just dancing for Jack Nicholson?" "Really, that old weirdo was Jack Nicholson?"

"Did you know you were just dancing for Whitesnake?" "Really, like I give a crap."

"Did you know you were just dancing for David Lee Roth?" "Yeah, what a letdown. I used to have wet dreams over him. But he was rude, irritating and babbled incoherently the whole time. And my friend Carrie left the club with him. I've lost all respect for both of them."

"Because he was a regular, actor Nicolas Cage was one of the few celebrities I recognized. I could usually smell him coming a mile away. He always had a funny stench, kind of like the distilled seat of homeless people was lightly dabbed on the unshaven tangle of stubble on his neck. It mixed with the old leather smell of the beat-up jacket he always wore."

"I loved dancing for him because he was very respectful and a great listener but I never quite knew why he bothered. No matter what I did, he never looked at me while I was dancing."


While the VIP guest list for this year's party is top secret we can tell you who is expected to attend, as follows: 50 Cent, Fat Joe, Patrick Ewing, Warren Moon, Eddie George, Clyde Drexler and Paris Hilton. Nick Cannon met his former fiance, Victoria Secret model Selita Ebanks at last year's Playboy Super Bowl bash.

VIP tickets allow you to mingle with celebrities and sports stars as well as the playmates. You can also watch a pillow fight contest among the playmates while feasting on shrimp, lobster, ahi tuna and caviar. Last year, Playboy gave women guests the chance to fish for a real diamond ring in a pool of rose petals. Out of the 1,000 wedding rings in the water, one of them was redeemable for a $2,000 ring.

This year, the party will take place at the Playboy Party Grotto in Phoenix, Arizona on Saturday, February 2, 2008. Tickets are currently sold out but can be purchased online from scalpers at $2,090.00 each.

Normally, Playboy and Maxim dual it out for the most over-the-top Super Bowl party. A win on Super weekend delivers bragging rights for the rest of the year. Last year, Maxim bused their attendees to a secret location 30 miles away. The attendees enjoyed a variety of casino games and top notch food and liquor. Women at both parties were beautiful, those at Maxim appeared to be a bit more approachable but those at the Playboy party were easier to spot. Maxim employees gave out scratch-off tickets for prizes that included Bulova watches. The party staff also had a plethora of heat lamps for their scantily clad models in attendance.



Years before Jenna Jameson became an adult superstar, she was horribly addicted to meth. One evening, her live-in boyfriend Jack returned to their apartment. He informed her that he was moving in with their dealer. Jameson was on the ground, unable to move due to meth. All she could hear was her heart beating so hard against her bony chest. She says, "The blood in my body felt like lava. It burned everywhere."

She couldn't even lift herself up to walk, instead, she crawled into the bathroom and pulled herself up over the sink. Staring in the mirror, she saw strings of brittle blonde hair that had snapped off at various lengths, eyes recessed deep into the sockets surrounded by dark circles and her complexion was sickly.

She opened the medicine cabinet and knocked a bottle of Darvocet off the top shelf. It hit the ground and Jenna followed it to the ground. She unscrewed the cap and swallowed four pills. It was a lot of pills for a eighty pound woman. She lay on the floor unconscious for hours until a friend arrived, saw her condition and called her father.

Her dad was worried and wired an airplane ticket.

She was in such bad shape that Jenna had to be transported by wheelchair through the airport. When the flight attendant brought her off the plane in the wheelchair. She asked, "So, where are your parents?"

Jenna looked up and realized her father was standing ten feet away. He hadn't even recognized her.


Penthouse founder Bob Gucionne's late wife Kathy Keeton was diagnosed with stage VI breast cancer in 1995. The doctor gave her a few months to live. Keeton ordered a miracle drug via the internet in pill form. She took two pills a day and when she went in for her next doctor's appointment, they couldn't find any trace of cancer.

Months later, Keeton was scheduled for surgery unrelated to her prior illness. She died on the operating table.

Did she beat death the first time around? Did death catch up with her, like in the film "Final Destination?"

In Related News: The South African born Keeton was also very instrumental in Vanessa Williams downfall when Penthouse published nude photos of her years ago.

In the book, "Money Shot," the author details a year in the life of (real life) black adult star Lexington Steele who now demands $75,000 per film. This book also takes you inside the adult industry from a black perspective.


by: Barry Paddock, Jess Wisloski and Tina Moore

Talib (Sanesha) Stewart, a 6-foot transsexual, was found stabbed in Bronx building (inset) - allegedly by an ex-con who flew into a rage after finding out Stewart was not a woman.

Talib (Sanesha) Stewart was not your everyday sight in the Bronx - a 6-foot man in high heels and lipstick - but was accepted as family by those around the victim, loved ones said Sunday.

So they were shocked to learn that their 25-year-old transgendered neighbor was stabbed to death Saturday by an ex-con who told cops he flew into a rage when he found out his date was not a woman.

"Nesha was a friend of the whole building - a really nice person who didn't deserve that," downstairs neighbor Steven Bamberg, 45, said. "I called him 'her' out of respect."

Police responded to a dispute on Beaumont Ave. about 6 a.m. and found Stewart stabbed several times.

They arrested Steve McMillan, 37, who was still inside Stewart's apartment. He was waiting to be arraigned on a murder charge last night. Police sources said McMillan was a john who flew into a rage after discovering Stewart, a prostitute, was not a woman.

Bamberg, however, denied Stewart was a prostitute.

The statuesque Stewart had breast implants and other plastic surgery to look more like a woman, neighbors said.

McMillan was released from prison in November after serving eight years on a Westchester County drug conviction, state prison records show.

Bamberg said he heard his friend in distress about 5 a.m. and phoned 911.
"It was like a scream," he said. "Then I heard, 'Uhhhhhh,' softer and softer, her last breath."

When cops arrived, they knocked at Stewart's door repeatedly, Bamberg said. McMillan eventually answered, the neighbor said.

Bamberg said he saw police with guns drawn telling the suspect as they led him outside, "You know your friend upstairs is dead."

"You killed my friend!" Bamberg recalled screaming at McMillan before collapsing onto the curb and crying.

Stewart was well-loved since moving into the building three years ago, Bamberg said.
"We all accepted her," he said.

Bamberg said McMillan was at the house hours before the killing, claiming to have left something in Stewart's apartment.

He said cops removed the apartment door as evidence.

"There's a big pool of blood on the floor and all over the bed," Bamberg said. "It looks like a war zone."

A spokeswoman with the medical examiner's office said the fatal blows penetrated Stewart's throat and lung.

Stewart's grandmother, Evelyn Stewart, said she loved the victim.

"I've always been close to him," she said after identifying Stewart's body yesterday. "I didn't care what he was."

McMillan was charged with attempting to sell a controlled substance in 1999, records show. He recently returned to Yonkers and was living temporarily at a shelter, a friend, who identified himself as Ramel C., said.

Ramel C., 37, said McMillan had a girlfriend. He said his life-long friend must have been shocked to discover he was with a man.

"I'm not saying that's a reason to kill anyone," he said. "But I'm sure he was in some type of turmoil or shock."


The two men above advertise their escort services on websites that cater to DL celebrities. These men are the most requested among the hip-hop and Hollywood set. One of the escorts is located in the ATL and is booked solid.

Allegedly, "Thug Porn," is one of the fastest growing areas of porn on "Video On Demand." A lot of money is being made, expect an avalanche of more "Thug Porn," features available for rent and purchase on the internet.


Depending on who you talk to, Katey Red is either a transsexual or a drag queen. Katey was born Kenyon Carter and became the first openly gay rapper to achieve national exposure with a 1999 single, "Melpomene Block Party," and a 2000 full-length CD on "Take Fo," records. The cross-dressing Katey is just one of the most visible of several self-proclaimed sissy rappers-gay men who perform raw, gutta bounce for mixed (straight and gay) audiences in clubs and barrooms throughout New Orleans.


Mianne Bagger (born December 25, 1966) is a female touring professional golfer from Denmark. Bagger took up golf at the age of eight. At the age of 14, she was pictured with golf legend Greg Norman during a golf clinic. Bagger moved to Australia in 1979. In 1995, she had sex reassignment surgery. In 1998, she returned to golf, as an amateur in Australia.

When she started playing amateur tournaments in Australia, she caused a media stir. Many golf fans argued that her being born a male could give her an advantage over other female competitors.

In 1999, Bagger won her first South-Australian championship, repeating as champion in 2001 and 2002.
As yet, the LPGA in the U.S. has been reluctant to amend their position and have not changed their constitution and maintain a 'female at birth' entry condition.


Christine Jorgensen (born George William Jorgensen, Jr. May 30, 1926 in The Bronx, New York City, USA; died May 3, 1989) was famous for being the first individual to have sex reassignment surgery — in this case, male to female.

The only child of George William Jorgensen Sr., a carpenter and contractor, and his wife, the former Florence Davis Hansen, Jorgensen grew in the Bronx and later described himself as having been a "frail, tow-headed, introverted little boy who ran from fistfights and rough-and-tumble games."

Jorgensen graduated from Christopher Columbus High School in 1945 and shortly thereafter was drafted into the Army.

After Jorgensen was discharged from the Army he returned to New York and became increasingly concerned over what one obituary called his "lack of male physical development," Jorgensen heard about the possibility of sex reassignment surgery, began taking the female hormone ethinyl estradiol on his own, and researched the subject with the help of Dr. Joseph Angelo, a husband of one of Jorgensen's classmates at the Manhattan Medical and Dental Assistant School. He intended to go to Sweden, where he had found the only doctors in the world performing this type of surgery at the time. At a stopover in Copenhagen to visit relatives, however, Jorgensen met Dr. Christian Hamburger, a Danish surgeon and specialist in sex-reassignment surgery. He ended up staying in Denmark and under Dr. Hamburger's direction was allowed to begin hormone replacement therapy and eventually underwent a series of surgeries. During this first round of surgeries in Copenhagen, Jorgensen was castrated.

After the surgery, Jorgensen returned to New York and became a nightclub performer and actress.

She died of bladder and lung cancer at age 62 in 1989.


On February 12, 2008, Lawrence King 15, (first photo) was killed by 14-year-old Brandon McInerney (second photo) in what is being called a hate crime.

Classmates say King was a target because he declared himself gay and he wore feminine attire which included women's jewelry, high heel shoes and makeup, making him a social outcast.

He was often taunted by other boys.

Two nights ago, the SF LGBT Community Center held a vigil for Lawrence King.

Allegedly, movie producers are already pursuing the rights to this story.

Numerous internet sites, including (Black are suggesting that identical twins Keyon and Teyon (pictured to the left) are allegedly escorts, porn stars and erotic models. Allegedly, they are described as gay and have become quite popular among the homosexual set. If these allegations are true, expect downlow celebrities to start contacting them.  Update below.


Twin brothers, above) were arrested last week in connection with robbing dozens of stores in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. Keyontyli and Taleon Goffney allegedly broke in through the roof at night, police said.

Rite Aid at Front and Snyder streets was robbed on Monday. Police said the two men are suspected in at least 35 break-ins.

The brothers were caught in Philadelphia, but Delaware County police have filed burglary charges against them, too.

Police in South Jersey said they think the pair is behind a string of break-ins in the Garden State. Investigators said they believe the brothers break in through the roof, and climb down from a rope. "Just over there, they made the hole right here," Young Moon said. The hole Moon pointed out was how the burglars came into Moon's beauty supply store at 9th and Washington.

Police said the 25-year-old twins emptied out an ATM machine and the cash register.

"He took money from the register, and change, too. He left only pennies," Moon said. Philadelphia police said once they robbed Moon's store, the twins went back through the roof to the Wings and More Store next door. There, police said they stole money from the register, and an ATM machine.

Investigators said while the pair was robbing the store, an alarm went off. Police were nearby and caught the twins.

Store manager Byung Choi came to find a swarm of police officers in front of his store.
"Sad, surprised, really angry," Choi said.

Ki Moon said she couldn't help but cry after the burglary because it's been a tough year and a half for her family.

A roadside bomb killed the Moon's 21-year-old son, Jae, on Christmas Day 2006 while serving in Iraq and Young Moon had a heart transplant six months ago.

They were glad police caught the burglars but they have questions. "Why?" Ki Moon said. "This is not right. This is not right."

The store owners said they each lost thousands of dollars in the break-ins.

This is the true story of Norma Jean Almodovar, a former LAPD cop. This story will take you on her journey from the squad room to expensive hotel suites as she transformed herself into a high priced call girl in Hollywood. Coming Soon!

Interview excerpt from "XXL," with video girl Suelynn (above, center)
Age: 21 /// Height: 5’7”
Last Seen: “I’ll Still Kill” 50 Cent feat. Akon

When you blow up, who’s the one person’s face you’d wanna rub your fame into?
The ex-boyfriend from about a year ago. He always said that modeling wasn’t a good thing and that I was changing. He just had a really bad perspective.

How many chicks have you kissed in your life? One. Actually, she kissed me. It was different, but I’m not really into girls.

Who would you prefer to marry: a jailbird who’s well-hung or a billionaire who’s lacking behind the zipper? The well-hung jailbird. I’m doing pretty well with the money, so I think I’d rather be satisfied sexually. Money can’t buy you good d**k.

First sexual experience: blissful or awful? It wasn’t as great as I thought it would be. I’m not really a shy person, so it wasn’t that I was uncomfortable, but it was like, “This is what everybody’s talkin’ about?”
How old were you when you experienced the best sex of your life? Well, it was last week, so 21!

To read the entire interview, pick up XXL, on newsstands now!


Update: Tamara Greene, 27, above, who danced at strip clubs under the name "Strawberry," was fatally shot at 3:40 a.m. during a drive-by in northwest Detroit.

She was rumored to have danced at a party at Detroit mayor's (Kwame Kilpatrick's) second photo-Manoogian Mansion in the fall of 2002 where she got into a physical altercation with the mayor's wife which we reported a few days ago.

"With information from the public we will bring to justice the person who did this to Ms. Greene," said John Broad, president of Crime Stoppers of Southeast Michigan.

Crime Stoppers offers rewards of up to $1,000 for anonymous tips leading to arrests and convictions in unsolved crimes. All calls remain anonymous.

Update: We reported two days ago that two of the four strippers who performed at the Mayor's mansion were allegedly killed and the remaining two left town. Now, we are receiving reports that the remaining two, instead, vanished without a trace.


According to Sandra Rose: Simmie Lewis Williams Jr., 17, was gunned down in the early morning hours of Feb. 22 on a desolate stretch of road in Fort Lauderdale known as the transvestite stroll.

Simmie, who was known on the stroll as Chris or Beyoncé, and he died dressed as the pop star he idolized - in his favorite dress pair of pumps.

But Simmie, who loved to wear women’s clothing, was buried as a man in a sharp beige suit with white gloves.

Despite his friends’ requests, his mother, Denise King, wouldn’t have it any other way. She had searched for just the right suit to bury her oldest son in. It was the first suit Simmie ever wore.

”Simmie’s friends asked me if I was going to dress him as a woman for the funeral. I said no. I gave birth to a boy, and my baby would be buried as a boy,” says King, 38.

His friends say Simmie, who was openly gay, was a troubled boy who was bullied into dropping out of school at Hollywood Hills High in 2006.

In Related News: This case is very similar to an incident involving a famous black drag queen in the 1960's known as Miss Dakota. She was best friends with singer Etta James and Sylvester. Before Dakota transformed into a drag queen "she" was once a Houston high school star quarterback named Harold Johnson. Later in life, she became famous for Diana Ross and Tina Turner impersonations.

Miss Dakota was killed in Etta James' apartment. When her father came to town to claim the body, he was appalled that she was laid out in expensive women clothes and demanded she be buried as a man in a suit and tie.

According to Sandra Rose: Her friend-Freddyo traveled to the seedy side of Atlanta where men troll for sex with young thugs before going home to their families.

Pastor Ma$e is one name that you already know. But the other names may surprise you.

There’s the pastor of a megachurch who preaches anti-gay rhetoric in the pulpit while prowling the streets at night looking for a hard body to satisfy his carnal urges. Then there’s the Falcons football player who would die, just die, if his name got out.

Then there’s the thug rapper who officially arrived on the scene at the tender age of 17 in 1999 with a couple of big hits. His image was that of a hardened street thug.

And lastly, there’s the R&B singer who’s been around for a minute - who is on a first name basis with all the Beyonce’s on the stroll - that’s right, he prefers the trannies.



We did a story on the Emperors Club six months ago and informed readers they rate their call girls by how many diamonds (above) appear under their photo on the website.

A well placed Washington source has informed us that the escort agency bust was basically a smokescreen (collateral damage) to get Governor Spitzer. Allegedly, Spitzer had upset a number of very rich and powerful men, in and out of politics.

We were also informed by a sex industry source that the Emperors club has employed "C" list actresses and adult stars in the past-who wanted to supplement their income discreetly since their identities on the site are slightly altered.

These women were tested regularly for STD's because they were considered the cream of the crop and their clientele included some of the richest and most powerful men in this world.

Clients even paid the travel expenses for escorts who visited them overseas. A limo would always be waiting when the escort departed the plane.

Allegedly, Governer Spitzer was not the only prominent man who patronized this online brothel.

An upscale division of this agency advertised a 24/7 oncall arrangement with the escort and the client for a $1 million dollar per year fee.

The owner of the site has a blackberry that contains a who's who of names.

Linda Susan Boreman (January 10, 1949 – April 22, 2002), better known by her stage name Linda Lovelace, became famous after starring in the 1972 hardcore porn film Deep Throat.

While in Florida, recovering at her parents' place, Lovelace became involved with Chuck Traynor (center). According to Lovelace, Traynor was a violent and controlling man. Lovelace said he forced her to move to New York, where he became her manager, pimp, and husband. According to Lovelace, Traynor was also impotent and often referred to blacks as the "N-word." He also forced her at gunpoint to greet her parents at the door, completely naked.

Lovelace was soon the star in a number of hardcore "stag" short features, including a bestiality film in 1971 called Dog Fucker or Dogarama. She later denied doing this, only to have several of the 8 mm "loops" become available to prove otherwise.

In a later divorce suit, Lovelace claimed that Traynor had forced her into pornography at gunpoint and in the film "Deep Throat," itself, bruises from his beatings can be seen on her legs. Traynor would go on to marry and guide the career of Marilyn Chambers, (3rd photo) another major porn star. Lovelace claimed in her 1980 autobiography "Ordeal," that the couple's relationship was plagued by violence, rape, forced prostitution and private pornography.

Traynor himself told Vanity Fair magazine (Marilyn Chambers' interview, with Chambers on the cover) that he thought nothing of slapping his woman if she said something he did not like.

Linda stated:

When in response to his suggestions I let him know I would not become involved in prostitution in any way and told him I intended to leave, [Traynor] beat me up physically and the constant mental abuse began. I literally became a prisoner, I was not allowed out of his sight, not even to use the bathroom, where he watched me through a hole in the door. He slept on top of me at night, he listened to my telephone calls with a .45 automatic eight shot pointed at me. I was beaten physically and suffered mental abuse each and every day thereafter. He undermined my ties with other people and forced me to marry him on advice from his lawyer. My initiation into prostitution was a gang rape by five men, arranged by Mr. Traynor. It was the turning point in my life. He threatened to shoot me with the pistol if I didn't go through with it.

I had never experienced anal sex before and it ripped me apart. They treated me like an inflatable plastic doll, picking me up and moving me here and there. They spread my legs this way and that, shoving their things at me and into me, they were playing musical chairs with parts of my body. I have never been so frightened and disgraced and humiliated in my life. I felt like garbage. I engaged in sex acts for pornography against my will to avoid being killed...The lives of my family were threatened.

Despite the fact that Deep Throat was possibly the most profitable pornographic film ever made, Lovelace died poor. Lovelace stated that Traynor took the $1250 she was paid to appear in Deep Throat. The film is said to have cost $25,000 to make. Some sources estimate the film made between $100 million and $600 million worldwide.

Linda Lovelace would die in April 2002 after being involved in a car accident. Chuck Traynor would die three months to the day in July of 2002, following a heart attack.

Source: "Are Women Human?" by Catharine A. McKinnon

The two photos above feature the top black escorts in Miami, and New York. These women have become more discreet (online) in regards to altering their identity by not showing their faces-or blurring their faces. This precaution comes as a direct result of the Eliot Spitzer (former NY Governor) scandal. These women charge between: $1,000-$3,000 per hour plus travel expenses.

Source for third photo: Clic Studio

In the late 1980's and early 1990's, before the internet explosion. Larry Flynt not only published "Hustler," magazine but he also owned the majority of black porn magazines on the newsstand with the exception of the now defunct "Players."

Also, a number of media outlets reported that Flynt was paralyzed by white supremacist serial killer/hit man Joseph Paul Franklin because Franklin was outraged that Flynt featured an interracial couple in "Hustler."

But, another theory suggests that Flynt may have been shot because of the $1 million dollar reward he offered for any information leading to the arrest of JFK's "real" assassin(s).


Two officers in New South Wales are facing breach of privacy charges after they told 26-year-old Garrick Jacobson, who was being held last September for being suspected of theft, that according to their records his girlfriend was once a man.

The cops reportedly disclosed the information illegally while booking Garrick on suspicion of theft. One cop used a police computer to check out the man's blonde girlfriend, Brigitte Fell (above) and discovered Fell had been born a man!

The cop shouted across the room, "Your girl's a bloke!"

Garrick continued to insist that Fell was female, the officers then showed him a printout that indicated her original sex. One of them blurted out: "See, it's a guy."

Both officers have pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Fell admits she kept her sex-change secret from her boyfriend of only two months.

Brigitte Fell underwent a sex change operation in 1996. She said Jacobson was never told because "he was temperamental enough."

After the cops disclosed her secret, he ended up going to Fell's place to confront her. She says, "He was beating the hell out of me. Then I fell off a balcony."

She said, "My whole face was broken," suffering a concussion, later waking up with blood all over her. My life is ruined."

Fell said only 3-4 people knew. Jacobson, upon returning to the station, said he went to her house "to cut her hair off ... she was a she-man.

Brigitte Fell plans to file a lawsuit against the two cops.


Sandra Rose received the following email from one of her readers:

I am an employee at an adult store on Piedmont.. There has been a recent ATL up and coming music mogul who comes in quite often to buy dildo’s for himself. Usually he comes in high, buys gay porn and watches it in one of our back rooms… A customer once revealed that he was offering customers [gay activity removed]. I am writing because this is a new and scary underground world… with no protection used… Stop the rising STDs in black women.

Janice Dickinson, model/photographer, makes the following statements in her book, "No Lifeguard On Duty."

"One day I was at Paris Photo, a studio on La Cienega Blvd., shooting supermodel Naomi Campbell in the nude when this buff little guy showed up, unannounced, looking for her."

"I didn't recognize him, until I took a closer look. It was Sylvester Stallone. I couldn't believe how short he was. I felt like laughing but I managed to stifle myself."

"What are you grinning about?" he asked. "Nothing," I said. "So where's Naomi?" he asked. "She's changing," I said. "But I'm not done shooting her."

"Well, can I have a lousy minute?" he barked. "Sure," I said. "If you pose for one photo." He walked across the room and tucked his hands down the front of his pants. "Anything interesting down there?" I asked him. "Something you'd like," he said. "Looks like a dead rat," I said, and snapped his picture." "It's just resting," he said.

Naomi walked in. "Who's resting?" she asked.

Sly crossed the room and took her in his big arms and kissed her.

"A few days later, Naomi came by the house to see the proofs and Sly looked great in one shot. "What's he doing with his hands down his pants?" Naomi asked.

"I don't know," I said. "Testing the equipment." Let's go show him the pictures she said. So we went over to his house and showed him.

"When Naomi went to get a drink, I told him I wanted to publish his photo. He said, "We can talk about it over dinner." I brushed him off.

"One evening, I had Sly and Naomi over for dinner. When she was out of earshot he said, "my dead rat is feeling a little twitchy. "I thought Naomi was taking care of the rat," I said. "You're the real deal" he said. "You're weird," I said and moved on."

A few years later, after Sly and Naomi broke up, he did hook up with Janice. They broke up after she gave birth to a daughter and the paternity test proved that Sly wasn't the father.

Behind the scenes, during her "Deep Throat," fame, porn star Linda Lovelace was sold to the highest bidders and passed around from one celebrity to the next.

One day, Sammy Davis, Jr. called a mutual friend, he wanted to meet Linda Lovelace. Chuck Traynor told her, "Listen Linda, he's got to be some type of freak. I want to see something happen tonight, if Sammy drops any kind of hint, pick up on it right away. I don't want you waiting until I say something." "Any suggestion he makes, any kind of scene he's got in mind, I want you to hop right into it."

Linda was quoted as saying, "When Chuck Traynor arrived at Davis' hotel suite, strangely, he was in the company of his wife Altovise, who was doing needlepoint work. The whole time we were there, she did her needlepoint and Sammy did the talking."

"Sammy insisted we join him for dinner. It was then that I began to see what it means to be a celebrity. Sammy doesn't just walk into a restaurant and eat dinner. There's a special room upstairs, a private dining room, a long table by a window, a service that regular patrons will never see.

"Sammy arranged the seating, placing me instead of his wife in the spot of honor right next to him. Altovise was put beside Chuck.

Sammy and me. Chuck and Altovise. In time, it became more than a seating arrangement."

Source: "Ordeal," by Linda Lovelace


According to Bumpy Johnson's widow Mayme, "It's amazing to me that no one ever talks about Dickie Wells (not the trombone player) anymore because between the 1920's-1940's, he was one of the most well known people in the entire city and was nicknamed, "Mr. New York." He was an amazing man, Mr. Dickie Wells. Never been anyone like him."

"Dickie was a natural electrifying (self-taught) dancer who performed in a dance trio, he had a way of fixing his gaze on women while he danced, almost hypnotizing them. Dickie was also very handsome, like a black Clark Gable. He was also blessed with bedroom eyes. When most black men were making $25-$35 a week, Dickie was pulling down $500 per week performing at the Cotton Club.

"Dickie was the most suave and sophisticated man I've ever met, black or white and he was charming. Women loved him and would vie for his attention with their pocketbooks. They gave him money, jewels and cars. "

His conquests included numerous white actresses, including, Ava Gardner (center photo) and Tallulah Bankhead. Actually, Bankhead is said to have fainted when she heard he died."

One evening, Ava Gardner was so desperate and determined to see Dickie, she couldn't wait any
longer, she went to his house and came face-to-face with his mother after she rang the doorbell. Dickie's mom (Carrie) didn't care that she was Ava Gardner and asked her what she wanted with her son as she looked her up and down with disdain. Rumor has it that Ava broke a heel running down those steps into her waiting limo.

White actors even competed with Dickie for white women, and this was unheard of for a black man in the 20's and 30's but Clark Gable, Errol Flynn, James Cagney and Charlie Chaplin were all in competition with Dickie and they often lost despite their white movie star status."

"The only time this notorious gigolo ever got bad press was when the daughter of a Swedish diplomat had a nervous breakdown because Dickie was no longer paying attention to her and she revealed that she had abandoned her children to be with him."

"Many of his white female conquests would tell him that they didn't believe he was really all black and that he looked Cuban because of his light complexion and wavy hair. Dickie always told them, "I am a black man, nothing else."

According to Mayme, "The thing that made Dickie really special as far as I was concerned, was that he never ever took a dime from a black woman. He would siphon every dollar he could from white women who were willing to pay for his affections and then come uptown to Harlem and spend his money partying with the most beautiful black women of the day, including Margherite Chapman (who later married Willie Mays) and Jean Parks (sister of the founder of Parks sausage). Dickie often lavished money on them and also bought them expensive dinners and took them shopping.They were two of his favorite hang-out partners but he was also a favorite of black female mob boss Madame Stephanie St. Clair. When St. Clair asked him to donate money to buy guns and supplies to support the coming numbers war with white mobster Dutch Schultz, Dickie didn't blink a eye."

"Dickie used some of his gigolo fortune to buy his mother, Carrie, a brownstone on Strivers Row-one of the most elite neighborhoods in Harlem. He moved into the basement apartment and lived their until his death."

*We were unable to find a photo of Dickie Wells but we found this youtube dance clip of him from a 1933 film, "Hot Music, Hot Feet." He comes onscreen at the 3:00 minute mark (near the end of the clip). He's the light skinned dancer with the wavy hair. Here's the link: Dickie Wells


by Thomas Beatie @ The Advocate

To our neighbors, my wife, Nancy, and I don’t appear in the least unusual. To those in the quiet Oregon community where we live, we are viewed just as we are -- a happy couple deeply in love. Our desire to work hard, buy our first home, and start a family was nothing out of the ordinary. That is, until we decided that I would carry our child.

I am transgender, legally male, and legally married to Nancy. Unlike those in same-sex marriages, domestic partnerships, or civil unions, Nancy and I are afforded the more than 1,100 federal rights of marriage. Sterilization is not a requirement for sex reassignment, so I decided to have chest reconstruction and testosterone therapy but kept my reproductive rights. Wanting to have a biological child is neither a male nor female desire, but a human desire.

Ten years ago, when Nancy and I became a couple, the idea of us having a child was more dream than plan. I always wanted to have children. However, due to severe endometriosis 20 years ago, Nancy had to undergo a hysterectomy and is unable to carry a child. But after the success of our custom screen-printing business and a move from Hawaii to the Pacific Northwest two years ago, the timing finally seemed right. I stopped taking my bimonthly testosterone injections. It had been roughly eight years since I had my last menstrual cycle, so this wasn’t a decision that I took lightly. My body regulated itself after about four months, and I didn’t have to take any exogenous estrogen, progesterone, or fertility drugs to aid my pregnancy.

According to Linda Lovelace: "The first time Chuck Traynor and I went to the Playboy Mansion. I met Warren Beatty, Goldie Hawn, James Caan, Elizabeth Taylor, Peter Lawford and many more. And they, of course, met me, Linda Lovelace."

"Take someone like Elizabeth Taylor, for example, when I saw someone like that, someone so important while I was growing up. I was ashamed to even think about meeting her. I knew what she would think of me. I mean, how could she help it? And why on earth would someone like that even want to meet me?

It was movie night at the mansion, we all went to the theater. Actor Clint Eastwood chose a seat right next to my own. I thought I'd die. When I was growing up, my two favorites were Elvis and Clint. And here he was, in real life. He didn't say a single word to me all evening.

After the film, Hugh Hefner told me he liked "Deep Throat," but he was more interested in the bestiality movie I made with the dog."

A few weeks later, Chuck and I hooked up with Sammy and Altovise, again. Although, according to Linda-Chuck and Altovise shared some type of intimacy. Sammy confided in her that Altovise actually despised Chuck and wanted him to find someone else for her.

Lovelace claimed, "To this day, I have trouble understanding Altovise. While Sammy was trying to romance me and sweet talk me, she remained silent. She never really participated in the conversation. She was just there. She went along with everything because it was what Sammy wanted.

"Sammy also liked to watch Altovise and I get intimate but Sammy and Chuck were the only two in the room to get any pleasure out of it."

"One night at a private party, I was talking to Sammy and he said his feelings for me were getting serious. Altovise happened to overhear some of this and naturally, she was hurt and angry. Sammy tried to calm her down but she left the party."

"Meanwhile, Sammy lavished me with expensive gifts."

Source: "Ordeal," by Linda Lovelace


Darren James (1st photo) is an African-American ex-pornographic actor who sent shock waves throughout the adult entertainment industry and made worldwide headlines after testing positive for HIV. The six-year veteran performer tested positive on April 13, 2004 after engaging in unprotected anal sex with Brazilian porn star. Unfounded rumors began and persist that a transvestite - and not the Brazilian porn star- was in fact responsible for passing the virus to James sometime during his stay in Brazil. This has been strenuously denied by both James despite eyewitnesses who claim they saw him in the company of the transvestite while on location. A source adds, "Factor in that it's very rare for a biological woman to transmit the AIDS virus to a man."

By the end of the month it was discovered that three actresses who had worked with James shortly after his return to the United States (two of whom were involved in the same production) had also become infected with the virus. These were Canadian newcomer Lara Roxx (2nd photo) Miss Arroyo (third photo) and Czech-born Jessica Dee (4th photo). Shortly after this story broke, allegations persisted that James allegedly knew he was infected and had "fake papers" claiming he was HIV-negative to continue working in the industry. These allegations have never been confirmed.

Twelve porn actresses who came in contact with James, were on the "first generation" list, meaning James penetrated them without protection, with the exception of Lara Roxx, Miss Arroyo and Jessica Dee, none of the others have tested positive--yet since AIDS can stay dormat for 10 years. The second generation, who had sex with one of the twelve in the first generation, have also yet to test positive.

*Interestingly, we have a similar story that received little to no media coverage.

Marc Wallice, (1st photo) was a veteran porn star who began making adult movies in 1982 at the age of 22. He started out with non-speaking roles, but worked his way up to become a very active actor, doing more than 1,300 heterosexual porn movies.

He tested positive in 1998 for HIV. The diagnosis effectively ended Wallice's career as an actor. There was speculation that Wallice faked some of his tests so that he could continue to work as an actor.

Wallice was also known to use intravenous drugs and he appeared in a gay film in the 80’s. It is believed that Marc infected several porn actresses including Brooke Ashley (2nd photo) , Tricia Devereaux (3rd photo), Caroline (no photo) and Kimberly Jade (4th photo). Wallice, now 48, has reportedly returned to the industry as a director.

In Related News:

Brooke Ashley (2nd photo) married a HIV+ man named Eddie Wood and Trish Devereaux (3rd photo) also married a HIV+ man-former porn actor/director John Stagliano.


Since the inception of the Internet there have been at least two "reported" cases of STD outbreaks associated with gay men chat rooms.

In June and July 1999, the San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH) received 2 reports of new cases of early-stage syphilis in gay men. During the interview process, we learned that both men met a majority of their sexual partners within the past year in an Internet chat room named San Francisco M4M (SFM4M). Patients reported chat room screen names as the only identifiers for most of their sexual partners.

The SF Dept. of Public Health contacted the ISP that hosted this chat room and were informed that it would not release identifying information without a federal subpoena. On request to initiate an awareness campaign within the chat room, the ISP referred us to a San Francisco marketing firm that maintains an Internet portal for gay, bisexual, and transgender persons. For 2 weeks, this firm's staff entered the SFM4M Internet chat room site, electronically contacted hundreds of users and informed them of the syphilis cluster, and encouraged persons who may have met sexual partners in the chat room to seek medical evaluation.

A few years ago, it was rumored that a gay chat room catering to Latin men had an HIV outbreak when a few members met offline for sexual relations. This story disappeared as quickly as it appeared.



The following story is disturbing to say the least. A source recommended that I interview the "non-famous" subject, he was forthcoming at first and without explanation, he shut down.

We've reported on "money slaves," in the past that thrive in the S&M subculture but this story takes the cake.


The subject of this story is an extremely wealthy black man according to my source, I was never told his actual identity due to the nature of this story. I interviewed him twice and we were scheduled to do several more interviews when he inexplicitly, shut down without explanation.

This man had bizarre S&M fantasies to say the least. He employed a white mistress in Beverly Hills and a white master in Hollywood to indulge in his sick fantasy.

He wanted them to scream racial epithets/slurs at him and to hoist him up and whip him like a slave from the 18th century.

He also paid them big money ($5,000-$10,000 per week) to order him around and to keep him chained to a bed post or in a closet and he demanded to be fed scraps/leftovers from tin plates he purchased on the internet. Everything had to be authentic as possible.

He even paid the white mistress to have a "slave ship sleeping quarters bunk" constructed in her sex dungeon. He would sleep peacefully in this bunk, chained by neck, wrists and ankle restraints.


Kim Kardashian and her idol Jennifer Lopez have something in common, they have both insured their rear ends for $1 million dollars. Adult bi-sexual actress, Crystal Knight (3rd photo) allegedly has her rear end insured for a mid six figures as well.

In Related News:

Rolling Stone guitarist Keith Richards insured his guitar playing finger for $3 million dollars. When the finger got infected, he collected on the insurance.


If you think rappers were nervous about "Video Vixen," hitting bookshelves, they are shaking in their books about the upcoming 'censored' gay tell-all by Terrance Dean, a former MTV producer. A spokeswoman for the publisher said it will identify Dean's closeted exes without naming them. "Let's put it this way: You'll know who they are," she promised. "It's a no-holds-barred look at Hollywood and hip-hop and who's living on the down-low." This book may give you the answers to some of our downlow blind items and pre-orders at have gone through the roof! The book will hit bookstores next month.


By Kim Murphy @ The Los Angeles Times

The scandal would have been a tale of sex and bondage of little interest but the man holding the whip is one of the most powerful men in motor racing, and when he ordered his "prisoners" to submit, he was speaking in a practiced German that called up disturbing images of the distant past. The man is Max Mosley, above, president of the international body that governs Formula One Racing.

Mosley is also the son of Oswald Mosley, controversial founder in the 1930's of a pro-Nazi British Union of Fascists. Allegedly, Max Mosley's mother Diana was very fond of Adolf Hitler.

Mosley's five-hour encounter with five women in a bondage orgy featured the women wearing, what appeared to be Nazi concentration camp uniforms.

Mosley has admitted to having a sex session with the women but says it has nothing to do with Nazism.

Mosely is suing Rupert Murdoch's News Of The World for invasion of privacy after they sex tape aired.

Mosely faces calls from Formula One drivers, manufacturers and automobile associations to resign as president.


Gay porn star Dawson works for TIM aka "Treasure Island Media." Allegedly, during one recent weekend, he filmed sex scenes with 30 different men, all the scenes were filmed bareback. In the adult industry, he is known as an "power bareback bottom."

According to a recent article by Rick Reed in the "Windy City Times," Treasure Island Media take steps to have the men checked out ( for STDs ) before a shoot and if a guy has anything they are encouraged to not perform.

Regardless, this is very reckless behavior for any era, especially in this era of fatal sexual diseases.


Mob lawyer Frank Ragano represented numerous mob bosses (and Jimmy Hoffa) as an attorney. Before Fidel Castro took over Cuba, Ragano accompanied his client, mob boss, Santo Trafficante to a private Cuban club patronized by rich men.

Ragano and Trafficante followed a hostess into a private room furnished with couches for about a dozen people. Then, the hostess clapped her hands and the legendary El Toro aka Superman entered the room with a woman, both were nude and began performing on the quilts spread out on a platform. They engaged each other for 30 minutes in every conceivable and contorted sexual position possible.

El Toro was a man in his mid-thirties, about six feet tall and average looking except for his genitalia. His manhood was 15 inches long. El Toro was better known in Havana than then President Batista.

Ragano struck up a conversation with El Toro, he told Ragano that he made only $25 dollars a night (in 1950's Cuba). Ragano told him, "You come to Miami and you can command much more. I'll get you a pair of those loose short shorts. We'll walk up and down the beach in front of hotels. I guarantee you that you'll end up owning one of the big hotels."

Filming home movies was a hobby of Ragano's, that evening, Ragano taped the live sex show. He wanted to film the great El Toro in action. He still has the footage-the only movie ever made of Superman. Due to El Toro's legacy, this tape is now valued at $1 million dollars.

Two decades later, El Toro was immortalized in America's pop culture in a scene in the film "Godfather II." The mobsters are in Cuba watching a sex exhibition and there is a reference to a phenomenon known as "Superman."

Source: "Mob Lawyer," by Frank Ragano & Selwyn Raab


Political conservative Matt Sanchez is a writer, journalist, and Marine reservist. In March 2007, Sanchez was awarded the first "Jeane Kirkpatrick Academic Freedom Award," at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

The Marine Corps was shocked when the following scandal emerged.

In the early 1990s, Matt Sanchez performed in gay pornographic movies. He first worked under the direction of Kristen Bjorn using the stage name "Pierre LaBranche. He later worked with other filmmakers using the stage name "Rod Majors. As Majors, Sanchez is listed in the credits of more than 20 videos; as LaBranche in at least two. Original videos were issued by Catalina, Bijou, Falcon and others. Scenes from his original films have been re-released in compilations; Sanchez stated in an interview with Radar Magazine that it "was just the nature of the business, you shoot a lot of films and they use them forever.

According to "Outside The," in Sanchez's spare time, he was also “an $200-an-hour male

prostitute who advertised himself as an ‘excellent top.’”

*The following excerpt is from Terrance Dean's downlow book "Hiding In Hip-Hop." Based on actual events.

According to Terrance Dean, "Once I visited the video set of "Mario," one of the biggest rappers to hit the scene. His rough persona and lengthy criminal past caused many women and some men to lust after him. My boy worked for the label and they were in Los Angeles shooting Mario's next single. While we waited for them to set up the scene for the next shot, Mario and his entourage were in his trailer drinking and smoking weed."

"By the time the well-built rapper and his entourage emerged, he strolled past me with a smirk on his ashy face, letting me know he was running things. As I looked at the young women surrounding him, I observed that they were not real women, they were transvestites. They definitely could pass for real women, though."

I asked my friend, "Does Mario know those women are not women?" "Please. Yes, he knows. They've been with him since he got in town."

"Mario was the same man who was named by MTV as one of the greatest rappers of all time and lambasted gay men in his lyrics. He had one number one album after another. He often called out other rappers for being soft, feminine and gay and yet he found comfort in the arms of a transvestite."

Source: "Hiding In Hip-Hop," by Terrance Dean


Ronaldo (above) is an international soccer superstar. His name was once spoken in the same breath as Pele and David Beckham. He dated supermodels and was considered one of the "most beautiful men" on the planet. Between dating supermodels, Ronaldo married and fathered a son before divorcing his wife.

He has been nicknamed "The Phenomenon" and Pelé named him one of the 125 greatest living soccer players. In 2007, France Football named him in their best starting 11 of all time.

On April 29, 2008, it was alleged that Ronaldo, who had returned to Brazil to continue his injury rehabilitation, had employed the company of three transvestite prostitutes in a Rio de Janeiro motel. Police told a news conference they were also looking into an accusation by the player that one of the three transvestites tried to extort $25,000 dollars in return for not telling the media about the incident.


The above transsexual escort is the new "rising star" in downlow circles among rap stars. She's located in the South. Whenever DL rappers are in town-visiting or touring, they hookup with her. Her rates are $400 incall (per hour) and $500 outcall (per hour). We agreed not to publish her name or city.


Larry Langford (1st photo) is the black mayor of Birmingham, Ala. When he was the mayor of Fairfield, Ala., he launched a nonprofit program to give local children computers. To run the program, he tapped good friend John Katopodis.

Now, as Langford and Katopoids push a similar computer charity in Birmingham, a major contributor has filed a lawsuit accusing Langford's friend of funneling charity funds gay porn actor, Marc Anthony Donais aka Ryan Idol, 2nd photo.

Idol was paid $30,000 for repairing computers even though he doesn't have any formal training as a techie.

Langford and Katopoids continue to deny they misused the money.


Janice Trahan (1st photo) was a nurse who lived in Lafayette, Louisiana. She was involved with a married doctor named Dr. Richard Schmidt (2nd photo). He often went to her house to administer Vitamin C shots.

He persuaded her to divorce her husband and he promised to divorce his wife. After Trahan divorced her husband, Schmidt refused to leave his wife. Trahan threatened to leave him, he told her, "I will kill you if you ever leave me." Trahan ignored the threat and started dating other men.

Trahan stayed in touch with Schmidt and one night, he arrived at her home to inject her with a Vitamin C shot. Unbeknownst to her, the shot contained a cocktail of AIDS and Hepatitis B which Schmidt had drawn from two of his patients after he did their blood work earlier in the day. Since AIDS is potent outside of the body for 12 hours, Schmidt rushed from the hospital to Trahan's home to administer the shot.

Months later, she was diagnosed with HIV. The strain was traced back to one of Dr. Schmidt's patients and Schmidt was arrested and convicted. He is now serving a 50 year prison sentence.

Heather Hunter's former close friend, actor Charlie Sheen claimed that his wayward womanizer days ended long ago but a one-time L.A. madam told Rolling Stone he was a client of her service until last year. Getting the actor's first call, she recalls, was "the Holy Grail of escorting, the Hollywood connection that can make or break a service." A proud day, indeed. Despite Heather insisting that she and Sheen "were just friends," media outlets revealed that they were romantically linked but Heather doesn't kiss and tell.


Sufiah Yusof (above, center) became famous for scoring high enough on standardized exams to enter the world-famous Oxford University mathematics program at only 13.

At 15, Sufiah ran away from her family and a resulting investigation revealed that her mathematician father Farooq was a physically and psychologically abusive taskmaster. He's currently doing hard time for sexually molesting two 15-year-old girls while tutoring them.

Now 23, Sufiah has turned to prostitution. Her rates are $260 dollars per hour. She says, "People think escorting is sleazy and terrible but I don't see it that way."

On the site, Sufiah describes herself as a sexy, smart student who's very pretty. She beds between five and 10 customers a week and brags about men taking her on shopping sprees for $600 designer dresses and $1,200 purses.

Below, a photo of Sufiah as it appears on the site.


A 42-year-old "man" (above) charged with the statutory rape of a 15-year-old Hamilton County girl has turned out to be a woman.

It took guards at Tennessee's County jail 10 days to uncover why an inmate was reluctant to take a shower. That's when they ordered the inmate to bathe, revealing the naked truth.

Prosecutor Boyd Patterson said while Alexander David Cross was taking a shower, it was noticed that she was actually a female.

He said Ms. Cross was immediately moved to "female isolation."

Ms. Cross entered a guilty plea to felony statutory rape Wednesday morning before Criminal Court Judge Rebecca Stern.

She approved a plea agreement in which Ms. Cross gets a suspended two-year sentence. She will be on probation for six years.

She must register as a sex offender and have no contact with the victim.

Also, she must get her driver's license changed so that it lists her as a female instead of a male.

Prosecutor Patterson said the young girl fell in love with Ms. Cross, thinking she was a man.

He said Ms. Cross committed oral sex on the victim.

The prosecutor said the young girl was "stunned" when she was told the defendant is actually a woman.

He said the girl at that point "just wanted this over with."

The prosecutor said the defendant was due in court earlier, but did not show up after sending a letter saying she was gone to Florida to take her dogs. She said she had been sent to jail before and her dogs had died.

But he said the defendant was located by County Det. Jimmy Clift hiding in an attic. She has been in jail since that time.

The prosecutor said the defendant was told to stay away from the girl at a hearing in Juvenile Court last August, but he said the defendant "kept coming around" and gave the girl a ring.

Prosecutor Patterson said a birth certificate was found that lists Ms. Cross as a female.


In early 1992, after some high-level discussions, the DeCavalcante family sent out a hit team to whack acting mob boss John (Johnny Boy) D'Amato (1st photo) for committing an unconscionable and most dishonorable crime: Being gay.

The family had learned from his girlfriend that D'Amato was a "swinger" who was cheating on her and attending "wild parties" where he engaged in homosexual activity with other men, sources said.

The story inspired an entire season of suspense surrounding gay mobster Vito Spatafore (Joe Gannascoli) on television’s "The Sopranos."

Stefano Vitabile, 71, (third photo) was sentenced to life in prison for ordering the 1992 hit of D'Amato.

A mob soldier was quoted as saying: “Nobody's going to respect us if we have a gay homosexual boss sitting down discussing business with other families." Anthony Capo told jurors in 2003, according to the Associated Press.

According to former Mob Lawyer Frank Ragano (who also represented Jimmy Hoffa) Liberace contacted him in 1966, searching for a $500,000 Teamsters loan to open an antiques shop in Los Angeles and asked Ragano to be the go-between between him and Jimmy Hoffa.

When Ragano informed Hoffa, he exploded!

"First of all, you tell that goddamn queer we don't lend less than a million dollars. "And even if he asked for a million, I wouldn't lend it to that fucking queer f**got."

According to Terrance Dean, his friend Sandy was working on a new movie that had major stars in it. The lead was "Lucas," who is a black megastar. No matter what film project he was attached to it was bound to be a box office smash. In Hollywood, he is considered a golden boy and very bankable. However, there were already many rumors swirling about his sexuality and even though he is married, it was hard for him to shake those pesky gay rumors.

"You're not going to believe this," Sandy said when I called her. "What's going on?" "Well, the crew is taking bets on Lucas. "What type of bets?" "Since we've been filming, his boy 'Kareem' comes by every day and they go into the trailer." "So what?" I said. "No, Kareem comes by and they are up in the trailer doing their thing."

Kareem is a leading sitcom actor, married to an actress. They both have appeared in movies but Lucas in the breakout sensation. His boy Kareem, however, found success in television as a leading actor.

The crew's bet was based on how often Lucas "boyfriend" would show up and how long he would stay. It was like clockwork; Kareem arrived each day at the same time and went straight to the trailer for hours on end. The bets grew larger and larger.

When I moved to Los Angeles and got into the DL world, our clique was talking about the downlow circle Lucas and Kareem were in-which I wanted to be a part of. But it was a hard nut to crack; they were superstars.

Source: "Hiding In Hip-Hop," by Terrance Dean

"Celebrities Between The Sheets," is a celebrity tell-all written by former white groupie Savannah Jahvall. Savannah reports on her numerous sexual encounters with black celebrity men in entertainment and sports. Below, is an excerpt from her book.

"There was a famous R&B singer who had a major foot fetish addiction, which was out of control. When he would call me to come over and see him, he would always say, "Make sure that you are wearing pink nail polish on your toes and make sure the shoes you are wearing are open so that I can see them."

"The next time that I visited him, he took off my right heeled shoe and placed a diamond toe ring on my second toe."

"Later, he picked up my foot and put his manhood on the bottom of it. He started to move his manhood back and forth on the bottom of my foot and between my toes. He eventually climaxed all over my foot."

Afterwards, I asked him why do you have such a fetish for my feet?" He replied, "It started when I was 11, my mom worked as a manicurist and I would often go to work with her. The women would always have their shoes off. I would watch my mom paint their toes and massage their feet. So ever since then, I have always had a thing for pretty feet."

Savannah goes on to describe her foot fetish singer. According to her, "He's a singer, songwriter and record producer. He is very tall, with a nice build and he has lots of tattoos on his arms and chest. He had no hair (at the time) but he usually wears a mustache and beard. He always has a pair of sunglasses on and he is grown and sexy."



By Kamika Dunlap, Staff Writer

OAKLAND - THE DAY AFTER Christmas, 14-year-old Desiree went shopping at the mall with her friends, missed her curfew and never went home.

Desiree's family grew concerned and filed a missing person's report with the Oakland Police Department.
The girl, who stands 4 foot 11 and has an olive complexion and long, wavy dark hair, disappeared for days. Then an uncle was shocked to come across a nude picture of Desiree in the shower posted on the Craigslist Web site.

He called the telephone number listed looking for his niece. She answered and, recognizing his voice, hung up.

Desiree was among the hundreds of children under 18 advertised on the site's erotic services section. With one click on a blue link, girls called"Sexy Blonde Bombshell," "Asian Rockstar Gone Wild" and "Ebony Playmate" appear on the screen wearing thongs and lacey bras.

Technology and cell phones have given pimps greater reach and the ability to solicit pedophiles from all over the country who are willing to pay top dollar for sex with children.

Demand is great, and the profits are huge. But Desiree and many young girls who turn tricks typically don't take in any of that money.

On a busy night, Desiree — who turned 15 on Saturday and is home again with her family in Oakland — said she had sex with as many as four men and made $600 a night, which she turned over to her pimp. But by the end of her one-month stint of being pimped on the Internet, Desiree was out $1,000 and had a busted lip and an excruciatingly painful pelvic inflammatory disease. She also was arrested on charges of possession of drugs and truancy.

It was last winter when Desiree went to the mall with some high school girlfriends who, after telling her how much money they could make as prostitutes, recruited her.

"It was good money," she said in an interview last week. "So, I just went with them."

Desiree agreed to share her story because she wants others to know what she experienced as a teen prostitute. She said she is not ashamed and hopes her story will raise awareness of the issue.

Desiree thought a life on the streets would be better than living at home with her mother, who spent a decade addicted to crystal meth. Desiree said she also felt comfortable around older men because when she was 12 her father forced her to touch his penis. He was later sent to prison for that — convicted of lewd acts with a child — and other charges.

"I think that really affected me," she said. "It made me think it was OK to serve tricks."
Experts say Desiree fits the profile of underage girls who end up turning tricks — many of them have run away from unhappy home lives.

Besides advertising herself on Craigslist, Desiree said she and her friends also hunted for tricks by walking the "track" — as the girls call the street — any time they needed money. They looked for men who were willing to pay for sex or take them joyriding around town.

"I felt like it was my vacation away from my family and I could do my thing," she said.

She stayed with a friend's family, who Desiree said didn't know what the girls were up to.

One night in November, Desiree, dressed in fitted jeans and a tight T-shirt that read "I'm Bossy," was busted by the police who saw her soliciting sex from a man in a car.

"I was hecka scared and I never thought this would happen," she said. "I thought I should try to run, but they (the police) already had me in handcuffs."

Desiree also got caught with Ecstasy pills in her purse. She said the police told her the man had a machete in his car and could have killed her.

"It was really risky because you never know what people are up to," Desiree said.
'He kinda made me feel comfortable'

After that incident, Desiree decided she would be better off working for a 19-year-old pimp she met through her friends.

She said he helped her and gave her a place to stay.

"He kinda made me comfortable and feel like I was going to be safe and cool with him," Desiree said.
One day while she was in the shower, Desiree said her pimp took naked pictures of her to post on Craigslist. She said she worried because she didn't want her face in the pictures.

"He told me that no one would notice me," Desiree said. "He said he would make my face look blurry."
As soon as the ad was posted, the phone calls came in.

Desiree said she worked around the clock and charged johns by the minute. For 30 minutes, it cost $50 and for one hour it cost $200.

"He (her pimp) used to make me work, work, work," Desiree said. "I got the money first, then I served the trick."

Desiree said she had sex with four or five men a day and hardly got any sleep.

After one too many times of her pimp sending her on dates on an empty stomach, Desiree decided she'd had enough. In addition, she developed pelvic inflammatory disease and had to resort to giving massages to make money instead of having sex.

"My vagina was hurting and I was sitting on my knees, holding myself and crying," Desiree said. "I hated it, I was in so much pain and it made me rethink prostitution."

After a month of turning tricks on the "track" and on the Internet, Desiree asked her pimp to take her back home to her family.

He dropped her off in her East Oakland neighborhood with $40 in her hand. Desiree had become a less valuable commodity to her pimp because she was unable to serve tricks with her health conditions.

She said her pimp still owes her about $1,000, but she is not in contact with him anymore.

"I'm just going to forget about the money," she said. "It's bad money anyway."

When Desiree returned home in January, her relatives called the police.

Jim Saleda, an officer with the Oakland Police Department Child Exploitation Unit, said the FBI also informed them of the case and of Desiree's photos on the Internet.

"If you look at the pictures on Craigslist you can tell the girls are not of age," Saleda said. "The Internet has kicked up the level of prostitution."

Desiree said she is glad to be home, healthy and making a fresh start. She is re-enrolled in school and said she maintains a 3.25 grade point average. She also works an after-school job at a cafe.

Desiree said it's been a difficult adjustment living in her neighborhood again because many men and pimps in the area still solicit her for sex.

"It's kind of hard," she said. "I just tell them that I'm busy and I have to go to work or go to school."


According to author Savannah Jahvall, "One evening I attended the official after-party of the NBA All-Star Game."

"While I was outside, a limousine pulled up. The security started moving us and making some space. The limo door opened and Mary J. Blige got out. She walked right past the line and immediately entered the club."

"When my friend and I finally got inside, we looked around and saw so many celebrities that it was ridiculous. There were NBA players, rappers, singers and actors. I remember seeing Allen Iverson, Jamie Foxx, Juvenile, Shaq, Latrell Spreewell and Ja Rule, just to name a few. They were all over the place, in the VIP area, at the bar, dancing and partying."

My girl and I were dancing together near the dance floor, when all of a sudden I felt someone come up behind me and start dancing right on my ass. I turned around to see who it was, and I was like, damn, he is fine. It was a sexy man who made women go crazy. He was wearing a black silk shirt that was halfway unbuttoned and a pair of tight jeans. Our hips were right against one another and we were grinding each other so close.

After the dance we traded numbers and went our separate ways.

In the wee hours of the morning after I left the club, the phone rang, I answered, a sexy voice said, "Is this Savannah?" "Yes, who's speaking?"

"Okay, you can see me on channel 2 in Los Angeles every afternoon, playing Malcolm. I also model and all the women wanted me tonight but I was dancing with you, enjoying your hands on my hot sweaty chest.

"Oh yeah, I remember. How could I forget those rippling muscles, I am getting hot just thinking about it. I can't wait to touch them again."

"Why don't you come over, so you can pour some hot oil on them and rub them for me!"

"I would love to!"

"I walked in his door, he had a glass of wine in his hand and the fireplace was burning."

"I began kissing him and undressing him. I took off his boxers and applied a condom.

"He was an incredible lover."

"Most women have fantasized what it would be like to sleep with this gorgeous, sexy soap star. He is very good and he was caring to my needs. He didn't have sex with me but he made love to me. He is well toned and spectacular. I rate him a 9."

Source: "Celebrities Between The Sheets," by Savannah Jahvall


According to author Terrance Dean, "While I worked on the set of "Living Color," I forged a relationship with a freelance producer from the same studio lot working on another show. "Edwin" was a natural born hustler. He had an impeccable work ethic and was on top of his shit. I was thoroughly impressed by his style."

"I later learned that Edwin liked to dress in women's clothing and makeup. He was a transvestite. Although he liked to dress as a woman, he had no desire to be one."

"Edwin taught me a lot about his world. He educated me on downlow men who liked men dressed as women. These brothers enjoyed the illusion that they were sleeping with a woman, yet had the equipment of a man. It was a world I had never known existed."

"Edwin informed me that many actors and rappers solicited transvestites, especially those who were not easily recognizable as men in dresses. The prettier you were, the more likely you were to date a celebrity, and Edwin was pretty. He had golden skin with oval eyes due to his Caribbean, Spanish and Asian background."

"What he taught me were lessons I would never forget, and one that I refer to-to this day: No matter how much you may think you know a person, you really don't know them at all."

Source: "Hiding In Hip-Hop," by Terrance Dean


Temeka Rachelle Lewis graduated with a B.A. in English from the University of Virginia in 1997. On Wednesday, she pleaded guilty to money laundering and promoting prostitution in the federal probe that brought down former New York Governor, Eliot Spitzer. Lewis worked as a booking agent for the Emperor's Club VIP escort agency. She basically played an air traffic controller to upscale call girls meeting men in expensive penthouse/presidential suites. She earned over $100,000 per year.

According to Linda Lovelace, "After my success in the film "Deep Throat," my husband/pimp Chuck Traynor acted on my new name status by trying to get me employed in S&M clubs and brothels."

One of my first interviews was with a madam/author named Xaviera Hollander, writer of the bestselling book, "The Happy Hooker." Before the book came out, she headed a brothel.

"She had an uniformed doorman at her East Side apartment building. My first reaction to her was that New York City must be pretty hard up if someone who looked like her could become a successful madam. She was fat. Her hair was dirty, all caked with grease. She had piled the makeup on a face that needed more than mere makeup."

"She had the audacity to look me over and say, "No, I don't think so. She's too skinny. She's not my type of girl."

Chuck protested, "She's a good hooker."

Xaviera replied, "I've already got enough brown-haired girls."

Chuck said, "Let Linda give you a free sample."

Xaviera waved us off by saying, "No, I don't think so," and we were dismissed.

Xaviera's rejection didn't bother me in the least. In fact, being turned down by her was a compliment in a way.

Source: "Ordeal," by Linda Lovelace & Mike McGrady

By Barbara Grady, STAFF WRITER

Part II:

ALAMEDA COUNTY JUVENILE JUSTICE CENTER - SHE was raped when she was 11. She was even younger when her grandmother started kicking her out of the house and telling her she wished she were dead.

She never met her father. Her real mother is a drug addict living homeless in West Oakland. "I see her sometimes," the girl said.

Yearning for love and appreciation, the girl, now 12, was enticed by the attention of a pimp, a friend of a friend who started flattering her and telling her about the money they could make soliciting on the Internet.

"After that, I started doing the track with him," said the girl, using the street name for the stretch of International Boulevard where many of Oakland's young prostitutes work.

"He'd be watching me," she recalled of her pimp, an older teen. "I wanted to go home sometimes, but he'd say if I left him, he would kill me and blow my house up."

The Oakland girl, whose name cannot be published because she is a minor, was arrested earlier this year and is serving time in the juvenile justice facility in San Leandro on prostitution charges and violating probation.

Her pixie face and ready smile are those of a typical 12-year-old. But she has seen some very hard times. She said her pimp beat her, pulled the braids right out of her head andcut up her arm. "My arm was leaking real bad," she recounted in an interview last week, showing off a 4-inch scar.

She said a john once threatened her with a gun.

The girl's experiences are typical for sexually exploited youth, experts say. The majority of youngsters involved in the sex trade have been abused or neglected. Almost all the youngsters on the streets have run away from a home situation they find untenable.

"A lot of these young girls are foster care youth and kids not connected to any family system," said Brian Bob, outreach coordinator for Covenant House, a nonprofit homeless shelter for youth that drives a van around Oakland five nights a week to provide food and, if they'll accept it, shelter to homeless youngsters. The vast majority of homeless girls Covenant House finds are prostitutes, he said.

"It's like, I am 15, and I don't like where I am living so I leave and then run into someone who is in the prostitution trade," Bob said.

Alameda County Deputy District Attorney Sharmin Eshraghi Bock, who prosecutes human exploitation and trafficking cases, said many of the young girls who fall into prostitution have never known a loving family, so they mistake a pimp's affection and promises of material things as love.

"If you don't know how to love or be loved, then you are going to look for love in all the wrong places," Bock said.

Many girls call their pimp "daddy" or their boyfriend, she said.

Sexually Abused and Commercially Exploited Youth, an Oakland-based counseling program, last year surveyed 100 children between the ages of 11 and 17 who had been peddled on the streets and referred for counseling.

They found that 75 percent of the children had been raped at some time in their lives, 48 percent had been physically or sexually abused, and 70 percent had been assaulted while working the streets.

Most of the respondents were runaways: Eighty-eight percent said they had run away from their family home or a foster care home.

They can come from any town, any neighborhood.

One 14-year-old from an affluent Contra Costa County town got caught up in prostitution after she ran away, because she was afraid she would get in trouble for running up a $10,000 debt on the family ATM card, her stepfather said.

She was missing for six months until law enforcement agencies and the stepfather found her by trolling through Craigslist's "erotic" listings.

"It's a world I never would have known until it came to my doorstep," the stepfather said.

The pimp was prosecuted in Alameda County and is now in jail.

Another girl being detained in juvenile hall interviewed last week said money was the reason she turned to prostitution. But once there, she sought love.

"I used to try to find love in the tricks," said the Hayward girl who turned 18 last week. She turned to prostitution at 15 after fleeing a foster care group home where she had been placed after being abused at home. Nola Brantley, coordinator of the SACEY counseling program, said the child prostitution epidemic in Oakland can be partially blamed on an overtaxed police system.

"There are cases of severe child abuse in Oakland that will go uninvestigated and not prosecuted because of lack of manpower," Brantley said. "Some of these same children who were abused and nobody intervened will go on to become sexually exploited minors."







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