Opinions seem to vary when the origin of AIDS is discussed.  The most frequent answers are: Gaetan Dugas, allegedly, the first person to be diagnosed with AIDS in the world.  African chimpanzees and the possibility that AIDS is a man-made disease created in a laboratory by a scientist or a group of scientists.  We will explore these theories.  The reader is encouraged to form an opinion.


GAETAN DUGAS: Gaetan Dugas (pictured above) was allegedly the first person in the world to be diagnosed with HIV/AIDS.  He averaged over 300 sexual encounters each year and at least 40 of the first 248 gay men with AIDS either had sex with Dugas or had sex with someone who did.  He was considered Patient Zero.

Gaetan Dugas was raised in Quebec City by his adoptive parents.  He never fit in and had feminine mannerisms and effeminate ways at an early age.  The neighborhood bullies often teased him and chased him home. Dugas felt like an outsider in his community.

He promised himself, someday I will seek out my biological mother, she will make me feel better about myself.  Over the next several years, Dugas developed into an attractive young man with movie star good looks and designer threads.  He never had an shortage of men and he was often flaunted on the arms of rich sugar daddies who gifted him with expensive toys and cash.  He became quite popular on the gay jet-set circuit. 

Dugas finally located his natural mother.  The reunion did not go as planned, they got into a screaming match.  Dugas would never mention his mother again.  Around this time, Dugas became more independent.  He applied for a job with the airlines and was hired as a flight attendant.   His flight benefits enabled him to travel the world, he had numerous lovers throughout the country.  He loved the bathhouses in San Francisco and the gay discos in New York.  He would enter gay bars and loudly proclaim "I am the prettiest one," he was usually right.  In 1980, Dugas noticed a blue-purple spot below his ear.  In 1981, Dugas became the first person in North America to be diagnosed with Kaposi Sarcoma.  Despite this, he continued partying and having unprotected sex.

His health held up quite well. That summer, he took side trips to the Caribbean, Paris, London, Fire Island, San Francisco, Toronto and Vancouver.   Dugas decided to relocate to San Francisco.  He loved having anonymous sex in the bathhouses, after each encounter, he would turn on the lights, point at his Kaposi Sarcoma lesions and say "I've got gay Cancer, I'm going to die and so are you." Complaints flooded the Kaposi Sarcoma Foundation hotline.  People complained that Dugas was intentionally spreading the AIDS virus in various bathhouses.  A group of gay men decided to take matters in their own hands, they planned to run Dugas out of town.  Later that week, Dugas was approached by a man, the man said "You'd better leave town if you know what's good for you."  Friends and doctors suggested that Dugas stop having sex, he allegedly replied, "I'm going to have sex, somebody gave this virus to me, I'm not going to give up sex."

A former sex partner tracked Dugas down, the man asked Dugas, why did you give me this deadly disease?  Dugas sweet-talked the man into having sex with him again.  Dugas moved back to Vancouver in 1982. In 1983, his health began deteriorating rapidly, it was a miracle that he had survived three years after his initial diagnosis.   Towards the end, Dugas moved to Quebec City to be near his family.  He died on March 30, 1984.

AFRICAN CHIMPANZEE: On Feb. 1, 1999 headlines read: "Scientists Say They've Found Origin Of AIDS."  The virus was traced to a chimpanzee in Africa by a team of international scientists.   This particular breed of chimpanzee carried a simian virus which is closely related (98%) to the HIV-virus.  The virus may have been exposed to humans where hunters handled the meat of the chimpanzees. While HIV-1 is deadly in humans it has just the opposite effect in chimpanzees.  Scientific research and study will allow scientists to find out why chimps are immune to the HIV virus while humans are not.

When this question is answered, this may enable scientists to come up with a AIDS vaccine for humans.  The downside: This breed of chimp is being slaughtered to the brink of extinction.   Scientific research will stall and this will seriously reduce the chances for an AIDS vaccine.  Two SIVcpzi-infected chimpanzees have been in captivity for 26 and 15 years yet neither chimp has developed AIDS despite the fact that each chimp is carrying the HIV virus.

TEST-TUBE CONSPIRACY:  A large segment of this population believes that AIDS was created in a test tube by a scientist or scientists, reason: to target certain groups, mainly homosexuals, African-Americans and drug users for genocide and population control. Before you dismiss this theory as being far-fetched. Digest the following.  A high-level defense department biological research administrator arrived for a meeting on June 9, 1969.

He wanted funding to make a new infective microorganism which would differ from other microorganisms.  This new germ would destroy the immune system. He argued, this new germ could be used as biological warfare against America's enemies, in reality, he had not intention of using this germ in biological warfare, this germ was being created to target Homosexuals, African-Americans and drug users, when a virus is created, the antidote is created along with it and is released when the virus has reached its desired point in society. He got his funding.  At the end of his time frame, the first cases of AIDS emerged in Africa.  Next step, getting AIDS into the gay communities.  Gaetan Dugas was the perfect candidate to inject with the virus, he was promiscuous and his flight benefits allowed him to spread the disease in homosexual communities across the country.  It has never been determined how Dugas contracted AIDS.

What is known, he never traveled to Africa nor was he ever in the presence of African Chimpanzees yet he was the first person to be diagnosed with AIDS in the world.  In 1978, more than a thousand gay men received experimental vaccinations against hepatitis B. Within seven years, 64 percent of those men had AIDS.  There was also a smallpox vaccination program in Africa, shortly afterwards, AIDS exploded in this African region.  Before this is dismissed as a mere coincidence, remember the events surrounding the Tuskegee experiment?  Where 400 African-American men were injected with Syphilis and denied treatment and information regarding their illness, this went on for forty years.  In 1931, a number of Puerto Ricans were deliberately infected with Cancer by a respected Medical Institute, 13 died.  Several years ago, a national publication released the results of a survey.

The survey revealed that 29 percent of African-Americans believe that AIDS was created to target the African-American community as a form of genocide. Statistics reveal that more hate crimes are committed against African-Americans than any other group.  After the 911 attacks, many Middle-Easterners were the victims of hate crimes but African-Americans outpaced them by a large margin.  With the start of war, even a biological war, people who were not targeted for the war will get caught in the crossfire until the virus gets to its intended destination, it has arrived at that destination.  

Urban communities across the country are being ravaged with the AIDS epidemic.  1 out of every 3 gay black men in this country are infected with HIV or AIDS and black women are the fastest growing statistic for the AIDS virus.  At one point, Oakland, CA. was on the verge of declaring a state of emergency due to the epidemic.

-Homosexuality has been around since the beginning of time, suddenly, without warning, a deadly virus appears out of nowhere, anonymous

-There is no such thing as safe sex, you can only practice safer, Dack Rambo, AIDS victim

Photo credit for Gaetan Dugas Photo: Gamma/Liason

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