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1963-1968:  Four decades ago, when 'powerful unforeseen forces' considered a politician or an activist a threat, the solution was: ASSASSINATION.   During this turbulent time, three powerful and influential men were assassinated: John F. Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy.


The new weapon of choice is: Character assassination.  A career can be destroyed without pulling a trigger.  Political opponents, fringe groups and extremists hire detective/intelligence and security agencies that specialize in retrieving negative intel on public officials.  Some of these agencies employ former CIA and FBI operatives.  The following 2 stories are true, some of the facts have been altered for security purposes.

1. Political enemies of a married high ranking official knew he had a weakness for sexy brunettes half his age. They arrange for a brunette to be hired in his office, her objective: create scandal.  The brunette initiates an affair with the politician, he becomes overwhelmed and distracted, in a moment of sheer weakness, he grants this low-level employee security clearance.   This same brunette leaks the affair to a news agency, the local newspaper runs a back page story on her allegations, mission accomplished.  A few months later, her credit card bills are mysteriously paid off in the amount of $25,000.  This alleged affair did not destroy the politicians career but his credibility remains in question.

2. Before the 911 tragedy, a married female politician tried to lobby enough votes to pass a bill that would slash funding for several intelligence/government agencies. Shortly afterwards, a blind item appeared in print suggesting that she had a fondness for gigolo's, she backed down.


The majority of politicians employ damage control experts, now known as fixers.  A fixer usually cleans up the damage before it turns into a media scandal.  Most common fixer cases: adultery, blackmail, incriminating files, extortion, bi-sexuality or homosexuality, bribery, abortion, sex tapes and deviate sexual behavior.  A fixer usually decline cases that involve: murder, pedophilia, terrorism, the occult and treason.  Fixers are usually on the staff of law firms and detective firms. The fixer negotiates with the spurned mistress or male lover.

He also negotiates with the political enemies of his client.  The mistress or male lover is usually paid off in cash and/or car.  The political enemies are promised votes on certain bills.  The most successful fixers can demand a $50,000-$100,000 fee before they agree to take a case. 

The Most Powerful Fixers In U.S. History:

Robert Maheu, ex-FBI agent and CIA employee, known as the billionaire fixer, Maheu worked for Aristole Onassis and Howard Hughes.  What is so interesting, Maheu worked for Hughes a number of years without meeting him.  They did business by the phone.

Anthony Pellicano has worked for Michael Jackson, Sly Stallone, Kevin Costner and Roseanne.  Pellicano is currently serving a prison term for weapons and explosives.  Before Pellicano took a case, you had to pay him a $100,000 non-refundable retainer.

Attorney Vernon Jordan was a fixer to a former U.S. President, Bill Clinton.

Don Crutchfield has worked for Donald and Marla Trump, Lisa Marie Presley, O.J. Simpson, Tim Allen and Carroll O'Connor.


The mayoral staff of a certain administration in the 80's had a dirty secret.   It has long been rumored but never proven that male staffers would arrange to meet teenage boys from poor inner-city neighborhoods for sex.   A representative would hang-out in underprivileged neighborhoods scoping out boys between the ages of 15-17, they would be approached and offered money to meet a male staffer at a local motel at a certain time.

Some of the staffers were bold enough to solicit on their own, they would go into the cash strapped community in their fancy cars, gesture young boys (13-16 in age) flash a wad of cash and take off with the boy in the passenger seat.  

Two separate sets of upscale call girls are being employed in cities with strong political climates and cities hosting political conventions.   One set services the Republicans exclusively and the other set services the Democrats exclusively.  Party lines are even drawn in the sex industry.