*This story is a work of fiction, any resemblance to people or actual events is purely coincidental.


A tall striking brunette, Alexa Alexander lived off an enormous trust fund. She spent her days shopping, attending Miami boat shows, visiting art galleries, or dining in Florida's toniest eating establishments. At night she partied with the chi-chi crowd in the trendy, art deco district of South Beach. Surrounded by beauty, addicted to it, many people considered Alexa a snob. The most aggressive and dominant of younger twin sisters, Alexa was a natural leader with a take-charge, no nonsense attitude, her twin sisters always turned to her for advice. Alexa was warm and friendly-until someone mistook her kindness for weakness. Known for her volcanic temper, Alexa was vindictive when crossed. Forgive and forget was decidedly not her philosophy. Once some- one got on her bad side, they became virtually non-existent.

Alexa and her sisters Nina and Nona grew up in the very rich and exclusive Coral Gables community of Florida.  A tropical paradise, Florida has become the American Riviera, the Euro playground of the Rich and Famous and Alexa loved moving within the jet-set celebrity circuit.   Considered American Aristocrats, Alexa's father was a business tycoon and her mother was a society hostess.  Surrounded by a life of privilege and luxury, Alexa and the twins were spoiled with monthly allowances that exceeded $25,000 per month-each.  Alexa received a state-of-the-art Cigarette speedboat on her 21st birthday while Nina and Nona received matching white Ferrari's on theirs.

Alexa loved to collect personalized jewelry. A favorite gold necklace had a gold emblem that read: ALL THIS & BRAINS TOO.  A gold bracelet proclaimed RICH BITCH in sparkling diamonds.  The license plate on her yellow Lamborghini Hummer read: OH ALEX.  She was a free spirit with a taboo attitude, Alexa loved men and women equally, race was unimportant. She once said "Sometimes I desire the hardness and masculinity of a man and other times I desire the softness and sensitivity of a woman." On Fridays she went out with her body-building boyfriend, on Saturdays she dated her model (lipstick lesbian) girlfriend.  They were both gorgeous.  All prospective lovers were directed to her physician for a HIV test.

On lazy days, Alexa loved to sip Pink Cristal champagne while tanning on the beach. She liked to relax and watch the waves come in. Too many days on the beach was beginning to bore her. It was time to break the routine.  Adventure aroused and titillated her dare-devil nature. Alexa decided to place a personal ad on a popular online dating service, she placed an ad in the category: Female Seeking Female.  She sat back and waited for the replies.

Paige Cunningham was born on the wrong side of the tracks. She lived in a low-income trailer park with her mother and older brother Troy.   Sexually assaulted by her step-father a year earlier, Paige progressed under therapy. When her step-father was arrested and convicted, her mother filed for divorce the following week. Troy went to college on a football scholarship and Paige worked as an intern at an investment firm.  She loved to read in her spare time.  A tall, gorgeous brunette, Paige was very modest about her looks. Her brother introduced her to a former NFL quarterback. They dated for six months but when he became emotionally and physically abusive, they parted ways.  Paige began to study French to enhance her sex appeal.  She rented X-rated films to heighten her sexual knowledge.  Paige's work at the investment firm was so impressive that the firm hired her full-time with benefits.  Over the years, she progressively moved up the corporate ladder until, at the age of 28, she moved into the executive suite. Overnight, she became a barracuda.   Frequently, exercising power and control over her employees.

Living up to her new found status, Paige bought a convertible Porsche Boxster and moved into a posh condo.   She attended the right functions, mingled with power brokers and had an large assortment of on-call boy toys.  Then, she became bi-curious and began dating women.  She dated a popular soap opera actress and became involved with a female entertainment attorney.  Living far above her means, the appearance of wealth and power meant everything to Paige until it became harder and harder to maintain her lavish lifestyle.   To continue the facade, she began to embezzle funds. Nearly a year later the theft was discovered.  The firm pressed charges and Paige spent three years in a prison where she made various white collar crime contacts.  Upon her release, she found it impossible to find a job with a prison record.   Paige phoned her prison contacts and set-up appointments.  Before long, she was in business dealing in stolen computer chips, counterfeit currency, cellular phone cloning and stolen art.

Paige traveled the world in Lear Jets, lived in a gated mansion and drove a Lexus roadster and a Thunderbird.   She made several million per year from her illegal endeavors.  She was careful and elusive, but not careful enough.   The Secret Service and the FBI were closing in. Paige was not going back to prison, she had a plan.  She turned her computer on, logged in and went to a dating site, she carefully scanned the ads until she came across an ad which matched her physical description, the ad was in the Female Seeking Female category.  Paige picked up her cell phone.  Alexa retrieved her messages from her Vertu cell phone.  Most were from husbands seeking a menage a trois with their wives.  The last message was from a sultry voiced Paige Cunningham.  Alexa liked her voice and decided to give her a call.

Paige answered on the third ring.  The two women engaged in an interesting conversation ranging from hobbies to the stock market.   They agreed to meet in two days. Paige had work to do.  She sold her estate, traded in her Lexus for a Mercedes and rented a penthouse in the city.  She leased executive office space and hired a telephone answering service that greeted callers with "Cunningham and Associates."  Later that evening, she picked up business cards.  Satisfied with the identity she created, Paige was ready to let the games begin!

They met at the News Cafe in South Beach.  Drinks and conversation flowed easily.  Paige saw that Alexa was extremely wealthy and they bore a physical resemblance to each other. This was even better.  She told Alexa that she headed her own financial advisory firm with a very elite clientele. Alexa was impressed but something about Paige bothered her.  They began to date regularly.  Alexa frequently visited Paige's office and Paige submitted to Alexa's mandatory HIV test, which came back negative.  Alexa began dating Paige exclusively and Paige was quite satisfied with the arrangement.  During the spring months they traveled to Paris to watch the fashion shows.  Summer saw them speeding in Alexa's powerboat on Florida's gold coast, or rollerblading down Ocean Avenue.  On one of their rollerblading excursions, they ran into Paige's brother, Troy, he gave her the silent treatment.  Alexa asked her, what was that about?   Paige brushed it off. The truth was, Troy was disappointed in her criminal outcome.  He didn't want to have anything to do with her.

Alexa often borrowed her father's private jet. They went to Aspen or Switzerland for the ski season.   The plane was always stocked with Beluga caviar and Dom Perignon. Sometimes they flew to San Francisco to dine at Scoma's on the wharf or Los Angeles to dine at Spago's.  On their nights off, they cuddled and watched '24' and Law & Order.  Alexa had a taste for authentic southern cuisine, they flew to New Orleans or Atlanta for chicken, waffles, cheese grits, cajun gumbo, blackened burgers, fried crab or cobbler.  After eating at a popular Atlanta restaurant, they went to Lennox Square. Paige talked Alexa into getting new passport photos.  Later that evening, when Alexa was in the shower, Paige stole the strip of photos.

Paige used the photos to get new sets of identification in her name.   The following day when Alexa was getting a massage, Paige planted counterfeit currency and computer chips in Alexa's residence.  Paige also put the fake identification (claiming that Alexa was Paige) in Alexa's purse.  This would buy her crucial time and Paige would be long gone before the mix-up was discovered, she was setting Alexa up to take the fall for her crimes. She planned to leave for Mexico where she would have a surgeon redo her face but first she would tip off the cops from the airport and give them Alexa's address.  The phone rang while Paige was packing. "Come over and spend the night," Alexa urged.  Paige responded "not tonight." Alexa persisted, please, I miss you.  Well I guess I could come over for a couple of hours.  When Paige entered the foyer, a male voice rang out. "Paige Cunningham, you are under arrest for fraud and trafficking in stolen property."  Paige was speechless, how could this have happened?  She had been so careful, everything was going as planned.  What went wrong?

Alexa emerged from the kitchen. "You're elite trash, oil and water don't mix."   My instincts gave you away.  My private security firm ran a check on you.  I've been working with the authorities to bring you to justice.   Darling, you cannot manipulate a manipulator.

Paige was led away in handcuffs. She plea bargained down to twenty years in a maximum security prison. In ten years, she will be eligible for parole.