Porfirio Rubirosa and fifth wife Odile Rodin, center photo: Rubi's third wife Doris Duke, the richest woman in the world, third photo: Rubi's fourth wife Barbara Hutton, second richest woman in the world.



Porfirio "Rubi" Rubirosa was the most notorious gigolo/playboy in US history.  Rubi was also a political assassin.  Between assignments, he supplemented his income by servicing rich and famous women or marrying the richest women in the world.  His penis size was legendary, a reported 14 inches when fully aroused. 

Ian Fleming based the James Bond character on Rubirosa and author Harold Robbins based the lead character in his book "The Adventurers" on him.


The year was 1932, Porfirio Rubirosa married the oldest daughter of Gen. Rafael Trujillo Martinez (dictator).  Her name was Flor de Oro.  The marriage would end in 1937 due to Rubi's womanizing.  He remained close to the family and Trujillo made him a Dominican Ambassador of Argentina.  During World War II, Rubi was imprisoned by the Gestapo, he spent six months in jail.

Upon his release, his military training came in handy.  He was recruited as a political assassin.  He was suspected as the trigger man in several high profile assassinations but the authorities never had enough evidence to arrest him. He would marry French actress Danielle Darrieux, they would divorce after five years.

The term "Latin Men Make The Best Lovers" derived from the exploits of Rubirosa.  Rubi's underwear had to be tailored due to his 14 inch endowment.  He also had a medical condition that left him half erect at all times.  This ailment increased his staying power, he could satisfy several women in one night, each encounter would last for hours, he was insatiable.  Afterwards, he sent a single rose with a note attached "A la mas de la mujeres."  Translation: To The Most Beautiful Woman.

An actress described Rubi's penis in detail, "it is similar to a wooden pepper shaker, the kind you find in restaurants."  To this day, French diners refer to pepper shakers as Rubirosa's.

Rubi caused a commotion in Hawaii, when he arrived in swim trunks, the women gawked in disbelief when they saw the bulge in his trunks, the thickness and length was amazing.

Rubi was in the men's urinal at the Waldorf in New York, the man standing next to him happen to glance over, "damn, how on earth do you stuff that thing in your pants?  You are deformed and blessed."

One of Rubi's girlfriends was shopping for shoes with her friend, she pointed at a men's shoe, size 11, she told her friend, "see that shoe, Rubi's penis is wider and longer." A model told Truman Capote, Rubi's penis is as thick as a man's wrist.

Rubi was also a master of all trades, a true renaissance man.  He was a adventurer, tennis player, soldier, diplomat, a chef, a world-class polo player and a treasure hunter.  He also raced his Ferrari on the LeMans circuit.

Appearance meant everything.  He kept his physique in top shape by working out with a professional sparring partner.  His suits were tailored to perfection, his nails were manicured and his toes were pedicured.  He was suave, continental and debonair.  Rubi also spoke several languages and he was named to the International Best Dressed List on several occasions.  He was the only polo player who wore a ascot with his jacket, he also protected his skin with honey.

Within an hour of checking into a hotel suite, the hotel would become besieged with women, hoping for the opportunity to sleep with the great Rubirosa.  Gossip columnists tracked his movements to Monte Carlo, St. Moritz, Cannes, London and New York.

Rubi was romantically linked to Ava Gardner, Rita Hayworth, Jayne Mansfield, Eartha Kitt, Empress Soraya, Eva Peron, Veronica Lake, Dolores Del Rio and Zsa Zsa Gabor.

After the dating phase wore off, he married billionairess Doris Duke, the richest woman in the world.  During the wedding ceremony, Rubi showed great panache and elan when he retrieved rubies from his pocket to symbolize his nickname. 

The marriage would crumble due to his numerous infidelities.  He would net a six figure income unless he remarried.  A few months after the divorce, Duke missed Rubi terribly, she offered him two million dollars to remarry her, he declined.  Doris Duke carried a special torch for Rubi throughout her life, his picture was in all of her homes.  When she died, her wealth was estimated at $8 billion dollars.

Rubi was back on the market again, his reputation proceeded him.  He was so hotly pursued by women that he had little chance to pursue on his own.  When he did, he became a collector of beauty, showgirls, models and actresses. 

In 1953, he married the second richest woman in the world, Barbara Hutton.  Rubi cost her $65,000 per day in expenses.  Hutton also bought him the biggest coffee plantation in the Dominican Republic.  The marriage lasted ten weeks.  In the divorce settlement, Rubi received five polo ponies and a private plane.

He became a member of the international jet set.  Rubi had been a friend of Joe Kennedy, Jr., he often dined on the Kennedy yacht.  On one outing, he had dinner with Peter Lawford, Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe.  He couldn't make a move on Monroe because she was John Kennedy's guest.  The Latin Lover and the Sex Goddess did exchange steamy looks on the sly.

In Paris, he partied with Sammy Davis, Jr. into the wee hours of the morning.  Afterwards, he gave Davis instructions on how to kiss a woman's hand properly, the lesson lasted two hours.  Davis returned to his suite and passed out.  A few hours later, Davis was awaken by the doorbell, it was Rubi, impeccably dressed and refreshed.  He told Davis to shower and shave, they were going to the Champs Elysees to flirt with the beautiful women.

Rubi played golf with Frank Sinatra often, on one outing, Sinatra asked him, Rubi, have you ever held a full-time job?  Rubi replied, "women are my full-time job, most men save money, my ambition is to spend it."

Friends were flattered when they received personalized invitations to one of his dinner parties.  He could easily out cook the top chefs of the day. America was very lucrative for Rubi, in and out of bed.  Money seemed to gravitate towards him and he was constantly cited by irate husbands in divorce cases.

Throughout his life, he had one regret.  He was unable to father children.  As a child he had mumps which left him sterile.

In 1956, Rubi married his fifth wife Odile Rodin, she was an actress.  She was nineteen and he was 42.  He remained faithful to her and began work on his memoirs, he would never finish.

While driving in the early morning hours on a wet Paris pavement, Rubi lost control of his Ferrari and crashed into a tree, the steering column crushed his chest, he died instantly.  The year was 1970, he was 56.

His funeral was attended by Dukes, Barons, Counts, movie stars, politicians, two of the Kennedy sisters, dressmakers and fellow playboys. Odile Rodin would remarry and relocate to New England.

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