The following story “Lipstick Lesbian Murder” is depicted in full detail in the book “Wasted” by Suzy Spencer. The book rights should be optioned for film or television. This story would make a fascinating and tragic film. This book received our highest rating of four stars **** Book cover photos below: Above photo: Justin Thomas, below black & white photo from L-R, Regina Hartwell and Kim Leblanc, color photo center, L-R, Kim Leblanc and Regina Hartwell.









Regina Hartwell grew up in Pasadena, Tx.   Her parents were separated, her father Mark lived nearby.  Regina’s mother Toni was an abusive parent. She often pressed lit cigarettes into her flesh.  Despite the abuse, Regina loved her.  Toni worked at an Aviation company in Texas.  One afternoon, Toni was crushed to death inside of an airplane hangar.  Regina was devastated. Regina’s grandmother moved in to care for her while her father filed a lawsuit against the Aviation company.

Four years after Toni’s death, Mark and Regina Hartwell were awarded two million dollars in damages.  Regina’s share of $400,000 was placed into a trust where it could accumulate interest.  She would be entitled to the entire trust on her twenty-fifth birthday, until then, she would receive an annual interest, between $25,000-$40,000. Mark Hartwell presented Regina with a 911 Porsche on her eighteenth birthday.   Regina had matured into an attractive young woman, she wore designer clothes and chic hairstyles.

Due to her mother's death, Regina always searched for female love and companionship.  During her senior year, she was seduced by an older woman. She also fantasized about female classmates, she bought one classmate a Mercedes.  After graduation, Regina moved to Austin, TX.  She would become a permanent fixture on the gay and lesbian scene.   People were drawn to her like a magnet, she hosted wild slumber parties, her guests indulged in drugs, sex and booze.  Her generosity was legendary and she often took girlfriends on European vacations.

For New Years Eve, she would rent limos and fly all of her friends to New York City, they would check into the Plaza and party all night. Regina loved women, she had girlfriends up and down Interstate 35.  On Valentines day she gifted her girlfriend with a diamond tennis bracelet, a dozen roses, gift baskets and stuffed animals.  Regina’s wealth had accumulated through the years, she was worth $3 million dollars.  She became the most powerful and feared woman in the lesbian community.  She spent her time partying, drinking and drugging.

She was out with friends when she spotted an attractive brunette, Regina’s heart skipped a beat.  Regina inquired about the young woman. The woman’s name was Kim LeBlanc, she was eighteen years old and she was straight.  Regina smiled, she liked a challenge. Regina introduced herself , Kim was polite but informed Regina that she was straight.  Regina would not take no for an answer.  She began showering Kim with gifts.  She bought her thousands of dollars worth of clothes, gave her an ATM card to access her bank account, moved her into an apartment, paid her rent and furnished her apartment.

She also took her to fancy dinners, on a Bahamas cruise, she bought her a Jeep and paid the airfare and hotel fare for Kim’s friends to fly to New York and opened up a $5,000 mutual fund account to pay Kim’s college expenses.   Despite the gifts, Kim refused to sleep with Regina and only showed slight affection when she was high on Ecstasy.   On Valentines Day, Regina presented Kim with a diamond ring. Kim continued accepting the gifts and Regina kept demanding sex.  Kim relented, she allowed Regina to kiss her.

Regina turned 25 and inherited the bulk of her trust. Regina and Kim increased their drug use, cocaine, ecstasy, mushrooms and speed.  Their daily routine consisted of limited affection, partying and drugs.  Under the influence, they became irritable.  Regina accused Kim of taking and never giving.  They lost a substantial amount of weight, they had dark circles under their eyes, they resembled the walking dead.

Their friends tried to intervene, they refused to check into rehab. They continued partying and drugging.  Regina’s luxury apartment became a crash pad for junkies.  Kim decided to clean up.  She got a job at the local fitness center, this is where she met Justin Thomas.  Thomas was a fitness trainer, he was also a drug dealer, he was suspected but never charged with the murder of a rival drug dealer.   He was 6’4 and weighed 250 lbs.

It was love at first sight, they began dating and Justin moved in with Kim. Although Justin was homophobic, Kim and Regina’s relationship didn’t seem to bother him.  Regina offered to front him money if he made her a drug partner, the deal fell apart.  They all became addicted to crystal meth.  Regina and Justin began competing for Kim’s attention, arguments ensued, both were insanely jealous over Kim.   Justin and Regina became enemies.

Regina made one last effort with Kim, she took her on a trip to Cancun, the trip was a disaster, Kim flew back early.  One evening, Kim and Justin were getting high, Regina called and told Kim to come over without Justin.  Kim arrived, they got into a big fight, Kim screamed “I don’t want anymore of your money or gifts, I don’t won’t to depend on you any longer, I am moving back in with my parents.”  Kim stormed out.

Kim arrived home and complained about Regina’s behavior, Justin became incensed.  In the early morning hours of June 29, 1995, Justin broke into Regina’s apartment.  He found her half-asleep, before she could respond, he took out a knife and slashed her numerous times, killing her.  He rolled her body in a comforter and carried it out to his jeep.

Kim followed him to a deserted area.  Justin retrieved a gasoline can out of the trunk, he poured gasoline on Regina’s body and lit a match.  Kim watched in a drug-induced daze, they sped off and spent the next few days withdrawing money from Regina’s accounts.  Detectives found Justin’s blood at the crime scene.  Justin and Kim were called in for questioning, after a few hours, Kim confessed that Justin killed Regina.

Kim would be the prosecution’s star witness against Justin.  Before the trial, Kim checked into a rehab. 

Justin Thomas was convicted and sentenced to life in prison, he will be eligible for parole after thirty years. 

The video of Kim Leblanc’s confession would be ruled inadmissible. 

On Nov. 3, 1997, the State dropped the murder charge against Kim LeBlanc due to insufficient evidence. 

Kim LeBlanc kicked drugs, she currently resides in Houston, TX with her husband.