*Of all the delights in the world.  Men care

Men will risk fortune, character and reputation for sex.

Even life itself.  -Mark Twain


I first became familiar with the call girl culture several years ago.  My close friend Perry was a male model.  Perry invited me to a club opening in San Francisco.  A gold or platinum membership card was required to gain entry.  There was also a velvet rope and a VIP guest list.  Many local athletes and celebrities were in attendance.  The club had two balconies, one overlooked the front dance floor, the other overlooked the back dance floor.  The bathrooms were coed and the crowd was mixed, straight and gay.

A hush fell over the crowd as two gorgeous women entered the club.  The brunette was magnificently beautiful and the blonde was devastatingly beautiful.  One wore a expensive leather outfit which highlighted her perfect figure, the other wore tuxedo tails, a bow tie and fishnet stockings.  They were flawless.

Perry whispered in my ear, they're international deluxe call girls, the brunette is named Mink and the blonde is named Madison.  Later that evening, Perry introduced me to Mink.  She was well mannered, talkative and polite.  She was impressed that I wanted to become a writer.  Her beauty was so unusual, I asked her ethnicity, she replied, Arabic, Spanish and Nicaraguan.  Mink was very personable during conversation, seductive and mesmerizing.  Her eyes were jet black framed in long lashes.  Whenever she spoke, she stared directly into your eyes without blinking, due to her beauty, the effect could render you speechless.

We became friendly over the next year.  On my birthday, Mink and Madison arrived at my after school job in a limo, they took me to Sausalito for dinner.   During the Christmas holidays, I caught a glimpse of Mink and Madison at SFX.  Needless to say, they disrupted travel.  Mink was draped in a blonde fur to contrast her exotic features and Madison wore a black fur.  We embraced, they were booked for a lucrative 'tour' on the East Coast.

Some Saturdays, me and Mink would go shopping on Union Square.  She also patronized a small boutique that specialized in hats, no one could wear a hat like Mink.  She also enjoyed playing chess against herself.

Mink was a fitness fanatic, six days a week.  On the seventh day, she indulged in her favorite junk food, usually a chorizo burrito and a jamba juice (Caribbean Passion).

I was invited to Madison's wedding, she married a well known athlete.  A few years later, Mink married a international financier, they moved to South America.  Before she left, she told me-with a twinkle in her eye "one day you will write my story."

I did write and publish her story, entitled "Deluxe Call Girl," this story was also published under "Inside The Life Of A $1,000 Per Hour Call Girl." 

The story will be re-published on this site at a later date.

Imagine my surprise when Mink tracked me down and called me out of the blue.  She had settled into married life and was raising two sons.  She informed me "darling, I have someone you need to talk to, her name is Giselle, call her at this number."  I asked her, what does this concern?  She laughed wickedly, you'll see.   I called Giselle, she informed me that she and her two best friends were a special breed of call girls, often referred to as "Thoroughbred's."

They charge $20,000 per weekend and were booked solid.  I was very skeptical until the facts were verified.  This is her story.

Names and locations have been changed. 


Giselle: Age 25, description: stunning alluring blonde with a perfect figure.  Cars: Canary yellow Ferrari Enzo and a Range Rover.  Investments: blue-chip stock portfolio and various real estate holdings.  Rate: $20,000 per weekend plus tip.

Brandy: Age 24, description: drop dead gorgeous brunette.  Cars: Ice Blue Porsche Carrera.  Investments: mutual funds and restaurants. Rate: $20,000 per weekend plus tip.

Morgan: Age 24, description: sexy blonde, Cars: Burgundy convertible Ferrari Testarossa and a H2 Hummer.  Pre-Med student at a Ivy League University.  Investments: Bonds, property.  Part-time call girl.  Rate $10,000-$15,000 per weekend plus tip.

*These women only deal with a selective clientele which includes: celebrities, athletes, royalty, saudi billionaires, CEO's and politicians.  

Female clients include: Actresses, singers, entertainment executives and female sports figures.

Due to scheduling conflicts with Brandy and Morgan, the following story is strictly based on Giselle's life and experiences.  The interview took place in a lavish Las Vegas hotel suite complete with chef, butler and a indoor pool.


Giselle McKenzie grew up in Beverly Hills, 90210.  Her mother was a housewife and her father was a business executive.  He humiliated his family by flaunting his infidelities.  He also spent money like water, the family was on the verge of bankruptcy.  His wife tolerated his behavior because she depended on his salary.

Giselle was a natural blonde beauty with a perfect figure, 38-24-36.  She received constant male attention.  She went out on a few dates, nothing serious.

Giselle would graduate at the top of her class and enroll at USC.  Her father paid for her education until the money ran out.  The family filed for bankruptcy and their home went into foreclosure.

Giselle had money saved, she managed to put down a deposit on a apartment in Marina Del Rey.  Her neighbor Lonnie brought over a Harriet's cheesecake. 

Lonnie was a former gay model, he was a current small time agent who managed up and coming comedians, his background was in finance, he supplemented his income as a day trader. Lonnie was a gorgeous specimen of a man, beautifully tanned with aqua blue eyes and bleached teeth.

Lonnie was between lovers, he spent alot of time with Giselle, they became inseparable.  They went rollerblading on Santa Monica beach and cycling in Venice.  Giselle felt relaxed and comfortable with Lonnie.  They spent the evenings watching his comedians perform at the Comedy Store.

Lonnie was also a computer nerd and introduced Giselle to computers.  She loved to order DVD's from netflix.com when she wasn't doing research for school papers. 

Lonnie was also a tennis fanatic.  For her birthday, he surprised her with a trip to New York, they attended the U.S. Open.  They watched the Williams sisters devour the competition with a awesome display of power. Giselle's money was running low, she decided to get a job.  She was hired as a part-time receptionist at a law firm.  Her finances improved slightly, not much.

Giselle met Lonnie at Stevie's seafood for lunch, afterwards, she went to class.  She was walking off campus when a Mercedes pulled up beside her.  The woman in the car, a beautiful Asian woman, had her driver double-park.  The woman said, my name is Sharon, are you a model?  Giselle replied no.  Sharon retrieved a business card and handed it to Giselle, call me if you would like to earn some real money.

Giselle returned home, she calculated her bills, she was broke.  She thought about her encounter with Sharon and decided to give her a call, they agreed to meet for lunch the next day.

After small talk, Sharon got to the point.  How would you like to earn $5,000 per week, Giselle asked, doing what?  Sharon replied, being a escort for a assortment of rich gentlemen, Giselle was enraged, are you asking me to become a prostitute?  Sharon asked her to think about and left.

Things got worse over the next few weeks.  Giselle had no money left over for basic necessities.  She didn't even have the funds to purchase used books.  She slowly picked up the phone and dialed Sharon's number.

Sharon was delighted and scheduled a hair appointment for Giselle.  Afterwards, they went shopping.  The money would be deducted from Giselle's future earnings.

Giselle met her first client for dinner, they went back to his hotel room and had sex.  During intercourse, Giselle could barely feel his penis, he was so small.  She had read in an old movie magazine that Marilyn Monroe had a similar experience with a movie executive.  Monroe stroked his ego by calling him big daddy and faking orgasm.  Giselle did the same, the client had a prolonged climax. Afterwards, she split the money with Sharon, 60-40 in her favor, Sharon even took a portion of Giselle's tip.

When Giselle returned home, she had pangs of guilt and she felt dirty.  She took a long hot bath. Her guilt disappeared when she began averaging $10,000 per week.  She dropped out of school and quit her part-time job.

She avoided Lonnie, when he ran into her, he noticed a change in.  One morning he ambushed her, Giselle, what's going on?  How come I never see you?  She accused him of overreacting and kissed him on the cheek, lets do brunch, my treat.

They arrived at a swank restaurant.  The brunch included caviar stuffed in egg whites, cracked crab, clams on the half shell, homemade waffles, strawberries dipped in chocolate, smoked oysters with lemon juice and hot sauce and deviled eggs mixed with crab meat. Giselle took out a big wad of cash to pay the bill.  Lonnie noticed and asked, are you into anything illegal?  Giselle assured him that everything was ok.

One evening, Giselle encountered a violent client.  When she complained to Sharon, her concerns were brushed off and Sharon became upset that Giselle left the client, she was totally unsympathetic to Giselle's complaints.

Giselle returned home, she ran into Lonnie, he could tell that she had been crying and he noticed bruises on her arms.  He invited her in.  He brewed a pot of coffee while she confided in him, she told him everything.

He listened intently, afterwards, she fell asleep on the couch.  When she awoke the following morning, Lonnie was in the kitchen, scribbling on a notepad.  She said, good morning, and asked, what are you up to?  He replied, I may have a solution to your problem.  Giselle asked, what problem?  Lonnie said, hear me out.

I love you like a sister and I should have been there to protect you.  I have been working on this solution all night.  What would you say if I took over for Sharon?  Giselle laughed out loud, Lonnie it's too early in the morning for jokes.  Lonnie interrupted her, I'm not playing.  He continued, under my guidance and financial expertise, I could make both of us very rich.

First thing, hiking your price up, I will also screen your clients and hire a personal bodyguard.  You will enroll in a massage course and read sex manuals.  You will also subscribe to the Wall Street Journal to expand your communication skills with your clients.  I can set-up a additional phone line for clients to contact me for appointments.  One more thing, consider me your representative, I dislike the word pimp.

Giselle was speechless.  She liked his ideas, after little hesitation, she agreed to his proposal.  They celebrated by going on a five mile run.  During their jog, Lonnie asked Giselle, keep your eyes and ears open for useful information while entertaining clients.  I can feed the information to the police so they won't hassle us.

Lonnie took a leave of absence from his job.  After Giselle completed her massage courses and sex research, Lonnie scheduled her for two appointments.  A bodyguard trailed discreetly.

Giselle went to dinner with the first client, afterwards, they returned to his home.  She gave him a full-bodied massage.  She startled him when she performed fellatio on him while her mouth was half-filled with warm cider.  He had multiple sensations and a explosive orgasm.  He mumbled, "I have to see you again."

Giselle met the second client in Beverly Hills.  She was in the bathroom.  Her client was lying on the bed naked.  From the doorway, she motioned for him.  When he entered the bathroom, she gently pushed him in a sunken tub filled with whip cream and jello. 

She fed him grapes while she licked the cream and jello off of his body.  Afterwards, she tiled him off and led him to the bed.  She prolonged the session by using the brush, he moaned in ecstasy "no woman as ever made love to me like this." Giselle returned to Lonnie and handed him forty percent of the $4,000.  Lonnie refused to take a portion of her tip, she asked him to invest the tip in stocks.

Both men called Lonnie the following day, they had to see Giselle again.  Lonnie detected a pleading tone in their voices, he responded, she is completely booked.  The first man offered to triple her fee to $6,000 and the second man offered a $10,000 weekend rate.  Giselle became available.

Giselle's reputation grew among the rich, powerful and famous.  She could barely keep up with the demand.  Money was pouring in.  Lonnie purchased a home in Santa Monica, he kept his Marina Del Rey apartment for entertaining men. Giselle purchased a limited edition Ferrari Enzo and Lonnie purchased a BMW.  Giselle had a fax installed in the back of her car for last minute emergencies.

Middle-Eastern men drove the price up for high classed prostitution.  The prices reached a staggering $25,000 per weekend.  Giselle was now a member of the exclusive thoroughbred set.

She was flown all over the world to service rich, powerful and famous men.  She entertained a Chairman in a studio owned jet.  Limos were sent for her as she accompanied clients to film premiere's, music awards, polo matches, grand prix racing events, golf tournaments and championship boxing matches.  She was flown in for the Superbowl and watched the game from a private sky box.

When she returned from one of her Middle-Eastern excursions, Lonnie had her scheduled for a 'triple' (three girls at once) with a visiting Arab prince.  Each girl would receive $10,000 for the evening.

Giselle arrived at the appointed time.  She entered the Bel Air estate and joined two stunning women, Brandy and Morgan.  They worked the young prince over, afterwards, they indulged with each other to the prince's delight.  Afterwards, each girl was paid in cash.

Outdoors, the night was still young, they decided to go to dinner.  They had a blast as they related client stories.  All at once, Giselle became serious, something is on my mind, I want to make a announcement, the girls urged her on.

"Isn't it incredible that men pay us so much to have sex when they can get it from their wife or girlfriend for free?  Women need to realize the power they possess and start demanding respect and appreciation.  A man will travel near and far to have sex with a woman but a woman will not do this for a man.  A woman's downfall seems to be emotional attachment. 

I would chose money over love in a heartbeat, why?  Because the divorce rate is 50 percent across the country and money lasts longer.  Women need to realize that this is the bitch era." Brandy and Morgan let out a chorus of amen's, Giselle took a bow.

The girls headed to the Viper Room, due to their looks, they were quickly ushered in.  They partied and teased men all night.  People made room for them when they got on the dance floor.  So many men tried to get their numbers that they had to have a bouncer intervene.  Giselle called a limo, they were taken back to their cars.  The girls traded numbers and email addresses and vowed to stay in touch.

Over the next few months, Brandy and Morgan became unhappy with their madam.  Giselle talked them into letting Lonnie represent them, they became a trio of sorts.


Each girl can retire in 2004.  Lonnie invested their money well.  Their investments include: acres of property in Hawaii, Tahoe and Montana.  They also have investments in restaurants and gourmet coffee chains.  Along with blue chip stock portfolios and bonds.

Giselle will move overseas and open a software company.

Brandy plans to travel the world and study different cultures and customs.

Morgan will be a doctor.

Lonnie will race his new speedboat.  He also plans to attend championship sporting events.



It was so hot and humid in Las Vegas, that we had an air conditioned limo transport us to dinner.  We arrived at the Bellagio, during dinner, we were frequently interrupted by men, complimenting Giselle on her beauty.

Q: We certainly don't want to glamorize your lifestyle, what would you say to impressionable girls who read this story?

A: I've accepted this lifestyle for myself but it is not all caviar and Dom Perignon, let me explain.  I would never recommend nor would I recruit any young woman into this lifestyle.  It is a very dark side that I was lucky to bypass, drug abuse, abusive pimps, being jailed, etc.  I repeat, I do not recommend this lifestyle for anyone.  I have also heard of former call girls who have lost the love of their lives because of their former profession.  It's not worth it.

Q: To your knowledge, how many thoroughbred call girls are there in the world?

A: Seven, we are a very diverse group which includes an Latina and African-American, both are gorgeous.  Blondes make up the majority of our group.

Q: Thoroughbred call girl requirements:

A: Our physical qualifications are similar to supermodel requirements.  Flawless, stunning, a drop-dead gorgeous beauty, genetic jackpot.  Height, class, maturity, good communication skills, personality, substance free, and you have to be open minded and have a nice body.

Q: Most unusual circumstance?

A: I have been offered a contractual agreement that included money, a home and a car.  My requirement:  Appear as a loving girlfriend, possible fiancee to a closeted gay celebrity.

Q: Hobbies?

A: Playing the stock market.  Reading the Robb Report, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and Fortune.  I also enjoy golf, swimming, jogging and I love to ski.

Q: Why would a man frequent a prostitute when he can get sex at home for free and why would a man pay upwards to $20,000 per weekend to be serviced by a prostitute?

A: Powerful, rich and famous men frequent our company because they don't have to worry about pregnancy, paternity suits, blackmail, attachment or interference.  It's a very impersonal arrangement.  Also, we may do things sexually that his wife or girlfriend refuse to do.  Men pay our amount because they have experienced the best that the world has to offer.  Their ego is satisfied and they can brag to their friends.

Q: Female Clients?

A: Yes darling, we have female clients, we don't discriminate.  Our male and female clients share a common trait, the majority are married.  Most of our female clients are very powerful and famous women in the industry or Hollywood wives.  Sometimes they request a menage a trois with their husbands.  When the husband goes on location, the women call for a one on one.

Many men don't care, less threatening, they prefer their wives with women compared to a man.  On the other hand, some women have called me to service their husband because they prefer him with a call girl compared to a full-time mistress.  One of my famous female clients has a very low sex drive, she calls me to service her husband because she doesn't want to be bothered by his advances.

Q: Are most prostitutes bi-sexual?

A: Yes, I would say 90 percent.  We have to be, in order to satisfy sexual fantasies.  Some call girls consider men 'a business.'  Therefore, they only date women or live with women outside of the job.

Q: What would you consider the downside of your occupation?

A: Sporadic feelings of guilt and shame, the illegal occupation aspect, you become paranoid regarding arrest and you can't discuss this business with just anyone.

Q: Are there any petty jealousies or competition among the thoroughbred's?

A: Just a healthy competition, nothing more, nothing less.

Q: Most fun moment?

A: We have an annual thoroughbred gathering where we rent a posh hotel suite, usually here in Las Vegas.  The event is catered, we hire a pianist or saxophonist for entertainment while we munch on fine delicacies.  Afterwards, we wind down the evening by sipping champagne, watching DVD's and exchanging hilarious client stories.

Q: Do you see marriage and kids in your future?

A: Yes I do, I love kids and I plan to be honest with my future husband regarding my past.

Q: Is there anything you would like to add?

A: Yes, before I retire next year, due to the cost of living increase, I am increasing my rate to $25,000 per weekend.


A very elite, exclusive and private men's club operates in this country.  So private that only 200 gold membership cards were issued.  This club caters to billionaires and multi-millionaires.  Each member is given an on-site luxury apartment.  Additional amenities include: masseuse's, indoor pools, racquet ball courts, sauna's, jacuzzi's and private lockers. 

Outdoor member activities include: yacht outings, and golf and tennis outings with a tennis and golf pro.  The members also play Lacrosse, cricket and baccarat.  Two hundred deluxe call girls are contracted to service the members on a 24/7 basis.  Annual membership fee: $1 million dollars per year.

An upscale lesbian escort service has been launched in San Francisco and Los Angeles via the Internet.  Many call girls moonlight with this agency as they service wealthy affluent women.

Escort agencies have become very sophisticated on the Internet.  One agency in particular, allows you to scroll down and shade in your city and state.  Photos of local escorts appear on the screen, you make your selection, shade in the date, time and hotel choice.  The expense is charged to your credit card.  Transaction is completed within five minutes.

Several years ago, aspiring models and actresses were recruited by royal representatives.  These women would go to the Middle-East and service men for $15,000-$20,000 dollars per weekend, paid in cash.  Many of these women stayed for a year or two, they returned to the states with $2-$3 million dollars.  One woman filed a lawsuit, claiming unlawful imprisonment.  The suit was thrown out due to diplomatic immunity.  Due to the lawsuit, royal representatives no longer recruit women from the United States, they only recruit from European countries.

The term 'hooker' originated from a soldier who rounded up women to service his military buddies.  His last name was Hooker.

Reversed sexism is rapid among call girls.  Female clients get a discounted rate or they are not charged at all.

Several years ago, the popular French magazine "Voici" reported that a glamorous blonde celebrity was paid $1 million dollars for a 12 hour tryst with a Saudi royal.


Polly Adler became the first well known madam in the 50's and 60's.  Her girls serviced movie moguls and TV personalities.  One Cuban personality was such a frequent customer, he kept Adler in business.

Madame Claude, located in France, ruled prostitution with a iron fist.  She reigned supreme for many years.  Her girls were so beautiful that many of them became actresses or Hollywood wives.  One of her girls, allegedly, married a rock superstar and another was nominated for a Oscar.  The movie "The French Woman" is based on the life of Madam Claude.  She currently lives in the US under a assumed name.

Madam Alex was the original Hollywood Madam.  Alex's girls serviced rich, powerful and famous men.  Studio heads, actors, entertainers, athletes.  Alex died several years ago due to diabetes complications.

Sidney Biddle Barrows was a blue-blood madam who operated two upscale escort agencies in New York.  Barrows was busted in the 80's.  She is currently a very successful author and lecturer.

Heidi Fliess is the youngest and most successful madam on record.  She took over where Madam Alex left off.  Fleiss had a beautiful stable of girls, known as "Heidi Girls."  Their services were added into Hollywood film budgets. Fleiss was busted in the 90's and served a jail term. When she was released, she sold the rights to her story.  Oscar winner Nicole Kidman will portray her in a film.  Fleiss wrote a book entitled "Pandering," and she hosts a radio show in San Diego. 

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80% of prostitutes were sexually abused while growing up.


It is estimated that, 1 million working prostitutes work in the USA.

S.F. Chronicle

80% of prostitutes use condoms with their clients.


In Nevada, it is a felony for a HIV positive prostitute to work.

Houston Chronicle.

7 out of 10 New York prostitutes are mothers.

Houston Chronicle.  C