*This story is a work of fiction, any similarities to people or locales is purely coincidental.

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Monte Carlo has a fascinating and dark history.  To attract American tourism, representatives tried to arrange a romance between Marilyn Monroe and Prince Ranier.  When asked, can you get Prince Ranier to marry you?  Monroe responded “I can handle any man.” Prince Ranier considered the comment too aggressive and focused on actress Grace Kelly, his future wife. Princess Grace died in a car accident in 1982 when her Range Rover plunged off a Cliffside road.  Actor Omar Sharif reportedly lost $1 million dollars at the Monte Carlo casino.   Alfred Hitchcock filmed “To Catch A Thief” in Monaco in 1955.   Dodi Fayed reportedly bought Princess Diana a $205,400 diamond solitaire ring in Monte Carlo and billionaire banker Edmond Safra was killed in his penthouse in 1999 by a male nurse.

Hunter Nalini was a beautiful Italian with dark Mediterranean features; six pack abs and piercing blue eyes.  He was taking a break from the Cannes Film festival as he tanned on a yacht owned by a billionaire financier. Hunter’s cell phone rung, it was Erika; his best friend, she was on her way to Cannes with a film producer.  They agreed to meet for lunch in Monte Carlo.  A few minutes later, Hunter’s cell phone rang again, it was the billionaire, he summoned Hunter to his room, below the deck.  Hunter arrived, he found the billionaire in bed, he undressed and joined him.

Hunter met Erika in Monte Carlo two days later. They made a stunning couple.  No one would have guessed-they were two high priced escorts for a Hollywood escort agency. They had lunch at an outdoor café, Erika’s hamburger cost $39.00.   They discussed their profession and their various sugar daddies.

Later that evening, Hunter and Erika hit the town.  They went to the Monte Carlo casino and gambled among the international jet set and the super rich, a haven for millionaires and billionaires. Most of the women were dressed in sparkling gowns, the men were dressed in Brioni tuxedos and they resembled James Bond.

Erika called her film producer, he was involved in an all night poker game, he didn’t require her presence, she spent the night in Monte Carlo.

Erika and Hunter spent the night in a two-bed hotel suite overlooking the ocean where huge private yachts are moored the year round.

The next day, they went shopping and caught glimpses of tennis legends Boris Becker and Bjorn Borg; both are residents of Monte Carlo. They also came across a display of Prince Ranier’s private collection of over 1,000 classic cars, including a 1903 De Dion Bouton, a Lamborghini and a Rolls-Royce.  Afterwards, they went to Monte Carlo beach to tan.

Erika returned to her film producer and Hunter flew home to Los Angeles.

When Hunter arrived, he unplugged his phone and turned off his cell. He put in a gay porn movie.  Afterwards, he read the personal ads in a leading gay magazine.  His ad was among hundreds, alongside the ads of porn stars and gay models.  Later that evening, he checked his email, he had twelve inquiries regarding his escort services. T he escort agency wasn’t aware of his freelancing. Hunter was money motivated with expensive taste.

Later that evening, he went shopping on Rodeo Drive, he bought designer shirts, slacks and shoes.  Afterwards, Hunter took his convertible Mercedes in for a detail.

He returned home and called a fellow escort named Brett who was located in Washington, D. C. Brett bragged endlessly about the big political bigwigs he bedded, all of them were married.

Erika returned home, she checked in with the escort agency.  She was booked for the next few weeks at $1,000 per hour.

The following week, Erika and Hunter worked an Hollywood orgy. T he A-list was in attendance.  Married Hollywood couples were scouting the escorts for a third person to participate in three-ways.

A baseball player was banging a blonde escort while a male escort had backdoor sex with with him.

Ecstacy was passed out in huge quantities.  The party didn’t end until 6 a.m. the next morning. Erika and Hunter left with thousands in tips, they went for breakfast.   They discussed their futures and they laughed about Hunter having sex with a big time action hero who required Hunter to use a sex toy on him, he was a woman in bed, hilarious.

For the next six months, the money poured in, Hunter and Erika were living the good life as they traveled the globe. Men took Hunter on trips to the Kentucky Derby and America’s Cup while Erika accompanied clients on trips to the World Cup and the Indy 500.

Everything came to a screeching halt when the escort agency got busted.

That same evening, Brett called Hunter, he met the man of his dreams.  A Fortune 500 CEO who wanted a long-term relationship. Hunter told him that the agency got busted, Brett suggested, why don’t you move to Washington and take my place, Washington is a gold mine, I will recommend you to my agency and you can sublet my townhouse.  Hunter’s ears pricked up.

The next day, Hunter informed Erika that he was moving to Washington, she was sad until Hunter suggested that she come too.

Hunter and Erika arrived in Washington, D.C. on a dreary fall day.  They moved into Brett’s townhouse near Capitol Hill.  Later that day, they went to the escort agency, the madam was quite impressed with their physical beauty and signed them on the spot.  Before long, they took Washington by storm!

Erika was dating a married Senator named Tristan.  He moved her into the Watergate.   This vast complex houses the wealthy, glamorous and politically connected with breathtaking views, fitness centers and restaurants.

Before they brokeup, the Senator invited Erika to a private function on a party boat.   Erika was surprised to see some of the most powerful men and women on Capitol Hill. You had Senators, Governors, Congressmen and Judges.  She saw Hunter, he waved from across the room.

Erika was introduced, the men openly leered at her.  Hunter motioned for her to meet him on the deck.  After she left Tristan’s side, the men complimented Tristan on bringing such a lovely woman to their private event.  He would be rewarded with gifts and key votes on upcoming legislation.

Erika met Hunter on the deck, he had a mischievous grin on his face, she asked, what’s going on?  Hunter replied, Erika we hit the big time, the men inside belong to an elite sex club, they call themselves RPM (Rich Powerful Men) they wear watches with those initials engraved on the back.  The club includes the most powerful politicians on Capitol Hill, big money.  Every escort in town is vying for an invitation to one of their events.

Senator Tristan moved on to a new mistress. Erika and Hunter became regulars at RPM events.  They were shocked to see a drunken female Governor openly grope a female escort on the dance floor.  They witnessed a married Congressman, known for condemning homosexuality and gay marriage leave the event with a handsome male escort.  They also saw a married far-right politician who was known for voting against Civil Rights legislation kissing his stunning black mistress.   The hypocrisy was amazing.

Over the next few months, Erika and Hunter slept with the majority of the men in RPM. Men in their 50’s and 60’s using girls and guys in their 20’s as sex objects while having separate affairs with their interns and political groupies.  These older men also experienced homosexuality but required the presence of young beautiful women to prove that they were ‘really not gay.’  Many of these men voted against gay legislation during the day but had young men service them at night.  They were middle-aged closeted bi-sexual men, these men were sexual predators, trying to seduce and entice both genders.  These were the players of the sex club.

Hunter had the flu and was too sick to attend one of the parties. Erika met a newly elected Senator named Wills Sanders.  He was extremely handsome, in his 40’s, married and very rich.  He was a former Ivy League quarterback, runner-up to the Heisman Trophy. He had the All-American image.  His political party considered him an upcoming Presidential contender.

Erika and Wills hit it off immediately. They dated exclusively, she didn’t attend anymore RPM events.  Wills whisked her off to Niagara Falls and Montreal for her birthday.  He showered her with gifts, jewelry, bought her a car and paid her rent, he even bought her a gun, explaining, a rash of muggings have occurred in Georgetown, I also bought my wife a gun, she keeps it in her purse at all times.  Wills had one stipulation, she was not to discuss him with anyone.

Erika met Hunter for lunch, she told Hunter, my lotto number came in, my new man is good to me! Hunter asked, who is he?  Erika said, he’s discreet, I will refer to him as “Money.” Hunter told her, I also met a good political prospect, we’re flying to Las Vegas for the weekend, Erika asked, who is he? Hunter said, I was going to tell you but since you are so mysterious about your new man, call my man “Power,” they both laughed.

The following week, Erika met Wills for dinner.  She was appalled when he suggested, she sleep with his political allies.  She told him, I am not a piece of meat that you can pass around!  She stormed out of the restaurant.

Wills spent all week trying to make-up with her.  She ignored his calls until he turned up at her apartment with a diamond necklace from Tiffany’s.  She let him in, he apologized profusely, they had sex.

The next evening, Erika arrived at Wills Georgetown condo, she prepared medium rare rib-eye steaks, salad with blue cheese and baked potato’s as they listened to Tony Bennett and Bobby Short.

The next day, she realized, she forgot her favorite earrings at his condo.  She called Wills on his cell, he told her, it’s a spare key under the plant on the back deck.  He told her to retrieve the earrings right away, he didn’t want his wife to come across them when she visited.  Erika got her earrings and put the key back underneath the plant.

A few days later, Erika realized, Wills birthday was fast approaching, she went shopping.  She bought him two Italian suits, ties, alligator loafers and platinum cuff links.

On the day of his birthday, Erika called him at his office and sung Happy Birthday in a Marilyn Monroe voice, afterwards, she told Wills that they would celebrate his birthday on Saturday, he told her that was a good idea.

Later that evening, Erika decided to make a surprise visit to his condo.  When she arrived, she noticed two male silhouettes through the blinds, they were walking towards the back.  She retrieved the key from under the plant and entered the house through the backdoor.

Sounds were coming from Wills bedroom, she turned the corner and peered in, she saw Hunter servicing Wills.

Wills jumped back when he saw Erika. Hunter spoke up, what the fuck are you doing here? Erika said, I should be asking you that question, why are you on your knees servicing my boyfriend?  Hunter said, your boyfriend, I have been involved with Wills for several months, this is “Power.”  Erika said, I nicknamed him “Money,” remember?  Hunter was stunned.

Erika turned to Wills, I didn’t know you were bi-sexual, Wills said, I’m experimental. Erika ran to the bathroom, she threw up as tears rolled down her face. Wills didn’t bother to check on her, fucking bastard! As she exited the bathroom, she heard a woman’s voice coming from the living room.

The voice belonged to Robyn, Wills wife. She overheard Robyn say, I make a surprise visit for your birthday and I find a man half your age in a robe? Are you gay?   Wills was too frightened to answer. Robyn turned around and saw Erika, Erika stepped back when she realized Robyn was holding a gun, no wonder Wills was nervous, Robyn asked Erika, who are you?  Erika said defiantly, your husband’s mistress.

Robyn turned around and pumped two bullets into Wills, he was dead before he hit the floor. Hunter and Erika rushed to him, Robyn stood still with a look of shock covering her face.

Erika started screaming, we have to call 911, Hunter said, it’s too late and all of us need to talk.  Erika looked at him incredulously, are you crazy, this is not the time to talk.  Hunter grabbed her and said, oh yes it is!

The murder of Wills Sanders was covered up-by his political party after his widow threatened to blow the whistle on his secret lifestyle, it would be an embarrassment to the party, the same party that condemned homosexuality and gay marriage.   The story fed to media outlets: Senator Wills Sanders was the homicide victim of a home invasion robbery.  His wife Robyn, will replace him in the Senate.

Erika and Hunter resumed their friendship.  They retired from the sex industry. T heir silence is rewarded with a five-figure monthly stipend.