Fred Otash started off as a vice officer for the LAPD in the 40’s and early 50’s.  He left the force to become the manager of the "Palladium" in Hollywood.  He made numerous celebrity connections at this nightclub.  He worked for Frank Sinatra, Joe DiMaggio and various other A-List celebrities, just to name a few.  He also sold gossip to ‘Confidential Magazine,’ and he was an expert wiretapper.  Otash allegedly made audio sex tapes of John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe.  Former FBI director, J. Edgar Hoover would obtain copies of these tapes. Otash was also called in to clean up after Marilyn Monroe’s alleged suicide.  Otash would become the mentor to Anthony Pellicano, the ‘fixer’ we featured earlier this week.

Before the death of Nicole Brown Smith and Ronald Goldman, O.J. Simpson allegedly hired Anthony Pellicano to silence a secretary who accused the football star of abusive behavior.  Pellicano dug up embarrassing info about the secretary and the case was dropped.  According to a C.I. (Confidential Informant) to the LAPD, ‘he allegedly saw Pellicano in a car outside Nicole Simpson’s Brentwood home on the night she and Ronald Goldman were killed.  Allegedly, Simpson had Pellicano trailing Nicole but this has never been proven and Pellicano continues to deny allegations that he was in the vicinity when Nicole and Ron were murdered.

Pellicano is also believed to be the one who dug up information about Patricia Bowman, the woman who accused William Kennedy Smith of raping her.

Pellicano was close to a famous black actress, who was ‘once’ the highest paid black actress in Hollywood. Allegedly, the tabloids were going to run a negative piece on her. Pellicano prevented the piece from running.

Vanity Fair reports, a “studio president” and a celebrity manager offered to help support Anthony Pellicano’s children while he is incarcerated for illegal wiretapping.  They both agreed to contribute to the Pellicano family fund. “As pressure grows on Pellicano to testify against his former clients, a lot of people may wish they had been more charitable.”  An anonymous source said, 'Pellicano is someone you don't want on your bad side."

When women become pregnant by famous men, they contact Brett Kimmell.  He is the man who negotiated a record child support settlement ($35,000 per month) for P. Diddy’s ex-girlfriend and the mother of his son, Misa Hylton-Brimm. Kimmell also negotiated a discreet million-dollar settlement for a stunning black call girl when she became pregnant by a married Swiss banker.

Side Note: If the Marilyn Monroe and John F. Kennedy sex tapes ever surface, they would be valued at seven figures.  If a photo of Thomas Jefferson’s gorgeous black mistress Sally Hemings ever emerges, it will be worth over a million dollars. Researchers don’t know where Hemings is buried, if her gravesite is ever located, due to the advances of forensic science, a photo of her can be created from her remains (skull) similar to the photo of King Tut that was created from his skull. Another pricey memorabilia item would be the ‘one audio tape’ that exists with the voice of clairvoyant Edgar Cayce on it. If the individual who has possession of this tape decides to sell it, it would be worth a fortune because Cayce was an illiterate man who would put himself in a self-induced trance and cure people of every ailment known to mankind.  Read more about Cayce by clicking the following link, Edgar Cayce



It has been reported that actor/comedian Chris Rock had hired scandal plagued “fixer” Anthony Pellicano (pictured above) to find incriminating information on a woman who filed a paternity suit against him. Pellicano is currently behind bars awaiting trial for the illegal wiretapping of powerful Hollywood stars Sylvester Stallone and Keith Carradine.

Chris Rock is intensely private and is known to employ “former” intelligence agents for security purposes.  They are part of his entourage and they are with him at all times.

Rewind: In his prime, Anthony Pellicano was one of the most powerful “damage control experts” for celebrities in this country and he worked with the biggest celebrities in Hollywood, exclusively A-List.  On many occasions, the celebrity had to deposit a $100,000 non-refundable retainer fee in his account before he even considered taking a case.   Some fixers work with law firms, detective/investigative agencies or they head their own security company and some have intelligence backgrounds.

His job was to “fix” situations before they turned into a media scandal. Most common fixer cases include: Adultery, blackmail, sex tapes, outside pregnancies, and discreet alternative lifestyles. A fixer usually declines cases that involve murder, the occult, treason and terrorism. Fixer’s also negotiate with a spurned mistress or male lover; both are usually paid off in cash “to go away.”  Fixers also meet with the political enemies of clients. They are usually paid six figures per case and they are well connected all over the globe.

Since some of Pellicano’s files are becoming public.  A famous baseball player better hope the file Pellicano has on him doesn’t see the light of day. The file contains evidence that this married sports superstar fathered a child with a porn star.

Also, the Washington D.C. press dubbed Vernon Jordan as a 'fixer' to former President, Bill Clinton.  If this is true, Jordan is the first African-American fixer in history and one of the most powerful, since he was allegedly working for a U.S. President.  Fellow African-American, D. Campbell is the first "Hollywood Fixer."

Bob Maheu was also a very powerful fixer.  Maheu was also a former CIA agent and FBI agent.  He was known as the "billionaire fixer" because he worked for billionaires Howard Hughes, above, and Aristotle Onassis.

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To read more about fixers, purchase Myra Panache’s book and read about ‘Lear’ ( female fixer) character in Ballin’ 4.



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