Charles Revson (billionaire founder of the Revlon makeup empire) invited me to his luxurious office for lunch. When I arrived, he quickly dismissed the man he was having a meeting with. He took me by the hand and led me to a chair in a corner of the office.

Dom Perignon and caviar were already on ice. Charles and I were both shy with each other initially but we instinctively knew that this would be overcome with the joys of a deeper friendship.

After consuming a few glasses of champagne and caviar. We had a lunch of steak and salad prepared by Revson's personal chef. Not too long into the lunch, he explained that he was separated from his wife and that he was seeking a divorce but they were arguing over the two boys.

The next morning I received a call from Tony, Charles' assistant. He asked if I needed anything? Playfully, I said, yes, a toy poodle. A hour later, Tony arrived with a box of toy poodles. There was also a $50,000 gold bracelet under a layer of paper wrapped in a black velvet pouch, with a note saying, 'Thank you for a happy afternoon.'

One evening, I joined Charles and some of his friends as they watched a boxing match. Charles saw I was bored and led me into the kitchen where he gave me a package that contained a $100,000 Audemars Piquet watch. I thanked him, suddenly, he gave me a second package that contained another watch valued at $28,000 dollars. I was overwhelmed. Charles said, the second watch is for the evenings.

During the week, after work, Charles would come over, we usually sat by the fireplace sipping champagne as we talked into the night.

One evening, he told me, when he was younger, he had no ambition and he was a heavy drinker. One day, when he was 27, he woke up in a cheap motel room and looked at himself in the mirror. He was disgusted with what he saw. He took a bath and went for a walk to find a cup of coffee.

Charles saw an old lady selling a small jar of cold cream for a dime. With only a quarter in his pocket, he bought the cream for a dime and a cup of coffee for a nickel. He examined the little jar of cold cream and started thinking. He said he had a friend who was a chemist; he took the little jar to his friend, who analyzed it and found out what was in it. Charles went to a bank, talked them into lending him three hundred dollars and he and his friend set up a cream-making machine in his garage. They manufactured the cream, packaged it in small jars and peddled it on corners for a quarter, making a profit of at least fifteen to twenty cents per jar.

And on they went, to built themselves into what is now one of the most popular makeup businesses in the world (Revlon). Charles would eventually reach billionaire status.

One evening I told Charles, "Do you know you have no colors for my complexion, especially in lipsticks? The only color lipstick I have found that I like was in Paris. 'What color is that? Charles asked. I ran to my room and bought it to him. Charles put the tube in his pocket. Some time later, the exact same color lipstick was on the Revlon market.

Soon, Charles had trouble from all sides, as a gossip columnist had written that Charles' soon to be ex-wife was threatening to expose the identity of his black girlfriend (me) if she did not get what she was demanding in the divorce settlement. He was concerned that this would have a negative effect on his stockbrokers, he called me to a urgent meeting.

He told me, 'we have to separate for a while.' Meanwhile, I will purchase you a estate in Connecticut. I will take care of everything for you. The place is fifty acres and will be put in your name. You will have servants, a chauffeured limousine, anything you want. Charge accounts anywhere, everywhere.

I will not be able to see you for a while until this stupid nonsense has passed.

Source: "Confessions Of A Sex Kitten," by Eartha Kitt