Dawn Robinson on "Lucy Pearl," "En Vogue," & Dr. Dre:

At first, Dawn Robinson was reluctant to discuss  the rumors surrounding En Vogue and the breakup of Lucy Pearl because she didn't want to rehash the negativity of the past until our readers emailed us and requested that we interview her to get more knowledge on what really happened in light of the negative and false allegations that appeared on the internet last week. 

Throughout the years, Dawn has been falsely labeled as "difficult," and has been unfairly blamed for the downfall of En Vogue and the breakup of "Lucy Pearl."

Finally, Dawn has decided to set the record straight.

Until now, Dawn has kept quiet regarding her departures from En Vogue & Lucy Pearl. 

She will also discuss her working relationship with Dr. Dre at "Interscope Records," and she will talk about the Luther  Vandross legacy.


Q: Why did En Vogue really break up?

A: Being a part of one of the most successful female groups of all-time was a beautiful experience and the camaraderie we shared was awesome.  Unfortunately, due to business not being handled properly, I decided to leave. We didn't have proper management in place.

Q: Describe your situation in Lucy Pearl and how did the group come together?

A: Few people know, I've known Raphael Saadiq since I was 16.  We both hail from the bay area and we used to perform in local clubs where Raphael played bass and I sang.  After I left En Vogue, Raphael came to me with a splendid idea, he wanted to form a trio.  We developed the concept, likeness and sound for a group, (together), and we named the group 'Lucy Pearl.'  During this time, I was on the verge of signing a 7-year, 7 album solo deal with RCA Records and I asked a music executive at the label-can I still sign with you as a solo artist and still do Lucy Pearl because Lucy Pearl is only a one off? He said, no.  So I sacrificed my solo project to join Lucy Pearl.  It was the right decision because the R&B division at RCA folded a few months later and several artists were left without a contract. At first, the project was exciting.  Unfortunately, like En Vogue, lack of good business and the fact we had no manager, contributed to me leaving Lucy Pearl.  Before we went on tour in the UK, I lost my house because of-lack of pay.

Q: How was it working with Dr. Dre over at Aftermath Records?

A: It was great experience and I have so much respect for Dre as a producer but I don't think he knew what to do with me as an R&B artist at the time.  He seemed to be overwhelmed with projects prior to me signing with him and he had so much on his plate and he wasn't use to working with R&B artists because his main focus is hip-hop artists.  I also needed time as an artist, to grow and create.  We had a very amicable break.

Q: We all heard of the animosity on tour with late singer Luther Vandross, who is one of my favorite male singers.  In an autobiography on his life (Luther: The Life and Longing Of Luther Vandross," by Craig Seymour), the following was reported: Things got so bad on tour with En Vogue, that a curtain was put up to separate them and Luther. While on tour in Miami, Luther saw that a member of En Vogue had wandered over to "his side" of the drawn curtain. His temper hit full-tilt and he "actually" called the Miami police to demand the group be charged with trespassing.

Dawn, would you care to comment on this?

A:  No, I just want to say that Luther was a tremendous talent who left us to soon and his incredible legacy of music will continue to live on through generations.  When En Vogue was on tour with him, we watched his show from the wings each night after we finished our set. Every night, his show was amazing and flawless. I hope to receive the love and honor that fans still have for him.

Source: "Luther: The Life and Longing Of Luther Vandross" by Craig Seymour

Q: Favorite Travel Destination?

A: Japan, because our fans were so innovative.

Q: Hobbies?

A: I am a movie buff and I love science fiction.  My all time favorite movie is the "Matrix," because a black man (Laurence Fishburne) and a black female were enlightening characters of the film.

Q: Future Goals?

A: Working on my current album.  The feedback from my singles: "Feed You," and "Hour Glass," have been overwhelming and I can't wait to finish the entire album.  Like Madonna said: I want to rule the world, lol, and bring beautiful music to my fans.

Q: How did you enjoy our comment section over the weekend.  You were interacting with our readers and you made various comments, how was that experience?

A: I loved it and your readers are so mature, intelligent, wise, and their eyes are wide open. They weren't fooled by the negative hype and BS that other sites reported.  They made me feel very welcome as a member of the 'PR,' family.  I am grateful for their kindness and I feel blessed.  I will be making return visits.

*Dawn, I would like to add, you have really received a bad rap over the years in regards to a "diva" attitude and causing disruptions and friction in groups when you were only trying to be compensated fairly for your hard work.  Through all of this, you still kept your dignity and respect and you never stooped to the level of those spreading these false rumors.  I commend you for this.   You and your family are extremely nice and tell your sister I will be calling her soon.  Stay positive and stay blessed.  -MP