Myra Panache's book of original stories, "Book 1: Short Stories" has been released. Titles include: "Ballin 4" "Downlow Escort" "Female Assassin" "Above Top Secret" "Inside The Life Of A $1,000 Per Hour Call Girl" (Prequel to $20,000 Per Weekend Call Girl), "Female Seeking Female" (Personal Ad Nightmare) and "Experiments." To order, click on the following link, Book 1: Short Stories by Myra Panache

Mainstream Classified & Scandals:  (An array of interesting scandals and fascinating stories)

DNA Farce: White Man Charged In Hunt For Black Rapist (New) ...This DNA mixup was a nightmare for the accused.  This is his story.

Cheaters (Affair Turns Deadly For Pop Idol) ...This story chronicles the horrifc murder of pop singer Walter Scott.

Philly's 'Black Friendly' Mob Boss ...Joey Merlino was the modern day John Gotti in terms of flash.  This powerful mob boss hosted lavish parties and loved casinos.  He also did business with Philadelphia's Junior Black Mafia and was rumored to have a black girlfriend.  This is the story of his rise and fall.

"Original Night Stalker" (10 Murders, 50 Rapes, Never Captured)

The "Original Night Stalker," raped and murdered in the late 70's until the mid 80's.  He terrorized the bay area and Los Angeles & has never been captured.  This is his story.

Mall Abductor/Killer-Targeting Mothers With Kids  

Eerie similarities exist between an Aug. 7 armed robbery and kidnapping at the Town Center mall in Boca Raton, FL., and a Dec. 12 double-homicide at the same shopping center: In both cases, victims were bound at the neck and had goggles pulled over their heads,  Also, both mothers were accompanied by their small child during the abduction and murder.

First Black Female (Undercover FBI Agent) This is an account of undercover agent Johnnie Mae Gibson's life in the FBI.  She was an extraordinary agent.  Read and enjoy her story.

Teen Helping Cops Nab Sister's Killer Found Dead 6 Days Later ...Disturbing true story of two sisters who died mysteriously within 6 days of each other.

South Beach Club King Had Mob & Celeb Ties ...Chris Paciello was tall, dark and handsome.  He also lived in two worlds.  He was the undisputed king of South Beach nightlife where he interacted with celebrities (including, J-Lo and Madonna) and he was also affiliated with the Bonanno Crime Family.  This is his story.

Girl 12, Urges Boyfriend 23, To Slaughter Her Entire Family ...An underage girl, Jasmine Richardson, 12, urges her boyfriend, Jeremy Steinke 23, to kill her entire family.  This is the disturbing true story.

Bodybuilder Moonlighted As Gay Escort...Martin Reid was a top bodybuilder during the 1960's and 1970's but few people knew he supplemented his income as a gay escort.  Reid recently released a book detailing his career and sexual escapades.  These are excerpts from the book.

Scarface Of Porn ...Michael George Thevis was a notorious pornographic kingpin, based in the ATL.  His illicit business empire netted $100 million per year.  Thevis was so scandalous in business dealings that he was added to the FBI 10 Most Wanted List when he became a fugitive.  This is his story.

Mysterious Billionaire With An Illicit Secret? ...No one knows how Jeffrey Epstein made his fortune but what is known-he operated as a investor from his own private 100 acre Island and investors had to have at least $1 billion dollars to invest with.  His powerful friends included Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew. Everything came to a crashing halt when an unthinkable crime emerged connected to Epstein.

A Jealous Person Is A Dangerous Person ...Bernadette Protti blamed fellow high school student Kirsten Costas for her sense of failure.  She despised the pretty cheerleader and without warning exploded into a fit of rage, killing her.

He Blinded Her-She Married Him: ..This is the true story of a married rich lawyer having an affair with a beautiful young woman.  She dumps him after she finds out he's married.  He reacts violently. 

Former Price Is Right Model Was Married To A Spy ...Former "Price Is Right," model Janice Pennington was married to a spy who was declared dead.

Cold Case (20 Year Supermodel Murder Solved) ... Actress Kim Delaney (NYPD Blue) helped police solve the murder of a supermodel who had been beaten and stabbed to death 20 years earlier after attending a celebrity function.

Murder On The Riviera & A-List Celebrities ...A former escort with a history of dating rich men was recently convicted of murdering her wealthy husband.  Actors George Clooney and Bruce Willis continue to deny allegations that she once dated them.

The Call Girl Actress: ..."The Call Girl Actress, Confessions of a Lesbian Escort" is a personal memoir from a former upscale, high-end and sought-after escort, a call girl if you will. The author entertained men of means, manners and who had a burning desire for sex. She was their physical sanctuary, an oasis of pure uncomplicated pleasure. She was their trip to paradise, filling the void in their sex life. Erica was blessed with beauty. She had a stunning, tight, toned body, a beautiful face and flawless skin. She was also extremely intelligent. This book is also a breakthrough expose on the "hobbyists," the men who pay women for sex out of habit. Was it mentioned that Erica was and is one hundred percent lesbian? They never knew, and for the most part she never told them. She was the "Call Girl Actress."

Serial Killer Hunted Victims Like Wild Game  ...Serial Killer Robert Hansen flew his victims (in his private plane) out to the Alaskan wilderness and proceeded to hunt them down like wild game.

Serial Killer Fed Victims To Alligators: ..Serial Killer Joe Ball is suspected of killing 20 women in the 1930's, what makes his case so unusual, he is rumored to have fed his victim's remains to his pet alligators.

Abusive Childhood Of Blind Celebrity Ronnie Milsap  

Sadly, blind country singer Ronnie Milsap suffered extreme abuse at the hands of his mother and school officials.

AIDS Serial Killer  

Michael Lupo called himself “The Wolf Man,” and racked up about 4,000 gay lovers and developed a taste for the whip and built a modern torture chamber in his house. It all turned ugly in March of 1986 when Lupo was diagnosed with having AIDS.

Did Millionaire Tycoon Marry Biological Daughter?  

Did multi-millionaire Tycoon Bruce McMahon marry his biological daughter?  You be the judge in this twisted tale.

Gay Rapists  

Profiling three separate cases of "male rape" in Louisiana, Texas and San Francisco.

Former Playmate Has AIDS  

Former Playmate Rebekka Armstrong was diagnosed with AIDS at 22.  She is now a public speaker.  This is her story.

Casino Cheats  

Profiling the best casino cheats in history.  They broke every casino in the world and made off with millions during a ten year period.

The Story Behind The "Texas Chainsaw Massacre"  

The "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" is based on serial killer Ed Gein.  Several film serial killers have been based on Gein, including Norman Bates in "Psycho" and Buffalo Bill in "Silence Of The Lambs."

Actor Arrested For Drug Smuggling

In an updated version of "Midnight Express" actor Erik Aude was arrested for drug smuggling.  He was convicted and imprisoned in Pakistan.  The conditions are so harsh, the survival rate for prisoners is four years.

Female Scarface & Cocaine Queenpin  

Highlighting two very dangerous women.  Both women headed multi-million dollar drug networks, grossing millions per month.  One of the women was also an active serial killer.

Deadly Facade

Lobbyist David Miller was an compulsive liar and bigamist.  His lies would eventually lead to murder in this true story.

Online Predators

Internet predators have become savvy, we reveal how.

Dangerous & Deceitful

True story of a doctor who was sentenced to six years for sexually assualting two female patients and trying to fool DNA experts by inserting a tube of another man's blood into his arm.

Playmate, Tycoon & A Hit Man

A true story on recent events, detailing how things became complicated when a former playmate became pregnant (with twins) by a 'married' casino tycoon. 

Five-Year Old Mother

The disturbing and true story of five-year old Lina Medina, the youngest confirmed mother in medical history.  Also, a story of a Turkish family who can only walk on "all fours."

Gruesome Internet Crimes 

Story #1: Armin Meiwes, a real-life cannibal modeled after Hannibal Lechter.  He advertised for a willing victim on the internet, Armando Brandes replied so Meiwes could kill and eat him.  Story #2: Sharon Lopatka was a married woman who advertised on the internet, she wanted someone to torture and kill her.

Murder Of A JFK Reporter 

Dorothy Kilgallen was arguably the greatest female reporter in U.S. history, she had the power to make or break an career.  She left entertainment journalism to become a investigative reporter.  She had stumbled onto something big and was preparing to break an story on the JFK assassination.  Kilgallen rushed to complete her book, titled "Murder One." Kilgallen made a public announcement, "I am going to bust this case wide-open in five more days, this will be the scoop of the century, the biggest story of all time, the information I have will shock the American People," and then suddenly, she was found dead of mysterious and suspicious circumstances.

Secret Agent 

Frank Dux was a 10th degree blackbelt who could snatch a coin out of an open palm and replace it with a penny without the switch being noticed. His reflexes were extremely quick and he could break bullet-proof glass with his hand.  At 6'2 and 225 lbs, Dux was considered "the most dangerous man in the world." Former CIA director William Casey personally recruited him. Dux traveled the world on secret assignments. He operated in the most dangerous areas of intelligence and always got the job done. The CIA utilized his skills as he worked both sides of the Iron Curtain and he established contacts all over the world.

High-Tech Madam  

Raeshel Keavy (a former call girl) and Mark Dudgeon (former gay porn star) operate four escort agencies in the bay area.  Keavy netted $1.6 million per year, the agencies catered to Silicon Valley millionaires and celebrities until she was arrested and the agencies were shut down.  Dudgeon would become the prosecution's star witness against Keavy.

Practice Kill?   

Al Kite was killed by a invisible killer who has thus far committed the perfect crime.  Did this same killer strike several years earlier? The motive of operation is similiar?  This murderer has masqueraded as different people, not one description of him matches a prior description (witnesses describe him differently). We will explore both cases.

Mob Party Girls: 

Three stories of the most notorious party girls/playgirls in history.  #1: Judith Campell was linked to a U.S. President (John F. Kennedy) a superstar entertainer (Frank Sinatra) and two Mob bosses (Sam Giancana and Johnny Roselli).  #2: Candy Barr was a world popular stripper, known throughout the world.  She was linked to Jack Ruby and gangster Mickey Cohen, when she got convicted of marijuana possession, the judge asked her to take a photo with him in his chambers.  #3: Power mistress Vicki Morgan engaged in a 12 year affair with Bloomingdale dept. store heir Alfred Bloomingdale (founder of the Diner's Club). Bloomingdale kept her on an hefty allowance.  When he died, Vicki had the audacity to sue his wife and estate for a continued allowance.  She would later die a violent death.

The Original Murder, Inc. 

The original ‘Murder Inc.’ was formed in the 1930’s. The organization was a national underworld cartel that controlled murder, gambling, unions, loan-sharking, and narcotics through the mid 40’s.

Jailed JFK Assassin?  

Charles Harrelson (actor Woody Harrelson's dad) was an expert marksman. In 1960, he became a contract killer, one of the best (and highest paid) in the world. In 1968, he was hired to kill businessman Sam Degelia. He would serve time in Leavenworth for the murder. After being released, Harrelson’s wife gave birth to a son, Woody, who later achieved fame as an actor on “Cheers.”  While under arrest, Charles Harrelson confessed to the murder of John F. Kennedy. He later withdrew the confession but was convicted of murdering Judge Wood and was sentenced to two life terms.


Spotlighting two horrific and gruesome crimes that received little to no media attention.  One involving a black gay model/web designer who was hacked to death.  The other crime involves a mother and daughter who were clubbed to death in the wee hours of the morning.

Mary Bell: 10-Year Old Serial Killer  

Later that day, Mary had a fight with Norma, she kicked her in the eye and screamed, ‘I am a murderer!” She pointed in the direction of the house where Martin Brown’s body was found. She shouted, “That house over there, that’s where I killed.”

Gay Slayer  

Colin Ireland was a 39-year old man fascinated by outdoor survival training.  He was also a man who despised gays, considering them the scum of the earth. He was a proud homophobic.  He could often be heard complaining about gays, constantly putting them down and expressing his hatred for them.

White Cop On The Downlow

Steven Rios was a married cop with an infant son in the college town of Columbia, Mo.  While on duty, he was dispatched to investigate noise complaints at an off campus party given by Jesse Valencia, 23. Rios arrived and arrested Valencia for mouthing off to police. After Valencia was released, he and Rios started an affair.

KKK Scandal

Madge awoke on a train. Without warning, Stephenson pounced on her. He ripped off her clothes and brutally raped her.  During the attack he savagely bit her neck, face, back, legs and ankles. She had bites on every inch of her body. He even chewed her tongue and he chewed her breasts until they bled and then he sodomized her. Madge blacked out.

Man Injects Son With AIDS

Stewart was left in the presence of his son for a short while, he decided to put his sick and demented plan into motion, he did one of the most unspeakable, unimaginable and unthinkable acts any human being could do. He deliberately injected his 11-month old son with the AIDS virus.

13-Year Old Serial Killer

Craig also stated, he broke into the Heaton house, looking for items to steal, the noise he made awakened Joan, she spotted Craig, he began beating her, Joan’s screams awakened her daughters, he overpowered them, killing them one by one.  The police were stunned that a 15-year old boy starting killing at 13 and had committed four murders by the time he was 15.

The Bizarre Death Of Keith Warren

Keith Warren died in Silver Springs, Maryland in 1986, one month away from starting college. Paramedics found Keith in a wooded area behind the family townhouse, hanging from a tree by the neck, bent double with his weight.

Murder In The Suburbs

When Dianne returned home, Alan attacked her and bludgeoned her skull. Afterwards, she was put in a car trunk. He went back into the house and called the police chief, Michael Corbitt. Michael Corbitt arrived and told Alan he would take care of the situation. Corbitt went out to the car and opened the trunk, Dianne was still alive and moaning, Corbitt shot her three times, killing her. He slammed down the trunk door and got in the front seat.

Mail-Order Murder

When the police pulled Sean Trevor Doutre over for a traffic violation, they found a 9mm Uzi with 52 rounds of ammunition and a .45-caliber pistol with a silencer along with $6,080.00 in cash and expensive jewelry. They hauled Doutre in for questioning. Under intense interrogation Doutre admitted that he worked for a man named Richard “Doc” Savage, the head of an interstate murder-for-hire crew. Doutre said he met Savage through an ad he answered in a magazine for professional adventurers and thrill-seekers called “Soldier Of Fortune.” Savage also used the same magazine to advertise the services of his contract killers.

Elusive Black Serial Killer

Less than an hour later, several residents near McKinley Elementary heard a woman screaming, followed by gunfire. The next morning, two motorcyclists came across the body of an African-American woman, Tina Jefferson (CIA employee). The victim was nude, her clothes were folded next to her, alongside her red shoes. Whoever killed Tina Jefferson was bold enough to drive her car back (after the rape and murder) to the grocery store (24-hour store) parking lot and park it.

Racist Serial Killer

Franklin shot and paralyzed publisher Larry Flynt because “Hustler” magazine dedicated an issue to inter-racial sex.  Franklin also shot and wounded black attorney Vernon Jordan (Bill Clinton confidant) and former president of the “Urban League” because Jordan was jogging with a Caucasian woman.

Mob Queen

At 17, Virginia Hill arrived in Chicago in 1933.  She worked as a waitress at a mob owned restaurant. She caught the attention of gangster Joey “Ep” Epstein.  Ep operated the Chicago area gambling for the Al Capone gang. Hill impressed him with her determination and wisecracking antics, he also admired her independence. She had useful qualities for his organization.

Cross-Dressing Serial Killer

Hadden was the second child, his parents had wanted a girl. His mother would often dress him in girl’s clothing.  His mother would also address him as Kristen when she was drunk.


Brothers, Clay and Cory Powers grew up in Miami Beach. They both became Organized Crime figures.  Cory Powers was an hired gun who worked through several contractors. He was usually summoned through encrypted email or through coded words placed in the classified ad section of major newspapers. Cory was known as the king of wet work (assassination). 

Contract Killer

Anibal Mustelier was born and raised in Cuba. He has ties to Fidel Castro as a hit man. Over the last several years, Mustelier has become one of the most wanted and elusive contract killers in the world.

Mob Execution Squad

Roy DeMeo’s crew was based in New York City in the 1970’s and early 80’s. This was the deadliest crew of murderers ever assembled since the days of Murder, Inc. in the 1940’s.

The Pawn

It was snowing in Switzerland. A top-secret meeting was taking place in a luxurious château. Seven of the most powerful men in the world were in attendance. They sipped on white wine; a Montrachet 1978 from Domaine de la Romanee-Conti, priced at $24,000 per bottle. For appetizers, they dined on Royal Beluga Caviar, the rarest of caviar’s and oysters on the half-shell. For dinner, they feasted on swordfish, filet mignon, smoked barracuda, prime rib, clams, crab and lobster. For dessert, they ate White Chocolate butter cake filled with double chocolate ganache and raspberry essence.


Across town, Dr. Landers locked up the clinic. He was walking down Turk Street towards the Powell Street Bart Station when gunshots rang out. Dr. Landers was caught in the crossfire; he died from a bullet wound to the head.


Anastasia Davenport was raised as an American Princess in Connecticut. She came from old money; her father was a billionaire financier. The Davenports were considered American royalty. Anastasia’s father Grant made a fortune by setting up pools of rich investors who bet huge sums on global markets; he was a master at it. Her mother Sue was a socialite who sat on various boards and organized numerous charitable events.

Rock and Roll Doc

Chase Randall was a doctor in Hollywood.  He was in major debt due to student loans, he was a gambler and he paid a six-figure premium for malpractice insurance. Despite his financial problems, he was extremely materialistic, he drove a convertible Lexus and lived in the Hollywood Hills, his latest purchase, a Plasma big screen. Randall loved the glamour of Hollywood, a few of his patients were celebrities and he was star struck.  He attracted women like a magnet, he was young, tall and handsome.  He was a fixture on the club scene, The Viper Room was his favorite hang-out.

Edgar Cayce (Master Clairvoyant)

Edgar Cayce was born in Christian County, KY in 1876.   Cayce was an restless child who enjoyed playing in the woods behind the family farm. One afternoon, Cayce felt an presence, although the sunlight obstructed his view, he was able to make out the profile of an woman. Cayce became uneasy until he heard her soothing voice, she said "your prayers have been heard, tell me what you would like most of all, so that I can give it to you." Cayce replied, "most of all, I would like to be helpful to others, especially sick children." The woman slowly nodded her head. Before she disappeared, Cayce noticed shadows behind her back, in the shape of wings.

Did Howard Hughes Die of AIDS?

There's a strong possibility that reclusive billionaire Howard Hughes died of AIDS, according to Charles Higham, author of "Howard Hughes, The Secret Life." Higham presents startling evidence that the AIDS virus may have existed prior to 1981, when it was first reported.   The mysterious death of a British soldier in 1959 may have been the first AIDS casualty.  The soldier's blood was frozen for laboratory storage but years later when it was analyzed, it tested positive for HIV. In the 1960's, a black male prostitute, located in St. Louis, died of mysterious ailments, the doctors were baffled and decided to store his blood and organs.  Years later, the organs and blood tested positive for HIV.

Black Market Abduction Ring

Skyler and Delaine Wilson were considered liberal yuppies by their friends and neighbors.   Skyler served in the Army until recently, he was honorably discharged.  He currently worked as an Investment Banker at his brother's stock firm, his wife was a nurse at the hospital.  They lived in a nice home with their nine year old, Billy. Billy was the joy of their lives and he was doted on.  Skylar was an attentive and caring father who accompanied Billy to Little League and soccer practice.  He beamed at his son's athletic ability.  Life seemed so complete and perfect until Oct. 27, 2002. Billy was abducted from the park and was later found strangled.  An autopsy revealed that he had been sexually abused and molested. Delaine suffered a nervous breakdown.

Crime In A Cocktail

Britney and Dominique Payne were gorgeous identical twins who lived in the very rich and affluent community of Atherton, CA., a wealthy surburb outside of San Francisco, often referred to, as: The Beverly Hills Of Northern Calif.   Their father Alexander was an successful attorney and their mother Melanie owned the most prominant modeling agency in San Francisco.

Deadly Beauty

Ruth Hornby Neilson was born in England on Oct. 9, 1926. She was the second daughter and fourth child.  Her family was poor, she resented this.  She was a gawky looking child who would blossom into a beautiful woman. During this time, she met a handsome French-Canadian soldier, he was ten years her senior.  Ruth became pregnant, the soldier left her, she gave birth to a son named Andy.  She was unable to support him and sent him to live with her parents.

Was Morris Levy The Suge Knight Of Rock & Roll?

Morris Levy and Suge Knight have similiar backgrounds.  Levy was an colorful character who invoked fear and intimidation among his artists.  Levy threatened artists by holding them over balconies and he was connectedto the mob; he had numerous run-ins with law enforcement.  Like Suge Knight, he owned his master recordings.

AIDS: Point Of Orgin?

Opinions seem to vary when the origin of AIDS is discussed. The most frequent answers are: Gaetan Dugas, allegedly, the first person to be diagnosed with AIDS in the world. African chimpanzees and the possibility that AIDS is a man-made disease created in a laboratory by a scientist or a group of scientists. We will explore these theories. The reader is encouraged to form an opinion.

Was J. Edgar Hoover Passing For White?

There is a possibility that former FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover may have been passing for white according to author Millie L. McGhee. If true, this could be one of the biggest cover-ups of the century. Especially, since Hoover had a open disdain for Blacks, he also showed a dislike for Homosexuals and was allegedly involved in a questionable relationship with a fellow FBI agent named Clyde Tolson. It has been rumored that Hoover left Tolson the bulk of his estate.  Was J. Edgar Hoover the poster child for self-hatred? Millie L. McGhee an African-American woman, says Hoover was definitely passing for white and that she is Hoover's biological cousin. 

The Woman Who Introduced Hollywood To Bi-Sexuality & Orgies:

The true story of Alla "Nazey" Nazimova, a silent screen actress whose unconventional lifestyle overshadowed her acting career as she hosted lavish orgies in her mansion and seduced the wives of Hollywood film stars.

Drugging The Competition

A fanatical tennis dad becomes so obsessed with his son and daughter winning tennis tournaments-he begins to drug their competition, killing one of their opponents.

AIDS: 25 Years Later

Exploring the AIDS virus 25 years later as well as unusual cases.

Sex Trafficking

An insightful look into sex trafficking involving adults and underage kids.

Ron Brown: Accident Or Murder?

Did Commerce Secretary Ron Brown (Clinton Administration) die in a plane crash or was he murdered?

Tallest Man Ever:

Robert Wadlow was the tallest human recorded in modern times, standing 8 ft. 11.09 inches and weighing, 439 pounds.

First "Freelance" Female Assassin:

Brief summary of the first known female assassin with an 'signature fragrance.'

Professional Baseball Player & Government Spy:

Morris "Moe" Berg was an baseball star and spy who went on secret government overseas missions, using his cover as a traveling baseball player.

James Bond Girl Was A "He"

James Bond girl Caroline "Tula" Cossey was actually born a man-Barry Kenneth Cossey.  The scandal didn't break until the film "For Your Eyes Only" was released.  The producers and public were shocked.

Murdered Presidential Mistress

When people speak of a murdered "JFK" mistress, you automatically think, "Marilyn Monroe."  Not true, Mary Pinchot Meyer was also an alleged mistress of JFK and she was killed, execution style.

Did Elvis & Marilyn Have A One-Night Stand?

According to a Presley insider, Elvis and Marilyn had a one night sexual encounter while Monroe was married to Arthur Miller.

Out Of Control Heroin Addiction

This young lady's heroin addiction is so severe, she may lose both arms to amputation.

Walking 'STD' For Hire

This man has every non-fatal sexual disease known to mankind.  He was hired by people in Hollywood to intentionally infect competitors or enemies to cause emotional duress and stress which would drive business competitors out of business.


A Special Report on scams, including: The American Express money order scam.


Cameron Brown is accused of murdering his young daughter to avoid paying child support.

Will Stem Cells Replace Steroids In Sports?

You be the judge after reading this fascinating article from the SF Chronicle.

Jewish Nazi, etc.

Profiling: "A Jewish Nazi," "A Brutal Holocaust Psychopath" and "Hitler's Jewish Clairvoyant."


Profiling the "Day Of The Jackal," assassin.

Boxer Has AIDS

Boxer Tommy Morrison's struggle with AIDS.

She's Her Own Twin

Lydia Fairchild was the mother of three kids but DNA tests showed she was "not" the mother.  It would later be determined that Lydia was a chimera, in essence, her own twin.  This condition is so rare, only 30 people in history have been diagnosed with it.

Outed Baseball Player

Glenn Burke became the first outed gay player in Major League baseball history.  Read his story.

Parents Without Medical Knowledge Create Cure For Dying Son

Through sheer determination and love, parents Augusto Odone and Michaela created a cure for their dying son without any medical knowledge.  This cure would go on to save thousands of children all over the world.

Was The Lindbergh Kidnapping A Hoax?

We study this theory along with other startling and shocking allegations.

$20,000 Per Weekend Call Girl

Go inside the secretive life of a throughobred call girl

Unsolved Hollywood Mystery

'B' Actress Jean Spangler disappears in the 40's without a trace.  How is actor Kirk Douglas linked to this case.

Lipstick Lesbian Murder

A deadly love triangle leads to murder in this true life story

Most Notorious Playboy/Gigolo In World History

Porfirio Rubirosa remains the most notorious playboy/gigolo in U.S. history.  James Bond was based on Rubirosa.


An expose on the subculture of BDSM, a secretive sect that participates in bondage and discipline.

Female Seeking Female

A fast paced thrill ride with a harrowing twist.

Political Sex Club

Centered in Washington, D.C., this fictional story centers on a political call boy.

Damage Control: Powerful Fixers

The most powerful "damage control" experts in U.S. history.

Pearl Harbor

Did the U.S. know ahead of time that the Japanese were going to attack Pearl Harbor?  Come to your own conclusion.

Code Name: Octopus

The suspicious death of an investigative reporter about to break the biggest story of his career.

Real Life Monsters & Fairies?

Two real life stories you would have to read to believe.

8-Year-Old Stroke Victim

6 out of 1000 kids are now affilicted with pediatric strokes.  This is the story of a 8-year old stroke victim (now 15) who continues to experience memory loss, she also walks with a cane.

Pretty Poison

A stripper is involved in a love triangle that leads to murder.

Cat Burglars

Fictional account of a husband/wife cat burglar tag team with tragic results.

First Serial Killer

Mother & Daughter FBI Agents

Cassandra M. Chandler: Assistant Dir. Of FBI Is Black


Health & Fitness:




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