Edgar Cayce was born in Christian County, KY in 1876.  Cayce was an restless child who enjoyed playing in the woods behind the family farm.  One afternoon, Cayce felt an presence, although the sunlight obstructed his view, he was able to make out the profile of an woman.  Cayce became uneasy until he heard her soothing voice, she said "your prayers have been heard, tell me what you would like most of all, so that I can give it to you."  Cayce replied, "most of all, I would like to be helpful to others, especially sick children."   The woman slowly nodded her head. Before she disappeared, Cayce noticed shadows behind her back, in the shape of wings.

In school, Cayce was a restless child, considered slow by his teachers.   His homeroom teacher was his Uncle Lucian.  When Cayce arrived home, he overheard his Uncle complaining to his father about his lack of concentration.  His father demanded Cayce learn his lesson after dinner.  Cayce studied long and hard, once his father quizzed him, he proceeded to get every answer wrong.  They tried again and again with the same results.  Suddenly, Cayce heard the soothing voice of the mysterious woman he encountered in the woods.  She said "if you can sleep a little, we can help you."  Cayce asked his father if he could take a short break, his father nodded.

Cayce laid his head on his books and took a short nap.  When he awoke, his father quizzed him, he got every answer right.  Cayce grew into a handsome young man.  He would marry a woman named Gertrude and they would have two sons.  Cayce decided to pursue a career as a traveling salesman.  Around this time, he began experiencing migraine headaches.  He was prescribed a strong sedative, the side effect would affect his vocal chords, his voice became a strong whisper.   Out of desperation, he invited family and friends over, he put himself under self-hypnosis.

Under hypnosis, he spoke normally.  He went on to describe his condition in medical terms, although he had no formal medical training.  He gave himself a correct diagnosis that would prove successful.  The word of his remarkable ability spread quickly throughout his community.  Sick people and children began showing up at his doorstep throughout the night.  Cayce turned no one away.  He would put himself in a self-induced sleep, talk in medical terms, give a diagnosis and prescribe a treatment.

Many patients improved and many were cured.  Cayce made national headlines when the Sunday magazine section of the NY Times ran a headline on Oct. 9, 1910. "Illiterate Man Becomes A Doctor When Hypnotized-Strange Power Shown By Edgar Cayce Puzzles Physicians."   After the article appeared, people flocked to Cayce from all over the world.  He gave two medical readings a day, 600 per year.  Cayce's readings cured people of every imaginable illness.  All was going well until family tragedy struck.  Cayce's son was developing film in the darkroom when flashlight powder exploded in his face leaving him blind.  Eye specialists were consulted, they came to the same conclusion.  He would never see again.

Cayce refused to accept this diagnosis.  He put himself in a self-induced sleep and gave a diagnosis for his son's treatment.  Cayce applied the treatment, his sight returned to 20/20 vision, he was cured.  Shortly afterwards, Cayce's wife Gertrude would be diagnosed with tuberculosis.  Cayce gave a reading, the tuberculosis would disappear from her body completely.  To meet the demand of his patients, Cayce increased his workload to 4-6 readings per day which equaled 1,385 readings per year.  The strain became to much.  Cayce would suffer a major stroke and collapse.

He would die on Jan. 3, 1945, he was 69 years old.  His wife would die three months later.  Cayce practiced medical diagnosis by clairvoyance for 43 years and gave over 30,000 medical readings and cured over half of his caseload and he never charged for his services.  He left stenographic reports of his cases to the Edgar Cayce Association For Research And Enlightment Center in Virginia Beach, VA.  He also left hundreds of case reports containing affidavits by the patients and reports by physicians.

People suffering from all types of illnesses continue to flock to the Edgar Cayce Association for Research And Enlightment Center, his diagnosis's continue to cure people, 58 years after his death.  Unsolved Mysteries televised a segment in the 90's on which a woman developed an incurable eye illness that would leave her blind.  She consulted several doctors, there was no cure, she would go blind.  She was referred to the Edgar Cayce Center, she traveled to Virginia, she received a diagnosis for her illness, applied it, her vision was completely restored.



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