This story is a work of fiction, any resemblance to actual events, locales or persons, living or dead is purely coincidental.



Britney and Dominique Payne were gorgeous identical twins who lived in the very rich and affluent community of Atherton, CA., a wealthy suburb outside of San Francisco often referred to, as: The Beverly Hills Of Northern Calif.

Their father Alexander was an successful attorney and their mother Melanie owned the most prominent modeling agency in San Francisco. The twins had a privileged childhood, especially the younger twin, Dominique. She was spoiled and dotted on by her parents and older sister Britney.

Due to her naivete and trusting nature, Britney was overly protective of her sister. Despite the family wealth, both parents instilled the importance of education and work. The twins were taught from an early age to carve out successful careers despite their trust funds. The twins enjoyed spending their spare time reading books by Victoria Gotti and David Balducci. Their weekends were spent sunbathing, shopping at Wilkes Bashford and eating on the wharf. They also loved to ski.

Their favorite relative was Uncle Erik, a retired FBI agent. He fascinated Britney with intriguing crime stories. No one was surprised when Britney majored in Police Science at UC Berkeley. This is where she met Rick Levine. Levine was also a Police Science major, he became Britney's boyfriend.

Dominique loved journalism and decided to major in Communications at nearby Stanford University.

The twins moved out and moved into a beautiful condo in Sausalito, they had a breathtaking view of the Golden Gate Bridge. They loved the upscale seafront community. They designated every Sunday as a fun day. They would get in Britney's convertible Lexus and go to Carmel or Tiburon.


Britney graduated from UC Berkeley. Uncle Erik was instrumental in getting her a job with the DEA agency in San Francisco.

Her boyfriend Rick took a job with SFPD. Dominique graduated from Stanford and accepted a job offer as an investigative reporter for a Washington, D.C. newspaper. The family gave Dominique a lavish going away party attended by family and friends. Lots of hugs, kisses and tears. She left for Washington the following week.


Britney quickly adapted to her job, her supervisors were impressed with her work ethic.

She went on several drug raids and stakeouts. Two cases stood out. A drug smuggler using a X-Ray lining in his luggage. When the luggage went through customs, the cameras showed a legitimate looking picture of clothes and accessories instead of concealed drugs. A canine sniffed out the drugs and the smuggler was arrested. The second case involved a honor student named Rudy Monroe who innocently gave a classmate a ride into town.

A trooper stopped them for speeding, a random search turned up cocaine in the backpack of the passenger. Two high profiled attorney's arrived at DEA headquarters to represent Rudy, both attorney's were hired by his sister Judy. Judy Monroe was a legend in International Intrigue circles. She was a former 'high level executive action specialist' (assassin) who worked for various overseas governments. She was suspected in several murders but the authorities lacked evidence to arrest her.

She had retired and was now a silent investor in a online sports merchandising firm. Several of the DEA agents recognized Judy, she bore a resemblance to Pamela Anderson. She entered the interrogation room with her brother and his two attorney's. Within minutes, word spread that Judy Monroe was on the premises, several employees openly gawked outside of the interrogation room.

Britney considered Rudy innocent, he was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. She argued on his behalf to her superiors. After much painstaking discussion, the DEA finally agreed to her reasoning. Upon departing, Judy Monroe handed Britney her business card, Britney put it in her wallet without reading it. Afterwards, the whole office was abuzz over Judy Monroe's visit.

Britney was stunned when a co-worker informed her about Judy's background. She retrieved the business card, Judy had scrawled on the back "thanks for believing in my brother, I don't forget favors, Judy."

The next few months were very busy as Britney built up an impressive array of confidential informants and sources. She attended dinner with Rick. She was surprised when he proposed marriage, she accepted through tears of years as he slipped the ring on her finger.


Meanwhile, Dominique was working long hours in Washington, she was also homesick. She called her parents every night and she called her twin every Sunday. She was ecstatic about Britney's upcoming nuptials and looked forward to being the maid of honor. Dominique worked the political beat with a vengeance but few of her stories got published. Every newspaper was devoting front page coverage to the rash of serial killings going on in the city. The elusive killer carved an X on the left breast of each victim.

The press dubbed him Killer X. Britney had heard about Killer X on the national news, she immediately sent Dominique a care package that included pepper spray, a pen-knife and a whistle.

Dominique was at her desk when a co-worker brought her a package addressed to her. The contents were a bombshell. Photos of Senator Lex Logan accepting bribes from drug dealers and a VHS tape.

She took the package into her Editor's office, he was stunned by the photographs. He put the tape in the VCR, they watched the Senator engage in sex with two different women. Dominique's Editor told her to dig up additional information and to tread very lightly, this was a Pulitzer Prize winning story. Dominique skipped out of the office, her break had finally come.

Senator Logan came from a long line of politicians. He was elected on a family values platform. He and his wife Patricia were considered the golden couple of politics. Their two sons were exceptional lacrosse players. Within the year, Logan had become lax on drug policies and regulations.

Dominique made discreet inquiries and found a bigger trail of corruption. The story consumed her night and day.

Britney became worried, she had not heard from Dominique on Sunday. She called, Dominique told her that she was working on a blockbuster story.

After several months of research, checking and confirming facts, the story was finally finished. The outcome was a political bombshell that could equal Watergate and the Pentagon Papers. She contacted her Editor, he agreed to run the story on Monday. It was Saturday, Dominique wanted to go out and celebrate with friends. She called a few friends, they agreed to meet at a new nightblub. Dominique arrived first, after several minutes, she noticed two handsome men checking her out, one was Latino, the other Italian.

The Latino was coming towards her, she found herself blushing in anticipation. He introduced himself as Giorgio and complimented her on her looks. They conversed and danced. Giorgio asked if he could refreshen her cocktail, she nodded. After he paid for the drink, he discreetly slipped GHB into the drink. He handed the the drink to Dominique, within minutes, she complained of dizziness.

Giorgio recommended fresh air. As they departed, he signaled his friend who followed discreetly. Dominique collapsed outside, Giorgio and Damon loaded her into the Range Rover. As they exited the parking lot, they passed Dominique's friends, they were entering the lot.

Damon went through her purse and retrieved her keys as they headed towards her condo. When they arrived, they hoisted her up and climbed the stairs. They put her on the couch and searched her residence, they found what they were looking for and they took her hardrive.

The phone startled them, the machine picked up the message, the voice said, we are at the club, where are you? We can finish up the party at your place, we are on are way over.

Giorgio and Damon looked at each other, they had to hurry. Giorgio grabbed a pillow and began suffocating Dominique until she stopped breathing. Damon hurriedly carved an X on her right breast. Giorgio grabbed the files, discs and hardrive, they rushed out the door. When they reached the Rover, Giorgio took out his cell and made a call, he said four words, mission accomplished, package recovered. The voice answered, $100,000 will be wired into both of your accounts by noon tomorrow. Giorgio disconnected, he and Damon high-fived.

Damon had an irritating habit of chewing toothpicks. He put one in his mouth every few minutes. They arrived at the airport and boarded a plane for the Caribbean.


It was an lazy Sunday afternoon in Marin County. Britney and Rick lay in bed. Britney was engrossed in a Kathryn Harvey book and Rick was going over a case file. The weather was lovely as the birds chirped in the background. The phone rang, Britney answered, after a few seconds, she threw the phone down and began screaming and shaking uncontrollably, between sobs, she told Rick that Dominique was found murdered and the police feared she was the victim of Killer X. Rick looked at her with utter disbelief. He gently embraced her and began consoling her.

The body was shipped from Washington after the autopsy was completed. Hundreds attended the funeral. Melanie and Britney filled the church with heart-wrenching sobs. The family returned home, Melanie was given a sedative and Alexander summoned Rick and Britney into his office. In a thundering voice, he said, you two have the contacts and expertise to find the killer of my baby girl. You find that son-of-a-bitch and you make him pay, I will finance the operation.

The pain and stress overtook Alexander, he broke down and cried. This was the first time that Britney saw her father cry. Britney took a leave of absence and postponed the wedding. She and Rick flew to Washington to speak with the authorities.


They were assured that Dominique's death was the work of Killer X. They believed the authorities until they read the autopsy and crime reports. Things didn't add up, why was an X carved on her right breast? The killer usually carved the X on the left breast of his victims. Why was Dominique's place ransacked, neither discrepancy matched the killers M.O. They both came to the same conclusion, this was an copycat murder.

When they voiced their opinion to the authorities, they were brushed off and their calls went unanswered. Next stop, Dominique's job. The workers were astounded by the physical resemblance Britney shared with her twin. It took the Editor awhile to adjust. He told them that Dominique was working on a political bombshell involving Senator Lex Logan. The story was to run on Monday in the afternoon edition but the police didn't find any of her notes or discs.

They went to the nightclub and interviewed the bartender, they caught a break, he was on duty the night Dominique was killed. He recognized her photo. When his shift ended, he had planned to ask Dominique for her phone number since she was the hottest girl in the club but a Latin man had her cornered. This same man had come in the club earlier with an Italian man. When Dominique left, she left with the Latino man and the Italian man followed them out the door at a safe distance. This info made Britney uneasy.

Later that evening, Rick broke into Dominique's condo, he did a black bag job but found nothing. Britney stayed up all night thinking, the next morning she withdrew a business card from her wallet and dialed the number on the card.

Judy Monroe watched two movies over and over, "LaFemme Nikita" the french version and "The Long Kiss Goodnight." The phone rang, it was a company rep informing her that a Britney Payne was trying to reach her. Judy took down Britney's number and went back to watching her movie.

Judy called Britney the next day, Britney got to the point, I'm calling in the favor. Judy said, ok, please continue.

I know your background and I would like for you to get me the names of assassin tag teams, specifically, of Latin and Italian orgin. Judy asked, what is this regarding? Britney replied, my twin sister was killed, she was an investigative reporter. Judy expressed her sympathy and condolences, I will have to checkout your story in case you are trying to set me up, after all, you are in Law Enforcement, I will get back to you. Everything checked out.

Judy called Britney back, this is a long shot, I will get back to you within 24 hours, where are you staying?

The next day a courier delivered an untraceable package which contained the names of two assassin tag teams. First set of names: Angle Lopez and Michael Nitti, second set of names: Giorgio Martinez and Damon Giovanni. Britney retrieved her black source book and decided to use an overseas source called 'The General.' The General was an underground source who could obtain any type of classified information on any individual in the world. Britney asked the General to get her whereabout information on the two sets of tag teams, specifically the night Dominique was killed.

The General quoted a five figure sum, Britney agreed to the fee. The next morning, Britney took Rick to the airport, he had to get back to work. When she returned to her hotel room, an audio tape was waiting for her. She listened to a distorted voice say-Angel Lopez and Michael Nitti were in Zurich on business and Giorgio Martinez and Damon Giovanni were in Washington, D.C on business. Britney's blood ran cold. She made a second call to The General, she requested dossiers on Damon Giovanni and Giorgio Martinez and additional information regarding recent activity on the domestic and overseas accounts of Senator Lex Logan.

The information arrived 24 hours later. Senator Logan withdrew $200,000 out of his domestic bank account one day after Dominique's murder, later that day, $100,000 of the $200,000 was wired into the account of Damon Giovanni, the additional $100,000 was wired into the account of Giorgio Martinez. Britney muttered, those murdering bastards.

Britney spent the day studying the dossiers of Martinez and Giovanni. Something caught her eye, Giovanni liked to suck on toothpicks, she circled this information and faxed the dossiers.

The next day, a beautiful woman arrived at a popular gourmet market in the Caribbean, she went to the fish/poultry section. She had the butcher select a nice portion of blowfish. He wrapped it up. At the checkout counter, she paid for two items, blowfish and toothpicks.

The woman stayed up all evening soaking the toothpicks in the blowfish bladder. Later that evening, she carefully placed the toothpicks in a napkin and left her hotel room. She arrived outside of Damon Giovanni's house, she disabled his car alarm, unlocked the door, grabbed the toothpicks on the dashboard and replaced them with the toothpicks from her napkin.

The next morning, Giovanni started his car engine and grabbed a toothpick off the dashboard. Within seconds, he started sweating profusely and vomiting, he also had severe abdominal pains. He collapsed, his head hit the horn. Neighbors called the police, when the paramedics arrived, he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Giorgio was in Spain attending his father's funeral. A mysterious woman appeared, when his family dispersed, he approached the woman. She said she had known his father, she had met him years ago in Argentina. She wanted to pay her respects.

She embraced Giorgio, offered her condolences, and turned around to leave. He caught up with her, asked for her number, maybe they could have dinner and she could tell him in detail, how she knew his father. She agreed to dinner. She arrived at his home, they conversed about his father. She told him that his father was a great man, she excused herself to go to the bathroom. When she returned, Giorgio looked up and was staring at a gun with a silencer attached, before he could respond, she fired two shots, he died instantly.

Senator Lex Logan was entertaining a beautiful woman on his canoe.

They had shared a nice lunch earlier and were preparing to take a dip in the lake. Logan stripped down to his trunks and hungrily watched the woman do the same. He jumped in the water first as the woman discreetly reached in her purse and pulled out a spray bottle. She aimed the bottle at Logan, a look of alarm crossed his face, before he could respond, she pulled the trigger four times. A fine mist floated in Logan's direction, he felt a tingling sensation on his left arm, his muscles froze and he began splashing frantically in the water.

After a few seconds, he could no longer kick or keep his head above water. He drowned. The woman put the muscle inhibitor back in her purse and rolled the canoe back to shore.

The next day, the woman checked her balance in her overseas account. $1 million dollars had been deposited, she smiled and went back to watching "LaFemme Nikita," the French version.


Rick and Britney were married in a beautiful ceremony in Marin County. Britney never returned to work. She visit's Dominique's gravesite every Sunday with fresh cut flowers. Rick and Britney are expecting their first child, a boy.

Senator Lex Logan's death was ruled an accidental drowning. His people did spin control and covered up the fact that he was in the presence of another woman.

A private investigator was hired to locate this mysterious woman, she has never been found.

Damon Giovanni's death was ruled as food poisoning.

Giorgio Martinez's death remains unsolved.

Killer X was killed by a female decoy doing a botched abduction attempt. His name was Duncan Ramsey, he was an impotent minimum wage employee who lived at home with his domineering mother.

Britney and Judy remain discreet friends and have lunch occasionally.




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