This story is a work of fiction, a product of the author's imagination, any similarities to actual characters or events is purely coincidental.

Why does a rope always tie itself in knots?


Skyler and Delaine Wilson were considered liberal yuppies by their friends and neighbors. Skyler served in the Army until recently, he was honorably discharged. He currently worked as an Investment Banker at his brother's stock firm, his wife was a nurse at the hospital. They lived in a nice home with their nine year old, Billy. Billy was the joy of their lives and he was doted on. Skylar was an attentive and caring father who accompanied Billy to Little League and soccer practice. He beamed at his son's athletic ability. Life seemed so complete and perfect until Oct. 27, 2002. Billy was abducted from the park and was later found strangled. An autopsy revealed that he had been sexually abused and molested. Delaine suffered a nervous breakdown. The prime suspect was a local pedophile named Randy Meadows, he was seen in the area prior to the abduction.

He was brought in for questioning and his residence was searched, their was not enough evidence to hold him.  The Wilson's were outraged.  Skylar and Delaine became part of a support group for murdered children.  They met a woman named Sylvia Johnson at one of the meetings. Sylvia had lost her daughter a year earlier, she was still in pain.  After several meetings, Sylvia noticed that the Wilson's were still consumed with rage, they weren't progressing, she decided to make her move.

Over dinner one evening, Sylvia informed them that she had something important to discuss.   I have a friend named Coyt, he is a former Green Beret and he is currently a mercenary for hire, his nickname is the "Specialist."  His services are reasonable when it involves children because his younger brother was the victim of a pedophile.  He does business by referral only and potential customers are screened and thoroughly checked out by a middleman.  No one has ever seen him, like you, I was referred to him, I have only spoken to him on the phone.  Sylvia handed them a slip of paper with a pager number on it, they thanked Sylvia before she left.

The Wilson's discussed the possibility of hiring Coyt, the pain was so great, their mind was made up when they were informed that another child abduction had taken place and Randy Meadows was the prime suspect in that case as well. Skylar dialed the number.  Coyt Patrick was a handsome and well-built man who kept a low profile regarding his occupation.  He lived in an expensively furnished loft, he kept a cache of weapons in a secret room, he had safe houses all over the country.  He ate his snapper blackened and his steaks rare, his luxuries included: Italian suits, a Cessna airplane, Corvette sportscars and listening to Billie Holiday.

His front business was a coin and stamp enterprise located in an office high-rise.   He had a secretary named Dana and several employees.  His employees had a background in military, law enforcement and intelligence.  Dana greeted him with a cup of coffee and a message from Skylar Wilson, referred by Sylvia Johnson.  Coyt asked Dana to do an extensive background check on the Wilson's.

The authorities were harassing Randy Meadows night and day, it was time for a change, his sister talked him into relocating to Seattle, he could be closer to her and his nephew Jerry.  Randy was sick of being an outcast in his community and he decided to stop murdering children, he had a better plan with less consequences.  Randy's recently divorced sister picked him up from the Seattle airport, he crashed on her couch for the night. The next day, Randy put down a deposit on a spacious two bedroom apartment which was located one block from the library.  Randy spent all day at the library, he used the computers to research on-line marketing and on-line networks.

After exhaustive research, Randy was ready to launch his business.  A computer network that catered to pedophiles, child pornographers, childless couples, shady adoptive agencies and crooked lawyers.  He was going to set-up a computer storefront where you could place orders for children. You could request the race, gender, eye color and hair color.  Ex-cons would be paid to abduct the children, they would stalk children at kiddie pagents, funhouses, malls, parks and beaches.  The predators would force the children into custom built vans and two door sedans with automatic locks.  The safeguards for this storefront would be a special computer access code, the customer would pay a password company $40 to get a password so that they could enter this restricted site, pedophile password companies make 10-15 million per year.  Randy also decided to do business by referral only.

Business for the network started increasing discreetly. People paid outrageous amounts for abducted children and Randy could barely keep up with the demand. Blonde haired blue eyed children were the most requested, most of the orders came from Denmark and Amsterdam.   Some of the children were used as love slaves or sold into white slavery.

Money was pouring in, Randy delegated more duties to his small staff as he enjoyed the fruits of his labor, a new home and a BMW roadster.   His sister questioned him about his sudden wealth, he replied that old investments were finally paying off.  She received cash and gifts, his nephew received toys and computer games.  Randy began hiring transvestites to abduct the children, they were dressed as men doing the actual abduction and dressed as women when they transported the kids onto airplanes.

Meanwhile, the Wilson's checked out, Coyt read their file, he had a great deal of compassion and sympathy for them.   Child molestors were the scum of the earth and deserved the death penalty in his opinion.  He could not wait to 'elimidate' Randy Meadows.  Coyt's secretary scheduled a meeting with Skylar Wilson, she arrived at the location with a company rep named Dan. Skylar accompanied Dan to the men's room, Dan patted him down, he was clean. They returned to the table, Dan and the secretary conversed in sign language for security precautions.  Skylar was astonished. Dan asked Skylar to go outside and sit on one of the park benches.  They arrived five minutes later, Dan said, someone will be contacting you, they left.

Randy called a staff meeting. He surprised them with plane tickets to the Bahamas and cash bonuses.   Everyone was ecstatic.  Let's go have fun in the sun. Randy picked up his nephew on his way home, they arrived, Randy put on soft music, Jerry helped him pack, afterwards, Randy asked Jerry to give him a massage.  The trip went well, the staff had a good time, all expenses were paid, Randy expected loyalty in return.  He had his staff where he wanted them, if he went down, so would they.

Everyone returned home completely exhausted.   Orders were backed up and the predators were sent out in droves.  Over time, Randy became arrogant and cocky.

A courier delivered a package to Skylar Wilson, he opened the package and found a Elite Military brass coin attached to a typewritten note.   He removed the coin and read the note 'Appointment scheduled at 12 noon tomorrow in the park, on the bench.'  Someone will meet you with the matching coin. Skylar arrived ten minutes early.  He watched the seagulls suddenly he caught a whiff of Red perfume, he turned around to face a gorgeous woman holding the matching coin.  They made eye contact, she gestured for him to stand up, she patted him down and checked his briefcase for wiring.  She leaned over and whispered seductively in his ear, 'Coyt will take your case, subject will be eliminated next weekend, you will be contacted upon termination.'   They agreed on payment terms, she departed.' He decided to follow her.

He discreetly followed her to a highrise office building. He waited outside until she departed with a well dressed man in tow.   They soon went in separate directions, the man walked to his Escalade, Skylar decided to trail him. He followed him to a corner market, Coyt entered the store, Skylar lit a cigar, he rolled down the window, all at once, a gun was pointed at his temple, Coyt asked him to unlock the back door, he slid in the backseat and held the gun at Skylar's neck, why are you following me?  Skylar introduced himself and said, my curiosity got the best of me, I apologize. Coyt explained, I don't like interruptions, I am off the case.  Skylar pleaded with him to reconsider, he recounted the pain he suffered, the devastation of losing a child, Coyt felt sorry for him and said he would reconsider under one condition, "I don't ever want to see your face again."

Randy was called to the hospital, his sister Jennifer was mugged while jogging in the park, she was lucky, the damage was minimal.  After the incident, she carried a gun with her at all times.  She recovered and went back to work the following week.  Coyt arrived in Seattle, he rented a car, Skylar hitched a taxi and told the driver, follow that car discreetly.   Coyt would lead him to his prey, Randy Meadows would die a slow and painful death at his hands.  Coyt checked into a fancy hotel.  Skylar told the cabbie to take him to the nearest rental car agency.  Skylar returned to the hotel and staked out Coyt's car in the hotel garage.

Coyt appeared a few hours later, Skylar trailed him to a lavish home outside of Seattle.  Coyt kept the home under survelliance until Randy Meadows emerged the next morning, both cars trailed him.  After following Randy for five miles, Skylar was overcome with emotion, he passed Coyt who was shocked and started muttering curses under his breath, he watched in horror as Skylar cut off Randy, he jumped out and pointed a gun at Randy, get out of your vehicle you sick son-of-a-bitch, you murdered my child, I am going to kill you. Randy did what he was told.

Coyt pulled off to the side of the road, he was too stunned to move, he continued watching, a car horn distracted Skylar, Randy wrestled the gun from him and started pistol whipping him, blood was everywhere, Skylar fell to the ground. Randy was out of breath, he pulled out his cell phone and called his office, he shouted "close up now, abort operations, code blue."  Randy got in his BMW and made a U-Turn, Skylar regained consciousness, he saw Coyt at the side of the road, they made eye contact as Skylar crawled to his car, he pushed the blinker button, in morse code "he is preparing to flee, don't let him get away, don't worry about me, do justice for my boy."   He looked at Coyt, Coyt slowly nodded his head before Skylar lost consciousness.   Coyt called 911 to report an injured man on the side of the road, he sped off in pursuit of Randy.

Randy raced into his house, he was surprised to find Jennifer, he tried to brush past her, she told him to stop in his tracks, he turned around to face a gun, what the hell?   She said, you sick bastard, Jerry told me, how you made him give you massages, how you stroked his private parts, he is your fucking nephew for Christ sakes, Randy tried to explain but words would'nt come out.  Suddenly a man appeared out of nowhere holding a .357 Magnum. Coyt asked Jennifer to put the weapon down, she didn't respond, her eyes were transfixed on Randy.  Randy asked Coyt, who the fuck are you?  Are you a cop, show me your badge?   Skylar replied, I have been hired to kill you, Randy looked shocked, he asked Skylar to follow him into his office, maybe we can work things out, Jennifer followed.  Randy wanted to know who hired Coyt, Coyt refused to answer, he asked Jennifer, did you know that your brother runs a pedophile ring and is the suspect in several child abductions and murders, Jennifer was outraged, she told Coyt that Randy was also molesting her son, Randy began to sweat, without warning, Jennifer turned around and shot Randy in the head, he slumped over his desk.  Coyt gathered his senses and moved quickly.

He moved Randy's body in a certain position, he grabbed a letter opener off of the desk and placed it in Randy's hand.   He broke into Randy's office files, he found numerous computer discs, he placed the files, records and discs all over the office, he also found a hidden stack of kiddie porn magazines, he scattered them around the office, he versed her in what to say to the cops, he then instructed her to call 911, after she made the call, she turned around, Coyt was gone.  When the police arrived, Jennifer said she paid an unexpectant visit to her brother, after conversing for a minute, he excused himself and went upstairs, she wandered into his office and was appalled by the kiddie porn magazines, when Randy found her in his office he became hostile and accused her of spying on him.  Without warning, he grabbed a letter opener and lunged at her, she retrieved her gun from her purse and shot him in self-defense.   When the detectives asked her why she carried a gun, she told them that the gun was registered and recounted her mugging.

Tests would later confirm gunpowder residue on Jennifer's hands, and ballistics confirmed that her gun was the murder weapon. After further investigation, the Meadows case was ruled as justifiable homicide.   The authorities took possession of the numerous discs, records, files and kiddie porn.  The abduction ring was busted and several arrests were made, many of the customers were attorneys, priests, teachers, stock brokers and cops.  Customer records also provided the F.B.I. with identities and addresses, many of the children were returned to their families.


Several websites advertise: "Find your biological parent or parents." These websites target adopted children. Employees from these sites ask the children not to tell their adoptive parents that they are in email contact with representatives from the site. Over a period of time, the representatives gain the trust of the child, they inform the child that their biological parents have been found, they tell the child- your biological parents want to meet you but don't tell your adoptive parents, the child eagerly agrees to the meeting. Instead of meeting the biological parents, the child meets a pedophile and is never heard from again.

Pedophiles who patronize kiddie websites normally buy passwords to gain entry into the site, some passwords go for $39-$50 per year, the password companies are grossing between 10-15 million dollars per year from the sale of these passwords.

Thailand and Costa Rica are very popular in pedophile circles.

IRC Internet Channels are considered the red-light district of the Internet. This service has become a haven for pedophilia, cyber terrorism and child porn. Allegedly, pedophiles have taught online classes on IRC- how to lure children. IRC operates with no rules or regulations whatsoever, widely considered the black hole and the underbelly of the Internet.

The people who run kiddie porn sites have become very sophisticated. To avoid trouble with the authorities by hiring underage models, they hire models of age, they then use a youth enhancement software on the model's photo which reverses the aging process, the model's photo looks like the photo of a 8-10 year old girl, in reality, the model is actually 18-21 years of age.

It has been alleged in national publications that a disgraced Catholic Priest was a founding member of the North American Man Boy Love Association, NAMBLA.

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