Teen Helping Cops Nab Sister's Killer Found Dead Six Days Later:

Like a twist in a Alfred Hitchcock thriller, a teenage girl was murdered while helping cops solve her sister's mysterious murder. 

Kelly Stanley (first photo) and Erin Stanley (second photo) both died under mysterious circumstances only six days apart in their parents house in Centerville, Ind.

Both teens' deaths were the result of 'similar action on the part of another party.' 

Kelly had been helping the investigation by accessing various computer websites.

Fear has stalked the town's 2,500 residents ever since the killings and a wall of secrecy erected by local cops has fueled the terror.

Were the girls the victims of a serial killer? 

Or were they targeted by a stalker?

Erin died September 1, and the coroner's office ruled her death a homicide without releasing details.  Sources claim, Erin was strangled.

That revelation angered many residents of Centerville, who felt they should have been warned that a killer was on the loose.

Kelly died on September 7, causing investigators to search the Stanley home where Erin's 4-month old daughter Alexis is being raised.

It is not yet clear why the obituary states Stanley died at the hospital, when all other reports state she died in her parents' home.

There was no mention in the local paper or in the news that Erin's death was suspicious; however, shortly after her death, rumors began to circulate around the Internet suggesting Erin had been murdered. In addition, at least one neighbor reported that Erin's bedroom window had been boarded up, a claim authorities have yet to dispute. In fact, from the very start, investigators were tight-lipped and nary a word was said suggesting that a murder may have taken place.

On an Internet message board maintained by the Palladium-Item, a user identifying himself as Jason Truitt, the online editor, recently explained why his paper did not cover Erin's death.

"When we received the obituary from the funeral home for the sister who died first, it struck the person who received the fax as curious," Jason wrote. "A phone call was made, and we were not given any indication that the death was of a 'suspicious' nature ... For us to report it, it must come straight from the main source, the Centerville Police Department, and they weren't talking. All of our questions were being diverted to Wayne County Prosecutor Mike Shipman. He refused comment..."

On September 7, a user with the screen name whoknowswhat posted the following message to an Internet message board maintained by the Palladium-Item:

"I talked with the family last week...Kelly was sure the boyfriend had harmed her sister and she was going to do everything in her power to raise her sister's child. I agree not all the details should be provided, but maybe she needed protection as a young sibling from a working class family with values and rights..."

Police refuse to comment on whether a boyfriend does exist and if he is being looked at as a possible suspect.

So while some members of the media found news of Erin's death suspicious, it went widely unreported.

There are no suspects in custody.

Source: National Examiner and David Lohr @ The Crime Library