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Judith Campbell (pictured above) was a natural born beauty. She closely resembled a young Elizabeth Taylor and many men from her era claim, she was more beautiful than Elizabeth Taylor. The photo above does her no justice.

In her prime, she juggled two relationships and two affairs with four of the most powerful men in the world. U.S. President John F. Kennedy, superstar entertainer Frank Sinatra, Chicago mob boss Sam Giancana and legendary gangster Johnny Rosselli.

Born Judith Immoor to a rich family who resided in Pacific Palisades. Judith's father was a very successful architect. Judith possessed a very seductive beauty early on and married actor Billy Campbell at 18. Judith became a fast lane party girl. She and her husband were spotted all over town at every Hollywood event. They would divorce when Judith walked in on him with another woman.

Judith became involved with Frank Sinatra. He flew her all over the world to accompany him to parties and premieres.

She would return home to Pacific Palisades exhausted and tool around town in her new convertible Thunderbird.

During her relationship with Sinatra; numerous men from the entertainment and sports field tried to snag a date with Judith but she rebuffed them. Due to her stunning looks, Judith became the most sought after women in Hollywood despite the fact she wasn't and actress or singer.

Judith became friends with the Rat Pack, especially, Sammy Davis, Jr. He would call Judith to complain about Sam Giancana discriminating against him. Judith allegedly tried to talk to Giancana about it on Davis behalf, but nothing came out of it.

Sinatra would introduce her to John F. Kennedy in Las Vegas in 1960. Within a matter of weeks, she was in bed with JFK at New York City's Plaza Hotel, beginning a 2 year affair.

She said on many occasions, that JFK was so charming and appealing, When you talked to Jack, he talked just to you, she told People Magazine.

Around this time, Campbell claims, she served as a courier between Kennedy and mob boss Sam Giancana. According to Campbell, Kennedy wanted the mobster's help in nailing down votes in the 1960 West Virginia primary, and she arranged a face-to-face meeting between the two.

Campbell would later insist, that some of the messages she passed between Kennedy and Giancana, concerned plans to murder Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.

Campbell also claimed she carried payoffs from California defense contractors to Kennedy, including Robert Kennedy.

The affair between Judith and Kennedy ended in 1962 when the FBI informed Kennedy of the knowledge of the relationship.

Shortly afterwards, Campbell claims she aborted John F. Kennedy's baby.

Sam Giancana would eventually purpose marriage to Campbell; she turned him down.

Years later, when word of her affair with JFK was leaked to the mainstream, Kennedy loyalists accused Campbell of making it all up. Yet evidence showed that Campbell visited the President on several occasions in the White House and had spoken to him some 70 times by telephone.

The public did not blame Kennedy for the affair; instead they crucified Judith Campbell. She went into seclusion.

In 1965, she had a son out of wedlock who she put up for adoption. Now, a newspaper photographer in Los Angeles, David Bohrer sought her out and they reunited. According to friends, he became the light of her life.

Judith married golfer Dan Exner in 1977 and wrote an autobiography on her life in 1977, detailing the Kennedy affair. When the book was first published, it mysteriously disappeared and was halted from further publication. Only later, did it get re-released.

Judith was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1978. She separated from Dan Exner in 1988 and survived in a quiet Newport Beach neighborhood for the next eleven years until she succumbed to cancer on September 25, 1999.


Vicki Morgan (pictured above) was the daughter of a U.S. Air Force recruiter, Delbert Morgan, and a British mother, Constance. While Vicki was still an infant, Morgan deserted the family, leaving Constance, Vicki and two other children virtually penniless. After living off welfare checks and odd jobs for four years, Constance married Ralph Laney. They moved to Montclair, California.

After Laney died of a heart attack, Vicki was left with little supervision while her mother worked. At 16, Vicki became pregnant and bore a son Todd when Todd was a year old, Vicki decided to try her luck in Hollywood and left Todd with her mother.

Vicki met Alfred Bloomingdale, (billionaire heir of Bloomingdales Dept. Store in a Sunset Strip coffee shop. Over conversation, Alfred told Vicki about his connections, offering to land her acting and modeling gigs. Vicki took him up on his offer.

The next day, she was hired for a lucrative modeling campaign after Alfred made a phone call.


Vicki stopped seeing other men and became Bloomingdale's exclusive mistress. Her allowance was $25,000 per month in the late 70's.

She accompanied Bloomingdale on extensive overseas business trips and she had a willingness to satisfy his sado-masochistic urges.

Bloomingdale was a close friend of Ronald Reagan and was a member of Reagan's Kitchen Cabinet,?a club made up of rich businessmen and political leaders.

During the 1980 Presidential campaign, Bloomingdale installed Vicki as a campaign assistant.

She also acted as a driver and a guide to various politicians. She once told lawyer Marvin Mitchelson, that she overheard and was told secrets that would make Watergate look like pre-school.

Bloomingdale would house Vicki in a Hollywood home. Everything that took place in this house was recorded on videotape, including orgies with high-ranking political officials; the tapes would become a bombshell. These tapes would figure in the destruction of Vicki Morgan.

When Alfred Bloomingdale became ill, he took steps to provide Vicki with financial security. He wrote a letter advising her that she would be paid $10,000 per month from several companies. Bloomingdale's widow, Betsy, found out about this arrangement and quickly put a stop to it.

Following his death, Vicki had the audacity to sue the estate of Alfred Bloomingdale. Bloomingdale?s'wife (Betsy) vigorously fought the lawsuit. Never before in history, had a mistress sued the estate of a married lover.

A judge dismissed Vicki's lawsuit.

Despite all the money that Bloomingdale had given Vicki over the years, she was broke and was threatening to write a tell-all book and she was threatening to release the sex tapes.

In the early morning hours of July 7, 1983, someone beat Vicki Morgan to death with a Louisville slugger baseball bat.

Blood was everywhere, on the floor and ceiling.Vicki's roommate at the time, a homosexual named Marvin Pancoast, who had a history of mental issues, walked into the police station and confessed to the crime, although he didn?t have a drop of blood on him.

It has never been learned, even from Pancoast, how he reached the police station, over four miles from the condo, when his car was later found parked on Colfax Avenue.

Pancaost would later recant his confession.

Marvin Pancoast would be convicted of Vicki Morgan's murder.  He would later die of AIDS in prison.

The sex tapes mysteriously disappeared never to resurface.

Marvin Pancoast (center) flanked by lawyers





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