Martin Reid was a popular bodybuilder in the 1960's-1970's, before the steroid era. Reid also moonlighted as an male escort. According to his book, "Martin Reid: The Life And Times," he serviced celebrities, politicians, bishops and financiers.  Not long ago, we did a piece on rich sugar daddies hanging out at gyms trying to lure bodybuilders. These wealthy guys cruise for muscled men to become their "kept boyfriends/gigolos." This is more common than you think. This is how a lot of bodybuilders finance training.


Martin Reid (above) was a every energetic and fast guy.  He was a successful male model and he sold his photo via the mail.  The gay community considered him a hustler.

Reid went on to hire other guys as models in response to his clients desire for "fresh meat."  His first model was a good looking guy named Guy Lenoir, but Lenoir would only pose for photos not entertain in person.  He was not gay and felt uneasy with the gay crowd.

Reid did not push Lenoir but he needed attractive young men who could get out and be with the clients.  He interviewed several possible candidates and a few met Reid's high standards.  They were all handsome but only a handful could meet the necessary personality and education requirements that one needed to be a professional escort.

Reid wanted top quality for his customers.  The kind of quality he himself embodied as a model and escort.  At least one or two of these men had to be bisexuals.

Also, Reid was popular with his female clientele and on occasion they would be interested in a threesome or foursome.  With his four models under tabs, Martin was ready to expand business but in his wildest dreams could he imagine the more and more kinky nature of the services requested.

Reid and his friends were fast becoming the most popular pin-up boys in Canada.  Countless people began to use his "stud service."  Clients included: Actors, members of parliament, airline pilots and flight attendants.

He made sex profitable and decided to name his business, "Corporal International."

Reid was the first Canadian professional male model to advertise his services with his photo in "The Advocate."  He received nearly 100 responses the first time his ad came out, one hundred and twenty-two the week after and countless more in the weeks to come. 

As the saying goes, "one picture is worth a thousand words!"  Reid knew it and his marketing strategy was well targeted.  One can only imagine how today's technology and Internet world would have assisted the entrepreneur.

Around this time, Reid began servicing an auxiliary bishop and was invited to the Archbishop's palace.  For the next three years Martin would meet the bishop regularly and escorted the bishop to Rome.

When Reid returned from Rome, he checked his mail box.  A man from Ohio wondered if Reid would consider selling him a pair of worn underwear of jockey straps for an astronomical fee.

Reid was quick to turn one man's desire into a healthy market by way of advertising "used underwear" in several underground papers. 

It was not long before Martin could cover the cost of his college tutors strictly by profits made from his underwear sales.  He also made a fortune from his escort assignments and photo sales.  Something had to be done with the profits.

Reid invested in blue chip companies and certificates of deposit.  The idea of becoming a millionaire began to seriously cross his mind.

Today, Reid is a millionaire investor/financier in Canada.