Law enforcement officials insist that "Snuff Films," are an urban legend but people claim they allegedly exist.  A snuff film is when a person 'acually,' dies on camera.  Many snuff films include actual rape and murder.  The master print for one of these films go for, $250,000.


NFL and MLB tailgates consist of: Grilled burgers, hot dogs, corn on the cob and baked beans.  Whereas polo tailgates consist of: Grilled lobster, swordfish, shrimp and oysters and Dom Perignon served in sterling silver goblets.  Like the NFL and MLB tailgates, polo tailgates take place in parking lots, the only difference.  A polo tailgate parking lot resembles a luxury car dealership: Rolls Royces, Lamborghini's, Ferrari's and Maserati's.


A former federal prosecutor and attorney who represented a big bucks Manhattan brothel in a sleazy tabloid scandal was indicted on charges he used his law office to stay in the prostitution business. Officials say 51-year-old Paul Bergrin and James Cortopassi, a 27-year-old law clerk at Bergrin's Newark firm, were charged with promoting prostitution, conspiracy and money laundering Wednesday. They say a third man, Hiram Ortiz, who owns a Bloomfield tavern and is a former New Jersey State Trooper, was also indicted. The indictment charges Bergrin with laundering more than $800,000 in credit card proceeds from the escort service NY Confidential.

Bergrin represented NY Confidential's proprietor when the escort service was busted by the Manhattan District Attorney's Office in 2005. His client, New Jersey native Jason Itzler, (pictured above) was charged with catering the city's elite with girls from his multimillion-dollar brothel in a bust that made tabloid headlines. The agency's top call girl later posed for a front-page story in New York Magazine under the headline "New York's #1 Escort," (above) in which she boasted about her $2,000-an-hour rates. Prosecutors allege that Bergrin "assumed direct control" of the prostitution business after Itzler's demise. They say he conspired with Ortiz and a former escort to keep the business going. Those two handled most of the day-to-day business, prosecutors say. A former federal prosecutor and military veteran, Bergrin once described himself as "a former prosecutor, U.S. attorney, military officer, military attorney and defense lawyer."

He most recently represented 22-year-old Corey Clagett, a private with the 101st Airborne, who faced murder charges for his alleged role in the death of four detainees in Iraq. Authorities say NY Confidential reigned as New York's top escort agency from August 2004 to January 2005, attracting National Football League quarterbacks, Wall Street stock brokers and numerous billionaire playboys as regular clients.

Itzler, a 39-year-old ex-convict who was known to pass out titanium business cards at posh Manhattan restaurants like Cipriani and once proclaimed himself to be the "king of all pimps," pleaded guilty to money laundering and attempting to promote prostitution. After Itzler pleaded guilty last June to money laundering and attempting to promote prostitution, he started peddling his autobiography, and Hollywood trade papers have also reported that a movie is in the works.

Sources: NY Magazine & WABC

In Related News:

A very elite, exclusive and private men's club operates in this country. So private that only 200 gold membership cards were issued. This club caters to billionaires and multi-millionaires. Each member is given an on-site luxury apartment. Additional amenities include: masseuse's, indoor pools, racquet ball courts, sauna's, jacuzzi's and private lockers.

Outdoor member activities include: yacht outings, and golf and tennis outings with a tennis and golf pro. The members also play Lacrosse, cricket and baccarat. Two hundred deluxe call girls are contracted to service the members on a 24/7 basis. Annual membership fee: $1 million dollars per year.

Source: $20,000 per weekend call girl short story (Sensual Intelligence)

"Unhappy as a boy, Kim became youngest ever transsexual at Age 12"

By Bojan Pancevski in Vienna, Sunday Telegraph

A boy of 12 is believed to have become the world's youngest sex change patient after convincing doctors that he wanted to live the rest of his life as a female. The boy - originally called Tim, but now known as Kim - has started to receive hormone treatment, in preparation for the operation that will eventually complete the sex change. Tim was diagnosed as a transsexual two years ago, when doctors and psychiatrists concluded that his claims to be "in the wrong body" were so deeply felt that he required treatment. The therapy involves artificially arresting male puberty, with a series of potent hormone injections before the administration of female hormones to initiate the development of features such as breasts.

Now aged 14, and officially registered as a female, Kim looks like a typical girl of her age. She dresses in fashionable clothes, has long blonde hair and blue eyes and dreams of moving to Paris to become a fashion designer. Her parents, who initially assumed their son was going through a temporary phase, eventually grew accustomed to seeing him as a girl. The family's full identity has not been made public. But Kim's father, known as Lutz P. – speaking to the German publications Der Spiegel and Stern – said that as a child, the boy liked to play with Barbie dolls, enjoyed wearing dresses and, from the age of two, insisted that he was a girl. "We saw Kim as a girl, but not as a problem. Our life was surprisingly normal." Kim reacted badly to the first signs of puberty, he said.

"At that stage we realized that she was terrified of growing facial hair and her voice breaking." Kim's parents consulted psychiatrists across Germany. Some condemned their support of their child's desire to undergo a sex change, or suggested that Kim be kept under observation in a closed psychiatric ward. But others agreed that the child should receive therapy, because growing up to be a man would have damaged her personality. Dr Bern Meyenburg, the head of a clinic for children and adolescents with identity disturbances at Frankfurt University, concluded that the child was serious. He wrote in his diagnosis: "Kim is a mentally well-developed child who appears happy and balanced. There is no doubt of the determined wish, that was already detectable since early childhood. It would have been very wrong to let Kim grow up to be a man. It is rare to have such a clear-cut case."

Kim is reportedly fully accepted by her fellow school pupils and teachers. The costs of the procedure are being covered by health insurance, as the condition qualifies as an illness.


Accused of prostitution and scheduled for trial next week, Brandy Britton (pictured above) faced an additional indignity: losing her more than half-million dollar Howard County home. The eviction notice was still taped to the door when police announced yesterday that Britton, a once-promising sociologist whose research had attracted federal grants and the respect of colleagues, had apparently committed suicide. A relative found the former University of Maryland, Baltimore County assistant professor dead Saturday afternoon inside the two-story, brown and beige home in the 10200 block of Shirley Meadow Court in Ellicott City and called 911, according to Howard County police.

The eviction, which was scheduled for Thursday, was another sign of the circumstances Britton was grappling with days before her jury trial on charges that she ran an upscale prostitution service from her affluent cul-de-sac. In the home where neighbors once noticed men pulling up in fancy cars and staying only briefly, Britton, 43, apparently hanged herself, police said. Yesterday, the driveway was empty except for single copies of two newspapers.

Meanwhile, Britton's prostitution trial was set for Monday. Britton faced four counts of prostitution stemming from an undercover bust in January 2006. Police were alerted to the case by an anonymous caller, who pointed them to a Web site that advertised the services of "Alexis" and included photographs of a scantily clad woman, allegedly Britton.

The site described her home as a "discreet, upscale location in Howard County" and Alexis as "sophisticated, refined, educated and articulate," with undergraduate degrees in biology, sociology and "a Ph.D. from an elite university."

The disclaimer on the now-defunct Web site said that Alexis took money only for companionship at rates of $300 an hour and up. But when an undercover vice and narcotics officer scheduled an appointment, Britton led him upstairs, told him to undress and leave $400 by the bedroom door, police alleged.

In the end, however, marital troubles, foreclosures, bankruptcy, and sexual harassment and gender discrimination lawsuits swirled around Britton.


Cheyenne Woods (first photo) is the niece of Tiger Woods. She's the daughter of Tiger's half-brother, Earl, Jr. and she's currently creating a buzz on the college golfing circuit. Cheyenne stands 6'2 and also received coaching tips from her grandfather, Earl, Sr., before his death. She earned a spot on the Xavier College Prep golf team and the progress included winning the Junior Golf of Arizona Yuma City Championship and completing 26 tournament rounds with an average score of 75.


Over 60 years ago, after Germany’s surrender in World World II, the British government honored an American female spy who made fools of the Nazi’s despite having a wooden leg. A hunting accident cost Virginia Hall (pictured above) her left leg but that didn’t stop the smart, multilingual daughter of a wealthy Baltimore entrepreneur from working for both M16 and the CIA. Recently, a top British official presented a top civilian honor, “The Royal Warrant,” to her only living relative Lorna Catling. The British tried to give Hall the award in 1943 but she refused to “come in from the cold,” after being recruited by the CIA. She died 24 years ago. Hall made the Nazis look like stooges. Operating from attics, she led guerilla resistance cells that wreaked havoc behind German lines by blowing up bridges, derailing trains and ambushing patrols. She also created networks to rescue downed pilots and escaped POWs. Almost up to the Nazi surrender in May 1945, Nazi officials told their officers, “We must find this woman and destroy her.” The frustrated Gestapo offered huge rewards for the capture of the agent they dubbed “The Limping Lady.” A book has been published detailing her life, titled, “Wolves At The Door: The True Story Of America’s Greatest Female Spy.”


Weeks ago, a brothel was busted in an exclusive Atlanta suburb, Sugarloaf. The business was headed by a-former Penthouse Pet (Lisa Ann Taylor) first photo, who charged $10,000 per trick. Prosecutors say a ‘date’ could cost as much as $5,000 to $10,000. $800 or $1,000 for the prostitution act was the bottom line price. Taylor was arrested and charged with prostitution, racketeering and conspiracy to possess cocaine. Allegedly, her best friend (Nicole Alaine Probert aka Naughty Nikki) franchised the business by running a second brothel in Lawrenceville, Georgia. Both women were released from jail on $27,900 bail.


As mentioned in the above caption, Taylor’s brothel was located in Sugarloaf. This gated community is the most prominent and exclusive suburb in Georgia.  Bow Wow currently lives there, Usher use to live there as well as Whitney and Bobby and Leidra Lawson, author of “Sugar Daddy 101.”

You can now order very expensive designer bags online as well as designer jewelry from a company set up like Netflix. There are three separate payment plans and you are sent a pre-paid parcel to send the item back and you can take out three items at a time with no late fees attached. Some of the designers include Louis Vuitton, Prada, Yves St Laurent, Vera Wang, etc.  Here is the link to the website.  Designer Bags & Bling

Also, since parts of Nevada are legal for prostitution, taxi’s and a few limos come with sex menus from the local brothels, laid out in a color brochure format.  The brochure lists ‘sexual position’ prices. Each position costs $200 dollars. Every time you change sexual positions during an encounter with a prostitute, you are charged $200.

And, Superbowl referee's as well as the front office personnel of the winning team receive small replicas of the Superbowl ring.

The Chey Tac sniper rifle (pictured above) is probably the best sniper rifle in the world-used by top assassins. It comes with a tactical ballistic computer and a suppressor (silencer) and it costs $17,000.  This gun is considered the 'Rolls Royce,' of rifles. It’s also the only gun in the world that shoots 408-grain bullets; the bullets are 4 inches long. This rifle is so accurate, targets can be shot with accuracy from a half mile away.

Two photos of the “same person,” in and out of drag. Karen Dior (pictured above, was a transvestite adult star).


Karen Dior (February 14, 1967 – August 25, 2004), born Geoffrey Gann, was an adult film performer and director. Dior was a transvestite, and when not performing as Karen Dior in films or in personal appearances, identified as a male, and performed and directed in numerous gay pornographic films. As Karen, however, he created a unique character who was a cross-dresser.  Dior performed in scenes involving both men and women as partners.

Dior performed in approximately 120 adult films, most of them as Karen Dior, and about 30 as Geoff Dior or Rick Van. He also used the names Geoffrey Karen Dior, Geoffrey Gann, and Geoff Gann.

In addition to the adult entertainment industry, Dior also had some roles in mainstream film and television. His first mainstream role was as Loni Anderson’s stalker in the TV movie The Price She Paid (1992). Other mainstream work included guest appearances in Xena: Warrior Princess, Head Over Heels, and Veronica's Closet, as well as directing an episode of Xena.

A favorite among Hollywood celebrities, Dior knew such stars as Drew Barrymore, Gerardo, K.D. Lang, Janet Leigh, John Candy, Madonna, Hugh Hefner, David Faustino, and others.

Dior died at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California, of complications from AIDS.



In the 80’s, the parents of an 8-year old child appeared on talk shows stating, ‘they didn’t know how their daughter contracted AIDS.’ She had never received a blood transfusion and a medical examination revealed she was still a virgin and no needle marks were found on her arms. Everyone was baffled. What is known, she was diagnosed with the virus after a hospital stay. She died a short time later.


Evidence that a 15-year old black teenager (reportedly a underage male prostitute) who died of AIDS in 1969 suggests that the virus may have been introduced into the United States several times before touching off the current epidemic, according to experts in disease transmission. The patient, identified only as Robert R., died in 1969 of an illness that baffled his doctors at Washington University in St. Louis. They published a paper in 1984 suggesting that, with hindsight, his symptoms resembled those of AIDS. Molecular biologists at Tulane University in New Orleans examined stored specimens of Robert R.'s tissues for signs of the AIDS virus and found that the 15-year-old was apparently infected with it.

The evidence that Robert R. died of AIDS in 1969, nearly a decade before what had been the country's first known AIDS cases, indicates that the virus may have been introduced and re-introduced into the American population on several occasions, but that it may have died out for lack of a large, very sexually active population to transmit it, said Dr. Richard Rothenberg, an epidemiologist at the Federal Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta. Robert R.'s former doctors suspected that he had engaged in homosexual intercourse. But none of the experts had any idea where he could have become infected. ''It seems odd to me that it was in St. Louis to begin with,'' said Dr. Harold Jaffe, chief AIDS epidemiologist at the Centers for Disease Control. He noted that St. Louis was not one of the first cities to be hit by the AIDS epidemic, which was first detected in New York and California.

In 1968 Robert R. appeared at a clinic associated with Washington University suffering from an assortment of illnesses. Most striking, said Dr. William Drake, a St. Louis pathologist who is now retired, were swollen lymph nodes in Robert R.'s neck and ''swelling of the legs, lower torso and genitalia for no apparent reason.'' Dr. Drake said Robert R.'s physicians tried unsuccessfully to treat him by surgically draining his lymph nodes. Although the St. Louis doctors tried for 15 months to help Robert R., his disease followed an unremittingly downhill course.

He was exhausted, he lost weight, and he was plagued with a severe infection with chlamydia, a bacteria that frequently infects gay men and that is sexually transmitted. His physicians treated him with a battery of antibiotics, but the youth died in 1969 after a bout with bronchial pneumonia, Dr. Drake said. AIDS-Linked Cancer Found An autopsy showed that the Robert R. had Kaposi's sarcoma, a skin cancer that is almost a hallmark of AIDS infections in gay men. The youth had just one outward sign of the cancer, a tiny purple spot on his thigh, Dr. Drake said. But when Dr. Drake performed an autopsy, he found other Kaposi sarcoma lesions throughout the soft tissues of the youth's body. Dr. Memory Elvin-Lewis, a chlamydia specialist at Washington University, said she was fascinated by Robert R.'s illness and wanted to study his tissues to determine the extent of his chlamydia infection. When the autopsy was done, Dr. Elvin-Lewis requested that tissues from the body be frozen so she could examine them at a later time. Several of Robert R.'s doctors, who had since moved to the University of Arizona College of Medicine in Tucson, later suspected that the teenager had AIDS.

Robert R. had admitted to being sexually active, although not to being gay, but his doctors said they thought he was homosexual or bisexual because he had certain rectal lesions and chronic hemorrhoids, which are frequently seen in gay men. But Robert R. gave no hint of his sexual contacts, according to Dr. Elvin-Lewis. ''He was not communicative,'' she said. ''He barely said boo. He never told us what he was doing.'' His doctors said they doubted that he had ever left the St. Louis area. Finally, about a year ago, Dr. Witte reached Dr. Elvin-Lewis, who supplied the tissue samples. Last spring, Dr. Garry of Tulane agreed to do the tests. Dr. Garry said he had done Western blot tests on Robert R.'s serum. The procedure is a a highly precise test for AIDS virus antibodies. Dr. Garry has also completed tests for the P24 antigen, a virus protein that gives further evidence of infection. Both tests were positive for the HIV virus, which causes AIDS.

Source: Gina Kolata @ The NY Times


Arvid Noe (1947–1976) was a Norwegian sailor who is notable for being one of the first humans known to have died from AIDS. Noe began his career as a sailor in 1961, when he was 15 years old. He frequently went on sailing trips from Norway to Africa during the 1960s. Based on research conducted after his death, Noe is believed to have contracted HIV in Cameroon probably in 1961, where he was known to have been sexually active with many women, including prostitutes.

(Noe was infected with HIV-1 group O, which is known to have been prevalent in Cameroon in the early 1960s.) In 1968, Noe was no longer a sailor and was working as a long haul truck driver throughout Europe (mainly Germany). During his tenure as a trucker (from 1968 to 1972), Noe picked up many prostitutes and almost certainly gave them the AIDS virus; these women almost certainly passed the disease on to other clients.

Noe began showing symptoms of HIV/AIDS in 1966; his wife grew ill with similar symptoms in 1967 followed by their daughter in 1969. Noe died of Kaposi's sarcoma in 1976. His wife and 9-year-old daughter suffered the same fate as well; they both died in 1977.


Despite being a former porn star, Dennis Parker aka Wade Nichols (pictured above) gained a certain amount of credibility via his recording career (he recorded a album of disco songs on the Casablanca label) and he landed a recurring role on the daily soap "The Edge Of Night" as Police Chief Derek A. Mallory (1979-1984). He once again returned to adult films with 1979's "Punk Rock" and "Captain Lust And The Pirate Women." He did one film in 1980, "Love You" and his final film, "Blonde Ambition" in 1981.

By 1984 Dennis was forced to leave his role on the popular daytime soap due to his health. During the final weeks of the show, he was too ill to tape any episodes, and, had the show not been cancelled, he would have been replaced. After being diagnosed with AIDS he committed suicide by a self-inflicted gunshot to prevent himself from suffering the ravages of the disease.

Hollywood madam Jody “Babydol” Gibson (pictured above) ran an international call girl ring from Hollywood before her arrest for pandering. Her book, “Secrets Of A Hollywood Super Madam,” was released yesterday. Babydol names celebrity clients, including: Bruce Willis, Gary Busey, Tommy Lasorda and Ben Affleck. In promotional material for the book, Gibson writes, "This book is about my life servicing the rich and famous and their sex, sex, sex! From Ben Affleck's steamy night with a hot blonde to Bruce Willis' wild time when the champagne flowed." Gibson claimed the “Good Will Hunting,” actor spent time with a prostitute named Alyssa in a Jacuzzi. While Affleck has yet to comment on the book, Willis has angrily denied the story through his lawyers, insisting, "The story is a complete fabrication."

The “History” Channel recently broadcast a fascinating story on “Area 51” as follows: For nearly 50 years, “Area 51” was the military’s best-kept secret, until recently, the military denied it existed. The world’s most secret military base is located (Central Nevada) on the most secretive land in the United States. Motion sensors alert security to trespassers and the airspace is restricted. No photos or sketches are allowed. Over the years, allegations have persisted that UFO’s and alien corpses are kept at “Area 51.”


Diego Leon Montoya Sanchez (pictured above) is the most powerful drug lord in the world. He heads the “North Valley Cartel” or “NVC.” The “NVC” is based in Columbia and gained prominence after the “Medellin” and “Cali” cartels were shut down. The “NVC” used violence and brutality to further its goals. The cartel is rumored to gross nearly $1 billion per year, generated from drug sales. Numerous cartel members have been indicted but it’s rumored that Sanchez is still operating. Montoya-Sanchez is so wealthy that his seized assets totaled $100 million in properties and luxury assets, along with an almost complete fiberglass submarine that would have been built by the cartel in order to smuggle drugs into the United States and other foreign countries. The “NVC,” is so dangerous and deadly, more than 1,100 people were murdered between 2003 and 2004. An increase in law enforcement efforts against the cartel resulted in the 2004 arrest of 100 assassins. Numerous cartel members have been indicted. A $5 million dollar reward has been offered for his capture.


In 1998, the first time in commercial aviation history, over 600 million passengers flew on U.S. airlines without a single fatality.

Side Note: Airline passengers are discouraged from using cell phones on airlines due to frequency, in reality: Cell phones do not interfere with the frequency. The airlines would prefer passengers use the cell phones on the plane, at a cost of $3-$10 dollars per minute, depending on which airline you fly.

According to "Golf Digest," in three years, golfer Tiger Woods will reach billionaire status and become the first "billionaire" (black or white) in the history of sports.

The “House Of Creed,” a top fragrance house in the South Of France will make a one-of-a-kind perfume/cologne mixture for you and the perfume will be named after you for an astronomical fee. Refills are $1,000 dollars per ounce.

Jon King had been interested in pornography since finding a “Playboy” magazine his father owned when he was twelve years old. King and his then-lover went to Los Angeles while on summer vacation in 1980, with plans to go back to school in Florida after he had finished having fun. This changed when his lover got a job and the two young men decided to stay. Eventually Jon picked up a guy cruising who was a model who had an appointment later that day with a photographer. Jon tagged along to the interview, and was soon on his way as an adult film performer. He was one of the most popular gay adult film stars of the 1980s. When asked in interviews, Jon rarely discussed his life in Florida in much detail, except that it involved quite a bit of "getting into trouble.”

In 1982, just as he was at the seeming peak of his popularity, he stole a Corvette on a test drive, robbed a Burger King in Gainesville FL then wrecked the car, and for this spent eleven months in prison.

His last video, Pumping Iron, came out in 1995.  Jon King had been HIV positive for a number of years, and soon after completing Pumping Iron, he became extremely ill with AIDS. He moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico, to live with a friend who looked after his needs. It was here that Jon King died from AIDS complications on 8 March 1995 at the age of 32.

Rudy Galindo is a professional ice skater-who started off skated pairs with Kristi Yamaguchi, winning the 1988 World Junior Championship and the U.S. senior championships in 1989 and 1990. After his partnership with Yamaguchi broke up in 1990, Galindo returned to singles competition. In 1996, Galindo won the men's title at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships at the San Jose Arena, becoming the oldest male (27) to win this title in almost 50 years. Since Galindo won this championship in his hometown of San Jose, a car dealer gifted him with his dream car, a new Corvette.

Galindo is openly homosexual, and his brother George and two coaches died of AIDS. Galindo briefly retired from eligible competition in the summer of 1996 after being diagnosed as HIV positive. Galindo returned to competition shortly thereafter. In 1996, The AIDS drugs created a problem with the blood supply to his hips and Galindo underwent surgery for double hip replacement. He waited until 2000 to publicly reveal that he was HIV positive.

During the 2006 Winter Olympics, Galindo challenged the news media to ask American Olympian Johnny Weir about his sexual orientation, and apparently claimed that Weir copied his skating style. The conflict, however, was short lived. Galindo and Weir both performed in the 2006 tour of “Champions on Ice,” and reconciled during that time.

Graff Diamond Ring, $2 million-plus

Chanel Bracelet Watch, $1.9 million dollars

Cartier Panther Brooch, $1.1 million dollars

In Related News: A man stole $28 million worth of diamonds from an Antwerp bank where he had been a trusted customer for a year using a stolen Argentine passport, officials said. Prosecutor’s say the suspect broke into safe deposit boxes in an ABM bank in the city’s diamond quarter last week. He made off with diamonds weighing 120,000 carats, police said.

The world’s two most expensive hotels are “Fregate Island Private,” in Seychelles and Fiji’s “The Wakaya Club,” but the most elegant and prestigious hotel in the world is “The Mansion” (pictured above) at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas.

The hotel is “invitation only” and the cheapest room is $5,000 per night and the most expensive villa is $15,000 per night. The villa includes an indoor pool and private dining room for 12. VIP customers are given a private number if they’re interested in renting a mansion suite.

The MGM Grand also has hundreds of sky loft suites for rent. “Skylofts,” is the only hotel in the world to use a $500,000 Maybach automobile (pictured above) as their hotel car. You can screen your favorite DVD in the media room and the entire loft is-controlled by a Creston Unit. MGM also opened a new satellite registration/hotel check-in center at the McCarren International Airport. This is the first of its kind opened by a hotel company at any United States airport.

The Ferrari 4/5 Pininfarina (pictured above) is priced at $4 million dollars.

Patricia Neal (pictured above) was a well-respected actress during the 1940’s-1960’s. Her appearance in “The Fountainhead,” coincided with her on-going affair with her married older co-star, Gary Cooper, whom she had met two years earlier, when he was 46 and she was 21. By 1950, Cooper's wife, Veronica, had found out about the relationship and sent Neal a telegram demanding they end it. Neal became pregnant by Cooper, but he persuaded her to have an abortion which made her feel guilty for many years. The affair ended—but not before Cooper's daughter, Maria spat at her in public.

Neal would later make amends with Cooper's wife and daughter.

Neal met British writer Roald Dahl (Author of Charlie & The Chocolate Factory and James & The Giant Peach) at a dinner party hosted by Lillian Hellman in 1951. They married on July 2, 1953, at Trinity Church in New York. The marriage produced five children.

In 1965, Neal suffered three burst cerebral aneurisms while pregnant and suffered a massive, devastating stroke and she was in a coma for three weeks. When she came out of the coma, she was paralyzed on the right side, her speech was slurred and her mouth was twisted and she was confined to a bed "BUT" she was determined to overcome this personal tragedy.

Her husband directed her rehabilitation. Sheer determination and will power enabled her to walk and talk without the help of a walker or speech therapist.

She had a 100 percent recovery and returned to work. At this time, she was the only person in history to have a complete recovery from a massive stroke.

When reporters asked her, how she did it? She replied, "I think I'm just stubborn, that's all.”


Frank Abbandando (pictured above) was a freelance assassin for Murder, Inc., a murder-for-hire organization in the 1920’s-1930’s. He was the first assassin in this country to become well known for his infamous craft.

He killed 30 people in Brooklyn alone.

In his teens, Abbandando began to extort money from shop owners by threatening to burn their shops if they did not pay. He spent time in a reform school in Elmira, New York.

In his twenties, Abbandando worked as a lieutenant for crime boss Harry Maione in Ocean Hill, Brooklyn. He organized gambling and loan shark operations and extortion rackets. In 1932 he took part in the gang war against the rival Shapiro gang in Brownsville to take over their territory. Their gang became Brooklyn, Inc, a forerunner of Murder, Inc.

During his stint as a Murder, Inc. assassin, Abbandando fulfilled numerous murder contracts for an average fee of $500-$1,000 (a fortune at the turn of the century). In his "free" time he molested young women. He also preferred fine clothes and fancy cars when he wasn’t molesting women.

In the early 1940s, Abbandando was arrested due to testimony of his former boss-turned-informant Abe Reles and later sentenced to death for the murder of a loan shark George Rudnick in New York on May 25, 1937.

He was executed in the electric chair on February 19, 1942.

A high priced Internet call girl refers to herself as a real life "Aston-Martin" Bond girl.  She advertises her services as follows: 'A blonde California native with a European background.  I have the body of Venus and a million dollar smile.  I'm educated, artistic and a self-proclaimed adventuress.'   Her background includes: Corporate America, modeling and dining with Feds/M16's and worldwide travel.  Her rates are: Wine/Hors d'oeuvres, $4,000.  Lunch dinner companion/Theater Symphony accompaniment, $5,000.  On call, 24/7 for a year, $1 million dollars.


The Secret Service had received word that Marilyn Monroe planned to wear a tight fitting dress to serenade the President of The United States for his birthday.  They intervened and got word to Marilyn, would she consider toning down her upcoming performance, she agreed but behind their backs, she planned to go along with her original performance plans. 

She assembled 23 dressmakers to make the sexiest dress their imaginations could come up with. This would be her most memorable appearance, but tragically, her last. She had left Hollywood against the wishes of studio executives while filming "Something's Got to Give", a film that was never completed, to perform at the Democratic Party fundraiser and birthday salute for President John F. Kennedy. Reportedly, Marilyn herself paid $1,000 for a ticket to the event.

Approximately 17,000 people filled Madison Square Garden on the evening on May 19, 1962 to take part in this gala which featured Jack Benny and a host of stars, among them Maria Callas, Ella Fitzgerald, Jimmy Durante, and Peggy Lee.

One audience member said, 'when Marilyn started singing Happy Birthday Mr. President, it was like a Queen serenading a King,  the atmosphere was electric and stimulating.'

Lawyer Brett Kimmel is the lawyer women call when they're pregnant by rich men or they're divorcing rich men.  Kimmel is also responsible for getting Misa Hylton-Brim, pictured above, (the mother of Diddy's first child) a large settlement of $19,000 per month in child support.  Women who date rich have Kimmel on speed-dial.  Kimmel also negotiated a $1 million dollar settlement for a stunning black call girl who got pregnant by a married Swiss banker.

James Arness (1st photo) of “Gunsmoke,” fame is the real life biological brother of Peter Graves of “Mission Impossible." Graves changed his last name for show biz purposes.

Edmond J. Safra (pictured above) was the billionaire founder of an international financial empire, allegedly active in clandestine gold trading. Safra headed a worldwide operation that stretched from Miami to his home base in Monte Carlo, a short distance from the Grimaldi family royal place (where Princess Grace once resided) and the Monte Carlo Casino. Safra also had homes in Geneva, Switzerland and New York along with a villa on the French Riviera. Safra suffered from Parkinson’s disease and required a nurse. A male nurse by the name of Ted Maher was hired at the sum of $600 per day.

The male nurse had a background in secret operations with the Green Berets.

In December 1999, Edmond Safra was killed by a criminal fire. Allegedly, two masked intruders reportedly got into the heavily-secure building in Monaco, and started a fire near his two-story penthouse apartment.

Despite this, Ted Maher, the U.S.-born nurse was arrested, instead, under suspicion of starting the fire, and was convicted of the crime in 2002 by Monaco Court.

Maher claimed that he started the fire to carry out a daring rescue, and thus increase his standing in the Safra family's eyes but he allegedly lost control of the fire unintentionally. Monaco police were puzzled as to the absence of Safra’s bodyguard. Maher’s version of the murder is disputed by many who believe the plot to be extremely convenient. The murder facts have been scrutinized by several media "mystery solvers.” Some wonder if Maher was planted by a crime syndicate to take the rap, or to be the patsy.

A Mexico meth raid by authorities yields $205 million in hundred dollar bills, pictured above.

Guinness World Records certifies this GoldVish phone as the most expensive in the world--1 million euros, or about $1.3 million. The odd-shaped device is made out of 18-carat white gold and features 1,800 diamonds totaling 120 carats. A Russian businessman bought Le Million for his wife last September at a luxury goods fair in Cannes, France. Don't have a spare million for this made-by-request gadget? Geneva-based GoldVish has plenty of expensive phones in its lineup, including models with gold plating and diamond-studded cases.

Movie actor Woody Harrelson's father (Charles Harrelson, pictured above), a convicted contract murderer, has died of a heart attack in prison. He was 69.

Charles Harrelson was an expert marksman. In 1960, he became a contract killer, one of the best (and highest paid) in the world. In 1968, he was hired to kill businessman Sam Degelia. He would serve time in Leavenworth for the murder.

After being released, Harrelson’s wife gave birth to a son, Woody, who later achieved fame as an actor on “Cheers.”

In 1979, Harrelson was paid $250,000 to assassinate Federal Judge John H. Wood on May 29th, 1979. The Judge was killed by a clear perfect shot from a high-powered rifle.

Wood’s murder investigation was the most intensive manhunt since the JFK assassination, over $1 million was spent.

A friend of Harrelson’s was arrested for an unrelated crime and turned State’s evidence against Harrelson.

Late investigative reporter Jack Anderson believes Harrelson was involved in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. In the book “The Man On The Grassy Knoll,” John R. Craig and Philip A. Rogers claim that Harrelson and Charles Rogers (childhood friend and reported assassin resurfaced). Anderson adds, these men were the two gunmen behind the picket fence on the Grassy Knoll and that Rogers was the Lee Harvey Oswald imposter who traveled to Mexico a month before the assassination.


The following true event has been depicted in "James Bond." 10 of the world's richest poker players (usually the best in the world among the rich set) are offered the opportunity to participate (invitation only) in a high stakes poker game (usually overseas) and they are required to wear a dinner jacket. The game requires a $10 million buy-in with a $5 million (to buy back in) rate. By figuring in the 'buy back in total' of $5 million, the jackpot comes to $150 million, winner-take all. After the money is won, it’s transferred into an overseas account, usually numbered.

The difference between a Swiss/Cayman bank account compared to a numbered account is: A numbered account is more anonymous. Only your personal banker or money manager knows your identity, other bank employees don’t.

Speaking of overseas accounts, oil rich Dubai has recently set itself up as a financial center (similar to Swiss banking) to go along with their 7-star hotel and underwater restaurant. These discreet poker games usually take place in Monte Carlo or Macao (which just surpassed Las Vegas to become the world’s biggest and most lucrative gambling center in the world). If a player has the talent-but not the $10 million buy-in-to participate. Usually, a rich sponsor will pick up the tab and split the winnings with the player if he/she wins.

Cary Grant had been introduced to Cynthia Bouron, a one time showgirl, by friends in Los Angeles in 1969. He had taken her out on a couple of evenings then brought her back to his Benedict Canyon house to spend the night. Although Cary admitted that there had been some sexual contact, he claimed that they had never had intercourse. Bouron gave birth to a baby girl on March 12 1970, who she named Stephanie Andrea Grant.

Shortly after this, Cynthia drove up to Cary Grant's house with her new-born child. Cary refused to see her, so she remained parked outside the house throughout the night, sometimes shouting at the supposedly sleeping household and rattling the gates. Shortly after the 1970 Oscar ceremony, at which Cary received a Special Oscar, a date was set for the court hearing, and Cary had to undergo both blood and sperm count tests.

Bouron failed to turn up for her tests and another date was set. When Grant ran into Bouron with the baby, he demanded she unwrap the blankets. When the baby was unwrapped from its many layers of clothing it turned out to be bi-racial. The father was allegedly a very famous black man who has never been identified publicly.

The paternity case was dropped as soon as it reached court.

In 1973, Cynthia Bouron was found bludgeoned to death in her car in a San Fernando Valley park. The murderer was never found.

Joey Stefano (pictured above) was a porn star who appeared in gay adult films.  He was popular in the late 1980s and early 1990s. His real name was Nicholas Anthony Iacona, Jr.

Nick Iacona grew up in suburban Philadelphia (Chester, Pennsylvania). His father died when he was 15.  After several years of prostitution and drug use in New York City, Iacona moved to Los Angeles and enjoyed a meteoric rise to stardom in gay pornography.

A notable reason for his popularity-was his early mastery of the "hungry bottom" (sexually submissive but verbally demanding) persona.

He was HIV (positive) in the latter part of his film career, allegedly because he was prostituting when he couldn't find porn work.

His image and success caught the attention of Madonna, who used him as a model in her 1992 book “Sex.”

During his lifetime, he was the subject of rumors regarding his relationships with prominent entertainment industry figures who were known to be openly or secretly gay.

Stefano died of an overdose of cocaine, morphine, heroin and ketamine at age 26.  His body was shipped back to Pennsylvania and he was buried next to his father.

The above photo of John Travolta appeared on the “Drudge Report,” and Sandra Rose’s site. Travolta is seriously ballin with two jets parked in the front yard of his Florida estate. Travolta has purchased five private jets over the years.

Movie tough guy Steve Cochran (The Sly Stallone of his era) was a notorious womanizer and attracted tabloid attention for his tumultuous private life, which included well-documented affairs with actresses Mae West, Jayne Mansfield, Barbara Payton, Joan Crawford, Sabrina, Merle Oberon, Ida Lupino and, perhaps most famously, Mamie Van Doren, who later discussed their sex life in graphic detail in her tell-all autobiography.

Cochran died a mysterious death on board his yacht off the coast of Guatemala with an all-girl crew. When found, Cochran had been dead at least two weeks. It was later determined that Cochran died due to an acute lung infection. His body remained onboard for ten or more days since the three women didn't know how to operate the boat.

The boat drifted to shore in Port Champerico, Guatemala and was found by authorities. There were various rumors of foul play and poisoning, and actress Merle Oberon tried to use her influence to push for further police investigations. No new evidence was found.

Bran Castle, the remote Romanian fortress originally owned by Prince Vlad Dracula III, (pictured above) the man who inspired the tales of Dracula has been put on the market for a whopping $80 million dollars. The castle is located near Transylvania and is a big tourist attraction. In the 15th Century, Bran Castle was home to Vlad Dracula, whose taste for torture and blood is legendary.

The conviction of Al Capone for tax evasion may have been the trigger for getting the money laundering business off the ground. The term "money laundering" is said to originate from Mafia ownership of Laundromats in the United States. Gangsters there were earning huge sums in cash from extortion, prostitution, gambling and bootleg liquor. They needed to show a legitimate source for these monies.

Meyer Lansky (affectionately called ‘the Mob’s Accountant’) was particularly affected by the conviction of Capone for something as obvious as tax evasion. Determined that the same fate would not befall him he set about searching for ways to hide money. Before the year was out he had discovered the benefits of numbered Swiss Bank Accounts. This is where money laundering would seem to have started and Lansky was one of the most influential money launderers ever. The use of the Swiss facilities gave Lansky the means to incorporate one of the first real laundering techniques, the use of the ‘loan-back’ concept, which meant that hitherto illegal money could now be disguised by ‘loans’ provided by compliant foreign banks, which could be declared to the ‘revenue’ if necessary, and a tax-deduction obtained into the bargain.

Not only was Sally Stanford (pictured above) the former mayor of Sausalito, California (a wealthy suburb outside of San Francisco). She was also a restaurateur, and a former “MADAM.”

Born Mabel Busby in Baker City, Oregon in 1903, she came to San Francisco in 1924. She eventually came to run San Francisco's most famous and elegant bordello at 1144 Pine Street near Jones Street on the south slope of Nob Hill. She was the madam of this house of ill repute from 1940 to 1949, when it was raided by Edmund G. Brown, Sr., then the attorney general of California.

It was said by Herb Caen, writer for the San Francisco Chronicle that "the United Nations was founded at Sally Stanford's whorehouse," because at the founding conference of the United Nations in San Francisco in June 1945, many of the delegates were customers of Sally Stanford and a large part of the actual negotiations took place in the living room of her cathouse.

In 1950, she opened the Valhalla restaurant in Sausalito. She ran six times for Sausalito City Council and finally won in 1972, was vice-president of the Chamber of Commerce, a Little League sponsor and in 1976, was re-elected with a majority that made her mayor at the age of 72.

Stanford died of a heart attack at age 78, in Marin General Hospital, on February 1, 1982.

According to the “Proud American,” magazine, when the F-117 Nighthawk first flew 25 years ago, its capability were both ultra-secret, the stuff of science fiction. The Air Force’s first stealthy fighter could avoid detection by even the most advanced ‘radar,’ systems. It could fly reconnaissance missions and deploy laser-guided weapons with pinpoint accuracy. The technology utilized by the F-117 is no longer cutting edge and is set to retire. Replacing the F-117 is the F-22A Raptor, which according to the Air Force combines “sensor capability,” integrated avionics and weapons to provide “first kill” opportunities against threats. This plane can also cruise at supersonic speeds. The F-22A Raptor will be the country’s unparalleled air superiority.


Update on the woman they call "Female Scarface:" We are receiving reports from our South American sources that Griselda Blanco, 63, (1st photo) may have been murdered after being deported to Columbia after serving a 20-year sentence. She disappeared shortly after her return and her whereabouts are still unknown and authorities have allegedly lost track of her. She may have suffered the same fate as her two sons who were murdered when they returned to Columbia or she has slipped back into another country, illegally. She has one remaining son, Michael Corleone, named after the popular ‘Godfather,’ character.

During her heyday, Blanco was the first female drug trafficker in history and amassed $8 million dollars per month in drug proceeds. She was also responsible for over 200 drug related homicides in Florida. When she relocated to California, the crime rate in Florida went down 50%.

Blanco’s personal assassin was Jorge “Rivi” Ayaba (2nd photo). He carried out nearly half of her contracts. This cartel assassin murdered 29 people and is suspected of 12 other killings. He is currently serving a life sentence without parole in prison.

Blanco made a horrendous mistake when she put out a contract on Marta Ochoa, the niece of the powerful Ochoa family who is the most powerful drug cartel in history. Even more powerful than the Pablo Escobar network. Blanco was arrested shortly after the murder.

The mayor of a small Spanish village (Fago) was murdered. Miguel Grima, 50, (pictured above) was ambushed returning home from a political meeting. He was dragged from his car and savagely beaten and shot four times in the chest and head at close range. Everybody in the village is a suspect.

Grima was widely hated. He stopped villagers from herding cattle through the town and he prevented people from making home improvements, he also shut down a bed and breakfast inn because it competed with his own and he refused to issue hunting licenses. A tax was also imposed on the town’s only drinking establishment for placing tables on an outdoor patio during the summer.

Grima even drew ire by banning basketball playing in the central plaza.

Police suspect a band of hunters carried out the murder, which makes every villager a suspect. Shotguns have been rounded up and all of the town’s residents have given DNA samples.

Grima’s family claims that their vegetable garden was poisoned and that the brake lines on their car were cut in 2004.

Recently, Interpol issued an international arrest warrant for 3 men (Yair Klein, Melnik Ferri and Tzedaka Abraham) accused of training drug cartel army’s. The men were accused of setting up training camps to teach private security teams (working for drug lords) about explosives and high profiled killings. The army’s later morphed into right wing death squads. One of the men was a former lieutenant colonel in the Israeli army. Allegedly, these same men trained Pablo Escobar’s drug cartel.


We all know that the first man to reportedly have the AIDS virus was a Canadian flight attendant named, Gatean Dugas (pictured above) also known as ‘Patient Zero.”

The first woman who may have contracted the disease is Dr. Margrethe P. Rask, (no photo available), a Danish physician and surgeon. Born in 1930 in the Danish city of Thisted, Dr. Rask practiced medicine in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (then known as Zaire) from 1972 to 1977, first at a small local hospital in the Zairian town of Abumombazi, and then at the Danish Red Cross Hospital in Kinshasa.

She was likely first exposed to HIV during her time in Abumombazi. because she never had a blood transfusion and she lived with a female companion. Before 1981, Surgeons often performed procedures (involving blood) without gloves. By 1976, Rask had begun to suffer from diarrhea, swollen lymph nodes, weight loss, and fatigue. When she finally returned to Denmark in July 1977, she had contracted a number of opportunistic infections such as Staphylococcus aureus (staph infection), candidiasis (yeast infection), and Pneumocystis jiroveci pneumonia (PCP, a fungal infection of the lungs formerly known as Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia).

Tests at Copenhagen's Rigshospitalet revealed that Dr. Rask had a nearly non-existent T-cell count, leading to a severely depressed immune system. She died of Pneumocystis jiroveci pneumonia on December 12, 1977. Ironically, Dr. Rask is another AIDS casualty who died before 1981, proving that the disease existed before then.


Brooke Ashley, 34, pictured above, is an adult actress. At age 16, she was a runner-up in the Miss Teen Kansas City beauty pageant. It was at this time that she reported being raped by schoolmates.

At age 18, Ashley left for Florida where she became an exotic dancer, and entered the porn business in December of 1991. She quickly became known for her anal sex acts. She openly acknowledges at one point early in her porn career she used a number of drugs, namely ecstasy, methamphetamine and cocaine.

Ashley left the industry after finding out on March 29, 1998, that she was HIV positive. She contends she was infected by Marc Wallice on the set of a film called The World's Biggest Anal Gangbang where she held the former world record for anal gangbang of 50 people. Director Rodney Moore has stated he knows for a fact that Marc Wallice infected her with AIDS.

She made one more appearance in a porn film after her HIV diagnosis, starring in American Bukkake #1 in 1999. The reason she was allowed to star in this movie is because no fluids were exchanged between her and the men.

Ashley announced in late July of 2005 that she was returning to the adult industry, working with her boyfriend Eddy Wood.


Edward Savitz, no photo available, (was also known as Uncle Ed, Fast Eddie and Dr. Feel Good) and was a HIV positive Philadelphia businessman who was arrested for paying thousands of young men for engaging in sex. He also paid for their worn underwear. Despite being married and on the downlow, Savitz had an apartment on Rittenhouse Square and for years, gay male youths scored quick cash through Savitz, From as far back as 1975, he offered teenage boys money and concert tickets for their underwear. His wife would eventually divorce him.The neighbors in his high-rise apartment building complained of young boys entering and leaving his apartment at all hours of the day and night. One neighbor described the boys she saw as mostly "heavy metal types," who wore black leather clothes and chains and had long hair. Savitz told neighbors that he was a social worker, trying to help boys.

Savitz's arrest followed a six-month investigation by the city's sex-crime unit. By early March 1992, investigators had gathered enough evidence to install a wiretap and hidden video camera in his home. On March 25, detectives watched as Savitz offered to pay two 15-year-old boys for oral sex. Police burst into the apartment and took him into custody. Savitz was charged with crimes of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, sexual abuse of children, indecent assault and corrupting the morals of a minor.

Police found 5,000 photographs of boys at Savitz's apartment and a rented storage center nearby. His arrest also caused an AIDS scare in the Philadelphia area due to the large number of individuals that he had sexual contact with. AIDS hotlines were flooded with calls after his photo was released.

Bail was set for three million dollars, and Savitz was released. He was arrested again the next day when bail was raised to twenty million dollars when complaints involving two teenagers were verified.

Although Savitz tested HIV positive about a year before his arrest, he continued to have unprotected sex with boys until his arrest.

The trial was set to begin April 5, 1993, but Savitz died of AIDS in a prison hospice a week before on March 27.

In the 1960’s, “Confidential,” magazine was on the verge of ‘outing,’ actor Rock Hudson. Reporters were preparing a story stating, ‘Hudson liked to cruise gay bars.’ Instead, studio bosses gave the magazine a story on actor George Nader’s homosexuality to save Hudson’s career. Nader became the sacrificial lamb for Hudson’s career. Ironically, Nader's male companion was Mark Miller, Rock Hudson's personal secretary. Nader's career in Hollywood was officially over after the story came out and he and Miller moved to Europe.

George Jacob Jung (above with actor Johnny Depp) was a major player in cocaine importation in the United States in the 1970s and early 80s. Jung was a part of the Medellín Cartel. His life story was portrayed in the 2001 movie Blow, starring Johnny Depp.

George Jung, more commonly known as Boston George, was born in Boston, Massachusetts and raised in Weymouth. He started out as a marijuana smuggler in the 1960s with his friend Moe Petracco, importing hundreds of pounds from Mexico, stealing airplanes, and flying from Puerto Vallarta to California. After quite a while his business grew to the point where he was making over $100,000 a month and had started using professional pilots; he was eventually arrested in Chicago with 660 pounds of marijuana at the Playboy Club just months after he was released for the possession of 64 pounds of marijuana. His "buyer" had been busted and set him up.

He was sentenced to 26 months in a federal prison in Danbury, Connecticut, where his cellmate was Carlos Lehder, a young German-Colombian man, convicted of grand theft auto. Lehder introduced Jung to the Colombian Cartel and Jung taught Lehder how to smuggle. He also told George that cocaine was going to be a big hit.

The day that Jung was released he was to contact Lehder in Florida, in order to begin preparation. Their plan was to fly hundreds of kilos of cocaine from Pablo Escobar's Colombian ranch to the U.S., where Jung's California connection, Richard Barile, took it from there. George never had a problem with exchanging the smuggled cocaine for his transportation fee. Initially, it was $10,000 per kilo but later it went down to $5,000 per kilo as supply grew. He had a security man that would accompany him to the exchanges where George would give the keys to a car and half the cocaine to his connection and leave. A day or two later they would meet up again and exchange keys to cars. George would get the payment for the transportation of the coke and give the rest to his connection. He said he never saw/used any guns in the marijuana business. Jung was hesitant to allow Lehder, or any other cartel member to know Barile's identity, as his "California connection" was what gave Jung his edge in the smuggling game and kept others from simply cutting him out. However, in what turned out to be an error in judgment, Jung introduced Lehder to Barile. By the late 1970s, Lehder took his plans to the next level. As Jung had initially feared, by going straight through Richard Barile, Lehder no longer needed Jung in his operation. However, Jung recovered from the betrayal and found other schemes that made him more than $100 million.

Jung was later arrested in Massachusetts in 1987 at his mansion on Nauset Beach near Chatham. With his family, he skipped bail, but very quickly became involved in another deal, where he was betrayed by a pilot of his acquaintance. During this time, Carlos Lehder began cooperating with the government against Noriega. With Escobar's approval, Jung agreed to testify against Carlos Lehder and was set free. Lehder received life plus 135 years but after making a deal with the federal government, he went into the Bureau of Prisons' version of the federal Witness Protection Program.

After working some "clean" jobs, Jung began to work in the marijuana business again. In 1994 he was arrested with 500 pounds of Mexican marijuana, he reconnected with his old Mexican marijuana smuggling partner, and faced a 15 year mandatory sentence. He pleaded guilty to three counts of conspiracy. He is incarcerated at Fort Dix Federal Correctional Institute in New Jersey. He is scheduled to be released on November 27, 2014, at age 72. After his release, he will still have eight years of parole.

His daughter, Kristina Sunshine Jung, was portrayed in the movie Blow by Emma Roberts (and briefly by Jaime King) and now lives in California with her spouse and children. In the spring of 2002, a year after the film was made, she eventually visited him and said "[she] was sorry for not coming sooner."

Lisa reveals in the book, “Once More With Feeling,” that Adnan Khashoogi (billionaire), above, is allegedly, a favorite among international deluxe call girls. She was flown on his private plane to Switzerland. As soon as she arrived in Geneva, she was whisked away to a 5-star hotel suite where servants did her bidding. To pass the time, she shopped, dined and wandered around with carte blanche to buy anything she desired. After two days with Kashoggi, she was flown to Spain to spend time in his enormous villa on the Mediterranean. When she arrived, she was impressed by a girl named Ava because she was part of the international jet set. Ava loved to lounge on a couch in a luxurious fur coat. She was also a call girl. Adnan paid the girls $5,000-$10,000 per week. Khashoogi is the only man in history to ever own homes in all 50 states. When Lisa returned to Los Angeles, she ran an ad to be a tour guide/escort for the Olympics, being held overseas.

Dandeny Muñoz Mosquera, a.k.a. "La Quica," was the chief assassin for the Medellín Cartel of Colombia. He was responsible for the deaths of an unknown number of people although estimates range in the hundreds. He killed other members of the Medellín Cartel, members of the rival Cali Cartel, police officers and government officials. He was also responsible for the 1989 bombing of Avianca Flight 203, which killed 110 civilians. In 1991, Muñoz Mosquera was arrested in Queens, New York for traveling with a fake passport.

He was convicted and sentenced to six years in jail. While he was in jail, federal prosecutors found that he was a major player in the Medellín Cartel and the bombing of Avianca Flight 203. Muñoz Mosquera was charged with “conspiracy to import and distribute cocaine, substantive importation of cocaine, participating and conspiring to participate in a racketeering enterprise, engaging in a continuing criminal enterprise, various offenses relating to the bombing of a civilian airliner and the extraterritorial murder of two citizens of the United States."

His first trial was declared a mistrial. In his second trial, he was convicted on all counts. He is currently serving his sentence of 10 life sentences plus 45 years, all to be served consecutively, at ADX Florence, the Federal ADX Supermax prison in Florence, Colorado.


Actor John Breckinridge, above, was born in Paris, France to a wealthy California family, was the great-great-grandson of U.S. Attorney General John Breckinridge (and the grandson of both U.S. Vice President and Confederate general John C. Breckinridge and Wells Fargo Bank founder Lloyd Tevis). He spent time at Eton College and Oxford University in England.

Openly gay at a time when it was daring (and even dangerous) to be so, he was well known for his flamboyant lifestyle, his outrageous sense of humor, and his penchant for perfume and costume jewelry. He performed in Shakespearean plays in England before coming to San Francisco in the late 1920s. He also performed in drag frequently and asked people to refer to him as “Bunny.”

In 1927, while working as a drag/burlesque entertainer in Paris, he married a woman said to be French royalty. They divorced two years later, but had one daughter, named Solange.

In the 1940s, male-to-female sex change operations were becoming more widely available in Europe, and Breckinridge expressed many times his desire to undergo the procedure. With the nationwide attention given to Christine Jorgensen's sex change in 1952 (which also inspired Ed Wood's Glen or Glenda), Breckinridge became more determined than ever to become a woman. In 1954, he announced plans to travel to Denmark and undergo the operation so he could marry his male secretary. Though Breckinridge was by this time a grandfather, his granddaughter supported him in his efforts. Shortly thereafter, a San Francisco judge scuttled his Denmark trip by ordering him into court for failing to make good on an earlier agreement to pay $8,500 a year to support his elderly, blind mother in England. He then made arrangements with a sex-change surgeon in Mexico, but got into a terrible car accident en route. He gave up his pursuit of the matter afterwards.

In 1955, he was arrested in a San Francisco waterfront bar, he was charged with "vagrancy," a then-common excuse to bring charges against homosexuals caught cruising for sex, and jailed, though the charges were later dropped because of his family and wealth.

In 1994, Breckinridge was surprised to find himself portrayed as a character in a major motion picture, played by Bill Murray in Tim Burton's 1994 biopic Ed Wood. His advanced years and failing health, however, prevented him from participating in any of the publicity surrounding the film.

Breckenridge maintained homes on each coast - one in New Jersey and one in San Francisco - until his death in 1996 at age 93, in a Monterey hospital. He was quoted in his obituary as saying, "I was a little bit wild when I was young, darling, but I lived my life grandly."


In 1984, Carol Wayne (the Matinee girl from the Johnny Carson show) declared bankruptcy, appeared nude in the February issue of Playboy (and was seen nude in her final film, Heartbreakers, co-starring Peter Coyote. Good friend, the late Richard Pryor tried to come to her rescue by offering her a part in his upcoming film and he also agreed to pay for her rehabilitation.

Instead of taking Pryor up on his offer, on January 1985, Carol and her mysterious and shady companion Edward Durston traveled to Mexico and stayed at the “Las Hadas Resort,” where Carol drowned in the shallow bay waters of Manzanillo, Mexico.

After her absence due to drowning, Durston didn’t even bother to look for her. When she hadn’t returned to the hotel room the following morning, Durston didn’t even file a missing person’s report with the police. Instead, he checked them both out of the hotel and he took Carol’s luggage to the airport telling employees she would pick it up the next day. When Carol’s body was finally discovered in the presence of Durston, he still didn’t alert authorities, a stranger did.

Carol was pronounced dead at age 42 on Jan. 13, 1985 and Durston hightailed it out of Mexico. During the initial investigation, witnesses say the couple were arguing before her death.

Ironically, Edward Durston was also with Diane Linkletter (daughter of Art Linkletter) when she committed suicide in 1969.

Edward Durston was never charged with murder in either death.

Source: "More Of Hollywood's Unsolved Mysteries."

Tito Jackson’s ex-wife Delores (Dee Dee) Jackson, no photo available, had recently went through a painful divorce from Jackson when she decided to attend a party. Donald Bohana was also at the party. He didn’t pay much attention to Jackson until someone informed him that she was Michael Jackson’s former sister-in-law. She became a target.

Bohana was currently experiencing financial trouble and his restaurant was on the verge of closing.

Bohana introduced himself and they began dating. Allegedly, when Bohana began to ask Jackson for money, she rebuffed him.

Investigators theorized, the couple had another argument about money and Bohana snapped, tortured Jackson and threw her body in the pool.

Bohana maintained his innocence throughout a two-and-a-half year investigation but the district attorney’s office reopened the investigation after an autopsy report concluded-someone might have “assisted” in her drowning and that Bohana strangled Delores after a night of abuse, then dumped her body in the pool.

The autopsy report also listed blunt-force injury to Delores's lip, tongue, ear, scalp and other parts of her body.

Bohana was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison.

Tito Jackson filed a lawsuit on behalf of his sons and Katherine Jackson, the Jackson matriarch.

It came out later, allegedly, another woman drowned in Bohana’s presence several years earlier.


OMAHA, Neb. (AP) - Surprisingly, Robert Henderson (pictured above) was not fired as a state trooper because he belonged to the Ku Klux Klan and another white supremacist group, authorities said. Instead, he was ousted because he could not uphold public trust while participating in such groups. Unbelievably, an arbitrator disagreed, ordering the State Patrol to reinstate Henderson within 60 days and pay him back wages. The state went to court Friday to keep him off the force. "The integrity of Nebraska's law enforcement is at risk," Attorney General Jon Bruning said at news conference in Lincoln. "The Constitution does not require law enforcement to employ anyone tied to the KKK." Authorities learned that Henderson joined the KKK after his wife divorced him for "a minority."


Karyn "Cookie" Kupcinet (March 6, 1941 – November 28, 1963) was a young actress who was murdered in a case that remains unsolved. It is often speculated that her death was connected to the JFK assassination.

Karyn starred in a handful of minor roles, including a small part in the 1961 Jerry Lewis film "The Ladies Man." She was last seen alive on the night of Wednesday, November 27, the day before Thanksgiving.

Her nude body was found on Saturday November 30 on her couch in her West Hollywood apartment by" Lost In Space," actor Mark Goddard (3rd photo) and his wife, Marcia, 25. Her address was 1227 1/2 North Sweetzer Avenue. Goddard was then playing a detective in The Detective, a television series with actor Robert Taylor. The couple visited Kupcinet's apartment because she promised to call them but had not. Earlier, she had dinner with the Goddards at their residence.

She was due there at 6:30 p.m., but arrived an hour late. Goddard said Karyn only toyed with her food during their meal.

The coroner concluded that she had been dead about three days. Due to a broken hyoid bone in her throat, the cause of death was officially listed as strangulation.

The connection to the JFK assassination was first made by author Penn Jones, Jr. An Associated Press story reported that an operator overheard a female caller from the area of Oxnard, California say "The President is going to be killed" about 20 minutes before the assassination and the call was allegedly traced to Kupcinet 's phone.

Kupcinet's name appeared on a 1992 Today Show broadcast on a list of "mysterious deaths" connected to the JFK assassination.


"Ace of Base," is a dance-pop band from Gothenburg, Sweden. The members—Ulf Ekberg (Buddha), and siblings Jonas Berggren (Joker), Linn Berggren, and Jenny Berggren—released their debut album in 1992, and went on to major chart success throughout the 1990s. Their worldwide album sales exceed 32 million. Their biggest hit was "I Saw The Sign."

The band were briefly caught up in controversy when on 27 March 1993 the Swedish newspaper Expressen reported that Ulf (second photo) had once been a member of a white power band called Commit Suiside who sang songs with racist lyrical content. He was also a member of the controversial far-right political party Sverigedemokraterna. Ulf was quick to admit that most of the details printed were true, but denied that he was racist. As a result of his denial a compilation of the songs was released on a limited edition CD called "Uffe was a nazi!" by Flashback Records in 1998. The record also contained a booklet with pictures of Ekberg from this time, including three pictures where he makes a Hitler salute, one picture where he wears a KKK t-shirt and another one where he wears a swastika t-shirt. The songs on the record are quite explicit.

The book "Munich," depicts the actions of an assembled hit team.  Also in the book, is a true story of a man named "Papa," in the 1970's.  In an era where computers and tech gadgets didn't exist, Papa was an international master source used by governments and individuals.  His talent?  He could locate anyone on the planet.  He could also tell you where they would be arriving prior to their arrival.  His fee was: $20,000 per locate.  He was able to locate rogue agents, assassins and double agents despite not having the use of an computer.  "Untraceable and unable to locate," were words that did not apply to Papa.  He spent his days being a doting grandfather on his European estate to his numerous grandchildren.  He also liked to make homemade cheese and tend to his garden when he wasn't locating hard to find individuals.

Vanna White is not only one of the nicest people in Hollywood, she is also one of the savviest.  Besides earning $12 million per year in salary on "Wheel Of Fortune," Vanna along with her former husband owned a private jet leasing company at one time.  This company leased private jets to their famous Hollywood friends, mainly, millionaires and billionaires to take trips to Switzerland, Paris and Monte Carlo, etc.


In 2004, Mike Danton, (pictured above) a former St. Louis Blues player, enlisted the help of a 19-year-old girl to hire a hit man, who was actually a police dispatcher. The FBI was quickly alerted and Danton was convicted of plotting to commit murder, with the exact target still unknown. The details were muddy and the suspected motives were varied. Some believed Danton was trying to remove a gay lover threatening to out him, while others claimed he was attempting to end a miserable relationship with his svengali-like, mind-controlling agent, David Frost. People close to the situation came forward and disclosed how Frost manipulated Danton to the point where he became his puppet, even forcing Danton to sever his relationship with his parents. Given these strange details, the common hypothesis was that Frost was the target.

Frost's influence over Danton was frequently discussed but remained indistinct until the transcript of a prison telephone call was revealed to the public after Danton's arrest. To this day, however, Frost denies that he was the target and a degree of mystery surrounds the case. It’s always been rumored that David Frost encouraged Danton’s estrangement from his parents as well as an alleged incident where Frost and a group of his players abused Mike’s younger brother.

In a taped conversation made to Frost a week after Danton’s arrest. In it, Frost instructs Danton to plead guilty and ends the conversation demanding Danton say, “I love you,” which Danton does.

In 2006, David Frost was charged with 12 counts of sexual exploitation for crimes alleged to have occurred during the time he was Danton’s junior hockey coach. The charges relate to acts on three females and four males between the ages of 14 and 16.

Danton was sentenced to 7 years in Federal prison without a chance of parole. When he is released, Danton is unlikely to be allowed back into the United States and will be returned to his native Canada.

The "Blaser R-93" sniper rifle is very unique because it has "interchangeable barrels," in 17 different calibers. In layman terms. If a shooter wounds 17 victims, due to the 17 different barrels, each victim would appear to have been shot by 17 different guns instead of one gun because each caliber is different. The shooter would avoid being linked to all the shootings.

You can live out your James Bond and La Femme Nikita spy fantasies by attending “Covert Ops,” which begins at the Tucson, Arizona airport. You have to spot an undercover agent using a recognition signal and he or she whisks you off to a guarded camp. For three days, former “Special Forces,” members will teach you evasive driving, self-defense and weapons tactics. You also participate in simulated drills where you rescue a “kidnapped” student in a live-fire-using paintball guns. Price Tag: $3,795.00


LAREDO, Texas (Map, News) - A teenager, known as a "killing machine," is also a hit man for drug cartels. He pleaded guilty to murder last Thursday, abruptly ending a trial that exposed the cartel's workings in the U.S. and Mexico.

Rosalio "Bart" Reta, 17, (above) was immediately sentenced to 40 years in prison. He still faces separate charges in another killing in Laredo that was allegedly carried out on the orders of the Mexican Gulf Cartel.

The Webb County Courthouse was heavily guarded. Attorneys and witnesses have reported being threatened by the cartel's enforcers, and Reta has been moved into solitary confinement.

Witnesses testified Wednesday that Reta and two other men working for the cartel were paid $15,000 to kill a Laredo man in January 2006. Phone records linked the hit men, the ring leader and suppliers of the guns and car used in the shooting, Detective Robert Garcia testified.

Despite Reta's youth, "he's a cold-blooded killer," the district attorney said. "There's no doubt about it."

The accused ring leader in the Flores killing, Jesus "Jesse" Gonzales, fled to Mexico after making bail. The third member of the group, Gabriel Cardona, pleaded guilty and is serving an 80-year sentence.

Authorities say Reta worked on both sides of the border for Miguel Trevino Morales, the leader of the cartel's operation in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. He was allegedly part of a "cell" of young enforcers that followed rivals and tracked members of the cartel's own ranks.
Reta, a U.S. citizen, was extradited last year from Mexico to face charges in Flores's death. Authorities said he requested extradition after being arrested in connection with an explosion that killed four people in a crowded bar in Monterrey, Mexico.


Not only are diplomats granted "diplomatic immunity," when they commit a crime in the United States they are also waved through customs without inspection due to their diplomatic status.

Drug dealers and crime bosses offer diplomats hundreds of thousands of dollars to break the law and smuggle drugs, diamonds, weapons and Cuban cigars, etc. through customs in their luggage or diplomatic pouch.

The destination of this illegal cargo and contraband, is usually the United States. This is a very lucrative market for those willing to break the law.

Gabrielle "CoCo" Chanel was born in 1883 and died in 1971.  She was the second illegitmate daughter of  traveling salesman Albert Chanel and Jeanne DeVolle.  Sadly, after her mother died, her father left her and a sister in front of an orphanage promising to return, he never did.  Chanel learned the trade of a seamstress while housed up in the orphanage.  A few years later, her sister would die of medical issues.  Chanel would go on to become of the most successful fashion designers in history.  When a particular skirt didn't fall right (in her collection), she sewed tiny pearls into the skirt to perfect the fall.  Afterwards, the skirt fell beautifully.  She was an innovator and visionary in regards to fashion.  Time magazine named her one of the 100 most influential people of the 20th Century.

Carrie Marcus Neiman (above) and her brother Herbert Marcus launched the high-end luxury store "Neiman-Marcus," in Dallas, Texas.  Neiman-Marcus is considered the most expensive store in the world and their Xmas catalogue contains personal submarines, $1 million dollar automobiles, space travel and custom yachts and helicopters, etc.

The board game "Go," is more prestigious than bacarrat and chess.  It's considered the most elite game in the world for the wealthy.  Aristocrats, sheiks, oil barons and billionaires indulge.  "Go," originated in ancient China before it was first mentioned in writing, 548 B.C.  It is now popular throughout the world among the international jet set.


Stella Walsh born Stanislawa Walasiewicz was a dominant sprinte filth    r of the 1930s and 1940s, the winner of 41 U.S. Championships in various events. Born in Poland, she emigrated to America and became a high school star in Cleveland. Competing for Poland at the 1932 Olympics she won gold in the 100-meter dash.

At the Berlin Olympics of 1936 she lost the 100 meters to her bitter rival Helen Stephens; a controversy followed when Walsh's supporters hinted that Stephens was too fast to be a woman.

German doctors examined Stephens, and announced she was in fact female.

In 1947, Walsh finally accepted American citizenship and married boxer Neil Olson. Although the marriage did not last long, she continued to use the name of Stella Walsh Olson for the rest of her life.

Walsh continued to compete as an amateur until 1954 and was inducted into the U.S. Track and Field Hall of Fame in 1975.

Five years later she was killed by a stray bullet at a Cleveland shopping center.

An autopsy surprised everyone by showing that Walsh had male genitals and both male and female chromosomes -- a condition known as mosaicism.

In track circles, people whispered, the nerve of Walsh of once accusing her rival (Stephens) of being a man when she was in fact, technically a man herself. This may explain why she had a hard time coming to grips, that a biological female actually beat her in the 100 meters when she was supposed to be faster and stronger since she was male.

A controversy on her gender remains unsolved, as the situation is further complicated by the fact that many earlier documents, including her birth record, state she was a woman.

There was also some controversy whether all her records and achievements should be erased, but in the end neither the International Olympic Committee nor the IAAF commented on the matter.

The case of Stanislawa Walasiewicz is often regarded as one of the reasons why the IOC has gradually dropped the gender determination tests. In the end, such a requirement was dropped prior to the 2000 Summer Olympics, as it was found that the genetic gender is not necessarily equal to social or biological gender.

In Cleveland there is a city owned recreational center named after Stella Walsh on Cleveland's Broadway Avenue. It is attached to Cleveland South High School.

Throughout her life, Walasiewicz set over 100 national and world records, including 51 Polish records, 18 world records, and 8 European records. Her European record for 100 yards remains unbeaten as of 2006, although races measured in yards are rare today.


Natasha Demkina continues to stun scientists with the ability to see diseases in people. The 17-year old Russian was tested by experts in Japan when she told a pregnant woman that there was a defect in her fetus.

Doctors broke into applause when she correctly diagnosed a spinal curvature in one man.

"Sometimes I can see diseases at their early stages when neither patients nor doctors has the slightest suspicions of them," says the Moscow medical student.

Demkina has a growing number of patients, doctors, journalists, and others who are convinced her powers are real. That following is proving lucrative for Natasha and her family. The young psychic reportedly charges about $13 per reading and provided about ten readings each weekday night. That income, about $2,600 a month, is more than forty times the average monthly income of government workers in Saransk.

Fellow Russian, Rafael Batyrov (second photo) also diagnoses diseases by looking at the patient's reflection in a mirror. He can even cure them. "I discovered my gift when my father was reading an article about a person who could see through people," says the 11-year old. "I told him I could do the same."

His father, a smoker for 30 years, was able to quit after drinking some water the boy blessed with prayer.

Adds his mom, "Rafael has already cured several of our teachers."

Lines of people stand near the Batyrovs' house on weekends. The boy saw up to 20 people daily in the summer - the people were complaining of kidney diseases. The boy does not work with people over 50 years of age - it is too hard for a child.

According to a new biography, Winston Churchill secretly recruited actor Sir Laurence Olivier as a spy in 1940 to secretly win over the hearts and minds of the then-neutral Americans as Britain waged war against Nazi Germany. One of his assignments was to get close to actors Tyrone Power and Clark Gable while they filmed the "Hamilton Woman," with Vivian Leigh. Actor David Niven allegedly said, "If Olivier was caught spying, he could have been arrested and even worse, if German agents realized what Olivier was doing, they would have gone after him."


Blessed with charm and good looks, Sandra Avila Beltran enthralled Mexico. Not as a beauty queen but as an alleged drug lord. The story of her arrest and possible extradition to the U.S. is being closely watched in Mexico.

Police say Avila Beltran spent more than a decade working her way to the top echelons of Mexico's male dominated drug trade, uniting Colombian and Mexican gangs and seducing several notorious kingpins. Dubbed the "Queen Of The Pacific," she even has her own song that pays homage to her as "a top lady who is a key part of the business."

Avila Beltran lived largely unnoticed in Guadalajara and Hermosillo until 2001. That's when police found more than 9 tons of cocaine on a ship to the Pacific port of Manzanillo and tracked the shipment to Avila Beltran and her lover, Juan Diego Espinoza Ramirez, also wanted by U.S. authorities. Avila Beltran was arrested last week.







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