In a rage over being grounded by her parents, Jasmine Richardson (above) a 12-year old “Goth Princess,” took revenge by talking her 23-year old boyfriend, Jeremy Steinke (above) into killing her parents and 8-year-old brother.

High on cocaine, Steinke reportedly broke into the house through the basement and savagely killed Richardson’s parents and little brother.

Steinke stabbed the couple to death. Then he allegedly slashed the boy’s throat. Medical examiners counted 41 stab wounds among the three victims.

Steinke and Richardson were convicted on three counts of third-degree murder after prosecutors convinced the jury that she masterminded the homicides and even stabbed her brother several times as the boy begged, “I’m scared. I’m too young to die.”

The day after the murders, Steinke and Jasmine were spotted cuddling and kissing at a party. In an effort to explain her coldhearted behavior, she testified: “I wanted to be sure that he would be there to look after me. I was still in shock. I couldn’t absorb what I had done.”

The fates of Marc and Debra Richardson were sealed soon after they discovered their daughter was hot and heavy with a man nearly twice her age. Steinke also fueled the girl’s fascination with the rebellious Goth scene. Jasmine started sporting heavy makeup, long painted nails and a foul mouth beyond her years while Steinke boasted about being a werewolf.

Jasmine’s parents grounded her and banned her from contacting Steinke by phone or computer. But that reportedly didn’t stop her from either continuing their romance on the Internet or from sneaking out to have sex with him.

Both of them vented their anger on the Internet. In an online conversation before the slaying, Jasmine told Steinke: “I hate them. So I have this plan. It begins with me killing them and ends with me living with you.

On April 3, 2006, Steinke ranted on one of his Web profiles: “My lover’s parents are totally unfair. They shall pay with their blood.”

Three weeks later, a 6-year old neighbor child discovered the girl’s dead family. The cops captured the homicidal lovers hiding out in a nearby town after following a trail of tips from young friends of the couple.

Because of her age, Jasmine faces only six years behind bars. She ranks as the youngest triple murderer in the Canada’s history.

Meanwhile, Steinke, now 24, faces life in prison with no chance of parole for 25 years.

Source: “National Examiner.”