Jayne Leebrick & David Miller



David Miller (pictured above) grew up as a typical kid in Sardis, Ohio.  He was involved in numerous sports activities but was often teased by his peers for not indulging in drugs.  Substances were not his vice, lying was.

From a young age, Miller was an compulsive liar and he was very devious and deceptive.  He would attend Ohio University, this is where he honed his skills in the art of lying and deception.

He became obsessed with lying and impressing people, claiming he had a grandiose lifestyle and background.  Many people believed him because he came across as trustworthy and charming.

His life changed drastically when he was elected to a student government post.  Everyone noticed him.  He basked in the attention and glory. The pretty coeds even referred to him by his first name and star athletes invited him to their games.
David never forgot the popularity that politics brought him on campus.

After graduation, he decided to pursue a life in politics.  He moved to Washington, D.C. and took a job as a researcher for a popular congressman. In 1978, he decided to broaden his horizons and move to Los Angeles.  He took a job lobbying for the State’s printing industry.

This job put him in contact with influential Senators, Governors and former Presidents.  David loved the power arena and he was on the ‘A’ list for numerous functions.  He became quite popular as he mingled with the Rich & Famous on an nightly basis.
He updated his image with designer suits, custom-made Italian silk shirts and designer shoes.  He also purchased a Jaguar, he drove it when he wasn’t tooling around in a limousine.

Life was good as he bedded some of the most beautiful women in Hollywood.  His travels would also increase, he was making weekly trips to every destination in the world.

Dorothy Garofalo was a divorcee with three kids. She owned “Ce Chic,” a upscale beauty salon that catered to the rich.

David Miller arrived for a manicure, the chemistry between him and Dorothy was instant.  When David returned to his office, he couldn’t get Dorothy off his mind. She seemed special and different from the previous women he discarded.  After a few weeks, Dorothy agreed to go to dinner with him.  David courted her in style and he sent her roses on a daily basis.  On weekends, he had his personal limo transport them all over town.  They were falling in love.

When Dorothy asked him about his employment, he lied and told her he was an CIA operative.  When David met her kids, the two boys were receptive but Dorothy’s teenage daughter Brandy wasn’t.  She saw right through his lies and deceit, she was cold towards him. Brandy tried to warn her mother but Dorothy brushed off her concerns.

Less than a year later, David and Dorothy moved in together. David also decided to keep Dorothy’s existence a secret among his political allies and close friends. David eventually talked Dorothy into closing her lucrative salon by using the excuse that it would be more convenient and less stressful if she opened a salon near their residence in Reseda, CA., she agreed but this salon would not be as successful as her first one.

Meanwhile, David opened his own lobbying firm called, “David Miller & Associates,” he also hired two full-time secretary’s.  The company would become very successful and David made numerous political contacts throughout the country.

To continue his jet-set lifestyle with various girlfriends, David informed Dorothy that he was scheduled for top-secret missions that would take him away from home, months at a time. Dorothy was supportive.  In reality, David would leave home and go to political functions with different girlfriends.

He would eventually marry Dorothy to little fanfare.  Shortly afterwards, he began physically abusing his step-daughter.  Brandy would move out to live with her father.

David continued staying away from home on his ‘fake’ government missions. On New Year’s Eve, in 1991.  David boarded a plane to Los Angeles.  He sat next to an attractive blonde, Jayne Leebrick (pictured above). He became enchanted with her, the chemistry was undeniable between the two. Jayne was a successful executive based in Los Angeles. David lied and told her that he was an successful attorney who had inherited $14 million dollars years earlier, he told her he had spent $10 million but had $4 million left.  Jayne glanced at his hand and noticed he wasn’t wearing a wedding band, she smiled to herself, when the plane landed, they exchanged phone numbers.

David and Jayne would have a whirlwind romance and she was impressed with his attention and generosity, he became so obsessed with Jayne, Dorothy became a after thought. He also had little interest in his business and the business would suffer.  He began borrowing money from friends because he refused to use the company credit card with a $50,000 limit to avoid debt.

He would soon break that vow, he charged an elaborate cruise on the credit card.  The couple also went on numerous shopping sprees and they ate in fancy restaurants.  David proposed to Jayne and became a bigamist on February 16, 1991.

David took his in-laws and Jayne to Europe, they were embarrassed when Davids credit card declined at a restaurant.  Jayne’s father had to pick up the tab.  Jayne wondered, how can a millionaire’s credit card decline?  Her parents always had reservations about David and those reservations were confirmed during the trip.

The strain of being married to two women took it’s toll.  David talked Jayne into quitting her job and relocating to Orlando, Flordia, where her family lived. David’s business had collapsed and he had no more ties to Los Angeles.  They settled into an apartment and went house hunting everyday. Meanwhile, David talked Dorothy into moving back to her hometown of Pennsylvania because he didn’t want her running into Jayne.

Jayne happened to be home when a realtor called and informed her that David’s deposit check had bounced. Jayne was numb with shock.  Later that day, she was served an eviction notice on the apartment because of non-payment of rent.  She confronted David, they got into a screaming match, he finally admitted to lying about being a millionaire.  He then told her he had a surprise, he was hired by the legal department of Disney.  Jayne didn’t know what to believe anymore. Meanwhile, Dorothy went to her mail box in Pennsylvania and was shocked to find numerous credit card bills for cruises, exotic dinners and overseas trips.

Back in Florida, Jayne hired a private detective.  The detective found out that David didn’t work at Disney and that he was still married to a woman named Dorothy in Pennsylvania. 

Jayne was livid. Jayne called Dorothy, they talked for an hour and Jayne agreed to fly out to meet her the following morning.

Jayne packed her belongings and went to her grandmother’s home.  The following day, her doctor called and confirmed she was pregnant.

David arrived at her grandmother’s, he begged her to come back, she looked at him with disgust.  Suddenly, enraged, he grabbed her and roughly shoved her into a kitchen closet.  She became dizzy from the cleaning fumes as he ranted outside the door for two hours. After he left, she found a lock inside the door.  When she let herself out, she began bleeding profusely, she rushed to the bathroom, where she miscarried.

Jayne decided to leave David, she arranged to meet him at their storage locker to get her stuff. She planned to confront him.  When he arrived, they got into a nasty argument.  Jayne told him she knew about Dorothy and she planned to fly out and talk to her the following day, she also planned to expose his bigamy to the media.  David snapped and began striking her, when he stopped, he went to his car and returned with a gun.

Jayne was wiping blood from her face when he shot her six times, point-blank range.  Several people came out of their storage area, after hearing the shots.  They tried frantically to revive Jayne, David shocked everyone when he peered around the corner and asked, ‘Is she dead or what?’

The police and paramedics arrived, Jayne was already dead.

David was convicted of first-degree murder which carried a sentence of 25 years to life.

Dorothy obtained her divorce while David but she was stuck with David’s credit card debts.  She and her daughter Brandy are working on re-establishing their bond.

Source: “Deadly Pretender,” by Karen Kingsbury




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