In 1957, Burt Pugach was a very successful rich attorney.  He was also a married man who fell desperately in love with a ravishing receptionist named Linda Riss after meeting her in a park.

She loved him back.

They went clubbing (at his star-studded nightclub), driving (in his Cadillac convertible) and flying (in his personal plane). But she soon found out he was married, and dumped him, turning Burt into an obsessive stalker.

Burt went nuts.  He began stalking and threatening her.

He went over the deep end after Linda got engaged to another man in 1959.

He hired someone to rough her up.  But the man took it a step further.  He threw lye on her, scarring her face and blinding her in one eye and irreparably damaging the other eye.

"The pain was horrible," recalls Linda.  "I could feel my skin burning off."

She spent three months in the hospital, went totally blind and was dumped by her fiance.

Meanwhile, Burt was convicted on seven counts for soliciting the attack and was sentenced to 15 to 30 years in prison in 1962.

Despite this, Burt remained smitten and repeatedly wrote and phoned Linda during his 14 years behind bars.  She never replied to his letters and hung up on him when he called.

After Burt was released on parole in 1974, he confessed his undying love for Linda and proposed to Linda via TV interviews.  She finally agreed to meet with him.

"That first date was strained as we fumbled for things to say," admits Burt.  "But the next day I phoned her up and she invited me to breakfast and from then on it was smooth sailing."

They wed just five months after that, and 32 years later the union is still going strong!

"We're as much in love as we were in 1958, declares Burt, now 80.  "Our marriage has magic to it and the magic is love."

Linda, 71, feels the same way.  "There's not a trace of bitterness left in me.  My advice for happiness in love is to forgive, forget and turn the other cheek."

Their story has been turned into a movie (documentary) "Crazy Love."  The film has been receiving rave reviews from critics across the country.

Source: "National Examiner"