I recently had the opportunity to interview author Erica Black about her book, “The Call Actress, Confessions Of A Lesbian Escort.”

Black has been retired from the sex industry three years, she is now a successful businesswoman along with her longtime partner, Leigh (a savvy businesswoman and former escort).


"The Call Girl Actress, Confessions of a Lesbian Escort" is a personal memoir from a former upscale, high-end and sought-after escort, a call girl if you will. The author entertained men of means, manners and who had a burning desire for sex.  She was their physical sanctuary, an oasis of pure uncomplicated pleasure.  She was their trip to paradise, filling the void in their sex life.  Erica was blessed with beauty.  She had a stunning, tight, toned body, a beautiful face and flawless skin.  She was also extremely intelligent.  This book is also a breakthrough expose on the "hobbyists," the men who pay women for sex out of habit.  Was it mentioned that Erica was and is one hundred percent lesbian?  They never knew, and for the most part she never told them.  She was the "Call Girl Actress."


Q: How did you get into the call girl industry?
A: I had a friend in the business. At the time I worked in corporate sales, the company downsized and I was laid off. I started off being a 'private dancer' for clients without sexual contact. I would go to private homes and dance for the customer. The money was good and over time, everything escalated and I became a high-priced call girl.

Q: Without naming names, what were the common backgrounds of your clients?
A: Doctors and lawyers.

Q: Most interesting client tale?
A: I had a client with a severe foot fetish and another client who dressed up in women’s clothes. He wanted to talk about girl things only, with no sexual contact.

Q: Were your clients good tippers?
A: Yes, I was often tipped with gifts, which included chocolates, french lotions, lingerie and gift certificates.

Q: Did any of your clients suspect you were a lesbian?
A: Some of them did and they had no problem with my sexuality but on my part, I was a ‘call girl actress,’ I couldn’t get sexually stimulated. I have no desire for men. It was strictly business.

Q: Please describe your first sexual encounter with a male client?
A: I was a virgin during my first encounter, it was frightening, very scary and painful but I got through it.

Q: When you were active, did you work the lucrative Super Bowl or All-Star events?
A: No, I didn’t have to, I had a very lucrative client base.

Q: Are there many lesbian escorts?
A: No, but there are tons of bi-sexual women. Not too many women (with the exception of me) can be a lesbian and a escort. I did have boundaries when I was in the business. No emotions involved, no kissing and no exchanging of fluids. I consider men as a business and women a pleasure. The money inspired me.

Q: Please define the term hobbyist for me, this term is in your book?
A: When I started out, I worked through a escort agency. A hobbyist is a client or would be client who inspects escorts like a piece of meat, some can be rude and obnoxious and some of threatened the girls with a bad review unless they give into their sexual demands. Yes, in every city across this country, a man can write a sexual review on a escort. Negative reviews can affect the escort’s business. When I was operating, I let the review sites know, if a review every appeared about me on their site, my attorney would contact them.

Q: What do you do for relaxation?
A: Read and indoor cycling.

Q: Favorite Movies?
A: Terms Of Endearment and Beaches

Q: Favorite Travel Destination”
A: I don’t travel, I like where I live but I do like Vancouver, Canada.

Q: Plans For The Future?
A: Me and my partner Leigh will continue to run our successful businesses.


In your book, you mention three classifications of call girls:

"The Kia," which is pretty much a bargain rate call girl.

The “Toyota,” very nice and outstanding.

And the “Mercedes,” is the kind of woman that 99.9 percent of the men in this world fantasize about.

For $5,000 a Mercedes call girl offers her client an evening dinner and date package that would include three to four hours at a 5 Star Hotel.

She’ll stay overnight with you for $8,000, you can have fun with her for two days for $15,000, three days for $20,000, you can have a week with her for $42,000 and monthly package will set you back $150,000.  I know of one girl whose website offers a one year package for $1.25 million dollars.

For this type of money, Miss Mercedes has to live in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago or perhaps London.  Some of the women who fit into this category, tour parts of the country booking advance sessions with men by advertising in those local city escort advertising websites.

They also put up a calendar at their website showing what city they’ll be in on what day of that month and it shows their availability.  Some of these women have money managers who wire their fees to offshore banks.  They also have CPA’s who see to their tax obligations, and attorneys who advice on legal issues.

Physicians examine them regularly.  On any given notice, they’ll travel the world first class with their clients.  In addition to her advisors, Miss Mercedes has a good business head on her shoulders.

She pays her taxes and invests for the future. Real estate is a common investment. I knew of one woman who had three investment property homes. Not one had a mortgage and each was worth over a million dollars. Large stock and bond portfolios are also common among these women.

In the book, Erica takes you inside the world of a "Miss Mercedes." Eva’s fee for a 3 hour dinner was $5,000. Only men of great wealth and impeccable manners could spend time with Eva. A few sports stars were customers.

She was also quite conservative with respect to money due to the CEO types she entertained. She had the beauty to grace every glamour magazine in the world. Eva also owned two ocean front condos in Santa Monica. She rented them out and one of her advisors handled the monthly accounts and maintenance. Recently, Eva spent a week in Hawaii. She was paid $20,000.


It was my exceeding good fortune to know Erica Black.  I will attest that she was/is magnificent.  Stunning, sensuous, and statuesque.  Brilliant conversationalist.  Truly a 21st century courtesan.  She was most certainly a Mercedes as well defined in her recent book ... although I viewed her as more analogous to a dynamic, sleek, purring Porsche.  I am delighted she chose to chronicle her experiences.  Meanwhile, we are left only to envy her Lesbian Lover.

To order the book from Amazon.com, click on the following link: The Call Girl Actress: Confessions Of A Lesbian Escort




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