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California coed Samantha Spiegel gets a thrill from sending perfume-scented love letters on delicate flowered stationery to convicted killers like Charles Manson, Richard Ramirez and Richard Allen Davis.

"They should have pretty stationery," says Samantha, 19, who's studying fashion design in San Francisco. "I save it especially for them." They're still human beings, and they still need attention.

This serial killer groupie has become pen pals with Ramirez (The Night Stalker) and Davis (Polly Klass's killer).

"It's my rescue complex," says Samantha, who has a history of dating abusive men. I like the idea of nurturing a side of them that doesn't get nurtured."

She's still waiting for an answer from Charles Manson. She wrote him a note stating: "You have lived quite a life, and I really do respect that and in a way, I admire that."

Meanwhile, Samantha's creepy bond with Davis entered a new level when they started exchanging phone calls. So far, they've dubbed their relationship as "monogamous." But recently Samantha shockingly announced that she's ready to have Davis' baby!

She says, "He sent me a visitation form, we never have an awkward moment. He's so funny. He writes me these 10-page letters.

And Samantha's still trading letters with Ramirez, despite her so-called relationship with Davis.

"I feel balance when I write them, like I have a purpose," she says.

As a troubled 9-year-old child, Samantha developed her first evil crush in fourth grade on a teacher's aide-would-be-killer and pedophile named-John Mark Karr (above).

In 2006, Karr escaped justice in Thailand by falsely confessing to the 1996 murder of 6-year-old JonBenet Ramsey.

After recognizing Karr on TV two years ago, Samantha began an intense Internet romance with him. She eventually agreed to marry him and recruit little girls for a sick harem of JonBenet look-alikes.

When Samantha's parents got wind of the scheme, they spirited her off to a special clinic in Montana to break the pervert's hold on their daughter. It took 16 months.

She says, "I don't know if I'm over John completely. He brainwashed me. He got me to the point where I slightly starting thinking in the ways of a pedophile. "I sized up girls on the street. I would look at their feet, their face, their hair, their size. When I look back, it scares me so much. He was grooming me to be a pedophile.

Since breaking her ties with Karr, he's stalked and threatened her.

"If you cost me my little girls," he wrote in one e-mail, "I will hunt you down and kill you!"

Recently, I communicated with Ike Turner's daughter Mia via phone and email. She reached out to us to set the record straight on her late father.

MP: First off, tell me about Tina Turner?

Mia: Tina was a wonderful stepmother, she treated me great, I believed she was my biological mom at a young age, it wasn't until I was 13 that I realized she wasn't my real mother.

MP: I'm against domestic violence and abuse of any sort and I'm a strong advocate for human rights. How do you respond regarding the domestic abuse Tina Turner suffered at the hands of your father?

Mia: I am against domestic violence also but I never saw my father touch anyone in a violent manner. I only heard people talk about it. So to me that would be an accurate statement from me. Yes, to me he was a better father than a better husband... I was Daddy's little girl. I wouldn't be able to admit that it happened for the simple fact it would be hearsay. I still stand firm against it for the simple fact that I am a victim of it myself; both emotionally and physically.

MP: Do you think the film (What's Love Got To Do With It?) ruined your father?

Mia: No doubt, his career came to an abrupt halt. He was to be honored in a city, suddenly the honor was withdrawn. Due to his earlier business acumen, daddy was able to survive on publishing and songwriting royalties. My father was one of the early architects of R&B and Rock & Roll. Whenever he played Memphis, Elvis, who drove a truck then, would sneak in the shows and watch my father from the audience. The Ike & Tina Turner Review was the first black duo to crossover into the mainstream and their show was high energy, nothing else like it. They gave the best R&B show on the road. My father will not be remembered for any of this, instead, he will just be known as a batterer, that will be his legacy. Before he died, I promised daddy that I would try and change that.

MP: You are very upset about a widely circulated quote regarding your father's Coroners Report?

Mia: As far as the coroner's report, a crack cocaine smell never came from my father's room. And my mother (Ann) never stated that and would never state such a thing because of the love she had for my father. They had a 45 year relationship.


Halle Berry doesn't flaunt her wealth but she's extremely rich and continues to generate money from worldwide investments and sound real estate acquisitions in the U.S. and abroad; not affected by sub-prime loans. Berry is surrounded by an A-list of top financial advisors. Exotic car dealers have also gifted Berry with an assortment of luxury vehicles over the years which include: A Range Rover, a Jaguar, a Ferrari and a Thunderbird (from the Bond film).

What few people know: Duane Martin is not only an actor, he is also a sports mogul who heads a very successful and lucrative sports agency.

A native of New York and NYU graduate. Duane was drafted by the New York Knicks before pursuing an acting career.

His love for sports was the motivation for him to launch his own sports agency, "Impact Sports." Duane started "Impact Sports," with 2 clients holding $1 million in contracts, the company has since expanded and now represents 50 clients and holds $1 "billion" in contracts.

Over the years, "Impact Sports," has become one of the premiere sports agencies in the industry and handles some of the most sought after players in the NFL, NH, and MLB.

After acquiring an extensive real estate holdings portfolio (valued in the millions), Duane recently launched a real estate company which will revitalize homes in the inner city by giving underprivileged families the rare opportunity to become home owners.

Dr. Condeleeza Rice makes a fortune off oil investments and she generates multi-millions from sitting on the boards of at least a dozen corporations. She earns $100,000 or more for sitting on the board of "each" company. When her term as Secretary of State is up, Rice is expected to earn $250,000-$500,000 on the public speaking circuit.


It's not a coincidence the market is being flooded by scandal plagued stories about President Barack Obama. This is a planned coordinated attack by powerful forces at play.

This is the first time in U.S. history that a smear campaign is continuing after an election. Certain people are determined to try and bring down the sitting president by any means necessary!

Others will try and roadblock him at every turn. A group of very powerful and wealthy individuals are funding this smear campaign, deep behind the scenes.


RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil — One month ago, 20-year-old beauty queen Mariana Bridi was living the dream of many young Brazilian women, trading her striking good looks for a modeling career that promised to lift her family out of poverty.

Then she contracted a seemingly ordinary urinary tract infection. The bacteria spread quickly and inexorably through her body, proving to be extremely drug resistant. In a desperate bid to save her life, doctors amputated her hands and feet. But by Saturday she was dead.

"God is comforting our hearts because he wanted her to be with him now," her father Agnaldo Costa told reporters outside the hospital where his daughter died. "I can't accept that my daughter left us so soon."

Bridi's Web site says she began modeling at age 14 with the hope of giving "a dignified life to her parents."

Her father is a taxi driver and her mother a house cleaner.

By the age of 18, she was well on her way: In 2007 and 2008, she was a finalist in the Brazilian stage of the Miss World pageant.

Her Web site said next month she was to participate in the second stage of a modeling competition held in Sao Paulo by Dilson Stein, the Brazilian model scout who discovered supermodel Gisele Bundchen.

Last year, she took fourth in the Face of the Universe competition in South Africa and she had won bikini competitions across the globe.


Jimmy Charta (1st photo), a flashy, high-stakes gambler and drug kingpin who was implicated in the 1979 assassination of a federal judge in Texas, died July 25 of cancer at a Mesa, Carrizo., hospice. He was 63.

Charta was accused of masterminding the hit on U.S. District Judge John Wood Jr., who was killed with one shot from a high-powered rifle outside his San Antonio townhouse. Mr. Charta was facing trial on drug charges before Wood, known as "Maximum John" for the long sentences he routinely handed down to drug dealers.

Charta was acquitted on murder charges in the judge's slaying but received 10 years for obstruction of justice. He later pleaded guilty to participating in a failed 1978 attempt to kill a federal prosecutor in San Antonio.

The convicted hit man in the Wood killing was Charles V. Harrison (2nd photo), a contract killer, gambler and the father of actor Woody Harrison. The elder Harrison died in federal prison last year while serving two life sentences.

Born Jamie Alexander Chagra in El Paso, Chagra was the middle son of a Lebanese American rug merchant. Texas writer Gary Cartwright described him as "the bad penny" in a family whose two other brothers grew up to be lawyers.

He idolized his older brother, Lee, a flamboyant El Paso lawyer who graduated at the top of his University of Texas law school class and built a lucrative career defending drug dealers. He was murdered during a Christmas Eve robbery of his law offices in 1978. According to Cartwright, the murderers' haul, $450,000, was money Jimmy Chagra owed mob boss Joe Bonnano Sr. for a busted drug deal.

The youngest brother, Joe Chagra, also an El Paso lawyer, served 6 1/2 years in prison for his alleged role in the Wood assassination.

As a young man, Chagra tried to run the family carpet business, but it went bankrupt, so he became a gambler. Soon, Las Vegas casino owners were rolling out carpets of their own -- red ones -- for "Jim Alexander," Mr. Chagra's Las Vegas pseudonym. At Caesar's Palace, where he lived as a guest during the construction of his huge Las Vegas home, he occasionally won or lost $1 million a week on craps or cards.

Chagra reportedly got into drug smuggling in a big way in 1975, using a tramp steamer to transport loads of marijuana from Colombia to the United States. According to Cartwright, author of "Dirty Dealing: Drug Smuggling on the Mexican Border and the Assassination of a Federal Judge -- An American Parable" (1996), he actually got his start after dropping out of high school.

"They were these young hotshots on the border. They called themselves scammers," Cartwright said. "It was nickel-and-dime stuff, and then it began to escalate. They flew Cessnas and smuggled blue jeans, quicksilver and people. Then it became marijuana and cocaine."

Federal agents tried for years to amass enough evidence to convict Mr. Chagra and succeeded in winning two indictments from separate grand juries in early 1979. He was arrested in Las Vegas, and Wood scheduled a trial for May 29, 1979, in Austin and then postponed it until Aug. 1.

On the day the trial was scheduled to begin, the judge was fatally shot.

According to court testimony, Chagra was in a Las Vegas casino before the trial and was brazenly complaining about Wood when someone pointed out Harrelson as a known hit man. Mr. Chagra, according to Cartwright, followed Harrelson into the men's room and offered him $250,000 to kill the judge.

Chagra initially denied involvement, but in July 1979 he told his brother Joe in a conversation the FBI taped that he had hired Harrelson to do the job.

Three months after Wood's slaying, Chagra was convicted on charges of operating a continuing criminal enterprise. Afterward, he skipped out on a $40,000 bond and became a fugitive for about six months. A month later, he was sentenced to 30 years on drug charges.

He was freed on parole in 2003 and was widely believed to have been placed in the Federal Witness Protection Program.

Chagra's sister, Patsy Chagra of El Paso, said in a phone conversation yesterday that he was not in the witness protection program at the time of his death. El Paso writer Richard Baron told the Associated Press that Chagra was living under the name James Madrid at a trailer camp in Mesa.

Survivors include seven children, Patsy Chagra said, but she did not know their last names.

Chagra's third wife, Elizabeth, was found guilty of delivering $250,000 to Harrelson to kill Wood. She was sentenced to 30 years and died in prison in 1997 of ovarian cancer.

His brother Joe was killed in a car crash in 1996.

"We were a good family -- that's what people forget," Joe Chagra told Cartwright shortly before his death. "But the real downfall of our family was the money. You can't know what it does until it happens to you . . . until everyone is chin-deep in millions."

Source: Washington Post


During her glory years, allegedly, Braun boasted an unrivaled list of playmates ripped from the pages of Playboy:

Transcontinental Madam Michelle "Nici" Braun had seen better days leading up to her '07 cocaine bust in Boca. Around the turn of the century, she was reportedly enjoying a 60% commission off her free-spending list of rather obvious clients including: Jose Canseco, Charlie Sheen, Rick Salomon, Mickey Rourke, and talent manager Jeff Kwatinetz (who would allegedly shell out six-thousand for sex with a former Playmate).

In September 2002, when Timmy Iannello was still involved with the Garden of Eden, a doorman named Michael Tardio was murdered off-premises in a bizarre incident in North Hollywood where he and a friend from Las Vegas were shot and killed. According to police, their rented Mercedes SUV was set on fire to destroy the evidence.

"Tardio was trying to fence jewels and it caught up to him," says Darnell. "Timmy took a lot of heat when he made some specific statements [to police], against the nightlife code of ethics. I was back and forth to New York when all that went down. I made sure to stay clear, once someone got popped. I had priors for that, and if my name would have come up, even in the slightest, I could have become a 'person of interest.'"

Tardio, 35, a family man with two kids, was well-liked within the club community. He was also, according to multiple reports, dating Sandy Bentley, who along with her sister Mandy (nee Amanda) comprise the Bentley Twins (above), two of Hugh Hefner's polyamorous posse of multiple girlfriends, circa 2000 (they both appear on the cover of Playboy in May 2000). Dave Osokow, the bar manager at Citizen Smith, who later dated Mandy Bentley, confirms that her twin sister "ripped off a bunch of jewels and tried to fence them through Tardio." Tardio's friend, Chris Monson, a stunt man and occasional actor who had flown in from Phoenix, was apparently in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The jewelry in question, estimated at worth up to $700,000, had been gifts from Mark Yagalla, a 23 year old private hedge fund manager in Pennsylvania who was convicted of embezzling over $50 million from investors and sentenced in 2002 to five years and five months in prison. According to a June 2001 article in Philadelphia Magazine by Ben Wallace titled "The Prodigy and the Playmate," the definitive account of the Yagalla saga, the 5' 3" classic nerd, nicknamed "Urkel" in high school, was a day trader at fifteen and millionaire by twenty, who dropped out after a year at the Wharton School just in time to ride the tech bubble and subsequent collapse. He eventually made his way to A-list concubines with the help of Nici's Girls and its proprietor Michelle Braun, an online escort agency specializing in high end clients, who he eventually brought for the first time to the attention of Federal authorities. Braun had "a connection to Playboy," which allowed Yagalla to use issues of the magazine as his own private home-shopping catalogue for girls whose services he wished to engage, including two Playmates of the Year and top porn star Jenna Jameson (a charge Jameson denies). Yagalla eventually settled on Miss May 1999 Tishara Cousino and Sandy Bentley as semi-permanent co-girlfriends, initially buying each of them a house and car. On their way to Crazy Horse Too - a Vegas strip club where Bentley once danced - Cousino is quoted as saying, "We'll be a happy family." (Bentley also dated Herbert "Fat Herbie" Blitzstein, another habitué of the Crazy Horse Too and a top lieutenant of Tony "the Ant" Spilotro - basically, the Joe Pesci character in Casino - who also paid for her breast implants, presumably sometime before he was shot three times in the back of the head.)

Also, one of Braun's former prostitutes who sub-contracted via a pimp just settled a six-figure claim against David Blaine-who was a frequent Nici's Girls client, and even Courtney Love would often order up girls for threesomes with her boyfriend.

Madam Braun has reportedly been under investigation since 2000, But she slipped up in 2007 when she electronically pimped out another Playmate to an undercover operative in Orange County for $15,000. Identified only by her initials in court documents.

Michelle Louise Braun aka "Nici" of the notorious South Florida-based "Nici's Girls" escort service is being sentenced in Santa Ana Federal Court on May 11 on charges of Interstate Transportation of an Individual to Engage in Prostitution, and Money Laundering. She pleaded guilty to one count each. Braun could have faced 20 years on both counts, but it appears that the Madam who filled the hole that Heidi Fleiss left wide open will only be doing 6 months of house arrest, and forfeiting about a million dollars in assets. It also looks like she's keeping her house in Florida, her cars and any additional money she undoubtedly has stashed away.

Rumors are circulating that Braun is working on a tell-all.



A heartless baby stealer reaped fame and fortune by ripping families apart and peddling children to desperate, wealthy wannabe parents, including Hollywood stars, Joan Crawford (3rd photo) and June Allyson.

For more than 30 years, Georgia Tann (2nd photo) brazenly kidnapped children and hawked them by arranging shady private adoptions for up to $150,000 dollars.

"She was a relentless, cold blooded demon," says a pediatrician who fought to shut Tann down. "She terrorized everyone."

Tann, the alleged lesbian daughter of a prominent Mississippi judge, cultivated a network of well-paid conspirators, ranging from politicians and judges to nurses and social workers.

Instead of hiding in back alleys, she boldly portrayed herself as a pioneer of quality adoption and eventually hobnobbed with President Harry Truman and First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt.

"Georgia Tann got bigger and bigger the more power she had," says the pediatrician." She was pompous and self-important, riding around in a Cadillac driven by an uniformed chauffeur."

Tann reportedly brokered three of Joan Crawford's four adoptions and she also arranged for actress June Allyson and actor Dick Powell to adopt their first child. At this time, none of the Hollywood stars had an inkling of Tann's evil plots but when the truth began to leak out, fixers were brought in and the Hollywood adoptions never made the headlines.

Some of the children ended up sold into slavery as laborers, domestic servants or sex toys for pedophiles.

"She placed no regard to whether children would be happy in their adoptive homes," says a social worker who knew Tann. "She wanted to get her hands on every child she could."

In 1924, Tann worked at the Tennessee Children's Home Society, where she pillaged the orphanage's cradles.

"She always went upstairs to see the babies," recalls a former resident of the orphanage. "There would be masses of babies one day. They'd be gone the next."

Later, Tann used her corrupt connections to open her own orphanage in Memphis, Tenn. She filled the orphanage's beds with help from a host of corrupt child stealers, including pediatric nurses who spirited away newborns after telling parents their babies had died. Tann even sold children who had mental defects unbeknownst to their new parents.

For years, Tann operated the equivalent of a concentration camp for children. She allegedly enjoyed sexually molesting the girls, and she looked the other way when her male workers took boys for walks in the woods.

Finally, in September 1950, the governor of Tennessee held a press conference to denounce Tann. Three days later, the 59-year-old baby stealer escaped justice, dying of cancer at home in her bed.

Source: Nancy Scott @ The Nat'l Examiner


Each time we run something on the transgendered passenger-Tenika Watson (involved in the car accident with Teddy Pendergrass, center photo) we get numerous requests for additional information on her.

One of our readers (LCF1ATL) was able to uncover the following-regarding the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of Tenika's transgendered friend, drag entertainer-Nizah Morris (1st photo).


Tenika Watson (52 years old) was interviewed (in 2004) on her thoughts on the death of Nizah Morris (Philadelphia).

Nizah was an African American transgender who was killed under mysterious circumstances and was last seen in police custody.

Tenika Watson: "I think we should be talking about Nizah all the time, if that will help stop the killing," says Tenika Watson, 52, a friend of Morris for 27 years.


Nizah Morris began living as a woman in her early 20's. By December 2002 she had built a life for herself working at her mother's daycare center, performing in the weekly drag show at Bob and Barbara's -- a bar in Philadelphia's Center City neighborhood -- and practicing Buddhism.

On December 22, Morris attended a party at the Key West Bar at the intersection of Juniper and Chancellor streets in Philadelphia. Morris left the bar at 2:00 a.m., and collapsed outside of the bar due to intoxication. Onlookers formed a group around Morris -- who could not stand without assistance and had to be supported, according to witnesses -- and waited for paramedics for approximately 20 minutes.

A 6th District police officer arrived, canceled the prior call for paramedics when Morris declined to go to a hospital, and offered her a courtesy ride to a hospital. Morris declined a ride to the hospital and asked to be taken home. Witnesses at the scene reportedly helped her into the police cruiser.

Though Morris lived in the 5000 block of Walnut Street, police officers reported that she asked to be let out at 15th and Walnut streets, left the patrol car, and began walking toward 16th Street.

Minutes later, a passing motorist discovered Morris lying on the sidewalk, bleeding from the right side of her forehead. A call was placed to 911, and a 9th District officer arrived at the scene, but did not call a supervisor or treat the event as a crime.

Morris was transported to Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in critical condition. On December 23, 2002, she was removed from life support, and at 8:30 p.m. on December 24, 2002, Nizah Morris was pronounced dead.

On December 25, 2002, the Medical Examiner's office classified Morris' death as a homicide. However, the Police Department's homicide unit refused to accept this ruling, classified Morris' death as accidental, and requested a second opinion from a brain-injury specialist.

The following day, Morris' mother -- Roslyn Wilkins -- was notified of her daughter's death by a detective who informed her, "He's dead." The detective was removed from the case after Wilkins complained about his alleged insensitivity.
On December 27, 2002, family members viewed photographs of Morris' body at the Medical Examiner's office, and expressed concern upon noticing slight indentation marks on her wrists. Morris' mother and sister said medical examiners showed them pictures indicating defensive wounds on her hands.

On December 31, 2002, the Philadelphia Inquirer published the first media account of Morris' death, which referred to her as a "prostitute" in the headline and a "male prostitute" in the body of the story.

Due to public pressure and outcry from the LGBT community, police finally classified Nizah's case as an homicide. However, the investigation ended in December 2003, without finding Morris' killer.


A veteran NYPD detective (above) and his girlfriend were arrested on charges of pimping out teenage girls to perverts attending bachelor and strip parties, authorities said yesterday.

Detective Wayne Taylor was picked up Tuesday with his gal-pal madam in Jamaica, Queens, as they drove a 17-year-old girl to a hotel for a strip party and sex with several men, cops said.

The tip that led to their arrests came from a 13-year-old Bedford-Stuyvesant runaway who had also been pressed into service by Taylor and from another, unidentified pimp, according to authorities.

After returning home a few days ago, the Brooklyn girl told her parents, and then cops, that on Jan. 10, she met a pimp named "Drama" who got her into the business of dancing for money at parties, Queens DA Richard Brown said.

Drama took the girl to a madam named "Mommy Z," who "bought" the teen for $500, she told cops. Mommy Z turned out to be Taylor's girlfriend, Zelika Brown, 28, officials said.

Taylor, 35, a cop since 1994, and Brown, began bringing her to strip and bachelor parties, and the officer told her to say she was 19 if anyone asked, the DA said. Prices at the sordid soirees ran from $40 for oral sex to $80 for intercourse.

Brown, who has a tattoo on her back that reads "Wayne," allegedly told police she was running the prostitution business and Taylor would "watch out" for her while her girls were working. Taylor told cops that Brown just ran an "exotic dance" business.

The alleged madam at least once chastised the 13-year-old for not earning enough money and slammed her head into the floor, prosecutors said. Taylor allegedly told the victim that if she failed to earn more money or tried to leave his Jamaica home, he would force her to work on the streets.

It was only after the pair sold the teen to another pimp on Long Island that she ran away and eventually spoke to police.

She described Taylor's van, in which she'd been driven from party to party, and when cops spotted it they made the arrest.

Sources said Taylor, on modified assignment at the Housing Bureau for misusing an NYPD vehicle, had long been a target of Internal Affairs, which was probing allegations he was involved in drug activity.

His girlfriend was also already under investigation - by the FBI for "human trafficking," law-enforcement sources said.

Taylor and Brown are charged with promoting prostitution, endangering the welfare of a child, kidnapping and unlawful imprisonment. They were held last night in lieu of $250,000 bail each. Lawyers for both denied the charges.

A third suspect, Krystal Tudy, 18 - who wears a "Mommy Z" tattoo - was charged with promoting prostitution and held in lieu of $50,000 bail.

Source: NY Times


It was a cool, clear night at Q-West base in northern Iraq, and Army Sgt. Dwayne Cole was restless. On his second tour of duty in Iraq, Sgt. Cole was counting the days — 37 — until he could return home to Brooklyn. He finished a late gym workout and was heading back to his bunk around 1 a.m. when he noticed some friends were still up in another combat housing unit (CHU).

Cole, a solidly built 28-year-old with an easy smile, stopped in to visit. His friends, two privates and another sergeant, were watching re-runs of CSI on television in the two-cot room. Cole picked up a car magazine and thumbed through it.

He began to relax, no easy feat given that he had survived two roadside bomb attacks on this tour alone. But the feeling was fleeting. Within minutes, Cole was on the floor with blood gushing from his neck. He had been shot — not by enemy fire, but at point-blank range by a member of his own unit.

The Army reported Cole’s shooting as a training accident. Another soldier, they said, had dropped a gun, it discharged, and Cole was the unfortunate victim. The incident went largely unnoticed beyond the sandy, isolated confines of Q-West. But according to documents and internal reports obtained by NBC News, one Army investigator wasn’t buying the training accident story. And before long, he called that account something quite different: “a cover-up.”

The shooting of Sgt. Cole raises a number of troubling questions: How interested was the Army initially in learning the truth about Cole’s shooting? What role, if any, did the strain of repeated tours of duty play? How was the gunman able to meet presidential candidate John McCain at a Washington ceremony after he admitted to, and was charged with, the shooting?

Cole barely survived the shooting. The young Army reservist is now paralyzed from the chest down. Nineteen months later, after repeated rounds of physical therapy, he still is trying to make sense of what happened that February night.

He and the shooter, Sgt. Thomas Prasenski, knew one another, trained together, and considered one another friends. Like Cole, Prasenski was a New Yorker. Both had served multiple tours of duty and witnessed firsthand the perils of war. Both were committed to their unit. In fact, even though Prasenski was seriously injured his last tour, he volunteered to return, Cole says.

“Me and the sergeant never had any bad relationship,” Cole says, sitting in his motorized wheelchair. “We never, I never provoked him before. We never had any arguments or any discrepancies. So I have no idea at this minute … why he actually shot me.”

“You know I’m gonna shoot you, right?”

An incident that occurred earlier on the evening he was shot suggests racial tension may have played a role. Cole, who is black, had gone to the cafeteria with another soldier, went to get some food to share with everyone back at Prasenski’s CHU. Prasenski apparently didn’t like the selection, or the way the food was being divided. According to Cole and other witnesses, Prasenski, who is white, made his feelings known with some racially explicit language. “Why does the n*gger get his own plate and the s**cs get their own plate and I have to share with a cracker?” he reportedly said.

Cole, however, didn’t take Prasenski’s words as racist. It was common trash talk among soldiers, he says. (Looking back, he recalls a sign on Prasenski’s microwave — “No n**gers allowed in this microwave” — and wonders if there may have been more to it.)

After eating, Cole went to the gym. Then he stopped off to see Prasenski and two other friends: SPC Santi Medrano and SPC Danny Rugel. Soon after Cole arrived, he said Prasenski turned his attention from the television screen to his loaded, Beretta semi-automatic handgun. Cole says he saw him reach for it, and in a matter of seconds, Prasenski was in front of him pointing the 9mm barrel at his face.

“You know I’m gonna shoot you, right?” Cole heard him say matter-of-factly. Cole thought it was a joke. He and others had seen Prasenski wave and point his gun at people before. “Shoot me?” Cole said. “For what?”

“I just ignored what he was saying,” Cole recalls. Prasenski repeated his threat. Then, referring to Cole’s close calls with roadside bombs, Cole says Prasenski coldly uttered: “Well, hear this: Since you could dodge those IEDs, let me see you dodge this bullet.”

Cole says he saw Prasenski squeeze the trigger and felt the bullet rip through the left side of his neck.

Source: Tim Sandler


Michel Fourniret (born 4 April 1942 in Sedan, France) is a convicted French serial killer who confessed, in June and July 2004, to kidnapping, raping and murdering nine girls in a span of 14 years during the 1980s and the 1990s. He was also accused of 10 additional murders, nine in France and one in Belgium, and was found guilty of seven of these charges. Shockingly, in at least one of the despicable attacks, he had sex with one of the victims after she was dead and he mutilated the body of Fabienne Leroy.

Fourniret is quoted as saying, "I remain an extremely dangerous individual."

In 1966, he was busted for molesting a minor. In 1984, he was arrested for trying to abduct a girl and was jailed after he admitted to a string of sexual assaults. While in prison, he advertised for a pen pal in a magazine. Monique Oliver answered his ad. In a series of disturbing letters he confessed his obsession with virgins and admitted being scarred by a sexual relationship with his mother.

Instead of being repulsed by him, twisted Oliver was enthralled, calling him her "beast." They made a pact in which she promised to feed his hunger for virgins. After he was released, they married.

Olivier, 59, has been charged with one murder and assisting him with six others.

Fourniret buried at least two of his victims at his Sautou chateau near Donchery in the French Ardennes in the late 1980s. The couple's sex and slaughter spree ended in 2003 when a Belgian teen escaped from their car and alerted police.

On July 3, 2004, a team of French and Belgian police recovered the bodies of two of Fourniret's victims near the castle. Fourniret was sentenced to life in prison.


A call girl who was featured in one of our blind items is back in the Hollywood mix according to sources!

This same woman has an alleged history with top ranking soldiers and lieutenants in the former Black Mafia Family (BMF) organization and she has a strong attraction to professional ballers; mainly black NBA stars.

According to sources, she bragging she's already snagged over $350,000 in rates and the year just started!

Stay tuned.....

A book has been released on the life of notorious drug kingpin Pablo Escobar. The book was written by his brother Roberto, third photo.

According to Roberto Escobar:

As the DEA caught on to Pablo's drug smuggling methods, he switched to delivering cocaine to Miami by speedboat and later he used Lear jets. Taking his lead from a James Bond movie, he even built two submarines that could carry 1,000 kilos of contraband each. By the late 70's Pablo was earning $3 million per week.

Pablo even paid a customs agent $250,000 for their flight schedule and a Panama general was paid $1.5 million for a shipment.

The punishment for betrayal was barbaric. One captured pilot said he was shown photographs of a traitor who'd been castrated and skinned alive!

Eventually the cartel was making so much cash, around $18 billion per year.

"Pablo was earning so much that each year he'll write off 10 percent of the money because the rats would eat it in storage, or it would be damaged by water or lost. "We had so much cash, we would spend as much as $2,500 on rubber bands just to hold the money together."

According to Roberto, he alleges, they even holidayed in Las Vegas where they allegedly had dinner with Frank Sinatra. This seems hard to believe because Sinatra was known throughout the industry for being anti-drug and even banished friends like Sammy Davis, Jr. when he started using.

When they surrendered in 1991 and Escobar was allowed to build his own luxury prison. He allegedly buried $10 million and stashed an armory of weapons.

"Pablo celebrated his 42nd birthday there with champagne and caviar," says Roberto.

Roberto who was released in 2004 after being blinded by a letter bomb, says there's still money hidden and buried on Pablo's estates and there are bank accounts whose numbers have been lost and forgotten and will never be opened again.

Unconfirmed Rumor: A former Floyd Mayweather Employee Alleges: "One time Floyd paid me and when I went to the bank to deposit the money, the bank manager came to me and said that 4 of the hundred dollar bills he gave me were fake! The Secret Service was called, I was arrested and carted off to jail. I stayed in jail for two weeks before I was bailed out by my mother."


We always talk about black women being pursued overseas buy millionaire/billionaire businessmen and royal playboys. Mainly: Naomi, Mariah (before marriage) & Eve. These men send jewels and exotic cars via a courier service that caters to the rich and famous. These men also offer to take them on private jet excursions or yacht outings if they would agree to a date with no strings attached.


Marc Dutroux was an alleged Jewish Mafia kingpin (also an alleged serial killer). He was believed to be in charge of Israeli organized crime's child trafficking in western Europe.

He also made snuff/porno movies in Belgium and he was known to own at least seven country estates, where he made the movies and then disposed of the bodies. His ring kidnapped kids all over Europe. They were always brought to one of his houses.

Two 8-year-old girls pictured above were allegedly used In a snuff film. They were raped and killed on camera. Afterwards, Dutroux would make copies of the movie and sell it to his list of clients (who spanned the globe). Snuff films range from $100,000-$250,000 on the black market.

Michelle, Dutroux's wife, (pictured above) traveled through Europe abducting children.

His Accomplices:

Michel Nihoul ------club owner who allegedly handled police and politicians (1st photo).

Michel Lelievre-----His specialty was drugging and psychologically preparing children (2nd photo).



Dutroux is arrested on drug trafficking.

Dutroux and Michelle" Martinova" Martin were arrested for kidnapping and raping five young girls.

Dutroux is tried and sentenced to three years.

He is released and buys seven estates.

Police claim they searched Dutroux's villa.

His wife travels to Israel, and all over Europe. She selected children, and the Russian/Israeli Organatzia (organized crime syndicate) helped her kidnap them and transport them to Belgium.

Sabine Dardenne, 12, and Laetitia Delhez, 14, found alive in basement of house.

Dutroux is re-arrested but bails out.

Bodies of four children found at Dutroux's villa.

Dutrox and accomplices go to trial.

Dutroux is suspected in 20 other deaths.

Above, 350,000 Belgians Protest Governmental Corruption Regarding The Dutroux Case. The government also removed a key judge and halted Dutroux's trial with little explanation.

People were also outraged at the following events that led up to Dutroux's capture: In 1986, Dutroux, and his wife Michele, were arrested, sentenced to 13 years in 1989 on five charges of rape, and paroled in 3 years-why did they receive a slap on the wrist?

Police re-arrest him in 1996 for kidnapping, child pornography, murder, and child prostitution. Delay after delay (sound familiar?) stalled this case for 9 years. He didn't go to trial until 2005 and he remained free on bail to allegedly commit other crimes.


Dutroux received the maximum sentence of life imprisonment, while his wife, Michelle Martin received 30 years and Michel Lelièvre received 25 years. Although Michel Nihoul was acquitted of kidnapping and conspiracy charges, he was convicted on drug-related charges and received five years.

The Dutroux case is so famous that more than a third of Belgians with the surname "Dutroux" applied to have their name changed between 1996 and 1998.



For the first time ever, science has acknowledged that demonic possession is a real affliction and can be treated like any other disease!

A hospital in the city of Fafe, Portugal has opened a six-bed exorcism ward and is accepting victims of possession on an in-patient basis.

The average day is three days, during which medium Fernando Nogueira uses his paranormal skill to banish evil spirits.

Some of his patients are so desperate they've tried to kill themselves. "This is my emergency room," say Nogueira, casting a somber glance around the ward.


You've heard of pedophile brothels, mainly located overseas. Now, we are receiving word that an underground subculture is emerging within the pedophile world: Underground pedophile adoption agencies where illegal adoptions (we use the term loosely) are conducted when pedophiles gather to purchase abducted children from all over the world.

Basically, an in person auction (disguised as an illegal adoption without paperwork), with the child going to the highest bidder.

We've heard of one agency, located outside of the U.S. Allegedly, pedophiles have their own shady concierge who can put them in touch with seedy characters to fulfill an order (a child).

Let's flip the coin this evening and talk about black male celebrities past and present pursued by rich overseas women.

In their prime, Duke Ellington and Billy Eckstein were pursued by rich European women overseas, mainly duchesses and wealthy socialites. Shemar Moore and Boris Kodjoe (before his marriage) were also constantly pursued by extremely rich women in Europe and surrounding countries.

These women would send their representatives to approach them with all types of proposals. Shemar Moore is still a hot commodity and a lot of rich women are attracted to the physique of rapper 50 Cent.


We have received word, that a "non-black" bi-sexual hustler born with the extremely rare medical condition, diphallus (two sets of male genitalia's) is hot on the underground celebrity sex scene and both of his sexual organs are fully functional.

Allegedly, female and male clients (mostly white) are paying top dollar for his unusual sexual services. He's already booked halfway through 2009.

He's become so exclusive, he only services high-level female, male and couple referrals.

Many customers are paying just to "look" at his unusual frontal physique.

Allegedly, some individuals have tried to talk him into getting into adult films and others have suggested that he can make a fortune joining a travel circus but he seems content in the sex industry.

Additional information:

Four years ago, an Indian businessman born with two sets of sexual organs wants one of them removed surgically because he wants to marry and lead a normal sexual life.

The 24-year-old man from the northern state of Uttar Pradesh admitted himself to a New Delhi hospital this week with an extremely rare medical condition called penile duplication or diphallus, the Times of India said.

The surgery was expected to be challenging as both organs were well-formed and full blood supply to the retained sexual organ had to be ensured to allow it to function normally, he added.

The newspaper did not disclose the identity of the man or the hospital to protect the patient's privacy.

There are about 100 such reported cases of diphallus around the world and it is known to occur among one in 5.5 million men, the newspaper said.

On an older episode of "Nip & Tuck," the episode centered around Dr. Quentin Costa who was born "without" male genitalia. Costa was born with 5-alpha-reductase deficiency, a debilitating disease that left him with no sexual organ. 1 in 20 million men are afflicted with this rare condition.



What is a practice kill? A practice kill is when a professional killer, who hasn’t killed in several years, decides to get his chops up to par. Therefore, he chooses a random victim to kill; this murder perfects his method before he kills his ‘actual target.’


Did filmmaker Mark Twitchell commit a real life murder, similar to the one in his script so he could better grasp the role of the killer?

Mark Twitchell wrote a killer horror script, then cast himself in the starring role as the homicidal sadist, say police.

But, the real horror is; Twitchell didn't only portray the role on film, he played the psycho slasher for real!

The small-time movie maker reportedly pretended to be a woman while trolling the internet for a lonely man to kill. Johnny Altinger, 38, took the bait.

Twitchell's movie was also about luring a fellow from the internet, duct-taping him to a chair, killing him and cutting him up, says detective Mark Anstey.

The script also calls for the killer to wear a hockey mask and wield a stun gun. Six weeks before Altinger vanished, cops say someone used an email account from Twitchell's production company to purchase a $50 telescopic, stun-gun baton that can jolt a person with 800,000 volts.

After searching Twitchell's home and garage as well as Altinger's car, investigators say they have found enough forensic evidence to convict Twitchell without Altinger's body.

Twitchell's defense suffered a major blow recently when another man came forward and told police about his hair-raising escape from Twitchell's garage.

The man, whose name has been withheld, also showed up to meet a woman, a week before Altinger's reportedly fatal rendezvous. Instead, the first victim barely escaped with his life after being brutally attacked by a masked man. The attacker wore a broken black and gold hockey mask, which investigators say sounds not only like a mask worn by the killer in Twithcell's script but also like the mask found at Twitchell's home.

Source: The Nat'l Examiner



Thus far, the film "The Changeling," is the best film I've seen this year. This is a horrifying true story directed by Clint Eastwood.

Shout-out to my girl Angelina Jolie. Angie, you were phenomenal in this movie. I highly recommend this movie.

Real characters are pictured below. Four star rating: ****


The Wineville Chicken Coop Murders, also known as the Wineville Chicken Murders was a series of kidnappings and murders of young boys occurring in Los Angeles and Riverside County, California in 1928. The case received national attention and events related to it exposed corruption in the Los Angeles Police Department. The 2008 film "Changeling," is based upon events related to this case.

In 1926, ranch owner Gordon Stewart Northcott (1st photo) portrayed by actor Jason Butler Harner in the "Changeling," (2nd photo) took his 14-year-old nephew, Sanford Clark, from his home in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan . Before a family member was able to inform the police about the situation, Northcott had beaten and sexually abused Clark. In September 1928, the Los Angeles Police Department visited the Northcott Ranch in Wineville, Police found Clark at the ranch and took him into custody.

Clark claimed that Northcott had kidnapped, molested, and killed several young boys (he hacked them alive with an axe) with the apparent help of Northcott's mother, Sarah Louise Northcott. He had also forced Clark to participate. The police found no complete bodies at the site, but they discovered body parts, the personal effects of missing children, and blood-stained axes. Clark said quicklime was used to dispose of the remains, and the bones had been dumped in the desert. The Northcotts had fled to Canada and they were arrested near Vernon, British Columbia.

Sarah Louise Northcott initially confessed to the murders, including that of 9-year-old Walter Collins. She later retracted her statement, as did Gordon Northcott, who had confessed to killing five boys.

Upon her return from Canada, Sarah Louise pleaded guilty to killing Walter Collins (the film "The Changeling," is based on his story, pictured above, 2nd photo). Superior Court Judge Morton sentenced her to life imprisonment on December 31, 1928. He stated that she was spared hanging since she was a woman. The day she was sentenced, Sarah Louise claimed that her son was innocent and that he was an illegitimate son by an English nobleman to whom she first was married and later divorced.She was sentenced to life imprisonment and served her sentence at Tehachapi State Prison. She was paroled after serving less than 12 years of her sentence.

During Gordon Stewart's trial, Sarah Louise also claimed she was actually Gordon Northcott's grandmother rather than his mother. Sarah Louise stated that Gordon was the result of incest committed by her husband, Cyrus George Northcott, against their daughter Winifred. She also stated that as a child, Gordon was sexually abused by the entire family.

Nine year old Walter Collins went missing from Los Angeles on March 10, 1928. His disappearance received nationwide attention and the Los Angeles Police Department followed up on hundreds of leads without success.

The police faced negative publicity and increasing public pressure to solve the case, until five months after Walter's disappearance, when a boy claiming to be Walter was found in DeKalb, Illinois. Letters and photographs were exchanged before Walter's mother, Christine Collins (1st photo with hat, portrayed by Angelina Jolie in the film), paid for the boy to be brought to Los Angeles.

A public reunion was organized by the police, who hoped to negate the bad publicity they had received for their inability to solve this case and others. They also hoped the uplifting human interest story would deflect attention from a series of corruption scandals that had sullied the department's reputation. At the reunion, Christine Collins claimed that the boy was not Walter. She was told by the officer in charge of the case, police Captain J.J Jones, to take the boy home to "try him out for a couple of weeks," and Collins agreed.

Three weeks later, Christine Collins returned to see Captain Jones and persisted in her claim that the boy was not Walter. Even though she was armed with dental records proving her case, Jones had Collins committed to the psychiatric ward at Los Angeles County Hospital under a "Code 12" internment—a term used to jail or commit someone who was deemed difficult or an inconvenience. During Collins' incarceration, Jones questioned the boy, who admitted to being 12-year-old Arthur Hutchins Jr., a runaway from Illinois, but who was originally from Iowa.

Collins went on to win a lawsuit against Captain Jones and was awarded $10,800, which Jones never paid. Five years after Northcott's execution, one of the boys that Northcott allegedly killed was found alive and well. As Walter Collins' body had not been found, Christine Collins still hoped that Walter had survived. She continued to search for him for the rest of her life, but she died without ever knowing her son's fate. The last public record of Christine Collins is from 1941, when she attempted to collect a $15,562 judgment against Captain Jones (by then a retired police officer) in the Superior Court.

The town of Wineville changed its name to “Mira Loma” on November 1, 1930, due in large part to the negative publicity surrounding the murders.


Despite the odds, a tiny group of people infected with the human immunodeficiency virus manage to stay healthy, never showing symptoms of illness.

So what is shielding this special group of HIV-infected people, dubbed "elite controllers," whose bodies control HIV so well the virus remains virtually undetectable? A team of Canadian and U.S. scientists believes it has solved part of the mystery.

Led by Rafick-Pierre Sékaly of the Centre Hospitalier de Université de Montréal, the team has discovered a "memory T cell" mechanism that protects these rare patients from viral diseases.

Published in the advance online edition of the journal Nature Medicine, the researchers explain how a protein in some people's DNA shields against life-threatening immune illnesses.


By: Jose Antonio Vargas @ The Washington Post

She tested positive for HIV in October, infected by the man she had married the year before.

He hadn't told her that he was HIV-positive and that he slept with men. She got pregnant. They got married. And, at 26 months old, their daughter died from HIV complications.

"If only he told me he preferred men over women. If only he came out with it. We could have been just friends," says the 50-year-old social worker, who lives in Southeast Washington and is black. The woman, who asked not to be named out of concern for her privacy, sits in her office for a moment, the only sound a light summer rain pattering at the windows, the near silence unnerving. Then the demure woman suddenly contorts in a minute-long tirade: "I'm very angry, I'm very hurt. . . . This is someone who killed my child. . . . I want revenge. I mean, I've wanted revenge. . . . . Should I kill him? Sue him?"

She collects herself, and asks, "What can women do?"

The question is familiar to Patricia Nalls, who hears similar stories with numbing frequency. Three weeks ago, a 25-year-old woman was infected by her boyfriend, who then left her for a man. A week before, a 52-year-old woman found a pill, which turned out to be HIV medication, in the pocket of her boyfriend's pants. She hurried to a clinic to be tested. She is HIV-positive.

Patricia Nalls, 46, above, (was infected with HIV by her late husband, her husband and 3-year-old daughter died of AIDS in 1987). Nalls currently runs the Women's Collective, a nonprofit organization in Northwest (Washington, D.C.) for women living with HIV and AIDS in the Washington area and the only organization of its kind in the country, local and national health officials say. With the District ranking highest among major cities in the rate of new AIDS cases a year -- blacks account for 80 percent of those cases -- Nalls fears that there's a trend that has gone unnoticed: an increasing number of HIV-positive women, infected by their husbands or boyfriends, who come knocking at her office, unsure what to think, not knowing who to turn to.

Nalls said they haven't a clue that their men are on the "down low," an expression describing black men who have sex with other men -- some, if not most, having unprotected sex -- and never mentioning it to their female partners.

Such men, Nalls said, sometimes use women as a front. "They bring women to the company Christmas parties. They introduce them to their families. But the women are just that -- a front," she said. "And when everything comes spiraling down, when these women find out what's really going on, they can't help but feel used. They beat themselves up. They ask, 'Did he really care about me? Was everything just a lie?' "

On a recent Sunday, about 1:45 a.m., a 32-year-old restaurant worker who was at an gay bar on Half Street SE, made his way outside. He said he read about the bar in the Washington Blade, a weekly gay newspaper, and decided to check it out. His girlfriend was away for the weekend -- where to, he didn't elaborate. This was only his second visit to the bar, he said, adding that he had "fooled around" with guys twice before.

Is he gay? He wouldn't say. Is he bisexual? He wouldn't say.

"What she don't know won't hurt her," he said as he smoked a cigarette while fidgeting with a lighter. "I play safe. . . . It's all good. . . . She don't need to know nothing about it."


A cross dressing convicted wife killer and beater (1st photo/2nd photo-in drag) ended his life sentence by hanging himself. Kinky murderer Richard Sharpe, 54, was left alone in his cell for over an hour on January 5th, 2009. He took the opportunity to commit suicide.

Sharpe, once a super rich dermatologist from Gloucester, Mass., had been convicted of shooting his estranged wife Karen (3rd photo) to death to prevent her from receiving part of his $50 million dollar fortune in a divorce.

In July 2000, horrified witnesses watched as Sharpe shot his wife of 27 years with a .22 rifle in her new home.

Before killing Karen, Sharpe had gotten away with poisoning her Cool Whip, stabbing her in the forehead with a fork and throwing acid in her face. He also cheated on her with another woman.

But in the wildest twist of all, it was revealed that Sharpe was a transvestite, who got off on donning wigs and full makeup and slipping into frilly undies, slinky dresses, fishnet stockings and high hills. To look more feminine, Sharpe plucked his eyebrows, had most of his body hair removed and underwent plastic surgery on his eyes and nose. And, he even downed Karen's birth control pills so he could grow boobs.

The couple had three children.

After sentencing: Dr. Richard Sharpe – who was also charged with hatching a plan to escape from jail shortly after he was charged with murder. A fellow inmate told authorities that the former millionaire dermatologist offered him $100,000 to murder Robert Weiner, the assistant district attorney who successfully prosecuted him.


The Alphabet Killer, directed by Rob Schmidt is out on DVD this week. The film is based on the real unsolved murders that occurred in Rochester, NY from 1971-1973, where little girls were found raped and killed and it turned out that their first and last names and the towns where their bodies were found all began with the same letter.


FILOMENA TEIXERA said goodbye to her 11-year-old son Rui Pedro Mendonca and he pedaled off happily on his new bike. He was never seen by his mother again.

Rui Pedro was not found despite an intensive search and international appeal. Until the case of Madeleine McCann, his disappearance on March 4, 1998, was Portugal’s most notorious case of suspected abduction.

A few months after his disappearance, police showed her a photograph from the Wonderland Club, a pedophile website.

The picture was not clear but it showed a boy who looked like Rui Pedro, naked and being abused by a pedophile. Teixera believes it was her son.

“I was shocked and traumatized,” she said. “I went to see an association in Switzerland [Innocence in Danger] to ask for help and I saw and heard horrible things. I was even more traumatized because I saw people did awful things to children.”

As the search for Madeleine continued last week, one of the greatest fears was that she, too, had been abducted by pedophiles. The Algarve has been become a haunt for British pedophiles because there is no sex offenders’ register.

The Wonderland pedophile ring was uncovered by the National Crime Squad in London. It led to arrests in Britain, Australia, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal and the United States.

More than 1,200 children were pictured, some suffering appalling abuse. One was only three months old. Even with the help of facial mapping software, only a very small number have been identified.


In another pedophile scandal, eight people were arrested in Italy and three in Russia on suspicion of trading in child pornography. Some of the abused children were said to have been abducted from orphanages, circuses and public parks in Russia and filmed as they were forced to commit sexual acts.

"She Would Suffocate Her Children By Rolling Her 250-pound Body On Them As They Slept"

Female Serial Killer:

Martha Ann Johnson (also known as Martha Ann Bowen) (born 1955) is a serial killer from Georgia convicted of smothering to death three of her children between 1977 and 1982.

Johnson was in her third marriage by the age of 22. Her first marriage produced a girl, born in 1971. Her second marriage produced a son in 1975 and her third marriage, to Earl Bowen, produced a son and daughter, born 1979 and 1980, respectively.

On September 23, 1977, Johnson claimed 23-month-old James William Taylor was unresponsive when she attempted to wake him up from his nap. He was rushed to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The cause of death was determined to be sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

On November 30, 1980, Johnson claimed her three-month-old daughter Tibitha Jenelle Bowen was blue when she went to wake her up from a nap. Paramedics were unable to revive Tibitha, and her death was also attributed to SIDS.

In January 1981, 31-month-old Earl Wayne Bowen was found with a package of rat poison. He was treated and release from the hospital, after which his parents claimed he began to have seizures. On February 12, 1981, Earl went into cardiac arrest while being taken to the hospital during a seizure. He was revived and placed on life support; however, doctors pronounced him brain dead, and he was removed from life support three days later.

Johnson claimed her 11-year-old daughter Jenny Ann Wright was complaining of chest pains, for which a doctor prescribed Tylenol and a rib belt. On February 21, 1982, paramedics found Jenny Ann face down on Johnson's bed with foam coming out of her mouth, but were unable to resuscitate her.

In December 1989, an article in The Atlanta Constitution questioned the deaths, and the cases were reopened. Investigators determined that each child's death was preceded seven to 10 days by marital problems between Johnson and Bowen.

On July 3, 1989, Johnson was arrested, and she confessed to killing two of her children. After confrontations with Bowen, Johnson would suffocate the children by rolling her 250-pound body on them as they slept. She claimed the motive was to punish her husband. Johnson claimed she was not responsible for the deaths of her two youngest children.

By the beginning of her trial in April 1990, Johnson had retracted her confession. On May 5, 1990, she was convicted of first-degree murder for the smothering deaths of three of her four children and sentenced to death. The sentence was later commuted to life on appeal.

"You know, I met him at the gym," says Master P, in an interview included on the DVD of Hooked: The Legend of Demetrius "Hook" Mitchell. "The first time we met, we were going to fight. I walked in the gym, and Hook was a hell of a ball player but he talked crazy to you."

We ended up being the best of friends because were both on the same page. But I was able to get it together and Hook ended up going the other route. He ended up in jail. But I mean, this guy, he used to jump over cars."

Hook Mitchell, has been called one of the best basketball players never to make it to the NBA.

All his friends and associates, from Gary Payton to Jason Kidd to Antonio Davis -- describe Mitchell's feats of athletic prowess with awe. "He was better than everybody," says Payton in the film's first moments. And yet, adds Kidd, "You can have all the talent in the world, but also, at one flush of the toilet, watch it all go down the drain." As Davis puts it, "I knew he was kinda hanging out with some guys I was scared of."

On the neighborhood courts, Hook was as showy and as thrilling a player as Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, or LeBron James.

Hook's only father figure was a drug kingpin, Oakland's Larry Parker, whose death while Hook was in junior college (after adults helped him to fake a high school diploma) sent him "off the hook," deeper into drug use and despair ("I was doing drugs as long as the court was long," he recalls). At the same time that his friend Gary Payton was entering the NBA draft, Mitchell was on his way to prison.

In prison, Hook converted to Islam and changed his named to Waliy Abdur Rahim.


According to Louise Petitus at the Free Public Newspaper: For half a century, from 1870 to 1920, a black man lived in Rock Hill who was a remarkable leader.

J. Henry Toole was born in 1852. The U.S. Census gives his birthplace as North Carolina and another source says he was born in Raleigh.

As soon as Toole arrived in town, he opened Rock Hill's first barber shop, which was for "white men only."

In 1872, Toole was arrested with 194 others by Union officers and charged with being a member of the Ku Klux Klan.

He was released from jail early because of his hatred towards blacks. A few months later, Toole co-founded Rock Hill's first black newspaper, the Rock Hill Messenger.

When Toole endorsed a white minister, Rev. P.J. Drayton (a rumored racist) to be president of Claflin College, the black editor of the Messenger, thundered against him, saying he was voicing the "sentiments of every self-respecting colored citizen in South Carolina" who would rise up against the recommendation by a "Negro Democrat, and a black Klansman.

Toole died Oct. 15, 1920. The funeral was at the Church of Our Savior with assistance by the pastors of First Presbyterian and St. John's Methodist. The honorary pall bearers were Gilbert Greene, John Roddey, Ben Fewell, Henry Massey, Capt. J.W. Marshall, John Black, Julius Friedheim, W.W. Gill, David Hutchison, William Hutchison and Col. W. J. Rawlinson, all of whom were white business leaders, an indication of the high status that Toole attained with white people because of his non-black stance.


Attorney Cleve McDowell (above, left) was murdered on March 17, 1997. To this day, justice has not been served. For years, McDowell had collected various evidence, witness testimonies, articles, and notes on unsolved Civil Rights Murders...shortly after his murder there was a mysterious fire where all these valuable items were lost. Sunflower

District Attorney Hailey Gail Bridges hastily prosecuted Juarez Webb to quickly shut the case when there was disputed evidence that raised serious questions about who murdered McDowell.

The son-in-law of the late singer James Brown was shot to death in the garage of his Buckhead home.

Investigators said the shooter was waiting for Darren "Chip" Lumar.

“When he drove up to park his car in the garage, he was confronted. An altercation of some sort took place. That’s when the victim was shot multiple times,” said Atlanta police Officer Eric Schwartz.

The neighborhood where Lumar lived is a gated community. “I think it was somebody that knew him,” Schwartz said.

Witnesses said after the gunman shot Lumar, it appeared the perpetrator was side-stepping away, as if he was looking to see if anyone was watching him. The witnesses said he then rounded a corner, possibly jumping a fence, and got into a car that was waiting for him.

The witnesses said Lumar then got into a car and drove four miles to Northside Hospital, where he died.

Lumar was married to Brown's daughter, Yamma Brown Lumar, who had recently divorced him. Sources close to the family and the case told CBS 46 that when Lumar arrived at the hospital, he had $4,000 in cash in his pocket.

Some relatives fear that Lumar was murdered to shut him up. According to sources, Lumar told people that he thought James Brown was murdered and he knew who killed him and exactly how he was killed (poison). These same people theorize that Lumar might have been killed to keep him from talking to authorities.

Police said they have not made any arrests and they don't have a motive.

The Republicans will use the following information to try and prevent Eric Holder from becoming the Attorney General in Barack Obama's administration.

On the final day of President Clinton's second term, Holder recommended a pardon for Marc Rich, a billionaire fugitive who spent years on the run from tax charges and whose ex-wife (Denise) was a major donor to the Clinton legal defense fund. Holden was allegedly the architect of the Marc Rich pardon.

Mark Rich:

I read a book about Mark Rich several years ago, titled, "Metal Men." The book was a fascinating read and gave you an insightful look into commodities trading. Rich was the leader of a shadowy and covert group (of traders) who were referred to as "Metal Men." All of these men became billionaires and have homes all over the world and all of them kept very low profiles, refusing all media inquiries.

When Seven Sisters Oil Companies (Exxon, Mobil, BP, Shell, Gulf, Chevron and Texaco), merged, they dominated the oil market (product, ground, shipping and refining) until Mark Rich and Pinky Green built a $30 billion dollar business in over 125 countries, creating a multi-national.

Marc Rich also owns property in the ski resort of St. Moritz, Switzerland and in Marbella, Spain. He is an important art collector and friends say he lives surrounded by Picasso's, Chagalls and Miros.

Denise Rich:

Denise Rich is the very wealthy ex-wife of Marc Rich, the Swiss financier who was living in Switzerland, a fugitive from the American Internal Revenue laws. It was assumed around New York that her lavish lifestyle was made possible by her divorce settlement. It was not generally known that she herself was an heiress of a New England shoe manufacturer whose fortune initially launched ex-husband Rich.

Denise Rich is also a successful songwriter and has Oscar and multiple Grammy nominations. Her work has appeared on platinum albums by Celine Dion, Marc Anthony and Mandy Moore.

It’s still to be determined whether the considerable contributions to Democrats by Rich, 57, played a role in getting presidential clemency for Marc Rich, her billionaire former husband and father of their three children, who has lived in Switzerland since he was indicted in 1983 on charges of tax evasion, fraud and making illegal oil deals with Iran.

But there is no doubt that Denise Rich made some contributions to the pop world, including co-writing Moore’s breakthrough hit “Candy” and the track “I Like It” on the teen star’s debut album.

At one of Denise Rich's star studded gala's, Patti LaBelle and Gladys Knight performed. Rich also considers Star Jones and Natalie Cole good friends. Her parties are often attended by Ivana Trump and Sarah Ferguson.


Jade Vixen (above), an S&M dominatrix was kidnapped by her obsessed client David Krieg after he killed her lawyer boyfriend Anthony Ottaviano. Krieg, 42, eventually shot himself.

Anthony Ottaviano, 40, who liked to attend fetish parties wearing leather, lipstick and high heels, was an attorney in New York City's one of the most prestigious law firms , Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison. He was returning Vixen home after a night out-when David Krieg shot him dead and kidnapped Vixen.

Krieg then drove her for several hours before she managed to convince him to drop her off at his relative's house in Pennsylvania. She immediately called the police. Krieg held cops at bay for nine hours before shooting himself in the head.

Vixen, who specializes in "sensual teasing and denial, rope bondage, dog training, tickle torture, and corporal punishments of a traditional nature" is an engineering and materials science PhD student at the University of Penn.


We have received word that sex trade recruiters are often dispatched to South Beach, New York and Los Angeles. They patronize the hottest clubs and target the youngest girls. They flatter them, pretending to be overseas modeling scouts.

They gain their confidence and invite them to parties with rich men. The least attractive girls are expected to work for an domestic run escort agency and the prettier girls are flown to oil rich Middle Eastern countries and sold off to the highest bidder. The club circuit has become a recruiting ground for unsuspecting victims.

Above, police officers stop a man to search him in Paturis Park where 13 gay men were murdered in suburban Sao Paulo, Thursday, Dec. 11, 2008. Brazilian officials say a retired state police officer has been arrested in connection with the murders that occurred between February 2007 and August 2008.


A retired sergeant from Brazil's military police may be linked to the murders of 13 men who were killed at a gay cruising spot at a park in Carapicuíba in greater Sao Paulo, according to an uncorroborated report from Brazil's O Globo newspaper.

Update, 12-Dec-08: Sao Paulo police inspector Paulo Fortunato confirmed Thursday that the sergeant, Jairo Francisco Franco, was taken into custody Wednesday night after a witness identified him as the killer of a gay man at the park on Aug. 19, Associated Press reports."We are convinced he is the rainbow maniac we have been looking for," Fortunato said, according to AP.

Police announced Monday that a suspected serial killer might be on the loose.

O Globo reported a day later that the suspect had been identified.

According to Associated Press, Paulo Fernando Fortunato, lead investigator for the case, told the O Globo newspaper Monday that 13 gay men had been killed at Parque dos Paturis between February 2007 and August 2008.

The 13 murders had not been linked previously, but a team of 15 detectives began re-examining them in light of the serial killer theory, Australia's ABC News reports.

Fortunato said Monday that he went public with the investigation to help warn people of the danger, according to AP.

Undercover agents are now patrolling the park where the murders took place.

The sergeant is suspected of killing a transvestite at a hotel in Osasco, São Paulo, in October, according to Made In Brazil's summary of O Globo's report. The caliber of the gun used to kill the transvestite matches the caliber of the gun used to kill the last victim found at the park in Carapicuíba in August.

The sergeant was the last person seen at the hotel with the transvestite, and is reported to hang out at Parque dos Paturis, where the 13 men were murdered, according to O Globo and Made In Brazil.

Police have dubbed the possible killer the "Rainbow Maniac" as a reference to the multicolored gay and lesbian logo, ABC News reports.

Although the Fortunato said Monday that investigators were not certain that only one person is responsible for the deaths, there are marked similarities in each case, according to ABC News. All of the victims were killed at the same gay meeting place in Paturo Park. All of the victims were men, most aged between 20 and 40, according to ABC News.

All the killings took place at night. All of the victims were found with their pants down, according to Made In Brazil blog.

All but one of the victims was shot either in the head or the neck. Ballistics tests are underway to see if the same gun was used in each case, according to ABC News.

Meanwhile, O Globo reports that the family of one of the men killed at the park is disputing the theory of the crime put forward by police.

Adílson Jose Pereira, whose body was found in the park July 8, 2007, was the second victim to be killed there.

His widow insisted that the 58-year-old married father of six children with 18 grandchildren would never be involved with homosexuals, according to O Globo.

His body was found next to his car near the park, but his widow explained that he often parked it there. "I thought he was going to a bar nearby. He played guitar there from time to time, and parked the car in park," said Maria Odília Alves Pereira.

A friend of the Pereira's, who did not want to be identified, told O Globo he was "womanizer".

Author Meta Smith's latest book (Whip Appeal) is just as good as her two previous efforts (The Rolexxx Club & Queen Of Miami).

Here's a description of Whip Appeal: Ebony Knight was raised by her mother to be on the lookout for the score, The One, the man who could bankroll a luxuriant lifestyle -- by any means necessary. Now, as the internationally sought-after dominatrix Supreme Mistress Ebony, she has found that man while catering to the kinky needs and fetishes of the ultra-affluent: millionaire Erik Johansen, driven by his twisted obsessions, will pay any amount for the pain and pleasure she doles out. And Ebony's not beyond using his secrets to her own advantage.

The lifestyle and all that goes with it -- cash beyond belief, twisted mind games, blackmail, and danger -- fits Ebony like a velvet glove. She's in control...until the night she crosses paths with Jeff Cardoza, a supremely sexy photographer who soon has Ebony playing by his rules. Falling in love with Jeff was never part of Ebony's plan -- but neither were the deadly deceptions that have her locked in a high-stakes power play with vengeful Erik Johansen. And just one slip will bring Ebony's house of cards crashing down....

This book can be ordered at


Bombshell Theory:

According to drug enforcement experts, Atlanta became an important center for narcotics distribution with the upgrading and expansion of South American and Caribbean drug trafficking into Miami.

The pattern is an expansion to routes into Georgia and Houston, Tex. Conjointly with this, Atlanta became more important as a center for drug cartel money-laundering operations. Officials add: It is certainly a regional capital for an international Satanic network.

From July of 1979 to May of 1981, 29 black adolescent and young adult males were murdered in Atlanta, Ga. The circumstances of their death clearly indicated a ritual element, and extensive media play guaranteed an international spotlight. At the time, one credible motive for the murders appeared to be political: to foment racial tensions. The Satanic element gradually unfolded.

The officially recognized victims were mainly adolescent black males, who were known to be involved in drug running and in male prostitution. There is every indication that pornographic photographs, and perhaps videos as well, were being produced. One possibility is that the young men and women were murdered during the course of the production of ``snuff'' films; another is that the deaths were part of some sacrificial ritual. Other motives suggested for the crimes included retribution for violations of the criminals' own internal code (for example, that the young people held back drug profits).

The children were known to frequent the house of a black man named Tom Terrell, known to them as Uncle Tom. Here, they were paid $10 or $15 to perform oral sexual acts. The children were also sodomized. They were given marijuana and some other form of narcotic which was daubed on their faces. The existence of Uncle Tom's house never came out in the trial of Williams, despite the availability of eyewitness testimony. There was definite evidence that some of the dead children had spent time with their captors, perhaps days, before they were killed.

They were wearing clothing different from that in which they were captured, and the remains of food taken from their stomachs showed that they had eaten meals after the time they were last seen by friends and family. The children were apparently smothered to death--one possibility is that they were smothered at the moment of orgasm, while performing oral sex.

Sexual organs were missing on many of the remains, which had been left to moulder outdoors. The location where one boy's body was found was the same place where, some years earlier, homosexuals had been shot in a gang war over control of the homosexual entertainment industry. Later, there was also a spate of firebombing's of homosexual and sexually oriented entertainment spots in Atlanta.

One of the boys was found with a stab wound in the stomach, surrounded by five ceremonial cuts, according to an acknowledgement by a medical examiner, subsequent to the Wayne Williams trial. (No Satanic connections were brought out by the Williams defense.) Several parents reported to investigators that when they saw their children's bodies they had crosses carved on their foreheads or chests. Newspapers reported three such instances at the time.

Atlanta has long been an occult center. Not only had the Process-Foundation Faith cult opened a chapter there, but there was a home-grown Wicca network run by a witch who called herself Lady Santana, and one Lord Merlin. Lady Santana was also known as Samantha Lerman.

The Atlanta Wicca Church changed its name to the Church of the Old Religion in 1979, following the murder of a 15-year-old girl. Jolene Tina Simon was killed at Ravenwood House during an open house ritual. She was killed shortly before May 29, 1979, and a man named David Reese.

Williams, a 23-year-old unemployed paramedic, was subsequently indicted by an Atlanta grand jury for manslaughter. According to accounts, Williams coolly placed a gun to Simon's head and pulled the trigger, when she told him, ``Kill me!'' Williams claims not to remember the incident, and Wicca members who were present testified that the murder was accidental.

A witness reported seeing one of the purported victims of the Atlanta Child Murders alive. The FBI also interviewed people who claimed to have seen this particular boy alive as late as December of 1981. Witnesses near the location of the abduction of one child on the official victim list, identified Parnell Traham as the driver of the car used in the abduction. In none of the abductions of the children, is there any indication that they resisted capture. This leads to the hypothesis that they knew their captors--in some instances, these may even have been family members.

Sources: & The EIR (Washington, D.C.)

"Police Get The Wrong House In Galveston, Allegedly Assault 12-Year-Old Girl"

It was a little before 8 at night when the breaker went out at Emily Milburn's home in Galveston. She was busy preparing her children for school the next day, so she asked her 12-year-old daughter, Dymond, to pop outside and turn the switch back on.

As Dymond headed toward the breaker, a blue van drove up and three men jumped out rushing toward her. One of them grabbed her saying, "You're a prostitute. You're coming with me."

Dymond grabbed onto a tree and started screaming, "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy." One of the men covered her mouth. Two of the men beat her about the face and throat.

As it turned out, the three men were plain-clothed Galveston police officers who had been called to the area regarding three white prostitutes soliciting a white man and a black drug dealer.

All this is according to a lawsuit filed in Galveston federal court by Milburn against the officers. The lawsuit alleges that the officers thought Dymond, an African-American, was a hooker due to the "tight shorts" she was wearing, despite not fitting the racial description of any of the female suspects. The police went to the wrong house, two blocks away from the area of the reported illegal activity, Milburn's attorney, Anthony Griffin, tells Hair Balls.

After the incident, Dymond was hospitalized and suffered black eyes as well as throat and ear drum injuries.

Three weeks later, according to the lawsuit, police went to Dymond's school, where she was an honor student, and arrested her for assaulting a public servant. Griffin says the allegations stem from when Dymond fought back against the three men who were trying to take her from her home. The case went to trial, but the judge declared it a mistrial on the first day, says Griffin. The new trial is set for February.

"I think we'll be okay," says Griffin. "I don't think a jury will find a 12-year-old girl guilty who's just sitting outside her house. Any 12-year-old attacked by three men and told that she's a prostitute is going to scream and yell for Daddy and hit back and do whatever she can. She's scared to death."

Since the incident more than two years ago, Dymond regularly suffers nightmares in which police officers are raping and beating her and cutting off her fingers, according to the lawsuit.

Griffin says he expects to enter mediation with the officers in early 2009 to resolve the lawsuit.

We've got calls in to the officers' lawyer; we'll let you know if we hear something.


Numerous black men and women don't make the most beautiful list. Here are a few of our selections.

Jada Collins is our hometown bay area girl. She's also drop dead gorgeous, sophisticated, classy and well spoken. When she isn't modeling overseas or working as the commentator for the Ebony Fashion Fair, Jada donates her time to a variety of charities and she heads a non-profit.

Jada is also an excellent commentator. She can describe the attire worn by the Ebony Fashion Fair models from memory without even glancing at the runway.

Will Demps is the most gorgeous man in the NFL with his chiseled abs and handsome features, he's a heart stopper and it's safe to say that he's one of the most beautiful black men in the world.

Professional football player Darren Sharper is beyond handsome. He has beautiful dimples and a perfect physique. He's physical perfection.

He's also very sexy with a beautiful smile. In our opinion, he's one of the most gorgeous black men in the world.


We've received emails from readers regarding the following controversial statement (made by Beyonce) given to a SF Chronicle reporter (Aidin Vaziri) in 2001; before she had a handler in place to prevent this type of statement from leaking out.

People were discussing it on the blog, readers who hadn't read this statement asked that we reprint it. Here it is, below:

Q: Didn't you drop out of high school?

Beyonce Knowles: I didn't like school when I was there, but I miss the social life in school. But that's just something you have to give up. It's way better performing and meeting celebrities and accomplishing your dreams than talking to a bunch of kids.

To read the entire interview, click on the following link:  Beyonce Interview


Earlier this year, in Dallas, a 13 year old girl faces charges of compelling prostitution, after allegedly luring other young girls to dance and to serve as prostitutes.

Investigators said the young girl brought other girls to club Metropolis (above), enticing them with the promise of money and even forcing some of them to dance and sell their bodies for sex.

Local police say this isn't unusual there are hundreds of teenage prostitutes in Dallas due to the large demand. Recently a 12 year old girl was found dancing naked at a nightclub.

Police also said they don't believe the young girls are acting alone. They believe adult pimps may be involved in exploiting these young girls.

Where was this 13-year-old's parents or guardians?




Canadian-born Jessie Foster (1st photo) was a free-spirited woman, who cops say got mixed up with the wrong crowd.

After visiting the United States in 2005, she eventually moved in with a man almost twice her age on the outskirts of Sin City.

The man lived in the swanky suburb of North Las Vegas and, according to reports, he drove a number of expensive cars.

Jessie told her family that he was independently wealthy, but cops believe he was a pimp -- and Jessie may have become one of his prostitutes.

The petite blonde last called her mother on March 24, 2006, planning to come visit her at home in Canada a few days later.

But that trip never took place, and cops believe Jessie disappeared for good between March 28 and April 3, 2006.

Jessie Foster was last known to be at the home she shared with her boyfriend/pimp, and she has not been seen or heard from ever since.

Now, cops need your help to piece together the mystery surrounding her bizarre disappearance.

Three of the women were dismembered, and their remains had been dumped just off of remote stretches of highway.

Jessie Foster's mysterious disappearance has raised some red flags among investigators. Her physical traits are quite similar to those of three other Vegas-area prostitutes who went missing and were ultimately murdered in between March 2003 and April 2006.

Due to the demographic that Jessie fits in, cops feel that there are numerous similarities between her and three other Vegas prostitutes who were discovered dead and dismembered since 2003.

Between March 2003 and April 2006, Misty Marie Saens (3rd photo) Jodi Marie Brewer (4th photo) Lindsay Marie Harris (second photo) and Jessica Edith Louise Foster (1st photo) all disappeared under similarly suspicious circumstances.

All were white, skinny, with strawberry blonde hair and ranging in age from 19 to 26. Each girl ranged in height between 5'4" and 5'6", and all of their boyfriends or pimps were black males. Three of the girls' middle names were "Marie."

Is someone targeting white prostitutes in Las Vegas who work for black pimps and have the middle name-Marie?

Three of the women were dismembered, and their remains had been dumped just off of remote stretches of highway. Two of them were found near industrial areas, and the body of the fourth woman, Jessie Foster, has never even been found.

Are all of their similarities mere coincidence, or is there someone out there abducting and viciously taking the lives of Las Vegas-area prostitutes?

Cops are actively pouring over all of the evidence and are hell bent on finding the culprit or culprits, though leads are few and far between.

Forever defined as an "Marilyn Monroe clone," Mamie Van Doren is a vaguely remembered blonde bombshell from the 1950's with legendary lovers.

Her lovers included: Steven McQueen, Warren Beatty, Johnny Carson, Tony Curtis, Elvis Presley and Burt Reynolds.

Mamie even claimed she seduced gay actor Rock Hudson but he was a "premature." Referring to Burt Reynolds, she said, "High on jive but low on substance." She added, "Steve McQueen was wonderful in bed."

She was widely quoted as saying, "In my bedroom, Joe Namath proved his ability was just as great off the football field as on it."

Nicky Hilton (Elizabeth Taylor's first husband) said: Mamie is a hot number, she knows how to make a man feel like a man."

Marilyn Monroe was once asked if she viewed Mamie as serious competition. "It takes more than a bottle of peroxide for a girl to turn herself into Marilyn Monroe. Men want the real thing."

Monroe was gracious enough to give Mamie the following advice: "Do your best, Mamie, not to fall in love with anyone in government, because after they f**k you, they f**k you."

Source: "Hollywood Babylon: It's Back," by Dawin Porter & Danforth Prince


An adult star who tried to sell a schoolgirl's virginity to a wealthy businessman for $30,000 has escaped jail.

Fleur Brown (above), who boasted holding the 2003 European "Gang Bang Trophy", spent weeks negotiating the deal she hoped would pay for a new car.

The woman, eager to prostitute the 13-year-old's innocence for as big a pay-off as possible, also wanted to clear a string of debts incurred by a breast enhancement operation in Thailand.

London's Snaresbrook Crown Court heard the woman, a regular at the porn industry's annual answer to the Oscars in Las Vegas, first broached the idea after an American porn film producer offered to make a film about her sordid career.

Alison Hunter, prosecuting, said the girl's involvement was initially limited to playing a young version of Brown in the film.

But when the project appeared to stall, the porn star suggested making money by selling the youngster's virginity.

A national newspaper learnt of her offer and got an undercover reporter, posing as a wealthy businessman's representative interested in having sex with the girl, to contact her.

Brown assured him: "You'd love her ... she's going to break some hearts when she's a bit older. She's very broad-minded."

Referring to the child as her "friend" and little realizing she was being secretly filmed, she added: "She's thinking about going ahead and taking the first step anyway and I said to her you know when you're ready to take the next step ... how do you feel about doing some business? Wouldn't it make sense to get paid an awful lot of money for it?"

As the discussions continued, Brown, who also worked as £50-an-hour escort girl, confessed to having frequently supplied the girl with crack cocaine, and said she could easily get some for the child's would-be lover.

Eventually Brown agreed to take the youngster to a luxury hotel for the "transaction".

But instead of the businessman and the five-figure "sale price" she was so eagerly looking forward to, the police turned up instead.

Brown, of Goldhanger Road, Heybridge, Maldon, Essex, pleaded guilty to one count of arranging or facilitating the commission of a child sex offence in December, 2004, and one of possessing crack cocaine with intent to supply.

Bespectacled Brown remained impassive as Judge Timothy King told her that normally the serious offences she had committed would "justify" immediate imprisonment.

But in the two-and-a-half years since then there had been a "significant turnaround" in her life.

"First of all there seems to have been a re-think by you on the way you were leading life in the past, not only the drugs but also the type of work in which you were engaged.

"I'm told you have now left behind your work as a porn actress. That bodes well for the future... Moreover, you have managed to put behind you your drug habit. You have secured employment and you are holding that employment down."

But "the effect this must have had on the girl" could not be overlooked.

However, in view of her guilty pleas and the progress she had made, "I am satisfied in all the circumstances that I am justified in suspending the 12-month prison sentence I had in mind for two years".

He added she would also be subject to a 12-month supervision order and be required to register as a sex offender for 10 years.

Outside court, Detective Inspector Colin Burgess, of the Police Child Abuse Investigation Command: "It is a sad case.

"She was apparently involved in a life of hardcore pornography and she thought that this was a reasonable life for someone else to get involved in.

"It is apparent her addiction to crack played a large part in her twisted thought process, and that somebody could be so callous and greedy to prostitute a youngster, and worse sell her virginity, is an appalling example of child abuse."

Miss Hunter told the court that from an early age until her arrest, 32-year-old Brown had worked in the sex industry.

"She was an international porn star using the stage name Betty Swollocks having starred in over 200 movies, with her own website and frequently appearing on Television X."

The barrister said the woman could clearly be heard on the tapes "boasting, amongst other trophies she held, that she won the European Gang Bang trophy in 2003 for having sex with 466 men in four-and-a-half hours".

She said the story started in January 2004 when she attended the AVN awards - the "porn Oscars" - in Las Vegas.

While there she was asked if she was interested in making a "biopic" of her life.

She said she was, and mentioned the possibility of the 13-year-old playing her as a youngster.

But back in Britain the months passed and her debts increased without any further progress.

She then rang the film producer in America and this time suggested making money by selling the youngster's virginity.

Once the undercover journalist had made contact, she not only revealed she was addicted to crack but confessed to supplying the girl with it as well.

The pair were eventually taken to London's Kensington Rooms Hotel.

She was then taped saying: "I desperately need some cash... because I need a fast car. The sooner we do it the better because madam is getting a bit nervous. It's a big thing for a girl isn't it?"

Brown then demanded $30,000 for the sordid sale, adding the "client" could have the girl as long as he wanted.

"The price is based on the fact she is losing her virginity to this guy... that's what he is paying for, her virginity, which is why it is such a big deal and... such a big price."

In another taped conversation she asked if the businessman took drugs, and after making it clear the girl was a regular user as well, offered to buy some crack cocaine for him.

She was then given $200 to buy a few "rocks".

Later, as talk returned to the "arrangements", Brown suggested taking part in a "threesome of sorts," if the client was interested.

When the "evening of the act" finally arrived a few days later, Brown and the child were driven to another London hotel - the Kensington Palace - and told to wait for a summons from the businessman.

But Miss Hunter said the only call Brown received was from the police.

Officers found the crack she had bought with the money she was given, in her handbag.

Source: Daily Mail, Photo Credit: Central News


For those of you who have drug kingpin fantasies and for those of you who glorify and glamorize the dope game, the following story should be required reading.

Always remember, as a drug kingpin, you will live the high life, acquiring lavish homes, more money than you can ever spend (millions), expensive bling, luxury whips and attractive women for at least five years.

But, the next 25 years of your life will be spent in prison if you survive death on the streets. Is it really worth it? -MP


By: Billy Ray Riggs

I was given the name Billie Ray Riggs at birth, but the streets christened me "Big Pappa Cash" Pops for short. I was introduced to the streets at the age of twenty. Once I met the streets I fell in love with them. If I couldn't get it in the street, I didn't want it.

Beginning at the age of twenty, put me way behind my peers, in recognizing and knowing how to take advantage of hustling opportunities-some legal, most illegal. I had to quickly learn how to cheat.

Selling drugs became an every day fact of life as I was learning and being taught the ways of the world. When black awareness came on the scene, I was one of the first to embrace the ideology. I was a real contradiction. I wanted people to be black and proud while at the same time, I was selling them drugs. I rose slowly and totally into the drug world as I became more and more disillusioned with the movement.

Even though I am a nice looking man, I am not a movie star, rapper, or someone blessed with super athletic ability.

My knowledge and perspective comes from years chasing the dream that leads so many of us to an early grave or the pen.

I am laying me heart and soul on the line, so that I might save a few of you from the pain and doom that is now my life.

I have dedicated my life to showing young people that selling drugs is a fast track to the cemetery, prison or even death row.

The proof? I have more friends dead than alive. You'd need an adding machine to count the number of my friends in prison.

I can show you bullet wounds on my body. I can tell you true stories about friends who've died brutal deaths because they were in the dope game, because they dreamed of being big-time dealers.

Where I'm from, young people don't dream of becoming doctors, lawyers, teachers , or even professional athletes. They dream of becoming big time drug dealers or kingpins. I'll stand witness. Anyone who dreams of an easy life selling drugs is going to find out the dream is a nightmare. This is a real life-no drama and there is nothing sugar coated about the uncut truth.

For all those young girls out there who chase down drug dealers hoping to marry them and live in luxury. I wish that I could sit down and have a heart to heart talk with them who have this fantasy. I can tell them things that would make them wish they never saw a man who deals drugs.

Ask me and some of the unfortunate women-if all the material things were worth the horror of having your door kicked in by men in ski masks and black gloves, armed with packed Uzis, AK-47's and 9mms. They my children lay down on the floor, threatening to kill them if my woman didn't tell them where I kept my money.

While I was off trying to make another million dollars to go with the $3 million I had already amassed. I can still hear my lady begging for the lives of her and our children. One of our kids was so scared she peed on herself. Even today, ten years later, I am sure she doesn't want to talk about it. Come to think of it, I don't either!

I came home and found my lady terrified and in tears. The thugs had left a message with her after taking $50,000 of her jewelry.

"We were hoping Pops was home so we could kick in his curly head."

A friend of mine wasn't so lucky- he came home and found his family dead.

After that incident, my lady friend pleaded with me to change my lifestyle. I put up my $750,000 house up for sale and was willing to sell it for half that price. I then searched city wide for information leading to the three robbers, but I was too stupid to change. The addiction to selling drugs is 10 times more powerful than using them. As I think about it now, I am happy I never used drugs. Not even a cigarette.

One day a youngster on the same tier reminded me of the time he came to me years ago and asked me to teach him my secret? Someone had told him that I knew the secret of the very profitable "double up," cooking of a kilo of cocaine and making it come back two kilos of crack.

"Pops," this young man said, " I heard you have it going on?" The idolization in his voice makes me sick when I think about it. "They tell me you were living large and counting money like Trump." I remember him saying that like it was yesterday!

He wanted to see the picture of my black Mercedes and the house everybody was talking about. I hand him my photo album without speaking a word and watched his young, impressionable face glowing with adulation. After a moment he remarked, "Pops, I wanted to be just like you."

I wish that I had explained to him back then just what he was about to get himself into now that I see him in here on death row with me. He did get his wish, he is just like me, he's in prison. I should have told the young man that I was not someone to look up to; I wish I could have told him to look up at those razor wire fences that surround this prison. Look at that clock in your cell and tell me how many times that hour hand has to go full circle before you become a free man?

As I continue to school him every day when he is talking about that pipe dream he had. It has become more than the young brother had bargained for as he flashed back on that fast life we both lived, but I am not through yet.
Tomorrow, I will tell him about "not counting the hours, days, or even weeks," I will continue. "You better count years! And when you count, brother, take your shoes off because you're going to run out of fingers and you'll be needing them toes."

When I show people the pictures of my previous lifestyle, and the material things

I had, its not to brag. Its just that you can't tell the whole truth without letting them see the traps--money, cars, fine women, bad reputation and the feeling that you are a big man. In some neighborhoods, if you aren't a drug dealer you'll never get a girlfriend. Talk about the pressure, especially for a teenager.

That's why I showed the young brother the photos of my past. I let him know that we may never see any of these things again, not to mention being able to lay next to a woman ever again, hug her and smell her sweet fragrance, touch her soft skin, feel her cold feet rubbing on our bodies and most of all tell her how much I love her.

"So you wanted to sell drugs, huh?" I kept nailing at the young brother who idolizes me. "You wanted to help destroy people's lives, not to mention your own?" I could feel a cold tear as it ran down my face. "When you sell drugs, brother, you're not only destroying the buyers life, but their families too."

As we sat at the table on the yard one day, I shoved my prison papers in front of him, with my court imposed sentence slapped across the top: "COMMITTED TO DEATH, SAN QUENTIN PRISON!"

When you come to prison or get killed, you destroy your whole family, your wife and children, if you're like me my girlfriend and my mother. For a family to be complete, it's got to be together. Cut off an arm and you can still survive, but you're always going to have limitations. When your daughter grows up without a father in the home and has two or three kids before she's seventeen, and ends up on welfare for the rest of her life, its your fault.


When your son ends up in a prison cell next to yours or gets smoked (killed) before he's old enough to finish school, its your fault. When you come to prison and your wife, or in my case girlfriend, becomes someone else's wife or girlfriend and forgets you even exist, that's your fault too. You wanted to be a kingpin, so you got everything that goes along with that title.

"Yeah, you'll be living good for awhile. Keep that in mind when they ship you off to prison. I was living it large. Big deal. "

Like the young brother on the tier that worshipped me maybe you thought I was going to give some tips on how to come up large (get rich) in the dope game. Forget it: That wouldn't be giving out knowledge, it would be giving out poison. And I have poisoned far too many people already chasing that almighty dollar. Know. I have dedicated my life to use the same determination to try and change a few young peoples minds to steer them away from that same crooked path I followed.

I still feel responsible for one of the things that cause me to dedicate my life to saving others. After I got convicted, I stayed in contact with my aunt (which is my mothers youngest sister). She has a son, "Bobby" who worshipped the ground I walked on. Bobby wanted in on the dope game and was always asking me to set him up. I always gave him the runaround or some excuse to protect him from the hurt I had seen happen to some of my friends. Bobby was an intelligent kid capable of excelling in a legit career if he wanted to. He was an upcoming disc jockey. To make things worse he was a "prep" too green for the street life, too soft and anxious to get rich.

After I had been in prison for a few months, I called my aunt and was surprised to hear that a big time drug dealer had been over to her house. I spoke to that drug dealer soon after and he asked me if I could trust Bob with some dope. I started to say no because my instincts told me that something tragic would happen to the kid of he ever got into the dope game, but I didn't want Bobby to feel I'd badmouthed him so I said, " He could be trusted." I said it with hesitancy, though, hoping that the drug dealer would pick up on that and refuse to enlist Bob.

He didn't. That night, he gave Bob a large quantity of cocaine on consignment. The next day I called my aunt to ask about Bob. She told me that the gang was looking for Bob because he had disappeared with their product and they hadn't received any money for it. It was the beginning of a habit that has controlled his every thought for the last six years. You might say that I cosigned his death warrant.

If I had said flat out "No", Bob might be a productive citizen today, maybe even a rich man. I will never forgive myself for the slow death that is now a way of life for him.

I will never be able to undo this terrible fate that seems to be his destiny. I feel that the greatest respect I can pay him is to try and save other young people from the same tragic mistake..

No doubt about it, Billy Ray Riggs was a natural leader with creative talent. He excelled at everything he did. Maybe it was his environment, maybe it was plain old greed, but Pops chose the wrong path. Now he sits in prison back where he started, (without a dime in his pocket,) and can't even buy toothpaste to brush his teeth unless someone on the outside cares enough to send him a few bucks.

Is the ex ghetto king remorseful? "Yes! I'm glad I'm in prison, " he says reflectively. "I don't want your sympathy, I just want a chance to help those who were once like me."


Lexington Steele attended Morehouse College in Atlanta Georgia for two years but graduated from Syracuse University's College of Arts and Sciences with a double degree in History and African-American studies in 1993. He is also a member of the Omega Psi Phi fraternity.

After graduation, he worked in New York City as a stock broker in the World Trade Center starting as a trainee in Euro Brokers Inc and working his way up the chain of command. He was licensed as a financial adviser and working on Wall Street within months of graduating. He claims that he would have been in the building and been a victim of the September 11, 2001 attacks had he kept his old job as a stockbroker.

He started to act in adult movies in the latter part of 1997, in New York City. He moved to Los Angeles and joined the industry full-time in March 1998.

Steele now directs and performs exclusively for his own production company, Mercenary Motion Pictures (Headquarters Location Encino, CA ), which he founded in 2003 and serves as chairman and CEO since 2005. The company reported annual net profits of $2.6 million in 2005. He believes that his company will be the first adult entertainment company to be traded on the NYSE.


Allegedly, playboy/gigolo/assassin-Porfirio "Rubi" Rubirosa seduced Patricia Kennedy according to authors Darwin Porter and Danforth Prince (Hollywood Babylon: It's Back). Patricia Kennedy is the sister of John F. Kennedy.

When John Kennedy heard about it, he allegedly asked, are the rumors true? Is it as big as they say?" His sister refused to answer but her friend allegedly spoke up and said: "It's eleven inches long (soft) and thick as a beer car. Rubi can balance a chair with a telephone book on it on the tip of his erection." Years later, after Rubi died in a car crash involving his Ferrari, Patricia Kennedy was allegedly one of the mourners at his funeral.


One of Marilyn Monroe's best friends was an eyewitness to her affairs with John F. Kennedy and Bobby Kennedy. This person knew where all the skeletons were buried. After Monroe was found dead. This friend was paid off by a Kennedy fixer to disappear. She was also booked on a year-long cruise around the world. For that entire year, no one, not even the police knew where she was.



John Forté — who studied violin at the prestigious Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire as a youth — co-wrote and produced two songs on the Fugees' Grammy-winning 1996 smash, The Score. Two years later, he released his debut, Poly Sci, on which Fugees member Wyclef Jean has an executive-producer credit.

Forté was arrested in 2000 at Newark International Airport after accepting a briefcase containing $1.4 million worth of cocaine. He released his confessional second album, 2002's I, John, while already serving his sentence at Pennsylvania's Lorreto Federal Penitentiary.

Forte featured an unexpected duet with '70s legend Carly Simon on "Been There, Done That," which came about through Forté's friendship with Simon's son, Ben Taylor.

Last week, President Bush granted Forte a Presidential pardon.

Backstory (Unconfirmed Rumor):

We have been informed via an "unconfirmed rumor" that: When John Forte was trafficking cocaine, he allegedly employed two white girls as drug traffickers. One was was allegedly arrested at an airport trying to smuggle cocaine into the country.

Allegedly, she ratted Forte out when she allegedly found out that he was cheating on her with a famous white woman. She allegedly told the authorities about an incoming shipment and Forte was arrested. Both white girls allegedly received 2 years probation for their cooperation and Forte was serving a 14 year sentence when he was pardoned by President Bush last week.

Carly Simon worked tirelessly behind the scenes with her powerful political friends to insure a pardon for Forte. She called on Ted Kennedy and Orrin Hatch (the same man who helped secure a pardon for Dallas Austin in Dubai). Simon was successful in her effort.


Jesse Jackson, Jr., is currently involved in a political scandal, even if he's proven innocent, it's doubtful he'll be elected to the Senate due to the severity of the allegations.


In 1994, Jesse Jackson's other son Jonathan (2nd photo) was named a suspect in a federal investigation of an alleged international drug smuggling ring.

Rev. Jackson called the allegations an attempt to hurt the Jackson family's credibility and reputation.

Jonathan, 28, at the time, was named in court papers seeking authorization to tap phones of Nigerian citizen Pius Ailemen. An indictment in San Francisco charged Ailemen with leading an Oakland-based heroin smuggling network.

According to authorities, Ailemen's network smuggled 13 pounds of heroin per month from Southeast Asia through Africa to Europe and the United States.

On the wiretaps, Jonathan Jackson was discussing oil business opportunities with Ailemen. Agents believed that "oil" was a code word for narcotics.

This story disappeared quickly and Jonathan Jackson was never charged.


According to the Chicago Sun Times: For decades, Rev. Jesse L. Jackson threatened companies with boycotts for failing to have minority employees but Jackson's sons refuse to say how many minority employees work at their Chicago beer distributorship.

It's one of the many questions that Yusef and Jonathan refuse to answer about the lucrative deal they got from Anheuser-Busch Inc. in 1998. The deal came 16 years after their father boycotted the world's largest brewer because only three of its 900 distributorships were owned by minorities.

Neither Anheuser-Busch nor the Jacksons would say how many of the distributorships are owned by minorities today.

The Jackson Brothers own River North Sales & Service, which annually distributes between $30 million and $40 million worth of Budweiser and other products between Lake Michigan and Harlem Avenue. No bar or restaurant in that area can buy Anheuser-Busch products from anyone but the Jackson's. This includes hotels, nightclubs and Wrigley Field.

The Jackson's have as many as 100 drivers and representatives, but they refuse to say how many minorities.

Yusef Jackson (another son of Jesse Jackson's) and supermarket magnate (Ron Burkle) were co-owners of "Radar" magazine. Burkle is the (behind the scenes) billionaire who owns the Sean John clothing line.


On March 4, 1980, Angel Lenair (above) arrived home from school. She went to her closet and changed into jeans and an matching jacket. About 4 p.m., she went outside again. If anyone ever saw her alive again, he or she isn't talking about it."

Angel's mother, Venus Taylor, then 32, had brought her to Atlanta only two months earlier, in January of 1908, from Chicago, where Venus had been in trouble with the law over controlled substances (narcotics).

The tiny apartment she furnished since moving to Atlanta was tasteful. She supported herself and Angel on the money she made as an cocktail waitress at the "Mahogany Club." But, when the club lost its license, she lost her job.

Venus Taylor worried about the relationships that Angel may have been cultivating. Their home was very close to an Army base at Fort McPherson and Angel was a 12-year-old who was beginning to act more woman than child. Venus Taylor worried even more when one day an older man who lived in an apartment across the street expressed an interest in Angel.

On March 10, about 4 p.m., nearly six days to the minute after Angel had disappeared, the body of a young girl was found. Her hands were tied behind her and fastened to a tree and an electrical cord was tied around her neck. A pair of women's panties (not hers according to police) were stuffed down her throat.

When Venus viewed her daughter's body in the morgue, she remarked, "Angel resembles an old woman."


Faye Yearby, 22, (no photo available) was found nine months after Angel Lenair 's body had been found, stabbed to death and tied to a tree.

In almost the exact same position Angel Lenair had been found.

Despite this, Task Force Agents refused to acknowledge any link between the cases.

Source: "The List," by Chet Dettlinger & Jeff Prugh


According to the National Examiner: Allegedly, top officials have been briefed on a new family of weapons based on teleportation, similar to the transporter beam on Star Trek.

Allegedly, overseas labs appear to have made several breakthroughs in recent months. The technology is nearly identical to the transporter beams used aboard the Starship Enterprise.

The amount of energy required is fairly massive and moving a single object takes an unbelievable amount of computer processing power.

In Related News: Engineers have already created two of the technological advances featured on Star Trek. 1. The universal translator, which is able to decode any language instantaneously. 2. The ion drive engine which can propel ships quickly and efficiently around the solar system.


Myron Rolle is the first major-college football player of his generation to win what is considered the world’s most prestigious postgraduate academic scholarship, the Rhodes Scholar. Rolle is also a safety for the Florida State Seminoles.

ESPN's recruiting services ranked Rolle as the number one high school prospect in the country.

Rolle graduated from Florida State University after only 2.5 years, majoring in Exercise Sciences with a concentration in Pre-Med, and is currently completing a Master of Public Administration degree.

Rolle has announced his intentions to forgo his senior season of eligibility and the NFL to study at Oxford, where he intends to study medical anthropology. He is also a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. at FSU.
Rolle tries to pattern himself after former Minnesota Vikings running back Robert Smith, making decisions that set him up as a well-rounded individual who isn't tied only to sports. (While attending Ohio State, Smith had told his coach he would quit football unless he could take a science lab course that conflicted with practice. Myron is the cousin of Samari Rolle, who plays for the Baltimore Ravens.


Melissa McLaughlan, 25, (1st photo) was a native of Wixom, Michigan, living with her fiancé’s family in North Charleston, South Carolina. On the night she died, she had an argument with her fiancé at a nightclub. She stormed out of the club and began to walk home.

Police spotted her, obviously drunk, and gave her a ride home, but she quickly set out on foot for another club. Three black men, Matthew Mack (3rd photo) Matthew Williams, and Joseph Gardner (2nd photo) pulled up alongside in a car and started a conversation.

They offered her drugs if she would come back to their trailer and have sex with them. Melissa McLaughlan, who had a history of drug problems, foolishly accepted their offer. The men had spent most of the day drinking and watching pornographic videos of black men having sex with white women. At one point Mack exploded in anger at his white girlfriend, saying he wanted to “stab her,” but that “it ain’t got to be her, any white” would do.

Williams said he wanted to have sex with a white woman. Two hours later, the group watched a television news account of the biggest stories of 1992. When the videotaped beating and arrest of Rodney King came on the air, the third man, Gardner, spoke of “four hundred years of oppression,” and made a “New Year’s resolution” to “kill a white bitch.” It was in this state of mind that the four returned to the trailer where the three blacks lived.

The men offered Melissa McLaughlan no drugs, but she willingly had sex with them—at first. She began to resist, especially when the men wanted to sodomize her, and soon the men were raping her. They put out the word within the trailer park that they had “captured a white woman,” and three other blacks arrived and raped her. Two black women, girlfriends of some of the rapists, were present in another room of the trailer, but did nothing to stop the attack. After they had enough, the men decided to get rid of the evidence—including Melissa McLaughlan.

They soaked her in bleach and hydrogen peroxide, and scrubbed her under the shower with a nylon brush, in the hope of ridding her skin of sperm or other evidence that could be linked to them.

They forced her to scrub out her vagina with the same chemicals. They also talked openly of killing her. The men handcuffed her, blindfolded her, and put a heavy coat over her head. They then took her to a car, and forced her down onto the floorboards in the back. After they had driven for some time, she managed to get out of the handcuffs and began to struggle. Joseph Gardner, who was sitting in the front passenger seat, reached over the seat, held back her head, and shot her twice in the face.

The driver pulled over 14 miles outside Charleston, where Gardner shot her three more times in the face and once in the arm. The men dumped her on the side of the road, drove back to Charleston, and went nightclubbing. A passing driver found Melissa McLaughlan, miraculously alive, but she died before the ambulance arrived.

It took police four days to identify the body, and a day later they located the trailer where Melissa McLaughlan was raped. By January 9, 1993, police had arrested seven people including two of the ringleaders—Matthew Mack and Matthew Williams—and two women, Edna Williams and Indira Simmons, who were charged with being accessories to murder and sexual assault.

Three of the rapists were sailors stationed at nearby Charleston Naval Base. The only suspect not in custody was the triggerman, Joseph Gardner, who had carried out his New Year’s resolution. Gardner, who was AWOL from the Navy, eluded police for nearly two years, and might never have been caught had the FBI not put him on the “ten most wanted” list.

He was living in Philadelphia when someone saw his picture in the post office and tipped off the police. He was arrested on October 20, 1994, and is now on death row. Matthew Mack and Matthew Williams each received a 30 year prison sentence. Edna Williams and Indira Simmons received 7 year sentences.

Police suspected a racial motivation from the start, since they found a “crudely written racial diatribe” in the trailer, complete with racial epithets about white oppression, which claimed blacks were “justified in seeking revenge.”

Source: Bonnie's blog of


There's an agency that provides celebrity look-a-like escorts as shown above (Marilyn Monroe, George Clooney, Angelina Jolie & Prince Charles lookalikes).

You are paying for the fantasy of being seen in the company of your favorite celebrity. Sex is not included.

The majority of these male lookalike escorts have collected female clients by limo at their front door with flowers. They are then flown to Paris in a private jet.

This agency also has a Sean Connery, Hugh Grant, Audrey Hepburn and an Ozzy Osbourne lookalike on the agency roster.

Lookalike escorts don't come cheap.


"Prince Among Slaves," is the inspiring forgotten true story of an African prince (Abdul Rahman) who survived 40 years of enslavement in America (Mississippi) before finally regaining his freedom after an amazing coincidence took him to the White House to meet President John Quincy Adams, where he was granted his freedom.

Abdul Rahman was captured in 1788 and sold into slavery in the American South. He endured the horrific Middle Passage and ended up the "property" of a poor and nearly illiterate planter from Natchez, Mississippi, named Thomas Foster. Rahman remained enslaved for 40 years before finally regaining his freedom under dramatic circumstances, becoming one of the most famous men of his day. He returned to Africa, his royal status acknowledged.

"Abdul Rahman survived the harsh ordeals of slavery through his love of family and his deep abiding faith."

The film "Prince Among Slaves," is currently available for rental at


This is the story of the Martinsville Seven, the largest mass execution for rape in United States history.

In 1949 in Martinsville, Virginia, seven black men were arrested for the rape of a 32-year-old married white woman. Within 30 hours of this rape, all seven had signed written confessions. Within seven days, all had been tried, convicted and sentenced to death. Two were tried at the same time. The youngest was only 17 years old at the time of his arrest and the oldest was a 37-year-old WWII vet with a wife and five beautiful, young children.

Three times the Supreme Court refused to hear their case. During their appeals, Oliver W. Hill and future Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, both NAACP lawyers, helped represent the Seven. Russia and China sent telegrams to the White House in defense of the Seven. Actors Ossie Davis and Paul Robeson rallied Hollywood to their defense, but to no avail. Then-President Harry Truman refused to grant clemency. For the record, no white man in Virginia had ever been executed for rape of any woman.

Two years later, 1951, eight men were executed in Richmond, Va., seven for the rape of one white woman. On Feb. 2, 1951, four black men were executed every 10 minutes. (They say the chair was too hot to touch) On the following Monday, Feb. 5, the remaining three were executed. Five were mere teenagers. The day before the youngest one died, he said: God knows I didn’t touch that woman and I’ll see ya’ll on the other side. Around the world, they became known as the Martinsville Seven, the largest mass execution in United States history.

The Seven case was the first time in an American court of law that lawyers appealed a death sentence on grounds of systematic discrimination against African Americans. Finally in 1977, over 25 years later, the Supreme Court ruled that rape is not punishable by death. The Martinsville Seven case was instrumental in helping change the rape laws that govern this great nation.



AMSTERDAM, Netherlands - A Dutch court convicted two men Wednesday for attempting to infect 14 victims with HIV in a bizarre sex case.

The Groningen District Court found the two guilty of severe assault for injecting semiconscious men with HIV-infected blood at sex parties between January 2006 and May 2007.

Peter M., 49, who was also convicted of rape, was sentenced to nine years in prison and Hans J., 39, received a five-year sentence. Under Dutch privacy laws, the surnames of convicted criminals are not released.

Prosecutors said they would appeal for higher sentences.

The suspects were not charged with attempted murder since Dutch courts have held that HIV is a chronic illness rather than an inevitably fatal one.



Bonnie & Clyde (pictured above) are the most famous crime duo in history. Rumors of Clyde Barrow's sexuality were originally suppressed but recent biographers claim he was allegedly bi-sexual which stemmed from a homosexual encounter he had in prison. Other biographers suggest he was impotent. According to Nostalgia, in the first draft of the Bonnie & Clyde (1967) script. Clyde was gay, the script was later changed to make him heterosexual.

Fast Forward:

During the Great Depression, young lovers Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow led a notorious gang of outlaws in robbing banks. They died in a hail of bullets from a posse of lawmen that ambushed them in Bienville Parish, Louisiana.

The men charged with guarding their bodies allowed morbid curiosity seekers to take souvenirs-silvers of glass from the car's windows, spent shell casings, blood spattered locks of Bonnie's hair and pieces of their clothing. When Dallas County Sheriff's Deputy Ted Hinton arrived with the coroner, he found members of the crowd attempting to cut off one of Clyde's fingers and his left ear.

The bullet riddled 1932 Ford V 8 B-400 owned by Bonnie and Clyde is now on display at the Gold Ranch Casino in Verdi, Nevada.



There's a new trend in Hollywood. Attractive heterosexual women who are not gay or bi, who normally aren't attracted to women are now getting in relationships with rich powerful gay women on a gay-for-pay basis.

These wealthy sugar mama's keep them on allowance, pay their rent and lavish them with gifts. Many of these sugar mama's are celebrity women. We recently had the opportunity to interview a former model (Lisa) who's currently in this type of arrangement.


MP: Do you consider yourself gay or bi?

Lisa: Overall, no! But I would be considered bi-sexual because of my present relationship. I'm not attracted to women physically but I'm currently in a relationship with a woman who pays my bills, buys me a new car every year and takes me on extravagant vacations. She's a professional (LPGA) golfer. And yes, we're physical.

MP: So you are in this relationship for the money?

Lisa: Yes, but I do have feelings for her but I still find myself more attracted to men and if this ever ends or if I can find a man to support me in the manner she does, I have no problem leaving her for him.

MP: Do your friends know about your female involvement? If so, how do they react?

Lisa: LOL, you know Hollywood is very acceptable when it comes to female relationships, look at Lindsay Lohan and Samantha, a few newspapers refer to Sam as her girlfriend, it hasn't been a backlash yet. A few of my friends were like, what took you so long? None of them have a problem with it. If we were two men, our relationship wouldn't be as acceptable, even by Hollywood standards.

MP: You mentioned earlier (off the record) that some of these rich sugar mama's are married?

Lisa: Yes, I know of a situation where a beautiful model is involved with a celebrity woman who's married, her husband doesn't seem to mind since his wife is involved with a woman, he actually encourages it. They don't have menage a trois but her indiscretion frees him up to do his thing on the side.


Helg Sgarbi used to boast to colleagues that he could read women like a map: everything was sign posted, each turn in the road. So the 41-year-old Swiss gigolo would have considered it a breakthrough when an apparently reclusive billionairess started to pose personal questions in the special, offhand way that women use when they are trying to conceal a burning interest in the answers.

What do you do?

I'm a special adviser to the Swiss Government.


In tricky conflict situations.

Isn't that dangerous?



That is roughly how it went, according to Susanne Klatten's testimony to the Munich police. It did not take long for Sgarbi to ensnare her. The heiress to a big chunk of the Quandt empire - which has gone from producing uniforms for the Kaiser's soldiers to making batteries for Hitler's U-boats to calling the shots in BMW - is 46 now, the wealthiest woman in Germany. Yet a lifetime of being shielded from bounty-hunters made her vulnerable to the more subtle, serpentine approaches of Sgarbi.

The result: an extraordinary blackmail case that has stunned Germany, Italy and Switzerland, with more and more details seeping from lawyers' offices and even an interview with Klatten, perhaps the nation's most publicity-shy woman. The story involves clandestine sex pictures and an obscure Italian sect, and has a thread leading back to the Nazi years.

Susanne Klatten seemed, on the face of it, to have it all. A fortune estimated at between $9 billion and $10 billion. Seats on the board of two top German companies - BMW and the chemicals giant Altana. A love of philanthropy and the financial means to change lives for the better. A handsome, admiring husband and three well-adjusted children.

After she started an affair with Helg Sgarbi, soon, they were having regular rendezvous at luxury hotels in Munich, Monte Carlo and European tourist havens.

Sgarbi conned Quandt out of $10 million dollars. He told her that he was being blackmailed by the mafia who was threatening him with death because in a car accident he'd run over the baby son of a mobster. If he didn't pay up, they'd kill him.

After collecting the money, he invested in offshore banks and Egyptian resort property and he splurged on a Ferrari, Lamborghini and Rolls Royce. He also buried $1.6 million in cash on his property. But it wasn't enough.

During a dalliance at an hotel in Munich, Sgarbi's partner in crime taped the sexual encounter.

He threatened to go public unless Quandt paid him an additional $52 million dollars. She negotiated Sgarbi down to $18.2 million. She also called the cops who showed up and arrested Sgarbi.

Now, Sgarbi is awaiting trial on charges of defrauding and blackmailing. Futhermore, authorities say, he may face similar charges in other cases. Allegedly, he ripped off four other wealthy European women.

One of the women told police: "He was always kind, thoughtful. He accompanied me on trips. I also paid him millions of dollars and then I reported him."

Source: Claudia Fromme

Czech adult star Robert Rosenberg was charged with robbery, human trafficking, drug possession and spreading a sexually transmitted disease. Rosenberg's wife and assistant were also charged with human trafficking. The crime? Soliciting the family housekeeper to perform in an adult film.

After the maid allegedly robbed their apartment they asked her to be in one of their films in lieu of pressing charges. All but one of the charges were eventually dropped and Rosenberg was found guilty of cocaine possession and was sentenced to one year probation.

Adult star, Kathryn Gannon, who goes by the name, Marilyn Starr, was charged with receiving stock tips in 2000. Gannon was the mistress of James McDermott, former CEO of Keefe, Bruyette and Woods, a multi-billion dollar Wall Street firm. Gannon, who has appeared in films such as 'Strap up Sally,' passed the tips on to her other lover, New Jersey businessman Anthony Pompino, who, along with McDermott, was convicted of insider trading.

Gannon fled to her native Canada, but was arrested and extradited back to the United States, where she was sentenced to three months in prison. McDermott was sentenced to 27 months in prison, a $25,000 fine, and 300 hours of community service.


In May 2007, former gay adult actor Dandy David Wiles, aka Tommy Saxx, was charged with using the credit cards of a man who died at the Texas emergency room where he worked.

Police say Wiles stole a driver's license, Social Security card, gasoline card and American Express card from Don Armstrong, then purchased a $2,435 notebook computer and a $1,493 television.

He now faces charges of credit card abuse and fraudulent use of or possession of identifying information.

An Oklahoma woman invited to a rural Louisiana campsite for a Ku Klux Klan initiation ritual was shot and killed after she asked to be taken back to town, the sheriff of a New Orleans suburb said.

Eight people were arrested after authorities found the woman's body hidden under some brush, on the side of the road several miles from the remote campsite where the initiation was planned.

The woman was recruited over the Internet to participate in the ritual and then return to her home state to find other members for the white supremacist group.

The group's leader, Raymond "Chuck" Foster, 44, shot and killed the woman Sunday after a fight broke out when she tried to leave. Foster was charged with second-degree murder and is being held without bond.



Hang Mioku, now 48, had her first plastic surgery procedure when she was 28; hooked from the beginning she moved to Japan where she had further operations - mostly to her face.

Following operation after operation, her face was eventually left enlarged and disfigured, but she would still look at herself in the mirror and think she was beautiful.

Eventually the surgeons she visited refused to carry out any more work on her and one suggested that her obsession could be a sign of a psychological disorder.

When she returned home to Korea the surgery meant Hang’s features had changed so much that her own parents didn’t recognise her.

After realising that the girl with the grossly swollen face was indeed their daughter her horrified parents took her to a doctor. Once again the possibility that Hang had a mental disorder was raised and she started treatment.

However, this treatment was too expensive for her to keep up and she soon fell back into old ways.

Amazingly, she found a doctor who was willing to give her silicone injects and, what’s more, he then gave her a syringe and silicone of her own so she could self-inject.

When her supply of silicone ran out Hang resorted to injecting cooking oil into her face.

Her face became so grotesquely large that she was called “standing fan” by children in her neighbourhood - due to her large face and small body.

As Hang’s notoriety spread she was featured on Korean TV. Viewers seeing the report took mercy on her and sent in enough donations to enable her to have surgery to reduce the size of her face.

During the first procedure surgeons removed 60g of foreign substance from Hang’s face and 200g from her neck.

After several other sessions her face was left greatly reduced but still scarred and disfigured.

And it would seem that even Hang can now see the damage she has done; she now says that she would simply like her original face back.


A rookie Richmond police officer resigned Wednesday after the department was sent photos of him posing at a Halloween party next to a man dressed in a makeshift Ku Klux Klan costume, Richmond police Chief Chris Magnus confirmed Thursday.

Ben Murdoch, 27, who was dressed as a rock star, and a man in a white sheet and conical hat had their arms raised in what appeared to be Nazi salutes.

Murdoch had been with the department for just under a year, Magnus said.

The department received a complaint about the photograph Tuesday and immediately placed Murdoch on administrative leave while the internal affairs bureau looked into the allegations, Magnus said.

Murdoch resigned voluntarily Wednesday.

Magnus said he believed Murdoch's behavior could be "deeply offensive to a majority of people" and that it showed "poor judgment and a lack of maturity."


According to Pulitzer Prize nominated authors Chet Dettlinger & Jeff Prugh: "They messed with the boy's behind, chest and legs. He was hollering real loud, saying he wanted to go home. A man put a rope around his neck and pulled it. The other men said, "He's dead."

With those words, a teen-age boy told police in 1980 that he witnessed the killing of 13-year-old Clifford Jones, whose case is among 29 that would make the List Of Atlanta's missing and murdered children (and later young adults).

Yet, despite five eyewitnesses, the police never arrested the suspect in the Clifford Jones' murder. They kept details of the killing secret. For months, the news media was manipulated and misled. They insisted that they had no suspects, leads or clues in any of Atlanta's slayings.

The suspect in the above slaying is a black male "BUT" it isn't Wayne Williams although Williams was charged with the murder.

Many unsolved murders of black children and young adults didn't make the "Atlanta Child Murders," list, at least 63 that went unreported.

At least 22 of these murders occurred after Wayne Williams went to prison.

Source: "The List," by Chet Dettlinger & Jeff Prugh


Veteran funnyman Bill Cosby's beloved sitcom "The Cosby Show," has been given an X-rated re-style-it's set to be turned into a porn movie spoof.

The hit 1980's show, which starred Cosby as the patriarch of a middle-class family, will be reworked for the adult film market.

The film, titled "Not The Cosby's XXX," has started production with a porn star playing Cliff Huxtable - the part made famous by Cosby.


One day, while Quincy Jones was away from his mansion on business, a new white guard (unfamiliar with black music figures) started his post, his security detail was the front gate of Quincy Jones' estate. When Quincy returned home in his chauffeured driven limousine, the new guard refused to open the gate to let him in. His logic: The Bel Air mansion he was guarding couldn't possibly be owned by a Black man. When everything was sorted out, the guard was relieved of his duty.

John H. Johnson, the late founder and owner of Jet and Ebony magazines stated in his biography, every time he went to the bank to make a withdrawal and the white tellers saw that his balance exceeded seven figures, Johnson was treated with disdain. In their minds, a black man couldn't possibly have this much money in an account and Johnson had to be an imposter. Johnson also related an event where he drove up to an elite function in his Rolls Royce and the security harassed him as if he didn't belong.

Allegedly, Condoleeza Rice was departing a plane with dignitaries when a White Secret Service Agent approached her, unbelievably, he didn't know who she was or he didn't recognize her. He started talking down to her and demanded to see identification while ignoring everyone else associated with the group. Allegedly, when it was brought to his attention that she was the Secretary Of State, he was apologetic but it was too late, the damage had been done.

Anita Baker's husband went to an upscale store in Detroit to make purchases. When the sales clerk was ringing him up, she noticed his address on his drivers license and got suspicious. She immediately thought he was making the purchases with a stolen credit card because it was no way Blacks could live in an affluent area as indicated by the address. She was later reprimanded.

Incredibly, a white female flight attendant didn't realize who Will Smith was sitting in first class. She kept hassling him for his identification to match up against his ticket stub (asking twice for identification) while suggesting that he didn't belong in first class because he was Black.


Barry Winchell was a private with the 101st Airborne Division of the United States Army, stationed at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. Calpernia Addams (2nd photo) was working as a showgirl at a transgender revue in Nashville, Tennessee when the two met in 1999.

Barry's roommate Justin Fisher brought Barry to the club where she performed. When Barry and Calpernia began seeing each other regularly, Fisher began spreading rumors on base about their relationship, which appeared to be a violation of the military's policy "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," about discussing the sexual orientation of military personnel.

Winchell received increasing harassment and threats, which exploded into violence over the Fourth of July weekend. While Calpernia performed in a pageant in Nashville, Barry was beaten to death in his sleep with a baseball bat by another soldier, Calvin Glover, who had been goaded by Justin Fisher into committing the crime.

The film "Soldier's Girl," depicts this story.


Jesse William Dirkhising, (first photo), also known as Jesse Yates, was a teenager from Prairie Grove, Arkansas who was bound, drugged, tortured, raped, and died as a result of the position in which he was tied down.

Dirkhising's death, later ruled a murder, received only regional media coverage until a Washington Times article ran a story nearly a month after his death noting the lack of national coverage in contrast to that given to the death of Matthew Shepard.

At the time of his death, Dirkhising was a thirteen-year-old seventh grader from the small town of Prairie Grove. David Carpenter lived about thirty miles away in a "small but booming northwest Arkansas town" called Rogers. Carpenter's younger lover, Joshua Macave Brown, shared his apartment.Carpenter managed a beauty salon and was a friend of Dirkhising's parents, Tina and Miles Yates Jr., and Dirkhising had stayed with the two men at their apartment on weekends for two months prior to his death.

The child's family had been told he was helping out at the salon. Brown, who had been sexually molesting Dirkhising for two months prior his death, claimed that Dirkhising was a willing participant.

On September 26, 1999 police in Rogers, Arkansas, responded to a 911 call and went to the home of David Carpenter; Joshua Brown was also present. Police found that Dirkhising had been tied to a mattress; his ankles, knees and wrists had been bound with duct tape and belts. He had been gagged with his own underwear, a bandana and duct tape. Police determined that Dirkhising had been repeatedly raped over a period of several hours. According to police, he had also been drugged. Dirkhising later died in the hospital, his death hastened apparently as the result of positional asphyxia.

Police found instructions and a diagram to position the boy as well as other notes of fantasies of molesting children, including instructions how to sedate, tie up and position a child — indicating a strong interest in pedophilia.It was speculated that one of the men diagrammed it and the other carried it out.It was revealed that over a two day period Dirkising was repeatedly raped and sodomized with various objects. After the men took a break to eat, Brown noticed Dirkhising wasn't breathing and alerted Carpenter who attempted to resuscitate the boy then called 911. Brown also later claimed he was "under the influence of methamphetamine" when talking with his arresting officers.

In March 2001 Brown was found guilty of first-degree murder and rape. He was sentenced to life in prison, and this sentence was upheld on appeal by the Arkansas Supreme Court in September 2003. In April 2001, Carpenter pleaded guilty to similar charges and was also sentenced to life.

"Mother & Son Arrested In Bizarre Case"

'Two suspected of burning their relative's remains in barbecue & stealing checks'

CORNING — The daughter and grandson of an 84-year-old Tehama County woman who apparently died in December have been arrested on suspicion of cashing her retirement and Social Security checks after they allegedly cremated her body on a makeshift barbecue behind their Edith Avenue home.

"You could make a movie out of this," Capt. Paul Hosler of the Tehama County Sheriff's Department said Tuesday.

Kathleen Theresa Allmond, 50, and her 30-year-old son, Tony Ray, were arrested Sunday on suspicion of embezzlement, elder abuse and conspiracy, Hosler said.

They were booked into Tehama County Jail in Red Bluff in lieu of $30,000 bail each.

Additional charges may be filed later after the sheriff's investigation is finished, he said.

Although the cause of Ramona Yolanda Allmond's death may never be known, her daughter and grandson allegedly allowed her body to lie on the bedroom floor for a week until moving it to a concrete culvert behind their residence, Hosler said.

The culvert had been used by the family as a makeshift barbecue, he said, noting that the family had used it to cook their Thanksgiving turkey several weeks before Allmond's death.

It's not known if they used it after the alleged cremation.

"I hope not," Hosler said.

In an lengthy interview with deputies on Sunday, Kathleen Allmond told them that she and her son had placed the body into the barbecue and cremated it by burning a continuous olive wood fire in the culvert for up to 17 hours, Hosler said. Olive wood, he said, makes an exceptionally hot fire.

Kathleen Allmond also made a necklace with a portion of her mother's skull, which she wore around her neck, Hosler said. She posted a photograph of herself wearing the necklace on her MySpace page, he said.

"It gets really weird when you have a piece of mom's skull hanging around your neck," Hosler said.

It's also alleged that Kathleen Allmond and her son cashed Ramona Allmond's monthly retirement and Social Security checks, but the amount allegedly stolen has not been determined.

Evidence gathered from the makeshift barbecue, believed to be human bones and dental remains, have been sent to Chico State University for analysis, Hosler said.

Deputies began investigating the case on Saturday after being asked to check upon the elderly woman's welfare by a son living in Southern California, Hosler said.

The son, Edmund Allmond of Hermosa Beach, told deputies that he had not heard from his mother since December and had suspected something was wrong, Hosler said. Edmund Allmond's suspicions were further aroused when his sister and Ray visited him in September without Ramona Allmond, Hosler said.

Kathleen Allmond and Ray lived at the Corning home with Ramona Allmond, who owned the residence.

When deputies arrived at the residence on Saturday, they were unable to find anyone at home, although they believed they saw someone attempting to hide in an orchard behind the residence.

After they left, however, Edmund Allmond telephoned the Sheriff's Department again, this time reporting that he had just received a call from his mother's home and believed that it was his sister trying to disguise her voice to sound like their mother, Hosler said.

Deputies returned to the residence on Sunday and found Kathleen Allmond and Ray there, Hosler said. The two were arrested after questioning.


During his prime in the adult industry, some adult actresses refused to work with John Holmes because of his massive endowment. When Holmes wasn't filming, he was a high priced call boy in New York and Los Angeles.

Widely sought out to appear and perform at private cocaine parties among the rich and famous. He was the highest paid adult actor and offscreen he was the highest paid male prostitute for wealthy gay men, rich celebrity men and affluent women.

Around this time, black male adult stars wanted a piece of the offscreen action and began advertising themselves for prostitution in the classified sections of gay porn magazines. They were able to charge more than other black hustlers because of their adult industry name status.


According to Copy I detailed the national wave of shadowy 1981 sightings of clowns in vans, trying to kidnap children, from Boston to Kansas City.

The encounters began in May of 1981, in Boston, Brookline, and other Massachusetts communities. By the end of the month, the local newspapers in Kansas City were publishing warnings about "Killer Clowns" said to be after children at bus stops there.

During an era before emails and the Internet, I was able to discover, via my network of correspondents, that a rash of local news articles were appearing across the USA, describing similar abduction scenarios. Although the national newspapers and wire services were totally unaware of the widespread nature of such accounts, the stories were remarkably alike. I called them the "Phantom Clowns."

Repeats of almost identical Phantom Clown encounters have been recorded since 1981. The latest one is now developing in Illinois.

The reports coming from Chicago have even been tied to a Wicker Park.

In the October 2008 incidents, a man wearing clown make-up and a wig is using balloons in an attempt to lure children into his vehicle on the South Side of Chicago, Illinois. Police issued an alert about a week after a man with a similar description was spotted on the West Side.

The near abductions were reported in the 8300 block of South Mackinaw and the 10000 block of South Normal, according to a community alert by Calumet Area detectives.

The man, who wears clown make-up and a wig, approached children with balloons attempting to lure them into his vehicle, but the children ran and called 911, the alert said.

The man, who wears a clown mask or white face paint with teardrops on the cheek, has approached children walking to and from school, police said. Witnesses told police he was seen driving a white or brown van with the windows broken out.

The attempted kidnapping/child abduction occurred on October 7, 2008, at 5:55 p.m. and October 10, 2008, at 8:55 a.m.

Police on Sunday morning, October 12th, said the sightings have not been concentrated to one specific area and there have been multiple sightings of clowns across the city, according to a Special Victims Unit detective.


No one paid much attention to Marc Sappington in March 2001 as he ambled along the side streets of Kansas City, Kansas. As he walked, Sappington weighed his options. "What about him?" he asked. "What about her?"

The questions were part of an attempt to quell the voices Sappington was hearing in his head. These voices — auditory hallucinations — were commanding him to harvest human blood and flesh. And what if he didn't comply? The voices had an answer. They would kill the 21-year-old churchgoer.

"He feared for his own safety," said one cop who questioned Sappington.

Eventually, Sappington submitted to the imaginary demands. He killed four people, two of them in a single day. The murders were grisly. Sappington tried to suck the blood of two his victims, both of whom were also his friends. This effort in phlebotomy earned him the sobriquet, "Kansas City Vampire." In another instance, he hacked a 16-year-old's body into bite-size morsels that he consumed in his mother's basement.

But what truly shocks about Sappington is not the savagery of his crimes. It is his very ordinariness. Cops who have spoken to him say he is bright and articulate, even funny. Yet, the pathology is never too far away. In one interview with a Kansas City homicide detective, Sappington asked facetiously if he could chomp on the cop's leg.

But Sappington remains somewhat of a mystery to veteran investigators, defying almost every known profile of a serial killer or a cannibal.

Serial killers tend to be older, usually in their thirties; it takes them a while to build up a pattern. Sappington is young and so were his victims. Moreover, his alleged serial spree was unusually sudden.

Serial killers also tend to sexualize their crimes and never more so than when cannibalism is involved, law enforcement experts say. Jeffrey Dahmer is a case in point. He described his cannibalism as the ultimate act of sexual control. But Sappington, the cops say, showed no sign of sexual deviance.

And, of course, serial killers - with the noted exception of the Atlanta child killer Wayne Williams a generation ago - are almost always white. Sappington is African-American, as were all of his alleged victims.

So how did this charming young man, with a quick smile and a quicker wit, become a conniving cannibal?

Sappington is currently serving four consecutive life sentences.

by: Sandra Rose

A transsexual who filed a lawsuit against the Memphis police after a February beating at the hands of an officer, was found shot to death in North Memphis late Sunday.

Duanna Johnson, 43, was shot in the head and died at the scene. In June, she offered to settle the lawsuit against the city of Memphis and the Memphis Police Department, but the parties could not reach an agreement.

According to online reports, one of Johnson’s attorney’s say the lawsuit will continue as planned.

Johnson was beaten in February in the booking area at 201 Poplar after an arrest on a prostitution charge.

Memphis police officers Bridges McRae and James Swain were fired after the incident, which became public when Johnson’s attorneys released a video of the beating to local media.

The video went viral and the story received national attention.

A loyal reader who hosts a radio show in Memphis said he received a voicemail message from a witness at the scene who stated Johnson was murdered by Memphis police — not three men as had been reported.

He plans to play the message on his radio show later today in Memphis.


Rewind: Several people linked to the 1924 discovery of King Tut's tomb died mysteriously, giving rise to speculation about a Pharaoh's curse.

Fast Forward (2008)

The Curse of King Tut has once again reached out to claim new victims after scientists tampered with the mummified remains of Tut's stillborn children.

Several graduate students entrusted with examining the remains of the children have lost limbs or died from a fast-moving, gangrene-like infection.

"It may be that we inhaled dust from the mummified babies, or that some other agent worked its way through our clothes or under our gloves," explains Oscar Himmelmann, an archaeology Ph.D. student who lost large sections of his right arm. "But for those of us who have been affected, it is a curse, plain and simple."

The curse of King Tut's tomb goes back to January 3, 1924, when archaeologist Howard Carter opened the crypt to find and awesome, untouched collection of priceless artifacts and a clay tablet warning that death would come on swift wings to any who dared disturb the burial site.

Lord Carnarvon, who sponsored the expedition, died of a mysterious, flesh-eating infection soon after entering the burial chamber. Carter and dozens of the workers responsible for opening the sealed crypt quickly followed him into death. None of the deaths were attributed to natural causes. Most came after sudden, bizarre illnesses and skin infections, although some victims died in sudden strange accidents.

Source: Alan Burgroft


A Stanford Law School graduate married to the co-founder of has been charged in federal court with tax evasion for allegedly running an escort service to help pay her bills and student loans, court records show.

Cristina Warthen, 35, maintained a Web site called "," on which she advertised her services as "Brazil," discussed pricing - up to $1,300 for two hours and $15,000 for three days - and posted erotic pictures of herself, according to documents filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court in San Jose.

Starting in 2001, the year she graduated from law school, Warthen met with clients in numerous cities around the country, authorities said. She used clients' payments for rent and bills as well as installments on more than $300,000 in student loans, authorities said.

Warthen "engaged in sexual acts in return for money" and grossed $133,717 in 2003, authorities said. She has not been charged with prostitution.

She failed to pay $25,424 in taxes for 2003 but did have more than $36,000 in cash in a safe deposit box at a Bank of America branch in Oakland, authorities said.

Warthen also allegedly hid $8,020 in her apartment and $16,891 in a storage locker. She also stashed more than $2,400 in $100 bills in a law-school textbook that investigators found in the trash, authorities said.

Internal Revenue Service investigators seized the cash as part of a civil forfeiture action in federal court in 2004, the same year she married David Warthen, co-founder of the search engine Ask Jeeves, now known as

David Warthen filed court papers demanding return of the money, saying that the funds were stored at the home and bank so that the couple could have "ready access to cash." He said he gave the money to her in 2003 "for the benefit of both of them."

The civil case was settled in 2006.


When John Holmes was 16, he ran away from home to join the Army and was stationed in West Germany. When he went to take showers or to use an urinal, gay soldiers followed him. He got used to answering the question: "How big is that thing? John would answer, 13 1/2 long and 6 inches thick. He learned that his large endowment provided a way to earn extra money. He let the soldiers give him blow jobs. He was paid $50 dollars each time.

In 1964, back in the United States, he thumbed his way to Los Angeles. As an hitchhiker, he was often picked up by gay men who took him to a motel for the night.

Over the years, he starred in hundreds of adult films and became known as the porn king. The film "Boogie Nights," starring Mark Wahlberg was based on his life.

Offscreen, Holmes was sought out by some of the entertainment industry's most famous stars, male and female, for private parties. He slept with closeted gay politicians, international society matrons, debutantes and famous stars.

In Asia, particularly Japan, he was called "Mr. Big." His Japanese fans, thought his manhood was fake, refusing to believe that private parts came in that size.

Between adult film roles, Holmes positioned himself as a drug courier, delivering drugs to clients of the "Wonderland Drug Gang." Instead of getting cash for his work, the heavily addicted star accepted cocaine as payment. He was hopelessly hooked on the drug.

Ironically, when Holmes first got to Los Angeles, he vowed to never get involved in drugs and invested his money in several real estate ventures. He was sucked in by the fast lifestyle and before he knew it, he had sold all of his properties to support his drug habit.

Holmes became the liaison between a powerful Los Angeles dealer named Eddie Nash. Nash's drug house was always open for business, selling virtually any recreational drug ever devised, including coke and heroin, to a steady stream of famous and non-famous customers.

After Nash got ripped off, he blamed Holmes. Nash tied Holmes up and tortured him. This act was witnessed by Scott Thorson, the boyfriend of Liberace.

Holmes was eventually arrested on drug charges. After being released from prison, he found himself stone broke and with no place to go. Nearing the end of his life (from AIDS), Holmes decided to place himself on the auction block like a sex slave. His services, despite being infected with AIDS, would go to the highest bidders.

The only takers, as it turned out, would be gay men who wanted a piece of his enormous endowment.

Source: "Hollywood Babylon: It's Back!" by Darwin Porter & Danforth Prince


In this eye-opening Autobiography "Out Of Bounds," Roy Simmons, known as " The Sugar Bear", talks about his life as a NFL football player, playing for the New York Giants, Washington Redskins and the Jacksonville Bulls. Roy Simmons, a man who had it all was at the top of his profession.

Though Roy had a promising career as a NFL football player, like so many others, he allowed himself to be seduced into the world of drug-addiction. He followed in the footsteps of his teammates and refused to deal with his homosexuality, and forced himself to forget an unspeakable event that involved him being raped as a child by a respectable neighbor and was in denial about his sex addictions which all caused his down fall. "It's amazing how he did not realize that his rape would trigger a future chain of events in his later years of countless promiscuity."

Torn between his high school sweetheart; Sheila, who later became the mother of his daughter, and Joe, the only man he ever truly loved, he managed to lose them both,

After leaving the NFL and trying to make a life for himself, Roy continued to indulge in drugs and alcohol and became more and more self-destructive. His life became unmanageable and spiraled out of control. Drugs and alcohol took over his life; he became violent, desperate and started to prostitute himself. Eventually, Roy winds up on welfare.

Roy also shares his days of free basing, smoking crack, his time in prison and being HIV- positive. He also discusses the times he dressed up as a drag queen.



A pathological racist, Joseph Christopher (no photo available) launched a one-man war against blacks in September 1980, claiming victims from upstate New York to southwestern Georgia. In his wake, he left an atmosphere of bigotry and violence that provoked a string of hostile confrontations in communities not known for racial animosity. His legacy of death and hatred lingers to the present day, as several of the crimes connected to his rampage -- or inspired by his example -- are officially unsolved.

The war began September 22, when 14-year-old Glenn Dunn was shot and killed outside a Buffalo supermarket. The victim was sitting in a stolen car when he died, and witnesses described his assailant as an unidentified "white youth." The following day, 32-year-old Harold Green was shot while dining at a fast-food restaurant in suburban Cheektowaga. That night, Emmanuel Thomas, age 30, was killed by a sniper while crossing the street to his home, seven blocks from the scene of Dunn's murder. On September 24, the action shifted to nearby Niagara Falls, with the murder of a fourth black, Joseph McCoy.

Investigators found that all four victims were killed with the same gun, and headlines followed their fruitless search for the elusive ".22-caliber killer." Buffalo blacks complained of nonexistent police protection, and there were sporadic incidents of blacks pelting white motorists on the streets. A cross was burned in Buffalo, and fears were voiced that the murders might be a preview of things to come, paving the way for some paramilitary racist group's campaign of local genocide.

Things got worse on October 8, when 71-year-old Parler Edwards, a black taxi driver, was found in the trunk of his car, parked in suburban Amherst, his heart cut out and carried from the scene. Next day, another black cabbie, 40-year-old Ernest Jones, was found beside the Niagara River in Tonawanda, the heart ripped from his chest. His blood-spattered taxi was retrieved by police in Buffalo, three miles away.

The local black community was verging on a state of panic now, made worse by an incident in a Buffalo hospital on October 10. A black patient, 37-year-old Collin Cole, was recuperating from illness when a white stranger appeared at his bedside and snarled, "I hate niggers." A nurse's arrival saved Cole from death by strangulation, but his condition was listed as serious, with severe damage done to his throat. Descriptions of the would-be strangler roughly matched eyewitness reports on the ".22-caliber killer." The action shifted to Manhattan on December 22, with five blacks and one Hispanic victim stabbed -- four of them killed -- in less than thirteen hours. John Adams, 25 years old, was the first to fall, narrowly escaping death when he was knifed by a white assailant around 11:30 a.m. Two hours later, 32-year-old Ivan Frazier was accosted on the street, deflecting a blade with his hand, sustaining minor injuries before he fled on foot. The next four victims were less fortunate. Messenger Luis Rodriguez, 19, was stabbed to death around 3:30 p.m. in what police described as "an apparent holdup." No motive was suggested in the deaths of 30-year-old Antone Davis, knifed around 6:50 p.m., or 20-year-old Richard Renner, killed less than four hours later. The last victim, discovered just before midnight, was a black "John Doe" stabbed to death on the street near Madison Square Garden. Police were still searching desperately for the elusive "Midtown Slasher" when 31-year-old Roger Adams, a black man, was stabbed to death in Buffalo on December 29. Wendell Barnes, 26, was fatally wounded in Rochester, on December 30, but Buffalo native Albert Menefee was luckier the next day, surviving a thrust that nicked his heart. On January 1, Larry Little and Calvin Crippen survived separate attacks, fighting off their white assailant with only minor injuries.

On January 6, police announced that the recent stabbing's were "probably linked" with Buffalo's unsolved .22-caliber shootings, but still they seemed no closer to a suspect. The case broke twelve days later, in Georgia, when Pvt. Joseph Christopher, age 25, was arrested at Fort Benning, charged with slashing a black GI. A search of his former residence, near Buffalo, turned up quantities of .22-caliber ammunition, a gun barrel, and two sawed-off rifle stocks. More to the point, authorities learned that Christopher had joined the army on November 13, arriving at Fort Benning six days later. He was absent on leave from December 19 to January 4, with a bus ticket recording his arrival in Manhattan on December 20.

Hospitalized with self-inflicted wounds on May 6, 1981, Christopher bragged to a nurse of his involvement in the September slayings around Buffalo. Four days later, he was charged with three of the local shooting deaths, a fourth murder count added to the list on June 29, plus charges related to non-fatal Buffalo stabbings in December 1980 and January 1981. In New York City, indictments were returned in the murder of Luis Rodriguez and the non-fatal stabbing of Ivan Frazier.

In October 1981, Christopher waived his right to a jury trial in Buffalo, placing his fate in the hands of a judge. Two months later, he was found mentally incompetent for trial, but the ruling had been reversed by April 1982. On April 27, after twelve days of testimony, he was convicted on three counts of first-degree murder, drawing a prison term of 60 years to life.

In September 1983, Christopher sat for an interview with Buffalo journalists, estimating that his murder spree had claimed a minimum of thirteen lives. Reporters noted that he "did not deny" the grisly murders of Parler Edwards and Ernest Jones, but no charges have yet been filed in those cases. In July 1985, Christopher's Buffalo conviction was overturned on grounds that the judge had improperly barred testimony pointing toward mental incompetence. Three months later, in Manhattan, a jury rejected the killer's insanity plea, convicting him in the murder of Luis Rodriguez and the wounding of Ivan Frazier.


We all know about Heidi Fleiss, Madam Alex and the Mayflower Madam but we rarely hear about Black Madam, Arianna Egwu. She was on the same level of these ladies, she headed a top flight escort agency that supplied beautiful girls to actors, politicians and royals. Her business generated $2 million a year in NYC for over ten years. Her prostitution ring included 17 high fashion models/actress, each starting at $25,000 for the evening.

In 2001, Manhattan District Attorney Robert M. Morgenthau and New York Police Commissioner Bernard B. Kerikannounced criminal charges against a woman who operated a high-priced East Side call-girl business. The prostitution operation generated more than $2 million yearly in business.

The defendant is Arianna Uzo Eguw. She is charged with Promoting Prostitution and Money Laundering. The defendant used several companies which she operated, including MCO Enterprises of NY, Inc. and UE International Group Inc., to launder the money.

Egwu was in charge of the day-to-day operation, including interviewing, hiring and housing the prostitutes, as well as setting up dates for clients with one of the prostitutes. She funneled the prostitution proceeds through several companies.

The prostitution business operated out of at least 8 luxury penthouse apartments.

Eguw accepted a deal that sentenced her to five months and forfeiture of over 500,000 dollars in cash and assets, including a Cadillac limo with the license plates "Decadent." On her website, she shows pictures of a mansion she was building in her hometown.


In the 1960's and 1970's, women swooned over macho surfing superstar Peter Drouyn. Drouyn is currently making waves in surfing circles by going public with his plans to have a sex-change operation (at 59) so he can pursue a career as an actress like his idol, Marilyn Monroe.

Drouyn is credited with bringing surfing to China and he was inducted into the prestigious Australia's Gold Coast Sporting Hall Of Fame.

These days, the legendary surfer wears his trademark blonde locks to his shoulders and fancies size 10 miniskirts with stiletto heels and goes by the name of "Westerly."

Drouyn is quoted as saying: "I want to make it very, very clear, I'm no homosexual, nor am I a transvestite or a cross-dresser and I don't desire men." "I'm experiencing a genuine and meaningful change. It will be my rebirth as a human.

In Related News: The picturesque town of Trinidad, Colorado is the new sex change capitol of the world. Ironically, Dr. Stanley Biber established his sex change practice in Trinidad in 1969, it was the nation's first for gender reassignments. Before long, hundreds of people from around the world came to Trinidad to undergo reassignment surgery, performed by Dr. Biber.


Antonio Sabato Jr. starred as John Hawkins in the film (If Looks Could Kill), Hawkins was a fixture in West Hollywood (Boys Town) on the gay circuit. He often shacked up with rich sugar daddies between girlfriends.

Hawkins' was a pretty boy and an elusive criminal, con artist, drug dealer and murderer. Using both men and women with callous impunity.

Hawkins' current sugar daddy was so obsessed with Hawkins' good looks, he went to a plastic surgeon and asked him to turn him into Hawkins'. The surgeon declined.

Hawkins capped all of his previous scams by talking his partner M. Eugene Hanson into an insurance-fraud scheme that would require a real corpse for verification.

The result: Hanson turns up dead, and Hawkins collects a $1 million dollar policy before skipping off in a brand new Mercedes to parts unknown.

The real life Hawkins was brought to justice a few years later and sentenced to life in prison.


After suffering years of cruel taunts, a tortured German teen became the world's youngest female transsexual at age 12. Kim Petras was born a boy but began referring to herself as a girl when she was only 2. By the time she was 12, she'd convinced her parents to stop calling her Tim and to start giving her hormone treatments.

In 2008 she was signed to Joyce Records and released her first single online "Last Forever" which became popular on YouTube and Myspace with 106,000 downloads. In September 2008 she released her first commercially available single "Fade Away" into the German market.


A suspended Moorestown police officer (above) and his girlfriend were indicted yesterday on charges they sexually assaulted three female minors over a period of eight years.

Robert Melia Jr., 38, and Heather Lewis, 33, were indicted together on 45 counts that included aggravated sexual assault, endangering the welfare of a child and invasion of privacy, for allegedly molesting the girls between June 2000 and January 2008.

Melia was also indicted on four counts of cruelty to animals for performing sex acts on cows in Southampton in 2006. He faces additional charges of official misconduct.

Melia, who was a patrolman, is free on $410,000 bail. Lewis, of Pemberton, is being held on $300,000 bail. She was also charged separately with sexually assaulting a juvenile male.

The Burlington County Prosecutor's Office announced the indictment today, 5½ months after authorities executed a search warrant at Melia's Cottage Avenue home and seized pornographic material and his computer. The patrolman was arrested the same day, April 12.

Authorities said they filed the animal cruelty charges two weeks after Melia's arrest.

According to the Burlington County Prosecutor's Office, the investigation began when the office's Child Abuse–Sexual Assault Unit was contacted after one of the victims disclosed to her stepfather she had been repeatedly sexually assaulted by the defendants inside Melia's home.

Melia and Lewis could spend the rest of their lives in face life in prison if convicted, authorities said.

Sources: Maya Rao & Nubian


Jenny-Ann, 62, who used to be Paul, and Elen, 65, who was once Alan, have been husbands and fathers, but are now living together as a 'transsexual lesbian' couple.

Jenny-Anne Bishop and Elen Heart feel that they were born in the wrong body, but have decided against sex-change surgery because of the considerable health risks of the operation at their age. The couple, who have five children between them, take female hormones, wear fashionable dresses, lipstick and mascara, and curl and style their hair and wigs.

"Our relationship is hard to define," says Jenny-Anne who was married for 35 years before she met Elen. "We're not exactly lesbians, but people might use that word. To us we are just two transgender people who love each other."

"Our children have grown up and we are divorced so it's time for us to be who we really are," says Jenny-Anne. "Sometimes people call us bloody trannies or stare in a funny ways. Our relationship may be hard to understand because we have male genitalia but we live as a lesbian couple. People sometimes say we're gay men but we don't fit into that category – if you want to define us we're 'trans lesbian'."

Now retired, they have set up home together in Clwyd, Wales, and say they plan to have a civil partnership and grow old together. Elen added: "We enjoy each others company and go for lovely walks in the countryside, or do the gardening or housework together."

According to police statements, Herbert Rodgers (top photo) believed that his wife, Carmen Tarleton (before and after photos), who he had split up with, was sleeping with another man.

The day after his birthday, Rodgers broke into his estranged wife’s house through a window with a baseball bat. Expecting to find her with another man. His wife was alone with their two daughters.

Herbert then beat the mother of his children, tied her up and dumped lye all over her body (severely burning her head, mouth, arms, legs, back and genitals) in an attack that left her with a broken arm, a broken eye socket and burns over 80 percent of her body.

Tarleton’s two teenage daughters called police, screaming on the phone that Rodgers was killing their mother.

The first officers on the scene came across Tarleton as she was crawling on the floor.

Her face was distorted from the lye and her skin was turning brown before their eyes as she begged them for an ambulance and medical care.

The pain was excruciating, 41 surgeries, mostly skin grafts. One ear is burned off and her eyes are sewn shut (blind).

Rodgers remains behind bars without bail, awaiting trial, charged with first-degree aggravated domestic assault.


The AIDS virus has been circulating among people for about 100 years, decades longer than scientists had thought, a new study suggests. Genetic analysis pushes the estimated origin of HIV back to between 1884 and 1924, with a more focused estimate of 1908.

Key to the new work was the discovery of an HIV sample that had been taken from a woman in Kinshasa in 1960. It was only the second such sample to be found before 1976; the other was from 1959, also from Kinshasa.


Cops say a woman in Tampa, Fla. thought she had finally met her match in a local cell phone chat room. According to police, she text messaged with the man later identified as Kareem Hack (above) for about three weeks, but on September 1, 2006 the conversation took a shocking turn.

The woman, a single mother with four children under the age of 10, told Hack about some financial trouble she was having. So, cops say, he asked the woman if he could have sex with one or more of her kids for money.

Cops say she asked Hack if he was out of his mind, but he reminded her how badly she needed the money.

Then, the mother did the right thing and called police. She showed cops all of the conversations she had saved on her phone, and Det. Mark Sutkoff came to her home.

Police put their plan into action. They set up surveillance in the room and waited, but at the last minute, cops say Hack canceled.

Cops told the woman to tell Hack she would be out of town for Labor Day, but that they could try again next week.

On Tuesday, September 5, 2006, the woman called police again. Cops say Hack texted her from his job site and planned to come over after work.

The woman negotiated with Hack for him to pay her $200 to have sex with two of her children, 2 and 4 years old.

Police arrested Hack, but cops say he cut off his electronic ankle bracelet and fled before trial, he's currently a fugitive.


Deputy DA Michael Gressett is charged with rape, oral copulation, sodomy, and penetration with a foreign object, Gressett, 51, is accused of raping another deputy district attorney.

MARTINEZ, Calif. (AP) - Martinez police say a veteran Contra Costa County prosecutor who handled sex crimes in court has been arrested on rape charges.

Michael Gressett, who ran unsuccessfully for district attorney three times, was arrested Thursday in an alleged attack that police say happened several months ago but only was reported late last week.

Allegedly, police found evidence in Gressett's house that corroborated with the victim's story.

His defense lawyer, Michael Cardoza, says the 51-year-old Gressett is innocent and will fight the allegations.

District Attorney Robert Kochly called Gressett's arrest "devastating to the office" and "antithetical to what we're about."


By: Jim Romenesko

Since 1979, first as an ABC News Correspondent, I have reported on and written about "Missing and Murdered" cases. ABC News aired over 200 of my stories.

My colleague, ex-L.A. Times correspondent Jeff Prugh, and I have co-produced and reported on a 2000 Court-TV documentary on the cases and the conviction of Williams. In this documentary, to re-air on Court-TV on May 16, the FBI's former Chief Fiber Expert makes a startling, on-camera, admission. Dr. Harold Deadman admitted to this reporter that he wrongfully linked fibers from the trunk of a 1979 Ford LTD to three victims who's murders were blamed on Williams.

Authors Jeff Prugh and Chet Dettlinger had concluded, in their book; "The List," that the Ford LTD was never in the possession of Williams, nor his family, during the time the victims disappeared and were found murdered. Deadman was the architect of the FBI's fiber case which helped convict Williams, sending him to prison to serve two consecutive life terms.

The Atlanta media has steadfastly ignored the larger story here; what the jury DIDN'T hear at trial!

In early 1987, while working for WSB-TV, I reported on new, exculpatory evidence in the Atlanta murders. The case of Clifford Jones, a 12 year old black youth who came from Cleveland to Atlanta during the summer of 1980 to visit his grandmother, casts the most doubt on the State's case against Williams. The State convinced the jury that if Williams committed one murder, he committed all of them.

But here, you had three eyewitnesses to the sodomization and strangulation of Jones, in the rear of a laundry. Those eyewitnesses gave police and the FBI detailed accounts of seeing Jones murdered and his body disposed of. They named a suspect, other than Williams, as the killer. James Brooks. Yet, upon his 1982 conviction of killing two men, Atlanta Public Safety Commissioner, Lee P. Brown, blamed Williams for 22 additional murders, including the murder of Clifford Jones. Brown, former Houston Mayor, has refused to explain his actions.

My stories at WSB-TV, re-galvanized the parents of the victims. In early 1987, the parents marched, en masse, into the office of then Public Safety Commissioner George Napper, demanding that he re-open all of Atlanta's "Missing and Murdered" cases. Napper refused.

Following this incident, WSB-TV News Director David Lippoff and General Manager, Andrew Fisher, ordered this reporter to cease reporting on the Clifford Jones case and other aspects of the flawed police investigation. "These stories are just too disruptive to our community" Lippoff told me. Across town, WSB's Cox-owned cousin, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper was continuing to ignore the story of growing doubt over the conviction of Wayne Williams.

The book "The List," is one of the best written books on the Atlanta Child Murders and is available for $50-$75 dollars (new) and $35-45 dollars used. The information revealed by the authors is so accurate- rumors circulated that both authors were investigated by law enforcement because they knew information regarding the case that was unavailable to the public, both men were cleared of any wrongdoing and officials came to the conclusion that top notch sources provided the sensitive information.


A 30-year-old Denver mother has been charged with sexually abusing her 2-year-old son, according Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrissey.

Alicia Lee (above) is free on a $50,000 bond after she was charged with sexual assault on a child, sexual assault on a child by a person in a position of trust, and aggravated incest, all felonies, Morrissey said .According to the charges, Lee performed oral sex on her son and took photographs, sending them through e-mail to a friend who forwarded them to the 2-year-old boy"s father. The father then called police.

According to a copy of the e-mail reported by the Rocky Mountain News, the mom told her friend in April that she thought about the sex act while changing the boy"s diapers. The next day, she sent a photo of herself performing the act to a friend and said the boy giggled when she performed it."The sending of possible child pornography material via e-mail is being referred to federal authorities for review," a news release stated.Lee is scheduled to appear in Denver County Court on Sept. 29, to be formally advised of the charges against her.


Rewind: In 2002, ex-gay adult star, Bobby Blake was immersed in a scandal involving government funding that paid for his appearance at an AIDS awareness meeting in St.Louis. It was reported that Blake "stripped and engaged in sexual contact with guests during a 'safer sex' event sponsored by a local AIDS agency, which paid for his appearance with federal money." Blake himself did not face any charges over this event, but two members of the group that set up the meeting were subsequently fired.

Fast Forward: Bobby Blake has released a book (My Life In Porn) detailing his life in the adult industry.

Excerpts include: Bobby Blake grew up in Tennessee. He went to Los Angeles in the 1980's and worked as an erotic dancer.

On the advice of a friend, he visited a gay sex club owned by porn actor Paul Hanson. Impressed with Blake's performance, Hanson recommended him to adult film producers who cast him in his first film, "Ebony Knights."

Blake also talks about male escorting and meeting a R&B singer based in Atlanta. He doesn't reveal names.

Blake appeared in over 100 films (before retiring) playing aggressive and dominant top roles.


Director: Michael Maroy (Cross Country Pimping 3 DVD)

The Pimp game is not the same anymore. The Game is dying. The heart of the game is weak. The risks are too high and the women aren't the same. The players are a new breed. The rules are no longer respected. And hate is at an all time high. Drug ballers are the new King in urban neighborhoods. Only a fortunate few (pimps) can take the game to the next level....Hopefully pimping will die out for good.


A few weeks ago, San Francisco held the world's biggest celebration of leather, bondage and sexual fetish. Booths featured women in search of stimulation while others were struck with whips, paddles or bare hands. One man was trying to coax visitors onto his $645 leather sex sling frame and stirrups. Nearby, masturbation contests were taking place and people were having sex out in the open.

A public display of all things kinky covered 13 blocks and drew thousands of people, many of them not wearing leather in key places. One man wore only an 11-foot Burmese albino python which curled around his waist.

Above, 1st photo features a bondage demonstration. 2nd photo features a partial bondage suspension.

More than 250 vendors sold whips, chains and pornography.

Enjoying the sight was Tora of Sacramento. A "slave" in a black leather corset whose hands were bound in leather cuffs behind her back as she was led around on a leash by her fiance.

She said, "In everyday life, I'm dominant. I make most of the decisions. "With this, it gives me a chance to give up control and Marcus takes the control. It keeps the balance in our relationship, so we're both satisfied."

Clark, a 30-year-old waiter said, "I was last spanked at the age of 6 at the hands of my mother in Oklahoma. A stolen pack of chewing gum was involved. "I still don't think I'll steal anything," Clark said. Still, he called the spanking a "stinging pleasure" that he would try maybe once a year."

Each year, the Folsom Street Fair attracts nearly 400,000 visitors from all over the world.

Source: Demian Bulwa @ The SF Chronicle


Last year, Samantha Gutierrez met Tammy Starlette Miller West (above) on Labor Day and fell in love. The lesbian relationship showed the classic signs of domestic violence, relatives say. Gutierrez tried to leave and filed charges against West in January but the charges were dismissed when Gutierrez didn't show up in court. A week before she died, Gutierrez told her sister that she was planning to leave for good.

West, 44, faces murder charges in connection with the shooting death of Gutierrez.

The Davidson County Sheriff's Office said Samantha Leath Gutierrez, 35, was fatally shot.

Deputies later arrested Tammy Starlette Miller West, who lives at the same address. West was charged with first degree murder and remains in the Davidson County jail without bond. Her first court appearance is scheduled for later today.

According to the sheriff's office, deputies responded to the home in the Southmont community of Davidson County. They found Gutierrez's body on the floor of the home. West, who was present when deputies arrived, was not injured.

Deputies did not give a motive for the shooting.

West is now in a North Carolina jail and has yet to enter a plea. West is scheduled to appear in court November 18th.



Bullied and threatened for years to the point of near-suicide, Cassandra Johnson pulled a gun and shot her estranged husband in the head at a Liberty City strip mall in 1993.

She escaped a murder charge.

For the next 16 years, she rebuilt her life, undergoing intense counseling, cleaning condos for work and doting over two-dozen grandchildren -- until her next husband killed her, police say.

Randy Lipkins, father of her first child, stabbed her 22 times and pummeled her face with a hammer earlier this month, Miami-Dade police say. Lipkins surrendered to police Sept. 12 -- only after leaving her body to rot in his apartment for four days.

''She took a man's life -- and now she died by a man. They were all no good anyway,'' her son, Omar Eaford, 28, said of his mother's two husbands.

Lipkins, 49, still jailed, is charged with second-degree murder with a deadly weapon. His arraignment is Friday.

Cassandra's case is sadly typical of domestic violence cases.

Her childhood was difficult. Her father was absent. Because she was lighter-skinned, Cassandra felt she was picked on by other kids.

As an adult, she clung to bad men. Letting them go proved difficult.

For more than a decade, Cassandra loved a mechanic named John Harris. But the marriage deteriorated. He grew increasingly violent.

Harris threatened her with a gun and harassed her mother.

Once, she recalled later during court proceedings, Harris claimed he made a pact with the devil and ``was going to be like that guy from Waco.''

He stalked her for two years, her family remembers, despite a restraining order.

''He used to beat on her so much. My mom's jaw was broke. He split her leg open. A gash on her head. My mom's body shut down on her,'' said son Omar.

Community activist Georgia Ayers remembers giving Cassandra a ride to court when, at a stoplight, Harris suddenly pulled up.

''He was yelling for her to get out of the car. He was very, very angry,'' said Ayers, who scared him away by honking at a passing police car.

On March 9, 1993, Cassandra and son Omar were at the Northside Shopping Center, 7900 NW 27th Ave., when Harris appeared and threatened them. He had a gun, her son said.

Cassandra ''pulled a gun from her pouch and shot him in the head. John Harris died three days later at Jackson Memorial Hospital,'' The Miami Herald reported.

Detectives charged Cassandra with second-degree murder.

Her attorney, Assistant Public Defender Edith Georgi, quickly concluded the charge was unwarranted. ''It was an open-and-shut case of spousal abuse,'' Georgi remembered.

Georgi negotiated a plea: probation on a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. The deal called for counseling with Ayers' social services organization, the Alternative Programs.

Recovery was not easy. Her arrest was unfair, she felt. Also, Cassandra agonized about having killed her husband. Ayers' family took in her twins, Jeremiah and Neremiah -- today, they still call Ayers ``grandma.''

But Cassandra rebounded. Over the next 16 years, she forged a new life under Ayers' counseling. She moved into a new home and received family counseling.

Work was baking at a Doral bagel shop, then housekeeping at a luxury bayside condo.
At home, Cassandra cooked soul food for her seven children and two-dozen grandchildren.

''She loved to cook. Neck bones, ham hocks, chitlins, you name it,'' said her niece, Laswhawn Johnson.

Cassandra also married the father of her first son, Lipkins, who she felt had protected her during Harris' stalking.

''Personally, her confidence and abilities have flourished in the past few months since the case has been put to rest. This has really been a success story,'' attorney Georgi wrote in a letter to Cassandra's doctor in December 1993.

But in recent years, a familiar pattern was emerging.

Lipkins had his demons. Before marrying Cassandra, he had a history of domestic abuse with another woman, court records show. Twice in recent years, police cuffed him for cocaine possession.

Her family believes he was hitting her, though he was never arrested.

''You can take the abuser out of the picture, but unless the person has therapy from the inside out, it almost means they have to be parented all over again,'' Georgi said.

``The damage done by abuse and her upbringing took a lifetime to get over.''

Ayers said she ''gets sick'' thinking of Cassandra's fate.

''Those men just used her simply because they could,'' Ayers said.

Cassandra split with Lipkins and had been staying with one of her other sons. But then she vanished, last seen on Sept. 8.

She failed to show up for her housekeeping job at Onyx on the Bay, a luxury condo complex north of downtown Miami.

On Thursday, Sept. 11, Omar dropped by Lipkins' apartment, 12727 NW 27th Ave., to look for his mother. No one answered. The blinds were closed. The air conditioner hummed.

Strange, Omar thought. They never leave the AC on. Omar left.

'For some reason -- I guess God didn't want me to see my mom,'' Omar said.

His brother, Neremiah Johnson, 27, dropped by around 4 a.m. He smelled something foul.


Flies were buzzing around the windows.

He called police. Officers burst through the door to find Cassandra's decomposing corpse.

Exactly why Cassandra, 48, was killed is unknown.

On Sept. 12, Lipkins hobbled into Miami-Dade's Northside police station, nursing a fractured, cut-up left leg.

According to a police report, he told Miami-Dade homicide Detective Jose Gonzalez this story:

Five days earlier, in the evening, the two were in bed when Cassandra ``unexpectedly stabbed [him] in the left shin with a knife . . . then hit [him] with a hammer, before retreating and barricading herself inside the bathroom.''

Lipkins told the homicide detective he forced his way in and beat her with the hammer ``until she was unresponsive.''


Previous tests, performed in 1988, indicated the "Jesus Shroud" fabric was made between 1260 and 1390, more than a thousand years after Christ's death. But other tests have certified that the bloodstains are real and that the weaving pattern was identical to one used during the time of Christ.

Therefore, researchers will take a new look at the Shroud of Turin in another effort to prove the true age of the ancient burial cloth imprinted with the miraculous image of Jesus Christ.

There is a lot of other evidence that suggests to many that the Shroud is older than the radiocarbon dates allow and so further research is needed. Only by doing this will people be able to arrive at a coherent history of the shroud that takes into account and explain all the available scientific and historical information.

Researchers believe the cloth was contaminated by high levels of carbon monoxide before being examined, throwing the results off by 1,300 years.

Experts have also presented evidence that linen samples from the Shroud had been contaminated by material used to patch the fabric during the Middle Ages.


Mysterious relics prove that the advanced civilization of Atlantis was real-and was wiped out by a massive prehistoric tsunami. Archaeologists working in Morocco's Atlas Mountains unearthed vessels and statuettes that show signs of having been underwater at one time. The artifacts are unlike any created by ancient Egyptians or Greeks, and are made from an unusually durable material.

White Noise refers to electronic voice phenomena (EVP), where voices, which some believe to be from the "other side," can be heard on audio recordings. One known (audio) tape of a deceased woman exists. She left a message on an answering machine two years after she died.


Religious scholars are investigating a new rash of stigmata-ordinary people miraculously afflicted with the wounds of Jesus, bleeding from their hands feet and forehead, as Christ did on the cross.

Doctors are baffled by a teenage girl who spontaneously bleeds without being injured. Twinkle Dwivedia, 13, (above) oozes blood directly from her pores, dripping from her eyes, nose, face and the soles of her feet.

She's had multiple transfusions and sometimes wakes up covered in a layer of dried blood.

"The appearance of stigmata is well-at-tested in the histories of the saints," explains Catholic theologian Paul Irena. "But what we are currently observing is dramatically different. "Instead of unusually devout Christians being blessed with his wounds as a reflection of profound faith, these are ordinary people, ins some cases unbelievers. "Although the open wounds are not painful, they can be deeply bewildering when they appear without warning."


by: Clarence Waldron, JET Magazine

Barack Obama's historic run for the White House was predicted by Sen. Robert F. Kennedy 40 years ago. Kennedy said in 1968 that things are "moving so fast in race relations a Negro could be president in 40 years." As Kennedy predicted, exactly 40 years later, Barack Obama is running for president.

He added, "There's no question about it, in the next 40 years a Negro can achieve the same position that my brother has," he said referring to his brother, President John F. Kennedy.

Kennedy recognized that prejudice in America would continue to exist, "But we have tried to make progress and we are making progress. We are not going to accept the status quo."


For the first time ever, the Playboy mansion is opening its doors to the public for their annual Halloween bash! You can party among celebrities and playmates for a fee of $10,000 per person. You can also enjoy dinner prepared by a chef and walk the grounds of this luxurious estate. And, you can also view the exotic animals from afar or visit the mysterious and arousing "Grotto." If that's not enough, you can take a tour of Hef's private theater that seats 200.

If you're not a celebrity or playmate, the screening process for the mansion is, as follows: You have to submit a photograph to the governing board, if you're approved and you're female, no boyfriends or husbands can accompany you. No cameras or cell phones with cameras are allowed on the grounds.


According to Darwin Porter & Danforth Prince, authors of "Hollywood Babylon, It's Back!" Perhaps as a means of concealing his alleged homosexuality, Tony Randall (above, right) gave a number of interviews on the subject of homosexuals, many of them decidedly homophobic. In one such interview, Randall made the following statement on gay porn:

"Oh, it was really bad, just disgusting. Guys sucking each other off. There's nothing to watch in that. It's awful. Oh, it's awful to see great big guys, definitely not my bag. There's no such thing as homosexuality, it's just something invented by a bunch of fags."

*Women, please leave abusive men alone!


by: Demian Bulwa @ The SF Chronicle

Elnora Caldwell was always clear about what she wanted. And after a turbulent marriage, she wanted nothing to do with Robert Woods.

The 46-year-old Oakland woman, a Nordstrom employee in downtown San Francisco known for her impeccable appearance, served Woods with divorce papers several weeks ago, relatives said, and filed for a restraining order. She told her landlord, "I kicked him to the curb."

But police said Woods, a burly weight lifter who once worked for the city of Oakland, did not leave his estranged wife alone.

Woods fatally stabbed her Saturday evening in his black pickup and pushed her out on a road just off Highway 24 near the Orinda side of the Caldecott Tunnel in front of stunned motorists, authorities said.

While motorists stopped to offer aid to the critically injured woman, one driver followed Woods and jotted down his license plate number.

Woods drove to Caldwell's apartment near Oakland's Lake Merritt, said Caldwell's 21-year-old son. He said he caught his stepfather washing up in the bathroom. The son soon used a metal chair to smash one of the truck's windows as it sped away. The son at that time didn't know his mother had been killed.

On Sunday, Contra Costa County sheriff's deputies found and arrested Woods, 47, on suspicion of murder. He was being held in county jail on $1 million bail.

Caldwell's death prompted waves of grief on Sunday. Among those mourning were the people who had tried to revive her as she lay bleeding near the tunnel, colleagues who worked with the bra fitter at the lingerie department at Nordstrom, and members of her large family, who gathered in her living room under a framed photograph of a sunset.

"He took my sister's life for no reason, just because she didn't want to be with him," said Cathy Jenkins, 42, of Tracy. She added, "How do you come back to her own house and wash her blood off?"

Caldwell, who went by "Nora," was a native of Ruston, La., one of 10 siblings. She loved church, cooking and her family, including three grown children from a previous marriage. In recent years, relatives said, a stroke robbed her of some of her motor skills; she needed help, for instance, hanging up panties on hangers at her job.

She had been with Woods for more than a dozen years and got married a few years ago in Nevada, relatives said. The couple lived together at times, and lived apart at other times, even during their marriage. A former neighbor of Caldwell at her last apartment, also in Oakland, recalled that Woods had punched a hole in a hallway wall during an argument.

By many accounts, the relationship was once stronger. Kathy Sack, the lingerie manager at Nordstrom, said Woods would sometimes bring flowers to his wife or take her to lunch.

But Caldwell's brother, 44-year-old Roy Jenkins of Alameda, said she had caught her husband cheating. So about two months ago, he said, he helped his sister by personally serving the divorce papers and the domestic violence restraining order on Woods at his East Oakland doorstep.

"He said, 'Oh, your sister is really serious?' " recalled Jenkins. "I said, 'Yes, I wouldn't be here if she wasn't.' He invited me in. He wanted to call her on the phone."

Jenkins and other family members said Woods continued to contact Caldwell, calling her and driving by her house. A few weeks ago, they said, he tried to break the lock off her front door, an incident that they said was reported to Oakland police, who were unavailable Sunday for comment.

Family members said they could not figure out how Caldwell ended up in the GMC truck.

"She wouldn't have went nowhere with him," said her mother, Susie Gissendiner, who on Sunday was trying to book a plane flight from Louisiana to Oakland.

The Contra Costa County Sheriff's Department, which is leading the investigation, said Woods and Caldwell had an altercation in the truck at about 6:20 p.m. Saturday. It is not clear where they were coming from, but sheriff's spokesman Jimmy Lee said Woods pulled over at Fish Ranch Road on the east end of the tunnel.

What happened next shocked Martin Reed, a 44-year-old Kensington resident who was using Fish Ranch Road to drive home from a party with his sister and her child. He said the truck was on a stretch of road that passes over Highway 24.

"We came around the corner and I saw a black pickup truck in the street and a woman kind of fall or stumble out of it," Reed said. "She collapsed in the street."

He said his partner and his neighbor, who were in another car, pulled up and started asking the truck driver questions - but the driver sped off with one witness in pursuit.

In the next several minutes, Reed said, 10 to 15 motorists stopped to help, with many calling 911 and taking turns doing chest compressions of Caldwell - who appeared to have neck and chest wounds - in an effort to keep her alive.

Reed said he asked Caldwell for her name.

"I thought she said Norma," he said. "I asked, 'Who did this to you?' She said 'My hu-,' but she couldn't get the rest of it out."

Caldwell was soon taken by paramedics to John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek, where she was pronounced dead.

"I've never seen anything like that in my life," Reed said. "We tried to tell ourselves that at least she had people around her when she died. But her death was horrible. This poor woman died in the street."

Over in Oakland, Caldwell's son, 21-year-old Nolan Lewis, arrived at his mother's apartment on Lee Street just before 7 p.m. to grab a jacket and pay a quick visit. He said he found the door of the second-story unit locked. But as he turned to leave, he said he saw Woods drive by.

Woods circled three times, he said, before parking in the driveway. Lewis said he hid on a landing while Woods used a key to enter the apartment. Lewis then grabbed a pair of scissors and walked in to find his stepfather washing his hands in the bathroom.

"I said, 'So now you're in my mom's house?' " recalled Lewis. "He said, 'Your mom's down the street.' "

Lewis said he followed Woods back down to the truck, then picked up a chair and smashed a window. He said Woods cursed at him, raised his middle finger and drove off.

Broken glass and pieces of the chair still littered the driveway on Sunday. Blood remained on the knob of the apartment's front door. As mourners filtered in and out, they made sure not to touch it.


Desperate for lesbian love, a Florida teen brutally turned a high school hallway into a slaughterhouse, gunning down a fellow classmate who'd rejected her romantic advances.

The shocking November 12th murder of Amanda Collette (1st photo) devastated students and left the community reeling, wondering how such a senseless act could have happened.

Troubled sophomore Teah Wimberly (2nd photo) who is now accused of the slaying, later turned herself in to police, telling them, "I wanted her to feel pain like me."

Friends say the two girls grew up together but their friendship deteriorated when Teah began to seek a romantic relationship.

Teah was sending Amanda text messages that she was in love with her but Amanda told Teah she just wanted to be friends.

The two girls eventually grew apart and stopped speaking but Wimberly couldn't get past the rejection.

The day before the tragic shooting, the love starved girl sent a series of text messages to Amanda, professing her adoration and when they fell on deaf ears. Wimberly seemed to turn threatening.

Teah told Amanda, "I'm going to hurt you the way you hurt me."

The next day Teah approached Amanda in a crowded hallway, when Amanda refused to speak to her, Wimberly drew a small caliber pistol and fired one round into Amanda's back. She died a hour later at the hospital.

Wimberly ran but turned herself in later.

Students at the school recall that Wimberly was known for coming on to other female students. She had a reputation for trying to hit on everybody.

One female student said, "She turned angry when her advances were rejected."

Source: "Globe."

by: Ryan Mills

After slashing the tires on her car in mid-October, 27-year-old Fonnate James (1st photo) called his ex-girlfriend’s cell phone with an ominous message.

“When I catch you, I’m going to blow your (expletive) brains out,” James said, according to what Brittany Ervin, 23, (2nd photo) wrote in a petition for injunction for protection against domestic violence filed in Collier County court on Oct. 13.

Exactly two weeks after receiving the call Ervin and her friend would be killed, victims of gunshots that authorities say were fired by James. Ervin and James, who at one point lived together in an affordable housing apartment down the road from Golden Gate High School, had recently ended a three-year relationship, the Lee County Sheriff’s Office reported.

Around 2:20 p.m. on Saturday, Lee County deputies received a call from a third party about a burglary in progress at 1509 Gilbert Ave., according to a press release.

“It appears to have come from an inmate at the jail who was on the phone with one of the occupants at the home,” Sheriff’s Office spokesman John Sheehan said.

When deputies arrived at the Lehigh Acres home they found a broken window, a trail of blood leading to the front door, and made contact with James, who had witnesses at gunpoint inside, the Sheriff’s Office reported. James instructed the witnesses, whose names were not released, to answer the deputies’ questions at the front door.

James eventually came out and surrendered to authorities, the Sheriff’s Office reported.

Inside the home, deputies discovered the bodies of Ervin and 22-year-old Shaniqua Williams (3rd photo) of Fort Myers in the master bedroom. Both had been shot.

The Sheriff’s Office reported that James smashed out the front bedroom window, crawled through and began a shooting spree inside. After shooting and killing Ervin and Williams, he shot at a third person and pointed the gun at a fourth, reports said.

He also kicked down a door to a room where people were hiding, ripped the telephones from the wall, ordered the home’s occupants to throw their cell phones on the floor, and smashed them, according to reports.

James was arrested and booked into the Lee County jail on two counts of second degree murder, three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, one count of burglary of a dwelling and one count of shooting into a dwelling.

In her two-page statement included in the Oct. 13 petition, Ervin recalled several recent encounters with James where he either threatened her, stole from her or battered her. She indicated in the report that James, also known as “Red,” owns a handgun and has an alcohol problem.

About three weeks prior to filing the petition, Ervin wrote that James broke out the rear window to her car.

In early October he stole her keys and work badge, Ervin wrote. After getting into verbal tiffs throughout the year, James would take Ervin’s keys and phone, and at one point broke her phone, according to the petition.

“One time his was drunk and pushed me,” Ervin wrote. “And he told me that if I ever left him he would go crazy and (explicative) around and kill himself.”

She also detailed a recent encounter, after the break-up, where she said James showed up at the home of one of her friends and asked for a ride home. Ervin said she would not give him a ride unless she could bring a friend.

“He said ‘No why don’t you trust me? I’m not going to do anything to you,’” she recalled James say.

Ervin wrote that she eventually dropped James off at a friend’s home. When she wouldn’t go in the house, James snatched her keys and work badge. As she walked away, he again asked her to come inside, according to the petition.

“I said no, I didn’t want to, and he grabbed me and put me in the house and he wouldn’t let me leave,” Ervin wrote. “When the a.m. hit, I jumped up, grabbed my keys, left my shoes and jumped in the car.”

The injunction was never carried out because neither Ervin or James appeared at an Oct. 23 hearing before Judge Frank Baker.

Ervin was a cashier with the Collier County Public Utility Division. Teresa Riesen, a revenue manager with the division and Ervin’s supervisor, described Ervin as a nice person and an excellent cashier.

“She was very friendly and a very good worker,” Riesen said. “She was a sweet, nice girl. She never brought problems to work. You never would know. She acted the same way no matter what. She was a pleasant person. We are all heartbroken in this building.”

Ervin graduated from Naples High School in 2003, according to her MySpace page, where she listed God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit as her heroes. Williams’ MySpace page was filled with condolences from friends.

Collier court records show that James is no stranger to the criminal justice system.
He was found guilty in 2006 of driving without a license, petty theft, violating probation and giving false information to a law enforcement officer.

James’ most serious encounter with law enforcement, previous to Saturday, appears to be his arrest on Aug. 31, 2006, when he was charged with four counts of armed robbery after Collier County sheriff’s deputies say he and another man attempted to rob four people and lunged at them with knives outside the Noah’s Landing Apartments, 10555 Noah’s Circle. The robbery charges were eventually dropped, and James was convicted of criminal mischief.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office reported that James lived at 10585 Noah’s Circle, No. 319, at the Noah’s Landing Apartments, just east of Golden Gate High School.

Steve Frick of Vestcor Companies, a part-owner of the apartments, said that James was never officially a resident. However, Ervin was a resident, and was evicted after failing to pay her September rent.

The third-floor apartment is currently vacant.

“She moved from the property in early October,” Frick said. “We had no knowledge that this gentleman was a resident.”

Neighbors recognized James by his mug shot.

Ceiso Garcia, 19, who lives in unit 320, said he’s seen James outside smoking, but had never had a problem with him.

“He seemed OK, like a nice guy,” Garcia said. “He’d say ‘What’s up?’”

Across the hallway, 67-year-old Charles Stepps said James had lived there for over a year, but has been gone for a couple of months. He never had any problems with James either.

“Sometimes he’d knock on the door, ask me for a beer,” Stepps said. “I had to turn him down a lot.”


The husband (3rd photo) of a Fort Bragg Army nurse whose remains were found amid a brush fire was charged Monday with first-degree murder and a fellow Marine was charged with being an accomplice.

Marine Cpl. John Wimunc, 23, also was charged with first-degree arson and conspiracy to commit arson in the death of his wife, Army 2nd Lt. Holley Wimunc, a nurse from Dubuque, Iowa. Her body was found Sunday --three days after a fire was discovered in her Fayetteville apartment about 130 miles northwest of Camp Lejeune, the Marine Corps base where the men are stationed.

Authorities also charged Marine Lance Cpl. Kyle Alden, 22, with first-degree arson, conspiracy to commit arson and accessory after the fact to first-degree murder. Both were arrested Sunday morning at Camp Lejeune.


A Fort Bragg soldier (2nd photo) repeatedly asked an 18-year-old colleague to kill his wife – also a soldier – and eventually offered $30,000 for the deed to be carried out, the 18-year-old told authorities in police records released Monday.

According to a search warrant affidavit, Army Pfc. Matthew Kvapil (3rd photo) told investigators he dressed in black and hid in bushes on Sept. 30 while Sgt. Richard Smith, 26, and his wife, Sgt. Christina Smith, 29, walked near their home. When the pair passed his hiding spot, he told investigators, he jumped out and stabbed the woman (slashing her throat) to death.

Both men appeared in court Monday, charged with one count each of first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder. Superior Court Judge Tal Baggett scheduled probable cause hearings for Oct. 23 for both men. Both will also receive court-appointed attorneys.

A Fort Bragg soldier was charged with first-degree murder Tuesday in the death of a pregnant colleague whose partially decomposed body was found in a motel bathtub more than a month ago, police said.

Edgar Patino, 27, of nearby Hope Mills, was arrested at his home without incident just after 8 p.m. in the death of Army Spc. Megan L. Touma, said Fayetteville police watch commander Lt. Lars Paul. Paul said Patino was stationed at Fort Bragg but couldn't provide his rank or unit.

On Tuesday, police charged Patino with first-degree murder, but did not release a cause of death or motive.

Her name is Cassidy Robinson, a UGA Student, she's the black girl in the center posing with her so called friends dressed up as Klansmen at an Halloween party. She has more of these disgusting pictures on her face book….


We received an email and spoke to Quindon Tarver (1st photo) who used to be managed and produced by Chris Stokes. The same man who guided B2K to stardom. According to Tarver, allegedly, after one of our blind items appeared, unknown individuals "assumed" he was the source for the blind item because we never reveal our sources.

Allegedly, Tarver was sent death threats via his myspace page. He came to us, asking we go public with the following threats. "Keep talking and we will kill you and we know where you live."

This NBA player was a nice guy when he came into the league. Away from the camera, he's not too nice. He had a nice wife and stable home life until he strayed. Before he and his wife separated. They were with another couple at an restaurant. According to our source who sat at the table.

The NBA star and his wife got into an argument about his mistress. Even more shocking, he screamed at his wife, "Yeah, so what, I'm famous now and I f**ked her, get over it b**ch!"

The wife got up and stormed out of the restaurant, a short time later they separated and according to media reports, they are now divorced. Don't be fooled by his manufactured image.


(Unconfirmed Rumors)

A few weeks ago, Madam Renata made allegations that Will Smith was bi-sexual and hired a male escort.

Now, Hollywood Madam Renata is revealing more details about her elaborate Hollywood sex operation. She named a famous boxer who paid $5,000 to ‘get bruised while getting shagged’ by a female and outed two of Hollywood’s top all time A-list stars.

Madam Renata says she has opened up now since she moved to New York because the heat was closing in on her in LA. Now she caters to a Wall Street/high finance crowd, though she still gets the occasional celebrity client. She says since the economic collapse, business has been way way down.

“The funny thing is that celebs don’t want to hire pretty girls or pretty boys; they can get that anytime,” she said. “They just want somebody who’s willing to fuck them with a dildo.”

A lot of very straight-laced actors, she said, want the black guy. “They always say, for some reason, ‘I don’t just want to touch him.’ And speaking of black guys, one of our best clients is Eddie Murphy, who I don’t think is queer but obviously likes to dabble. His preference is trannies.”

Madam Renata has known Murphy for years. “I go way back with Eddie,” she said. “When he shot Trading Places I sent male escorts every day to his trailer so he could get off. Anyone who knows Eddie well will tell you how he likes to swing both ways.”

Madam Renata went on about another of her clients, a very high-ranking studio executive whom she described as a ‘divorced closet queer’, who hires a female escort, asks her to bring a guy along and ‘gives us autographs from celebrities as a tip’.

She then outed a slew of famous rappers, each one a client. “The funny thing is that many of them were pimps themselves before they became famous.”

When asked which celebrity dropped the most cash on her escorts, Madame Renata immediately gave the answer.

“Marlon Brando, without a question,” she said. “I used to joke that he got us mixed up with a fast food restaurant, that’s how often he’d order. Often, I’d send Marlon three or four escorts a day. Most of them were guys. He loved the clean cut, cute sailor type. In fact, he paid extra many times for the guys to dress up in full sailor garb.”
Madam Renata stressed how it’s not only the guys who prefer escorts of the same sex. “I’ve known Angelina Jolie since she was a teenager,” Renata said. “She’s been a client for years. She loves women, women with tattoos who look like bikers. Often, she’d order women who had tattoos all over their body and weigh over 200 lbs.”

Allegedly, Madam Renata learned the (Madam) trade from the Russian mob.



T.J Darrsiaw (1st photo), his 9-year-old brother and their dad were out trick-or-treating when they saw the outside lights on, on Quentin Patrick’s house and decided to ring his doorbell.

Patrick, an ex-convict, who claimed he was shot and robbed before, heard the knock on his door, and decided to empty his AK-47 at least 29 times through the front door, walls and windows.

T.J suffered multiple wounds including the fatal shot to his head; his brother Admadre and their father were also injured but were released after being treated at a hospital.


Def Jam executive VP Shakir Stewart (1st photo) reportedly committed suicide today (Nov. 1) in Atlanta, according to sources. No other details were available at deadline.

"L.A. Reid and all of us at Island Def Jam Music Group are deeply saddened by the passing of our dear friend and colleague Shakir Stewart," read a statement sent from the label today. "Shakir was an amazing man in every sense of the word. A truly incredible friend and father who was an inspiration to not only our artists and employees, but to his family and the many people that had the privilege of counting him as a friend. Our hearts and prayers go out to his family at this very difficult time."

Stewart succeeded Jay-Z at the top of the Def Jam ladder in June and also retained his duties as senior VP of A&R at Island Def Jam. The Oakland, Calif., native signed such artists as Rick Ross, Young Jeezy and newcomer Karina Pasian.

Stewart cut his teeth as a music executive at Hitco Music Publishing, where he was creative director and later senior VP of creative/GM and signed Beyonce Knowles.

Even before he gained a rep for promoting rap concerts during his Morehouse College days, Stewart was "the guy who was the head of passing out fliers at seven clubs a night, seven days a week in 20-degree weather," he told Billboard this summer.

Stewart said at the time it was his goal to help develop "new, young executives ... The hot executive who's 21, 22 years old and has a serious passion for music and the desire to work 27 hours a day. That's where I was at that time in my life. And that's who I'm looking to mentor. I don't see many people like that. Instead, I see a lot of kids who want to live the lifestyle but don't want to put in the work and do what it takes."


This slugger has always flirted with downlow bisexuality but he hasn't acted on it until recently. He has a history of administering beatdowns behind closed doors on his wives and mistresses. He's always had an uncontrollable anger he can't control towards women.

Our slugger is very good discreet friends with a DL actor who is known for 1 film (flop) that was released in 2002. This actor also starred on a UPN show.

Now, we're being informed that our slugger has taken his downlow indiscretions a step further. He likes playing dress up and only makes appearances at DL parties that are "extremely private," therefore he's guaranteed those in attendance have just as much to lose as he does if the word got out.


The Army has recommended that seven 82nd Airborne Division paratroopers be discharged following allegations they engaged in sex acts shown on a gay pornographic Web site. Three soldiers face courts-martial on charges of sodomy, pandering, and engaging in sex acts for money. Four others received non judicial punishments, according to a statement released by the military Friday.

The three soldiers who face courts-martial are: Spc. Richard T. Ashley, Pfc. Wesley K. Mitten, and Pvt. Kagen B. Mullen (above).

The charges do not mention the name of the site, but the division had previously been investigating allegations that soldiers appeared on a gay pornography Web site. A spokesman for the division said the charges were a result of that investigation.

The 15,000 paratroopers of the 82nd Airborne are among the Army's most elite soldiers, having volunteered to serve in a unit that trains to deploy anywhere in the world within 18 hours.

Pvt. Kagen B. Mullen was sentenced to 90 days in prison, he also received a bad conduct charge and a loss of two thirds of his pay.

Spc. Richard T. Ashley was sentenced to 2 1/2 months in prison.

A hearing is currently scheduled for Pfc. Wesley K. Mitten.


Mexican authorities say, the new trend for drug traffickers is no longer decorating their assault rifles with gold and diamonds. Instead, they collect rare and very expensive, exotic animals.

Drug traffickers in Mexico have mini-menageries where cages hold African lions, white tigers, black jaguars, etc.

Notorious Columbian cocaine king Pablo Escobar is credited with starting the trend. He maintained a 2,000 acre hacienda in his country with a zoo that housed giraffes and elephants until his death in 1993.

A source says, "Drug trafficking bosses like to surround themselves with exotic animals. They do it because they can and because they like to show off. It's a sign of virility and bravado. It's a trophy, a status symbol."

"Any kind of animal that is very rare, expensive or exclusive, white tigers, very expensive pedigree dogs, tropical birds, is what these gangsters favor."

The dynamics of drug trafficking in Mexico has taken a turn. Recently, 15 people were arrested and connected to a major drug ring. One of the Mexicans arrested was a disc jockey son of a famous actress and her singer husband. This is a hint at the availability of some of Mexico's show business people to the highest bidder.


By Esmeralda Bermudez and Rong-Gong Lin II
November 2, 2008

One of USC's top track athletes, who set state records as a high school sprinter in Long Beach, is in the hospital after being shot three times in the legs a few blocks from the school, police said.

Bryshon Nellum, 19, was walking out of a restaurant at Vermont Avenue near West Adams Boulevard with a few other people about 2 a.m. Friday when several men drove by in a car. One of them may have yelled a gang slogan before opening fire, Los Angeles Police Officer Sam Park said Saturday.

He said police had no suspects and did not know whether the gunman targeted Nellum's legs. "When you shoot, you tend to shoot lower than your target, or they might have targeted his legs," Park said. "We don't know."

Nellum was hit once in each thigh and in one of his hamstrings, Park said. He underwent surgery at California Hospital Medical Center, where he was in stable condition.

His doctor, Gudata Hinika, said that it was difficult to say whether the athlete will regain his world-class speed.



The suspects name has yet to be made public by law enforcement. This is what we do know: He's a former Detroit drug enforcer for kingpins and dope boys, allegedly responsible for numerous murders on the West Side.

This man used various kill methods, including: Execution style murders, assassinations and torture until he went rogue and started killing innocent victims randomly.

Allegedly he's also a satanist who believes in human sacrifice and he's responsible for the following 4 murders.


Detroit police found the skeletal remains of two people near where two other sets of remains were found.

The Detroit News reports the skeletal remains were found Saturday on the city’s west side. A day earlier, police found one set of remains in a shallow grave in a vacant lot and another under a mattress.

Chief Ella Bully-Cummings visited the site and tells reporters police apparently have “recovered what appears to be the skeletal remains of four.”

Police say all four sets of remains were too decomposed to immediately determine gender or identity. The Wayne County Medical Examiner’s Office was awaiting an anthropologist to assist in the investigation.

The lot is between a vacant home and an occupied home. According to one cop, during the suspect's reign of terror, "skeletons and bodies were popping up everywhere."

The killer fled Detroit and has been tracked to Las Vegas and Atlanta.


Atisone Seiuli aka Shalimar was a transsexual involved in a widely publicized Hollywood scandal when she was arrested in the car of comedian Eddie Murphy in 1997.

Candace Watkins, a purported mother figure to several transsexuals, later wrote a book entitled "In the Closet with Eddie Murphy," under the pen name Carnal Candy. The book was filled with tales from Watkin's girlfriends about their alleged liaisons with Murphy.

Murphy denied the allegations and the book mysteriously disappeared from book shelves across America. Was a fixer involved?

A faithful reader sent us excerpts (that don't include Murphy) from this book, as follows:

True Story:

At midnight, we (transgender) ladies of the evening went our separate ways. Leslie and Toni, scantily clad, looking like porcelain dolls, strolled down Dauphine Street, missing cobblestone cracks in their five-inch heels. Horns honked as vehicles passed them by, while horse drawn carts clicked and clacked their way into the heady ambiance of the French Quarter, and tourists ogled. Tempest and I were off to our respective jobs. I was a stripper and cocktail waitress at Silver Frolic, a well-known female impersonation show bar owned by an Italian family. The bar was situated on Bourbon Street and had a stage as long as one city block, with a barker at the front door hollering at tourists. Al, the barker, was a tourist attraction in himself, after all those years of yelling, The world’s prettiest girls.

One Sunday morning, Robert (my sugar daddy) and I were in the process of moving to Esplanade Avenue, on the edge of the French Quarter. While we were going down Burgundy Avenue, I spotted police, ambulance and fire trucks parked outside a familiar building. From the car window, I saw one of my close friends, Jean Langston, also trans-gender, being escorted out of her apartment in her bathrobe. The officers were holding Jean up by both elbows, as she was barely able to walk on her own. I was devastated to see Jean being driven away in a squad car. I waited with anticipation for news of what had happened.

Later that day, I finally talked with Jean, who was sedated and on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Jean told me she had been awakened that morning by Miki (a transgender girl from South America), who had kicked on Jean’s bedroom window, rattling the jalousie shutters, which protected from the elements. Never in a million years could Jean have expected the horrible events that transpired. When Jean looked out the window of her second floor duplex, there was Miki lying on the balcony, her nylon panties stuffed in her mouth, her feet bound, pulled up and tied to her hands behind her back.

Jean removed the panties from Miki’s mouth and started undoing the rest of her. "Hurry!" Miki exclaimed. "They might still be alive!"

They were Scarf Toni and Crissy, two trans-genders from Massachusetts.

Frantic, Jean raced downstairs through the French doors onto the cobblestones below. Brushing weeping willow branches off her face as she rushed through the courtyard, Jean untangled her long, flowing red hair that became caught in the old willow’s branches. Panicked, she reached the front door on the other side of the building and raced up the stairs two steps at a time. She felt like her heart was ready to explode as she tore down the hall to the apartment where she knew Crissy and Toni were. She dreaded what she would find, after Miki telling her to hurry, They might still be alive! Pushing the door open, Jean was sickened by the sight that greeted her. Walls were splattered with blood. There was blood everywhere! Toni and Crissy were on the floor tied up as Miki had been with pillowcases over their heads. The larger of the two bodies was Toni’s, and her head appeared to be decapitated. There was no doubt in Jean’s mind that Scarf Toni was dead.

Crissy lay in a pool of blood, multiple stab wounds in her chest. She was still breathing, but bleeding profusely. Later, we learned that in addition to being brutally stabbed, Crissy had been hit over the head with a magnum of champagne. Jean almost fainted, but managed to run down the stairs and call the police. It was shortly afterwards when Robert and I drove by and saw the activity. I was in shock by the time Jean was done telling me what had happened.

Tempest and I couldn’t believe that our friend Scarf Toni had been murdered. The whole incident really shook us up.

Two decades later, Crissy is in a mental institution and Miki is still on drugs. Jean became a showgirl and danced on Bourbon Street. After that, we lost track of her. I got lucky and did some modeling, advertising a New Orleans restaurant.








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