Downlow Escort .......From Myra Panache's (Book 1), never before published on this site.  This story takes you behind the scenes of a downlow escort in hip-hop, modeling and music.  Brayden and his best friend Ava set the NY and Paris runways of fire, affectionately known as A&B.  Both become rich and famous and then everything starts to spin out of control. Panache Report original.

America's First Black Dynasty...The true story of America's first black dynasty.

Black Men Falsely Accused (Racial Injustice)  ....We explore the cases of three African-American men who were falsely accused of heinous crimes.  At the time of the crimes, the men were employed as a Marine Corporal, an engineer and a janitor. 

Black CSI Student Put Out Hit On Ex-Husband  ...D'Antonette Burns was a CSI student at Purdue.  She was also employed by the school.  In the evenings, she tried to conspire with an undercover officer (unbeknowst to her) to kill her ex-husband.  This is her story.

Was "Your Black Muslim Bakery" Hit Squad Responsible For Another Murder? ...This is a very twisted true story of religion, murder and child molestation allegations.

Rise & Fall Of Self-Proclaimed Black Billionaire (CMX) Mogul: Tony "Tycoon" Brown

Tony "Tycoon" Brown was a self proclamed black billionaire and Don King referred to him as the 'Black Bill Gates.'  Brown made his fortune through metals trading and he expanded into sports and entertainment.  He bought three private jets and played the role of mogul to the hilt.  He even signed the remaining members of B2K to a contract after Omarion left.  Black Enterprise estimated that his trading company was worth $61 million in 1996 and then everything crashed in 2004.  Read his story.

Black Mafia Family's (BMF) Code Of Silence Broken: Investigative reporter Mara Shalhoup takes you inside the shadowy BMF empire and evidence is presented regarding a former BMF member snitching on the organization.

Violent & Deadly Criminal Acts: Profiling three cases-A black serial killer who targeted white women, a gangsta-banger (Latino) who is so violent and brutal, he's suspected of 12 murders and was added to the 'U.S. Marshals 15 Most Wanted List,'  and a black serial batterer who went from town to town beating women within a inch of their lives.

Bi-Racial "White Supremacist" ..When Leo Felton wasn't trying to incite race wars, he was robbing banks to support his "White Power" agenda.  What makes this story so unusual, Leo Felton is bi-racial.  His father is African American.

Passing For White ...Anita Florence Hemmings passed for White at prestigious Vassar University in the 19th Century until her White college roommate became suspicous and alerted her father, who in turn hired a private investigator. This is her story.

Major Cocaine Player Commits Suicide ...Dean Parker was a handsome high flying cocaine player married with two kids. Parker was also a close friend of disgraced sports agent Tank Black who is currently in prison for ripping off  a dozen NFL players.  Parker often used Black's private jet for business and pleasure.  His life would take a turn for the worse.  This is his story.

Black Beauty Queen Acquitted Of Murder ...When Savannah Beauty Queen Nikki Redmond shot and killed her boyfriend, was it self-defense (as she maintains) or cold blooded murder?

Black High Roller Wanted For Murder ...Black High Roller Cyril Byrd is on the run for murder.  Byrd has ties as a promoter to the entertainment and boxing industries and likes to live lavishly. He always carries a wad of hundreds in his pocket and he's always strapped. The FBI is offering a $10,000 reward for his capture.

Brutal "Female" Slave Master ...Delphine LaLaurie was a brutal and psychotic slavemaster, her crimes against blacks even sickened other racists.

Black Female Entertainer Detained In Nazi Concentration Camp For 2 Years: ..This is the true devastating story of female trumpet player Valaida Snow. According to Louis Armstrong: "Valaida Snow is the world’s second best jazz trumpet player, besides me."

ATL Kingpin (Former Son-In-Law Of Mayor) ...Tracking the movements of a big time ATL kingpin before his incarceration.

Black Gigolo Murders White Girlfriend's Husband  ..True story of a passionate interracial affair that ends in murder.

Rappers: Guilt By Association? ..Are rappers being unfairly targeted by the company they keep?  We explore three cases involving Cam'Ron, Akon & Dr. Dre.

Black Female: "International Jewel Thief"  ..A true story about the only black female international jewel thief in history.  Doris Payne also plied her trade internationally, in Geneva Switzerland, Monte Carlo and Paris, etc.  This is her story. Also, Halle Berry will portray her in an upcoming film.

Female Gangsta (Most Feared Woman In America) ... Shauntay Henderson is the leader of the 12th Street Gang in Kansas City, MO., and police say she is responsible for 5 cold blooded murders and witnesses are to terrified to testify against her.  She reportedly has a 'hit list' she's carrying out.  This woman is so dangerous, she's only the eighth woman in history to be added to the FBI's 10 Most Wanted List.

Ditch Digger's Daughters ..The true story of one man who refused to let his 6 daughters become maids and mammy's in the segregated 50's and 60's.  Instead, he and his wife geared the girls towards education.  Two became respected doctors, one became a attorney and another became a nurse.  A inspirational story.

HIV: "Criminal Transmission" ...In 1992, Anthony Whitfield was diagnosed with AIDS after being sexually assaulted in an Oklahoma prison.  In 2004, he would be convicted of 17 counts of first-degree assault for 'knowingly' exposing 17 sexual partners to HIV.

Split-Personality Serial Killer ..Lemuel Warren Smith is a convicted serial killer and rapist from Upstate New York who was the first convict ever to kill an on-duty female prison officer.  Smith also suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder.

Black Billionaire Update & Allegations Of Racism .. Read our fascinating update on black billionaires.  Also, a startling revelation that Oprah Winfrey and Bob Johnson may not have been the first black billionaires in the world.

Tupac's Godmother (Assata Shakur) ...Is an International fugitive with a $1 million dollar bounty on her head.

Attracted To What You Dislike (Double Standard Racism) ....We explore cases of racist/pro black individuals-who seem to be attracted-to what they dislike.

Black Cartel ..Story Of Detroit Kingpin Quasand Lewis who headed a drug cartel that raked in $178 million dollars per year.

Sports, Sex & The Mob ...The "Gold Club," was the number one gentlemen's club in the world.  The club grossed $20 million per year and had 150 of the prettiest strippers in the world.  A-List athletes and celebrities patronized this club on a regular basis until the club got busted for mob connections.

Black Hollywood's Dirty Little Secret ...Hollywood Batterers?  The Women Say Yes, Some Of The Men Say No!

Black Hit Man ..Profiling Lamont Paris.  A hit man and enforcer for various drug organizations and cartels across the country.  Drug lords have Paris on speed dial when they need a dispute settled.  Paris was also a member of the "Connecticut Boys,' a murder-for-hire organization in Detroit.  Update: Lamont Paris has been captured.

Gangsta Cops ...This true story focuses on the following gangsta cops:  The late Kevin Gaines (Training Day was based on him), David Mack (suspected of bank robbery and murder) and Ray Perez (suspected of stealing cocaine out of evidence and murder).  Two of the three have also been implicated in the murder of rapper Notorious B.I.G.

Black Beauty Queen's Murderer In Custody ...Tara Cleveland was a beauty queen who attended UNLV, unfortunately she was in a road rage accident that led to her murder.  Her killer was on the run for 12 years, until recently.

Real Life "New Jack City" & The Racketeer ......#1: Lil Kim's former boyfriend (Damion "World" Hardy) headed the murderous crew "CMB" (Cash Money Brothers) named after the drug crew in his favorite film, "New Jack City."  This organization engaged in drug trafficking, murder and robbery.  #2: Chaka Raysor was the key player in a New York crack empire that netted $100,000 per week.

Black Ax Murderer ...Frank Lloyd Wright is known as one of the greatest architects who ever lived but we rarely hear about his mistress and her kids being axed to death by a disgruntled black servant (Julian Carelton) in 1914.

Black Gay Bashing & Murder (No Media Coverage)....Spotlighting the following cases: Sakia Gunn (murdered) Dwan Prince (bashed) Rashawn Brazell (murdered) Michael Sandy (murdered).

Urban Dramas.. Real Life Stories: Rashad Williams-who went from national hero to murdered criminal. Also: The NYPD conducted the biggest manhunt in NYC after Larry Davis wounded six officers, Davis became "America's Most Wanted," and, Santra Rucker was sentenced to 390 years in prison after allegedly taking the fall for her drug dealer boyfriend and read about legendary underworld figure and gang leader, Clarence "Preacher" Heatley.

Crack King: (Freeway Ricky Ross) ..Rayful Edmond III may have introduced the East Coast (Washington, D.C.) to crack but "Freeway" Ricky Ross introduced crack on the West Coast (Los Angeles).  At his peak, he grossed $3 million dollars per day in drug profits despite being illiterate and he also holds the distinction of being the first person to cook cocaine, this process turned the cocaine into rock. Ross is currently incarcerated in prison.

Luther Vandross' Cousin Convicted of Murder ...Following the end of a stormy 15-month relationship, Charles Vandross, first cousin of Luther Vandross would kill his fiancee's ex-boyfriend.  He was recently convicted of murder.

Next Crop Of Black Billionaires? ...It's predicted that Carl Cushnie will become Europe's first black billionaire with a current net worth of $661 million.  Cushnie was allegedly sentenced to a 6-year prison term (work related).  Black South African Patrice Motsepe is in line to become South Africa's first black billionaire with a current net worth of over $500 million dollars.

White Hate Groups Enlisting In Military:  Recruiting shortfalls caused by the war in Iraq have allowed  large numbers of neo-Nazi's and skinheads to infiltrate the military.  We spotlight a case where three white soldiers affiliated with hate groups, killed a black couple in North Carolina.

Black Crime Families: Spotlighting: "The Gangster Disciples," "Black Mafia Family," "Red Hook Projects Crew," "Micro Kingpins," (13 and 14 years old) and much more!

Twisted..Daphne Wright is a deaf lesbian with an history of violence, restraining orders and rage.  She is accused of murdering and dismembering another deaf woman who she suspected of sleeping with her girlfriend of five years.

Teenaged Kingpins...True story of AZ, Alpo and Rich Porter.  By the ages of 16 and 17, these kingpins headed the most sophisticated drug ring in New York during the 80's.  Flamboyant and ruthless, they earn millions but their lifestyle leads to kidnapping, betrayal and murder.

Wichita Massacre ...This a true story that occurred in 2000. Two African-American brothers go on a killing rampage in Wichita, leaving four white people dead.  The press dubbed the case: 'The Wichita Massacre.'

Mysterious ...True story of two minority men, one African-American, one Latino, who vanished without a trace on separate occasions.  The last man to see them alive is a former white cop.

Myra Panache-Panache Report Presents: High Priced Groupie...Brooke Tyson was the number one groupie on the hip-hop circuit and she had a lot to show for it.  A Mercedes CLK, a penthouse with panoramic views, designer clothes and a vast assortment of bling.  She serviced hip-hop stars, moguls and athletes.  She was on top of the world until...A Panache Report Original story written by Myra Panache.

Black On Wall Street & A $350 Million Dollar Scam?..Did a black Wall Street trader mastermind a $350 million dollar scam (bogus profits) or was he a scapegoat?  Or was he a target because he exclusively dated white women?

Crew Bosses: ...True story of Harlem heroin kingpin Frank Lucas who amassed $52 million in drug proceeds which he deposited in numbered accounts in the Cayman Islands.  He also headed the infamous 'Country Boy' drug network.  Lucas even smuggled drugs in the caskets of U.S. soldiers.  #2: True story of the original founder of the Crips street gang, Raymond Lee Washington.

Downlow Assassin...This is the true story about a woman who thought she met the perfect man.  He was an handsome preacher who accepted her daughter, he could cook and quote scripture from memory but he held a dark secret, he was on the downlow and he 'knowingly' infected her with HIV because he 'didn't want to die alone.'

Myra Panache-Panache Report Presents: A Pimp & A Call Girl...Due to devastating childhood circumstances, Jordan "Cash" Meyers became a pimp.  Toni Terrell was the top black adult star in the country and a high priced call girl.  See what happens when their lives collide. A Panache Report Original story written by Myra Panache.

True Street Stories:  #1: Torn between the NBA & the drug trade. #2: Hip-Hop, Murder & Kidnap. #3: Senseless (Murder of a female music promoter).

Drug Baron: ...This is the true story of Rayful Edmond III.  At the tender age of 22, Edmond was the top drug kingpin in Washington, D.C.  He is responsible for introducing crack cocaine onto the streets of D.C., at his peak he raked in $70 million dollars a month in profits as he dominated the drug market. His organization would be responsible for distributing 90 percent of the cocaine in Washington, D.C. and his empire included 150 soldiers until his arrest in 1989.

Myra Panache-Panache Report Presents: Cocaine Banking Cartel ...This is the story of two siblings, a brother and sister named Cartier and Lauryn.  Cartier is the drug supplier for black Hollywood.  Lauryn is a money laundering wizard for practically every drug cartel in the world, including her brother's.  A Panache Report original story written by Myra Panache.

Myra Panache-Panache Report Presents: Downlow Sex Club Part I: ...Exploring the secret society of a downlow sex club where you are issued gold and platinum membership cards, membership fees: $100,000-$200,000 annually.  Members include, rappers, actors, athletes and singers. This story centers on the adventures of a black action hero, a singer and a basketball player. A Panache Report original story written by Myra Panache.

Million Dollar Caper:...True story of two brothers, Troy & Dino Smith, two big time ballers who loved exotic sports cars partying and gambling.  After Troy retired from football (European league) he and Dino became international jewel thieves.

Black Panther...Huey Newton was larger than life, we go behind the image and reveal surprising allegations and never revealed information.

Black Female Terrorist? Update on a story we featured last year.

Serial Couple..True story of a black serial couple whose crime spree spanned five states.  Police conducted one of the largest manhunts in recent history.

Drug Lord....Profiling the notorious 'former' drug kingpin Guy Fisher.  One of the top drug lords on the East Coast (New York) during the 1970's.

Myra Panache-Panache Report Presents: Beatdown...The rise and fall of an abusive Latino rapper.  A Panache Report original story written by Myra Panache.

Myra Panache-Panache Report Presents: Ballin 3...Featuring Jacks (CIA) G-Mac (Weapons Specialist) Dayna (HIV Assassin) Lear (CIA/Hollywood Fixer) and Nikki (Freelance Assassin).  Based in Florida, a thrill ride of espionage, adventure and suspense.  A Panache Report original story written by Myra Panache.

Black Serial Murder Ring....True story of several black men who belonged to a secret organization called the "Death Angels."  These men hunted and killed 71 white men, women and children motivated by racism before being convicted in 1974.  The "Death Angels" would become the largest serial murder ring in U.S. history.  The press dubbed the murders, "The Zebra Killings."

Kingpins...The character of 'Nino Brown' in "New Jack City" was based on drug kingpin Felix Mitchell and the character of 'Goldie' portrayed by Max Julien in "The Mack" was based on a man known as the black godfather, Frank Ward.  This is their story.

Myra Panache-Panache Report Presents: The Crew....This organized crew lives in the projects by day, at night they become a crew of sophisticated thieves. A Panache Report original story written by Myra Panache.

Myra Panache-Panache Report Presents: Downlow & Barebacking...An All-American high school athlete's guarded "downlow" secret results in murder.  A Panache Report original story written by Myra Panache.

Trafficker...True story of a drug trafficker who became the first black 'made man' in the Columbian Mafia.

Myra Panache-Panache Report Presents: Secret Weapon (Video Girl)...A hip-hop video beauty is thrust into a world of International Intrigue in this fast paced thriller. A Panache Report original story written by Myra Panache.

Myra Panache-Panache Report Presents: Street Cred...A white rapper dominates rap while concealing a secret, 'his hatred for African-Americans.'  A Panache Report original story written by Myra Panache.

Myra Panache-Panache Report Presents: Downlow In Hip-Hop...Exposing the DL lifestyle of a Hip-Hop Mogul. A Panache Report original story written by Myra Panache.

Myra Panache-Panache Report Presents: Ballin II....(The Sequel) Tracking a serial killer against a backdrop of hip-hop & espionage. A Panache Report original story written by Myra Panache.

Myra Panache-Panache Presents: Hatin...A hip-hop producer and his fiancee become the targets of jealousy, envy and hatred. A Panache Report original story written by Myra Panache.

Myra Panache-Panache Report Presents: Livin My Lyrics...Three 'pretty boy' brothers from Bed-Stuy launch a hip-hop label, the hottest label in the country until they start laundering money for a drug kingpin.  A Panache Report original story written by Myra Panache.

Myra Panache-Panache Report Presents: Golddiggas...The two finest girls in Atlanta; who also happen to be professional dancers, hookup with a big time baller in the ATL, while he takes over the drug market, they target professional athletes.  A Panache Report original story written by Myra Panache.

Myra Panache-Panache Report Presents: Ballin....Inner-city tale based in Compton, a friend seeks revenge after her best friend is killed in a driveby. A Panache Report original story written by Myra Panache.

Myra Panache-Panache Report Presents: Downlow Thug....Tale of a small time dealer sent up to San Quentin, he gets the virus in prison and gets released. A Panache Report original story written by Myra Panache.

Iceberg Slim......The most famous pimp in history and the art of pimping.

Original Gangstas....True story of black gangstas, Leroy "Nicky" Barnes, Bumpy Johnson, Frank Matthews & Madam St. Clair.

Black Supremacist...True story of former NFL player Robert Rozier, who was convicted of 8 racially motivated cult killings in 1986 while following the orders of a man described as the 'Black Hannibal Lechter.'

Murderous: ...True story of Cal football player Mariet Ford who became famous by participating in one of the most famous plays in College football history, known as 'The Play.'  This play allowed Cal to beat Stanford in the 'Big Game.'   Unfortunately, Ford would become better known as 'The Black Scott Peterson' in a crime that shocked his community.

Top Dawg:  ...True story of drug kingpin Scott King who laundered drug proceeds through his luxury car dealership in the ATL.  King often gave million dollar parties in his mansion, guests included celebrities and pro athletes.  King is currently a fugitive on the run charged with drug distribution and money laundering.

UNSOLVED:  ..Profiling the unsolved murder of ex-cardinals linebacker Simon Skanks.

Donald Goines ...The true story of Donald Goines, the godfather of urban fiction who died an tragic death.  His murder remains unsolved.  Goines is one of the most successful black writer's in history and his books have never been out of print.  What's so amazing, he wrote all of his books under the influence of heroin.  A life long habit he was unable to beat.

Intentional AIDS Infectors...Sarah Jane Porter contracted AIDS from a black boyfriend and intentionally set out to pass the virus to as many black men as she could.  Everson Banda lured women for sex sessions and knowingly infected six of them with AIDS.

Worst Batterer In NFL History...Former running back Lawrence Phillips (St. Louis Rams, Oakland Raiders) is the worst batterer in NFL history.  He has domestic dispute charges from different women in several cities.  He was recently convicted for trying to run a group of teenagers over with his car.

Gay Bashing: Internet Set-Up...Michael Sandy was lured off the internet to a remote location.  He was ambushed and beaten to a pulp by a group of young men.  The police investigation would reveal, this isn't the first time this group of men led unsuspecting gays to remote locations to be savagely beaten.  The police arrested the men.  Sadly, Michael Sandy is brain-dead.

Star Struck Groupies... A special behind the scenes report on hip-hop groupies and how they operate.

Black Playmate Who Became A Self-Made Millionaire....Stephanie Adams became a self-made millionaire by age 30.  She had sheer determination and will power.  She made her fortune by investing in 'Fortune 500 Companies.'  She has been linked to Robert DeNiro and John Casablancas but she sent shockwaves through the industry when she announced-she is now a lesbian.

Inside The World Of Gossip ...Taking you inside the world of big money celebrity gossip and photo licensing.

AIDS Deceit  ...Story of a groupie during the Eazy-E era who contracted AIDS and still practiced unsafe sex with ballers, dope boys and up and coming rappers.

Greed, Scandal, AIDS & Homosexuality In The Black Church ...Exposing greed, scandal, AIDS and homosexuality in this special report.

White Serial Killer Who Targeted Black Women ...Profiling Larry Bright, a white man who targeted black women for death.

Muhammad Ali Professional Sports Scandal ...Detailing the embezzlement of funds ($21.3 million) to finance the lavish lifestyles of a top employee at 'Muhammad Ali Professional Sports, Inc,' and one of his cronies.

Black Celebrity Swindler (Athletes & Rappers) ..This is the story of Calvin Darden, Jr.  A shady investor who ripped off athletes and rappers, including-Latrell Sprewell & Nelly.

First Black Man Down With Major Mob Crew ...Parnell "Stacks" Edwards was the first black man ever affiliated with a major mob crew.  Stacks was also involved in one of the largest robberies in history, the 1978 Lufthansa heist.

MS-13: The Most Dangerous Gang In The World ...This gang is ruthless.  They are also involved in human smuggling, drug trafficking and murder-for-hire, etc.

Duane Martin (Actor & Sports Mogul) ...Duane Martin is better known as an actor and he's also known as the husband of actress Tisha Campbell.  But, what few people know is: He is also a sports mogul.  His agency has over $1 billion in contracts.

93-Year-Old Cocaine Trafficker ...William C. Tinnen may be the oldest cocaine trafficker in history.  Durham police arrested him recently.  This is his story.

Black Celebrity Concierge  .....Ike Iregbulem is the only black male concierge in this country who caters to a celebrity/elite clientele.  Read about his famous clients and his impressive accomplishments.

White Boxer Murders Black Wife ....Boxer Juan Minelli beat and stabbed his wife (Cheryl Wilson) a contestant on (American Gladiators) to death after he suspected she was having a lesbian affair.

Sports Scandals That Received Little Media Attention ...Profiling two sports scandals that received little media attention.

23-Year-Old Heads Private Jet Company ...Read an inspiring true story about a 23-Year-Old African American who heads his own private jet company.

Black Pitcher Committed Suicide After Losing Crucial Game...This is the sad story of pitcher Donny Moore.

Black Female Cop Covers Up Husband's Pedophilia ..Click on the link to read this tragic and disturbing story.

Black Robbers Pull Off $9.8 Million Armored Car Heist ....Read how young black thieves got away with nearly $10 million dollars in a armored car robbery.

NBA Star Alonzo Mourning's Link To Kingpin ...This story explores the link between NBA star Alonzo Mourning (when he attended college) and drug kingpin Rayful Edmond, III.

Bi-Racial Kingpin Worth $570 Million Dollars    ..The story of bi-racial kingpin Curtis "Cocky" Warren who amassed a fortune in excess of $570 million dollars.  Warren never left a paper trail because he had a photographic memory.

Audrey Smaltz: Style Maven ...Audrey Smaltz is a former model who currently heads a very successful company.  Smaltz was one of the first black women to be named to the international best dressed list three times.

Terrance Dean Interview ...Interview with the author of the controversial book, "Hiding In Hip-Hop: On The Downlow In The Entertainment Industry From Music To Hollywood. Panache Report interview with Myra Panache.




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