Cleophus Prince, Jr., above, is a former Navy machinist who terrorized San Diego, California, stabbing six white women to death and provoking the largest police manhunt in the city's history.

His crime spree spanned from1990 to his capture in 1991 and included numerous burglaries and a rape as well as the six killings. Unlike most serial killers, Cleophus killed women outside his race.

He was linked to several of the deaths by DNA evidence and jewelry in his possession that belonged to his victims. He also gave his girlfriend a rare opal ring from Christmas that belonged to his second victim.

FBI experts were called in by the prosecution to find a common thread in all the killings. The signature that connected all slayings was circles of blood smeared on all the victim's breast. Some of the victims were stabbed up to fifty times.

Prince bragged to a friend about "doing a mother and her daughter," his last two victims, and took to wearing the mother's wedding ring on a chain around his neck. Usually Prince stalked and followed the unlucky women to their homes. There he would break in, take a knife from the kitchen and attack the women.

In 1993 a jury found Cleophus guilty of six counts of first-degree murder, 20 counts of burglary and one count of rape.

He was sentenced to death and is currently on Death Row at San Quentin.

Source: Frances Farmers Revenge.com


Timothy Joseph McGhee, a northeast Los Angeles gang leader wanted by the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) in connection with as many as a dozen killings, and one of the United States Marshals Service 15 Most Wanted fugitives has been convicted.

McGhee, had been charged by the Marshals Service with the federal offense of Unlawful Flight to Avoid Prosecution. The federal charges are based on McGhee's efforts to elude capture and prosecution in connection with an arrest warrant that was issued in June, 2000 charging him with the murder of 16-year-old Ryan Gonzales. McGhee allegedly killed Gonzales simply because Gonzales happened to share the same nickname that McGhee uses. McGhee is also a suspect in a string of brutal murders that have been committed since then, including the murder of a 17-year-old boy who was sketching a picture at the Los Angeles River near the gang's stronghold in Atwater Village and a young mother of two who was killed because of the type of vehicle that she was driving.

Investigators familiar with the investigation believe that McGhee continued to influence the activities of the Toonerville gang while he was on the run, and was still involved in their criminal enterprises which include drug trafficking, firearms violations, and other offenses, including the use of murder and threats of violence to dissuade rival gang members, potential witnesses and unsuspecting citizens.

McGhee, 34, leader of the Toonerville gang in Atwater Village, was found guilty of three counts of first-degree murder and four of attempted murder. His autobiographical notebook of gang lyrics in which he boasted about his crimes proved vital in the conviction.

One of Los Angeles' most feared gang leaders with a penchant for writing rap lyrics about his killings was convicted last week of murdering rival gang members for control of a lucrative drug trade - and now could face the death penalty.


*I've heard of serial killers, serial rapists and serial child predators but this is the first time I ever heard of a serial batterer.

His name is Irvin Leroy Martin -- but he's known as "Chubby," despite his solid build. And Chubby also has a solid history of violence toward women, and criminal records in Kentucky, North Carolina and various cities in Virginia for beating women.

He served time in the Kentucky penal system from 1995 to 2004 for violent crimes against several women. 

His motive of operation, 'beat women within a inch of their lives, skip town, settle in another county, find another woman, beat her, and skip.'


Some men enjoy sports, fishing or mountain climbing, Martin's sport was: Beating women.  He looked forward to it and he enjoyed inflicting violence on women.  It became a part of his daily routine and he didn't feel complete unless he unleashed a brutal beating on a woman.  He couldn't control this impulse, this impusle became so strong, it was similar to a starving person needing food.


Cops say a woman Chubby had been dating stopped wanting to see him -- and he turned violent. He was arrested for assaulting her -- and by the time the Kentucky penal system was through with Chubby, he'd served nine years for stalking, criminal mischief, and theft by unlawful taking -- but investigators say that wasn't enough to reform him. He moved back to Goochland County after he was paroled, and investigators say he went right back to his old ways.

Missy Riley, a 30-year-old white resident of Goochland County, had lived in her home for several years with her 9-year-old daughter, Mercedes before she met Chubby.

Investigators say Chubby rented a room in a house across the street from Missy, and the two had virtually no contact. But they were linked by coincidence -- they had both owned the same horse.


Before meeting Chubby, Missy spent months looking for a horse to buy for her daughter. Mercedes loved horses, and desperately wanted one of her own. In August 2007, Missy finally found a beautiful horse for sale -- one she could afford. She bought the horse from a trader she knew. And that horse trader had bought the horse from Chubby Martin.


But Chubby hadn't really wanted to sell the horse. He'd been boarding her on someone else's property because he couldn't afford to keep her himself. The property where she was being held wasn't up to certain standards, and cops say the Humane Society stepped in. Since Chubby had nowhere else to keep her, he was forced to sell the horse cheap and fast.


In January 2007, Chubby was back on his feet and had the money to buy the horse back, so he called Missy to see if she wanted to sell. But when Chubby met Missy, his interest in buying the horse shifted to scoring a date with Missy.


Over the next few weeks, cops say Chubby began calling Missy daily, asking her to go out with him and demanding to know why she refused. Missy thought Chubby was creepy, but wasn't prepared for what happened on February 5, 2007.


After school that day, Missy's daughter arrived home on the bus like usual. Only that day, Missy wasn't there to meet her. The bus driver brought the little girl back to school, and they contacted Marie's mother, who picked the child up and drove back to Missy's home.


When they arrived, Missy's mother noticed her daughter's van was gone -- so she assumed she was out shopping and was late coming back. Missy's mother took her granddaughter back to her house and continued trying to reach Missy.


That night, Missy's parents were terribly concerned about their daughter. It was unlike her not to be there for her children. Around 9 p.m., Missy's step-father returned to her house and went inside. He was horrified by the bloody scene he'd stumbled upon.


Missy had been severely beaten. She had broken bones and had suffered serious head injuries. Her step-father called 9-1-1 and she was taken to an area trauma center. Luckily, she survived -- and remembered who had attacked her. She told police his name was Irvin "Chubby" Martin.


Investigators worked the crime scene and put together what they believe happened that day. Missy was on the phone with an out-of-state friend, and at some point during their conversation, Martin snuck in the house through the unlocked back door. Missy told investigators he began demanding money -- but that's the last thing she remembered before cops say Martin took out a blunt object and began beating Missy violently.


Afterward, cops say Martin fled in her 1996 Dodge van -- leaving her for dead.


Unbelievably, sheriff's deputies say while Martin was attacking Missy, he was actually supposed to be in court for another similar assault in Goochland County. In that incident, police say a woman who had briefly dated Martin broke things off -- and Martin wouldn't take no for an answer. Police say Martin made threatening phone calls, damaged her property, and eventually assaulted her.


On January 25, 2007, Goochland authorities arrested Martin for the assault, but he was let out on bond. Martin was able to post bond, and police say he never showed up for his court date on February 5. Instead, investigators say he used his time that day to rob and attack Missy in an effort to get money to flee from the charges against him. In the process, investigators say he racked up a new list of charges, including attempted murder and auto theft.


Six days later, on February 11, police found Missy's van in a wooded area in western Goochland County. It had been set on fire, and was completely burned out.


But Martin's trail didn't stop there. Cops believe Martin had set Missy's van on fire the same day he'd stolen it. Investigators say just hours after he attempted to murder Missy, Martin walked to a Goochland County citizen's home -- not far from where the burned out van was located -- and asked three questions. Could he have a ride? Could he have something to clean his eyes with? Was his beard singed?


The citizen hadn't seen the news that day -- so they didn't know Martin was a dangerous fugitive. Cops say the citizen drove Martin to Louisa County -- the county adjacent to Goochland. Police believe that the following day, he either made his way through the woods for several miles, or caught a ride back to Goochland County. Once he was back in the area, cops say Martin stole yet another vehicle -- this time a 1995 Ford Ranger pickup.


On February 7, sheriff's deputies spotted the vehicle in the parking lot of a McDonald's in Zion's Crossroads, Va. Investigators set up surveillance outside, but say Martin didn't return. When investigators went inside, employees identified him and said he'd been in the restaurant the evening before. Surveillance footage from the McDonald's shows Martin ordering and paying for food on February 6, around 6 p.m. That's the last confirmed sighting of Martin, and leads are starting to dry out for investigators.


They say Martin is extremely violent and should be considered very dangerous.





Irvin "Chubby" Martin was arrested shortly before 10:00 p.m. central on Oct. 7, 2007  in Pocola, Oklahoma.