Gene Anthony Ray was born on May 24, 1962 in Harlem and grew up street dancing.  Later, like his character in Fame (Leroy), he enrolled at the ‘High School Of The Performing Arts,’ only to be expelled after the first year. “It was too disciplined for this wild child of mine,” said his mother.

Ray was 17 when he auditioned for ‘Fame.’ Despite, never taking a dance lesson and being ‘naturally’ talented, Ray beat out thousands of hopefuls to land the role.  The movie was a smash and Ray stayed on board for the follow-up television series and was paid $25,000 per episode ($100,000 per month).  Ray would later sign on with Irene Cara’s agent.

Ray was fired from the show in 1984 after his mother was arrested for running a big time drug ring in New York.  Ray also failed to turn up for work 100 times.

Ray would go on to dance for ‘The Weather Girls’ in their video ‘It’s Raining Men’ and he appeared in a production of Carrie in 1988. He also starred in the film ‘Out Of Sync’ in 1995 and appeared in Dr. Pepper and Diet Coke commercials.  After the money ran out, he performed on cruise ships.

He remained a frantic partygoer with a self-confessed weakness for drink and drugs.  As his life fell apart, he relocated overseas and slept on park benches and he shared a flat with a porn star. In 1996, he was diagnosed HIV positive.  He would suffer a stroke and die on November 11th , 2003.

Tito Jackson’s ex-wife Delores (Dee Dee) Jackson had recently went through a painful divorce from Jackson when she decided to attend a party. Donald Bohana was also at the party.  He didn’t pay much attention to Jackson until someone informed him that she was Michael Jackson’s former sister-in-law. She became a target.

Bohana was currently experiencing financial trouble and his restaurant was on the verge of closing.

Bohana introduced himself and they began dating.  Allegedly, when Bohana began to ask Jackson for money, she rebuffed him.

Investigators theorized, the couple had another argument about money and Bohana snapped, tortured Jackson and threw her body in the pool.

Bohana maintained his innocence throughout a two-and-a-half year investigation but the district attorney’s office reopened the investigation after an autopsy report concluded someone might have “assisted” her drowning and that Bohana strangled Delores after a night of abuse, then dumped her body in the pool.  The autopsy report also listed blunt-force injury to Delore’s lip, tongue, ear, scalp and other parts of her body.

Bohana was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison.

Tito Jackson filed a lawsuit on behalf of his sons and Katherine Jackson, the Jackson matriarch.

It came out later, allegedly another woman died in Bohana’s presence several years earlier.

Jermaine Stewart started off dancing on the Chicago version of ‘Soul Train’ before he relocated to Los Angeles to appear on the Hollywood version of the show.

With the help of Boy George and Mikey Craig of ‘Culture Club,’ Stewart released his first solo recording, ‘The Word Is Out,’ the record was a smash and Stewart followed it up with another hit, ‘You Don’t Have To Take Your Clothes Off.’ He would tour with the ‘Chi-Lites,’ ‘The Staple Singers,’ ‘Tavares,’ ‘Shalamar,’ and the ‘Temptations.’

The first time I saw Jermaine Stewart in person, was at a club named ‘The Dock Of The Bay,’ outside of San Francisco.  Stewart’s dance skills were extraordinary and he ruled the dance floor that evening.

A few days later, I met Jermaine Stewart through a gay friend (Cliff) of mine.  They had met a few days before at a gay club and had begun dating.

I invited them over to dinner. Jermaine and I hit it off and traded numbers.  We talked over the next few days.   He discussed his career and the many boyfriends he had all over the world.

After he left the bay area, we lost touch.

A source would tell me, years later, that Jermaine was planning to write a book, detailing, homosexual flings he had with famous black celebrity men, many of them married, with families.

Jermaine Stewart would die of AIDS in Chicago at the age of 39 on March 17, 1997.  The manuscript for the book disappeared and hasn’t been seen since.

Wayne Williams was the perfect candidate for a ‘fall guy’ in the Atlanta Child Murders.  He was a talent scout who was constantly surrounded by children and he had a volatile personality.  Little known information: On the night that Wayne Williams was arrested, he received a call from someone claiming, they had just discovered the next superstar who had a voice similar to Aretha Franklin.  She was only going to be in Atlanta until morning.  Williams was lured out of his home to meet with this singer.   He was given directions indicating that he had to cross the Chattahoochee River to get to the destination. Wayne Williams’ car ‘never’ stopped as he crossed the bridge yet a rookie police officer reported hearing a splash.

The corpse of Nathaniel Cater 27, a convicted felon was fished out of the river downstream and Williams was arrested.  Cater was twice Williams’ size, it’s no way Williams’ could have lifted him up and thrown him over the rail and remember, his car never stopped on the bridge.  Also, during the reign of terror in Atlanta, a sex offender lived in the same neighborhood of a few victims but was oddly ‘not’ considered a suspect.   It was also rumored that several of the male victims were involved in a homosexual sex ring that involved several prominent officials.   The first recognized victim was Angel Lenair, a 12-year old ‘female’ who was found tied to a tree with her hands bound behind her back.  She had been sexually abused and strangled and someone else’s panties were extracted from her throat.

Another female victim was also downplayed.  In January 1981; Faye Yearby was also bound to a tree, with her hands tied behind her back but the cops refused to link the cases.  A Ku Klux Klan informant told the police, the Klan was behind the murders but since Williams took the fall and was convicted; the Klan planned to start killing black women.  Police records note that numerous black women were killed in Altanta in 1980-1982 yet the media blacked it out.  Like they covered up the fact, the murders of black children and teenagers continued after Williams was convicted and jailed.

We all know, that actor/comedian Eddie Murphy was stopped in a Toyota Land Cruiser with Atisone (Shalomar) Seiuli, a 21-year old ‘transsexual’ prostitute wanted on a prostitution charge.

Murphy claimed he was playing “good Samaritan” and giving Seiuli a ride home.

The tabloids had a field day.

Murphy filed a $5 million dollar lawsuit, accusing the tabloids of trying to damage his reputation and his publicist called the reports ‘malice and reckless.’

What you didn’t know: Murphy quietly dropped the lawsuit against the ‘National Enquirer’ and helped the tabloid pay their attorney’s fees.

Also, the transsexual prostitute that was a passenger in Murphy’s SUV was allegedly working on a book disclosing her numerous celebrity clients, some of the biggest names in Hollywood.

On April 22, 1998, Atisone (Shalomar) Seiuli fell to her death when ‘she’ was supposedly trying to enter the fifth-floor window of her Korea town Apartment from the roof, after having accidentally locked ‘herself’ out.

The manuscript for ‘her’ book has never been found and remains missing.

R. Kelly continues to be a scandal-plagued celebrity. Kelly’s brother, Kerry, has released a DVD; that includes explosive allegations about Kelly.  Kerry claims, Kelly offered him $50,000 in cash and a record deal to lie to police and say that he was the man on the sex tape with the underage girl.  Kerry also reveals that Kelly has a troubling relationship with his wife, claiming, Kelly is emotionally and physically abusive and thinks nothing of “beating his wife,” and that their marriage includes frequent ménage a trois encounters. Kerry also claims that Kelly had a number of inappropriate relationships with underage girls and that Kelly allegedly molested his own niece.  Kerry also states that Kelly is bi-sexual and has engaged in numerous gay relationships.

The beating and murder of Emmett Till remains one of the most despicable crimes in U.S. history.  When Mamie Till turned 18, she met a man named Louis Till.  He was an amateur boxer and was popular with women but Louis had his eye on Mamie.  Till took her to an ice cream parlor for her first banana split.  They married on October 14, 1940. Both were 18.   Nine months later, their only child, Emmett Till was born.  Emmett would never know his father, who was shipped out to Europe as an Army private.  Mamie and Louis separated in 1942.  Three years later, Mamie received a letter from the ‘Department of Defense’ informing her, without a full explanation, that Till was killed in Italy due to “willful misconduct.”  Louis Till died a violent death; similar to the death his son Emmett would suffer years later.  Louis Till was executed by General Mark Clark in Italy, during World War II, for allegedly raping two white women and murdering a third white woman.

It has always been speculated but never confirmed, that , the founder of the ‘Nation Of Islam,’ a black nationalist and religious organization was a ‘white man’ named Wallace Fard, pictured above.   Scholars have provided proof, that Fard was ‘at least’ half Caucasian if not full Caucasian.  His mother, Alice Dodd, was a Caucasian born in England.  Fard allegedly entered the United States through Canada and served time in a U.S. prison for drug trafficking before turning his life around.  He studied various religious from behind bars and founded the ‘NOI.’  Fard often argued that blacks (he objected to the term Negro) should reject Christianity because it was the religion of white slave owners.  Fard mysteriously and abruptly disappeared in June 1934 and was replaced by Elijah Muhammad.

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