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Recently, indictments were handed down to alleged members of the ‘Black Mafia Family,’ network. We are receiving word that reputed leader and black godfather-Demetrius “Meech” Flenory will have a multi-million dollar team of attorneys representing him. This team will allegedly make O.J. Simpson’s dream team look like a bunch of legal aid attorneys. We are also receiving word, depending on the success of the upcoming film “American Gangster,” (based on drug lord Frank Lucas) starring Denzel Washington and T.I., will determine if a movie will be made on the “Black Mafia Family.”


According to the book, "Notorious C.O.P." by Derrick Parker: A very famous hip-hop jeweler was not only involved in organized crime and the trafficking of different items, he also figured prominently in the murder of another jeweler in New Jersey-who had documents "with his name" on them when he died. This same jeweler loaned money to a friend to open a pawn shop, when the friend refused to pay him back, he took out a "contract" on his life. This man is also known for buying large amounts of stolen jewelry and melting it down for resell. And, if that isn't enough, he is also suspected in a second murder of yet another man in the jewelry profession. Allegedly, he murdered the man over a dispute in a hotel room, although the police have circumstantial evidence, they never had enough hard evidence to make a case against him.


According to hip-hop cop Derrick Parker, Officer Kevin Gaines (pictured above) was a notorious cop and his name surfaced in the Notorious B.I.G.'s murder case.  Gaines was also romantically involved with Sharitha Knight, ex-wife of Suge Knight. The film "Training Day" which starred Denzel Washington as a corrupt cop was reportedly based on Gaines.  Officer Gaines would die in a shootout with a fellow LAPD cop.  Source: "Notorious Cop" by Derrick Parker.

According to Frank Alexander (Tupac's former bodyguard): "My niece, Lemika Early, had one idol in her life, Janet Jackson. She loved and admired her completely. In 1995, Lemika and two of her friends were in a terrible car accident, and from the stage of 14 on, Lemika was paralyzed from the waist down and confined to a wheelchair."

"At the hospital she learned about the Make-A-Wish Foundation and she got the opportunity to make her wish, meeting Janet Jackson." The Foundation arranged everything, Lemika was going to spend four nights and five days in Los Angeles (Disneyland), the family went out and spent a lot of money on clothes and other items for the trip and then at the last minute, they called and said Janet wanted to change the plans, saying that the meeting was going to take place in New York instead."

"My niece was disappointed because her heart was set on going to California. The rep said something about Janet having a favorite candy store in New York that she wanted to visit. It was quickly turning into a big mess."

Alexander adds, "Working with Tupac, I understand a celebrity's busy schedule but if you're not game to do something, don't say you're going to do it. Simple as that."

"To make matters worse, Janet had cut the length of her visit down to 15 minutes." Lemika was disappointed, she decided to cancel the visit."

"When I went to work the next day, I told Pac the story. He said, "I hate that shit," What can I do?"

Later that night, Tupac called my niece. He later called his assistant and told her to send Lemika anything and everything she wants. Tupac later flew Lemeka and my aunt out to California and he invited them to the "Gridlock'd" set. He told them to take all the photos they wanted and he gave my niece a blanket that belonged to him."

"The next day, he invited my Aunt and niece to the recording studio, later he hosted a BBQ at his house for Lemeka. They met Snoop Dogg, Kurupt and Danny Boy."

"The following day, he took them for pizza and ordered ten pizzas."

"When it was time to leave, Tupac hugged everyone tightly and even gave Lemika his driver's license as a souvenir." He then told her that when he returned from Italy he was going to donate a stereo system to her school and he was going to bring her something special back and he told her to hang in there and be strong.

"Lemika returned home and replaced all of her Janet posters with Tupac posters."

"Till this day, Lemika gets so mad when she hears something negative about Pac. She says, "I met him, I got to know him as a person and he was a beautiful person."

Source: "I Got Your Back," by Frank Alexander & Heidi Siegmund Cuda

According to Faith Evans: "Although I was starting to go out again, after Big's murder, I wasn't really ready to record or perform yet."

"So when Puffy called my house in New Jersey, I took a deep breath and prepared to say no to whatever he wanted."

"You gotta come to the studio," Puff said. "We about to make history."

"Puff, I need more time, I'm just trying to adjust to Big not being here."

"I understand that. But I'm doing this for Big and I have to have you on it."

"I just don't know if I can do it."

"I know you can," Puff said. "I want it to be you. You gotta make it come together."

"I really don't know if I can."

"Listen, I want to do a tribute and I want to make it the biggest song we've ever done." Come to Daddy's House tomorrow at seven.

I went into the studio to hear what they were working on. Puffy was trying to rework the O'Jay's "Miss You," but it wasn't coming together. We ended the session and tried again the next day.

This time, there was another song playing on repeat in the studio, "Every Breath You Take." by the Police.

Before I could go into the booth, I found myself gripped by a paralyzing fear and began to cry. The intensity of the song, coupled with the fact that I hadn't sung since Big's funeral made the tears flow down my face. I had to excuse myself.

Later, we finished recording.

In late summer, while "I'll Be Missing You," was still running the airwaves, Puff was invited to perform the song with myself and 112.

I heard through a friend that Puff wanted me there, and I told her it wasn't going to happen.

I began to avoid Puff at all costs. If I heard he was at the studio, I didn't go. If I got a message that he called, I didn't call back. I hoped he would give up and just use a vocal track for my part of the song.

My friend Cheryl was with me at the studio one afternoon when Puff called looking for me.

"She's not going to perform that song, I heard her say."

I could hear his screams coming from the other end of the phone.

Cheryl winced and just looked at me, exhaled and passed me the phone.

"Puff, I'm not ready," I said.

"You not ready?" he yelled. "What the fuck are you talking about?

"Look. We here. And we gotta go live. We have a hit song right now and we need to perform it together. If you not ready, get ready."

"Faith, listen to me," Puff said in a low voice. "You want to give up on your career? Fine." His voice began to get louder and louder.

"But you will not fuck up my shit. Do you hear me?

"Fine!" I said. "I'll do the show."

I hung up and collapsed onto the sofa in the studio lounge sobbing hysterically.

I was mad at myself that I allowed him to have this kind of effect on me.

I threw my head back on the sofa and began to massage my temples with my fingers.

I knew at that moment that something was going to have to change.

After we performed the song live, I still had issues with the way Puff had screamed at me to get me to perform. I was determined to stop allowing him or anyone else for that matter, to push my buttons.

I was also angry at Puff for other reasons. Puff began to work with Lil Kim and the rest of Junior Mafia. Now, Puff can work with whoever he wants. But they weren't signed to Bad Boy, I was. And, I felt like I was having a hard time getting his attention to even discuss my album.

I really felt disconnected from Puff and the label. I wanted the support. But, I just didn't feel like it was there.

Source: "Keep The Faith," by: Faith Evans & Aliya S. King

According to Pepa: When I finally got to see Naughty By Nature perform, I got to know Treach, aka Brad, a whole lot better.

It was a great time. He was so spontaneous and cool. We spent the next few days partying and talking. And the thing that I loved was that he didn't try to sleep with me. We kissed, but that was as far as it went.

I guess he respects me, I thought to myself.

I wasn't some chicken head or groupie. I wasn't some regular chick. I was an established artist, too. Salt-N-Pepa was huge. And he respected and treated me special.

By the time we got back to New Jersey, we were inseparable. Being with him was like that bungee-jump-ride, it was scary and thrilling, it took my stomach and gave me a rush all at the same time. I never knew what to expect from him, and that was both good and bad. I started to see the bad less than a month into our relationship.

We were at a party and I was being my bubbly self, mingling with the other guests. It was a party he brought me to in New Jersey. The thing was, Brad met me being the life of the party, bugging out and having fun, so I didn't think anything about mingling with the guests and being my crazy self. But he was upset. I found out that he thought I was being a little too friendly. When I was ready to go, I went to find him and someone told me he had left.

"Left?" I said.

I came here with him. He was my ride. How could he just leave and not even say anything? I was pissed. I asked someone to take me to his place. I was going to confront him. He couldn't just leave me at a party like that. When I got to his house, I asked him. "How are you going to just leave me like that!"

Before I got out another word, I saw stars. He hauled off and hit me right in the mouth. I was shocked, stunned. He didn't stop there. I had been staying with him at his aunt's place in East Orange and I had my things there. He went and got my stuff, balled up my clothes, and threw them out of the front door.

Confused and angry, I ran onto the streets and started collecting my stuff. My mouth hurt and so did my pride. I called a cab and went home.

The next day he came around talking about how he was sorry. Actually, he didn't even say the words I'm sorry, but he started talking about his childhood and how nobody loved him and how he was feeling that I was playing him out by talking to other people at the party, and he just lost it.

I don't know why, but seeing him like that, all vulnerable and sad, I felt sorry for him. I could see the little boy who was abandoned, whom nobody loved, with all of this pain and anger, and I understood where he was coming from. He had me from that moment. I guess I could even excuse his hitting me. I had been hit before. And I was of the mind-set where I believed that if a man hit me, it meant he cared. For him to get that mad to have that much emotion, he must really care for me.

Source: "Let's Talk About Pep," by Sandy "Pepa" Denton

According to Pepa: I had spent years in denial, running, hiding and covering up for my ex-husband, who I will call "Brad." So many times I went places bruised and having to wear sunglasses or heavy makeup to cover it up. It was embarrassing but for some reason, I rationalized it to myself. He was sick and I was the only one who could make him healthy.

Actor/Director Charles S. Dutton tried to help me move on. He was the director on a movie, "First Time Felon," that Brad and I did together. It also starred Omar Epps.

Wasn't Treach in this movie? Hmmm.

One night Brad and I argued over nothing in particular and he slapped me in my face. He was usually careful about hitting me in my face, especially if we had an appearance or something to do. He had slapped me so hard that my cheek was swollen. The next day, the makeup artist did her best to cover it up but Charles Dutton noticed it.

He didn't really say much to me but he invited me to stay in his apartment for the night while he stayed somewhere else. Charles told me it might be a good idea to clear my mind and be alone.

After the movie wrapped, I got an invitation to hang out with a friend, her fiance was actor Omar Epps. They shared a beautiful house in the hills of California. The fun we had came to a halt when "Brad" showed up unexpectedly.

Omar told me, "Just hear him out, you don't take him back but he did come all this way."

I guess men stick together on things like this.

"Brad" put his stuff in my room, he really didn't have much to say. That night, I fell asleep in his arms. The next thing I knew, I opened my eyes and he's standing over me.

He screamed, "B**ch!, I want a divorce!"

He then grabbed my ring off my finger and threw it at me with all his might. It was like a five-carat diamond and it hit me right in the middle of my forehead.

He grabbed me and yanked me out of the bed. He started slamming me into the headboard. He picked me up by my throat, choking me and he slammed me into the footboard. I felt as if my back had cracked open on the hard metal.

He kept yelling, "F**k you, b**ch!" as he kept punching me.

He then banged my head into the wall several times and continued to choke me, I was scratching with my hands, trying to pull off because I thought he was going to choke me to death. He pulled me back by my hair and slammed me into the railing again. He was going crazy.

Finally, the door swung open. Omar ran in and Kalima was right behind him, screaming and hollering for him to get off me.

Omar was trying to be real calm and cool. "Come on, man, Stop."

Kalima was calling Brad every name in the book and making him angrier but he let go long enough for me to make a run for it. I hit the door and headed to the stairs. He ran after me, and caught me at the top of the staircase. And, he had a handful of my hair with one hand and was choking me with the other one. I was practically dangling over these stairs.

Omar was screaming, "Man, let her go," she's not worth giving up your whole life. Let her go." Brad released his grip and I turned around and hauled ass out the front door. I ran down the streets screaming, "He's trying to kill me."

I know I woke up the whole neighborhood. But, a house two doors down opened its doors to me. I was beaten, bloody, half-naked and scared for my life. And while I knew I was never going back, I also wasn't strong enough to tell the truth, I couldn't press charges. I couldn't make him pay. So I lied.

Omar had taken Brad to a local hotel to get him away from me and the police. I didn't speak to him for a long time after that and I never went back.

According to Pepa: We were preparing for the video "Whatta Man," which went on to be one our runaway hits. The video featured these fantasy scenes where Cheryl, Dee Dee, and I got to make out with the men of our dreams. We sat around and made a list of the guys we wanted in the video. Cheryl and Dee Dee looked at me like "poor Pepa," because they knew I wouldn't have a choice.

"I guess Brad aka Treach," is going to be your fantasy man," Cheryl said, laughing. She even knew he would never allow me to make out with anyone but him. She was right. Cheryl got to make out with Tupac, the lucky girl! We all loved him and he was so thuggish.

He almost didn't make the taping of the video because the day before he had a shoot-out with the cops. We taped around it. But we were adamant that he had to stay. Our manager/producer Hurby was so image conscious that he was fighting us over it. He said he didn't want that kind of thug in our video. But we won the fight.

Tupac was cool. He was a good guy. I remember him telling me that he had never been in trouble with the law until he got into the music business-which he got into to have a better life. He had more drama around him as an artist than he ever had as a regular guy.

"Now ain't that some shit?" he said. "I ain't never had a record until I made a record."

Once again, my career was going well. We had one smash hit after another. And once again, my private life was going in another direction altogether.

Brad aka Treach and I were fighting, breaking up, making up, fighting and starting all over again. This went on for years. The fights we had were crazy.

One time we were getting ready to go out. I was ironing a pair of jeans and he started in on me about something. It was always something, and the arguments always started over nothing, figments of his imagination or some perceived thing that I had said or done.

Suddenly, he stormed over to me and grabbed a handful of my extensions.

It always started with him pulling me by my hair. He would always go for the hair, I guess to get a good enough grip on me so he could smack me more easily. I wore a lot of micro braids back then. He would grab and pull on them so much that whole braids with plugs of my hair would come out. It's one of the reasons I wear lace-front wigs today because the hair around my edges never grew back.

I had a hot iron in my hand and he had a handful of my hair. I lifted the iron, which was natural and he said, "B**ch, you trying to burn me?" And he went crazy. He grabbed the hand with the iron in it and was pushing the iron toward my face. I was struggling against him but he was too strong, and he ended up pressing that hot iron against my arm. I heard my flesh sizzling and the smell was sickening. I started screaming from the pain. He dropped the iron and I turned to run, and he went to grab me, his nail swiped across my eyeball and shredded my cornea.

I ended up in the hospital with a third-degree burn on my arm from the iron and a torn cornea. My eye was really bad, it was dripping pus, and I had to wear an eye patch for a while.

The doctors called the police. They knew that my injuries didn't happen the way I said (an accident). They wanted me to press charges and the police were trying to get me to tell what really happened. But I wouldn't.

When I got out of the hospital, I stayed with a friend.

Source: "Let's Talk About Pep," by: Sandy "Pepa" Denton


by: Paul W. Arnold at hiphopdx.com

DX: I wanna go back to your transition from secular to Gospel real quick…how much of your decision to move away from singing gangstafied R&B had to do with your life during those Death Row days?

Danny Boy: Aw man, it had a lot to do with it. To be in an airplane [on the way to my video shoot for “Slip ‘N Slide”]…and it’s falling a thousand feet a minute on fire, and I’m able to stand and give my testimony on that [plane]. And [I also] just missed the ride with [Tupac Shakur] and Suge that day when ‘Pac got shot. Me and ‘Pac would play the same game that a lot of little brothers and big brothers played, which was [calling] shotgun… They called me and told me that it was time to go to the fight, and on my way out of the hotel, the Luxor hotel, I had ketchup that got on the back of my pants and the valet guy told me like, “Dude, you got something on your pants.”

[So] I called back to Suge and told him…[and] I went to the mall to try and get new clothes… And [so] I didn’t get a chance to make it to the fight, ‘cause you know [Mike] Tyson at that time was a knockout-er real quick. And by that time Suge called me [and] told me they on their way [to Club 662]. By the time I got to the club it had been an hour [since Suge’s call], and [then] guys came in and said that Suge and ‘Pac had been killed. So, I always give God thanks for ketchup [Laughs.] I thank him for Heinz ketchup, ‘cause that what was on my pants and that’s what stopped me from getting in that car that day.

DX: Well let’s take a little walk down memory lane here… You recently told HipHopRuckus.com that in the days following Tupac’s murder, “Suge lost his mind around that time…The devil took over.” How did the devil take over Suge Knight?

Danny Boy: I don’t know if they [quoted] me right, but in that time of ‘Pac dying…Suge damn-near lost his mind because one of his best friends, one of his good friends, somebody that he treated as a little brother, somebody that he treated as a son, was gone. It was a surprise to all of us, and it affected all of us, because this was somebody that we was with on a daily basis. This wasn’t just…like some of these record companies - we see you when we doing something.

We slept in the same hotels. If it was one woman coming she knew she couldn’t come [alone and] she had to come with about four or five [girlfriends] because we were crewed up like that. So, it affected [Suge after ‘Pac was murdered]. When I spoke of Suge losing his mind and the devil taking over, [that] was after his going to jail. Sometimes when people go to jail they lose they mind. I noticed that ‘cause I got a brother that did 14 years, and throughout all of those years that he did he always wrote me letters every year – he wrote me at least one letter [every year] that [said] when I get out I’ma do something to you.

When I get out I’ma break your legs, when I get out I’ma do this… And [so] I thought that when I picked my brother up from jail - I was prepared to kill my brother. Because I didn’t know what he was gonna do. But I also know that this was just somebody that had been locked up, and was holding a lot of things from being locked up against everybody else. And that’s just what happen with people that’s locked up. So, after Suge went to jail I do think the devil took over his mind, because it was so many people that had turned against him…

DX: Now you know…that there are folks who believe the devil took over Suge Knight long before the fall of 1996. How much of the horror stories that we’ve heard over the years involving Suge are true?

Danny Boy: When you say horror stories – everybody whoop ass in the industry. Everybody. It’s nothing fresh; it’s nothing new about somebody getting an ass-whoopin’. [I’m sure] Babyface done had some ass beat up. I’m not gonna put it past nobody. They just put Suge out there ‘cause he was a gangsta and he was willing to go stand and show everybody.

And I’m not taking up for him, ‘cause the nigga owe me at least two, three million dollars. I’m not taking up for him at all, but I speak what’s right. None of these dudes – if we go into everybody horror story, if we go into everybody closet, even for myself, and maybe for people that be interviewing people, if you go into the things that you used to do people [will] call all us horrific. As far as some of the other things…having to ride on people, man, its fights everyday. Lil Wayne getting into it with somebody, Cash Money [Records] getting into it with somebody, [but] that don’t mean that somebody let the devil take over. That just means that the devil is kinda just getting in a situation where he see he can get in at. And what other [better] way to get in is [there than] with an entertainer?

DX: Going back to that HipHopRuckus interview, you said that Suge was, “…grooming me to run the company, so I sat in all the meetings.” Were there genuine plans in place for you to take over Death Row at some point?

Danny Boy: Oh, I thought that I was gonna be the Chief [Executive] of Death Row for a long time, because like I said, I was being groomed for it. I was in [real] meetings. A lot of people can say they were in meetings, but they were probably meeting with the janitors and the painters and stuff like that. I did have an opportunity to meet with Jimmy Iovine. Suge kept me real close. And for a long time I was reading a lot of papers for Suge… He was helping me understand the business. I can’t let it get by that people don’t understand that Suge Knight knew the business when he was doing it. That’s what made Death Row what it was – not just the beats, not just the songs, and not just the artists. So, I do believe that he was grooming me. I was having an opportunity to sit down with Jimmy Iovine. It’s a lot of artists, I don’t think [that] can say they sat in on board meetings at [17-years-old] where a lot of decisions were being made, and they had an opportunity to see the blueprint.

DX: So the obvious question is then, why didn’t you take the reigns of the company when Suge got locked up a month after ‘Pac’s passing?

Danny Boy: It’s like anything else: haters. There was one fool that took over the record company by the name of Reggie Wright, [who] was Suge old security guard. And…they kept me away from Suge. I hadn’t talked to Suge in about a year-and-a-half [after] he first got locked up.

And this was somebody that I [previously] talked to on a daily basis. This was somebody that made sure that I was cool on a daily basis. And they kinda took that away from me because they knew that I was gonna be the man. They couldn’t accept the fact that a [18-year-old] was fin to be running [the company] – And I was gonna be pushing some records, not just running a business, but I was gonna push some records and I was gonna make sure that the artists that we did have left, and the artists that was [still] there, that they woulda gotten they just due. I woulda wrote a check – without Suge knowing it – to make sure that people were getting treated right.

But, the other people that had an opportunity to run that label, they didn’t know shit about the music business. They weren’t talented. They was just an ex-police officer that couldn’t even – His knee was out, [so] he couldn’t even get back on the force. So the best thing for him to do was to keep me out of the way. And he done a great job [at that]. Thank You, Reggie Wright.

DX: [Laughs] Are you still legally Suge Knight’s son?
Danny Boy: I’m a grown man, so I don’t know if I should say [I’m] legally his son anymore. But, he treated me as a son, and I still love him as a father – if that answer the question for you. As far as talking to him [at this point], I’m probably more of a disgruntled child now.

DX: Well I mean, when he first did the deal for you [when you were 15-years-old] he had to legally adopt you in the state of California, right?

Danny Boy: Well, it was about a year later. Because in order to have a [work contract] in the state of California and you’re a minor, in order to enter into a minor agreement you must have a guardian around and my mother passed at 15. My daddy is 84-years-old today, so you talking about he was [almost 60-years-old back then] and his plans wasn’t moving to California.

DX: I just wanted to clear up some of that, ‘cause you know – I’m sure you do know – that the rumor mill went into high gear with that son stuff…
Danny Boy: Oh yeah. Yeah, you can go ahead and ask me that if you want to. I know what you getting at, c’mon ask it.

DX: …The rumor was Suge was jailin’ you down.

Danny Boy: Jailin’ me down, what that mean, f**king me?

DX: Yes.

Danny Boy: If he was f**king me I’d be out with a book and a movie right now. I wouldn’t be broke, I guarantee you that. I feel like making up a he-was-fucking-me story just so I can get some money, since all these other punks got stories coming out and they making up shit. But fortunately that wasn’t the case. A lot of people [also] thought I was 29 and 25-years-old at the time when I was [a teenager]. I can’t help it if they manhood was short.

DX: I appreciate you being direct about that, that’s not a question I personally wanna ask just to let you know…

Danny Boy: And I usually don’t talk like this, ‘cause I know my pastor gonna read it, but fuck Ronin Ro for bringing that up [in his book, Have Gun Will Travel]. You can put this on paper, when I catch him I’ma beat his ass.

Stay tuned to HipHopDX for the eye-popping conclusion to our conversation with Danny Boy, in which he reveals what life with Tupac was like, (and surprisingly which Danny-featured classic from All Eyez On Me ‘Pac didn’t care for), why he has yet to be compensated for his work on ‘Pac’s monumental double-disc, (and why he believes ‘Pac’s mother is more responsible for that lack of payment than Suge), how the very real divide that existed at Death Row between blue and red led to Danny’s absence from Dogg Food and Tha Dogg Father, and much, much more.

According to Mark Curry: I accompanied Puff to Miami for a show. After rehearsal, the day of the show, he told me to meet him at his house on Star Island (the same house Chris and Rihanna made up in).

I pulled up to the house that looked similar to the Hotel Atlantis in the Bahamas. Puff bought the house from Tommy Mottola for $25 million, which was about five times as much as Mottola paid for it. He seemed to idolize the guy.

When I walked into the house I wondered how someone who calls me his friend can live in so many million dollar homes but pay me so sporadically that my own home was in foreclosure.

They still hadn't got my money situation worked out after Puff's performance later that evening. I at least wanted to get my money before I left. If I went home empty-handed my wife was gonna flip out. She already didn't feel too comfortable about me working for him. The last thing I needed to do was come home as broke as when I left.

From Miami I went to New York. The label didn't want to pay for my hotel so I had to pay for it out of my pocket.

Friends who didn't know how bad things were between me and Puff asked me to help them arrange a Super Bowl party in Detroit with Puff as a special guest. I wanted to refuse but of course I was too desperate to turn my back on it.

When I called him to discuss the request, he said that he wanted $100,000 per night. After he signed the contract, my friends and I gave him a check for $200,000 (two nights). Under the terms of the contract, he was supposed to appear each night for 105 minutes, from half past midnight until 2:00 a.m.

He came Friday and met his obligations. However, he arrived on Sunday at 11:15 p.m. and only stayed 30 minutes. After that, he rushed out and hopped on a flight to Atlanta. The promoter must have spent over $500,000 for this event. They built a club in an open lot for the event and called it "Daddy's House." The club was incredible. Puff was on an elevated VIP balcony that overlooked everything.

At first, he and his managers doubted that I could pull off the event. They didn't believe it could be done in the way that I had described it. When Puff walked in and saw it, he never once said thanks and I could see the resentment in his eyes.

The promoters for the event were from Detroit, a major city for gangsters. These guys don't like being ripped off. So when it was time for me to get paid for bringing Puff to town, I knew there was going to be trouble.

They complained that Puff's early departure hurt their chances to collect on the money they spent to promote the event. Since I had paid Puff in advance, they told me that I had to collect my fee from him.

When I relayed their complaints to Puff, he said it wasn't his problem and he wasn't giving me a dime.

As I went home penniless, I thought about how nearly every artist signed to Puff's label had also ended up penniless, in jail, on drugs, or dead. Any artist who trusted him ended up getting burned and Puff laughed all the way to the bank.

If you run a check on ASCAP or one of the other web sites that show who owns the publishing rights to certain songs, you will find that Puff's name appears on over 250 songs even though I don't ever recall him writing a single one. I do recall him changing one word here and adding an electronic cymbal there, but nothing that constitutes contributing within the meaning of copyright laws.

Source: "Dancing With The Devil," by: Mark Curry

According to Pepa: When I was released from the hospital after Brad aka Treach burned me with a hot iron and sliced my cornea. Salt came over. She was so sad for me, she said, "Come on, Sandy. You can't keep doing this."

I knew she was right. "Yeah, I'm through!"

I invited over a few of my girlfriends for a party, Salt included. A lot of people who knew what I was going through were happy that I had come to my senses. They couldn't understand why I stayed. I couldn't understand it either.

I was so free that I started dating. During my newfound single life, I met baseball great Gary Sheffield (2nd photo, above). A friend of mine had been trying to hook me up with this guy for the longest.

He was single at the time and she said, "I have someone that you must meet. He would be perfect for you."

When I met Gary, something was definitely up from the beginning. And things were going well until Gary started getting serious. Also, he didn't want a woman who liked to party too much and I loved to party.

He should have been the perfect type of guy for me because I needed a man like that because I needed to change my ways and perspectives on relationships. I needed that kind of stability in my life, but I wasn't ready for it.

I still accompanied Gary and a bunch of his friends to Jamaica after he won the World Series. We flew down on a private jet to celebrate. He even booked a villa at the Half Moon where we stayed and partied for a whole week. It was the most fun I'd had in a while.

When I got back, here comes Brad aka Treach. I was done but he said he was sorry.

I had a lot of male friends who were baffled by my staying with Treach. Sam Cassell (3rd photo) was one of my closest friends. He would say, "You haven't left that man yet?" You're not giving up Treach. Nobody is going to take you serious because you always going back and forth with him."

Sam knew me so well. He could see it even when I couldn't.

Brad told me the same sob story about nobody loving him and how much he needed me. I know now that I listened because I had low self-worth and I put his needs before mine. Again, I decided I needed to stay and help him, that I could fix it and make it all better. I didn't seem to appreciate the things that I needed to fix on myself. I forgot all about me. I just wanted to fix his situation and make him happy.

Around this time, Brad never asked me to marry him. In Kansas, Spin came to me and told me he wanted to marry me. But he never got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

Source: "Let's Talk About Pep," by: Sandy "Pepa" Denton

According to Pepa: Salt and I were on tour with Ice-T and a bunch of other acts. As usual, we were the only girls. We were all hanging out and Salt said something, I don't even remember what. But I know whatever she said, I thought she was making fun of me, and everyone was laughing. I was eating some grapes at the time, and when I looked around and saw everyone laughing at me, I spit my whole mouthful of grapes in Salt's face.

I remember her picking them off her face, and I was standing there looking at her, waiting for her to do something. She just said, "I can't believe you spit grapes in my face."

I was so emotional, I just did it. There was nothing to say. I was hot. I'm not proud of it. I remember her sliding the mess off her face. It was amazing how they just stuck there. It stopped the laughter, though.

Another incident occurred with Play from Kid & Play. We were hanging out at Denny's after a show and Play tried to clown me at the table. He said what he said, and of course everyone started laughing. I got up and grabbed him by his collar and dragged him down the whole length of the table, knocking everybody's food and drink onto the floor.

As cool as Spin and I were, we would get into it from time to time. Our fights were mostly over dumb things such as clothes. Stylists would bring clothes and shoes and accessories for us to select for a show, and Spin and I wore the same size clothes and shoes. She would always get to the clothes first and pick the best stuff, leaving me with the scraps. Now here I am Pepa of Salt-N-Pepa and I have to pick over scraps? I wasn't some background person. I should have gotten first dibs on everything.

I usually didn't say anything and just let it go. I figured, I didn't want to whip Spin's ass and have her leave the group, and then we wouldn't have a deejay. But, one time, I had enough. We had an appearance and once again Spin got to the clothes first. I knew ahead of time what was coming and I had my eye on these sneakers. I got down there late and there was Spin with the sneakers.

I lost it. "Spin, you're going to have to hand those over." "No!" she said. She wasn't trying to hear that. She put them on her feet. "I'm about to count to three, and you better get them off or I'm going to take them off!"

Salt knew what would happen if I got to three. She jumped in to stop things. "Please give Pep those sneakers!"

It must have clicked to Spin then that I was dead serious and she gave me those sneakers.

Source: "Let's Talk About Pep," by Sandy "Pepa" Denton

According to Pepa: "On November 7, 1991. That was the day Magic Johnson stood before the world and announced that he was HIV-positive. That announcement rocked me to the core. Back then, all anybody knew was that if you had HIV, you had AIDS, and if you had AIDS, you were going to die this horrible death where you would waste away. That was what the public knew. And nobody wanted to get AIDS. I also knew you caught AIDS from either drug use or through sex."

"Around this time I was in a relationship with NBA player Derrick Coleman (3rd photo). He played for the New Jersey Nets and was a star."

"I met him at Nell's, this nightclub in Manhattan. I was hanging out with Janet Jackson at the time. She was so cool. When she was in town, she would call me and we would meet at a club and party all night. Janet loved to dance and party, and you know how I love to party. She was with Rene at the time, and I remember he wouldn't let her out of his sight. So I was there with Janet and Rene and I saw this tall, handsome guy from across the room. I didn't know who he was, I just knew he was tall. He figured I must be somebody since I was hanging out with Janet Jackson."

"He came over and started talking to me and we exchanged numbers."

"Derrick Coleman was good to me. He was my baby. He wasn't like any of the men I was used to dating. He wasn't a thug and he wasn't very street. He was a real man but he was nice and gentle and respectful."

"So, why did I go and mess that up? I blame Magic Johnson. After he made that announcement about having HIV, I started thinking negatively about all NBA players. I know it was dumb of me."

"But, I was thinking, Derrick was a ballplayer, and I'd heard that those guys in the NBA all shared women and were loose sexually. Wilt Chamberlain even talked about his 20,000 women and now Magic was talking about HIV and AIDS."

"I started asking Derrick to wear a condom. He wasn't having that. So I started making excuses for why I didn't want to see him. I stopped coming around and taking his calls."

"Later, I tried to work with him. I bought colorful condoms and condoms that heated up. I was trying to get creative to get him to wear them. But when he wouldn't wear a condom, I was through."

"I panicked. Years later, look at Magic. All alive and healthy. And Derrick went on to be happy and I always wondered what-if. Had I stayed with Derrick, I would never have been with "Brad."

"I traded in a man who would have been down for me until the end. And, I ended up with "Brad."

Source: "Let's Talk About Pep," by Sandy "Pep" Denton

According to Pepa (Setting the Record Straight): I ended up in one of those National Enquirer type of magazines under a headline: "Is Pepa A homewrecker?" This had something to do with the night Lisa (Left Eye) Lopes burned down the house of former NFL player, Andre Rison.

Andre and I never messed around. I'm innocent of that crime. But I did know him and we were really cool. Salt-N-Pepa used to do a lot of NFL spots for Monday Night Football. I met Andre at one of these parties and we hit it off. We went bowling and were bugging out and laughing. I would bump into him from time to time in different clubs. And that was it.

One night he and Lisa were watching TV and my video comes on, and he gets all excited and says something like "Pep, that's my girl!"

Maybe she was feeling that he was trying to holler at me and she didn't like it. That very night, we had a concert at the Fox Theater in Atlanta, and Andre and Lisa came to the show. I got them backstage tickets and the whole nine.

After the show, I was backstage and I left my dressing room for something. At the same time, Andre was nowhere to be found. Lisa came into my dressing room looking for him, and when she didn't see me and couldn't find him, she jumped to conclusions.

She finally found him and they went home and argued that whole night. He told me he couldn't take it anymore and left. When he did, that's when the teddy bears and the sneakers went in the Jacuzzi with the lighter fluid and the whole house got burned to the ground.

Source: "Let's Talk About Pep," by: Sandy "Pepa" Denton


According to Pepa: "I met him at the Red Parrot, I brought my new Merceds by to show my sister Dawn. I was at the bar talking with Dawn when I noticed a guy staring at me. The first thing I noticed was how cute he was. He was also well dressed but his swagger is what got me."

"He came over, introduced himself as Tah Tah and asked what I was drinking?" I could tell he was somebody. He spent the rest of the night making me laugh."

"Everything between us happened so quickly. Most guys I went out with during this time were caught up in me being Pepa. He didn't seem to care. Tah Tah had his own world and his own life that didn't have anything to do with me."

"Yes, he was a street hustler and you would have thought I would have learned my lesson by now, but I hadn't."

"Tah Tah drove a sporty BMW and I drove a Benz. We often raced down Liberty Avenue."

"He took me to Vegas a few times and he walked away with $90,000 at the blackjack table."

"Tah Tah was a winner. He had his own business. You know every street hustler back then had a business, whether it was a sneaker spot or a corner store or a nightclub." I was also impressed that he never wanted to live with me because he had his own place in Jamaica Estates."

"At this time, I was really feeling my stardom but Tah Tah wouldn't let me rule over him." This made me want him even more. I became obsessed with him. I wanted to be with Tah Tah every day, every waking moment. I was completely sprung.

I ended up getting pregnant. I couldn't wait to tell him. I went over to the Red Parrot and I just blurted out: "I'm pregnant!"

I was all smiling, expecting him to jump up and give me a huge hug and propose to me. Instead, nothing happened. He had no expression on his face and he gave me no reaction. I could see that not only was he not ready for my big announcement, but he also didn't like it. Boy, did it turn my world upside down.

I told him I wanted a ring. Later, he came to my house and gave me a box with a ring in it but he told me "it's just a friendship ring because he felt pressured to give me a ring."

He grew more and more distant and eventually he stopped coming around. I had to track him down. He wouldn't even return my calls. The next thing I knew I was hearing about him and some girl named Tasha. When I confronted him at the Rucker's basketball tournament, he admitted that he was seeing this girl.

This didn't stop me from calling him to invite him to hang out with me. He wouldn't hang out with me and one time Tasha told me to stop calling me because he no longer wanted me.

A few weeks later, somebody called and told me Tah Tah was at this club in Queens and got shot. When I got to the hospital, Tasha was sitting there with her family and friends. When they saw me, I could see they wanted to fuck me up. It was nothing for girls to jump another girl even if she was pregnant but they held back.

A month or two before the baby was born, Tah Tah invited me to Vegas. I was so happy. I paid for the room and as we were checking out, I saw the phone bill. He spent practically the whole time on the phone to Tasha. I found out that she agreed to let him take me to Vegas as long as he didn't touch me. He kept his promise to her. I also found out she was pregnant.

The day I went into labor I called Tah Tah. He promised to be in the delivery room with me but he never showed up. He showed up the next day but after that, he didn't come around.

I named our son Tyran, which is Tah Tah's real name. I named the baby Tyran partly because I wanted to solidify the connection to Tah Tah. But I also did it to spite his girlfriend. "Yeah b**ch, I had his first son and he's got his name!"

Tah Tah is now in prison (at the time of this book). He got tangled up in some mess involving Murder, Inc. and the drug dealer Supreme.

50 Cent also named Tah Tah in a record as one of the people who might have shot him. Pepa adds: I don't know about all of the that.

Our son talks to Tah Tah frequently, which I encourage.

Source: "Let's Talk About Pep," by: Sandy "Pepa" Denton

According to Pepa: Salt & Pepa were headliners for a tour that featured M.C. Hammer and Will Smith, who was calling himself the Fresh Prince.

"I thought Will was really cute and we would hang out a lot on the road. He liked to take care of me and never let me spend a dime. He was that kind of guy, real generous. I remember when they won their first award, he asked me to go out with him afterward. He was so excited. We were walking along the street getting ready to grab something to eat, and he just gave this homeless guy $100 dollars."

"I sometimes kick myself when I think about what could have been. He was so nice to me, but I really wasn't feeling him. I guess I couldn't appreciate a nice guy like Will Smith. He wasn't thug enough. I was attracted to thugs and hoodlums, the jerks and mean guys. Will was too nice too me."

"I liked people like Louis Burrell (Hammer's brother). He was rough, he was street and he didn't pull any punches. He would walk around with a cane and pimp hat. He always referred to women as b**ches." Even with all that, I liked him."

"One night Louis and I were hanging out and the talk got around to business. Louis was all about the business. He asked me about my deal. And I told him what little I knew. We were selling millions of records, and Cheryl and I were splitting six points. I didn't understand the whole point system and didn't know whether that was good or bad. But I soon found out."

"You dumb b**ch!" he said. And Louis began to break it down. After he broke it down, I called a meeting with our management team. Around this time, they found out that Suge Knight was trying to get us to come over to Death Row, so they renegotiated our deal and I thank Louis for that."

Source: "Let's Talk About Pep," by: Sandy "Pepa" Denton

According to Pepa: "I got caught up in some mess when Spinderella married former NBA basketball star Kenny Anderson (2nd photo). I used to rent out a night at this pool hall in Manhattan. It was a high-roller thing and I charged a cover of $50 just to get in."

"I used my celebrity to get people to come out and gamble, and I did pretty well. Everybody wanted to play on my table, which had a $500 fee just to get in."

"Kenny Anderson used to come there with his boys, and he would flirt with me. He would get to drinking and try to grab on me. My friends would be there and see him and ask, "Isn't that Spin's man? What's he doing?"

"He was even trying to kiss me and kept asking me to go for a walk with him. I kept pushing him away and he kept coming."

"This put me in an awkward situation. Should I tell Spin? Hell no, I wasn't going to tell her. I knew I wouldn't let him cross the line, and I chalked it up to his drinking, so I let it go. Why stress her out about it? One time we were all in the club together and he started with that flirting stuff again. This time Spin must have seen him. After that she started throwing shade my way. Her friends were throwing some shade, too."

"It's really hard to work with someone who has an attitude with you. This went on for a while until I finally decided to confront Spin. We were on a plane heading to Los Angeles for an appearance and I said, "I noticed you have been a little chilly toward me lately. What's up?"

"She told me that Kenny had told her that I had been coming on to him, and he said she should watch out for me. I couldn't believe it. He must have figured that he would throw it onto me because he was already busted. So he twisted it. And she believed him."

"She continued acting shady towards me until she busted him cheating on her with other women and his alleged drinking got out of hand; she also had a whole bunch of drama with him. Then she and I were cool again."

Source: "Let's Talk About Pep," by Sandy "Pepa" Denton


The above question has been posed a million times. Regardless of the answer, due to the release of "Notorious," today, Biggie will go down in history as being the greatest rapper of all-time?

Why? Because, when a movie chronicles your career, regardless, if you were the best in your profession, people will automatically say you were the best.

We're receiving word, that Tupac fans, affiliated with the industry are desperately on the lookout for a script that will detail his life and career so his legacy will not be considered second best.

In my opinion, both men were equally great.

Your feedback: Who was the greatest rapper between Big and Pac? Comment below.


In the movie "American Gangster," Frank Lucas was portrayed as brilliant.

In real life, Lucas was allegedly illiterate. The majority of people who did business with Lucas say, "he wasn't too bright." The movie glamorized his life and his intellect.

Despite this, due to "American Gangster," Lucas will go down in history as the smartest black drug trafficker this country has ever seen when that statement should be directed towards drug baron: Frank Matthews (2nd photo).

Former law enforcement officials list Matthews as the smartest drug kingpin, black or white, they ever came across.

As we stated before, Frank Matthews was the only black man who had a piece of the "French Connection," pipeline. Matthews has eluded capture for 37 years.


Frank Matthews was a key supplier in Boston, Philadelphia, Miami, Baltimore, Washington, Atlanta, Chicago, St. Louis, Baton Rouge and Detroit. Matthews headed his operation out of an apartment complex nicknamed "The Ponderosa, the Ponderosa was protected by armed guards as workers cut and bagged drugs. This operation would eventually cover the entire East Coast.

At the height of his power, Matthews operated several drug mills employing more than 100 people. He often strutted around in mink coats. He owned several apartment buildings and owned a fleet of luxury cars. In 1971, he assembled the biggest drug dealers in the country to attend a summit held in Atlanta. The main topic of discussion: how to break mob control on the importation of heroin so that blacks could implement their own shipping services.

Before any of the suggestions were put in place, Matthews was arrested on drug conspiracy charges. Free on $325,000 bail, Matthews disappeared with $20 million dollars and hasn't been seen since.

Billie Holiday was a legendary blues/jazz singer but music critics argue, Dinah Washington was the better singer between the two women.

The film "Lady Sings The Blues," propelled Holiday into greatness.

Dinah Washington arrived at an oudoor venue in the 50's to perform, she was informed that the theater was having technical issues, the mic's weren't working, not a problem.

Dinah strolled out on stage, and without a mic, she delivered a powerhouse performance, her voice was just that strong.

She received several encores.

According to Frank Alexander (Tupac's former bodyguard): When we arrived in Rome, Italy. We went to Gianni Versace's castle. We were backstage at the castle, Naomi Campbell was at the show, and I remember when I first saw her backstage. "Pac, check it out, there's Naomi Campbell," I said. Shut up n**ga, I see her, he said." He didn't want it to look obvious that he was checking her out. But there was so many women, it was crazy and it just continued getting crazier.

Pac was eyeballing beautiful models left and right but he couldn't make a move because Kidada was around.

The next fashion show on our itinerary was the Dolce and Gabbana show but Pac didn't want to go because he was pissed at the designer for not allowing us to attend. Two hours later we went to the Valentino fashion show.

The next day we went to the Romeo Gigli show. People were running around us and it was chaotic. There must have been 300 people backstage. I met Tyson, the black supermodel and saw so many beautiful women, it was mind-blowing. Everybody was changing clothes in front of everybody else, walking around butt-ass naked, nobody cared if anybody was looking.

A white male model came over to us and started pointed out this one chick who was changing her clothes. She had body. At one point, she bent down, we could see everything and Pac squeaked out, "Oh my God." All of our mouths were probably on the floor. There's not doubt about it, Pac was ready to make his move. He loved Italy.

Later that evening, you could tell that Pac was ready to party and ready to be set free. We took a town car back to the hotel, Tupac and Kidada are in the back of the car and I'm in front with the driver. We could hear them arguing in the back.

He said to her, "Woman, I am fucking tired of doing everything ya'll want me to do. I've done everything on the schedule to the letter and when do I get to have my fun? I ain't got no fucking weed, I can't go out and get drunk. We've got two nights left here, and I'm going out with my homeboys."

Later that night, according to Alexander, Pac met two model type girls in a club and had sex with with both of them.

Source: "Got Your Back," by Frank Alexander and Heidi Siegmund Cuda

"My Scarface"

According to Sandy "Pepa" Denton: I met this young, handsome, and rich-just my type of guy who was from around my way just before I got involved with Salt-N-Pepa. He was from the streets but he had some class."

"His name was Tommy and he owned it all. He had a Laundromat, a sporting goods store, a grocery store, a social club. He even sponsored neighborhood basketball leagues and peewee football clubs."

"He was also a drug dealer."

"He was also a little jealous, sometimes a lot jealous but even that was attractive because it told me that he really cared about me."

"With him I was living the rock-star lifestyle before I was really a rock star. Even when Salt-N-Pepa had that first album, I still wasn't making the kind of money that recording stars made. I was still living at home and still driving a Datsun."

"Tommy had a big house in a rich area of Long Island. He was the first person I even knew who had a Rolls Royce. He had several luxury cars, including a BMW and a Ferrari. He even had a yacht, which he kept in California. He was also the first person I knew to have a cell phone. Back then, cell phones were big and clunky and came in one color. Few people had cell phones because they cost so much. Tommy had several." And, he had one he carried around that he said was just for me.

"I only use this phone to call you," he told me. "This is your special, private line and nobody else can call me on this."

"Tommy was fly. He was flashy but not the way a lot of dudes were flashy with the gold chains."

One day he told me, "Baby, I'm going to buy you your own island."

"One evening, I got a call from Tommy, he had just gotten back from spending a few days in California on business."

"Baby, get ready because I'm coming to get you," he said."

This voice came out of nowhere and said, "Don't go with him."

Some people call it intuition, but to me it was just God or a spirit from God telling me not to go.

Anytime I ignored this voice, I always regretted it.

I told Tommy, "I'm really tired. I think I'm going to stay in tonight."

"He was quiet for a minute on the other end. Then he said, "What's wrong with you?" "Nothing, I'm just tired. I'm not feeling well.

A few hours later, a friend called and screamed, "Girl, turn on the TV!" Tommy's on TV."

I turned on the news and there was Tommy, with a blue hoodie over his head, being led away in handcuffs. A whole SWAT team was at his house. Had I been there that night, I would have been arrested, too. Everyone in that house was arrested. And every single one of them did time. They tried to subpoena me but I didn't know anything. Tommy purposely never talked about his business around me and I purposely never asked.

The authorities were really trying to get me, though. They even showed me pictures of me. They must have been following him for months, staking him out. It was shocking seeing myself in those blurry photos.

His trial was crazy. Tommy didn't get a plea bargain, no break, no nothing. He was convicted of tax evasion and money laundering and conspiracy to sell drugs. He was sentenced to 35 years in Federal prison. No chance for parole. He was only 25. He's still in prison today.

The authorities even found $3 million dollars on his property. Through this whole ordeal, Tommy wanted to see me but my family told me to stay away from him. Years later, people from around the way would say, "Tommy's looking for you." He still wanted me to visit him in prison, years later but I couldn't bring myself to do it.

His previous girlfriend got arrested and had to serve about five years. She must have known something. She was with him when he was coming up in the game. I was glad I was spared. That could have ruined all my plans before I even got started.

Source: "Let's Talk About Pep," by Sandy "Pepa" Denton

According to Faith Evans, "One night, I went out to the Hollywood Athletic Club with some friends. As soon as we get inside, I see Treach from Naughty By Nature. We exchanged hugs and greetings and I introduced Treach to my friends."

"Somebody here wants to meet you," Treach said. "Who?" I asked.

"My boy Tupac wants to say what's up," Treach said, gesturing to a table behind him.

Before I go any farther, let me be absolutely clear on something. Many people have asked me why I wouldn't peel off in the opposite direction when I heard Tupac's name. And the answer is simple: There was no need. I didn't know anything about what label Pac was signed to, whom he was cool with, whom he had beef with.

"Almost immediately after we were introduced, a photographer who had been trolling the club for celebrities came up to us and asked us to pose."

After we exchanged pleasantries, Tupac began to compliment me. "I really like your music," he said. "I want to do a song with you."

I said, "You'd have to get clearance from my label to do that." "That's not a problem," he said. "It's not going to be cheap," I told him. "And, I need my money up front."

"How much?" I replied, "It's going to be twenty-five thousand dollars." "No problem," he said.

Two days later I spoke to Big. I told him, "I met Pac out here, he wants me to do a song with him." "Oh word?" Big said. "You gonna do it?" "If the money comes through, yeah, I'll do it."

"The next night was the party for the release of the "Waiting To Exhale," soundtrack. I took a limo to the party with my friend Nicci, a singer in the group Brownstone. A soon as we pulled up, my cell phone rung. "What's up Faith. Where you at?" It was Tupac. I told him I was at the Waiting To Exhale party. He said, "Im here, too!"

"I looked out the car window, and there he was. He made a bee line for the car, opened up the door and jumped in the backseat with us. I wasn't planning on hanging out with Pac. I introduced him to my friend and we chatted until it was time to hit the red carpet."

When we got inside the venue, I found our table and sat down. I was just starting to get comfortable when Pac slid into a chair next to me and Nicci. He was acting like he was going to sit there for the rest of the night.

"Tupac eventually left our table and was mingling. After the party ended, we went outside to our limo and Tupac was standing there. "Where ya'll going now?" "We're going to a party at the Peninsula hotel," I said quickly. He said, "That's where I'm staying!" I'll catch a ride over there with ya'll. Tupac jumped in the limo and stretched out, making himself comfortable. Now, I was definitely feeling weird."

"After the party at the hotel, we hung out a bit more with Tupac and his friends, shared a blunt and discussed specifics on my guest appearance on an upcoming record."

A few days later, Pac arrived at my house driving a black convertible Mercedes-Benz with the top down. At this time, Pac had enough fame and notoriety that he did not need to be driving around Los Angeles in a top-down convertible. At that moment I wanted to tell him that I would drive to the studio myself in my rental car. But I didn't. I just got in the car and we pulled off. I noticed immediately that a black Town Car was following us. From the look of the beefy guys in the backsteat, they were security guards.

"The ride to the studio was about 15 minutes. We didn't talk much. I didn't like any of it, the convertible, the security behind us, none of it felt right. I decided I would go in, lay down my vocals and haul ass out of the studio as soon as possible."

We pulled up to a nondescript parking lot in nearby Tarzana. I followed Tupac through the doors. As soon as the doors opened, I saw blood-red carpeting throughout the hallway entrance and lighted sign that said "Death Row Records."

"I felt the blood rush from my face and I thought I was going to pass out."

Source: "Keep The Faith," by Faith Evans & Aliya S. King

According to Faith Evans, after returning to New York after a tour, my friend Rufus came over and said, I met a songwriter who is dying to meet you. "Really?" I asked. "Who is it?" "Her name is Missy. We were talking about you and she went nuts when she found out I knew you. She wants to meet you. Do you mind?" "Nah, it's cool, bring her over whenever you want."

A few weeks later, Rufus brought Missy Elliott by my apartment to meet me. She said, Yo, your album is crazy!"

At the time, Missy was trying to make a name for herself in the music industry. Missy always had her hair styled in finger waves and her wardrobe was mainly nylon track suits and matching sneakers. I'll never forget that she always carried a brown paper bag with her instead of a purse. Usually it was filled to the brim with candy. She had a serious candy habit. So she'd go to a convenience store, load up on all kinds of junk, and then carry her money and whatever else with her in her candy bag.

Around this time, I was charging $5,000-$7,000 dollars per song as a writer's fee and I charged more if I appeared on the song.

That day, Missy and I discussed songwriting. Just a year before, I'd been like her, when I got in the industry, I wrote music for other people while trying to navigate my way in the industry. So I liked the idea of being able to give her an encouraging word or two about the business.

After that day, Missy came over regularly and hung out with me and Rufus.

The first time I realized that Mary J. Blige didn't like me was at an Source awards show after party. "Hey, Mary," I said when we crossed paths. It was crowded and I knew we wouldn't really be able to stop to talk for long but Mary just looked right through me, as if she'd never seen me before in her life. I looked at her for another moment, thinking maybe she didn't hear me. But then she just looked at me and then looked away. Then I waved. Nothing. I knew she had seen me but for whatever reason, she was not speaking to me.

I wondered what the hell that was about. What kind of beef could she possibly have with me?

A few months later, a rep called and "The song you did with Mary? We have to take her vocals off it." I had been standing in the kitchen of 112's apartment, preparing a to make a pan of lasagna. I said, "What do you mean? The album is already out! He added, "When we press up the next batch of records, it has to have a new version of the song on it without Mary's vocals.

I thought about how Mary had ignored me at the Source Awards and I wondered if that had something to do with this.

The rep said, "You need to talk to Mary."

"I said, I don't need to say shit to Mary. I didn't do anything to her!

Source: Keep The Faith," by Faith Evans & Aliya S. King


According to Tupac's former bodyguard Frank Alexander: One day on a video set, another one of Pac's bodyguards (Les) set Pac off after he asked Pac's then girlfriend (Salli Richardson) why wasn't anyone seeing her in any movies. Tupac felt Les always got too close to his women. Everyone knew you shouldn't mess with Pac's women, even if you're making conversation.

And, Salli was definitely one of his women at this point in time. This was still the beginning of their relationship and he was on her. He let everyone know, "This is my woman!" Which meant, all hands off and watch your eyes.

This wasn't easy to do with Salli, because she was so pleasant and affectionate. Once she got to know me, she always had a hug and smile. She was friendly as can be. Of course, she saved her main affection for Pac and he was on cloud nine. They were having picnics at his house, they even had a picnic at his Malibu house, a house I never saw because I never got invited to any of the Malibu parties he threw and one day he told me why.

"Frank, you'd come over here, take your shirt off, and I'd never get any women." But he didn't live there very long because the celebrities of the colony had him evicted. Too many noise violations.

He and Salli continued making some noise of their own. She kept showing up every day, following us to different locations and when she took off one evening, I started teasing him. Pac said, "Man, she's fine, she's bad. I'm gonna kick it with her for a while."

No sooner than he said that, the relationship was over and he took back his Jag that he let her drive.

What happened? I asked.

All he said was, "fuck her!"

Source: "I Got Your Back," by Frank Alexander

According to Faith Evans, "One day I went to the studio to work on a song and on my way out, I saw Misa and Mary J. talking together in the lounge. I knew Misa and Mary were friends but I had yet to be formally introduced to Mary. "Faith, where you going?" Misa asked me. "Probably home. Why?" "Why don't you come out with us?" I said, "Okay!"

"We all left the studio together and took a taxi to Mary J. Blige's apartment on Park Avenue. I looked up at Mary's building in total awe. When we got out, a uniformed doorman opened the door for us." "I walked into Mary's apartment and fell in love with it instantly. It was huge. Her living room was mammoth, with floor-to-ceiling windows showing off an awesome view of Manhattan. Mary's entire apartment was tastefully decorated. I followed her and Misa into Mary's bedroom, where she threw open her closet and started looking for something to wear. There were dozens of shoes and boxes of brand new clothes all over her room that had been gifts from stylists and clothing designers."

"After we all dressed and were ready to go, we had a few glasses of champagne and then we went outside, where Mary's doorman hailed a taxi."

"One thing I liked about Mary, she knew how to have a good time even though she was a huge celebrity. She didn't go straight up to the VIP section and just drink and watch the crowd. When me and Misa and Mary hit the clubs, we went directly to the dance floor and partied like the regular folks."

"I started hanging out with Misa and Mary on the weekends. We always had a good time going to different parties and clubs, drinking, dancing and flirting with guys."

"One day when I visited Mary, K-Ci (her then boyfriend) was there with his brother JoJo. "What up Faith," K-Ci said as I walked through the door. "I'm chilling. How are you doing?" he said, "I'm waiting to hear some music from you. I keep hearing you the shit!"

I smiled. "You'll hear something soon, I promise. Is Mary back there?" "Yeah. She in there," he said.

"What up girl," I said, sitting down in an armchair behind her. "You ready?"

Mary took in a really deep breath, closed her eyes for a second and then exhaled slowly. I didn't have to ask any questions. I'd heard that she and K-Ci had a very volatile relationship, though I'd never seen anything happen. But it was obvious by the look on her face that she was going through it. I could relate to that.

"Let's go," she said, standing up and stretching her arms out. "I'm getting out of here and I'm having a good time tonight."

Of course today, Mary is very vocal about the troubles she was going through at the time. But I didn't know about the drug abuse back then. And I knew only a bit about her relationship with K-Ci."

Source: "Keeping The Faith," by Faith Evans

According to Faith Evans, "As far as I knew, Biggie was still on tour, I would later find out that he had been in town two days and hadn't bothered to come home? Or even let me know he was in town? I felt like he was being disrespectful and sneaky and I didn't like it at all."

"It seemed like the more Big began to experience fame, the weaker our relationship became. One afternoon I was in the front seat of Big's Toyota Land Cruiser with his friend Damion. I opened up the glove compartment looking for a tissue and there was a Polaroid picture of a tall, thin, light-skinned girl. There was a phone number scribbled at the bottom."

"I felt my blood start to boil. I put the picture back and waited to see if it would disappear. It didn't and when I saw it was still there a few days later, I sprang into action."

"Someone who worked at Bad Boy was able to trace the number for me. It was a girl named Anita and she lived in Parkchester. I decided to pay Anita a little visit and show her what happens when you mess with my husband."

"I got her exact address and I told Cheryl, my new running partner and my friend Chris to come with me. But first, I had to go to Harlem to the Abyssinian church for Puffy's son's christening ceremony. As soon as the ceremony was over, we said our good-byes and jumped in a cab to take a quick trip uptown to the Bronx. We told the cabdriver to wait outside Anita's building."

"When me and Cheryl and Chris got to her building, we rang the buzzer a few times. Finally, a young woman's voice called out. "Who Is It?"

"It's Chris," said my friend Chris. Since Big's real name is Chris, maybe Anita thought it was him. Either way, she buzzed us in."

"We went up the elevator. When the door opened on her floor, we saw her open the door to her apartment and look into the hallway."

"There go that bitch right there," I said.

Cheryl held the elevator door open so we could have a quick escape. Me and Chris jumped the girl, pushed her into the apartment and gave her a thorough beatdown."

"Me and Chris dashed back into the hallway and onto the elevator. The three of us ran out of the lobby and towards the waiting taxi cab. As we ran, Anita was hanging out the window of her apartment."

"They just attacked me!" she was screaming. "Somebody call the police! There they are right there!"

"While Anita yelled and pointed in our direction, we ran and jumped in the cab and headed back to Manhattan, laughing all the way."

Source: "Keep The Faith," by Faith Evans & Aliya S. King

According to Faith Evans. "One day I got a call from a friend. She said, "Yo, have you heard? Big is pissed off. Him and Puff are wilding out right now." Why is Big mad? "Someone told him that people were saying you were messing with Pac."

I took a deep breath. "But I'm not! Who told him that?"

Within hours, Big called my hotel room screaming. I told him nothing happened but he acted like he didn't believe me. I hadn't been completely innocent. While I was in Los Angeles, I saw a NBA player named Roger. So technically, I had cheated on Big. But not with Tupac."

"A few days later, I saw what made Big so angry. Suge Knight was on the cover of the New York Times. In the story, Suge urges Pac to tell the reporter the name of the person who bought the outfit he was wearing.

Pac said, "The wife of a top rapper bought me this. Suge then said, "Notorious B.I.G.'s wife Faith Evans bought his outfit."

"Later, I heard a banging on my door. As soon as opened up the door a tiny crack, Big barreled through and grabbed me by my shoulders, shaking me. I tried to break from him, but he was screaming, "you f**ked Pac?" Big then pushed me down on the floor. I covered my head with my arms while he continued to scream and curse at me. After ten minutes it was over. He stormed out leaving me on the floor crying."

"Later, I went to see Stuart Levy, my longtime attorney and told him I wanted to sue Tupac for libel and defamation of character. He told me it would take a lot of time and money. In the end, I had to just leave it alone. By suing him, I'd only leave myself open for more scrutiny."

Despite all this, me and Big still had our occasional hookups.

"Meanwhile, the chatter was getting louder about me being a gold digger, people were saying I married Big because of who he was. And rumors were circulating that I had beef with Lil Kim and Mary."

"I was confiding in Missy about my problems and I told her that anytime she needed a place to say she could stay with me. By the start of the new year, Missy was staying with me regularly as she continued to try to snag work as a songwriter. My apartment wasn't that big but I was out of town so often that most of the time we weren't there at the same time anyway."

"When I did see her, I would talk to Missy quite a bit about the things I was going through with Big and our marriage and the rumors and the shady industry. I didn't know much about her past but I knew she'd been through a lot and could relate."

"I also told her about how I still owed Lil Kim an ass-beating. "She needs to keep my name out of her mouth," I told her."

"Faith, you crazy!" Missy would always say with a laugh.

"No, I'm serious," I said. I will beat her ass.

Source: "Keep The Faith," by Faith Evans With Aliya S. King


Suge Knight is referred to as "untouchable" in Las Vegas and has the backing of powerful rich people.

Example: When Suge was arrested earlier this year for allegedly assaulting an woman, despite being a convicted felon on parole who could have faced a 5-8 year stretch for a parole violation, interestingly, Suge was let go.

Also, allegations persist that Suge will be the talent scout and A&R man for an upcoming label being financed out of Las Vegas.

According to Faith Evans: Now that I was pregnant and had a toddler, having friends who liked to entertain Chyna was very helpful. Chyna was right on my hip 90 percent of the time. I didn't mind when Missy who continued to stay with me off and on for that summer-asked me if she could spend more time with my daughter.

Once or twice, Missy had taken Chyna up to the office of Todd Russaw, one of the producers she was writing songs for. Todd was executive producing an album by a R&B trio called 702.

The next night, Todd ended up coming by my apartment to bring some paperwork for Missy. I realized where I knew him from. I asked him, didn't you work with Mike Bivins? He said, "Yeah, we were there when you recorded "You Used To Love Me."

I thought Todd was cute but there I was, married and pregnant, though I was clearly not really with Big at all.

During this time, I was so tense, that I have to admit I continued to smoke weed during my pregnancy. It was hard for me to stop with all the stresses going on in my life. I know it was risky, and I felt guilty about it. I'm sure I'll be judged for making that choice. But I was doing the best I could to keep myself together.

Source: "Keep The Faith," by Faith Evans

Whitney Houston:

According to Faith Evans: A few weeks after Big was buried, Whitney Houston reached out to me. Now, of course, Whitney and I are from Newark and she's always been a legend to me.

But I didn't know her well. The first time I met her was at Clive Davis's legendary pre-Grammy party back in the 90's. Before I performed, Whitney glided up to me, singing the opening line of one of my songs.

I remember being shocked, awed and so humbled that someone like Whitney Houston was up on my music and singing it back to me!

So, when she reached out to me after Big's death. I was very appreciative, I knew she was trying to make sure that I didn't only wallow in grief.

She took me to a swanky party at the Manhattan townhouse owned by Donatella Versace. I remember seeing people like Madonna and Demi Moore there and I had a great time.

"Us Jersey girls gotta stick together," Whitney told me that night, giving me a big hug.

I'm not sure she knows how much that meant to me. But a glamorous evening out on the town was just what I needed at the stressful point of my life.

Mary J. Blige:

Ma look. There's Mary!"

My daughter Chyna and I were in the mall a few months ago when she spotted Mary J. Blige walking with her husband Kendu. We walked past them and then turned around abruptly.

"Hello there!" I said. Oh my goodness! Faith!" Mary said.

We both embraced and shared a warm hug.

Mary and I caught each other's eye for a brief but meaningful moment.

As you get older, things from the past (our beef) become less and less important. What really mattered as we stood in that mall together was that Mary and I were both survivors.

There were so many singers and entertainers we knew from the old days who were no longer recording or performing. We were blessed in many ways. And we had a shared history. We were part of a golden age in black music and we'd both survived working for Puffy.

Source: "Keep The Faith," by Faith Evans & Aliya S. King

According to Faith Evans, she first met Kim on a video set. She adds, at the time, I had no idea she was having an affair with my husband. One day, Big asked me to take Kim to the gym with me. "Show her how to work out."

I agreed and let Kim tag along, later, we went shopping because Big said "She needs help getting her style right." I did what he asked me to, taking her with me, even giving her a dress of my own."

"Most of what I knew about Kim, I picked up from hearing the other guys in Junior M.A.F.I.A. talking about her. They always had something slick to say. I didn't know what the deal was but from seeing how the guys dealt with her, I got the impression she was in a vulnerable situation."

"Over the years, Kim has talked about how she and Big were supposedly childhood sweethearts. When Big and I were together, she played her position, in the back. Way back."

"Big didn't seem to treat her with the utmost respect, either. Big once told me, "I don't want her in my house, ever."

"Even before we moved to Brooklyn, I noticed that Big was kind of rough and abrasive toward Kim. I once heard him screaming to her on the phone. "You think you special?" "I'll go get Inga (Foxy Brown) right now." When Kim cried, Big kept yelling at her. "We don't need you for this group. Inga would be happy to be down. "You ain't special," he said. "I will replace your ass with the quickness. Don't forget that shit!"

I remember going to a hotel room in Manhattan where Big was staying. And when I got there, Kim was on her way out. She ended up hanging around for a bit longer and getting a ride back to Brooklyn with me."

"I know you're Big's wife,' she said, as I drove over the Brooklyn Bridge. "We're more like brother and sister."

I just nodded. My Lil Kim bullshit detector was still set to off.

Source: "Keep The Faith,' by Faith Evans & Aliya S. King

According to Faith Evans, "When Mary J. and I were getting along, I was hanging out with her and Misa occasionally, going to clubs. Being married to Biggie cemented my place in the crew since he was becoming more more popular."

"Mary even came by our place in Brooklyn a few times to hang out. I didn't have a song out yet so I wasn't particularly well known; I could still walk through the hood without being recognized. So I had Mary in my hood, going to Kum Kao and walking to the bodega with me to get myself a blunt. I got the feeling that she liked hanging out with regular folks. I guess it was like being back in Yonkers, where she was from. I think she liked doing round the way stuff with us."

"When I wasn't with Mary, I was hanging out with Misa at an apartment she had with her son Justin. Puff wasn't too thrilled about it. I remember once, Puff stopped me as I was leaving the Hit Factory after a recording session. He knew I was on my way to hang out with Mary.

"Where you going?" he asked.

"We just hanging out," I replied.

"Well listen," he said, holding up a finger. "Don't get caught up in this industry shit. That's not what you here for.

A few days later, when I arrived on the set of the "Big Poppa," video shoot. Puffy walked up to me. His face was all twisted and it was obvious that he was pissed off about something.

"You need to mind your business," he said.

I was stunned. I had no idea what he was talking about.

"I'm just telling you," he said. And then he stormed off.

At that time, I didn't know Puff and Misa had been having issues. He'd been cheating on her and she was always suspicious. I'd later find out that at the time, she was trying to figure out what was up with some new chick who seemed to be popping up. I didn't know anything about that stuff. And if I had, I would not have told Misa anyway. It wasn't my business and it wasn't my place."

"To this day, I still don't know why Puff thought I was putting words in her ears. I just know when he screamed at me, in front of everybody (including Misa and Mary) I just wanted to cry. I was embarrassed and I felt bad and I knew that he knew better. I guess he thought since he was doing his thing on the side that I would say something to her. I was hurt and would never take the initiative to insert myself in anyone's relationship like that. I was a genuine person and I thought he knew that."

Source; "Keep The Faith," by Faith Evans & Aliya S. King

According to Faith Evans: "The first time I caught Big cheating was when he went out to Chicago for a show. When he returned, he was acting weird and he kept checking his pager and then trying to be discreet when returning calls. He'd make a call and then go out of his way to keep his side of the conversation brief and vague."

"I'm a super-sleuth when it comes to sniffing out infidelity. So the next time he got a page and then went to the phone, I made sure I was close by when he was done. He left soon after and I picked up the receiver and hit redial. It was some chick in Chicago."

"Who the fuck is this?" I asked.

She told me her name and that she had met Big at a show.

"So why are you calling him now?"

"Cause now I'm pregnant," she said.

I confronted Big as soon as he came home. "Who the fuck is this bitch talking about she's pregnant?"

Big sucked his teeth. "Ain't nobody pregnant by me!"

I told him about the phone call, and he just walked away from me. "Who is this girl?" I asked.

"Just some chick I met after the show."

"Well, did you have sex with her?"

"Yeah, Faith. I did.

I was stunned. He just admitted without hesitation that he'd cheated on me and he looked me right in the eye when he said it, too. This was my first introduction to how Big could be brutally, painfully honest.

"So how do you know she's not pregnant by you?" I asked.

"Cause I know," he said.

He went to the phone and dialed a number. I didn't realize he'd called the girl in Chicago until I heard him cursing her out.

I never heard her name or anything else about her again.

Another time, I flew out to Daytona to see him and before I could even settle in the room, I saw a notepad with a girl's name and phone number on it. I called the number. The girl's name was Maria and she was staying at the same hotel. "You need to come up to our room," I told her. Big needs to talk to you.

While I waited for the girl, I slipped into bed with Big and woke him up. "Your little friend Maria is on her way up. Big didn't miss a beat. "Oh word? Cool."

Maria knocked on the door. I got up and opened it, then got in bed with Big. Maria came into the room and just looked at the two of us. "My husband has something he wants to tell you," I said.

Big sat up a little bit. "Yo, shorty. This right here is my wife. So you need to know I ain't fucking with you like that." I gave Maria a smile. "Now get out," I said. "And close the door behind you."

Source: "Keep The Faith," by Faith Evans

According to Faith Evans: Right after Biggie got killed, she and Biggie's mom (Mrs. Wallace) went to Biggie's house in Teaneck to begin the process of cleaning up and looking for any necessary paperwork. They also decided that it would be best for Miss Wallace to stay there until the house could be sold.

Faith says, "As we were going through the living room, cleaning up, the phone rang. I put down a basket of laundry I'd gathered. "Hello?"

"Can I speak to Miss Wallace?"

"Who Is This?" I asked.

"It's Tiffany" (Charli Baltimore-2nd photo)

"I gave the phone to Miss Wallace and kept it moving. I knew Big had been dating Tiffany at the time of his death but I was his wife and I had responsibilities I had to deal with."

"We had to make sure we knew where all Big's assets were, including his three cars. He had a Mercedes, a Chevy Suburban and a Land Cruiser. Since he didn't drive, different people would have them and we wanted to make sure they were all accounted for. His Land Cruiser was in Philadelphia at Tiffany's house."

"We had the dealership call to confirm Tiffany's address. And then Miss Wallace told her that it would have to be returned. She had a fit, crying and saying that Big gave her the car. Whatever. We had the dealership go to her house in Philly in the dead of the night and put that truck right on a flat bed and bring it back to Teaneck."

"I had no sympathy for Tiffany. The car wasn't paid for. I didn't know what arrangements she had with Big (although I did find a wish list of things she wanted from Big).

"At the funeral, Tiffany came down, wearing a full-length fur coat, flanked by two of her girls."

"A few minutes later, Lil Kim walked to the casket. Mary J. Blige was supporting her because she wasn't able to walk without breaking down. When Mary J. got to where I sat, she didn't say one word. And, she continued offering condolences to the other people seated next to me."

"I was stunned. And I was hurt. I knew she was cool with Kim. She couldn't comfort Kim and offer her sympathies to me at the same time? When Miss Wallace said she wanted a family-only ceremony, I talked her out of it. And now, we couldn't put aside petty bullshit at Big's funeral?

"I watched Mary walk to the back of the room, still stung by her dismissal. Big would not have liked it. None of it."

Source: "Keep The Faith," by Faith Evans

According to Faith Evans, "One day, Puffy brought me a song he wanted me to remake. "I'm telling you, Faith," he said one day. "This is gonna be hot."

He played me a song called "Love Don't Live Here Anymore" by Rose Royce. I wasn't feeling the song at all. I knew it was considered an old-school classic but I just didn't like it.

"I don't know Puff," I said. "It don't really do nothing for me." "Listen, it's gonna be a duet," he explained. "You and Mary!" At this time, Mary and I were cool.

I nodded. I loved the idea of working with Mary J. Blige, especially on my very first album but it didn't convince me that the song was right for me. Mary and I met up in the studio and figured out who was going to sing which verse and began laying down the track. When Puff came in to hear how things were going, he wasn't impressed.

"What the fuck are ya'll doing in here?" he asked, turning up his nose. "I don't feel the pain in the song." Mary and I just looked at each other.

"Puff, I just can't get into this song," I told him.

"That's cause y'all need to get drunk," Puff said.

Me and Mary looked at him like he was crazy.

"You heard me. Get out. Go down the street to that bar on the corner and get drunk. You better be fucked up in the next two hours. Then get back here and knock that shit out. Go now."

Puff ushered me and Mary out of the studio. We just shrugged and laughed, leaving the studio and walking to the nearest bar. We sat down and ordered a round of tequila shots and Heinekens to chase them down.

"You like the song?" I asked Mary as we downed our drinks.

"It's old school baby, " said Mary. That's what makes it hot. I love all the old stuff. Rose Royce, the Isley Brothers, Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell. That's all the hot shit.

As soon as we got a nice buzz we stumbled back to the studio. I still thought the song was better suited for Mary's voice, earthy and raspy. But I did my best. Puff was satisfied, but I wasn't crazy about it.

"You'll see," Puff said, after the song was completed. "That's just what this album needed. The Queen of Hip-Hop Soul and the First Lady of Bad Boy, together on one track! Trust me on this one!"

Source: "Keep The Faith," by Faith Evans

According to Faith Evans: "One Friday night, after our family dinner, I decided I really needed to know once and for all why Big would make a song like "Brooklyn Finest" and pile onto the rumors about me and Tupac."

"I was washing the dishes and Big was nursing a glass of Hennessy and Coke in the living room."

"What you thinking about, Faith? Big said.

I looked up from the kitchen. "Nothing."

"You lying," he said. His voice was a bit slurred from the cognac.

"I know when you thinking about something."

I finished drying the dishes and then came out into the living room. I sat on the sofa across from Big, folded my hands and put them in my lap.

"Big, that song you did on Jay-Z's album."

Big threw his head back on the sofa and put his hand over his face. "Awww, Faith, come on. That's over."

I shook my head. "As long as I can go into a record store and buy that album and listen to that song, it's not over." I gestured toward CJ and Chyna's room. "As long as CJ can turn on the radio and hear that song, it's not over."

Big kept his head back on the sofa. "I fell you, Ma."

"So why? Why would you play me out like that?"

Big finally lifted his head and looked straight at me. His eyes were heavy-lidded and glassy. I couldn't tell if he looked so pained because of the alcohol or the subject matter or both.

"Yo, Ma. That was fucked up on my part. I ain't even gonna lie," he said.

I looked down at my hands and let out a sigh of relief. I really needed to hear that.

"That night, I was drunk as hell. I was under pressure. N**gas was talking shit in the streets."

I nodded. Big continued talking. His voice actually started to crack and a few tears came out of his eyes.

"I'm sorry, Faith. That shit was wrong. I'm real sorry about that. For real."

I went over to Big and nestled my head into his shoulder. I was still upset that this song would be out there forever. But I did appreciate that he was man enough to admit it was wrong.

Source: "Keep The Faith," by Faith Evans & Aliya S. King

We've been informed by sources that Suge Knight is currently occupying a 22nd floor "High Roller-Whale Suite," at one of the luxury hotels on the Las Vegas strip, priced at $56,000 per night.

Allegedly, all of his expenses are paid, he also gets a daily per diem, free room service, and he has a luxury car at his disposal 24/7.

The suite comes with a maid, butler, chef, personal trainer and private limo. Other amenities include: An indoor pool and sauna. This suite is only accessible by a private elevator that lets you off in the living room.

According to Faith Evans: "When I first signed with Puffy, he took me to one of his producers, Chucky Thompson, to work with an R&B singer named Pebbles who lived in Atlanta.

Pebbles was LA Reid's ex-wife, and because of that connection Puff was enlisted to work on her next project: her first solo record on her own label, Savvy Records. Pebbles had several hit records under her belt, including "Mercedes Boy," from her first album released in 1987 as well as a duet with Babyface called "Love Makes Things Happen."

"I was honored that Puff had enough confidence in me to send me to work with someone who'd had a good bit of success in the music industry."

"Puff put us up in the Hotel Nikko in the trendy upscale Buckhead neighborhood. There were koi ponds and Japanese gardens and I settled into a super-large room that I had all to myself."

Candy, Pebble's assistant, gave me a ride to Pebble's house, where she had a home studio. I couldn't believe how extravagant the property was as the vehicle brought me closer and closer to the front entrance. The house was set back far from the road, with no other homes in sight."

"Pebbles was standing right out front, signing for a package, when we pulled up."

"Faith, it's nice to meet you!" she said before ushering us inside. I tried to keep my cool but I have never been in a house like this. Each room was professionally decorated, and the architecture was intricate and detailed. The guest house out back was bigger than most of the houses on Grumman Street back home."

"After a brief tour, Pebbles took me into her home studio. She had it set up like a professional studio." She told me, "I've heard some of the things you've been working on, and I like it. I want my music to have a soulful sound."

"We spent the afternoon writing and laying down tracks. It was exciting to help an established singer come up with new ideas. I wasn't sure if any of the tracks we worked on would actually appear on her album; I was just happy to be there."

When it was time to go, I took a cab to a studio in downtown Atlanta. Puff wanted me and Chucky to check out a group he was thinking about signing to Bad Boy. He wanted our opinions on whether or not they were any good. And once again, I felt very special. I was part of Puff's inner circle and I was flattered that he valued my opinion on something as important as signing a new group to the label."

"We went into a live recording room at the studio."

Puffy said, "I would like to introduce you to the members of 112."

"I could tell they were bred in the church. They just had that look and when they opened their mouths to sing, there was no doubt that they grew up in the church. They sang a ballad they'd written themselves, and it was beautiful. The four-part harmonies were on point. When they got to a powerful crescendo in the song, my mouth dropped. I leaned over to Chucky and said, these mu'fuckas can sing."

"I know that's right!" Chucky said.

"They sang a few more songs while Puffy stood in the back of the room with their manager. After they finished, I looked back at the guys; they stood there clearing their throats and looking around at each other nervously."

"Well damn!" I finally said, "You guys are going to make me catch the Holy Ghost up in here!"

The guys laughed and a little bit of the tension evaporated.

"Chucky, Faith, can I talk to both of you for a minute," Puff said.

I gave the guys a thumbs-up sign and then followed Chucky and Puff in the studio hallway.

"What do you think?" Puff asked u.

"Sign them now," I said. "Are you kidding me." Those guys can blow. Chucky agreed.

Source: "Keep The Faith," by Faith Evans & Aliya S. King


The FBI is gunning for Tobe Onwuhara, who they say bilked banks out of at least $44 million.

The FBI says it is investigating a group of Nigerians who are accused of using online internet databases to steal victims' identities to the tune of $44 million.

Authorities say they are currently focusing all of their manpower on the group's top dog -- Tobechi "Tobe" Onwuhara.

Agents say Onwuhara is the mastermind behind the scheme, and they say they won't stop tracking him until he is in handcuffs.

According to the FBI, Onwuhara and his accomplices were somehow able to gain access to victims’ personal information through a database -- specifically the victims' Home Equity Line of Credit accounts. Once inside, they were able to wire the money to accounts mainly located overseas, but some inside the U.S.

Authorities say the group has been operating for approximately three years, and they're accused of causing tens of millions in losses to banks and homeowners.

Agents say Onwuhara is a very smart and crafty man whose only skill was defrauding people.

The FBI says Tobechi Onwuhara is part of a group of Nigerians who they say are using online internet databases to steal victims' identities to the tune of $44 million.

According to the FBI, Onwuhara is a Nigerian who they believe entered the U.S. some time in 1999 or 2000, on a student visa.

Cops say Onwuhara had high aspirations for himself, but his thirst for knowledge extended beyond the university's halls of learning -- and they didn't involve getting a degree from a prestigious school.

Cops say Onwuhara's schemes came from hard work and garnered him millions of dollars. Investigators say he literally researched and tested his schemes until he was successful.

Agents say Onwuhara is a very smart and crafty man whose only skill was defrauding people -- something police say Onwuhara has been doing for years.

Investigators say Onwuhara moved around, from Seattle, Wash., where he lived for a short time, and Houston, Texas.

Officials say Onwuhara finally settled on two places -- Miami and Dallas -- were he divided his time. In Miami, Onwuhara kicked back in his $600,000 home, while cops say Dallas was a playland where he lived the life of a multi-millionaire playboy and businessman, renting a condo for $4,000 a month.

While agents describe Onwuhara as a quiet guy, they say he craved the spotlight and let his money do his talking for him.

Investigators say Onwuhara loved "making it rain" -- throwing fistfuls of cash up in the air -- in one of his favorite spots, a local strip club. There, he and associates would not only make it rain, according to agents, they made it thunderstorm.

On a thunderstorm night, Onwuhara could easily drop $50,000, cops say.

Agents say his desires didn't stop with cash and women. Investigators say Onwuhara loved luxury automobiles -- a Maserati, a Bentley, a Rolls-Royce Phantom -- and worked as a car salesman to indulge his passion.

Once in his possession, agents say Onwuhara would ship the cars to Nigeria to be sold.

According to agents, Onwuhara was so confident in his skills and scams that he never believed they could be traced directly back to him. Investigators say the only paper trail Onwuhara left behind lead directly back to close associates -- or so he thought. While Onwuhara thought he was smart, agents say they were smarter, and were able to unravel his alleged scams in precise detail.

With the money he generated from his illegal activities, they say Onwuhara started his own hip-hop label, called S.W.A.T. Up Entertainment. He even signed two artists to the label, and cops say Onwuhara owned a recording studio at one point.

But cops say Onwuhara's foray into the record business was just a dalliance. He made his real money through his many scams -- ultimately scamming banks out of $44 million.

Investigators are now hunting Onwuhara and say he could be hiding out in Dallas, Miami, Atlanta, New Jersey, or Canada.

According to Faith Evans: "In October 1994, just two months after I married Big, we had a huge blowup. Big was about to go on an promotional tour throughout Europe. And, we'd hardly spent any time together before he left. He'd been hanging in the studio, in the streets, and God only knows where else. I was pissed off that he hadn't spent any time at home and now he was leaving for Europe, where he would be for weeks."

"He had a big duffel bag full of stuff. I got so mad at him, I took his bag and dumped everything in it out the window of our bedroom, which was right over the street gutters. Needless to say, Big was not thrilled. We screamed on each other up until he was about to head for the airport. I stormed out of the apartment before he left."

"When I came back, I began cleaning up the apartment. When I made my way to the bedroom, I was in for the shock of my life. I looked into my closet and saw that my clothes had been shredded! Cut to pieces. Dresses, suits, jeans, leather outfits, just hanging in shreds. I started crying."

"I frantically searched for the Coogi Dress Mary J. Blige had given me a few months before; when we were cool."

I thought that dress was so cute; I was waiting for the right event to wear it. I saw it in the back of my closet and breathed a sigh of relief. It looked fine. I took it out and then I noticed. It was shredded, too.

Source: "Keep The Faith," by Faith Evans & Aliya S. King

We often hear about rappers going broke with the exception of moguls. We rarely hear about rappers making sound investments. Rapper Eric B. is one of those rappers. He currently owns 40 fast food establishments, six mansions and two Rolls Royce's.

Despite Tupac dating Quincy Jones' daughter Kidada, at first, Quincy didn't like Tupac because Tupac made the following remark to "Source," magazine: "Interracial couples. Quincy Jones is disgusting. All he does is stick his d**k in white b**ches and make fucked up kids."

This made Quincy mad and two white readers responded to "Source," by saying, "If you don't like white people, what about when you hung with us in San Francisco?"

Tupac would later apologize to Kidada, "I didn't mean that about your dad or you."

Kidada says, "We started dating steadily and one night Tupac and I were sitting in a booth at Jerry's Deli in L.A. and two hands slammed down on Tupac's shoulders from behind."

"We jumped up, and there was my father standing there. He said to Tupac, "I need to kick it with you for a minute." This was the first time they'd met, so he took Tupac to a booth and they sat and talked for a long time. Then, they stood up and hugged when it was over and they got along fine from then on."

"Tupac was excited because him and Snoop hoped to do this movie Dad was producing called "Pimp," based on the Iceberg Slim book that every rapper in America also wanted to do. He never got to it, though."

"Tupac and I lived together for four months and then he was murdered in Las Vegas in 1998. It was the most horrible thing that ever happened to me."

Source: "The Autobiography Of Quincy Jones," by Quincy Jones

Rapper Shyne will be released from prison soon, few people know the following.

After the Notorious Big was murdered, P. Diddy signed rapper Shyne to "Bad Boy," because he sounded so much like Big.

Despite not having a record in stores at the time, Shyne was able to spend $10,000 dollars on a bracelet for Puffy, according to an insider. Another night, he blew $600 dollars on a meal at Mr. Chow's; he shared a booth with three women and greeted everyone from Jay-Z to the late Johnnie Cochran."

According to author Ronin Ro, Diddy allegedly never gave Biggie money in the beginning but a former "Source," writer claimed that Diddy threw millions at Shyne which caused label mates to resent him.

Shyne allegedly had an attitude but Bad Boy employees tolerated it. When the office telephone rang, some employees dreaded taking his calls. An insider felt that "a lot of hype said he sounded like Biggie and he believed it."

When Diddy offered a car, Shyne wanted the Mercedes 600 series but Diddy was only willing to lease a Range Rover and they went and back with this process. According to a car dealer, Shyne disregarded everything and demanded a Mercedes but the dealer told him, "your credit limit will only allow you to get the five-series model, as far as monthly payments."

Shyne said, "I want a six," and presented what he felt was an ingenious solution. He would accept the five-series model but pay the dealer to attach an emblem from the six-series model, a number of sources claimed. Within a week of receiving the Mercedes, he totaled it while driving from a club with two friends and a cousin. Shyne drove off a road and crashed; one friend died and his cousin sustained injuries that left him in a wheelchair. Shyne walled away from the wreckage with nothing but minor scratches.

"After the car crash, he was distraught. He was depressed. He'd offered to pay for the funeral but rumors persisted about Shyne being an arrogant pretender to the throne. People gossiped that he was a spoiled brat with tough guy pretensions and a million-dollar deal; a cheapskate who contributed a mere $1,000 dollars to his friend's funeral, then allegedly laughed and joked as the coffin was lowered into the ground.

Next, people claimed that when someone robbed him of a Rolex Puffy had given him, according to sources, his main focus was, "Puff better get me another Rolex."

"Source: "Bad Boy," by Ronin Ro

According to Faith Evans, "One evening, I went to the Paladium with the singer Monica and my friend Cheryl. As soon as I got there, I heard whispers that Big was there with Kim. I wasn't trying to get into it with any of them."

"We stood outside talking and I saw Kim drive by in the passenger seat of some girl's car. She was giving me a serious ice grill, like she was trying to take it there. I just rolled my eyes. If she wanted to get out of the car, I'd be standing right there waiting for her. She never did. She just drove around the block a few times, glaring at me. It was all juvenile and silly."

"A few days later, Big and Cease came by my apartment and I ended up giving them a ride to the studio. Big said, "Faye, I got a new song with Jay-Z I want you to hear." I told Big I liked the song." A few months later, a friend called and told me Big had changed the song with new lyrics: "If Faye have twins, she'll probably have two Pacs Get it? Tupac's"

"I was outraged."

I flew to Northern California to do a KMEL Summer Jam show. After the show, me and a friend went to a nearby hotel to hang out with Queen Latifah, who'd invited us to stop by. Outside the hotel, a fan walked by and stopped when he saw me.

"Yo, Faith!"

"I turned around to give a smile or sign an autograph.

"Is that Big's baby or Tupac's baby?"

I cocked my head to the side and rolled my eyes. "You don't know me like that," I said. Why would you even ask me some disrespectful shit like that?"

Things were getting really out of control when random strangers on the street felt like they could question the paternity of my unborn child, I knew things had gone way too far.

Source: "Keep The Faith," by Faith Evans & Aliya S. King

According to the late Eazy-E's former manager and business partner (Jerry Heller), when Ruthless Records first launched, it was just a trickle of money coming in, soon enough it turned into a stream and then a flood. Eazy called it ghetto gold.

"Eazy had always been running his life on a cash basis until this point. He never had a bank account, never took out a loan, never established credit."

"I took him over to my bank, "Wells Fargo, to open his first personal checking account.

"A few weeks later, Eazy was being turned away when he tried to cash a personal check. I thundered into the bank and busted some chops. I said, "This young man is a customer of yours, he has proper ID, the account has plenty of money in it," I said to the teller. "Now why would you not cash a check of his?"

"I raised my voice for the whole bank to hear, getting angry. "Is it because you consider him a n**ger? Is that why?"

"The N-word rang through the bank, freezing everyone in place. The teller became flustered, turning beet red. She quickly cashed the check."

"When we hit the parking lot, Eazy cracked up laughing. "Man, Jerry, you a gangsta. I ever jack a bank, I want you by my side."

Source: "Ruthless," by Jerry Heller


Jacques Agnant, aka "Haitian Jack," (first photo, directly above) is a Harlem based music manager as well as an famous gangsta who has aligned himself with a lot of people and is very feared on the streets. "He wasn't afraid to run up on anyone." According to Derrick Parker (Hip-Hop Cop). Jack once told him, "My thing is robbing drug dealers because they aren't going to call the police." Also, Jack allegedly took merchandise by force from a Los Angeles jeweler.

Haitian Jack was also flamboyant, adorning himself with gold chains and furs and always driving the finest Mercedes sedans. Jack flaunted his close relationships with rappers like Tupac, hit all the celebrity parties and was reputed to be friendly with Madonna. Parker says, "Jack's music biz contacts and activities (he's also managed various rappers at times) give him an additional outlet for his criminal pursuits."

Parker adds, "Jack continues his one-man assault right up to today: He allegedly shot a patron at a Los Angeles nightclub. Jack was also rumored to have stepped to Jay-Z and tried to pin the rapper against a wall until others intervened. Jack thought Jay had disrespected him earlier." No repercussions were forthcoming.


Haitian Jack is still considered a music promoter and all-around player. Jack allegedly introduced Tupac to all the gangstas in Brooklyn. Jack's crew also took Tupac shopping, he bought his first Rolex.

Later, Jack took Pac to Nell's, where he met 19-year-old Ayana Jackson. The young lady who would later accuse Pac of rape. Back at the hotel, a hour before the alleged rape, Tupac said Jack fixed drinks for everyone after Ayana Jackson arrived. Pac and Ayana retired to the bedroom.

His next memory, he said, was of being woken by Jack. He felt groggy. The lights had been turned up. "The whole mood had changed," Shakur recalled. "When I woke it, it felt like I had been drugged. I didn't know how much time had passed."

Ayana was screaming, "Why did you let them do this to me?" she demanded of Shakur. "I came to see you! You let them do this to me! This is not the last time you're going to hear from me," he recalled her saying.

Later, Tupac received a call from his publicist to come down to the hotel lobby. As soon as he stepped out of the elevator, police pounced on him. Haitian Jack was also arrested on the spot.

Tupac's lawyer informed him that the believed that Jack was a confidential informant working with the police, Tupac was reluctant to believe it.

A few days later, Pac allegedly got a call from boxer Mike Tyson saying, "Pac, don't hang with Jack, he's bad news." Pac added, "I thought Tyson was being paranoid, so I was like, I'm not going to leave Jack until I see it for myself." But when Agnant had his court case separated, Shakur had a change of heart. "I was angry," he said.


Tupac began to slam Jack to the press. A "hanger-on" is what Shakur called Jack in an item that appeared in A.J. Benza's popular gossip page in the New York's Daily News. At the time, the celebrity grapevine was buzzing about Shakur dating Madonna and hanging out with Mickey Rourke. But those in the know read the quote about Jack and anticipated trouble. Word was out on the street-they had beef. "This was the first time I had ever said anything against him," Shakur said. "So I was nervous, waiting for him to attack."

Months later, Shakur ran into Jack at Puffy's party at Roseland. He was shocked to see him among Biggie's entourage. "I was so hurt, Shakur fumed. "I was like, I'm going to trial, I'm probably going to get convicted and this n***a's showing up at a party with champagne, hanging with Biggie. I was like, Damn, he's bouncing from rapper to rapper."

At the party, Shakur ignored Jack, never acknowledging his presence. This was a serious no-no. Even bitter rivals, when caught in public were supposed to recognize each other with eye contact and the briefest of nods but Shakur kept talking never looking in Jack's direction. According to Tupac, "Even though I no longer liked him, I used to pretend. But now, I can't pretend no more because I knew he was a snake. When I saw him with Biggie, I knew they were snakes. I was like, 'Damn, they just bounce from one ni**a to the next ni**a. They weren't sending me any money. They weren't trying to help me through my charges, even though it was them that set me up."

Later, Biggie approached Pac and asked, "You still kicking it with Jack?" Shakur replied, "No." "Don't," Wallace told him. "Be careful."

Shakur was struck by the fact that two different people with Brooklyn roots-Biggie and Iron Mike warned him about the same man.

Source: "The Life, Death & Afterlife Of The Notorious Big," by Cheo Hodari Coker

The late Notorious Big was quoted as saying the following about female rapper Lil Kim:

"Let Kim do her thing," he said. "She's cool when she wants to be, but she moves too fast, and she don't understand shit," he said.

"I would hate for her career to be so hot in the beginning, but she hurt so many people and got so many people mad with her ways and actions on her way to the top that when it's time for her to do something else, everybody turns their back on her.

She don't understand humbleness. I never had to deal with that with my boys. I tell my boys what to do and they do it. Kim's always like 'Why can't I do it this way?'

"So many headaches. I'm not asking your opinion, I'm telling you to do shit. She'll say, 'Well, I don't want to do it that way,' and we argue and we bitch and she does it the way I want it and the shit's a hit.'

Source: "The Life, Death, And Afterlife Of The Notorious Big," by Cheo Hodari Coker

After the success of Tupac in 1996, Suge didn't feel he needed Dr. Dre anymore according to author Ronin Ro. Rap magazines were giving Pac more pages than Dre and Pac's double CD "All Eyez On Me," generated $10 million dollars in seven days for Death Row records.

Death Row decided to arrange a record release yacht party at scenic Marina Del Rey for Snoop's "Doggystyle," album.

One guests reached the parking lot an Death Row employee handed them a free Snoop poster. Guests also stood in line as security guards let people onto a walkway one at a time. Couples were separated, so people grew tense.

Then balloons popped and everyone flinched, assuming it was gunfire. To make matters worse, the captain of the boat saw the crowd waiting and said, "Okay, nobody else on the boat." And that was some of the wrong people to be talking smack to, said one attendee. "And they were ready to throw his ass in the water."

The yacht began its cruise. But a police helicopter flew right over it so people couldn't hear Snoop's album or each other. Then a huge fight broke out. One artists' Crip entourage was singing and waving their gang signs around some of Suge's Blood pals.

By the time the boat returned to dock after a very short cruise, there were three helicopters over it-one from the police, shining a bright searchlight on guests, the others from the media and twenty police cars were waiting.

The party ended quickly and news reports described it as a "rap riot."

A few months later, another incident happened at a Death Row after party at the El Rey Theater. That night, out front, a Crip argued with Bloods who were in the entourage of a Death Row rapper. The Crip, a member of the large Rolling 60's gang, humiliated the rapper and got jumped and stomped by his pals.

After the beatdown, the rapper and his entourage entered the club for the after party. But inside, his entourage started drinking and saw the Crip from outside, one waiter recalled, "They just beat and stomped and kicked that poor dude to death."

The attack was so brutal, bystanders screamed and ran for exits. The rapper slammed a chair into the Crip's head while his Blood friends punched and stomped him, eventually breaking the man's spine, paralyzing him.

According to Faith Evans, "I was on a rare break between tour dates. Valentine's Day had just passed and I got a call from Big. He was in New Orleans for a show. "I want to see you," he said. My heart skipped a beat. I flew to New Orleans, when I got to his room, it was filled with all of Junior M.A.F.I.A guys. But Lil Kim was absent. I'd told Big on numerous occasions that I was going to beat the shit out of her as soon as I saw her. So I assume he made sure she was nowhere nearby."

"Big and I settled into our usual routine: Sharing a blunt, a meal and each other. I felt like there might be a possibility that we could get back together. He felt so familiar to me and I felt safe around him. I wasn't going to ask him. I decided I'd let him come to me if that's what he wanted. I was just going to stay in the moment and enjoy the time we were sharing. But I did think it was a good sign that we were together. He wasn't with Kim. He wasn't with Tiffany. He was with me, his wife. What neither of us knew was that spending that night in New Orleans would end up connecting us forever."

"A few weeks later, I sat in the bathroom of my apartment and stared at the little white stick with the dark blue line. I was pregnant and I know exactly how it happened. I couldn't believe it. Big and I rarely used protection and I'd only gotten pregnant once, early on in the relationship. I'd had a miscarriage before we could think about what we were going to do about it."

"I decided I was keeping this baby. I called Big to share the news."

"He didn't sound happy or sad. Just very noncommittal. "You keeping it?" he asked.

"Yeah. I am," I said. It was a quiet moment. "Are you sure?"

"Yes, I'm sure..." Big made a weary sound. "Homegirl got pregnant, too," he said.

"What does that have to do with me?" "I made her get an abortion," he said.

I asked, "So what are you saying?" "You sure this is the right time?" he said.

"Look," I told him. "I wasn't prepared for this, either. I know we're not together. But now we're going to be parents. And we'll have to make it work. You can figure out how to relay all of that to your little girlfriend."

"The next day, the doctor confirmed that I was having twins."

I ran into Angie Martinez, a DJ on Hot 97, at a party. I told her, "Me and Big are having a baby!" Of course Angie announced it on her show the next day.

"One day, this Tiffany chick called my house in the early days of my pregnancy, I was not amused. "You supposed to be having Big's baby?" she asked me. "Who the fuck is this?"

"This Tiffany. I want to know what's going on. You supposed to be having twins or something?" "Are you out of your mind?" I asked. I had actually just found out that one of my eggs had failed to develop and that I was carrying one baby. I asked her, "Did Big tell you to call me?"

No she said, before she could finish, I told her, don't ever call my fucking house. She said, "Well, I don't know how Big gonna be supporting no new baby. He said he was gonna pay for my father's funeral!" Why ya'll not divorced anyway? I studied law in school and I know it don't take that much to get a divorce."

I told her, "You are talking to the wrong person right now, don't make that mistake again."

Source: "Keep The Faith," by Faith Evans

According to Faith Evans, "As soon as Big's album dropped, it seems like our lives started moving on fast-forward. Even before I got a deal, I'd somehow gotten into the habit of keeping an unloaded gun in my purse. I don't know what I was thinking. But I believe, in a subconscious way, I didn't want people to underestimate me just because I came from church. I wasn't going around pulling guns on people or even showing them that I had it. It was just something for my peace of mind, as I started moving in circles that felt unfamiliar."

"After I got with Big, carrying a gun took on a whole new meaning and feeling. It represented something totally different. In hip-hop, there's nothing sexier than a woman who will hold you down by an means necessary. Having a gun in my bag gave me a ride-or-die demeanor that I know Big liked."

"I remember one time, early in our new friendship, me and my girl Cheryl and Big went to this weed spot in Brooklyn. We had plans for the usual: get some weed, go back to our apartment in Brooklyn, and smoke, eat and just chill."

"It was early winter and a cold evening so I had on a full-length fur coat. We drove to Big's favorite weed spot, a fake bodega in Bedstuy that had practically no inventory. Big said, Faith, run up in there real quick." "Fine," I said. "Give me the money."

"I took the money, got out of the car and went into the store. As soon as I got inside, the police were swarming the place."

"Everybody down on the floor!" I heard a bunch of cops screaming. And there I was, face down on the damn floor with my brand new full-length fur coat on. All because Big's lazy ass didn't get out of the car."

"The cops started arresting people right and left. I was petrified. I was a recording artist on a major label! This could not be happening to me. But it was. An officer came up to me and told me to get up. They were just about to arrest me."

"Officer, I was only here to pay me rent!" I cried out.

He looked at me closely, searching my eyes.

"I don't know what's going on here," I said. But my landlord told me to come here to pay my rent and that's it...I gave him the most pitiful look I could manage.

"Okay, miss, you can go," he said, leading me out of the store.

"I got back into the car, still shaking uncontrollably and told Big and Cheryl what happened. They thought it was hilarious. But it wasn't funny to me."

Source: "Keep The Faith," by Faith Evans & Aliya S. King

According to Faith Evans: "Somehow, Lil Kim got my home number and started calling the house directly hurling insults, "That's why your p**sy smell like shit!" she screamed. I would hang up and Kim would call right back. I got the sense she liked being in the middle of all the drama with me and Big."

"I can't say I mourned Tupac's death. I knew it was an unfortunate thing but this was someone who'd lied on me publicly and had so many people looking at me crazy. It was hard for me to feel what everyone else was feeling. I did feel for Big because he seemed shell-shocked about the whole thing. He told me: "Something ain't right Faith. That was my n**ga right there. Shit got fucked up somewhere along the way. But that was my n**ga." I started to feel real paranoid. I was only a month away from my due date and I began to tighten up my circle of friends even more; I didn't travel without security."

"A few days later I got word that Big was in a car accident, Tiffany (Charli Baltimore) was with him. She was also hurt. When I finally went to see Big in the hospital, he told the nurse that I was his wife. She seemed confused. I guess she'd seen Tiffany up there visiting and was a bit perplexed to see a different woman and a pregnant one at that being introduced as his wife. After that day, I didn't visit him often because I wasn't trying to run into Tiffany but I called to check on him."

Shortly after my baby (CJ) was born, I flew down to Atlanta. Puff was celebrating his birthday by having a big celebration at a club. I saw Big, he said what's up? With a smile on his face and asked me to sit down at his table. Soon, various celebrities and fans started packing the club. A line of folks snaked past Big's table, giving him handshakes and pounds and shout-outs. It was like me and Big were a king and queen on a royal throne, greeting our subjects on an official receiving line. Except I wasn't quite sure why he wanted me there. I hadn't felt like his queen in a long time. But that night, he really seemed like he wanted to show me off. At one point, Lil Kim came walking toward the table. I hadn't seen her since the fight in the studio. She walked up to us and gave Big a sharp look. Her face was tight, and she was definitely about to say something.

"Is there a problem?" Big asked her.

Kim didn't say anything.

"Well, move it along," he said.

Kim walked by and then looked at me. I just gave her a tiny smile as she left.

"A few minutes later, my boyfriend (and future husband) Todd walked by. Big still had his arm draped across my shoulders and I sat frozen in my seat. I opened my mouth to speak but didn't say anything. Todd looked a bit confused. I'd just seen him at the hotel and I don't think he expected to see me hugged up with Big because I'd told him we weren't together and now there we were. It was all so awkward and I didn't say anything. I wanted to and I just hoped I'd have an opportunity to explain at some point."

According to Faith Evans, "It was all about getting my money straight. One person who owed me money was Terry Dollars, the producer in L.A. who I'd worked with. When I left L.A. after all the Tupac rumors started flying, he'd been stalling me. But I reached out once or twice to remind him that he owed me for the work I'd done."

"When I was still talking to Missy, one day I asked her if she'd ever gotten paid from him. She said she had. And that's when I hit the roof. He was trying to stall me on a year-old bill, crying that he was broke? But he was somehow finding money to pay Missy?"

"I happened to be in Los Angeles when I found out that dude was really not trying to pay me. Despite being pregnant, I drove right out to the studio. As soon as I spotted him in the hallway, I didn't hold anything back." We both knew he owed me between $15,000-$20,000 dollars.

"You owe me some money n**ga," I said. And I want my shit right fucking now!

"I told you I was waiting on some things to come through."

"Fuck that!" I screamed. "Ain't no more waiting for shit!"

"I made a few calls to some of my peoples in L.A. to try to get someone to come and beat your ass. You about to get fucked up if you don't get my money together."

"Suddenly some chick was in my face. She said something about being his sister. "Oh, it ain't gonna be none of that," she said.

"You want to get in this?" I asked. "I don't even know you."

Suddenly, Todd (my future husband) who happened to be there, got between us and calmed down the situation.

He later told me, "You got a lot of heart. Rolling up on dude like that."

"I never got my money. I had to chalk it up as experience again. Although I never stopped being angry about it, I couldn't continue to waste my energy on it when there was so much other stuff going on."

Source: "Keeping The Faith," by Faith Evans

Behind the scenes, Tupac started picking on female rapper, Lady Of Rage (Afro Puffs). He called her the weak link since she wouldn't insult Puffy and Biggie at Bad Boy, but Rage didn't fall for it. "I don't think that makes me the weak link," she told Pac. "I think it makes me the strong link. I'm an individual." "You not my homegirl?" he asked. "Yeah, I'm your homegirl." "You not gonna diss someone? They tried to kill me." Rage asked, "Why don't you see them face to face?" Pac replied, "I'm not trying to kill the motherfucker. I'm trying to kill his career."

Source: "The Biography: Dr. Dre," by Ronin Ro

According to author Ronin Ro, "During one afternoon, a short fighter knocked Suge Knight's taller friend around until others charged and knocked him out. Later, Dre saw his bodyguard B. J's kid brother with Warren G. B.J. jumped in, and people moved furniture to create a fighting ring.

"With members of rival gangs insulting each other, Suge slapped one of the two instigators across the face and then everyone made up."

Ronin Ro adds, one day Dre held court in his backyard right until the day he lost his home. The incident began with him grilling food during a backyard barbecue. Without warning, a neighbor ran over. "The side of your house is on fire!" Dre and his friends ran to extinguish the blaze but it reappeared on his roof, he claimed. Dre, laughing and visibly intoxicated, was soon standing in front of his burning home as fire engines, sirens blaring, arrived."

"Two firefighters were hurt while trying to douse the flames."

This was before Dre was a multi-millionaire and some people speculated that Dre may have set the fire himself for insurance purposes but these rumors were unfounded and Dre dismissed such talk by saying a firefighter cited electrical problems with his air conditioning as the cause of the blaze.

Dr. Dre salvaged what he could, rented a new apartment on Venice Boulevard and claimed he'd have the home repaired within a year, since it was insured and the damage was $250,000.

Source: "The Biography: Dr. Dre," by Ronin Ro


Suge had a post-fight party at his club "662," in Las Vegas. Run-DMC was scheduled to perform. The club capacity was 680 but there were more than 1,000 fans that night. It was slamming but out of control. Mike Tyson was there with his bodyguards, actor Forest Whitaker (who appeared drunk to Alexander) and Deion Sanders and his entourage were in attendance. Luckily, the night went off without a hitch.

Alexander says, "Since I was Pac's bodyguard, a lot of people blamed me for his death without knowing the circumstances." According to Alexander, one of those people was rapper Kurupt. "The fact that Kurupt turned against me really hurt."

At one of Suge's "Mother's Day" parties, he gave all the mothers Death Row chains, smaller than the ones the guys used to wear but still pure gold. These very women were jumped on; chains have been snatched off their necks and they've been slapped in public.

"Before Pac died, things had gotten so fucked up that he wasn't even allowed to take a cassette outside of the studio when he was working on tracks. He couldn't listen to his own music outside of the studio because Suge wanted to own everything."

Source: "I Got Your Back," by Frank Alexander

The day before Biggie's death, he called his mom and both of his baby mama's to ask about his kids. He then listened to the music he made in the studio and asked his people's, "Where the party at?"

Later that night, he went with Lil Cease to see the film "Donnie Brasco," at a theater around the corner from his hotel. Big liked the movie and by the time they drove over to the studio it was still in his head. It flowed right into his verse for one of his songs.

By the time Big burned through the tracks he recorded that night, he didn't even have time to eat the Italian food he had ordered. He had a busy day coming up.

On the last full day of his life, he had agreed to record with rapper Snoop Dogg, later that evening, after the Vibe party, if he was up to it.

Snoop was in the studio working on the song. Between breaks, Snoop talked to Big via a cell phone while Big was at the Vibe party.

Both men expected the recording session to be quick but Big never made it, Snoop's security guy told him he heard over the radio that Big had gotten shot at a party and then the phones in the studio started ringing non-stop.

Snoop shut the whole session down.

Source: "The Life, Death & Afterlife Of The Notorious Big," by Cheo Hodari Coker

According to Kidada Jones (Quincy Jones' daughter), "I lived with Tupac for four months and then he was murdered in Las Vegas in 1996. It was the most horrible thing that ever happened to me."

"I knew we should've never gone to Las Vegas that night. I had a horrible feeling about it. I've gone over it in my mind a million times. It wasn't supposed to happen. We weren't supposed to be there. It was the worst possible thing that could've happened-I still to this day don't know who actually shot him. I wasn't able to say goodbye. It's not something that should happen to anyone."

"We were in the Luxor Hotel and he went to a party. He said, "I'm not taking you. There's been a fight with a Crip and it's not safe. So you stay here." So I waited in our suite for him to come back, I lay down and was going to sleep when I got a call. They said, "Pac's been shot."

I was like, "Okay." He'd been shot five times before that. I said, "Where was he hit? In the leg, an arm? No big deal." When I got to the hospital they handed me a bag of bloody clothes and jewelry and told me, "He had no blood pressure when he came in. He's had two blood transfusions and he is in the ICU hanging by a string."

I got a blanket from the hospital and circled the parking lot for nine hours. I said, "There's no way he's gonna die. There's just no way." I walked around there till the sun came up and I had to keep my head down because I felt like I was going to get sick all over the place. I wanted to explode, just come out of my skin. I was in complete physical shock.

He died at 4:30 p.m. a few days after that.

For a while afterward, I didn't want to be alive. I was on my back, literally on my back, for months. My father underestimated how that affected me and shaped and molded me as a human being. Eventually he realized how it affected me, though I had to really show him. It didn't make him happy that I was running around with gangster rappers who were shooting each other; that part he never liked but he understood rap and he understood and respected Tupac and he wasn't angry at Tupac at all. In a way, accepting Tupac was his way of acknowledging me, my pain and my struggle to find myself and for that I love him.

Source: "The Autobiography of Quincy Jones," by Quincy Jones


According to Faith Evans, "One day my friend told me, Yo! your girl Missy is hanging out with Lil Kim." Nah. They not cool," I told him. He said, "I don't know Faith, I think she be hanging with her. My boy told me he saw them popping bottles at some club."

I thought about it. Missy had really become a part of my inner circle. I had named her CJ's godmother and she hung out with me and my daughter Chyna all the time. She had practically lived at my place before she started living mostly out of hotel she begin working steadily. Would she be hanging out with one of the few people I didn't fuck with? I couldn't see it.

The next time Missy called me, I asked her flat out. "You be hanging out with Kim?" "Hell no," she said. "You know I ain't friends with her. I'm trying to do a song with her though."

A week later, Missy called me and asked me to bring my kids Chyna and CJ over to the hotel where she was staying. It was early and I hadn't gotten the kids officially ready yet. But she begged me to just bring them anyway. My friend Rufus who had originally introduced me to Missy was at my apartment and helped me get the kids packed up then went with me to Missy's hotel room. When we arrived, she was on the phone.

We got the kids settled in the living room and waited for Missy to finish the call. Missy clicked over to her other line and began talking and laughing with someone. Then she went back to her original call and said, "That was Lil Kim, she'll be there, too."

Me and Rufus exchanged a look but didn't say anything.

I let the kids spend time with Missy while I went out and ran errands. Rufus called me later and sounded upset. He said, "I think something funny is going on with Missy. I think she was talking crazy about you, and she said something about your daughter's hair." "I was the one who introduced her to you. I would hate for her to play you out."

I knew that Missy had to be immediately dismissed from my circle. I didn't call her and tell her anything. She was just cut off in my mind.

Soon after I moved into my new house, my girl Toni was visiting and helping me unpack when the phone rung. Toni answered the phone, she mouthed, it's Missy. I shook my head no, I didn't want to talk to her. Missy was trying to play both sides of the fence. She wanted to be cool with me and with Kim. Which would have been fine if she was honest about it. She was the one who let me know Kim was in the studio so I could confront her. And then weeks later, they're painting the town red? It just didn't sit well with me. What would be next? I let her take my children out. Would she have them around Kim, too? That kind of thing just made me shut it down.

Source: "Keep The Faith," by Faith Evans with Aliya S. King

According to Tupac's former bodyguard Frank Alexander, "One night, we were at the Le Montrose Hotel in West Hollywood, we had just finished shooting a Dogg Pound video for Soul Train and Tupac wanted to kick it there because he heard the female group 'Total,' was in town."

"Pac was trying to track them down because he wanted to sex one of them. Faith Evans was also in town and Pac was looking for her to."

"We were basically camping out looking for Faith and Total, Tupac was always on the prowl for women. When he wasn't looking for them, he spent hours on the phone talking to Heather Hunter."

"We were all upstairs in a room Pac rented and his homies were getting high and getting drunk, the whole room was filled with smoke. I'm out on the balcony and I look down toward street level and see two of Pac's homies downstairs fucking around with a dude who just stepped out of a limo. They were getting real loud and I heard someone scream, so I say to Pac, "I think your Lil Homies getting into it." By the time Pac got onto the balcony, you could see them pushing and screaming, and I'm yelling, "Fuck the elevator, let's take the stairs!" Pac followed me to the stairwell and we flew down about five flights before landing in the lobby."

Pac was the first to get up in the dude's face and say, Yo! what's up? His homies knew Pac was always looking for a good fight so they'd instigate them sometimes and sure enough, Pac was ready to start swinging.

Pac was calm and the guy starts talking about knowing Pac from up North and explains that his homeboys started the beef, it was over a woman. "Pac, I didn't know these were your boys, man."

Pac calmed down. The beef was squashed.

Source: "I Got Your Back," by Frank Alexander

According to Frank Alexander (Tupac's former bodyguard): At one time, Suge Knight was the most powerful young black businessman in the industry. He had the American dream at his fingertips. He had access to all the things rich white people have access to and beyond. Unfortunately, he couldn't leave the gangster mentality behind him. He took it everywhere he went, and it's my belief he should have left that shit behind when he made it but not forgotten where he came from.

Although I didn't believe at the time that Death Row began as a gang, it certainly evolved into something similar to one. When Dre and Suge hooked up to create Death Row records, the objective was to create music. It went from being a musical entity to a "gang."

By creating an emblem of gold and diamonds, Suge was creating a symbol for others to see, and to those who have the gang mentality, it signified Bloods. The chain became a gang-emblem sign and wearing it was like throwing up a gang sign in front of a Crip. Today, no one would be caught dead wearing a Death Row chain anywhere because of the bounty for them. No one is wearing them on the streets anymore.

Source: "I Got Your Back," by Frank Alexander & Heidi Siegmund Cuda


Dr. Dre doesn't need to rap. The Vivendi Universal Games (Video Games) deal he signed brought in $35 million dollars and he still receives earnings from N.W.A. albums. His annual income is between $11-$15 million. Artists connected with "Aftermath," pay him $75,000 per track (to produce).

Artists outside of Aftermath pay $250,000-$300,000 for a Dre beat. He also receives a five percent production royalty and label profits from sales of albums and singles by 50 Cent, G-Unit, The Game, Lloyd Banks, D-12, Busta Rhymes and Obie Trice.

Source: "The Biography: Dr. Dre," by Ronin Ro

Dr. Dre blasted rapper 50 Cent's demo tape while driving in his Lamborghini. He was on his way to meet the rapper. Pulling up, he saw 50 outside, he turned the volume down, left the car and walked up to 50. "You ready to make history together?" Before 50 could answer, Dre listed the songs he wanted on his debut album.

Before their meeting ended, Dre offered champagne only to hear 50 say, "No thanks." By the time 50 returned to the airport for a flight back home, Dre knew he'd sign with "Aftermath." Attorneys had already drafted up a reported 7-figure contract (5 album deal).

50 is such a savvy businessman, shortly after the meeting, he immediately spent $300,000 dollars registering the trademarks "50 Cent," and "G-Unit."

When 50 first arrived in the studio to record his Aftermath debut, he was friendly and polite but suspected Aftermath might try to commercialize him. Unlike other acts, he had already seen the public and New York radio embrace his ideas. He was independent, a proven talent and someone not prone to fawning over name-brand talents. If anything, he kept soliciting beats from unknown producers (sifting through 600 CD's, each holding thirty to forty beats).

Dre, however, had his own idea about how 50 needed to sound. He dug out an old drum track with horn stabs that evoked club music of the bygone 1980's. Another artist had already given the six-month-old track a thumbs down but 50 started writing it within an hour when Dre suddenly hears 50 chant: "Go Shorty, it's your birthday/we're gonna party, it's your birthday."

Source: "Dr. Dre: The Biography,' by Ronin Ro

During an interview with the "Source," magazine. Suge Knight slammed Dr. Dre, implying he was just another big-talking, jewelry flashing black label owner letting "white executives pump him up."

Dre ignored the insults since it was a complicated situation because Suge was married to Michel'le and fathered her other children.

Dre allegedly visited Suge at some point to smooth things over. Although their talk had been positive, Suge still ridiculed Dre's attempt to fit in with the next trend by allegedly having other rappers write some of his lyrics.

Suge also insulted Dre's CEO image and his record label, Aftermath. And, he also criticized Dre for touring with 1992 show props.

Source: "The Biography: Dr. Dre," by Ronin Ro

One evening, P. Diddy gave a party, Biggie was sitting in the VIP lounge holding court with one of his closest friends, Tupac Shakur.

The two were both kindred spirits and physical opposites. Shakur was at Comb's party taking a break from a highly publicized rape trial and he was shocked to see some of the very people he held responsible for his predicament hanging close to Biggie.

Biggie did his best to warn his friend about the shady figures he had offended, always telling him to watch who he was rolling with.

But, it was a party, there were blunts to be smoked, champagne bottles to be popped and a good time to be had by all.

For "Bad Boy," it was the birth of a nation, for Biggie, a first taste of superstardom and for Tupac, the last fun night he would ever have in New York City.

"Tupac Tidbits"

According to Luke Campbell (2 Live Crew): "I always called Pac the George Jefferson of the music business. I also tried to encourage Pac and Biggie to iron out their differences. "Pac was a little guy running around, you know, he was always talking. He didn't mean nothing. He wasn't going to hurt anybody. He was always talking, talking, talking. You know, the little guy disease."

According to a former Tommy Boy Records executive: "Tupac had a profound sense of victimhood." If he got into his head that someone was his enemy, he would often brood over it to the point of obsession. "More than anything, "he never wanted to feel vulnerable."

Source: "The Life, Death & Afterlife Of The Notorious Big," by Cheo Hodari Coker


After Suge Knight bailed Tupac out of prison on a rape charge. Later, on the video set of "California Love," it was evident that Pac didn't want to be left alone with women in a room or isolated area due to the rape conviction hanging over his head. He always had his boys accompany him into a room with women and was overheard asking his posse on numerous occasions, come with me while I go talk to this girl.

After Mike Tyson was released from prison on a rape conviction. As reported before, he allegedly had hidden cameras installed in all of his bedrooms to show that sex was consensual in case the woman went to the police to report a rape.

When Tyson was rolling in millions, women were often flown in from all over the country in private jets to entertain the champ. A video exists of Tyson and several women. Tyson is surrounded and everyone is dirty dancing before they step out of the frame and retire to the bedroom.

When Tyson would visit Suge Knight in Las Vegas, he was able to unwind and mingle with the various women in attendance because Knight's home in Las Vegas reportedly had hidden video cameras in each bedroom.

At his peak, Tyson owned over 20 Lamborghini's in different colors. If one gave him mechanical problems. He would have the engine removed and have the car suspended in one of his rooms for guests to admire.

According to the crew of the late Biggie Smalls, the women would scream "Big Poppa, Big Poppa," before he hit the stage. "Please, please, please come over here so I can feel on you." One constant that never changed in his life were the girls. They were everywhere. In Raleigh, they waited in the hotel lobby at all hours. In Cleveland, right before the concert, they spotted Wallace backstage right before he went on to perform. Big Poppa was even there for the heavier girls although he did not pursue them romantically, Big Poppa would be there with a kind word for them."

Homely women might have gotten a little love on the microphone to boost their self esteem but backstage was a different matter. Only the dime pieces got up close to Big Poppa.

"Orgies-anything you wanted," said Lil Cease. Biggie would say, I want some head right now. And they would take care of that upstairs.

Biggie once said, "Temptation is a motherf**ka. You're in the industry. Girls sucking you off for nothing. They will even suck a crew member off. That's the way it goes. It's crazy but it's real. Now you got me, it's possible for me to sleep with 10 women a day if I wanted to. And then my woman gonna scream on me like, you cheating MF. Hell, shit happens. As long as I ain't keeping in contact with these girls and they not trying to move to New York to be with me. Just take it for what it is. You know what I'm saying?"

Faith Evans wasn't having it. She wasn't the Rita Marley or Jackie O type who would look the other way. If she sniffed anything, there was drama and she didn't take disrespect lightly.

Faith says, "Part of me wanted to be like, well, what did you expect? He is out there on the damn road. "I mean you're not there. But then again, it's not acceptable."

Biggie once called from the road and Faith heard a girl in the background. Faith got a babysitter and caught the next plane out. She went straight to the hotel room and knocked. A female asked, who is it? The girl cracked the door open and Faith kicked her way in the room and beat the shit out of the girl. She punched the girl over 30 times in the face.

Source: "The Life, Death & Afterlife Of Notorious Big," by Cheo Hodari Coker

While Tupac was in prison, just before he signed with "Death Row," close relatives and friends begged him not to sign with Suge Knight.

But, they didn't have the money or the credit to get him out of prison.

Shakur's manager, Watani Tyehima, a former Black Panther who had known Tupac since childhood, visited him in prison around this time. According to Tyehima, he said, "I know I'm selling my soul to the devil."

After he signed with the label, the first order of business was, "I want a house from my moms," Shakur told Knight.

Source: "The Life, Death, & Afterlife of The Notorious Big," by Cheo Hodari Coker

While Tupac was recording his debut album with "Death Row," records, according to author Ronin Ro, his album took precedence over everything else and this caused resentment among other label mates.

Can-Am Studios was filled with a massive guest list which included: Rowdy gang bangers and security guards with guns. And, so many reporters were interested in interviewing Pac and Suge enjoyed standing near him, presenting himself as a sort of red-clad kingpin of crime as opposed to a show business guy with friends who rolled with street gangs.

At home, Dr. Dre was working on "California Love." He was finishing it, considering whether to use it for a new company when Suge somehow heard the song and felt it'd be a hit. Suge arrived at Dre's house. "Suge was like, 'Fuck it, we're putting Tupac on that shit, and this is going to be the single off the record."

Instead of standing up to Suge, Dre told himself this would benefit his career. He returned to the studio and replaced his second verse with one by Pac. He also let him ad-lib at the end and even joined him in the video.

But before he knew it, Dre heard Pac was badmouthing him all over town.

Suge sided with Pac and decided he didn't need Dre anymore.

The last straw: When Dre read a "Vibe," feature and was appalled. The writer described showing up at Suge's office and seeing a big German Shepherd rolling on the floor." One of Suge's friends said, "That's Damu," another word for "blood." He won't bother you," the guy added. "He's only trained to kill on command."

Then, while the reporter asked questions, Suge kept the dog near his side, baring its fangs and salivating; not exactly the best image for the company.

Neither was Tupac bragging, "Muthafuckas are scared shitless of Suge."

Source: "Dr. Dre," by Ronin Ro

In 1993, after a sexual assault that Tupac was later convicted of. Minutes after the assault, according to police, Biggie Smalls showed up at the Parker-Meridien hotel to visit Tupac (wrong place at the wrong time).

When Biggie entered the room, the men who were in the room during the assault, quickly left.

Allegedly, after hearing Tupac's side of the story, Biggie decided he didn't want to be involved in this and got up to leave.

Just as Biggie was leaving, he heard sirens, he rushed to the window, and saw police cars rushing toward the hotel. Biggie hurried to the door but Tupac didn't seem worried, he dropped onto a couch and lit a joint.

In the lobby, police grabbed Biggie and handcuffed him. He was in custody until other officers brought the rape victim into the lobby and she said he didn't have anything to do with the attack.

Police removed the handcuffs and let Biggie go.

Source: "Bad Boy," by Ronin Ro

Rapper Too Short may lose his Oakland recording studio if he doesn't pay $1 million from a settlement over a fatal 1991 car crash. The rapper owes the money to the family of a man killed in the head-on collision.

According to court documents, the hip hop star was uninsured and legally drunk at the time. The family reached the settlement with the rapper in 1996 after filing a wrongful-death lawsuit.

More than a decade later, lawyers for the family say Too Short has not paid up.

The Alameda County Sheriff's Office has been ordered to seize the equipment in the "UpAllNite," studio which Too Short opened in May, to pay the $1.1 million he owes.

We all know rapper Craig Mack left "Bad Boy," over creative differences. Mack felt he wasn't getting paid right and his deal wasn't correct. According to author Ronin Ro, "Things got so bad for Mack, he was pumping gas in Long Island. That's how broke he had become at one point. This was after his record came out. Number one on the charts, and he was broke."

After the infamous nightclub shooting which rapper Shyne would eventually be convicted of. During the high speed chase, after cops pulled over Diddy and Jennifer, according to officer Joseph Libaro, Diddy had his hands between his knees as if trying to hide something and wouldn't stop moving his hands until Libraro yelled, "Get your hands up" two or three times. Diddy took his time in doing so, he said.

A 9mm handgun was found under the front passenger seat.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Lopez had gotten out of the vehicle, according to another officer, she said she was leaving in a limousine, "bye." A sergeant recalled: "I said, 'Jennifer, Jennifer, come here, come back here, and she said, 'I'm going home, I'm going home.' When the Officer told her she to was under arrest, she was stunned and protested, "It's not my gun."

Next, according to Officer William Meyer, an agent from the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) discovered a secret compartment in the rear of the Navigator. Allegedly, traces of cocaine were found in this compartment. No one owned up to it.

Everyone was under arrest.

According to Officers on the scene, Diddy said, "I can't go to jail, I'm Puff Daddy."

After Biggie's death, according to Ronin Ro, Diddy hired a top notch security team to travel with him at all times. After a show in Moline, Illinois, a limousine driver allegedly found two loaded stolen guns in the Rolls-Royce Diddy had leased.

Ro adds, after the entourage returned to the car, someone talked to the driver and asked if the driver could "ship him" the weapons. Instead, the driver handed the guns over to the police.

Later that month, the entourage stayed at the Ritz Carlton in Cleveland. A guest in the next room heard what sounded like a heated dice game. The next morning, she heard another noise and she saw a hole in the wall of her room. She also saw a bullet which police later determined was from a 9mm or a .38 caliber on the floor. The police wanted to speak to them but the entourage had checked out and left town already.

Source: "Bad Boy," Ronin Ro

According to Tupac's former bodyguard Frank Alexander: "When Pac was working on the "Hit Em Up," video, at a warehouse near Fox Hills Mall, he was talking to a fan, the fan popped off and said something to the effect, "You'll get shot."

Tupac responded with, "One of my bodyguards (Les) is standing right there, Les you got your strap?" He said, 24/7. Show him your strap, Les lifted up his shirt and showed him the gun.

Pac said, "See that? He'll bust a cap in your ass."

This was during the time Pac was messing around with actress Salli Richardson. As he was getting ready to leave the set he told us that he had a secret compartment put in his Mercedes where he could hide a weapon that the police would never know about.

He then asked Les "Do you have a gun you can loan me for the night?" Les flipped out because Tupac was still on parole and couldn't be caught near a weapon. Regardless, Pac was always going to go out fighting.

I asked him why he wanted a gun and he said he was heading over to Salli's pad. I couldn't figure out what he was up to and I said to him. "If there's a problem, I'm your bodyguard. Let's roll. I'm the one licensed to carry a gun."

Pac was also acting like Les had betrayed him because earlier, Pac had gotten into it with Les over the picture he he'd taken of Salli and a bad taste was still in Pac's mouth.

Pac left and went to Salli's house without his bodyguards.

The next day, Les was still bothering Pac, he said, "You supposed to be my boy, you're part of my posse and you're not down with me."

It became clear that Pac had somehow got it in his head that Les had been trying to find out where Salli lived and he was still pissed off about it."

Source: "I Got Your Back," by Frank Alexander

According to Jerry Heller, "Flush with success, Eazy-E and I decided to develop a female "Ruthless," act. Her name was Michel'le. Put her in front of a microphone and she was tone perfect with a gorgeous range that placed her at the top echelon of female vocalists, a Mary J. Blige before there was a Mary J. Blige."

"Despite her talent, she was a girl from the hood and could throw a punch like a longshoreman. I saw her lay out a female rapper named Tairrie B at an after-Grammy party, while industry heavy hitter Will Smith looked on in gape-mouth astonishment. Michel'le hit Tarrie with a straight armed right cross like a boxer, knocking the girl on the floor. Michel'le easily held her own among N.W.A. as well."

"It was Eazy's idea to push her. "We can't only have all this rap shit on "Ruthless," he told me. We have to have an R&B thing going."

"And, once again, we used Dr. Dre to secure a female act in the "Ruthless," fold. We always called Dre our "secret weapon." If we ever wanted to sign a woman, hire one, ore get one to do anything at all, Eazy would always say the same thing. "Send Dre."

"Even before "Ruthless," kicked into high gear, Eazy had multiple girlfriends. I would sit with him in that little porn video office adjacent to Lanark Park and marvel as I listened to him talk to his multiple women on the phone, one after another."

"Eric," I would say to him, "women are going to be your downfall." He was so smart in every other way. Women were his Achilles' heel. I couldn't believe a guy with so few other weaknesses indulged himself in such a huge one."

"Dr. Dre was easily Eazy's equal in attracting groupies, even though he had a totally different style of approach."

"Dre went on to produce Michel'le and the two started going out. It wasn't always a smooth relationship."

"Once, I was at Dre's house in Westlake Village. He was upstairs with another girlfriend when Michel'le strolled in unannounced. Dre's bodyguard, stalled her."

"Dre grabbed his clothes, jumped out the bedroom window and came around to the front door. He walked in as though he had just gotten there."

"Hey, Michel'le, he said, I didn't know you were coming over."

Source: "Ruthless," by Jerry Heller

According to Faith Evans, on the night of Biggie's Murder: Inside the Vibe party, I didn't get a chance to speak to Biggie, it didn't help that we were separated and dating other people at the time.

As Faith was leaving the party with friends, there was talk of an after party in the Hollywood Hills. As she headed to the car with friends, she heard some commotion coming from the exit to the museum. "I thought I heard someone say something about shots ringing out, but we were able to get into our car and out of the lot with no problem so we didn't think twice about it."

Our driver had followed a long line of cars up La Cienega Blvd., and into the Hollywood Hills. When we arrived, Heavy D came over and told us we better get to the hospital, something had happened to Big. I barely remember the ride from the Hollywood Hills to the hospital. I just remember rocking back and forth mumbling and praying to myself.

The car drove right up to the front entrance of the emergency room. I was ushered through the emergency room and into a smaller waiting room. Puffy was the first person to come over to me. He was walking so slowly and his lips were pursed so tight that it looked like he was physically in a lot of pain.

"Puff, what happened? What's going on? Where's Big? Is he okay?"

Puff looked up at me. "Faith, his voice trailed off and he closed his eyes. "I'm going to let the doctor talk to you."

"Mrs. Wallace," the doctor said. "We tried to revive your husband. We massaged his heart several times to get it beating again but we were unsuccessful." "The bullets ricocheted through his body. We could not revive him."

Faith screamed, "What are you saying? You have to try again!"

"Mrs. Wallace, we can't"

I began to shake uncontrollably. For some reason, I didn't cry, I just panicked. I was wearing several rings at the time and I just started yanking them off and dropping them on the floor. Someone led me to a chair. I sat down and I wept quietly for 20 minutes.

My husband and the father of my newborn son was dead.

Source: "Keep The Faith," by Faith Evans & Aliya S. King

According to Melle Mel of the former rap group, "Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five."

"We sold millions of records, our biggest hit was "The Message," but we never saw royalties. We worked with a series of advances. The label would advance us money to do a record and we always got statements that showed us in the hole. We always owed money."

"We fought about it and drugs became a problem among us and we split."

I did a record with Chaka Khan (I Feel For You) which won a Grammy in 1984. After that, my life fell apart."

"Later, I fell into drugs, hard. Everybody I knew, all the stars were getting high on coke and crack. Meanwhile, the opportunities slipped away and no one would return my calls."

"Five years passed. I went to prison. I did hard time. I smoked crack.

"I was on a pay phone in the Bronx in 1989, high on crack when a friend came up to me and said, "Melle Mel, Quincy Jones is looking for you."

"When I finally got in touch with Quincy, he told me he was interested in featuring me on one of his projects. He got me a plane ticket and flew me out to his house in Bel Air."

"Even though he'd heard I was in jail and was a crack addict, it said a lot to me that he would fly me out to his house in Bel Air and sit me in the living room with all his Grammys and jewelry and not worry about me stealing his shit.

"Just like that, I was back in business. He brought me and Big Daddy Kane, Kool Moe Dee and Ice-T into the studio and played a track for us. The next day we recorded everything in two hours."

"I got my life back together and have been clean for 12 years."

"I never did rap to make kids shoot Tech nines and gang-bang and abuse women. I did it for opportunity. I did it to humanize my neighborhood."

Source: "The Autobiography Of Quincy Jones"


Jerry Heller makes the following allegations in his book, "Ruthless."

"Eazy-E had gotten himself into a frame of mind professionally where he could not be satisfied. He watched Cube and Dre release one platinum album after another. Even though Ruthless sold millions of records, Eazy remained sick with envy."

"During a tour stop in Cleveland. Eazy called me and said, "Jerry, you are not going to believe these motherfuckers I found out here. They practically homeless man, when I met them they were all hanging around a barrel with a fire in it, trying to stay warm. You got to hear them." Send them tickets Jerry and get them out to Los Angeles."

The group was "Bone, Thugs-N-Harmony."

According to Heller, "They were the dope smokingest beings to ever wander the earth and through Eazy's street connections, they had access to unlimited quantities of the best smoke available."

The whole crew ate, smoked and lived together.

Their first EP, "Creepin On Ah Come Up," featuring the single "Thuggish Ruggish Bone," was huge.

"They may have been geniuses in the studio but outside of it they were out of control."

"I lodged the group in motels all over the Valley, booking blocks of rooms at a time for the whole crew. The hotel managers would inevitably eighty-sex them. That happened so often, the group was eighty-sixed from every hotel along Ventura Boulevard."

"We finally rented the group a place in Chatsworth, a mini ranch in a sleepy, elderly neighborhood."

"One day, one of the members said to me, "I got an idea. I been seeing all these white people around here, just walking around, looking like they got a lot of money. What would you think if we start jacking them?"

"I just stared at him without answering."

"One day, the whole Bones family went into a Wells Fargo in Woodland Hills to cash a six-figure royalty check. An elderly woman in a house across the street saw a group of black men wearing watch-caps enter a bank. That was enough for her. She called the cops to report a bank robbery in progress."

"The ensuing uproar cost Ruthless $100,000 dollars to straighten out even though Bone, Thugs-N-Harmony were not responsible."


Rewind: Rich, Alpo and AZ ruled the NY drug game in the 80's at the ages of 16 and 17 and are portrayed in the film, "Paid In Full." Alpo (pictured above in the center) was the first black man in this country to own a Lamborghini sports car and he was suspected of killing crew member Rich Porter. He would be incarcerated for various drug offenses. Fast Forward: Alpo was released from prison, his sentence was reduced for cooperating with the authorities and becoming a government witness. Allegedly, when he was released, a rap heavyweight gave him a welcome home party, this event was ultra private and several hip-hop bigwigs refused to attend because they didn't want to be associated with the crime element and they suspected, authorities had Alpo under surveillance. Allegedly, family members had to move because the hood considered him a snitch. There is reportedly a "contract out on his life" and he has gone underground. People are wondering, is he in the 'Witness Protection Program?'


The following caption currently appears in our "Hip Hop Gallery Gossip" column: In the book "Notorious C.O.P." by Derrick Parker, one chapter focuses on a crew from Bed-Stuy named, "The Commission." They were known to rob rappers of their bling and sell the diamonds to a celebrity jeweler for meltdown. All the rappers were unknowingly set-up by members of their road crew. Rapper Busta Rhymes was once robbed by "The Commission." The crew robbed Busta of $100,000 dollars worth of bling and one of the crew members, Da Kommander was so brazen, he would wear Busta's laser emerald earrings that were stolen in the robbery. "The Commission" still operate and are suspected in the recent robbery of a athlete who got into an altercation with a Fabolous crew member.


It has always been rumored that Karrine "Superhead" Steffans has over 100 sex tapes stashed away in a safety deposit box for safekeeping.  Allegedly, some of the most recognizable men in Black Hollywood, from: rap, acting, and R&B are featured on these tapes.  Steffans already released a best selling tell-all book, will she ever release these tapes if they exist?  Only time will tell.



When J.Lo was released from police custody after the New Year's Eve shooting involving her then boyfriend, P. Diddy several years ago, which he was acquitted of. She was riding in an unmarked Crown Victoria with two police detectives. One detective was in the back with J. Lo when her mother allegedly called. According to the officer (Derrick Parker) he overheard a heated conversation between mother and daughter. He says, 'From the Spanish that I'd picked up over the years, the conversation consisted largely of the mother telling J. Lo, "I told you not to go out with that moreno, this moreno is trouble-moreno being a Spanish slur for a "dark skinned black man."


Last month, We reported on a organized crew of thieves known as "The Commission," based in New York.  This crew specializes in jacking rappers and professional athletes of their jewelry.

This organization was also responsible for the "attempted" home invasion robbery of rapper Foxy Brown.

According to the book "Notorious C.O.P." by Derrick Parker, the incident took place in 1998. A supposed friend of Foxy's family allegedly drove the two suspected perps in the case, Da Kommander (who allegedly robbed Busta) and an associate to Foxy's house to show them where she lived.

Earlier, Foxy had been dropped off at her house at 6:00 a.m. with her mother (Miss Marchand) greeting her at the door. Two hours later, Miss Marchand was awaken by the doorbell. A boy from the neighborhood said he was looking for Foxy's brother, Gavin, because he had clothes he wanted to return. When Marchand opened the door to get the clothes, the boy forced himself in and he was with another man. They asked, where's Foxy? "I told them I didn't know where she was." I knew I couldn't let them get to my son Gavin's room where Foxy was. He said, 'Don't lie, because I'll shoot you right now, he pointed a long black gun at me. I lied and told him that Foxy was at the studio." They locked me in a closet.

Miss Marchand was terrified by what she heard outside. The shorter male was about to go upstairs (where Foxy was) but moments later when Marchand opened the door from the inside, she saw that the hallway was dark, her assailants had mysteriously disappeared like they had appeared. She hurriedly called the police.

Only later, during a police interrogation, was it was revealed that the "Commission Boys" were behind the attempted home invasion robbery, they had planned to rob Foxy of her bling but their plans went awry and they had to abort the mission.

Allegedly, Faith Evans' phone rang the Friday night Tupac Shakur died. It was Biggie, he was crying. "He was in shock," Evans said, and I believe it's fair to say he was probably afraid."

According to Biggie, "When someone is making so much money, their lifestyle should be protected. He was supposed to have lots of security. He wasn't even supposed to be sitting by no window."

Biggie actually felt terrible about Shakur's death. The Saturday after Shakur died, his old friend Dream Hampton allegedly asked him if he was going to the funeral. Biggie replied, "Naw, man, he made my life miserable. He told lies, fucked with my marriage, turned fans against me. He was really investing a lot of time into trying to destroy my shit."

"Even if I wanted to attend, my presence would be a distraction for his family."

When a photographer asked Biggie what his beef was with Tupac, he replied, "We should have been recording together and we would be making all the money cause individually nobody can touch us and together, you know nobody can touch us." Biggie shook his head, thinking of all the good times him and Pac had shared together, and imagining all the lost opportunities.

And to think they had all given up the street life to get into the music industry because it was supposed to be safer.

After Suge got into the physical scuffle, caught on tape, in Las Vegas. When Suge returned to Los Angeles, he immediately signed a young singer (Gina Longo) to Death Row and he rented his Malibu Colony house from Longo's father.

It turned out that Gina Longo was the daughter of District Attorney, Lawrence Longo who negotiated Knight a plea deal.

Source: "The Life, Death & Afterlife Of The Notorious Big," by Cheo Hodari Coker


300,000 cases of Al Capone's whiskey, was supposedly hidden in a cave along the shores of Lake Michigan by his henchmen. The liquor is valued at $300,000-$500,000 and it's from Capone's private collection. Treasure hunters continue to search for it.

A week before he was killed, gangster Dutch Schultz (who was filthy rich by accumulating nearly $14 million dollars in illegal mob activities) confided to his black girlfriend and his closest friends that he had buried a suitcase full of cash and gold coins in a remote area of New Jersey, the coins and cash are worth millions. Since his death, in the 30's, treasure hunters and scavengers have been unable to locate the money.

Side Note: After the success of "Lady Sings The Blues," Diana Ross was given a script detailing the relationship of Dutch Schultz and his girlfriend. Ross agreed to play the girlfriend and Ryan O'Neal was being considered for the part of Schultz but the project never got made due to financing.


According to Bob Jones (Michael Jackson's former publicist), in his book, "Michael Jackson: The Man Behind The Mask," Jones claims, Michael flagrantly depicted himself as a close friend of Princess Diana, even appearing with Barbara Walters after Diana's death to discuss their friendship. In actuality, they had met once and according to Jones, Diana immediately identified Michael as a opportunist. Princess Diana joined a lengthy list of famous people who refused to take Michael's calls.  A number of calls were made to Diana's people on behalf of Michael.  He badly wanted to be friends with her but apparently she wasn't interested. Her people would always ask what the call was in reference to, and we'd leave messages saying that Michael wanted to speak with her.  I was told to write down the subject matter in detail, send it along and they'd get back to me. To my knowledge, none of those calls were ever returned.  Jones also reveals, allegedly, Michael sent Steven Spielberg a package via the mail.  The package was returned unopened and stamped, "return to sender."


What do Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Prince, Michael Jackson, Alicia Keys and Tina Turner have in common?  They have all been paid $1 million dollars per performance to entertain overseas royalty.  In some cases, overseas billionaire clients are so anxious to book superstar talent, along with their astronomical fee, some artists have also received tycoon cut diamonds, Ferrari's and Lamborghini's.  This is a exclusive A-list club.


Rapper 50 Cent is the only rapper who has performed for overseas royalty at a rate of $500,000 per performance.


Halle Berry is the only African-American actress paid $1 million dollars to make a 3-hour minimum appearance at corporate events. Actress Eva Longoria is also paid well to make corporate appearances.


Singer Chris Brown is paid $100,000 per performance.  After the success of "The Big Bang!" Busta Rhymes was paid $100,000 per performance overseas. After the album cooled off, so did his fee.  During the success of Ciara's album, she was paid $200,000 per performance in Taiwan.


An African lady has the biggest rolodex on the East Coast and makes a good living arranging dates between millionaire moguls and celebrity women (black and white).  These women are not A-list stars, they are usually well known "B" or "C" actresses between jobs-they do this to supplement their income.  The women are paid between $75,000-$100,000 per date with "no" sex included.  One corporate raider was able to close a multi-million dollar business deal because the investors were impressed with his celebrity date.


Karrine Steffans has started a trend with black celebrity tell-all books. Hip-hop stars will eventually prevent new people from gaining access into their inner circles. It has gotten so bad, a lot of rappers are not allowing cell phones into their parties, since cell phones come with cameras. A compromising photo can be snapped and sold to the tabloids for a bundle. Secrets are no longer secrets in the world of black entertainment and everyone is on guard. Some rappers have sworn off groupies in favor of escorts. Despite writing a tell-all memoir, famous men are still pursuing Karrine Steffans. Celebrity men can't seem to leave her alone.

Carmen Bryan's book seems more like a vendetta against former boyfriend, Nas. She seems like a woman scorned and out to get vengeance at any cost. It's doubtful that her book will sale as well as Karrine's, which is holding steady with 325,000 copies sold.

It was reported a few days ago that gay rapper Caushun is writing a tell all. We have been informed that two rap moguls and two rappers will be included in the book. We have done 'downlow' blind items on all four men. One of the rappers appears hard and thuggish but behind closed doors he is feminine and referred to as gal-boy among the gay crowd, the other rapper is very nice looking and low key. If this book ever comes out, it will be explosive and destroy careers. People are holding their breath.

Speaking of gay tell-all books. Late R&B singer Jermaine Stewart was in the process of writing a book focusing on his homosexual encounters with black celebrity men. One of the men is a former NBA player, another was a 'A-List' black actor. These men were all bi-sexual despite their reputations of being notorious womanizers. This book would have destroyed careers and endorsements. After Stewart died of AIDS, the manuscript disappeared.

As Tupac Shakur lay dying in a Las Vegas hospital room. The tabloids were offering $250,000 to anyone who would take a photo of Tupac, sedated, in his hospital bed. Security was so tight, only family members and "Death Row" personnel were allowed to enter the room.


We are receiving reports that wealthy men outside of entertainment and rich men inside of entertainment (with few connections) are willing to pay a 4-5 figure ‘introduction fee’ to be introduced to famous women in acting and infamous women in the adult industry. The person who makes the introduction receives $5,000-$10,000.


Adult film stars and centerfolds are supplementing their income by working for an escort agency in New York City.  The minimum fee for an introduction is $1,500 for one-hour with two-hour introductions starting at $2,500.  Reportedly, their are no geographical limitations.  After the client selects the woman, the agency will fly her anywhere in the world.  Travel rates start at $6,000 per day.


A stunning African-American female in Hollywood, with a perfect figure, is the preferred call girl of the hip-hop elite.  She charges $5,000 per sexual encounter.  When hip-hop/music events are based in Los Angeles, she is booked solid and rap stars can be found waiting outside of her home in their limo's, eagerly awaiting their turn.  Entrance into her residence has become like a star studded red carpet event.


The "Foundation Room" (pictured above) is affiliated with "The House Of Blues" and is the most exclusive club in the world.  This club is located in several cities. The most popular location is located on the 43rd floor of "Mandalay Bay" in Las Vegas.  You can only gain entry by private elevator and your name has to be on the "VIP" list.  This club has multiple bars, a media screening room and optional European bottle services.  The main lounge is surrounded by comfortable sofas and fireplaces.  Private VIP suites are also available.  The ultimate luxury is the open-air balcony with a breathtaking view of the Las Vegas strip.  Members include: Actors, billionaires, millionaires, superstar athletes, moguls and politicians.


AIDS continues to mystify researchers.  A overseas prostitute had her first HIV test seventeen years ago, she has yet to contract the virus despite servicing 10-15 men a day-the majority of these men tested positive for HIV.  The percentage of "infected prostitutes" in her country eventually reached 90 percent. This prostitute contracted other STD's; proving that her partners didn't use condoms and she "was" exposed to HIV but "never" contracted it.  Scientists came to the conclusion, if a sex worker didn't contract the virus after five years, they were unlikely to get it.  In a similar case, an African prostitute slept with hundreds of men "unprotected" and allegedly infected her customers but she continues to test negative.  She is resistant to the virus but was able to infect others.  Even more frightening, ten years ago, a woman was infected with the "Group O" strain of AIDS.  Although an individual has AIDS symptoms and a low T-Cell count, this particular strain tests "negative" on HIV tests.  A person who tests negative (and is really positive) can unwittingly infect others because their AIDS test came back negative.  This woman was quarantined.


When "Sports Illustrated" did a article on athlete Jermaine O'Neal (pictured above) earning $15.2 million in salary and endorsements and collecting expensive cars : A Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, a BMW and a Land Rover. This information was posted on every groupie website on the Internet. 


Former NBA player Anthony Mason had three criminal rape complaints filed against him in three years in three separate states-NY, NJ, and NC. Mason pled guilty to endangering the welfare of a child after being charged with statutory rape in New York. In each case, Mason made contact with a female, arranged her transportation. Each time, abuse allegations surfaced. Neither case resulted in formal charges being filed. Source: "Out Of Bounds" by Jeff Benedict

In 1997, NFL quarterback Jake Plummer (current Denver Broncos quarterback) was charged with felony sexual assault (rape). He struck a plea bargain and received 2 years probation. It's amazing how long the NFL has kept a lid on this.

After actress Sharon Tate (victim of Charles Manson) was murdered.  LAPD conducted one of the biggest manhunts in history.  Tate's father was also a military intelligence officer.  He would organize a private security/intelligence team of agents.  This team led the authorities to Charles Manson.

Actor William Holden (pictured above) was a courier for the CIA.  According to the book, "Hollywood's Unsolved Mysteries."  His profession was a perfect cover and his constant travel was never questioned.

Bad boy actor Steve McQueen (pictured above) was the most powerful actor in Hollywood history.  He remains the only actor who was paid a 'non-refundable' fee of $5 million just to read a script without commitment.  This was a 'consideration fee.' In Related News: Steven McQueen's daughter, Terry, died in 1998, at the age of 38. Four months after undergoing a liver transplant.


Michael Jackson sold 52 million copies (domestically) of "Thriller" and over 104 million copies of "Thriller" worldwide.  This makes him the most successful artist in history (over Elvis and The Beatles). But, for some reason, media outlets refuse to acknowledge this fact. 


Chemists (including "Balco" founder Victor Conte) steroid distributors, and coaches all congregated on an Internet message board. Deals were negotiated and millions were made.

Underground chemists are currently trying to create another steroid with a built-in masking agent making the steroid undetectable on drug tests, these chemists will take Conte's place among elite athletes.

Numerous athletes take steroids, one East Coast baseball superstar (not named in the scandal) stacks his usage (he takes double and triple doses to try and increase the effect).

It has always been rumored but never proven that a 'male' sports superstar actually died of steroid abuse and a 'female' sports superstar also died of steroid use, their cause of death was allegedly covered up by their families.


I was informed a year ago that Chris Rock and Madonna allegedly dated, prior to their marriages. At the time, I found it hard to believe, the couple seemed mismatched but now, the "National Enquirer" is confirming the pair were once a couple and they remain close. If true, this was one "unpublicized" relationship that managed to stay under the radar.

According to the book "Got Your Back," by Tupac's former bodyguard Frank Alexander. He claims, Tupac and actress Salli Richardson (before her marriage) were once a couple. While Pac was filming a movie, during breaks, Salli was in his trailer laying on top of a shirtless Pac. Alexander states, they were really into each other. Tupac even bought her a diamond heart locket for $15,000. When the package arrived, Alexander brought it into the trailer for her. She and Pac were in bed. He adds, "I didn't see her response to the gift but I sure 'heard it.' The couple also had picnics at Salli's Malibu home. From what Alexander gathered, Salli had never been with anybody like him and was down for him because he was a bad boy and a rough neck. Abruptly, the relationship ended without explanation.

It has also been rumored that Arsenio Hall allegedly dated Pamela Anderson, early on in their careers.  Allegations persist that they also allegedly lived together at one time. 

Yesterday, photos circulated all over the internet-of an unconscious Suge Knight. Allegedly, he was knocked out cold.

When Suge was incarcerated, he had long conversations with gangsta legend, Kody "Monster" Shakur. Kody received his nickname "Monster," when he stomped a man to death at the age of 13. Today, he is considered an "OG."

Suge still remains one of the most fearful figures in the entertainment industry. Since his emergence, allegedly, 3 murder contracts have been taken out on his life, interestingly, none of them have been executed.

Back in the day when Suge was helping Jodeci and Mary J. Blige renegotiate new contracts, allegedly, label head Andre Harrell was so intimidated by Knight that he hired the Fruit of Islam bodyguards to guard his offices soon after the negotiations.

Once, when Diddy and Biggie landed in Los Angeles, a "Details," writer allegedly witnessed an incident at a stop light. According to him, Diddy's crew happened to pull up next to Suge Knight and Tupac Shakur at a stop light. According to the writer, the driver was so fearful at the sight of Knight, he allegedly passed a gun to the bodyguard.

Suge does have a soft side that the public rarely sees. When a beautiful black model was diagnosed with leukemia, it created a financial strain. Suge stocked her cabinets with groceries and paid her bills until she died.

The streets are already buzzing that there will be retaliation towards the man who knocked Suge out cold.

Source: "The Life, Death & Afterlife Of The Notorious Big," by Cheo Hodari Coker


While Tupac was fighting for his life in a Las Vegas hospital, his girlfriend Kidada Jones visited. She told him "Do You Know I love You?" Tupac responded by squeezing her hand. She then asked, "You know we all love you?" He never answered because at that precise moment, he slipped into a coma.


Bonnie & Clyde (pictured above) are the most famous crime duo in history. Rumors of Clyde Barrow's sexuality were originally suppressed but recent biographers claim he was allegedly bi-sexual which stemmed from a homosexual encounter he had in prison. Other biographers suggest he was impotent. According to Nostalgia Central.com, in the first draft of the Bonnie & Clyde (1967) script. Clyde was gay, the script was later changed to make him heterosexual. Before they were gunned down by law enforcement, a black farmer found them sleeping in his barn in Huntsville, Texas. Clyde sat up and pointed a gun at him until he said, "I don't mean you no harm," Clyde took him at his word and lowered the gun. Instead of calling the cops, he brought them food, water and blankets. They thanked him and called him "sir." The black farmer had tears in his eyes when he returned to his house because that was the first time a white man had ever called him "sir." When he checked in on them later, they were gone. When he walked over to where they had slept, he noticed a small stack of money, left for him.


There is a secret and affluent gay club (Gamma Mu) in this country that shuns publicity. The membership list is a who's who of entertainment, sports, politics and business. This list is guarded like a 'classified government document.' The members are famous and extremely wealthy (billionaires and millionaires). Outsiders have complained that you have to be rich to join, if you are young and gorgeous, that requirement is allegedly waived. Although the majority of these men are gay, a percentage are married while others have girlfriends (beards). This exclusive club was created in 1967 by a gay travel agent. The group has congregated around the world on cruise ships, excursions and around the world trips. Locations include: Honolulu, Acapulco, Mexico, Vancouver, Canada, Costa Rica, etc. Gamma Mu received unwanted publicity when it was revealed that Andrew Cunanan (the man who killed Gianni Versace) was a one-time member. College scholarships are allegedly set up for younger members. Source: Advocate Magazine.


Not only was Harry Houdini (pictured above) the greatest magician who ever lived, according to a new biography "The Secret Life Of Houdini: The Making Of America's First Super Hero," Houdini was also a spy who worked for Scotland Yard. His alleged spying on Russian anarchists, counterfeiters and others may have gotten him murdered at age 52, 80 years ago. The book says that Houdini, using his career as a cover, traveled the United States and the world as he collected intelligence for law enforcement agencies, including the U.S. Secret Service. He died (after two vicious stomach punches) in 1926 on Halloween Day.


We don't know if the following allegations are true but they are disturbing to say the least. Michael Jackson's former publicist, Bob Jones, claims in is book "Michael Jackson: The Man Behind The Mask," that Jackson, allegedly, has a strong dislike for African-Americans and that he has always favored light skinned black people. Jones also states, Whitney Houston joined Jackson, Liza Minelli and Elizabeth Taylor at an event. Jackson allegedly, spent little time with Houston, ignoring her completely, despite the fact she was at her peak-the top selling female artist of that year. Jackson spent the majority of his time, allegedly, fawning over Taylor and Minelli. Jones also claims, allegedly, Jackson regularly injects himself with a bleaching agent to whiten his skin. Hopefully, these allegations are false.

We are currently working on a story about Sidney Korshak (pictured above). Here are some highlights: Korshak was a fixer and the underworld's powerbroker. Some referred to him as a mob kingpin who rose to prominence representing the heirs to Al Capone's crime syndicate in Chicago. The mob lawyer played by Robert Duvall in the "Godfather" was based on Korshak.

We are working on another story, titled: "Male Prostitution In Bodybuilding." We have been informed, rich gay men patronize bodybuilding events trying to solicit bodybuilders for sex. Some bodybuilders supplement their income by becoming paid gigolo's and kept men. Bodybuilding gyms have become an "Adult Disneyland" for rich homosexual men.

Pricey and expensive champagnes, Dom Perignon and Krug, priced at $200-$500 per bottle are owned by the Louis Vuitton fashion house. Cristal champagne has a rare edition priced at $1 million dollars.

A gay escort agency in Hollywood caters to rich gay and bi-sexual men. This agency continues to thrive, clients include: famous celebrities, businessmen and moguls. What's interesting and disturbing, half of these men are married with families. In Related News: You can see these same men on Santa Monica and Highland trying to solicit sex from male hustlers, she-males and transvestites.

Your Highness Aga Khan founded the ‘Yacht Club Costa Smeralda,’ (YCCS). The initiation fee is $12,600.00 to join and the annual membership fee is $2,520.00. The club currently has 435 members and is ‘quietly,’ looking for a few more members. This club is more prominent than being in the social register and you have to be ‘invited,’ to join.

A group of thieves fled with $190,000 in microchips after what police suspect was a planned auto collision. The victim had just picked up 100,000 chips from a Santa Clara warehouse when a white van rear-ended his. When he got out to inspect the damage, another person slipped out of the other car and sped off in his Mazda. Crooks consider trafficking in computer chips safer than drugs, just as profitable, with less security risks. Source: SF Chronicle

Hollywood is the only city in the world that has a support group for ‘kept women.’

The majority of subscribers for ‘Playgirl,’ magazine were gay men.

There has always been speculation that a 'super secret society' exists. This society meets clandestinely and allegedly rules the world. They supposedly control every aspect of banking, politics, commerce, mining and the drug trade. Ultimate goal: World Domination. This group is considered the most powerful society in the world. Members include: The most powerful and richest people in the world. Allegedly, membership events are hosted twice a year, these events are allegedly disguised as charitable functions where members wear tuxedos and gowns. Las Vegas is a favorite destination because you can blend in without standing out. Members allegedly pony up $1 million dollars per year for membership fees.


Martial arts star Jackie Chan once starred in an X-rated adult movie-but he doesn't regret his porn past. The "Rush Hour" star starred in the film "All In The Family," 31 years ago when he was a struggling actor. He says, "I had to do anything I could do to make a living but I don't think it's a big deal-even Marlon Brando used to be exposed in his movies.


Travel cell phones are ideal for people who travel abroad (International businessmen, overseas booking agents, reporters, government agents, jet setters) for business or pleasure. Early on, I registered our staff with travel cell phones. Travel cell phones are: A satellite phone rental (worldwide international access). You stay connected worldwide. Your number is good in 200 countries, including: France, UK, Japan, Germany, South Africa, Italy, Spain, Israel, Australia, etc.


Despite STD rates being on the rise, membership in Black Swinger groups have increased. A black swinger's organization on the East Coast has a governing body to accept or reject membership. Group members earn 6-7 figures annually and this set is considered a affluent branch in the swinger's community. They travel abroad and plan lavish events. Discretion is a must, similar to the confidentiality of the 'Witness Protection Program.' Despite wealth and affluence, I hope they realize, AIDS doesn't discriminate.


Sylvester Stallone tells "Aint it Cool News" that his plans for “Notorious,” a movie he was developing about the murders of rappers Tupac Shakur and the Notorious B.I.G., has stalled and may never make its planned debut on HBO. “I became involved in the Tupac/Biggie project about 4 years ago," says Stallone of the film, which he intended to direct. “Gathering all the data, these two giant rap stars were murdered in front of numerous witnesses and no arrests have ever been made. This, on the surface, said to me some very important people had to be involved. Police Chiefs?” Stallone continues: “The story was like a modern-day noir written from the point of view of a Detective [Russell] Poole, who basically was railroaded out of the police department because the more he investigated, the dirtier the high rollers in city hall and police commissions and DA offices all appeared to be part of a conspiracy to squash this case. I don’t think it’ll ever be done because of the amount of lawsuits that would be filed.”


Sex Tapes have become big business! You even have brokers offering groupies top dollar to discreetly record themselves having sex with big name stars.

When Mike Tyson was released from prison, allegedly, he had his mansion outfitted with video cameras in the bedrooms because if he had to, he would prove that the sex was consensual.

Others use sex tapes as a bargaining tool for larger divorce settlements and some use it for blackmail. A "married" black baseball player was taped (without his knowledge) having sex with a groupie. A few days later, he was contacted and told, 'pay $50,000 dollars or tape frames will be released to the tabloids, ending your marriage.' He paid up.

Gigolo's and gold diggers also target celebrities for a easy pay day.

I recently viewed a sex tape of a famous white TV actress who was part of a ensemble cast on a top rated show having "backdoor" sex.

I also saw a "raw dawg" video of a room full of groupies having unprotected sex with a rapper and his posse.

The biggest selling sex tape in history is "1 Night In Paris," taped by Rick Salomon. He made millions and bought a house in the Hollywood Hills.

What I find disturbing, a celebrity rumored to have AIDS has a sex tape out, proving to his boys that he can still pull women (male ego). Although he wears a condom in the tape, I am surprised a woman would take a chance with her health despite being paid $10,000. This is how much he pays women to have sex with him (protected) because of his alleged status. A lot of women take him up on the offer. He is reportedly, very sexually active.

If anyone tries to talk you into making a sex tape with them, don't do it because you will end up regretting it.


Rewind: It has always been rumored but never proven that a member of the Royal Family (Prince Eddy) may have been "Jack The Ripper," and the reason he was never apprehended-was because he was protected by his wealthy family.

The Royal conspiracy theory began making the rounds and authors began to wonder out loud if Prince Eddy might have actually been the Ripper.

Fast Forward: Police investigating the brutal murders of prostitutes in England are examining possible links between those killings and the murders of four prostitutes in Atlantic City, NJ., last month.

Like the original "Jack The Ripper," both (or one) serial killer(s) are targeting prostitutes for murder. The killings have a similar motive of operation to the original "Jack The Ripper" case.

In England: The bodies of five women, all known prostitutes have turned up in the last 11 days. The latest discoveries came Tuesday, when the bodies of two women were found at the side of a busy road on the outskirts of town.

In Atlantic City, NJ: Police continue their investigation into the seemingly ritualistic murders of four prostitutes whose bodies were found at the side of a busy road on the outskirts of town. The bodies were found within a few hundred feet of each other, all face down in several inches of water, heads turned east-towards Atlantic City-wearing clothes but no shoes or socks.

The similarities in both cases: The victims are all known prostitutes and all the victims range in age from 19-42, with most being in their 20's.

There is also the possibility that two serial killers are working in conjunction with each other. Similar to the movie, "Kiss The Girls," where two serial killers operated on the West Coast and the East Coast.

If true, both killers would be operating in two countries.

Sources: Fox News & Casebook.org


By Leroy “Nicky” Barnes
and Tom Folsom
On Sale: March 6, 2007
ISBN 1-59071-041-x

From inside the Federal Witness Protection Program, the “Black Godfather” chronicles the1970s New York City underworld and the most devastating urban crime wave in history.  In 1962 Leroy "Nicky" Barnes walks out of Green Haven State Prison.  There are an estimated 153,000 heroin abusers in the United States in 1977.  Two million junkies score $100 million worth of Barnes’s smack a year. Sporting flashy suits, riding in a Citroën with a Maserati engine and satisfying a wife while pleasuring a harem of mistresses, Barnes presides over a staggering multinational dealership that pushes dope and launders money with the efficiency of a Fortune 500 company.  Despite President Nixon’s creation of the Drug Enforcement Agency and New York State’s adoption of the no tolerance Rockefeller drug laws, Barnes’s operation seems impregnable.  How does a small-time hustler and heroin addict end up on the cover of the New York Times Magazine as "Mr. Untouchable," the one gangster the Feds can’t touch?  With Machiavellian pragmatism matched with biblical fury, Barnes lays bare his life’s remarkable trajectory—a rise, fall and resurrection defined by brutality, brotherhood and betrayal.

About the Authors:

Leroy "Nicky" Barnes is the most famous black syndicated drug lord in history.  Convicted of narcotics conspiracy in 1977 by the nation’s first anonymous jury.  Released in 1998 with a recommendation for parole from U.S. attorney Rudolph Giuliani in his file, Barnes’s landmark cooperation with the U.S. Government served to indict over fifty major drug traffickers.  An inspiration for a hit song (“Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown”), a slew of films (Live and Let Die, New Jack City and Pulp Fiction) and a generation of hip-hop artists, he is currently in the Federal Witness Protection Program.  Tom Folsom is a producer and director of documentary films.  His work has appeared on A&E, MSNBC and Showtime.  He lives in New York City.


According to Frank Alexander, in the book, "Got Your Back," he reveals, the shoot for the X-rated video version of "How Do You Want It?" took place over two days, at a club in Hollywood with topless women everywhere, dancing erotically and spilling champagne on their breasts.  Adult stars and strippers were arriving and leaving throughout the day.  It was a closed set and the producer made everyone take their clothes off.  He stripped down too, and was walking around only in his socks. The freak was on!  Tupac was sexually insatiable that day.  He shot a couple of scenes, had sex with a girl in his trailer, returned to the set, completed another scene and took another girl to his trailer.  The trailer was literally rocking, you could hear noises.  Alexander adds, 'by the time I looked up, another girl had entered the trailer to participate in a alleged three-way.'  Three times, he walked out of the trailer, shot a scene, got something to eat, came back and had sex.  The women who left the trailer were overheard saying, "Tupac is super endowed."  The X-rated version was made for Playboy Enterprises, exclusively.

Drug lord and original gangsta Frank Matthews was the only African-American tied in with the "French Connection" drug ring. He generated millions off this connection. Below is an excerpt from our short story "Original Gangstas."

Frank Matthews became a key supplier in Boston, Philadelphia, Miami, Baltimore, Washington, Atlanta, Chicago, St. Louis, Baton Rouge and Detroit. Matthews headed his operation out of an apartment complex nicknamed "The Ponderosa, the Ponderosa was protected by armed guards as workers cut and bagged the drugs.

This operation would eventually cover the entire East Coast. At the height of his power, Matthews operated several drug mills employing more than 100 people. He often strutted around in mink coats. He owned several apartment buildings and owned a fleet of luxury cars.

In 1971, he assembled the biggest drug dealers in the country to attend a summit held in Atlanta. The main topic of discussion: how to break mob control on the importation of heroin so that blacks could implement their own shipping services. Before any of the suggestions were put in place, Matthews was arrested on drug conspiracy charges. Free on $325,000 bail, Matthews disappeared with $20 million dollars and hasn't been seen since.


Underworld courier's are hired by mob bosses and drug cartel's to dispose of 'murder weapons,' and to transport illegal contraband, including Cuban cigars.  On rare occasions, these courier's also transport foreign women across state lines to engage in prostitution/sex slavery.

According to Frank Alexander, in the book, “Got Your Back,” he claims, during the shooting of the “California Love,” video, Tupac and Dr. Dre were noticeably distant towards one another. Alexander states, during this time, he noticed that Dre was never around anymore. Whenever there was a ‘Death Row,’ function, Dre would be noticeably absent and Alexander never saw him in the studio anymore. The label was really disappointed when Dre didn’t show up for any of Snoop’s trial appearances. When they had a party celebrating Snoop’s “not guilty” verdict at Monty’s, Dre didn’t show up. ‘When I asked Pac, what’s up with Dre? He responded, ‘fuck Dre. Dre didn’t support his homeboy and he supposed to be a part of Death Row and he’s not even down.’ Pac added, ‘If I ever see Dre, I’m going to fuck him up.’

‘Hacienda Napoles,’ was Pablo Escobar’s pleasure palace, a 5,500-acre estate where the notorious drug lord held court over million-dollar cocaine deals, parties with underage girls and visits by shadowy men of power. Escobar lived large in his lush surroundings. He also built a bullring, an airstrip an ersatz Jurassic Park with a half a dozen immense dinosaurs. He stocked a private wild animal park with hundreds of elephants, camels, giraffes, ostriches, zebras and other animals. Today, the estate is in ruins, taken over by jungle foliage and bats. The mansion has been gutted by treasure hunters looking for stashes of gold and cash buried under the floors. All of the animals were claimed but the hippos because they were too large to move. Now the original four hippos have multiplied to 16. Local authorities say they represent a safety hazard and they are standing in the way of plans to redevelop the late drug lord’s estate. Source: Chris Kraul @ the LA Times.

In high profiled robbery cases where gold/platinum coins go missing, or Picasso paintings are stolen from a high-end gallery, or when expensive jewelry goes missing from an exclusive jeweler.  You may wonder, with all the publicity surrounding these type of cases, how on earth can the thief fence the stolen merchandise?  Easy, the burglar fences the bounty to overseas fences or rich buyers in foreign countries that have no extradition treaty with the United States.  These millionaire buyers keep the prominent goods in a private vault, on display to their friends and associates.  In some cases, cat burglars are hired by these elusive millionaires and assigned to steal particular items for a agreed upon fee.

Ahmad Rashad (ex-husband of Phylicia Rashad) is currently involved in a relationship with Sale Johnson, one of the richest socialites in the world and heiress to the Johnson & Johnson fortune. They were introduced by Donald Trump on a golf course a few years ago.  Johnson is also the ex-wife of NY Jets owner, Woody Hayes.


The Los Angeles Times reported that top-quality heroin is flooding the USA. Heroin-related deaths in Los Angeles soared (nearly 75 percent) due to the purity of the drug. "Potassium Permanganate," (pictured above) disinfects cocaine and makes it 100 percent pure. Potassium Permanganate sells on the black market for $500-$600 per kilo. Drug pilots transport it by the gallon. Drug lords and cartels pay top dollar for it. The DEA has restricted its use and sale by classifying it as a 'List 1' controller precursor.


Two girls were doing a project in a cemetery, they saw a man run out of the cemetery with a handgun. After his departure, the girls ran to see if he had shot anyone, a wounded man laid on the ground in critical condition - almost to the point of death. The man's last words were "Tell them that Roy Hennessey was killed by Jerry Fletcher. Tell them! Tell them!" The girls related the story to the cops but when the police went to investigate, the body had disappeared. The police already had Jerry Fletcher in custody, because Fletcher had robbed someone's house earlier. After an investigation, it was determined-the girls saw a murder that took place two years earlier.


According to Derrick Parker, the author of “Notorious Cop,” back in the day, two guys got killed in a Bed-Stuy shootout. Parker interviewed one of his street informants, the informant identified the perps by showing him a ‘Big Daddy Kane,’ album-the shooters were pictured posing on the album’s back cover photograph. Big Daddy Kane almost became a victim, himself. A baller who went by two street names, ‘Infinite,’ and ‘Infinity’ was looking to rob and kidnap Kane, back then, kidnapping was common-they’d hold hostages for ransom but the police would never know because no one ever reported these kidnappings to the police out of fear. Infinite was big in the streets, he rode around in fancy limos and he knew the right people in the music industry. Kane managed to avoid Infinite’s abduction attempts.


In the 70's and early 80's, the "Coyote Organization," which stands for, 'Call Off Your Old Tired Ethics," hosted their annual "Hookers Ball," in San Francisco each year. The function was black tie. Well known politicians, sports stars and actors strutted around in their tailored tuxedos as the hookers worked the crowd in their sequined gowns. Due to political correctness, the "Hookers Balls," came to an abrupt end.

Due to Eliot Ness's (Untouchables fame) success regarding Al Capone, he was awarded the job of Public Safety Director of Cleveland, Ohio. Around the same time, a serial killer became active and killed 13 victims between 1935-1938. A police detective believed there may have been as many as 40 victims. The victims were usually drifters whose identities were never determined. All the victims were male and female and appeared to be poor, easy prey in Depression-era Cleveland. The murderer beheaded and dismembered the victims, sometimes cutting off their torso's, the press dubbed him, "The Cleveland Torso Murderer." Ness had a suspect, a wealthy and prominent member of society. When this man was hospitalized, the murders stopped, when he was released, the murders continued. Ness was unable to interrogate him because his family went to great lengths to protect him. Ness was unable to solve this case. This case haunted him until his death. Unfortunately, Ness would die a broken man and the case remains unsolved.


In Hollywood, things are done differently. What may not seem normal in mainstream society is completely normal in Hollywood in regard to menage a trois, bi-sexuality and orgies. It is a world onto itself. Truth is stranger than fiction in Hollywood, example: A stunning African-American model supplements her income as a escort. She was booked through her modeling agency to be a hostess/model at a exotic car show that featured some of the most expensive automobiles in the world. A large number of millionaires, men and women, were in attendance. After the show ended, the organizer informed her that a very rich-older white woman wanted to meet her. The woman wined and dined the escort and took her on shopping sprees in limos and they vacationed overseas, via private jet. The woman was basically a sugar mama. What was confusing, the woman didn't seem to be interested in sex with the escort, she wanted discreet companionship with a lot of hugging and kissing. For this, the woman paid her a allowance of $10,000 a month to be her exclusive "semi-intimate friend." The escort became greedy and discreetly went back to escorting. The woman found out and cut her off. She also cancelled the credit cards, the allowance, and she won't return her calls.

Writer Margaret Kimberley wrote an article for the "Black Commentator," focusing on Julia Mancuso (pictured above). In the recent Winter Olympics, Julia Mancuso won a skiing gold metal. Before winning the gold, Mancuso was best known for bragging about her family's criminal past: "My grandfather had his family in Chicago and his dad worked for the mafia; he was a rum runner for Al Capone." What Mancuso forgot to mention, her father Ciro, also ran a $120 million dollar marijuana and cocaine smuggling empire in 1990. He was eventually arrested but remained free during his trial and was allowed to keep $6 million in drug dealing profits. He would only serve five years, which is unbelievable. He was in the crowd cheering his daughter to victory and he and other relatives waved their "Super Jules,' flags.

What I find interesting, mainstream media refused to focus on Mancuso's background despite the fact it was a open secret. Instead, black Olympian Shani Davis was vilified in the media for denying a white teammate a gold medal.

By contrast, Clarence Aaron was a black college student in Alabama who made the mistake of being a low level drug mule. Unlike Mancuso's father, (a kingpin who served five years), Aaron is serving three mandatory life sentences.

There are now more blacks behind bars than there was during the Jim Crow era.


Allegedly, Dr. Dre's current wife Nicole, was first married to NBA player Sedale Threatt. Now, she is happily married to Dre and they have a daughter. In the past, we have received several emails regarding Nicole's ethnicity. Nicole is a olive skinned caucasian. Both of her biological parents are white.

Darcy LaPier (one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen) is in a league of her own. She lives in a 4,000-square-metre house - for want of a better word - in Malibu which sits on seven acres of land. Out front, a 180-degree sweep of Pacific Ocean, and nothing else. Between the house and the sea, there’s a private beach, a swimming-pool, a tennis court, a rose garden and a summerhouse. The garage, which can accommodate up to ten cars, usually houses three Rolls-Royces, a couple of Bentleys and at least one Porsche. Inside, the $25-million pad offers 35 rooms plus no fewer than 14 bathrooms and a private airstrip for her private jet. The estate is also packed with valuable antiques, furniture and paintings. And inside lives Darcy LaPier, now said to be the "richest widow" in the United States following the sudden death last May of her billionaire husband Mark Hughes, founder of the Herbalife nutritional and diet products empire, she inherited $34 million. When he died, “I bought all the roses in Los Angeles,” she tells us. “1.4 million of them. I covered the swimming pool and the gardens with petals. I loved that man deeply and passionately. Nothing will ever be the same.” Just three years ago, Darcy was married to “the Muscles from Brussels," screen action man Jean-Claude Van Damme, and her first husband was Ron Rice, creator of the top-selling Hawaiian Tropic sun cream range. This woman has been married to one billionaire and two millionaires. Source: "Hello" magazine.

Emmitt Smith's wife Pat was first married to actor/comedian Martin Lawrence. They have a daughter together. Pat is happily married to Emmitt and they have a son.

Bernadette Robi is currently Sugar Ray Leonard's wife.  Her first husband was NFL Hall Of Famer Lynn Swann and Randy Jackson (Michael's brother) is a ex-boyfriend.


What do icons Tupac and Elvis have in common? Both had less than $50,000 in the bank when they died. Due to Priscilla Presley’s business savvy, she turned “Graceland” into a tourist attraction, at it’s peak, revenue exceeded $25 million per year. After Tupac’s murder, allegedly, his estranged father came forward to claim a portion of his estate. It would later be stated in court papers that his father was never in his life and contributed very little in his upbringing. Which brings us to the question, who was Biggie’s father? We hear nothing about him, not even his name and he never came forward after his murder, is he still alive?

In Frank Alexander's book "I Got Your Back," he says, when Hammer signed to "Death Row," he was a new artist who didn't like security to begin with-we had problems with him all the time. He fueled the fire by saying our security detail was f**ked up anyway. At Super Bowl XXX, he tried to dictate to us how to do our job. At one point, he stepped to me and told me I need to be behind Suge, so nobody could come up behind him. I looked at him and said, "Don't tell me how to do my job." One time he tried to bring forty people into Suge's former Las Vegas club "662." After Tupac's shooting in Las Vegas, Hammer lied on me and told everyone that he saw me the next night with some girl calmly driving down the strip. I wonder where the f**k he got that from.

Aidan Shaw (pictured above) was a gay adult star who is now HIV-positive. Rumors have always suggested that his life outside of the adult industry was scandalous. In his book, "My Undoing," Shaw discusses his private struggles with sex, drugs, a unfulfilled quest for love and a near fatal car accident.

Before Pearl Harbor was attacked, the majority of people in the USA were not familiar with the island but that didn't stop someone from spraying "Pearl Harbor," graffiti at Ambrose High School and on the cars of school administrators in 1941 just a few days before the attack. School officials were trying to figure out what the graffiti meant, they didn't have a clue until Pearl Harbor was attacked a few days later. They never found the culprit but it had to be someone who knew the attack was imminent.

It was well publicized that Tupac dated Quincy Jones' daughter Kidada but according to Frank Alexander's book, "I Got Your Back," he was also spending time with O.J. Simpson's daughter, Arnelle. Alexander says, "When Tupac was living at the Peninsula Hotel in Los Angeles, as soon as I pulled up to the valet, Pac cruised up behind me with Arnelle Simpson in the car." Another bodyguard told me, 'We just came from the movies and Pac was all over her.' "Pac and Arnelle went upstairs and didn't appear to come out until the following morning-where I saw Arnelle in the hotel lobby. Later, when I went over to an apartment complex where Pac's crew lived, Arnelle's convertible Saab was parked outside." When Arnelle is asked about the particular night, she always responds, that her meeting with Pac that night was purely professional.


Tidbits from our Black Data Files

Former college basketball star Tanda Rucker (pictured above) was sentenced to probation for having unlawful sex with underage ‘girls,’ she coached at an Alameda High School. As terms of her probation, she has to register as a sex offender. Allegedly, Rucker now works for her sister, Jaime Rucker King, who was the executive producer of the award-winning film "Ray," Rucker King and her husband are allegedly partnering with Jamie Foxx in a two-year production deal with MTV Films and Paramount Pictures, according to the Black Talent News Web site.

On the debut episode of the FX television series "Dirt," in one scene, a professional basketball player is being penetrated by a strap-on used by a female escort.  This is based on a true story.  A former basketball player for one of the Southern California teams was known for hiring escorts to perform this sexual act.

We feature short stories on several drug kingpins in our hip-hop gallery.  We have been informed by a former girlfriend and a family member that a particular kingpin (featured) was a closeted homosexual.  On the streets, he was a feared baller but behind closed doors, he was a homo-thug.  He is quite comfortable in prison, surrounded by men.


From our “Black Data,” Division: Behind the Velvet Rope In Las Vegas-The Mirage Hotel has an ultra private gambling salon called, “Salon Prive.” This salon features a $1 million dollar line of credit and a gourmet kitchen. The Mirage also has affluent suites ‘not available to the public.’ The Lanai Suites ($10,000 per night) are only available to celebrities, royalty, sports figures, politicians and billionaires. These suites are never publicized and the public doesn’t know they exist. You exit a private elevator in the middle of the living room-to the right of you is an indoor swimming pool. A butler, maid and masseuse come with the suites. The Mirage also offers another service, strictly for celebrities: Their kids can swim with the dolphins in private outdoor pools. Billionaire Steve Wynn (pictured above, center) created the Mirage before he sold it to MGM Grand. Wynn’s greatest accomplishment is the ultra-exclusive ‘Shadow Creek,’ golf course; the top golf course in the world. This course cost $60 million to construct. To earn the privilege to play, you must pay a $500 greens fee and you had to be a guest of one of Wynn’s hotels. A limo would transport you to and from the course. Ex-Presidents have been rejected because they were not staying at one of Wynn’s properties. Cameras are forbidden. Wynn is the sole member of Shadow Creek where he and his family reside in a $10 million dollar mansion. Invited golf guests have included: Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Julius Irving, Joe Pesci, Kevin Costner and Kenny Rogers. Wynn’s latest hotel, ‘Wynn Las Vegas,’ is the only hotel to feature a Ferrari and Maserati dealership on the premises.


Frank Sinatra allegedly hosted a private showing of the adult film “Deep Throat.” He screened it at his home for guests, which included: Sammy Davis, Jr., who became so enthralled with the film, he contacted Linda Lovelace through her manager and allegedly requested an orgy. In Lovelace’s book, “Ordeal,” she said, when Davis called, one of her reps put his hand over the phone and mouthed, “You wanna f**k a ni**er?” "Deep Throat," cost $22,500.00 to make and grossed $600 million dollars in revenue.


According to various media outlets, O.J. Simpson’s father (Jimmy Lee Simpson) allegedly left O. J.’s mother for a man and died of AIDS in 1986. According to moutainmeadow.org, Jimmy Lee was a well-known drag queen in San Francisco-particularly, the Castro (gay) district. This was a well kept a secret throughout Simpson’s football career.

Tommy Lasorda, the former skipper of the Los Angeles Dodgers had a son named, Tommy Lasorda, Jr., who was known as "Spunky." Spunky was an outrageously feminine and flamboyant homosexual and he lived a gay lifestyle in West Hollywood (Boys Town). He died in the early 1990’s of AIDS. Tommy Lasorda continues to deny his son’s homosexuality and illness.


The A-Team drug crew (from the Cypress Hills projects) are legendary in New York. According to Derrick Parker in the book, “Notorious Cop: the team was headed up by two charismatic but deadly leaders: Glaze and King Tut. They reigned over ghetto boulevards with iron fists worthy of Stalin. The A-Team was the baddest of the bad. Glaze was a notorious killer, allegedly responsible for several murders. Once, Glaze took one of the A-Team female operatives for a ride in his limo, then shot her and dumped her body out on the street; she had been stealing and this was her punishment. Her killing was meant as a Godfather-style message. Meanwhile, King Tut had a terrifying reputation from his many fearless escapades that inspired respect on the streets. Tut would also play a key role in hip-hop history as a suspect in the 1994 Tupac shooting at the Quad recording studio. The A-Team was big in the projects for drugs and murder and they represented a new school of organized crime, far deadlier than the Italian Mafia ever was, these were the most vicious criminals New York has ever seen. Glaze and his boys favored military grade weapons-Mac 10 submachine guns and 9mm Beretta's. The crew also did firearm training, they’d throw cans in the air, or line up bottles and blow them away. Each group controlled different corners, so these guys were training to protect their spot like their lives depended on it. The A-Team were always the flashiest customers in the club. Their Mercedes Benz’s and limos dropped off their ten-to-fifteen man posse at the front door. Once inside, the finest champagne arrived at their tables. This crew pushed major weight and they took the pimp style and updated it for the 80’s. King Tut is currently serving a life sentence under the 3 strikes law in New York.


When rap icon Tupac was shot outside of a NY recording studio a few years before his death. Sources fingered a original gangsta as one of the shooters-he went by the street name, ‘King Tut.’ He was considered a mastermind and a master thief. Tut is currently serving time in a Virginia prison for successive armed robberies after becoming the first New Yorker to be jailed for life under America's 'Three Strikes' provision. He told ‘King Magazine,’ ‘he believes he was given a harsher sentence because he refused to work with agents who were keen to put P. Diddy behind bars.’

I once read in a magazine that overseas scientists were allegedly working on a ‘24-hour soldier serum.’ This serum would allow soldiers to operate, non-stop around the clock. Similar to a ‘Universal Soldier,’ without the special effects.

"Sugar Hill Records," was the name of the record label founded in 1974 by husband and wife, Joe and Sylvia Robinson (above, center) with financial funding from Morris Levy, now known as the "White Suge Knight Of Pop." Levy also had mob connections to the Genovese Crime Family.

Over the years, Sylvia Robinson became known as the godmother of rap. Her label brought rap into the public arena with the release of "Rapper's Delight," by the Sugarhill Gang. Before she become an executive, Robinson was known as "Sylvia," the solo artist who released the smash single, "Pillow Talk." She had originally written the song for Al Green but he turned it down and she decided to record it. Robinson also wrote "Love On A Two Way Street," by the Moments.

Her grandson Darnell Robinson's $300,000 fifteenth birthday party was featured on an episode of MTV's "My Super Sweet Sixteen."

Unbeknownst to the public, Morris Levy (above, third photo) had a lot of control over the Suger Hill label. He invoked fear and intimidation among personnel and artists.

Back in the day, he often threatened artists by holding them over balconies and over the years he was notorious for ripping African-American artists off. He also stole their songwriting credit.

When Nile Rodgers of Chic heard "Rappers Delight," in a nightclub, he was shocked because the Sugarhill Gang didn't ask permission to use his song. When Nile threatened a lawsuit, allegedly, Levy sent armed gangsters to his studio, guns were pointed at Nile 's head. Eventually, the suit was settled and Nile received a $500,000 settlement.

In Jerry Heller's book, "Ruthless," he gives a tell-all account of a incident involving N.W.A, that inspired the song, "Fuck Tha Police." Eazy, Dre, Yella and Heller were hanging out in front of their recording studio during a break. Heller stood on the sidelines and protested in awe as the police completely excused him from the routine pat-down administered to the other three. He adds, that's what made "F--- tha Police" such a potent and prophetic song. In Related News: It's always been rumored that Eazy-E's widow settled with all of his baby mama's after he died. Allegedly, after the children were proven to be his via DNA, each woman was broken off a nice financial settlement preventing any future financial claims against his estate.


Frank Alexander reveals in his book, "I Got Your Back," the following: "Tupac and I were walking through a mob of people who had started following us, screaming for autographs. I flagged down a MGM security guard who could clearly see we were having problems. He escorted us to a private lobby. As the fight began drawing closer, I watched as Tupac began losing patience. Where is Suge with the tickets? I hate this shit. Suge does this all the time. When Suge finally arrived, he pulled out the tickets and got us in."

"The fight lasted about a minute with Mike Tyson knocking Bruce Seldon out. Pac was jumping around hysterically because Tyson took him out so fast. With Pac leading the way, we worked our way backstage and started to mingle with the Tyson camp. We were only there for a couple of minutes before Suge gave the word to leave."

By now, we had at least a hundred groupies following us back over to the Luxor. Men and women, young and old, every kind of hanger-on you could imagine. Everyone had instructions to head over to Suge's club, "662."

We went down to the valet parking area and it was a complete and total scene. The Death Row entourage was in effect and girls were making their way over to us. These women had on the skimpiest outfits possible and they were all angling to get into 662.

Suge signaled that we would drop by his house first. Suge's house was a sprawling one level mansion across from Mike Tyson's and Wayne Newton's homes. Like everything Suge owned, it was dominated by the color red-red carpeting in the master bedroom, red fixtures throughout.

As we were leaving, Tupac asked me to follow in his girlfriend Kidada's car. As soon as I got in the Lexus, a red flag went up. The light was on that indicated the tank was on empty. I had no idea how much reserve Kidada's car had but I knew I wouldn't have time to stop for gas.

Our entourage consisted of about a dozen cars, all top of the line Mercedes, BMW's Cadillacs and Lexuses and nearly all in black. Suge's homies were all Compton street thugs, afraid of nothing and nobody. As we were taking off, you could hear the Pioneer systems bumping that bass so loud the ground was trembling.

Right as we were nearing the Strip, a bicycle cop motioned Suge to pull over. The officer asked Suge to step out of the car and walk toward the back. He seemed to be relaxed as he opened the trunk and so did the cop. Suge got back in the car and that was the end of it. I don't know how Suge and Pac managed to avoid being busted for marijuana. Pac had dope on him 24 hrs. a day.

As we were cruising down Flamingo, women were rolling up beside the cars and joining in on the entourage. Everyone wanted into the club that night.

As we stopped at a red light, a white Cadillac rolled up beside Suge and Pac. I looked dead at the car, and I saw the arm come out and the gun, bam bam bam bam!

My first reaction was, Oh my God! I couldn't believe my eyes. I jumped out of the car and rushed towards Pac and Suge. Suge was spread eagled on the ground? His hands and legs were stretched out and two cops were holding him down. Blood was squirting out of his head.

Let him go! I'm yelling, he's been shot at!"

I reached for Pac through the window. The medallion and his jersey were soaked in blood and his body was trembling, like he was cold. Through tears I started talking to him, "You're gonna be okay. I knelt down and touched him, Pac, you're okay. As I'm kneeling down beside him, I could see him looking up at me. "Frank, I can't breathe, he whispered. I can't breathe." With his own strength, I watched him move both of his hands and cross them over his body. With his eyes open, he took a deep breath and let out a sigh. He closed his eyes.

That was the last time I saw him breathe on his own.


Frank Alexander reveals the following in his book, "Got Your Back."

I had been visiting Tupac at the hospital every day since he got shot. One day, when I left the hospital and began to drive back to the hotel, my pager started blowing up. It was Reggie, our security head. When I called him back, he said, "Get to Suge's house, now!"

I drove to Suge's house and Reggie met me outside in the driveway. He stepped to me and said, "You're gonna catch a lot of heat right now. Just sit there and take it. Everybody's real mad Pac's not doing too good."

Then Reggie drops the bomb on me. "They say you identified yourself as a Marine." "What!"

"Yeah, someone heard you tell the cops after the shooting you were an ex-Marine." I replied, "Reggie, why would I tell someone I was an ex-Marine?"

We walked inside and went through the hallway, out through the kitchen onto the patio where Suge was sitting.

Suge turns to me and says, "What the fuck you gonna do about this? My homeboy's laying up there fighting for his life."

I'm beginning to see the smear coming down heavy.

Suddenly the telephone rings and it's Calvin Tubbs. He's calling from the hospital every few minutes to give an update on Pac.

After Suge hung up, he turned to me and started screaming, "I still don't understand why you didn't have your fucking gun!"

I said, "Suge, I already told you on Sunday, the day after the shooting. Remember, I came to the house, we sat in your office and we talked for about an hour or so, going over the details. From what the attorney told us, we had to leave our guns in the hotel or in our car.

Suge just shook his head.

I realized, I was taking the fall and there was nothing I could do about it. The whole deck was stacked against me.

I told Suge, I've always asked for extra security for Tupac time and time again but nothing was ever done about it.

Suge said, "You're right, Frank, so what happened? I looked him dead in the eye and said, it's not my security company, ask Reggie.

Suddenly Suge says to me, "Bet you got your fucking gun on you now. I said,"No I don't Suge. It's in the car." Then he walks up on me in a threatening manner. Reggie pipes in, "Suge, it's in the car. I saw it in the car."

Then the phone rings, Suge answers and listens. He doesn't speak. He took the phone and threw it across the table.

"It's too fucking late now. Can't nobody do nothing for him. He's gone." His voice was cracking. He stands up and just walks away.

Jerry Heller reveals in his book, "Ruthless." When Suge Knight got into the rap game, I couldn't relax. I kept loaded guns all over the house: a .25 Colt double action automatic in a secret drawer, an ivory handled .32-caliber within reach of my backyard Jacuzzi, a .12-gauge Remington standing upright in my closet and I slept with a .380 Beretta underneath my pillow. At night, I would be jolted awake by the inadvertent touch of the cold carbon steel.

One day, Eazy-E said, "I think we should kill him." "Maybe I should have just turned my back that night and let Eazy-E do what he wanted to do."

Heller also reveals that "Ruthless Records," was outgrossing major record companies in its prime. Generating millions of dollars. The members of N.W.A. were buying BMW's, buying diamond studs the size of marbles and Heller, Dre and Eazy used to jockey over which one what get to take Michel'le shopping, just for the joy of it.

Heller adds, one day he was visiting Dr. Dre and checks for tens of thousands of dollars (ASCAP and BMI) were scattered all over the place.

Few people know that Heller used to be Marvin Gaye's agent. He says, "Business with Gaye never ran entirely smoothly. He was into gambling, golf and drugs."

"When Gaye was rehearsing to go on a TV variety show. He stopped midsong and came over to me. He said, "I want your sunglasses." I told him no, he said, "I'm not going to do the show unless you give me those glasses." I told him no again, and sure enough, he walked off the stage."

We are receiving reports that super producer Pharrell Williams of the "Neptunes," fame recently spent $1 million dollars on a ring. If true, I ain't mad at him, unlike a lot of hip-hop stars, Williams can afford his lavish lifestyle of Rolls Royce's, Ferrari's and bling. Williams is filthy rich with no end in sight.

In Jerry Heller's book, "Ruthless," he reveals that one day he walked into his office at the Ruthless suite one day. Suge Knight was there but he didn't hear Heller enter.

Heller watched him for a long time. He says, "There was something odd about him, and then I realized, he was looking at my chair. The big executive desk chair behind my desk at "Ruthless." He was visualizing the thing he wanted as if he already had it in his grasp."

I thought to myself, "I'm going to have to watch this motherfucker."

Soon, Eazy and I both felt the slow crank of escalation in Suge's move against us. One night, Suge came to collect Dre, the D.O.C. and Michel'le. They all left in Suge's vehicle and were gone for a long time.

Then I found out, they were outside talking in Suge's car.

After that night, Dre went missing. He started skipping studio dates.

Shortly afterwards, Suge barged into the office of our attorney at Ruthless. He rifled through filing cabinets and took the whole folder containing Dre's contracts.

Later, we received a visit from Suge. He was in the presence of three of his homies. My hand stayed under my desk where I kept a .380 handgun affixed to a peg.

"Don't bother," said one of Suge's boys. He made a pistol of his thumb and forefinger and brought it up to my temple before I could move. He clicked his thumb and said, "Bang!" very softly.

"Your bodyguards ain't shit, Jerry," Suge said. "You better get some new ones." Then he was gone.

I decided to take Suge's advice. I knew a man named Mike Klein who had a background in Israeli security forces. He didn't talk about his past but he carried himself like a man ultimately confident in his ability to handle any situation that came his way.

After I hired Mike, the effect was immediate and extreme. Somehow, the Suge Knight camp had Mike checked out and realized they were now dealing with a Mossad-type motherfucker who didn't fool around.

Suge vanished. His crew vanished. An uneasy calm descended but the beef didn't end. The strategies merely changed a bit. Instead of direct confrontation. I began to get late-night phone calls, heavy breathing hang-ups and Eazy reported being occasionally tailed through South Central.

We were at war.

Jerry Heller makes the following allegations in his book, "Ruthless."

"The last time I saw Eric (Eazy-E) Wright, even though I didn't know it, he was already ill with the HIV virus that would kill him.

He coughed like a man three times his age. His normally impeccable grooming habits had deserted him. His clothes and hair were dirty. His clothes reeked of marijuana.

We spoke about nothing personal, just Ruthless business.

Eric never said goodbye, ever.

When I was leaving, he said, "Jerry, we're going to need to talk some more."

"Okay, I said. "I'm around."

The last words we exchanged.

Although it was widely reported that Eric had seven children by six different mothers, he actually had eight children and he left behind three women pregnant with his children.

When I was saying goodbye to Eric at the funeral home, all the sudden, female teenage fans whom the guards had allowed to enter, rushed in and crowded me away from the casket. "Oh, he's so cute! they gushed.

The whole scene sickened me. I quickly left.

Jerry Heller makes the following allegations in his book, “Ruthless.”

Dr. Dre’s masterpiece “The Chronic,” put a lot of money in Eazy-E’s pocket. Interscope honored Dre’s contract by paying “Ruthless,” 10 percent of all monies Dre generated by producing and 15 percent of those gained by his record sales. Although Dre mounted a vicious attack against Eazy on “Dre Day,” Eazy had the last laugh since he was getting 15 percent of “Dre Day,” the very song that attacked him.


Dr. Dre and The Neptunes set the bar by charging a $200,000-$250,000 per track but Timbaland took it to another level by charging pop stars $500,000 per track. Earlier this year, Timbaland revealed that hip-hop production fees were much less than they were five years ago. Timbaland followed the money and started producing pop acts: Justin Timberlake, Nelly Furtado, and The Pussycat Dolls. All of their albums went multi-platinum and he's currently working with Madonna. This savvy move netted Timberland $21 million dollars in 2006. Forbes placed him fourth on their "Hip-Hop Rich List," behind Jay-Z ($34 million), 50 Cent ($32 million) and Diddy ($28 million). Music producer Scott Storch (fourth photo) came in 10th place with $17 million.








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