Lil Kim’s former boyfriend Damion ‘World” Hardy (no photo available) was the leader of an infamous murderous crew known as the (CMB) 'Cash Money Brothers,' named after the drug crew in his favorite film “New Jack City.”

Like 'New Jack City,' the gang controlled an area around Lafayette Gardens, a housing project located in Bedford Stuyvesant, New York.

CMB has been linked to several murders since 1991; the gang was formed by Damion-and his brother, Myron “Wise” Hardy.

CMB is accused of using severe violence to intimidate potential rivals and cornering the cocaine trade in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, New York.

According to authorities, CMB members often engaged in murder, kidnapping, drug trafficking and robbery.

In July of 2005, CMB was hit with a federal ‘Rico’ lawsuit.  The group even had members in Philadelphia where two men were arrested and charged in the 22-count indictment.

From the beginning, CMB engaged in the distribution of large amounts of cocaine base in and around Lafayette, Gardens and CMB obtained complete control of the distribution of cocaine in that area.

In addition, members of CMB engaged in numerous acts of violence, including the murders of several rival drug dealers and the attempted murder of at least one witness.

In 2003, authorities had the gang under surveillance, after 16 pounds of cocaine was seized on a passenger jet arriving from Grenada. In Grenada, another 16 pounds was seized and an undercover operation revealed that CMB was attempting to arrange a shipment of 100 more pounds of cocaine to the United States.

Police say the gang was so ruthless; they murdered an innocent woman and accidentally murdered an award-winning director named Jhoan Camitz.

According to the indictment, Hardy and two other men shot and killed rival drug dealer Ivory “Peanut” Davis in front of ‘Club NV’ in New York.  Davis was shot twice in the back as he drove away; he struck Camitz.  Both men died a short time later.


Hardy has also been linked to a 2003 incident in Jersey City, New Jersey involving rapper 50 Cent, after the rapper appeared on Hot 97 and made negative comments about Hardy’s then girlfriend, Lil Kim.

When 50 Cent’s tour bus was unloading in front of Doubletree Hotel in Jersey City, over 10 shots were fired by a gunman who was suspected of being associated with Hardy who was now living with Lil Kim at her Bergen County, New Jersey estate at the time.

Hardy is currently incarcerated, awaiting trial. Hardy and Kim have since broken up.



Chaka Raysor (pictured above) was a key player in one of the largest cocaine rings in metropolitan New York.  Raysor was known to be skilled in martial arts and he was known to spend large sums of money on clothes, bling and whips.

The ‘Raysor Organization’ dominated the crack trade in Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood.  This organization was also involved in arson and it was rumored they shot rivals and witnesses.

They used Norfolk as a training ground for young gang recruits, teaching them the trade of racketeering.

The gang is suspected of killing as many as four people in Norfolk and they allegedly firebombed a house on 27th street.  They ran crack houses and safe houses and made tens of thousands of dollars every week selling crack.  Their operation netted $100,000 per week.

The gang gained notoriety for its carelessness in carrying out hits that appeared to even exceed that of New York’s most ruthless gangs, investigators said.  While gunning for targets, more than once they killed the wrong person.  Gang members killed another woman they mistook for a witness.  Several days later, the gang allegedly repeated the mistake, killing a second woman and her boyfriend.

Raysor put together a more organized crew known as "The Killers."  They are suspected of more than forty homicides during a ten-year reign of power on the Brooklyn Streets.

‘The Killers’ were so ruthless, one evening, they were on a vengeful hunt for a man known as “White Owl.”  Mary Williams and her family were outside, packing their Volvo for vacation.  Raysor and his crew saw “White Owl” on the very block where the Williams’ family was gathered.  According to police, Raysor passed around a duffel bag full of weapons.

“The Killers” opened fire, striking Mary Williams in the side and shooting her husband in the head.  The couple’s son Alfair, was killed and two other young men were wounded in the rampage.

In 1998, cops raided the house of one of Raysor’s associates and found a chart detailing Raysor’s organization.  But even after the brutal attack on the Williams family, agents still had trouble getting to Raysor.  When they stopped him on the street he was clean-drug and weapon free.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office and ‘ATF,’ set up a task force to bring Raysor’s drug ring down.

Through witnesses and informants, the task force amassed enough evidence to charge Raysor’s associates, including his brother and cousin, with multiple offenses.

Several members of the ring were tried and convicted. 

Chaka Razor and his trusted lieutenant and enforcer, Derrick Henderson (pictured above) went on the run, Henderson was eventually captured but Razor remained on the run for ten years before turning himself in on August 10, 2006.

Razor walked into the 79th precinct in New York, claiming to be a fugitive who was featured on "America's Most Wanted" eleven times.

At first, police didn’t believe him, but after fingerprinting him, they found out the man was, in fact, Chaka Raysor.




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