This is a work of fiction. Names characters, places and incidents are used fictiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales or persons, living or dead is purely coincidental.






Tiffany (Jacks) Jackson moved to North Compton with her mother (Laura).   Her father had died of heart disease. 

She made friends with two neighborhood girls, Leticia (Lay-Lay) and Denise (Niecey).   They became inseparable. 


Jacks was also close to her neighbor, Garrett (G-Mac) McDonald.

G-Mac had major gang affiliations, but Jacks still found herself attracted to him, he reminded her of the rapper Dave East.  When Jacks inquired about G-Mac, Lay-Lay told her, G-Mac is a highly respected OG, a dedicated street soldier.  He also takes good care of his moms, before you moved here, his sister died of leukemia, she was real big on women's issues, she made G-Mac promise, never to emotionally or physically abuse a woman and to never have kids out of wedlock.  G-Mac is known to tap some ass and many women have tried to put him on lock-down but he is not serious with anyone right now.  He likes to tousle with his pit bulls, lift weights, listen to Pac and Big and he has an extensive gun collection.   He can put them together and take them apart.  Jacks was fascinated.

Over the next few months, Jacks tried to step to G-Mac, he gently brushed her aside saying she reminded him too much of his sister. Over time, he became very protective, always cock-blocking.   His rough neck thug appeal turned her on, she loved to watch him mow the lawn in his wife-beater top, with his bulging muscles and firm fitting jeans.  He was a sight to behold.

Jacks blossomed into a beautiful young woman, she was considered a ghetto superstar with her long flowing hair, hazel eyes, perfect figure and deep dimples, she had an Aalyiah flare.   She was quiet and shy and naturally intelligent.  She made straight A's in school and excelled in math and science.  She studied long and hard throughout the night as gunfire echoed in the background.  Her dream was to attend college.  She would be the first one in her family to do so.  Girls were always hatin on Jacks because of her looks and smarts.   A few girls tried to jump her, Lay-Lay and Niecey came through, the haters received a serious beat-down.

Many thugs tried to step to Jacks, G-Mac kept them at bay, the word was out, Jacks was officially off-limits.  Jacks, Lay-Lay and Niecey all had after school jobs in the same vicinity.  They often got together for a late lunch.  Lay- Lay was notorious for trying to put her mack down on the finest thugs, her exploits had Jacks and Niecey rolling with laughter.  She was loud and boisterous, the life of the party, the center of attention.

One day, they decided to go to the mall to have lunch.   They ran into the neighborhood militant, Calvin.  He spoke black rhetoric, wore Malcolm X T-shirts and slept with white women.  Calvin and his new blonde encountered Lay-Lay.  Lay-Lay said loudly, look at Calvin and his new 'becky', I hate brothas who talk black and sleep white, a happy nigga gone mad, a victim of white woman kryptonite.  The girls burst out laughing.   The blonde sighed and said, 'black woman drama at it's best."  Lay-Lay became incensed and replied, what about white woman drama?  Ya'll ain't nothing but walking ATM's for brothas, I bet you bought all the clothes in those bags.  Calvin grabbed his blonde by the hand and rushed passed Lay-Lay.   Lay-Lay yelled out, hey, I ain't hatin, just statin. The girls fell out laughing, Lay-Lay said, that happy negro must have her whipped, that white girl just about lost her mind tryin to clown a sista in the hood, she suffering from Mandingo syndrome. 

Next stop, the pizza parlor. Lay-Lay was checking out the new pizza guy, when he brought over the order, Lay-Lay said, when is it gonna be me and you?  He started blushing and introduced himself as Norton.  After the girls finished lunch, Norton stopped by the table and asked Lay-Lay for her digits.  They went on their first date the following night. 

The following week, G-Mac informed the girls that he would be street racing his souped up Mustang, he wanted the girls to come and cheer him on.  They all loaded into G-Mac's whip, on the way, they picked up one of his homeboys, Ronnie B. Lay-Lay asked G-Mac, what you bumping in your trunk, I know you got mad bass in this whip?   G-Mac replied, Pac and Big, them niggas was legends. Jacks spoke up, don't forget about my girl Aalyiah, she was classy with a mystique. Niecey chimed in, what about Left Eye, she was down with her shit.  Ronnie B interrupted, ya'll forgetting the baddest cat of all, Jam Master Jay was on top of his shit, a true innovator.  Lay-Lay interrupted, may they all RIP but G-Mac, you gotta play my Queen Bee. G-Mac rolled his eyes and said, Lay-Lay, that shit is seven years old, at least update to her latest joint.  Lay-Lay stood her ground, nigga play my shit.  G-Mac put in Lil Kim's Hardcore, he fast forwarded to Lay-Lay's anthem, "No Time."  She told everyone to shut up when her favorite verse came up "You Can't Stop A Bitch From Ballin."

They arrived at the races. G-Mac stayed in the car while the girls and Ronnie B piled out.  Ronnie B drifted into the crowd while the girls watched the sideshows.

G-Mac's turn came, the flag came down.  He came from behind and won. He was ecstatic, girls came out of the woodwork to hug him and congratulate him.   Jacks seethed in the background.  Two tore up thugs approached the girls. One of them stepped to Jacks. Damn you fine, you wanna be my main hoe?   My down bitch? Baby, you need a man like me, I can set you up with a new whip, pay the rent on a new crib.  My name is Bruno.  Jacks tried to walk away, he blocked her path, before he knew it, G-Mac was all over him, pistol whipping him and stomping him.  Ronnie B got in a few kicks as well.  G-Mac and Ronnie B gathered the girls, they all hopped into the whip and took off.  A car appeared out of nowhere, shots rang out.  The girls ducked.  Ronnie B took out his glock and returned fire.  G-Mac managed to lose the car.  No one was hurt.  The girls were dropped off.  G-Mac and Ronnie B went into the house.

Jacks was looking out of her bedroom window when they emerged.  They loaded a cache of weapons in the trunk and took off.  The next morning, headlines read: Gang Banger Bruno Willis, ambushed and killed last night.  No suspects in custody.  Later that day, Jacks, G-Mac, Norton, Niecey and Lay-Lay would attend a picnic given by Big Bear, a 300 pounder with a eating disorder.  The picnic was at the local park.  The music was blaring when they arrived.  Thugs were glossing in their Lexus's, Mercs and Beamers. Big Bear was leering at Jacks between bites of bbq, he stopped when G-Mac glared at him.  The crew was having a great time until Diane and Gina arrived.  These around the way girls had a serious hate for Jacks and they brought a bad vibe to the picnic.   Lay-Lay and Niecey removed their earrings in case they had to do a beatdown.   The mood was interrupted by driveby gunfire.  G-Mac jumped on top of Jacks while Lay-Lay, Niecey and Norton ducked under the picnic tables.  When the gunfire ceased, everyone ran to their whips and burned rubber.  Later that day, the girls went shopping for new outfits.  They were going to a party later that evening given by a banger named Taurus.  He was under house arrest with an electronic device attached to his ankle.  Lay-Lay and Norton pulled up in the Cutlass, Jacks and Niecey jumped in the backseat.  When they arrived at the party, Jacks was jocked as soon as she stepped through the door.

Diane and Gina were already there.   They glared at Jacks.  Diane whispered to Gina.  That bitch Jacks thinks she's hot in those leather pants, I can't stand that bitch, thinking she cute and thangs.  My nigga busted a nut the other nite and called out Jacks.  Ain't that some shit.  Too many brothas got her on they mind and G-Mac got thugs too scared to approach her.  He ain't said nuthing about a sista approaching her.  He say that bitch remind him of his sister, when I get through, she gonna remind him of Frankenstein.  Time to take her out.  They both laughed and gave each other high fives.

Lay-Lay observed the exchange.   She also noticed Diane and Gina openly pointing at Jacks.  Lay-Lay's instincts kicked in. Something didn't seem right with them two skanks tonite.  She would have to keep a eye on them.  Lay-Lay clutched her purse and motioned for Norton to hit the dance floor with her.  Lay-Lay and Norton did a slow roll to every song until they played some Lil Kim. Lay-Lay pushed Norton aside and motioned for her girls to hit the floor.  Let's do the damn thing.   Lay-Lay noticed out of the corner of her eye when Diane opened her purse, she saw the reflection of a blade.  Lay-Lay whispered to Niecey, they left the dance floor. She gave the keys to Norton, bring the car around daddy.  Niecey and Jacks followed Lay-Lay into the room to get their coats.

Diane and Gina followed discreetly. Diane moved fast and pounced on Jacks from behind.  She was trying to cut Jacks in the face with a knife and Jacks was fighting her off.  Just then, Lay-Lay went around Jacks and came up behind Diane.  Diane felt the cold barrel of a gun on her neck.  Niecey pointed a gun at Gina and dared her to move.  Lay-Lay said, drop the blade Diane.  The blade fell to the floor, Lay-Lay moved to the front to face her.   Listen up, if you skanks ever try to step to anyone in my crew again, I will fuckin kill you, now get the fuck outta my face!  Diane and Gina left the room quickly.  Lay-Lay looked at Jacks, you aiight babygirl, Jacks nodded her head, she turned to Niecey, good lookin out.  Me and Niecey don't go anywhere unless we strapped.  Shit, mama was a bad bitch tonite, I saw Clint Eastwood do that shit in a movie, mama on fire tonite!

Over the next few months, Jacks and Lay-Lay didn't see much of Niecey after she hooked up with a small time crack dealer named Chad. He had baby mama drama all over Compton.  When they did run into Niecey, she had a black eye and looked stressed out. Nine months later she gave birth to a son, Chad, Jr.  Her mother had to take responsibility of Chad, Jr. after Niecey got hooked on crack.  She would take the fall for Chad in a drug bust, she was sentenced to 12 years.  Chad would skip town.

One fall evening, Lay-Lay was braiding Jacks hair and watching BET videos.  When Ginuwine came on, Lay-Lay just about lost her mind, she told Jacks, that pretty nigga gonna be mine one day, you mark my words.  Jacks laughed and took the opportunity to confide in Lay-Lay about school.  With graduation coming up, if I maintain my 4.0, I can qualify for a full academic scholarship.  With Affirmative Action being abolished, a 4.0 is the alternative to Affirmative Action, you have to be determined and put in the effort and the academic scholarship will pick up all of your college expenses.  Lay-Lay encouraged her, that's what a 4.0 will do babygirl, I am so proud of you.  You are a diamond in the rough, get out of this jungle, education is the key, make something out of yourself, don't let no thug distract you, give you a regular beat-down, tie you down with kids, don't be like Niecey and take the fall for a nigga. Handle your business babygirl!  You smart, fine and classy, you gotta stay focused and accomplish your dreams, you the only girl I know who can go from thug to classy at the drop of a dime, you a bad bitch! 

Jacks asked Lay-Lay, how you and Norton doing?  Lay-Lay gave a big smile, Norton laid it on mama last night, he likes his women big and bossy.  He enrolled for night classes at the community college, he's gonna make mama a rich respectable bitch one day.  If me and him ever go half on a baby, I want you to be the god-mother.  Jacks was flattered.  Jacks obtained her goal and graduated with honors, she received a full four year academic scholarship to UCLA.  Her mother was ecstatic and planned a big party.

The party was in full swing, everyone was having a good time. The music was slamming and the food was good. Everyone congratulated Jacks.  Lay-Lay signaled her from across the room.  Come get at your girl, I need to talk to you.  I see how you and G-Mac look at each other.  Him treating you like a little sister is cute but the shit ain't cute when a motherfucka is fine, let a playa know how you feel, Jacks agreed.  Jacks asked Lay-Lay, where is Norton?  Lay-Lay said, my boo is sick, he has the flu, he told me to tell you congratulations.  G-Mac arrived an hour later, Jacks could not corner him as he circulated the party.  It was so hot indoors that Jacks and Lay-Lay decided to get some fresh air outside, they went and sat on the porch.

They observed brothas walking their rottweilers, thugs glossing in their whips and sistas selling gear.  Just another day in the hood.

Across town, rapper Key-Low was putting the finishing touches on his debut CD.  The fragrance of weed was in the air, wine was stowed all over the studio. Key-Low and his crew were also taking ecstasy, smoking blunts and drinking 40's.  They finally stumbled out of the studio, the sunlight temporarily blinded them, they all climbed into a SUV.  The driver took a wrong turn, they ended up in North Compton.  They were about to do a U-Turn until Key-Low saw two hotties sitting on a porch.   One was overweight and the other one was fine as hell, he told the driver to pull up.

Jacks and Lay-Lay saw the SUV creep towards them. The window came down, Key-Low pointed at Jacks, bring your fine ass over here and holla at a nigga!  Lay-Lay stood up and flashed.  Listen up mothafucka, you don't come in our hood dissing us, you better slow your flow and recognize, you gets no love over here, bounce.  Key-Low's boys started cracking up, this made Key-Low mad, listen up you fat ass bitch, was a brotha talking to you?  Do you know who I am?  My name is Key-Low, never forget that name, I'm gonna blow up and be a big time rapper, see my bling-bling, now send that fine bitch over here now!  Lay-Lay whispered to Jacks, I got this but go get G-Mac in case I need backup.  As Jacks entered the house, she could hear the argument raging outside, Lay-Lay was quite boisterous and Jacks laughed when Lay-Lay said, listen up scrub, your thing probably too little to work anyones middle. Lay-Lay loved quoting Lil Kim lyrics, made her feel real important. 

Key-Low's boys fell out laughing, man she clowning you.  Key-Low flashed, just remember, you riding my tails, catching my vapors.   Suddenly, without warning, Key-Low pulled out his 9, pointed it at Lay-Lay and shot her twice, he spat out the window, take that bitch!  Jacks and G-Mac ran out of the house when they heard gunfire.  G-Mac fired at the SUV as it sped away.  Jacks started screaming at the sight of Lay-Lay sprawled out on the sidewalk covered in blood.  She rushed to her and tried to revive her.  It was useless.  She cradled her head and talked to her soothingly.   After a few minutes she realized that Lay-Lay was dead.

She started screaming uncontrollably.   G-Mac and her mother tried to console her.  Slowly, she regained her composure.  She continued holding Lay-Lay, rocking her back and forth until the ambulance arrived, she was covered in her blood, the paramedics had to pry her away from Lay-Lay.  Jacks would never forget the name or the face of the killer.  She told G-Mac, he called himself Key-Low.  G-Mac nodded, I'm on it babygirl.

Jacks cried throughout the night.  She looked out the window when she heard G-Mac's voice.  She watched him and his boys load weapons in the trunk.   After he left, she realized, she never got to tell him how she felt.  It would have to wait.

G-Mac would never make it to his destination. He was pulled over for a broken tail light. The cops found the weapons in the trunk. G-Mac was sentenced to ten years, his homeboys got five years apiece.  Lay-Lay would be buried and laid to rest.  Norton was devastated, he was inconsolable.  No witnesses came forward.  The police would classify the murder as gang related and the investigation would stall. 


Key-Low's CD was released to critical acclaim. The CD would go triple platinum.  Jacks would start her freshman year at UCLA.  She excelled in her studies and her math and science skills didn't go unnoticed.


Just before graduation, she was approached by a representative from the CIA.  The agency was interested in recruiting her in the capacity of a mathematician, one of the most sought after positions in intelligence.  Jacks passed all of her background checks and she was granted low-level security clearance.  She adjusted quite well to her new position.  She gained experience in code breaking and logistics.   She was an rising star in the intelligence community and she made important contacts throughout the world.  Over the next year, she moved her mother out of Compton and into a condo and she purchased a BMW.  On the weekends, Jacks visited her mother, she also went to Lay-Lay's gravesite and she would visit G-Mac in prison.  She always put money on his commissary account and she gifted him with necessities.  G-Mac always looked after her, now it was time to look after him.

The first time she visited Niecey in prison, Niecey was very rude and unfriendly.  She was also gaunt with rotten teeth.  She told Jacks to fuck off, don't come back!  Jacks was hurt but continued putting money on her commissary account.  Shortly after her visit, she got word that Niecey was killed in prison.   She was devastated, what was happening?  First Lay-Lay and now Niecey. 

Jacks and her mother attended Niecey's funeral.  Chad, Jr. broke away from his grandmother and ran towards his Aunt Jacks, she scooped him up and held him close. 

Jacks had kept tabs on Key-Low, but her work was so consuming that she had lost track of him.  One afternoon, the past came back to haunt her.  She was listening to her favorite hip-hop station, an on-air personality was interviewing Key-Low, the hottest rapper in the country.  Jacks was preparing to turn the dial until she heard the lyrics of his new song, "I Capped A Bitch" ...the bitch wasn't shit, talked about my dick, in front of my clique, I capped a bitch.....

The following week, Key-Low attended a CD listening party in his honor.   A hush fell over the crowd as a stunning black woman in a leather mini made her entrance.  She was new to the scene and seemed oblivious to the male attention.  Key-Low peeped her and sent one of his boys to bring her back to the table.  Key-Low spent the evening talking to her, they left the club together.  They arrived at his penthouse.  When Key-Low closed the door, he was all over her, she responded to his advances, he became aroused. They proceeded to disrobe, she groped him and whispered "your thing may be little to work my middle."

A cloud came over his face, he punched her hard in the face, she fell to the floor clutching her purse.  He stood over her, you fucking bitch!  I capped a bitch for saying that type of shit, he grabbed her by the roots of her hair and threw her against the side of the wall, face first.  She slid down the wall, he screamed, bitch, I am going to rape you, real hard and painful, you will never forget tonight, you can tell your hoodrat friends that you got fucked by Key-Low.

He advanced towards her as she backed towards her purse, she reached behind and slowly pulled out a gun, a silencer was attached.  Key-Low stopped in her tracks as she slowly stood up.  She said, I have been hired to kill you, Key-Low looked puzzled.  The girl you mentioned about capping, I assume she is the girl from Compton that you killed four years ago.  Key-Low said, fuck that bitch, that trick got what she deserved, she ignored his comments and continued, she has important friends in high places, this will be a pleasure kill!  She raised the gun and fired once, Key-Low fell to the floor struggling for air, she stood over him and said "when you get to Hell, tell Satan that a bitch sent you."  She fired two more shots, Key-Low died with a look of shock on his face.

*Nikki Campbell took out her cell phone and called a cleaner to get rid of the evidence and to plant drugs, it was important to make the crime scene look like a drug deal gone bad.  Nikki made a second call, Jacks answered, Nikki said one word, "endgame."

The morning headlines read: Rap Superstar Key-Low found murdered in his penthouse.  Drugs found on premises.   No suspects in custody.


Jacks would be instrumental in getting G-Mac out of prison and she would have his prison record expunged.  Jacks also got him a job as a weapons specialist with a government agency.  Jacks and G-Mac would eventually marry and have three kids, the two girls would be named after Niecey and Lay-Lay and the boy would be named after G-Mac.  Chad, Jr's grandmother would succumb to Cancer and Chad, Sr. would be killed in a botched robbery attempt.  G-Mac and Jacks would adopt Chad, Jr.

After attending a Community College for two years, Norton decided to transfer to a State University, he majored in business.  Norton owns two pizzeria's, part of a franchise.  He dates occasionally but he never got over Lay-Lay.  He keeps a photo of her in his wallet.  Norton read about Key-Low's murder, he smiled as he put the paper down and muttered one word under his breath....Jacks.

Jacks visited Lay-Lay's grave shortly after Key-Low's murder, she placed flowers on the headstone.  As tears rolled down her face, she said: "It took me some time but I took care of it, Compton style with a twist.  You died protecting me, I will never forget that, you will always remain in my heart, you were a true friend.  I took your advice and told G-Mac how I felt, he felt the same way." 

Before I forget, you were right about something else,  "YOU REALLY CAN'T STOP A BITCH FROM BALLIN."


This story is a work of fiction, the product of the author's imagination, any similarities to people or events is purely coincidental.


Cindy and her cousin Teresa were both 14; two white suburban teenagers who loved hip-hop. Teresa’s mother Laura chaperoned them to a Hip-Hop concert, the girls even got a chance to go backstage.

The concert ended two hours ago, the girls were energetic and excited. Cindy talked her aunt Laura into taking them to breakfast at a 24-hour café, located in a five star hotel.

Cindy kept looking at her watch, she stood up and told her aunt, I have to call a classmate. Her aunt said, use your cell phone, Cindy said, I forgot it, her aunt said, use mine, just then, a waitress interrupted with the menus, perfect timing, Cindy got up and slipped away.

Cindy bypassed the row of pay phones, went through a door and doubled back to the hotel lobby; she reached the elevator and pushed the penthouse button.

She arrived on the top floor, pushed the doorbell, a man answered the door and ushered her in, she told him, I don’t have much time, my aunt and cousin are waiting for me downstairs, he asked, you didn’t tell anyone you were meeting me did you? No, he smiled, gave her a long kiss and began undressing her.

Within minutes, he was performing a sexual act on her, despite the lubrication, Cindy cried out in pain, she said stop, you are hurting me, I have to go, my aunt and cousin are probably worried, he withdrew. She gathered up her clothes.

He felt rejected, his ego was bruised, he became disgusted and incensed with Cindy, he came up behind her and put his hands around her neck, he turned her around to face him, she said, what are you doing, she began screaming and crying, he said, shut-up, she screamed louder, didn’t I say shout the fuck up? He slapped her, she tried to escape, he grabbed her and started suffocating her, Cindy became horrified but no words came out, the harder he squeezed the more excited he became, he was fully aroused, when Cindy took her last breath, he ejaculated.

This was his first kill; the excitement overwhelmed him, seeing the life seep out of someone was the ultimate turn-on.

As the killer left the hotel garage, he noticed a police car out front. He drove his Lincoln Navigator right past them. He drove the speed limit, didn’t want to arouse suspicion and get stopped by the Highway Patrol with a body in the back.

He traveled to the outskirts of town until he came upon a vacant deserted lot, he looked around nervously before he retrieved Cindy’s body and laid it on the ground.

He got back into his vehicle, looked at his watch and sped to the concert hall.

He entered the dressing room, locked the door and turned on the television, within an hour; the news was reporting-the discovery of a dead white teenager.

The media would have a field day with this story, at that moment, the killer decided to change his motive of operation, all of his future victims would be black, no media exposure.

Just then he heard a knock on the door, he unlocked the door, it was his road manager Benny, man, get ready, you go on in ten minutes, Kendall nodded his head and began changing clothes.

Ten minutes later, the master of ceremonies announced, Ladies and Gentlemen, put your hands together for Grammy award winner Kendall, the King Of Hip-Hop Soul, the black prince, the velvet crooner.


Kendall Taylor was born and raised in Richmond, VA. At 17, he was a computer genius and hip-hop fanatic obsessed with forensics. He also sang in the choir, his voice was a gift from God, he was a natural singer and he moved the church with his gut-wrenching lyrics, he kept the congregation on their feet.

Kendall had a crush on a girl named Lana, she was 14, she ignored him because of his age. Kendall was devastated, from that day on; Kendall would try and duplicate this attraction throughout his life, he would only be attracted to girl’s aged 13-16.

Kendall returned home from church to hangout with Benny. They played hoops and did some ‘get high.’ Kendall and Benny moved to the corner, peeping honeys, sipping 40’s and talking shit, Benny spotted a ex-con named Mike, Benny said, when did Mike get out of jail? Kendall said, man I don’t know, Benny laughed, I heard he was a woman in jail, now he got a woman on his arm, ain’t that some shit.

Later on, Kendall and Benny shot dice and played cards.

To make extra money, Kendall would break into a capella, people were amazed by his voice, they eagerly donated money, the boys spent the money on 40’s and they went to video arcades.

The boys had been saving money all summer to go to Black Spring Break in Miami. When they weren’t hustling cash, they worked at a warehouse, their expenses were low because they lived at home with their mothers.

After Kendall returned home, he logged onto his computer. He went to his favorite hacker website and chatted with some of the hackers, exchanging tips, information and bragging rights.

Since Benny’s mother was a travel agent, she got Kendall and Benny a good deal for travel and airfare to Miami for spring break. They attended the Urban Beach Week Festival in Miami; over 250,000 participants jam the South Beach area.

Everyone had their whips shining and rims sparkling. The women wore next to nothing and the streets were packed. Sound systems were blaring, people were dancing in the streets and thugs were carrying kegs and camcorders.

Kendall and Benny went to the beach, the sistas had on thongs and their bodies were on point. The brothas had chiseled chests, 6 pack abs and tattoos running down their arms. Gangsta heaven.

The concerts featured the best in hip-hop; the parties were off the chain at the secret hot spots.

Benny got his freak on with some of the honeys, Kendall didn’t pursue any women, Benny teased him, asked him if he was homo, Kendall angrily responded, hell no!

How could Kendall tell his best friend-he wasn’t attracted to women his age?

They returned home exhausted, they had so much fun, they decided to save for the Players Ball in Las Vegas.

Meanwhile, Kendall received an acceptance letter from a local University.

Six months later, the boys were in Las Vegas attending the Players Ball. Both were dressed in pimp attire, which made them appear older.

They mingled with the pimps and ho’s and went to the Pimp and Ho pajama party. Again, Kendall did not pursue any women while Benny chased every woman in sight. A day later, they flew back to Virginia.

Kendall started his freshman year, he majored in computer science and minored in Forensics. He also pursued a singing career.

Over the next few years, Kendall’s rap and singing skills fully developed, he could rap and sing. He was a double threat and people began to notice.

At 20, he signed a contract with a major record label and hired Benny as his road manager. At 21, his first album was released to critical acclaim. The CD went triple platinum. At 23, his follow-up CD sold five million.

He still found time to attend college despite the disruption his presence created, he hired a bodyguard to attend classes with him and walk with him around campus to discourage fans from approaching, he refused to go on tour, he was focused on graduating. He graduated with a degree in Computer Science and a minor in forensics.

Kendall tried to date women his age, it wasn’t the same, he preferred young girls, he couldn’t control his impulses or compulsions.

Kendall was a pedophile, he began prowling for young girls on the Internet. He even went to IRC Internet channels and took a class, the class taught pedophiles on how to lure children. Another favorite site was an underground auction site where he bought used underwear worn by children for $25 dollars.

He became so obsessed with meeting underaged girls on the Internet that he hardly left his computer screen, even for the bathroom, he used empty beer cans to pee in.

He encountered a female pedophile online, she was a teacher and tried to talk Kendall into relocating to Florida, they could open a day care center and molest kids. Kendall would have considered the suggestion but his career kept him busy.

Offline, he used his fame to lure young girls, members of his crew would approach girls in the mall, the girls would be infatuated with his fame, go back to the recording studio with him and he would seduce them.

In some cases, parents encouraged their young daughters to have sex with Kendall, he awarded the parents with money, cars, trips and gifts.

People in the industry knew about his sickness, they did nothing, his success paid their salaries, they kept quiet. Some of his boys began acting as pimps. They scoped out girls in the audience and brought them backstage to meet him.


Tiffany (Jacks) McDonald headed an Intelligence division in Los Angeles. She was currently in a briefing with Nikki Campbell, Ashley Perry and Sherm Ishmael.

Ashley and Nikki were ‘High-Level Executive Action Specialists for Executive Operations,’ in layman terms ‘assassins.’

Sherm Ishmael was an East Indian logistics specialist; he also had a medical background, he knew how to inflict torture and pain, he also worked field ops. Throughout the meeting, he exchanged sexy looks with Nikki.

They were in the middle of a slide show. Jacks briefed them on a tip she received, a visiting Prime Minister would be the target of an assassination attempt while he visited L.A., Nikki and Ashley were expected to foil the assassination plot.

The screen showed the photo of the suspected assassin, an East German woman who went by the name of ‘Scorpios.’

The photo was grainy, the woman was a master of disguise who cross-dressed and she was a makeup expert. In the photo, Scorpios looked like a man. At 18, she was a star East German swimmer, she was disqualified from competition when she tested positive for steroids. She turned her passion to guns and self-defense.

She was 6’1 and hefty with pockmarked skin, she did a few of her assassinations in drag, she was hard to track. She had been a tomboy all of her life, she went through a gender identity crisis and began taking hormone shots, one doctor classified her brain sex as male. She went underground for a few years.

When she re-emerged, her father, a East German policeman, who never had a son, recruited his daughter into law enforcement, from there, she went to work for the government, after a few years she went rogue and became a assassin for hire.

She was suspected in several high profiled political assassinations. Information from international sources placed her in Los Angeles.

Jacks looked at Ashley, you have a license to kill the target, if you get a clear shot-take it, that’s why you were recruited from the marksmanship category at the Olympics.

After the meeting, men gathered around the conference room, each woman was exceptionally beautiful, Jacks was ‘Halle Berry beautiful,’ Ashley had a Charlize Theron look and Nikki had the sensuality of Tyra Banks.

Upon leaving, Jacks told Nikki and Ashley, don’t forget my daughter Leticia’s birthday party on Saturday, she looked at Nikki and said, Leticia calls you her aunt Nikki, Ashley and Nikki smiled, Nikki said, we will be there, Nikki asked, is it ok if I bring my new friend Sherm? Jacks said sure.

Jacks looked at her watch, it’s still early, lets go for breakfast at the ‘Good Neighbor’ in Studio City.


Meanwhile, across town, Scorpios was attending a drug anonymous meeting, she had been all over Los Angeles attending different meetings in different locations. She finally found what she was looking for as she gazed across the room at a recovering addict named Bob; he was a large blonde man.

After the meeting, Scorpios introduced herself as Jane. Although the woman was a bit rough around the edges, Bob liked the attention, it had been a long time since a woman paid him any attention, they went to a coffee shop.


Kendall never became a suspect in Cindy’s murder, he felt invincible. After a concert in San Francisco, his boys brought back a African-American mother and daughter, while one of his boys distracted the mother, Kendall took the opportunity to give the daughter a telephone number and time to call, he put his fingers to his lips and whispered, this will be our secret. The daughter was ecstatic.

Two days later, while Kendall was performing in Dallas, the body of thirteen year old Charlene Thomas was found washed up on a San Francisco pier. She had been strangled and raped, the killer used a condom, no fluids were present in her body.

The murder never made the news.


The next morning in Ladera Heights, a black suburb outside of Los Angeles:

Sade and Luther were drowned out by the lovemaking sounds of Jacks deep throating her husband Garrett “G-Mac” McDonald, she was going downtown as she worked the shaft with her tongue and squeezed his testicles with her delicate fingers, G-Mac groaned in pleasure.

He returned the favor by licking the alphabet slowly between her legs. The moans became intense; G-Mac withdrew his tongue and replaced it with his penis. He entered her slowly, they moved together, up and down, in and out, round and round. Their bodies rocked to one rhythm, the passion was incredible as Jacks dug her nails into his back. His strokes got deeper and deeper, she moaned in ecstasy as she felt the full length of his cock, she used her clit muscles to milk every inch of his penis, she squeezed, relaxed and squeezed, they both screamed out in ecstasy as G-Mac shot his load and Jacks climaxed in his arms.

They lay spent for 30 minutes admiring each other’s bodies. Jacks had a perfect figure and G-Mac had a perfect physique, they were a beautiful couple. They got up and took a shower together.

Afterwards, G-Mac asked, what time is your mother returning the kids? We have to start getting ready for Leticia’s birthday party. Jacks replied, in 90 minutes.

Jacks was in the kitchen when the kids arrived; they smothered her with hugs and kisses. The kids asked, where is dad? Jacks replied, getting the grill ready in the back, three of the kids rushed out, the birthday girl Leticia stayed behind.

Jacks sang Happy Birthday, her fourteen-year-old daughter smiled, she was the spitting image of her mother and boys were already calling the house.

Leticia asked Jacks, tell me about Lay-Lay again, my namesake. Tears came to Jacks eyes when she talked about Lay-Lay; she took a deep breath and repeated the story of their teenage adventures in Compton. Afterwards, Leticia said, I'm glad you named me after her, Jacks smiled.

The kids had G-Mac surrounded as he grilled chicken apple sausages, slabs of ribs, mesquite chicken and blackened burgers.

People began arriving for the party; including clowns and a ventriloquist, Leticia received tons of gifts. Her aunt Nikki gave her a Tupac platinum record she purchased on Ebay and Ashley; a white lady she met for the first time, arranged for a group of B2K impersonators to perform at the party. Hired workmen constructed a stage.

Nikki introduced Sherm to G-Mac, they hit it off immediately, Sherm told G-Mac, it is a pleasure meeting you, your reputation as a weapons specialist proceeds you. G-Mac invited Sherm to play poker with him and his boys.

Just before the party ended, their neighbor Natasha and her daughter Marla came over, Marla told Leticia, I just won two tickets on the radio for the Kendall concert, I want to take you for your birthday, since the arena is general seating, my mom will buy a third ticket and chaperone us, Leticia was ecstatic, she hugged Marla.


Bob found himself liking Jane more and more; he talked her into dressing in softer colors and wearing makeup. They spend every waking moment together.

They went to the movies. When they returned home, they had sex, Jane blew his mind, Bob was hooked and Jane knew it. She fell asleep in his arms with a smile on her face.

Bob arrived at Jane’s apartment the next day; he was disturbed when he saw cocaine on the coffee table. When he reminded her that they were both recovering addicts, she blew him off and said a little blow can’t hurt, here, try some, Columbian grade A. Bob was hesitant. Jane urged him on, within minutes, he snorted three lines, Jane didn’t snort any.

Bob and Jane would drop out of the meetings as Bob’s drug use increased. Before long, he was hopelessly addicted and behind in his bills. This was the opportunity Jane was looking for.

Jane took advantage of his desperation. She seduced him, afterwards she said, baby, I have a sexual fantasy, Bob was half listening until she said, I will pay you $5,000 to make this fantasy come true, she had his full attention.

It would turn me on to see you dressed in a suit, carrying a briefcase draped in a overcoat, that would make me so hot. Bob asked, is that all, Jane said, I want you to exit a building, like a business mogul, the Convention Center would be ideal.

Bob asked, when do you want to play this fantasy out, Jane said, in a few days, I will keep you posted; meanwhile, I will the suit and briefcase.


Jacks informed Nikki, Sherm and Ashley that the Prime Minister would be speaking at the Convention Center the following day. She laid out the plans and asked them to keep their eye out for anything suspicious. The speech would occur at 1 p.m.

Later that evening, Natasha and Marla came over to pick up Leticia for the Kendall concert; the concert was off the hook. Afterwards, a roadie asked them if they would like to come backstage.

Kendall was very attentive to Leticia, they traded email addresses, Kendall told her that he would be in town performing for the next two nights, he would email her, but it would be their secret, she agreed.

Leticia returned home ecstatic, she told her parents, we went backstage, I met Kendall and the his background singers, the concert was banging, before they could respond, she raced upstairs and turned on her computer, she was in the middle of researching a school paper when she received an IM from Kendall. They chatted for the next two hours until G-Mac came into her room and asked, why are you up so late on the computer? She mumbled an excuse and logged off, she went to bed with a smile on her face.


Jane and Bob arrived at the Convention Center.

Bob was dressed in his new attire. Jane told him, I want you to exit the building at 1:05 p.m., I will be here waiting to pay you the $5,000, afterwards, I want you to take me home and fuck my brains out; I also copped some good blow this morning, we can try it out back at the house, here’s a sample. It was 12:00, Bob leaned over and kissed her, snorted three lines, put the rest in his pocket and exited the car.

Jane sped off, went to a gas station bathroom, changed clothes, assembled her weapon and put it in a duffel bag. She returned to the Convention Center and entered a back door, undetectable.

About the same time, Ashley, Sherm and Nikki arrived.

Nikki, Sherm and Ashley scanned the crowds, the exit doors and the rafters, nothing.

Ashley and a team would be stationed on the inside of the convention center, Nikki and her team (including Sherm) would be stationed outside.

The Prime Minister came on stage at 1:00 p.m., the team scanned the crowd, nothing, Ashley saw movement up above, she noticed a figure clothed in black with a gloved hand on a weapon, she rushed towards the Prime Minister, Ashley shouted, everyone down, the crowd screamed and ducked for cover and the Prime Minister was hustled off the stage.

Ashley made a decision midway to the stage; she turned around in mid stride, aimed and shot the weapon out of Scorpios hand while moving backwards towards the stage. Scorpios was stunned with her marksmanship and muttered, damn, Scorpios gathered her senses and looked at her watch, Bob should be exiting the building within seconds, that would buy her time.

It was a madhouse, people were scrambling for the exits.

Ashley radioed Nikki with an update, Scorpios is on the run and may be exiting the building.

Nikki and her team were covering all exits as people charged out, just then, a husky blonde man exited the building, Bob thought he heard gunfire or was he hallucinating.

Nikki remembered-Scorpios dressed in drag for assassinations, she shouted, hands up! Bob said, what’s going on? His brain wasn’t functioning rational due to the cocaine, Bob became nervous and jumpy when he thought about the coke in his pocket, he decided to make a run for it, the agents opened fire, Bob died in a hail of gunfire.

Nikki shouted in the radio, Scorpios may be down, over. Ashley stopped her pursuit as the real Scorpios headed for the roof.

Nikki and Sherm patted Bob down, something wasn’t right, he had an Adam’s apple and a prominent bulge in his pants, she muttered oh shit! She shouted in the radio, Scorpios is still on the loose!

Just then, Ashley heard a helicopter on the roof, she headed for the roof, she couldn’t wait for backup. She reached the roof and saw a helicopter taking flight as a blonde figure hung outside the helicopter door by a rope, Scorpios was climbing up the rope, within seconds, Scorpios would be in the helicopter.

Ashley had time for one shot, it would be a long distance shot; very difficult, she kneeled down, took a deep breath and took aim.

Scorpios was shot in the back of the head, she fell to the street below, dead on impact. A LAPD chopper would intercept the helicopter.


Back at the office, a celebration was in full swing, the elusive Scorpios was dead and the assassination attempt foiled. Everyone was talking about Ashley’s marksmanship skills, unbelievable. The director of the agency congratulated them. Everyone was in high spirits.

As the party winded down, Nikki told Jacks, I will contact you when I get back in town, Ashley and I have a deep cover assignment in Argentina, Jacks said, you do that, the two women embraced


Kendall couldn’t get Leticia off his mind, she was the cutest little girl he had ever seen, this was his last night performing in Los Angeles, he had to see her, he had to talk her into meeting him tonight, after the show. He sent Benny out to buy a camcorder for the special occasion.

He pulled out his laptop, he checked his buddy list, Leticia wasn’t online, he decided to send her an email detailing a meeting time, he urged her to go to a friend’s house and he would send a car for her and to keep everything a secret.

Leticia was happy to see an email from Kendall, she hurriedly clicked on the email and read it, afterwards, she called her best friend Regina, can I come by and visit this evening? She also asked Regina to cover for her, she had a hot boy to meet later that evening. Regina said sure and told her to come over. She returned to her computer and emailed Kendall Regina’s address.

Afterwards, she called her mother and asked if she could spend the night at Regina’s, her mother said sure.

Leticia arrived at Regina’s, they talked fashion, watched BET and read magazines, the doorbell rang. Regina’s mother, Lillian answered, a man in a chauffeur uniform asked for Leticia, Leticia stepped forward, the man said, our friend is waiting for you in the limo, Leticia started blushing as she went to get her coat, Lillian asked the chauffeur to wait at the door.

Regina and Lillian asked Leticia, what is going on? No boy your age would have access to a limousine and a chauffeur, are you dating an older man, he can be arrested? Leticia answered, nothing like that, she lied and said, my friend’s father owns a limo company, we are just going for a ride, Regina’s mother asked, is your friend male or female? Leticia didn’t answer as she rushed out the door.

Kendall greeted Leticia with a kiss on the cheek. They listened to his latest CD and cuddled in the back. Finally, they arrived at a rented house on the outskirts of town.

Leticia went inside with Kendall, he led her upstairs where he had video equipment set-up, Leticia was thinking, wow, my friends are never going to believe that I spent time with Kendall, I can’t wait to get back to school and tell everyone.

Kendall interrupted her thoughts by kissing all over her and caressing her breasts, she became uncomfortable with his aggression and asked him to stop.

A shadow came over his face as he slapped her hard and threw her face down on the bed, Leticia started crying and screaming, he stuffed a rag in her mouth and tied restraints on her hands and ankles.

He left Leticia on the bed and went into the bathroom, he replaced the top layers of skin on his fingertips with a proto dermal tissue which prevents your fingerprints from being traced and appear non-existent. This method was used for deep cover operations a decade before the end of the Cold War, after he finished, he exited the bathroom, pushed the record button on the video camera, slowly turned around and walked towards the bed. Leticia had a look of terror on her face.


The phone rang as soon as Jacks walked in the door; it was Regina’s mother Lillian, Jacks asked, is my daughter behaving? Lillian answered, she was when she was here, Jacks asked, what to you mean, when she was there, I was under the impression she was spending the night, Lillian said, that is why I am calling, a chauffeur arrived at my door two hours ago asking for Leticia, she ran out of here and rushed into a limousine, someone was waiting for her in that limo, now we know that boys her age don’t have limos. Jacks got a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach, she hung-up and called G-Mac, they would meet up at Lillian’s.

G-Mac arrived before Jacks.

Due to their law enforcement affiliation, the police responded quickly, everyone was on the lookout for a black limo.

The cops interviewed Regina and Lillian. Regina told them that Leticia asked her to cover for her because she wanted to spend time with a hot boy, she didn’t give a name.

G-Mac would scour one side of Los Angeles and Jacks would scan the other side, they spent hours looking for Leticia without success.

They returned home exhausted, neither could sleep, they waited up all night for Leticia to return, she never did.

The next day, G-Mac and Jacks mobilized a search party, they came up with nothing.

Across town, the body of a fourteen-year-old African-American girl was discovered in a vacant field.

Jacks and G-Mac went to identify the body, it was Leticia, she had been raped and tortured. Jacks fell to the floor screaming, G-Mac put his protective arms around her and sunk to the floor with her.

They returned home, Jacks had to be sedated, G-Mac went into his office and slammed his fist on the desk.

G-Mac took out his black book, picked up the phone and dialed a felco prefix which went through a internet socket, he got a fast busy signal, he hit #8 for three seconds, then he entered 4 digits.

Nikki Campbell answered on the second ring, G-Mac told her about Leticia, Nikki broke down and cried on the phone, between sobs, she asked him what happened, G-Mac told her, and I to punish the sick son-of-a-bitch who did this to his daughter. Nikki told G-Mac, nothing was going to stop her from attending Leticia’s funeral, a replacement was flown in for Nikki.

The murder never made the news.


The church was filled with heart wrenching sobs from Jacks, Nikki and the kids, G-Mac did his best, trying to console his family, until he broke-down in tears.

After Leticia was laid to rest, they returned home. Jacks was dazed and disorientated, she went upstairs to rest.

After the guests left, Nikki and Sherm joined G-Mac in his office. Nikki said, I’m taking a leave of absence, I want to help in the hunt for this bastard, G-Mac replied, me and Jacks are also taking a leave of absence.

Sherm spoke up, the authorities will do all they can but we need to unite and break this case ourselves, G-Mac nodded, when he looked up, he saw Jacks in the doorway, she said “count me in.”


Sherm asked G-Mac, is there anything unusual that stands out? G-Mac said, just like I told the cops, Leticia was up late on the computer last night at about 9:30, when I asked, what are you doing up so late? She became slightly nervous, the cops took the hardrive but found nothing useful, they returned it. Sherm stood up, I need that hardrive.

They all went into Leticia’s room, Jacks started crying as G-Mac and Nikki embraced her, Sherm got the hardrive, he went in the hallway to make a call.

Sherm returned to the room, I am going to drop the hardrive off at a friend’s house, his name is Scotty and he is the best IT man in intelligence, I will give Scotty the day and the time of her chat, he will have the address of the person she was chatting with by tomorrow evening, from there, I will trace that person’s identity. I am busy at work, you will have to go to Scotty’s house to get the address, the code word is: GARCIA. Let’s meet here tomorrow after 8pm.

G-Mac, Jacks and Nikki arrived at Scotty’s, a man answered the door, Jacks said: GARCIA, the man introduced himself as Scotty and asked them to come in.

He asked them to sit down, he began scratching his head, in all my years in intelligence, and I have never seen anything like this. The person your daughter was chatting with has hacker skills, I tried to trace the IP location, what I got was a bounce, a bounce is something that doesn’t allow you to trace the IP address because the IP address jumps all over the world making it impossible to trace, terrorists use this method. He covered his tracks well; sorry I couldn’t help you more.

When they returned to the SUV, Nikki spoke up, what kind of motherfucker are we dealing with? I can’t wait to cap this sick son-of-a-bitch, I’m going to kill him nice and slow, like I killed that rapper Key-Low.

Meanwhile, G-Mac, Jacks and Nikki went to the police station, they wanted to know if the police were making any progress with the case, unfortunately, they weren’t, since G-Mac and Jacks were in law enforcement. A detective told them, the killer left no fibers, hair samples, fluids, or fingerprints, the crime scene was spotless, I’m betting he has a background in forensics.

The house was quiet, the kids were staying with their grandmother, they waited for Sherm, he arrived at 8:30 pm.

G-Mac spoke first, I know the police are during all they can do, but the waiting is killing me, it’s time we utilized all of our intelligence skills and bring this sick bastard to justice ourselves just like you suggested. I will make four untraceable firearms in my workshop, from now on, we will communicate via cell phones implanted with sub channel chips (untraceable), internet phones and swisscom mobile phone cards (worldwide access). We are going to break this case wide open and bring this asshole to justice!

G-Mac looked at Nikki and Sherm, it’s time to retrace Leticia’s steps, starting from her birthday, you two canvas the neighborhood and go back to Lillian’s and Regina’s house, maybe they can remember something.

Meanwhile, Jacks and I will run background checks on everyone who attended Leticia’s birthday party over the age of 17. For all we know, it could have been one of the workmen who set-up the stage or one of the clowns.

The background checks revealed nothing useful and Nikki and Sherm were unable to gather new information.

The next evening, Jacks and G-Mac were watching CNN when an anchorman reported “A police chief’s daughter was found murdered in Georgia” in other news, Kendall Taylor tickets sold-out in fifteen minutes.

A lightbulb went off, G-Mac and Jacks looked at each other and rushed out the door.

They arrived at Natasha’s, it was late but Natasha woke up Marla. G-Mac asked Marla, did anything unusual go on when you and Leticia attended Kendall Taylor’s concert. Marla said, a roadie asked us if we wanted to go backstage, Jacks remembered Leticia telling them that when she returned home from the concert, Jacks asked, did you get his name? Marla said no but he had sandy hair and green eyes. We met Kendall and his background singers, that’s about it.

On the way home, G-Mac told Jacks, I’m going back to the hood tomorrow, talk to some of my boys, Joe-Joe puts stage sets together, maybe he worked the Kendall concert, since tomorrow is Sunday, I can track him down at his mom’s house.

G-Mac was treated like a king when he returned to Compton, he was a Ghetto Superstar, a OG, a legend.

G-Mac found Joe-Joe at his mom’s house. Miss Hendersen came out to say hello, she asked G-Mac to stay for dinner, she was frying up catfish with collard greens and yams, she and Joe-Joe expressed their sorrow over Leticia’s murder.

Joe-Joe said, man, if you need backup, me and my boys got your back, we take care of our own. How is Jacks? G-Mac replied, she holding up as best she can. Joe Joe said, give her my love.

G-Mac said, I need your help? Joe-Joe replied, what you need man? Did you work the Kendall concert a week back? Yeah man, G-Mac asked, do you know anything about a roadie with sandy hair and green eyes, he might have something to do with my baby girl’s death, Joe-Joe said, I know that motherfucker, you barking up the wrong tree, that fool gay.

G-Mac said damn, Joe-Joe said, you need to be looking at Kendall’s ass, G-Mac said, what? Yeah man, it’s well known in the industry, he likes young girls, he’s a pedophile.

G-Mac raced to his car and called Jacks from his cell, I will explain later but do a search on bodies discovered each time Kendall appeared in concert in different states, have Sherm and Nikki at the house in a hour.

G-Mac arrived, Jacks, Sherm and Nikki were going over the research Jacks had accumulated. During the last six months, each time Kendall appeared in a city, a dead girl was found the next day.

It makes sense, the mysterious stranger in the limousine sending his chauffeur to the door. Also, Kendall Taylor has a minor in forensics, explains why no evidence is left at the crime scenes.

Kendall was relaxing in his hotel suite, watching the sex tape he did with Leticia. After he finished, he put the tape away.

Thirty minutes later he got in his limo, the driver raced to the arena. Kendall was in rare form, the women were on their feet screaming his name, he did three encores.

After the show, Kendall returned to his suite exhausted, when he turned on the lights, he was startled to see four people, one was holding a gun.

G-Mac shouted, sit down motherfucker. In a flash, G-Mac was all over Kendall, pistol whipping him, suddenly he threw the gun aside and started choking him, pressing harder and harder, Jacks, Nikki and Sherm had to pull him off Kendall.

Kendall gathered his senses and said, you crazy motherfucker, who the fuck are you people, fucking psychotic groupies? Get the fuck out of my suite before I call security!

Nikki pleaded with G-Mac and Jacks, please let me kill this motherfucker, G-Mac replied, emotions overtook me but we gotta stick to the plan.

Jacks turned to Kendall with tears in her eyes, she screamed, you killed, raped and tortured our daughter you sick pathetic fuck!

Kendall said, fuck you! I don’t know what you’re talking about, what you going to do, kill me? Jacks got in his face and said, there is nothing I would like better, what we got planned for you is worse than death.

At that moment, Sherm stepped forward with a black bag and brought out a hypodermic needle, he slowly approached Kendall as Kendall moved backwards, G-Mac held Kendall as Sherm injected him.


Kendall awoke groggy, he was handcuffed to a hospital bed, what was going on? The nurse arrived, he tried to talk but nothing came out, must be the medication. He pointed to his mid-section and the bathroom, the nurse went and got a cop to uncuff him.

He went to the bathroom, he became alarmed when he looked in the mirror and saw a bandage across his throat.

When he came out the bathroom, he saw the nurse, he pointed to his throat, she replied, in all my years as a nurse I have never seen a case quite like yours. Someone removed your voice box, you will never sing again.


Despite his dream team of lawyers, Kendall was found guilty in the death of Leticia McDonald. The research that Jacks had accumulated and the sex tape of Leticia was instrumental in his conviction. Kendall was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Several other states are awaiting extradition.

Kendall had to pay restitution to the victim’s families and all future royalties earned from his recordings went to the victim’s families. This ruling would wipe out his fortune.

Kendall positively identified G-Mac, Jacks, Sherm and Nikki as the culprits who assaulted him, drugged him, and quite possibly removed his voice box, he wanted them arrested for cruel and unusual punishment. All four suspects were affiliated with intelligence-the charges against them were not taken seriously by law enforcement, the investigation purposely stalled, no charges were ever brought forth, the case remains unsolved.

G-Mac and Jacks joined a support group for the parents of murdered children.

On a daily basis, Kendall is raped in prison, the inmates consider him a perfect victim because he can't scream out for help.



Over 2000 years ago, a young peasant man named Lucien Bartimeus, witnessed the most despicable crime in the history of mankind, the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

Lucien was asked to participate in the clean-up, after a few minutes, the rest of the men were distracted, at that precise moment, Lucien came upon a bloody nail and a bloody hammer covered in tissue spatter.

Since Lucien was a collector of sorts, he took an old work cloth out of his pocket and wrapped the nail and hammer in the cloth.

When Lucien returned home that evening, he went into his workshop and spent the evening constructing a self-made compressor set at the right temperature to preserve the items. He took the work cloth out of his pocket, removed the hammer and nail and gently placed them in the compressor.

Over the next few years, Lucien taught his son Jeremiah his trade, he even taught him how to build a compressor and he versed him in preservation and temperature.

Over the next decade, the compressor broke down three times; Lucian and Jeremiah were able to make it operational again.

On his dying bed, Lucian told Jeremiah. What we have in the compressor may be of great significance one day. Teach your son what I taught you (on how to preserve it) and have him teach his son and so on. Our family lineage goes all the way back to Egypt, in the year 1400 B.C., one of our relatives helped preserve the Egyptian mummies and tombs and helped construct the pyramids.

Preservation is a family trait. Keep the nail and the hammer in the Bartimeus family and pass it down generation by generation, never let it out of the family. Promise me you will do that, Jeremiah made the promise; Lucian expired two minutes later.

Jeremiah kept his promise, the hammer and the nail stayed in the family and was preserved and in excellent condition for over 2000 years.


In 2005, a member of the family, Lance Bartimeus, came in possession of the nail and the hammer. Lance had heard the stories surrounding the nail and the hammer; he didn’t know how much of the story was true.

A few years later, Lance developed a drug problem and he was in major debt. He decided to contact a scientist and DNA specialist, Dr. Pierre Page.

He had read about Page in several magazines, he was the leading DNA and cloning expert in the country and he collected old artifacts in his spare time, he was in a field by himself, renowned by his peers. Unsubstantiated rumors claimed he operated a clinic but the whereabouts were unknown to the general public. The government kept a close eye on Page and had an undercover agent on his staff. Page also lived in Florida, the same state as Lance. Lance had a detective track down his phone number.

At first, Page was reluctant to meet him until he said he had items dating back to biblical times, for effect, Lance made reference to DNA, Page’s curiosity was peaked.

They had dinner, after drinks, Lance showed him the hammer and nail, Pierre was impressed by the condition of the items and agreed to have the hammer and nail examined, a week later; Pierre told him, my expert has come to the conclusion that the hammer and nail were the same type of tools used 2000 years ago and the items are in excellent condition, the condition of these artifacts are similar to the Egyptian mummies and tombs; but where did the blood and tissue come from? Usually cells are only viable for three days but the artifacts are so well preserved, the cells appear viable in this present day and time, incredible.

Lance replied, the blood and tissue came from the Jesus Christ crucifixion, Pierre laughed, Lance laughed along with him; that was the only part of the family story he refused to believe.

Later that evening, Pierre went on the Internet and researched the crucifixion; he was stunned when one report mentioned that a hammer and nail were never recovered. Page immediately contacted Lance and arranged another meeting.

This time, Pierre was taken aback by Lance’s appearance, he was unshaven and he had the shakes. He told Lance, since I am a collector of artifacts, I would like to offer you money for the nail and hammer. Lance’s eyes lit up, he certainly needed the money.

Are you willing to sell, Lance said, if the price is right. Pierre offered $100,000, soon the price got up to $1 million; before they went any further, Lance asked Pierre, why are you willing to spend that much money on a old hammer and nail, Pierre said, I am a devoted collector and I lack these type of items in my present collection. Lance sighed and agreed to the $1 million dollar offer, they shook hands and agreed to meet the next day in Pierre’s office.

The next day, Lance met Pierre in his office, he handed Pierre the nail and hammer and Pierre handed him a briefcase with $1 million dollars in it.

Thirty minutes after he left the office, a man approached him with a gun, demanded the briefcase and shot him, killing him.

Later that evening, the briefcase was returned to Dr. Page. The next morning, Dr. Page had a staff meeting. He stood up and said; I have a new project. I have two objects (in excellent condition) in my possession; I want to retrieve the DNA of tissue, blood and cells off these objects to create a human being. You are the best doctors and scientists in the world and I expect you to be successful.

After retrieval, I want the cell nucleus immediately transferred into a mother’s egg; I have the perfect candidate for this procedure. A single cell can be used to create a genetically identical fetus; the fetus will be reborn (cloned) from this cell.

Dr. Page returned home and called Sarah Patterson, a young lady who had taken one of his courses when he taught at an Ivy League University, they kept in constant touch throughout the years. She still had a crush on him, she always talked about one day having children; this was her chance.

After exchanging pleasantries, Dr. Page asked Sarah would she be interested in becoming a surrogate for a family that was desperate to have children, she would be doing them a great service, Sarah was reluctant at first until Dr. Page turned on the charm. She agreed to come in for a consultation at the clinic.

Dr. Page hung up the phone and poured himself a Brandy, he was celebrating the biggest find in world history; the objects he had in his possession were priceless.

As he sipped the Brandy he thought, “I am going to recreate Jesus Christ.”


Jacks and G-Mac had just left a support group meeting for the “The Parents Of Murdered Children.” They consoled each other in the car; they still hadn’t got over the death of their daughter Leticia. It had been a year; G-Mac went to work everyday but Jacks was on a leave of absence.

G-Mac was pulling out of the parking lot when Jacks ‘Vertu’ cell phone (with international access) rung. Jacks ignored the ring until G-Mac persuaded her to answer it. It was Lear. Jacks had met Lear a few years earlier; they became fast friends, two black women with high-ranking positions in the intelligence community.

Almost immediately, Lear noticed sadness in Jacks voice, Jacks explained that they had just left a support group meeting. Lear understood and expressed her condolences.

Lear told Jacks, I have to meet with you and G-Mac, it’s urgent; ‘above top secret.’ Lear said, also, before I forget, can I bring my friend Dayna Silva along and can you invite Nikki Campbell, Jacks was shocked regarding Dayna, she had heard of Dayna Silva, the ‘HIV assassin’ who was well respected in the espionage community.

In the last few years, she had intentionally infected a dictator and a diplomat with HIV, both men were deemed a threat to national security, they were no longer a threat after their medical status was leaked, both had dropped out of the public eye.

Jacks told Lear, she could bring Dayna and she would contact Nikki who happened to be in town, she also told Lear she usually put the kids to sleep at 8:00 p.m., it was best for Lear and Dayna to arrive after 8 p.m. After she hung up, she wondered; what could this be about? G-Mac interrupted her thoughts and asked, what was that about? Jacks took a deep breath and recounted the conversation.


Video girl/model Dayna Silva was speeding down PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) in her convertible Ferrari. She looked in her rearview mirror and saw model Elan Carter coming up the rear in her purple convertible Porsche. They had just finished shooting an ad campaign for a swimsuit company. Dayna not only worked in modeling and music videos, she also worked in espionage.

Elan pulled up beside her and said “can’t nothing take a curve like a Porsche,” all at once, they started speeding down PCH; passerby’s gawked at these two beautiful black women behind the wheel of expensive sports cars speeding down PCH. Elan caught up and sped past Dayna, she was going at such a high speeds; her fishtail emerged from the back of her Porsche.

They got off the highway and pulled into Malibu market. They departed their cars and went into the store. They were discussing auditions and videos, Elan was telling Dayna to hire Jazzmyne PR for publicity when Dayna’s ‘Vertu’ cell phone rung, she knew it was business, she excused herself before she answered, it was Lear. Lear said, we have a situation, I will pick you up later this evening; we have a meeting to attend.


When Lear and Dayna arrived, Nikki Campbell was already there. Lear introduced Dayna to G-Mac, Jacks and Nikki. G-Mac was taken aback by Dayna’s beauty until Jacks gave him a stern look.

Lear got down to business. Sterling Bryce asked me to assemble a ‘shadow unit.’ All of you were chosen because you are the best in your particular field.

A woman was admitted to a psychiatric ward last night, ranting and raving about her dead brother, before his death, he sold valuable artifacts, allegedly, containing the blood tissue of a ‘classified identity.’ Her story was overlooked until our deep cover operative confirmed the story.

Our mission is to retrieve these artifacts, we need to have these items in our possession before the DNA is retrieved and used to create a human being. These items are currently under close watch at a clinic in Florida run by the notorious Dr. Pierre Page, who specializes in fertility, cloning, gene selection, gene mapping and DNA research, he is the best in these fields and he has surrounded himself with some of the best ‘rogue’ scientists and doctors in the world and he has armed guards discreetly posted outside the clinic. The clinic is located in a very remote and isolated location outside of Florida, the nearest neighbor is 20-miles away.

This mission has been classified ‘top priority.’

Jacks, I know you are on a leave of absence but we need you on this assignment. G-Mac, I requested clearance from your agency, clearance was granted, G-Mac nodded. Nikki, since you are an independent contractor for a variety of agencies, I will ask you now, are you interested in taking on this assignment? Nikki replied; you don’t have to ask me twice, I’m in. Lear looked at Jacks and asked her, are you in? Jacks hesitated until G-Mac spoke up, honey it will do you good to get back in the mix and my mother can watch the kids. Jacks mumbled, I guess you’re right, count me in! Lear looked at Dayna, I don’t have to ask you, I briefed you in the car on the way over here; you already agreed to lend us your skills.

Lear gave each person an “Eyes Only” folder containing a photograph and dossier of Dr. Pierre Page. The women were surprised at how good looking the doctor was, he resembled the late actor Montgomery Clift.

Dayna, your job is to initiate a relationship with Dr. Pierre Page, he’s been involved with black women in the past; also, you don’t have to intentionally infect him, we don’t want him to die a slow death, if we decide to terminate him, we want it to be quick, if intimacy is called for, use condoms, Dayna nodded.

G-Mac, your assignment is to construct and supply our weapons, Jacks, we need you for logistics, Nikki; we need your firepower. A private plane is waiting to take us to Florida, lets go.

On their way to the private hangar, Lear called her boyfriend Pierce, he worked for a government law enforcement agency; he was currently on assignment in Tokyo. They expressed their love for one another before hanging up.

Jacks called to check on the children and Nikki called her boyfriend Sherm, she told him, she was on assignment indefinitely, she would see him after the assignment was over, since Sherm was in espionage, he understood.

Dayna called her fiancé Mario, he was on assignment in South America, after both of their assignments were completed; they planned to take a long vacation. Mario also reminded her to take her AIDS medications; he had just taken his. After Dayna hung up, she excused herself and went to the bathroom.

They had a good time on the plane, G-Mac was trying to cheat Lear and Dayna at poker and Nikki had Jacks laughing at her jokes and funny espionage stories. G-Mac was a happy to see his wife laughing and enjoying herself.

After beating G-Mac at poker, Lear opened a briefcase and took out five cell phones; she kept one for herself and passed out the other four. We will communicate via these phones. They are ‘Enigma T301’ phones. These phones use military-level encryption to enable unbreachable communication between users via all standard GSM networks.

They arrived in Florida early in the morning, after unpacking, everyone took a nap, later that afternoon; they went jet skiing, speed boating and scuba diving on Florida’s gold coast. Afterwards, they went grocery shopping and to a video outlet. G-Mac rented the first season of the cancelled series “Playmakers.”

When they returned to the safe house, G-Mac put in his movie and opened a Budweiser while the women went in the kitchen to prepare dinner. The menu consisted of Lear’s Mississippi deep fried chicken, homemade buttermilk biscuits, baked macaroni and cheese, steamed broccoli, peach cobbler and German chocolate cake.

Lear seasoned the flour with her four secret spices before rolling the chicken in it. Nikki started on the cake and cobbler, Jacks was shocked to see Nikki cooking. Jacks said, Nikki, you can cook? Nikki said, you damn right; I’m a black woman aren’t I? They started laughing. Jacks replied, just make sure you don’t design the cake in the shape of a gun. Everyone started laughing.

Since Dayna didn’t know how to cook, she washed the dishes and kept good conversation. Everyone had a good hearty meal; G-Mac ate so much; his stomach ached. After everyone went to sleep; G-Mac stayed up, he went in the basement and started making alterations to the firearms; he also made silencers as he listened to Tupac and Biggie on his i-pod.

The next day, Lear called Sterling Bryce, he said the assignment was delayed a day.

They decided to have breakfast at the News Café. Lear read in the paper that Alicia Keys and Maxwell’s benefit concert was sold-out. She decided to contact her personal concierge to request five front-row tickets and backstage passes.

The concierge had the tickets and passes delivered to the News Café within the hour. That night, everyone enjoyed the sweet soul sounds of Maxwell and Alicia Keys. When they went backstage, a few fans recognized Dayna from her video appearances and requested her autograph.

Afterwards, they went to a seafood restaurant where they enjoyed blackened salmon steaks, red skinned roasted potatoes and crab clusters.

They decided to finish the evening up in South Beach where they walked down Ocean Drive and went to several clubs and danced the night away. They returned to the house exhausted. Everyone slept peacefully that night.


Dr. Pierre Page was in a local market; he had finished the majority of his shopping when he decided to go to the magazine aisle. His heart skipped a beat when he saw the most gorgeous black woman he had ever seen in his life, leafing through a surfer magazine, another good sign since Pierre loved to surf in his spare time. Due to the pressures of his work, he hadn’t surfed in a year.

Pierre eased next to her and picked up a magazine, he decided to initiate a conversation. I see you are reading a surfer magazine; do you surf? The woman turned to Pierre and said, I am a surfing fan, I love to go to Hawaii and watch the surf tournaments. She asked; do you surf? Pierre eagerly replied, yes I do.

They conversed for several more minutes; they realized they had a lot in common. Pierre introduced himself and the woman introduced herself as Dayna. Pierre asked Dayna for her number, she paused (for effect) before giving it to him. Pierre thanked her, promised to call and left. After he left, Dayna put the surfer magazine back and purchased her favorite hip-hop publication, “TRUE Magazine.”

Pierre didn’t want to appear too eager; he didn’t call the first night although he thought about Dayna throughout the night; he would call her tomorrow from the clinic. He smiled at the anticipation.

The next day, Sarah arrived at the clinic for her consultation. Dr. Page assured her; the procedure was routine, Sarah was still reluctant. She wanted to have children the old fashioned way with someone she loved; she really had no interest in being a surrogate.

Dr. Page told her, I’ve been working so hard over the years and I have taken you for granted. Would you accompany me to dinner tonight, Sarah was so overcome with emotion she almost screamed yes.

After Sarah left the office, Dr. Page called Dayna, they agreed to get together over the weekend to go to the movies.

Dr. Page charmed Sarah over dinner, by the time they left, he had talked her into going through with the ‘implant’ procedure. Dr. Page was ecstatic; I will schedule you for the procedure next week.

From that moment on, Sarah would call Dr. Page everyday at the clinic, she now considered him her boyfriend, Dr. Page played alone with her but reminded her that he was too busy to take her out on a consistent basis, she understood and was content with talking on the phone everyday.

Dr. Page planned to have her killed immediately after she gave birth. No loose ends.


Dr. Page and Dayna went to see the movie “Ray,’ they both agreed, this was one of the best films to ever come out of Hollywood. Afterwards, they went to lunch at an Italian restaurant. Over lunch, Dr. Page talked about Florida. This tropical paradise has the highest ratio of millionaires, 1 out of every 30 people in Florida are millionaires. This is also the place where Jennifer Lopez, Enrique Iglesias, Ricky Martin, Gloria Estefan and Julio Iglesias are treated like royalty.

From there, they went to the greyhound races. They finished up the evening at “Club Deep” in South Beach. The doorman recognized Dayna from her music videos and unhooked the velvet rope. The place was buzzing, video girl Dayna Silva was in the house. People crowded around for her autograph and one guy asked her to dance. Dr. Page stood in the background; he was impressed; he had no idea that Dayna was famous.

Dayna hit the dance floor, she could tell her dance partner was also a professional dancer, people made room, they put on a show, as people stomped, cheered and clapped. After the dance, Dayna joined Pierre, he said, I had no idea you were famous, I guess I was so busy talking about myself and Florida that I never took the opportunity to ask, what do you do? Dayna replied, I model and dance.

They returned to Dayna’s apartment, she lit candles and put on Luther Vandross. She did a sexy strip tease as Pierre watched transfixed; she suddenly took his hand and led him into the bedroom.

Afterwards, Dayna had her head on Pierre’s chest, Pierre thought; not only is she sexy, beautiful and famous but she knows how to satisfy a man completely; she was incredible. He got up and went to the bathroom, Dayna smiled seductively, he was hooked.

When Pierre came out of the bathroom, he heard the sounds of Will Downing; Dayna was on the bed gesturing for him seductively. Within seconds he was fully aroused as he walked towards her.

Over pillow talk, Dr. Page couldn’t contain his excitement, he told her, something major is going to happen next Wednesday evening regarding an implant procedure, this project is so important, it is the only appointment scheduled for the day. Dayna tried to get additional information on the sly but he shut down.

After he left, Dayna contacted Lear and told her about the ‘implant’ procedure that was taking place on Wednesday evening, the only appointment scheduled for that day. Lear told her, we cannot allow this procedure to take place, our source inside of the clinic contacted me today, I believe he knows the identity of the woman receiving the implant, when I returned his call, he was unavailable, I won’t stop until I reach him.

Also, it’s urgent you talk Dr. Page into going to Cocoa Beach to surf on that day since the procedure is in the evening, tell him it will relax him prior to the procedure. We want him away from the clinic (so he can’t do the surgery) we will also raid the clinic and retrieve the artifacts and incriminating evidence.

Lear continued, Plan A: For now, terminate him with muscle inhibitor while you are surfing in the water, we will go to Plan B if the powers that be decide against termination, take your cell phone, I will keep you posted.

Later that evening, Lear heard from her source, her and Jacks met him, he informed them that a woman by the name of Sarah Patterson, a former undergraduate student of Dr. Page’s had a consultation in the clinic a few days ago, more than likely, she was the one receiving the implant.

Lear decided to put a surveillance team on Sarah’s residence.

Over the next few days, Dayna didn’t answer Dr. Page’s calls or return is calls, she wanted him eager, that way, he would go with her to Cocoa Beach. On Tuesday, she answered his phone call, she could hear the desperation in his voice, he said, where have you been, I have been worried about you, I absolutely have to see you. Dayna told him, she had been taking time for herself but she had been thinking about him. She suggested, let’s get together tomorrow, we can go to Cocoa Beach, I want to watch you surf. Dr. Page hesitated, I have a urgent matter I have to conduct at my clinic tomorrow, Dayna cut him off, I guess you don’t want to see me that bad, huh? She hung-up.

He called back twice, she ignored him, he called back a third time; she answered the phone. He was pleading, okay, we can go to Cocoa Beach, I will dig out my surfboard, we have to leave early and can only stay a few hours because I have to get back to the clinic. Dayna blew him a kiss over the phone and hung-up. She called Lear; it’s done.

They arrived at the beach very early, it was deserted on an overcast day; they were the only ones there. Dayna stripped down to her bikini, Dr. Page’s eyes almost popped out their sockets, damn; this woman is gorgeous, I am one lucky man. Dr. Page stripped down to his swim trunks; he left his pile of clothes including his cell phone and pager in a bundle on the beach.

Dayna had a thick belt tied around her bikini that contained a tracking device, a container of muscle inhibitor and a cell phone; all the items were waterproof. When Dr. Page asked her why was she wearing the thick belt, she replied, she got the idea from a James Bond movie; Halle Berry had a thick white belt tied around her orange bikini in the movie.

Dr. Page carried his surfboard out to the water, Dayna walked beside him.


Lear was back at command central organizing a strike team to raid the clinic while Jacks monitored wave currents for Cocoa Beach and G-Mac and Nikki were putting silencers (he had constructed) on to several guns. Nikki was admiring G-Macs work, she had a suggestion, hey G-Mac, my favorite clothes designer is Versace and you are my favorite gun designer, why don’t you put your label on the gun handle, “Killed by a G-Mac Gun,” kind of like, “Body By Jake.” G-Mac busted out laughing, Nikki you crazy.

Jacks said, Lear, you better come here; according to my wave monitoring data, Cocoa Beach will be experiencing giant and powerful waves all day. Dayna and Dr. Page just entered the water; their images should be coming up on the screen right now. Lear and Jacks turned around; the satellite showed two thermal images on the screen.


Sarah Patterson had just hung up the phone; her sister had just informed her that their mother had suffered a minor heart attack. Sarah called the airlines; she could only get an evening flight out. She would have to cancel her appointment with Pierre but she didn’t want to disappoint him, maybe she could move the appointment up.

She called Dr. Page’s cell phone, no answer, she called the clinic and was informed that Dr. Page was away from the clinic but his second in command Dr. Jacques Davis was available. She explained her situation to Dr. Davis, he listened intently, he put her on hold and tried to call Pierre, he wasn’t answering his cell, he paged Pierre, usually after a few seconds, Pierre returned his page, not this time, where the hell was he on such an important day?

He thought for a few minutes, Pierre had stressed how urgent this implant procedure was; Jacques decided at the spur of the moment; I will do the implant procedure, my chance to impress Dr. Page with my ability and leadership skills in his absence.

He got back on the line and told Sarah to come in; he lied and said, Dr. Page was experiencing an emergency, he asked me to get you started with the procedure and he would come in and finish it up. Sarah said okay, after I finish packing; I will come to the clinic, from there; I can leave for the airport. Jacques stressed, after implant procedures, I usually request that my patients rest, Sarah interrupted him, I will be fine, I have to go visit my sick mother, Jacques said okay, I will be expecting your arrival.


Dr. Page and Dayna were in the water, Dr. Page wanted to show off, he got on his surfboard and surfed a few feet away while Dayna told him how sexy he looked. She opened a compartment on her belt and discreetly brought out the container of muscle inhibitor. She loved using muscle inhibitor, quick, easy and lethal, after she sprayed it in his direction, every muscle in his body would freeze up and he would sink to the bottom of the ocean and drown; suddenly, the ring of her cell phone startled her.

Dayna hurriedly answered the phone, Lear shouted, plans have changed, ‘do not terminate,’ the powers that be want him alive, he might be helpful to our government but the order came down to ‘disable him.’ We have to resort to Plan B. A giant and devastating wave is headed in your way, it will arrive at you precise destination in one minute, make sure his back is facing the wave, when it hits. After the wave hits, swim him to shore and call the paramedics. Your assignment will be complete and the government will intervene. Return to the safe house we will meet you there later this evening.

Dayna saw the wave in the distance, she called out Pierre, he rushed to her, she positioned him in the water where he couldn’t see the wave fast approaching from the opposite direction, she gave him a passionate kiss, he responded, after a few seconds, she fondled him, this is the last thing that Dr. Pierre Page remembered before a powerful wave crashed into his back, severing his spinal cord, paralyzing him from the waist down.

The power of the wave knocked both of them backwards towards the shore and underwater, Dayna struggled to come up for air, she also hoisted Pierre up.

Dayna used all of her strength to swim ashore with Pierre, after she caught her breath, she did mouth to mouth on him, he spit up water but he was going in and out of consciousness, she called 911; when she heard the sirens, she mysteriously disappeared.


The surveillance team contacted Lear; she was informed that Sarah Patterson was on the move, Lear told them; we have Dr. Page neutralized where he is unable to do the surgery but follow her anyway.

Fifteen minutes later, Lear’s cell phone rung again, the surveillance team told her that they had followed Sarah to the clinic. Lear thought, what the hell is going on, why would she be at the clinic, didn’t the clinic cancel the surgery after they failed to locate Dr. Page?

A few minutes later, Lear was going over final preparations with the Strike Team when her phone rung again, her source reported that they had moved Sarah’s implant surgery up; she was at the clinic right now being prepped for surgery! Dr. Page’s second in command, Dr. Jacques Davis was going to conduct the surgery.

The team was quickly assembled as they rushed to the clinic. Nikki was fitted with an earpiece; which would enable her to have communication with Jacks, G-Mac and Lear from their high-tech van.

The Strike Team arrived and bolted out of the van, they were shot at by the armed guards, fire was returned, a few of the guards went down and one strike team member was killed.

Nikki led the team into the lobby, the team split up, they complex was big and sound proof, they still hadn’t found the surgery room, each member communicated with Lear on radio, no success. Meanwhile, in the van, Lear and G-Mac were doing a video feed surveillance of the clinic, the complex was vast with hundreds of rooms.

Nikki (walked alone) door to door when Jacks spoke in her earpiece, a hostile is coming in your direction, 12 o’clock. A pot-bellied guard appeared in front of Nikki, gal what you doing in here? The cleaning crew uses the back entrance, now get, before I call the cops on you. Nikki stared him down and said, motherfucker you in the wrong era. He replied, you got a smart mouth gal; the guard also noticed her gun, he drew his gun and asked, what is this, some type of driveby robbery and where in the hell did you get that silencer, on the Internet? He continued, are you stupid and dumb enough to think we have money or drugs in here? Gal, this is a clinic but you probably think it’s an abortion clinic, huh? Figures. You need to take your black ass home and bake some cookies.

Nikki laid her gun down and assumed a hand-to-hand combat stance, she said, come on big man, show me what you got. He laughed and said, you must be on crack, but it will be my pleasure to show you what I got, if you lucky, maybe I will rape you after I kick your black ass.

After he laid his gun down, he didn’t see the first kick coming, it hit him in the gut, he lost his breath and fell to the ground, Nikki kicked him in the face while he was on his knees holding his stomach, when he gathered enough strength to stand up, she did a roundhouse karate kick and broke his kneecap, he screamed out in pain and said, you must watch “Alias,” what kind of woman are you? Nikki said, a woman who kicks hillbilly ass from coast to coast.

She took him by the collar, retrieved her gun and placed it against his head, now motherfucker, you going to tell me what I need to know. In what room are the doctors conducting surgery and I know you know because it is the only procedure scheduled for today. The guard pointed upstairs and mumbled, room 3A.

Nikki said, I got to give you credit, you covered every negative stereotype within five minutes, you real good at that, now, let me show you what I’m real good at.

Nikki pointed the gun at him, he had a look of terror in his eyes, Nikki said, I think race relations may improve if you’re dead, what do you think? He shook his head vigorously and shouted no! She shot him twice, killing him. She raced upstairs, two stairs at a time as she shouted the room location to Jacks over the wire.

Jacks alerted Strike Team members, they all busted through Room 3A seconds before Jacques was going to inject Sarah with the cells. Nikki told everyone to back away from the patient.

Out of nowhere, government officials appeared and gathered up the needle in Jacques hand as well as everything else in the room, other government officials were in Pierre’s office, they found a safe that used a time synchronizing lock which enabled the combination to change every 60 seconds, a expert was called in, he used a an hand held wireless monitor to read the current combination, within 60 seconds, before the combination changed again, the safe was opened and the artifacts were retrieved. Classified documents and other incriminating evidence were also recovered.

Everyone was ordered to evacuate and the clinic was torched.


The crew celebrated at the safe house with Cristal Champagne, everyone was eating, drinking and dancing; they were having a good time.

G-Mac made a toast, here’s to a mission that went off without a hitch, Nikki said, holdup, I did get detained for a few minutes, I kicked redneck ass and had to blow him away, they all laughed.

After the party ended, during the course of clean up, G-Mac turned on the television just in time to see an urgent bulletin.

The newscaster reported, Kendall Taylor, formerly known as the Prince Of Soul has escaped from Pelican Bay Prison. Taylor was convicted last year of raping and killing several underage girls. You may also remember, Taylor’s voice box was forcibly removed; no suspects were ever apprehended for that offense, in other news…

Jacks was staring transfixed at the screen, she began to shiver with rage as G-Mac put his arms around her. Lear, Nikki and Dayna were stunned. An eerie silence penetrated the room.


Prison had been a nightmare for Kendall; he was raped everyday and became known as the cellblock bitch. Inmates teased and taunted him about his inability to talk.

The only bright spot in his prison stay was Lynn. Their relationship started off as a pen pal friendship, she was his biggest fan and believed Kendall was innocent, she even slept with a photo of Kendall under her pillow and she had all of his albums. She visited him every week, Kendall could tell she was in love with him and she didn’t seem to mind that he couldn’t talk; he decided to use this to his advantage.

He wrote her a note during one of her visits, telling her that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her but he couldn’t do it behind bars. She smiled from ear to ear. After a few more visits, Kendall wrote her a note detailing his escape plan, she agreed to be a part of it.

The day had come, while working on detail in the outdoors, once the guard was distracted; Kendall made a run for it.

Kendall ran through the woods, faster and faster, as he heard the search dogs barking in the background.

His heart was pounding as he stopped to take a breath; he hid behind the thick shrubs when he heard the helicopter from above. The helicopter finally left when nightfall came.

He was cold, dirty and hungry as he waited for Lynn at their designated spot, where the hell was she? Suddenly, he saw headlights and breathed a sigh of relief. She stopped the car; he got in the back seat and pulled a blanket over him.

Lynn decided to take the back roads, the authorities had roadblocks on the main roads but they had yet to put roadblocks on the back roads according to Lynn’s police scanner.

Lynn talked non-stop; Kendall was half listening because he had one thing on his mind.

He planned to extract revenge on the people who destroyed his life and career. The same people who removed his voice box. He had thought about it every day for a year, now the time had come.

Jacks, G-Mac, Sherm and Nikki were going to pay for what they did to him.




Three hours earlier, Lynn had helped Kendall break out of prison. They took the back roads and avoided roadblocks until they came to a farmhouse on the outskirts of town. The nearest neighbor was 5 miles away.

Lynn opened the back door to the car; Kendall got out and looked around nervously before they entered the house.

Since Kendall couldn’t talk, he wrote Lynn a note, asking, where is the shower? She pointed down the hall and said, while you shower, I will prepare dinner. Kendall nodded.

Kendall passed a bedroom; he looked in and saw where Lynn had made a shrine to him. She had posters and publicity photos on the walls.

When Kendall finished showering, he joined Lynn in the kitchen. He devoured the meatloaf, mashed potatoes, biscuits and green peas. It had been a long time since he had a home cooked meal. Lynn talked non-stop, baby, I know you didn’t kill all those girls, people were just jealous of your success, hatin on you, planting evidence. You are a kind and sensitive man, Kendall smiled and thought; she is dumber than I thought.

After dinner, Lynn put on her favorite Kendall record and asked Kendall to slow dance with her, he reluctantly agreed. Lynn smiled as she swayed slowly too the music against Kendall’s body. When the record went off, Lynn led Kendall into the bedroom and seduced him. To get through the lovemaking, Kendall closed his eyes and imagined Lynn was an underage girl.

As she lay in his arms, she thought, I’m in love with the man of my dreams; I can’t believe I’m sharing a bed with my all-time favorite singer.

Kendall had different thoughts; he would keep a low profile and build up his strength through exercise and discipline. He would go target shooting and he would practice the karate and hand-to-hand combat maneuvers he learned in prison. He would also lift weights. He was going to get in the best shape of his life before he killed the people who destroyed his life, G-Mac, Jacks, Nikki and Sherm.

He also planned to kill Lynn.


Jacks, G-Mac, Nikki, Lear and Dayna were on a private plane back to Los Angeles. The mood had changed since they learned Kendall had escaped from prison. Nikki sat down with Jacks and G-Mac. I talked to one of my prison contacts; they found a notebook in Kendall’s cell detailing how he’s going to kill me, you, Jacks and Sherm. I’ve already warned Sherm. You should have let me kill him when I had the chance, hell, at the rate I’m going, I’m taking out every mothafucka in hip-hop and R&B, first Key-Low and now Kendall’s ass.

Damn, can a sista catch a break, maybe “Behind The Music” will do a special on me, hell, I’m contributing to music in an indirect way. Never did like Kendall’s music, acting like he the “King Of R&B,” it was only one King and that was Luther Vandross.

G-Mac said, let him ‘bring it on;’ I’m ready for his punk ass, we are well trained in what we do, he don’t stand a chance. Nikki added, I ‘ll ‘go black’ on his ass and you can ‘go Compton’ on him, that should get the job done. Jacks added, bottom line, we’re going to have to go ‘rogue’ on his ass. An hour later, the plane landed in Los Angeles, everybody vowed to stay in touch, said their goodbyes and went their separate ways.


The players crowded around the coach, they were one point down with seven seconds left in the game. Coach Carson told the players, this is it boys, if you want to advance to the playoffs; I need to see that killer instinct, we haven’t been in the playoffs in seven years, let’s break that losing streak. Get the ball to Jimmy Mack, I don’t care how you do it, just do it! The players broke huddle and went back on the court. The ball was in-bounded to Roger, Jimmy’s defender slipped, Roger passed the ball to Jimmy, with 2 seconds left, Jimmy fired a jump shot. All net, the gymnasium exploded as fans stormed the court! Jimmy was lifted on the shoulders of his teammates.

The next day, it was hot in South Philly. Kids were outside spraying each other with hoses and Playa’s were rolling in their SUV’s with the stereo’s bumping, cruising on Sprewell’s trying to put their mack down on the honeys.

Neighbors were trying to cool off as they chatted with each other on the porch while the sounds of Philly native Jill Scott played in the background.

Near an alley, you had dealers slinging ecstasy, meth and crack.

Across from the alley, a game of pickup basketball was in progress, Jimmy Mack was putting on a show with his exceptional ball skills; he had the crowd on their feet.

After the game, people came up and congratulated Jimmy on his game winning shot the night before.

Aunt Bessie’s Soul & Cajun café had just opened for business; you could smell the sweet aroma of food throughout the neighborhood. A few people headed in the direction of the aroma, counting their money.

13-year old Michael “Mikey” Mack awoke, it was past noon, he had stayed up the night before watching his brother Jimmy make the winning shot in the basketball game and playing Tony Hawk video games.

Mikey yawned, got up, took a shower and put on his clothes, told his father bye, retrieved his pocket bike and left. His father John, hollered down the hall, you be careful driving that bike and if you see your big brother Jimmy, tell him to get home and clean his room.

Mikey drove his pocket bike on back streets until he reached Aunt Bessie’s; he parked it around back and entered the café.

The jukebox was playing Motown when Mikey entered; Marvin Gaye was belting out “Let’s Get It On,” if the spirit moves you; let me groove you.

Mikey got hungry just looking around the café where people were eating, shrimp and sausage Po Boys, spicy chicken wings, red beans and rice and Cajun grilled crab.

Aunt Bessie was glad to see Mikey, she knew his mother had died a few years earlier; she made it a point to look after him and she helped him with his homework.

Aunt Bessie had the cook prepare a chicken fried steak sandwich with cheese, red onions and mayo on a soft sour dough bun, served alongside steak fries, topped off with a strawberry milkshake and a slice of German chocolate cake.

Mikey devoured the food. Aunt Bessie wouldn’t accept his money, she told him, as long as you do good in school, you don’t have to pay. Mikey hugged Aunt Bessie and thanked her before he left.

He got on the pocket bike and headed towards the basketball court to see his big brother demolish the competition.

Since the pocket bike didn’t have side mirrors, Mikey didn’t realize a cop was behind him until he heard the siren, he quickly glanced around and accelerated. He turned down a side street going at the maximum 35 mph.

He knew the bike was illegal and unregulated and he was underage. The cop followed him down the side street, Mikey made a quick turn, a sharp left and lost the cop.

10 minutes later, he arrived at the playground. The game was over, he saw his big brother leaning into a car trying to hustle cell phones, i-Pods and sidekicks.

Mikey walked up on him, Jimmy ended business quickly and said, hey there little man, whats up? Jimmy could see the disappointment on Mikey’s face and asked what’s wrong?

Mikey said, Jimmy, why you out here hustling, it may mess up your college scholarship, why you doing this illegal stuff? It ain’t worth it.

Jimmy rolled his eyes and said, after the school got penalized last year for giving that quarterback money and a car under the table, they ain’t giving no more money to high school athletes like me.

Jimmy patted him on the head, don’t worry about me little man, I am suppose to worry and look out for you, remember? I do this to make a little extra cash on the side, keep my pockets flushed; them recruiters don’t have to know.

When I get drafted in the NBA next year, I’m moving you and Pops outta here, into a big mansion with a bunch of whips and an indoor pool. First thing I’m going to do is purchase a pimped out H2 with fly rims and a banging system. Then, I’m going to go buy me some bling. And guess what? You can play video games all day and night with a big allowance, you ain’t never got to work, cause you big brother will be taking care of you and you can go to the ‘X’ games and Disneyland every year. Mikey’s eyes got big, for real Jimmy, you are the best big brother ever, Mikey gave Jimmy a hug.

Mikey said, Pops wants you home to clean your room, Jimmy brushed off the comment and said, I got to meet a few teammates at Aunt Bessie’s to talk game strategy, tell pops I’ll be home later.

Now you go on home, oh, before I forget, this is for you; Jimmy went into his back pocket and pulled out a Danny Way video game and a cell phone. Mikey was ecstatic.

Jimmy arrived at Aunt Bessie’s, in the background, Marvin and Tammi sung ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.’ He saw his two teammates; Sly and Roger, he joined them. They ordered Chicken and sausage gumbo, BBQ pork sandwiches and fried okra.

They talked strategy and defense. They had to bring their ‘A’ game if they were going to beat Lincoln High in the playoffs. Roger told Jimmy, it’s good you going to the NBA right out of high school because this is probably the last year you’ll be able to do that. They about to change that, making high school players wait a year until they enter the NBA.

Aunt Bessie came over to their table, Jimmy Mack, I want you to score 50 points in that game tomorrow night. Jimmy said, Aunt Bessie, with your cooking, I’m thinking more like a 100. Aunt Bessie smiled and continued, when you make it big, don’t you forget me, Jimmy said, how could I forget you Aunt Bessie. I may even fly your food in by private jet before games, one of my first investments is going to be in a chain of ‘Aunt Bessie’ café’s across the country. Aunt Bessie gave Jimmy a big hug and said, now, that’s what I’m talking bout. I’m going to hold you to it!

They got up to leave, Sly asked Jimmy, hey man, me and Roger going to go shoot some pool, why don’t you join us. Jimmy said, naw man, not tonight, I’m going to go spend some time with Lola.

Sly rolled his eyes, Jimmy, that ain’t cool, taking up with her after she dumped Comfort, you know he the biggest dealer around and he didn’t take to kindly to you hooking up with her. Besides, she all about the money, first, she with Comfort, now she latching on to you before you get drafted.

Jimmy said, ya’ll worry too much; I know how to handle my business. I’ll catch ya’ll later. Jimmy motioned for Aunt Bessie, can I get a ‘to go order’ of Crab melts for Lola. Aunt Bessie said, coming right up!

Jimmy had just left Lola’s when Comfort and his crew emerged from the shadows. Comfort walked up to Jimmy and poked his finger in his chest, you got a lot of nerve, slinging on my corner and hooking up with Lola. Like Eddie Kane told that dude in the “Five Heartbeats,” you trying to be me.

Jimmy stood his ground and said, why the fuck I wanna be you? Shit, I’ll be in the NBA guarding Lebron making seven figures and your ass will still be slinging or you’ll be in jail or dead, you don’t own these streets and Lola left you weeks ago, get over it!

Comfort said, just cause you an All-Star don’t mean shit to me! He glanced back at his boys, ya’ll know what to do, teach this mothafucka a lesson!

They started kicking and stomping Jimmy, he screamed out in pain as he tried to fight back, he wouldn’t give up. A thug named ‘Killah’ shouted, you think you better than us cause you a NBA prospect, you ain’t shit, why should you get out of here and we get left behind, fuck you! Suddenly, Killah pulled out a gun and placed the gun on the back of Jimmy’s neck and said, after I pull this trigger, you will be stuck in the ghetto like the rest of us. Killah shot Jimmy; he sunk to the ground as his attackers fled.

As Jimmy lay on the ground, a big cramp traveled through his body and his legs went limp. The only thing Jimmy could move were his eyelids.

A passerby saw Jimmy lying on the sidewalk, Jimmy mumbled weakly, please help me, I’ve been shot, I can’t feel anything and I can barely breath.

The man pulled out his cell phone and dialed 911. He tried to comfort Jimmy until the ambulance came. As Jimmy struggled to talk, he asked the stranger, are my legs and arms still on? The man looked down and said yes, Jimmy said, how come I don’t feel them? Just then, the ambulance pulled up and Jimmy lost consciousness.


The police hadn’t tracked Kendall and Lynn down because the farmhouse was in a distance relative’s name, the relative had passed away a year before and Lynn was using someone else’s identity through identity theft.

Kendall had a routine; he ate breakfast with Lynn each morning before she went to work. During the day, he worked out with weights, did martial arts, showered, and went out back to target shoot. Afterwards, he would spend the day on the Internet, visiting kiddie porn sites and chat rooms populated by teenagers.


Mikey and his father John waited nervously in the hospital waiting room. After a few hours, the doctor emerged. He took a deep breath before he informed John; I have good and bad news. Good news first, your son Jimmy will survive but he will be paralyzed from the neck down. He will have to use a ventilator throughout his life. This is the most severe spinal injury I have ever seen. Also, he will be pain for the rest of his life and he will never have sex again but he has all of his mental faculties, he will be able to understand you and he will need round the clock medical care. We have a program here, funded by benefactors, where he can stay in the hospital to receive that care. His injury qualifies him for this program; I will submit the paperwork. Also, he keeps asking for someone named Lola.

John and Mikey clung to each other and cried.

The next day, Aunt Bessie joined the Mack family in Jimmy’s hospital room. She sat on the side of his bed and hand fed him chicken and cornbread. She told him, finish this up baby; you need all your strength. Jimmy smiled and mumbled, where is Lola? Aunt Bessie signaled for Mikey to meet her outside.

She asked Mikey, where is his girlfriend? Mikey said, she hasn’t been here once since he got shot, word on the street is, she back with Comfort. Aunt Bessie shook her head and said, that’s a damn shame.

The police investigation in the attempted murder of Jimmy Mack stalled. The police considered the attack gang related. Mikey told investigators, the streets are buzzing, that, Comfort and Killah are behind the attack. The investigators told him, without eyewitnesses, it’s really nothing we can do. John became incensed, after the police left, he decided to call his cousin Garrett; he knew Garrett and his wife were involved in law enforcement, maybe they could help.


G-Mac answered on the second ring, John said, hey cousin. G-Mac said, John, it’s been a long time, I hear Jimmy Mack is making some noise on the basketball court. John said, I have some bad news. Within the next five minutes, John related the attack on Jimmy, he also told him about the police investigation. G-Mac told him, I’m on the next plane out of here. I will call you back with my flight information.

After G-Mac called John back with the flight information, he hung up and turned to Jacks. He told Jacks, John is a cousin, as kids, we spent one summer in the South. He also told Jacks about the attack. Jacks asked him, do you want me to go? G-Mac said no; stay here with the kids. I’ll be back in a few days.


Overnight, Mikey turned into an introverted, lonely and withdrawn child. He stayed in his room and cried himself to sleep. Mikey was so lonely without his big brother. He decided to pass the time by reading, he went in his backpack to retrieve a book, he came across a flyer he had put in his backpack the day before, advertising a telephone chat line for teens between the ages of 13 and 18; the service was free. He set up a subscription account.

The next day, Comfort and his crew, including Killah and Lola, arrived at Aunt Bessie’s for lunch with ‘I Heard It Through The Grapevine’ playing in the background. Aunt Bessie rushed from behind the counter and told them, your business is not welcome here! See that sign, I have the right to refuse business to anyone I deem unfit. Comfort knew not to argue with her, she was a respected icon in the community. He turned and left, with his crew in tow.

Meanwhile, Mikey was spending a lot of time on the telephone chat network making friends. This one guy named Pete reminded Mikey of Jimmy Mack. Pete talked sports and he and Mikey shared the same interests. Mikey enjoyed talking to Pete, he was like a surrogate brother and he filled the gap left in Mikey’s life. When Mikey asked Pete, why is your voice so deep, you don’t sound like a 15-year old? Pete replied, deep voices run in my family. Mikey was so comfortable with Pete, that he gave him his cell phone number. By talking to Pete exclusively, Mikey was able to bypass the numerous older men trying to solicit underage boys and girls for sex on the phone line.

Over the next few weeks, John noticed that Mikey was spending a lot of time on the phone. He told him, stop tying up the phone line, Mikey replied, Pops, I belong to a telephone network that connects kids throughout the East Coast. John said, you be careful and don’t meet any of these kids in person. A lot of scams are involved with these phone networks and the Internet. I almost lost one son; I don’t want to lose another. Also, your big Cousin Garrett is flying in from Los Angeles tomorrow; we are going to the airport to pick him up. When you greet him, don’t call him Garrett; call him G-Mac.

John and Mikey picked G-Mac up at the airport, G-Mac called Mikey-Lil Cuz. They went to lunch and to the hospital, it broke G-Mac’s heart to see Jimmy Mack’s condition.

When they returned to the apartment, Mikey told G-Mac everything he knew about Jimmy’s attack, including the names of the attackers. G-Mac asked, where do they hang-out? Mikey said, Killah slings rock and meth near the park all day and then he goes to Comfort’s crib to drop off the money.

G-Mac said, tomorrow, Lil Cuz, I want you to take me to that park, he turned to John, make sure you are at work all day tomorrow, make your presence known. John asked, why? What are you going to do? G-Mac said, it’s better you don’t know.

G-Mac called Jacks, baby; go into my workshop and send my favorite two guns with ammunition, send it by private mail, here’s the address. Don’t worry, everything is fine, you know our motto, blood is thicker than water, I gotta handle my business and go rogue. Jacks knew not to object, they both grew up on the streets of Compton; this is how things were done.

G-Mac added, I love you to baby and I’ll look out for that package, I’ll be home soon, give the kids a kiss for me and tell them that Daddy misses them.

The next day, Mikey took G-Mac to the park, he pointed out Killah. G-Mac told Mikey, ok, Lil Cuz, your job is done, he went in his pocket and gave Mikey twenty dollars and told him to go buy some lunch and go to the arcade.

Instead of going to the arcade, Mikey went home and got on the telephone chat line with Pete.

G-Mac spent the next few hours watching Killah. He even followed him to Comfort’s apartment.

The next day, G-Mac followed the same routine, watching Killah.

When he returned to John’s apartment, his package was waiting. He took the package into a back room and quickly assembled the weapons.

The next day after Killah finished slinging, G-Mac followed him to Comfort’s. After Comfort buzzed him in, G-Mac came up behind Killah and placed the gun to his head, he told him, lead me to Comfort’s apartment, knock like you usually do and I will let you live, Killah nodded his head and did what he was told.

After Killah gently knocked on the door, G-Mac shot him in the back of the head; the silencer muffled the sound. Killah was dead before he hit the ground.

Comfort opened the door; G-Mac shot him between the eyes. Comfort’s crew scrambled to pull out their weapons but G-Mac was too fast for them. He stepped inside, fired to his left and his right, killing both men.

Around the same time, Pete called Mikey on his cell phone, despite his father’s warnings, Mikey agreed to meet Pete at the Mall in the city after Pete told him he had the latest video games. He described what he would be wearing and told Mikey where to meet him. As soon as he got off the phone, Pete made another call, it was answered on the first ring, Pete said ‘I may have a live one for you,’ keep this line open, I’ll get back to you.’

Mikey took two buses to get to the mall, when he arrived; he went to the designated spot. It was secluded with the exception of a short male wearing a red hooded sweatshirt. It had to be Pete, he told Mikey he would be in a red sweatshirt. Mikey approached him from behind.

Mikey was a foot away when he said, Pete is that you? Pete turned around to face Mikey. Mikey’s instincts kicked in, something wasn’t right, this wasn’t a boy; this was a small-framed man with facial hair. Mikey backed away from Pete; just then, someone came up from the rear and placed a cloth over his nose. He was shoved into a van before he lost consciousness.


It was a Saturday morning; Lynn had cooked a breakfast of ham, grits and eggs. Afterwards, she told Kendall, I think we should get married. He looked at her like she was crazy. Lynn was beginning to outlive her usefulness. Just a few more weeks of target shooting, conditioning and body strengthening and he would be in the wind.


G-Mac returned to John’s apartment, he decided to take a nap. He was awakened by a knock on the door; he looked out the peephole and saw two plainclothes detectives. He let them in. They asked, where is John Mack? G-Mac said, he’s working a double shift. Is everything ok? One of officers asked, who are you? G-Mac said, I’m his cousin, I’m also on the job; I freelance through several government agencies on the West Coast. The officers showed a new-found respect for G-Mac as they told him, have John Mack call us when he returns home; it concerns the guys who allegedly attacked his son.

When John came home, G-Mac gave him the message; John called police headquarters. He was speechless as he hung up the phone. He turned to G-Mac, you not going to believe this, all the guys suspected of jumping Jimmy are dead, the cops checked my time card, they know I was at work all day. They seem relieved that Comfort and his crew are dead, I doubt if they do a thorough investigation. G-Mac smiled, after a few seconds, it hit John and he smiled back. No further words were exchanged regarding Comfort and his crew.

G-Mac told John, my flight leaves in the morning, you and Lil Cuz can drop me off at curbside. John said, speaking of Mikey, is he here? G-Mac said no, I haven’t seen him and the phone hasn’t rung, earlier I gave him money to go to the arcade. John said, he’ll probably drift in later, don’t like him staying out late like this.

The next morning John got up, he went to go wake up G-Mac and then he went into Mikey’s room, he noticed Mikey’s bed hadn’t been slept in; he became alarmed. He yelled for G-Mac.


The van hit the Interstate as Mikey lay unconscious in the back. Pete’s friend Jim dialed a number on his cell phone and handed the phone to Pete. The phone was answered on the third ring, Pete said, your package is in transit, if everything goes according to schedule, the package should be on the pipeline to South America in the next few days.

Carlo Santos Hernandez hung up the phone with a smile on his face. Hernandez was a corrupt South American dictator who had a wife and children. He was also a pedophile who desired underage Latino and African-American boys. He used the children as sex slaves and domestic help in a second home, located on the outskirts of town.

Hernandez was very powerful. He was also directly linked to a top-secret global firm. No one knew the name, location, personnel or names affiliated with the firm. The company could only be contacted through email. Their services went to the highest bidder. Services included: money laundering, illicit technology, weapons of mass destruction, embassy bombings and genocide among refugees. Mercenaries and former intelligence officials were rumored to work for the firm. Shareholders included: former dictators, warlords, retired prime ministers and disposed kings. The company grossed nearly $1 billion dollars per year.


John called the police and G-Mac cancelled his flight. The police arrived, they weren’t very cooperative; one detective told John; you sure have a lot of problems with your sons. The first one got attacked and now you think the second one is missing, you need to take parenting classes. G-Mac had to restrain John from attacking the cop.

Another cop theorized that Mikey was probably spending the night over a friend’s house. He told John, he had wait 48 hours until he could file a missing person’s report.

After the cops left, John told G-Mac, I know my boy, this is out of character, if he was staying at a friend’s house, he would have called and told me, something ain’t right, G-Mac agreed.

G-Mac and John had been canvassing the neighborhood for two hours before they got a break. They ran into one of Mikey’s friends Kurtis. John told Kurtis that Mikey was missing, Kurtis said, I just saw him yesterday, John asked where? Kurtis replied, at the bus stop, he said he was going to the mall to meet someone.

John and G-Mac rushed to the mall. They went to the security division and talked to the head of security. The security director was sympathetic towards John and had an assistant retrieve security tapes from the day before.

They had been watching the tapes for a few hours when they saw a kid who looked like Mikey’s being shoved into a white van. G-Mac had the technician zoom in on the van to get the license plate number. He wrote the plate number down and talked the security chief into making him a copy of the tape.

G-Mac and John arrived at police headquarters and gave the cops the information. The cops told John that the license plate had been stolen. Despite Mikey being abducted on tape, the cops issued a ‘Amber Alert,’ which resulted in few clues.

G-Mac told John, don’t worry cuz, I will assemble an crew and Mikey will be rescued.

John worked the phones and called media outlets, he even told them he had a tape of his son’s abduction, when they asked the description of the child, as soon as John said African-American, they became disinterested.

After John got off the phone, G-Mac asked, do you have Mikey’s cell phone number? John said, hold on, while I find it. John came back with the number.

G-Mac called Jacks, baby, another situation has occurred, my young cousin has been abducted, Jacks said, oh no! Do you need me in Philly? G-Mac said, not yet but I might, the police don’t even seem interested in investigating, can you believe that shit? I need you to retrieve phone logs on Mikey’s cell phone for the last several days. Let me give you his number. Write down this email address, this is where I want you to email the information, thanks baby; I love you too.

After G-Mac got off the phone, the doorbell rung. It was Aunt Bessie and her daughter Joan carrying plates of food. Aunt Bessie asked John, what is this I hear about my Mikey going missing? John said it’s true; my baby boy was abducted at the mall. Aunt Bessie said, Lord Jesus, what is this world coming to? I brought this food for you and your cousin, if you need anything; you let me know. We are headed to church to pray for Mikey, you know that boy is my heart. You let me know if you need me to organize anything.

Jacks called and told G-Mac, you got mail. G-Mac got off the phone and rushed to the computer. He printed out the information. One particular number stood out on the phone logs. Mikey called this number a few times a day. The number was registered to a Pete Miller; his address was also included in the information.

G-Mac asked John, do you know a Pete Miller? John said no. G-Mac continued, Mikey called this number a few times a day for the last week. John said, wait a minute; Mikey had told me he joined some kind of teenage telephone chat network, I told him to be careful, this all may be connected.

G-Mac called his friend Sherm in Los Angeles. Hey man, how is Nikki? Sherm said, she’s fine, she’s been out of the country all week, she’ll be back tonight. G-Mac said, Sherm, I’m going to need your expertise regarding a personal matter in Philadelphia. Sherm said, not a problem, I will book a flight for tomorrow and call you back with my flight information.


Mikey awoke to a throbbing headache. He tried to move but couldn’t. His arms and ankles were bound; he was in some kind of compartment on a plane. He screamed, help me, somebody help me, please! A man entered the room; opened the compartment and put a cloth over his nose; he lost consciousness again.

G-Mac picked Sherm up at the airport; he brought him up to date on the situation in the car. They planned to move on Pete Miller later that evening.


Before Lynn left for work, Kendall wrote her a note and asked her to leave him some money, he wanted to go shopping in town, she tried to talk him out of it, saying, somebody may recognize you, he wrote her another note, I am sick of being cooped up, I have cabin fever, don’t worry, I will wear a disguise, maybe I want to go look at wedding rings, Lynn beamed, Kendall thought, stupid fool. She gave him sixty dollars and some change and she insisted on taking him to town. She dropped him off on a busy intersection and told him, I will see you at home later; he smiled and closed the door.

Kendall waited until Lynn was out of sight; he crossed the street and waited for a bus. The bus took him to a nearby town where he checked into a cheap motel. He paid the 2-hour rate and wrote a note to the clerk, I am deaf and expecting someone, they will ask for Roy Jenkins (me) room number, please give them my room number and direct them to my room. The clerk nodded sympathetically.

Kendall went to the room and waited. Over the last few days, he could no longer control his impulses. He couldn’t wait to meet his prey, she was so young (15) and sweet, her name was Stacy and he had met her on the Internet. She was looking for an older man to take her virginity. They had agreed ‘not’ to exchange photos because that would spoil the anticipation. His thoughts were interrupted by a soft knock on the door.

Kendall opened the door, Stacy got a bad vibe from Kendall right away, something wasn’t right, she decided to make small talk and leave but for some reason he seemed familiar to her but she couldn’t place his face. She tried to start a conversation, he wrote her a note that he couldn’t talk, she had no idea he was a deaf mute. Kendall sensed the rejection and became enraged. Before she could leave. He overpowered her and grabbed her by the neck and threw her face down on the bed. She tried to scream but he put his hand over her mouth. With the other hand, he began ripping her clothes off, he took a moment to put a condom on and then he sodomized her as she bled onto the sheets and cried into the pillow.

When he was done, he turned her over, looked her directly in the eyes and strangled her to death. Afterwards, he did a forensic cleanup.


G-Mac and Sherm staked out Pete’s house until he arrived. They waited until the lights went out. They got out of the car, G-Mac picked the lock, Sherm followed him towards the bedroom.

G-Mac woke Randall up with a punch to the face. Pete was startled, who are you? What the hell do you want? I have money in the safe, take it and leave.

G-Mac said, shut-up and stand up, Pete got out of bed. G-Mac shouted, I am only going to ask you this question once, where is the boy you abducted from the Mall? Pete looked scared when he answered, I don’t know what you are talking about. G-Mac glanced back at Sherm

Sherm took out a knife, he ripped Pete’s shirt off and began cutting him on the chest and putting lit cigarettes in his earlobes. Pete screamed out in pain.

G-Mac said, I am going to ask you again, where is the boy you abducted from the Mall? Randy said, I don’t know.

Sherm took out a hammer and two nails from his black bag. Pete was stripped completely necked and hoisted up. Sherm told him, I’m going to hammer a nail into each of your testicles unless you tell us where the boy is.

Pete was petrified as Sherm walked towards him with the hammer and nail, he put the nail on top of Pete left testicle and raised the hammer. Pete screamed no, please don’t, I’ll tell you everything you want to know!

They cut Pete down, he told them, he was involved in an overseas white slavery ring that supplied boys and girls to rich and powerful men for a large sum of money. It was too late for Mikey, he was already on a plane to South America to be the sex slave of dictator Carlo Santos Hernandez.

G-Mac thanked him for his information and told him, you are lower than scum; I despise pedophiles and child brokers. You don’t deserve to live; G-Mac pulled out his gun and shot him in the heart.

G-Mac thanked Sherm and took him to the airport. When he got back to his rental car, he called Jacks. Honey, this case has gone International, I will explain the details later, I need you to contact Lear; I need both of you in Philadelphia ASAP. We can set up a command center at John’s apartment. Also, have Lear contact Nikki for firepower and tell her to bring along Joe (Uppy) Upshaw for additional firepower.


Lear was in her office. She only did business by referral only. Her friend Sam, (a former policeman) called, he needed an alibi, he had killed his daughter’s murderer/rapist the day before and he knew he would be the number one suspect. Sam owned a very lucrative security firm that spanned the globe but Lear had contacts that were out of his reach, he only contacted her in cases of emergency. Lear asked him general questions, what time did the coroner say the murder occurred, Sam answered, between 9-10 p.m.

Lear said, Sam, your alibi will cost you $1 million, you can wire the money into a Cayman account, I require $500,000 now. After the money has been deposited, a man named Reggie will call you. Sam said, that’s a pretty steep price Lear, she answered; my alibi service has always cost one million. A lot cheaper than spending your entire life in jail, don’t you think, after some thought, Sam agreed.

After the money was confirmed in the account, Reggie called Sam and told him to gather his friends (the ones he could trust) for a party; he would arrive at the party later with a camera.

Reggie arrived and took dozens of photos of Sam and his friends. Afterwards, he returned home, went into his lab and applied an authentic looking time stamp and a authentic looking date stamp on the photos which coincided with the time frame and date of the murder. After Sam wired the additional $500,000 into Lear’s account, a courier delivered the photos. Sam was never charged with the murder.

Sam referred a friend to Lear, his name was Jake; he was going through a messy divorce and wanted to get back at his cheating wife. Lear replaced Jake’s lawyers with two new attorneys. They purposely dragged the divorce out, delay after delay; the wife went bankrupt due to lawyer fees and her young lover left. The husband felt vindicated; she had no more money and no boyfriend.

Jake referred a friend named Ben to Lear. Ben needed to make ‘very classified and sensitive’ global communications that could not be traced back to him. Lear put him in touch with a ‘phone relay’ service. This underground company would make the call and connect the party. When the bill arrived, the company’s phone number would be on the bill, not Ben’s.

Lear was finishing up for the day, she was going on a double-date with her boyfriend Pierce and best friend Dayna and her fiancé Mario, they were going to watch the last leg of the Tour de France. Her thoughts were interrupted when her priority phone rung, it was Jacks.


Lynn was watching the news with Kendall when the anchorman reported the murder of a young girl in a nearby town. The motel clerk was able to give a sketch of the killer, and said the killer was deaf which fit the description of escaped fugitive Kendall Taylor. Lynn recognized the sketch; Kendall wore an identical cap when she had dropped him off earlier in the day. Lynn turned to face him, he stared right through her, she got up to run; he pounced on her and dragged her to the kitchen by her hair. He took a butcher knife off the counter and proceeded to slit her throat, she sunk to the floor.

Kendall hurriedly packed his bags and took money, credit cards and an ATM card out of Lynn’s purse. He got the car keys off the table, threw his luggage in the back and took off. He decided to take the back roads. He thought, time to make good on my promise, here I come G-Mac, Jacks, Nikki and Sherm.

Meanwhile, the cops were searching the motel room for clues. They caught a break when they broadcast Lynn’s drivers license photo and announced that she was aiding and abetting Kendall. The phones lit up. They arrived at her place of employment, got her home address off her job application and sent a SWAT team to her residence.

An officer got on a loudspeaker asking the occupants to come out, no response, they called Lynn’s home phone number, no response, they tried her cell phone, no one picked up. They kicked the door down and found Lynn dead on the kitchen floor, Kendall was nowhere in sight.


G-Mac picked up Jacks, Nikki, Lear and Uppy at the airport. They arrived at John’s apartment and immediately set up a command post. John said, please make yourselves at home and I appreciate everything you doing to recover my son. I’ll stay out of everyone’s way.

They were prepared, Jacks brought a dossier of Carlo Santos Hernandez and Uppy had the layouts of his home and apartment. Uppy told G-Mac, this is a very sensitive matter, Hernandez has power in every corner of the world. If we kill him, it will spark an international outrage. We have to handle this assignment with great sensitivity and care.

Uppy asked, are you sure we have to kill him? Jacks answered yes, so no other family has to go through what John is going through. Killing him will put a dent in his pipeline and possibly save other kids from being abducted and shipped to South America.

Jacks passed the dossier to Lear as Uppy continued. I have a suggestion, why don’t we convince his wife that he is trying to kill her, that way, she will kill him first and we’ll be off the hook and then we can go in and rescue your cousin because if his death is traced back to us, we will be on the run for the rest of our lives. His people will not give up until they track us all down and kill us all.

Lear said, I just noticed in his dossier that he was diagnosed with a kidney problem last week and he is in urgent need of a kidney transplant. Jacks and I will handle it from here. After we handle our end, you, G-Mac and Nikki have to be ready to leave for South America immediately. G-Mac said, handle your business and get back to us. And we will make sure the firearms, paperwork and passports are in order.

The next day, Jacks arrived at Animal Control, she paid an intern $200 for a rabid dog. The intern led the dog into a caged van that Jacks had rented. Before she left he told her, watch out, this dog is vicious, if you say sic, he will attack on cue. Jacks said thanks and left.

When Jacks returned to the apartment, Nikki handed her Hernandez’s physical stats. Jacks went to a sex offender database in Philadelphia and matched his stats up with Clarence Rose, a convicted child rapist who was currently on parole.


The plane had landed. Mikey heard someone opening the locked compartment. He stepped out of the compartment and rubbed his eyes, he stretched his legs and asked, where am I? I want my daddy, who are you. The man told him to shut up and gave him a glass of water; he also gave Mikey two pills to take. Mikey refused to take the pills. The man pried his jaws open and forced the pills down his throat. Mikey began to feel light-headed. He was led off the plane into a waiting limousine.


Jacks and Lear had Clarence Rose under surveillance for a day; they finally saw an opportunity. Rose emerged from his house in a sweat suit and went jogging. Jacks and Lear put on protective gear and let the dog out of the van and pointed him in Rose’s direction and told him to sic.

The dog caught up with Rose and jumped on him; biting him all over, Rose was screaming until the dog severed his jugular vein. Blood was everywhere. Rose lay dead on the ground; the dog ran off. Jacks hurriedly pulled out Rose’s wallet and filled out the donor information on the back of his drivers license, she put the license back in his wallet and Lear called 911.

Lear and Jacks returned to the apartment. Lear called a contact in Brazil, she told her; I am going to give you information that you will be awarded for by Carlo Santos Hernandez, the most powerful man in South America. She had the contact’s attention. Lear continued, one of my sources in the States informed me that a man was just admitted to St. Mary’s hospital in Philadelphia, his name is Clarence Rose. Hernandez is in need of a kidney transplant, this man matches his statistics perfectly and he has his blood type. I heard that Hernandez’s people were paying top dollar to anyone with this type of information. Pass this information on and get the money. The contact thanked Lear profusely; when she hung up, she called one of Hernandez’s reps and passed on the information. She collected her finder’s fee later that evening.

After they received the information, Hernandez’s people made numerous payoffs to get him placed at the top of the donor list.


The limousine stopped at a seaside home overlooking the ocean. Mikey was led into the house, he saw an older boy doing domestic chores, the boy looked at Mikey and then turned away quickly. Mikey was taken to a bedroom and deposited on a bed. A few minutes later, a well-dressed South American man entered the room. He introduced himself as Carlos Hernandez. He leered at Mikey. He finally spoke, my sweet beautiful boy, we are going to have so much fun, Hernandez reached over and stroked Mikey’s cheek and then he began removing his jacket and undoing his belt buckle. Mikey backed up on the bed and said, I want my daddy, the man said, shut up! Your daddy didn’t want you; he sold you to me; that’s why you’re here. Mikey started crying; suddenly, someone started pounding on the door. Hernandez jerked the door open to face one of his aides, he shouted, what the hell do you want? The aide said, it’s urgent, your doctor is on the phone; he wants to talk to you about your transplant surgery. Hernandez zipped up his pants, grabbed his jacket and left the room


Lear clicked off her cell phone and said, everybody gather around, that was my South American source. Hernandez will undergo the surgery tomorrow. You guys need to be on a plane in an hour. He won’t survive the surgery, Nikki asked, how do you know? Lear said, because the donor of the organs died of rabies, during transplants, hospitals only screen for organs and tissues. Donated organs are never tested for rabies. Jacks said, Lear; that is brilliant. This way, his death will never be traced back to us, when Nikki Uppy and G-Mac go in and rescue Mikey, it will be assumed that Mikey’s relatives tracked him down through sheer love and devotion and when they find out we are affiliated with law enforcement, they will back off.

Lear said, after Hernandez dies; everything will be in disarray; that will be the perfect time to rescue Mikey before they move him to another location. My guess is, Mikey is in Hernandez’s second home; he wouldn’t keep his victims in the family home with his wife and kids.

Study the floor plans on the plane and good luck!


Sherm was typing Nikki a email, wishing her luck on her South American assignment, before he finished the email he minimized the screen to go to the bathroom; he turned around to face Kendall holding a gun. Sherm got up; Kendall pushed him back down in his chair. Kendall handed him a note, “Before I kill you, tell me where that bitch girlfriend of yours is and I may spare your life?” Sherm said, I don’t know and if I did, I wouldn’t tell you. Those were the last words Sherm spoke, Kendall shot him four times, killing him. Kendall stepped over his body and brought the computer screen up. He read the email, so the bitch is out of the country on assignment, I will wait for her return.


G-Mac, Nikki and Uppy scuba dived up on the South side of Hernandez’s home. They pulled their scuba gear off. They waited on Lear to call, confirming Hernandez’s death.

The call finally came, as Lear predicted, Hernandez died shortly after the transplant. Time to move.

G-Mac, Nikki and Uppy stormed the property, everybody was running around in a panic, it was chaos, suddenly two guards approached them, Nikki shot one of the men and Uppy shot the other.

Before they knew it, guards were coming in every direction, Uppy and Nikki picked them off, one by one.

When they entered the house, people were crying and praying. Suddenly, Uppy startled everyone when he shot into the roof; he had everyone’s attention. G-Mac and Nikki began to tie everyone up when two men came out of the kitchen with guns; Uppy took out both men.

G-Mac glanced upstairs and saw a man carrying Mikey, he told the others, come on. They followed the man down a hall, Mikey spotted G-Mac and screamed, cousin G-Mac; the man turned around, saw the firepower, dropped Mikey and ran. Mikey ran into G-Mac’s arms and said; can we go home. G-Mac said, yes we can Lil Cuz.

The South American government never suspected that US citizens were behind the death of Carlo Santos Hernandez. An international incident was avoided.


G-Mac and Jacks consoled Nikki at Sherm’s funeral, she cried throughout the service. She was devastated, Sherm was the love of her life and they were going to be married. She knew Kendall was behind the murder. That son-of-a-bitch was going to pay big time!

Afterwards, G-Mac and Jacks returned home. While Jacks was cooking in the kitchen, the kitchen light blinked on and off before it went completely dark and then the light came back on. G-Mac told her that he would fix it but he never got around to it.

Meanwhile, Kendall decided to go after G-Mac and Jacks.


Nikki was visiting G-Mac and Jacks, they urged her to spend the night. She told Jacks that she didn’t bring a change of clothes, Jacks told her; since we are about the same height and size, get something out of my closet.

After brief conversation, Nikki convinced G-Mac and Jacks to go out to the movies, they deserved a break with the kids out of the house.

Before they left, they asked Nikki, you sure you don’t want to come? She said no, G-Mac asked, you going to be ok? My mother and the kids won’t be returning until tomorrow. Nikki said, G-Mac, I’m a secret agent, remember? I can take care of myself; go out and have some fun, enjoy the movie, see you in a few. Jacks said, if you get hungry, it’s some stew in the fridge, if you need anything, call me on my cell.

After they left, Nikki changed into one of Jacks nightgowns and went to the kitchen.

Shortly afterwards, Kendall arrived. He noticed that G-Mac’s SUV was gone.

Through binoculars, he watched her from the rear, as she stirred a big pot of stew. Kendall thought, after I kill her, maybe I’ll have a bowl, he chuckled to himself. He decided he would kill her quick and then he would wait for G-Mac to come home, he would ambush him, after killing him, he would have a bowl of stew, drink a beer and watch a game in the den. Hell, he might even order some porn on G-Mac’s TV, he would celebrate big time!

He watched her a little longer, she was his for the taking, time to make his move; he got up and walked towards the back of the house.

He picked the lock and thought, this is too easy, I thought these Negro’s were suppose to be in law enforcement, they are some sorry ass secret agents, damn!

He eased up behind her as she stirred the stew, he creeped a little closer, suddenly, she turned around, Kendall was puzzled, it wasn’t Jacks, it was that bitch Nikki dressed up to look like Jacks.

Nikki said, motherfucka, I’ve been waiting on your black ass. I talked G-Mac and Jacks into going to the movies. I figured you would save me for last and come after G-Mac and Jacks, I didn’t know when you would show up but I knew I had to be prepared when you did, my hunch paid off. It’s just you and me.


G-Mac and Nikki were a few miles away from the house when G-Mac realized he forgot his wallet, he made a U-turn and headed back towards the house.


Nikki said, excuse me, where are my manners, would you like some stew? She then flung the hot stew in Kendall’s face, he tried to scream but sounds wouldn’t come out as he covered his face with his hands, Nikki took the opportunity to kick him in the groin, he covered his private parts with his hands. She then kicked him in the face; he fell backwards.

Nikki screamed, come on asshole! You killed the only man I loved! Oh yeah, I heard about you in jail, cooking in the kitchen with a hair net on, looking like Aunt Esther, getting raped so often that the inmates nicknamed you the happy hooker. Bring it on motherfucka!

Kendall became enraged and infuriated, he had to shut this bitch up, he gathered his strength and bum rushed her, she fell backwards, and he punched her in the face breaking her nose. He tried to get his hands around her throat but she fought him off.

Kendall raised Nikki up and kicked her in the stomach, she fell backwards in pain, Kendall backed up and stood at a distance, daring her to come on with hand gestures. His eyes were wild and crazy and he was foaming at the mouth and pacing like a boxer. He reminded Nikki of that rabid dog that Jacks had locked up in that van in Philadelphia.

Nikki thought, it’s time to end this shit, this mothafucka is crazier than I thought.

Kendall saw Nikki reaching for a gun; he reached for his gun. They pointed their guns at each other, just then, the light flickered from above and the kitchen went completely dark.


G-Mac and Jacks got out of the car, they were walking towards the house when they saw the kitchen light flicker and go dark. G-Mac thought, damn, I forgot to fix that light, suddenly, his thought was interrupted by gunfire. They looked at each other nervously and rushed towards the house screaming, Nikki! Nikki!



The neighbors crowded around the McDonald home as paramedics brought out a body bag and put it in the back of an ambulance.

A few minutes later, G-Mac, Jacks and a woman with a bandaged arm and broken nose emerged from the house.

A policeman approached the trio, he looked at Nikki and said; you're lucky; the bullet grazed you. Also, congratulations for taking out Kendall Taylor, one of "America's Most Wanted," thanks to you, he'll never be able to harm anyone else again, great work!

After the policeman left, Jacks turned to Nikki and said, girl you are too much, you barely survived that round, if you continue to fight men, stick to the overweight and out of shape ones. Nikki smiled and slowly nodded her head.

G-Mac added, Nikki, that was some excellent marksmanship in the dark, you shot him right between the eyes. Nikki replied; I had to go black on his ass; he was no joke!

Jacks and G-Mac insisted on taking Nikki to the hospital.

She was examined, the doctor treated her nose and re-bandaged her arm; she was given painkillers and released. From there, Jacks and G-Mac took her home.


It was a cold snowy night on the Southside of Chicago. Carl Franklin was a policeman out on disability, he spent all of his income on gambling; because of his addiction, the electricity was often turned off.

Carl was in an inter-racial marriage with Lily, an attractive African-American woman. When Carl got drunk, he would go in unprovoked rages and his violence would be directed towards Lily.

They had a son named Cameron, Cameron was a beautiful child with gray eyes, an olive complexion and long eyelashes; he was 5.

It was so cold; Carl decided to put in an adult tape. After a few beers, he woke up Cameron, brought him downstairs and said, sit down boy and watch this movie with me, it will teach you how to be a man.

When Lily arrived home from work, she was appalled to see Carl passed out on the couch and Cameron wide-awake watching porn.

She woke up Carl and demanded to know, why on earth do you have our son watching this trash? Carl staggered up and hit her in the face, he then threw her down and started kicking her, screaming, "shut the fuck up, I can show my son any kind of movies I want, I give the orders in this house you black bitch!"

Within the year, Lily started experiencing severe headaches, when she finally went to the doctor; she was diagnosed with a brain tumor, too many blows to the head.

Lily would die the following year; her death would never be investigated because Carl was a cop.

Over the following years, Carl would lie and tell Cameron, your mother was nothing but a whore and a slut like most women.

When Cameron turned 16, Carl took him to a rundown brothel. The prostitutes commented on how gorgeous Cameron was. He was a bit nervous because he had never been with a woman before. Carl practically pushed him down the hallway with a girl.

On the ride back home, Carl said, now you are a man, always remember, women are only good for two things, sex and cooking.

In high school, numerous girls were attracted to Cameron, he didn't return their interest; he concentrated on his studies, mainly web page design.

When he returned home, he would lock himself in his room and watch porn. Within the next six months, he knew the name of every black female porn star. While watching the tapes, he would mutter, 'nasty bitches, dirty sluts.'

Carl would die of alcoholic related illnesses. At 21, Cameron moved to Las Vegas.

He set up a profitable scheme, he built a black market website for crooks to purchase credit card numbers, social security numbers and date of birth's. For $200 you received 300 credit cards without the CW2 security codes, for 50 cards with the security code, you also paid $200 dollars.

He also offered a package deal, one stolen credit card number, one social security number and a date of birth for $40.

After crooks purchased the stolen card number (the majority of the purchases came from Russia). The stolen goods purchased (via the internet) would be sent to an untraceable mail drop in Russia.

During the course of business, Cameron met a Russian named Marco; they kept in touch. Marco also dealt in forged passports, documents and birth certificates. Cameron told him; I'll keep that in mind.

Within the next year, after Marco became a part of the Russian mafia, he stopped during Internet scams. He graduated to banking fraud, security fraud, extortion, the sex trade and global weapons trafficking.

Once in a while, Cameron would hire a hooker but he became so rough with the hookers, escort agencies refused to send them out.

The following week, an adult convention hit town. Cameron bought a ticket and attended and mingled in the crowd. The majority of the adult stars had booths set up where they met and greeted fans, posed for photos, signed autographs and sold posters. Other girls were making side deals with rich fans, agreeing to meet them later for sex for astronomical amounts of money. Meanwhile; a male and female porn star were having sex in full view of the fans.

Cameron caught a glimpse of Heather Hunter, Janet Jacme and Crystal Knight in the distance as well as several hip-hop stars, but his attention was focused on Kandy Bee.

Kandy Bee was the new black porn queen; the line to her booth was snaked around the corner. Some of the fans had flown in from across the country to meet Kandy; she basked in the spotlight.

Kandy also received a lot of attention from couples and females. A year earlier, she had appeared in several girl/girl films. Although Kandy didn't consider herself bi-sexual or gay, she was classified as 'gay for pay.' She only appeared in these films for extra cash. Off screen, she was strictly heterosexual.

Cameron stood in her line; it took him 2 hours to get to the front of the line. Kandy looked up and saw a gorgeous man with olive skin and beautiful gray eyes but she immediately got a bad vibe, she hurriedly hurriedly autographed a 8x10 photo, Cameron went into his wallet, paid for the photo and left.

Kandy had met up with a Texas oil man who had propositioned her at the convention, he told her that she was his ultimate sexual fantasy and he was willing to pay $10,000 in cash to have sex with her.

After the sex was over, Kandy took her briefcase of money, kissed her oil man on the cheek and left. She didn't know she was being followed.

She arrived at her hotel, before the elevator doors closed, a man stepped in; he wore shades. It was something familiar about him, but Kandy couldn't place him, she wondered, why is he wearing sunglasses at night? She got off the elevator, he got off on the same floor, he went in the opposite direction; she was relived.

She put the key in the lock, as she turned the lock, she felt someone behind her, before she turned completely around, someone placed a hand over her mouth and used their other hand to open her door.

For the next two hours, Kandy endured torture and rape as Cameron screamed, 'you filthy cunt, you're lower than scum.' When he took off his glasses, Kandy recognized him.

After he finished, he started punching her, he couldn't stop, the beating finally ended when she stopped breathing, he had beaten her to death.

He collected his things and hurriedly left. When he returned home, he felt good, he popped open a beer and put in a porn tape.


Dayna, the HIV assassin for the government was relaxing and watching the news when the newscaster reported that adult film star Kandy Bee was found murdered in her Las Vegas hotel room.

Dayna bolted up from the couch, she knew Kandy, when Dayna was a video girl, they did several videos together before Kandy branched out into the adult industry, although Dayna didn't agree with her decision they still remained friends and kept in touch. Dayna called the airlines and booked a flight to Las Vegas.

Dayna met with the cops who were working the case, although they were reluctant at first to share any information, they eventually opened up. They summed up the case as a stalker killing. The DNA left at the scene didn't garner any hits from their database; which meant, the killer didn't have a police record.

After a month passed, the case was forgotten until another black porn star was found murdered in a similar manner. The police begin to think, maybe we have a serial killer in our midst but since the victims were black porn stars, very little effort went into solving the cases.

Dayna decided to call Lear.


Salvatore (Sal) Santiago was the world's most dangerous nuclear smuggler who headed a vast network that was developing a serum to create 24-hour soldiers. After the serum was injected into the soldier, he could operate on little or no sleep for 24 straight hours in combat despite sleep deprivation. This network also engaged in nuclear trafficking and sold 'centrifuges' which can produce nuclear fuel or refine uranium to make nuclear bombs. This company also dealt in black market illegal liquor smuggling. The going rate in Europe was $1,000,0000 on twelve containers. The network was spread across several continents.

Lear and a strike team had Sal Santiago under surveillance.

Lear intercepted the sale of a nuclear warhead that Santiago had initiated by having an undercover agent install a 'keyghost' on Santiago's laptop computer. The keyghost allowed Lear to track every keystroke Santiago made on the computer. The device also captured passwords, access codes, card numbers and website addresses. For additional information, Lear relied on a "covert computer wire." This wire is a high grain antenna and decoder that allows you to read waves and decode them into a perfect replica on what someone sees on their computer screen.

Via the computer, Santiago gave the prospective (warhead) buyer a priority phone number; the buyer was told to call on a certain day at a particular time.

Lear had the undercover agent install a 'dead ringer' on the priority phone. This device prevents all incoming calls from coming in. Answering machines; fax machines and voice mails are also silenced. The calling party hears the phone ringing without being answered. The deal collapsed because Santiago assumed the buyer never called.

Time to move in, Lear and the strike team dismantled the network and arrested Santiago.

Lear was on a private jet back to the states when her priority cell phone rung, it was Dayna, she explained the situation, Lear listened and told her that she would contact Jacks and G-Mac and schedule a meeting for the following week.


Dayna and Lear had dinner with G-Mac and Jacks, they both asked about Nikki and were told, she was vacationing, after the ordeal of losing Sherm and killing Kendall, she was taking a leave of absence.

After dinner, Dayna got right to the point, she recounted Kandy Bee's death along with the second murdered porn star.

Lear said, I think we have a serial killer on our hands who is targeting black women in the adult industry, I think Dayna and Jacks should go undercover is Las Vegas to draw him out.

Jacks spoke up, Lear, I'm not going undercover as a porn star, I have kids, Lear said, I'm not asking you to go undercover as a porn star but to hang around the black female porn stars at the adult conventions and parties, you and Dayna will stand out because of your looks and the killer will take notice.

G-Mac said, Lear, I don't want my wife used as bait, Lear turned to G-Mac, that's where you come in; you can shadow their movements discreetly, like a personal bodyguard in the background.

Lear continued, I know a lot of people don't respect entertainers in the adult industry but these girls are human beings and they have families and friends who love them like everybody else.

Jacks looked at G-Mac and said Lear is right, let's solve this, G-Mac said, are you sure? Jacks said, yeah, I'm sure. Let's do this!

Dayna added, Kandy's little sister Jessica knows a lot of her friends, those friends can give us entry into the inner-circles.

Lear said, before I forget, here is the address of a safe house in Las Vegas. Lear added, although we're paid by various agencies and we've done pro bono spy work (in the past) when it involves women and children, since this assignment involves the adult industry, I've made arrangements with Sterling Bryce, everyone will be paid.

Jacks said, regardless of pay, I think we should accept this assignment, like Lear said; these women are somebody's mothers, sisters, aunts and niece's. Lear said, thanks Jacks but I'm still going to make sure everyone gets paid. Lear added, unfortunately, I've been called away on assignment; I won't be joining you on this one. Good luck!

Jacks, Dayna and G-Mac arrived in Las Vegas; it was 110 degrees of humid heat. Jacks hit a small jackpot when she put a quarter in the slot machine at the Las Vegas airport.

They arrived at the safe house and unpacked. Dayna called Jessica; she invited them to dinner at the "Boulud Brasserie," located in "Wynn Las Vegas." Jessica brought them up to date surrounding the investigation involving her sister's death. Because Kandy was a porn star, the police didn't seem to be putting much effort into the investigation.

Afterwards, Jessica took them to a party; every adult star in the industry was in attendance. Jessica introduced them to everybody. A few producers tried to recruit Dayna and Jacks until G-Mac stepped forward and scared them off.

Jacks and G-Mac got into a conversation with a working girl named Rebecca as Dayna worked the party. They talked about their children and parenthood. Rebecca asked Jacks and G-Mac, if they were in the industry? They said no, they were there with a friend. Rebecca looked at her watch and said she had to leave early, to spend time with her son.


While taking a shower, Cameron thought, his first kill disappointed him; it wasn't exciting as he thought it would be. He had a better idea; time to change up his motive of operation and get paid.

He put on his clothes and put in some colored contacts that made his eyes brown since his eyes were his most recognizable feature.

He turned on his laptop. He checked to see if his Russian friend Marco was online, he was. Cameron sent him an Instant Message detailing his idea. Marco replied, telling him the idea was brilliant and he would be happy to assist him with the venture, he could line up some overseas investors and they could put the plan in motion in Prague.

Marco also told Cameron that he had a contact in Las Vegas, the contact was named Luke, he was a porn recruiter and he managed a stable of Internet strippers. Marco gave Cameron-Luke's number; Luke could handle the passage to Prague for a fee.

That's what Cameron wanted to hear, everything was in place, he told Marco, he would contact him once he had the girl, they bid their goodbyes and both men signed off.

Time to hunt.

He drove up and down the strip, looking for a particular type of victim. He even went to a few strip clubs, nothing.

He was headed home when he spotted her. She came out of a strip club; she was dressed like a stripper in a tight fitting dress and high heels.

Cameron parked his car and followed her on foot. He increased his pace, she heard his footsteps and turned around, it was too late as he knocked her backwards.

He placed a cloth over her nose; she lost consciousness. He put her in his trunk and called Luke from his cell phone. Luke arrived and Cameron followed him to the docks.

After they arrived, both men got out of their cars, Luke laughed and said, just another woman to destroy tonight, Cameron nodded and handed him an envelope containing money.

When Rebecca awoke, she was gagged.

After an hour, Cameron came in; he looked at her with pure disgust before he spoke.

He told her, I will be leaving soon, this boat is set to sail to Prague; you will arrive there in a few weeks.

She looked frightened as he continued, someone will pick you up in Prague, from there, they will take you to a location where you will star in your very own film.

It will be a "snuff" movie, where numerous men will have sex with you before they kill you onscreen. The master print/negative for a snuff film goes for $250,000. We already have buyers lined up; they are bidding enormous amounts of money online for this film and I will get a substantial cut.

Cameron stood up and said; good luck and break a leg!

Rebecca tried to scream but nothing came out, she cried herself to sleep as she thought of her son.


Jacks and Dayna heard about the disappearance of Rebecca Newcombe. Jacks and G- Mac recognized her as the woman at the party. They remembered how she rushed home to be with her son.

Something had to be done about this person who was abducting and killing these women. Rebecca's son would grow up without a mother; Jacks and G-Mac took her disappearance personal.

Meanwhile, Jessica called and asked them to be her quests at an adult convention. G-Mac would do the overview and surveillance.

They arrived with Jessica; it was amusing when several directors tried to recruit Dayna and Jacks for Gonzo films.

G-Mac scanned the room but didn't see anything unusual, just horny men and over-sexed fraternity boys.


G-Mac, Jacks and Dayna left the party and walked up the strip; the strip was jumping with bright lights and neon signs. High rollers were arriving at the hotels in Rolls Royces and Ferrari's. The crew recognized some of the women accompanying the high rollers, they were high priced call girls they had met a few of the parties.

They came to the intersection where Tupac got shot. G-Mac asked everyone to take a moment of silence. Everyone said a silent prayer.

Afterwards, they went to a buffet at the "Bellagio." They dined on Kobe beef, sea bass, salmon roulade, sushi, chocolate mousse and chocolate cheesecake covered with raspberry sauce.

After dinner, they went to the nightclub "Light" also located in the Bellagio. From there, they arrived at "Studio 54" located at the "MGM Grand," they finished the night at the "Ghostbar" on top of the Palms Hotel & Casino.


She was drop-dead gorgeous and tall with a caramel complexion, her name was Adriana and she was the most expensive black call girl in Sin City.

She charged $2,000 per hour and she operated a successful in-call/out-call escort service on the Internet.

Her brother was a cop, he screened all new clients and taught her about security procedures.

The casinos loved Adriana because she tipped everyone from the valet to casino personnel with $100 dollar bills.

People were drawn to her and they were protective of her. The concierge's had her on speed-dial for the high rollers who occupied the hotel suites. She was one of the most requested working girls in the city.

Adriana lived in a gated community not far from the strip and she drove a white Jaguar. She put on a designer dress, slipped into her Jimmy Choo's and headed out the door; she was going to meet her best friend Sunny for dinner.


Sunny Warren was a very popular centerfold and exotic dancer. She was also very beautiful. Her skin was cinnamon, her hair was long and she had an engaging smile, she was sexy as hell and received male attention wherever she went.

Sunny had married a year too soon. She married a man she didn't love for security purposes, in her profession; she couldn't rely on benefits, pensions or social security. Although her husband's job didn't pay much, her husband's job did offer a good benefits package. She had become accustomed to being the breadwinner. This was before she met Marlon Scott.

Marlon was tall and extremely handsome. He was brown skinned with natural curly hair and pearly white teeth.

Marlon's father had been a valet, bodyguard and chauffeur for Las Vegas mobsters, he was well respected and Marlon received the same respect.

Marlon left Las Vegas in his 20's and became a very successful record executive. He made his fortune from investing millions in annuities and the stock market. He retired from the music business in his 30's and returned to Las Vegas where he operated several successful businesses.

Marlon had the uncanny ability to get along with successful businessmen and established gangsters. He was well connected in both areas.

He was often attired in Italian suits, diamond cuff lings, a silk tie accompanied by a solid gold tie pin and he often wore a platinum watch and diamond rings.

He was entertaining several friends at a gentlemen's club, suddenly, he became transfixed by a dancer; she was stunning with charisma and sex appeal, her name was Sunny Warren.

Marlon took her to dinner that evening. They kept in touch, whenever she performed in Vegas; she contacted Marlon. While the other dancers were picked up by a car service that catered to the adult industry-at the airport, Marlon sent a limo to pick up Sunny. After her show; they would go dancing and stay up late playing chess into the wee hours of the morning. After chess, they would have a late dinner and discuss foreign policy, world events and the stock market. Marlon was impressed with her articulation.

Marlon often gave her expensive jewelry and took her shopping. Sometimes, during the course of shopping, when he was called away on business, he would leave his black AMEX credit card with her and tell her to buy whatever she wanted; they would hook up later. The limo would take Marlon to his destination and return to the store to pick up Sunny.

Sunny would often accompany Marlon to the VIP baccarat parlors in the casinos; she was his good luck charm.

They were also regulars at the Las Vegas shows; their favorite was "O" at the "Bellagio." After the show, they often dined at the "Renoir" restaurant in the "Mirage" hotel.

He respected her marriage and never pressured her for sex; he just enjoyed her company. He had several women he slept with on a regular basis but they didn't have the intelligence of Sunny. They shared a special connection. She was his diamond in the rough.

It was known around town, Sunny has power behind her (Marlon); she was off-limits and untouchable. Since she started dating Marlon, she noticed a change in attitude from several people, including club owners, they treated her with respect and went out of their way to please her; they also referred to her as Miss Warren instead of Sunny.

Sunny called her best friend Adrianna, let's do dinner tonight, I'll pick you up in an hour.


Cameron answered the phone; it was Marco. Hey man, the package you sent was lovely, my investors were very impressed. After the film is shot, you will receive your cut, $50,000 within the next few weeks. Cameron let out a whistle, that's the kind of money I'm talking about. Cameron said, listen man, I wish I could talk to you longer but I got to go, I will look for you online tonight. Thanks for calling.

Cameron was driving down the strip when he spotted them leaving a restaurant; he recognized Sunny Warren, the popular centerfold, he would become an instant millionaire if he put her in a snuff film. He kept a safe distance as they got in a white Jaguar. Cameron followed them to a house. Both women got out of the car.

Cameron waited a few minutes before he put in his colored contacts; he got a black bag from under the seat and exited the car.

He went to the back of the house, took out a glass-cutter and cut the glass. He entered the house, walking silently. He walked towards the voices near the front of the house and he took out his gun.

Sunny and Adrianna were exchanging stories about the sex industry until Sunny looked up, a man in black walked towards them from the kitchen, she screamed, it was too late, he had a hand around Adrianna's throat as he pointed his gun towards Sunny.

Sunny continued screaming, he told her, shut the fuck up before I blow your friend's brains out!

Sunny shut up, Cameron removed his hand from Adrianna's throat, Sunny asked, what do you want? We can give you money and jewels. Cameron laughed, you stupid bitch, I hate women like you. I'm here to kidnap both of you. Both women looked perplexed, they had never heard of women in the sex industry being kidnapped. Sunny thought, what is this fool talking about?

Meanwhile, Adrianna's was thinking of the security moves her brother had taught her, she slid over on the couch discreetly, to get a better angle on Cameron. Suddenly, without warning, she kicked Cameron in the ribs, Cameron was startled, he regained his composure and slapped her, she gauged at his eyes, pulling out his contacts. He hit her across the face with the gun; she went down.

He thought, damn, my gun left a gash on her face, not good for snuff films. Cameron stood over her and pointed the gun at her head, he pulled the trigger but the gun jammed. Just then, he was startled by the ring of the telephone, a answering machine picked up the call, the caller said, hey Sunny, this is Nate, your next door neighbor, was that a woman's scream I heard coming from your place, I'm calling 911 and I'm on my way over.

Cameron grabbed Sunny by her arm and shouted, come on, you're coming with me! They rushed out the back door. When they got to the car, Cameron pulled out his cell phone and called Luke, he shouted in the phone, meet me at the docks now!

After transporting Sunny onto the boat, Cameron rushed home. He had to make a run for it; the other woman had saw his face and his eye color. He hurriedly threw his belongings into two duffel bags and packed a suitcase.

Cameron called Marco and said, the heat is on, Marco asked, what do you mean? Cameron said, they may be on to me but in no way are you implicated, you can still use the girls. Marco breathed a sigh of relief, is there anything I can do, Cameron said yes, I need a fake passport within the hour, I have to get out of Vegas in a hurry. Marco said, not a problem, get a pen and paper. Cameron wrote down the information and left. He was in such a hurry; he accidentally left his laptop.


A contact at the police department informed Jacks that the killer had abducted another sex industry worker and left one behind, her name was Adrianna Dawson.

The police were interviewing the witness at the hospital and the police discovered contact lenses at the crime scene that belonged to the killer, when they ran the DNA through the database, they didn't get a match.

They arrived at the hospital, a guard was posted outside Adrianna's room, Jacks turned to Dayna and said, work your magic.

As Dayna walked towards the guard, he looked up and thought, damn, she is fine, wait a minute, is that Dayna Silva, the video girl?

Dayna asked the guard, where is the cafeteria, the guard disregarded the question and asked, are you Dayna Silva? She blinked her eyelashes and said yes.

He said, I'm a big fan of yours and I must say, you are even more beautiful in person. Dayna said, thank-you.

I was visiting my boyfriend in the hospital, he just broke up with me, you seem like such a nice guy and I don't want to eat alone, I really need someone to talk to, I saw a cute little Italian cafe around the corner that would be ideal

The guard thought, damn, is it my lucky night or what? Not everyday a brotha gets asked to dinner with Dayna Silva. Unfortunately, he said, I can't leave my post, I could lose my job.

Dayna pouted and said, don't you have someone to relieve you, he said no, I wish I did.

Dayna asked him, have you been on a break yet? He said no, just then a doctor passed by, Dayna said; this guard has been standing post all night without a break or lunch break. Can we go grab a quick meal and return? The doctor opened the door and looked in on the patient, he said, I don't see why not, the patient seems to be resting and I'll keep a close eye on her until you return. Go on, I want tell a soul. The guard smiled, as Dayna led him out of the hospital.

The doctor was called away on a 'Code Blue,' Jacks and G-Mac entered the room. Adrianna was awake but groggy; a bandage covered the right side of her face.

G-Mac and Jacks introduced themselves, they told Adrianna, they worked for an elite unit and were trying to track down the man who assaulted her, could she supply them with any useful information.

I'll tell you what I told the detectives, he broke into Sunny's house, we were just sitting around talking, he told us; he was going to kidnap us.

I got a real good look at him. He was mulatto, what I remember the most, his eyes were a weird color, a color I have never seen before, a grayish type of color. The reason I know this was his real eye color is because I gouged out his contact lenses.

Suddenly, Adrianna started crying, she said, he took Sunny, please find her.

Suddenly, two dignified well-dressed black men entered the room. One of the men was Marlon, the other was his security/fixer, Phelps.

Marlon introduced himself to Jacks and G-Mac while Phelps interviewed Adrianna, she gave him the same information that she had given Jacks and G-Mac. G-Mac and Jacks informed Marlon, they worked in intelligence and they were tracking the suspect.

Just then, Dayna returned with the security guard, the guard became upset and ushered everyone out of the room. Dayna and the guard traded phone numbers, she promised to keep in touch.

Marlon and Phelps couldn't stop staring at Dayna.

In the hallway, Marlon looked at everyone and said, we need to talk; my limousine is waiting outside. G-Mac nodded.

In the limo, Marlon took out his cell and called "The House Of Blues Foundation Room," the most exclusive VIP club in Las Vegas, located on the 43 floor of the "Mandalay Bay" Hotel & Casino. You can only gain entry by private elevator and your name has to be on a list to be admitted.

They arrived at the club and were escorted to the main lounge, surrounded by comfortable sofas and a fireplace. The club also had a media screening room and several bars and an

outdoor balcony that offered breathtaking views of the strip.

Marlon led everyone into a private room. Everyone was seated.

Marlon looked around the table and asked, would someone mind telling me why intelligence-personnel is involved in this particular case? Dayna spoke up, the first victim was my friend Kandy Bee, everyone is during this for my benefit, and all of us are affiliated with intelligence. Jacks added, the girl who went missing before Sunny was named Rebecca, my husband and I met her at a party, a few days prior to her abduction, she seemed like a nice lady and she left the party to spend time with her son. So we all have a stake in this situation.

Marlon said, I'm sorry to hear about Kandy and Rebecca. He continued, the latest abduction, Sunny Warren is a very close and dear to my heart. As soon as I heard about her abduction, I called my security guy Phelps; he has agreed to assist with her abduction. Although Sunny is married, when I called her husband, he just seemed interested in her last paycheck and if I had the correct address to mail it to him. When I asked him would he be coming to Las Vegas, he said, he had faith in the police department, before he hung up, I heard another woman in the background.

So, I have taken it upon myself to get to the bottom of this situation. I have the contacts and resources; maybe we can combine our resources to crack this case wide open, I am not satisfied with the police investigation. Maybe Phelps can work with you.

The last thing G-Mac wanted was a civilian to get in everybody's way. Marlon saw G- Mac's expression and turned to Phelps, he said, Phelps, give these people your credentials.

Phelps said, I have a military background; I belonged to an special unit in special forces. I was classified as a '3 Charley/Sweeper,' which is defined as: One of the most dangerous and secretive covert positions in the world. We are more deadly than a top assassin, with reflexes quicker than a martial artist. We also kill silently and quickly with top-notch elimination skills. We also operate as clean-up specialists when operations go wrong. Out of the eleven sweepers that exist in the world, I am the only African-American sweeper.

G-Mac had a change of heart after hearing his credentials, hell; he wanted to shake the brotha's hand. He welcomed him aboard.

For the next hour, everybody shared information and agreed to work together.

First course of business, Phelps was going to contact a friend at a local television station and have her broadcast a description of the suspect, including his gray eyes.

Afterwards, everybody went to the Mirage where Marlon was escorted to his baccarat parlor with his private dealer. Phelps took the opportunity to ask Dayna was she seeing anyone? She replied, she was engaged; Phelps understood and backed off. Dayna added, I might have a friend who you would be interested in, let me get back to you on that, Phelps smiled and walked towards the baccarat table.

G-Mac and Phelps joined in. Everyone broke even. Afterwards, the men joined the women at the slot machines and the blackjack table.

They left the casino to catch an old school concert at the "Hard Rock Cafe & Hotel" featuring the Isley Brothers, the O'Jays and the Temptations.

The next morning, everyone was finishing up breakfast, Jacks had cooked hot links, grits, and homemade blueberry biscuits; suddenly, they heard a frantic knock on the door, G- Mac retrieved his weapon before he answered. It was Phelps, an important development had occurred.

Phelps said; we have a lead. My friend at the station ran a sketch of the suspect, she also reported he had gray eyes. The station received several calls from people who lived in a condominium complex, they all said, a guy who fits that description lives in their community, I have the address right here.

Everybody got dressed and rushed out the door.

They arrived at Cameron's condo thirty minutes before the police. They searched and found nothing of significance but Phelps took the computer hard drive.

When they heard sirens, they left out the back. Phelps said, I'm going to take this hard drive to a friend of mine who works at police headquarters, he is on vacation this week, after he retrieves the information off it, I will anonymously mail it to the police. I will meet you at the safe house later this evening.

The hard drive was a treasure trove of evidence. Emails and Instant messages were retrieved.

The team was able to piece everything together. Phelps also had Cameron's phone logs, they noticed, after each abduction, he made a call to a number that belonged to a man named Luke Henderson.

G-Mac and Phelps broke into Luke's home at gunpoint. After repeated blows to the face, he finally gave them the information they desired, the women were shipped to Prague to appear in snuff films and Cameron got a fake passport to gain entry into Niagara Falls.

G-Mac asked Luke to write down the Prague contact names and demanded to know, are the women still alive? Luke nodded his head and said, they are being kept in a dungeon until the film equipment arrives, they will be killed during filming, which is scheduled to take place within a week.

Phelps gave Luke a piece of paper and a pencil, he wrote down one name, Marco. Phelps grabbed the paper out of his hand and said, hey G-Mac, isn't this the same name we retrieved from the email and instant message communication, G-Mac looked at the name and said, yes it is. Luke added, he use to live in Russia but he has moved his operation to Prague. He is currently preparing for the film shoot. It's also rumored that he's part of the Russian mafia.

G-Mac and Phelps exchanged nervous looks, regarding the last piece of information.

Phelps stood over Luke, without warning, he closed his fist, brought his fist up to a certain angle and hit Luke directly in the center of the forehead; Luke slumped over, dead.

G-Mac looked at Phelps and said, damn, did you kill him? Phelps said yes, with a deathblow; lets get out of here. G-Mac said, brotha, you are lethal, Phelps laughed.

When they got in the car, Phelps called Marlon with an update. Marlon listened and said; money is no object. Do what you have to do; I want her back!

G-Mac and Phelps returned to the safe house and informed everyone, they were going to split into two groups and call in additional firepower for overseas wet work. One group would go to Prague to retrieve the women; the other group would go to Niagara Falls to find Cameron.

G-Mac asked Jacks to call Nikki and get Ashley Perry's phone number, brief her on the situation and tell her, we need her in Las Vegas tomorrow morning, it's urgent.

They arrived at the airport to pick-up Ashley; imagine their shock when Nikki stepped off the plane with Ashley. Everybody hugged. Jacks asked Nikki, are you sure you're up to this? Nikki said yes, this is what I need instead of sitting around the house crying my eyes out, day in and day out, that's not healthy. G-Mac added, how is your nose and arm? Nikki said, I'm fine, at least the flesh wound isn't on my shooting arm and a doctor reset my nose. I feel great!

Dayna took the opportunity to tell Phelps, remember my friend, the one I wanted to introduce you to? Phelps nodded, Dayna said, that's her, pointing at Nikki. Take the time to know her because she just lost her fiance. Phelps said, she sure is attractive, what does she do in intelligence? She is a 'high level executive action specialist.' Phelps said, no shit! Not too many black females are 'wet work assassins?' Phelps asked, who is the blonde? Dayna said, her name is Ashley Perry, she is a freelance assassin, from what I hear, she was recruited after winning a silver medal in the marksmanship category at the Olympics. Nikki trained her. Dayna said, come on, I'll introduce you to both women.

When they returned to the safe house, Nikki and Ashley were brought up to date on the situation. Phelps said, we are going to split into two teams.

G-Mac added, Marco is a 'Redfella' with ties to the Russian mob; we have to tread very carefully. Russian mobsters are the most ruthless and treacherous in the world, they will retaliate if we take out one of their own by killing our families and friends.

G-Mac turned to Dayna, Marco is also a notorious womanizer despite having a girlfriend, we are going to create a scenario involving you; I've briefed Phelps, he will explain everything to you on the plane. Lear has chartered two jets.

G-Mac added, Jacks and I will go to Niagara Falls in pursuit of Cameron. Phelps, Ashley, Dayna and Nikki, all of you will go to Prague, in pursuit of Marco.

During the plane ride, Phelps updated Dayna on her role in the upcoming mission. Afterwards, he struck up a conversation with Nikki, they shared the same interests and Nikki was impressed with his background, they seemed to enjoy each other. Phelps thought, it was refreshing to talk to a woman who understood and participated in his line of work. They talked about guns, silencers and jazz. Nikki told him, you seem to be a nice man and I find you attractive but please understand, I just lost someone very special. Phelps said, I understand, I won't pressure you and we can take it slow but I have to admit, I am attracted to you but I will respect your feelings. Nikki smiled and said, thank-you.

By the time the Las Vegas police issued a police bulletin for Cameron Franklin with an accompanying photograph, G-Mac and Jacks had already landed in Niagara Falls.


A day earlier, Cameron had explored the city and visited the 'Criminals Hall Of Wax Museums,' which featured Al Capone and Jeffrey Dahmer. Cameron wondered, maybe they'll feature my likeness one day.

From there, he went to the 'Guiness Book Of World Records' Museum. After an hour, he left to take a boat tour of Niagara Falls.

The falls were a breathtaking sight, among the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. The falls were illuminated at night; the effect was spectacular.

After the tour, Cameron waited in a casino parking lot, while he waited, he decided to change his MO, his victims no longer had to work in the sex industry, they just had to be attractive. Marco even stated in one of his emails, a few of the investors were suggesting that he start abducting white women, he could make more money, a bigger audience. Cameron was hesitant because law enforcement and the media would pay more attention if the victims were white, for now, he would stick to African-Americans.

He didn't wait long for his next victim, a beautiful black woman emerged from the casino; she walked towards the parking lot. Cameron got out of his car and fell in step behind her.


He followed her quietly, he hurried his pace when she pulled out her keys, suddenly he was on her, without warning, she turned around and zapped him on the neck for three seconds with a 775,000 volt (Stun Master) stun gun, the most powerful stun gun in the world, Cameron went down in a heap, withering on the ground contorted and in extreme pain.

Jacks took the opportunity to kick him between the legs, Cameron screamed as he heard footsteps approaching, he thought, damn, I have to gather enough strength to get up and run; his thoughts were interrupted by a swift kick to the chin, he fell backwards, defeated.

G-Mac pulled him up and shouted, look at me you sorry mothafucka; Cameron adjusted his bloodshot gray eyes on G-Mac. G-Mac continued, you just tried to assault my wife, we work for the government, and we've been trailing you, we been staking out places here for the last day trying to draw your sick ass out in the open and it worked. You shouldn't have come to a small town, not too many places for you to stake out victims, that's why we found you so quickly, figured you would turn up here. My wife has been leaving that casino every hour on the hour for the last three hours, we were hoping you would make your move and you did. I fell in step behind you when you were following her but she didn't need me because she whupped your sorry black ass.

G-Mac pulled out handcuffs and handcuffed Cameron and put him in the backseat of the car, they went to the airport and flew to Las Vegas and turned him over to the cops.

Afterwards, G-Mac said, I hope I didn't make a mistake by not killing him, remember what happened with Kendall when we didn't kill him, Jacks muttered, yeah I remember, how could I forget. Everything will be okay honey, let's go home, I miss the kids. G- Mac said, me too.

Jacks said, oops, I almost forgot, she pulled out her blackberry and sent a text message to Nikki, 'Endgame in Niagara Falls.'


Nikki, Ashley, Phelps and Dayna had just arrived in the Czech Republic and were walking through the airport when Nikki received a text message from Jacks on her blackberry. She told the crew, Jacks and G-Mac took down Cameron successfully, time for us to do our thing with Marco.

Lear had arranged for a car to pick them up at the airport, enroute to the safe house, they passed town-square and the Prague castle.

They arrived at a house, located across from the Vltava River. They unpacked and got down to business.

Nikki said, I just checked my email on my laptop. Lear emailed me Marco's complete dossier. He owns a nightclub and restaurant in Sona. He holds court at the club on Saturday, since tonight is Saturday, we can make our move. He also owns a house in the affluent neighborhood of Dejvice. And, if that isn't enough, he also owns a condominium in Vrsovice where he entertains women; despite having a girlfriend named Hannah. Lear also included Hannah's information in the dossier; which states that she is insanely jealous with a very bad temper, she once stabbed a man in a jealous rage.

Dayna arrived at the club first; she was stunning in a low cut tight fitting Versace dress. Every man in the place leered at her. She sat down by herself.

Nikki, Phelps and Ashley arrived later and took a table in the corner.

Within fifteen minutes, a bearded man materialized out of nowhere, he told Dayna, madam, the owner of the club would like to meet you. Dayna blushed and said; I'm flattered, the man led her to Marco's table.

After brief conversation, Dayna left the club with Marco in a limousine. The crew followed the limousine discreetly. The limousine arrived at a condominium in Vrsovice (known as Upper V).

After ten minutes, Nikki called Hannah on her cell phone and said, 'you don't know me but there is something you need to know, your boyfriend Marco is entertaining another woman in his condo, right now, and the woman is black.' Nikki hung up the phone.

Within fifteen minutes, a car arrived, the woman got out of the car and stormed up the stairs to the condominium, she let herself in. She took off her pumps and walked towards the bathroom.

Outside, Nikki, Ashley and Phelps got out of the car and walked towards the condo.

The woman opened the bedroom door and saw Marco having sex with a beautiful black woman, Hannah screamed, 'you dirty low down motherfucker,' Marco turned around startled, Hannah, what are you doing here? It's not what it looks like; look, she came on to me. Hannah glared at Dayna and said in a heavy accent, you 'coca-cola bitch.'

Hannah pulled out a gun, Marco was frightened and asked, what are you doing? Lets talk about this. The first shot hit him in the chest; Dayna dived on the side of the bed.

Phelps came up behind Hannah and knocked the gun out of her hand. As Marco lay dying on the floor, Phelps came around to the side of the bed and helped Dayna up while Nikki and Ashley contained Hannah.

Hannah asked, who are you people? No one answered. Phelps took out a gun and laid it across the bed where Marco was laying, he then pointed the gun at Hannah and shot her dead.

He wiped his fingerprints off the gun and placed it in Marco's hand, Marco expired one minute later.

Phelps looked at Dayna and said, time to go 'coca-cola,' everybody laughed. Dayna said; I guess that was her sad attempt at a racial slur.

The crew left and headed to Marco's house in Dejvice.

The house was heavily guarded. Nikki called Lear on her Vertu cell phone (International Worldwide Access). She said Lear, we have six hostiles guarding the house; there will be casualties, we are going to have to resort to Plan B.

Lear had her tech man send emails dated a week earlier to Marco's email address. The emails were threatening and forged to look like they came from a rival syndicate.

The emails stated, 'we will come to your house and kill you and your men unless you cut us into your lucrative drug market.' You have one week to decide or else. –OMINUS

Dayna would be the lookout as Ashley, Nikki and Phelps exited the car armed with firepower and bulletproof vests.

They stormed the house and opened fire. Ashley took out two men within five seconds, Phelps and Nikki took out three; one man was left alive.

Phelps asked him, where are the women? He said 'no English.' Ashley took the butt of her gun and hit him across the face, he screamed in pain. She said, we came a long way, don't fuck with us, where are the women, asshole? He pointed downward. Phelps took the opportunity to snap the man's neck with one hand. The man slumped over in his chair, dead. Ashley said, damn, in all of my years of intelligence, I have never seen anything like that; you broke that man's neck with one hand.

As they walked towards the basement, Nikki whispered to Ashley, Phelps is a former 'Sweeper/3 Charley.' Ashley said, you have got to be kidding me, no shit?

The team saw a door in the distance and cautiously approached, Phelps put his ear to the door, he heard whimpering and idle chatter, suddenly, without warning, he kicked the door in.

They located Sunny and Rebecca, gagged and bounded. They untied them and undid the tape.

Both women cried as Ashley, Phelps and Nikki helped them up the stairs and out the front door.

They got into the car and Dayna drove to the airport.

Nikki sent Jacks a blackberry text message, 'Endgame in Prague.'

A week later, Marco's associates had a private meeting in Russia. One of the men said, poor Marco, what a terrible way to go, he never could keep his cock in his pants. Another man said, don't you think it's strange, Marco is murdered and on the same night his men are slaughtered, and the women he had captive, disappear into thin air, and Marco never mentioned anything about threats from 'Ominus,' something doesn't seem right here, too much of a coincidence and DNA indicated another woman was in bed with Marco, strangely, this DNA is untraceable, where is this woman? The other man said, put your mind to rest, you saw the emails; we have to retaliate against 'Ominus.' They are behind this. The entire 'Ominus' crew will be taken out within the next few days; they will pay for this. Now, lets get to the next thing on the agenda for today.


Rebecca, Sunny and Adrianna testified against Cameron. DNA left at the scene of Kandy Bee's murder matched Cameron's DNA. He was convicted of first degree murder and three counts of assault and two counts of kidnapping. He was sentenced to life without parole.

Sunny divorced her husband; he threatened her with alimony until Phelps forcibly talked him out of it. Sunny retired from the adult industry and married Marlon in a lavish Las Vegas ceremony attended by celebrities, showgirls and politicians. Phelps served as the best man.

Phelps and Nikki started off as friends but slowly progressed to boyfriend and girlfriend. Phelps relocated to Los Angeles to be near Nikki and is now a member of the team.

Rebecca got out of the adult industry to spend more time with her son. She owns and operates an adult website from home. The site generates six figures per year.



Simon and Melissa Trent were an affluent white couple who lived in an exclusive Texas suburb, homes were priced at $5 million to $7 million dollars.

The Trent's told their neighbors they made their fortune by selling a company (before the tech boom wen t bust) they founded in Silicon Valley.

The Trent's had two sons, Adam 13, and Ryan 6. Melissa was a soccer mom who shuttled her son's to and from soccer practice and ice-skating lessons. Melissa also attended PTA meetings on a regular basis.

At 13, Adam had a cell phone and numerous pre-paid American Express gift cards. His parents promised to get him a convertible BMW on his 16 birthday. That still wasn't enough, Adam had expensive taste and often asked his parents for money.

Simon Trent spent his time coaching a little league team that consisted of boys who lived in the community.

Melissa was preparing brownies and chocolate chip cookies for a church picnic. Simon was looking for his favorite tie and the boys were tying their shoes.

The Trent's arrived at church; their pastor preached a beautiful sermon. Afterwards, everyone went to a nearby park for a picnic.

Everyone had a good time, eating BBQ, watermelon, potato salad, cake and baked beans. Simon and Melissa played volleyball while the boys played softball and touch football.

The Trent's returned home exhausted.

After Ryan changed into his pajamas, he asked Melissa? Mom, please read me a story before I go to bed. Melissa picked him up and kissed him on the cheek. She said, okay, go brush your teeth and I will be in to read you a story in ten minutes.

After Ryan fell asleep, Melissa went in the study where her husband was waiting.

She sat in front of the computer and wired money into several overseas accounts.

Unbeknownst to their neighbors, the Trent's were not the people they pretended to be, Melissa was a former money manager and Simon was a former IT technician for a Fortune 500 company.

They made their money through three illegal ventures, all related to pedophilia.

They sold passwords to kiddie porn websites. Customers purchased passwords, priced at $50-$75 dollars annually, to enter the website. They had over 1 million customers.

The Trent's also owned and operated a website that advertised, 'Find your biological parent or parents.' This website targeted adopted children or children seeking out a biological parent. When the child contacted the site, a hired rep would tell them not to tell their adoptive parents that they were in contact with them. After the child's trust was gained, the rep would lie and tell the child, we have found your biological parent(s) and they want to meet you. The child would eagerly agree to the meeting. Instead of meeting the parent(s), the child would meet a pedophile or abductor and never been seen or heard from again.

The Trent's had recently launched a black market site where they planned to auction off women and children as sex slaves. Men from all over the world would have the opportunity to bid on the victims.

The Trent's grossed in excess of $10-$15 million each year, from their combined businesses.


Raymond Brown, a former Golden Gloves boxer, lived in Huntsville, Texas, a small community, 70 miles outside of Houston. Brown never fully recovered from his wife Daphne abandoning him and their daughter Angie, for another man. Angie was just an infant when she left.

Raymond missed dancing with Daphne to Johnny Mathis love songs. He also missed her laugh. He still loved her.

Angie often asked Raymond about Daphne, Raymond would change the subject, the pain still lingered. He never saw Daphne again and she never called to ask about Angie, nor did she send her Christmas or birthday cards but that didn't stop Angie from asking numerous questions about her mother. Raymond eventually told Angie things about her mother.

Angie missed having a mother and was envious of her classmates when their mother picked them up from school or when they brought in desserts their mother had made. She was desperate to have a mother figure in her life.

Raymond worked for the local cable company where he installed cable TV in home in and around Huntsville.

Over the years he had several girlfriends, the majority of them got jealous of the attention he gave his daughter.

Raymond rushed home from work to celebrate Angie's 14 birthday. After eating cake and ice cream, Raymond took her to WalMart to pick out her gift.

They ran into their neighbor Emma Dean, Raymond referred to her as Miss Emma. He said hi, Miss Emma, after they exchanged pleasantries, he asked Miss Emma if he and Angie could fish in her pond over the weekend. Now Raymond, you know both of you are like family, you don't have to ask permission, just show up with your fishing poles.

Meanwhile, the bills were mounting and Raymond put in for overtime. Raymond had a teenage niece watch Angie while he was at work. Angie would stay in her room and surf the Internet. Out of curiosity; she brought up Google and typed in lost parent.

Hundreds of website links popped up but one stood out in particular, the advertisement read: 'Find your biological parent or parents.' Angie clicked the link and was routed to a website. She entered the site.

After reading the information on the site, she decided to save the URL in her favorites. She logged off and went to bed.

On the weekend Raymond took Angie fishing behind Miss Emma's house. They caught several catfish. Miss Emma invited them in and fried up a platter of fish and fries for them. What they didn't eat, they took home.

While Raymond was working overtime, Angie followed a routine; she did her homework and went to the site. She finally got up enough nerve to fill out a form. She included all the information she could remember about her mother.

The next day, Angie received an email from the site. She was assigned a female contact person named 'Mona.' Over the next few weeks they interacted via email on a regular basis. She began to feel comfortable with Mona and was ecstatic when she was informed, that a second representative was also assigned to find her mother.

Angie returned home from school and prepared a TV dinner, after she finished eating, she logged on the computer while her cousin talked on the phone to her boyfriend.

Mona had sent a urgent email, Angie's mother had been located and wanted to meet her but she was advised, don't tell your father because he may prevent you from meeting her. Angie was thrilled; she couldn't wait to meet her mother. Mona also informed her, since we consider your case unique, we will waive our fee.

She responded to the email, thank-you so much, I am excited, can't wait to meet her, don't worry, I won't tell my father just email me back with the time and place. You guys are awesome!

Two days later, Angie received an email saying, your mother has paid for a bus ticket for you to come to Houston to meet her in two weeks, we will send the ticket to the address we have in our files. You should receive it in a few days.

The ticket arrived in two days; Angie put it under his mattress and counted down the days. As Angie slept, she thought, my mom has been in Houston all along, wonder why she didn't contact me.


Raymond worked half a day and got off work at lunchtime, he decided to have a few beers at a nearby bar with a couple of co-workers.

After a few beers, an altercation was taking place at the end of the bar, a man was screaming loudly and pointing his finger in a woman's face, suddenly, he slapped her.

Raymond didn't like the sight of a man hitting a woman; he went to the woman's defense. The guy turned on him and told him to mind his own business.

Raymond turned to leave; the guy hit him over the head with a beer bottle. Raymond turned around and broke his nose and ribs. The guy was in a fetal position moaning on the floor when the cops arrived.

The cops arrived and arrested Raymond, the guy screamed; I'm going to press charges on your ass.

Raymond was booked and led to a jail cell. He was appointed a legal aid attorney for his arraignment in the morning.

He met with his lawyer before he appeared in court, his lawyer assured him, this is your first offense; you will probably get community service.

Instead, Raymond was sentenced to 6 months in jail for assault. They found out later that the Judge was the victim's first cousin.

On the other side of town, Angie was boarding a bus for Houston.

90 minutes later, the bus arrived in Houston; a well-dressed white woman was holding a sign with Angie's name on it. She walked towards the sign, the woman introduced herself and told Angie; I am your representative, 'Mona,' Angie felt at ease. Mona helped Angie with her luggage as they walked towards the parking lot.

When they arrived at the car, Mona said, I'm going to take you to meet your mother now; Angie smiled and thanked her profusely. Angie got in the passenger side, Mona turned the key in the ignition, at that precise moment, a man who had been lying on the backseat floor, raised up, Angie felt a presence in the backseat and turned around to face a man. A look of fright crossed her face, she tried to open the car door but the locks were child proof, she started screaming. The man hurriedly grabbed her arm from behind and injected her with a needle.

She lost consciousness.

Across town in jail, Raymond tried frantically to reach Angie, with no success. He called Miss Emma; she said she would check on Angie.

When Raymond called Miss Emma back, he was informed, Angie was not there but your 'fast' niece is there, practically fornicating with her boyfriend on the couch. When I asked about Angie, she said she hadn't seen her all day.

Raymond thought, Angie always came straight home from school, if she was going to be late she would call, something didn't feel right, something was wrong. He asked Miss Emma to call her cousin who was one of Angie's teachers and ask if Angie was in school today; he would call her back in a hour.

When he called Miss Emma back, he was informed, Angie wasn't in school today and I went to the police station on your behalf, they told me I had to wait 48 hours before I can file a missing persons report.

Raymond got a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach; he had to get out of jail to find his child.

Raymond contacted his legal aid lawyer, the lawyer said, he would try his best to get him out but he was doubtful it could be done. He encouraged Raymond not to get into any altercations, that way his sentence could be cut in half.

Raymond screamed, "Are you listening to me, my daughter is missing and I am locked up in here, I need to find my child!"

The lawyer sighed and shrugged his shoulders; Mr. Brown, I'm sorry, wish I could do more.


Dani Duboce attended 'Louisiana State University' (LSU) in Baton Rouge; she was a junior in college majoring in Police Science. She wanted to go into law enforcement like her big cousin 'Jacks.'

Dani was considered the most gorgeous girl on campus, numerous guys tried to date her but she declined, she focused on her studies, she would have enough time for dating when she graduated. She got so much attention; she had a container of pepper spray in her backpack.

Dani stayed in touch with Jacks despite the fact her mother Annette and Jacks had a big falling out at a family reunion a few years ago, they had never gotten along. Jacks tried to intervene and make peace with Annette at the reunion, but Annette was drunk and cursed her out in front of everybody. Telling Jacks, 'you think you better than me cause you got long hair and you think you smart, you ain't shit, stay the fuck away from me and go back to your perfect life in California.' According to older relatives, Annette always had a problem with Jacks, even when they were kids; she acted jealous and resentful towards Jacks.

Annette was very color conscious, despite being light skinned, Jacks was still a shade darker than Annette and Annette didn't let her forget it. Annette loved to brag about her French roots but neglected to talk about her African-American roots. Annette also had a problem with Jacks having longer hair than her and she tried to keep her daughter Dani from associating with 'darker' relatives. Due to Annette's color issues, the family distanced themselves from her. The family embraced Dani because she was the opposite of her mother.

Dani once told her mother, 'You need to really come off the color crap, African- Americans have enough racism directed towards them from other races, we don't need racism directed at us from people within our race. You are the reason our family isn't close knit and you are the reason that Daddy left, I don't blame him for not staying in touch. You have issues you need to address.' Annette looked at Dani like she was crazy.

Annette wasn't aware that Dani spoke to Jacks on a regular basis. If it weren't for Jacks, Dani wouldn't be attending LSU; Jacks used her contacts and got her a full 4-year scholarship unbeknownst to her mother. Annette thought Dani got in on an academic scholarship.

A few years ago, Dani's mother was in an abusive relationship. Not only was her boyfriend abusive, he made passes at Dani when Annette wasn't around. He also got Annette hooked on drugs.

Annette finally came out of her fog when she caught her boyfriend masturbating over Dani's bed while she slept, she kicked him out and checked into a rehab center, she had been clean for a year and she worked at a homeless shelter in New Orleans.

Dani was leaving Baton Rouge to go to New Orleans for the weekend; she loved the rich culture of the 'Big Easy.' The delicious seafood, Cajun cuisine, the Mardi Gras, jazz music and the carriage rides. There was no other city like New Orleans in the world.

When she arrived, she called Annette and told her, she would hook up with her that evening, she was going to meet some friends for lunch on Bourbon Street.

She met her friends; they ate crawfish, fried crab and gumbo. Afterwards, they went to the French Quarter, they had had a great time as they sipped chicory coffee and ate beignets. They hit the clubs and partied until the sun came up. Dani overheard someone in the bar say; 'a hurricane warning is going into effect.' When they left the bar, a man stood outside in dark glasses, blowing a saxophone.

Dani arrived at her mother's house early the next morning; she let herself, went to her old bedroom and crashed.

The next day, Dani and Annette spent the day indoors due to the weather. They watched soap operas, ate lunch and talked about college. The weather continued to pound the golf coast.

Annette looked outdoors, she told Dani, you be careful going back to school tomorrow, it's really bad out there and according to the weather channel, its only going to get worse.

The next day, Dani was preparing to go back to LSU, she was packing a big lunch in her backpack when Hurricane Katrina hit, within the hour; the levees would break.

Dani screamed, Ma, the house is sinking, lets get out of here now! Annette rushed to the front; Dani grabbed her cell phone and put it in her backpack. She took Annette's hand and led her out the front door.

When they exited the house, they were submerged in water as neighbors walked around in chaos, other neighbors watched their houses sink underwater. It was a disaster.

As Dani and Annette walked in the water, their neighbor, Mattie joined them. They weren't in the water more than a few minutes when Mattie screamed; something in the water had bit her. Dani and Annette helped her out of the water, she collapsed on the side of the rode, Dani inspected her wound, it was a snake bite. Mattie was sweating profusely and shaking. She told them, leave me, save your own lives, ever since I lost my Leonard last year, I don't have anyone, both of you have your whole lives ahead of you; go on, I will only slow you down. Dani said, no way, she reached down to pull Mattie up, Mattie wouldn't budge; they were forced to leave her on the side of the road.

Annette told Dani, lets stay out of the water, it's probably polluted with alligator and snakes, lets walk on dry land. Lets make it to the shelter I work at; it's only a few miles away. Dani said, I think we should call Cousin Jacks, with her connections; she can send a helicopter to get us out of here. Annette said, we don't need to involve her in this; we can take care of ourselves!


Jacks cooked G-Mac and the kids a late breakfast of Black Forest Ham steaks, buttermilk pancakes with warm maple syrup and over easy eggs. They were finishing up breakfast when a news bulletin came on. The newscaster said, 'Due to Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana, the levee's broke and 80 percent of New Orleans is under water.'

Jacks looked at G-Mac and said oh my God! I have to call my cousin's Annette and Dani. Jacks nervously dialed there number but couldn't get through. Jack's tried Annette's work number, again, she couldn't get through.

G-Mac embraced her, it will be okay honey; they were probably evacuated and sent to a shelter.

I'm sure they will call you and let you know everything is okay, once they get settled, Jacks said, you're probably right.


Dani and Annette made it to the shelter. It was a disorganized mess; they could barely get through the crowd. Annette led Dani to an overcrowded room where counselors were setting up cots. Annette greeted the counselors and started helping; afterwards, she and Dani sat down on two cots, side by side. Dani went into her backpack and took out the lunch she was preparing before the levees broke. She shared a sandwich, chips, a soda, bottled water and an apple with her mother. They had no idea this would be their last meal for the next four days due to the government's slow response.


Jacks was frantic as she continued to call relatives, no one had heard from Annette and Dani. Her thoughts were interrupted by a ringing telephone. It was Dani, Jacks said, Dani, I was worried to death about you and Annette! I was about to charter a plane and come down there and look for you myself. Dani said, Jacks, it's real bad, we lost everything and aid just got here today, Mom and I haven't eaten in four days nor have we had a change of clothes, Jacks said, oh my God! What can I do? Dani continued, mom doesn't know I'm calling you, she's too proud, I wanted to call you when the hurricane first hit, she said no. I finally got a signal on my cell phone, Jacks I'm scared. Jacks said, I can have a plane rescue you in a few hours, Dani said, you know how mom is, she won't get on the plane. Jacks said, is there a Western Union nearby, Dani said yeah, it's located inside a corner store called Palmers across the street, let me give you the street name. Jacks wrote down the street name and said, listen to me carefully, I'm going to wire $5,000 within the hour, do you have your identification, Dani said yes, Jacks said good; pick the money up in an hour. Dani said okay, thanks cousin Jacks, Jacks said, give me your cell number and stay in touch, call me if you need more money or a plane out of there and let me know when you settle in a apartment or a house. Dani said, will do; love you cousin Jacks. I love you to honey. When G-Mac came home, Jacks told him, I heard from Dani, they survived and are doing okay but I'm going to stay by the phone just in case.


Dani picked up the money and stuffed it in her backpack. She decided not to tell her mother about the money, she would probably make her send it back. She arrived back at the shelter, her sleep was interrupted by a girl screaming; it was some type of disturbance nearby. Dani focused her eyes in the dark, she saw a man trying to rape an underage girl. She quickly got her pepper spray out of her backpack and went towards the altercation.

She told the man to stop, he turned around and said, 'fuck you bitch and mind your own business, after I'm done with her, your fine ass can have me next.' Dani aimed her pepper spray in his direction and sprayed, he screamed out in pain as he rubbed his eyes, he shouted, 'you fucking bitch, I'm going to whup your ass.' Dani screamed, we need help over here; will somebody please come help us? A few men got out of their cots and came to the rescue; she explained the situation. They took the offender out back and gave him a beatdown, they told him not to return to the shelter. Dani thanked the men when they returned.

Dani returned to her bed, her mother slept in a cot next to hers; she had slept through the incident. Dani went fast asleep clutching her backpack.

The next day, a woman took photos of some of the people at the shelter to put on a website. Dani and Annette posed for a photo.


Simon Trent was reading up on Hurricane Katrina on the Internet, he wanted to make a donation. He clicked on a link and arrived at a site where you could make a donation and adopt a family. He quickly browsed through some of the photos; he stopped when he came to a photo of two Creoles, a woman and a teenage girl. The girl was gorgeous and naturally endowed. He read the caption on the photo; their names were Annette and Dani Duboce. Simon thought, these two will fit in perfectly with my new venture.

He discussed his plan with Melissa, she told him to proceed.

Later that evening, Simon went back on the website and contacted the agency in regard to adoption proceedings.

The agency got in touch with Annette and Dani. They told them that an extremely wealthy family wanted to adopt them. The family lived in an affluent Texas suburb. Annette was excited and Dani was reluctant. She told Annette, how can you be excited about strangers wanting to take us in when we could stay with Jacks, I don't see any other family members offering to help. Annette shouted, when did you talk to Jacks, didn't I tell you not to call her? A woman interrupted, Annette was given paperwork, Annette signed on the dotted line while Dani shook her head in the background.

They arrived at Hobby airport; the Trent's were waiting when they got off the plane, they looked like a perfect family as they introduced themselves. They were extremely nice, they helped them with their luggage and they went out to a waiting limousine. Annette was impressed; Dani was leery. Simon thought, damn, Dani looks better in person than she does on the website picture.

In the limo, Annette recounted the devastation and destruction they experienced in the hurricane, the Trent's listened sympathetically with the exception of the oldest son Adam. He was very distant and unfriendly whereas the younger boy Ryan told Dani; you sure are pretty!

The limo pulled up to a magnificent mansion in a gated community. The chauffeur helped them with their luggage.

A few neighbors stared at them and quickly turned away and two joggers looked at them suspiciously. Dani thought, this is just great; an adopted black family living in a Klan neighborhood, this should be fun.

Melissa showed Dani to a spacious guest room while Simon took Annette to an upstairs room.

After the unpacked, they went to the dining room for dinner. Dani wasn't surprised when the Trent's served a fried chicken dinner with watermelon for dessert.

Annette grinned and thanked them for their hospitality. Dani was less than impressed.

Dani returned to her room and called Jacks. She updated Jacks on the situation. Jacks was hurt that Annette hadn't called her for help. Dani gave Jacks the Trent's address and phone number, she thanked Jacks for the money and assured her she would pay her back. She also told Jacks, she felt a bit uncomfortable. Jacks asked why? Dani said, I don't know, something doesn't seem right, maybe it's my police science training, I can't put my finger on it. Dani heard someone coming down the hall, she told Jacks; I have to go, I'll call you again.

Over the next few weeks, to show her appreciation for the Trent's hospitality and kindness, Annette began cooking authentic Creole and Cajun meals. The Trent's devoured her jambalaya, crab, sauteed shrimp and gumbo; they were impressed with her cooking.

When Melissa Trent hosted dinner parties and fundraisers, she had Annette do the catering. Everyone loved her cooking.

Before long, the Trent's began to treat Annette like a maid; they ordered her around and belittled her in front of guests.

Dani asked her mother, why are you letting them treat you like that? Annette responded, like what? We have to earn our keep and you're overreacting. At least I'm contributing. Dani rolled her eyes and walked off.

That evening, Dani realized that someone had stole the money that Jacks had sent from her backpack. Later that evening, Adam came in the house with bags and bags of new clothes.

The following week, 'Hurricane Rita' was due to hit Houston. Dani thought, damn, are we being followed by death? This reminds me of that movie 'Final Destination.'

Jacks called, Dani told her they were okay; and were making plans to evacuate.

Although they lived outside of Houston, the Trent's loaded everybody up in the SUV and went to Dallas.

After Hurricane Rita subsided, Melissa drove everybody home.


After 48 hours, the police conducted a search for Angie? They found nothing and they had no leads. Due to their budget, the search was limited.

They classified her as a 'runaway,' and stopped investigating.

Miss Emma kept Raymond informed.

Raymond caught a break the following day; his conviction was thrown out on a technicality.

Miss Emma and her nephew Richard were waiting outside the jail when he was released.

When Richard pulled up to Raymond's house. Raymond rushed out of the car. He went to Angie's room looking for clues.

He also called his niece, trying to trace Angie's last steps; she was of no help and rushed him off the phone.

After Raymond got off the phone, he sat down and put his head in his hands, he said, 'this is my fault,' if I would have minded my own business and not gotten in that bar fight, I would have been home with Angie instead of rotting in jail.

Miss Emma said, it's not your fault Raymond; you were protecting a woman in that bar, you're a hero.

Richard added, Raymond, you know I'm a computer tech for the security firm I work for, when we were in Angie's room, I noticed her desktop, let me take her hard drive and see what I find, I work the graveyard shift tonight, on my lunch hour, I'll see what clues if any, the hard drive holds. I'll bring it back in the morning.

Richard helped Raymond retrieve the hard drive before he left with Miss Emma.

Later that evening, Miss Emma brought Raymond over a plate of food, he thanked her but he had no appetite.


Angie awoke in a darkened room with a throbbing headache, her hands were tied behind her with rope and her ankles were bond together with rope.

She adjusted her eyes to the darkness. She was in a basement, surrounded by expensive camera equipment.

She tried to sit up on the small bed but she couldn't.

She was scared.

Her body jerked as she began sobbing uncontrollably; her voice quivered as she said, I want my daddy!


The next night as Dani slept, she saw someone with a camcorder standing over her bed, or was she dreaming?

The next morning, Dani was taking a shower, out of the corner of her eye, through the shower door, she made out a figure staring at her, the steam on the shower door prevented her from seeing who it was.

The person left, Dani hurriedly turned off the water, got a towel and wrapped it around her.

Dani rushed to her room, got dressed and stormed in the kitchen. While Annette cooked breakfast for everyone, Dani demanded to know, okay, who was watching me take a shower and who the hell stole money out of my backpack!

Melissa looked at her in disbelief and asked, I dare you make those type of accusations in my home?

Dani said, you need to be addressing your husband or oldest son; one of them is a peeping tom.

Simon said, take your allegations and get out of my house while Adam stared at her with pure hatred.

Suddenly, Annette interrupted, please excuse my daughter, she probably imagined that someone was watching her, she doesn't know what she's saying.

Let me talk to her.

Dani was speechless as she stared at Annette.

Annette led Dani to her room. What are you trying to do? These nice people let us in to their home, they have clothed us and fed us, you trying to ruin a good thing, are you crazy. You always did like attention, now you accusing someone of watching you and stealing from you, girl, get a grip!

Dani screamed, mother, you really are pathetic, I no longer have any respect for you, you can continue to stay here, they treat you like a maid while you smile and 'Uncle Tom' for them but I'm packing my bags and leaving.

They had no idea Simon was listening.

Simon returned to Melissa, 'we have to move quickly,' Dani is preparing to leave. We need to get the kids out of the house, take them to your sister's, they can stay there for the weekend, Melissa nodded.


Richard returned the hard drive. He told Raymond, I found some interesting stuff. Apparently, Angie was in contact with an online agency that reunites kids with adoptive or biological parents.

The last email was sent a few hours before she went missing, she had agreed to meet a representative at the bus station in Houston, they told her; they would take her to meet her mother and she hasn't been seen or heard from since.

Raymond and Richard took the information to the police, they said they would get around to investigating it; meanwhile, all of their manpower was being used to track down several convicts who had escaped the night before.

Richard whispered to Raymond, forget this, I got a better idea.

They returned to Raymond's. Richard got on the computer, created a new email account and emailed the agency. Telling them, he was looking for his biological mother who put him up for adoption.

They didn't have to wait long for a reply. Richard gave them false information, he figured, since it was a scam, they wouldn't bother checking to see that the person didn't exist. He also reminded himself to type his email responses like a 13-year old.

He was right, after two hours of communicating through email, the rep finally replied, your mother has been located; we will send you a ticket to come to the Houston bus terminal in few days. Richard responded, I have a paper route, I am so anxious to meet my mother, I can't wait, I will purchase a ticket and be at the terminal tomorrow at noon.


Between packing, Dani tried to call Jacks but her cell phone battery was dead. She decided to use the Trent's phone. Jacks answered on the second ring. Dani told Jacks about her suspicions and that someone had stole the money she sent. Jacks said, I'm coming to get you and Annette. Dani told her, Annette wants to stay, Jacks said, I don't care if I have to drag her out of that house; she's coming with us, you've already given me the address. Just then, the phone went dead.

Dani tried to call her back but their wasn't a dial tone. Jacks tried to call the number on the caller ID but she couldn't get through.

Jacks then tried to call G-Mac but he was out of the country on assignment and she couldn't get through. She left a message, 'honey, I'm going to Texas to get Dani and Annette, some strange things are going on with the adoptive family they're staying with.' I will leave their address and number on the kitchen counter, I should be back in a couple of days, my mother is coming to watch the kids, love you.'


Dani had finished packing, she turned to her mother and said, if I have to hitchhike to get away from here I will.

Just then, Simon and Melissa entered the room. Simon walked towards them with a needle, while Melissa restrained Annette; Simon overpowered Dani and injected her with the needle as Annette screamed in the background, he then injected Annette.

After Annette lost consciousness, Simon turned to Melissa, we will transport them to the other house tomorrow, Melissa nodded.


A few hours later, Jacks landed in Houston. A limousine was waiting for her; she gave the driver the Trent's address.

Jacks arrived and rung the doorbell, Simon answered and asked; who are you?

She replied, I'm a relative of Dani's and Annette's, I've come to take them home with me. Simon said; they left hours ago.

Jack's could tell he was lying and asked to come in. Simon stepped aside and let her in.

She said, Mr. Trent, I received a call from Dani, she knew I was on my way, did they say where they were going?

Before Simon could answer, Jacks heard something like a muffled scream coming from the basement, Simon rushed Jacks, she did a roundhouse kick and kicked him in the stomach; he went down.

She was waiting for him to get up; suddenly, she was hit over the head from behind with a frying pan, she went down.

Between deep breaths, Simon told Melissa, good work, when I catch my breath, we'll transport her down to the basement with Dani and Annette but first, I'll go get rid of the limousine driver.

The Trent's dragged an unconscious Jacks down to the basement. Dani said, oh my god! What have you done, that's my cousin Jacks; she's a Federal Agent.

Simon and Melissa looked at each other nervously, Melissa said, it's a scare tactic; she's lying.

Simon agreed. He looked at Dani and said, time for your medicine, Dani said no and began to back up on the bed, Annette was going in and out of consciousness on the other side of the bed.

Simon injected Dani first; he then injected Annette and Jacks.

When they were leaving the room, Simon said, we are going to fetch a fortune for them.


Raymond and Richard arrived at the Houston bus terminal two hours early. They planned to do surveillance. The rep said she would be holding a sign that said 'Richard.' When she realized Richard didn't show up, they planned to follow her, maybe she would lead them back to Angie.


G-Mac read Jacks note. He had been trying to call her for the last few hours; he got no response, something was wrong. He made reservations; he was going to Texas.


The women woke up in another room, some type of basement, surrounded by camera equipment. Jacks had a slight concussion; she noticed a teenage girl huddled in the corner crying. Jacks asked Dani and Annette, are you two okay? They nodded yes; she asked the girl, honey, are you okay? The girl continued crying. Jacks said, I promise you; we will get out of here.

The girl responded, my name is Angie, I was just trying to find my mother, they said they could find her; instead they abducted me and brought me here.

After the Trent's finished breakfast, Simon looked at his watch and told Melissa, you better get going, the victim should be arriving at the bus terminal shortly. Melissa said, you're not coming? Simon said no, I have to put them on film, just bring him back here; I'll drug him and take him down to the basement with the others. After Melissa left, Simon decided to go and check in on the victims.

Simon entered the room and said, how are my beauties today? You are probably wondering what's going on?

Let me explain, all of you will be sold at a sex auction today on the Internet black market. Buyers from all over the world will bid on you. You will be broadcast live via webcam.

You will be sold off to the highest bidder and never be seen again. Annette, we will advertise you as a triple-threat, 'sex slave, domestic and a great cook.'

Simon turned on the cameras.

Ladies, look this way.

Lights, camera, action!



Raymond and Richard watched from a distance as an elegantly dressed white woman (Melissa) held up a sign with Richard's name on it. The woman appeared agitated and annoyed when no one approached her. When she realized all the passengers had gotten off the bus, she became even more frustrated. She stood standing for five more minutes, looking around; she then crumbled up the sign and threw it away in a nearby wastebasket. She stormed out of the bus terminal with Raymond and Richard in pursuit.

They hailed a cab and had the driver follow her discreetly.


Across town, at that precise moment, G-Mac arrived at the Trent's house. He rung the doorbell, no answer, from outside, the house looked dark and empty. He took out his cell phone and called Lear.

She answered on the second ring, he explained the situation and asked Lear to do a check on property records to see if the Trent's owned a second home, Lear said, I'll call back if I get a hit.

Within five minutes, the phone rung, Lear gave him an address of an additional home on the outskirts of Houston.

G-Mac jumped in his rental car, consulted a map, put the map back in the glove compartment and started up the engine.


Raymond and Richard had the cabbie pull over and park when Melissa's car turned in a driveway. After she entered the house. They paid the cabbie and got out. The first thing they noticed, the house was located in a very isolated area.


As they walked towards the house, G-Mac pulled up and got out. G-Mac stared at the car in the driveway for a few seconds. Raymond and Richard pulled back when they saw him walk up the stairs. They thought, he might be involved with the Trent's. G-Mac peeked through the windows. Just then, they saw G-Mac take out a gun and head towards the back of the house. Raymond thought, maybe he's a cop. Raymond called out, hey! G-Mac turned around puzzled. Raymond gestured for him to come towards them.

G-Mac approached them, still looking puzzled; he didn't like civilians interfering with his work. He asked the men, what's going on? Richard asked him if he was a cop? G-Mac asked, why? Raymond said, the house that you were looking in, I think the people who own it, have my daughter, Angie, she was abducted online, an Internet scam. Richard spoke up, I contacted them through the Internet, pretending like I was a kid looking for a parent, they said they would help me find my parent and they instructed me to meet them at the bus terminal, a white lady arrives holding a sign with my name on it, she thought I didn't show up so we followed her here.

G-Mac looked at both men long and hard before speaking. I think these bastards have my wife, she came down to retrieve her relatives who were displaced during Katrina and I haven't heard from her since. I freelance in law enforcement but I need both of you to stay out of my way!

Raymond spoke up, no way man, they got my daughter, I'm going in with you. Richard added, I'm going in to. G-Mac looked at Raymond and said, man, I can sympathize with you, I lost my daughter to a pervert on the Internet but you two will only get yourselves killed, I am trained for this, let me handle it!

Raymond said, not a chance! He looked at Richard, come on. G-Mac said, hold up, okay, we can all go in together and enter the back of the house but let me take the lead. Both men nodded their heads. The men introduced themselves and shook hands, G-Mac went to his car and handed each man a loaded firearm before heading towards the back of the house.

At the backdoor, they heard a woman scream. G-Mac hurriedly picked the lock; each man entered quietly and went towards the back. G-Mac signaled Raymond and Richard into the kitchen, he pointed to a door that led to a basement. G-Mac slowly opened the door; they heard voices as each man crept silently down the stairs.

When they reached the bottom of the stairs, G-Mac startled Simon and Melissa when he screamed, put your hands up! Just then, Angie screamed 'Daddy! G-Mac was distracted and Simon grabbed Angie and used her as a shield.

Richard was appalled at the set-up, all the women were stripped naked surrounded by camera equipment, including a webcam.

Simon said, all of you put your guns down or I will break her neck, the men did as they were told. Simon continued, my wife and I are going to walk out of here with Angie, move out of our way! Simon looked back at Melissa and said, come on honey; she walked towards him and Angie.

Just then, Jacks gathered all the strength she could, she stood up and ran into the back of Simon, freeing Angie from his grip. G-Mac and Raymond overpowered Simon and Richard detained Melissa.

Before calling the police, the men found covers to cover up the women's nakedness. When the police arrived, evidence was confiscated, statements were taken and the Trent's were arrested and charged with kidnap, lewd acts on a child, child endangerment and pandering.


After relocating to Prince George County, Maryland-the richest enclave for African- Americans in this country. G-Mac and Jacks decided to take a special trip to celebrate their wedding anniversary. They had arrived in Dubai two days earlier. On the evening of their anniversary, they took a submarine ride from their hotel (Burj Al Arab) to the famous 'underwater restaurant,' 'Al Mahara.' They were dining on a seafood feast when Jacks two-way (untraceable) cell phone rung. They were asked to report to headquarters immediately. Jacks was also asked to contact Lear, Nikki and Phelps. They returned to their suite and packed. A helicopter met them on the private beach adjacent to the hotel and they were whisked away to the airport.


Earlier in the evening, Dayna and her fiance Mario enjoyed a performance by the 'Dance Theater Of Harlem,' at Zellerback Hall on the U.C. Berkeley campus, the performance was magnificent. After the show, they walked to a rented Mercedes; parked in an underground garage on Telegraph Avenue. They decided to have dinner and take the Ferry to San Francisco. The night was foggy with the horn blowers blaring in the distance. Dayna and Mario engaged in a intimate and lively discussion on a variety of topics. They took advantage of this time because they rarely saw each other due to schedule demands. The ferry traveled underneath the Golden Gate Bridge and they could make out Alcatraz in the distance. When they departed the ferry, they jumped on a cable car.

The cable car dropped them off in front of "Gary Danko's." This establishment is one of the few five-star restaurants in the world. If you desire something other than the entree's listed on the menu, you would inform your waiter or waitress. They in turn, would inform the chef and you would be served the meal of your choice, made from scratch. Dayna and Mario were enjoying crab cakes and clam chowder soup in a sourdough bread bowl when Dayna's priority cell phone rung; it was Jacks.


Lear had just finished working a complicated case; she often went to Sweden to ski; to clear her head. The night before, she stayed at the "Ice Hotel," which was featured in the James Bond film, "Die Another Day." The hotel was constructed each year by the world's leading sculptures. The 15,000 reservations set aside for guests, sold out each year.

Lear was skiing at high speed down a slippery slope, sporting a fashionable faux fur trimmed ski jacket and designer shades. The slope was cluttered with fresh powder but this didn't bother Lear, she was an expert skier.

Just then, her 2-way cell phone rang. Lear was informed that she would be picked up by a car and driver outside of the "Ice Hotel," within the next two hours and be taken to the airport. She was needed back at headquarters, immediately.


A day after attending the "America's Cup" yacht racing event in Valencia, Spain. Nikki and Phelps were inching up a rock-climbing wall, Nikki's blackberry went off; it was Jacks. Nikki read the message to Phelps. They climbed down the wall, got their stuff and rushed to the airport to catch a private jet to Los Angeles.


After everyone was seated in the conference room, Jacks used a laser pointer to identify the cast of characters at a boat party.

This is Miquel Lopez, an international arms dealer. This is his sometime girlfriend, Lauryn Allen, she runs a successful drug-banking cartel. She launders money for literally every drug cartel in the world.

This is her brother, Cartier Allen, a drug lord who supplies the Hollywood elite. Brother and sister control over half of the drug market in California and they also sell potassium permanganate to drug barons. Lauryn is the kingpin and the brains behind the operation and she has their money hidden all over the world in numerous offshore banking accounts.

Due to her financial wizardry, each sibling is worth in the neighborhood of $75 million dollars.

Jacks added, damn, they're so good looking, they went into the wrong field; both could have been successful models. Lauryn resembles actress Michael Michelle and Cartier looks like a young Philip Michael Thomas.

Anyway, we were lucky to get images of them, they are underground, hardly ever photographed or seen in public.

Jacks turned off the projector. She looked around the room at her husband G-Mac and co-workers, Lear, Dayna, Phelps and Nikki. She took a brief pause before continuing.

We have been given orders to infiltrate their organization and to take them down, effective immediately!


Lauryn Allen awoke early on a Saturday morning. She cooked a few slices of overseas gourmet bacon, priced at $120 per pound. While the bacon was frying, she boiled an egg and prepared herself a cup of 'Ghiradelli' 'double chocolate' hot chocolate with whip cream and chocolate sprinkles. She took her plate and her cup of hot chocolate into the living room where she sat down and watched the film "Cover," on her home theater.

She sipped her hot chocolate slowly as she watched the film. Afterwards, she went into her home office, surrounded by a pirranah's in a wall-encased aquarium; a platinum Arowana fish (valued at $80,000) was housed in a separate aquarium. She logged into her computer and checked her Swiss bank account, 'immediate annuity account' and her virtual safety deposit box contents, to make sure everything was in order.

She also checked activities at an "black market bank," she was affiliated with that specialized in money laundering activities. Satisfied, she checked the encrypted files of outgoing 'washed,' currency from businesses she set up, a company that sold yachts and several upscale 'Gentlemen clubs.'

She also laundered money through banks in Spain, Mexico, Italy and the United States. Her fee was a standard 5 percent for each seven-figure transaction. She had also set up dozens of sham accounts located in Mexico and the Cayman Islands, she then converted the money into legal bank drafts and checks that the cartel bosses could cash anywhere, no questions asked. This procedure erases the drug origin of the money.

She also checked the balance sheet on an expensive boat she purchased, disguised as a gambling casino. This boat laundered money through St. Maartens (known as a drug laundry haven) Portugal and Spain.

Lauryn also smuggled gold and high quality counterfeit foreign currencies.

In 2007, Lauryn laundered over $200 million dollars for virtually every drug syndicate in the world. She was considered a 'cocaine banking kingpin' among drug lords and crime bosses.

Next, she answered an encrypted email from one of her overseas contacts, Santana, a former Black Ops soldier who was now a hired assassin for drug cartels, he was currently suspected of doing 'wet work,' in hot zones on four different continents.

He inquired if Lauryn could refer him to a buyer interested in purchasing 2 severed hands (frozen) of two of his victims. The buyer could buy the hand to obtain fingerprints (to plant at crime scenes to throw off the cops). Lauryn graciously replied, no.

Another email was from a contact who lived in a rural and isolated area in the Midwest, he asked Laruyn to contact him if she needed any cell calls traced in Northern America and overseas because he had the capability to trace any call regardless of professional status with his illegal satellite hookup and he couldn't be traced because he could triangulate his location. Lauryn thanked him for the reminder.

She turned off her computer and went into her home gym. She worked out on an exercise bike as she watched 'The Food channel' on her 103-inch flat panel plasma television (built into the wall). The screen width of the TV is comparable to the size of a double bed.

After the workout, she put on two of her favorite old school artists, Howard Hewett and Stephanie Mills as she did stretches.

She then sat down at her red oak coffee table and played a game of "Go," with herself. 'Go,' is a board game favored by royalty and the elite. Described as a game for intellects, this game originated in China 4,000 years ago and it can take a lifetime to master.

Later, Lauryn decided to go jogging.

Lauryn was jogging while listening to her i-Pod. She was surprised when she saw another beautiful black woman jogging in her direction, not too many blacks lived in her gated community and the woman looked familiar.

As the woman passed Lauryn, she nodded; Lauryn nodded back but discouraged conversation and continued jogging in the opposite direction. Lauryn had to be careful because of her illegal activities. She was the top money launderer (for drug cartels) in the world.


Cartier Allen, Lauryn's brother, a Hollywood drug lord was across town, laying up with one of his many girlfriends watching 'Scarface.' After the closing credits, Cartier decided to fly his girlfriend to Miami to eat and water ski. Afterwards, they went to South Beach and later arrived on Star Island; Cartier's favorite party spot. He was a regular on the 'Star Island' party circuit and usually arrived by boat. The hip-hop elite gave numerous parties on this exclusive island and Cartier attended every one of the parties. From Florida, they flew to Atlanta to attend a rare Prince concert. They flew back to Los Angeles the following day.

The next evening, Cartier attended one of his sister's upscale gentleman clubs (that she laundered money through) in Hollywood. He took his boys up to the private skyboxes (reserved for VIP's) to view the action. Cartier passed out Cuban cigars and ordered up a seafood feast accompanied by several bottles of Cristal. After the show, they went into private rooms and received lap dances. Afterwards, they hooked up with several of the strippers.


The following Saturday, Lauryn did the same exercise routine. Again, she saw the beautiful black lady jogging towards her, just then, she heard a car speeding behind her; the woman lunged and pushed her out of the way before the car plowed her down.

Lauryn gathered her senses and thanked the woman, saying, you saved my life. People usually don't drive like that in this community, the woman introduced herself as Dayna Silva. She told Lauryn, I caught a glimpse of the driver and passenger; they were teenagers.

Lauryn interrupted, wait a minute, you're that famous video girl, I thought I recognized you, my brother Cartier is a huge fan of yours; Dayna smiled and said thanks.

Lauryn added, I really appreciate what you just did; do you live in this community? Dayna said yes, I made some really good investments, I just moved in a month ago. Lauryn said, I would like to invite you over for dinner tonight. She gave Dayna her address and told her to arrive at 7 p.m.


Dayna returned home and called Jacks, 'it worked, contact has been made; she invited me to dinner tonight.


At 6:00 p.m., Lauryn departed the shower and dabbed on her favorite perfume, 'Clive Christian No. 1, valued at $2,350.00 per ounce, she then put on a tight fitting Versace dress, afterwards, she applied 'KissKiss Gold & Diamonds lipstick, priced at $62,000 per tube. She then walked to her closet, admiring her extensive shoe collection which included: Manolo Blahnik's, Jimmy Choo's, Valentino's, Prada's and Yves St. Laurent's. She selected a pair of Blahnik's.

Paul Cortez arrived at Lauryn's house an hour later. He was her boyfriend's (Miquel Lopez's) right hand man. They exchanged pleasantries and got down to business.

Cortez said, we are going to need 'fake' diamond serial numbers for 100 'conflict' diamonds as soon as possible, after we receive the numbers, we will make a wire transfer of $2 million dollars into your overseas account. Lauryn nodded and replied, I will send the serial numbers via our underworld courier, Kole. Cortez smiled, without missing a beat, Lauryn asked, would you like to stay for dinner? Cortez replied, I would love to.

Cortez was very attracted to Lauryn but he knew Miquel would kill him if he ever made a move on her.

Dayna arrived an hour later. Lauryn introduced her to Cortez, Dayna thought he looked familiar, after fifteen minutes, she excused herself and went to the bathroom. She sent Lear a text message, asking her to call her on her cell in five minutes.

When she returned, she joined Lauryn and Cortez in the living room. Just then, her cell phone rung, she answered but positioned the cell phone where she was able to take a discreet photo of Cortez and patch it through to Lear.

At that precise moment, Cartier came through the door. Cortez whispered to Lauryn, now that we are all here, for safety precautions, I brought along a 'white noise generator.'

He discreetly removed the electronic gadget from his coat pocket, when he thought no one was looking, he placed it in a secure position, near Lauryn. He told Lauryn, if anyone is listening in, this device will create static and mask our conversation. Dayna observed the exchange out of the corner of her eye.

Cartier's attention was focused on Dayna, he recognized her from hip-hop videos, he smiled as he headed in her direction, he introduced himself and said, my sister said she had a surprise dinner guest but I didn't know it was you, I am a huge fan. He fawned over Dayna all evening.

Lear was able to identify the photo through her database. Paul Cortez was a former Homeland Security Sea Marshal (for cruise ships) due to gambling debts ($5,000 slot machines) he went rogue to earn money. He was rumored to be working as a high-ranking soldier in the Lopez organization, which was notorious for international arms deals, wet work (assassination) and extortion.

Dayna was seated on the couch when Cartier joined Lauryn and Cortez at the bar to refresh their drinks, she hurriedly took a cell phone photo of the device that Cortez had left on the table and patched it through to Lear along with a text message, 'Cortez, just placed this gadget in Lauryn's living room, what is it?

Lauryn invited everyone into the kitchen where she had prepared chicken with a mushroom sauce. The mushrooms were so rare; they only grew in a certain region in Italy and were priced at $500 dollars per container. The meal was delicious, accompanied by Krug, clos du Mesni 1995 champagne, priced at $750.00 per bottle.

Lear received the photo and text message that Dayna sent. She studied the photo closely and thought, clever; Cortez is masking conversation with a 'white noise generator.'

Lauryn's dinner party was winding down as everyone sung along to Al Green's greatest hits and popped popcorn before watching the documentary 'Girl 27.'

After the movie, Dayna retrieved her coat and was preparing to leave, Cartier insisted on walking her home. Dayna had to admit; he was extremely good looking. As they walked, he asked her about the numerous hip-hop artists she had worked with. When they arrived at her doorstep, he was a perfect gentleman as he kissed her hand and bid her goodnight.

Cartier returned, Lauryn told him, she was impressed that Dayna had a lack of curiosity and didn't ask many questions about her lifestyle, it also helped that Dayna was beautiful like her, no cause for resentment and jealousy.

Cortez interrupted her thoughts, be careful, what do you know about her besides that she was once a video girl? Lauryn told him, you worry too much, she seems okay and she doesn't pry.

Cartier added. 'I think I'm in love,' Cortez rolled his eyes and said, you two let your guard down with someone you just met, are you both that star struck over a video girl? I'm going to have her checked out.

Despite Cortez's advice, Lauryn invited Dayna to go shopping with her the following day. They hit Rodeo Drive and went to Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills. Afterwards, they went to see the "Sex In The City," movie but Dayna was surprised when Lauryn said lets go, right in the middle of the film. When Dayna asked her, why are we leaving? Lauryn replied, 'like caviar, you don't have to finish the whole jar to know its good."


Meanwhile, Lear arrived at a 'black site' for a 'black project,' and she had to 'go dark' for the next few days as she gathered classified intelligence on a very dangerous 'nuclear trafficker.'

Payne Bishop was considered one of the most dangerous and elusive men (only one old photo existed of him) in the world. Currently, an international manhunt was underway and a $5 million dollar reward was offered for his capture. His vast network traded nuclear secrets and sold weapons of mass destruction and illicit technology, including high-speed centrifuges and osmium nuclear bomb triggers across numerous continents. Bishop grossed over $1 billion dollars annually from this operation. He had various overseas accounts that Lear had trouble tracing because they bounced through 20 different dummy corporations.

He was known in intelligence circles as the 'Death Merchant.'

Signals Intelligence had traced a signal from a satellite phone (he was known to use) to a European villa. Agents were dispatched and set up an extensive 'overview,' surveillance, surrounding the villa.

They also received Intel that Bishop's enforcer-Adolfo, a former private security soldier was traveling with him. They had to take cover with extreme caution because Adolfo went nowhere without his Chey Tac sniper rifle. This rifle is used by-the world's top assassins and it comes with a ballistic computer and suppressor (silencer), priced at $17,000. This is the only gun in the world that shoots a 4-inch bullet. It's so accurate; targets can be eliminated from a half mile away.

Adolfo was so dangerous, he once suspected Bishop's right hand man (Byron) of talking to the authorities, he then lured him to an deserted area in his car. Adolfo observed the car pull up from a distance, he pushed a 'kill switch,' triggering the locks and trapping the man inside the car. A few minutes later, the car exploded, courtesy of a car bomb Adolfo had planted the night before.

When they raided the villa, Bishop and Adolfo was nowhere to be found, they had escaped into thin air, Lear returned, disappointed, back to Los Angeles.


Lear had scheduled a briefing with Dayna, Jacks, G-Mac and Phelps. They had lunch at a gourmet sandwich shop. Everyone ordered hot prime rib sandwiches with pepper jack cheese on a Ciabatta roll with onion and mayo, served with chips and a soda. During lunch, Lear informed the others that Nikki had been called away on personal family business.

After lunch, Dayna briefed them. Paul Cortez and Cartier were at Lauryn's dinner party the other night, she also told them that Cartier had a crush on her, which made it easier for her to infiltrate but Cortez acted reserved towards her the entire evening. She wouldn't be surprised if he did a background check on her. Lear said, don't worry; we've already dummied up a fake background on you.

Lear said, I also have something for you; she went into a computer bag and pulled out something similar to a black desk pad. She put it on the table and said, at first glance, this looks like an ordinary black desk pad but if you shine an infrared light on it, it becomes a virtual keyboard, which operates as a computer keyboard. She pushed it towards Dayna, you will use this to discreetly transmit emergency messages involving this case, Dayna nodded.

Lear added, if you need to talk to me discreetly about anything pertaining to this case, contact me on 'dry channel,' 28 from your regular cell phone.

Then, Lear pushed another device towards Dayna. 'This is a 2-way cell phone, these phones are commonly used in the intelligence community. Records can't be kept and the company that provides the phone service can't be traced and satellites can't track these phones. We (myself, Jacks and G-Mac) will also be on the same frequency. Keep this phone on you at all times.'

Lear also informed her not to have sex with Cartier under any circumstances, he was not targeted to be erased; he was someone they wanted in custody.

G-Mac spoke up, my CI's (Confidential Informants) tell me that Cartier has expanded his network; he is now the top drug supplier for Compton and South Central as well as Los Angeles. And, don't forget, he still has 'Black Hollywood' on lock-down. He's moving- drugs like crazy and his empire is growing with no end in sight and his sister Lauryn is diversifying again, it's rumored that she's supplying crooked diamond merchants with fake serial numbers for conflict diamonds.

Jacks said, we really have to take them down, fast!

Lear looked at Phelps and said, here are you papers to join a team in Switzerland, they need your skills, officially, you are now off the Allen case. We sure could use you here, but this case is a higher priority. You are expected in Geneva, Switzerland in 2 days. Lear slid an envelope towards him, in this package, you will find your contact information, a passport and a plane ticket. Phelps nodded.

After lunch, the women decided to go to a gym and work off the calories and G-Mac and Phelps decided to go to a sports bar to catch a NBA playoff game.


During the ride to the bar, Phelps told G-Mac, man, I'm thinking about proposing to Nikki, G-Mac said, no shit! Handle your business playa; she's a good woman, congratulations. Phelps added, I can't wait for her to get back. G-Mac said, man, she'll be back before you know it. Phelps said, I hope she accepts my proposal because since her last boyfriend (Sherm) died, she may be hesitant.

G-Mac said, don't worry about it, man, she talks to Jacks about you, she loves you as much as you love her. Phelps smiled, G-Mac pulled up to the bar and told him, I'm going to wipe that smile off your face after I beat your ass in pool, come on playa, lets play a few games before the playoffs start!

Later that evening, Phelps returned home and started packing.

When G-Mac returned home, he went into his workshop to work on custom-made ammunition. Titanium nitrade coated ammo for .22 caliber; designed for use in silenced and suppressed weapons. He also developed .308 ammo; used for sniper weapons.

Afterwards, he climbed the stairs and put on a Teddy Pendergrass CD, he turned the sound down low and joined Jacks in bed, he woke her up by kissing her neck and stroking her hair, before long, they were making love.


Nikki had arrived in her hometown of Detroit, Michigan the day before. It broke her heart when her parents (Jim and Doris) informed her that her little sister Kathy was now involved with a big time drug dealer, named Norman Brew, he was abusing her and isolating her from her family, she was also on drugs.

Her mother also informed her that Kathy brought Brew over for Sunday dinner, one of the few times she had seen her in months and Brew bossed her around, demanding she bring him a beer. He also refused to join in-saying grace before dinner and he ordered Kathy to braid his hair before she ate. The last straw was when he threatened to hit Kathy in the kitchen until Jim intervened and threw him out. Kathy became outraged at her father and followed Brew out the door. Tears were streaming down Doris's face, Nikki embraced her and said, don't worry Ma, it's going to be alright.

Nikki called Kathy, a man answered and demanded to know who she was, she told him that she was Kathy's older sister, he said, Kathy ain't available and hung-up in her face.

Nikki then called Ashley Perry, a fellow hitter, she told her, I have a family emergency and I need your assistance in Detroit. Ashley said, I'm there; I'll catch the next red eye.

That night, Nikki tossed and turned as she dreamed about how her Uncle Roger (a military man) who taught her how to shoot.

He would line cans and bottles up, and they would have a shooting competition. When Nikki's mother asked Roger, why are you teaching your niece to shoot? He would shrug and say, a woman has to learn how to protect herself.

Uncle Roger also taught her hand-to-hand combat skills. This came in handy when Nikki tested for federal law enforcement jobs. She always aced the physical part of the test with flying colors. She underwent two years of training which also included assembling a sniper rifle blind folded.

After Nikki picked up Ashley from the airport, Nikki took her to Moe's Club & Cafe for lunch. When Moe saw Nikki, he came from around the counter and gave her a big hug. He said, girl, you looking good, it's so good to see you. Nikki thanked him and introduced him to Ashley.

They ordered Moe's homemade beef chili with a side order of sweet buttered cornbread. Nikki said, lawd have mercy, this is good eating! Ashley said, I agree, I didn't know chili could taste so good. Nikki told Ashley about the history of Detroit. Many news outlets say Detroit is the poorest city in this country but my childhood was anything but poor. My cousin used to work for Motown, he use to tell us stories about the Motown greats, and my father worked at one of the car plants.

When they tried to pay, Moe told Nikki, your money ain't good here but I request the presence of you and your friend at tonight's show. The Dramatics are performing here tonight; I will reserve ringside seats. Nikki hugged Moe and said, thanks, you are still a sweetheart.

Before they left, Nikki turned around and said, oh yeah, before I forget, Moe, what do you know about a guy named Brew? Moe got quiet, along with his staff; a look of fear was on everyone's face. Moe motioned Nikki and Ashley into the back office.

Everyone took a seat and Moe said, Nikki, baby, he is bad news and very dangerous, I hate your baby sister got hooked up with him. I've seen her with black eyes and she seems spaced out, like she's on drugs or something. Ashley noticed Nikki getting angry and gripped her arm.

Moe continued, him and his thugs tried to extort money from me, they must have forgot my nephew is a cop, he had a talk with them and they backed off. He runs drugs and hookers all over town, has numerous soldiers, word is, he plans to turn your sister out on the corner. Nikki could barely contain her anger; she got up and left with Ashley in tow.

In the car, Ashley told Nikki, just relax; we're going to take care of this.

That night, Nikki and Ashley arrived at Moe's and ordered a bucket of crab legs with garlic bread, white wine, and salad. They sat ringside as the Dramatics put on an incredible show, with beautiful medleys and show-stopping dance moves. Ashley was really enjoying the show but Nikki couldn't concentrate because she was worried about her little sister.

They returned to Nikki's parents house, Nikki slept in her old room and Ashley slept in Kathy's old room.


Lauryn invited Dayna over to watch game 2 of the NBA playoffs. To impress Dayna, Cartier decided to prepare lunch for them outdoors.

Lauryn told Dayna, Cartier has plans to-cook a 'Polo' tailgate lunch. Instead of sausage, baked beans and grilled burgers. Cartier grilled, colossal king lobster legs; grilled swordfish and fried garlic home fries. After lunch, they spent the majority of the afternoon and evening churning homemade peach ice cream served with lemon pound cake.

Later that evening, they attended the Jay-Z and Mary J. Blige concert.

The following day, they went to Marina Del Rey and spent time lounging and sipping tropical drinks on a $250,000 'Donzi' speedboat. When Cartier brushed his hand against Dayna's hand, it was like a volt of electricity. The chemistry she felt was undeniable.

The next day, they were chauffeured in Lauryn's Maybach limousine to the Santa Anita racetrack to watch the ponies run. Before the race, they had lunch (charbroiled oysters on the half shell) in a private VIP suite usually reserved for celebrities and politicians. Lauryn and Dayna had the attention of every man in attendance and the waiters catered to them while Cartier sat back proudly.

A week later, they met Miquel Lopez at a private airstrip, boarded a private jet and flew to the South of France to attend the Cannes Film Festival. They spent most of their time, partying, from yacht to yacht with an array of celebrities. One evening, after a yacht party, they all decided to go scuba diving on the French Riviera.

Dayna was enjoying the good life!

On the plane trip back, Cartier and Miquel were engrossed in a high stakes card game. Lauryn looked across the aisle at Dayna and noticed she was reading a 'Panache newsletter.'

She approached her and said, oh my god! I'm also a big fan of that site, Dayna said, really? Lauryn replied, yes! I'm on there every chance I get and I love to lurk on the message board. Dayna said, me too! I love Gorgeous Sable, she's so over the top and throws down the gossip.

Both women started laughing, Lauryn added, now I can appreciate Miss Sable and Madison Rae but my favorite poster is Litigating.

She has a great sense of humor and knows the law, if I ever get in trouble, I'm going to have Miquel track her down in real life; to represent me.

Dayna said, I know that's right! And gave Lauryn a high five.

Dayna added, I also like the old school crew: Blessedwoman and Sheknows: I love their interactions because they are so mature and have so much wisdom, I also enjoy Hidoll and Soul Train, they bring that old school heat!

Lauryn said, don't forget about the Mayor of PR and Trinity, they also have great input. Along with all of the other posters, too many to name. They really are responsible for making that board like no other message board on the internet. These insightful and colorful individuals keep you informed and entertained on a daily basis and keep you coming back for more. Dayna said, I agree, wholeheartedly!

Before Lauryn returned to her seat, she told Dayna, I got next on that newsletter!


Norman Brew and his crew, Jo-Jo and Skeet grew up together in the same neighborhood. They were considered misfits at school, because their mothers couldn't afford to dress them in nice clothes and sneakers. They also shared another common trait; they had never met their fathers.

They spent the majority of their time drinking 40's and smoking blunts in a nearby alley, adjacent to their high school and shooting dice.

Brew resented the kids who had fathers and materialistic objects. He was so hateful, while other boys participated in basketball drills, he would steal valuables from their gym lockers.

He got so tired of being teased about his appearance, he took an after school job at a local burger joint so he could save for designer clothes.

One afternoon, a drug dealer named King Kurtis entered the cafe with his boys. After he sat down, he hollered, 'hey burger boy, come take my order.' Everybody burst out laughing whileBrew cringed with embarrassment.

Brew went over to take everyone's order, Kurtis tried to humiliate him further by changing his order, over and over, he also asked Brew, can you understand English?

After King Kurtis and his peeps left, they trashed their table by intentionally spilling sodas and food all over the table, King turned to Brew and said, clean it up!

Brew made a promise; someday, he was going to get even.

After a few pay checks, Brew started dressing better but his new appearance didn't garner him respect from the other kids.

Just before graduation, Brew, Jo-Jo and Skeet were all informed on the same day that they wouldn't be graduating because they had missed too many classes. They could still participate in the ceremony but they would receive blank diplomas when they walked across the stage.

When the school informed their mothers, Brew's mother didn't seem upset; she was too busy trying to snag a man. Jo-Jo and Skeet's mothers were too passed out on alcohol and drugs to care.

One afternoon, they were all sitting on a stoop. King Kurtis drove up, across the street, in his brand new Mercedes. He exited the car with a gorgeous woman.

Brew told Jo-Jo and Skeet, one day, I'm going to kill that asshole and we gonna take over his turf, mark my words!

Jo-Jo said, man, I feel what you saying and I hear he's a asshole but you got to be seriously dreaming if you think you can just go up to him and take him out! He's the biggest baller in town and he's always in the company of enforcers.

Brew didn't answer.

A month later, they participated in the high school graduation ceremony but were too embarrassed to stick around and go to the parties.

Brew said, I didn't plan for my life to end up like this. Not having a high school diploma doesn't get you good paying jobs but I have a plan.

Let's pool together what money we have and get strapped; then we can take down King Kurtis and his crew.

Skeet said, man, you still harping on that shit, I thought you were joking, I'm with Jo-Jo on this, are you crazy? We would be asking for trouble, you know them fools will retaliate.

And, me and JoJo were never informed that we were going to be dope boys. Did we miss your memo, Brew?

Brew said, ya'll Negro's are too cowardly.

Over the next few months, Brew saved enough to buy three guns. He also made connections with local drug suppliers.

Over time he convinced Skeet and Jo-Jo to come aboard, with the promise of quick cash, endless bling and a stable of women.

He planned to knock over King Kurtis while he was at his stash house, he planned to kill everyone on the premises and steal the money and drugs.

One evening, he gave Skeet and Jo-Jo loaded guns and told them to hide them in a safe place and be ready to move when he called.

A few days later he called.

They drove Skeet's mother's broke-down, backfiring car to the stash house and set-up surveillance, after a few hours, they made their move.

They stormed the place in black clothes and masks.

A blazing gun battle took place and Jo-Jo got wounded in the leg. Brew left King Kurtis for last.

Brew stood over him and pulled up his mask, King registered a look of shock on his face. Brew said, look at me fool, look good and hard before I kill you!

King shouted, 'burger boy, your ass is mine, do you know who you fuckin with! All of you will be dead within the next 24 hours!'

Brew said, not if there isn't any witnesses, he raised the gun and shot King Kurtis in the head.

They loaded up the drugs and money, rushed to the car and sped off.

The police didn't investigate thoroughly, they were glad King Kurtis and his crew were dead. The murders remain unsolved.

Over the next few months, Brew used his portion of the money to buy kilos of cocaine. Skeet and Jo-Jo spent their portions on whips and bling and they paid their mother's rent

Over the next year, Brew, the outcast from high school and his motley crew of friends became the biggest drug crew in Detroit. They had the juice and everyone stepped aside when they walked down the street.

They upgraded to Mercs, Beamers, Porsche's and Corvettes. They also bought condo's and went on gambling excursions and to championship boxing matches in Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

Brew diversified and launched an escort agency. He had hookers working all over town.

He also increased his work force; he had 50 soldiers on the payroll.

One day, Brew saw Kathy Campbell working in the mall, a girl he had a crush on in high school. Over the next few months, he charmed her and took her out to expensive dinners. Before long, she quit her job and moved in with him and lost her virginity. Shortly afterwards, the beatings and drug abuse started.

Eventually, he had her-where he wanted her, completely dependent on him for drugs and day-to-day living.

When she returned to her parent's home to pack, they noticed, she had a black eye. When they questioned her about it, she said she walked into a doorknob. She loaded all of her clothes into expensive Louie Vuitton luggage, embraced her parents and went out to a waiting Navigator.

Around this time, Skeet started acting on his hidden 'homo-thug,' impulses. He started patronizing a gay club in the seedy part of town. He loved the energy, the loud music and the shirtless sweaty men with tight bodies but he was still too scared to act on his impulses until he met Quentin.

They locked eyes while Quentin was gyrating on the dance floor. Skeet loved the way he moved and he appeared masculine with a bandana tied around his forehead. He also had on a leather vest and his tight jeans revealed a big bulge.

After the record ended, Quentin approached Skeet. That's when Skeet noticed his eyebrows were dyed blonde. He liked his individuality.

They got to know each other over a few drinks. After the club closed they went to an all night fried chicken joint owned by Quentin's gay uncle.

Uncle Harry greeted Quentin warmly when he walked through the door with Skeet. He told them, he was going to serve them a bucket of fried wings. He looked at Skeet and said, 'you ain't tasted chicken until you feast on my homemade bird. I soak it in buttermilk and tobasco sauce an hour before frying it up.'

Over conversation, Quentin told him that Uncle Harry had taken him in when his family kicked him out for being gay. He said, if it wasn't for my uncle, I would have been homeless and hungry on the streets.

Skeet took a deep breath before he told Quentin that he had never been with a man before. Quentin teased him about being a virgin. They laughed, Skeet asked Quentin what he did for a living, he replied, I make mix tapes. What do you do Skeet? I hustle but I make a good living. Quentin didn't pry. They continued talking about hip-hop and sports into the wee hours of the morning.

After dinner, they returned to Quentin's apartment. Skeet was relived that Quentin didn't pressure him for sex; instead, they fell asleep in each other's arms.

The next morning, Quentin awoke and fried bacon and eggs along with raisin toast saturated in apple butter with peach preserves on the side.

Skeet was impressed, not only was this man masculine and gorgeous, he could also cook. Later that evening they went to a Pistons game. Skeet turned off his cell. Later that night he lost his virginity.

The next day Brew called a meeting with his top soldiers. In front of everybody he asked Skeet, why haven't you been answering your phone? When I call, you answer! Skeet nodded his head. Brew added, you must have met a new girl? Skeet muttered, yeah, something like that.

Later, Skeet arrived at Quentin's. He retrieved Brew's drugs (marked for distribution) out of a duffel bag in the trunk and went upstairs to Quentin's apartment.

They became so high; they couldn't function sexually. Quentin eventually substituted with a sex toy.

The next morning, Skeet went to cop drugs from a rival dealer to replace the ones he had stolen from Brew. He then went across town to distribute them.


Nikki awoke and took a shower. Later, she went into Kathy's old room and awoke Ashley. After Ashley took a bath and got dressed, she joined Nikki in the kitchen. The women prepared homemade waffles, pork sausage with sage and scrambled eggs with cheese and diced onions. Nikki prepared plates for her parents and took a tray into their bedroom.

When she returned to the kitchen, she ate in silence. After breakfast, the women cleared the table and washed the dishes. Now it was time to get down to business!

Just then, her parents came out of the bedroom with their plates. Ashley took their plates and Nikki gave them a envelope stuffed with hundred dollar bills and suggested they see the movie (Trade) she also encouraged them to go shopping and to have dinner at their favorite restaurant. Both parents nodded grabbed their coats, and left.


Across town, Kathy was out cold, lying beside Brew, she had ingested so many drugs the night before; she was unconscious. Meanwhile, Brew was on the phone, taking care of business. Trying to get a line on Russian women headed to Detroit to perform in strip clubs and to become prostitutes. Brew wanted a piece of the action but he knew he would have a hard time infiltrating the Russian mob; he planned to use a Russian friend to act as a go-between. After he got off the phone, he took the remote and turned to HBO, his favorite show, 'The Wire,' was on.


Ashley had just checked her email, the email correspondence she was expecting, had arrived. She read it out loud to Nikki. One by one, she went down the page which listed several warehouses owned by Brew, as well as the names of companies that were affiliated with him (Brew was a silent partner in some of the real estate). The Intel also revealed, his top lieutenant Jo-Jo handled the majority of his business. While Brew kept a low profile, Jo-Jo made public appearances on Brew's behalf.

Nikki said, okay, Jo-Jo will be the man we target; he will lead us to Brew. She asked Ashley to use her contacts and get one blonde undercover agent flown in to Detroit to pose as prospective prostitute. Ashley replied; I'm on it. When she hung up the phone, she turned to Nikki; a agent by the name of Mimi will be here in two days. Nikki said, perfect, that will give us time to make contact with Jo-Jo. Meanwhile, Ashley sent a photo of her and Mimi to Brew's email addresswith a note attached, 'We are Mimi and Ashley, we have heard so much about you on the East Coast and would love to work for you, we will be in town in two days, if you would like to meet us, email us at the following address.'

Brew showed the photos to Jo-Jo, bragging, 'shit, we so huge, we ain't got to recruit bi**hes, they coming to us, you believe this shit, we got fine ass white girls seeking us out, we can make a fortune on these bi**hes,' Jo-Jo eagerly nodded his head as he devoured the photos with his eyes. He had already decided, he was going to try both of them out before introducing them to Brew; he was going to have the ultimate 3-way. Brew interrupted his thoughts and said, Negro, hurry up and email them back before they change their minds!

Within the next hour, Jo-Jo sent an email requesting a meet at one of Brew's restaurants across town.

After Jo-Jo sent the email, he wondered, where the hell was Skeet? He wouldn't mind if Skeet tagged alone for security purposes but then again, it was only so much women could do against him. He thought, Skeet had been keeping a low profile lately but rumors were circulating that Skeet was spotted leaving a gay club with a Negro who had dyed blonde eyebrows. Hell, if Jo-Jo ever encountered Skeet and that Negro, he would bust a cap in his ass just for having that shit on his eyebrows. Jo-Jo didn't like homosexuals but Skeet was his homeboy; and Skeet never made a pass at him. He planned to keep it a secret that Skeet was a homo-thug but if Brew ever found out, he would kill him.

Two days later, Nikki and Ashley picked up Mimi at the airport and briefed her on the way.


Gradually, over time, Dayna was able to pick up more conversation regarding Lauryn and Cartier's operation. She reported the Intel back to Lear. The case was coming along nicely until Dayna got too close to Cartier.

Since the Santa Anita outing, Cartier called every day; she enjoyed his conversation. It took all of her willpower not to invite him over to spend the night. This case was becoming more complicated by the day.

Cartier even invited her to be his date at the Superbowl. Lauryn's ex-boyfriend Miquel Lopez and his crew had a skybox rented under the name of a respected businessman who owed them a favor.

Lear instructed Dayna to accept the invitation. This would be the first time Dayna would set eyes on the elusive, Miquel Lopez.

A Gulf Stream jet transported them to Florida where a limousine was waiting to transport them to the stadium.

Once inside, they took a private elevator to the skybox. They entered a world of luxury and privilege. Waiters and Waitresses had trays of Dom Perignon and caviar. A buffet table had filet mignon, prawns, sushi and oysters. It was a feast.

As soon as Lauryn walked through the door, Miquel grabbed her hand to introduce her to his business partners. Dayna was left with Cartier, who was the perfect gentleman. They took seats and watched the game as waitresses catered to their every need. Dayna didn't see Lauryn and Miquel for the remainder of the day. By the second half, Cartier disregarded the game to focus his complete attention on her. She had to admit, he was mesmerizing.

After the game, they got into a limo, headed to a party. It didn't take long to notice that Miquel was in love with Lauryn. He couldn't keep his eyes or hands off her.

At the party, Miquel kept Lauryn on the dance floor all night while Cartier tried to engage in intimate conversation with Dayna.

The next afternoon, they flew back to L.A., when they arrived, they got in a limo, Laruyn and Miquel had fallen asleep in each other's arms on the ride home. When the limo pulled in front of Dayna's house, Cartier asked if he could come in, she answered no! He looked like a wounded puppy as she exited the car. He then asked her, Is there somebody else? When she didn't answer, he continued, 'Baby, if you let me spend the night, within a hour, my Nielsen Ratings will be higher than his.' Dayna ignored his comment and went inside, alone.

She was torn, she would have loved to spend the night with Cartier having wild passionate sex but she was HIV-positive and he wasn't a target for elimination. Plus, she had a fiance who she loved, or did she? Her feelings for Cartier were beginning to maker her re-examine her relationship with Mario.

After Dayna closed the front door, she went into her bedroom, turned on her laptop and sent a brief to Lear, detailing the evening. She also confirmed, she saw Miquel Lopez but he was very careful and didn't converse in her presence.

After she sent the email, she went to sleep and had an erotic dream about Cartier. A few minutes later, she woke up in a cold sweat. Before she went back to sleep, she asked herself, 'Am I getting too close?'


Jo-Jo met Mimi and Ashley at the restaurant. He played the part of a big time baller-shot caller. After introductions were made. Jo-Jo told the waiter, give me three of the most expensive entrees on the menu and send over a expensive bottle of champagne. The girls cooed; they were impressed. Jo-Jo stuck out his chest and asked, how did you ladies hear about our crew?' Mimi stroked his ego and said, your crew is well known and we want to work with the best. Jo-Jo smiled, took out a cigar, lit it and inhaled slowly.

He chose his next words carefully, when can you lovely ladies start working? Mimi answered, right away. Jo-Jo grinned.

After they finished eating, the trio left the restaurant. Jo-Jo was taking them to meet Brew. Ashley sat in front and Mimi in the back.

Jo-Jo put on Lil Wayne, all three were rocking to the beat. When Jo-Jo turned up a side street, he suddenly stopped outside a fleabag hotel. He turned to Ashley and said, I thought I would try you ladies out sexually before I introduce you to Brew. It's only right that I try out the merchandise first. Meanwhile, in the back seat, Mimi slipped her hand in her purse and retrieved a .38 snub nose revolver. She put the barrel on Jo-Jo's neck, he said, what the fuck! She told him to shut up.

A car came out of nowhere and blocked Jo-Jo's car in. Nikki jumped out of the second car, went to the driver's side and said, get out the car mothafucka! Jo-Jo got out and slammed the door, he said, if you b**ches thinking bout jacking me, ya'll in a world of trouble, do you know who you fucking with? Nikki said, shut the fuck up! She got up in his face and said, I only need your sorry black ass for one thing, you gonna take me and my girls to Brew. Jo-Jo said, bitch please! Nikki looked back at Mimi, she raised a gun and shot Jo-Jo in the kneecap, he screamed out in pain and sunk to the ground, Nikki stood over him and said, 'who the bitch now?'

Mimi screamed, stand the fuck up! Jo-Jo winced in pain as he struggled to stand up, Nikki shoved him in the car and they sped off.


Dayna sat across from Lear. She listened as Lear told her; my superior's want me to clear this case quickly because they have another classified assignment for me. I need you to get into Lauryn's office and retrieve her hard drive. This will give us a wealth of information on her illegal business activities and this will give us the ammunition we need to bring a case against Lauryn and her brother.

Dayna said, that is going to be impossible, she hardly leaves home and that room is secure, I saw an alarm on the door.

Lear said, an operative will walk you through on how to disable an alarm via an earpiece. Dayna asked, why can't the operative disable the alarm and retrieve the hard drive? Lear said, because he will be on loan to us. We are stretched thin on this case. Jacks and G- Mac just got called off this case to join Phelps in Switzerland.

Dayna said, damn! What is so urgent about that case? Lear took a deep breath and said: They are chasing down an international intelligence broker (Nile Ross) who sells state secrets, intellectual property, schematics structures and access codes via digitally encrypted files that you need a decryption key to access. This man is also connected to numerous cells and he loves to taunt us with unnerving phone calls, we can never get a fix on the calls because he always routes them through 30 or more substations. He even has gold-plated business cards that he gives out to his underworld associates with a world atlas image on it, listing himself as a "international consultant." The number on the card is untraceable and bounces from country to country.

And we have been informed by a informant that Ross has a Plan B in case we close in. Our informer says he's going to exaggerate information about a domestic terrorist cell since terrorism in the government's top priority and that branch of government has precedence over us. Ross will try and exchange the information for immunity and disappear into 'Witness Protection.' Hopefully, it will be cracks in his story and we can take him down. So you can see why this case is so important and frustrating. His last confirmed sighting was in Italy. He was seen driving a McLaren F-1, a million dollar 'one-seater' sports car.

Hopefully G-Mac, Phelps and Jacks can close this case quickly and rejoin us.

Lear paused and looked at Dayna, is everything okay? Dayna said, yes, I'm just a little under the weather.

Dayna returned home and logged onto Panache After reading a few espionage stories, she was able to calm down and relax.

At the precise moment she was preparing to log off, she received a pop-up informing her that she was invited to the "Sky Villa Suite," an offshoot of the Panache Report.


Sky Villa Suite is a covert site that can only be accessed by invited members who receive encrypted emails containing the url address (a sequence of numbers that change with each new announcement) and a secret password. The site is not open to the public.

The guest list includes: Celebrities, sports figures, politicians, entertainment industry personnel, elite military, law enforcement and members of the intelligence community; all sworn to secrecy regarding the contents of the site via a secrecy/confidential online agreement.

Sky Villa contains mind-blowing celebrity news, sports news, espionage news, political news, world news and short stories never reported anywhere else. Many invited guests have wondered? Is this news obtained by satellite?

One evening, sky villa uploaded a live video feed of a celebrity downlow party, one of the guests (a source) was wired and walking around discreetly filming the action which was uploaded to the site in real time, all of the famous party guests were identifiable.

After you receive the invite, you have 24-hours to read and view the intel before the site disintegrates.

Dayna also received the "Sky Villa," newsletter which arrived enclosed in a "Top Secret" folder enclosed in a large envelope sealed with a gold seal. A few VIP members received the sky villa newsletter via courier.

Lear, Jacks, G-Mac, Nikki & Phelps were all members of this secretive site.


Jo-Jo directed them to a loft in the warehouse district. Mimi parked a block away. Nikki and Ashley assembled their guns in the back, after they finished, Nikki told Mimi to watch Jo-Jo. Jo-Jo shook his head and laughed, he looked at Nikki and said, you shorties are crazy, Brew's soldier's will cap both of your asses, Nikki hit him across the face with her 9mm, breaking his nose, he screamed out in pain as he tried to stop the flow of blood by frantically wiping his nose on the sleeve of his shirt.

Nikki and Ashley got out of the car; they both messed up their hair and wiped off their makeup. They wanted to appear disheveled.

When they got close to the loft, a young black man with a sports jersey appeared out of nowhere and stopped them. He asked them where were they going. Nikki said, we must be lost, we looking to score. He looked them up and down and said, hey, maybe I can help you with that; I got some rock on me. Ashley appeared ready and eager. He smiled and added, if ya'll take care of this, pointing to his crotch, I'll let ya'll have the rock. Nikki eagerly nodded her head. He started unzipping his pants with his left hand. Ashley discreetly pulled out her gun from her back waistband and shot him in the head.

They got closer and did a recon surveillance of the area. They spotted three additional soldiers near the gate area. Ashley put in her earpiece and told Mimi to neutralize Jo-Jo. Ashley also asked her to assemble the sniper rifle and to take cover on a rooftop, across from the loft. Mimi knocked Jo-Jo out cold and stuffed him in the trunk. She made her way to the rooftop and took out a Blaser R-93 sniper rifle (with a suppressor) which featured interchangeable barrels in 17 different calibers. If Mimi wounded 17 people, ballistics would indicate that 17 victims were shot by 17 different guns.

When she was in position, she told Ashley, 'let's get this party started!'

Within seconds, one man went down, the others pulled out their weapons and looked around nervously and then a second man went down. The third man screamed out, 'we under attack,' and then he fell to the ground with blood gushing from a head wound.

Nikki looked at Ashley and said, let's hurry. They rushed through the gate and bolted up the stairs.

When they arrived at the front door, Nikki put her head close to the door; she didn't hear any movement inside. She signaled for Ashley to pick the lock.

Within minutes, they were in. They saw a stairwell. Both women took off their high- heeled shoes and crept up the stairwell in their stocking feet. They heard a TV in the distance as they silently walked up the stairs.

They got to an open bedroom door and cautiously peered inside. They saw Brew and Kathy sleeping peacefully as the TV blared in the background.

Nikki signaled for Ashley to go on Kathy's side of the bed as she retrieved her gun from her front waistband. She whispered, she's out of it, try and carry her out of here, if you need my help, signal me. Ashley tiptoed to Kathy's side of the bed; she got her half way out the bed when Brew woke up.

He looked around sleepishly and said, what the fuck is going on here; who the fuck are you b**ches? He retrieved his gun from under his pillow and aimed it at Nikki. Nikki stepped forward, pointing her gun at him.

Nikki said, Ashley, take Kathy out of here, I'm going to deal with this motherfucka alone!

Brew shouted, fuck you, he looked at Ashley and said, put her back in this bed or I'll kill you!

Just then, Nikki shot the gun out of his hand, it fell to the floor, out of sight; Brew was so shocked he didn't notice his hand bleeding.

Nikki told Ashley, tell Mimi and tell her to pull the car around front, hurry up, take Kathy and go!

Ashley gave the instructions to Mimi and dragged an unconscious Kathy out of the bedroom, down the stairs and out the front door.

Nikki stared at Brew long and hard; he stared back without blinking. She said, before I kill you, let me introduce myself, I am Nikki Campbell, Kathy's older sister. He said, so fucking what! That don't make us family, I'm still going to have your assed killed! You got balls coming into my motherfuckin crib and trying to stronghold me, do you know who the fuck I am? I run this fuckin city! Brew called out for his boys, Brick, Tony, where ya'll at?

Nikki said; oh, I forgot to tell you, we killed them all.

Brew muttered, what? He was stunned.

Nikki continued. I am a government agent and you could say, 'I have a license to kill.'

She walked slowly towards him, adding, 'consider yourself-a dead man.'

Brew backed up on the bed with a frightened look on his face, at the last minute he dived on the side of the bed looking for the gun.

Nikki crept up behind him, his back was to her as he frantically searched under the bed for the gun, he found it and turned around to face Nikki, she had her gun already raised and shot him in the stomach, he winced in pain as blood poured out of his abdomen, he dropped his gun and used his hand to cover his stomach to try and stop the flow of blood.

Nikki shouted, 'asshole, this is for my baby sister, nobody fucks with my family!' Brew looked startled as she raised the gun again and proceeded to empty the clip into his chest. He died covered in blood.

Nikki went downstairs and slowly put on her shoes.

She returned to the car where Ashley and Mimi were waiting. Kathy was asleep in the back and Jo-Jo was still in the trunk.

They went to the outskirts of town. Mimi popped the trunk and untied Jo-Jo. He had regained consciousness but he was nursing his kneecap, he also had a massive headache and his ankles hurt. He got out of the trunk limping badly. Ashley threw him a cloth and told him to tie it tightly around his knee to stop the flow of blood.

While he was doing that, Nikki told him, your boy Brew is dead, Jo-Jo looked up, startled. Nikki replied; I killed him. Jo-Jo limped towards her but stopped in his tracks when Ashley pointed her gun at him.

Nikki added, we are with the government so don't try any type of retaliation or we'll kill you to.

Jo-Jo slowly nodded his head, he was just glad these dangerous women had left him alive. He thought, what type of shit had Brew gotten himself into to have the government take him out!

After the car left, Jo-Jo called Skeet, gave him directions and asked him to pick him up. He also mentioned that Brew was dead.

Skeet arrived with Quentin. Skeet had to get out of the car and help Jo-Jo walk over to the passenger side of the car. Jo-Jo gave Quentin a look of intense hatred. He asked Skeet, why you hanging out with faggot motherfuckas? Quentin spoke up; hey, I resent that. Jo-Jo said, shut your ass up and get in the back seat! Skeet said, you don't have to be talking to him like that, Jo-Jo replied, you taking up for this motherfucka over me, we grew up together, we homies. What the fuck is wrong with you?

Skeet took a deep breath and said, Jo-Jo, I brought Quentin along so that I could introduce him to you, since you are my best friend, I was hoping you would understand. Jo-Jo said, man, I heard rumors that you were spotted leaving a gay club with a queen who had blonde eyebrows, swishing his ass all over the sidewalk, hell naw, this is something I will never understand, I had no clue. How in the hell your become so weak, man? And your boy look like a clown you met at the Ronald McDonald house, he look like a cross between Moms Mabley and Grandpa Munster. Quentin screamed, fuck you! And I'm not a queen and I don't swish my ass, so stop lying.

Skeet interrupted, but this is who I am, Jo-Jo! I need you to accept this! Quentin urged him on, 'you tell him baby!'

Jo-Jo glared at Quentin and told Skeet, tell your busted wife to shout up! And you need to stop acting like a drama queen. I also need you to take me to Big Ed's so he can take this bullet out.

Skeet screamed, we ain't through talking about this!

Jo-Jo said, aiight, we will talk about this shit later but there is something you need to know, you ain't gonna believe this shit, Skeet asked, what shit?

Three girls killed Brew; Skeet said, are you serious? Jo-Jo said, yeah, my thoughts exactly, they weren't even associated with the game, said they were with the government but I don't know, somebody must have taken out a contract on Brew's ass and brought in some out of town hitters. Skeet added, if the government is watching us, it's time to roll out.

Jo-Jo added, hell, I might take over where Brew left off and become the new kingpin and since you into this gay shit, I been thinking, maybe we should find a way to make money off your sick shit, maybe you can start running male hustlers and we can open up a party promotions wing that caters to downlow men, they can pay big money to come together and do their perverted shit, the ones got AIDS and use the steroids with their meds, we can pay them for their roids and resell them to bodybuilders. We can also open up a underground 'downlow' brothel and gay gentlemen clubs featuring male strippers, call boys, and go-go boys, we might as well put your sickness to use.

Skeet screamed, I don't appreciate you calling my lifestyle 'a sickness and sick perverted shit!' Jo-Jo said, I didn't mean no harm, man, this is a lot to ingest, you too sensitive over this shit, give a brotha time, it's all good!

Quentin perked up in the back and asked, sounds like ya'll into some illegal shit! I don't know if I'm down with that! They ignored him and kept talking.

Jo-Jo said, Skeet, you should have seen them shorties, I don't know what they feeding chicks nowadays but those girls were no joke. Skeet asked, did they do that to your knee and your nose? Jo-Jo said, yes!

Quentin roared with laughter and said, it figures, three girls fucked your fake gangsta homophobitch ass up. Ha, ha, ha. You ain't shit !

Jo-Jo turned around angrily to face Quentin, faggot didn't I tell you to shut the hell up!

Jo-Jo pulled out his gun and said, maybe this will do the trick! Quentin had a look of fear on his face as Jo-Jo pulled the trigger twice, killing him.

Skeet started screaming, oh my god! What have you done? Jo-Jo said, stop screaming like a bi**h, I did you a favor.

Skeet was so overcome with grief, he crawled in the back seat and cuddled Quentin's head in his lap. Jo-Jo said, ain't this some shit, a fucking faggot love story, like a Harlequin romance novel, man what the fuck happened to you?

Who the fuck turned you out? You ain't never been in prison. This Negro deserved to die, any Negro that has blonde eyebrows is asking for death. In a year, his ass would have been saving for a sex change and you would have been sexing a chick who used to have a dick. Shit, you ought to be thanking me for taking this scum out of your life and for trying to get you back on the right track.

With a look of fury in his eyes, Skeet took out his gun, turned around and shot Jo-Jo, Jo- Jo clutched his stomach before he went down but he was able to return fire, killing Skeet.

All three men died at the scene.


Nikki, Ashley and Mimi went to the hospital. A doctor examined Kathy and said she was unconscious due to the drugs she had taken but she would be fine when she regained consciousness. Nikki called her parents and they met her at the hospital.

After Kathy regained consciousness, Nikki took Ashley and Mimi to the airport. She thanked them and hugged them before they boarded the plane.

Afterwards, Nikki got in her car; she planned to return to the hospital to be with her family. Just then her cell phone rung, it was Moe.

Hey baby, why don't you and your friend come back by the cafe, Alexander O'Neal is performing tonight and the entire neighborhood is celebrating. Nikki asked, why?

Moe grinned, because someone killed Brew but you already know that, don't you baby? They both chuckled before they hung up.


Cartier had just used his car alarm to unlock his Ferrari when a car came out of nowhere and hit him, knocking him to the ground unconscious. Lauryn was called; she rushed out of the house enroute to the hospital.

Lear radioed Dayna,; time to move, before I forget, I was able to get G-Mac and Jacks. G- Mac is already at the house posing as a telephone repairman-he will pick the back lock and disable the alarm; that will be your point of entry. Dayna asked, why can't G-Mac retrieve the hard drive? Lear said, because you know your way around the house and time is crucial.

Dayna arrived at the back door, she let herself in, she immediately got nervous because she remembered a lock on Lauryn's office door, intel she forgot to share with Lear. She was surprised to see the door unlocked, Lauryn must have rushed out of the house in a hurry.

She went to the computer to get the hard drive, suddenly, in her earpiece, she heard Lear say "Abort." She quickly put the hard drive back into the computer when she turned around to leave; Lauryn was standing there with a bandaged up Cartier.

Lauryn screamed, what the fuck are you doing in my house, in my office? Who the hell are you?


G-Mac, Lear and Jacks took position outside of the house.


Dayna took a deep breath and said, I am a federal agent investigating you and Cartier for drug trafficking and money laundering.

Both siblings were stunned.

Cartier screamed, so you were playing me all along? I wasn't nothing but a game to you? Dayna was silent, he shouted, answer me goddamit! He then pulled out a gun and pointed it at her. Lauryn was pacing the floor, hurt and muttering, damn, we can't trust anyone and to think, I thought she was my friend.

Cartier turned to her, sis, what are we going to do? Just then, Lauryn saw someone creeping up on the house. She said, I don't know but the house is surrounded by Federal Agents. Just then, she took out her cell phone and called Miguel, she explained the situation and he agreed to dispatch two local enforcers, Cortez and Dior.


G-Mac gained entry through the back door, he creeped slowly towards the office with his gun out, Jacks and Lear shadowed him.

When he peered around the corner, he saw Cartier holding a gun to Dayna's head. He turned around facing Lear and Jacks, he held three fingers up. They inched slowly towards him.

He turned back around and shouted, put your weapon down now and let her go! Jacks and Lear stood beside him. All three were pointing guns in Cartier's direction.

Cartier looked up and shouted, hell naw! Put your guns down or she dies. G-Mac laid his gun gently on the floor, Jacks and Lear followed suit. Cartier screamed, Dayna is going to be our ticket out of here, so step the fuck back! They moved back.

Just then a car door slammed outside. Within minutes, two men entered the backdoor in black suits.

Cortez and Dior had their guns drawn and pointed at G-Mac, Lear and Dayna. Cortez said, my mission is to extract Lauryn and Cartier out of here safely. I don't plan on killing any Federal agents. He turned to Lauryn, unplug all of your computers and anything else of value and take them out to the car.

Lauryn did as she was told and took everything out to the car.

When Lauryn was finished, she returned to the room and started whispering to Cartier, Dior and Cortez. They decided to take Dayna along for insurance. They started inching backwards towards the door, Cartier, Cortez and Dior still had their guns pointed at G- Mar, Lear and Jacks.

Before they made it out the door, suddenly, G-Mac pulled out a gun from the small of his back and said, stop right there! Cortez turned around and fired, hitting G-Mac, he went down.

Jacks screamed no! She returned fire, killing Cortez, Dayna was in Dior's sight of vision, he pointed the gun at her, at the last second, Cartier stepped in front, taking the bullet for her.

Lauryn screamed and ran to her brother while Jacks ran to G-Mac. G-Mac was barely breathing as Jacks and Lear tried to do CPR, Jacks screamed, somebody call an ambulance, now! Lear retrieved her cell phone.

Lauryn pulled Cartier up and examined the wound; luckily, it was a flesh wound. They were preparing to leave, Dayna had the opportunity to arrest them, she did nothing as they walked past her, Cartier mouthed 'I love you.' She said, 'I know, you just proved it, get out of here!

Everyone was so preoccupied with G-Mac, they were able to slip by undetected.


Lauryn and Cartier ran to the Ferrari. They jumped in, while Cartier drove, she frantically dialed Miquel Lopez. She informed him that his two men were killed in a shoot-out. The information took him by surprise, he paused before giving Lauryn the address to a chop shop. Miquel added, 'You need to ditch the car and have my guy Omar supply you with another car.' Let me talk to Cartier. Lauryn handed him the phone. Miquel proceeded to give him directions to the chop shop and an abandoned shipyard.


G-Mac was rushed to the hospital in grave condition. Jacks was frantic with worry as she prayed over him.

Meanwhile, Lear and Dayna were in the waiting room. Lear kept asking Dayna, what the hell happened? How did they get past you. Dayna replied, I was never trained in hand- to-hand combat, I wasn't armed and he had a gun. Lear screamed, "I did not train you to get too close, it that what happened? Did you compromise this investigation and go native? Answer me goddamit! Dayna lied and said no!

Lear replied, it doesn't really matter because we have every law enforcement agency on red alert. They will never get out of this city. A red Ferrari stands out like a sore thumb.

Lear excused herself to go place a call to her brother, William.


While Lauryn was in the bathroom of the chop shop. Cartier hurriedly took out a spoof card and his cell phone.

Dayna's phone rung, she didn't recognize the number on her caller I.D. but when she answered, she recognized the voice, it was Cartier.

He told her, I'm using a "spoof card," which gives me the ability to display any number on a caller I.D. Spoof card calls are also untraceable and I can change my voice from male to female.

He also told Dayna he was safe and he would be calling her in a few days and he meant what he said when he told her he loved her, he hung-up before she could respond. Just hearing his voice made her heart accelerate.

A few minutes later, Cartier and Lauryn headed towards the shipyard in a broke-down Pinto.


Lear punched in William's phone number, he answered on the second ring, Lear said, hi William, how are you and Doris doing? William said, Lear, is that you? It sure is good to hear from you on Good Friday. And your niece Annie sure does appreciate all the gifts and money you send her each month. You have spoiled that child rotten. She brags about her Auntie Lear to everybody. Lear smiled.

William continued, I was right in the middle of preparing my Easter sermon for Sunday. Hopefully you will join the family for Easter dinner.

Lear replied, that would be nice, look, I don't want to keep you, I just have one question, How is Annie doing and is she still going through that medical mystery that afflicts her each Easter? Have the doctors been able to figure out what the ailment is?

William sighed and replied, no, the doctors still don't have a clue, the bruising and bleeding has already started. Before William could say another word Lear hung up the phone.

William said, Lear are you still there? He figured they got disconnected and hung up.

Lear rushed to the waiting room and got Dayna, they checked in on G-Mac and Jacks. He was barely hanging on. Lear whispered to Jacks, don't worry, I'm going to fix this, he's going to be fine. Dayna and I have to leave right now, I think I found a cure for G- Mac. Between tears, Jacks said, 'oh God, I hope so.' The two women embraced before Lear and Dayna rushed out the hospital.

Down the hall, an ongoing altercation was going on. The redneck sons (Mark and Michael) of Paul Cummings asked the hospital not to allow African-American employees in their daddy's room. The hospital denied their request and both boys glared at the African-Americans who entered the room.

The doctor told the boys, your father's condition (Parkinsons) is worsening. Mark screamed, I can believe that, look at how many darkies you let in this room, they the cause of my daddy not doing better! Michael agreed. They angrily gathered up the old man and left in a pickup truck.


Paul Cummings and his two sons attended a white pride rally earlier in the day. From the time they were little boys, Paul Cummings told them that Hitler was the greatest man to ever walk the earth. 'If you grow up to be half the man he was, you will succeed in life.'

Old man Cummings was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease last year. It started off with a slight numbness of the shoulder and spread. Regardless, it was no way in hell he was going to miss this rally.

After his diagnosis last year, his numb brain sons abducted a Jewish girl who looked pregnant. They planned to replace their father's damaged Parkinson cells with the new cells from her umbilical cord, their Aryan brotherhood sect had a stem cell hookup with a rogue doctor overseas. The plan went haywire when the boys took her to an local Brotherhood doctor who had lost his medical license a few years earlier for letting African-American patients die intentionally. After he examined the girl, he informed the boys she wasn't pregnant, 'she has several fibroid cysts protruding from her abdominal area.'

The boys were so outraged, when they returned home, they took turns raping and torturing her before they buried her alive.

At the rally, the heat was getting to the old man, he started sweating and had a shortness of breath and started complaining of chest pains. The boys rushed him to the hospital.


Across town, Lear and Dayna pulled into William's driveway.

William answered the door as Lear and Dayna rushed in the house. Lear told him, 'William, if you don't mind, I would like to have Annie spend the night with me, I have a surprise for her that really can't wait, I will have her back in the morning.' William said Lear, it's so late and that child is sleep, come back in the morning. Lear insisted and William and Doris agreed after Lear promised to have her back first thing in the morning. Lear went into Annie's bedroom. She turned on the light and slowly walked towards the bed. She looked down and saw blood seeping from the palms of Annie's hands and the top of her feet. The sight was unnerving, she took a deep breath, walked towards the child and bundled her up in her arms.


Ten years ago, a teenaged couple, Al Ramson and Karyn Harris couldn't handle a newborn baby. Karyn got pregnant by accident. She lived with her aunt because her parents had died a year earlier in a train crash. Her aunt was disappointed in her pregnancy and kicked her out.

Karyn moved into Al's family's basement and had a baby girl (Annie Mae) six months later. She named the baby Annie Mae because it was her favorite singer's (Tina Turner) real name.

A few months later, she was notified that her aunt had died of lung cancer.

Life was cramped and the young couple couldn't get any sleep because the baby cried all night. To make matters worse, Al's parents never bonded with the child; their only grandchild. They also accused Karyn of trying to tie their son down.

The stress took it's toll and the couple argued constantly. Finally, Al suggested they give the baby girl up for adoption and get on with their lives. At first, Karyn strongly disagreed but over time, Al wore her down and even threatened to leave her if she didn't consider his suggestion. She didn't think she could go on without Al, he was the love of her life and they had been together since junior high school.

One evening, on Annie's first birthday, the Saturday before Easter, they woke up to find the baby covered in blood. Al convinced Karyn that the baby was cursed and they needed to give her up as soon as possible. Annie ignored him and rushed the baby to the hospital, a doctor washed and sterilized the wounds and bandaged her up but he couldn't find anything wrong with the child.

The couple was familiar with the safe haven law, where you could drop a baby off at a church, hospital or fire department, no questions asked.

One evening, during a loud argument, Al threatened to leave, Karyn finally caved in to his demands against her better judgement.

She dressed the baby warmly. Al drove to a church, Karyn got out, hugged the baby tight and left her on the steps of a Baptist church with a note attached, 'Her name is Annie Mae and she was born on December 24th, she is six months old.'

As they drove away, Karyn was hysterical and crying uncontrollably, she wanted her baby back. She screamed, I don't care if you leave me! I will raise our child on my own, turn this car around now, I want my child back! God forgive me! What have I done?

Al said, fuck it! I will go back but I want both of you out of my parents home by tonight. Al made a wide U-turn, unintentionally crossing the double line into oncoming traffic, out of nowhere, a semi truck appeared, hitting them head-on. They died instantly.

There was an on-site investigation, the crash was deemed an accident and closed as fast as it was opened. Oddly, when Al's parents arrived at the scene, shortly after the accident, they didn't inquire about the absence of Annie in the wreckage, they assumed her body was burned so bad-she was overlooked and unaccounted for by investigators and neither of them wanted the responsibility of raising a newborn so they never contacted the authorities about Annie and over the years, she faded from memory.


A few hours later, Rev. William Moss arrived to find a newborn baby girl wrapped in blankets on the steps of his church. He paused to read the note attached to her and he picked her up and took her to the hospital. After the doctors examined the baby, he took her home to his wife Doris. They came to the conclusion that the baby was a gift from God since Doris couldn't conceive and they decided to adopt her, they decided to call her by her birth name, Annie Mae.

Over the next ten years, Annie would always develop bloody sores on the palms of her hands and the top of her feet during Easter weekend and just as mysteriously as the ailment appeared, it would disappear the Monday after Easter.

Doctors had no answer for this ailment but Lear knew what the ailment was, Annie was stigmatic. The stigmata are bodily marks, sores, or sensations of pain in locations corresponding to the crucifixion wounds of Jesus. Many people feel the blood seeping out of the wounds of stigmatics is the blood of Jesus Christ since the blood from the wounds and their blood type are two different blood types. Although the Moss's were religious, after Lear told them what the ailment was they didn't take the diagnosis seriously.

Despite this, Annie grew up to be an ideal child. She was well rounded, respectful and well liked. Very popular in school and church. Parents, teachers and churchgoers adored her. At school, she made straight A's and often tutored the kids who needed help. She was always trying to help others despite her young age. She was a joy to be around and mature beyond her years.


Lear walked right past William and Doris with 10-year old Annie in her arms, wrapped in blankets. William said, Lear, I don't feel good about this, have our child back tomorrow morning. Lear replied, okay, you can count on it, I promise.

Annie woke up in the back seat of a car, she was sitting beside her aunt and another woman was driving. She sleepishly rubbed her eyes and focused on Lear. Lear realized she was awake and hugged her. Annie said, Auntie Lear, where are we going? Lear told her, darling, we'll be there soon and then I'll take you back home. That's all you need to know right now, okay? Annie replied, okay.

15 minutes later, Lear and Dayna rushed into the hospital with Annie, who was wide awake. She said, Auntie Lear, why are we at the hospital? Sweetie, you have to trust Auntie, okay? Annie nodded her head.

They arrived in G-Mac's room. Jacks was crying, between tears she said, the doctors don't expect G-Mac to last the night. I called the children but couldn't bring myself to tell them their father is dying.

Lear said, Jacks it's going to be alright, I promise. This is my niece Annie, Jacks looked up and said a somber hello.

Lear took Annie by the hand and led her to G-Mac, Jacks asked her, what are you doing? Lear said, just trust me, okay.

Lear looked at Annie and said, I need you to do something for Auntie, I need you to pray over this man and I need your hands to touch his chest. Annie said, but Auntie, I haven't had a chance to wash my hands, there's blood on them. Lear said, that's okay baby, I don't want you to wash your hands honey, just do what Auntie says. Remember the 'Lords Prayer,' that your daddy taught you? Annie nodded. Auntie wants you to recite it, Annie said okay.

She stepped forward and placed her bloody palms face down on G-Mac's chest, she then recited the Lord's prayer.


Just then, Mark Cummings walked by, his racist father had left his favorite 'confederate flag' cap in his hospital room earlier, Mark returned to retrieve it but for some reason, he stopped outside of G-Mac's room, wondering what was going on with this young black girl reciting the Lord's prayer with people gathered around.

When Annie finished, the machine hooked up to G-Mack indicated his pulse had gotten stronger. Jacks rushed by Mark and got the doctor.

The doctor ushered everyone out of the room and told them to wait in the waiting room. Mark discreetly followed them into the waiting room.

20 minutes later, the doctor came in and told Jacks, in all my years of medicine, I have never witnessed a miracle like this. Your husband has literally returned from the dead. Looks like he will make a full recovery.

Jacks hugged Dayna and Lear clutched her niece.

After the doctor left, Jacks told Annie, I don't know what you did but thank-you so much, you are a miracle child, our prayers have been answered.

Dayna was left speechless and looked at Annie with awe, she had never seen anything else like this before, she was amazed.

Mark slipped out of the room unnoticed.

Jacks, Dayna and Lear went to the hospital cafeteria to eat. Over conversation, Lear told them that Annie was a stigmatic although her brother William (Annie's father) had trouble accepting it.

She added, each Easter, Annie bleeds from open square shaped wounds on the palms of her hands and on the top of her feet. Similar to the crucifixion wounds of Jesus. The blood that seeps out of her squared shaped wounds is a different blood type than the blood type in her body. She has had this condition since birth.

Jacks went around the table and hugged Annie. You are a gift from God young lady. Annie beamed.

Lear and Dayna talked Jacks into leaving the hospital with them and Annie. She needed to get her rest, she hadn't slept in hours.

They were in underground parking getting in their car when a white man appeared out of nowhere holding a gun. He screamed, give me the child!

Lear asked him, are you crazy? We're Federal Agents! The man then shot out the car tire to show he meant business then he turned to Lear and said, I don't care who you are, you ain't nothing but a n**er to me.

He then forced Annie out of Lear's arms. He put a gun to Annie's head as she cried out, help me Auntie Lear! The man angrily told her, shut the fuck up, darkie!

He started walking backwards with his arm clasped around the child's neck. He threw Annie in a white van.

He sped off, Lear and Jacks fumbled for their guns, Lear realized she had left her gun in her glove compartment and Jacks had left her gun at the crime scene in the chaos following G-Mac's shooting. As the van sped away, Lear noticed it didn't have a license plate and they couldn't chase him because their tire was flat.

Jacks said, who the hell was that racist asshole? Lear said, I don't know but I've seen him somewhere before. Dayna said, try and remember because my gut tells me, Annie is in a world of trouble.

Lear buried her head in her hands and said, what kind of trouble have I gotten my niece into? William and Doris are going to be furious with me. Dayna and Jacks consoled her, assuring her, everything will be okay.


Mark took a swig from a can of beer and looked back at a frightened Annie. Stop your crying gal. I saw that 'black magic' show you put on in that hospital room.

You gonna cure my Daddy of Parkinson's disease. Shit, after you cure daddy, I'm going to pimp you out for big money to cure sick folks all over the world like a young voodoo priestess with healing powers.

Hell, I got big moneymaking plans for you. I'm going to make a fortune off your black ass.

When you can't make us no more money and when we get tired of raping you, hell, we'll bury you alive out back like we did that other girl.

Annie sat frozen with a look of fear on her face.

Mark took another swig of beer, wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and continued driving.


Lauryn and Cartier were on an abandoned ship. Suddenly, they heard the sound of a helicopter approaching. They looked up. The chopper was headed towards them. It landed on the deck of the ship. They rushed to the chopper, inside, sat Miquel Lopez in the passenger seat. After they were safely seated in the back, Miquel told the pilot to take off.

Miquel turned around, facing Lauryn and Cartier. 'All the airports and train stations are crawling with Federal agents, so, we're going to land at a friend's house. He's a wealthy industrialist who owns two private jets. The jets sit near his isolated property on a private airstrip.'



It was pitch dark but Mark Cummings knew this dirt road like the back of his hand as he approached a small house in the near distant.

He stopped the van out front. He then turned around and told a frightened Annie, we here gal!

He then got out and went around to the other side and dragged Annie out of the van. He marched her in the front door where his brother Michael and father Paul were sitting in front of a television drinking beer and watching a Hitler biography.

Confederate flags swastika paintings and white power posters decorated the living room. Everything else was scattered about, since Mark’s mother died a few years earlier of a heart attack, good housekeeping wasn’t a priority for the Cummings’ men.

When Mark walked through the door with a terrified Annie, Paul shot up, boy, what do you mean bringing a darkie into this home, what she doing here?

Daddy, this gal got powers, I seen them with my own two eyes at the hospital. She cured a man just by touching his chest; I kidnapped her and hauled her ass out here to cure you of your Parkinson’s.

Michael idolized his big brother Mark and said, I believe you Mark, I’m with you all the way, whatever you got planned, count me in!

Paul interrupted Michael, Mark, is this another one of your hair brain schemes, remember you and your brother abducted a Jewish girl who you thought was pregnant to use the stem cells from her umbilical cord (to cure my Parkinson’s) and come to find out, she wasn’t pregnant but had fibroids protruding from her abdominal area. Both of you boys got so mad, you buried her alive, out back in an ditch.

No daddy, this ain’t another one of my schemes, Mark shook his head furiously, this here is the real deal; I saw a miracle with my own two eyes.

Paul looked at him long and hard. Okay, take her black ass downstairs in the basement; I have some rusty handcuffs and ankle cuffs down there. Restrain her and we’ll deal with this in the morning.

Mark pushed Annie towards the basement door. She started crying, he screamed, shut up your crying gal or I’ll really give you something to really cry about.

After they got downstairs, Mark threw her down on a cot and used an ankle cuff to handcuff her ankle to a pipe. After she was restrained, he looked around until he found a bucket. He put it beside the bed.

Before he went back upstairs, he turned around and said, me and my brother Michael gonna have fun with your black ass after you cure our daddy. Consider yourself our POW.

Annie backed up on the cot terrified. Mark turned off the light and walked back up the stairs to join his father and brother.

Mark sat down with his father and brother at the table. The boys started drinking and talking about the time their father took them and their mother (Evelyn) to Berlin to view Hitler’s final bunker.

Paul and his wife Evelyn were overcome with emotion at the site. Paul looked at both his boys and said, boys, never forget this moment, you are standing near history. This is where the greatest man who ever lived took his life, his final resting place.

The family said a prayer and Paul crossed his chest. Paul then asked in an agitated voice, I wonder why this site hasn’t been made into a make shift memorial? Evelyn said, Paul, you have a good point. Just look at it, it’s in the backyard of a residential apartment building, looks like its about 50 feet below the surface, we can only look at it in the distance because it’s sealed off and no one is allowed to enter.

We were barely able to find it, because very little or nothing at all is written about it in conventional travel guides. And, we’re the only ones here!

If you think about it, there are no signs leading to it. There is no sign or plague or any information whatsoever to tell you that you are next to it, looking at it, standing on it.

Paul gathered up his family and took them to the nearest florist and bought flowers and balloons. They returned to the bunker site and laid down the flowers and balloons.

With tears started streaming down his face, Paul said, “Great man, we came to salute you!”


Lear ended her call and turned to Jacks and Dayna. Okay, I just bought some time, I told William I was keeping Annie for another day and I would be returning her late tomorrow which means we have to find her within the next 24 hours. Damn, I still can’t place her kidnapper’s face; I’ve seen him before but where? Jacks, can you please contact Nikki and Phelps, we need to bring them in on this case, pronto!


Earlier in the day, Nikki and her boyfriend Phelps traveled on a private train through Napa Valley. In their private car, they ate flamed Rib Eye steaks (seasoned with steak rub) sprinkled with blue cheese crumbs and served with baked potatoes and salad. The dinner was accompanied by an exquisite red wine-from one of the local Napa Valley wineries.

That evening, they went to the Dunsmuir House. A luxurious private estate; in the San Francisco bay area. They snuggled on the grass and watched the film classic “Black Orpheus.” Phelps told Nikki, I wish they had a Spago restaurant in the area, this setting would be perfect for one of their picnic baskets with Dom Perignon, gourmet cheese, grapes, caviar and crackers. Nikki smiled and nodded slowly.

A few minutes after the film ended; Nikki’s priority phone rung. It was Jacks, requesting their presence at an ‘red call,’ (urgent meeting).

Nikki and Phelps rushed to the airport and took a last minute flight to Los Angeles.


Vail hit the runway with a bang! Flashbulbs momentarily blinded her but it didn’t break her stride as she strutted down the catwalk. She owned the runway with her classy gestures and signature prance.

After Vail watched the legendary duo of Ava and Brayden aka (A&B) work their magic on the runway during Fashion Week in New York, she had to be a model! That day changed her life as she witnessed the commotion A&B caused on the runway with their graceful movements and coordinated dance moves. They were a sight to behold.

Vail was a Naomi Campbell type; she stood 5’10 and had a smooth dark complexion and keen facial features.

When the fashion show ended, Vail quickly changed clothes, gathered her things and walked to her car. When she approached her car, she retrieved her custom-continental diamond studded car key that her boyfriend (David) paid $8,000 for, out of her exclusive Hermes bag (classic 80’s edition).

Hermes is the only luxury purse that appreciates in value (like an expensive luxury car).

She deactivated the car alarm and jumped in her lime green Lamborghini.

Before she started dating David exclusively, Vail was an international party girl/playgirl who partied all over the globe. She was also known for hosting extravagant parties at her $10 million dollar Rio penthouse. Her annual Masquerade Ball was the talk of the town.

At one of her parties, she had a runway erected so guests could be up close and personal to an intimate fashion show. She also hired professional dancers and a R&B crooner was flown in to perform.

Vail loved Rio and the majority of her down time was spent, stretched out, relaxing on the beach with a good book. A soccer superstar and local politician were in constant pursuit of her affections but she disregarded both men.

When she wasn’t partying or hanging out on the beach, she could be found speed boating with friends or playing La Crosse.

She was also on a first name basis with two Royal families. One Royal billionaire spent $5 million dollars on a birthday party for her. The other royal family appreciated her help in securing the performance of a R&B superstar for their daughter’s party.

Vail loved the glamorous life and she also had a passion for yachts where she often lounged and nibbled on smoked barracuda.

Vail’s current boyfriend David was a technology billionaire who paid a $10,000 “introduction fee” through an introduction broker to meet Vail. They hit it off and began dating exclusively. A lot of beautiful models belonged to the “European Sponsor Underworld.

The membership included: Extremely rich millionaires and billionaires who date and finance the activities of their beautiful and famous girlfriends.

This exclusive club is much different from “International Model Chaser,” playboys who stake out European airports awaiting the new crop of U.S. models to court.

Vail maneuvered the expensive sports car like a professional racecar driver on the rain soaked streets of Italy. Numerous people recognized her and waved from adjoining lanes, others gawked at this beautiful black woman behind the wheel of one of the most expensive cars in the world.

Vail first saw the lime green Lamborghini in an old magazine, boxer Mike Tyson was showing off his exotic car collection, and he was posing beside it. She had to have one. It was a limited edition, only several Lamborghini’s were made in this color.

She mentioned it to David, the next day it arrived gift-wrapped.

The following day, they decided to put the car on the road. They drove to the Italian Alps to ski at Monte Rosa. Afterwards, they enjoyed the enchanting valleys located in the Lombard Alps. They walked through the valleys admiring the breathtaking beauty while holding hands.

Later, David purchased a $4 million dollar gold plated Lamborghini for himself.

David enjoyed spoiling her, he often purchased exquisite jewels designed by reclusive designer Joel Arthur Rosenthal aka JAR (rarely seen or photographed).

According to Forbes, JAR’s shop is located in Paris' Place Vendôme and has no display window, no regular hours. It does not advertise and only opens its doors to only a select few, basically, the richest and most prominent women in the world.

He even reserves the right to refuse to sell an item if he doesn't think it would look good on the intended wearer. The buying panic (for JAR jewels) extends into the after market.

Ordinary jewels that come onto the secondary market bring maybe a third of their original price. JAR items routinely sell for twice what the first buyer paid. David often bought the JAR jewels (he lavished on Vail) on the after market.

Vail had to admit, David was good to her as she pulled up to her hotel. Although most models occupied (dorm style) hotels near the modeling agencies, Vail stayed in a suite at an lavish hotel, the Westin Excelsior in Rome.

She jumped out of the car, a valet took her car keys and she rushed upstairs to change clothes. She had a lot of designer gear to choose from since top designers sent over their collections for free. When Vail was photographed in their designs, sales shot through the roof!

Although Vail made millions per year from modeling and endorsements, she didn’t believe in spending her money, her motto was: OPM (Other Peoples Money). She used her money for investments and let rich men pick up the tab in her day-to-day life.

Vail’s best friends, white models Sinnamon and Harlow also had wealthy sponsors. Their wealthy boyfriends allowed them to live beyond their dreams. Private jets and yachts were on call 24/7. Parties in St. Tropez and Belize were commonplace. The next big function was a trip to the inauguration of Barack Obama in Washington, D.C.

A Month Ago:

Last month, Vail, Sinnamon and Harlow were informed by their rich sponsors that they had to attend a power summit in Algiers. Guests would include: Royal sheiks, oil barons, technology billionaires, renowned scientists, media titans, etc. Diana Ross was being paid $1 million dollars to perform after the summit.

Before David left, he told Vail that the private jet would be at her disposal, 24/7. Vail invited Sinnamon and Harlow on a shopping spree in Athens, Greece.

They loaded up on Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Gucci and Prada. They sent the designer gear ahead of themselves via an elite air cargo service that specializes in transporting valuable holdings.

From there, they attended a champagne brunch. They all ordered “Florette Sea & Earth salads,” created by chef Raymond Blanc. The salad is made with specially selected ingredients including Almas golden caviar, Beluga caviar, truffles, Kreel caught langoustines, Cornish crab and lobster, gold leaf and Florette Baby Leaf salad. The total value for this single salad is more than $600. The salad was served with Dom Perignon vintage 1995 “White Gold Jeroboam,” priced at $24,000 per bottle.

Afterwards, they went to a nearby gym (to work off calories) owned by a friend of Harlow’s. The women worked out for two hours. After the grueling workout, all three women grabbed their “Bling H20” bottled water, ‘limited edition.’ This water is produced by Fillico in Beverly Hills and is valued at $1, 570.00 per bottle. Fewer than a dozen bottles were produced.

They flew on to Copenhagen, Denmark to attend a star studded modeling party hosted by a modeling agent on vacation. The estate also featured a private screening room where several models were watching an upcoming summer blockbuster that had yet to be released to the public.

Vail loved Copenhagen because the African-American culture was appreciated.

This was the only place in the world where Black men and women were treated like Kings and Queens. Copenhagen also appreciated the contributions Blacks made in music, especially jazz. Numerous Black jazz artists relocated to Copenhagen from the U.S. because they were treated so well by the locals.

The party was jumping but the atmosphere got uninhibited in the after-hours. Vail, Sinnamon and Harlow were disgusted as they watched older men try and pick up underage female models. They vocally expressed their outrage and wondered, where are their guardians?

Present Day:

Vail met David at the ‘Splendide Royale,’ restaurant. Considered one of the finest restaurants in Rome.

When she entered, a hush fell over the room. She had the attention of every man in the place. David stood up and kissed her on the cheek, he then pulled out her chair.

She ordered a Cesar salad; David had a filet Mignon entrée. Topped off with expensive wine.

Vail took the opportunity to tell him that she was getting sick of modeling although she enjoyed the perks of international travel, free clothes, and exploring different cultures. She was also growing tired of watching models shoot heroin between their toes, (to hide the needle marks), as well as the cat fighting and backstabbing

There had to be more to life than just being a pretty face. Vail had always been uncomfortable with fame; she reluctantly signed autographs when she was approached because she valued her privacy.

David told her to follow her heart and then he slipped an envelope across the table, she broke the gold seal and was surprised to find a “Dubai First Royale,” black credit card enclosed. She was impressed, this credit card was reserved for the filthy rich with no spending limit and the card was studded with a certified diamond. She leaned over and gave David a peck on the lips.

Vail thought, this Dubai black card will go nicely with my Swiss "secrecy" card. This numbered credit card (tied into your Swiss numbered bank account) is issued without your first or last name (on the card) and you have the option of having it issued by another institution so your Swiss bank cannot be identified by the first four digits of the card numbers. At your request, the actual bank logo can also be left off the card.

Vail rushed David through dinner because she wanted to return home in time to cuddle and watch her favorite show, “24.” Europe was a season behind on the show, but Vail didn’t care, she loved this show! This show gave Vail-secret agent fantasies. She was a self-admitted espionage buff.

The next day, David took her shopping at Harrods in London. When they exited the store, the paparazzi were in wait; snapping hundreds of photos. David put a protective arm around Vail and led her into a private limo.

The following day, Vail accompanied David to Las Vegas on a private jet. They checked into a “Whale,” (high roller) suite at Wynn. The suite was extravagant with marble floors, an indoor pool, butler/chef service, a fully equipped exercise room with a sauna (accompanied by a personal trainer) and a magnificent view of the strip.

David attended a high roller (invitation only) poker game (with 12 men from all over the world) the entry fee was $1 million dollars, winner take all ($12 million).

While David was playing poker, Vail made her midnight appointment to ride the Dolphins, a perk reserved for celebrities and the rich.

She dove in the pool, after a few minutes she was able to get on top of a dolphin and ride him, falling off a few times, for the next 10 minutes.

When she stepped out of the pool, she covered herself with a robe.

When she turned around, an obviously rich white couple (Susan and Tom) were entering the pool area, lounging around with drinks in their hands. They recognized Vail as a top model but they didn’t fawn over her, instead they introduced themselves.

Vail sat down near the pool to catch her breath, before she realized it, she got into a conversation with the couple. Tom and Susan told Vail they made their money in intelligence software that law enforcement and spy agencies used. Susan added, “We are the masterminds behind a software that can try up to 12,000 passwords in 5 seconds, until the password code is broken.”

Vail was impressed, this discussion was definitely peaking her interest because she loved anything relating to international intrigue, she told Susan as much, this information peaked Susan’s interest.

Susan changed topics and told Vail that she had planned on riding the dolphins, but as soon as she walked through the door, she lost her nerve and chickened out. They all laughed and covered a variety of subjects for the next thirty minutes.

Afterwards, the couple walked Vail back to her hotel. Vail bid them goodbye at the door and traded numbers with Susan. The couple returned to their $40,000 per night suite. Tom said, I think she’ll be a perfect recruit for our organization but lets reel her in slowly, Susan agreed and said, if she decides to join us, we will gradually introduce her to our black market and “grey area” dealings but for now, she can only know of our above board, legal dealings. Tom agreed.

The next day, when David went to play baccarat in a VIP parlor, Vail spoke with Susan on the phone, Susan informed her that Tom had left to meet up with a college friend to gamble, the two women agreed to go shopping.

After they finished shopping, instead of going to a bikini poker party Susan was invited to, they went back to the suite occupied by David and Vail. The private chef prepared grilled beef brisket (medium rare) with garlic-mashed potatoes.

Over lunch, Vail confided to Susan about her lack of interest regarding modeling, Susan listened intently and said, look, if you ever decide to leave modeling for good, give me a call, she then looked in her purse and pulled out a card and gave it to Vail. Call me on this number; I may have something for you that pays just as much or more. Vail smiled and said thanks before pocketing the card.

Before Susan left, she told Vail that she and Tom were leaving the next day.

The following day, before they checked out, Susan called Vail to say goodbye, she also told her, we own a second home in the Hamptons, you and David must join us for our next party. Vail replied; we would love to! Both women vowed to stay in touch and hung up.


Miquel Cortez worked the room in an Italian tailored suit accessorized with platinum cuff links and a solid gold tie-pin.

A hour earlier, he made a fortune arranging arms shipments to countries off limits to legitimate arms dealers.

Miquel was also ecstatic about his new business venture. He recently launched a $50 billion dollar rogue holding company/financial centre that serviced drug cartels, underwrote nuclear weapons programs and financed revolutions. This company also employed spies and an cadre of assassins (to eliminate adversaries).

But now, he was among millionaires and billionaires (mostly attired in designer suits) from around the world to bid on white truffle, a favorite dish among the super rich.

The year before, a billionaire had placed the winning bid of $330,000. 

Chefs call Italian white truffle the "diamond in the kitchen."  White truffle is held in high esteem in France and Italy as well as international haute cuisine.  Business tycoons and celebrities were packed into the $300 a head white truffle dinner at Tokyo's Ritz Carlton for a 3-way auction linked by a satellite feed (held simultaneously in Abu Dhabi, Macau, London and Rome).

This year, in Florida, after two hours of frantic bidding, Miquel walked away the winner with a $500,000 bid.  He later made arrangements to have the truffle delivered to a Florida estate the next day.

He walked to his waiting limo.  He got in and faced Lauryn, she didn’t look up.  She was busy on her laptop, laundering money for cartel bosses on an “overseas” untraceable IP since she was now an international fugitive along with her brother, Cartier.  Despite this, her services were still rewarded handsomely via deposits from all over the world in numerous offshore untraceable bank accounts.

Lauryn was now using a new method. The laundered money (hundreds of millions) was now being loaded onto a private jet and flown to a small airport in Lamaca, Cyprus. This tiny Mediterranean island was once known (according to Forbes) as a money laundry, gun-running, cigarette smuggling, arms trading, sex slavery “fantasy island.”

Over 2,500 women per year arrived in Cyprus to work in gentlemen clubs, helping to generate $70 million dollars per year in prostitution revenue-plus fees for pimps who broker the sex traffic.

Lauryn set up 200 bank accounts in Cyprus and the money was funneled through more than 60 countries including Switzerland and the Cayman Islands.

Lauryn was also laundering money through a “Cartel Finance Casino,” in Belgium, set up and financed by the local drug cartel for black market purposes. Cartel mercenaries and assassins were also associated with this casino.

Lauryn also diversified and operated a “Black Market Exotic Animal Divison,” that catered to international drug kingpins.

Since cartel bosses liked to surround themselves with exotic and near extinct animals, Lauryn decided to launch a “niche market,” by invitation and referral only.

She was even more determined to launch after she scanned an article on (find articles) that this black market trade grossed $10 billion per year in profit. Demand for such pets had created a worldwide illegal trade for endangered and exotic animals.

She made a fortune supplying drug bosses with the following (smuggled) animals for inclusion in their menagerie’s: A Komode 10-feet long, meat-eating lizard from Indonesia was priced at $50,000. A pigmy marmoset from South America priced at $20,000 and an shingleback skink was priced at $2,500.

Lauryn’s motto was, “buy low and sell high.” She had overseas associates purchase rare toucan’s (tropical birds) in Bolivia for $10 dollars and she would resale them in the U.S. for $1,500 dollars.

She also purchased radiated tortoise’s (one of the rarest reptiles in the world) for 30 cents in Madagascar and she would resale them on the black market for a staggering $10,000 dollars. She even sold orangutan’s that cost $200 dollars in Indonesia for $50,000 on the illegal market.

Lauryn was also involved in illegal ivory trafficking involving African and Asian elephants. She also trafficked in ivory teeth from endangered white sperm whales as well as ivory and rhino horns.

Lauryn had smugglers smuggle the animals at night by boat because customs were always on the lookout for smuggled drugs and not animals. If one of her smugglers got arrested, the penalties would be much less for smuggling animals than for illegal drugs, often, no jail time was involved. Lauryn liked the low risk associated with this illegal endeavor.

If that wasn’t enough, Lauryn also sold Customs flight schedules to drug traffickers. This information was extremely useful. This data revealed the dates Customs airplanes would be flying over certain destinations looking for drug smugglers by sea. This way, the traffickers could avoid being arrested by not smuggling drugs on the days listed on the flight schedule.

Within the last few years, Mexican cartels opened up several super labs that produced high quality crystal meth (100 pounds at a time). These international drug merchants called on Lauryn to launder this “new money,” as well.

She was making so much money, she was in need of one additional overseas outlet to stash these various drug related funds.

Lauryn was so engrossed in her work, Miquel had been sitting there for five minutes before she finally looked up from her computer screen, and said, well?  Miquel smiled and said, "the chef will be preparing Italian truffle for dinner tomorrow evening."  Lauryn smiled, leaned over and kissed him on the lips.

From there, the limo glided down Florida’s gold coast.  They arrived at an extravagant estate. They were warmly greeted by Ricardo Estevar; he was on his way to a business meeting. 

Cartier and Lauryn were guests at his (Ricardo’s) private estate; courtesy of Miquel. Ricardo was a rich industrialist. When they arrived in Florida, they had the opportunity to go to any destination in the world but they decided to stay in Florida for the time being. They also kept a low profile.

When Lauryn ventured out, it was behind the tinted windows of a limousine. Ricardo’s personal driver/bodyguard Hans drove her into town when she needed to go out.

Miquel and Lauryn entered the house and climbed the spiraled staircase. They retired to a spacious master bedroom and made love to the sounds of Eric Benet. 

After Miquel left, Lauryn showered and returned to her laptop.

She logged on to the Panache boards. She laughed out loud at the comments posted by GEPS. 

She did a control-F and scrolled down to read the comments of her favorite posters, Peaches, Jinx, Sojo, Deanna,Presidential, Fresh Prince, Lacy, Black Playmate and After Dark Crew-then she stopped when she came to a comment authored by Litigating.  A light bulb went off in her head.  She got sidetracked in the past about contacting this poster (in real time) in regards to her legal savvy displayed on the board.

She picked up her (untraceable) cell phone and called her fixer, Yves.

Yves answered on the first ring.  Lauryn told him, I need you to trace the whereabouts of a particular poster on the Panache Report boards.  Let me give you her handle.

Yves called back 30 minutes later with the real life identity of Litigating. 

Lauryn called Miquel and told him she was making arrangements for Ricardo’s private pilot to transport her and Cartier to New York the following day.  Miquel wasn’t happy.

After she hung up, she went into the home gym and told Cartier, we're flying to New York tomorrow on business, incognito, I’ll explain on the plane tomorrow. Miquel is having the white truffle delivered tomorrow evening, after we eat, we’ll pack. Cartier nodded.

First Week In Florida:

During their first week in Flordia, Miquel tried to talk Cartier and Lauryn into using a plastic surgeon (Dr. Maximillian)..

Maxmillian’s plastic surgery office only catered to international fugitives/criminals, mainly fugitives on the U.S. Marshall’s and FBI’s Most Wanted lists.

Before he went rogue, he was considered one of the best plastic surgeons in the world but he left his practice when he realized he could make more money being affiliated with the underworld. Despite this, Cartier and Lauryn declined Miquel’s suggestion to have plastic surgery.

When Cartier finally contacted Dayna, it was through a (shadow website) that Miquel told him about. After Miquel gave him the url and secret code to access the site, he asked Cartier not to share the site with anyone.

Later, Cartier brought the site up on his computer, he put in the secret code and was given an online “espionage,” phone card with an encrypted pin number with the option to call a 800 number from a land phone (and follow instructions) or to speak to a live operator.

Cartier chose the live operator. He proceeded to give her his pin number so she could place the call from the website. Before she dialed Dayna’s number, she asked via a pop-up, what area code and country would you like to appear on your calling party’s caller ID? Cartier gave an area code and number located in the Netherlands. The operator then asked, would you like to speak in your actual voice or would you like your voice altered doing the duration of the call? Cartier replied, I would like to speak in my normal voice.

The operator said, thank-you sir, I will place your call now.

Dayna answered on the second ring. They planned a rendezvous a week later. He told her he would call her later with details.

Before he hung up, Dayna reminded him, in case plans change on my end and I need to contact you. I will set up an email account-that we’ll both have access to.

Check this account every day, up until the day we meet. If I need to leave a message, I will write the instructions on a “draft.” The draft will not be sent, just click on saved drafts to read my message.

Cartier asked, why not send an email?

Dayna replied, because emails can be intercepted but not drafts since they’re never sent. Therefore, it’s nothing to intercept, in case federal authorities are snooping.

Cartier said, that’s brilliant. Dayna replied, this has become standard communication for criminal enterprises in the 21st Century. It’s even featured in the film, “Traitor.”

Dayna was so excited when she hung up; she was finally going to see Cartier!

She managed to slip away unnoticed although Lear had been keeping a close eye on her after Cartier and Lauryn escaped. She couldn’t wait to see Cartier.

Cartier disguised his appearance with sunglasses and a baseball cap before he boarded a plane to meet Dayna in Atlanta, GA.

They met at a hotel. When Cartier laid eyes on her, he could barely contain his excitement. He kissed her eagerly and led her to the bedroom. No words were exchanged. When he started undressing her, she said, stop! I have something to tell you. He said, not now. She said yes, now!

He stepped back. She was finally able to take a good look at him. He was still the most beautiful man she had ever seen.

She swallowed hard, Cartier, I have to be honest with you. There’s something you need to know.

Cartier said, what is it baby? She looked deep into his beautiful eyes and said, “I’m HIV positive.”

Cartier registered a look of shock as he stumbled back away from her. He mumbled, how? Dayna replied, by an ex-boyfriend who shot steroids.

Suddenly he said, no! hell no! I finally find a woman I love and something has to be wrong. Damn!

Man, I feel like I been suckered punch.

I don’t know what to say. He stepped forward and hugged her. I’m so sorry you going through this.

For the next hour they held each other and cried.

When Cartier gently broke away from her embrace, he backed up towards the door slowly and blew her a kiss.

After he left, Dayna cried into her pillow throughout the night.

The following day, she caught a plane back to Los Angeles.


Cartier loved to party on South Beach discreetly. South Beach is a party hot spot for celebrities and models. Over 1500 models live in the South Beach area.

South Beach is also host to 150 clubs and other venues which close at 5 a.m. South Beach can be expensive, and access to nightclubs is often difficult for non-locals who do not have connections. Access to the most popular nightspots can cost $20-$60 and can sometimes come with a wait of several hours.

Cartier never had to wait because Miquel had the hookup. When doormen saw him, they automatically unhooked the velvet rope.

Cartier had a succession of one-night stands with models, one sexual encounter took place in the bedroom of an ocean front mansion; but his heart still ached for Dayna despite her HIV status, although he had no plans to reunite, it was going to take time to get over her.


The next morning, the personal chef prepared Lauryn’s breakfast: French Toast dipped in vanilla cream with cinnamon batter and chicken apple sausage.

By late afternoon, Lauryn had decided to have Miquel accompany her to a jazz dinner club where Will Downing and Angela Winbush were performing, they arrived, surrounded by three of Miquel’s bodyguards. Lauryn’s identity was shaded by a fashionable hat that blended in well with her designer attire.

They decided not to order dinner doing the show since the chef was preparing the truffle back at the mansion.

When they returned home, after they finished dinner, Miquel asked to speak to Lauryn privately.

He tried to talk her out of going to New York; it’s too risky. He also told her she could use his staff of lawyers instead of the attorney she wanted to use from the message board. Lauryn said, no thank you, I know what I’m doing; you have to trust me but Lauryn did agree to Miquel’s suggestion to take Hans (Ricardo’s bodyguard/driver) with her.

Two hours later, Lauryn, Cartier, and Hans were boarding a private jet on the private airstrip adjacent to the mansion.

While in flight, Lauryn contacted the leader (Mr. St. Angelo) of a worldwide drug syndicate that specialized in the import, possession and distribution of the African drug “Khat.”

Khat is a flowering evergreen shrub native to East Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, where it’s widely used as a stimulant.

Lauryn set St. Angelo up with a buyer who was interested in buying thousands of pounds of the drug. St. Angelo agreed to reward her with a six figure referral fee. She told him to wire the money into one of her overseas accounts. After she recited the account number, she hung up.

When they arrived in New York, a limousine picked them up on a private airstrip and whisked them away to a 5-star hotel.

The next day, Lauryn and Cartier had an expensive lunch in the hotel restaurant, consisting of: Grilled Prime Rib, roasted potatoes and salad. Topped off with an expensive red wine (Gaja Langhe Sori Tildin 1997) priced at nearly $1,000 per bottle as the fireplace in the restaurant dining room crackled in the background.

When they finished lunch, Lauryn called Hans, he brought the limo around, they got in and rode in silence to the courthouse.


The next day, the Cumming’s men sat around the kitchen table drinking beer. The old man spoke up, Mark, you really serious about that darkie locked up in the basement or was that the booze talking last night? Because, I say we take her out back and whip her good, let her take the punishment for a Black man winning the Presidency, can you believe that shit? What is this world coming to, all those race traitors voting him into office. Hitler must be turning over in his grave. We near end times.

Mark sat up straight and said, daddy, I’m with you on that, it’s a disgrace, a damn shame, but about that darkie, I ain’t never been so serious about anything in my life and you would feel the same way if you saw what I saw. She got black magic powers.

Mark scooted his chair up closer to the table and said, listen up! This what we gonna do. I been thinking, we can diversify her black ass. After she cure daddy of his Parkinson’s and prove her worth we can then advertise her to white power groups, we can even put her photo on that website for white power pedophiles, and advertise her as an sex slave. Anybody, whether they a pedophile or not and they’re sick or ailing can pay us a pretty penny for her to cure them from all over the world and our message can live on forever.

With that, Mark got up and took a bowl and spoon out of the dishwasher, he poured raisin bran in the bowl and then poured in the milk. He took the bowl down to the basement and gave it to Annie. Before he left, he said, you eat up girl, when I come back, I want to see this bowl licked clean?

Annie nervously nodded her head.

The old man wanted to stay busy, so he decided to go outside and tinker under the hood of his truck, as much as he could, despite the numbness in both of his arms.

Meanwhile, Mark and Michael went to a redneck biker bar. Over beers, they agreed to have sex with Annie to break her in when they returned home since their white trash girlfriends had left them, neither woman could deal with the constant racial slurs and conversation that came out of their mouths.

The plan went awry when they returned home pissy drunk. They staggered in the house. Michael collapsed on the couch and Mark went to his bedroom and fell out on his bed.


Lear had everyone gathered around a big table. She said, our first priority is finding my niece, Annie. She was abducted hours ago, the assailant looked familiar but I still can’t place him.

We need to canvas the underground garage for potential witnesses and we need to check the surveillance footage from the garage. We will split up into two teams.

Nikki and Phelps can check the footage and Dayna and I will canvas for witnesses.

I also have an associate keeping an eye out on kiddie porn websites, in case this bastard is a pedophile.

Jacks won’t be joining us on this assignment. G-Mac has regained consciousness so Jacks and the kids are at the hospital.

But, she wishes us luck on this assignment.


Mark and Michael were worried, their dad was having a bad day and had yet to get out of bed. Mark took the initiative and went downstairs. He unchained Annie and forcibly brought up upstairs. He started hollering. Gal! You gonna cure my daddy and you gonna cure him now! He started pushing her towards Paul Cummings’ bedroom.

A frightened Annie walked towards Paul Cummings’ and looked down. Even she could tell that this old man was in bad shape, he had a shortness of breath and he kept wheezing. Mark broke her train of thought, screaming, gal, didn’t I tell you to cure my daddy! Do it now!

Annie shivered as she slowly placed her hands on his chest, like she did with G-Mac. She closed her eyes and recited the Lords prayer.

Nothing, instead, Paul started breathing heavier. She tried again. Behind her, Mark was pacing and Michael stared transfixed from the doorway.

Mark screamed, why isn’t it working? I saw what you did back at that hospital, why isn’t it working now?

Annie slowly turned around and mumbled, maybe because it isn’t Easter. When I cured that man in the hospital, it was Easter. That’s when my hands and feet bleed, on Easter Day. Both brothers exchanged worried looks.

Without explanation, Mark shoved Annie towards the basement door, he then opened the door and roughly pushed her through, she almost fell down the stairs but she was able to regain her balance.

She felt her way down the stairs in the pitch dark. She fumbled until she found the small cot. She laid down and cried herself to sleep.

Upstairs, Mark told Michael, that darkie is plain useless. We’ll just have to make do with her being a sex slave with voodoo powers that occur one day out of the year (Easter).

Mark added, remember when I got jailed for a DUI? Michael nodded. Mark said, well, my cellmate was Nelson Adler, the son of that rich family that lives across town. Everybody around these parts knows about Nelson liking little girls and how the family covers it up, paying everyone off when he gets picked up. Shit, I’m thinking, maybe we can make some big money by selling that gal off to that rich pedophile.

If that doesn’t work. Michael, I’m going to need you to create a site, we’ll upload photos and we’ll try and sell that gal off to the highest bidder in our white power network if Nelson doesn’t bite. We’ll advertise her as an 21st Century slave with mystical healing powers.

Meanwhile, let me make contact with Nelson. He always hangs out at that bar outside of town getting plastered.

While I’m out, find your camera equipment, and here’s some money, go buy that gal some real sexy lingerie, lipstick and makeup. Dress her up and go downstairs and film her in real sexy poses.

Oh yeah, before I forget, buy some new and shiny wrist and ankle shackles. We gonna have that gal looking look a real life slave.

And, if Nelson don’t bite, I want everything in place when I return and we can upload your footage to a kiddie porn auction site. We’ll hold a slave auction for her black ass, just like our ancestors did back in the good old days.

Michael stood up and said, I’m on it big brother!

Mark grabbed his coat and headed out the door.

A few hours later, Mark returned home defeated. He told Michael, Nelson didn’t take the bait, that sick fuck wanted me to find him a little blonde girl with blue eyes. He actually thought I was his personal sex trafficker.

Michael said, no worries, come downstairs, wait till you see what I got set up. Mark followed Michael downstairs and saw a terrified Annie dressed up in lingerie with gleaming shackles on her ankles and wrists. Michael had even smeared red lipstick on her lips.

Mark was very satisfied and turned to Michael and said, good job baby brother, he then patted him on the back. He added, have you taken the photos? Michael nodded and said yep, I uploaded them about 30 minutes ago to several pedophile auction websites.

All we got to do is sit back and wait for the winning bid. Lets go back upstairs and watch the bidding from our laptops.


After Vail and David checked out of their Las Vegas suite, a limo took them to a private airstrip, they boarded a lear jet, destination Dubai. They were invited to a Dubai golf tournament and they planned to take in a polo match as well. Vail took the opportunity to re-read the “all black” issue of “Italia Vogue,” on the plane.

When they arrived in Dubai, Vail and David stayed at the world’s most expensive hotel, “Atlantis,” valued at $1.5 billion dollars, located on the ultra luxurious-man-made Palm Jumeriah island. This hotel is so exclusive, that management paid a recording artist $3 million dollars on opening night to perform a hour set for 2,000 celebrities who flew in to enjoy the festivities among royals and sheiks.

The couple stayed in the 2750 square foot Presidential suite ($25,000 per night), located on the tower’s top floor. You gain entry via a private elevator that ascends to your suite.

Once inside, a grand balcony extends the full width of the suite revealing dramatic and sweeping ocean views.

Later that evening, David and Vail arrived at the “Atlantis” casino, adjacent to the hotel. Vail watched while David played Roulette.

The next morning, Vail arrived at the Atlantis spa for a facial and massage.

From Dubai, they flew in a chartered jet to Europe, after they departed the plane, they got into a stretch limo that took them to a luxury yacht charter service. They boarded the yacht, later, the yacht deposited them in Monaco, where they took another limo to the Monaco Grand Prix to watch Lewis Hamilton race.

When the couple returned to Rome, David pre-paid $400,000 for two space tourism tickets. A billionaire had financed a private space ship to be constructed to carry six passengers into space and David reserved two seats with his down payment for him and Vail.

A few days later, a scandal erupted regarding Vail’s modeling agency. With the exception of the supermodel division that Vail belonged to, other divisions were being accused of pimping girls out on the side.

Later that evening, Vail attended a party populated with models, the scandal was the talk of the evening. There were so many drugs on the premises that Vail felt uncomfortable. She went through the house looking for her girls Harlow and Sinnamon but couldn’t find them. Instead she found models shooting up, having sex with each other and indulging in all types of illicit behavior.

This was the straw that broke the camel’s book, she wanted out!

She needed a fresh start where she could make money using her brain instead of her beauty.

The next morning, she leafed through her purse and found Susan’s number. The phone was answered on the third ring, Vail said, hi Susan! I don’t know if you remember me, I’m Vail, I met you and your husband a few weeks ago in Las Vegas.

Susan said, of course I remember you, how are you?

Vail explained to Susan the pitfalls of the modeling industry. Susan listened with a sympathetic ear. After Vail finished, Susan told her she had business in Rome in a week, they should get together and talk over lunch. Vail agreed.

After Susan hung up, she turned to Tom and said. That was Vail; I think we’ll have her on board soon.

The limousine deposited Lauryn off near the courthouse; Cartier opted to stay in the car. Lauryn was a sight to behold as she exited the limo in a Marc Jacobs firm fitting skirt suit (black) and a black hat with a veil pulled down to cover her face.
She entered the courthouse, so far so good, no one seemed to recognize her although every man looked at her in a lustful manner from afar.
She passed through the metal detector without delay and went inside a courtroom. She sat in the back and watched attorney Don Hartley cross-examine his prosecution witness.
Don Hartley: Mr. Bradley, can you point out the man in this courtroom who fatally stabbed Christopher Rollins to death at “Arsenic 2,” nightclub on the night of January 27, 2008?
Alan Bradley: Yes, he’s sitting right over there at the defense table, Alan pointed at Karl Rowe.
Don: No further questions.
Lauryn watched as a very attractive black woman stood up from her seat and approached the witness stand. This had to be “litigating,” real name: Dominique Desiree.
She was a Halle Berry type with curves and long hair.
Lauryn could tell Dominique was a style maven just by her attire: A classic tight fitting Valentino dress that complimented her perfect figure.
And, Dominique’s fragrance of “Imperial Majesty” (No.1) lingered in the courtroom. This perfume is the most expensive perfume in the world; a 16.90 ounce bottle is priced at $215,000 dollars.
For dramatic effect, Dominique took her time walking to the witness stand as every man in the courthouse hungrily followed her every move with their eyes.
She stopped in front of the witness stand and said, Mr Bradley, how can you be sure my client stabbed Christopher Rollins. The surveillance footage was grainy and you only saw the back of the perpetrator while he was stabbing the victim?
Alan Bradley replied with confidence, I’m sure because I have a photographic memory. I don’t forget faces, that’s one of the reasons the club hired me as a doorman because I’m good with faces and numbers, that talent comes in handy when you’re a club employee and I remember the outfit your client wore that night which clearly matches the clothes worn by the perpetrator in our surveillance video. I stand by my testimony, same clothes, same size. It’s him! Don’t you think it’s coincidental that your client was there the same night of the stabbing?
Dominique answered, Mr. Bradley, I’m the one asking the questions and I would like to ask you one last question. Are you sure you never forget faces? Bradley leaned forward with confidence before answering: That’s right, I never forget faces.
Have you ever seen me before, outside of this courtroom, Mr. Bradley?
Can’t say that I have.
Dominique quickly said, your honor, I would like to introduce exhibit A. The judge looked at Don Hartley, do you object, Mr. Hartley? Hartley was so confident of a win, this was a slam-dunk case, so, against his better judgment, he didn’t object.
A projector was set up.
The lights were shut off and Dominique moved towards the screen with grace and class in her Jimmy Choo pumps.
She turned to the jury and said, this was two nights ago, at 11:08 p.m., which the date stamp confirms, as you can see from this video footage, that’s me at the “Arsenic 2,” nightclub, and that’s Mr. Bradley stamping my hand before I enter the club with a few friends. I’m not dressed in disguise as you can see, I’m clearly recognizable to someone with a photographic memory.
A hush fell over the courtroom, you could hear a pin drop.
Dominique continued, looking at the jury for full effect.
Now, if you remember correctly, a few minutes ago, Mr. Bradley said he had never seen me before but there I am, as she turned around and pointed to the screen. You can see me being ushered into a club by Mr. Bradley who testified to having a photographic memory.
Bradley looked around the courtroom nervously but he avoided Don Hartley’s eyes.
Just then, Don Hartley shot up, screaming, objection!
The judge said, overruled.
Lauryn was impressed as she got up and left.
A hour later, the jury found Karl Rowe not guilty of murder.
Dominique was ecstatic as she left the courtroom with Karl Rowe in tow. Dominique answered a few questions for the media, bid Rowe goodbye and then proceeded to her car.
Before she reached her 2009 Jaguar convertible XKR. Dominique was approached by a man in a dark suit and sunglasses.
He introduced himself as Hans Boudreaux.
Miss Desiree, I have a very rich client who would like to hire you, she’s in the limousine over there, he pointed to a limo.
From a distance, Lauryn could see that Dominique was hesitant, so she stepped out of the limo and motioned for her.
Dominique was relieved to see a expensively dressed woman step out of the limo, she couldn’t tell what race the woman was because her face was hidden by a stylish veil.
Dominique followed Hans to the car, Hans opened the door and Dominique climbed in to face Lauryn and Cartier.
Herman West was born Andrew Sullivan. He was an olive skinned white man with thick wavy hair. He always had aspirations of being a TV evangelist.
He realized early on that it was a lot of money in organized religion. The only problem, the field was overcrowded with white men.
Several big named preachers were making millions of dollars and there wasn’t room for one more.
Andrew decided to reinvent himself. He changed his name to Herman West and moved to a small town outside of Los Angeles and started passing as a light skinned black man. He told everyone he was a Creole from New Orleans and everyone believed him.
Since both of his parents were dead and he was the only child, his background was pretty much untraceable. If anyone from his past or childhood recognized him, he could always say his parents were passing for white when he was a child and he felt was morally wrong, and this was the reason he embraced his African-American roots.
Herman became a fixture in the black community and even married an African-American woman who bore him two kids.
A few years later, he had saved enough to have an old church renovated. Over time, the church became the premiere place of worship in the black community. On Sundays, you had to arrive early to find a seat. West preached to overflow crowds and money from the collection plates kept him in a nice home and luxury car.
West even became a community leader and appeared on talk shows. Local politicians also courted him when they needed the black vote.
His power and influence didn’t go unnoticed. He came to the attention of a very wealthy corporate group who wanted to financially back him in a mega church deal that included two ATM machines in the church. West was ecstatic and accepted their proposal.
They would be breaking ground on the new project in a few weeks.
West kept up this black man charade but deep down in his heart, he was only using his family and the black community for financial gain.
In his mind, due to his white appearance, he would go where no other black preacher had gone, mainstream, which meant millions in his pockets.
He planned to abandon his family after he reached his financial goals. He would vanish and take up with a white woman overseas after his mission was accomplished.
He really didn’t care for blacks; he simply tolerated his family and the community. Away from them, he shared the same racist views as bigots.
He was even an online member of several hate websites. He went under the username “Jim Crow.”
And, despite a strong family front, West held an even darker secret, he was a pedophile.
He had to come up with an excuse to give his wife later because he planned to sneak out and attend a very discreet meeting of local pedophiles that he had met on the internet. All members wore the same type of bracelet, so they could recognize each other in public places.
Later that night, he told his wife he had church business and drove across town to a nondescript house where the pedophile meeting was held.
The men sat around and told sick stories about underage girls and some gave tips on how to lure children but the story that got Herman’s attention was from a guy named Mel, he was talking about a live auction currently taking place to buy a underage black girl being advertised as an 21st Century slave; the bidding had already begun.
This got Herman to thinking. Hell, he could keep the girl captive in the shed a few miles down from his family home. The same shed that he kept his scripture notes in and other church related things. He banned his family from the shed when he first started storing stuff in it and he had three locks on the door and bars on the windows.
It would be the perfect place to play out his white master/slave fantasies.
He approached Mel and asked him for the url of the site.
He then left the party and went to an Internet cafe to log on.
It was one hour left, the bidding was fast and furious but Herman managed to outbid everyone when he went $5,000 dollars over the top bid.
When the bidding ended, Annie had been sold for $10,000 dollars.
Herman was emailed an address, and a pickup date (24 hours) and the seller’s request for cash on delivery. The next morning, Herman arrived at his bank and withdrew $10,000 dollars.
At that precise moment, Lear got a call from her contact, he told her that Annie’s image was on a pedophile auction website and she had been sold. Lear told him to trace the IP of the seller and call her back with a physical address.
She then contacted Dayna, Nikki and Phelps, she told them to report back to headquarters, immediately.
As soon as Dayna, Nikki and Phelps walked through the door, Lear was hanging up the phone. She said, okay, gather around. I have the physical address to where my niece is being held.
We will be moving on this residence in a hour. My contact also said that Annie has been sold on a pedophile auction site. I also have the buyer’s information, he will do a pickup within the hour. Our tech also hacked into the buyer’s email and printed out the email exchange for hardcopy evidence.
Dayna, since you’re not trained in field ops, you can be part of the surveillance team.
Mark was dancing a jig, he was so happy. He thought, maybe it wouldn’t be too bad going in the black slavery business; the money was quick and easy. He now thought of himself as an innovator, forget overseas white slavery, he had just launched an un-tapped and untouched market, black slavery. He felt like a pioneer for the new century
Both boys went in their father’s room and told him what they had accomplished, he didn’t seem too interested until they got to the $10,000 dollar part. Then, the old man sat up in the bed and said, I’m proud of you boys and we gonna have fun spending all that money. Now go straighten up out front before the buyer gets here.
Meanwhile, outside, Federal authorities had the house under surveillance, they were waiting for the buyer to show up.
Fifteen minutes later, a Mercedes pulled up in front of the house. A tall white looking man got out clutching a duffel bag. He looked around nervously before walking up the steps and ringing the bell. As Lear watched him through her binoculars, she thought, he looks familiar, wait, is that Rev. Herman West?
Mark answered the door, after a brief discussion, the men shook hands and Mark stepped aside for West to enter.
Mark led West to the kitchen table and motioned for him to sit down. He then told Michael, go fetch that gal.
Annie was led up the stairs by a slave collar attached to her neck.
As soon as the basement door closed behind Michael, authorities broke down the front door. Nikki, Phelps and other agents had their guns drawn ordering everyone down.
Lear ran to Annie and retrieved her.
Just then, the old man came out of his bedroom demanding to know what was going on? He was ignored as Mark, Michael and Herman West were led out in handcuffs.
West was trying to explain to authorities that he was an important man and had showed up to buy a car, it was all an mistake and he had to be released. West was led to a police cruiser and deposited in the back seat.
Meanwhile, Lear asked Annie, are you okay sweetheart? I’m so sorry. Annie said, It’s not your fault Auntie but those men were crazy and really mean and they called me a lot of racist things but other than that I’m fine, just tired and hungry.
Lear looked directly in Annie eyes and asked carefully, those men didn’t do anything to you, they didn’t touch you or anything, did they? No Auntie, nothing like that.
Lear embraced her and said, I promise you honey, those men will be punished to the fullest extend of the law. Okay darling? Annie nodded. Okay sweetie, Auntie is going to take you home.
Next Day Headlines:
“Reverend Herman West Caught In Pedophile Sting Trying To Purchase Underage Girl.” Additional information confirms that Herman West is actually a Caucasian man posing as a black man.
West’s congregation was shocked at the allegations. Most people started distancing themselves from West but a few die-hard churchgoers continued to support him. His wife filed for divorce and his corporate backers backed out of the mega church deal.
West pleaded guilty after the email exchanges were introduced into evidence and is currently serving a 7-year-sentence.
Mark and Michael Cummings pled guilty and are currently serving a 15-year sentence for sex trafficking, pandering and child endangerment.
Paul Cummings misses his sons and spends his good days watching Hitler documentaries or reading neo-nazi books.
Meanwhile, Lear had her hands full with a new assignment. The team was hot on the trail of a pedophile couple (Klaude and Rhonda) who met through a local sex offender website.
Rhonda was a manicurist at a mall frequented by teenagers from the nearby high school. She groomed future female victims by giving them alcohol and weed. When she gained their trust, she would invite them over to party.
Once the girls arrived, she gave them drinks laced with GHB. When they were unconscious, she and Klaude (her boyfriend) would videotape themselves having sex with the girls.
When they were done, the girls were moved to a couch in the living room. Klaude would then disappear.
When the girls awoke, Rhonda would play innocent and tell them they had drunk so much, they passed out.
But, one of the girls was sore, when she returned home, she noticed bruising and abrasions on her genital area and went to the police.
Klaude and Rhonda went on the run.
Lear and company busted them at a rest stop, 100 miles outside of town. Where they were taken into custody.
A Month Later:
Lear was in a meeting with Nikki, Phelps, Dayna and two freelance contractors, Ashley Perry and Mimi Ramirez.
Assignment: To hunt down and arrest fugitives Lauryn and Cartier Allen, effective immediately!
Dayna was the last one to get up and leave, Lear told Dayna, can you stay behind, I need to talk to you. Dayna said sure, Lear said, I want you to sit this one out. My superiors think you might have gotten too close the first time around and they don’t want this case compromised again so why don’t you take some time off and spend it with your fiance Mario.
Dayna was too shocked to respond but she did what she was told.
Dominique settled into the back seat of the limo. The fashionably dressed woman and a nice looking man sat to the left of her. Something about them seemed familiar but she couldn’t put her finger on it. She could barely make out the facial features of this mysterious woman behind the veil, from what little she could see, she was certain the woman was an African-American.
The woman never introduced herself nor did she introduce the man, instead she got right down to business.
Miss Desiree, I don’t mean to startle you but I had you tracked down via the Panache boards. Dominique was stunned. Lauryn quickly said, don’t worry, not everyone can breach your privacy via the Internet but I have the manpower and the resources to do so.
I enjoyed reading your chatter about legal situations, you appear very savvy and great legal minds are an asset for me.
Therefore, I came all the way here to speak to you in person. For now, I have one request. I need an additional outlet to stash large amounts of currency. And, I need you to help me with this.
Dominique replied, I would suggest you stash the money in Uruguay, South America in an offshore company that I’m familiar with. This company has the strongest bank secrecy law in the world and you can open an account in 8 minutes.
This institution also offers: Secret bank accounts/wires, anonymous brokerage accounts, anonymous offshore credit/debit cards.
Dominique then wrote down the url and gave it to Lauryn. While Lauryn was reading the url, Dominique noticed Cartier staring at her behind a baseball cap and shades. It was an intense look, she found herself blushing and he smiled. Despite his disguise, she could tell he was very good looking.
Lauryn slid an expensive designer duffel bag towards Dominique and thanked her for her time. Before she got out of the limo, Cartier asked for a business card, she went in her purse and handed him a gold plated business card with her contact information, he was impressed.
As Dominique turned around to open the car door, Lauryn said, I’ll be in touch; Dominique nodded.
When she returned to her Jaguar, she opened the duffel bag and found $15,000 worth of neatly stacked hundred dollar bills. A note was attached to the money that read: Miss Desiree, a $100,000 retainer has been wired into your savings account in case anything should come up unexpectedly (regarding myself) which would require your immediate attention.
Dominique called her bank and sure enough, $100,000 had been wired into her account earlier that morning.
Later, Dominique joined her friends Sable, Madison, and Monroe at their favorite upscale bar.
She told her friends about the mysterious rich woman. They were impressed. Sable told her, darling, it’s your time, you just won a big case and now clients are seeking you out from the Internet. You are it darling! Your time has arrived! Monroe spoke up, lets have a toast, they raised their glasses and gave Dominique a toast.
Later, Dominique hit the dance floor with Monroe. Monroe was striking poses all over the place. He was a riot. Across the room, Sable was doing her eccentric dance moves that had the crowd in awe.
When Dominique returned home that evening, for some reason, she couldn’t get the man from the limo (Cartier) off her mind, the way he looked at her still lingered and it was obvious they shared an unspoken chemistry. She couldn’t wait for him to call.
Susan flew to Rome, Italy and hooked up with Vail. From there, they went to Sicily and Ibiza, Spain. Over lunch at an outdoor cafe, Vail confided to Susan that she was going to quit modeling after she returned back from the Presidential inauguration with David.
Susan nodded sympathetically and encouraged her to leave the fashion industry. After they finished lunch, Susan told her about a job opportunity in the espionage sector that would fit her perfectly. Vail was all ears. Susan added that the job paid a seven figure salary and involved exotic travel but she was not at liberty to reveal more. Vail was ecstatic; this type of job would fulfill her spy fantasies.
Susan left the following day and promised to keep in touch, Susan also reminded Vail to call her when she quit modeling because she had an inside track on the job.
Tips came in about Lauryn and Cartier but they didn’t pan out, the trail went cold. Lear even checked with her overseas contacts, they had nothing new to report. The case was officially stalled.
In the meantime, Lear occupied her time with fixer work through her “invisible firm.” She had recently launched a division devoted to “invisible clients.” People who fall in this category are powerful and rich; this division is classified as “high-end referral only.” Everything about this firm was invisible. Including Lear’s blog. You could only access her blog via an encrypted link which led you to a web page that was untraceable and unreachable.
Lear’s “real time” invisible assignments were sent via encrypted email or delivered in hard copy fashion via private courier with instructions to shred the hard copy info once the assignment is completed.
Lear met the majority of her invisible clients but there were a few who chose to remain anonymous, she never heard their voice, everything was done via computer with top-notch security measures.
The invisible clients she met were the cream of the crop: An Academy Award winning actor, sports superstars, a singing diva, a 5-star General, a royal playboy, a few supermodels and Senators & Governors.
Whenever Lear worked for an oil rich politician, he always supplied her (worldwide) transportation via a Gulf Stream jet and he dispatched his 4 member security team to shadow her in a triangular formation used by intelligence personnel.
One afternoon, Lear received a call from a perspective client (on a secure line using a computer enhanced voice) who was offering $1 million dollars for Lear to come up with an assassination scenario that couldn’t be traced back to him, what made this request unusual, he didn’t want to hire a contract killer. He wanted the murder to look like an accident.
Lear asked him to send a dossier of the target. She scanned it quickly and went to her “Hands Off/Kill Methods” database.
She came up with three scenarios from her files. “Blow Fish Bladder.” Any type of food with the exception of dairy products could be soaked in blowfish bladder, when the target ate the food, he would have severe ailments similar to a heart attack and die.
Next up, “Muscle Inhibitor.” You could take the target swimming and spray muscle inhibitor in his direction, he would cramp up, from head to toe and sink in the water, his death would be ruled an accidental drowning.
Last on the list was “Vanilla Gel,” just then, a light bulb went off in her head because she remembered something from the target’s dossier.
Lear picked up the target’s dossier and immediately saw what she was looking for.
She noticed the target was an avid hunter who went big game hunting on a regular basis during hunting season. Hunting season had just started.
Lear went out and bought the most expensive hunting vest she could find. She then purchased vanilla gel; odorless to the human nose.
She returned to her office and rubbed vanilla gel all over the vest, back and front.
She then called her client (on a secure line) and told him to wire half up front, $500,000 into her Swiss Bank Account. After the money was received. She would send him a package. The contents in the package were to be given to the target as an gift, after the accident occurred, she expected the remaining $500,000 to be wired into the same account. The client agreed to her terms and gave her an untraceable mailing address
After Lear received confirmation of the wire transfer. She packaged the vest and had an assistant mail it.
Two weeks later, headlines read: Barry Jansen, a COO for a billion dollar company was tragically mauled by a Black Bear and rare mountain lion in Alberta, Canada while taking part in a hunting exhibition. He was dismembered and torn to shreds; his clothes were also torn to bits and pieces, a tragic accident. None of the other hunters were injured. Case closed!
If the investigation would have been expanded, it may have been discovered that the vanilla gel on his vest attracted the animals to him (specifically).
A day later, the balance of ($500,000) was wired into her account.
A week later, Lear was notified by an espionage contact that a high powered and very wealthy lobbyist was conducting a background check on her prior to hiring her for an “beyond top secret assignment.”
Lear found this bit of information odd, despite her sterling credentials and word of mouth expertise throughout the espionage community, this man still wanted to check her out. She counter attacked and had him checked out. His dossier revealed that he was a racist with extreme right wing leanings.
Lear was flabbergasted, despite a black man winning the Presidency of the United States; people still second-guessed African-Americans.
When the Lobbyist called and offered Lear the assignment attached with a mid six-figure salary, she declined. He was taken aback and caught off guard. Lear stuck to her guns before hanging up.
Lear also ran a separate division known as “M/M,” aka “Miracle Meds.” This division worked with super rich families who were going through a medical crisis; sometimes fatal.
Lear would dispatch a team overseas to compile drugs proven effective but not FDA approved. Skeptics thought these miracle drugs would never be approved because if they were, they would bankrupt pharmaceutical companies across the board.
Lear recently obtained a herb, considered a miracle drug that was deemed very effective as an anti-depressant without the side effects. A billionaire bought the drug for his son who was bi-polar.
The billionaire had recently read articles on how several people took their own families out in a reign of violence after suffering the side effects from a popular anti-depressant drug. He didn’t want his son to afflict the same type of tragedy and devastation so he hired Lear to obtain the “very hard to get,” herb.
One evening, a well-known comic called Lear. His son (Toby) was a heroin addict and the tabloids were about to break the story. Not only did Lear kill the story she also offered to take the son out of the country and onto a private ship run by a rogue doctor named Kostas.
Dr. Kostas and his staff used this vessel to house and treat heroin addicts with a miracle drug which is illegal in the United States. Nor is this drug FDA approved. It’s been banned in most of Europe and the United States since 1913.
With this drug, addicts don’t have withdrawal symptoms and former addicts who underwent Dr. Kostas treatment say they no longer have the urge to use. Research also suggests that the drug is useful in treating dependence to other substances such as alcohol, methamphetamine, and nicotine.
After Toby’s treatment was completed, he came back to the U.S. cured of his heroin addiction. On top of her fixer fee, Toby’s father was so ecstatic he tipped Lear an additional $10,000 dollars.
Later that day, Vail was contacted by a black opera diva. Her beloved husband had asbestos-related mesothelioma-known as a slow and painful death which ravages your lungs in the process.
The diva hired Lear to obtain nembutal, commonly known as “death in a bottle.” The drug is tightly regulated in most countries and is sold for $30 dollars an ounce on the black market. Nembutal has a bitter taste that takes your breath away. After it’s ingested, you go to sleep and then you die. It’s for people seeking a quick and painless death.
Lear sent an “underworld courier,” to obtain the drug from a Tijuana contact known as the “death tour guide.” The courier returned with the drug in 24 hours. The diva was contacted (and told to bring the money) and the exchange was made.
Later that day, a multi-millionaire cattle baron by the name of Bobby Bowden and his wife Crickett contacted Lear. Crickett’s mother was suffering from painful arthritis and her prescribed medications were useless. It had gotten so bad, she was bed ridden and could barely move her limbs.
Lear put in an emergency request and was able to get a miracle drug (yet to be FDA Approved). The shipment arrived the next day. Two days later, Crickett arranged to meet Lear at a cafe. She profusely thanked Lear as she handed her an envelope stuffed with cash. Apparently, Crickett’s mother recovered after applying the rubbing alcohol like drug to her limbs. The pain disappeared immediately, now, she was able to get around (pain free).
Lear was also able to obtain other medications that weren’t advertised, like a drug developed doing the cold war (considered a battlefield weapon) which had the capability to destroy an individual’s frontal lobe memory. This drug basically destroys your mind and wipes it clean. After ingesting it (intravenously), a few minutes later, your mind is completely blank and everyone and everything is completely unrecognizable.
Lear could also get her hands on high tech medical equipment that had yet to reach the “open market.”
Vail and David arrived in Washington for the Presidential Inauguration on 1/18/09 and checked into the Watergate Hotel. Later, they had lunch at the popular “1789,” restaurant in Georgetown. That evening, they attended a fashion show and lunch at the Ritz Carlton.
The next day, they dined on French Belgian cuisine at Marcel’s restaurant.
On 1/20/09, Vail beamed with pride as Barack Obama’s was sworn in as the President of The United States. Later, Vail and David participated in the Presidential inauguration parade.
That night, Vail wore a Roberto Cavelli gown and David wore a tailored Saville Rowe tuxedo. They arrived in style at several official (VIP) inaugural balls via limousine. They also attended a function at the Corcoran Gallery Of Art ($1,000 per ticket).
Two weeks after Vail returned to Rome, she gave a press conference to announce her retirement from modeling.
Later that night, her girls Harlow and Sinnamon gave her a going away party packed with male and female models and movie stars. They feasted on Beluga caviar, an assortment of seafood and Dom Perignon.
Immediately, David started distancing himself from her because she was no longer a celebrity trophy on his arm attracting publicity. His actions didn’t seem to affect Vail because she had never loved him.
Surprisingly, David didn’t make a fuss regarding the expensive gifts he had lavished on her; including the Lamborghini. He told Vail she could keep all the gifts, they parted on good terms and agreed to remain friends.
Vail contacted Susan, they made plans to meet the following week in Los Angeles.
Dominique Desiree awoke in her New York triplex apartment located in Tribeca. Her luxurious residence was 12,000 square feet and located on 3 floors. Her triplex also included an exercise room (including a steam room) with white marble floors and views of the Hudson River and Midtown Manhattan.
This apartment also had four closets. One was reserved for shoes. Dominique currently had over 1,500 pair of high-end designer shoes occupying this space. She had each pair catalogued so she could locate them quickly. She also logged every item from her extensive wardrobe into a computer database.
Dominique got up and stretched, she then went into her briefcase and pulled out legal briefs that she had planned to look over, just then, the phone rung. She answered, her secretary told her, I have a man on the other line; he says he has to talk to you; it’s urgent. Dominique told her to patch the call through. A man’s voice asked, I hope you remember me? You met me in the back of a limo yesterday, I’m still in town but my female associate flew back last night. I was wondering if you would like to have lunch, I have an urgent legal matter I would like to discuss with you.
Dominique said sure, and suggested an upscale restaurant they could meet at in 2 hours.
Dominique selected a Marc Jacobs dress from her closet accompanied by a pair of Manola Blahnik shoes.
Cartier was waiting for her when she arrived at the restaurant. He introduced himself as “C.” They ordered shellfish veloute and an 1982 bottle of Chateau Marguaux, priced at $2,500.
Over lunch, they discussed everything but legal matters. Dominique realized that Cartier used that as an ruse to have lunch with her.
Cartier paid the $3,000 lunch tab and he left a $650 dollar tip before they departed. Before she knew it, Cartier had talked her into showing him the sights in New York City. They jumped into a cab and went on a scenic tour.
Before the night was over, they agreed to stay in touch and went their separate ways but not before Cartier asked for her personal phone number.
Dominique arrived back at her apartment, as soon as she walked through the door, the phone started ringing, she picked it up, it was Cartier, he wanted to make sure she arrived safely, she was touched by his concern and started blushing. When she assured him of her safety, he bid her goodnight.
She went to bed that night with a smile on her face.
The next morning, Dominique was awakened by the phone, it was Cartier, again. They proceeded to talk about everything under the sun for the next six hours uninterrupted. Dominique refused to answer other calls beeping through on her other line. When she asked about his association with the woman in the back of the limo, he told her, that was his sister; she was relieved.
They agreed to go clubbing that night before hanging up.
After they both hung up, they both realized the same thing. Something serious was happening here, a six-hour phone call with no interruption can only equal one thing, love.
Dominique’s doorman helped her into a waiting limo where Cartier was waiting with a dozen roses.
Dominique gave the driver the address to a super exclusive club. This club was a playground for celebrities and powerbrokers seeking privacy, away from the prying eyes of the paparazzi. Celebrities are ushered into a nondescript building.
Domique then turned to Cartier and asked him, what is your real name? He playfully replied “C.” She said, yeah, right! Are you ever going to tell me? He playfully said, maybe, maybe not.
She replied, I’m going out with a man I hardly know anything about; I don’t even know your occupation.
Cartier lied and told her that he made his fortune in commercial real estate. This enabled him to retire a young man.
They arrived, got out, went to the front of the line and were ushered in. The music was pumping and the patrons were either celebrities or supermodels.
Dominique saw Sable in the distance with her financier boyfriend. Dominique got Sable’s attention; Sable and her boyfriend got up and joined Dominique and Cartier. Introductions were made and then both ladies excused themselves and went to the ladies room.
Sable told Dominique, darling, he is gorgeous, where on earth did you find him? Dominique replied, remember I was telling you and the crew about this mysterious woman in a limo who gave me a duffel bag full of money to answer one question? Sable nodded. Dominique said, well, that’s her brother, he was in the back of the limo with us and he asked me for my phone number.
Sable said, girl, you hit the jackpot! Dominique said, now Miss Sable, you know I’m an independent woman with my own money and my main attraction is intellect but I have to admit, he’s not bad too look at and he has his own money. He told me he’s a millionaire. Sable clutched her pearls in a dramatic fashion.
When they left the ladies room, both women joined the men at a private table in the back. Later, both couples hit the dance floor.
Later, Cartier and Dominique got up to leave. Dominique embraced Sable and told her she would call her in a few days.
As they were leaving, a bartender named Rex (a true crime buff) caught a glimpse of them, he thought, that guy sure looks familiar, where have I seen him before?
The limo returned to Dominique’s triplex, Cartier leaned over and kissed her, she responded. He then asked, can I come up? Dominique said no, I don’t have sex this quickly with men I just meet. Cartier sat back disappointed and told her he understood.
He then leaned forward and kissed her again. This time deeply. He gently sucked on her tongue before she broke away smiling.
Cartier said, can I call you later this afternoon? She said, you better, as she exited the limo.
Susan was waiting when Vail arrived at LAX; she was driving a Bentley. Susan helped her with her luggage. Soon, the women were traveling down Mulholland Drive. Susan told Vail they would retrieve Tom at their Hollywood Hills home, from there, they would head to their beach house in super exclusive, Malibu Colony.
They picked Tom up and headed out to Malibu. When they arrived, they had a meal of grill chicken fillets, salad and white wine.
Afterwards, they went into a spacious media room to talk business.
Susan told Vail, the job I told you about, it’s yours if you want it. Your salary will be $100,000 or more per assignment. Vail let out a whistle. Susan continued, you will work for a syndicate that Tom and I belong to. We work on assignments that involve intelligence and international intrigue.
Vail’s eyes got big at the prospect of working for an intelligence firm as an secret agent. Susan made sure to appeal to her secret agent sensibilities and fantasies.
Susan added, do you have any questions? Vail said yes, is this work legal? Susan quickly shot Tom a look of concern and continued, to us it is but to others, it may not be. We like to think, what we do is for the greater good of mankind.
Vail said, you can’t give me a yes or no answer? Susan said no Vail, I can’t, because everyone may vary on opinion, what may be legal to some, may not be legal to others.
Vail continued, I don’t won’t to end up in prison. Susan reassured her by saying, you will be protected within the walls of the shadow syndicate, an invisible company with employees on 4 continents, we are worldwide and we are very powerful and we protect our own. We have the best scientists, couriers, wet work assassins and some of the brightest minds in this country. Your assignments will vary and if you agree to our generous offer, your training can start today.
Vail was overwhelmed and against her better judgment, she agreed to work for the “shadow syndicate.” When she returned home, she googled the company but found no information.
Vail’s first assignment was lightweight. She was hired as a plant in a “call girl beard,” agency that specialized in beautiful female fronts for closeted gay men.
As planned, a closeted gay diplomat selected Vail to accompany him out of the country. Vail arrived at the hotel and the diplomat answered the door in a robe. Vail was relieved that he didn’t recognize her from her modeling days or her cover may have been blown. He informed her that after he had his shower, they would be ready.
Vail saw an opening and said, sir, while you do that, I can finish packing your bags for you. The diplomat was impressed and told her that he hadn’t quite finished and directed her to the luggage in the bedroom before he jumped in the shower.
While he showered, Vail planted diamonds in his diplomatic pouch.
When they got to the airport, the diplomat was waved through customs without inspection. Vail was inspected; afterwards, she was waved through.
When they arrived in Austria. Vail offered to give the diplomat a massage, she rubbed his shoulders and refreshed his drink, spiking it with “liquid ecstasy,” which makes you unconscious. When you wake up, you have no memory of anything.
He was soon napping.
Vail took the opportunity to retrieve the diamonds from his pouch. She quietly left the penthouse and met a contact where money was exchanged for the diamonds.
She then wired the money to an overseas offshore account as instructed by Susan.
She returned to the penthouse. When the diplomat awoke, he gave her $5,000 and a $1,000 tip for packing his luggage and giving him a massage. He told her he was really impressed with her, she went the extra mile and he would be requesting her again. Vail thanked him and left.
She arrived at the airport to take a flight back to Los Angeles. She had a big smile on her face and her adrenaline was pumping.
Her first time out and she was already a successful diamond smuggler, she couldn’t wait for her next assignment.
Within 24 hours of her arrival back in Los Angeles, $100,000 dollars was wired into her Swiss bank account that Susan and Tom helped her set up prior to the assignment.
Within the next few weeks, Vail had all of her stuff (including her Lamborghini) shipped from Rome. Los Angeles was now her home base.
Meanwhile, the General of Shadow Syndicate-Andreas Xavier was halfway across the world viewing information from his data card (black book). The data card listed company operations on a global level; he was impressed, his invisible empire generated nearly $1 billion dollars in illegal dealings last year.
One of Andreas most profitable divisions was an ‘illegal’ “stem cell center.” A stem cell article that appeared in the SF Chronicle three years ago caught his eye.
From that article, Andreas determined that stem cells could possibly replace steroids in the sports arena and he could make a fortune in the process.
After the division was launched, the word got out discreetly among the world’s top athletes in every sport imaginable: Football, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Cycling, Swimming, Track, etc. Andreas had a very elite clientele of superstar athletes.
His doctors were able to heal their injuries, boost their strength and endurance and provide a lasting edge over the competition. And the athlete didn’t have to worry about failing random drug tests with the stem cell method.
Andreas’ doctors were injecting stem cells into healthy muscles to increase the size and even restore them to their youthful capacity.
"You could potentially find a 40-year-old man with 20-year-old legs."
Andreas even had his doctors experimenting with gene doping, which involves transferring genes into human cells to blend directly into an athlete's DNA, it is thought than an athletes stem cells could be injected back into the body. 
The regenerative powers of stem cells offered countless sporting possibilities, such as increasing endurance, speed, flexibility and strength.
Andreas division also had a dozen professional soccer players as clients who had frozen stem cells from their children's umbilical cords in their bank.
Stem cells successfully regenerated all the ligaments in the knees of several NFL running backs seeking treatment at the center. 
Stem cells also extended the careers of aging athletes, which meant, additional millions.
The stem cell center grossed in excess of $25 million dollars last year.
Andreas was excited about his upcoming venture. He planned to launch a division that would specialize in “fake papers.” He had already hired the top “paper man,” in the world to get this division off the ground.
Fake HIV-negative papers would be sold to HIV-infected movie stars, adult stars, sports figures, politicians and anyone else who had enough money to buy them.
These papers would look so authentic; the unsuspecting party would assume they actually came from the desk of a qualified doctor. This division would also provide top quality fake passports and green cards (ID packages).
Andreas also had several respected physicians on his payroll. They were members of one of his divisions that illegally diverted millions of dollars worth of AIDS drugs from medicaid recipients to resell on the black market.
This scheme fraudulently used medicaid funds to obtain millions of dollars in human immune globulin, which is used to treat patients with AIDS.
One evening, Andreas got an idea from watching the dvd, “Chaos.” Later in the week, he got in contact with Quan Chin.
Quan Chin was considered a hacker God in the geek world. Others considered him the best hacker in the world. Quan had a Ph.D in computer science from an Ivy League university.
Under Andreas, he supervised a team of world-class hackers who were referred to as “The Firm.” It was no system in the world that they couldn’t hack into and there was no system capable of logging them off. They could break any firewall. Firm members were superstars in the hacker world and often attended conventions. When they arrived, in full force, they were treated like rock stars. They were even approached for autographs on a few occasions.
Before working for Andreas exclusively, this team worked for the government on top-secret assignments, their projects included satellite locks on vehicle positions.
Andreas handed (Quan) the DVD (Chaos) and asked him to watch it. After Quan watched it, Andreas asked him, can you create the virus featured in the film? Quan replied, yes! Give me 18 months.
Nearly two years later, Quan had created a virus that randomly withdraws money (no two amounts are the same) from numerous worldwide accounts. None of the withdrawals were over $100 dollars, so no red flags went up.
The virus then sets up a hosts of phantom accounts where the money sits temporarily until it’s transferred to numerous accounts; never sitting long enough to get an accurate fix on. This test run netted over $100 million dollars.
Last year, Andreas had “The Firm,” send out threatening (extortion) emails to gambling sites, threatening to shut them down (on Super Bowl Sunday) unless they wired $250,000 in an untraceable account. Some of the sites complied, others didn’t.
Andreas also had a “wet work,” division comprised of ex-espionage and elite military operatives. These men were former Special Forces, Commando’s, Navy Seals and Rangers, etc. Andreas acted as their invisible representative and parceled them out for assassination, kidnappings, hijackings, precision robberies and overthrowing foreign governments as well as the theft of European security, etc. These men often worked in teams and were available to the highest bidder at $5 million and up, per assignment.
Andreas was also rumored to have a membership website that sold weapons, ultra light aeroplanes, tanks, surface-to-air missiles, grenade launchers, night-vision goggles and landmines, in real time. To disguise his dealings, numerous fast-changing firms with numerous fronts and names provided merchandise to any client who could pay. Like Viktor Bout (Merchant of Death Arms Dealer) Andreas had his pilots daub new identification numbers on fuselages to throw authorities off. Andreas also sold millions of rounds of AK47 ammunition. He was a considered an anti-celebrity in the shadowy underworld.
His contacts extended to warlords and Presidents of foreign countries.
Andreas loved to deal in natural resources (blood diamonds, timber, gold and oil). He used them to help fuel conflicts.
Andreas’s illicit empire had so many divisions that he often referred to his S/S as: “My Theaters of Engagement.”
To avoid the authorities from running a trap and trace on his phones, he and his staff used an European dial back system based in Paris, this prevented cops from tracing their calls.
Andreas considered himself an “International Man of Mystery.”
Andreas stood up from his desk. He was expecting the arrival of his top-secret forensics firm. They were assigned to review his “command center.” They were also assigned to fit his entire network with military grade encryption.
The ringing of his satellite cell phone interrupted his thoughts, it was Susan, calling on a secure line, she gleefully told him their new recruit (Vail) passed her first assignment with flying colors. Andreas replied, excellent.
I have a second assignment for her, with Ryder. Can you arrange a sit down dinner, it would be important for her to meet Ryder before they undertake this assignment together? Susan readily agreed and set the dinner for the following week.
A few minutes after Andreas hung up, his forensics team arrived. While they went to work, he rushed out of headquarters to attend a shooting party he was hosting on his vast estate, guarded by armed security.
His guests included blue chip arms dealers as well as millionaires and billionaires from different fields. Later, all guests would attend an invitation only “arms fair,” to view the latest in weaponry.
As Andreas sat in the back of his chauffeured driven Rolls Royce, he reflected and reminisced on his childhood. As a small boy, Andreas used to tag along with his father and older brother Dean during hunting season in England.
He loved hunting and he was a good shot.
Andreas was considered the brains of the family. His big brother was more of a bully type. While Andreas got straight A’s in school, Dean would cut class and hang out with a bad crowd.
After they graduated from high school, Andreas attended a local college and Dean became the enforcer for a drug crew.
He got greedy and robbed an underground high stakes card game.
Only later, would he discover that one of his victims was a local mob boss. The man put out a contract on his life.
When Dean found out, he confided in his little brother. Andreas devised a full proof burglary plan for Dean and his friends. They were going to rob an art gallery and give the art to the mob boss, in return for the contract being cancelled.
From his computer, Andreas was able to hack into the museum security and disable the alarms (sensors) prior to the robbery.
After the robbery, Dean personally delivered the art (worth millions) to the mob boss and the contract was cancelled.
After Andreas graduated from college, he worked in his field but yearned for a big payday. On his off days, he came up with an elaborate scheme when he read an internet article on a man (Lars Hayworth) claiming to be a distant relative of John F. Kennedy; the article was accompanied by a photo of Hayworth and JFK.
Hayworth was a U.S. citizen who now resided in Athens, Greece.
Andreas contacted Hayworth, posing as an reporter, Hayworth agreed to an interview. The following weekend, Andreas arrived in Athens.
He interviewed Hayworth. After the interview, he excused himself to go to the bathroom, in the bathroom, he stole Hayworth’s hair brush.
When he returned home, he planned to put his ingenious idea into motion.
Two weeks later, Andreas launched an underground site for childless rich couples.
His on-site advertisement featured the photo of Lars Hayworth and John F. Kennedy, beside it, was a photo of a lock of hair, the banner read: “We Have A Lock of Kennedy Family Hair & You Can Clone A Child From It.”
Andreas didn’t care if the hair was authentic Kennedy DNA or if a kid could be cloned from hair and he had no intention of sending the hair to the couples. He came to the conclusion, anything involving the Kennedy name sparks interest and some people were born suckers waiting to be ripped off.
The couples were encouraged to wire a $1000 processing fee into a numbered account before the hair could be mailed to them, preserved in a plastic wrapping. 50 couples responded.
Andreas withdrew the $50,000 dollars and shut down the fly by night site before the couples contacted the authorities, by then, his trail went cold. He took great measures not to leave fingerprints in cyberspace.
It was the easiest $50,000 dollars he ever made. He liked the rush and from that moment on, he decided to live a life of crime because it paid better.
Within the next five years, Andreas made the necessary connections to launch “Shadow Syndicate.”
Susan called a top catering service in Beverly Hills to book their services. She then called Vail and invited her to the party; she also mentioned that her presence was requested by the very elusive and never seen, Andreas Xavier.
Andreas was considered a ghost in espionage circles and he was the mastermind behind Shadow Syndicate.
Vail told Susan, pick me up in Bel Air, we can go shopping on Rodeo Drive for this special occasion.
While they were shopping, Vail was approached for autographs from fans who recognized her from her modeling days.
Later that day, Susan talked Vail into joining a powerful and well-connected espionage “think tank.”
The membership included like-minded individuals who could be helpful in future endeavors involving both women. It was the ideal place to network and make powerful connections throughout the world.
A few days later, the group had a meeting with members in the Los Angeles area. Susan and Vail arrived fashionably late.
The women mingled and Vail enjoyed a delightful conversation with a beautiful blonde model type who introduced herself as Xen. She recognized Vail, and told her, you were always my favorite model. They continued discussing fashion, fine cuisine and world events.
Vail noticed that Susan kept her distance from Xen. Before Vail and Susan left, Xen gave Vail her phone number and asked her to call, so they could go shopping at some of the upscale shops in Beverly Hills.
When they returned to the car, Vail asked Susan, why did you give Xen the silent treatment?
Susan took a deep breath and said, this is her backstory: I don’t know how she gained membership into our group. I’m sure extracurricular activities took place.
Xen started off as a cocaine dealer who dealt exclusively with Wall Street clients. She stopped selling drugs when she got word that the cops were going to be cracking down.
Then, Xen became a con woman who specialized in the long con. She had a male partner named Marty. They targeted married wealthy men worth $25 million or more for blackmail purposes. They selected them out of business publications: The Wall Street Journal, Forbes and Fortune.
They made a good living until something went terribly wrong. One of the rich men refused to pay and hired a contract killer to take them both out. Marty got killed but Xen escaped when a former rich sugar daddy (mob boss) bought out her contract; preventing her death. Xen was fortunate because she never ripped the mob boss off and he was still fond of her.
Last I heard, Xen went overseas and enrolled in a charm school, she also learned languages, ballroom dancing and the art of fine dining.
Overnight she became a “thoroughbred call girl,” on call exclusively for men in the espionage arena. She has serviced some of the most powerful men globally from every spy agency in the world.
It’s even rumored that hobbyists (men who rate call girls sexually) were giving her five star reviews on a blog set up like a Nielsen ratings website.” Only difference, TV shows aren’t being rated, call girls are, from coast to coast. A good review can allow a girl to shoot up her rate, a bad review can steer away customers. Reportedly, Xen received the highest ratings since the inception of the site.
She can be reserved and booked for an entire year, on call 24/7 for $1.5 million dollars. Half up front; non-refundable. She’s contacted via a secure line on a Vertu cell phone (worldwide access) given to her by the head of a foreign spy agency.
Vail said, wow! You’ve got to be kidding. I guess I won’t be calling her anytime soon.
Ryder was a former RRD Ranger. All Rangers are taught recon, but there's also a small-specialized group of Rangers extensively trained for scouting and recon -- the Regimental Reconnaissance Detachment (RRD).
RRD Rangers are asked to confirm or deny existing intelligence, place surveillance equipment in enemy territory, and report on troop movement.
RRD’s are so lethal, some members have been known to get off three shots from a silenced weapon in 1 second.
Not everyone can qualify to be a RRD Ranger, they are the cream of the crop, "invisible black ops."
After Ryder left the military, he joined the CIA, on the side he took on ‘no bid contracts aka sole source contracts.’
These type of contracts implies that only 1 person (Ryder) or 1 company can provide the services needed (specialized) to meet the need. Urgency is often the rationale for sole source contracts but due to these type of shady dealings, Ryder received a “burn notice,” from the CIA. This essentially blacklisted him as an untrustworthy, unreliable and unemployable agent. His money was also frozen but he had funds and a passport hidden in a customized vault.
This also killed his (dream job) chances of becoming a CSS intelligence officer. The CSS is a branch of the NSA aka (Shadow Factory) performing covert intelligence support for the military. Originally it was conceived as the 4th branch of the armed services.
Due to the burn notice, Ryder was forced to stay in one area under the threat of being killed if he left.
Ryder became the only man in “burn notice history” to escape. He was now considered rogue. Due to the sensitive nature of his case, he also went underground.
A year later, he started working for S/S (Shadow Syndicate). He was the enforcer for Andreas Xavier. Ryder worked classified assignments and carried out hits all over the country (domestic and international), he was feared as the world’s best executioner.
In his spare time he liked to tinker on vintage cars but his prize possession was a Mercedes Shark (rare limited edition).
Lear was in a meeting with Nikki, Ashley and Mimi. She said, we have to split into two teams, again.
I got a priority request from brass, they still want us to work on the Lauryn & Cartier Allen case but they need additional manpower regarding “Shadow Syndicate.”
They want us to put them out of business, pronto!
Nikki and I will stay on the Allen case.
Lear then looked at Mimi and Ashley and said, you two can work on the “Shadow Syndicate,” case.
Lear pushed a folder towards them, here’s the intel on this organization and a dossier on the man who runs it (Andreas Xavier) is contained in this file.
Study it before you move forward. This man is like a phantom. For a long time, we thought he wasn’t real and we also thought there was nothing behind his identity but we’ve received confirmation that he does exist and we need to bring him down!
Cartier flew to Florida to check on Lauryn. She asked him, where have you been? Let me guess. With Dominique Desiree. She caught Cartier by surprise, how did you know?
I could feel the mutual chemistry in the back of the limo. I actually approve because it will keep your mind off that traitor Dayna but be careful and don’t forget we’re fugitives.
Later that evening, Lauryn received a “lucrative,” request from one of her criminal contacts in the U.S. he wanted to know if she could use her Columbian connections to obtain a case of “scopolamine.”
Scopolamine is the most dangerous “date rape,’ drug in existence. It makes ‘GHB,’ look like a mild aspirin. Scopolamine is known on the black market as the “zombie drug,” because victims stay controlled and “conscious.”
Victims also do everything that is asked of them by their attackers which makes the “rapes” look consensual if the attack is taped.
It’s hard to prosecute rape cases when the victims are under the influence of this drug and to make matters worse, this drug erases the victim’s memory of the rape, as if it never occurred. This drug is also used to subdue robbery victims in South America.
Scopolamine is usually smuggled in from Columbia and has become very profitable; some drug cartels offer it for sale.
Lauryn declined the request. She refused to indirectly participate in the rapes of women.
Lauryn continued checking her email and came across an email from a crime boss, he wanted to know if she was still dealing in potassium permanganate-which disinfects cocaine making it 100 percent pure.
Lauryn emailed him back, asking him how many gallons would he like? He replied, lets start off with 15 gallons. After the agreed upon set fee was wired into her new offshore account set up by Dominique Desiree, Lauryn made arrangements for it to be delivered the following week via a private “underworld jet carrier.”
Lauryn still funneled the majority of her illicit drug profits through Mexico because the laundering trade still remains largely untouched in Mexico; banking controls are extremely lax in Mexico, making it easier for money to be wired or deposited into accounts. From there, the money is funneled into fake businesses, mainly real estate and financial institutions. An estimated $20 billion dollars is laundered and stays in Mexico annually.
Lauryn used different methods to get her money into Mexico; mainly, international courier services.
One of her biggest customers was a female crime boss named Luce. They became friends through email. Their common link: They were two women at the top of their game in male dominated fields.
Lauryn also agreed to help Luce in a personal matter. An assistant crime boss for a competing syndicate had started off as an thug/sadist and was responsible for torturing Luce’s sister but Luce couldn’t move on him, because it would start a war.
So, Lauryn set up an elaborate scheme to incriminate him. She had a hacker withdraw $50,000 from the syndicate account; she then deposited the $50,000 over and over again into offshore accounts until the amount totaled $1 million. She also set up offshore corporations and made big purchases in the mark’s name.
This information was conveniently brought to the attention of the man’s boss. It looked like an sophisticated embezzlement scheme, the man was tortured and killed.
Every year, the U.S. Treasury Department blacklists scores of individuals and companies believed to be involved in money laundering or other activities supporting drug trafficking networks. Lauryn has yet to make the list, due to Miquel’s international contacts and influence. Miquel was so protective, even before she became an international fugitive, Miquel was responsible for her operation being “insulated” by a Cartel attorney firm.
Lauryn’s money-laundering operation extended into ten U.S. states and parts of Central and South America.
Lauryn also laundered money through gold coins and diamonds. Gold remains one of the main non-currency means of holding money; including laundered money; diamonds are also favored by money launderers. There have been situations where couriers were suspected of carrying laundered funds by concealed diamonds.
A few days later, Cartier told Lauryn that he was flying back to New York to be near Dominique. Lauryn looked up from her computer and told him to be careful.
The caterers arrived at Tom and Susan’s home. The menu included Irish smoked salmon and baked oysters (crab and spinach stuffed with smoked bacon and holladiase). Several cases of white wine were stacked nearby.
Vail arrived in a stunning Versace dress accessorized with expensive jewelry and an designer purse.
Thirty minutes later a bullet proof black SUV with tinted windows pulled up, outside Tom and Susan’s home. Two men in dark suits, wearing shades with earpieces, jumped out and scanned the area. When they were done, one opened the door and out stepped Andreas Xavier accompanied by his enforcer, Ryder.
Susan greeted both men warmly at the door and ushered them in. Susan blushed when Andreas kissed her on the cheek and referred to her as “my spy mistress.”
Vail locked eyes with Ryder. He was a powerfully built black man with a shaved head and goatee. He was quite handsome and very masculine. He smiled and she smiled back.
Susan introduced both men to Vail, Andreas kissed her hand and Ryder kissed her on the cheek.
After dinner, they retired to the dining room and got down to business.
Andreas spoke first, turning to Vail, he said, I would like to congratulate on your first successful assignment. I heard it went off without a hitch. Vail smiled.
His tone turned serious as he continued. You will be paired with Ryder on your next assignment.
Both of you will map the wireless world and engage in “wardriving.” You will drive around and access company networks in Los Angeles.
Ryder already has the electronic tools for this assignment.
Once in the networks, you will install programs called packet sniffers that capture credit card numbers as they’re being transmitted between a waiter’s kiosk and the company’s central server.
You will then download the numbers into a log file that our hackers will later download.
The thousands of numbers you capture will end up on the black market. Some illegal merchants will clone credit cards for their own use while others will sell the information on a black market site where “carders” buy and sell pilfered numbers in member’s only forums.
Members paying by Western Union get a bulk discount on large numbers of credit card numbers. Once payment is cleared, the system will automatically access the correct amount of credit cards number from a database and deliver them to the buyer.
This division grosses $11 million per year.
Your assignment will start tomorrow.
Ryder turned to Vail and said, I will pick you up tomorrow at 11 a.m., Vail nodded.
They next day, after Vail and Ryder finished pilfering 200 credit card numbers, they decided to call it a day and have lunch.
They went to an Italian restaurant in Marina Del Rey. Ryder ordered a variety of things from the menu, including: Stuffed shells, lasagna, spaghetti and beef ravioli with garlic bread and salad.
Ryder was impressed that Vail drove a Lamborghini. It was one of his favorite cars, he told her that he owned a Lamborghini but it was vintage and stored along with several other cars (including a 1957 Thunderbird, a 1939 Talbot-Cago 1150c-SS and a classic Mustang) in a hangar, not far from Burbank airport.
He had purchased the rare 1967 Lamborghini Miru roadster via an auction in Switzerland; he paid $1 million dollars for the car.
After that day, they grew closer and spent as much time together as possible.
Ryder even invited Vail to his spacious log cabin in Lake Tahoe. It sat right on the lake and the backyard was a pier.
This is where he taught her how to shoot. He told her, diversify your talents, you can go further in the company and make a lot more money.
At first, Vail was uncomfortable around firearms, but over time she relaxed.
Ryder set up target practice, over the next few months; Vail became a very good shot.
One day, they sailed, jet-skied and fished.
They caught a slew of rainbow trout and red snapper. Later, Ryder cleaned the fish.
Vail then seasoned the fish, and peeled the potato’s for (home fries) and she prepared homemade coleslaw. While Vail was cooking, Ryder retrieved a bottle of white wine from his wine cellar.
They ate dinner near a fireplace and had a lively discussion about DNA and forensics.
Ryder told her that sketch artists will be obsolete in coming years because a new software allowed authorities to type in the physical descriptions of suspects (from witnesses) and from that description, the software would develop a computer sketch of the suspect.
He also told her that forensics was so advanced that DNA could be retrieved from cremated ashes.
Ryder even opened up about his past, he told Vail that he had combat experience on six continents and 15 years of martial arts under his belt; including a black belt.
They also discussed tactical analysis and tactical support.
Vail was impressed with his knowledge.
After dinner, they went into town (in Ryder’s vintage Lamborghini) to see Morris Day & The Time. Afterwards, they enjoyed dinner at an upscale sushi bar.
The next evening, they drove into town in Ryder’s Mercedes Shark to see Smokey Robinson perform. Later, they went to dinner and ordered a rack of lamb and white wine.
When they returned home, they retired to bed and made love.
After the lovemaking, Ryder opened up about his childhood in Chicago.
He told Vail, when I was 17, my little brother Rucker was 12. We came from a happy two family home, even though our family was poor and lived on the South side of Chicago, despite this, we received a lot of love and we lived in the same neighborhood where Jennifer Hudson lost her family members.
Ryder admitted to Vail that he had a fast streak in him when he was younger. All the ballers and hustlers had all the money, the fly cars and the finest women. He wanted to be like them when he got older. He made a little money being a lookout for a drug crew.
Thor (drug pusher) and his fraternal twin Tony, aka Lewd were the town’s biggest ballers. Their daddy, Big Ray was serving life on a Rico conviction upstate. These guys were a real menace to society. They had a little brother named, Troy, he was a stickup kid, always robbing drug crews until he got smoked.
All the men in the family were in the game, generation after generation, like a rite of passage.
Both brothers had separate crews, mostly made up of male cousins and uncles but they did let outsiders like myself in.
When I was a high school freshman, they were seniors. Two years after they graduated, in my senior year, I went to work for them as a lookout.
Thor was so scandalous, he even had rappers moving drugs for him to supplement their income so they could live the bling-bling lifestyle and keep up with their peers. I also know of a former NFL player who was on the inactive list who spent his time moving drugs for Thor across state lines.
Everyone was frightened of Lewd and Thor, including adults and teachers. Both brothers came to school in the flyest cars, new ones every few months, from Porsche’s to pimped out Benz’s; they even had Harley’s.
I remember when Lewd hustled bootleg DVD’s and ounces of Remy hair out of his back trunk. Then he changed his hustle.
With this new hustle, he lived up to his nickname. He started pimping out girls and he was brutal.
Lewd and his boys became notorious for beating women into submission. Kidnapping them or hunting for them on the net when they weren’t placing ads.
They also had girls take part in gangbangs and sex parties, on call 24/7 for incall or outcall. Lewd’s clientele of male clients were sadists, they loved to beat and torture the girls, when the girls complained to Lewd, their complaints fell on deaf ears, his whole attitude was, you better have my money, I don’t care what you got to go through to get it, just get it!
Lewd was a charmer and could sweet talk a girl. Unbeknownst to them, he would have a hidden video set up, after the sex, he would tell her, unless you turn tricks for me, I will put the video on the internet and send a link to your parents. This was his way of blackmailing girls into prostitution.
Lewd’s bottom woman (wifey) was named CoCo, she was a piece of work; a real round the way girl, ride or die.
If a girl appeared hesitant about prostituting for Lewd, she would intentionally get her hooked on drugs (usually shooting her up with meth or giving her crack to smoke) for control.
When Lewd and his enforcer Trey were unavailable, CoCo was the top dawg. In a lot of ways, she was worse than Lewd. I heard about her beating girls viciously and stomping them. She even administered beat downs when she was pregnant with Lewd’s baby.
She also taught the girls how to boost from department stores without getting caught.
Lewd’s hookers only had one day off, during a Playas or Pimp’s ball. They were expected to accompany Lewd, harem style.
Lewd had this one girl targeted for prostitution but her family moved to a nearby town, unexpectedly. Lewd was outraged, him and his boys tracked down her new address and shot up the house and the car, then they firebombed the home.
Lewd built up a stable of 10 girls, each bringing in a grand or two a day. He was rolling large in an Aston Martin, holding court at the back table in his favorite catfish/rib hangout, eating catfish and ribs by the platter while he sipped on his favorite drink, Belvedere.
He referred to himself as the reincarnation of Iceberg Slim and he read Iceberg’s book “Pimp,” several times. He also loved to watch that old movie “The Mack,” over and over again along with “Scarface.” “The Mack,” was a classic to him and he admired the pimp game in the film.
Lewd loved to strut around in loud suits and a neck full of bling. He also fancied diamond rings.
He was always flying himself and his crew out to Las Vegas for championship fights and Pimp & Playa Balls. After the fight, he would always host a pimp pajama party where he could mingle with other pimps and keep a close eye on his girls. One year, all of the pimps, including Lewd’s best friends, Slick Rik, Tito and Lover Boy (they referred to themselves as Lords Of The Game), rented a mansion for a party. Boxers and numerous rappers, hip-hop moguls and R&B stars dropped by. After a few hours, the party turned into a drug-fueled orgy. Cameras and cell phones were checked at the door.
Before Lewd left Vegas, he would always make his presence known by traveling down the strip, 9 deep, in a convoy.
From there, he would send his boy Trey to black spring breaks and black biker week events to try and recruit girls into prostitution.
Lewd also liked making grand entrances at the Super Bowl and the after parties and he was also a fixture at the NBA finals and the Final Four. Lewd betted big on sports, it was nothing for him to drop a hundred grand to the neighborhood bookie, Mike. He loved to gamble.
When he came back to Chi-Town, he hosted boat parties with hundreds of women. He even had stripper poles constructed temporarily below deck, so the girls could put on a show.
Or you could find him at the local strip club making it rain.
It was even rumored he had something going on in an airport bathroom. He and his crew took over this lavatory and placed an “out of order sign” outside the door. People had to go to the other side of the terminal if they wanted to use a bathroom.
They filmed amateur adult films to upload to porn sites and Trey greased the hands of Airport security so they would look the other way. They didn’t bother with the men’s room. It was known as a gay pickup and hookup spot.
All of this gave Lewd confidence-to expand. He decided he was going to direct full-scale adult movies, using a few of his girls. He was also willing to do the real sick shit like snuff films (girls killed on film during a sex act), rape/forced videos and beastiality. He often said, freaks pay big for sick shit! Hell, at the rate he was going, he thought, why not launch a black skin magazine, online and offline? The sky was the limit!
He was even thinking of offering sex tours, some of the tours would automatically come with women (from his stable), and prostitution fees would be included in the ticket price. He was feeling himself and was often seen inhaling smoke from a big cigar, attired in tailored silk suits.
He wanted to put these plans in motion the following week.
A few days later, he tried to game the wrong girl.
Lewd saw her across the room at an party, he had to have her, hell, she could probably pull in 4 grand a night, she was just that fly.
He made his move, after a couple drinks, he dropped his nice guy act and told her, you going to bust tricks for me. She said, are you crazy? He slapped her.
Lewd had no idea that her brother, a young cop (Daniel), was downstairs playing cards. Somebody went and got him. He raced upstairs, saw Lewd hovering over his sister and proceeded to kick his ass. Lewd’s boys were kept at bay, when partygoers told them; he’s 5-0.
Lewd couldn’t handle the embarrassment, everyone had gathered around, and was laughing at him struggling in a fight against a man, like a girl.
He thought fuck it! And pulled out his gun. Daniel saw the gun and tried to grab it, they struggled and the gun went off, when Daniel backed away, you could see blood seeping from Lewd’s abdominal area.
The cops were called but Lewd couldn’t be revived.
Thor was devastated; he wanted to retaliate but was talked out of it since Lewd’s killer was a cop. From that day on, Thor became more ruthless.
Around this time, a 17-year old girl named Rosario Montoya kept coming around to Thor’s stash house. She wanted to be with his crew but they didn’t respect women and they laughed in her face. One day, Thor told her, aiight, you want to be a part of this? Rosario eagerly nodded her head. He stood up and said, if you really want to be a part of this, take your clothes off, so I can sex you in. Rosario removed her clothes.
Later on, when Ryder saw her, she had no shame, she was just glad to be a member. She told Ryder, now I got a family.
One night, Ryder and Rosario went to get some Chinese food. She told Ryder that she had just missed being a crack baby. Her mom started using months after she was born. Her mom was so addicted that she had become a strawberry, trading sex for drugs. She also said that her mom was HIV-positive and she had to make sure she took her meds.
Since she was now down with the drug crew, the few extra dollars would go a long way in her household.
Over time, Rosario was taught how to use a gun and she became a pretty good shot and participated in her share of drive-bys where she earned respect. Her nickname became “Loco,” and she patterned herself after Snoop, the hit woman on “The Wire.”
Loco also shot up a nightclub to send a message to a rival baller. She was a female enforcer you didn’t want to mess with.
Loco often joined Ryder and Rucker for lunch. They became a trio and often spent their money taking Rucker to the movies and buying school clothes.
One of their favorite hangouts was Giordano’s Pizza where they would eat a whole pie (sausage and cheese) between the two of them. They ate well all over town. When they weren’t eating pizza, you could find them at a pancake house having a feast of pancakes and homemade waffles drenched in warm syrup and butter or they could be found across town at the rib shack eating BBQ beef, chicken, links and potato salad.
12-year-old Rucker had a crush on Rosario and she often referred to him as her little man.
Ryder also bought the hottest video games when he wasn’t playing games at the arcade with Rucker.
Loco and Rucker used to accompany Ryder to the park. They would sit and watch him play b-ball. One evening, one of the players got up in Ryder’s face and accused him of playing dirty and tried to step to him. Loco stood up and told Rucker, stay here shorty.
Loco walked slowly near the commotion. All the sudden she said, yo, simmer down. The guy turned around and said, who the fuck is this b**ch?
Loco pulled out her gun and said, I’m the b**tch that’s going to cap you if you don’t stand down. The guy said f**k you! Don’t no b**tch call the shots!
Loco shot him in his kneecap, he went down in pain as his boys scattered for cover. Ryder ran towards Loco, are you crazy? Come on, let’s get Rucker and get the hell out of here.
From there, they went to their favorite burger joint to cool off. They all ordered mesquite burgers with bacon, crispy onions and cheddar cheese and an platter of fries.
Rucker looked at Loco and said, wow! Nobody better mess with you, you a bad chick. She rubbed his head and said, be quiet little man, then she kissed him on the cheek, Rucker beamed.
Over dinner, Loco told Ryder that her mom needed some type of surgery brought on by her HIV. If she didn’t get the surgery, she was gonna die. Despite her health, she was still smoking rocks all day with her cracked out boyfriend, Deuce. Loco added, I was asleep one night and felt somebody staring, I woke up and caught him leering at me from the doorway.
Next night, I slept with my .9 under my pillow, when I heard my door open, I sat up in the bed and had my .9 pointed at his chest, he put his hands up in surrender and slowly walked backwards out the door.
The next day, I heard his punk ass was spotted at an flea market trying to sell oatmeal and grits, boxes he stole from our kitchen cabinet. Both boxes were half full, and his broke down ass was still trying to sell them. How trife.
Ryder shook his head and said, girl, real sorry you going through all that, must be real hard. Loco said, yeah, it ain’t easy, but it’s made me stronger and more street smart.
When they got up to leave, Loco said, I really gotta find a way to get that money so my Moms can have that surgery. Even though I know she gonna die from AIDS eventually, I still want her to live as long as possible cause she all I got.
Ryder told her, Loco, I wish I could help you out, but I only got a couple of hundred saved. Rucker and I go through my money, you know we always buying clothes, video games, food, DVD’s, electronic gadgets, etc. And, I’m saving for a whip.
Loco said, don’t worry about me, all my life, I been on my own, I’ll take care of this.
That weekend, all three went to a T.I. concert, Ryder and Rucker noticed that Loco was more quiet than usual, like she had a lot on her mind.
Later, Ryder and Loco dropped the little man off and went over to a slinger’s house. He was on his way out when they arrived, he told them, I got to make a delivery. Ya’ll welcome to use my crib for however long you want.
That night, Ryder and Loco had sex. Afterwards, Ryder said, this may be turning into something. Loco replied, you might be right.
The next day, they found out that Thor’s sister (Chanel) had been gang raped by two guys. The details were sketchy but Ryder did find out, she ran a cathouse outside of town and she had several girls working for her; several of the girls were former employees for her late brother’s (Lewd).
Two ex-cons had just gotten released and showed up to party with one girl.
After the sex, the guys complained to Chanel that the girl was barely conscious when they were having sex with her and they wanted their money back. Lisa told them, no!
A few days later, the guys laid in wait for Chanel to come out of a club. They attacked her and raped her.
Thor was incensed. He gave his enforcers (including Loco) orders. I want you to find them but don’t kill them, bring them back to me alive.
The men were located; they were beaten and loaded up in a SUV.
Thor met the SUV outside one of his stash houses. He climbed in and said, let’s take these fuckers to Mike’s butcher shop, he agreed to leave the back door open.
When they arrived, the men were lifted up and led to a meat locker. Frozen beef was hanging on meat hooks.
Thor saw two empty hooks. He told his boys, hoist these mothafuckers up on these hooks. Both men screamed out in pain when the hooks penetrated their backs.
From there, he made them drink urine and then he tortured them until they begged to be killed. Thor shot both men between the eyes.
The following week, Loco disappeared. When Ryder inquired, Thor told him that he had to take Loco out because she was stealing rocks from his stash, trying to make a little something something on the side. He added, if you really want to see that b**tch, my boys left her body at an vacant warehouse outside of town.
Ryder made an anonymous call to 911 so they could locate the body, so she could have a proper burial.
Ryder was devastated and shaken, when he returned home, he told Rucker that Loco had left town. Rucker was so sad, he cried into his pillow that night.
The following week, Ryder was the only one present as they lowered Loco’s casket into an unmarked pauper’s grave.
Loco died trying to save her mother and her mother didn’t even bother to come to her funeral. Ryder heard that Deuce had her out on the street turning tricks (for rock money) even though everyone knew she was HIV positive.
It took a few weeks for things to return to normal, in the evenings, when they finished their homework; Ryder took Rucker fishing at an nearby pond.
Afterwards, if the sun was still out, they were often seen riding their bikes or skateboarding.
A week later, Ryder was promoted to drug courier; he made deliveries and picked up money. One day, he made a delivery to a garage and discovered everyone inside dead. They were shot, execution style.
When he returned home, his father was waiting for him. He said, son, sit down, we have to talk.
I know what you do and you can’t continue to do that in my home. You have a decision to make, if you can continue doing what you do, you’ll have to move out and be disowned! I don’t want you corrupting your little brother with your drug dealing and dirty money.
Ryder started crying as he walked towards his father, he buried his head in his shoulder and said, pops, I’m so sorry, I don’t want to disappoint you and ma, I will quit, I promise.
Later, Ryder laid on his top bunk thinking about the ultimatum his father gave him, and he thought about the slaughtered men in the garage and Loco’s murder, it just wasn’t worth it, despite the money. The next day he quit.
Ryder quit just in time and he didn’t have to worry about retaliation-because the entire drug crew (including Thor) was killed the following week by a rival gang.
Ryder and Rucker joined neighborhood boys in pickup baseball games. Rucker had become real passionate about baseball and wanted to grow up and play in the majors like his hero Manny Ramirez.
One evening, they were playing a pickup game with some neighborhood boys, it was getting dark, the other boys left but Rucker talked Ryder into staying. Rucker wanted to practice his catching in the outfield.
Ryder was at home plate when he tossed a ball in the air and swung, the ball sailed out to left field. Rucker stood under the ball. Before he could make the catch, a man came out of the bushes with a gun. Ryder hurriedly dropped the bat and rushed towards his little brother. The man grabbed Rucker by the throat and said boy, you coming with me! He pointed the gun at Ryder and said, boy you stand back or I’ll shoot you.
The man had his arm around Rucker’s neck walking backwards with the gun pointed at his back.
Rucker was screaming, help me Ryder! Help me! Ryder rushed towards the man; the man raised the gun and pointed it at Ryder. Stay back boy if you want to live!
He continued to back up with Rucker as Ryder inched towards him. When he reached a pickup truck, he threw Rucker into the passenger seat, never taking his eyes off Ryder.
He then went around to the driver’s side, turned to put the key in the ignition, that’s when Ryder made his move, the man started the truck but Ryder was on him, trying to punch him but the man overpowered Ryder and knocked him to the ground. While Ryder was on the ground, the truck sped off.
Ryder got up and started running behind the truck. He saw Rucker mouthing his name as he looked out the back window crying.
Ryder ran until the truck was out of sight, he then sunk to his knees and let out a wail.
The abduction of Rucker emotionally devastated the family and Ryder blamed himself although his parents told him it wasn’t his fault. The police organized a search but they never found Rucker. Ryder gave a detailed description of the truck, including three numbers on the license plate but the police never found it.
Since Rucker’s abduction, Ryder became withdrawn and sad. He prayed for his little brother’s return each night. He made a promise to himself, one day I will find the man who took my brother and there will be hell to pay!
Three years later, Ryder joined the military and enrolled in “sniper school.”
When he came home on military leave. He had lunch with a childhood friend who was now on the police force.
Ryder talked the cop into giving him his brother’s cold case file. He stayed up all night reading the information until he memorized it.
Ryder got in touch with a military intelligence friend and asked him to do a trace on pickup trucks (from three years ago) that had the numbers 428 on the license plate. Ryder also asked him to do a trace in neighboring counties.
Within the week, Ryder received an envelope. Inside were men who owned trucks that matched the description (at the time). He shuddered when he saw the last photo, he could never forget that face; he had nightmares about this man. It was the man who abducted Rucker. At the time, he lived one county over. The police must have limited their search the county that Ryder and his family lived in. Ryder now had a name. Jeff Collins.
Ryder contacted the police with this information, but for some reason, it became low prioritized and they never followed up. He decided to take matters into his own hands.
Ryder had another contact track Collins’ down to Philadelphia.
The next morning, Ryder told his parents he would be gone overnight on business. He went inside his old room and packed two guns into a duffel bag.
He arrived in Philadelphia and checked into a motel.
The next day, he waited outside Collins’ house. Later that evening, he made his move.
Ryder picked the lock and went into the bedroom where Collins’ slept beside a woman who Ryder assumed was his wife.
He hit Collins’ across the face with the gun, waking him up.
Collins’ sat up startled. His wife woke up seconds later.
Collins’ said, is this a robbery? Take anything you want, just let us live.
Ryder threw a photo at him. Collins’ looked at the photo with no recognition. Ryder screamed, remember him? You kidnapped him three years ago when he was playing baseball? Remember? Collins’ said, I don’t know what you’re talking about. Ryder raised his suppressed weapon and shot him in the knee. Collins’ screamed while clutching his knee. His wife also started screaming. Ryder told her to shut up.
He turned to Collins. That’s my brother and I’m not leaving until you tell me where he is.
Collins’ put up his hand and said, okay, okay!
Your brother and a Jewish boy were sent overseas and bought by a German couple.
Ryder screamed, what are their names, do you have their address? Collins’ said, I have the information in my files; can we go into my office?
Ryder looked at his wife and said get up! He pointed the gun at them as they led him to the office.
Collins’ went to a file cabinet and pulled out a file. He slid it to Ryder but told him it was probably too late for his brother, Ryder asked nervously, why is that?
Collins’ said, this couple that purchased your brother has white power ties, they bought your brother and the Jewish kid for life insurance purposes. Back then, they planned to have one of their white power buddies kill both of them, making it look accidental so they could collect on the million dollar policies.
Ryder was sickened. He turned to Collins’ wife and asked? How could you be married to this monster? Collins spoke up, I dare you talk to my wife like that; I hide nothing from her. Ryder shot them both, killing them. He then gathered up the file and left.
When he returned to his parent’s home, he decided not to share the information with them until he knew more, he didn’t want to upset them until he had answers.
He went into his old room, got on the top bunk and opened the file.
The next day, he booked a flight to Germany.
When he arrived, he hailed a cab and told the driver to take him to an upscale neighborhood, the Germany Colony.
The cab arrived and dropped him off near an address Ryder had on a piece of paper.
Ryder went into a nearby diner and watched the address from across the street.
Later, he checked into a hotel.
The next morning, he arrived at the diner and ordered breakfast; again, he watched the house across the street.
He saw an couple, who looked to be in their mid 40’s leave, and come back a hour later.
That night, Ryder made his move.
He broke into the house silently. He found them in the living room watching television and eating sherbet. They looked up startled when they saw the gun in his hand.
Ryder screamed, I’m here for him! He then slid a photo (of Rucker) towards the man (Adolfo Bohm) who showed no recognition of knowing the boy on the picture.
Ryder screamed, if you tell me where he is, I will let you both live, if you don’t, I will kill you both right now! What’s it going to be?
The woman (Ada Bohm) was so nervous she was shaking. Her husband put his arms around her, trying to calm her nerves.
The man finally spoke up, in broken language with a heavy German accent, you could tell from his body language that he had a disdain and contempt for Blacks; Ryder had to listen carefully to make out what he was saying.
The boy’s name was Dennis, he was our adopted son and we have the paperwork to prove it. He and his adopted brother were plowed down in a crosswalk by a big truck. Since it was New Year’s Eve, although the accident occurred in the daytime, maybe the truck was driven by a drunk driver.
Ryder screamed, his fucking name is Rucker and he’s my brother! You lying bastard! He was abducted, not adopted. He was stolen off a playground. If you have adoption papers, they’re fake! I should put a bullet through you right now! I know about your white power link and your life insurance scheme. The couple suddenly got really nervous and jumpy.
Ryder said, if he’s really dead, tell me where he’s buried! The man gave him the name of a cemetery. Ryder then raised the gun (silencer) and killed them both.
Before going to the cemetery, Ryder stopped by the library and pulled up newspaper archives, from the year before, on New Years Day.
Ryder lost his composure when he saw a photo of his brother under the heading: “Two adopted brothers, Dennis Bohm and Felix Bohm were killed by a drunk driver last night.”
Ryder buried his face in his hands as tears streamed down his face, he kept repeating, I’m so sorry I couldn’t save you little brother, I’m so sorry.
When he regained his composure, he printed out the archive and stuffed the paper in his pocket.
He bought flowers from a sidewalk vendor and hailed a cab. He gave the cabbie the cemetery name and sat back in the cab and slowly closed his eyes.
When he arrived, he told the cabbie to wait. He went in the front office. He gave the secretary the name Dennis Bohm, she told him where the gravesite was located.
When Ryder reached the gravesite, he kneeled down, said a prayer and began to cry uncontrollably. After ten minutes, he slowly got up, walked back to the cab and told the cabbie to take him to the airport.
From there, he boarded a flight to Chicago.
Ryder took a deep breath before entering his parents’ home. They were in the kitchen eating breakfast. Ryder said, mom, dad, I have to talk to you-both. He then went in his pocket and slowly pulled out the newspaper archive.
The next morning, Ryder and Vail were awakened by a succession of knocks on the front door. Ryder told Vail to stay in bed while he grabbed his robe and gun.
He looked through the peephole and was surprised to see two “Shadow Syndicate,” hitters, Hunter and Kit.
Ryder opened the door and asked them, what are you doing here?
Hunter replied; we need to go over some things since all three of us are contracted to do an assignment next week.
Ryder told him, not now; I have company. At that moment, Vail came out of the room. Ryder didn’t like the way Hunter was staring at her, Kit didn’t like it either since Hunter was her boyfriend. It also bothered Kit that Vail, being an African-American woman was more attractive than her.
Ryder told them to come back tomorrow evening, he then slammed the door in their faces.
Vail asked Ryder, who was that?
He said come here, she walked into his arms, he then told her, their names are Hunter and Kit and they work for S/S.
I never liked neither one of them. Hunter tries to hide it but I can sense his resentment towards me because I’m higher on the food chain than him and I’m a better shot than him, not to mention I’m a black man, I’m sure he resents that to.
It also bothers him that I’m parceled out for more hits. The lady with him, that’s his uptight arrogant girlfriend, her name is Kit and she’s also an assassin.
I also heard through the company grapevine, years ago, when Hunter got out of the military, he worked at an Youth Authority in corrections before joining the company, he was involved in a ring that herded out underage boy offenders to pedophiles for sexual purposes. Those guards even had a scam where pedophiles bought “used” underwear worn by the boys. Real disgusting shit!
In return, the boys got a lighter sentence.
He’s a sick dude.
Vail shook her head in disgust.
Ryder continued, after Hunter left the Youth Authority, he went to work for the local police force. Unbeknownst to them, he was moonlighting as private security for drug gangs.
He was also known for robbing drug gangs or killing off rival drug members. He would often raid the projects where drug syndicates had set up; he would then rob them of their money and drugs and dare them to go to the cops. He’s as crooked as they come.
He also supplemented his income by being an enforcer for hire. He was often the ‘uninvited guest,’ aka “assassin.” Details on his dossier read: Special Ops, Sniper & Explosives.
On the side, he was freelance and “off book,” on call for tactical hits with a particular agency. Rumor has it, during this time, he also safeguarded political look-a-likes/decoys in safe houses.
From there, he worked on a Senator’s private security force. He was discreetly involved in transporting prostitutes into the country to service politicians and to perform at orgies inside the bedrooms of private estates.
When that scandal hit the newspapers, Hunter went underground and became a contract killer. Between hits, he was known for “practice kills.” Practice kills occur when a professional killer hasn’t practiced his art for months or years. To keep his chops up to par, he selects a victim at random to practice his favorite “kill technique,” on. This perfects his craft before he kills his actual target.
He was also known to set up marks with deep spy games.
After a few years, he left this post, fell off the grid and then he resurfaced and joined S/S.
It’s rumored that Kit was once employed by the only private military/security/consulting firm that accepts women and female mercenaries. She was trained on a 100 acre retreat (tactical training facility) in military offensive and defensive operations. Ninety-eight percent of this company’s reserve came from government contracts. She left this company to join S/S.
Kit is very jealous over him, that’s why she got an attitude at the door when she caught him leering at you. She’s so jealous, in the spy trade, we still laugh about the year she gave him a “spy phone,” for Christmas.
Unbeknownst to him, she bought this phone on the (grey market), it had software that could tap into all of his calls, intercept his text messages and she had it set up where she would be emailed a daily log of all his outgoing and incoming calls. This phone could also pinpoint his exact location (GPS & Satellite) and give her the actual address where he was making or receiving a call, city and state included. It took awhile for him to catch on, but regardless, he still stayed with her. But, this incident spooked him so bad, he tried to obtain a secret service type phone on the black market that Kit couldn’t trace because you can only trace or track these type of phones through a deployment grid. But he was unsuccessful.
Ryder then sighed and said, lets not talk about them anymore, lets go back to bed.
They both smiled and headed towards the bedroom. They made love all evening to the sounds of the Isley Brothers “Love Songs,” CD.
The next day, Ryder drove Vail to the airport; she caught a flight back to Los Angeles.
Ryder called Andreas and told him, Vail is ready to accompany me out in the field, she’s a really good shot and comfortable with a sniper rifle. We’re ready to work “double team hits,” like Hunter and Kit. I can start her off as a “spotter,” and from there, she can ease into wet work and you can parcel us out to the highest bidder.
Andreas thanked him for the information and told him he would consider it but in the meantime, he needed Ryder in Macao, he added, the details would be faxed within the next hour.
Before he left, Ryder was undecided on which sniper rifle to use. Should he use his favorite sniper rifle, the state of the art FMP 90, or maybe even the M-40A3 (favored by Special Forces)? Or maybe he should use his "remote control sniper rifle?” that he paid a fortune for on the black market. This rifle is operated by remote control via cell phone.
This set up allows the killer to be out of the vicinity of the rifle. The killer can aim and shoot the rifle via a cell phone at a distance, allowing for a quick getaway.
At the last minute, Ryder decided to use the M-40A3. He packed, grabbed his tactical bag and left.
Ryder arrived in Macao (off China’s southern coast) three days later. Macao hosts the world’s biggest gambling center. This gambling capital outpaced the Las Vegas strip last year by generating $6.9 billion in profit.
Ryder was assigned to eliminate American CEO, Neil Larson, Jr.
Larson inherited a multi-million dollar conglomerate from his late father and couldn’t be removed.
Within the last two years, he embezzled millions from the company to pay off his outstanding gambling debts. His gambling was so out of control, he once lost $7 million dollars in two days.
He was often flown in to Las Vegas and Atlantic City on a casino private jet and he was often given a $1 million dollar line of credit. His game of choice was high stakes baccarat.
To hide his embezzlement, he had set up secret deals where he added additional charges and commissions, including marketing fees that he passed on to unsuspecting customers. He would then deposit this money in a shell accounts to cover his gambling debts.
The scam unraveled when a company audit revealed the embezzlement. Despite this, Larson had an iron clad employment contract and couldn’t be removed. Instead, he was ordered to pay the money back. He laughed in the shareholders faces and got up and left the meeting. He had a limo take him to the airport, where he boarded a flight to Macao.
Later that evening, at an secret meeting, it was agreed among several powerful shareholders that Larson had to be erased. One of the shareholders was referred to S/S and Ryder was contacted to carry out the contract.
Ryder laid in wait on a roof; across from a casino. He had shadowed Larson from his luxurious hotel (which included computerized steam baths and underwater massage treatments) to this casino a hour earlier, Larson was in the company of two women who looked like high priced call girls when he entered the casino.
Larson was inside, placing $200,000 bets in an exclusive VIP room.
When he emerged, with the two women in tow. Ryder placed his sniper rifle (a suppressed M40A3) on his shoulder blade to steady it.
He shot targets from his left side since he was right handed.
He looked through the scope, took aim and shot Larson between the eyes.
Larson went down like a sack of potatoes with blood streaming from his forehead. Both women screamed for help.
Ryder hurriedly packed up his stuff and disappeared into the night.
Dominique arrived in her high-rise office, the walls were adorned with a dozen gold and platinum albums from celebrity clients she had represented in the past. When Dominique first broke into law, she practiced entertainment law and represented some of the biggest names in Black Hollywood including actors, singers and rappers.
Around this time, Dominique also represented a black drug kingpin. He ran a syndicate that grossed nearly $1 billion dollars in seven years. He was the biggest black drug kingpin in the country. He went by the nickname “Snake.”
He paid her a $275,000 retainer fee to take his case. She had a strong case because witnesses were terrified to testify against him and the evidence was so circumstantial, she got him off.
Later, Snake launched a rap label to launder his drug proceeds. Two of his artists gave Dominique a shout-out (Dom D.) on wax and her legend grew.
Although rappers shouted her out in records, when they saw her in person, few of them called her Dom D., instead, they referred to her as Miss Desiree, they were also very protective of her and didn’t curse in her presence and they put the word out, she was untouchable.
They had a lot of respect for her because she got the majority off them off on gun running, drugs and assaults. Many considered her a savior.
Dominique was also treated like a celebrity in Hollywood. She was always ushered into ‘The Ivy,’ and ‘Mr. Chows,’ and she made People’s Magazine’s “List Of Beautiful People.” While in Los Angeles, she often made side trips to Palm Springs to pamper herself at her favorite spa.
Around this time, she was seriously considering opening a second office in Los Angeles. The majority of her close friends lived in Los Angeles suburbs (Hancock Park, Pacific Palisades, Holmby Hills and Brentwood).
Dominique was in Las Vegas the night Tupac Shakur was murdered. A few months earlier, she saw him at several industry events; his eyes always sparkled when he greeted her, what’s up Double D?
She still cherished a Tupac platinum album she had on display in her office.
Whenever she ran into Biggie, he was of the few who called her by her nickname, he always greeted her with: Dom D. in the house! She was well respected in Black Hollywood.
Whenever a black entertainer got arrested. She was on speed dial; she was referred to as the black female Johnnie Cochran. She got acquittals for the majority of her clients in the entertainment field but after Tupac’s murder-she decided to work outside of the entertainment law spectrum.
As she looked around her office, she was surprised to find several bouquets of roses situated neatly on her black marble desk. A note was attached to one of the bouquets, it read, I will pick you up outside in a limo at 5 p.m. take the next few days off. “C.”
Cartier arrived on time; Dominique stepped into the limo. Cartier said, I hope you like surprises because I have a big surprise for you because I know your birthday is coming up! Dominique asked him, and how do you know that? He smiled and said, I just know!
The driver drove them to private airstrip.
They boarded a private “customized” Lear jet. Dominique said, wait! Where are we going? And, I don’t have any luggage.
Cartier took her hand and said come on, gently pulling her up the steps.
When they were seated, the flight attendant brought them two glasses of Dom Perignon.
Dominique asked again, where are we going?
Cartier smiled and said, we’re going to Nice, France. I’m taking you shopping; you don’t need any luggage! Dominique hugged him.
After they ran out of things to talk about, they just stared at each other. Cartier then stood up, she followed him into the private bathroom.
Cartier ran a shower.
They both undressed and got in.
Cartier kissed her deeply, when they broke from the embrace, they started lathering each other.
Later, they stepped out of the shower on the heated tile. They toweled each other off and started making love.
He took her from the back, each thrust got deeper and deeper until they were in the throes of passion, Dominique moaned loudly as she reached orgasm and Cartier climaxed on top of her in ecstasy.
They lay spent on the floor; they took a second shower, dressed and returned to their seats.
When they arrived in Nice, a limo was waiting for them.
In the limo, Cartier told her, Nice, France was known as the (Queen of the French Riviera).
They shopped at the boutiques near the beach. Cartier gave Dominique a credit card and told her to shop until she dropped.
She spent nearly $20,000 dollars on Prada, Dolce Gabbana, Versace, Marc Jacobs, Givenchy, Ralph Lauren, etc. Cartier also asked Dominique to purchase a sparkling gown. Cartier went to a men’s store nearby and bought a suit.
After they finished shopping, they returned to the limo. Cartier instructed the driver to drive them to a yacht club (Port Hercule) in Monaco.
When they arrived, Cartier turned to Dominique and said, a friend of mine (Miquel Lopez) owns that yacht, he pointed in the direction of a luxury yacht.
He pays $10,000 each night to moor it in this harbor. We can spend the night here. But, before we do that, let’s change into our formal wear and go gambling at “Casino Royale.”
Dominique said, sounds like a plan to me.
Cartier and Dominique gambled the night away.
The next day, on their way back to the airport, in the back of the limo, they kissed the entire ride like love-struck teenagers. When they took a break, Cartier asked her what was her favorite fruit? She said strawberries.
When they boarded the plane, Cartier went to the kitchen. A few minutes later, a flight attendant brought out strawberries, dipped in dark chocolate, served with champagne.
When they returned to New York, before departing the plane, Cartier took a few bottles of champagne.
Dominique gave the limo driver her address. When they arrived, they rushed to the bedroom. Dominique removed her clothes; Cartier approached her with the champagne, turned it downward and drenched her body with it.
She was startled and let out a short scream, but she calmed her down when he jumped in bed beside her and proceeded to lick it off.
The next day, Cartier told Dominique to pack a bag; they were going on another trip. Dominique threw some Christian Dior and Lacroix in a suitcase.
The limo was summoned, they went downstairs and Cartier instructed the driver to take them to Sag Harbor and the Hamptons.
From there, they took a road trip to Martha’s Vineyard (to the south of Cape Cod), where they spent the night. The next morning, they had breakfast which consisted of: New York strip steaks, softly scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese, diced onion and bell-pepper and an basket of homemade blueberry biscuits, with a platter of hash browns and an pitcher of freshly squeezed orange juice.
Later, they walked around hand-in-hand; exploring the city while the limo discreetly followed them.
From there, they went to Aspen, Colorado to snowboard. In the evenings, they patronized a variety of exclusive private clubs. At one of the clubs, A-Gays appeared to be out in full force, despite the establishment being heterosexual.
A-Gays are very rich, masculine and successful gay men who are millionaires or billionaires. The majority own conglomerates. They don’t party in gay circles, instead, they migrate together in straight circles.
After leaving Colorado, Cartier and Dominique returned to New York exhausted but they both came to the same realization, they were falling in love.
The next morning, before Dominique awoke, Cartier took out a gift card from his pocket and put it in an envelope. He wrote Happy Birthday on the envelope and addressed it to Dominique.
Miquel had given him the gift card. Miquel had planned to give it to Lauryn but then he decided against it. The gift card was a private jet gift card. Instead of presenting Lauryn with the gift card, Miguel decided to buy her a private jet, instead.
The gift card was valued at $5 million dollars, which was like $5 dollars to a billionaire like Miquel. He told Cartier, here, you take it and give it to someone special.
Cartier awoke Dominique with kisses. When she was fully awake, he said, Happy Birthday! She said, you’re early; my birthday isn’t until next week? He smiled and said, I couldn’t wait and then he handed her the envelope but made her promise not to open until he was gone.
Five minutes after he departed, she opened the envelope; her breath was taken away at the sight of a $5 million dollar “Halcyone Private Jet (Gift Card).”
She immediately called Sable; she was so excited, Sable had to tell her to slow down, when she finally got it all out and told Sable about the gift card, Sable was speechless. Thinking back, this was the first time that Dominique ever remembered Sable being at an loss of words.
Jacks was glad G-Mac was home from the hospital. He had regained all of his motor skills although he moved slower. The doctor said he would be back up to full speed in a matter of months. By then, Jacks planned to relocate the family to their other home in Prince George County, MD.
G-Mac asked Jacks to invite the crew over for an informal dinner party. He wanted everyone to see that he was okay.
Jacks was in the kitchen preparing stuffed bell-peppers. She boiled the bell peppers and then prepared the ground beef with several different seasonings. She then stuffed the peppers with hamburger meat, topped the meat with homemade tomato sauce and sprinkled cheddar cheese on top. She planned to serve the bell peppers with mashed potatoes accompanied by red wine.
Before the guests arrived, Jacks put the kids to bed and checked in on G-Mac, she lovingly watched as he dressed himself. A few weeks ago, he couldn’t even tie his own shoelaces.
Lear, Nikki, Phelps, Ashley, Dayna and Mimi arrived an hour later. They all embraced G-Mac and asked him how he was feeling?
He told them, I feel good, can’t wait to get back to work but I’m going to spend some time in my workshop when I’m up to it. I’m going to customize a few of my guns.
Nikki told him, that’s what I’m talking about! You can’t keep a good solider down. Welcome back homie! They high-fived.
Phelps chimed in, my man, the ultimate warrior, who can’t be stopped, hell, he’s fearless, can’t wait for him to get back on the job and handle his business!
G-Mac smiled and said, thanks man. He turned to Nikki and asked, how many people you kill today? Nikki winked and said, honey, the day ain’t over with yet, everyone laughed.
G-Mac stood up and said, listen up everybody, in all seriousness, I want to thank all of you for your prayers, my lovely wife included, I don’t think I could have pulled through without any of you and Lear, please thank your niece (Annie) for me.
One weekend, bring her over so she can play with our kids. I would like to meet the young lady who saved my life.
And, thank god you saved her from the clutches of evil. Good work!
Lear smiled and nodded her head.
While the men discussed sports, the women discussed the Allen and Shadow Syndicate cases. Lear told Jacks and G-Mac, this Shadow Syndicate is a complex organization that deals in every criminal element known to mankind. A real “spider network.”
Lear added, I’m so frustrated; we can’t catch a break on S/S or the Allen case.
Jacks and G-Mac reassured her that everything would work out fine like it always did because good always trumps evil.
The mention of the Allen case reminded Dayna of Cartier, she immediately got a lump in her throat, she still hadn’t gotten over him and she faulted herself for not concentrating on her boyfriend (Mario). It was going to take time.
Ashley interrupted her thoughts when she said, the S/S General (Andreas Xavier) was invisible and insulated for a long time.
Mimi added, rumor has it that he lives in Europe in a heavily guarded estate. Ashley said, at first, I thought he was invisible as well and I also thought it was nothing behind his identity, like he wasn’t real; I was actually shocked when I realized he actually existed.
Lear spoke up, rumor has it that he may be aiding terrorists and it’s speculated he’ selling sensitive nuclear technology to rogue regimes around the world, under the radar, don’t be surprised if he’s soon classified as an HVT (High Value Target). A term usually reserved for terrorists. Delta Force and Army Rangers are often asked to do all that is possible to capture an HVT alive, but, if that’s impossible, they are given clearance to fire.
Phelps added, if he’s associated with terrorists and government authorities feel he has useful information to combat against the war on terror, when he’s arrested, he may be classified as a terrorist and be treated as an “extraordinary rendition.” This is a term used to describe the transfer of a person from one state to another, particularly with regard to the alleged transfer of suspected terrorists to countries known to torture prisoners or to employ harsh interrogation techniques that may rise to the level of torture. These type of prisoners are taken to “black sites.” In military terminology, a black site is a location at which a black project is conducted.
Black sites and projects are so secretive and classified, that many European countries have officially denied they are hosting black sites to imprison terrorists or cooperating in the US extraordinary rendition program. Not one country has confirmed that it is hosting black sites.
Jacks said, wow! You guys are working on some “beyond secrecy,” cases, she then turned to Lear and asked, is your agency the only one shepherding this case, Lear nodded. Jacks said, girl, you always take them down and this case won’t be any different; all your missions are successful, you’re a great team leader. Lear smiled and said, thanks for the words of encouragement, we need all the encouragement we can get with this case.
For dessert, Jacks served deep dish-double crusted apple cobbler (warm) accompanied by homemade vanilla ice cream.
After Nikki and Phelps finished dessert, they went into the living room to sit down, that’s when Nikki noticed “Book 2: Short Stories,” by: Myra Panache on Jacks coffee table.
She said, hey Jacks, Jacks turned around, Nikki asked, how did you get a copy of this book? It hasn’t be released yet, I know, because I pre-ordered mine last week on
Jacks smiled and said, I have a dear friend who works in the “secret” CIA library in Virginia, they have a few advanced copies and she was nice enough to send me one. I couldn’t put Book 1 down, so you know I had to get the hookup for Book 2.
Nikki pouted and said, can I at least borrow it? Jacks smiled and said, now Nikki, let me think about it, after all, this is an autographed copy. Nikki said, now, I’m really jealous.
They finished the night listening to the Four Tops, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and the Temptations.
Andreas used his contacts to secure Vail a job as an engineer at an micro-chip company.
Vail reported to work (dressed down, in disguise and unrecognizable).
After a few weeks, she started staying late, telling her boss that she wanted to go over her training notes so she could learn the job quicker. The boss was impressed.
Instead, Vail downloaded at least a dozen confidential documents from the company’s encrypted computer system that contained trade secrets.
The downloaded documents included mission-critical documents describing how the company was designing a newer generation of microprocessors.
Vail was able to download all the information over a 5-day period. Vail also broke into the company safe. Since the safe required a finger print scan to open, and since nobody ever wipes fingerprints off a scanner-after use. Vail applied a silly putty type of substance on the scanner that wouldn’t disrupt-and would preserve the most recent fingerprint, left behind. She then applied slight pressure to the substance, and the safe opened. Vail retrieved “hard copy” trade secrets and hightailed it out of the front door, past security.
Andreas planned to sell the information to a competitor.
The following week, Vail teamed up with Ryder. They hijacked a warehouse full of game machines. The game machines were listed with a speed of 85,000 or over with a ‘dual technology.’ Meaning: These machines can be turned into weapons. The wrong people can use this technology to build encrypted machines or build missile systems.
This technology is so dangerous, it’s included on the U.S. Export Administration list of games with dual technology.
Vail and Ryder cleaned out the warehouse and loaded up the truck with 12 boxes.
Andreas already had the connections in place to offload this product to a black market buyer.
Around this time, Hunter and Kit were discreetly communicating with a mysterious man (Baron Green) via book codes and dead drops.
Communication through book codes is the type of tradecraft (micro dots) that cannot be intercepted or traced from the source or the destination and it cannot be decoded without the right pattern and the exact source text. It’s a full proof way of communication in the spy world.
As long as Hunter and Green were working from identical books of a modified code with a basic shift pattern, this method is untraceable.
Hunter and Kit arrived at a dead drop and picked up the coded message. After Hunter decoded it, he looked at Kit and said, “we’re in business, he’s interested and he’s willing to pay big dollars, it’s official, from this moment on, we’re rogue!”
Later that week, Andreas called Ryder and Vail in for a meeting. He got right to the point.
I don’t know if you’ve heard the rumors about Hunter and Kit but they’ve gone rogue, they know too much regarding the operations of this company and can bring us all down, I want them eliminated.
Earlier, I received intel on their current whereabouts, Andreas then handed Ryder a slip of paper.
Ryder and Vail arrived in New York and set up surveillance outside an luxury apartment building. Ryder even got out and walked around and did recon of the various entrances and exits while Vail did a perimeter scan.
Later that evening, they caught sight of Hunter and Kit leaving in an (limited edition) all terrain Hummer.
Earlier that week, Hunter and Kit had completed their first renegade deal in Berlin; they sold 4 crates of explosives and custom made detonators to an overseas buyer. The deal went off without a hitch. From Berlin, they went to Marseilles, France to celebrate. Before returning to New York, they spent a few days on the Mexican Riviera.
Ryder and Vail discreetly trailed them. It was nightfall when they reached the outskirts of town. Ryder told Vail to shut off the headlights. He then put on his night googles.
It was pitch dark after Vail shut off the headlights. She couldn’t see in front of her, she was able to maneuver the steering wheel via directions Ryder gave her through a green haze that transmitted through the night googles.
Hunter eventually picked up the tail; a high-speed chase ensued. Hunter made a sharp right and turned off the highway into high terrain. The Hummer plowed down large terrain, very small trees, bush and tumble weeds in its wake.
Ryder and Vail’s vehicle could only go so far in these conditions. They abandoned the chase.
Later that evening, Hunter and Kit relocated to another residence and kept a low profile until it was time to meet Baron Green.
Green had agreed to purchase accelerometers from them. Accelerometers are used to measure the power of missile systems and are illegal to export.
Kit asked Hunter, are you sure about this guy? Hunter said yes, he checked out, he’s an intelligence contractor who runs a global private intelligence firm with deep pockets. He has buyers, sellers and contacts on every continent.
Kit said, I listen to my instincts and he gives me a bad vibe, I think we should send a cut-out to the meeting.
In intelligence, when a person is suspicious, they don’t go to meetings themselves, so they use a cut-out. Somebody who isn’t related to the situation at hand; nor do they know anything about the situation. The cut out is usually hired to deliver a message or to make an exchange for a certain amount of money.
Hunter told Kit she was overreacting.
Later, Hunter and Kit met Green at a predetermined location (a dock).
As soon as the money was exchanged for the accelerometers, the authorities came out of the shadows and arrested them.
Baron Green was a confidential informant.
By morning, Hunter and Kit had retained Dominque Desiree as their lawyer.
Rex was home sick, he was miserable and missed being at the club. He was stretched out on his couch when he decided to put a tape in of a crime show he had watched a few months earlier. He sat straight up when he saw Cartier Allen and his sister Lauryn being profiled as international fugitives. Rex thought Cartier looked familiar when he saw him at the club; in the company of that popular female attorney. He immediately called the police and was patched through to Lear.
Lear called in Nikki and Phelps for a meeting. When they sat down she said, we have a break in the case. I got a call from a citizen who recognized Cartier (from a true crime show), he saw him in New York in the company of a female attorney. The tipster didn’t know her name but said she was pretty and black. I asked him had he seen Lauryn, he said no.
I know we’re short handed, Mimi and Ashley got called off on other cases so lets get this done and put this case to rest!
They left the building and boarded a private flight to New York.
The next day, Lear arrived at the New York courthouse accompanied by Phelps and Nikki. She showed Cartier’s photo around to two black female attorney’s, they didn’t recognize him.
When they got to Dominique, she said, yeah, I know him, that’s “C,” we’ve been on a few trips and a few dates. Lear then showed Dominique a photo of Lauryn, Dominique said, this picture resembles his sister, when I met her, she was wearing a hat and veil so I can’t be sure.
Lear said, please come with us. Dominique looked around nervously and said, what’s this about, what has he done?
They led Dominique to a SUV with tinted windows, in the next 20 minutes, she knew everything there was to know about Cartier and Lauryn, she was outraged and she agreed to contact Lear if he contacted her again. She also gave Lear his cell number but confessed, it’s probably a throwaway; Lear agreed but took the information anyway.
She left the SUV, shaking like a leaf. As she walked away, she tried to call Cartier, but it went to voice mail. She was crying and muttering under her breath, that lying sonofabitch. I was falling in love with him, and now this! I’m not getting disbarred behind his bullshit!
Lear told Nikki and Phelps, lets trail her, just in case.
In the meantime, Lear did a check on Dominique Desiree and was flabbergasted to learn she was also representing two S/S members; this woman was the link to both her cases. Unreal.
Rumor also had it that Hunter and Kit were going to be offered an immunity deal to snitch on Andreas, everything was falling into place and Lear planned to be a part of it.
When Dominique met with Hunter and Kit. She could barely concentrate but she managed to tell them the prosecutor would be willing to grant them immunity if they testified against Andreas Xavier and the Shadow Syndicate.
They eagerly agreed to the offer.
Later, Dominique successfully argued for Hunter and Kit at a bailing hearing. They were released on $1 million dollars bail.
Lear, Nikki and Phelps trailed them to a restaurant. Lear told them, we might have a slam dunk here, after we arrest Cartier, we can use Hunter and Kit to smoke out Andreas.
Phelps asked, should we approach them now, for answers? Lear said no, let’s hold back and watch for now.
Dominique, Kit and Hunter took a seat facing a window with a view of a mountain and shrubbery. Hunter felt uncomfortable, they were too exposed and the tall shrubbery across the street could hide anyone, they were basically sitting ducks, but there was a 1-hour wait unless they took this table so he kept his reservations to himself.
Lear stayed in the SUV while Nikki and Phelps got out (on foot) to do an overview. Before they knew it, they had wandered a good distance away from the restaurant.
Around this time, Ryder and Vail pulled up on the mountain, across from the restaurant.
Ryder unloaded two Heckler & Koch PSG-1 sniper rifles ($15,000 each) out of his trunk. He handed one to Vail.
She was nervous but he reassured her, like you, I was nervous the first time, but you’ll do just fine. She smiled. They both squatted down behind the shrubbery and assembled their weapons.
Ryder told her, just follow my lead and instructions. Vail nodded. Ryder added, after this job, I will sponsor you as an member of the ‘secret society of assassins.’
Meanwhile, the waitress was approaching the table when Dominique’s cell rung, it was Cartier, she lit into him, “I know all about you, stay away from me, you lying ass criminal and I hope they catch you and throw away the key!” Hunter and Kit exchanged startled looks because Dominique was always so calm, cool and collected; they were shocked to see her lose her composure. They both wondered, what was that about?
But, before she hung up, Cartier heard a waitress say, welcome to “Rosa Senorita’s, can I take your order?” He raced out the door.
Lear watched Dominique, Hunter and Kit through her binoculars but she wasn’t the only one watching. Ryder and Vail were also doing surveillance.
Fifteen minutes later, Lear spotted Cartier rushing into the restaurant. She spoke into her earpiece, Phelps, Nikki, positive identification on Cartier Allen, he just arrived at the restaurant, I have a visual, and he’s going towards Dominique Desiree’s table. Nikki and Phelps responded; copy that.
When Cartier arrived at the table, Ryder told Vail, oh shit; it’s going to be more casualties than expected.
At that precise moment, Nikki spotted them through her binoculars. She spoke into her earpiece, Lear, we have a situation, two snipers are on the mountain across from the restaurant, my guess; they are here to take out Hunter and Kit.
Lear said, copy that, I will go in and arrest Cartier and evacuate the restaurant, I can’t wait for backup, meanwhile, you and Phelps take out the snipers, Nikki said, copy that!
Nikki turned to Phelps, damn, we didn’t bring any long-range weapons. Phelps replied, you’re right; we only have small caliber weapons.
That mean’s we have to get up close and take them out at close range.
Phelps said, let’s hurry, they ran (on foot) in the direction of Vail and Ryder.
Ryder turned to Vail, it’s time to rock & roll, let’s do this; they both looked through their scopes at the targets. Ryder added, I’m a former RRD Ranger; I can take out three in one second (Hunter, Kit, Dominique). You just concentrate on your lone target, the pretty boy (Cartier).
Vail asked out of curiosity, why do we have to take the lawyer out? Ryder said, because we don’t know what Hunter and Kit told her, on Andreas instructions, she’s collateral damage and has to be eliminated.
Suddenly, Ryder’s combat instincts kicked in, he thought he heard footsteps in the far distant, behind him. He looked around briefly and saw no one, he turned back around, every second counted, he had to concentrate on the job at hand.
They both raised their weapons.

At that precise moment, Nikki and Phelps were fast approaching with their guns out, they had a (far) distance visual and could barely make out Ryder and Vail from the rear.
Again, Ryder thought he heard footsteps from the distance approaching but instead of looking around a second time, he decided to concentrate on the targets in front of him. He planned to kill all three with a one-shot/one-kill method to the head.
Phelps shouted, Nikki, are we close enough for a shot? Nikki screamed, regardless, we have to take the shot now; time is crucial!
They both stopped in their tracks and raised their weapons, from afar, Nikki aimed at the back of Ryder’s head and Phelps aimed at the back of Vail’s head.
At that exact moment, Ryder and Vail gently squeezed their trigger fingers.
Ryder counted down, 3...2...1

To be continued.....

By: Myra Panache



Ryder and Vail are an assassination team. Vail started off as a black supermodel in Europe with a rich sponsor. She fell into intrigue via a friend who was connected to a shadowy think tank and before long she became an espionage broker.

She met Ryder through friends, and they became a couple. Ryder would eventually become a rogue assassin and take Vail on as a pupil, teaching her everything about weaponry.

Their recent assignment was to eliminate three targets: Kit, Hunter, and Dominique who were all gathered at a restaurant but Lear’s spy crew got wind of the plot and were trying to prevent it from happening.

Nikki and Phelps were fast approaching as Ryder and Vail were preparing for the kill.

Minutes Earlier:

Although Ryder heard faint footsteps approaching in the distant, instead of looking around (a second time) and informing Vail, he decided to concentrate on the intended targets in front of him: Kit, Hunter, Dominique, and Cartier.

Ryder and Vail had been parceled out to cancel three of the targets; the fourth target (Cartier) was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Ryder told Vail he would take out Kit, Hunter, and Dominique; Vail’s assignment was to take out Cartier.

In perfect unison, Ryder and Vail gently squeezed their trigger fingers on their Heckler & Koch PSG-1 Sniper rifles.

Ryder counted down, 3….2….1


As promised, Ryder shot his three targets, all in the head. They fell to the ground as restaurant patrons screamed and ran towards the exits. The restaurant was in total chaos. Despite this, Cartier scrambled around on the floor. When he got to Dominique, he held her in her arms, saying, “I’m so sorry!” He touched her neck and feeling a faint pulse he whispered in her ear, “Hang on baby, please hang on!”

Lear was outside calling for backup when she heard the gunshots. She rushed back in the restaurant, but the carnage stopped her in her tracks. Dominique, Kit, and Hunter appeared to be dead on the floor from head wounds. She rushed to them. She couldn’t find a pulse for Kit and Hunter, but she found a weak pulse for Dominique. She used her radio to call an ambulance.

She looked around. Cartier was nowhere in sight, but he couldn’t have gotten far. She ran to the back exit, out to an alley. She looked both ways but didn’t see him. She heard sirens in the distance as she returned to the restaurant.

Cartier had survived because Phelps had shot Vail’s sniper rifle out of her hands.

At this moment, Vail looked around and saw Nikki and Phelps approaching on foot, guns blazing.

Ryder turned around and returned fire. Over gunfire, he shouted, “Vail, do you have on your Kevlar?” She nodded. He said, “Good. This is what we’re going to do. I want you to cover me while I run for the SUV, light their asses up, unload on them! We’ll be safe when we get in the SUV, the windows and tires are bulletproof. From here, we’ll go to the safe house. I need to take side roads because they’ve probably already called in the make and model. I removed the license plates earlier.” Vail said, “I got your back!”

With Vail returning fire non-stop, she managed to keep Nikki and Phelps at bay. They couldn’t get an angle on Ryder; the bullets were flying everywhere. As they ducked behind big boulders and shrub, Ryder was able to scramble to the SUV. He got in, roared up the engine. As the SUV approached Vail, Nikki and Phelps resumed fire. Ryder rolled down the window and yelled, “Get in now!” Vail kept shooting as she backed her way into the SUV and they sped off.

They were never seen again.



Cartier and Lauryn Allen are African American siblings who resembled younger versions of Vanessa Williams and Phillip Michael Thomas. At one time, Cartier was the drug supplier for black Hollywood. He used drug money to put his sister through college where she excelled in international finance. Lauryn became a money laundering wizard for practically every drug cartel in the world, including her brother's. 

Lauryn came on the scene at the right time, a decade after the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) had shut down. Up until then, BCCI had the monopoly on money laundering. BCCI had over 400 branches in 78 countries, and assets in excess of US $20 billion, making it the 7th largest private bank in the world.

BCCI was also accused of opening accounts or laundering money for figures such as Saddam Hussein and the Medellin Cartel as well as two intelligence agencies. BCCI became the focus of a massive regulatory battle in 1991, and, on 5 July of that year, customs and bank regulators in seven countries raided and locked down records of its branch offices.

Lauren's boyfriend and protecter Miguel Lopez, was an global arms dealer with worldwide connections. He helped expand Lauryn’s Cocaine Banking Cartel on an international scale.


Lauryn and Miquel were entertaining business associates at the waterfront estate in Florida. In the distance, a trained Patagonian ferret was rolling Cuban cigars containing the world’s rarest types of tobacco.

Normally, Lauryn didn’t come face to face with potential clients, but these men were offering her huge sums of money.

One of the business associates, Taylor Lloyd, headed a phantom death squad. He employed ghost unit jackals (assassins) on different continents. Lloyd also dealt in gold bullion. One heist netted him three tons of bullion valued at $50 million. The heist was successful because Lloyd’s crew used infrared LAD’s pinned on their lapels which created a blur that blocked their faces from surveillance video; these LAD’s weren’t even on the open market. Lloyd also dealt in counterfeit coins and he collected bitcoin. And Lloyd was connected to an ex-contractor who stole jet fuel to sell on the black market. Lloyd was interested in hiring Lauryn to launder his money.

The other business associate, Shay Michaels, used his specialty race car business as a front for a lucrative drug trafficking scheme. He wanted to hire Lauryn to launder his illicit funds. Michaels was greedy. His business charged clients $100,000 to build custom race cars, yet he always needed cash. His addictions: Lamborghini motorcycles, yachts, private jet rentals, exotic locations, rare luxury cars priced at: $5-10 million dollars, etc. Michaels also collected expensive art.

Lauryn had read both men’s dossiers before she had agreed to meet them. Both men had a genuine love for fine wine (which she provided) and expensive cuisine. She had the chef serve a giant bluefin tuna – a fish so rare and prized that a whole bluefin can reach $396,000 at auction.

Lauryn also knew that both men were jazz enthusiasts/connoisseurs. She contacted her concierge and arranged for delivery of four front-row tickets and backstage passes. She would dress incognito as she accompanied Miquel and the two clients to a concert featuring Dave Koz and Boney James.

Later, she arranged for the men to take a midnight cruise. The men sipped brandy and smoked Cuban cigars – handcrafted by the ferret.

When they returned to the mansion, the smooth sounds of Miles Davis played in the background as they got down to business. The deal was brief. They agreed to Lauryn’s terms before they retired to their separate suites in the mansion.

Lauryn continues to diversify her black market empire. She’s currently involved in illegal oil trafficking with the help of Miquel’s shadow syndicate, which includes his nephew, Desi. Lauryn is also dealing in counterfeit medication, including black market pills for alcoholism and male birth control pills. But Counterfeit Oxycondin is her biggest seller. One pill is manufactured for $6.00 with a street value of $80-$100 dollars per pill. Lauryn also joined the Black Peso Exchange Network, which launders $5 billion dollars of drug money for Colombian cartels on an annual basis. And she still has money laundering associates in Cyprus as well. Cyprus is an eastern Mediterranean island. The island used to be a hotbed of Cold War intrigue, as spies converged at the crossroads of three continents, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Cyprus was also once known as a money laundry, gun-running, cigarette smuggling, arms trading, sex slavery "fantasy island."

Cartier is laying low and is devastated about Dominique Desiree’s condition. He checks her diagnosis on a regular basis.


The Spy Crew Of Lear: (CIA/Hollywood Fixer), G-Mac (Weapons Specialist), Jacks (CIA), Nikki (Freelance Assassin), Dayna (HIV Assassin), Phelps: (Sweeper) sat around a conference table for a daily briefing.

Lear got up and spoke; she said, Lauryn and Cartier are on the back burner for now. And the hunt for Ryder and Vail has become a low priority.

Our new and only priority is to bring down the elusive and mysterious Maestro.

Interpol is also looking for him.

Maestro (real name Donny Freeman) is an African American man who has never been photographed. He’s currently involved in adult films, sex trafficking, drug trafficking and he’s pushing more weight than BMF (Black Mafia Family) in their prime. He also has a diamond chop shop where he recuts the gems and put them in a different mounting so they can't be identified. He then resells the diamonds.

Regarding membership to one of his darknet sites, you have to be referred or invited. There is an extensive registration process which includes questioning and an 1-on-1 online meeting with a harsh site director/administrator. This person lays out the punishment for breaking the rules. The monthly membership is $500 dollars in bitcoin. This site auctions off sex trafficking victims to the highest bidder.

And he’s involved in illicit/fantasy websites, arms trafficking and a hip-hop label that he uses to launder money; after he closed the label, he hired Lauryn to launder his money. He’s gotten more sophisticated over the years; he’s currently into illegal stem-cell harvesting and trafficking in rare blue diamonds and rumor has it, that he’s invested in something that could shake up the world and we’ve been hired to shut it down.

He communicates with his lieutenants through closed-channel phones, impossible to intercept. He’s a ghost, and his current whereabouts are unknown. The only address we had on him was located in Monterey Bay, to be more specific, the Monterey Dunes Beach Resort. He occupied a cottage on a secluded private beach. When we moved in, he was gone! We later tracked him to a Sun Valley ski lodge where he liked to jet ski. Again, he was gone when we arrived.

His second in command is an African American female mercenary/assassin named Honey West. She’s been parceled out all over the world and has never been arrested.

Our job is to bring this organization down by any means necessary.



Dayna Silva was a dark Brazilian beauty with a perfect figure, 38-24-36. Actors, moguls athletes, and rock stars pursued her from coast to coast.  She was currently dating a rapper, named Chase.  She was also college educated.

Dayna lived and breathed hip-hop, she demanded and received $25,000 per video, and she attended all the hip-hop functions. It was not unusual for her to attend a party on Friday, shoot a video that evening, fly to Vegas on Saturday, shoot a layout, fly back to New York and dine on a yacht.

Dayna was named one of the “50 Most Beautiful People” in the world. An overseas publication named her the “Sexiest Woman In The World” and a men’s magazine asked, “Is this the most beautiful black woman in the world?” She was alluring, and she oozed sex appeal, her dance skills were extraordinary. Her career was on fire!

Dayna’s rapper boyfriend (Chase) became a fitness nut and started shooting steroids.

Dayna’s mother became ill. She wanted to donate an organ to save her mother but the doctor told her: Miss Silva, you are incompatible with your mother for an organ transplant. Dayna said, but she is my biological mother.  The doctor said, I spoke to your mother, she informed me that two heartbeats were detected before your birth, but she only gave birth to one child, you. Ms. Silva, I believe you are a surviving twin, and that you are a ‘Chimera.’ Dayna’s voice quivered as she said, Oh my God. She regained her composure and asked, what is a Chimera? The doctor replied, a Chimera is-twins who fused at an early stage of the pregnancy to form a single embryo, you develop two DNA strands (which makes your DNA untraceable), that’s why you’re incompatible with your mother.  Now the bad news, Ms. Silva, I’m sorry to inform you, that you are HIV positive.

Dayna would later learn that her boyfriend gave her HIV.

Lear (whom she had met at a baby shower a year earlier) would later recruit her as a HIV assassin since her DNA was untraceable.

Her job was to seduce enemies of the country and purposely infect them with AIDS.

In the last few years, she had intentionally infected a dictator and a diplomat with HIV, both men were deemed a threat to national security, they were no longer a threat after their medical status was leaked, both had dropped out of the public eye.


Before the briefing had ended, Jacks took a long look at Dayna; and noticed that she appeared distracted throughout the entire meeting. Jacks, with G-Mac in tow, decided to confront Dayna in the hallway. “Are you okay?” she asked. “You seemed to be preoccupied in the meeting.” Dayna replied, “Yes, I’m okay. Thanks for your concern, but I may have to go off the grid for a day or two.”

After she walked away, Jacks turned to G-Mac. “I don’t feel good about this. Let’s follow her.”

Dayna had walked to her car and checked her phone. She’d missed a text from a contact named “Dimitrije.” Dimitrije left three words: “MEET ME NOW!” Driving across town to East Los Angeles, she pulled up to a nondescript motel, walked up the stairs and knocked on the door.

Dimitrije opened the door and looked nervously around before ushering her inside. Dayna sat down.

Dimitrije handed her several files on Anonije Bronislav, a former war criminal hiding out in Los Angeles. This man and his army had raped and killed Dayna’s favorite Aunt. Bronislav had also slaughtered Dimitrije’s entire family.

Dimitrije told Dayna, “You will have only one chance to kill this animal. It’s his birthday tonight. My contact told me he will be hosting a private party. Here is the address and here is additional information on this monster.”

Dayna took the files and went to her car. As she quickly scanned the intelligence, one thing stood out; it was all she needed. She had only two hours to put her plan in place. She couldn’t rely on infecting him with HIV. That would be too slow of a death. She wanted this bastard to die quick.

She went into a natural food store and came out with a small bag. Next, she went home and got out one of her sexiest outfits. She took time to do her makeup. When she left, she looked like a million bucks.

She made it a point to get Bronislav’s attention. Before long, one of his enforcers invited her to his private table. It was all so easy. Bronislav told her she was beautiful; she thanked him. They danced, went back to the table and drank champagne.

After everyone had gathered around to sing Happy Birthday, she made her move. When Dayna planted a big wet kiss on his lips, his big smile instantly turned into a mask of horror as he fell into a seizure. Everyone panicked and she slipped away, but not before one of his lieutenants followed her out to the street. He screamed, “Hey, you, stop right now!”

Dayna picked up her pace. Out of nowhere, a car came speeding towards her – it was Jacks and G-Mac. “Jump in!” Jacks yelled. Dayna slammed the car door as gunfire erupted and Jacks sped off.

G-Mac turned around and asked, “What the hell was that about?” Dayna panted, “Long story short? I just killed a war criminal. He murdered my Croatian aunt. My contacts alerted me that he was in the area; his dossier said he had a severe peanut allergy. I went to a health food store and bought a tube of lipstick made with shea nuts and butter. After I kissed him, it was lights out!” I assassinated a mark without using HIV, a gun or a knife.

The next day’s headline: “War criminal dies in L.A. club. A man identified through fingerprints as war criminal Antonije Bronislav died of an allergic peanut reaction last night.”



Tiffany (Jacks) Jackson moved to North Compton with her mother. Her father had died of heart disease. Jacks was close to her neighbor, Garrett (G-Mac) McDonald. G-Mac had major gang affiliations, Jacks found herself attracted to him, he looked like a cross between LL Cool J and Tank. 

As a teenager, Jacks lost her best friend Lay-Lay to murder. A rapper named Key-Low murdered her after she clowned him in front of his boys for disrespecting her.

Just before graduation, Jacks was approached by a representative from the CIA. The agency was interested in recruiting her in the capacity of a mathematician, one of the most sought after positions in intelligence. Jacks passed all of her background checks, and she was granted low-level security clearance. She adjusted quite well to her new position. She gained experience in code breaking and logistics. She was a rising star in the intelligence community, and she made important contacts throughout the world. Over the next year, she moved her mother out of Compton and into a condo, and she purchased a BMW. On the weekends, Jacks visited her mother, and she would visit G-Mac in prison (on weapons violations). She always put money on his commissary account, and she gifted him with necessities. G-Mac always looked after her; now it was time to look after him.

One afternoon, the past came back to haunt her. She was listening to her favorite hip-hop station; an on-air personality was interviewing Key-Low, the hottest rapper in the country. Jacks was preparing to turn the dial until she heard the lyrics of his new song, where he was bragging about killing her friend Lay-Lay. She now had the connections to take him down.

She hired a freelance assassin named Nikki Campbell to kill Key-Low.

From that moment on, the women became good friends and Nikki would eventually join the spy crew.

Jacks would be instrumental in getting G-Mac out of prison, and she would have his prison record expunged. Jacks also got him a job as a weapons specialist with a government agency. 

They would later marry and have three kids.

One of their daughters would be killed by a R&B singer (Kendall) who moonlighted as a pedophile serial killer. The crew punished him by taking out his voice box; ending his singing career. He was sentenced to a long prison term but escaped. He planned to hunt each team member down and kill them until Nikki murdered him.


G-Mac and Jacks’ kids gave them an anniversary party. All of their friends were invited, including the crew: Lear, Nikki, Phelps and Dayna.

They had a blast, dancing to the live music of a band that covered Motown classics, eating BBQ and playing volleyball in the backyard.

After the party ended, G-Mac asked the crew to stay; he wanted to talk to them privately.

Off the books, G-Mac was able to gather more intel on Maestro. Allegedly, Maestro has invested in an animal brothel in Germany where twisted people can live out their sexual fantasies with animals. And his sex party division hosts Mandingo parties in major cities. This same network just launched in Washington D.C., after gay party promoter Dean Johnson was murdered. Johnson had a monopoly on sex parties until his death.

Nikki asked, who’s Dean Johnson?

Jacks replied I retrieved this online article written by Ken Layne, Jacks proceeded to pass out the article:

“Dean Johnson was a six-foot-six bald-headed HIV-positive meth-using porn star and glam-rock frontman known for his New York parties.

He was found dead in D.C., and his unidentified corpse sat in a local morgue for days before being identified.

According to the New York Post, Johnson was routinely visiting Washington to run “weird sex parties” for an unidentified Saudi millionaire.

E-mails from Johnson’s computer reveal he’d been going to D.C. regularly “to set up weird sex parties for a wealthy Middle Eastern man who remains unidentifiable. It’s all very suspicious.”

Johnson’s friends in New York suspect he was murdered. He was reportedly watching “Cruising” on DVD — the movie about murdering gay prostitutes for kicks — just before his death. He was the second person to die in the same apartment within a week.

Allegedly, rich and powerful men attended these parties.”

Phelps replied: Wow, I guess Maestro gets in where he fits in.

G-Mac said I’ve never seen anything like Maestro before and I still can’t figure out how he’s been able to operate under the radar for so long? I also heard that he attended a “staged hunt” in Europe on a billionaire’s estate. They released prisoners into the woods and 24 hours later, the invited guests take rifles and hunt them down like animals.

Dayna said, I’m shocked this country let a black man get this powerful and untouchable.

Lear said, since Honey West came aboard, Maestro has been diversifying and expanding like crazy. This chick has a reputation for being lethal; she has the capability of killing you without leaving a mark on your body, and she can murder you in a variety of ways. We have a few photos of her, but nothing recent. She’s known to change her appearance. She has an address in Philly and hides in plain sight; she’s even on our membership board (Panache Report). She uses (one of the pics we have on file) in her siggy. I only saw her comment once.

G-Mac added, Maestro also has a FV (Forensics Virtuso) on payroll.

Dayna asked, what’s a FV?

G-Mac took a deep breath and said, good question and I’m surprised the government allowed the TV show “The Blacklist,” to do an episode on FV’s because this particular occupation is above top secret. Only one FV exists on this planet. Here’s the transcript.


Their rate is $5-$10 million per case, depending on the case.

A FV relies on science to transform one person into another.

If a celebrity, mobster, criminal or fugitive wants to disappear without a trace or be assumed dead, they hire a FV. FV's also plant cloned DNA at crime scenes.

Scenario: You are a mobster, and you want to fake your death. The FV collects your medical records, DNA, dental records, tissue samples, and salvia. The FV then selects a random person who is similar in appearance via height, hair color and eye color. The FV abducts the look-a-like, drugs them and transforms into the client physically via hair color, colored contact lenses (if needed), etc.

The FV then injects the synthetic DNA of the client into the look-a-like, and he removes white blood cells, replacing them with red blood cells. He also implants teeth or scales down the teeth to match the client's dental records. Matching tattoos can also be applied.

And then the look-a-like is murdered. In the course of the murder, the hands are removed, torched or applied in acid to prevent accurate fingerprints. Since a FV averages 1 case every 10-12 years, and a different MO is used regarding fingerprint removal-the cases are never linked.

The DNA and dental records lead authorities to believe the victim is the mobster. And the mobster is declared dead when he is really alive after undergoing plastic surgery to alter his looks and if he doesn't undergo plastic surgery, people will just consider him a mere look-a-like since the mobster was officially declared dead via the media and he never has to go on the run as a fugitive and can live in peace throughout his life span.

A FV protects the guilty.

The only way this scenario can be detected is through a bone marrow which reveals that the DNA is not a natural match, but a synthetic match but autopsies don't include bone marrows.

The crew was speechless after reading the transcript.

G-Mac closed the meeting by saying. The only way we’re going to bring Maestro down is to focus on Honey West. Hopefully, she can lead us to Maestro.



Philadelphia has a rich musical history:

Tammi Terrell, Teddy Pendergrass, Boyz II Men, Lola Falana, Patti LaBelle, the Delfonics, Blue Magic, the Stylistics, Sister Sledge, Phyllis Hyman and Jill Scott just to name a few.

And Honey West loved researching and reading about Philly’s past and present superstars.

Honey was the daughter of Charles and Doris West.

She was their only child, and was spoiled rotten; like a Princess.

Her mother was a stay at home mom, and her dad was rumored to be in Philadelphia’s black mafia. He was a big time racketeer who dealt in drugs, contract murders, money laundering and loan sharking. He was a feared man in Philadelphia.

Charles was in attendance at the “Harlem Club,” in 1972 when a mob hit took place. According to Philly, Tyrone “Fat Ty” Palmer was one of the most consequential heroin dealers on the Eastern seaboard in the early 1970s. For reasons that remain debated, on April 2, 1972, Palmer was visited by five Black Mafia members as he enjoyed the music of Billy Paul from a stage-side table at Atlantic City’s iconic Club Harlem. The shootout that followed resulted in the deaths of Palmer, his bodyguard, and three women in their company. Charles escaped injury, but he remained cautious and hired additional security.

Honey’s mother was a socialite and was always busy with charity events.

The family lived quite well, in a gated community surrounded by exotic cars and luxurious toys.

A week before Honey’s 13th birthday, Charles had booked Biggie for a private party. Clowns, trampolines, acrobats and exotic animals were also hired for the festivities. But before that, he arranged a tour of “The Philadelphia International,” record company for Honey. Honey was awed by all the gold and platinum albums that lined the walls.

A few days later, Honey and her best friends Porsche Ransom and Ava Miller were counting down the days until her birthday party and were devastated when they got word that Biggie had died in California.

The party went on but a sadness lingered in the air.

Throughout her teen years, Honey began to resemble Whitney Houston and like Whitney; she also stood 5’9.

She was also athletic yet feminine.

During her senior year in high school, she joined the ROTC, a martial arts school, and a kickboxing class; she loved to work out while listening to the Patty Jackson show on the radio. Afterward, she would be famished and go to Dalessando’s for a cheesesteak or Warm Daddy’s for soul food. Honey was currently in a relationship with Bryson, who belonged to the boxing club. This relationship was serious until she caught him cheating and ended it.

Around this time, Porsche (a Pilar Sanders type) was recruited by a major modeling agency. Unlike other modeling agencies, this agency didn’t have a secret division where rich and famous men could come in and go through various model portfolio’s looking for the perfect date for a movie premiere, industry party or celebrity gathering. Closeted gay celebrities also used this division to book a “fake” girlfriend.

One day, Honey, Porsche, and Ava were at the Franklin Institute (Science Museum) when Honey’s uncle Kyle came running in, he told Honey that there had been a family emergency, and she needed to come with him. Porsche and Ava told her, call us when you get home; hope everything is okay.

Honey learned that her father had been murdered; it was a mob hit by a rival crew. She was inconsolable. She had always been closer to her dad than her mom. Her father had left them financially secure, and she was able to stay in private school and after class activities.

Nearly 1,000 people attended the funeral of Charles West, and Ava performed a solo.

At school, they all joined a Black Ski Club. Honey and Ava excelled whereas Porsche lost interest.

Around this time, Ava became the homecoming queen.

Honey would later join a gun range and became an excellent marksman.

Just before graduation, she was secretly recruited by the Navy Seals. The public had no idea that the Navy had a secret program to train and dispatch female Seals.

Honey passed her training and went on secret missions.

She also learned how to assemble and disassemble a gun and rifle blindfolded. And she was taught to hold her breath 2-3 minutes underwater. She was also an ace at hand-to-hand combat.

Honey was captured on one mission. She was able to withstand torture because as a child she was diagnosed with “congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis,” or CIPA — a rare genetic disorder that makes her unable to feel pain. “

She was rescued within 24 hours.

After she left the Seals, she joined an elite espionage school where she sharpened her skills on weaponry, poisons, and languages. She also learned how to parachute out of a plane and land with both feet on the ground.

From there, she became a contract killer/mercenary for hire.


After graduation, Porsche’s modeling bookings increased, and Ava went to work for a global management consulting firm headquartered in Philadelphia. This firm also had an intelligence division. The firm had a reputation on Wall Street for secrecy. Partners did not carry business cards, and clients were referred to by code names to enforce client confidentiality. The company won clients by boardroom referrals rather than marketing. And the firm provides advisory services to Fortune 500 businesses, and governments. The firm has 60 offices in 37 countries and 6, 500 employees. The firm grosses 3 billion per year.

Ava worked in the intelligence division and became a top information broker for a variety of clients seeking information on classified matters.

Ava would make contacts across the globe. Over time, many of her close associates and friends were employed the espionage and security fields.

She became untouchable and never had to worry about ‘reapers.’ A reaper is an espionage cleaner who undertakes kill orders to murder romantic interests or friends whose operatives may have confided in. Ava fits this category. But she was so well liked, she became immune to reapers.

She was also a well-respected singer who performed at Philly’s top nightclubs in the evenings.

All three ladies were doing well in their careers.


One evening, the ladies decided to attend a Philadelphia 76ers game. Porsche had secured a skybox.

The ladies garnered a lot of male attention. They had always been known as the ‘pretty girl crew.’ And their looks hadn’t diminished over the years.

Porsche was also known to charter a plane to San Francisco to eat at one of her favorite restaurants (Forbes Island-an underwater restaurant on Fisherman’s Wharf ; the restaurant dispatches a water taxi to retrieve you at Gate I).

Honey’s favorite pastime was shopping, she was always decked out in designer wear, handbags and shoes.

Ava was naturally pretty with a Chante Moore flair.

Her favorite color was purple and she preferred silver jewelry over gold jewelry, she stood 5’7 and ate Hawaiian rolls with each meal. She was a woman of few words and had a mysterious allure and aura. On her off days, she loved to curl up with a good book alongside her Maltese poodle (Mr. James) while Heatwave and Alexander O’Neal played in the background.

Meanwhile, the three women were enjoying the ambience of the skybox which included their very own wait staff.

They nibbled on sushi, steak, crab nachos, roasted chicken and sea bass.

After the game, they loaded up in Porsche’s Mercedes and headed to the piano bar where Ava had a late show.

Ava performed the standards in front of a captive audience; they gave her a standing ovation after the show.

After Porsche dropped the women off, she told them, don’t forget our trip tomorrow, we fly to Malibu at the crack of dawn, so get a good night’s sleep.

As Porsche drove home, she came to the conclusion that this trip would be good for all of them and the timing was perfect. Ava had just broken up with a White House staffer, and Honey and Teddy were off again, and Porsche had just broken up with an actor.

The next morning, all three women boarded a plane at the airport.

They arrived in Malibu to attend an industry party. Since Porsche knew the gay producer who was giving the party, he agreed to let the ladies stay at his mansion located on the Malibu Colony which is a one mile stretch of beachfront property which sits 100 homes, side by side, adjacent to PCH (Pacific Coast Highway). These homes are populated by celebrities, billionaires, sports superstars, Saudi’s and politicians.

The ladies arrived by limo and were blown away by the opulence and luxury. A butler escorted them to their rooms.

Later, they joined (Guy) for lunch. This flamboyantly gay producer made a fortune with a string of box office smashes, and he loved to surround himself with beautiful women of all races, they were like the sisters he never had.

While he entertained the ladies with his lively conversation, a gay pool party was going on outside while his personal chef cooked ribs, links, steaks, chicken and brisket on the grill.

The night of the party, the women met some of the most famous people on the planet. They had a blast, dancing, socializing and flirting and trading numbers with an array of gorgeous straight men.

They managed to stay away from the drugs on the premises.

Guy encouraged Ava to sing; she took the opportunity to sing a few Mary J. Blige and Anita Baker covers. Everyone enjoyed the performance.

The next morning, over breakfast, they watched a film that hadn’t even been released to the public on Guy’s Prima System.

Prima Cinema created an elite club that turns your home theater room into a personal AMC, with a sleek black box that allows you to rent movies that are only available in theaters.

Members pay a $35,000 fee for the hardware and then $500 for each rental -- $600 if you want 3-D.

Members have two categories to choose from 'Coming Soon' that shows the upcoming films with its release date, synopsis, and trailer.

The system is assigned to one client before it even leaves the factory and their fingerprint is registered to it, which means they are the only one who can rent a movie. 

Clients simply browse to the on-screen 'Now Showing' carousel, to decide which film to watch, and swipe a fingerprint to securely purchase.

Films are purchased on a pay-per-view basis but remain available for purchase for as long as the film remains available in public theaters.

Later that evening, Guy, his boyfriend and the girls dined at Giorgio Baldi (Rihanna’s favorite Italian restaurant) in Malibu.

After dinner, they hopped in Guy’s Bentley and traveled down PCH towards his yacht. As they were cruising down the highway, Guy pointed out the infamous Marijuana Mansion. The mansion was owned by a millionaire who made a fortune selling fertilizer. He loved throwing parties with beautiful female guests. The parties always featured a buffet of anything you desired. He even had people in the kitchen making homemade ice cream. There were several bars on the premises, including a marijuana bar where girls in bikinis rolled blunts and reupped your bong load.

Guy and the girls arrived a hour later at the Alamitos Bay Yacht Club. This is where his yacht was docked. Everyone exited the car. They relaxed and had drinks aboard the yacht. The ladies were discussing, what would be their next trip as a trio. Honey said we should go to the UAE Derby in Dubai where sheiks race their colts, or the Cannes Film Festival or possibly the Sundance Film Festival next year, or maybe we should go see Serena and Venus play at Wimbledon. Ava and Porsche pondered Honey’s suggestions.

Guy was originally going to lease a private jet to return the girls back to Philly but at the last minute, he decided to book them on the luxury rail usually reserved for the super rich.

These private rail cars are unconventional, lavish and classy and caught on fast with the elite.

The luxury rail includes five star chefs, luxuriously furnished suites, showers, first run movies, solid gold fixtures in the lavatories, etc. Other patrons included royal families, a soccer superstar, and a corporate raider.

The women returned to Philly exhausted.

When Honey returned from Malibu, she wanted to stay on vacation, and at the last minute, booked a trip to her favorite vacation spot, Mallorca, Spain.

She arrived and rented a $1,000 per week villa.

The next day, she attended a wine and steak tasting at Forn de Sant Joan, which included food sharing across tables.

Later, she went Scuba diving on Cala Torta Beach.

The remainder of the week included a crab lunch while sailing and attending the annual jazz festival at Cala d’or resort.

Vendors sold delicious French oysters and sobrasada sausages at the jazz festival.

Later, she stopped by the Farmers market and marveled at the fresh fruit and vegetables.

When she returned home, she logged onto her favorite site: Ava and Porsche had referred Honey to Panache Report.

After reading the front page, she lurked on the Facebook (comment) page. She would later subscribe to the Panache Report YouTube channel which housed short films on (Black Hollywood Conspiracy Theories, Scandals, Intrigue, and Mysteries) courtesy of their digital studio.

She was also a member of Panache Report’s (Pay-Per-View) video library which is unavailable to the public; this was where the most scandalous and notorious entertainment videos were housed.

On occasion, she ordered high-end food from their gourmet (5 star) butcher. She was also a chosen subscriber to their secretive “Ghost Network Newsletter.”

And she ordered custom leather jackets from the Panache clothing line. She received numerous compliments when she rocked the red/black leather jacket.

Suddenly, the doorbell rung, she logged off, went to the door to find a delivery man affiliated with the elite air cargo plane she used to deliver her favorite food from the U.S. He had one cooler and a small package, she signed for the delivery and took the cooler and package inside.

She opened the cooler first, inside was (1) dry aged trimmed filet mignon, (1) 36 ounce dry aged rib steak priced at $70, 1 lb. of wagyu hamburger meat, and a slab of smokehouse apple bacon. She then opened the small package to find Ugandan coffee beans.

She prepared her steak and grazed it with black truffle butter. She also prepared a side salad.

The steak melted in her mouth.

The next morning, she baked bacon slices, grinded coffee beans and ate a boiled egg.

After breakfast, Honey put on her backpack, got on her rented bicycle and rode into town to rent a car (convertible Alfa Romero).

She drove the Alfa Romero towards Serra de Tramontana to explore the beautiful mountains and scenery. She had a chance to explore the mountains by vintage train or a boat ride, but she preferred the car. This way she could listen to her favorite music by Drake and Nikki Minaj with the top down.

After Honey returned the rental car and biked home, her satellite phone started ringing as soon as she put her backpack down.

It was Grayson, her handler.

He informed her that she had a New Year’s Eve job offer of $250,000 to assassinate a prominent figure in Rio de Janeiro Brazil, but she would have to leave Spain in 2 days. After Grayson supplied more information, Honey agreed to take the job and hung up.

She then called her friend with benefits (David) who lived in Mallorca.

He arrived with flowers and wine.

Honey lit the fireplace.

David had a taste for hamburger, so Honey prepared wagyu cheeseburgers topped with crispy onions.

After dinner, they retired to the bedroom.

In the morning, they shared a 36 ounce dry aged steak (seasoned with a homemade steak rub) with scrambled eggs, mixed with cheese, green onion, and bell pepper. Honey also made circular home potatoes with diced onion and sprinkled them with cajun seasoning.

David prepared mimosas with orange juice and champagne ice cubes.

They enjoyed the breakfast and kissed each other goodbye at the door.

As soon as David left, Honey started packing and left Spain a day early.

As soon as Honey touched down in Brazil, she retrieved her luggage and found a black SUV with tinted windows waiting curbside courtesy of Grayson.

The SUV took her to a 5 star hotel on Copacabana Beach.

She went to her room and unpacked.

Later, she agreed to meet a friend who resided in Brazil (Sinclair). Honey made sure to take her translation earpieces in her purse because Portuguese was not one of the languages she had learned in espionage training.

Honey and Sinclair embraced warmly in the lobby before they headed out to dinner.

Honey wanted to show off her earpieces, so she inserted them in her ear when the waiter approached to take their order.

Without a hitch, the earpieces translated the waiter’s Portuguese to English in real time, and she was able to hold a conversation with him after they ordered.

Sinclair was impressed.

The women caught up on old times. Sinclair was currently running safe houses for US agents in Brazil and she was undergoing extensive training for upcoming missions.

They had met at the elite espionage school.

When Honey returned to the hotel, she studied the dossier and photos of her target.

Her eyes grew tired, so she decided to go work out in the hotel gym.

While lifting weights, she strained her right lower arm; this was the arm that held her trigger finger, not good.

Honey returned to her room and tried to ice it down, it relieved the pain but not for long and she refused to take pain medications because her mind had to be clear when she eliminated her target. There was only one option.

She called Sinclair and had her track down a weapons supplier named Skorpios who operated in South America. Skorpios was a global arms dealer who traveled the world selling assassin kits to snipers, hit men, mobsters, and drug enforcers. Skorpios also sold tanks, rocket launchers, SCUD missiles, helicopters and anti-aircraft missile launchers. A customer could also order a fighter plane or a 300-bed hospital from his darknet site.

When Honey got Skorpios on the phone, she told him she had an urgent matter and was willing to give him a $5,000 bonus if he could obtain and deliver a $22,000 Paradigm SRP Talon sniper rifle to her hotel room via an underworld courier. $27,000 awaited him.

Skorpios got on it, and within 8 hours, an underworld courier delivered a sniper weapon in a large gift box wrapped in ribbon.

Honey quickly assembled the ‘remote control-sniper rifle.’

The next night, she stuffed it in a huge duffel back and left the hotel.

She hid in the shadows, did recon and discreetly picked the lock of a vacant building and climbed to the roof.

She found a perfect angle and gingerly took out the rifle.

Since she couldn’t hold the rifle in her sore right arm, she angled it where it was pointing across the street.

A theater across the street was showing the last show of “Phantom of The Opera,” suddenly, Honey’s thoughts were interrupted when a black limousine pulled up. Two beefy bodyguards got out and looked around.

When the back limo door opened, Honey grabbed her remote panel. She recognized her target as he stepped out.

The gun has a built-in laser range finder, compass, environmental sensors to gauge wind speeds, inertial measurement unit, ballistics computer, and a networked tracking engine.

Honey locked a laser on the target and then pushed a button on the remote panel, and the target’s head exploded upon impact.

The bodyguards pulled out their guns and were looking around nervously and upward but by that time, Honey had put the remote control rifle in her duffel bag and was gone.

In the cab, Honey thought, that was an easy as playing a video game, she then instructed the driver to take her to the nearest shanty town.

Honey had tears in her eyes as the driver approached the Shanty Town.

She saw people who looked like her living in a squatter area of improvised housing, called shanties or shacks, made of plywood, corrugated metal, sheets of plastic and cardboard boxes. Such settlements are usually found on the periphery of cities, in public parks, or near railroad tracks, rivers, lagoons or city trash dump sites. Sometimes called a squatter, informal or spontaneous settlement, a typical shanty town often lacks proper sanitation, safe water supply, electricity, hygienic streets, or other basic human necessities.

Shanty towns are mostly found in developing nations, but also in some parts of developed nations.

The people gathered around as Honey exited the cab.

She then went into her duffel bag and gave out stacks of cash to everyone who approached her, until she ran out.

The elders smiled; while others cried and a few screamed out bless you in their native language.

She got in the cab and directed the driver to her hotel.

Before she took a nap, she called Sinclair; they agreed to meet later to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

It was a warm night as Honey and Sinclair walked across the street to Copacabana Beach for the New Year’s Eve celebration.

New Year’s Eve festivities in Brazil includes more than 30,000 fireworks launched from 11 barges anchored off its tropical coastline.

Each year, 2 million revelers usher in New Years on Copacabana Beach.

After the countdown, celebrations and festivities ended, Honey and Sinclair said their goodbyes and walked in opposite directions.

Six months later, Grayson called with a job in Switzerland.

This time, Honey made sure to pack her cell phone with two lines (two separate numbers). These phones are popular with covert types and field agents.

Thanks to Honey’s ‘Global Entry’ status, she didn’t have to wait in lines at the airport. Politicians, professional athletes and other notables also use this process.

Global Entry is a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) program that allows expedited clearance for pre-approved, low-risk travelers upon arrival in the United States. Members enter the United States through automatic kiosks at selected airports.

Honey never carried firearms through customs. Instead, she purchased guns from various international weapons dealers when she arrived in the country she was traveling to and then she disposed of the weapon after the job was done.

After Honey checked into her hotel and got settled, she studied the dossier of a female who sat on the Swiss Federal Council.

Later, she disarmed the alarm at the targets home.

She waited patiently until the target arrived.

Honey pounced, and came up behind her in the kitchen and clasped a wire around her neck.

The woman squirmed and tried to take the wire off, but she was no match for Honey’s upper body strength.

The woman finally went limp.

Honey staged the crime scene to match the MO of a serial killer operating in the area who strangled his victims without sexual contact.

That evening on the news, as she expected, the killing was blamed on the serial killer.

Honey decided to stay in Switzerland a few extra days. She wanted to hit the slopes.

Honey arrived in St. Moritz the next day.

St. Moritz is an alpine resort town in Engadin Valley.

This town has hosted the Winter Olympics twice.

Surroundings include: Luxury hotels, favored by aristocrats and the wealthy and the streets are lined with high end fashion and jewelry boutiques, ski clubs, restaurants, and bars.

Sailing and windsurfing are also popular on Lake St. Moritz.

Honey purchased a sky lift ticket to the aerial tramway suspended on two track cables with and additional haulage rope in Engadin.

She finally hit the slopes (Swiss Alps).

The training she received at the Black Ski Club really came in handy as she maneuvered on the fresh powder racing downhill; similar to a scene from a James Bond movie.

The next day, she decided to attend the Montreux Jazz Festival on the Swiss Riviera; the most prestigious jazz festival on the planet, located on the Lake Geneva shoreline.

This year’s line-up included: Anthony Hamilton, Kem, LaLah Hathaway, Maxwell and Sade closed the show.

A few days later, she returned to Philly, and got a call from a blocked number. She picked up the phone and didn’t recognize the voice.

A man, who introduced himself as Clem, told her, his shadow network was willing to pay her $1 million per year with a signing bonus and company car if she would stop working for Grayson and come work for the company he represented.

Honey became uneasy.

She was on the verge of hanging up when the man said, your employer will be “MAESTRO.”

Honey’s heart skipped a beat, everyone in the underworld had heard of Maestro.

He was considered the black Keyser Soze and was never photographed; basically he was a phantom who headed a shadow network of illicit activity that netted millions around the globe.

Clem told her, she would be in an administrative capacity if she accepted his offer and train new recruits (contract killers) and on rare occasions, she would be parceled out to execute contracts. She would also overlook logistics and do recon on specific assignments. And she could work from her residence in Philly. And she would be taking his place since he was retiring.

He added, maul over the offer, I will get back to you in 7 days.

Honey hung up and called Ava and said, let’s do lunch tomorrow.

Honey arrived at Ava’s.

Honey greeted her dog and said, Hi James! The dog didn't respond or look at her until Ava told her; you have to refer to him as (Mr.) James. Honey tried again, hi Mr. James; the dog started wagging his tail and approached her. She patted his head.

They then proceeded to catch up on episodes of “Power,” on Ava’s DVR although Honey preferred “Empire.”

After watching the shows, they went to the dog park; she noticed that Mr. James only played with well-groomed dogs, and when he wasn't playing, he sat on the sidelines with a regal posture. They left the dog park to go to a gourmet (dog food) store because Mr. James refused to eat store bought dog food. Honey asked Ava, did a royal give birth to this high-class dog? Was he born in Dubai? Ava started laughing.

Honey took this opportunity to ask Ava about Maestro.

Ava, you’ve always been a secret-keeper/confidant for espionage and security types, your instagram page is populated with fixers, politicians, perception managers and celebrities.

So I’m guessing you will know the answer to my next question.

I received a strange call yesterday from a man named Clem saying he represents Maestro. He says they want to offer me a job within the organization.

Do you know anything about this or is this a sting?

Ava replied, Honey, you’ve been in their crosshairs for awhile, they finally reached out. This isn’t a sting. You can proceed.

Later, the two women had dinner at Barclay Prime.

Six days later, Clem called again, and Honey accepted his offer.


A few months later, Porsche informed both Honey and Ava that she would be relocating to Los Angeles.

After Porsche relocated, Honey and Ava still heard from her, but rarely saw her.


Earlier, Honey West had assembled several drivers to take different routes to various cities to deliver drugs and weapons. Honey communicated with the drivers through play station which was untraceable, and she didn’t have to worry about an electronic ambush.

One driver (Tavares) loaded up a car trunk with cocaine and weapons. Honey had instructed him to make a delivery to Los Angeles. On the way, Tavares made an unscheduled stop and picked up a second man named Pope. Tavares was paying Pope to help with the drive.

Maestro and Honey were unaware of this and would have frowned upon it.

Pope got into the car, and they headed to Los Angeles.



Up until now, Pope had only committed two crimes in his life. He used to host a site on the darknet selling illicit bundles of fake Cuban cigars. He got unbranded cigars from the Dominican for $20; he then applied a facsimile of Cuban cigar bands to each cigar in a copy of a Cuban cigar box and sold the box for $250. He transferred the proceeds to an overseas bank account; this bank also accepted bitcoin payments. But after Silk Road got shut down, he disabled his account. And he once wore a latex spy mask (of a white man) to commit a liquor store robbery with a relative.

He was saving money to move his family out of the hood and provide for them on a grand scale. He once considered going straight and becoming a flight attendant for travel benefits but the lure of the streets was too strong.

Pope’s family lived near 3rd street in San Francisco; the neighborhood where he had grown up was getting rougher by the minute.

Whenever he was in San Francisco, he always got food from his favorite three spots: Frisco Fried, JJ’s Fish & Chicken and Queen’s Louisiana Po Boys on San Bruno Ave. Pope loved fried seafood.


On the road, Tavares and Pope were bumping to Lil Wayne, Kendrick, Desiigner, T.I. and smoking blunts until they arrived in Bakersfield at an all-night diner.

Tavares gets out of the car to stretch, his happy mood changes when he sees the black waitress (Renee) talking and laughing with a white guy at the counter.

Tavares tells Pope, will you look at that, she ain’t nothing but a sell-out!

Pope told him, man, why does that bother you? You only date white women.

Tavares said, it ain’t the same!

They went into the diner and ordered burgers, fries and sodas to go.

Tavares had an attitude with the waitress but she ignored him which infuriated him more.

They took their food to the car. After they finished eating, Tavares told Pope, look over there, our sell-out waitress is taking a cigarette break.

Without warning, he jumps out of the car, goes over to her and gets into a heated argument. Pope is shocked. He jumps out of the car, but not in time. Tavares suddenly strikes the waitress with a fury of punches and then drags her behind the building near a dumpster. He rips her clothes off. Pope tries to pull him off; Tavares starts shouting, get your hands off me! I’m handling my business.

He became too strong for Pope to contain, Pope was tossed aside, and Tavares started raping her, she started screaming (the jukebox inside drowned out her screams) he then started hitting and choking her.

After he finished, he pulled a gun on Pope and said, join in on the fun. Pope was terrified but complied after going in his back pocket and pulling out a pack of condoms.

After Pope finished, they left her for dead, jumped in the car and sped off.

After they pulled out of the lot, the waitress managed to get her cell phone out of her apron and call 911. She gave a description of Tavares and the car but passed out before she could tell them about (Pope). An ambulance arrived a few minutes later and rushed her to the nearest hospital.

Meanwhile, Tavares continued smoking blunts and listening to rap. Pope was quiet and somewhat disturbed by what had just happened, but Tavares interrupted his thoughts and said, you participated, you ain’t no better than me. Pope became outraged and said, you pulled a gun on me, what was I suppose to do?

A few minutes had passed when Pope asked him to pull to the side of the road so he could take a leak.

Pope got out on the passenger side and found some bushes behind a tree.

Just then, he heard sirens, kneeled down, and peeped over the shrubbery to see the cops pointing their guns at Tavares through the driver’s window and asking him to step out of the car.

Tavares was reluctant, but he raised his hands and got out of the car.

They asked him about the scent of weed on him and about a rape, he played dumb. When they asked him to pop the trunk he got nervous.

Without warning, he reached for a gun; they opened fire, killing him.

Pope was speechless.

The area was roped off as a crime scene, and when the trunk was popped, they found Maestro’s drugs and weapons.

Pope continued to lie still in the bushes, until the last police car left.

He walked the back roads (by following the compass on his cell phone) until he reached a bus station.

He took the first bus back to San Francisco.

Around the same time, the waitress (Renee) positively identified Tavares as her rapist and was relieved that he was dead but she told authorities there was a second man. They looked at each other in surprise and told her, when we caught Tavares, he was the only one in the car, maybe the medication is playing tricks on your mind and your rape kit revealed one DNA sample, we did a rush and it matched Tavares. She insisted that it was a second man who wore a condom, but they disregarded her information and closed the case.

Back in the bay area, Pope kept a very low profile; he even cut off his locs and became more clean cut. And he registered at a community college and excelled in political science.

Neither Maestro nor Honey could ever find out that Pope was in that car or he would be held responsible for the lost drugs valued at $500,000. He would be expected to pay the full amount. And he was from the same area as Maestro; he was all too familiar with his deadly reputation. And if Maestro knew he accompanied Tavares on that trip, it’s also a chance that he would dispatch his top killers Lang and Bishop to murder him.


Maestro (the quintessential man of mystery) awoke angry on his 120-acre private island in the Virgin Islands, a fortress nestled on a hilltop. You could only access this island by plane or boat and you were greeted by armed guards at the gate. The windows in the main house were fitted with ordnance-proof material.

Ordnance proof material is laced into thickened window glass for political limousines and for political mansions, where a membrane distorts your image portrayed to the outside world (to throw off potential assassins, law enforcement or stalkers).

You can be standing in the middle of your living room but the image projected through the glass has you seven inches to the right. Later, at another spot in the room, your image would be nearly a foot to the left.

It constantly changed so no one can draw a perfect bead on you.

It was also rumored that Maestro had a personal submarine on the premises, and he whisked around town in a single-seater Lamborghini Egoista (pictured above).The Lamborghini Egoista has a unique one-seat cockpit, which is similar to that of a modern fighter jet, . Maestro had quite a collection of single-seater sports cars. He cherished his Bac Mono (3rd pic). Only 29 were made and this car is marketed to the super rich. Like the Egoista, it’s ideal to take on vacation if you’re traveling by private jet or private yacht. Both cars are priced at $150,000 dollars.

Maestro lived with three women (Black, Latina, and Asian). He was a collector of beauty (like Prince Rogers Nelson). Whenever he took them to dinner, shopping or out of town, he always had a limo on standby.

He also collected Chopard watches and made personal calls from a “millionaire” cell phone which is activated by your fingerprint. This phone is on par with satellite phones.

Maestro was the recent member of an elite private aviation company where members have to be worth $2 million or more. With seating for 8 and onboard wi-fi, a full-service luxury concierge program is also available to members. Featuring: Access to sought after restaurants, sports events, concerts, clubs, and so much more. He used this aviation company to fly him to the “King of Diamonds,” in Miami and “Magic City,” in Atlanta. He didn’t make it rain, instead, he created a downpour of $100 dollar bills, so much so, that rappers and ballers couldn’t keep up.

At one time, Maestro was an international model chaser who traveled to Europe to wine and dine an array of beautiful models. He also attended modeling agency parties.

In Vegas, he was a known whale among the casino’s. Everything was comped, from the food, to the limo service to hotel accommodations. He also sat front row at Floyd Mayweather fights.

One evening, after a game of baccarat in a private casino parlor, his VIP hostess invited him and several other rich men to a private pool party featuring showgirls and lipstick lesbians.

The party was festive and Maestro got into an intense poker game. A hostess oversaw the poker game which was played on a poker table in the pool.

Back on the island, his mood hadn’t changed and he was still furious that his shipment was seized in Bakersfield.

On this particular morning, he went into his custom made kitchen and retrieved the Makaibari silver tip tea. Makaibari is the most expensive tea in the world once purchased by the Shah of Iran for $1,441.00 (kg) wholesale. This tea can only be purchased from a selling agent, and Maestro’s favorite brand wasn’t available to the public.

He sipped gingerly on the hot tea and thought about the legitimate business he wanted to launch. Maestro wanted to be the invisible owner of an sophisticated dinner club/sports bar that provided live entertainment of top artists. Concert footage would be streamed over the internet for a profit. Prior to Super Bowl Sunday, he would have an aide send out invitations to the 1%. They could reserve a steak or swordfish dinner, watch the Super Bowl on big screens and each table would be assigned a hostess (model). During halftime, an A-list artist would perform and mingle with the guests after the performance. When the men entered the establishment, they would be given a complimentary bottle of champagne and an expensive cigar.

The doorbell interrupted his thoughts, the butler, answered the door and returned to tell Maestro that the delivery man from the lobster farm had just delivered a shipment.

Maestro could not digest store bought lobster. Instead, he ate authentic lobster from Maine. Two years earlier, he had bought shares in a lobster farm. For $2,995.00, he leased his own lobster trap per season and whatever the lobster fisherman caught in the trap was shipped to Maestro. The first year, 40 lbs. of lobster was delivered to the island.

He decided to eat the lobster later in the week, right now, Maestro was in the mood for a good steak. He called and made a reservation at his favorite steakhouse. He liked Ruth’s Chris steakhouse, and he enjoyed Morton’s steakhouse, but he loved the Penthouse Club Steakhouse affiliated with Penthouse magazine. This gentleman club housed a five star steakhouse. When Maestro arrived at Penthouse, at the front desk, three attractive women greeted him. He then took an elevator to the second floor dining room, overlooking the main stage and club below. He sat in a booth, complete with curtains. The waiter was familiar with his order. Maestro would dine alone for the next hour.

After he returned home, he called and complained to Honey about his lost shipment, she tried to calm him down. When she got off work, he had her so stressed out that she called the triplets.

Clayton, Brayton, and Drayton were identical triplets who owned a concierge firm. Clayton handled sports, Brayton handled R&B; Drayton handled Rock, and their sister Hayton handled Pop. The triplets also had side hustles like selling HIV negative papers to HIV positive adult stars, selling fake ultrasounds and they referred video girls, escorts and strippers to a doctor who could tighten up their genitalia; similar to a virgin. The doctor gave the triplets a nice kickback for the referrals.

The triplets offered a platinum package to NFL and NBA sporting events where you could purchase authentic Super Bowl and championship rings with your court side or Skybox tickets.

They were also contemplating opening an elite payday loan company for former NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL stars with financial problems. The loans would carry interest rates between 18-24%. Legal loansharking.
The triplets also had ‘model type’ women deliver hardcopy tickets to business offices.

Honey purchased two front row tickets to see Bruno Mars.

She and her new boyfriend Nile attended the show.

After Nile left the next day, per Maestro’s instructions, Honey contacted the triplets again; she wanted to discuss meet and greets with top celebrities. This would allow her street soldiers to get backstage (in a variety of cities) to sling a variety of drugs to celebrities. Essentially, making the organization, drug dealers to the stars.

The triplets told her since she was a good customer, they would assign her Hayton to become her personal (meet and greet) concierge.

Before she left to run an errand, her cell rang, it was her friend (Sinclair) in Brazil, and she was ecstatic. She got her first big field mission and wanted to share the good news with Honey. Sinclair had completed her training in a wing suit (for human flight) and would fly into enemy countries and battlegrounds. Sinclair told Honey, when you get a chance, pull up the “Birdmen on 60 Minutes,” youtube video, it will explain more. Honey congratulated her and wished her good luck! When Honey returned home, she pulled up the video and was blown away. All she could say was, ‘wow!” Honey thought to herself, Spycraft has gone high-tech, just last week, she heard of a mission where the government had agreed to a prisoner trade with a foreign country. But unbeknownst to the foreign country, the government had holograms created of their two prisoners. The foreign government only became aware of this, after the US prisoners were exchanged safely.

Later, Honey had an uneasy feeling in her gut. She felt like she was being watched but when she looked out the windows she saw nothing but she decided to play it safe; because she never ignored her instincts.

A courier was due to pick up classified information within two hours. She cancelled the pickup and called a darknet company instead. After she supplied them with information, she took a glass of lemonade and decided to sit out in her backyard.

At the appointed time, a pigeon appeared on her picnic table. Honey opened the pouch around his neck and put the folded paper in the pouch and tied it shut.

The courier pigeon flew off to the intended destination to deliver the information.

30 minutes later, she got a confirmation that the job was complete.

Honey smiled, she knew that a courier pigeon would deliver, because you can’t stop and frisk a bird.

Nikki and Phelps were watching (from the van out back) through the binoculars as Honey went back into the house and closed the sliding door.

They wondered, what was that about?

Meanwhile, Honey didn’t worry about the authorities raiding her place and confiscating her computers because she had military grade encryption on all of her computers and this encryption couldn’t be broken, and the computers and thumb drives with the most damaging information were located in a secret safe room that could only be accessed by her.

The next day when she returned home from ‘Bristol Farms’ market with a loaf of French bread, cheese, wine and grapes, her suspicions were confirmed when she spotted a dark colored sedan parked a block away from her house.

Inside the car, Nikki and Phelps were still doing surveillance, Phelps said, look at her, strolling like a law abiding citizen. This woman has murdered damn near everyone in the world. When you see her coming, I guarantee, someone will end up dead before the first 24. Nikki laughed and said, don’t be too hard on her babe, I’m in the same profession, but I work on the right side of the law.

Suddenly, Phelps got an incoming call from G-Mac, he told Phelps, you and Nikki, drop the surveillance; I have a better way to nab Maestro. Fly back to Los Angeles and we’ll all meet up at Santa Monica Pier.

A few days later, Nikki and Phelps met G-Mac, Jacks, Lear and Dayna on Santa Monica Pier.

Over lunch, G-Mac said, I have a contact in South America who emailed me security footage of a high end hotel in Rio. On the footage is Honey West signing for a package at the front desk. Minutes earlier, the package was delivered by a known underworld courier.

Honey and Maestro use this courier service exclusively, which operates in every corner of the world. And they use the same courier. We will pinpoint his future deliveries. I already have my overseas contacts tracking his movements.

Maybe he can lead us to Maestro. Let’s just fall back and be patient.

They all nodded their heads in agreement.


Meanwhile, Maestro had calmed down and was relaxing and reminiscing about his childhood and how easy hustling was back then.

Maestro grew up in El Cerrito, CA. on the east bay side of San Francisco.

His biological name was Donny Freeman (he was named after Donny Hathaway) but since he resembled a slim downed version of Barry White, his nickname became Maestro and it stuck.

Even as a small boy, Maestro was different. He was quiet and liked to remain in the background. If family members were sitting near him on a couch, he would move to the other end of the couch. He never took photos, not even with his family and if a photo was taken with him in the background, it would go missing.

His first job was in a neighborhood market; he diligently saved his money.

As he got older, he liked to take the bus into San Francisco and explore the city.

One day, he visited “Playland,” near Ocean Beach where he rode the rides. He later arrived at Pier 39 where he purchased an entire crab off a street vendor, to consume later.

He was a loner by choice and was adept at minding his own business.

He also liked to go to Malibu Grand Prix Speedway and ride the go carts; he liked to whisk around the track at full speed. Later, he would go swimming at Hayward Plunge. Afterward, he would take the bus to Telegraph where he purchased music at Leopold’s Records not far from UC Berkeley.

In high school, he blended in and made sure not to stand out; he didn’t want to be memorable or be the big man on campus and he refused to take a photo for the high school year book.

He loved Martial Arts and would go to the Roxy and Lux Theaters in downtown Oakland and watch karate marathons. Several years earlier, he remembered patronizing the Roxy to see the premiere of “Superfly,” with his parents. All the hustlers were in attendance.

After watching Bruce Lee films, he would take a bus to Quik Way on Telegraph, for as little as $7, he could order half a fried chicken topped with homemade fries, a box of three shrimp and a triple cheeseburger.

Other weekends would be spent hanging out at Lake Merritt or Alameda Beach.

One weekend, Maestro took public transportation all the way to San Jose; he wanted to explore the San Jose flea market. He also liked to visit Big Sur, Santa Cruz, Great America and the Pleasanton Fair on July 4th.

And sometimes he chaperoned his younger sister to neighborhood house parties. These parties were usually given in the basement lit by a red or blue light. One of the most memorable parties was a waist line party, where the hostess would take a tape measure, put it around your waist, and whatever number it landed on, that’s how much you paid to enter. Good music, slow dancing, kool-aid, potato chips and spiked punch were always present at these parties. Everybody copied the latest dance moves from Soul Train and they also formed a Soul Train line. Sometimes you smelled marijuana in the air as the adults played dominoes and bid wiz upstairs.

The following weekend, he dropped his mother off at Eloise Style Center in downtown Oakland, normally his mom went to the Beauty College on Telegraph but she wanted to look extra good for his dad’s birthday dinner, she had booked an appointment with her favorite stylist Diamond. Maestro sat down and read a magazine while the ladies gossiped and laughed. They were interrupted by a man who came in selling catfish and red snapper dinners. Later that night, Maestro’s mom had a birthday party for his dad at Sweet Jimmy’s in Oakland, later they caught a Brian McKnight show at Club Echelon in Alameda.

One night, he snuck into the Lucky Lion club near the Oakland Airport on Hegenberger Road. He caught a glimpse of black godfather Frank Ward (The Mack was based on him) and Huey Newton. On another visit, he saw kingpins Felix Mitchell and Micky Moore along with every black pimp in Oakland surrounded by stables of women. The Lucky Lion was adjacent to the notorious and infamous Edgewater Hotel which was considered a sex hotel where anonymous strangers hooked up. This hotel also had its fair share of voyeurs.

A few weeks later, while Maestro was mowing the lawn, he caught a glimpse of Frank Ward in his customized Caddy that would later be used in the film “The Mack.” He waved, Frank said, ‘hey youngblood.’ Three beautiful women sat in the back seat. Maestro figured that Frank was headed to the stroll on MacArthur Blvd. to drop them off.

Frank had his women lined up for blocks, near Evergreen Baptist Church. Some of the women were made up to look like Tina Turner and Diana Ross.

After Frank dropped them off, he would go check on his men’s clothing boutique in downtown Oakland. And another crew of women were sent out to boost from high end department stores.

During this time, Frank was the King of the Black Underworld in Oakland until he and his bottom woman were ambushed and killed in his Rolls Royce right up the street from Maestro’s childhood home.

Maestro was shaken by his death and decided to concentrate on his studies.

He was only interested in one girl during high school (Tasha). The rest of the girls were too immature for him and their conversation wasn’t stimulating.

Tasha was a big Michael Jackson fan. So Maestro devised a scheme. He got in contact with a Michael Jackson impersonator who looked exactly like Michael. When Michael was booked to play the bay area, he had the impersonator fly out the same weekend; he then bought two tickets and rented a limo. He and the impersonator went to Tasha’s house. She almost fainted, thinking she was in the presence of the real Michael. The impersonator handed her two tickets to the show and she became speechless. And she took photos to show friends.

Later, the impersonator flew home, and Maestro and Tasha attended the show featuring the real Michael Jackson. She never became the wiser, and everyone wanted to be Maestro’s friend when he returned to school Monday.

He just kept to himself and continued to make good grades, and he eventually became bored with Tasha.

He would later graduate from El Cerrito High with a 4.0 GPA.

He celebrated by himself at Uppy’s nightclub on Jack London square, owned by former Oakland Raider Gene Upshaw. He later hit up Wine & Roses. This was the same club where former lead singer of the Spinners (Phillipe Wynne) died onstage of a massive heart attack. On this particular night, heavyweight boxer Ken Norton was in the company of two gorgeous African American female twins.

After graduation, Maestro surprised his cousin Ronnie, who had just moved to Berkeley from Vallejo; he wanted to take him to lunch at KC BBQ on San Pablo Ave. in Berkeley, made famous by Janet Jackson and the Weather Girls.

Ronnie met him, during the course of their meals; they spotted the singer Sylvester going into Fantasy Records across the street. Later, they recognized the group the Dramatics entering the building.

After they finished eating, Maestro got down to business. Ronnie, I heard you got a new car for graduation. Ronnie started smiling, yeah man, it’s my dream car, I’m thinking about joining a Mustang car club.

Maestro said I will pay you $10-$20 dollars to chauffeur me around. Ronnie said: Man, I could use the extra money, but I know you probably got enough to buy a good used car.

Maestro said that’s not what I want. I need a driver. I don’t want a pictured driver’s license following me throughout my life.

Ronnie looked at him long and hard; he knew he was different, even a bit strange, strangeness ran rampant on Maestro’s side of the family. An uncle got a stiff sentence the year before after he was convicted of putting a non-poisonous snake up a woman’s female genitalia as a form of torture. And one of Maestro’s female cousin’s (Toy) was a scandalous stripper who loved to set up men to be robbed. Her father Dan aka The Admiral did a stint in the military until he was paralyzed in combat. Despite being a paraplegic, he could still drive a car with the right riggings. Admiral was bitter and he taught his daughter how to manipulate and rob men accompanied by her brother Flukey.

One night, while she danced on the pole, Toy caught the eye of an Channing Tatum look-a-like named Brian. He wined and dined her for a few weeks but when his wife became pregnant, he wanted to end things. Toy couldn't take rejection and arranged for a sex tape of her and Brian to be delivered to the wife’s baby shower.

All hell broke loose and Toy went missing.

Regardless, Maestro was still family, and Ronnie couldn’t fault him for his Uncle our cousin’s behavior, so he decided to wrap up the conversation by saying, alright man, if my schedule permits, I’ll drive you around.

Maestro smiled, and Ronnie realized, this was the first time he ever saw Maestro smile.

Maestro changed the subject and asked Ronnie, you know this place didn’t only sell BBQ at one time, they used to sell southern style breakfasts. Homemade pork breakfast sausage, homemade biscuits, grits, and fresh squeezed juice. A lot of church groups used to come in here for breakfast, but they no longer sell breakfast. Ronnie said, too bad because I love breakfast food, sometimes I get out of the clubs at 6 a.m., instead of going to the 24 hour spots like Denny’s and Nations, a number of us convoy to Ole’s Waffle House in Alameda, they open at 7:00 a.m. but the lines start forming at 6:30 a.m. But none of these spots sell sweet potato grits. The first time I tried them was in North Carolina, and they were off the chain.

When they left KC BBQ, Ronnie remembered to pick up Johnnie Taylor tickets for his mother. Johnny was appearing at Ruthie’s Inn the following week. Both men went down the block, crossed the street, and arrived at the box office. After Ronnie purchased the tickets, Maestro told him, my mom’s spot is Esther’s Orbit Room in West Oakland. She still talks about Al Green winking at her during his performance.

A week later, Ronnie became Maestro’s personal driver, and they became close friends. So close, that Ronnie confided to Maestro that he was gay.

Maestro said, whatever man, we all human, doesn’t matter to me. Maestro even agreed to accompany him to his first gay club since Ronnie was his little cousin; he had developed a protective bond over him.

Whenever Ronnie drove Maestro into San Francisco, since Maestro’s mother worked at the Coast Guard on Treasure Island, she was given free toll books that contained removable tickets that you would give the toll taker on the bay bridge and you wouldn’t have to pay toll. Maestro and Ronnie used these tickets often.

That night, the men arrived at Studio West (The Studio 54 of the West Coast). Since they were younger than 21, they slipped the doorman Terry money, and he let them in.

They stepped into a wild circus.

The energy was turned up, professional dancers were on the ground floor, whereas street dancers were dancing upstairs on the balcony.

You had models, athletes, fashion designers, stockbrokers and celebrities gathered in one place.

It was a madhouse, but the patrons made it work.

The bathrooms were coed (men and women), and your bartender offered to provide any drug with your drink order.

Beautiful call girls worked the bar. But the alpha call girl received the majority of attention when she made her grand entrance. Her name was Scarlett; she was black, beautiful and wore tuxedo tails over fishnet stockings.

Maestro and Ronnie had never seen any club like this, they became weekend regulars and eventually purchased gold membership cards.

Maestro would become culturally gay but DIDN’T practice, and he never danced with men, he was always attracted to beautiful women and set his sights on Scarlett, while Ronnie was off trying to get the attention of a hot dancer with dyed eyebrows.

One weekend, Maestro stuck up a conversation with Scarlett, she was open about her profession and said she was simply on an annual weekend tour for club appearances at Studio West. She was paid in advance by the club to fly from Southern California to make an appearance each Saturday and fly back on Sunday. Monday through Friday she serviced rich clients in Marina del Rey.

Maestro booked her services the next day before she left to return to Southern California.

Maestro met her at a friend’s house near the Cliff House restaurant.

Scarlett satisfied Maestro in ways he never encountered.

After small talk, he paid her $1,000 and left.

When he saw her at the club the following weekend, he smiled and waved. He would have approached her but saw a potential client chatting her up at the bar. Although the club was basically gay, while others considered it mixed (gay and straight), the few heterosexual men in attendance gravitated towards Scarlett. And if the money was right, she was gay-for-pay with female customers.

On this particular night, Maestro yearned for a heterosexual atmosphere.

He left Ronnie at the club and took a cab to the Palladium down the street, a few hours later, he had another cab take him across the bridge to a black club named Silks in Emeryville.

This was a popular straight club, and Maestro was shocked to see gay men who patronized Studio West trying to pick up women.

He left there and went to “Dock of The Bay,” on the Berkeley Marina. The next weekend, Ronnie and Maestro changed it up and went to a black gay club named Different Strokes. The music was hot, and the dance floor was fiyah. They left before 1 a.m. and hit I-Beam where they caught a live performance. The following week, they decided to party at Trocadero Transfer. From there, they went to a black hole in the wall in the Eastbay called Bella Napoli. During the day, it operated as a pizza joint but by night, it turned into a black gay club. When singer Jermaine Stewart came to the bay area, this was his spot whereas actors Raymond St. Jacques and Howard Rollins preferred D.J.’s in San Francisco.

For Ronnie’s birthday, Maestro agreed to accompany him to the Russian River where some of his gay friends were renting a cabin for the weekend.

They went sailing and snorkeling and took a ride in a hot air balloon.

One of Ronnie’s friends tried to hit on Maestro; he backed off after Maestro stared him down. During the entire trip, Maestro refused to be photographed. And others noticed he was only social with Ronnie.

A month later, Ronnie and Maestro attended the Pride parade in San Francisco. Men flew in from all over the country, including married closeted men.

The clubs were packed, and Castro street was too crowded to walk on. Later, they ended up at “Hungry Hunter,” Where they devoured prime rib.

Maestro decided to take another break from the gay community. He flew to a strip club in Las Vegas where he had a club room on the premises.

Club rooms used to be reserved for headliners (strippers) as an added perk. These rooms are on the premises of (gentlemen clubs), and are very discreet-with a bouncer standing guard. The top headliners relax between shows in these rooms. They also get three (complimentary) meals a day and maid service.

Now Celebrities (and others who can afford it) are paying club owners to use these rooms for their illicit activities away from the prying eyes of the paparazzi.

They can do drugs discreetly, engage in sex with hookers or men and they can gamble with friends and no one would be the wiser.

The celebrity also has a wide range of strippers to select from.

A few celebrities have camped out in club rooms for weeks at a time indulging in their guilty pleasures.

After Maestro watched the shower stage show, he hooked up with a beautiful stripper and escorted her to his club room.

When Maestro returned home, he went to Ricky Sports bar in San Leandro and cheered on his favorite team.


The internet was in its infancy and Maestro, and Ronnie decided it was time to be rich, they were going to launch an X-rated site.

But before the launch, he and Ronnie went to a gay street party in West Hollywood (Boys Town). Afterward, they went to shop at “International Male.” Next, they hit Venice Beach and later went clubbing at “Rage,” and “Peanuts.”

Patrons at Peanuts were still talking about Tupac’s visit, a year before his death. According to his bodyguard Frank Alexander, Pac was restless one night and wanted to hit a club. He liked going to “Peanuts,” on Tuesdays, when “Michelle Triple X,” was performing. Primarily, it was a lesbian club that night. Pac arrived with a wad of cash. He cruised around the club, then went upstairs for a lap dance where he chatted with a few girls. At one point, despite being lesbians-women were flocking around him. Security had to intervene. Pac eventually closed the club down.

The next day, they went to the building that housed “Maverick’s Flat,” which was the hottest club on the planet a few years earlier and later that night, they ended up at “Club Paradise,” where Soul Train dancers shut down the dance floor

Ronnie made friends with one of the dancers and he and Maestro were invited to a taping of Soul Train the next day.

They arrived at the studio and a security guard checked their names off the guest list.

From there, they walked to where Soul Train was taped. They enjoyed the performances, ate a (KFC) lunch with the dancers and appeared on camera with two females dancers.

After taping, they tagged along to a party hosted by a Soul Train dancer.

When they returned to the bay area, they had breakfast at “Soul Brothers Kitchen,” in Oakland and later dined at “Carlos Murphy,” for dinner.

The next day, it was time to get down to business; the site was launched, and it generated enough money which allowed them to launch several other adult themed sites. Ronnie also launched an illegal gambling den in Oakland that housed a third rate recording studio and several small rooms reserved for gambling. He also installed illegal slot machines and an roulette wheel.

Before long, they were rolling in dough.

Then Maestro had an idea.

He went to Aquatic Park and the Steam Works bathhouse to recruit impressionable young gays for amateur gay adult films.

With the help of Ronnie, over a month, they were able to produce 3 amateur films.

Ronnie took care of the online marketing and within 4 weeks, they were generating even more money.

Without Ronnie’s knowledge, Maestro invested in a kilo of cocaine and later sold it on consignment for a 40% profit. Ronnie was also unaware of Maestro collection of black cinema memorabilia. He housed it in a safety deposit box. He had scripts that bore Lena Horne and Dorothy Dandridge’s authentic signatures as well as cancelled checks from Bill Bojangles Robinson and Cab Calloway.

Within two years, both men were millionaires and moved their parents into gated communities.

But Ronnie was also keeping a secret from Maestro. He had joined a sleeper cell for gay men.


When the famous guests arrive at the location, an attractive gay male host in a tuxedo, presents them with a lavish gift basket.

Their last function was titled: "Rubber Down-Rubber On," and was held in a rented estate that had a steam room on the premises, to give a gay bathhouse effect as men walk around seductively, with white towels wrapped around their waist.

The invited patrons were worth a combined total of $1 billion dollars.

Each bedroom had a tube of lubrication on the dresser as well as condoms.

Not only were highly paid male escorts and adult stars flown in via private jet but this party also included VIP (pre-op) Transsexual mistresses.

Some of the superstar men requested prior to sex, that the male or TV escort be blindfolded, to maintain discretion.

Trusted drug suppliers (usually Colombian) supply an assortment of drugs prior to the party.

Everyone involved, including celebrities and escort agency bookers have to sign a confidentiality contract.

Membership requirements: Annual membership fee is $100,000 dollars and you have to be worth $1 million dollars or more to join.


Maestro and Ronnie diversified to include an escort agency, and Maestro hired Scarlett to head it up.

Maestro even hooked up with a Russian on the darknet and invested in rare blue diamonds that were turning a profit. Through this same connection, Maestro got into illegal stem cell harvesting.

Meanwhile, Ronnie launched a hip-hop label to launder money. One afternoon, he got into a heated argument with an artist and was shot to death.

Maestro was devastated. Up until then, nobody had ever seen Maestro show emotion or cry. He broke down at Ronnie’s funeral.

Later, he put out a contract on Ronnie’s murderer. He was killed behind bars a week later.

In memory of Ronnie, he decided to close the rap label and get deeper into drug trafficking. Before long, he had an army of street soldiers and dope boys from city to city. He had a middle-man (Clem) to deal with the day to day. He liked to stay insulated and in the shadows. He was moving major weight and had direct contact with the largest cartel in Colombia.

When he communicated with his overseas contacts, he usually conducted business on his Ferrari or Lamborghini laptops which had phantom hard drives. A "Phantom Hard drive," is a secret hidden compartment kept on your hard drive that is not visible to the naked eye. Phantom hard drives are normally used by criminal organizations and mob accountants and you have to be tech savvy to create a hard drive of this magnitude. The sensitive data on these hard drives are encrypted and have to be deciphered by mathematicians.

He later hired Lauryn to launder his proceeds and she also used phantom hard drives.

Lauryn used a variety of methods to launder his money, including laundering it through fake crowd funding accounts on different sites. She also laundered a portion through underground banks that specialized in illicit activity. Unlike normal banks, no banking sign is out front, and you have to be buzzed in from the street (by appointment only). Once inside, you immediately notice, the bank has no pamphlets or deposit slips in sight. And no banking staff is present, only a receptionist who directs you to a row of glass-walled offices on the mezzanine. These illicit banks also have a wide array of safe deposit boxes in different sizes that house diamonds, art, currency, gold coins, discs and expensive jewels.

Lauryn also laundered money through numerous brokerage accounts. These banks are favored by cartels, sex trafficking organizations, Dubai prostitution rings, and smugglers, she was also connected to the Black Peso Exchange. Her records indicated that Maestro was on his way to becoming a billionaire.

If Maestro needed his money laundered quick, Lauryn offered a VIP (Invisible Broker) service for a higher fee: Lauryn would instruct him to buy expensive jewelry, art, watches, and collectibles. He would then contact a fence recommended by her, and the items are liquidated for quick cash within 24-48 hours.

Lauryn’s Invisible broker division also supplies transportation (private jet), passports and fake diplomatic credentials to get through customs; you can also smuggle money and drugs through customs without being searched. Diplomatic passports are typically issued only to diplomats and consuls on official state business. These passports are sold on the black market “for huge amounts of money,” and Lauryn had a bundle to sell. With one of these, it’s the ultimate disappearing tool.”

Lauryn also had a bi-lingual friend who worked in Room 39 in Korea, the most secret organization on earth. Very little is known about Room 39 due to the secretive nature surrounding the organization. But it is widely speculated that the organization uses 10 to 20 bank accounts in China and Switzerland for the purpose of counterfeiting, money laundering and other illicit transactions. It is also alleged that Room 39 is involved in drug smuggling and illicit weapon sales. The organization also has 120 foreign trade companies under its jurisdiction in Korea. Korea continues to deny taking part in any illegal activities.

Lauryn’s friend from Room 39 kept her abreast on new ways to launder large sums of money. She recently told Lauryn to consider offshore accounts in Seychelles.


Pope had nightmares for a few years after Tavares was murdered. They finally stopped, and he reverted back to his bad habits.

He excelled in political subjects at Laney College, and one of his teachers told him he should think about a career in politics.

At first, he was intimidated by the thought, but he eventually got used to it and liked the idea.

He was surprised when he won a seat on Oakland’s City Council.

Prior to his election, he made a lot of promises to get elected, but he never carried out any of those promises for the poor in the community. He told people what they wanted to hear to get their vote. He had no intention of being an honest politician. Instead, he came into office corrupt and was already known to take bribes. He enjoyed the power affiliated with politics.

Pope went to Emeryville during his lunch break for old times’ sake. Man, he missed Kimball’s East where he used to take girlfriends to listen to live old school concerts, and he missed his favorite rib joint Flints BBQ and Emma’s Chicken & Fish, which used to be located on the street behind Flint’s. He also missed Doug’s BBQ down the block. All these places were now closed.

But this was his old stomping ground, and he loved this stretch of Emeryville.

He and Tavares used to love to play double hand poker at the Oaks Card Club. Afterward, they would walk up to 1/3 Giant burgers to eat.

He also enjoyed Oakland and used to hang out at Marcus Bookstore when he wasn’t attending classes at Laney College, and he used to party at Geoffrey’s Inner Circle and loved their Sunday dinners and brunches.

Pope was jolted back to the present as he entered Scends soul food restaurant and ordered a fried oyster platter.

As he ate, he thought, after my term is up, I’m going to run for Congress and relocate to Washington, D.C.

While he waited on his seafood platter with red beans and rice, greens, yams, and cornbread, he decided to call his girlfriend Ashley; they agreed to spend the evening together. But first, he was going to pick her up so they could catch a late show at the Warfield featuring Rick Ross, Fetty Wrap, and J. Cole.

It was dark when Pope left the restaurant.

He was on top of the world and walked with a bounce in his step. His career was on point, and so was his love life.

The streets were pretty deserted because the Warriors were playing in the NBA Finals.

He had reached his car when someone came up behind him and stabbed him in the jugular with an ice pick, despite his shock, he immediately put his right hand over the wound to try and stop the blood flow; he then heard a woman’s voice scream, “Turn around!”

He slowly turned around and blood dripped from his neck to see an average looking black woman who had gained a little bit of weight since he last saw her, she was also unkempt.

It was Renee, the woman he had raped so long ago with Tavares.

He sunk to his knees with pleading eyes as he felt life leaving his body, all he could think of, he was so close to achieving greatness.

Renee stood over him and said you and your friend destroyed my life and my dreams. You ruined me! I still can’t bare for a man to touch me and I can no longer hold a job Mr. City Councilman. I barely get by.

I recognized your face and your voice from your campaign commercial when I was up here visiting my cousin last year. And I saved every penny I had to get back. I’ve been tracking you for the last few days.

Pope tried to speak but nothing came out.

Renee screamed, rot in hell!

With that, she turned around and walked away.

Pope took his last breath 1 minute later.

His murder garnered headlines, but the case still remains unsolved.

The businesses in the area didn’t have security cameras and no witnesses ever came forward.



Lear decided she wanted to be a fixer after reading Clark Clifford’s book: “Counsel To The President.” Clifford was an ultra-connected lawyer/presidential fixer kingpin who worked for the following Presidential administrations: Harry S. Truman, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan, Clifford also served as the United States Secretary of Defense under Lyndon B. Johnson. Clifford's fixer work made him wealthy, and he was considered one of Washington's "super-lawyers" due to his influential reach and his limitless connections. Clifford was renowned for his effortless charm, style, and discretion and his office overlooked the White House.

Lear’s fixer duties also included off market medications for celebrities and black market organs.

She also rented a residence in an isolated area which was ideal for illegal satellite perception. At this location, she could trace cell phones, triangulate locations and pull information out of the air via this illegal command center which featured an array of sophisticated computer equipment and illegal satellite equipment.

Lear also had the capability to enhance the credit of celebrities who were having financial problems. She wouldn’t erase the bad credit, instead, she would apply fraudulent purchases of million dollar mansions, property, and exotic cars to increase credit scores.

You needed a high tech key (priced at $500 each) to enter the property.

Once, a client came to her, who needed his business associate dead.

Lear called him in the office a week later and gave him a hunting jacket. Earlier, she had applied an odorless gel to the jacket that would attract bears.

The business associate loved to hunt, so she told the client to take the man on a hunting trip.

A week later, the target was killed when a bear came out of nowhere and attacked him.

The death was ruled an accident.

Jacks had met Lear a few years earlier; they became fast friends, they were two black women with high-ranking positions in the intelligence community.

Over time, Lear would become the quarterback of the spy crew that consisted of G-Mac, Nikki, Jacks, Dayna, and Phelps.


Lear was snuggled up with her boyfriend Perry Lawson; she had met him a year earlier at a leadership conference. She was impressed when he purchased a dinner/flight package on their first date. The package included a 3 course steak dinner and a after dinner scenic flight with their own pilot.

Perry came from a poor family in San Jose but he wanted more out of life. He planned to make straight A’s in high school so he could qualify for an academic scholarship since his parents couldn’t afford to send him to college.

He only applied to one school, Menlo College in Atherton, CA. He was ecstatic when he was accepted. He would be the first member of his family to attend and graduate from college.

This college is a rich enclave and the student body consists of Saudi Royals. The alumni include government ministers, bankers, and millionaires.

Perry studied hard and made important connections. When he graduated, due to his connections, he was offered a job at a leading investment firm making a seven figure annual salary.

Lear got out of bed and started monitoring a cyber case she was moonlighting on.

Lear and her team were trying to gather enough evidence to take down a ‘Damage Group,’ on the darknet.

Damage groups kidnap and torture kids who won’t be missed.

They set up cameras in soundproof torture rooms and upload video streams of tortured children to members, and they also take torture requests from subscribers. They then torture the children within an inch of their lives.

The majority of damage groups charge a large fee to watch their feeds.

Sadly, the demand is so great, servers have been known to crash.

After the feed ends, the site is immediately taken down.

This was making it hard for Lear and her team to capture these groups.

Lear shut off her computer in frustration, and started breakfast.

Before long, Perry had come up behind her and gave her a loving hug.

A few minutes later, she received an emergency call from her superior Mr. Bowden; his voice was filled with urgency.

It was essential that they apprehend Maestro right away because according to intelligence he was trying to purchase a weapon of mass destruction on the black market.

After Lear hung up, she thought, that’s weird, because a weapon of mass destruction didn’t fit Maestro’s MO.

Within that week, G-Mac got a tip from one of his sources telling him that the underworld courier was scheduled to make a large delivery to Maestro in the Virgin Islands; the source gave him the address. G-Mac contacted Lear, and she contacted her boss, Mr. Bowden.

Bowden instructed her to assemble. They would be on the next plane to the Virgin Islands, wheels up!

While they were in the air, Bowden would coordinate with local authorities and a special ops team.

When the team arrived in the Virgin Islands, they were immediately whisked to Maestro’s island.

A gunfight was in progress when they arrived. The authorities had killed nearly all of Maestro’s men, and they had just stormed the gate.

Lear and the team were taken aback when the commander told his men to torch the house.

When Lear asked him, but what if they’re people inside? He said not my problem lady, this is my jurisdiction, and I’ve been given orders.

And just like that, the home was torched.

A few days later, authorities were unable to find any bodies in the rubble.

But Lear’s boss didn’t seem to care that Maestro was on the run, he was content that the house was burned down.

Lear and her crew were confused and puzzled, even more so, when they were informed that the Maestro case was closed. All of their questions went unanswered.

Until Ava Miller contacted Lear, at the request of Honey.

Lear was familiar with Ava through various intelligence channels. She was considered an unofficial liaison between different agencies and her friends included a rolodex of domestic and overseas operatives. Everyone spoke highly of Ava. Ava informed Lear that she would be performing in her neck of the woods in a few days, and would like to request a meeting with the spy team when she was in town. Lear agreed to the meeting.



Nikki trained for two years in hand-to-hand combat and weapons. She worked for a variety of alphabet agencies, and she acted as a valentine operative on occasion until she met her husband Phelps, who was a former sweeper. A "Sweeper," is considered the most dangerous, mysterious and secretive covert position in the world.  As silent as a Ninja, more deadly than a top assassin with reflexes that match a martial arts blackbelt.  A Sweeper has three primary functions:  To kill silently and efficiently, to eliminate rogue assassins and to operate as a clean up specialist when covert operations go awry. 

Phelps was a security director for a black millionaire in Las Vegas when he crossed paths with Nikki and the team.

Lear didn’t stop until she recruited him, later, he and Nikki fell in love and later married


Lear had assigned Nikki and Phelps to keep an eye on a mysterious darknet ad. They were asked to track the movement of the ad on a daily basis.

Nikki logged on, entered the darknet and did a search on the ad; it was currently appearing on 10 darknet sites.

Phelps came and sat beside her and noticed awhile back that someone in the US had been repeatedly posting the same mysterious job ad in publications for more than a decade, and no one could figure out why.

The ad claims to be seeking a “research associate/personal assistant” to work for one of Wall Street’s “most successful entrepreneurs," for a starting salary of $US90-$110,000.

Unsurprisingly, the ad has attracted a fair share of attention and countless hopeful applicants over the years. The listing has appeared regularly in high-profile publications including the New York Review of Books and The New Republic magazine, as well as on websites such as Craigslist and, since at least 2004 and possibly earlier, undergoing only minor changes over the years.

People have submitted their resumes over the last ten years yet they never received a reply back.

Is this ad linked to terror, coded spy messages or a black market resume cartel?

No one has been able to trace the person who is posting this ad.

Nikki thought: Is this a ruse to gain certifiable data and personal information to use for identity theft and to obtain fake passports?

Are terror cells using the resume info for building false identities?

Is this ad being used to update sleeper agents with new contact details? In the UK, there was a story about a former M15 spy agent who used the classifieds to search for people. Spies have always posted messages in newspapers for drop box contact info.

Or is somebody fulfilling their snuff fantasies with this ad? Unbeknownst to the public, maybe the recipient contacted a person who submitted a resume, and a meeting was agreed upon. And the person was never seen or heard from again after being forced to appear in a snuff film where they were murdered on camera.

Or is a serial killer using this ploy to meet potential victims by gaining their personal information including their address on the resume?

The meaning of this ad may only be known to the recipient and sender. This may be one of several long running ads in multiple and unrelated publications for (long term deep cover operatives that Nikki and Phelps didn’t know about). Basically, it’s like a combination lock and all the ads together make up the combination. But without the other relevant ads, you'll never be able to uncover their mystery.

Nikki nor Phelps were no closer to solving this mystery. Nikki decided to log off.


Ava was booked to perform at a jazz cafe in Newport Beach. She called and invited Lear and the crew to the performance. They would have the meeting a day after her show.

The day of the show, Ava hung out with an old friend named Mignon Gomez. Mignon used to be linked to a Mexican cartel before he became an asset. His information led to the arrest of numerous cartel soldiers, after the trial, he and his family moved to the US and Ava helped with their relocation. While in Mexico, Mignon was a sicario. A sicario is a professional hitman with knowledge and skills in assassination, kidnapping, bombing and theft. The word mainly refers to drug cartel killers who have specific targets.

After relocating to the U.S., a newspaper article changed his life. He read that a growing number of special force veterans were veering off the traditional path of working for private security firms and law enforcement agencies, and instead heading into the tech industry.

Mignon applied this himself, the only difference; he launched a business in the intelligence industry instead of the tech industry.

He headed his own perception management firm.

Author, David Baldacci described the role of a perception manager best:

“Perception Management firms aka PM firms are very secretive and rarely advertise. There are only a few "pure" PM players.

They can bury any secret, despite the attempts of the press to ferret it out. They can allegedly enhance wars based on "certain" truths. And when people start poking around, their work is hidden and insulated under layers of facts, figures, and falsehoods that no one could ever reach them. Their work is basically untraceable, protected by electronic tunnels.

These firms are paid enormous amounts of money by celebrities, politicians, tech billionaires and corporate raiders.

PM operatives operate out of digitized war rooms with hundreds of computers, enormous databases and an Internet pipeline that rivals anything in Google.”

Ava and Mignon were platonic friends, and when Mignon was going through a rough patch in his marriage, he asked Ava’s opinion from a woman’s point of view.

Currently, Mignon was separated from his wife (Elizabeth), and Ava was trying to reunite them. Elizabeth was much younger than Mignon, they met when she worked as an money changer for a drug cartel.

Money changers work in Mexican neighborhoods where people exchange U.S. dollars for Mexican pesos. They charge 12-percent to convert the money and avoid money laundering laws.

Syndicates have found a way to get those dollars they make from drug users in the US back into Mexico and convert them into pesos.

In the past, whenever Ava needed information, related to her job, Mignon always came through via his perception management agency. Over the years, they had developed a close friendship, and he was always a gentleman.

Mignon took Ava sightseeing. They ate hot pretzels covered with crab and cheese as they strolled on Newport Beach. Ava treated herself to the spa while Mignon played a round of golf nearby and they charted a yacht and enjoyed a champagne brunch. Later, Ava watched Mignon surf, afterward, they went whale watching, and they finished the day hang gliding. Ava returned to the hotel exhausted.

That evening, Lear, G-Macs, Jacks, Phelps and Nikki sat in the front row of her show, afterward they met her backstage and congratulated her on a good show.

Ava asked them to go to the 5-star restaurant down the long where she had rented the private dining room in Lear’s name; she would arrive shortly.

When they arrived, they were escorted to a dining room where their food was already laid out.

They feasted on smoked duck breast salad, dry chili rubbed salmon and bleu mac and cheese.

Ava arrived in a purple metallic Lamborghini (courtesy of one of Mignon’s exotic car dealerships). She exited the car in a custom tailored dark chocolate Chanel suit, red bottoms, and a Hermes purse.

A few people recognized her from a billboard promoting her local show and approached her for autographs. She smiled and was gracious as she signed.

She entered the restaurant, went to the dining room and sat down.

After everyone finished eating, she said:

This is off the books; this meeting never happened, but it’s something you need to know.

‘All of you have been played!’ And you were used to track down Maestro.

You were fed wrong intel regarding Maestro. He never had a weapon of mass destruction.

For the past few years, Maestro has been working with a rogue scientist who developed a pill that would change the world.

Michael Crichton mentioned this same pill in “The Andromeda Strain.”

A top-secret U. S. government-funded medical research project discovered a single drug which would not only inhibit the reproduction of bacteria in the human body but actively kill all biological and viral pathogens known to science, without any serious repercussions to the human body.

Crichton was stating facts but was afraid to admit to it, which is why he hid his facts in a work of fiction.

This pill causes no more discomfort to the person than diarrhea, because it also kills the good bacteria in the intestines. It kills cancer within days, and it kills AIDS, diabetes, syphilis, hypertension, Herpes Simplexes I and II, Rabies Encephalitis, and every single disease of any kind ever known.

But the motive of greed wanted to stop this pill from hitting the open market at any cause; because it would cause every drug maker to be put out of business completely and forever.

Maestro housed boxes of these pills in the basement of his home on that private island.

That’s why his home was torched and destroyed.

The pills were burned to a pulp, but Maestro escaped and is alive and well, and he’s still operational in a country with no extradition.

Lear and her team were speechless as Ava continued.

Maestro is aware that he’s done a lot of bad in this world but the one time that he wanted to do good, everything went up in flames. Did your handler (Bowden) tell you that Maestro had got out of the drug game six months ago? He suddenly grew a conscious and wanted to stop blanketing neighborhoods with his poison. He also got out of the escort business. I’m guessing Bowden kept that from you to make him appear less human. I’m not saying he’s a saint because he’s not but he’s not as bad as he once was.

Did you know that Maestro and Honey were going to assign their street soldiers to go to urban and poor areas to give these pills out for free since African Americans suffer more from hypertension and diabetes, more than any other race?

Maestro had to be stopped! And the scientist who created these pills was murdered this morning, and his lab; including his notes were destroyed.

But guess what? Honey took a sample when the pills first arrived on the island, one sample contains two pills.

Ava went into her bag and produced the pills; she then separated them from the one package.

She looked up and told Jacks, as a good faith gesture, Honey asked me to give one of the pills to you Jacks, and the other pill to Dayna.

She then told Dayna, I know you’re referred to as the HIV assassin, if you want to be HIV negative, take this pill.

She then looked at Jacks.

Jacks, I know your mother is suffering from Cancer. She then pushed the second pill towards Jacks.

Jacks said I see you did your homework on my family and I vetted you as well, would you care to talk about your connection to Honey West who is directly connected to Maestro?

Ava said, with all due respect, no! I grew up with Honey; she’s my friend, and I’m loyal. I’m not here to discuss her.

With that, she stood up and said, I know both of you ladies will be reluctant in regards to these pills, and I don’t blame you, but remember, the pills are better than the alternative which can possibly lead to death.

She added, you know the Democratic Convention just started in Philly, my presence has been requested so I’ll be flying out tomorrow.

And I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your time.

After Ava departed, it took them a few minutes to digest all the information.

When they left the restaurant, it was drizzling.

G-Mac turned around and told the others, we were deceived; I can’t work with an organization that is deceitful. Those pills could have helped our people.

Jacks said, G-Mac, let’s quit, we’re still young, the kids are nearly grown. Let’s explore the world.

Lear chimed in, why don’t we open our own security firm instead? We have worldwide contacts. Nikki and Phelps glanced at each other.

Dayna asked: So what are we going to do? Retire or open up our own security firm?


Dayna instructed her doctor to do a new AIDS/blood test on her.

A few days later, she was called back into his office. He had a look of bewilderment on his face as he told her, it’s an absolute miracle, you no longer have AIDS. No traces were found in your body.

Meanwhile, a week later, Jacks accompanied her mother into the doctor’s office. The doctor turned to her mother and said your lab work and various tests show no trace of Cancer. Mrs. Jackson, the Cancer has left your body and I’m not speaking from a remission standpoint, this is something totally different. It’s completely gone. I’ve never seen anything like this before. Essentially, you are cured.





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