This is a work of fiction. Names characters, places and incidents are used fictiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales or persons, living or dead is purely coincidental.


Tiffany (Jacks) Jackson moved to North Compton with her mother.   Her father had died of heart disease.  She made friends with two neighborhood girls, Leticia (Lay-Lay) and Denise (Niecey).   They became inseparable.  Jacks was also close to her neighbor, Garrett (G-Mac) McDonald.

G-Mac had major gang affiliations, Jacks found herself attracted to him, he reminded her of the singer Tank.  When Jacks inquired about G-Mac, Lay-Lay told her, G-Mac is a highly respected OG, a dedicated street soldier.  He also takes good care of his moms, before you moved here, his sister died of leukemia, she was real big on women's issues, she made G-Mac promise, never to emotionally or physically abuse a woman and to never have kids out of wedlock.  G-Mac is known to tap some ass and many women have tried to put him on lock-down but he is not serious with anyone right now.  He likes to tousle with his pit bulls, lift weights, listen to Pac and Big and he has an extensive gun collection.   He can put them together and take them apart.  Jacks was fascinated.

Over the next few months, Jacks tried to step to G-Mac, he gently brushed her aside saying she reminded him too much of his sister. Over time, he became very protective, always cock-blocking.   His rough neck thug appeal turned her on, she loved to watch him mow the lawn in his wife-beater top, with his bulging muscles and firm fitting jeans.  He was a sight to behold.

Jacks blossomed into a beautiful young woman, she was considered a ghetto superstar with her long flowing hair, hazel eyes, perfect figure and deep dimples, she had an Aalyiah flare.   She was quiet and shy and naturally intelligent.  She made straight A's in school and excelled in math and science.  She studied long and hard throughout the night as gunfire echoed in the background.  Her dream was to attend college.  She would be the first one in her family to do so.  Girls were always hatin on Jacks because of her looks and smarts.   A few girls tried to jump her, Lay-Lay and Niecey came through, the haters received a serious beat-down.

Many thugs tried to step to Jacks, G-Mac kept them at bay, the word was out, Jacks was officially off-limits.  Jacks, Lay-Lay and Niecey all had after school jobs in the same vicinity.  They often got together for a late lunch.  Lay- Lay was notorious for trying to put her mack down on the finest thugs, her exploits had Jacks and Niecey rolling with laughter.  She was loud and boisterous, the life of the party, the center of attention.

One day, they decided to go to the mall to have lunch.   They ran into the neighborhood militant, Calvin.  He spoke black rhetoric, wore Malcolm X T-shirts and slept with white women.  Calvin and his new blonde encountered Lay-Lay.  Lay-Lay said loudly, look at Calvin and his new 'becky', I hate brothas who talk black and sleep white, a happy nigga gone mad, a victim of white woman kryptonite.  The girls burst out laughing.   The blonde sighed and said, 'black woman drama at it's best."  Lay-Lay became incensed and replied, what about white woman drama?  Ya'll ain't nothing but walking ATM's for brothas, I bet you bought all the clothes in those bags.  Calvin grabbed his blonde by the hand and rushed passed Lay-Lay.   Lay-Lay yelled out, hey, I ain't hatin, just statin. The girls fell out laughing, Lay-Lay said, that happy negro must have her whipped, that white girl just about lost her mind tryin to clown a sista in the hood, she suffering from Mandingo syndrome. 

Next stop, the pizza parlor. Lay-Lay was checking out the new pizza guy, when he brought over the order, Lay-Lay said, when is it gonna be me and you?  He started blushing and introduced himself as Norton.  After the girls finished lunch, Norton stopped by the table and asked Lay-Lay for her digits.  They went on their first date the following night. 

The following week, G-Mac informed the girls that he would be street racing his souped up Mustang, he wanted the girls to come and cheer him on.  They all loaded into G-Mac's whip, on the way, they picked up one of his homeboys, Ronnie B. Lay-Lay asked G-Mac, what you bumping in your trunk, I know you got mad bass in this whip?   G-Mac replied, Pac and Big, them niggas was legends. Jacks spoke up, don't forget about my girl Aalyiah, she was classy with a mystique. Niecey chimed in, what about Left Eye, she was down with her shit.  Ronnie B interrupted, ya'll forgetting the baddest cat of all, Jam Master Jay was on top of his shit, a true innovator.  Lay-Lay interrupted, may they all RIP but G-Mac, you gotta play my Queen Bee. G-Mac rolled his eyes and said, Lay-Lay, that shit is seven years old, at least update to her latest joint.  Lay-Lay stood her ground, nigga play my shit.  G-Mac put in Lil Kim's Hardcore, he fast forwarded to Lay-Lay's anthem, "No Time."  She told everyone to shut up when her favorite verse came up "You Can't Stop A Bitch From Ballin."

They arrived at the races. G-Mac stayed in the car while the girls and Ronnie B piled out.  Ronnie B drifted into the crowd while the girls watched the sideshows.

G-Mac's turn came, the flag came down.  He came from behind and won. He was ecstatic, girls came out of the woodwork to hug him and congratulate him.   Jacks seethed in the background.  Two tore up thugs approached the girls. One of them stepped to Jacks. Damn you fine, you wanna be my main hoe?   My down bitch? Baby, you need a man like me, I can set you up with a new whip, pay the rent on a new crib.  My name is Bruno.  Jacks tried to walk away, he blocked her path, before he knew it, G-Mac was all over him, pistol whipping him and stomping him.  Ronnie B got in a few kicks as well.  G-Mac and Ronnie B gathered the girls, they all hopped into the whip and took off.  A car appeared out of nowhere, shots rang out.  The girls ducked.  Ronnie B took out his glock and returned fire.  G-Mac managed to lose the car.  No one was hurt.  The girls were dropped off.  G-Mac and Ronnie B went into the house.

Jacks was looking out of her bedroom window when they emerged.  They loaded a cache of weapons in the trunk and took off.  The next morning, headlines read: Gang Banger Bruno Willis, ambushed and killed last night.  No suspects in custody.  Later that day, Jacks, G-Mac, Norton, Niecey and Lay-Lay would attend a picnic given by Big Bear, a 300 pounder with a eating disorder.  The picnic was at the local park.  The music was blaring when they arrived.  Thugs were glossing in their Lexus's, Mercs and Beamers. Big Bear was leering at Jacks between bites of bbq, he stopped when G-Mac glared at him.  The crew was having a great time until Diane and Gina arrived.  These around the way girls had a serious hate for Jacks and they brought a bad vibe to the picnic.   Lay-Lay and Niecey removed their earrings in case they had to do a beatdown.   The mood was interrupted by driveby gunfire.  G-Mac jumped on top of Jacks while Lay-Lay, Niecey and Norton ducked under the picnic tables.  When the gunfire ceased, everyone ran to their whips and burned rubber.  Later that day, the girls went shopping for new outfits.  They were going to a party later that evening given by a banger named Taurus.  He was under house arrest with an electronic device attached to his ankle.  Lay-Lay and Norton pulled up in the Cutlass, Jacks and Niecey jumped in the backseat.  When they arrived at the party, Jacks was jocked as soon as she stepped through the door.

Diane and Gina were already there.   They glared at Jacks.  Diane whispered to Gina.  That bitch Jacks thinks she's hot in those leather pants, I can't stand that bitch, thinking she cute and thangs.  My nigga busted a nut the other nite and called out Jacks.  Ain't that some shit.  Too many brothas got her on they mind and G-Mac got thugs too scared to approach her.  He ain't said nuthing about a sista approaching her.  He say that bitch remind him of his sister, when I get through, she gonna remind him of Frankenstein.  Time to take her out.  They both laughed and gave each other high fives.

Lay-Lay observed the exchange.   She also noticed Diane and Gina openly pointing at Jacks.  Lay-Lay's instincts kicked in. Something didn't seem right with them two skanks tonite.  She would have to keep a eye on them.  Lay-Lay clutched her purse and motioned for Norton to hit the dance floor with her.  Lay-Lay and Norton did a slow roll to every song until they played some Lil Kim. Lay-Lay pushed Norton aside and motioned for her girls to hit the floor.  Let's do the damn thing.   Lay-Lay noticed out of the corner of her eye when Diane opened her purse, she saw the reflection of a blade.  Lay-Lay whispered to Niecey, they left the dance floor. She gave the keys to Norton, bring the car around daddy.  Niecey and Jacks followed Lay-Lay into the room to get their coats.

Diane and Gina followed discreetly. Diane moved fast and pounced on Jacks from behind.  She was trying to cut Jacks in the face with a knife and Jacks was fighting her off.  Just then, Lay-Lay went around Jacks and came up behind Diane.  Diane felt the cold barrel of a gun on her neck.  Niecey pointed a gun at Gina and dared her to move.  Lay-Lay said, drop the blade Diane.  The blade fell to the floor, Lay-Lay moved to the front to face her.   Listen up, if you skanks ever try to step to anyone in my crew again, I will fuckin kill you, now get the fuck outta my face!  Diane and Gina left the room quickly.  Lay-Lay looked at Jacks, you aiight babygirl, Jacks nodded her head, she turned to Niecey, good lookin out.  Me and Niecey don't go anywhere unless we strapped.  Shit, mama was a bad bitch tonite, I saw Clint Eastwood do that shit in a movie, mama on fire tonite!

Over the next few months, Jacks and Lay-Lay didn't see much of Niecey after she hooked up with a small time crack dealer named Chad. He had baby mama drama all over Compton.  When they did run into Niecey, she had a black eye and looked stressed out. Nine months later she gave birth to a son, Chad, Jr.  Her mother had to take responsibility of Chad, Jr. after Niecey got hooked on crack.  She would take the fall for Chad in a drug bust, she was sentenced to 12 years.  Chad would skip town.

One fall evening, Lay-Lay was braiding Jacks hair and watching BET videos.  When Ginuwine came on, Lay-Lay just about lost her mind, she told Jacks, that pretty nigga gonna be mine one day, you mark my words.  Jacks laughed and took the opportunity to confide in Lay-Lay about school.  With graduation coming up, if I maintain my 4.0, I can qualify for a full academic scholarship.  With Affirmative Action being abolished, a 4.0 is the alternative to Affirmative Action, you have to be determined and put in the effort and the academic scholarship will pick up all of your college expenses.  Lay-Lay encouraged her, that's what a 4.0 will do babygirl, I am so proud of you.  You are a diamond in the rough, get out of this jungle, education is the key, make something out of yourself, don't let no thug distract you, give you a regular beat-down, tie you down with kids, don't be like Niecey and take the fall for a nigga. Handle your business babygirl!  You smart, fine and classy, you gotta stay focused and accomplish your dreams, you the only girl I know who can go from thug to classy at the drop of a dime, you a bad bitch! 

Jacks asked Lay-Lay, how you and Norton doing?  Lay-Lay gave a big smile, Norton laid it on mama last night, he likes his women big and bossy.  He enrolled for night classes at the community college, he's gonna make mama a rich respectable bitch one day.  If me and him ever go half on a baby, I want you to be the god-mother.  Jacks was flattered.  Jacks obtained her goal and graduated with honors, she received a full four year academic scholarship to UCLA.  Her mother was ecstatic and planned a big party.

The party was in full swing, everyone was having a good time. The music was slamming and the food was good. Everyone congratulated Jacks.  Lay-Lay signaled her from across the room.  Come get at your girl, I need to talk to you.  I see how you and G-Mac look at each other.  Him treating you like a little sister is cute but the shit ain't cute when a motherfucka is fine, let a playa know how you feel, Jacks agreed.  Jacks asked Lay-Lay, where is Norton?  Lay-Lay said, my boo is sick, he has the flu, he told me to tell you congratulations.  G-Mac arrived an hour later, Jacks could not corner him as he circulated the party.  It was so hot indoors that Jacks and Lay-Lay decided to get some fresh air outside, they went and sat on the porch.

They observed brothas walking their rottweilers, thugs glossing in their whips and sistas selling gear.  Just another day in the hood.

Across town, rapper Key-Low was putting the finishing touches on his debut CD.  The fragrance of weed was in the air, wine was stowed all over the studio. Key-Low and his crew were also taking ecstasy, smoking blunts and drinking 40's.  They finally stumbled out of the studio, the sunlight temporarily blinded them, they all climbed into a SUV.  The driver took a wrong turn, they ended up in North Compton.  They were about to do a U-Turn until Key-Low saw two hotties sitting on a porch.   One was overweight and the other one was fine as hell, he told the driver to pull up.

Jacks and Lay-Lay saw the SUV creep towards them. The window came down, Key-Low pointed at Jacks, bring your fine ass over here and holla at a nigga!  Lay-Lay stood up and flashed.  Listen up mothafucka, you don't come in our hood dissing us, you better slow your flow and recognize, you gets no love over here, bounce.  Key-Low's boys started cracking up, this made Key-Low mad, listen up you fat ass bitch, was a brotha talking to you?  Do you know who I am?  My name is Key-Low, never forget that name, I'm gonna blow up and be a big time rapper, see my bling-bling, now send that fine bitch over here now!  Lay-Lay whispered to Jacks, I got this but go get G-Mac in case I need backup.  As Jacks entered the house, she could hear the argument raging outside, Lay-Lay was quite boisterous and Jacks laughed when Lay-Lay said, listen up scrub, your thing probably too little to work anyones middle. Lay-Lay loved quoting Lil Kim lyrics, made her feel real important. 

Key-Low's boys fell out laughing, man she clowning you.  Key-Low flashed, just remember, you riding my tails, catching my vapors.   Suddenly, without warning, Key-Low pulled out his 9, pointed it at Lay-Lay and shot her twice, he spat out the window, take that bitch!  Jacks and G-Mac ran out of the house when they heard gunfire.  G-Mac fired at the SUV as it sped away.  Jacks started screaming at the sight of Lay-Lay sprawled out on the sidewalk covered in blood.  She rushed to her and tried to revive her.  It was useless.  She cradled her head and talked to her soothingly.   After a few minutes she realized that Lay-Lay was dead.

She started screaming uncontrollably.   G-Mac and her mother tried to console her.  Slowly, she regained her composure.  She continued holding Lay-Lay, rocking her back and forth until the ambulance arrived, she was covered in her blood, the paramedics had to pry her away from Lay-Lay.  Jacks would never forget the name or the face of the killer.  She told G-Mac, he called himself Key-Low.  G-Mac nodded, I'm on it babygirl.

Jacks cried throughout the night.  She looked out the window when she heard G-Mac's voice.  She watched him and his boys load weapons in the trunk.   After he left, she realized, she never got to tell him how she felt.  It would have to wait.

G-Mac would never make it to his destination. He was pulled over for a broken tail light. The cops found the weapons in the trunk. G-Mac was sentenced to ten years, his homeboys got five years apiece.  Lay-Lay would be buried and laid to rest.  Norton was devastated, he was inconsolable.  No witnesses came forward.  The police would classify the murder as gang related and the investigation would stall. 


Key-Low's CD was released to critical acclaim. The CD would go triple platinum.  Jacks would start her freshman year at UCLA.  She excelled in her studies and her math and science skills didn't go unnoticed.


Just before graduation, she was approached by a representative from the CIA.  The agency was interested in recruiting her in the capacity of a mathematician, one of the most sought after positions in intelligence.  Jacks passed all of her background checks and she was granted low-level security clearance.  She adjusted quite well to her new position.  She gained experience in code breaking and logistics.   She was an rising star in the intelligence community and she made important contacts throughout the world.  Over the next year, she moved her mother out of Compton and into a condo and she purchased a BMW.  On the weekends, Jacks visited her mother, she also went to Lay-Lay's gravesite and she would visit G-Mac in prison.  She always put money on his commissary account and she gifted him with necessities.  G-Mac always looked after her, now it was time to look after him.

The first time she visited Niecey in prison, Niecey was very rude and unfriendly.  She was also gaunt with rotten teeth.  She told Jacks to fuck off, don't come back!  Jacks was hurt but continued putting money on her commissary account.  Shortly after her visit, she got word that Niecey was killed in prison.   She was devastated, what was happening?  First Lay-Lay and now Niecey. 

Jacks and her mother attended Niecey's funeral.  Chad, Jr. broke away from his grandmother and ran towards his Aunt Jacks, she scooped him up and held him close. 

Jacks had kept tabs on Key-Low, but her work was so consuming that she had lost track of him.  One afternoon, the past came back to haunt her.  She was listening to her favorite hip-hop station, an on-air personality was interviewing Key-Low, the hottest rapper in the country.  Jacks was preparing to turn the dial until she heard the lyrics of his new song, "I Capped A Bitch" ...the bitch wasn't shit, talked about my dick, in front of my clique, I capped a bitch.....

The following week, Key-Low attended a CD listening party in his honor.   A hush fell over the crowd as a stunning black woman in a leather mini made her entrance.  She was new to the scene and seemed oblivious to the male attention.  Key-Low peeped her and sent one of his boys to bring her back to the table.  Key-Low spent the evening talking to her, they left the club together.  They arrived at his penthouse.  When Key-Low closed the door, he was all over her, she responded to his advances, he became aroused. They proceeded to disrobe, she groped him and whispered "your thing may be little to work my middle."

A cloud came over his face, he punched her hard in the face, she fell to the floor clutching her purse.  He stood over her, you fucking bitch!  I capped a bitch for saying that type of shit, he grabbed her by the roots of her hair and threw her against the side of the wall, face first.  She slid down the wall, he screamed, bitch, I am going to rape you, real hard and painful, you will never forget tonight, you can tell your hoodrat friends that you got fucked by Key-Low.

He advanced towards her as she backed towards her purse, she reached behind and slowly pulled out a gun, a silencer was attached.  Key-Low stopped in her tracks as she slowly stood up.  She said, I have been hired to kill you, Key-Low looked puzzled.  The girl you mentioned about capping, I assume she is the girl from Compton that you killed four years ago.  Key-Low said, fuck that bitch, that trick got what she deserved, she ignored his comments and continued, she has important friends in high places, this will be a pleasure kill!  She raised the gun and fired once, Key-Low fell to the floor struggling for air, she stood over him and said "when you get to Hell, tell Satan that a bitch sent you."  She fired two more shots, Key-Low died with a look of shock on his face.

*Nikki Campbell took out her cell phone and called a cleaner to get rid of the evidence and to plant drugs, it was important to make the crime scene look like a drug deal gone bad.  Nikki made a second call, Jacks answered, Nikki said one word, "endgame."

The morning headlines read: Rap Superstar Key-Low found murdered in his penthouse.  Drugs found on premises.   No suspects in custody.


Jacks would be instrumental in getting G-Mac out of prison and she would have his prison record expunged.  Jacks also got him a job as a weapons specialist with a government agency.  Jacks and G-Mac would eventually marry and have three kids, the two girls would be named after Niecey and Lay-Lay and the boy would be named after G-Mac.  Chad, Jr's grandmother would succumb to Cancer and Chad, Sr. would be killed in a botched robbery attempt.  G-Mac and Jacks would adopt Chad, Jr.

After attending a Community College for two years, Norton decided to transfer to a State University, he majored in business.  Norton owns two pizzeria's, part of a franchise.  He dates occasionally but he never got over Lay-Lay.  He keeps a photo of her in his wallet.  Norton read about Key-Low's murder, he smiled as he put the paper down and muttered one word under his breath....Jacks.

Jacks visited Lay-Lay's grave shortly after Key-Low's murder, she placed flowers on the headstone.  As tears rolled down her face, she said: "It took me some time but I took care of it, Compton style with a twist.  You died protecting me, I will never forget that, you will always remain in my heart, you were a true friend.  I took your advice and told G-Mac how I felt, he felt the same way." 

Before I forget, you were right about something else,  "YOU REALLY CAN'T STOP A BITCH FROM BALLIN."

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