*This story is a work of fiction, any resemblance to people or locales is purely coincidental.  The moniker "White Ice," used in this story is not to be confused with "real life" rappers who have used-or are using this moniker or a similar moniker because this "fictional" work isn't based on real life characters.

Ross Spencer was a white kid who lived in the suburbs with his father, his mother had died a year earlier, he loved hip-hop and Eminem was his hero.

The alarm clock awoke Ross, he put on his Miami Dolphins jersey, turned his cap backwards, adjusted his sagging jeans and put on his bling-bling. He got out his skateboard, put his Eminem CD in his disc player, put his earphones over his ears and made the trek to school.

On his way, he ran into a ex-con named Jimmy, Ross asked him, man, where can I score some steroids?  I’m trying out for the football team today and I need a edge on the black players, Jimmy told him, I can score some for you, meet me across the street from your school at noon.

When Ross got to school, a couple of black kids called him a wigger and asked him, man, why you trying to steal our culture?  And why you always wearing the jerseys of white football players? Ross ignored them.

Ross sat down in his history class, he couldn’t concentrate with Peyton Mathis sitting next to him, Peyton was the prettiest blonde in school.

Ross scored his steroids, ingested them and went to the football trials.  He was competing for starting quarterback, despite the steroids, Ross finished fourth on the depth chart, a black kid named Andy won the top spot.

He became even more upset when Andy started dating Peyton.  The following week, Peyton found a note in her locker, it read “N---- Lover.”

Ross was chilling with his best friend Leo, fuck sports, I’m going to concentrate on rap, Leo said, its about time, you got skills, glad you finally came around, with my writing skills and your rap skills, we can go straight to the top.

Just then, Andy and Peyton walked by. Ross told Leo, can you believe that shit, why she want his black ass?

Leo said, man, let it go, I live with a black foster family, if it wasn’t for them, my white ass would be homeless.  Cool it with that racial shit.  Sometimes, I just don’t understand you, you dress like blacks, talk like blacks, I wonder if you really like them, Ross didn’t respond.

Ross started entering talent shows, Leo worked the turntable and wrote the lyrics, Ross’s rap skills became the talk of Miami.  He often free styled with unsigned acts.  He wanted the recognition of Trick Daddy and Trina.

Ross and Leo became friendly with the local black rappers, they began hanging out, swapping lyrics and creating beats.

That weekend, Ross and Leo scored fake ID’s and went to South Beach, first stop, Club Liquid, second stop Bash, third stop, Chaos. They partied the night away, flirted with the honeys, dranked 40’s and smoked chronic.

Ross had a massive hangover the following day. Leo came over, man get up, I booked a club in Miami, you have a showcase tonight, a few agents will be there. Ross told Leo, I been working on a new name, I think I’m going to start calling myself “White Ice,” Leo said, hey, I like that, it has a ring to it.

“White Ice” rocked the house, the crowd was swaying and “White Ice” did three encores.

Backstage, Ross was approached by an agent, they made a appointment for the following day, he couldn’t wait to tell his father.

Ross’s father was not impressed, he thought rap was for losers, what a waste of time and effort, he wanted Ross to become a attorney like him, Ross ignored him, ok, I give up, just do me one favor, accompany me to this agent’s office and look over the contracts, his father reluctantly agreed.

Ross, Leo and his father arrived at the agent’s office, the agent presented his spiel, Ross’s father asked numerous questions, contracts were presented, Ross said, have the contracts revised to include my friend Leo as the songwriter, after the contract was revised, Ross’s father took out a pen and made changes in several places, both parties signed.

The agent called a record company representative from a major rap label, the rep had seen a tape of “White Ice” and was eager to sign him.

When all was done, they shook hands and popped a bottle of champagne, Ross had a record deal, he and Leo high-fived. His father looked on unamused.

Ross crammed studio time into his busy school schedule, after he graduated, he was able to focus on his debut CD.  Leo was signed to do half of the CD, the record company brought in Tyler to finish up the production, this way Ross would be fully accepted in the black community, a black hip-hop producer would add credibility to his record.

The CD was finally finished, it was titled “Introducing White Ice,” it was released a few months later and flew up the charts.  It occupied the number one spot for 3 months, “White Ice” was booked solid for the next year, he made appearances on MTV, BET, and VH-1.

Ross made three videos for the CD, they all featured black and white dancers and black and white video models at the request of the record company, they wanted Ross to appeal to both races.  He eagerly agreed and realized, to launch his career in hip-hop and to be taken seriously, he had to appeal to blacks.

Ross won two Grammy’s, for best rap album and best new artist.  He was Miami royalty, in the same category as Jennifer Lopez, Enrique Iglesias and Gloria Estefan.

His father was dumbfounded, his son made more in one year than he made in three years.

Ross hired his father to look after his business affairs.  His father was made partner after he brought his son’s business to the law firm.

Ross bought a Porsche and a speedboat, he also moved into a beachfront mansion.

The record company created a fake biography on Ross to increase his street credibility, he was the only white kid who ran with a black gang in Miami, he got into a knife fight with another gang member and he had been shot at in a driveby attempt.

Ross became cocky and arrogant, him and Leo were working on lyrics when they got into a heated discussion.  Leo asked him, man, you are on top of the world and you have a black fan base, Ross said, whatever, Leo said, what do you mean, be grateful that blacks have accepted you and given you a pass, Ross said, fuck blacks, hell, a lot of white artists started out working with blacks, they ‘use them and lose them.’ I will admit, Whites have stolen from blacks, Elvis stole from blacks and made millions.

Ross took a swig of champagne and continued, Blacks are so eager to give us their culture, so eager to be working with us so they can crossover, how the fuck can we take them seriously. I am not saying Justin is racist but he copied every dance move Michael Jackson has ever done and now he is copying Usher, he is a Michael Jackson impersonator, no originality whatsoever, he was accepted by the black community, given a pass, yet he hung Janet out to dry when the shit hit the fan at the Superbowl.  From a friendship perspective, that was fucked up, I would not have done that to a friend.  Then you have Britney Spears, I’m not saying Spears is racist, but she jacked Janet Jackson’s dance moves yet she claims Madonna is her idol.

From an artist perspective, I will admit, Michael Jackson has sold over 100 million albums, dominated the Pop charts, he deserves the "King Of Pop" title but the white media is calling Justin the new King Of Pop and he is 93 million behind Michael in sales, I admit, it doesn’t make sense.  It will be interesting to see if blacks continue to support Justin.

Eminem says derogatory things about black women yet the video for his group goes to number #1 on BET, a network that caters to blacks.  Blacks are too damn forgiving, and then you have R. Kelly receiving a standing ovation at an black awards show after a sex video surfaces.  That’s why no one takes blacks seriously, they are a fucking joke, you can insult them, call them racial slurs and they will still support you and work with you.

The next day, Ross and Leo were barely on speaking terms but they managed to do a show together without friction.  The next day, they had a meeting with record company personnel.   Ross was told, you have a upcoming appearance on a black video show, to keep your crossover appeal strong, make the statement “I have a thing for black girls, I find them super sexy.”  Ross laughed and said, ok, sure.

“White Ice” arrived at the network and had to be escorted through the crowd, the crowd chanted, White Ice, White Ice, White Ice.

Midway through the interview, White Ice said, I have a confession to make, “I have a thing for black girls, I find them super sexy.” The girls in the audience swooned, Ross thought, damned fools.  A teenager raised her hand, I have a question.

The host took the microphone out to her, she said, if you have such a thing for black girls, why don’t you ever date us?  I have never seen you in the presence of a black woman?   Ross was unprepared for this question, he turned beet red in the face, the host noticed his discomfort and they went to a commercial break, the question was never answered.

White Ice released his second CD to critical acclaim, the CD sold 10 million units.

Ross began exerting more power and calling the shots in his career.  His videos became whiter, he fired all of his black dancers and hired all white dancers for his concerts, he also refused to accept a hip-hop award stating that his music shouldn’t be confined to one category, his music was universal.

He started grooming other white producers and songwriters, time to bring them in and take over the hip-hop market.  He refused to work with black producers and songwriters, he needed them in the beginning to get his foot in the door but he didn’t need them anymore, his ‘use them, lose them’ philosophy was in play.

In ten years, he and other white rappers and white producers could dominate rap, hell, we dominate everything else, the history books would read, that whites actually discovered rap and took it to the next level.

Ross asked Leo, hey, remember when we use to hang-out with the local rap crew, why don’t we steal some of those tight lyrics and beats they came up with, Leo loudly protested, the only way I would use their hooks and beats is if we paid them first and gave them credit, Ross said, fuck that, when you want something from blacks, you take it, they don’t have the power in this society to negotiate and take it back, those rappers can’t afford to hire a lawyer and sue us, let’s do it, Leo said, I got a better idea, why don’t you hire them and put them on your production team, Ross didn’t say anything, Leo stormed out of the room.

Ross and Leo became even more distant when Leo brought his black foster sister and black foster brother around to meet Ross, Ross snubbed them and left the room, Leo was embarrassed and apologized for Ross’s behavior.

Ross’s father had a meeting with him and advised him to stop spending his money so fast, hardly enough left over for investments, Ross replied, fuck investments, if I see something I want, I buy it, just that simple, advance me six figures to purchase a Lamborghini.   His father tried to plead with him, son, you have to stop this excessive spending or your will go broke, Ross replied, the money will always be here, white artists shine longer than black artists by several years, our appeal is more universal, especially in their culture, I will be just fine, trust me.

Leo started work on Ross’s third album, he wasn’t feeling the vibe and requested a meeting with Ross.

Leo arrived at his hotel suite. They hugged like old times, Leo said, man, we need to talk.

We seriously need to bring Tyler in or some other hip-hop producers in to work on this CD, those new producers and songwriters you grooming are wack, they haven’t reached their potential yet, let’s bring in some established hip-hop producers to get this project off the ground.

Ross said no, I’m sticking with my crew, Leo said, why?  Ross replied, it’s time whites dominated the hip-hop market from the forefront to the background if I can make that dream a reality, I will, Leo looked at him incredulously, you have to be kidding, right? You are willing to put your career on the line for white domination?   Are you out of your fucking mind, you sound like a Klansman.

Ross stood up, you are one n----- lovin white boy, a embarrassment to the race, fuck n------, this is one field where blacks have too much power, too many black millionaire moguls, its time for whites to take the power back.  I am down with my race and ‘you’ need to get with the program.’

Leo said, motherfucker, don’t you ever use the N-word in my presence, you are insulting my whole foster family. Furthermore, I am not getting down with any program, just like all blacks don’t lie and steal, all whites aren’t prejudiced and power hungry, you need to realize that.  You shouldn’t bite the hands that feeds you.  Ross screamed, you either get with the fucking program and come around to my way of thinking or you are fired, it’s your choice.  Leo didn’t hesitate, I am fired then.

After Leo left, Ross ordered up several bottles of Dom and called his actress girlfriend, she arrived an hour later.  His girlfriend left early the next morning, she had to be on the set at 7 a.m. An hour later, Ross’s cell phone started ringing endlessly, at the same time, his pager started blowing up.  He answered his cell, it was his father, son, have you seen the headlines in today’s paper, Ross rubbed his eyes, naw, I just woke-up, son you better go get the paper.

Ross took the elevator down, in the lobby, he noticed patrons giving him funny looks, no one approached him for an autograph, what was going on?

He finally reached the newsstand, he felt sick as he read the headlines:


The following tape was mailed to our newsroom anonymously, read the following excerpts.

White Ice: Fuck n------, this is one field where blacks have too much damn power, too many black millionaire moguls, it’s time for whites to take the power back.  I am down with my race.

White Ice: It’s time whites dominated hip-hop from the forefront to the background.

Ross couldn’t read anymore, he returned to the seclusion of his hotel room. He hired his father to arrange a press conference.

He denied that the voice on the tape was his, the tape was put together by a disgruntled employee who was seeking revenge.

After the press conference, his record sales shot back up until the FBI authenticated the tape.


All of his TV appearances were cancelled and his sponsor pulled out of his upcoming concert tour, his third CD was released, it didn’t even reach gold status, his career was finished.

Since he had to pay for the producers, collaborations, videos, fees to his publicist, agent, lawyer and manager, not to mention his excessive spending and the advances he took against his royalties, he didn’t have much money left.

His house was foreclosed and his cars were repossessed, he sold his speedboat.

He had to move back in with his father.

Leo teamed up with a black hip-hop producer, they would become one of the most successful producing teams in hip-hop history.

White Ice received an unsigned letter in the mail, it read:

“I guess you have to take blacks seriously now, do you still consider them an joke? Because they don’t seem to be supporting you, the joke is on you.”




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