This story is a work of fiction, any resemblance to actual characters, events or locales is purely coincidental.

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Dayna Silva was a dark Brazilian beauty with a perfect figure, 38-24-36.  Actors, moguls athletes and rock stars pursued her from coast to coast.  She was currently dating a rapper, named Chase.  She was also college educated.

Dayna lived and breathed hip-hop, she demanded and received $25,000 per video and she attended all the hip-hop functions.  It was not unusual for her to attend a party on Friday, shoot a video that evening, fly to Vegas on Saturday, shoot a layout, fly back to New York and dine on a yacht.

Dayna was named one of the “50 Most Beautiful People” in the world. An overseas publication named her the “Sexiest Woman In The World” and a men’s magazine asked, “Is this the most beautiful black woman in the world?” She was alluring and she oozed sex appeal, her dance skills were extraordinary.   Her career was on fire!

Dayna planned to attend a baby shower for video director, Milan. Chase was headed to the gym with his boys.

Dayna arrived, she found Milan in the kitchen. A convertible Porsche pulled up, a young black woman was driving, Dayna asked, who’s that?  Milan said, Oh my god, she made it!  That’s Lear, my cousin, Dayna replied, that car costs six figures, what does she do? Milan replied, Lear is “Condoleeza smart,” she is private and somewhat mysterious regarding her finances and business activities.  Milan went out to greet Lear.

Everyone sat in the living room as Milan opened her presents. Dayna struck up a conversation with Lear about the entertainment industry. Lear said, when I was young, I was always intrigued by the entertainment industry and espionage.   Those two fields fascinate me.  Dayna asked, do you work in intelligence?   Lear avoided her question and told her, my friend, an actress, asked me to locate someone.  He was located within hours, my friend referred me to others, I was able to combine entertainment and intelligence, I was a fixer, a damage control expert for ‘Black Hollywood, my business eventually expanded to include white celebrities.’ Very lucrative, this gives me the money I need to invest in natural resources.  I am the only black female fixer, the only black male fixer is in Washington, D.C.

They continued talking throughout the evening. Before Lear left, she asked Dayna, if you had one wish, what would it be?  Dayna answered, an older sister to look after me.  Dayna asked Lear, what would your wish be?  Lear replied, a younger sister to look after. Lear gave Dayna her ‘priority’ cell phone number and departed.

A week later, Chase left to compete in an amateur bodybuilding contest in Europe, he was also booked for a concert.

Dayna finished shooting a layout. She returned home, her agent called, a few of her bookings got cancelled, her next booking was a week away.  Dayna called her accountant, she was in a high tax bracket and deductions were subtracted for her publicist, stylist, lawyer and agent.  Dayna was upset about her financial situation, she needed someone to talk to, she called Lear.  Before they hung-up, Lear told Dayna, my boyfriend Pierce is on assignment, why don’t you drive up to Carmel, we can attend the Pebble Beach golf tournament. Dayna jumped at the opportunity.

Dayna arrived late afternoon, Lear lived in a beautiful home overlooking the ocean.  Later that evening, they went for a seafood dinner in Monterey, afterwards they went on the famous 17-mile drive.  The scenic view was spectacular.

The next day, they attended the Pebble Beach golf tournament. Afterwards, they returned to Lear’s house.  She prepared baby back ribs on the outdoor grill.  Lear told Dayna, my ribs are so good, I don’t use BBQ sauce, just my three secret spices.   Lear was right, Dayna had never tasted ribs so seasoned, tender and tasty.

After dinner, they had a long conversation, Dayna told Lear, I don’t have any women friends, they seem to resent me because of my looks. Lear admitted, you are exceptionally beautiful and I love your class, I am a secure person, I am not jealous or resentful.   Being a successful minority, I try to keep a low profile; despite the car and the house. I don’t like unwanted attention. People not only resent looks, they also resent articulation. Dayna replied, if you are involved in covert activities, that may scare some people off, not me, at least you are on the right side of the law.

Dayna asked Lear, how did you become so smart and knowledgeable, and how many degrees do you have and what is your secret to success? Lear smiled, I love to read, knowledge really is power and I have the ability to snatch information from the sky (satellite).   I have one degree, contrary to popular belief, a degree is not the most powerful credential in the world, a press pass is, you can get into the White House with press credentials but you can’t gain entry with a degree.  As for success, like I told Pierce, “The secret to success is being like a good lover, not always available.”  Also, don’t cloud your mind with substances. I don’t do drugs, alcohol, nicotine or caffeine.

Lear continued, I also had a great mentor, he was an older Italian gentleman named Giovanni, he idolized Robert DeNiro, he even loved black women like DeNiro, we weren’t sexually involved because he was impotent. I haven’t talked to him in awhile, it would upset Pierce, he is a proud black man. Lear asked Dayna, so you are involved with a rapper, aren’t they rough with women?  Dayna smiled, all image and bravado, Chase treats me well, but-he has become very moody and our money is kind of funny.  Tell me about Pierce, Lear replied, he’s a former golden gloves boxer and he currently works in Federal Law Enforcement.

Lear continued, I’m going to introduce you to real music, although I am in my 30’s, I love old school. Lear put on Ray Charles’s Greatest Hits, Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell, Stephanie Mills and the Temptations.

The next morning, Lear grilled mesquite chicken, she used a food injector to inject lemon juice into the chicken breasts, when you cut into the chicken, the lemon juice seeped out, she also prepared garlic mashed potato’s with cream cheese.

Before Dayna left, she thanked Lear for her hospitality. Lear told her, if you ever need anything, ‘you dial with your first finger.’
Dayna returned home, Chase called, she told him about her weekend. He was due home the following week.

Dayna went to a party, a drunk rapper approached Dayna and kissed her on the mouth, a photograph was taken.   Dayna was livid, she asked the paparazzi for the film, he replied, ‘the photo will appear in the tabloids on Friday,’ Dayna became worried, Chase would hit the roof and accuse her of cheating.

She returned home and called Lear. Lear told her, don’t worry, that photo will never see the light of day, Dayna asked, what do you mean? Before Lear could answer, a call came in on the other line, Dayna put Lear on hold, it was the tabloids, they wanted to know if she had a comment regarding the photograph, she clicked off, when she returned to the other line, Lear had already hung-up.  On Friday, Dayna rushed to the newsstand, she scanned the tabloids, nothing.  She returned home to find a package.  She opened the package, enclosed was the photograph and the negatives.

Lear spent her birthday with Pierce, she celebrated her birthday a week later with Dayna. Dayna paid for a trip to Montreal, they visited art museums, later that evening, Dayna presented Lear with a painting by ‘Basquiat.’

A week later, they were talking on the phone, Dayna told Lear that her favorite car was a Dodge Viper.  Lear asked, why don’t you buy one? Dayna replied, you have to be kidding, money goes through my hands like water and my credit history is sketchy.  Lear told her, go to any Dodge dealership after 1 p.m. today, you won’t have a problem.

The car salesman returned to his desk.  Ms. Silva, let me commend you on your spotless credit history, I see where you paid off a $500,000 property loan in one year.  Your credit is great, no down payment is required, congratulations.

Dayna was ecstatic, she called Lear and thanked her. She drove to Chase’s, she walked in on him putting a needle in his arm, Chase and his friends were shooting steroids and sharing needles. He looked at her angrily, jumped up, bolted towards her and punched her in the mouth, he proceeded to throw her down and kick her in the ribs.  Chase screamed, you spying on me bitch?  I been shooting steroids for a year now, ain’t shit you can do about it! His friends laughed, after they left, Dayna called 911.

Dayna called Lear from the hospital, without telling Lear the reason she was in the hospital, Dayna asked Lear to go by her house and retrieve her laptop before she came to the hospital. Lear and Pierce didn’t need a key.

Lear and Pierce arrived at the hospital. They went into Dayna’s room. Dayna was introduced to Pierce, she proceeded to tell them that Chase beat her up.  Lear plugged in her laptop, Dayna checked her email, a look of alarm crossed her face.  Lear asked, what’s wrong? Dayna pointed to the screen.  Someone sent me a death threat, “If you press charges against Chase or go to the media, you will die, bitch!”  Lear wrote down the email address and handed it to Pierce, honey, do a email trace, I also need to speak to you privately.

Chase was walking to his SUV, suddenly, someone grabbed him around his neck and took his head and smashed it through a car window, Chase screamed in pain.  Pierce said, Dayna is untouchable, don’t ever go near her again!  Chase screamed, fuck you!  You don’t tell me how to handle my bitches, me and my boys will fuck you up!  I’ll also go to the police on your ass!  Pierce showed him his badge and shouted, I am the law, motherfucker!  Chase was stunned.  Just remember, ‘You and your gang-banging friends are no match for the type of power that Dayna has behind her.’

Pierce traced the email to Rodney, a friend of Chase’s, he broke into Rodney’s apartment and gave him a serious beat-down. Rodney was barely conscious when Pierce told him, don’t ever threaten Dayna again.

Dayna recovered, she never heard from Chase again. Meanwhile, Dayna’s mother needed an organ transplant.  Dayna took a battery of tests.  A week later, the doctor summoned her to his office.

Ms. Silva, I have some bad news and some surprising news. I will give you the surprising news first.  You are incompatible with your mother for an organ transplant. Dayna said, but she is my biological mother.  The doctor said, I spoke to your mother, she informed me that two heartbeats were detected before your birth but she only gave birth to one child, you. Ms. Silva, I believe you are a surviving twin, and that you are a ‘Chimera.’  Dayna’s voice quivered as she said, Oh my God.  She regained her composure and asked, what is a Chimera?  The doctor replied, a Chimera is-twins who fused at an early stage of the pregnancy to form a single embryo, you develop two DNA strands, that’s why you’re incompatible with your mother.  Now the bad news, Ms. Silva, I am sorry to inform you, you are HIV positive.

Lear was trying to calm Dayna down, Dayna shouted, that fucking steroid shooting bastard gave me HIV!

Between sobs, she told Lear that the doctor also told her that she was a ‘Chimera.’   Lear was stunned, I didn’t know you were a surviving twin, Dayna replied, I didn’t know either, Oh God, I’m going to die.  Lear embraced her, listen to me, your life is not over, I will take care of this, have I ever let you down, between sobs, Dayna replied, no. Lear asked, have you told Chase?  Dayna replied, not yet, Lear replied, good, don’t disclose your HIV status to anyone, Dayna asked, why? Lear replied, trust me.  Get some rest, I have to make a call, I need to schedule a meeting.

Sterling Bryce escorted Lear and Dayna into his office.

Sterling got right to the point. Ms. Silva, Lear informs me that you are a ‘Chimera,’ and that you are HIV positive.  Dayna sadly nodded her head.  Sterling continued, that is a rare medical condition.  Only 30 Chimera’s exist.

Since you have two separate sets of DNA, that makes your DNA untraceable. If you’re suspected of a crime, your DNA will never match 100 percent; which is needed to make a conviction. Your DNA will hit 7 out of 13 DNA markers, which is inconclusive.   Twins usually have the same DNA, not Chimera’s.  Non-identical twin cells intermingle in the womb and grow into a single body.  For instance, your cells may dominate your blood in regard to tissue typing.  Your twin’s cells may dominate your ovaries.  Both of your cells live alongside each other in your body, a mixture of two people.

Ms. Silva, I would like to offer you an opportunity to serve your country, Dayna asked, in what capacity?

Certain world leaders, dictators and potential terrorists pose a ‘future’ threat to our country, in the name of National Security we would like for you to intentionally infect these individuals with the AIDS virus.  Dayna was stunned.  Sterling continued, you won’t have to seduce these men, you are beautiful and famous, they will approach you and men prefer sex without condoms.  The women they infect after you, we consider collateral damage.

After you infect them, they will develop full-blown AIDS in 5-7 years, they will no longer be a threat to National Security.  You will never be prosecuted because your DNA is untraceable.

You are one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen, beauty and fame transcend race.  Also, your former boyfriend Chase was killed this morning, if it was revealed that he had HIV, that could be traced back to you and we need to keep your status confidential.

If you agree to these terms, we will move you to the South of France and you will be supplied with AIDS drugs that are not available to the general public, experimental drugs that will prolong your life for a very long time.  Similar to diabetics living with diabetes.  We will also pay your living expenses.  You will be our ‘secret weapon.’

After some urging from Lear, Dayna agreed to the terms. Afterwards, Sterling buzzed in a handsome African-American man named Mario. He introduced him to Dayna.   Mario informed Dayna-he was living with HIV, he got infected through a tainted blood transfusion while on assignment in a third world country.  If she needed a new friend or companion, he was available.  After Sterling and Mario left the room, Dayna turned to Lear and embraced her.

You really do think of everything, I don’t know what I would do without you, my best friend, my guardian angel, the big sister I never had.  Thank-you for being my friend.

*Lear and Dayna also appear in Ballin 3






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