This story is a work of fiction, a product of the author's imagination, any similarities to people or events is purely coincidental.




by: Myra Panache

Tyler was one of the hottest most sought after producers in the hip-hop industry, on the same level as Dr. Dre, Missy, Timbaland and Pharrell.

He was in the studio working his magic on the latest hip-hop sensation, Fleece.  His creativity was at full blast as he worked the boards like a wizard.

This was his element, this was his home, he had the juice and his beats were phat.  He charged $150,000 per song, owned his publishing rights, lived in a $4 million dollar mansion, kept a penthouse near Central Park and a apartment in L.A. and he drove a Ferrari; he also had a beautiful girlfriend named Amber.

Amber grew up with Tyler on the tough Southeast side of Washington D.C.  Neither had siblings, they both grew up in a single family home.  Both of their mothers were friends.   It was only natural for them to gravitate towards each other.

Tyler was not attractive by conventional standards and Amber resembled the actress Lark Voorhies.  Tyler fell in love with Amber at a young age, his feelings continued through high school.  He wrote her poetry.  When he told her that he wanted to become a songwriter, she didn’t laugh at him, she encouraged him.

She complimented him on his writing skills, told him he was brilliant and to pursue his art, he took her advice and enrolled in a songwriting workshop.  He learned structure and hooks.  He also met a budding producer by the name of Benny.  Benny’s uncle owned a rundown recording studio in Harlem, Benny taught Tyler the basics of production and how to create hooks and beats.

Amber’s friends teased her about Tyler, girl you can do better than that, he’s not good looking, you need to start dating guys who are trying to step to you.  Amber told them, it’s not about looks, Tyler is a beautiful and talented individual and he has a good heart and he treats me with respect, they laughed at her, stop fooling yourself, she ignored them and continued seeing Tyler.

Tyler began writing songs, Amber encouraged him to copyright them.  When he had writer’s block, Amber would rub his shoulders.

Tyler took Amber to a club in New York, a lot of hip-hop artists and producers hung out there.  He networked all night.  Before they left, he got into a conversation with a rapper named Key-Low who agreed to meet with Tyler the next day and listen to his beats.

They met up the next day, they blended well, Key-Low wanted Tyler to produce his CD.  The CD went triple platinum, before they could work on the follow-up, Key-Low was found murdered in his penthouse.

Tyler was in demand and his career took off.  All of his artists reached multi-platinum status.

The money was rolling in, he wanted to buy Amber a home, jewelry and a car, she declined his generosity, Tyler, it’s your money, spend it on yourself, don’t worry about me.  I would love you if you were broke.

His boys teased him, man she got you on lockdown, you whipped, I ain’t never known you to step out on her.  Tyler told them, she’s a diamond in the rough, she was there when I didn’t have shit, she doesn’t want my money and she encouraged me, why would I risk our relationship.

Amber surprised Tyler at the studio, a couple of songwriters wondered, why the hell she with Tyler?  Even with money, dude is ugly. She too fine for him, we need to be hitting that.

Tyler noticed a trend in the rap industry, due to the violence, many rappers were making out legal wills in there twenties.  He accompanied Fleece to his lawyer’s office, while he was there, the lawyer talked Tyler into making out a will, Tyler left 50 percent of his estate to his mother and the remaining 50 percent to Amber.

Meanwhile, due to school expenses, Amber decided to advertise for a roommate.  Tyler was livid, why don’t you move in with me or at least let me buy you a house or pay your rent, Amber replied, you know how old fashioned my mother is, she would kill me if I shacked up with you and I don’t want your money, I want be financially independent.

Amber interviewed several people, she settled on a girl named Pam.  Her references checked out, she would move in the following week.

Imagine Pam’s surprise when she found out that Amber was dating Tyler Matthews, the hottest hip-hop producer on the planet. When Tyler came over, Pam acted like a star struck groupie.   She barged in on their dinner, she asked Amber, I need a new hairstylist, who does your weave, Amber replied, this is not a weave, this is my hair, Pam rolled her eyes and said sure, without asking Amber, she put her hands through her hair and said, oops, I guess you don’t have a weave, she dominated the conversation throughout dinner.

After Tyler left, Pam asked Amber, why you need a roommate and you dating a millionaire, girl I would be spending his money faster than he could make it.  Amber shook her head.

On Amber’s birthday, Tyler rented out the VIP room of “Dream,” the hottest nightclub in D.C. They invited Pam.  The party was slamming.  Tyler and Amber were a bit embarrassed by Pam’s appearance and behavior.  She was full-figured squeezed into a spandex dress, she was pestering celebrities for their autographs, cutting in on dances, dancing and grinding on men and yelling “party over here, party over there.” She also downed several glasses of champagne; she was making a spectacle of herself.

The music stopped at midnight, Tyler had an announcement to make.  He bent down on one knee and asked Amber to marry him, she was overwhelmed as he slipped a seven-carat diamond on her finger, she accepted his proposal through tears.  Pam seethed in the background.

Pam began acting distant; she also started dating a car mechanic named Tim.  He was very demanding and verbally abusive.  After one argument, Pam returned home with a black eye.  She passed Tyler and Amber, they were hugged up on the couch, he was kissing her and telling her how much he loved her. Pam thought, why can’t my man act like that?

Amber was preparing breakfast, Pam came out of her room, Amber asked Pam, what happened to your eye? Pam responded, I slipped and fell coming out of the shower.  Amber said, I’m preparing pancakes, would you like any?  Pam snapped, you always in a cheerful mood aren’t you?  With your man’s money, why you cooking at all?   Amber didn’t know how to respond, Pam went back into her room and slammed the door.

Later that day, Amber visited her mother, she related the conversation between her and Pam.  Amber’s mother said, baby, let me give you some advice, “a jealous person is a dangerous person,” if one more incident occurs, ask her to move.

Over the next few months, Pam made snide remarks and tried to embarrass Amber in front of her friends and she began eating Amber’s food and her rent check bounced, she made a promise to Amber, it won’t happen again, from now on, I will pay you by money order or cash, Amber reluctantly agreed.

Pam rented movies for the evening, Amber was relieved, maybe Pam was making a effort to get along, the effort didn’t last long, midway into the movie, Pam said, I bet Tyler fooling around on your ass, he got money, honeys ain’t gonna leave him alone, I bet I could take your man from you if I wanted to.  Amber looked at her like she was crazy, Pam busted out laughing, girl relax, loosen up, I’m only playing, put the movie on pause while I make some popcorn.

Amber tried to keep the peace, she invited Pam and Tim over for dinner with her and Tyler.  Amber served appetizers, not only did Tim devour the platter of appetizers, he ate the parsley decoration.  He also ate off his plate and Pam’s plate and he began belching and licking his fingers.  To make matters worse, he was trying to get Tyler to hook him up with employment in the entertainment industry.  When Tyler ignored him, Tim began coming on to Amber right in front of Pam.   Tyler asked him to get out and Pam accused Amber of leading her man on.

After he left, Amber asked Pam, why would I want Tim?  I am engaged to Tyler.  Pam exploded, you saying Tim ain’t good enough for you, Miss High and Mighty, with your nose all up in the air, just cause your man got money, fuck both of ya’ll and I’m giving him a key to this apartment whether you like it or not, you think you better than me cause you got light skin with long hair.  Amber said, that’s it, I’m giving you a 30 day notice, get the fuck out of my house!

Tyler calmed Amber down and spent the night, the next morning, Amber went to get bagels and coffee.  Tyler was in the kitchen, he felt someone hugging his waist, it was Pam, hey big daddy, let’s make the best of this time, she ain’t got to know, you need a real woman like me.  Tyler pushed her back, just then Amber arrived, Pam went back into her bedroom.

Tyler told Amber what happened, Amber went to Pam’s room and banged on the door, Pam opened the door, what the fuck you want? Fuck 30 days, I won’t you out of here in 2 days.   After she slammed the door in Amber’s face, Pam sat down on her bed, consumed with jealousy and hatred.

The next day Pam packed some Tupperware in her backpack along with Tim’s lunch, she arrived at the garage that Tim worked at. She gave him his lunch, she mentioned, I sure am glad I got my period today, all at once, without warning, Tim pinned her against the wall with his hands around her throat, you better be glad you got it, don’t ever try and get pregnant on me and don’t you forget it!  He finally let go of her neck, you know I been thinking, we should jack Tyler.  Just then, a customer appeared, Tim went to go assist him while Pam disappeared into the back of the garage.

Amber agreed to take Tyler to the airport, when she got to her car, she noticed key marks on the door.  She knew it was Pam.  She dropped Tyler off at curbside, he was going to Europe to produce a hip-hop act, he would be back at the end of the week.

Amber returned home later that evening, Pam had moved the majority of her stuff out, she also left Amber a message, she would be returning the keys in the morning.

The next morning Amber was awaken by the doorbell, she put her glasses on, looked out of the peephole, it was Pam, she wondered, why didn’t Pam let herself in?

She opened the door, out of the side of her eye, she caught a swift movement, she felt something splash on her face, it had a burning and tingling sensation, the pain was unbearable, she dropped to her knees and began screaming, with a snicker, Pam said, I guess you ain’t too cute now, are you?  We’ll see how long Tyler stays with your ass.  A neighbor heard the commotion and peeped out, Amber screamed, call an ambulance!  Pam ran down the back stairs and out of the building.

The paramedics arrived, Amber was barely conscious, her face was swollen to twice its size and she had severe burns all over her face and neck and her mouth was twisted.  They lifted her onto a stretcher, her mother met them at the hospital.

The doctor came out to the waiting room, he informed her mother, battery acid was thrown in her face, her mother grasped, she will have to endure painful skin grafts.  Her glasses prevented the acid from going into her eyes and leaving her blind.  She will be disfigured for life, I am sorry.  Also, she’s been asking for someone named Tyler.

Her mother contacted Tyler overseas, he cancelled his recording session and got on the first plane back to the States.  He never arrived, his plane got caught in a snowstorm and crashed, no survivors.

Amber’s mother went into Amber’s hospital room, Amber was awake, staring into space with a blank expression, unemotional.  Her mother took her hand, honey there’s something I have to tell you.  Amber turned to face her, her mother winced at her appearance. She took a deep breath, baby, Tyler’s plane went down.   Amber began screaming uncontrollably, the nurses had to come sedate her.

Meanwhile, the manhunt was on for Pam Morrison, Tim was interviewed, he hadn’t seen or heard from her, the authorities were unable to locate her.

The doctors gave Amber the ok to attend Tyler’s funeral with her mother, Amber wore a hood and big sunglasses, she collapsed at the funeral.  She returned to the hospital, she had to be sedated again.

Later that day, a lawyer visited her, she was surprised to learn that she was the co-beneficiary of Tyler’s estate, she was entitled to $25 million dollars.

She made out a list of charities, she told the lawyer to donate the majority of the money to these charities.   With the money left over, she planned to use for medical and living expenses, she was going to give some to her mother and she planned to hire the best private investigator in the world.

Amber endured a year of painful rehabilitation, when Amber looked at herself in a hand mirror, she screamed in horror and dropped the mirror, her disfigurement was extreme.

She was finally released from the hospital, she got in touch with detective Rory Houseman, Rory flew out to meet her.  She sat in a dark corner of her apartment with a hood and dark glasses on, he could barely make out her features.

Detective Houseman, I have been terribly disfigured by my former roommate, the police have reached a dead in, I need you to find her, so she can be punished for her crime and not hurt anyone else.  I will give you all the information I have on her, including her rental application.

It took a few months but Rory finally tracked her down to San Francisco, she was attending San Francisco State.   He gave Amber all of the information and she paid him.  After he left, Amber read the information.

Pam Morrison was a troubled and violent teen, at 15, she had a small party in her family’s basement, she put traces of rat poison in the kool-aid and laughed when her friend’s became sick and started vomiting.

At 17, she played on the girl’s basketball team for her high school, she became very resentful and jealous of an all-star teammate, on the eve of the championship, Pam provoked a fight with the teammate and proceeded to break her kneecap.  She was sent to a home for troubled girls and released when she turned 18.

Amber told her mother she was going on a mini vacation, her mother took her to the airport, before boarding the plane, she turned and hugged her mother tight, as tears streamed down her face, she said, Mommy, I love you very much.  People stared as she boarded the plane.  The plane touched down in San Francisco, Amber stayed at an airport hotel.

The next day, she went to a UPS office off Market Street and retrieved a package that she had sent to a San Francisco P.O. Box. She put the package in the back of her rental car, she consulted a map and drove out to San Francisco State. It took her thirty minutes to find parking.

Before she departed her car, she took out Pam's class schedule, she also removed the contents in the box.   She adjusted her hood and sunglasses and got out of the car.

She got directions to the Economics building, went to the classroom, no one was in class, a student informed her, it’s such a nice day, they decided to have the class on the south lawn, he pointed her in the right direction, after she left, he thought, what a creepy looking chick, I better alert security.

From a distance, she watched the class, she saw Pam, sitting in the center.  She stood there for five minutes before she made her move.

She approached, everyone looked up, Amber flung off her hood and sunglasses, some people screamed, others grasped, and a few looked on in horror, she pointed at Pam and said, “see what she did too me, take a good look.” Pam tried to ease up off the grass, Amber saw the movement, she took out a gun, stay right where you are, I want you to know, I have nothing to live for, I have decided to commit suicide so I can join Tyler but I’m not committing suicide until I kill you, she raised the gun and shot Pam twice, she died instantly, some students screamed, others ran for cover.

She saw security approaching, she had to hurry, she pointed the gun at her temple and pulled the trigger, she dropped to the ground, as she lay dying on the grass with darkness descending upon her, she heard the words of her mother “ a jealous person is a dangerous person.”



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