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The following story is fiction based on actual events






Brooke Tyson was beautiful; she belonged in the elusive Halle/Vanity category. She had naturally long hair, a cinnamon complexion, deep almond eyes, dimples, long legs and a million-dollar ass that rappers rapped about.

She had just finished shopping on Rodeo Drive wearing a tight fitting Versace dress that complimented her curves.

As she walked to her convertible Mercedes CLK (bought by a NBA player) she was bogged down with bags from Prada, Dolce Gabanna and Jimmy Choo.

She also garnered a lot of male attention, some men blew their horns, others approached her, asking for her digits.

She finally reached her car, put the bags in the back seat. Got in the driver’s seat and let down the convertible and put on a Mary J CD.

She turned on her cell phone, ten messages, mostly from professional athletes: NBA, NFL and a few rappers.

Brooke smiled as she listened to the messages. She would be booked for the next few weeks. More money, bling, and presents.

Brooke thought of her good friend Michelle. They had met in a yahoo groups chat room (for female groupies and kept women) a year earlier and were surprised to learn that they were both located in Hollywood.

Brooke also had a good friend named Andy, he was a gay publicist and he always made sure that Brooke and Michelle attended the hottest parties in town by adding their names to the list. Through Andy, they were also able to attend the hottest clubs. They met a lot of famous men this way.

They loved to scheme and compare notes.

Brooke and Michelle were the hottest women on the groupie circuit. Although Michelle was very pretty, Brooke was drop dead gorgeous. Instead of resenting Brooke for her looks, Michelle admired her.

Brooke decided to call Michelle, she answered on the third ring; she teased Brooke about interrupting her while she read “Confessions Of A Video Vixen.”

Michelle told Brooke she would pick her up in her new BMW at 6 p.m. They would have dinner at Mr. Chow before going to the Staples Center and watching the Lakers in a private box. Brooke reminded Michelle, she couldn’t stay out late because she had an audition for a rap video in the morning.

The game was exciting and went into overtime. The crowd stood on their feet as Kobe made the game winning shot with two seconds to go.

As the girls were departing the VIP lounge, the team owner for the visiting team gave Brooke his phone number and a retired superstar from the visiting team asked Michelle for her phone number.

The next morning, Brooke got the part in the rap video. They shot the video two days later. Brooke basically shook her ass and threw her hair back; this seemed to satisfy the director.

After she left the shoot, she arrived at an airstrip and took a private plane to New York, from there; she was transported to a party given by a rapper.

She had a great time as she consumed Dom Perignon and ecstasy. After the party ended, Brooke joined the rapper and his girlfriend in bed for a ménage a trois.

The next evening, she attended a private party at 40/40 with a baseball superstar. Every man at the party tried to get with Brooke but she stayed close to her superstar.

Afterwards, in a penthouse overlooking Central Park, the slugger was attempting to have sex with Brooke on silk sheets but was unable to. The steroids he had taken over the years made him non functional. Instead, they spent the night cuddling. In the morning, he avoided Brooke’s eyes as he handed her $7,000.

Brooke considered the cash, hush money. He didn’t want her to tell anyone that he was impotent. It would ruin his reputation and image.

Brooke took a limo to the airport and arrived in Los Angeles that evening. Michelle picked her up at the airport.

Later that evening, she hooked up with a black actor. She blew his mind sexually as she performed mind-blowing fellatio; afterwards, she rode him hard. The actor moaned more than her before he ejaculated. He was spent and exhausted as he retrieved his wallet and handed her $5,000 in cash.

The next day, Brooke and Michelle had lunch at the Ivy; afterwards, they got a manicure, pedicure and facial.

That evening, they attended a party in the Hollywood Hills given by a black comedian. The party was jumping.

The comedian signaled for Brooke and Michelle to join him upstairs, in a private room. He instructed them to disrobe and give him a private show.

When they finished with each other, he paid them $15,000.

On the way home, they split the money.

Brooke had awoken early to do exercises in her Marina Del Rey penthouse with panoramic views (bought by a baseball player) when her private line rung. It was a NBA superstar; he wanted to see her in an hour.

He sent a limo for her. She arrived at a 5-star hotel. The private elevator dropped her off in the center of the living room.

He ravished her as soon as she stepped in the room. They had rough sex on the carpet. Afterwards, he took her shopping at Neiman Marcus where she saw Michelle and a boxer. Michelle waved and winked.

The following week, Brooke and Michelle boarded a plane, they were going to work Superbowl weekend. They went to the hottest parties, met numerous rich men and returned with thousands of dollars.

A few months later, they went to All-Star weekend and after that, March Madness.

Brooke and Michelle were getting their hair done, Brooke was getting highlights and Michelle was getting a new weave.

Brooke told Michelle that Bobby Max (a NFL running back) was in town. Michelle told her, girl, that man seems different than the others, I see the way he looks at you, he really likes you. Brooke said, I know, but he complains about me and other men but when I mention his other women, he gets mad. I hate that double-standard bullshit.

That evening, Bobby took Brooke to dinner. Everything was going fine until Bobby told her that he heard she was seeing a number of athletes and rappers. It also bothered him that they spoke highly of her; they didn’t seem to talk about her in disrespectful terms like they did with other groupies. They enjoyed the sex but they also liked her. They were impressed that she could quote their stats and talk sports. But Bobby wanted her for himself; this was always the problem.

When Brooke brought up his other women, they got into an argument; Brooke grabbed her coat, left the restaurant and flagged down a taxi.

Thirty minutes after she returned home, the doorbell rang, she looked out the peephole; it was Bobby. She let him in. He kissed her passionately, picked her up and carried her to the bedroom where they had hot passionate sex.

The next morning, Brooke decided to go jogging. She put on her designer running suit and laced up her designer sneakers.

She had jogged three miles when she decided to return home, she was almost there when a drunk driver jumped the curb and hit her. She fell, hitting the side of her head on the pavement, with great impact.

An ambulance rushed Brooke to the hospital; she was in and out of consciousness. She was immediately wheeled in to surgery.

When the surgery was over, the doctor came out to talk to Brooke’s parents and Michelle.

After he related her injury, he told them that she would have to undertake a particular kind of therapy at a facility that specializes in her condition, other than that, she would be ok and her looks were not affected but the damage was irreversible.

Michelle hugged her parents as they cried.

A problem was avoided at the last minute. Brooke didn’t have health insurance but a mysterious donor paid her medical bills. She would find out later, it was Bobby.

Surprisingly, the majority of the athletes she serviced, visited her at the hospital with flowers and offered words of encouragement. One of the athletes told her, damn, you the only woman I know who can be in a major accident and still be fine. Brooke blushed.

Brooke had to re-learn a lot of things and Michelle was a regular visitor. Michelle cheered her up as they listened to the radio.

Brooke hired an attorney, he filed a lawsuit on her behalf and she was awarded two million dollars. By this time, Bobby had stopped paying the medical expenses. Brooke wondered, did it have anything do to with his new wife? Michelle had told her that he had just gotten married; it was in the sports pages.

The majority of Brooke’s lawsuit money went for the remaining bills and ongoing therapy and her parents hired movers to move her into a new condo (which she purchased), which was more compatible to her injury. After everything was said and done, not much money was left until Bobby came to the rescue.

Brooke had a couple of thousand left and she sold her Mercedes and Bobby contributed $100,000. He called his financial advisor, who invested the money. Earnings from the investment allowed Brooke to have a monthly five-figure allowance for life, along with her monthly disability check.

After nearly two years of therapy in the institution, doctors had come to the conclusion that Brooke had progressed enough. It was time for her to regain her independence, they released her and she moved into her new furnished place. Michelle brought a few house warming gifts and they talked and listened to music throughout the night. Michelle also told Brooke that the local grocery store delivered groceries, she programmed their number into Brooke’s phone.

Despite her accident and hospitalization. Brooke didn’t lose any of her clients (to the surprise of Michelle) but she was no longer outcall, she was exclusively in-call.

Michelle told her, girl; you got mad game! Still got brothas jocking you, shit, you my hero!

It was a beautiful sunny day outside as Brooke and Bobby lay in bed, after a session of hot lovemaking; Bobby traced her face with his fingertip, telling her, you are so beautiful. Brooke smiled.

After Bobby left, Brooke decided to venture out; this would be the first time she went outdoors on her own, since her accident.

Her condo was located right behind the pool, she could hear people splashing in the water and having a good time, this is where she wanted to be since it was nearly 100 degrees outside.

Brooke had become paranoid after the accident but her parents and Michelle told her it wasn’t healthy, and they were right. She decided to correct this problem, today!

She called Michelle, she told her to meet her at the pool, bring some snacks and a radio. Michelle was so excited that Brooke was getting out; she had tears in her eyes when she hung up the phone. She gathered some snacks, and the radio and got in the car.

As Brooke left her apartment, she walked cautiously and slowly. So far, so good, at that precise moment, she missed the last stair and slipped.

Her neighbor was holding a trash can as he came out of his apartment. He saw Brooke on the pavement; he hurriedly put the trash can down and rushed to her aid, he said, here, take my hand and let me help you up.

He raised her up; Brooke said thank-you, I can be so clumsy sometimes, I was headed for the pool to meet a friend.

Her neighbor said nothing; instead, he stood admiring her beauty. When he finally got up enough nerve, he told her that his name was Mitchell. Brooke introduced herself as well.

Just then, Mitchell’s sister Emily (his roommate) walked up, holding mail. She asked, what’s going on? Mitchell told her that their neighbor had fallen and he had helped her up.

Emily looked at Brooke and sympathized, she then picked up Brooke’s cane and placed it in her hand. Brooke thanked her. Mitchell said, Brooke is headed to the pool, Emily said; let’s walk with her to make sure she arrives safely. Brooke thanked them, as they flanked each side of her.

Just before they arrived at the pool, Emily took the opportunity to ask Brooke, I hope you don’t mind me asking, but how long have you been blind?

* The fictional story you just read is based on actual events. One big difference, in real life, the character that Brooke Tyson is based on has a different type of disability.




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