Old timers have a saying: "If you ever feel the urge to hit a woman, it's time to leave her."  

The majority of domestic violence abusers, will not stand up to men, only women!

True Story:

A friend of mine, Jayson (who was 8-years old at the time) went down South one summer to spend time with his favorite uncle's family.  Uncle Luke and family picked him up at the airport.  The weekend went well.  When Monday came around, he witnessed his uncle beat his wife and lock her in the closet, every so often, the uncle would open the door and hit her in the ribs with a tennis racket.  Every day that first week, he beat her savagely, unprovoked, as the kids cried in the background.  One day, when Luke left for work, Jayson helped the wife out of the closet and told her to pack in a hurry.  She packed, took the kids and ran down the street.  That's the last time Jayson saw her.  When his uncle came home, he was furious.  He tracked his wife down to her family's home but her father threatened him with violence if he showed up, Luke backed down.

A few years later, Luke began to dabble in drugs, he was low on drug money so he called his mother, demanding money! She said no, he threatened her with violence.  She called her other son and told him about the threat.  Luke showed up a few hours later at her home, his brother greeted him and told him, 'stop in your tracks,' as he pointed a gun at him.  Luke kept walking.  A shot gun blast destroyed Luke's optical nerves.

Today, Luke is still alive but completely blind.

In Christopher Gardner's book, "The Pursuit Of Happyness," he claims his step-father was so brutal, he once beat his mother in the middle of the street, in front of family and neighbors.  What makes this act even more despicable, her brothers watched the beating and refused to intervene on her behalf, their reasoning, 'It's none of our business what goes on between a husband and wife.'  Gardner didn't understand this reasoning and I don't either.  Blood should be thicker than male bonding.  Her brothers were cowards just like her husband.

The former football coach of a bay area NFL team said, 'after players started taking steroids, team personnel received numerous reports of domestic abuse.'  Sports franchises (in every sport) will cover up and protect certain athletes from public scrutiny.

In society, it's two labels that people can't admit to.  A racist and/or a batterer.   Domestic violence is at an all-time high and women are being admitted to Emergency Rooms in record numbers.  In the old days, men would wait and marry a woman before they hit her, not anymore, high school boys are beating their girlfriends across the country.  Super  Bowl Sunday has been the number one day for domestic violence for the last decade, why?  Men lose bets on the Super Bowl and take it out on the woman.  Currently, there are more animal shelters in the USA, than battered women shelters.

A big money man rapper has a safe image but behind closed doors, he beats the hell out of his girlfriend.  Eventually, his domestic abuse will come out-because what's done in the dark comes to light.

The "Underground Railroad," is set-up for battered women to escape their abusers.  Similar to the "Witness Protection Program."  This program is so successful, a multi-millionaire businessman with money to burn, has yet to find his wife and two daughters.  The program grants the women and children with new identities and they relocate them.

Sadly, many men think-beating a woman-is being a man, a rite of passage to manhood.  Let me discuss the repercussions of domestic violence.  In many states, domestic violence is a misdemeanor.  Employers usually deny an applicant if they have a felony.  Domestic abuse is "the only misdemeanor" where an prospective employer can deny you employment.   Domestic violence can also prevent you from serving in the military (unless the numbers are low) and you can't work in law enforcement with a domestic abuse history.

If you are an athlete, one domestic violence incident can affect your earning power in terms of endorsements.

Women are at fault as well as men because some women think "it's love," when a man beats them and other women stay in relationships despite the abuse.  A man will only do-what you "allow" him to do.

Beating a woman doesn't make you a man, it makes you a coward and if you get convicted of domestic battery/abuse, the charge will follow you throughout your life.


Before Ike Turner, Jim Brown was the poster boy for "domestic violence."  Brown has a history of violence and domestic abuse, as follows: Vandalism-smashed up the windows of his wife's 1994 Honda Accord with a shovel (15-Jun-1999). Death threats, allegedly threatened to snap Monique's neck, acquitted (15-Jun-1999). Domestic violence charges dropped, 1986. Assault charges dropped, 1985. Rape charges dropped, 1985.  Sexual Battery charges dropped, 1985. Battery, allegedly choked a golf partner in 1978. Assault, allegedly beat up a man after a traffic accident, acquitted (1969). Assault, allegedly threw his fiancee off a balcony, charges dropped (1968). Resisting arrest, 1968. Assault, accused of raping an 18-year-old, found innocent, 1965.

When Tina Turner first came out with her autobiography, Ike Turner allegedly made the statement that the book was accurate (including the abuse statements).  Later, he would denounce the book and deny the allegations of abuse.  Off the record, several rappers admitted, 'They didn't think the abuse Ike inflicted on Tina was wrong.'  Many consider him a folk hero, 'The King Of The Smackdown."  One rapper offered Ike a co-starring role in one of his films but Ike declined.

Classic case of 'he said/she said,' you be the judge. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation star Gary Dourdan is fighting back after an ex-lover accused him of rape and battery--he has filed a $4 million lawsuit accusing her of slander and negligent infliction of emotional distress. The actor, who plays Warrick Brown on the hit forensics drama, entered a no contest plea after being charged with a misdemeanor battery count last year. He was never charged with rape. He was sentenced to attend domestic violence counseling and to stay away from former girlfriend Anne Greene. This case mysteriously disappeared from the headlines.  Source:

O.J. Simpson always came across as charming.  People were shocked when he was accused of killing his ex-wife.  When the abuse allegations came out, people couldn't believe it.  The public didn't realize, this wasn't the first time O.J. was accused of violent behavior towards women.  Simpson allegedly hired Hollywood fixer Anthony Pellicano (damage control expert) to silence a secretary who accused Simpson of abusive behavior.  Pellicano neutralized the situation by digging up embarrassing information about the secretary and the case was dropped.  Other allegations, regarding abuse against women surfaced but were covered up.

In 1996, Aaron Hall allegedly pleaded guilty to assault for hitting his ex-girlfriend with a boot heel.  He was released on $100,000 bail.  At the end of the 90's, the courts ordered Hall to undergo 2 years of anger management.  When he showed up late to one of the sessions, he was sentenced to 11 months in Rikers Island.  Video girl Gloria Velez (center) is the mother of Hall's son.  She has also accused him of physical abuse. Velez also claims that rapper Joe Budden abused her.  She told Baller the following: Joe Budden is like a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality, like my baby's father (Aaron Hall). It's disgusting; I choose the wrong men for real. When I told him that I had no feelings for him, he got upset and jumped me. We started fighting; we was fighting from the front seat to the back seat. I had bruises all over my arms and my legs. He even tried to steal from me. He tried to steal my phone, and he ripped my Clover G chain off, and he took my video camera. Then I called the cops and they said that if he pressed charges and I press charges, we would both go to jail. So I didn't press charges and he didn't press charges, but he still went to jail because he was on probation for hitting his baby's mother. He was just a f--cking nuisance. Budden and Hall deny the allegations.

Juanita Leonard testified in divorce court in 1991 that boxer Sugar Ray Leonard, her former husband, often punched her with his fists, threw her around, and harassed her “physically and mentally in front of the children.” He threatened to kill himself with a gun, she said. He threw lamps and broke mirrors. Ray Leonard denied none of this. At a press conference, he admitted having struck his wife with his fists. Yet he justified the behavior by saying that he and Juanita “fought, argued,” and “grabbed each other,” but that “that was in our house, between us.”  Source: Mariah Burton Nelson

January 15, 2004 - Some startling accusations are made about actor Wesley Snipes. One of Halle Berry's old boyfriend's claims that Snipes beat her. R&B singer Christopher Williams claims Snipes hit the actress so hard that she lost the hearing in her right ear. Berry admits one of her ex-lovers caused the damage, but she has never identified the man. Williams, who dated Berry in the early 1990's, says he's trying to clear his name. Williams claims he is tired of people assuming he was the abusive boyfriend and now he's setting the record straight by naming Snipes.

According to Herb Boyd's book, "Pound For Pound," (autobiography of boxer Sugar Ray Robinson). Boyd is frank, if not detailed, about Robinson's long career of wife beating. "He abused his second wife, Edna Mae, so brutally that their son, Ray II, believes it was the cause of her five miscarriages."

Baseball star Darryl Strawberry has admitted beating his wife and pointing a gun in her face.  Source: Mariah Burton Nelson.

Basketball star Moses Malone was accused by his wife of physical and verbal brutality including death threats. He insisted he never hit her or threatened to kill her but admitted having “moved her out of the way.”  Source: Mariah Burton Nelson.

Former NY Yankee pitcher Dwight "Doc" Gooden currently has a domestic violence charge pending.

In 1991, Dr. Dre attacked talk show host Dee Barnes, kicking and hitting her.  They settled their suit in 1993.

Although he was never arrested for domestic violence, rumors have persisted for years that David Ruffin was physically abusive towards live-in girlfriend Tammi Terrell (singer). 

NBA star Jason Kidd was arrested in 2001 in Arizona and charged with domestic abuse.

According to his wife and a videotape on the Internet.  The late rapper Big Pun was extremely brutal and violent towards his wife, Liza Rios.  On the tape, it appears that Pun is pistol whipping her with a gun in front of people, breaking her nose, with blood gushing out. Pun was considered a "violent addict."

Soul legend, the late James Brown, had a history of domestic violence according to one ex-wife (Adrienne Brown who died following cosmetic surgery) and his widow, Tami Raye.  Rumors have also persisted over the years that he was physically abusive to Tammi Terrell when they were in a relationship.

The St. Petersburg Times reported Tampa Bay outfielder (Elijah Dukes, above) sent a photo of a gun to the cell phone of his estranged wife, NiShea Gilbert. She played the newspaper a voicemail message in which Dukes reportedly said, "You dead, dawg...Your kids too."

Four times before, deputies have been summoned to break up domestic disputes at the Dukes' home. Gilbert twice filed requests for protection against him. He stormed the middle school where she teaches on April 30 and it took the principal and a deputy to subdue him -- and get him away from all those middle school kids. If that is indeed Dukes talking on the voicemail (he hasn't denied it), those are his kids he's threatening.

Former NFL player Lawrence Phillips (pictured above) is the worst batterer in NFL history. He was recruited by the University of Nebraska. When the team returned from East Lansing, Michigan, he went looking for his ex-girlfriend, Kate McEwan, he found her talking to another football player and proceeded to drag her down a stairwell by her long blonde hair, he stopped abusing her when the player intervened. When Phillips was playing for the SF 49ers, he got into an altercation with a woman in nightclub. When he asked her to dance, she politely declined, Phillips responded by punching her in the face. When he moved to Canada to play in the Canadian Football League, within months, he was wanted on another domestic abuse charge. Later that year, he was wanted for two domestic disputes in San Diego, one incident involved Phillips choking a woman into unconsciousness and Los Angeles police were seeking Phillips in connection with yet another domestic incident in Los Angeles. On August 21, 2005, Phillips was arrested for assault following a dispute with teens during a pick-up football game. Afterwards, he tried to run them over with a car. Fast Forward: In October, Phillips was found guilty of seven counts of assault with a deadly weapon (his car) and faces up to 20 years in prison.

Steve "Mustafah" Muhammad's (above) pregnant wife, Nicole, died on November 7, 1999, losing her baby. It became publicly known that Steve Muhammad had been arrested and charged with misdemeanor battery on his wife on October 28, 10 days before her death. Though cleared of any wrong doing in her actual death, Muhammad was unable to refute testimony from his six-year-old stepson, and was convicted November 8, 2000 of one count of domestic battery for beating his pregnant wife. "I wanted to stop daddy from hurting my mommy," Eric testified. Eric tried to defend his mother with his plastic baseball bat but was pushed aside. Judge Evan Goodman sentenced Muhammad to one year in jail, which he suspended, and to one year's probation. He also ordered Muhammad to undergo 12 weeks of domestic violence counseling and to perform 32 hours of community service. Due to public outcry, the team released Muhammad.

Bishop Thomas Weeks (above) is now known as the "Ike Turner" of gospel. According to witnesses, he administered a very brutal beatdown similar to a pimp. Punching, stomping, chocking and kicking, the way a mack reacts when one of his women holds out on him.

Juanita Bynum probably thought meeting him in a public place would be safe. If this is his public behavior can you imagine how this man is behind closed doors.

Weeks benefited from this marriage. Before he married Bynum, he wasn't as well known and her connections opened him up to a world of new connections and contacts. He also enjoyed the glamorous life of a mansion, $500,000 Maybach and two Rolls Royces along with access to private jets.

Similar to disgraced televangelist Jimmy Swaggart, Weeks will soon appear on TV with tears flowing down his face, preaching, "I have sinned and I'm going to repent, all I ask for is forgiveness."

There is a lot more to this story than what meets the eye. We're not sure if Weeks was involved with the "secret gospel society," but if he was, it will be used as ammunition in the upcoming divorce case against him.

As we go to press, there is a warrant out for Weeks arrest.

El Debarge, former leader singer of the R&B Motown group Debarge was recently arrested for domestic abuse.  Above, is his mugshot.


Charlotte Fedders spent 16 years as an abused wife, until her divorce in 1985 from John R. Fedders, an official of the Securities Exchange Commission, portrayed in the film, "Shattered Dreams." The couple lived graciously in Washington, where in the privacy of their home the husband beat his wife and browbeat their five sons.  Fedders was so powerful that he had direct connections to the White House. He could have quietly settled with his wife, keeping the abuse allegations under wraps, instead, according to the film, his ego got the best of him and he decided to fight her tooth and nail in public court where the allegations were made public.  These allegations were not good for Fedders career and he lost powerful connections.

Golfer John Daly (pictured above) was arrested at his home after allegedly hurling his wife against a wall, pulling her hair, and trashing the house. He pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor harassment charge and was placed on two years’ probation with the stipulation that he complete domestic violence treatment program.  Source: Mariah Burton Nelson.

Alabama men’s basketball coach Wimp Sanderson resigned in 1992 after Nancy Watts filed a sex discrimination complaint against him. Watts, his longtime secretary and mistress, alleged that Sanderson hit her as part of an ongoing pattern of physical and sexual abuse, and was awarded $275,000 in a settlement. Sanderson claimed in court documents that Watts received her black eye by colliding with his outstretched hand.  Source: Mariah Burton Nelson.

Back in the day, a prominent politician was in Northern California for a fundraiser.  After entertaining his mistress, in a wealthy enclave, near an army base.  The politician and the woman appeared on the balcony in robes.  They soon got into a argument and the politician struck her, she lost her balance and the politician caught her.  The woman was ushered out of the residence quickly.  Later, this man would become the President Of The United States.






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