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This story is fictional, a product of the author's imagination.  Any resemblance to actual people, locales or events is purely coincidental.




Brett James was one of the top actors in Hollywood.  He was one of the few black actors who made his fortune in action flicks.


Women swooned over his ebony skin, perfect body and handsome face.  He dated numerous models, showgirls and actresses before he met Kym, a gorgeous black model.


He was considerably wealthy and was often seen around town in a custom convertible Lamborghini.  He also lived in Pacific Palisades and he commanded $20 million dollars per film.


What the public didn’t know, Brett led a double life.  He belonged to a secret society of famous black men called ‘The Network.’


The Network was comprised of some of the most powerful, famous and wealthiest black men, married or single, in this country.


The Network gave functions once a month at a rented mansion in the Hollywood Hills.   Members would tell their girlfriends or wives that they were attending a monthly poker party.


The wives and girlfriends would be appalled if they really knew what was going on.


The Network operated as a ‘downlow’ get together and new recruits were often brought in.


The requirements for membership: You had to be in film, television, sports, politics, or business.  You also had to be a multi-millionaire.  If you met these requirements, you became a member and would be given a gold membership card and a special password to access a website which posted ‘Network’ events throughout the country.


Membership fees were $100,000-$200,000 per year. Tier one members paid $100,000 to attend all the parties and to receive a password.  Tier two members paid $200,000, which included parties, a password, an on-site luxury apartment, yacht outings, golf tournaments, and an unlimited supply of male escorts.


You could also view new or old photos of current members, if you wanted to hookup with a particular member; all of their contact information was in their profile.


Currently, ‘The Network’ had three chapters operating across the country, in New York, Hollywood and Miami.


Surprisingly, none of the men who belonged to ‘The Network’ considered themselves bi-sexual or gay, they considered themselves experimental.




At a sports bar one evening, Darren told Brett, man, I get tired of women trying to get at me, night and day, day and night. When they meet me, they pull at my clothes and hair. Most of them try to hook up with me to try and get pregnant and get a big payday.  It’s frustrating as hell.


Brett told Darren, man, I know what you mean, same with me, chicks throwing themselves at me; same drama, day in and day out.


At that precise moment, two women interrupted them for autographs.  When the women left, Brett turned to Darren, see what I mean?  I can never get a peace of mind, even when I’m out kicking it with friends.


Darren thought to himself, maybe Brett is ripe for the picking.  Darren chose his next words carefully.


Darren said, Brett, my friend Kevin, Brett interrupted him, you mean Kevin O’Dell, the basketball star, Darren said yes, well anyway, it’s a group of famous men like ourselves who give parties just to get away from it all.


Brett said, what type of parties? Darren hesitated before he answered, parties where everything goes on.  Brett said, like what?


Darren said, maybe you should come and see for yourself.


Out in the parking lot, Brett said, Darren, I’m going to ask you something, are you inviting me to some type of homosexual gathering? Darren avoided his eyes and said, I would be lying if I said that type of shit didn’t go on at the parties.


Darren was shocked by Brett’s next response.  He said, it’s ok man, I consider myself try-sexual, been thinking about it for awhile, less hassle with a man compared to a woman, don’t have to worry about unwanted pregnancies, shopping sprees, nagging and drama.  I’m down if you are.


Darren was ecstatic and relived. He said, cool man, we can go to the next function in Los Angeles in a few weeks.  Kevin will be there. Brett asked, man, I hope this shit is discreet; I don’t need this getting out with my image and all. Darren said, it’s very discreet, everybody has a lot to lose if anything gets out.


Brett asked, I thought your friend Kevin was married, Darren said, he is.


Brett got in his Lamborghini and Darren got in his yellow H2 Hummer, they both sped out of the parking lot.


Brett told his girlfriend Kym that he was going to play poker with the guys.


Darren picked him up and they arrived at the party 30 minutes later.


Brett was impressed with the set-up, brothas were arriving in Bentley’s, Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s, Aston Martin’s, Jaguars, Mercedes Benz’s, BMW’s Maserati’s, Porsche’s, Lexus’s, Corvette’s, Hummers and Limousines.


These men wore tailored Saville Row suits with platinum cuff links.  The rappers made the loudest entrance, draped in bling, with stereo’s bumping and Spreewell’s spinning.  Valets were handed the keys as they exited their vehicles.


At the front door, a former pro lineman held a clipboard; he checked off the names of the men before they gained entry into the estate, he also doubled as a bouncer, in case things got out of hand with the rappers in attendance.


The party consisted of 35 men; many of the men were actors, athletes, rappers, hip-hop moguls, singers and wealthy music executives.


A few of the men were surprised to see Brett.


Brett took in the atmosphere, he had never been to a party where no women were in attendance; all of this was new to him.


White gloved waiters served the men pink Cristal champagne, caviar, cracked crab, filet mignon, salmon and potatoes smothered in goat cheese and onions. For dessert, the men feasted on cheesecake and German chocolate cake.


After dinner, a waiter passed out expensive Cuban cigars and a room was reserved where the men could play baccarat.  They also had the option to go out on the balcony and smoke their cigars under the stars.


Kevin finally arrived; he greeted Brett and Darren. My brothas, what’s happening? Brett, it’s good to see you out.  After exchanging pleasantries, Kevin caught the eye of a baseball player, after small talk, they disappeared down the hall.


A famous boxer came over and introduced himself, he told Brett he was a big fan, they talked about sports and film until the boxer suggested that they go somewhere more private, he couldn’t hear Brett over the music.


They passed the pool area where an orgy was taking place in the hot tub.  A black soap opera actor kept going under water to attempt fellatio on a rapper.


They entered a pool house; the boxer unzipped Brett’s pants and deep throated him.   Afterwards, he threw Brett a tube of lubrication; Brett pulled his pants down, put on a condom on and applied some lubrication and got busy.


Brett had a guilt complex when the sex was over, he didn’t want the boxer to touch him, he got up and hurriedly put on his clothes and went to find Darren.


He went room to room looking for Darren, he finally found him upstairs in a corner room where he was having anal sex with a rap mogul. He gently closed the door and waited for him to finish.


When Darren came out of the room, Brett told him, man, let’s go, I want to get the hell out of here!  Darren asked, is everything ok? What happened? Brett said, I will explain in the car.


On the ride back, Brett told him, man, I ain’t no queer, I don’t know if this shit is for me, fuck being try-sexual, I ain’t gay.


Darren started laughing; Brett demanded to know, what’s so damn funny? Darren said, man, neither one of us is queer, that’s the beauty of the downlow, we are straight man being experimental, think of it that way and you can get through this.


Now tell me this, I saw you creep into that pool house with that boxer, I want you to admit it, the sex wasn’t that bad was it?


Brett took a deep breath, aiight man, you right, the sex wasn’t bad but it was different, I wouldn’t mind trying it again.


Darren said, that’s what I’m talking about! I was nervous when I first got down with a man but after awhile, I began to enjoy it.




Brett and Kym decided to have a picnic for Independence Day, Darren brought his girlfriend Tara and Kevin brought his wife Brenda.


While the women prepared the food, the men were out back talking about the upcoming downlow event.


The party was going to be a themed party based on a Las Vegas casino. Card games, catered food and movies.  The dealers would be dressed like Las Vegas card dealers and were asked to sign a confidentiality agreement.


For the first time, swingers and S&M participants would be invited. Brett, Darren and Kevin were counting down the days.


The day arrived, Darren and Kevin picked up Brett. The party was in full swing when they arrived.  This time, Brett saw women in attendance; they were engaged in S&M sex and swinger sex.  A few of the women were very famous black actresses.


Upstairs, each room was themed, one room was for downlow men, the other was for openly gay men, one room was for swingers; another for lesbians and the last room was for orgies.


Downstairs, one room showed gay porn, another showed lesbian porn, a room down the hall showed S&M movies and all of the films were broadcast on plasma televisions.


After each man had sex, they would go downstairs and gamble.


All three men returned home exhausted.


The following week, Kevin had a basketball game in San Francisco.  While he was out exploring the city, he picked up a smut paper. One ad stood out, a she-male was advertising for in-call/out-call escort services.


Kevin contacted “her.”  Her name was Lou-Lou and she agreed to meet him at a hotel.


Lou-Lou was formerly Louis, a popular 6’0 high school basketball player who once scored 50 points in a game, the next day he turned up at cheerleading practice to try out as a cheerleader and never looked back.


Lou-Lou resembled a model from a distance and her “fellatio” skills were legendary on the gay/dowlow circuit.


She arrived to service Kevin, she put him in complete ecstasy and he gave her a big tip.


After Lou-Lou left, Kevin took out his ‘black book for men’ and scribbled Lou-Lou’s number in the book.  Kevin also had a ‘black book for women.’


Six months later, Brett decided to marry Kym. They had a lavish million-dollar wedding at a 5 star hotel.  Darren brought his girlfriend Tara and Kevin brought his wife Brenda.


Nine months later, Kym gave birth to a baby boy named Brett, Jr.


Brett would move his family to the exclusive Malibu Colony, where the richest celebrities in Hollywood lived.


‘The Network’ board of directors had a meeting, they decided to expand and bring in a events coordinator, Constantine “Connie” Meyers to take the organization to the next level.


Connie wanted to model the organization along the same lines as a white gay organization that catered to rich and powerful gay men. This organization even gave out scholarships to young homosexuals and was the most prestigious and elite organization for gay men. Their parties were legendary; members included white movie stars, athletes, politicians and singers.


Connie gave a ‘black party’ for the summer.  All guests would be asked to wear white to the white party and black to the black party


Both events were successful.  The next party was a ski party hosted in Aspen. The following week, members were invited aboard a party boat for a function in Miami.


Drag queens and female impersonators were also booked to perform at the parties as well as comedians.  Male strippers also performed and a runway was set up for gay male models to strut their stuff.  Male escorts were also available for tier 2 members.


Connie decided, since the ‘downlow’ members had ‘gold’ membership cards indicating that they were members of ‘The Network,” the swingers should be given ‘platinum’ membership cards signifying they were also members of ‘The Network.”


With Connie at the helm, parties were occurring weekly instead of monthly.


Due to scheduling conflicts, Brett, Darren and Kevin made only half of the events.   At one of the parties, Darren performed a capella set of his hits.  The men got so worked up, a few tried to rush the stage, security had to contain them.  After Darren finished, numerous men approached him, they all wanted to spend the night with him.


The following month, Brett, Darren and Kevin attended a ‘Network’ event at a sex motel. Participants could either watch or participate.  Sex, drugs and liquor were rapid, after indulging in all three, Brett, Darren and Kevin could barely stand up; they were spent from sex and wasted from the substances.  They were in no condition to drive; they spent the night.


When Brett returned home, Kym wanted answers, what was going on? Every weekend you are going out with the boys, you’re neglecting your family; you hardly spend any time with us.  Brett promised, things would change but they never did.


When Darren’s girlfriend confronted him about the lack of time he spent with her, he became offensive and said, damn, Tara, I give you a allowance, you live in a nice home with me and you don’t have to work, if I want to spend some time with my boys don’t hassle me, if you don’t like it, move on and find someone else to take care of you!


The following week, at a party, Brett met David, a married television actor, after light conversation, they realized they lived in the same neighborhood.  They traded numbers and promised to stay in touch.


They became ‘fast friends’ and often jogged together on Malibu beach.


Brett invited David and his wife Susan over to have dinner with him and Kym. Everyone hit it off.  While Kym and Susan went shopping, Brett and David would have sex in the guest room.


David was often seen on the set of Brett’s latest movie; Brett would tell everyone that David was there to help him study his lines in his trailer; instead, Brett and David would indulge in oral and anal sex in the trailer.


Meanwhile, Kevin was packing for an out of town game in San Francisco, he couldn’t wait to see Lou-Lou.  He tried calling Lou-Lou but kept getting an answering machine.


After he arrived in San Francisco, he tried calling Lou-Lou again, no answer.  He decided to go to the ho stroll (male hustlers, transsexuals and transvestites) to solicit a male prostitute for the evening.  He was shocked to see Lou-Lou in a micro-mini. He gestured for her; she strolled over to the Escalade.


She got in the SUV, she didn’t look the same, she looked unhealthy and strung out, against his better judgment, he took her to a hotel.


A few months later, Kevin’s wife filed for divorce after she discovered she had contracted herpes from Kevin.


After Kym found out Brenda filed for divorce she got in touch with her and they had lunch.  Brenda tearfully confided to Kym about getting herpes from Kevin.  Kym was appalled but she was even more shocked when Brenda told her.   “Kym, it’s some strange shit going on with Kevin, Darren and Brett, I can’t put my finger on it, but keep your eyes open, something isn’t right and a lot of things don’t add up.  I also found some strange things on Kevin’s computer.”  Kym asked, like what? Brenda stood up and said I have a doctor’s appointment, call me; we can have lunch and discuss it further.


A week later, Kym tried to call Brenda but her phones were disconnected.


The following week, Brett gave Kym a birthday party. Kym invited her older brother Patrick and his wife Mary.  Patrick was a police officer.


Kym noticed how Brett, Darren and Kevin would group off from the rest of the guests, she also noticed them whispering among themselves.  When her brother Patrick tried to join them for conversation, they virtually ignored him.


After the guests left, she questioned Brett about it, he told her she was overreacting and told her to come to bed.


The next day, after basketball practice, Kevin received a call on his cell phone from Lou-Lou, Kevin demanded to know, how the fuck did you get my number?  Lou-Lou slurred her words and said, you have more serious issues you need to worry about.   Kevin said, like what? Lou-Lou replied, I’m writing a tell-all book about all of the famous men I’ve been with and you are going to have your own chapter.


Kevin got real quiet, Lou-Lou asked, are you still there? Kevin screamed, how much? Lou-Lou said, if you pay me $250,000; I won’t include you in the book.  Kevin said, ok, give me an address, I will have someone fly to Frisco and deliver the money to you tomorrow night.


The next night, Lou-Lou was found dead in her apartment, strangled to death.  No clues, no suspects, no arrest was ever made in the case and her manuscript was missing.


The next day, Brett left the house to play golf with David.


Kym was feeding the baby when she noticed the baby had a high fever.


After golf, Brett and David decided to go to a cheap motel across town.


Kym decided to take the baby to the hospital; she tried calling Brett on his cell phone, no answer.


While the baby was being examined, Kym tried calling Brett again, no answer.  She called her brother at the police station and appeased him of the situation.  He offered to track Brett by the GPS on his Lamborghini, Kym quickly agreed to his suggestion.


The Lamborghini was on the move; it eventually ended up in a motel parking lot.


When Patrick called Kym back, she could tell something was wrong by the tone of his voice, Patrick was reluctant to tell her that Brett was tracked to a motel on the outskirts of town.  Patrick eventually told her with a warning, Kym, don’t do anything stupid, Kym demanded to know what motel, Patrick told her, he also said he would meet her there.


Just then, the doctor interrupted Kym, he told her; the baby had a cold but would be fine. His fever has already gone down.


When she arrived home, she told the nanny to watch the baby; she had somewhere to go.


Kym called Patrick on his cell phone and told him she was headed to the motel, he said he would meet her there in 15 minutes.


They arrived at the same time. Kym spotted Brett’s car; it was parked outside room #7.


Patrick gently knocked on the motel door, no answer, but they could hear lovemaking sounds from within.


Patrick knew he was breaking every rule in the book when he took out a credit card and picked the lock.


Patrick and Kym entered the room and walked towards the bedroom.















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