White hate groups have a strong hatred and immense dislike for minorities and homosexuals.  Frank Spisak (pictured above) was an admitted neo-nazi but was attracted to what he disliked.  Example: He was saving up for a sex change and he killed a African-American man who rebuffed his homosexual advances.  Read his story below.


At 32, Frank Spisak was a walking exercise in contradictions.  Neighbors on the near East Side of Cleveland knew him as "Frankie Ann Spisak," a frizzy-haired transvestite who looked forward to the prospect of a sex-change operation, but he had another side, as well.

When not in drag, Frank Spisak worshipped Adolf Hitler, ultimately casting off his gowns and makeup in a bid to emulate his idol, growing a toothbrush mustache and slicking his hair down in classic Hitlerian style.

In February 1982, Spisak launched a series of "search-and-destroy missions" designed to "clean up" the city. Selecting his targets at random, Spisak invaded the campus of Cleveland State University, shooting a black minister, Rev. Horace Rickerson, to death in a men's room, allegedly, because Rickerson rejected his homosexual advances.

Four months later, he wounded another black, 55-year-old John Hardaway, rebounding in August with a full-scale rampage. Before the month was over, Spisak killed 50-year-old Timothy Sheehan, assistant superintendent of buildings and grounds at CSU, and 17-year-old Brian Warford, gunned down at a bus stop near campus. A third attack failed, with Spisak narrowly missing CSU employee Coletta Dartt. Both Sheehan and Dartt were Caucasians, but Spisak had suspected the building superintendent of being a Jew.

Arrested in September 1982, after firing a gun from his apartment window, Spisak was released on bail before an anonymous caller advised police to reexamine his .22-caliber weapon.

Test bullets matched slugs retrieved from the Warford murder, and Spisak later confessed to the other homicides, gloating that "my aim was pretty good." Pleading insanity at his trial while clutching Hitler’s autobiography.

In August 1983, Spisak declared that his one-man war had been launched under orders from God, his "immediate superior."  Jews were to blame for his earlier transvestite episodes, having "seized control of his mind" when Frank wasn't looking.  However, a defense lawyer asked, was his brain working now? "Never better," the gunman replied. With the results of psychiatric tests in hand, Judge James Sweeney ordered jurors to disregard Spisak's insanity plea for lack of evidence.

Convicted after five hours of deliberation, he was sentenced to death on August 10, 1983.  Defiant in the face of judgment, Frank addressed the court.   "Even though this court may pronounce me guilty a thousand times," he declared, "the higher court of our great Aryan warrior god pronounces me innocent.  Heil Hitler!"


Serial killer Kenneth McDuff was known to have an attraction towards black women and he spoke fondly of them yet he had an intense hatred for black men.  He wouldn't even acknowledge black men in his presence and if they spoke to him, he remained silent.  He was also affiliated with a White Aryan group in prison.  Read his story below.


Kenneth Allen McDuff (born March 21, 1946 in Rosebud, Texas - died November 17, 1998 in Huntsville, Texas) was a Texas serial killer.

McDuff is most notable, not necessarily for his crimes, but for his impact on the Texas penal system.  He was convicted for the brutal 1966 triple killing known as the Broomstick Murders and sentenced to death. His death sentence was overturned when the US Supreme Court abolished capital punishment in 1972.  He was now serving life with the possibility of parole.  Due to extremely crowded Texas prisons, a lack of political will to build more prisons and a series of unusual circumstances, McDuff was paroled from prison in 1989.  At that time it was not uncommon for a Texas criminal with a 20-year sentence to only spend 14 months in jail.  Upon release McDuff was arrested on a series of parole violations but never locked up for any real length of time again until he was arrested for the murder of a Texas woman in 1992.  He was implicated in at least three other murders.  He went on the run but was eventually captured due to a tip from a profile on the television show "America's Most Wanted."

The death sentence had been reinstated in 1977, so McDuff was eventually sent to death row and executed on November 17, 1998. After McDuff's second arrest for murder in 1992, Texas launched a massive overhaul of its prison system to try and ensure that nobody like him ever won early parole again.  The tightened parole rules, extensive prison building projects and improved monitoring of violent parolees are collectively known in Texas as McDuff Laws.

In retrospect three things stand out about McDuff in the annals of serial murders.  One, he is the only person known to have been sentenced to death then released and sentenced to death again. Two, he gave politicians the motivation to build more prisons and strictly monitor violent parolees.  Three, unlike serial killers such as Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, etc, who were often characterized as “nice guys”, “good neighbors” or “amiable fellow” Kenneth Allen

McDuff was feared by almost everyone who came in contact with him.  His second sentence to death seemed to come as no surprise to those who crossed his path. He was known to rob drug dealers and suggest good body dumping sites and brag about it to anyone who would listen.

Reference Books: "Bad Boy," by Gary M. Lavergne and "No Remorse," by Bob Stewart

Despite being a staunched segregationist, Senator Strom Thurmond (pictured above) had a bi-racial daughter.  Shortly after Thurmond's death on June 26, 2003, Essie Mae Washington-Williams publicly revealed that she was Strom Thurmond's illegitimate daughter.  She was born to an African American maid, Carrie "Tunch" Butler (1909–1947), on October 12, 1925, when Butler was 16 and Thurmond was 22.  To this day, the specific relationship between Thurmond and the maid has never been made totally clear.

Thurmond met Washington-Williams when she was 16.  He helped pay her way through college and later paid her sums of money in cash or, through a nephew, checks.  These payments extended well into her adult life. Washington-Williams has stated that she did not reveal she was Thurmond's daughter during his lifetime because it "wasn't to either advantage of either one of us" and that she kept silent out of love and respect for her father.  She denies that there was an agreement between the two to keep her connection to Thurmond silent.

After Washington-Williams came forward, the Thurmond family publicly acknowledged her parentage.  Many close friends and staff members had long suspected this to have been the case, stating that Thurmond had always taken a great amount of interest in Washington-Williams and that she was granted a degree of access to the Senator more appropriate to a family member than to a member of the public.

Disgraced police officer Mark Fuhrman (pictured above) had an intense hatred for blacks yet an unsubstantiated rumor persists.  He allegedly stopped Vanity speeding on a Los Angeles highway and allegedly asked her out on a date, she allegedly declined.  Is this another case of "Double Standard," racism?

Eartha Kitt was romantically linked to white billionaire Charles Revson (the creator of the Revlon Empire), no photo available.  A business associate said Revson was allegedly prejudiced but he seemed to adore Kitt.  He bought her expensive gifts, including a $28,000 diamond watch.  But for fear of endangering Revlon's image among Southern distributors the relationship was kept quiet and eventually terminated.


Although Huey Newton and Josephine Baker are beloved figures in black communities and we're not trying to tarnish their legacies but unconfirmed rumors began to circulate that FBI director J. Edgar Hoover kept Huey Newton under his thumb, because he allegedly had a sex tape in his possession featuring Newton with a blonde actress. Also, unconfirmed rumors continue to persist, several high ranking Black Panthers would discuss the evils of white people during the day and later go uptown to spend the night with their white girlfriends, discreetly. Entertainer Josephine Baker often spoke out against racism and gave her money and energy to civil rights causes yet she married a white Frenchmen.


We know for a fact that a few civil rights activists of this era have white mistresses.  One in particular was at a Washington, D.C. dinner.  He arrived with his white mistress and jokingly said, 'she will be my wife for tonight.'  Also, the late comic genius Richard Pryor was not the only comic to "talk black and sleep white."  Another pro-black comic creeps with white girlfriends on the side and a black actress who pretends like she's down for equal rights, secretly desires white men.








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