We are receiving word from our sources that a bi-sexual adult film actress is supplementing her income by charging hip-hop lesbians for sex. These same lesbians were scheduled to attend a girl-girl sex party on the East Coast a few weeks ago but the party was cancelled. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but-there was a ‘security breach’ and we have a copy of the ‘guest list.’ The majority of the names on the list are not surprising with the exception of one name. We had no idea she was bi-sexual, how did she stay under the radar of our deep cover operatives in our ‘black data,’ ‘declassified,’ and ‘sky villa’ (shadow unit) divisions? Nevertheless, she will be featured in Friday’s blind item.

Apparently, a rich anonymous buyer is currently seeking to purchase the 1996 BMW 750 sedan that rap icon Tupac Shakur was murdered in. What ever happened to this car? Does it still exist or was it destroyed? If the buyer succeeds in locating the vehicle, it's not clear on rather he will put the car on personal display or resell it on Ebay.

Singer Akon is seriously ballin. He rolls around town in a $250,000 orange Lamborghini Gallardo and he reportedly owns a diamond mine in South Africa.

Last week Forbes magazine reported that Juanita Jordan will receive a $150 million dollar divorce settlement from her husband, former NBA superstar, Michael Jordan. This is a lot of money but this settlement is not the most expensive settlement in history. Currently, Walt Disney’s nephew Roy Disney (worth $1.2 billion) is going through divorce proceedings (no prenup) with his soon to be ex-wife Patricia and their attorney’s. Patricia is expected to receive a $600 million dollar settlement.

For some reason, the following story wasn’t widely reported. I heard it on the radio once, that evening, not one entertainment show reported this story and it never appeared in the tabloids. Before the sitcom “Friends,” went off the air. The cast and crew were stunned by the arrest of two drug dealers on the program's set. The two men - Ricardo Jacob, 46, and Wilman Martinez, 33 - were seized at the Warner Bros. studios by Los Angeles police while shocked members of the show looked on. According to reports, the two men stand accused of selling cocaine and marijuana to various employees of the company and were caught thanks to a two- month surveillance operation by officers. Sergeant William Barry says, "There are all sort of rumors that cast and crew of such shows as Friends and ER, as well as high-profile producers, were involved in this bust.

Hip-hop producer Dr. Dre has received $2.5 million dollars in royalties thus far for his production work on Mary J. Blige's hit "Family Affair."

*If you are a merchant with a clientele that includes drug dealers, you may want to be more particular about who you let into your place of business because you may be held somewhat accountable if they engage in drug trafficking on your premises.

Former notorious drug baron Rayful Edmond III, (top photo on above image), introduced Washington, D.C. to crack cocaine and generated $70 million per month in drug sales. Edmond and Tony Lewis often patronized a upscale Italian men’s clothing store, named, “Linea Pitti’s.” A man by the name of Charles Wynn served as their primary salesman. Within an 18-month period, Edmond and Lewis made cash purchases totaling over $457,000 dollars. They both accounted for more that 25 percent of the store’s gross sales in 1988. Edmond and Lewis often purchased large quantities of merchandise. Wynn even put one of the men on the payroll fraudulently and it was proven that he didn’t record all of the sales receipts. When Edmond was arrested, shortly afterwards, the cops also arrested Wynn and he would be convicted of 34 counts of money laundering.

Dijoin Larogue (no photo available) was accused of drug trafficking for his failure to act on his suspicions that a customer was using his elite sports bar to traffic a wide variety of drugs.

In June 2006, Jacob The Jeweler was arrested by the FBI on money laundering charges. He is said to have used his jewelry business to launder up to $270 million dollars in drug money for the Black Mafia Family drug ring. Arabo denied all charges and was released after posting $100,000 in bail. In November 24, 2004, Cartier filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against Arabo, claiming he took Cartier watches and added diamonds, then resold them without permission. In 2002, Jacob sued rapper Scarface who he claimed owed him over $37,000 for bling purchased in 2002.

As a teenager, Alpo Martinez (2nd photo, center) was one of the biggest drug dealers that this country has ever seen. His home base was New York and he was feared. As we reported before, he was also the first black male in the USA to drive a Lamborghini at the age of 17. According to an affidavit filed in April at U.S. District Court in Alexandria in support of Martinez's arrest, Martinez served as liaison between a New York cocaine operation and drug dealers in the Washington, Northern Virginia and Fredericksburg area. He often rubbed elbows with hip-hop stars and was on the guest list of private parties. In 1992, he was arrested and he also admitted in an interview that he killed fellow drug partner, Rich Porter. Alpo was sentenced to life without parole until he allegedly became a government informant. Law enforcement sources said Alpo is believed to have information about some highly publicized homicides involving various drug dealers. Last year, Alpo was allegedly released from prison and moved to a secret location. Now, we are hearing that he is in the ‘Witness Protection Program,” and a multi-million dollar contract is out on his life.

Rayful Edmond (above) has been described as one of the most notorious drug kingpins ever. He has even been referred to as the “$300 Million Dollar Man,” after he appeared on 20/20. Authorities estimated Edmond pulled in $2 million a week in revenue. Rayful Edmond controlled 90% of the cocaine flow (imported and exported) in DC in the 1980’s, which spilled over into the early 90’s as well. At the tender age of 22, Edmond already knew what it felt like to be a financial powerhouse. He was also the cocaine liaison for other drug kingpins in New York such as Alpo and AZ. In 1989, Edmond was arrested.

While being held in temporary segregation, the FBI searched Edmond’s cell and found evidence of drug trafficking. When confronted with the evidence, Edmond offered to cooperate with law enforcement officials in order to secure his mother’s release from prison. Edmond was returned to the general population. His cooperation resulted in numerous indictments and convictions of drug traffickers, including the indictment of six people in Williamsport, Pennsylvania and the arrests of ten others in Washington. While he is still incarcerated, Edmond is now part of the witness protection program and his location is unknown. Source: Joseph Wright @ Streetz Magazine. As we go to press, rumors allege that a $2 million dollar contract has been taken out on his life.

Nicky Barnes (above) was the biggest heroin dealer in New York during his reign of power. Barnes was dubbed "Mr. Untouchable" by the NY Times. He was the first black man on record to actually pull the French drug out of the hands of the Italian Mafia and place it in a black neighborhood with himself as the head of the operation. Barnes also profited from the infamous “French Connection,” pipeline along with fellow kingpin, Frank Matthews. Barnes lived the high life, rolling around in a Maserati, Ferrari and A Rolls Royce.

Barnes also owned numerous apartment buildings, car washes and laundromats. He also had an extensive Italian suit collection. Barnes was also the leader of the "Council of Seven," a consortium of Harlem based heroin dealers who organized their retail operations and their revenues to create legitimate businesses to protect their illicit assets. They even had a seven-word oathe: "Treat my brother as I treat myself." Barnes was eventually prosecuted and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. According to Barnes, while in prison, he discovered that his assets were not being taken care of, the council stopped paying his attorneys' fees, and one of his fellow council members was having an affair with his wife.

The council had a rule that no council member would sleep with another council member's wife. The betrayal Barnes' felt while incarcerated prompted him to become an informant. He forwarded a list of 109 names, 5 of which were council members, along with his wife's name, implicating them all in illegal activities related to the heroin trade. Barnes helped to indict 44 other traffickers, 16 of whom were ultimately convicted. During this time frame, other drug informants were released when their information resulted in arrests, not Nicky Barnes. Despite his effort, he was never released early or granted a pardon. He served all but four years of his sentence. In August of 1998, Nicky Barnes was finally released from prison after serving 21 years. His former associates have put an $8 million dollar contract out on his life. Barnes was given a new identity and relocated under the ‘Federal Witness Protection Program.’

Dawnette Knight (above) was accused of stalking actor Michael Douglas a few years ago. The press made her out as a ‘raving lunatic,’ when in reality, Knight is very well educated, quiet and speaks several languages.

She was often spotted all over Hollywood behind the wheel of her convertible Ferrari with diamond rings adorning each of her fingers. At industry events, she was always dressed in sparkling designer gowns.

She only dated extremely wealthy men.  Also, when the Michael Douglas trial was underway, Dawnette arrived at the court house each day in a chauffered driven limousine.  And, Dawnette knew the exact layout of Douglas' home.

There is always two sides to a story. But, since I wasn’t actually there, I don’t know what happened. If Dawnette is guilty of the behavior she was convicted of then she deserves to be in prison for three years.


According to the January 19th, 2009 edition of the "National Examiner," they claim: Actor Paul Newman allegedly was said to have wanted one last fling with Eartha Kitt before marrying actress Joanne Woodward.

Rumors have persisted for years that former beauty queen/singer Kellee Patterson was not only the protege of the late Johnny Carson but she was also his alleged mistress.

With the help of Carson, Patterson was paid a hefty sum to perform in Las Vegas despite having one hit, (If It Don't Fit, Don't Force It) and she allegedly resided in an luxurious penthouse on the Las Vegas strip and drove a very expensive Mercedes Benz and she was always decked out in designer clothes and expensive jewelry.

Patterson was also linked to former Oakland Raider, Jack Tatum.



We often hear about star athletes being ripped off by shady businessmen but there is a segment of rich businessmen/benefactors-who have the athletes best interest at heart.

They may be die hard fans who feel protective over their "local/chosen star" or maybe they won a lot of money betting when a particular athlete made a game winning play and they want to return the favor.

Here are some eye opening stories regarding this subject.

Walter Payton:

Walter Payton was not only a class act on the field but his charisma off the field attracted wealth. Rich investors were always seeking him out for a chance to invest in his endeavors. Several of his rich friends financed a popular steakhouse restaurant owned by Payton in the late 80's. These same friends gave Payton investment tips (hotels, race teams) that proved very lucrative for him. During his illness, another rich friend had his private jet on standby, 24/7, in case Payton had to travel out of town on a moment's notice to visit a medical specialist. After being diagnosed with a liver disease which led to cancerous tumors, Payton was offered the option of moving up on the waiting list for organ donors. He declined this offer and accepted a place on the waiting list; according to a surgeon at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, he might have survived if he had accepted when his disease was first diagnosed. On November 1, 1999, Payton died from the complications that arose from his illness.

Joe Louis:

Due to Joe Louis's increasing poverty due to heavy taxes, old army buddy Ash Resnick gave him a job welcoming tourists to the Caesar's Palace hotel in Las Vegas, where Ash was an executive, just so Louis could make ends meet.

Louis's health began to deteriorate to the point where he had to be in a wheelchair. He had two operations, paid for by long-time friend Frank Sinatra. Sinatra flew Louis to Houston to have Michael DeBakey perform surgery. Later Louis suffered a stroke, and a year later his heart finally failed him.

Allegedly, before Louis died, his tax bill was paid off by an anonymous benefactor.

Jesse Owens:

When Jesse Owens returned from the 1936 Berlin Olympics, opportunities were bleak and he didn't receive one endorsement offer despite winning the gold. A parade was given in his honor, as he waved to the fans from a convertible car, a tall white man approached the car and threw a large paper bag in the car. When Owens opened the bag, it was filled with cash. When he returned home and counted the money, the total came to $10,000 dollars, the equivalent of $100,000 dollars in today's dollars.

O.J. Simpson:

In the bay area, it's a known fact that O.J. Simpson made very poor grades in high school and allegedly at USC but due to his football prowess, people allegedly looked the other way. Rich businessmen sought him out and invested his money wisely. Before the civil suit, Simpson made a fortune with his "Honey Baked Ham & Turkey," investment. During his trial, an anonymous rich Chicago businessman offered to pay Simpson's legal fees.

Willie Mays:

When Willie Mays broke into the big leagues, he was a poor uneducated kid from the South with a heavy southern drawl. A rich man reportedly took Mays under his wing and helped steer his finances in the right direction. Throughout his career and during his retirement, Mays has never had money problems.

Jim Plunkett:

Jim Plunkett's parents are both blind. He would go on and win the Heisman Trophy in college and be a number one draft pick in the NFL. He would win two Super Bowls with the Oakland Raiders. Again, a rich businessman took him under his wing and invested his money wisely. Today, Plunkett is a multi-millionaire.

On May 14th, 2007, in Monte Carlo (a billionaire haven), Diana Ross is being paid a fortune to perform an ultra-private show for some of the richest and most powerful men/women in the world who will be in town for a summit. The guest list reads like a who’s who: Royal sheiks, oil barons, technology billionaires, renowned scientists, media titans, industrialists, corporate raiders, doctors and Nobel Peace Prize winners, etc., will be in attendance. The Monte Carlo casino will be packed, patrons are expected to pay an entry fee whether they gamble or not. As we reported before, a can of soda is $19 in Monte Carlo and a hamburger is $39.

Before former boxing champ Mike Tyson went broke, he tore down a few of the walls in his mansion to make room for a rotating display that featured a rare Lamborghini. When Tyson had guests over, the circular display would rotate as people admired the car.

Rapper 50 Cent and boxer Floyd Mayweather have been good friends for a few years. The upcoming bout between Mayweather and Oscar De La Hoya may be one of the biggest money making fights in boxing history. Mayweather will be paid $10 million and a percentage of pay-per-view and De La Hoya will be paid $25 million and a percentage of pay-per-view. The bout sold out three hours after tickets went on sale. Ticket sales reached a record breaking $19 million dollars. When Mayweather isn’t fighting, he relaxes in a mansion the size of a hotel in Las Vegas, wearing $1 million dollars worth of bling. Mayweather drives a Ferrari Spider, a Bentley GT, a Rolls Royce Phantom and two Mercedes Benz’s. 50 Cent is betting $1 million dollars on Mayweather to beat De La Hoya.

Phillip “Taylor” Kramer (above, 1st photo) was a former bassist for the rock group “Iron Butterfly.” Later he would become a well-respected nuclear physicist who would mysteriously disappear into thin air while working on a top-secret project.

Despite having over a million dollars in the bank, allegedly, Kramer’s company was having financial problems.

Also, One of Kramer’s close friends was Randy Jackson (Michael’s brother). Kramer allegedly gave Randy the title of director for his “Total Multimedia,” company. Several Jackson’s -- but not Michael – allegedly showed up at a press event in 1990, when Kramer unveiled digital technology that he called "the state of the art for the next century."

On May 29th, 1999, Kramer’s minivan and skeletal remains were found at the bottom of Decker Canyon near Malibu, California.  It's unclear if it was murder or suicide.

In 1984, Diana Ross and Julio Iglesias recorded a hit duet titled, "All Of You." Around this time, rumors began to circulate that the two superstars were having a discreet fling. Those rumors have never been proven and may have been publicity driven but allegations also emerged, that year, Ross wanted her children to experience a white Christmas in Switzerland with actual snow. Allegedly, the Ross family was transported by private jet to Switzerland where they allegedly had a holiday visit with Iglesias' at his Swiss chateau.

“BLACK MONEY LAUNDERING RING,” by Tim McGlone @ The Virginian Plot

NORFOLK - Olympic gold medal track stars Tim Montgomery (2nd photo) and Steve Riddick (1st photo) are about to face the contest of their lives as they prepare to stand trial in New York on charges they participated in a $5 million money laundering scheme.

Federal authorities say they have mountains of evidence linking Montgomery, Riddick and a third man, Nathaniel Alexander (3rd photo) to the crime. In addition, eight co-defendants already have pleaded guilty and some are expected to testify against the trio.

Montgomery and Riddick, his former Norfolk State University track coach, and Alexander face various counts of conspiracy, bank fraud and money laundering. On Friday, a federal judge denied last-minute motions by defense attorneys to dismiss the indictment and suppress damaging evidence.

The stakes are high. Bank fraud carries a penalty of up to 30 years in prison; money laundering can garner up to 20 years.

"Central to the success of the scheme was the involvement of participants who were willing to deposit fraudulently obtained checks into their accounts to be cashed and laundered," a government prosecutor wrote in a recent court filing.

Perry alleges that two-time convicted felon Anthony Charles Prince, who currently is serving federal time for a drug conspiracy, put one of the leaders of the New York group in touch with Alexander and Riddick. Montgomery would be pulled in as well, according to the indictment.

Riddick, of Hampton; Montgomery, who lives in North Carolina; and Alexander, of Portsmouth, are accused of laundering at least $3.2 million of the $5 million illegally obtained through stolen and counterfeit checks procured by the New York ring leaders.

Riddick is accused of laundering three checks totaling $905,000; Montgomery, three checks totaling about $1.3 million; and Alexander, two checks totaling $1 million.

Riddick, who won a gold medal in the 1976 Olympics, coached Montgomery to Olympic gold in the 2000 Olympics. Alexander had business partnerships with Riddick in deals to build new tracks around the world.

According to the indictment, Riddick was the first to cash a counterfeit check, for $80,000 in March 2005, and then returned checks to members of the New York group. Those checks, however, bounced after the bank caught the initial counterfeit deposit.

The following month, Alexander opened a new checking account on his business, B&T Petroleum, and deposited an $850,000 check. The check, it was later determined, had originally been for only $31.40, according to the indictment. That check and another for $150,000 failed to clear.

Also in April 2005, Montgomery deposited counterfeit checks into the account of his business, TM & Associates, and an account belonging to his agent's company, Vector Sports.

Riddick paid Montgomery $20,000 for assisting in depositing a $375,000 check, the only check to actually clear, according to the court records.

Marion Jones (above) Montgomery's then-girlfriend and also a world-class sprinter who holds Olympic gold, is named in court records as having deposited a $25,000 check drawn on Alexander's new business account. Jones has not been charged in the case, and prosecutors would not say whether she has been called to testify.


When boxer Mike Tyson was married to Dr. Monica Turner, he was the then brother-in-law to black conservative Michael Steele (Turner's brother). Steele is the former Lieutenant Governor of Maryland and he's also a regular a fixture at the Bush White House. Steele is currently a political analyst for CNN.




Charles "Chuckie" Nicoletti (December 3, 1916 - March 29, 1977) was the most feared mafia assassin for Mob boss Sam Giancana.

Nicoletti dropped out of school in the 8th grade, after which he murdered his father in what would be deemed justifiable homicide.

Soon after, he joined the '42 gang', whose members also include Sam Giancana, Sam Battaglia and Phil Alderisio. This gang was a virtual farm team for the organized crime ring within Chicago.

By the late 1950's, Nicoletti's reputation for being one of the most feared trigger-men drew the attention of the FBI and police officials.

At one hit, in 1962, Nicoletti, Phil Alderisio, and Anthony Spilotro, were torturing James Miraglia in order to find out who had helped him kill two of their friends.

Spilotro had the man's head in an industrial vice and squeezed it so tight-the man's eye popped out of his head; upon which the victim finally gave up his friend.

This scene was re-enacted in the 1995 film "Casino," directed by Martin Scorsese.
On the date of his death, Nicoletti received three .38 slugs to the back of his head. The Assassin became the victim.

During his career as a hit man he was involved in as many as 20 mob hits, and is alleged to have been involved with the assassination of John F. Kennedy


Donald Joel Aronow (above photo, left) was an speed boat designer and builder (for the rich and famous) and racer of the famous Cigarette, Donzi, and Formula speed boats. He built speedboats for the Shah of Iran, Charles Keating, Robert Vesco, Malcolm Forbes, and George H. W. Bush. President Lyndon Johnson- in retirement- owned several 16 ft. Donzi speedboats on his Texas ranch with which he would race his Secret Service agents. Aronow's speedboats are still considered the 'Ferrari's' of speedboats and are priced at $250,000-$1 million dollars per boat. His boats were also featured prominently in the "Miami Vice," TV series. While Cigarette boats are known as the preferred speedboats among the elite, their great speed also made them a popular choice among cocaine runners. At the peak of their popularity, U.S. Customs agents used "Cigarette boats," to chase drug smugglers-who were also using Cigarettes to escape.

On February 3, 1987 Aronow was murdered in his car at the Loemanns' shopping center, near 188th Street in Miami (the famous Thunderboat Row) where his boat companies operated . Aronow had just left from a meeting with Bob Saccenti who was part owner of Apache Power Boats together with partner Ben Kramer.

Witnesses said that a powder blue Lincoln pulled next to Mr Aronow's car from the opposite direction and when Aronow rolled down his window the driver opened fire. Another witness tried to follow the Lincoln as it fled but could not catch the killer(s). The Lincoln drove over grass to get away.

Two men — Ben Kramer, a suspected drug runner who bought Aronow's USA Racing Team and was forced to sell it back to Aronow after the Customs Service refused to do business with him, and Bobby Young — eventually pleaded no contest to manslaughter related to Aronow's murder. Kramer was already in prison at the time of his plea in 1996 and is now serving a life sentence with no possibility of parole.

Motive For The Murder: Unknown.


According to friends and family, 24-year-old Chris Mader had always aimed high in life. By holding himself to the highest standards, Chris was able to land incredible internships that would lead him to his big dream -- being a television sports broadcaster.

Chris was a busy guy, working his internships, taking courses, and bartending all at the same time. But friends and family say his drive for success was unstoppable -- and that he'd do anything to make it big as a sports journalist. He even auditioned for ESPN's "Dream Job" show.

But Chris wouldn't live to see his dream come true. Cops say someone stole that opportunity from Chris when they brutally murdered him.

On Thanksgiving morning, 2004, 9-1-1 dispatchers received a call from a Washington, D.C. police officer who lived in Chris' neighborhood. He'd just gotten home, when he heard a gunshot, and a car crash. After reporting the incident, the officer rushed around the block searching for the source of the loud crash he'd heard.

When he found Chris' Dodge Stratus, the officer's fears were confirmed. The car had crashed into an electrical box, and Chris was slumped over the wheel, having been shot in the head.

The officer, out of his jurisdiction and off duty, told the dispatchers he'd preserve the crime scene until the other officers arrived. When Detective Keith Moody arrived, he immediately knew he was dealing with a murder scene, and got to work collecting what little clues were left behind.

Det. Moody determined Chris had been turning right into his neighborhood when a bullet came through the driver's side window, and that he'd died immediately.

The detective also found the weapon was most likely a 40-caliber berretta. But they still didn't know where it came from. Based on the angle in which the bullet sliced the car window, Det. Moody believed Chris' killer was most likely standing in the median strip of the road, or across the street in front of an elementary school when they fired the deadly shot.

Detectives were working hard to find out how this man, who family says was loved by everyone, was murdered so callously. Then -- a break in the case. Two hours after the murder, police received a suspicious 9-1-1 call -- but the caller wasn't really reporting anything. In fact, police say it was as if the caller was asking questions to find out what police knew about the crime. Police say if they can find out who placed the call, they might be able to track down the murderer.

Another break came when a witness came forward and told police they'd seen a man walking near the crime scene the night of the murder. Based on the description given by the witness, cops developed a sketch. Now, they are hoping someone recognizes the man in the sketch. Police believe the man could give them the answers they need to solve Chris' mysterious murder.

This murder appears like a "professional hit," although police have yet to rule in that direction.


On January 4, 2007, prosecutors finally crossed the finish line in the murder trial of Michael Goodwin (third photo) accused of killing racing legend Mickey Thompson and his wife, Trudy, first photo. The six week trial ended with Goodwin being found guilty of two counts of murder.

Prosecutors charged that Goodwin had gone after Thompson when a racing-related business deal turned sour. They alleged that Goodwin had hired the men who carried out the vicious crimes, and that he was just as guilty as though he had pulled the trigger himself.

Numerous witnesses recounted how Goodwin had made death threats against Thompson, and two others stated that they had seen Goodwin casing the area around the Thompson house in the days before the murders. Goodwin awaits sentencing, but according to the prosecution, he will not face the death penalty.

On March 16, 1988, cops say Mickey Thompson and his wife Trudy left their exclusive home in Bradbury Estates near Pasadena, Calif. to go to work, just as they did every morning. But neither made it to their destination. Neighbors say around 6:00 that morning, two black hooded gunmen (second photo) coldly and callously shot the couple dead.

Cops say Trudy had been wearing $70,000 worth of jewelry that morning, and when her body was found, none of it was stolen or missing. There were no fingerprints and no indication that the couple had known their killers.

All this, combined with eyewitness accounts from neighbors, led police to believe Mickey and Trudy had been the victims of a murder-for-hire.

Neighbors say two gunmen methodically shot the pair, then pedaled off on bicycles. Their detailed descriptions of the men gave cops enough information to create sketches, which were released to the public in the hope that someone would recognize them.

Although police had no idea who the hit men were, they had a pretty good idea who'd hired them -- their prime suspect in the murders was Michael Goodwin, Mickey Thomson's former business partner. Cops said relations between the two men had soured after Goodwin lost $514,000 in a civil case to Thompson. But no arrests were made in the case until December 2001, when police were finally able to bring in Goodwin for the double homicide.

In the case of the racing legend's murder, justice did not move quickly.

Between 2002 and 2004, Goodwin's defense team filed to have the case moved out of Orange County, or dismissed altogether. Ultimately, a judge ruled that Orange County did not have jurisdiction over the case, which prompted more delays. Eventually, the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office took the case and filed murder charges.

Incidentally, the two African-American hit men hired by Goodwin have never been identified or captured.


In 1954, “the most powerful men” in the world met for the first time under the auspices of the Dutch royal crown and the Rockefeller family in the luxurious Hotel Bilderberg of the small Dutch town of Oosterbeck. For an entire weekend they debated the future of the world. When it was over, they decided to meet once every year to exchange ideas and analyze international affairs. They named themselves the Bilderberg Club. Since then, they have gathered yearly in a luxurious hotel somewhere in the world to decide the future of humanity.

In more than fifty years of meetings that brings together unprecedented power and money in the same time and place, never has any information been leaked as to what subjects were debated during the "Bilderberg Club," meetings.

While no one covers Bilderberg Club meetings even though they are annually attended by Presidents of the International Monetary Fund, The World Bank, Federal Reserve, chairmen of 100 most powerful corporations in the world such as DaimlerChrysler, Coca Cola, British Petroleum, Chase Manhattan Bank, American Express, Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, Vice Presidents of the United States, Directors Federal Law Enforcement Agencies, General Secretaries of NATO, American Senators and members of Congress, European Prime Ministers and leaders of opposition parties, top editors and CEOs of the leading newspapers in the world.

Allegedly, only one African-American man belongs to this elite secret society, lawyer, Vernon Jordan. Best friend of former President Bill Clinton.

Source: Danielestulin.com


In 1958, at a Harlem bookstore. A 42-year old black woman (Izola Ware Curry) plunged a letter opener into Martin Luther King, Jr.'s chest. If he would have sneezed, he would have died. He was rushed to a Harlem hospital (above), to undergo 3 hours of surgery where he survived.

But, what ever happened to Izola Ware Curry?

Curry's reasoning for the attack. She detested preachers and the Negro church. She felt ministers were flimflam artists who pimped the black community. She also hated the NAACP and white people. She believed that organized groups were after her, to ruin her life.

Curry later claimed that she was mentally deranged. Regardless, she believed that King was the leader of a Communist movement. King did not press charges against Curry, who was later admitted to an insane asylum.

After being confined to a asylum, Curry disappeared from the headlines. We don't know if she's still alive or not and no photo exists of her.

Some conspiracy theorists have speculated that Curry was an easily manipulated pawn who was encouraged to murder King and to take the fall, alone. But the plan went awry when King survived the attack.

Curry has disappeared from the face of the earth which is odd because would be assassins (of public figures) are usually tracked.


On this site, we've revealed Eartha Kitt's past relationship with billionaire Charles Revson (Revlon creator).

And we stated that Ahmad Rashad is currently involved with one of the richest women in the world, Sale Johnson-an Johnson & Johnson heiress.

And we made mention that Kiki Shephard (Showtime At The Apollo) is currently married to a very rich white man. she resides in a mansion with maids and butlers. Shephard also rolls around town in a chauffeured limo or a Rolls Royce.

Now, we bring you similar friendships/relationships with additional black celebrities. Some are public, while others are/were discreet.

When former NBA bad boy Dennis Rodman was in the prime of his career, winning championships with the Chicago Bulls, he was also allegedly involved with a woman named Kim Hunt (no photo available). Hunt is allegedly an heiress to the Hunt billion dollar fortune. The Hunt family owns the Kansas City Chiefs and various amusement parks across the country. The couple eventually broke up.

Late vocalist/pianist Bobby Short was one of the most elegant and classy men to ever walk this earth. He was also very close friends with Gloria Vanderbilt (who was once the richest woman in the world) and a designer of "Vanderbilt" jeans. Allegedly, Vanderbilt was responsible for Short's entry into cafe society. An unsubstantiated rumor continues to float around. Allegedly, when Short had trouble renting a penthouse overlooking Central Park due to racism. Vanderbilt allegedly stepped in and told the owners, "If you don't rent to him, I will buy the entire building out from under you and rent to him myself."

Diana Ross is attractive but she is not the most attractive or sexiest woman in entertainment, not even during her prime yet she once married to a billionaire and it's been rumored but never proven-after her divorce from Arne Naess, she allegedly had a close association with a billionaire casino tycoon. Ross may not be the most attractive woman in entertainment but her class and elegance is a aphrodisiac that attracts rich men.

Mellody Hobson, 38, is a Princeton graduate who currently heads a financial firm that manages $19 billion dollars in assets. She's also a financial correspondent on "Good Morning America," and one of the most powerful black women in this country. She also dates billionaire filmmaker George Lucas (Star Wars).

A decade ago, David Bowie signed a deal with a music company giving them immediate ownership of his songs. That deal has made him nearly a billionaire. Bowie is second to Paul McCartney (billionaire) it terms of wealth in Europe. Bowie's wife Iman also makes a fortune off her excellent/superior makeup line.

Former supermodel Veronica Webb is married to an extremely wealthy man, said to be worth over $100 million dollars.  The couple resides in an estate and have two daughters.

Janet Langhart is a former model, BET correspondant and Boston TV personality.  She is also married to the very powerful, former Secretary of Defense, William Cohen (Clinton White House).  During her husband's tenure as Secretary Of Defense, Langhart was known as the "First Lady Of The Pentagon."

In what some are considering a modern-day Cinderella story, former New York fashion designer, Angela Brown, wed Prince Maximilian of Liechtenstein in a fairy tale Manhattan wedding on January 29, 2000.

Angela Brown, the daughter of Mr. Javier Francisco Brown and Mrs. Silvia Maritza Brown, was born in Bocas del Toro, Panama on February 3rd, 1958. She attended high school in New York and studied fashion at the Parson’s School of Design. For three years, she sold her designs under the name A. Brown and also was employed until September 1999 by fashion designer Adrienne Vittadini.

Prince Maximilian, born on May 16, 1969. He attended school in Liechtenstein and earned a degree from the European Business School in Frankfurt in 1993. He currently works for Industri Kapital, a leading European private equity firm, in Hamburg.

The couple met while Prince Maximilian was working for Chase Capital Partners in New York City in 1997. They became friends and began a courtship in the summer of 1999.

The were wed at Saint Vincent Ferrer Church in Manhattan at 11:00 a.m. on January 29, 2000. The couple was joined by a few hundred friends and family members for the ceremony.

The newlyweds reside in Hamburg.

Source: High Profile Interracial Couples

*This segment on "Human Trafficking," was requested by one of our readers.

When Natalee Holloway first disappeared in Aruba, early on in the investigation, it was reported that a ship was spotted in the area. Also, rumors were circulating that an suspected sex trafficker was also in Aruba the same week that Holloway disappeared. Yet, this information disappeared quickly from the headlines.

When men and women go missing, disappearing without a trace and bodies are never recovered. They may have been forced into "overseas white slavery." This pipeline extends to European countries.

This sick subculture thrives in the back alleys of the Internet. Reportedly, black market sites spring up where you can order an human being by race, hair color and eye color. Traffickers negotiate a price with the unsavory client and then they go out and abduct victim's who fit the physical description.

Sadly, this may also be the case for Stepha Henry, who disappeared in Florida a few weeks ago. Victims come in all races.

Also, more and more women are disappearing on cruise ships. One case stands out. A young lady met a man who worked on the cruise ship. Later she would vanish. Before her family alerted the authorities, the young man came to their cabin and said, "He was sorry she disappeared." Only problem, no one knew she had disappeared but her family. This indicated that he may have been somehow involved in her disappearance.

It's been rumored that crew ship members get approached by traffickers and paid a handsome penny to help in an abduction.

In terms of profit, the human trafficking business is booming and is third behind drug trafficking and gun trafficking.

When you go on vacation be aware of your surroundings.

In Related News:

Some European crime syndicates are into child trafficking and are holding child auctions in shopping center parking lots in Portugal and France. Pedophiles and people looking for child labor bid on the children. The highest bidder wins.


We all know that Skull & Bones, based on Yale's campus is a very secretive and powerful fraternity which have included U.S. President's, CIA officials and business tycoons, etc. But few people know that Bones & Skulls has an endowment of more than $4 million dollars and this organization owns a private island on the St. Lawrence River.

What do these two beautiful and brilliant black men have in common? They were classmates at Harvard University. In Related News: Hill Harper is not only an actor (CSI: NY) he is also a lawyer and he owns numerous restaurants and hotels across the country. He was a millionaire before his acting career took off and he's known as one of the smartest men in Hollywood. Both parents were physicians.

Perez Hilton.com is the highest rated white gossip site on the Internet. Generating 5 million hits per day. Last week, Perez Hilton.com's legal troubles were revealed and it was also noted that the site grosses $6 million dollars per year in revenue. Gossip is big business! With big profits!

The film rights to "Memoirs Of A Super Freak," have been sold and writer Sheldon Turner (“The Longest Yard”) is developing a script for the bio pic.

This is the most anticipated book of the year. Here are some highlights: The super freaky “King of Punk Funk,” Rick James, who miraculously survived numerous trips to hell and back, returns to heat up the month of May-hem with a scintillating autobiography and a funky new album.

At the end of the month, Amber Communications Group, Inc. imprint, Colossus Books, will release a revealing, raw, salacious and brutally candid autobiography that James penned while incarcerated in California’s Folsom State Prison from 1993-1995, and finished shortly before his death.

The result is The Confessions of Rick James - "Memoirs Of A Super Freak" by Rick James which promises to be one of the most honest and unflinching looks at life in the fast lane ever written. With "Memoirs Of A Super Freak" Rick James has written the ultimate tell-all confessional with the emphasis on the 'all.' Alternately titillating and soul searching hair raising and heart breaking, "Memoirs Of A Super Freak" is everything a major celebrity memoir should be; a long look behind the tinsel curtain of fame into the private lives and closely guarded secrets of the glitterati: an unflinching bare-knuckled account of who did what to whom in bed, on stage, and between the legal lines.

The original bad boy, who lived the “sex, drugs and funk & soul” lifestyle, finished recording a new album "Deeper Still," prior to his 2004 death. The disc will be released on his Stone City Records label on May 15th.

Rick James makes the following allegations in his book, "Memoirs Of A Super Freak."

"Jan Gaye was Marvin's wife and she was one of the most beautiful black women I'd ever met. Jan and I were starting to get very close, though we didn't become lovers until after they divorced. I loved Jan, and she's still very dear to me. Our relationship was just starting to get deep and our story changed my life."

"In the early 80's, Jan and I were during drugs regularly. I took her to Maui, Hawaii where we had a great vacation. Although they were divorced, Marvin was putting her and the kids under a lot of stress. He cut her and the kids off financially so I gave Jan a job as one of my secretaries in my L.A. office. The only condition of employment was that she had to show up on time. She only lasted a few months. Marvin had started basing and was out of control. He'd call her up on the phone at the office and say all this perverted shit."

"Once when I was in Buffalo, Jan flew in to take care of me because I was bedridden with a high temperature. Marvin called me while she was there. I told Marvin that Jan was there and I was too sick to talk to him. While Jan was talking to him he was calling her a whore but as soon as I got on the phone he'd talk sweet as pie. That's when I realized that Marvin was a seriously sick motherfucker but we've all got a little sickness in us."

"When Marvin won his Grammy for "Sexual Healing," I was on stage to present him with his award. When he came on stage my fists were clenched because Jan had told me Marvin wanted a piece of me and I was ready for him to start some shit on national TV. After I gave him his Grammy, he whispered to me, "She gave me the best years of my life," and left the stage."

"Once, when I was getting high with Jan I told her, I had a dream that Marvin didn't have but a year to live. She cried but within a year, Marvin was dead. I miss him. Even though we sometimes disagreed he was still a friend."

Margaret Maldonado makes the following allegations in her book, "Jackson Family Values."

Due to the success of "Thriller," Michael Jackson was paid a staggering $18 million dollars before the release of "Dangerous," and he also received an unheard of 25 percent of the retail price for every copy sold.

Maldonado claims that singer James DeBarge, pictured to the left, (married to Janet Jackson at the time) was despondent over something one day. "He climbed up on the roof and allegedly threatened suicide. Joseph Jackson allegedly came out of the house, took one look at his son-in-law and told him to jump," according to Maldonado.

Rick James reveals the following in his book, "Memoirs Of A Super Freak."

"When I wasn't at the China Club, I was hanging out at the Roxbury. My addiction had really started to take off again and it was getting demented. I would bring back a hundred people to my house after the club closed. Pimps, prostitutes and celebrities.

Once again, Jim Brown came by and took me to his house to detox. He came with these Muslims, the Crips and the Bloods and pretty much kidnapped me, locking me in a room in his house but I still managed to get back to my house and my drugs in less than 24 hours.

In the midst of all this insanity and drug use, a woman named Cathy Townsend, daughter of Ed, who wrote "Lets Get It On," started hanging around. According to Rick, "She was a born thief with loose morals."

Rick claims, one day, Cathy brought a girl to the house, as a gift to me, the girl's name was Courtney. The next month was spent having kinky sex and during drugs.

When she left , she went back to her pimp. The pimp was a drug dealer and a drug addict and was furious at her for being with Rick James and not coming back with any money.

The pimp had a way of punishing his women, by burning them with a crack pipe.

Rick's girlfriend took Courtney to the hospital, when they left the hospital, the people there took down the plate number.

A couple of days after that, the house suddenly exploded in chaos. Then, a big bam, with 40 policemen kicking in the door pointing guns at Rick and his girlfriend Tanya.

They were arrested and charged with assault.


Leigh Ann Hester (above) is the first woman in 60 years to be awarded the 'Silver Star.' Hester saved fellow National Guardsman by using expert marksmanship to pick off three Iraqi insurgents who ambushed her unit. She's also believed to have killed even more of the 50 attackers using grenades.

Several years ago, unconfirmed reports surfaced-indicating that Sade's older brother Banji had died, reasons unknown. Sade never released a statement regarding this matter, in part, due to her intense privacy (she continues to shun publicity). We still don't know if this rumor is true. Also, before Sade became a star, she set up a small fashion company, making mens' clothes, in London's Chalk Farm, with a friend, Gioia Mellor. She also found work as a photographic model.

The only scandal associated with Sade is: In 1997 Sade was cited for dangerous driving and disobeying a police officer in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Later a Jamaican court issued an arrest warrant for Sade after she failed to appear in court to face charges, but medical proof of her daughter's hospitalization allowed the arrest warrant to be stayed.

And, Sade remains the only artist in bay area history to sell-out the Concord (Sleeptrain) Pavilion and the San Jose arena. No other artist has been able to sell out both venues while performing in the bay area.


The Associated Press
By CHISAKI WATANABE Associated Press Writer
TOKYO Oct 11, 2007 (AP)

Police in Japan arrested a man who ran an Internet suicide site for allegedly killing a woman who paid him to do so, an official said Thursday.

Kazunari Saito, a 33-year-old electrician, was arrested Wednesday for allegedly giving Sayaka Nishizawa, 21, sleeping pills and suffocating her in April, a police official in Kanagawa said, speaking on condition of anonymity, citing policy.

Nishizawa contacted the suspect through an Internet suicide site he hosted and paid him $1,700, according to the official.

Nishizawa's father found her body on April 16 in her apartment in Kanagawa, just south of Tokyo. Police had been investigating the case after a note suggesting suicide was found, but her cell phone and keys were missing, Kyodo News agency reported.

The suspect told police the woman had asked him to "see through" the dying process, Kyodo said.

Saito set up his site last year to give tips on how to commit suicide, the agency said. Officials didn't immediately say if the Web site was still working.

According to the Yomiuri, Japan's largest daily, the woman wrote him in early April saying: "I want to die, how can I die?"

Saito wrote back: "I will give you lots of sleeping pills. I will help."

It was not clear why the woman needed help to kill herself.

Japan's suicide rate is among the highest in the industrialized world, and the number of people taking their own lives topped 30,000 for a ninth straight year in 2006.

Photo Image courtesy of: ABC News.com & AP

The Notorious B.I.G. was shot and killed on March 9, 1997, two weeks later his album Life After Death was released and went to sell over 18 million records.

Ten years later, Life After Death: The Movie (above DVD) chronicles the music family he left behind from 1997-2007 in an epic story of friendship and betrayal. After B.I.G's death, his right hand man, D-Roc manages Lil' Kim and Junior Mafia through a decade of triumph and tragedy as they live, work and travel the world together ending with the infamous Hot 97 New York City radio station shootout that landed Lil' Kim and D-Roc in Federal Prison and labeled their former friends as "snitches."

This true story is told solely from unseen home video footage from the crew and takes us through the "Golden Age" of New York hip hop with archive footage of hip hop's biggest stars from Diddy, The Loc, Mase, Jay-Z and more ... includes actual footage of the Hot 97 shootout and an end-all exclusive interview with D-Roc, who refused to testify in Lil' Kim's perjury trial for his alleged involvement in the shootout and until now, declined to be interviewed.

Narrated by Jamie Hector of the HBO series The Wire, this is a must see documentary about honor and loyalty for every hip hop fan worldwide!


A Catholic priest accused of collaborating with Argentina's military dictatorship more than two decades ago has been convicted of crimes against humanity and sentenced to life in prison. Former police chaplain Christian von Wernich (above) was convicted of participating in several homicides, 31 torture cases and 42 kidnappings. During court proceedings, this 'gangsta' priest wore a bullet proof vest under his collar. After his conviction, people celebrated in the streets of Argentina.

P. Diddy is often criticized in the media for having five kids with three different women but he doesn't have anything on Eddie Murphy. Murphy has nine children with five different mothers as follows: He has three sons: Miles Mitchell (born on November 7, 1992; named after jazz great Miles Davis; (mother: Nicole Mitchell) and Christian (born in 1991, mother: Tamara Moore), Eddie, Jr. (born in 1989, mother: Paulette McNeeley) and six daughters, four of them with Nicole Mitchell: Bella Zahra (born in January 2002), Zola Ivy (born on December 24, 1999), Shane Audra (born on October 10, 1994) and Brea (born on November 18, 1989), Ashlee (born in 1987, mother: Model, Nicolle Rader). His ninth child, Angel Iris Murphy Brown was born April 3, 2007 to a fifth mother Melanie Brown.

Stars on the Washington Memorial represent fallen CIA agents killed in the line of duty. The need for secrecy doesn't end when a CIA agent dies.

The biggest selling black author in history: This honor does not belong to literary legends Toni Morrison, BeBe Moore Campbell, Eric Jerome Dickey, Langston Hughes, James Baldwin or Maya Angelou. The prize goes to first time writer Karrine Steffans. Her book, "Video Vixen," sold a staggering 400,000 copies (combined hardback and paperback sales). In a distant second, with 200,000 copies sold is "The Coldest Winter Ever."

What do the above celebrities have in common? They own or have owned a "Fatburger," franchise. Queen Latifah just purchased a "Fatburger" joint in Miami. Pharrell owned two in Virginia until recently. E-40 owns one in Northern California and Montel Williams owns 4. A "Fatburger," franchise is only $50,000 to purchase and Montel Williams has the most successful franchise outlets in the company's history. He nets $40,000 per week in profit.


During a raid of Zhenli Ye Gon's home in Mexico, police found a staggering $207 million dollars in cash. Police entered his estate on suspicion that he was running a methamphetmine production ring. With its massive haul of cash, involving more than 2 tons of U.S. bills and allegations of official complicity, the case has come to symbolize the great wealth and power behind the international illicit drug trade.

If convicted, the 44-year old Ye Gon faces 73 years in prison.

Ye Gon imported enough chemicals to produce methamphetamine with a street value of $724 million dollars (more than half a billion).

Ye Gon traveled often to Las Vegas to launder drug money and to gamble. Between 2004 and 2007, records from Las Vegas hotels and casinos show Ye Gon gambled away $125.9 million dollars.


Aaron Patterson (above) faced execution for the 1986 homicide of a Chicago couple. His conviction was based on an unsigned confession, allegedly, obtained through torture.

Police interrogated him for 25 hours with no attorney present. He was suffocated, kicked and struck in the face.

More than 40 black men were tortured with electric shocks, suffocated with hoods over their heads and burned during a 12-year period, resulting in the dismissal of a lieutenant in 1993.

Patterson was finally released in 2003 but has since been convicted of drug and gun charges. Authorities also claim that Patterson was coordinating gang activities from prison.

Prosecutors are seeking a 30-year term for Patterson.

Michael Jackson and Sony Music just acquired an additional 125,000 songs to be added to their joint venture, the ATV (Beatles) Publishing Catalogue. The new songs include: "Moon River," the theme from "Mission Impossible," the "Footloose," soundtrack, the "Forest Gump" soundtrack and "It Don't Mean A Thing If It Don't Have That Swing," etc. These new acquisitions increase the value of the catalogue to $1.5 billion dollars. Songs by Sam Cooke, Elvis Presley and the Pointer Sisters are also included in this catalogue.


We've heard of car "chop shops," where Porsche's (and other cars) are chopped up for parts and the parts are sold off. Now, we're hearing about diamond "chop shops," where organized crime syndicates fence hot bling, recut the gems and put them in a different mounting so they can't be identified and then resell them.

Actor Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs doesn't have to rely on residuals from "Welcome Back Kotter." As an accomplished keyboardist/singer, Hilton-Jacobs has performed with numerous acclaimed musicians, such as Rick James, Johnny Gill, The Temptations, and The Sylvers. He's also written/produced themes for TV shows and scores for motion pictures. Each time the theme is played on a weekly television show, Jacobs gets paid. If the show is in syndication and broadcast five times a week, Jacobs receives five royalty checks per week.


Gordon Parks (November 30, 1912 – March 7, 2006) was a groundbreaking Black photographer, musician, poet, novelist, journalist, activist and film director. He is best remembered for his photo essays for Life magazine and as the director of the 1971 film Shaft. Few people knew: For many years, Parks was romantically involved with railroad heiress (billionairess) and designer Gloria Vanderbilt, 3rd photo. In the 80's, Vanderbilt was the second richest woman in the world behind Doris Duke (who was also Black friendly).

Throughout her life, Gloria Vanderbilt has been helpful to Blacks. We reported last year, that she was helpful in launching Bobby Short's career on the lucrative cabaret circuit and she was responsible for Mildred Blount's business achieving mainstream success in the 1950's. Blount was a former maid who launched a stylish hat business, she started out designing hats for Marian Anderson and Louise Beavers. Gloria Vanderbilt referred her to White actresses in Hollywood and Blount was able to crossover into the mainstream which was an unheard feat in the 1950's.

Gordon Parks also aligned himself with another woman, who was also instrumental in his success but her life would take a tragic turn. Her name was Dorothy Kilgallen, 4th photo.

Dorothy Kilgallen was the greatest female journalist who ever lived. She had the power to jump-start a career or the power to ruin a career.

Kilgallen ruled journalism from the 1930's to the 1960's.

Kilgallen left the crime beat to focus on entertainment journalism. She reached unlimited heights as a celebrity profiler, she became as famous as the subjects she interviewed.

The Kennedy assassination fascinated her. She decided to investigate the assassination. She compiled information and took numerous notes. She was determined to crack the case wide open and she planned to write a book on the assassination.

Kilgallen was so powerful, she received permission to interview Jack Ruby in an unbugged room. According to Kilgallen, Ruby was very talkative and revealing during the course of the interview.

Kilgallen mysteriously obtained the Warren Commission testimony by Jack Ruby. This testimony was classified by the U.S. Government as top secret. During this time, Kilgallen discovered her phones were tapped.

Kilgallen had stumbled across something big. She kept a folder in her possession at all times, the folder contained interviews and data regarding the Kennedy assassination.

Allegedly, Kilgallen recovered evidence suggesting that Lee Harvey Oswald didn't act alone, she was convinced that it was a far reaching conspiracy.

Kilgallen rushed to complete her book, titled "Murder One." Kilgallen made a public announcement, "I am going to bust this case wide-open in five more days, this will be the scoop of the century, the biggest story of all time, the information I have will shock the American People."

A few days later on Nov. 8, 1965, Dorothy Kilgallen was found dead in her home. Her death was quickly ruled accidental. Kilgallen had large amounts of nicotine in her system despite the fact she was a non-smoker.

Her death was quickly hushed up and never investigated.

The notes she kept regarding the Kennedy assassination, mysteriously disappeared.

Once again, All-American white actress-Doris Day has been linked with an African-American man. Back in the day, rumors circulated, as unbelievable as it sounds, Day was allegedly linked to Sly Stone. They were allegedly spotted at a park in Los Angeles on a very cozy picnic. Day eventually denied these allegations, persisting, she had met Sly at her son's home and they were mere acquaintances. But, these allegations will not die down and I have read biographies by black musicians, who claim, Sly and Doris were extremely close. Now, former Black baseball player-Maury Wills claims he had a very discreet interracial relationship with Doris Day and they had to keep it a secret. Wills disclosed this information in his book. Day has yet to comment on Wills' allegations.

Jean-Michel Basquiat, second photo, once lived in a cardboard box in Central Park. He started off tagging property until he was discovered by Andy Warhol. After Warhol took him under his wing, he introduced Basquiat to important people. Basquiat would eventually open up a art studio and he would be involved in a brief relationship with Madonna. Allegedly, he was bothered that she was a bigger celebrity than him, this was the cause of the breakup.

Over the next few years, Basquiat would become the most successful Black artist in U.S. history. Sadly, he didn't live long enough to enjoy his success. He died of a heroin overdose in 1988. He was 28.

Up until 2002, the highest mark that was paid for an original work of Basquiat's was $3.3 million dollars. After 2002, one of his paintings sold for $5.5 million dollars. In 2007, an untitled Basquiat sold for $14.6 million at Sotheby's in New York.


Videotapes of angry officers savagely beating civilians and charges that a murder plot was hatched within an "elite special operations unit" have Chicago's troubled police department reeling again. Adding to the department's woes is word from federal prosecutors that they are investigating claims that homicide detectives tortured suspects into confessing to murders that landed them on death row in the 1980s. The biggest shock came when federal prosecutors charged special operations officer Jerome Finnigan (above) with planning the murder of another member of the unit to keep him from talking to the government. This story is identical to a storyline on the show "The Shield."

Finnigan, 44, also is one of six members of the special operations unit, created to crack down on gangs and drugs, who are charged with operating a shakedown operation aimed at civilians. Prosecutors say they have him on tape weighing the possibility of having someone kill a fellow special operations officer to keep him from becoming a witness against him.

Finnigan and his attorney, Michael Ficaro, declined to comment.

In July, three off-duty officers pleaded not guilty to charges that they beat four businessmen in a bar in a videotaped confrontation.

In another videotaped confrontation, off-duty officer Anthony Abbate was seen apparently beating a 115-pound female bartender because she would not serve him another drink. Abbate has pleaded not guilty to a felony charge of aggravated battery.

A four-year study by two special prosecutors appointed by a Cook County judge, released in July 2006, found that Chicago police beat, kicked and shocked scores of black suspects in the 1970s and 1980s to get confessions. The report said it was impossible to file charges because the incidents were so old that the statute of limitations had long since run out.

Few people know that actor Darius McCrary was allegedly once married to Anansa Johnson, the daughter of former supermodel Beverly Johnson, pictured above in an old Essence cover photo. They were both in their late teens and the marriage was allegedly annulled after 6 months.

Few people know that Al Joyner-who was once married to the late Florence "FloJo" Joyner has remarried. Joyner married for a second time to Alisha Biehn (second photo). The couple has a daughter, Skylar Rose and a son, Jayden Alfrederick. Al Joyner and FloJo photo courtesy of: View Images.


In the late 1980's, the two most powerful cocaine cartels in history, "The Medellin Cartel," headed by Pablo Escobar and "The Cali Cartel," headed by Gilberto Rodriguez were at war over territory and other issues.

Both cartels went even further and hired foreign "hit men" mercenaries. Yair Klein, a former overseas defense colonel, helped arrange a shipment of 100 Uzi submachine guns, 460 Galil automatic rifles and 200,000 rounds of ammunition.

Meanwhile, the Cali cartel brought in a team of eleven British mercenaries, trained for three months in preparation for an assault on Escobar's ranch.

But, the operation turned into a fiasco when a helicopter carrying the assault team crashed into a mountain, aborting the mission.

Source: "Drug Lords," by Ron Chepesiuk

Rumors are circulating that R&B singer Johnny Gill allegedly lives on the grounds of Eddie Murphy's Hollywood home in a guest house. In Related News: Allegedly, Eddie Murphy recently had a reunion with his first son from a prior relationship (before ex-wife Nicole).

We reported in a past feature that actor Sal Mineo (Rebel Without A Cause, West Side Story) was a notorious homosexual in Hollywood during his heyday. The studio covered up his personal life. Mineo often confided in Marilyn Monroe about relationship problems. One evening, he was stabbed to death in an alley by Lionel Ray Williams (second photo). The motive seems sketchy, but the cops summed it up as a botched robbery. Williams' would have gotten away with the murder if he hadn't bragged about killing Mineo to fellow inmates while serving time for another charge. The inmates dropped a dime on him. He was convicted and served 25 years of a 51 year sentence before he was released.


Last week, it was revealed that NFL player Travis Henry (1st photo) has nine kids by nine different women in four different states and that he was behind in his child support payments and was squandering his NFL salary on bling. Former NBA Hall Of Famer Calvin Murphy (2nd photo) has 14 children by 9 different women. In 2004, Murphy was acquitted of sexually abusing five of his ten daughters.


Domino Harvey, second photo, was an English celebrity daughter turned Los Angeles bounty hunter, (voted best bounty hunter in 2002).  She was also notable within that field for being female, rebellious, and from a privileged background.

Harvey's fame was increased posthumously by the 2005 release of a film titled simply "Domino," that was loosely based on her life, with Harvey portrayed by Keira Knightley.

Domino was also the stepdaughter of Peter Morton, co-founder of the Hard Rock Café, by her mother’s marriage to him in the early 1980’s.

As a child, Harvey was expelled from four schools for fighting. She claimed that she had initially followed her mother's footsteps as a Ford model before turning to more dangerous careers, but her employment with the agency has not been confirmed. She did run a London nightclub, and after moving to California at 19 or 20, worked as a San Diego ranch hand, and volunteered with the Boulevard Fire & Rescue company near the Mexican border.

Eventually Domino began to develop an interest in bounty hunting. She was drawn to the job after seeing an advertisement in the paper for a bounty hunting seminar which was being held by veteran Ed Martinez, who would become her teacher and good friend. Harvey's mother gave her a kevlar vest for her birthday after finding out what her line of work was.

Domino was also known to give lap dances to obtain information that would lead to an arrest.

In and out of drug rehabilitation for years, on May 4, 2005, she was arrested at her home on a warrant issued in Mississippi after a federal grand jury indictment charged her and a co-defendant with conspiring to possess and distribute over a pound of meth. She was awaiting trial and under house arrest at the time of her death. She would have faced up to ten years in jail if she had been convicted.

Castor Gonzalez and his criminal syndicate made $250 million dollars smuggling cocaine into South Florida. Gonzalez is currently serving time at Coleman Federal Penitentiary. He contributed to his memoir, "Drug Baron," from prison. The book was released in 2006. According to the book title, Gonzalez' empire is still operational. Read more about Gonzalez in the latest edition of "F.E.D.S." magazine.


Sadly, we all know that Tony Thompson (former lead singer of Hi-Five) died in June. Reportedly, his older sister Alice, 34, died two months later in late August of an apparent heart attack in her sleep. Our prayers go out to the family.

Reportedly, one of El Debarge's daughters is the personal assistant to film executive, Tracey Edmonds.

Actress Tamala Jones (first photo) is currently in the process of launching her own production company. Her dream role would be Tammi Terrell (second photo). She says, "Now, there's a story that's fascinating but overlooked." "She was very bright, very beautiful, very talented, and died at a young age. She had very dramatic relationships with important men, and both David Ruffin and James Brown were ex-boyfriends and there were also rumors about her and Marvin Gaye. It's a great story and I would play the title role. I am already doing all the research I can on it."

Mellody Hobson (third photo) is a financial guru who manages over $19 billion dollars in company (Fortune 500) assets and she's also a financial advisor on "Good Morning America." Besides being one of the smartest people I 've ever encountered and corresponded with, one of Hobson's companies, "Ariel Mutual Funds," is sponsoring the traveling ensemble of the Broadway play "The Color Purple." This is the first time in history that a black company has sponsored a Broadway show.


A SPECIAL REPORT by Paris & Ashley

Few people know that Tatiana Thumbtzen (The Way You Make Me Feel video girl) once dated actor Robert DeNiro. They were introduced by a mutual friend and went out on four dates before they realized they weren't compatible.

Joe Louis married black women and was once romantically linked to Lena Horne but allegedly, he had two clandestine relationships with white women, actress Lana Turner (center) and Olympic ice skating legend Sonja Henie, third photo. These relationships were kept very discreet because during this era Louis could have been killed and the women would have experienced career suicide.

Joyce DeWitt (Three's Company, far right) dated actor LeVar Burton in the early 80's, but her parents vehemently disapproved of the interracial romance, and it ended after six months.

Former black model Beverly Johnson has quite a dating history. She was once linked with Eddie Murphy, the late Arthur Ashe and Benny Medina. She also lived with white actor Chris Noth (Law & Order and Sex In The City) second photo, and she was linked to white producer Bob Evans, third photo (The Godfather, Love Story, Chinatown and Rosemary's Baby) but few people know that she allegedly had a brief fling with white actor Chuck Norris, fourth photo. Johnson currently heads a multi-million dollar wig empire and she resides in Bel Air.

White actress Tyne Daly (Cagney & Lacey, Judging Amy) was married to black actor/director Georg Sanford Brown (The Rookies) for years, second photo, center. After they divorced, she hooked up with black actor Clarence Williams, III (Mod Squad, Purple Rain, Hoodlum) and they have been living together since 1992.


Several entertainment blogs and websites are reporting that Halle Berry's boyfriend (Gabriel Aubrey) is financially set for life because he impregnated her.

Not necessarily.

I assure you, this will not be another K-Fed situation or a Madonna situation. It's rumored that Madonna allegedly paid Carlos Leon a seven figure settlement not to dispute custody rights.

Despite Britney Spears, Janet Jackson and Jennifer Lopez having prenuptial agreements, they still had to pay their ex-husbands settlements. You save money with a prenup but you still have to pay your former spouse a settlement unless you're Halle Berry.

As we reported before, Halle Berry was married longer than Jennifer Lopez yet Eric Benet didn't receive alimony, property division or a multi-million dollar settlement.

When it was reported that Benet was making unreasonable demands during divorce proceedings (property, alimony) people were outraged because he was the one that cheated.

Around this time, I saw Halle in Malibu, she didn't seem worried because she already knew (before the public) that Benet would not receive a dime.

She is the only woman in Hollywood history, black or white, who didn't have to shell out a dime to an ex-husband despite his infidelity.

When Halle Berry hit a pedestrian, she's the only star who doesn't have a mugshot splashed all over the Internet, because oddly, one doesn't exist. If that's not enough, it's always been rumored that the civil suit tab related to this case was picked up by a rich friend of Berry's.

Halle has also been gifted with a Range Rover, Jaguar and a Thunderbird by film studios.

She has two homes in Hollywood and currently resides in a $12 million dollar estate and Oprah's financial advisors manage her money. She also earns $14 million dollars per film.

And, she's surrounded by very powerful people who have her best interests at heart.

This is why she's the most powerful black actress in Hollywood history.

Lawrence Taylor:

We often hear negative things about black athletes in the media. We would like to present you with two positive stories that didn't receive media coverage.

Lawrence "LT" Taylor (first photo) was not only heroic on the football field but he also proved to be a hero regarding a disturbing situation.

A young black model was dating a athlete. After a movie date, he invited her back to his place. Little did she know that several other men would be in attendance. She began to feel uncomfortable and the men kept leering at her.

She decided to get her purse out of the back room and leave, just then, the doorbell rung and LT walked in.

While she was gathering her things, her boyfriend and another man entered the bedroom and closed the door behind her, locking it.

LT heard muffled screams from the back room and decided to investigate, he tried to open the door, when he realized it was locked, he kicked the door in and rescued the model.

LT then walked the model to her car and saw her off.

Horace Grant:

Former NBA player Horace Grant had his wife signed to a iron clad prenuptial agreement. The marriage didn't last long so she wasn't entitled to hardly anything but Horace realized, 'this is the mother of my son,' so he gave his ex-wife his entire $750,000 signing bonus to get her on her feet financially.

Rick James makes the following allegations in his book, "Memoirs Of A Super Freak."

"I was involved with two women at the same time, Pam (Black model) and Nancy (blonde). If I wasn't with Pam, making love and tripping on acid, I was with Nancy doing the same thing. We had wild parties on the weekend with acid, coke and weed and the parties usually turned into orgies.

"One day, Nancy and Pam were missing for about a week and I began to worry about them. When I finally saw them again, they told me they had spent the entire week partying with Sammy Davis, Jr. and Berry Gordy. I was a bit jealous at the thought of losing my two favorite lovers-especially Nancy. Berry Gordy had taken an extra liking to her. In later years, she would have his baby, Stephen, and Berry would put her on easy street."

"One day I went to visit my girl Pat, she was from Detroit and she was a lovely Black woman. One day I was hanging out at her house waiting for her to return when the phone rang. When I answered, a voice said, "Is Pat home? The voice seemed familiar. He then asked me, "Who is this?" I replied, "Her brother." Then he said, "Tell her Johnny called." I thought nothing of it."

When Pat returned, she told me she wasn't hustling anymore. She said now she had sugar daddies. We snorted coke and reminisced. She asked me if she received any calls when she was out. I told her Johhny had been calling all day. She suddenly jumped up and said, "Oh no, I forgot."

She got on the phone and starts talking, laughing with her hand over the phone. "Yes baby," she'd say. "Why sure, baby, Ok, I'll be right here waiting." She then hung up laughing.

I said, "Who was that?" She said, "Johnny Carson."









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