Hang out with Crystal Knight and you will notice how many people seem to recognize her.  They might have seen her on MTV, in one of the many music videos she appears in, or maybe they are pretending that they remember her from MTV and not from watching her hit show, "Night Calls 411", on Playboy Television.

Born in the Bronx of Cuban and Dominican descent, Crystal left New York and moved to Los Angeles in her teens.  Her career started off as a dare when she was challenged to become a stripper.  "The first time I went onstage, I realized that I would never be able to strip unless I did it within the first 30 seconds!  I hurried only to realize that I was pretty comfortable with it."

In 1999 Crystal met some executives from Playboy who were trying to revamp one of the networks shows in order to reach a younger, hipper, demographic.  With her charisma and wit, she became the host of "Night Calls 411" which quickly became Playboy Television's highest rated show.  "It became a pretty cool show.  Most of our guests are artists like Treach from Naughty By Nature or pretty porno stars like Dee and Felicia.   A lot of celebrities like Shaq, Snoop Dogg or Brian Mcknight watch the show or come by the set."

Today, "Night Calls 411" is more popular than ever but Crystal is also receiving a lot mainstream exposure.  She has appeared in countless music videos for artists like Jay Z, Snoop Dogg, Fat Joe or R Kelly.  At first, directors like Hype Williams or Dave Meyers used to cast her to decorate the set with her pretty looks, but now, she is being requested to do cameos by the artists themselves as she is becoming an underground icon.  She has hosted music award shows and several music oriented programs.  She was featured in the Pony athletic brand 2003 ad campaign and has graced the cover of several records, including Eminem's first single.  In the meanwhile donšt expect to hear Crystal on wax.  "I can guarantee I won't try to rap or sing" she says laughing, "I have other plans.

After the success of the "Hip Hop Honeys" franchise that she hosted and co-produced, she decided to launch a new line of movies with industry leader, Video Team, which would marry the adult entertainment and the music world once again.  "Both Hip Hop and the adult industry have a lot in common.   They are dangerous, edgy, rebellious and marginalized.  They are also major components of today's pop culture.  My movies will feature cutting edge music from an array of hip hop acts that I will expose to my audience.   We 'll do a lot of cross promotion between our respective product and I plan on coming with a soundtrack compilation at one point.  We have the same consumers and they'd rather watch me and listen to someone else rap or sing"

We recently had the opportunity to interview Crystal Knight

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Q: First off, I would like to congratulate you on the success of your show "Night Calls 411," which is the most successful TV show in Playboy history.  Your ratings have been consistent for five years, and you just taped your 105th episode, congratulations.

A: Thank-you very much, that means a lot.

Q: How did you get into the adult film industry?

A: I was recruited by a husband and wife team while performing as an exotic dancer.

Q: How do you feel about your sex symbol status?

A: I am very comfortable with the label.

Q: Does your occupation as a porn star affect your sex drive and your relationships offscreen?

A: Not at all, I am still a take charge personality and I am still sexually aggressive offscreen, I also like to submit a bit and I enjoy being spoiled.  Regarding relationships, I am currently involved with a music executive.


Q: You are openly bi-sexual?

A: Yes I am

Q: What sexual satisfaction can a woman give you compared to a man?

A: Sometimes I desire the softness and sensitivity of a woman compared to the strength and hardness of a man.

Q: When you have sex with women, are you dominant or passive?

A: I am more dominant, more of a 'top' compared to a 'bottom.'

Q: Have you had many romantic relationships with women?

A: No, I don't get emotionally involved with women, I just have sex with them, I prefer men when it comes to emotional involvement.

Q: I hear you decline invitations to do private parties hosted by celebrities where adult stars can earn upwards to $10,000 per night, why?

A: It's not my scene, I would prefer to relax and read at the beach house.

Q: I also heard that a lot of celebrity men have contacted Playboy and your agent requesting dates, I heard you turned them down.

A: You heard right.

Q: A large number of your adult films are girl/girl movies?

A: About 75% of my movies are girl/girl, during the time I shot the those movies, I was heavily involved in a relationship and I did girl/girl films instead of straight porn.

Crystal Knight

Q: I heard you receive a lot of fan mail because of your films and your show "Night Calls 411?"

A: Yes I do, most of my mail is from couples and female inmates.

Q: Turn-ons?

A: Be sexy, sensitive and spoiling.

Q: Turn-offs?

A: Men who don't spoil me

Q: What famous people, male and female, do you find attractive in the entertainment field?

A: Men: Sean Connery, Henry Simmons, Brad Pitt.  Women: Angelina Jolie

Q: What are your hobbies?

A: Horseback riding, swimming, cooking, music and shopping.

Q: Favorite Travel Destinations?

A: Dominican Republic and Senegal

Q: Favorite Foods?

A: Anything that tastes good

Q: What do you do for relaxation?

A: I relax at a rented beach house where I enjoy reading, cooking and relaxing by the fireplace.

Q: What car do you find sexy?

A: The Mercedes, 600 series.

Q: Ideal date?

A: I would cook, light a fireplace, we would have stimulating conversation and watch a good movie.  No sex on the first date.

Q: Favorite color?

A: Blue

Q: Who is your role model?

A: My grandmother, she is a good woman, a good person and she taught me how to cook.

Q: If you could have one celebrity perform for you seductively, who would it be?

A: Actor Henry Simmons from NYPD Blue, he is a hunk.  Actress: Angelina Jolie

Q: Your website is red hot, one of the hottest sites on the web, I also love the soundtrack.

A: Thank-you.






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